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A Million to One: Changing the Odds Ubuntu Education Fund 2014 Annual Report

BUILDing a sustainable institution

Dear Friends,

Invest in people and a centre that inspires the highest standard

Impact through depth

Produce lasting change through significant and focused investment


Cradle to career

Based in the community

Listen to the townships’ needs and utilize their resources through strategic partnerships

Create individualized pathways to meet each client’s household, health, and educational needs

The Ubuntu Model, a grassroots innovation, revolutionizes conventional development models and yields global dividends.

Think, for a moment, about everything that it took for you to get to where you are today—all the investments that your family, friends, and teachers made in you. The list seems endless when you really start to reflect on it. The hugs, pep talks, and advice; the vaccines, Band-Aids, and doctor appointments; the pre-school classes, SAT prep tutors, and university seminars. It’s overwhelming to try to remember just how many people supported you along the way, because none of us can say that we have achieved success entirely on our own. Now, consider a child orphaned by HIV, growing up in a home constructed with aluminum scrap metal; hunger, inadequate healthcare, and a grossly unequal education system overshadow so many of her dreams. The odds are stacked against her, a million to one. Wouldn’t it logically take the same investments for this vulnerable child to move from point A to point B? Wouldn’t it probably take more? At Ubuntu, we believe that not only does breaking the poverty trap for one child take a million interventions but also that our cradle to career approach is the only way to achieve sustainable development. We are committed to empowering 2,000 of South Africa’s vulnerable children with the same love, resources, and opportunities so that they too can realize their potential. Sixteen years on, Ubuntu graduates, pioneers of their families, have proven that the impossible is possible. With our support, they are re-writing not just their own stories but also the industry narrative of what disadvantaged communities can accomplish. Thank you for helping us change the odds,

From Cradle

Household Stability




To Career

Jacob Lief Founder & CEO

Malizole Banks Gwaxula Founder & Senior Advisor


Dear Friends,

The Ubuntu Centre, a testament to our longterm commitment to the children of South Africa, embodies our belief that access to world-class healthcare and education is a right, not a privilege. At our state-of-the-art health and educational campus, life-changing transformations occur every day.

Think, for a moment, about everything that it took for you to get to where you are today—all the investments that your family, friends, and teachers made in you. The list seems endless when you really start to reflect on it. The hugs, pep talks, and advice; the vaccines, Band-Aids, and doctor appointments; the pre-school classes, SAT prep tutors, and university seminars. It’s overwhelming to try to remember just how many people supported you along the way, because none of us can say that we have achieved success entirely on our own. Now, consider a child orphaned by HIV, growing up in a home constructed with aluminum scrap metal; hunger, inadequate healthcare, and a grossly unequal education system overshadow so many of her dreams. The odds are stacked against her, a million to one. Wouldn’t it logically take the same investments for this vulnerable child to move from point A to point B? Wouldn’t it probably take more? At Ubuntu, we believe that not only does breaking the poverty trap for one child take a million interventions but also that our cradle to career approach is the only way to achieve sustainable development. We are committed to empowering 2,000 of South Africa’s vulnerable children with the same love, resources, and opportunities so that they too can realize their potential. Sixteen years on, Ubuntu graduates, pioneers of their families, have proven that the impossible is possible. With our support, they are re-writing not just their own stories but also the industry narrative of what disadvantaged communities can accomplish. Thank you for helping us change the odds,

Jacob Lief Founder & CEO

Malizole Banks Gwaxula Founder & Senior Advisor


The heartbeat. Hearing it changed everything as love, fear, and the realization that she was giving life to another human being washed over her. More than anything else, this mother-to-be was determined to save her child from the virus that had overshadowed her life: HIV. Thobeka followed every piece of advice, however small, that Ubuntu’s doctor prescribed, attending medical appointments, ultrasounds, nutritional consultations, counseling sessions, and support group meetings. Nine months later, her baby was born HIV-negative, an accomplishment that Thobeka will be proud of for the rest of her life.


1 in 3 pregnant mothers in Port Elizabeth’s townships are HIV+




South Africa ranks 1st

in the world

for the number of people living with HIV/AIDS and 2nd in HIV-related deaths


100% of HIV+ mothers in Ubuntu’s Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission program

gave birth to HIV– children

96% of HIV+ Ubuntu clients adhered 96 %

to treatment regimens compared to only 57% of


people living in the region


Today, Hlelo wants to be, all at once, half fashion designer, half biologist, and half President. Sure, with three halves, she’s probably biting off more than she can chew, but it’s not every day that children like Hlelo imagine a life for themselves outside of the townships. Together with her caretaker, Ubuntu's Early Childhood Development educators, medical team and case worker, mitigated the myriad challenges—hunger, family instability, and learning disabilities—in Hlelo’s life. Today, this big dreamer is healthy, happy, and excited for her future.


In sub-Saharan Africa, 1

in 2 children reach adolescence unable to read, write, or perform


basic numeracy tasks

Over 50% of disadvantaged children in South Africa fall behind in school, unable to attain basic literacy and numeracy benchmarks EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT SUCCESSES

90% of Ubuntu toddlers attained critical developmental milestones in literacy,


numeracy, fine and gross motor skills, cognition, language acquisition, and socio-emotional capacity

12 9

3 6


Each student received 300

hours of transformative, play-based programming 5

Every day, the world tells girls to be quieter, to be smaller. But, in the face of a million “nos,” Lithakazi has found her voice. She attends a support group at Ubuntu, where young women encourage each other to move beyond the dangers of township life, to value themselves, and to reach for the impossible. Inspired by their strength, Lithakazi feels braver and more confident in her ability to realize what seems so unattainable for girls growing up in Port Elizabeth’s townships—a university degree. Ubuntu’s counselors, case workers, and educators will support her dream every step of the way.


68% of South Africans live in poverty with 56% relying on government grants

1 in 3 girls experience sexual violence before turning 18


Each student received 490 hours of after-school programming that bolstered their academic performance and improved fundamental life skills Ubuntu stabilized

86% of vulnerable

clients’ lives in just four years, tracking them towards healthy independent futures



How many of our best ideas are dreamed up by espresso-fueled brains? Monwabisi understands the potential in a cup of coffee. A year ago, he didn’t know what a latte was. Today, just months after his father’s passing, Monwabisi supports his family by making macchiatos. Ubuntu’s new barista initiative, just one of our many job readiness trainings, taught him how to create latte art, make cappuccinos, and manage a coffee shop. Determined to provide more for his siblings than he had growing up, Monwabisi is brewing up plans to open his own café after he finishes his market research, of course.


