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Growing UP Ubuntu Education Fund 2015 Annual Report

Dear Friends: Raising children is a full-time, around-the-clock job. From their first steps to their first day at work, children need unconditional love and support to succeed. Though we all share some common milestones, there is no blueprint for raising children: growing up is unique to each. In South Africa, growing up in extreme poverty comes with truly daunting hardships. Against the backdrop of public health crises, failing schools, and staggering unemployment, every accomplishment—a birthday, a first day of school, a graduation—tells a deeper story of our community’s resilience, and what it means to grow up with Ubuntu Education Fund. Far more than just picture perfect moments, these occasions are the result of countless investments that have been years in the making. The doctor visits, the after-school help on homework, the sessions with a counselor—the short-term gains of these efforts may seem insignificant but, together, they have a tremendous impact on our children’s trajectories.

The Ubuntu Centre is our statement that access to world-class healthcare and education are a right—not a privilege. It’s a place where children feel safe and celebrated, attend a dance class, get tutored or see a doctor. In short, the Ubuntu Centre is a place to grow up.

After seventeen years of listening to and learning from the community we serve, we are equipped with a stronger vision than ever before for the future. There is no exit strategy when raising children and nothing more sustainable than investing in them every day of their lives. Driven by this belief, we’re embarking on an ambitious five-year expansion plan—a strategy that will both amplify our model on a global stage and ensure the institutional sustainability that’s needed to drive innovation and impact. Thank you for helping us ensure children in the townships grow up with the opportunities every child deserves.

Jacob Lief Founder & CEO

Malizole Banks Gwaxula Founder & Senior Advisor 1

Growing up with Ubuntu is

a positive start to a new life

You’re pregnant! This life-changing news comes with overwhelming joy. In the townships of South Africa, however, where one out of three mothers is HIV-positive, it’s also the source of great apprehension: Will my baby be born HIV-positive? How will I keep her healthy? Ubuntu’s Early Years Program ensures that no mother has to face these questions alone. From personalized pregnancy plans to family planning workshops, mothers receive the quality medical, social, and emotional support they need and deserve.

Prevention of Mother-toChild Transmission for 55 HIV-positive mothers and their babies, including: HIV treatment, adherence support, and nutritional counselling, prenatal doctor appointments, and ultrasounds in each trimester

Critical care for newborns, from HIV inhibitors to routine check-ups

Support for new mothers, including: breastfeeding workshops, parenting classes, and packages of essential baby supplies


100% of HIV-positive mothers have given birth to healthy, HIV-negative babies 2


Standing on tippy-toes, stretching out her neck to gain that extra inch—every child longs to grow taller and stronger. For many families, adequate nutrition and reliable health care are not a given. Ubuntu’s medical team is reversing the high rate of malnutrition among our children. Doctors keep an attentive eye on our students’ height and weight, while nurses

Growing up with Ubuntu is

a healthy, thriving child

administer necessary immunizations and support caregivers in maintaining healthy development. At home, parents learn to grow fresh produce in their own backyards and prepare nutritious meals. With every new inch a child grows, Ubuntu is there to guide the next stage. A state-of-the-art pediatric clinic that delivers over 2,800 routine check-ups a year—everything from immunizations to tuberculosis treatment

An on-site pharmacy that provides life-saving medication, vitamins, and supplements 3ft.

Every child receives nutritional services that promote healthy growth, including: monthly dietician screenings, growth monitoring, and food packages


97% of our children meet global standards for physical development 4


Young minds are open and eager to learn about the world around them. Without opportunities to nurture this curiosity, they fall behind before their first day of school has even begun. Ubuntu’s Early Childhood Development program provides toddlers an essential boost to thrive in the classroom and beyond. In our world-class program, trained educators lead small, engaging play-based classes, where inquisitive children master numbers and ABCs, and develop vital cognitive skills. Ubuntu’s youngest learners graduate full of confidence, with a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

An innovative, play-based curriculum for 80 toddlers, providing 300 hours of emergent learning, which fosters critical thinking and multi-sensory development

All-encompassing after-school support, from kindergarten through primary school, to maintain each child’s progress


Growing up with Ubuntu is


a lifetime of learning

100% of Ubuntu toddlers attain age-appropriate developmental milestones 7

Birthdays are the one day of the year when every child should feel like the most important person in the universe. The reality is, it’s hard to celebrate when your world is threatened by insecurity. Violence, abuse, and financial instability are all-too-common realities in the community we serve. Ubuntu’s family support program provides the tools to help families create stable and secure homes. Locks on doors, food parcels, and family counseling sessions—we leave nothing to chance in safeguarding children’s well-being. Ubuntu is there from one birthday to the next, so that when the special day arrives, it can be all about the party!

Home assessments and individualized case management plans for 587 families, including services like child protection support and security upgrades to stabilize homes

Over 1,300 psychosocial services, ranging from one-on-one counseling to support groups


Within just four years of joining Ubuntu, 86% of clients are on track toward healthy, stable futures Growing up with Ubuntu is 8

a childhood full of celebrations 9

Growing up with Ubuntu is

pioneering a path to success

Imagine being the first in your family to walk across a stage and receive a diploma. When nearly two-thirds of your peers do not even make it through high school, university is more of a distant dream than a feasible goal. At Ubuntu, preparation begins early with our Future Leaders Program. Scholars receive rigorous tutoring, life-skills training, and mentorship to excel at the best universities on the continent and become the country’s next generation of change-makers. Our students are pursuing degrees that will make them the accountants, doctors, businesswomen, and politicians of the future. 490 hours of after-school classes that foster leadership, growth, supportive mentor relationships, and confidence

Intensive university preparation for Grade 12 students, focused on math, science, reading comprehension, and critical thinking

Continued support through university for 29 students on their way to earning prestigious degrees


Ubuntu scholars achieve a 94% high school exam pass-rate, qualifying them to attend university 10


The first job is a momentous achievement—a gateway to independence and security for

Growing up with Ubuntu is

a bright and stable future

your entire family. It’s also a moment almost 80% of youth in the townships never experience. Deep-seated inequalities and discrimination have excluded youth from networks of opportunity. Ubuntu Pathways, our vocational training program, equips them for a promising future. By investing in the community’s social capital, Ubuntu is mobilizing a dynamic employment pipeline, one that prepares candidates for the job market and connects them to rewarding careers.

150-hours of high-quality job-readiness training for out-of-school youth, including career guidance and indispensable employment skills

Job placement at over 30 local partner corporations and retention support for graduates


122 out of 177 program graduates are employed— a 68% placement rate 12


When raising a child, we never say, “That’s enough.” We ask,

“What more can we do?”