South Africa ranks second

inequality Youth

globally in

unemployment hovers at 80%

1 in 3 high school students do not graduate



Each Ubuntu client received 150

hours of

career guidance, communication skills development, employability workshops, and job placements

80% of initiative graduates found employment through Ubuntu’s corporate partnerships



People love to share their problems with their hairdressers. Fezeka Mzalazala was apt at the role of impromptu therapist to the women in her salon chair, but 13 years ago it seemed inconceivable that she would one day work to alleviate the burdens of an entire community. Yet, however improbable, she became Ubuntu’s Senior Programs Manager. Years of intensive mentorship empowered Fezeka to pursue a university degree and enabled her to help lead an internationally recognized organization. Her voice is now a blueprint for social development around the world.

OVERCOMING THE ODDS 9.3% African women




Only 9.3% of senior management level positions in South Africa are held by African women In South Africa, women make 65¢

every $1 that men earn




=$ 10

100% of Ubuntu's senior management level positions in South Africa have been filled by African women Through BUILD, we have eliminated


pay gap and achieved gender parity at an organizational level


A Million to


A child’s life shouldn’t be left to chance. 1 in 3 pregnant mothers in Port Elizabeth’s townships are HIV+


In sub-Saharan Africa, 1

in 2 children reach adolescence unable to read, write, or perform


basic numeracy tasks


68% of South Africans live in poverty with 56% relying on government grants

South Africa ranks second


9.3% African women


globally in

Only 9.3% of senior management level positions in South Africa are held by African women

A Million to




Changing the odds takes a community.






FINANCIALS Ubuntu Education Fund, Inc. and Affiliates Year Ending June 30, 2014



2014 Temporarily Restricted



Contributions Grants Special event revenue (net direct expenses of $740,872 in 2014 and $621,400 in 2013) Donated services Other income (loss) Net assets released from restrictions Total public support and revenue


$ 1,390,037 1,192,292

$ 25,567 76,973

$ 1,415,604 1,269,265

Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of grants receivable and contributions, net Prepaid expenses and other current assets Total current assets

$ 1,526,240

$ 980,323

534,351 81,019 2,141,610

659,031 96,194 1,735,548







Long-term portion of grants receivable and contributions, net 1,334,729 291,023 66,587 140,905 4,415,573

- - - (140,905) (38,365)

1,334,729 291,023 66,587 4,377,208

Property and equipment, net (see Note) Security deposits and other assets

$ 8,208,893 $ 7,986,534


Program services Supporting services: Management and general services Fundraising Total supporting services




890,052 850,533 1,740,585

- - -

890,052 850,533 1,740,585






Total expenses


Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

238,473 7,090,355 $ 7,328,828

655,981 $ 617,616

7,746,336 $ 7,946,444


Accounts payable and accrued expenses Capital lease obligation – current portion Current portion of deferred rent Total current liabilities


Deferred Rent


237,295 2,073 239,368



Commitments NET ASSETS:

Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets

7,328,828 617,616 7,946,444


252,707 3,488 830 257,025

$ 8,208,893

7,090,355 655,981 7,746,336 7,986,534



At June 30, 2014, property and equipment consists of: Land and buildings Equipment Furniture and fixtures Motor vehicles Less: Accumulated depreciation

$ 5,833,185 992,167 224,010 92,989 7,142,351 1,129,025 $ 6,013,326


$ 5,756,485 969,321 240,404 80,002 7,046,212 954,286 $ 6,091,926




Anonymous (1) Absa Bank Limited Bertha Foundation The Boeing Company The Drago Family Kelsey and David Lamond Long Pond Capital, LP Kathleen and Edward Ludwig Fabiola and Andrew Rolfe Elena and Scott Shleifer TowerBrook Foundation Sue and David Viniar Vitol Foundation


Anonymous (1) Anglo American Chairman's Fund Discovery Fund The ELMA Philanthropies Services (U.S.) Inc. FICO Kara and Richard Gnodde The Khoury Foundation Kirsh Charitable Foundation The Leland Family Mai Family Foundation The Milde McWilliams Trust Momentum Fund Kirsten and Dwight Poler Tracy and Jacques Tredoux Maggie and Ashok Varadhan John Vaske Jami and Bill Voge GIFTS OF $25,000 OR MORE

Caprice Bourret and Ty Comfort Amy and Ed Brakeman Coega Development Corporation (Pty) Limited Dr. Ann Coxon Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller Josefin Elfner and Paulo Eapen The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Enel Green Power South Africa Isabel Ettedgui Experian Information Solutions, Inc. Stephanie and Aaron Goldman Helen & William Mazer Foundation Independent Franchise Partners, LLP Lisa and David Issroff Cynthia and Dan Lief Laura and Stuart Litwin Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Mimi and Peter Haas Fund Patricia and Peter Murphy Mutual and Federal Pfizer Inc. The Rivendell Foundation Santa Maria Foundation Stephen Schaffer Tiziana and Ramez Sousou Terre des Hommes International Federation Tammy and Philip Vassiliou Vital Projects Fund, Inc. Jennifer and Michael Whitman The Wunsch Family


Anonymous (2) ApexHi Charitable Trust Avignon Capital Limited Antony Charles Ball Charles Blackburn Patricia and Clive Calder Lori and Gary Cohen Continental Tyre SA (Pty) Ltd Douglas and Daniel Altman Charitable Trust Kathleen and Henry Elsesser Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger Claire and Jeff Fluhr Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. Goldman Sachs Matching Program Danielle and Brian Gootzeit Amy and Michael Gordon The Hadley Trust Jill and Kenneth Iscol Isibindi Trust Donna Karan Latham & Watkins LLP Dina and Larry Lichtman-Smith Janice and Frank Lipman Dorothy Litwin-Brief and Donald Brief The Make A Difference Trust Nicky and Charles Manby Emma McQuiston and Ceawlin Thynn Dr. Monica and Jud Menell Kinberg Averill Ogden and Winston Ginsberg Danielle and Daniel Osorio Rappaport Family Trust Kerri Ratcliffe and Douglas Henderson Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation Marissa Sackler Lynne and Herman Schey Sidhu-Singh Family Foundation Maureen Smith and Ivan Gazidis Richard A. Smith Sheila and Tripp Smith Melissa Vaske Marcia S. Wilson Josefine and Chris Young GIFTS OF $5,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (1) ABC Home Aid for Africa AngloGold Ashanti Limited The Atlantic Philanthropies Director/ Employee Designated Gift Fund Chris Augoustatos Baskes Family Foundation Lois Blum Feinblatt Natasha and Robert Boucai Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jefferson Coolidge Countess Elisabeth de Kergorlay Mkhuseli Faku Samantha and Johnnie Frankel General Atlantic Erik Gordon Beth Ann and David Greenwald Jake Gyllenhaal Anna Halliday and Philip Beatty HCI Foundation 16

Jean Hughes Iqraa Trust, South Africa Amanda and Blair Jacobson James Caan Foundation Avril and Monty Koppel Mia and Charles Koppel Kathy and Brian Kronick Kristi and Kevin Law Christian Levett Samuel Lewis Ruth Lief Eloise Lynton Lucinda and Alan McCormick Angela and Mark Newton Anne Nielsen The Rumi Foundation Stanley and Zea Lewis Family Foundation Tides Foundation Warburg Pincus International LLC Warby Parker Dawn and Mark Werner Mary and Jeffrey Zients GIFTS OF $1,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (3) Elaine and Hirshel Abelson Abercorn School The American School in London South Africa Club Aprirose Real Estate Emily and Ron Axelrod Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program Mark Bartels Allison and Daniel Baskes Clara Beccaro Becton, Dickinson and Company Caitlin Behrman Jill and Lee Bellarmino Moira and Victor Benigson Scott Berg The Bicycle Music Company Allison Blitzer Eileen and Jay Bloom Attilio Brillembourg Diana and Ryan Byrne Canadian International Development Agency Laurie Cancellieri Karen and Roderick Carter Kristy Caylor Hui Chen and Gareth Eagles Amy and Robert Chender Sung Hee Choe and Adam Ring Meryl and Alan Cohen Kate Collins Sharon and Toby Coppel Anna Crossley Cooke Crown Hides Ltd Daffy's Foundation Ashley Dartnell and Bruce Steinberg The De Beers Group Monette de Botton Dimension Data Tina Discepola Nancy and Charles Dodson Wendy Doniger Christine Downton Laura Doyle and Zayd Hammam Dennis Duban and Kevin Montgomery

Katya Dunitz and David Becker Jenny Dyer and Andrew Rosen Patti and Mark Edelstein Education Services Rasha and Hassan Elmasry Luci and Simon Eyers Rebecca Falik Amirah Farouk Suzanne and Elliott Felson Barb and Bruce Fernald David Fisher The Florence V. Burden Foundation Lauren and James Ford Kristen Fredericks and John Curran Emma Friedman and Kevin Gold GIBB (Pty) Ltd Stephanie and Terry Gladis Kevin Glaser Ken Goldman Louisiana and Julian Granville Mitchell Green Linda and Richard Grosse Half Moon Foundation Samar Hammam and Matthew Turner Mark Hanekom Jeanne and Skip Hansford Joan and Larry Hatheway Stephen Hendel Highland-Mills Foundation Patricia and Randall Horton Andrew Immerman Donna and Henry Isaacs Orton P. Jackson Jr. Mandy and Tom Jaffe Nicholas Jones Paddy Jones Estate Joseph & Felicia Weber Family Foundation Katherine and James Kane Pam and Dan Kaplan Lori and David Kaufthal Danielle and Tuvi Keinan Victoria and Greg Kennedy Virginia and Russell Keys Elizabeth and Phil Kruse Greg and Ali Kwiat Linda and David Lakhdhir Nora and Rob Leary Judy and Kenneth Levy Lindsay and Jacob Lief Marci Lief and Clay Oliver Angelina and Monte Lipman Michael London Liza Lowinger and Simon Isaacs Kevin Mahaney Laura and Scott Malkin Marina and Bill Marcoux Lizzy and Bryce Markus Winston Marshall Susan Mayer and Steve Cowan Caroline and Mourad Mazouz Brooke and Rush McCloy Michelle and Daniel Mendoza Peter Michau Linda Mirels Pam Mirels Ilana and Martin Moshal Olga and Eric Mounier Roana Mouton Amy Mulderry and Allan Reine Chris Murray

Sandra and Philip Myburgh Wendy Noble Nicole Peerless and Karl Bornefalk Katrina Polaski and Breon Corcoran Kealy and David Prager Laura Prato and Howard Holtz Sarah Rose RPM Martin Sacks Caron and Colin Sapire Savipharm Russ Schreiber Joshua Schulman Toshi and Pete Seeger Estate Frank Seidman Tejal Shah and Joshua Newcomer Robin and Howard Sheer Jeffrey Sherman Elisabeth Sherwood and John Sherwood III Richard Silver Kim and Bret Smith Valerie Southgate and Bruce Rodney Elizabeth and Daniel Squadron Karen Stead Baigrie and James Baigrie Ann and Dick Sullivan Wendy Tan White and Joe White Kholisa and Ciko Thomas Robert Thurman Bill and Perry Trimble Katherine Vaillancourt Mara and Conrad van Loggerenberg Cesar Vargas John Spencer Wadsworth Jr. Warner Bros. Webber Wentzel Sally and Mark Weinstein Meggie Wolcott Rachel Wolitzky and Christopher Sbaratta Zodiak Active

GIFTS UP TO $1,000

Anonymous (101) Antonia Aaron Penny Abeywardena Karim Abouelnaga Cheryll and John Adams Ghana Adhikari Anna Adler Sarah Adler Lois and Martin Agran Roberto Alcazar David Aldea M Aleksieva Joseph Aletta Yamandou Alexander Steven Alkasmikha Ruth Allard and Erik Schickedanz Robert Allen Michael Allison Eduardo Almonte Danielle Alperin Carla Alpert Suzanne Alpert Jay Alson AmazonSmile Foundation Sabina Amiga Barb and Peter Anderson Kelly Anderson Tyler Anderson Ieva Ansaberga and Aris Vrakas Azeem Ansar Barbie Antonis Eliza Anyangwe Aprirose Foundation Azita Ardakani Carolyn Arkin Sara Arlotti Megan Armstrong Julia Arnhold Janyth and Charlie Arvidson Eric Ashton Alexandra Asihel Andehaimanot Asihel Atheni Asihel Reisa Asimovic Caroline Aslanian