VISION 2020 is Ubuntu’s ambitious five-year plan to expand our campus and amplify our transformative model around the world.

EXPAND Ubuntu’s Early Childhood Development program to 6 classrooms, increase school hours by 100%, and prepare a new generation of toddlers for a lifetime of success.

BUILD a vocational training centre that prepares and places 750 students into employment. We will empower a new generation of youth with financial independence and a stable livelihood for their families.

CREATE the Ubuntu Institute to leverage our model and help others achieve sustainable change in their communities.

PARTNER with a high-achieving primary school, providing 240 children with worldclass education and ensuring 100% of our scholars graduate from high school.

ESTABLISH an institutional stability fund to secure long-term impact and drive innovation.


VISION 2020 is Ubuntu’s ambitious five-year plan to expand our campus and amplify our transformative model around the world.





Ubuntu Education Fund, Inc. and Affiliates Year Ending June 30, 2015

Contributions Grants Special event revenue (net of direct expenses of $719,598 in 2015 and $740,872 in 2014) Donated services Other income (loss) Net assets released from restrictions Total public support and revenue

$ 1,425,328 1,116,975

1,098,745 397,746 (93,128) 135,832 4,081,498


50,357 511,840

- - - (135,832) 426,365

$1,026,476 invested in fundraising resulted in $4.5M of revenue ($1 invested=$4.39 revenue)





$ 1,475,685 1,628,815

1,098,745 397,746 (93,128) 4,507,863


Ongoing investment in critical infrastructure and core support services

Temporarily Restricted Total

Program services Supporting services: Management and general services Fundraising Total supporting services




959,025 1,026,476 1,985,501

- - -

959,025 1,026,476 1,985,501

Total expenses




Ubuntu targets $1M+ cash surplus to manage fundraising seasonality and meet programmatic objectives

Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of grants and contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other current assets Total current assets

$ 1,120,626 469,832 197,073 1,787,531

Long-term portion of grants and contributions receivable, net Represents the Ubuntu Centre in South Africa, our global headquarters—a state-ofthe-art health and education facility

534,351 81,019 2,141,610



Property and equipment, net


Security deposits

$ 1,526,240


14,500 $ 8,021,483


$ 8,208,893



Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

Accounts payable and accrued expenses Capital lease obligation – current portion Current portion of deferred rent Total current liabilities

(623,775) 426,365 (197,410) 7,328,828 617,616 7,946,444 $ 6,705,053 $ 1,043,981 $ 7,749,034

Capital lease obligation Commitments


267,235 3,816 - 271,051


252,707 3,488 830 257,025

1,398 5,424 - -





At June 30, 2014, property and equipment consists of: Land and buildings Equipment Furniture and fixtures Motor vehicles Less: Accumulated depreciation 16

$ 5,859,078 1,005,297 229,244 46,430 7,140,049 1,211,860 $ 5,928,189

$ 5,833,185 992,167 224,010 92,989 7,142,351 1,129,025 $ 6,013,326

At June 30, 2015 and 2014, assets acquired under capital lease are included in equipment. At June 30, 2015 and 2014, the carrying value of these assets amounted to approximately $9,000 and $10,000, respectively.

BUILD (the Bertha-Ubuntu Internal Leadership Development program) is a staff-empowered initiative that develops sustainable leadership, organization accountability, and increased efficiency. Our commitment to local management has earned us the highest certification of BroadBased Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) by independent auditors Grant Thornton.

Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets

6,705,053 1,043,981 7,749,034 $ 8,021,483

7,328,828 617,616 7,946,444 $ 8,208,893


Changing the Conversation A Leading Voice in Global Philanthropy and Development

Writing the Book on Community Development Jacob Lief’s I Am Because You Are has upended conventional wisdom on poverty eradication and set forth a bold vision for a new, people-centered model of development. The book chronicles the inspiring evolution of one of the most ambitious social projects on the continent and showcases what it means to embody the ubuntu spirit.

A New Narrative

Global Events

Ubuntu’s model is disrupting the dialogue on philanthropy and community development and inspiring a new conversation among the most prominent voices in the sector.

From award-winning galas to youth-led community fundraisers, Ubuntu supporters are taking our mission global. Ubuntu Social—New York/ London/Los Angeles A new generation of supporters launched an annual series of events. The success of Ubuntu Social NYC inspired events in Los Angeles and London, raising nearly $150,000. Ubuntu “Million to One” Galas Ubuntu’s New York City and London galas brought together supporters and celebrities for memorable nights of celebration and raised over $2 million.

In collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy, Ubuntu launched an eight-episode podcast series featuring conversations with influential leaders in the field on giving, innovation, and social change. Hosted by Jacob Lief, these interviews highlight innovative practices in the field, debunk myths about the nonprofit sector, and address challenges facing philanthropy.


South Africa Book Launch Board member Ciko Thomas and his wife Kholisa, hosted the South African launch of Jacob’s book, I Am Because You Are, at the Johannesburg Country Club, with over 60 guests in attendance. Ubuntu Clubs The Junior Ambassador Initiative, led by youth supporters at schools and college campuses, is launching six new University Ubuntu Clubs across the country. 19


Absa Bank Limited Fabiola Arredondo-Rolfe and Andrew Rolfe Bertha Foundation The Boeing Company The Drago Family Enel Green Power South Africa The Khoury Foundation Kirsh Charitable Foundation Kelsey and David Lamond Elena and Scott Shleifer Trevor Noah–Ark Angel Entertainment John Vaske Vitol Foundation Jami and Bill Voge GIFTS OF $50,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (1) Callcredit Information Group Discovery Fund Josefin Elfner and Paulo Eapen Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

The Leland Family Cynthia and Daniel Lief Mai Family Foundation The Make A Difference Trust Pfizer Inc. Rappaport Family Trust Terre des Hommes International Federation Sue and David Viniar GIFTS OF $25,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (1) Anglo American Chairman’s Fund Diane and Gerald Bichunsky Amy and Ed Brakeman Kate Moran Collins The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation The ELMA Philanthropies Services (U.S.) Inc. Stephanie and Aaron Goldman Danielle and Brian Gootzeit The Hadley Trust Helen & William Mazer Foundation

“Nothing makes me prouder than to see South Africa give birth to organizations like Ubuntu Education Fund.” —Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Ubuntu Patron


Independent Franchise Partners, LLP Lisa and David Issroff JustEnough Software Latham & Watkins LLP Kathleen and Edward Ludwig The Milde McWilliams Trust Mimi and Peter Haas Fund Momentum Fund Patricia and Peter Murphy Kirsten and Dwight Poler Stephen Schaffer Nicole Shoucair Kathleen and Scott Simpson Tracy and Jacques Tredoux Tammy and Philip Vassiliou Vital Projects Fund, Inc. Jennifer and Michael Whitman GIFTS OF $10,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (3) Avignon Capital Limited Antony Charles Ball Bonnie and R Derek Bandeen Bear Enterprises Bristol-Myers Squibb Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Lori and Gary Cohen Dr. Ann Coxon Douglas and Daniel Altman Charitable Trust Claire and Jeff Fluhr Tim Flynn Irene and Richard Frary General Atlantic Foundation Amy and Michael Gordon Heidrick & Struggles Jill and Ken Iscol Amanda and Blair Jacobson Donna Karan Dina Lichtman-Smith and Laurence M. Smith Janice and Frank Lipman Laura and Stuart Litwin Dorothy Litwin-Brief and Donald Brief Nicky and Charles Manby The Mara and Ricky Sandler Foundation Nedbank Foundation Laura and Richard Novak Averill Ogden and Winston Ginsberg Nicole Peerless and Karl Bornefalk Janet and Ira Rapp Kerri Ratcliffe and Douglas Henderson

The Rivendell Foundation Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation The Rumi Foundation Marissa Sackler Santa Maria Foundation Lynne and Herman Schey Richard A. Smith Sheila and Tripp Smith TD Bank, N.A. The West Foundation The Wunsch Family Josefine and Chris Young GIFTS OF $5,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (1) Elaine and Hirschel Abelson The Atlantic Philanthropies Director/ Employee Designated Gift Fund Baskes Family Foundation LeeAnn Black Lois Blum Feinblatt Natasha and Robert Boucai Robyn Calder CBRE, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jefferson Coolidge Countess Elisabeth de Kergorlay Dimension Data Katya Dunitz and David Becker Luci and Simon Eyers Mkhuseli Faku Brad Farber Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger David Fisher Laurie and Jeff Franz Gigi and Jim Garnett Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. Erik Gordon Marilyn and John Hans Poppy Harlow Babcic and Sinisa Babcic Russell Hoffman Brette Kameny and Gordon Holmes Robert Kaplan Joia and Joshua Kazam Avril and Monty Koppel Mia and Charles Koppel Kathy and Brian Kronick Elizabeth and Phil Kruse Peter Labonski Nora and Rob Leary Ruth Lief Sir Sydney and Lady Rosa Lipworth Lucinda and Alan McCormick

Dr. Monica Menell-Kinberg Adam Mirels Rashmi and James Newman Raleigh Nuckols Project People Foundation The Reveas Foundation Alison and David Rich Gregory Rodgers Stanley and Zea Lewis Family Foundation Angela and Brian Walsh Erika Weinberg Rodney Weinstein Sally and Daniel Wigutow Marcia S. Wilson GIFTS OF $1,000 OR MORE

Anonymous (7) Abercorn School Aid for Africa Albourne Partners Limited Serena Altschul The American School in London South Africa Club Sabina and Yoram Amiga Sean Arnold Chris Augoustatos Emily and Ron Axelrod Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program Allison and Daniel Baskes Clara Beccaro Becton Dickinson The Bicycle Music Company Charles Blackburn Allison Blitzer Andrew Brooks Brenton Brown Harriet and Tom Burnett Heather Burns and Ajay Naidu William Bush Marion Buten Karen and Roderick Carter Sung Hee Choe and Adam Ring Continental Tyre SA (Pty) Ltd Patty and Danny Cozine Ashley Dartnell and Bruce Steinberg Kirk Davenport Ingrid and Graham Davin The Davis Foundation The De Beers Group Monette de Botton and Philip Kirsh Nancy and Charles Dodson

Wendy Doniger Christine Downton Laura Doyle Hammam and Zayd Hammam Hui Chen and Gareth Eagles Education Services European Healthcare Group PLC Shahriar and Ladan Farrokhzadeh Barb and Bruce Fernald The Florence V. Burden Foundation at the recommendation of Foundation Directors Ordway and Jean Burden Emma Friedman and Kevin Gold Kevin Glaser The Global Fund for Children Peggy Goldwyn Lee Ann and Mark Gossett Louisiana and Julian Granville Joel Green Beth Ann and David Greenwald Linda and Richard Grosse Half Moon Foundation Samar Hammam and Matthew Turner Christine Han and Mark Rutledge Mark Hanekom Joan and Larry Hatheway HCI Foundation Highland-Mills Foundation Kelly Hoppen and John Gardiner Isabelle and Marc Hotimsky Dara Huang and Michael Zerda Jean Hughes Anna and Tom Hulme Donna and Henry Isaacs Islesford Dock Restaurant Orton P. Jackson Jr Mandy and Tom Jaffe Marc Jaffe Jamestown Premier Chelsea Market LP Paddy Jones Estate Joseph & Felicia Weber Family Foundation Beverley Julius Pam and Dan Kaplan Danielle and Tuvi Keinan Virginia and Russell Keys Valeria and Kristian Kling Stanley Krasnow Noam Kurtis Melissa Kushner Linda and David Lakhdhir Kristi and Kevin Law

Peter and Alicia Leith Verena Letzerich Louisa Leventis Christian Levett Judy and Kenneth Levy Samuel Lewis Lindsay and Jacob Lief Marci Lief and Clay Oliver Liza Lowinger and Simon Isaacs Laura and Scott Malkin Marina and Bill Marcoux Lizzy and Bryce Markus Winston Marshall Susan Mayer and Steve Cowan Joyce and David Miller Robert Mirels Chris Morton Olga and Eric Mounier Roana Mouton Sandra and Philip Myburgh Angela and Mark Newton Wendy Noble Eliot Nolen and Timothy Bradley Sandra O’Hearen Ann O’Malley Florenz Ourisman Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison Charitable Gift Fund Kealy and David Prager Laura Prato and Howard Holtz Barbara Pringle Denis Raeburn Riverside Pediatrics Audrey Roco Renee Rolleri and Matthew Goldman Sigal and Daniel Rudd Liana Ryan and Taylor Wielage Martin Sacks Stelios Saffos William Samson Caron and Colin Sapire Conrad Schey Mark Schienberg Russ Schreiber Pete and Toshi Seeger Estate Frank Seidman Bari and Alan Shaffran Deborah and Brandon Shainfeld Jane and Paul Shang Dee Dee Sides Richard Silver Kim and Bret Smith Priscilla and Stockton Smith

Bob Sommer Valerie Southgate and Bruce Rodney Elizabeth and Daniel Squadron Karen Stead Baigrie and James Baigrie Molly and Thomas Stewart Jason Straker Ann and Dick Sullivan Eleanor and John Sullivan The Tessler Family Charitable Trust Barbara and Bill Trimble Bill and Perry Trimble Marianne and Pankaj Uppal Erna and Wikus van Dyk Mara and Conrad van Loggerenberg Maggie and Ashok Varadhan Joanna and Cesar Vargas Sarah and Jayson Vowles Warner Bros. Sally and Mark Weinstein Anna Wiklund Rachel Wolitzky and Christopher Sbaratta Zodiak Active Plus SpA

A cup of soup and wind up computer isn’t enough to help a child orphaned by HIV graduate from Harvard.