“Ubuntu Education Fund is an amazing organization that actually ensures its people are taken care of.” —William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States


Wendy Atrokhov Sara Attia Terri Avansino Cassie Avirom Sika Awunyo-Akaba Lucinda Babstock Christine Baerwaldt Prab Bahth Kate Bailin Kerry Bajaj Maren Bak Marian Baker and Chris Wriggins Patsy Baker and Martyn Lewis Sonya Baker Tom Baker Sharan Bal Arthur Baldwin II Alexander Bank Bank Frick & Co. Bank of America Vishal Bansal Claire and Les Barenholtz Adriana Barillas Emma Barnett Peggy and Alan Barnett Marc Barney Lola Barreto and Julian Romero Karyn Barsa Jeff Bart Anindya Basu Denise and John Battersby Molly Battles Diane and John Baum Coral Beare Mark Beare Tina Beilinson Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold Anna Bennett Dorris and Edward Berger David Berke Irica Berkowitz Marshall Berman Sue and Brian Berman Elisabeth Bernard Dr. Mary Frances Berry Laura Berssenbrugge

Debbie Besorai Karen Beuerlein and Paul Steinberg Ben Beyda Shareeza Bhola Shazeeda Bhola Deepanjali Bhowmick Annie Bienstock Drs. Anne and Louis Bigliani Matt Bijur Lady Heather Bilimoria Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Sarah Binder Raena Binn Kelsey Birnbaum Dominique Bischoff-Brown Stephan Bisse Matthew Blake Shanthi Blanchard Dustin Blank Gabriele Blecher The Block Grausman Fund Jinny Blom Anja Blumert Sophie Boehm Carroll Bogert Ollie Booth Anina Bose Louis Botha Melissa Boxer Zill Daniella and Ari Boyd BP Foundation Emily Brakebill Stephen Brayda Erin Brennan Gregory Brett Eric Brewer Starr and Clayton Bright Deborah Brodheim Megan Brody Joan and Edward Bromage Enora Brown Andrea Bruno Karen and David Brush Ashley Bryan Oliver Brynteson Emma Buckland

Ubuntu Education Fund ambassador Michael Franti performed at the 15th anniversary gala in London.


John Budion Heather and Jay Burchfield Harriet and Tom Burnett Heather Burns Giselle and Doug Burton-Cantley Amy Busch Bevin Butler Patricia Butler Patrick Butler Adam Butterfield Debra and Malcolm Buxton Jessica and Daniel Byrd CAA Luis Caldera Sidney and Daniel Callahan Kori and Scott Calvert Mateo Camargo Aretha Campbell Barbara and Mark Campbell Eileen and Jason Cancella Casey Cancellieri Magdalena and Warrick Carey Joan Carlson Chris Carman Megan Carmin MT Carney Meaghan Carrigan Sarah and Mike Carruthers Juliette Castang Mara Castro Christina Cattarini Heather Caufield James Cecil Kristoffer-Jude Cecilio Hoi Yam Chan Bob Chandra Patrick Charlette Jocelyn Charnas and Jason Rubin Brian Chase Nicholas Chavanne Anita Chen Margaret Chernin Rachel Child Jay Chittooran Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Chodl Laura Choi Janetti Chon Karen Chong Jean Chou David Christensen Jonathan Chua Margaret Cimino Caitlyn Citrin Chris Clark Ernie Clark Janet Clark Wesley Clark Marlee and Zac Clay Bobby and Lindsey Clennell Ariella Cohen Joan and Benjamin Cohen Joanne and Elliot Cohen Roxanne Cohen Scott Cohen Laura Comfort Commit Media LLC Claire Congleton Peter Conn Jackie Connery Joseph Conteh Lydia and Allan Cooper

Marcia Cooper and Jeffrey Rosenberg Meryl Cooper Tony Cooper Christy Correll Sarah Corson and Dick Atlee Lizann Coussa Luke Crampton Ligia Cravo David Creixell-Mediante Richard Crosthwaite Jennifer Croswell Julieta Cuellar Ruth Cunnane Graziela Cutrale Mathew Cybul Christine and James Daily Charles Dalglish Lauren Dangoor Shiloh Daniel Maia Dargan Rachel Daugherty Anthony D'Avella Fikree Davids Frances Davis Sydney Davis Monica Dawidowicz Nancy and Jon Dawson Heather Day Keren Day Deepanjan De Prianka De Sophie De Champlain Danielle De Santis Debra Deal and Rogier van Bakel Barbara and Philip Deckowitz Ed DeDomenico Denali Delmar Shelly DeMott Arman Denli Yvonne Desouza Barbara and John DeVita Jane Diamond Leigh and Dino Diana Pamela Dixon Vishal Dodia Joshua Donfeld Amy Doran Chanelle Doryumu Charlotte and Kirk Douglas Peter Downes Hollie and Paul Downey Adam Drake Margarete Drake Jamie Drummond Louis Duffield Christine Dulaney Rebecca Dunlevy Maghan Dunne Frederick Dupree Yves Durif and Paddy Gift Jordan and Nathan Duvall Rafael Duverge Earlsmead Primary School Eastern Effects, Inc. Caleb Ebel Andrew Edelson Claudia and Greg Egleston Rebecca and Benjamin Egozi Jane and Howard Ehrenkranz Kathleen Ehrling Jaclyn Einstein

Jodie Eisner Goran Lillan Ekberg Evan and Evangelina Eldermira Nicole Eldridge Kimberly and David Ellner Marlene and Shawn Elson Laura Elvin and Seth Tabatznik Dueaa Elzin Dorcas Eng Jessica Erlikh Elissa Espinueva Michaela Etre Paul Ettedgui Tessa and Pete Ettedgui Dana Everts-Boehm and Alan Boehm Mary and Timothy Evnin Michael Fahey Anna Fernald Alicia Ferriso Robin Findlay Jason Fine Amanda Fischer Greg Fishbein Jennifer Fisher Justine Fisher Meredith FitzPatrick Brent Flack-Davison Isaac Flanagan Scott Fleckner Stewart Fletcher Jenn Fontaine Jenilyn Forbes Lisa Fornero Wendy and William Foulke Bryan Fox Michael Franti Wendy Freedman Isabel and Bernard Freeman Carol Friedman Lindsay Friedman Akua FS Casey Fulgenzi Emily Gadsden Victoria Gan Margarita Gandia Anwesha Gangulee Amelia Gannon Pallavi Garg Claire Garon Thea Garon Elan Garonzik Francesca Garrard Robert Garrard Angela Garratt Nicole Garubo Adrien Gautier Mary Sue and Brit Geiger Matthew Gelbs Megan Gemmell Denise Gene Elizabeth Genovese Samantha Gerber and Eric Levine Franz Gerhardter Michelle and George Gerrard-Marriott Joan and Robert Gerring Alexandra Gervis Dylan Gessner Sandeep Ghela Arusha Ghosh Debasri Ghosh Elizabeth Gibbs 19

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Neil Hasson Dean Hatami Marilena Hatoupis David Hawkins Emily Hawkins Amy Heading David Heffernan Nicole and Simon Heffner Judy Heim Maryann and Clovis Heimsath Brett Heller Herbert Hellman Felix Henderson James Henderson Micaela Henderson Sarah Henderson Anton Hendler Grant Henegan Jenny Hepworth Kathryn Hevia Cosima Higham Claire and Darren Hilder Vinh Ho Lisa Hobbins and Colin Moore Mark Hoelzel Stephanie and Scott Hoffman Jennifer Holland Ellen and Rich Hollander Alyse and Philip Holstein Charlotte and Alexander Holstein Erin Holstein Greg Holstein Jin Hong and Fouad Onbargi Beth Honig Sharon and Pete Honig Emily Hoppe Matthew Howard Susan and Morton Howard Jemma Howson Dava Huber Charles Huebner Dan Hughes Meghan Hungate Rebecca Hyde Naomi Hyman Thomas Hynes Alice and Bill Iacuessa Amy Ilias The Indiana Porters Clare Irons Olive Isaacs Steve Isaacs Islesford Pottery Lena Ismail Saul Issroff Lisa Jacob Kayla Jacobs Susan and Mitch Jacobsen Gail Jaffe Hillary Jaffe and John Reimnitz Christina James Stephen James Lynn and Stuart Janney III Kathryn Jarvis Garry Jenkins Heather Jenkins Pamela Jewett-Bullock Aleim Johnson James Johnson Katherine Johnson Mary and Robert Johnstone

Yasmin Joomraty Damian Jordan Shaw Joseph Sarah Jossel Eamon Joyce Lynn Juang and Seamus Mullen Beverley Julius Just Kadi Iffat Kabeer Rachna Kadakia Sarah and Stewart Kagan Doug Kaiden Mattie Kaiser William Kalbacker Jennifer Kalin Brian Kanarek Courtney Kaplan Jeff Kaplan Kenneth Kaplan Gautam Kar Karen Karwowski and Jeff Harbison Angelique Kauffman Tanya Kaur Jessica Keane Katy Keck Christine and John Keegan Joseph Keenan Evadney and Robert Keith Brian Kelleher Robin Kelleher Elisa Keller Michael Keller Helen Kellett Caitlin Kelly Kevin Kelly Evan Kelsay Nannerl and Robert Keohane Brent Kessel Rashi Khurana Rachel and Kiflu Kidanne Farrah Kim Melinda Kimble and Jim Phippard Jennifer Kime James King Megan King Regina King Rose and Ellis Kitchener Kelli Klasko Hon. Harriet and Paul Klein Robert Kleinberg Gary Kliegman Marjorie and Dan Kobrin Peter Koczan Andrea Koepke Julie Kohn Rosemary Kokuhilwa Jeremy Kolosovsky Ann Kopple Cora Kopple Stephanie Korey Sara Kosyk George Koveos Sarah and Victor Kovner Keri Kramers-Dove Althea Kretzmar PB Kriegler Brittany Kronick Rachel Kronick Sarah Kruse Anida Kulla Divya Kumar 20

Noam Kurtis Jessica Labaire Erika Lackmann Bianca Ladow Debra Lagapa and Bill Squadron Benjamin Lague Anita and James Lahey Hannah Lambert Elizabeth Lancaster Jodi Landry Katie Lane Nicole Lane and Matthew Lief Diana Lang Kelly Langstaff Anna Lanza Gertrude Lasden Kim Lask Louisa Latela Keith Lau Laurus Property Partners Ltd. Kathy Lawler and Mitch Lewis Richard Lawrence Shannon Leach Libby Leahy Nora Leake Cameron Elizabeth Ledvina Sheryl Ledvina Marilyn and Andrew Lehren F. Dominique and Alison LeMaire Dean LeNoir Judith Lerman Emma Lesser Laura Lesser Kathy Lette Amy Leverson Gower Michael Levett Elena Levi Adam Levin Cynthia Levin James Levine Rachel Levine Adam Levy Brian Levy Jennifer Lewis Katie Lewis Alex Li Paul Licari Allan Lichtenstein Elana Lichtman Jules Lichtman Halie Lieberman Jacob Lieberman Jessie Lin Deborah Lincoln Natalie Linden Margaret Lindenstein and James Allison Julia Lindstrom Alison Lipman Kenneth Lipschutz Bertrand Lipworth Rebecca Litwin Lucy Liu Rosemary Livingstone Josephine Liz Trey Locke Joan Lonergan Andrea Lontoc Jeannie Lorenz Michelle Low Hannah Lucal Rachel Luce-Hitt and Seth Hitt

Susannah Ludwig Milena Lurie Kassiani Lythrangomitis Courtney Macaranas Suzette Macedo Lesley Anne Macr N Macrae Nicholas Maddison Maersk Line Brian Magida Udersh Mahesh Rebecca Mai Aneet Makin Seema Makin Paulline Mallea Britania Mallol Shannon Malone Richard Mandell Katie Mann Carol and Robert Marcus John Margenot Jay Margolis Jessica Marker Keith Markovich Justine Markovitz Joanne Marren and Alan Goldman Peter Marsden Marie and Richard Martinez Melissa and Dennis Martini Jennifer Marz Michael Masket Abigail Mason Dawn and David Mason Daniel Massey Jane Masterson Deborah Mather and John Middlebrook Stephen Mather Rita and Sid Mathias Rob Mathis Hilde Matthee Kennedy W. Maxwell Joy Maxwell-Davis and Andrew Dawber Hoitt McAllister Dermot McCarthy Noele McConico Conor Mccreedy Marissa McGee Gemma McIver Deanna McKay James McKee Ian Mcnamara Anne and Cody McNeal Georgina McNerney Michael McNerney Sam McNerney MDA Architects Mica Medoff Ashley Meek Christina Megill Nimay Mehta Pablo Mejia Sharon and Michael Mell Abraham Melles Ilze Melngailis Melanie Melvill Lauren Merkel Erica and Jack Merrill Kris Mertens and Cliff Rubin H Metcalfe Aaron Metrikin Jenny Meyer