GIFTS UP TO $1,000

Anonymous (90) Allison Aaron Antonia Aaron Jane Abell Karim Abouelnaga Adele and Trevor Abramson Nicole Abramson Sarah and Christian Abt Sophie Ace Cheryll and John Adams Ghana Adhikari Ryan Afari Olaolu Aganga Lois and Martin Agran Nathan Ajiashvili Anthony Akselrad Andrew Album Roberto Alcazar David Aldea Hayley Alder Daniel Alkalai Kevin Allan Olivia Allan Ruth Allard and Erik Schickedanz Eduardo Almonte David Alty Melissa Alwang AmazonSmile Foundation

Athanasia Amberiadis Kelly Anderson George Andreozzi Ieva Ansaberga and Aris Vrakas Barbie Antonis Eliza Anyangwe Aprirose Foundation Nicole Arieh Sara Arlotti Andrew Armenti Julia Arnhold Janyth and Charlie Arvidson Keana Asgari Kyle Ashley Caroline Aslanian Alex Astrachan Edwin Atiles Soleil Atiles Wendy Atrokhov Jillian Attaway Sam Averbach Cassie Avirom Gil Badart Andrew Bader Christine Baerwaldt

Prab Bahth Kate Bailin Marian Baker and Chris Wriggins Patsy Baker and Martyn Lewis Sonya Baker Tom Baker Arthur Baldwin II Alessandra Balser Alexander Bank Bank of America Claire and Les Barenholtz Anthony Barkett Julie and Allen Barkin Linda and Fred Barnes Caroline Barnett Peggy and Alan Barnett Marc Barney Stephan Baroni Lola Barreto and Julian Romero Sarah Barrett Karyn Barsa Mark Bartels Michael Basch Margo and Roger Bash Josh Bashioum 21

We believe nothing is more sustainable than investing in a child every day of her life.

Oren Bass Isabelle Bassalian Judy Bassaly Anindya Basu Nava Bat-Avraham and Saul Ben-Meyer Denise and John Battersby Jessica Batzell Emily Baughan Diane and John Baum Coral Beare Mark Beare BECU Tina Beilinson Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold Belgravia Books Ginia-Maria Bellafante Simon Belsham Jody Benick Lee-Ann Benjamin Daniela and Jeremy Benloulou Henry Bennett Scott Berg Dorris and Edward Berger Irica Berkowitz 22

Marshall Berman Sue and Brian Berman Elisabeth Bernard Clare Berner Dr. Mary Frances Berry Karen Beuerlein and Paul Steinberg Lynty Bevan Shazeeda Bhola Sam Bialosky Max Bichunsky Rick Biggs Kelsey Birnbaum Dominique Bischoff-Brown Stephan Bisse Keith Black Black Rat Projects Monica Blackburn and Gemma Gilbey Gerrard Blake Matthew Blake Shanthi Blanchard Cristina Blanco Dustin Blank Leila Bliss Brandon Block The Block Grausman Fund

Jennifer Bloom and Aron Zeckendorf Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Sophie Boehm Carroll Bogert Caila Bolger Kenneth Boockvar Michelle Booso Ollie Booth Greta Born Louis Botha Rita and Ernest Botti Colette and Robert Bouvier Sam Bowers Daniella and Ari Boyd Sabrina Bral Kathryn and James Brandt Mariette Brethouwer Jordan Bridge Lauren Bridges Starr and Clayton Bright Nigel Britz Barbara and Albert Brodbeck Deborah Brodheim Megan Brody Virginia and Stephen Brooks Enora Brown Jodie Brown Katherine Brown Morgan Brown Trevor Brown Margo and Eric Brundage Ashley Bryan Emma Buckland Bucknell University Ubuntu Club Colin Bumby Katharine Bungey Heather and Jay Burchfield Camille Burns Ellie Burrows Eva and Geoff Burt Giselle and Doug Burton-Cantley Amy Busch Gene Bush Patricia Butler Sarah Butterworth Debra and Malcolm Buxton Jessica and Daniel Byrd CAA Ashleigh Cahn Cynthia Calder Sidney and Daniel Callahan CallFire

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Barbara and Philip Deckowitz Dawn and Ed DeDomenico Jurgen DeJager Denali Delmar Shelly DeMott Arman Denli Elena DeOrio Noa DeSimone Barbara and John DeVita Jacqueline Dewey Leigh and Dino Diana Amadou Diarra Sadie Diaz David Dichiacchio Jordan Dickman Yolie and Dennis Diego Pamela and Edward Dixon Miruna Dogaru Josh Dooley Module and Keith Downer Hollie and Paul Downey Adam Drake George Drake Lloyd Dsouza Lora du Moulin Louis Duffield James Duncanson Yves Durif and Paddy Gift Jordan and Nathan Duvall Ruth and Roy Eberle Andrew Edelson Patti and Mark Edelstein Claudia and Greg Egleston Rebecca and Benjamin Egozi Jane and Howard Ehrenkranz Rachael Ehrlich Kathleen Ehrling Dezireh Einalhori Goran Lillan Ekberg Nicole Eldridge Roya Elghanian Evan Elian Khirma Eliazov Dueaa Elzin Lauren Epstein Ereira Mendoza & Co Ashley Erenfrid Nicole Eshaghian Francia Estevez Gabriel Estevez Marisa Etre Michaela Etre B.J. Evans and Ryan Pointer

Matthew Evans Dana Everts-Boehm and Alan Boehm Mary and Timothy Evnin Andrew Fabian John Fagerholm Jennifer Famery-Mariani Josh Farran Nina Farran Esther and Steven Feder Brittany Feinberg Aaron Feldman Anna Fernald Selim Fertani Karen Field Robin Findlay Ora Fine Josh Finkelstein Susan Fischgrund Edward Fisher Justine Fisher Robin Fisher Wendy Fisher and Dennis Goodman Matthew Fishman Anne-Maree and Malcolm Fitzsimons Isaac Flanagan Kathleen Fogarty and Adam Baillie Blake Fol Jenn Fontaine Rachel Forman Wendy and William Foulke Rodolfo Fracassi Aileen Franchi Rochelle and William Frank Samantha and Johnnie Frankel Warren Frederick Isabel and Bernard Freeman Deborah Fribourg Carol Friedman Lauren Friedman Marianne Friedman Merrick Friedman Shannon Gabay Katie Gagnon Bernadette and Nelson Gales Barry Gallagher Patti and Martin Ganek Anwesha Gangulee Carol and Oliver Gardey Francesca Garrard Angela Garratt Michelle Garrett Nicole Garubo Cierra Gaytan