Katie Michals Stephanie Mickle Katrina Migallen Sheyna Mikeal Annie and Matthew Miller Joyce and David Miller Karen Miller and Craig Bunnell Marissa Miller Rebecca Miller Scott Miller Steven Miller Tracy Miller B. Charles and Toby Milner Adam Mirels Robert Mirels Karen Mitchell Bansi Mithani Aparajita Mitra Jamie Mittelman Ethel Mittenthal Dawn Mizrachi Ngisana Mngomezulu Nozipho Mngomezulu Mobile Giving Hazim Mohamed Lucien Moolenaar Joan Moore Guy Moot Juan Morales Sonja Morgan Kelsey Morris Kim Moscaritolo Donna and Todd Moss Libby Muldoon Ana Maria Munoz Courtney and Thomas Muoio Christopher Murphy Emilie Murphy and Byron Nimocks Katie Murphy Carmen and Carter Murray Jo Murray and Chris Morley Richard Myerson Rajan Naik Stephanie Najor Sylvia and Saul Namyet

Kelly Nangle Matt Nash Michael Nash Kelsey Newell Kerri Newell Paul Newell Jordan Newman Gabi and Douglas Newton Gareth Newton Sarah Ngu EJ Nicolas Marina Nikoloska Joshua Nili Doleu Nissani Sampreet Niyogi Sayantan Niyogi Ivana Nizich Rachael North Shannon and Trevor Norwitz Keith Novek Victoria and Mickey Nurtman Joanne and Howard Nusbaum Charles O’Byrne Andrea and Stuart Odell Madeline Oden Deborah Oestreicher and Victor S Magar Iliane Ogilvie Thompson and Anthony Thompson Michael O’Hara Betsy O’Herin Joan Ohlson Eleanor O’Keeffe and John Gordon Marni Okun and Adam Perloff Jean-David Oladele Melissa Olivier Sophia and Taevian Ollivierre Stephen O'Malley Tom Ord Denise and Bill Orlando Fabio Orsolini AnaMaria Osorio Daniel Ostrow Bobbi and Barry Ostrowsky Mary and David Otto

Ubuntu Board Member Dr. Frank Lipman, Hugh Masekela and Asheru on stage at ABC Home for our Carnegie Hall event, “Sounds of Freedom: Every revolution has an anthem.”


Denise Ozpinar Elizabeth Palten Lucy Pan Clara Pang Tatiana Pansadoro Anna Paola and Bruce Chase Patrick Paradiso Elizabeth Parrott Jane Pastrana Atisha Patel Jatin Patel Elizabeth Patella Catherine and John Pawson Tia Payeur Francesca Peltz David Pendlebury Sally Pengilly J Penny Carol and David Pensky Andrea Peters Rachel Peterson Daniel Petraglia Filippo Petteni Richard Phillips Robyn Phillips Kirsty and Olivier Piccoli Soli Pierce Diyashen Pillay Iresh Pillay Carlos Pineda Clay Pipkin Ryan Pitera Emilia Pittelli Thomas Plant Ryan Pointer Steve Poliner Zelmira and George Polk Anne and Bruce Pomeroy Meredith Poole Benjamin Porter Tom Postema Thelma Pottruck Alexandra and Howie Powers Alice and Mel Prager Michael Prager Pratt Family Fund Kate Press and Daniel Friedland Barbara Pringle Elaine and David Proctor-Bonbright Cap Puckhaber Linda Purcell Jennifer and David Purtiz Marica Puskas-Ortiz Joanna Pylak Stephen Quandt and Thom Heyer Margaret Quigley Jaclyn and Derek Rabin Erica Rabinowitz Justin Racelis Susan and Kanti Rai Herbert Ramírez Thomas Ramsey Cynthia Rand Kukielski Jaime Lee and Travis Randall Teri and Jay Randall Kristen Randolph Ava Rant Krithi Rao Grant Rapaport Sarah Rapaport Sonalee Rashatwar

Janna Raskopf Elizabeth Rave Kaki Read Leanne Redding Erin Reddy Maggie Reddy Redland School Sam and Franklin Reece Alistair Reeder Nathaniel Reeve Pam and Rich Reid Linda and Don Reinfeld Jean and Douglas Renfield-Miller Marcia and Steven Resnick Jorge Restrepo Kasia and Nicolle Reterska Hans Reuter Christine and Stephen Rhodes Sara and Eric Richelson Megan Richer Marijke Richman Josh Rider Trish Riedel Phyllis and Ernest Ring Oliver Ripley Riverdale Country School Danielle Rizzi Victoria and Stewart Robertson B Robins Philippa Robinson Carlos Roche Graham Rocher Randall Rodakowski Celia and Marc Rodrigues Mercedes Rodriguez Rosa Rodriguez Steff and Luc Roeg Roo Rogers and Bernie Huang Tim Rogers Vanessa Romero Sean Rose Arlene Rosen and Jo DeCampo Cherie Rosen Nicola Rosendorff Emily Ross Dilene Rossouw Martha Roth Mori Rothman Kaila Roti Margaret Rowe Martha and Richard Rowland Dee Dee and Michael Rubin Lotti and Philip Rubin Ophelia and William Rudin Carla Ruiz San Roman Nick Rusconi Angela Rutherford Andrew Ryan Liana Ryan Brittany Rytter Brianna Sadowl and Michael Hosford Lou Sagar Victor Sagrista Lopez Lauren Salem Lawrence Salem David Saltz Alexandra Samit Luke Sanders Christopher Sansone Jenny Sansouci Dimilsa Santana 22

Wendy and Jerome Santoro Oindrila Sardar Alon Sasson Elan Sasson Carol and Mark Saul Anna Sawicka Mayur Saxena Christopher Saye John Scaduto Gabriella Schaefer Jordan Schanzer Susan Scharf Glick and Harvey Glick Rebecca Scheidegger Laurie Scherer Lauren Schlussel Josephine Schmidt Susan and Martin Schmitt Bruce Schoenfeld Jeannie Schreiner Sebastian Schultz Meaghan Schwarting Felicity and Stanley Schwartz Sandra and Robin Schwartz Liana Schwarz Lauren Scianni Francesco Scipioni Brian Scott Katherine Scott Kyle Scott Lauren Scott Margaret Scott Sandra Scott and Jonathan Putsman Gabby Seal James Sedlak Jasmine Seiler-Regnier Lauren Selikoff Haley Selmon Karissa Seltz Jenny and David Selvers Jaideep Sen Rita Sen Dylan Serota Nicole and Sameer Sethna Rachel Sever Qasim Shafiq Brandon Shainfeld Bradley Shane Rebecca and Peter Shapiro Ashely Shaw-Scott Pamela and Ronald Sheff Elisabeth Sherman Anne Sherwood and Otto Pohl Steven Shirey James Shrum Megan Shulman John Shyer Dee Dee Sides David Siegel Nathalie Siegel Riley Sills Daniel Silverman Damian Simor Kari Simpson Kathleen and Scott Simpson Rebecca Simson Un Sin Alex Singal Sisa Bill Skocpol Sara Slatter Becky Smith

Catherine and Jonathan Smith Geoffrey Smith Judith Smith and Lawrence Blum Laura Smith Rob Smith Arianne Smola Mark Smukler Richard Smullen Joseph Snider Bertha Soble Emily Soergel Lee Soffer Annamaria Sofillas Mark Soldin Heather and Scott Solish India Somerville Jeffrey Spector Joyce and James Spencer Shane Spinell Jeri and Theodore Spurling Jr. Kiki Spyropoulos Lisa and Seth Squadron Lance Stamps Josh Stark Kenneth Stark Richard Stawarz Daniel Steinberg Gillian Steinberg Helen Steinberg Joanna Steinberg Bradley Stern Lauri and Charles Stern Michelle and Errol Stern Zachary Sternberg Solveig and John Stetson Savannah Stevenson Margot Stluka Eric Stone Felicity Stone Heather Stone Zach Stone Ruby and Stanley Strauss Jennifer Strohl Sheryl Stroud Bryant and David Bryant Jessica Stuart Jodi Stuart Chloe and Mark Sugarman Nicolas Sulicki Miriam and William Sumner Spencer Sutton Abigail Sylvester Charline and Bernard Tabatznik Lara Tabatznik Manu Talwar Rishi Talwar Sanjay Talwar Les Tarver Eric Taub Molly and Aaron Tavel Lauren Taylor David Tcholakian Cindy and David Teicher Dustin Tenenbaum Yudit and Nardy Terry Marianna Testa Adam Tetenbaum Cindy and Dave Thomas Melissa Thomas Brian Thompson Elizabeth Thompson Nadia Tian

Karen Tinebra Scott Tinkham Eime Tobari Gemma Todd Ricky Tollman Graves Tompkins David Topete Don Torrance Ansumana Touray Isabella Townsley Michael Trainer Melanie Tranter and Peter Patsalides Norman Tripp Sandra Tripp Dafre Troskie Twinkle Troughton K Tucker Zoe Tucker and Adam Stower Talia Tugman Stephanie Tumba Kyle Udo Adrian Ulrich Evan Unger Tobias Urban Kelly Ushpol Ariel Vadee Daniel Vail Marisa Van Brunt Emma Van Coppenolle Hannelie van der Merwe Lucia and Neil Van Der Post Alexa Van Gilder David Van Mierlo Katrine van Wyk Karen van Zijl Timothy VanTassel Julie Vardy Demitra Vassiliadis Cindy Veazey Alastair Vere Nicoll Dorothy Victor and Carol Victor Rothman Sheryl Victor and Scott Levy Aranzazu Villasante Scott Vineberg Gary Vizioli Jared Vizzi Stephanie Vogt and Daniel Gorzawski David Vonk Sarah and Jayson Vowles Cynthia Wachter Laura Wackett Tobias Wagnes Mark Waldman Emily Walsh Craig Walters Janet Walton Susan Ward and Rodman Ward, Jr. Bernadette Washer and Geoff Johnson Tessa and Alan Wassyng Andrew Waud Olivia Waxman

Eric Weber Kathie Weibel and Randall Trathen Matt Weinstein Bobby Weiss Jessica Weiss Anne Westcott Merry White Taylor Wielage Sara and Daniel Wigutow Justin Wilcox Jonathan Williams Meghan Williams Rachel Williams and Erik Niemi Sabrina Williams Cindy and Blades Williamson Anya Winslow Kit Winter Winton Capital Management Limited Amrith Withana Sarah Wobbecke April and David Wolitzky Jordyn Wolking Mallory Womer Dane Wood Spring Worth Henrietta Worthington Douglas Wright Emily Wright and Luke Abell Laura Wright Judith and Irwin Wrubel Eric Wunsch Franklin Yeager Brian Yee Marisa Yeres Gill Phumela Yona Nili Sarit Yossinger Brittany Young Leila Yusuf Alan Zamchick Rachel Zar Zoe Zarkades Kristopher Zawadka Xiaoyu Zheng Steve Zindell Jana Zindell and Jordan Levy Matt Zinger Allison Zmishlany Stephanie Zodo Victoria Zodo Margaret Zuraw Inez Zuska Amanda Zwilling Jen Zwilling This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014.