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Margaret Haddad and Graham Webster Armin Haghi Sean Haghi Adam Hahn Althea Haigh Roy Hakimian Alexander Halimi Emory and Trevor Hall Anna Halliday and Philip Beatty Jamie Halper Keith Halverstam Charles Hamilton Laura and Bernard Hamilton Lauren Hampton Thomas Hanlan Jeanne and Skip Hansford Katy Harlan Greg Harless Clifford Harris Kyla Harris Amy Harte Holly Hartley Judy and Elliott Hartstein Sue Harvey

We redefine scale. We defy expectations. We involve the community. We refuse to abide by international double standards that decide which children deserve what opportunity. But most of all, we work very, very hard. 23

Emily and Tom Haslett Loren and Richard Hasson David Hawkins Emily Hawkins Rachel Hays David Heffernan Nicole and Simon Heffner Judy Heim Maryann and Clovis Heimsath Herbert Hellman Alyssa Helsing Micaela Henderson Anton Hendler Matthew Henegar Hayley Henning Hlubi Hewitt-Coleman Jenni Hibbert Cesar Hidalgo Lynn Highland Bernard Hilton Trinh Hoang Jennifer Holland Ellen and Rich Hollander Wesley Hollomon Alyse and Philip Holstein

Erin Holstein Greg Holstein Beth Honig Molly Honig Sharon and Pete Honig Emily Hoppe Kate Horrigan Marcela and Matthew Hosen Susan and Morton Howard Ian Howe HSBC Bank Kevin Hsu Charles Huebner Rebecca Hyde Alice and Bill Iacuessa Amy Ilias Gema Interiano Asha Isaacs Olive Isaacs Steve Isaacs Ricky Isserow Funmi Iyanda Lisa Jacob Kayla Jacobs Gail Jaffe

Vulnerable children do not grow into functional adults in a 12-month grant cycle.


Hillary Jaffe and John Reimnitz Laurence Jahns Lynn and Stuart Janney III Harold Jarmon Annabell Jarquin Kathryn and Albie Jarvis Georgette Jasen Charles Jaskel Garry Jenkins Hoang Anh and Tim Jenkins Martin Jensen Pamela Jewett-Bullock Sean Joffe Frederick Johnson Katherine Johnson Zoe Johnson Patrick Johnston Mary and Robert Johnstone Randall Jonas Kameron Jones Lee-Anne Jones Damian Jordan Lynn Juang and Seamus Mullen Beau Juda Katherine Julius Taryn Jurgensen Just Kadi Iffat Kabeer Melis Kahya Joanna Kalafatis Lucia Kalberer Alexander Kantor Melissa Kantor Brent Kaplan Kenneth Kaplan Gautam Kar Alexandra Karadimas Lauren Katz Chelsea Kauffman Linda and Theodor Kaufman Lori and David Kaufthal Douglas Kay Alex Kaye Lisa Kaye Alexandra Keating Christine and John Keegan Evadney and Robert Keith Brian Kelleher Elisa Keller Helen Kellett Diana Kellogg Colin Kelly Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly Siobhan Kelly Tara Kelly Odette Kemp Nannerl and Robert Keohane Brent Kessel Rashi Khurana Sean Kia Rachel and Kiflu Kidanne Farrah Kim Josh Kiman Melinda Kimble and Jim Phippard Jennifer Kime Dylan Kindler Megan King Michele and Brian King Regina King Jacob Klaus Harriet and Paul Klein Jeffrey Klein Jordan Klein Janet Kleinbaum Renee and Ian Kleinsasser Gary Kliegman Evan Klonsky Clayton Knapp Will Knox Marjorie and Dan Kobrin Andrea Koepke Julie Kohn Kip Kolodziejski Pinky Kondlo Ann Kopple Cora Kopple Meirah Korval Lauren Kotler Sarah and Victor Kovner Francisca Kozijn Rachel Kronick Dimitre Krouchev Radha Kulkarni Divya Kumar Alexandra Kumin David Kurzweil Ali and Greg Kwiat Jessica La Marche Jessica Labaire Lynne Labrador Erika Lackmann Debra Lagapa and Bill Squadron Kirsty La-Garde Matt Landau Anne Landsman

Nicole Lane and Matthew Lief Diana Lang Anna Lanza Lily Lapenna Gertrude Lasden Cindy Lass Stuart Lasser Rachel Lauder Laurus Property Partners Ltd. Lauren Law Kathy Lawler and Mitch Lewis Diana Lazareva Michael Lazear Shannon Leach Libby Leahy Elizabeth Ledvina Sheryl Ledvina Stacy and Daniel Lefton Marilyn and Andrew Lehren Sarah Leighton Brian Lemek Taylor Lenci Sheila Lennon Judith Lerman Suzanne Lerner Scarlett Lesley Laura Lesser Kathy Lette Kenneth Leung Michael Levett Alexandra Levite Susan Leviton and Jeff Lauren Adam Levy Lisa Lewis Marissa Lewis Alex Li Alex Lichtenberg Allan Lichtenstein Matthew Lifson Brian Lincoln Natalie Linden Kay Linker Abby Lipman Alison Lipman Rachel Lipson Juliet Little Emily Litwin Rebecca Litwin Lucy Liu Josephine Liz Bruce Lloyd Trey Locke Joseph Lok

Joan Lonergan Stefano Longo Christopher Loock Jeannie Lorenz Michelle Low Will Lowe Justin Lubliner Rachel Luce-Hitt and Seth Hitt Kevin Ludwig Merle Lundy Alessandro Luongo Milena Lurie Kassiani Lythrangomitis Antoine Maasdorp Lesley Anne Macr N Macrae Karl Mah Udersh Mahesh Farzad Mahjoubi Rebecca Mai Tiffany Mai Seema Makin Brian Malkerson Rachel Mandelbaum Richard Mandell Ravi Mani Katie Mann Lucy Mantella Abigail Marcus Carol and Robert Marcus Steven Marcus John Margenot Evan Markiles Justine Markovitz Sparkle Marple Sierra Marquina Joanne Marren and Alan Goldman Janis Martelli Marie and Richard Martinez Jessica Marx Eric Masella Dawn and David Mason Daniel Massey Oliver Mateen Rita and Sid Mathias Rob Mathis Aaron Mazor Brooke and Rush McCloy Sinthia and James McDonald Anthony McGarrahan Michael McGuire Mark McKee Sarah McKenna