“Nothing makes me prouder than to see South Africa give birth to organizations like Ubuntu Education Fund.” —Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Ubuntu Patron 23

IN-KIND DONORS Ubuntu is grateful to those who donated their time or resources to support our vital work in Port Elizabeth. These contribution have allowed us to fundraise effectively, provide quality materials, and focus our attention on addressing the needs of our community. 45 Park Lane, The Dorchester Collection ABC Home Access Management Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium Actavis Bryan Adams Alphabet City Brewing Company Chelsea Altman Asheru Avión Tequila Baboo Barloworld Becton, Dickinson and Company Bell Pottinger Private Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel Bertha Foundation The Beverly Hills Hotel Bidvest Steiner Black Rat Projects Bluebird PR Boschendal Estate, Franschhoek, South Africa Braaitime Kristina Budelis Kae Burke Carnegie Hall Cecconi's West Hollywood Alecia Chakour Chelsea Catering NYC Chelsea Wine Vault Christopher Kane Classic Travel President Bill Clinton CMIT Solutions Coca-Cola Sabco Cohber Press, Inc. Colin Cowie Celebrations

Courtyard Hotel Port Elizabeth Crillon Importers The De Beers Group FW de Klerk DeFrancis Carbone DJ Cypher & Brendan Bartels from Origin Donna Karan Dumbo Loft Edcon Limited Josefin Elfner and Paulo Eapen Extraordinary Journeys Fat Barrel Wines FICO Claire and Jeff Fluhr Nancy Fouts Michael Franti & Spearhead Gallery MOMO Mark Girgis Glam Squad Mischa Gobie Stephanie and Aaron Goldman Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks Google Grants Amy and Michael Gordon Gotham Hall Great Neck Games Anna Halliday and Philip Beatty Hally’s Hands On Technologies Hotel Chantelle Hu Kitchen I Can Create Ltd The{inner}Workroom InterSys Ltd Islesford Dock Restaurant JAB Productions Jamestown Premier Chelsea Market LP Asanda Jezile Just Kadi Kaia Ken Forrester Wines Simon Kinberg Eric Krasno Landhaus Landhaus Bakes by Nikki Latham & Watkins LLP Le Tour London Leopard Print Ltd

Board Member Bill Voge and his wife Jami visited our centre to commemorate over a decade of partnership with his firm, Latham & Watkins, LLP. Fifteen years ago, they invested seed capital in Ubuntu and have since provided pro-bono legal aid.


Dina and Larry Lichtman-Smith Lindsay and Jacob Lief Janice and Frank Lipman Loud Communications, LLC Lumi Michael Lynton Madiba Restaurant Magdalena, The Sand Animator Stu Mahan Mann Made Media Hugh Masekela McDonald's Port Elizabeth MDA Architects Ian Von Memetry Mercury Print Productions, Inc. Morris Truck Sandra and Philip Myburgh Nissan Eastern Cape Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Pick N Pay Eastern Cape Region Pure Evil Deputy President Ramaphosa Sue Rankin and Alan Bennett Sonna Rele Republic of South Africa, Department of Health Fabiola and Andrew Rolfe Roundhouse The Rumi Foundation SA Wines Online, Ltd. Samara Private Game Reserve Katherine Scott Search Online Consulting Seliger Studios Simply Soweto Encha Singtrix LLC South African Airways Sovereign Car Hire Services Ltd Spec-Savers South Africa Sports Invest UK Ltd Staples Starr African Rum Stormfield Productions LTD Sunshine Sachs the-recipe Ciko and Kholisa Thomas ThoughtWorks Tim Hans Photography Trader Joe’s Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu Uber Amy Van Doran Victoria’s Secret Aris Vrakas Warner Bros. Impact Giving Program Webber Wentzel Wonderland Events Wula Drum

Design: DeFrancis Carbone Photography: Tims Hans Printing: Kirkwood Printing

LEADERSHIP PATRON Archbishop Desmond Tutu Nobel Peace Prize Laureate BOARD OF DIRECTORS Paulo Eapen (Compensation & People Development Committee) GSO Capital Partners Winston Ginsberg (Finance & Audit Committee) TowerBrook Capital Partners Stephanie Goldman (Chair, Development Committee) Goldman Events Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula (Founder & Senior Advisor) Ubuntu Education Fund Kim Howard (Finance & Audit Committee) University of the Witwatersrand David Lamond Lamond Capital Partners, LLC Jacob Lief (Founder & CEO) Ubuntu Education Fund Dr. Frank Lipman Eleven Eleven Wellness Center Rush McCloy (Treasurer, Finance & Audit Committee) Eyewitness Surveillance Peter Michau (Legal & Governance Committee) New Media Law, LLP

Daniel Osorio Andean Capital Management

Dr. Kas Kasongo Pathcare Laboratories

Andrew Rolfe (Chairman) TowerBrook Capital Partners

Cynthia & Daniel Lief Islesford Dock Restaurant

Stephen Schaffer Private Investor Katherine Scott Entrepreneur Philanthropist Deborah Shainfeld Property Development and Entrepreneur Scott Shleifer Tiger Global Management Ciko Thomas Nedbank Group Philip Vassiliou Legatum Limited

Stuart Litwin Outside Ace, LLC Dr. Monica Menell Kinberg Social Activist Tovah Klein Professor, Barnard College Merafe Moloto One Thousand & One Voices Weza Moss Volkswagen South Africa Dr. Lungisa Nojoko Private Doctor Mandlakazi Skefile Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism Board

Bill Voge (Legal & Governance Committee; Compensation & People Development Committee) Latham & Watkins, LLP



Jordan Levy Chief External Relations Officer

Dr. Mary Frances Berry University of Pennsylvania Ashley Bryan Artist, Writer, Activist Mzimkhlulu Dilima Private Doctor Tom Jaffe Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate

Malizole Banks Gwaxula Founder & Senior Advisor

Jacob Lief Founder & CEO Tarryn Mthimkhulu Chief Financial Officer Jana Zindell Chief Programs Officer Gcobani Zonke Deputy President

Sandra Myburgh Barclays PLC Nomkhita Nqweni Barclays PLC Ziyanda Ntshona (Secretary, Legal & Governance Committee) Webber Wentzel

“Ubuntu's leadership is not afraid to challenge traditional development thinking. We run Ubuntu as efficiently as a private sector business with strict governing structures, strong accountability, and complete transparency.” —Andrew Rolfe, Managing Director, TowerBrook Capital Partners, Ubuntu Education Fund Board Chairman

Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that provides world-class health and educational support to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Ubuntu’s mission is simple, all-encompassing, yet radical: to help raise township children by providing what all children deserve—everything. SOUTH AFRICA


Ubuntu Education Fund 5 QeQe Street Zwide Township Port Elizabeth, 6201 +27 (0)41 409 2700

Ubuntu Education Fund 7 Cavendish Square London, W1G 0P E +44 (0)207 612 7610 UNITED STATES Follow us: @ubuntufund

Ubuntu Education Fund 32 Broadway, Suite 414 New York, NY 10004 +1 646 827 1190

A Million to One: Changing the Odds (2014 Annual Report)  
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