Lindsay McLean Karen McManus Anne and Cody McNeal Ane McPike Eileen Meaney Sareena Mehat Jessica Mehraban Cathryn Mehrtens Pablo Mejia Sharon and Michael Mell Charles Meller Marc Menashe Justin Mendelson Michelle and Daniel Mendoza Carolina and Jo Menell Eugene Mercy Jnr and Tod Mercy Jonathan Merhaut Erica and Jack Merrill Kris Mertens and Cliff Rubin H Metcalfe Kaila Methven Aaron Metrikin Jeremy Metter Jenny Meyer Katie Michals Shyamli and Robert Milam Bridgett Miller Henry Miller James Miller Marissa Miller Scott Miller Steven Miller Therica Miller B. Charles and Toby Milner Reese Milner Toby Milstein Dara Mir Pam Mirels Mina Mishrikey Bansi Mithani Aparajita Mitra Ethel Mittenthal Ngisana Mngomezulu Sanda Mntundini Hazim Mohamed George Monck Ann Marie Mondesir Terry and Gerry Moons Joan Moore Lisa and Colin Moore Guy Moot Juan Morales Charles Moran

Saba Moreh Sonja Morgan Marissa Morin Kelsey Morris and Christopher Murphy Peter Morrison Jamie Moser Donna and Todd Moss Peter Mossig Nick Mould Andrew Moyle Amy Mulderry and Allan Reine Nicholas Muller Ana Maria Munoz Robert Munro Katie Murphy Tanya and Niall Murphy Anne Murray Carmen and Carter Murray Chris Murray Jo Murray and Chris Morley Robert Muse Ronit Muszkatblit and Jonathan Israel Richard Myerson Daniel Nabavian Rose Nadali and Tom Werz Pia Naib Vernon Naidoo Rajan Naik Stephanie Najor Cassandra Nartey Shari Neissani Kelsey Newell Kerri Newell Jordan Newman Gabi and Douglas Newton Gareth Newton Andrew Nguyen Jackie Nicasio Clive Nichol Ferdinand Niederhofer Marina Nikoloska Camille Nimocks Sampreet Niyogi Sayantan Niyogi Rachael North Patrick Norton Shannon and Trevor Norwitz Rebecca Nourafshan numero Kathryn Nurczynski Victoria and Mickey Nurtman Tamarin Oblowitz Charles O’Byrne

As a sector, we need to judge success not by how much money we raise, but by our impact.

Antonia and Kerin O’Connor Ryan O’Connor Andrea and Stuart Odell Madeline Oden Deborah Oestreicher and Victor S Magar Iliane Ogilvie Thompson and Anthony Thompson Betsy O’Herin Joan Ohlson Marni Okun and Adam Perloff Jean-David Oladele Melissa Olivier Sophia and Taevian Ollivierre Stephen O’Malley Thaddeus O’Neil Yetunde Oni Operation Kids Stuart Orenstein Denise and Bill Orlando Elizabeth Osder Danielle and Daniel Osorio Bobbi and Barry Ostrowsky Mary and David Otto Christian Overton

Teddy Overton Jeremy Ozen Lucinda Pace Nick Paine Valerie Paisner Shana Palencia Gaier and Samuel Palmisano Panera, LLC Clara Pang Patrick Paradiso Karyn Parsons Anja Passananti Michael Passaro Atisha Patel Jatin Patel Minal Patel Nilam Patel and David Perpich Alexander Paumgarten Nick Paumgarten Natasha Pavlidou Tia Payeur Francesca Peltz Luke Pelullo David Pendlebury Olivia Penfold 25

For 17 years we have listened, learned, and grown into a grassroots institution based in the community that we serve. The result: one of the most ambitious social projects that the continent of Africa has ever seen.

Sally Pengilly J Penny Carol and David Pensky Michele Penzer Sasha Peredo Angela and James Perry Rachel Peterson Jan Petzel Dickie Petzer Jesse Peyronel Richard Phillips Robyn Phillips Kirsty and Olivier Piccoli Aaron Pierce Soli Pierce Diyashen Pillay Iresh Pillay Marc Pinchuck Carlos Pineda Ida and Steven Plotkin Sam Plotner Douglas Polley E.K. Pomerantz Tom Postema Simon Pottinger 26

Thelma Pottruck PoverUP Alex Powell Alice and Mel Prager Enid Prasad Pratt Family Fund Gregory Press Kate Press and Daniel Friedland Andrew Previc Principa Decisions Pty Ltd Duncan Pringle Chris Prior Caroline Proctor Elaine Proctor and David Bonbright Evgeniya Prokhno Gwen Pryor Abigail Pucker Cap Puckhaber Adam Pugatch Lauren Pugatch Brianna Pugh Linda Purcell Jennifer and David Puritz Melissa Purner

Marica Puskas-Ortiz Bowen Qian Noluvuyolwethu Qokweni Stephen Quandt and Thom Heyer Margaret Quigley Sarah Rabie Jaclyn and Derek Rabin Erica Rabinowitz Stephanie Rabinowitz Oren Rahmanan Susan and Kanti Rai Carla Raij and Stuart Dryburgh Martin Rajcan Taylor Rampe Cynthia Rand Kukielski Jaime Lee and Travis Randall Shazia Rangoonwala Krithi Rao Justine Raoof Grant Rapaport Sarah Rapaport Avery Rape Sonalee Rashatwar Erik Rask Janna Raskopf Nadia Read Keri Reardon Kelsey and Michael Recht Erin Reddy Redland School Sam and Franklin Reece Alistair Reeder Nathaniel Reeve Jennifer Reid Pam and Rich Reid Heather Reiner Linda and Don Reinfeld Julie Reiss Tamar Remz Vincent Renault Marcia and Steven Resnick Karla Resnik Jorge Restrepo Christine and Stephen Rhodes Devon Richardson Sara and Eric Richelson Megan Richer and Andrew Kraczkiewicz Marijke Richman Emily Richter Weston Richter Josh Rider Andrew Riley

Cynthia Rimmer Sean Rimokh Phyllis and Ernest Ring Miranda Robbins and John Townsend Victoria and Stewart Robertson B Robins Natasha and Keith Robinson Graham Rocher Jonathan Rod Randall Rodakowski Steff and Luc Roeg Ron Rojany Vanessa Romero Jason Roomer Margot and B. Boykin Rose Pania Rose Sean Rose Cherie Rosen Beverly and Melvin Rosenthal David Rosove Judith and David Ross Leonard Ross Val and Louis Rossman Dilene Rossouw Martha Roth Amy Rothberger Margaret Rowe Rita Royer Martin Rozenblum Dee Dee and Michael Rubin Susan Ruiterman Jamie Runkle Nick Rusconi Miles Ruthberg Angela Rutherford David Rutter Andrew Ryan Michael Ryan Bastiaan Ryckaert Breanna Sabo Nina Saffier Lou Sagar Cynthia Salazar Lawrence Salem Amy Salinger Salim Sanchez Luke Sanders Elena and Geoff Sands Jenny Sansouci Wendy and Jerome Santoro Christine Sanz Anna Sawicka-Liu Magdalena Sawicka

Susan and John Sawyer Daisy Schaffer Janie Schaffer Susan Scharf Glick and Harvey Glick Michal Scheftowitz Rebecca Scheidegger Libby Schey Amie Schindel Josephine Schmidt Susan and Martin Schmitt Judith Schneider Deon Schoeman Bruce Schoenfeld Sophie Scholes Tom Schonberg Jeannie Schreiner Natalie Schrier Ian Schuman Leigh and Jay Schwartzreich Liana Schwarz Lauren Scianni Risa Scobie Christopher Scott Katherine Scott Sandra Scott and Jonathan Putsman Gabby Seal Daniel Seale Dustin Seale Renee Searle James Sedlak Daniel Seeff Madeline Segura Jasmine Seiler-Regnier Michael Seltzer Jenny and David Selvers Jaideep Sen Rita Sen Dylan Serota Nicole and Sameer Sethna Rachel Sever Dean Sewitz Carolyn Sha Ruven Shafir Tejal Shah and Joshua Newcomer Clancy Shak Ilan Shalit Diana Shanks Rebecca and Peter Shapiro Pamela and Ronald Sheff Nicolette Sheil Ryan Shelven Maya Shemesh Pauline Shender

Christopher Sheridan Elisabeth Sherman Anne Sherwood and Otto Pohl Elisabeth Sherwood and John Sherwood III Kyle Shevrin Alana Shlenker Nicole Shoohed Diba Shooshani Allegra Shorto James Shrum Megan Shulman Grant Shumway Jamie Shuster Marsha and John Shyer Daniel Silverman Damian Simor Kari Simpson Mike Simpson Un Sin Alex Singal JL Singer Sisa Harrison Sitomer Bill Skocpol Jennifer Skor Sara Slatter Lauren Slough Catherine and Jonathan Smith Geoffrey Smith Judith Smith and Lawrence Blum Rob Smith Roger Smith Joseph Snider Bertha Soble Lesia Sochor Heather and Scott Solish Jared Solomon Qondakele Sompondo Shveta and Sameer Sontakey Robbie Sorrel Gillian Spangler Jeffrey Spector Joyce and James Spencer Marco Sperling David Spies Shane Spinell Jeri and Theodore Spurling Jr. Kiki Spyropoulos Lisa and Seth Squadron Alice St. George Lance Stamps Don Stanley

Greg Steele Jocelyn and Elliot Steelman Daniel Steinberg Gillian Steinberg Helen Steinberg Joanna Steinberg Leonard Steinberg David Steinthal Elysia Stellakis Myra Stephens Bradley Stern Geoffrey Stern Lauri and Charles Stern Michelle and Errol Stern Rochelle and Stephen Stern Solveig and John Stetson Savannah Stevenson Amanda Stibel Margaret Stockman Caroline Stocks Maureen and David Stolman Alexis Stone Heather Stone and Eugene Drozdetski Yasmin Stone Zach Stone Ruby and Stanley Strauss Robert Stricker Anne Strickland Squadron Libby Strobel Jennifer Strohl Patty Strohm Sheryl Stroud Bryant and David Bryant Jessica Stuart Jodi Stuart Nicholas Stukas Margo Suder Nicolas Sulicki Justin Sunshine Alexa and Marc Suskin Sophie Susman Spencer Sutton Elena Szymanski Charline and Bernard Tabatznik Wendy Tabuteau Manu Talwar Rishi Talwar Sanjay Talwar Dorothy and Andrew Tananbaum JoBeth Tananbaum Allison Tang Linda Tarry Chard

Eric Taub Cindy and David Teicher Yudit and Nardy Terry Adam Tetenbaum Roxana Tetenbaum Cindy and Dave Thomas Melissa Thomas Yvonne and Jamie Thomas Camille Thompson Elizabeth Thompson Joanne and Paul Thormann Colleen and Mark Thundercliffe Vicky Timbers Karen Tinebra Scott Tinkham Eime Tobari Gemma Todd Ricky Tollman Ann Tolson Eric Tommarello Chloe Toosinejad Ryan Torres TowerBrook Foundation Michael Trainer Laura Trevelyan and James Goldston Sandra Tripp Dafre Troskie K Tucker Zoe Tucker and Adam Stower Stephanie Tumba Jamie Turow Kyle Udo Alexandra Unterhalter Kelly Ushpol Ariel Vadee Katherine Vaillancourt Alex Valner Marisa Van Brunt Emma Van Coppenolle Lucia Van Der Post and Neil Crichton-Miller Alexa Van Gilder David Van Mierlo Karen van Zijl Demitra Vassiliadis Quentin Vatelot Cindy Veazey Reina Velazquez Diana Verde Nieto Alastair Vere Nicoll Dorothy Victor and Carol Victor Rothman Sheryl Victor and Scott Levy

Scott Vineberg David Virtue Gary Vizioli Stephanie Vogt and Daniel Gorzawski Oleg Volkov Volkswagen Community Trust Rose Von Wildemann Leopold Walde Mark Waldman Carson Walker Kaitlin Wallace Therese Wallin and Leopold Cronstedt Colt Rebby Wallis Kathleen Walsh Craig Walters Janet Walton Elaine Wang Eugene Ward Blake Wardman Lauren Warsavsky Shawn Warswick Tessa and Alan Wassyng Aaron Watts Joe Wehr Kathie Weibel and Randall Trathen David Weinberg Matt Weinstein Allyson Weiss Bobby Weiss Sara Weiss Caitlin Welch Anne Westcott Lynne Wheat Merry White Briana Whitmyer Amy Wicks Tom Wiggin Sarah and Oli Wilkinson Jonathan Williams Meghan Williams Jamie Wine Winton Capital Management Limited David Wishart Amrith Withana Sarah Wobbecke Meggie Wolcott Kelly Wolfe Neila Wolff April and David Wolitzky Daniel Woolman Henrietta Worthington

Emily Wright and Luke Abell Eric Wunsch Pascal Wyser Alfred Xue Daniel Yaghoubi Bahar Yaghoubian Daniel Yair David Yamini Franklin Yeager Brian Yee Tommy Yin YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford Phumela Yona Leila Yusuf Darwin Zabala Daniela Zakarya Jessica Zamir Jonathan Zamir Zoe Zarkades Kristopher Zawadka Greg Zebrack Susan Zellweger Xiaoyu Zheng Adriane and Steve Zindell Jana Zindell and Jordan Levy Marissa Zindell and Jeremy Kolosovsky Joelle Zingerman Victoria Zodo Liza and Michael Zybutz


IN-KIND DONORS Ubuntu is grateful to those who donated their time or resources to support our vital work in Port Elizabeth. These contribution have allowed us to fundraise effectively, provide quality materials, and focus our attention on addressing the needs of our community. ABC Home Sumaiyah Abrahams Access Management Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium The American School in London Anna Mudeka Aris Vrakas Aqua Nueva Asheru Baboo Barloworld Brad Barritt BeeSpace Belgravia Books Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc. Bertha Foundation Bidvest Steiner Matthew Bishop Black Rat Projects Bluebird PR Boschendal Estate, Franschhoek, South Africa Bakkies Botha Sam Bowers Brassroots Michelle Brown Cape Classics Carnegie Hall Chelsea Catering NYC Chelsea Wine Vault Chris Chew Jackson Chong Classic Travel CMIT Solutions Coega Development Corporation (Pty) Limited Cohber Press, Inc. Colin Cowie Celebrations The Commonwealth Club the connor brothers Courtyard Hotel Port Elizabeth The Cuckoo Club 28

De Grendel Wines DeFrancis Carbone Ntombi’khona Dlamini-Mgwandi Sbongiseni Duma Eastern Stage Productions New York Inc. Edcon Limited Essentially Group Event Hire Network Mark Girgis Adam Glasser James Golding Goodyear South Africa (Pty) Ltd Google Grants Amy and Michael Gordon Gotham Hall Geshen Govender Great Neck Games & Productions Anna Halliday and Philip Beatty Hally’s Nomfundo Hlela Hotel Gansevoort NYC Hotpoint App House Brewing, Inc. iinkumbuzo photography InterSys Ltd Islesford Dock Restaurant iZettle Jamestown Jamestown Premier Chelsea Market LP Kingsland The Knickerbocker Nthabiseng Komane Landhaus Latham & Watkins LLP Legatum Institute Leopard Print Ltd Lights of Soho Frank Lipman The Ludlow NYC Lumi Dan Lurie Michael Lynton Madiba Restaurant Mainland Poke The Marstan Press Limited Hugh Masekela Victor Matfield McDonald’s Port Elizabeth McNally Jackson Books MCULO Ian Von Memetry The Miroddi Group

Monocentric Music LLC Motsepe Foundation Dominic Mphasa Sandra and Philip Myburgh Nando’s South Africa New America Foundation Nissan Eastern Cape Notice Pictures Pick N Pay Eastern Cape Region Francois Pienaar Republic of South Africa, Department of Health Chris Robshaw Rodale Inc. Charlie Ross Roundhouse SA Wines Online, Ltd. Samara Private Game Reserve Katherine Scott Search Online Consulting Simply Soweto Encha Slack Technologies Inc. Matthew Small South African Airways Spec-Savers South Africa Stormfield Productions LTD Stray Cat Communications Sunshine Sachs TAO Downtown the-recipe Kholisa and Ciko Thomas Tim Hans Photography Bill and Perry Trimble Tammy and Philip Vassiliou Cecilia Vava Velvet Victoria’s Secret Vitol Foundation Luc Waring Warner Bros. Impact Giving Program Lars Weidemann Sally and Mark Weinstein Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Westhouse Hotel Wonderland Events [words] Bookstore Michaele Wylde and Michael Thomas Pamela Zondeka


“Ubuntu Education Fund is an amazing organization that actually ensures its people are taken care of.” —William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States



Archbishop Desmond Tutu Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Paulo Eapen (Compensation & People Development Committee) GSO Capital Partners Winston Ginsberg (Finance & Audit Committee) TowerBrook Capital Partners Stephanie Pottruck Goldman (Chair, Development Committee) Goldman Events Amy Gordon (Development Committee) Fundraiser Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula (Founder & Senior Advisor) Ubuntu Education Fund Kim Howard (Finance & Audit Committee) University of the Witwatersrand David Lamond Lamond Capital Partners, LLC Jacob Lief (Founder & CEO) Ubuntu Education Fund Dr. Frank Lipman Eleven Eleven Wellness Center Rush McCloy (Treasurer, Finance & Audit Committee) Eyewitness Surveillance

Sandra Myburgh Barclays PLC Ziyanda Ntshona (Secretary, Legal & Governance Committee) Webber Wentzel


Dr. Mary Frances Berry University of Pennsylvania Ashley Bryan Artist, Writer, Activist

Nomkhita Nqweni Barclays PLC

Mzimkhlulu Dilima Private Doctor

Daniel Osorio Andean Capital Management

Tom Jaffe Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate

Andrew Rolfe (Chairman) TowerBrook Capital Partners

Dr. Kas Kasongo Pathcare Laboratories

Stephen Schaffer Private Investor Katherine Scott Entrepreneur Philanthropist Deborah Shainfeld Property Development and Entrepreneur Scott Shleifer Tiger Global Management Ciko Thomas Nedbank Group Philip Vassiliou Legatum Limited Bill Voge (Legal & Governance Committee; Compensation & People Development Committee) Latham & Watkins, LLP

Cynthia & Daniel Lief Islesford Dock Restaurant


Malizole Banks Gwaxula Founder & Senior Advisor Jordan Levy Chief External Relations Officer Jacob Lief Founder & CEO Tarryn Mthimkhulu Chief Financial Officer Jana Zindell Chief Programs Officer Gcobani Zonke Deputy President

Stuart Litwin Outside Ace, LLC Dr. Monica Menell-Kinberg Social Activist Tovah Klein, Ph.D. Barnard Center for Toddler Development Merafe Moloto One Thousand & One Voices Weza Moss Anathi Property Developments Dr. Lungisa Nojoko Private Doctor Mandlakazi Skefile Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism Board

Design: DeFrancis Carbone Photography: Principal photography by Tims Hans Inside front by Aris Vrakas Printing: Kirkwood Printing

Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that provides world-class health and educational support to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Ubuntu’s mission is simple, all-encompassing, yet radical: to help raise township children by providing what all children deserve—everything.



Ubuntu Education Fund 5 QeQe Street Zwide Township Port Elizabeth, 6201 +27 (0)41 409 2700

Ubuntu Education Fund 7 Cavendish Square London, W1G 0PE +44 (0)207 612 7610 UNITED STATES Follow us: @ubuntufund

Ubuntu Education Fund 32 Broadway, Suite 414 New York, NY 10004 +1 646 827 1190

2015 Annual Report  
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