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Ubuntu Education Fund is a nonprofit organization that provides world-class health, household stability, and educational support to orphaned and vulnerable children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Our mission is simple, all-encompassing, yet radical: to help raise township children by providing them what all children deserve­—everything. SOUTH AFRICA



5 QeQe Street Zwide Township Port Elizabeth, 6201 +27 (0)41 409 2700

7 Cavendish Square London, W1G 0P E +44 (0)207 612 7610

32 Broadway, Suite 414 New York, NY 10004 +1 646 827 1190

Follow us: @ubuntufund

Everything. Everyday. UBUNTU EDUCATION FUND 2016 Annual Report

Dear Friends, Over the past eighteen years, Ubuntu has grown from an idea born in a broom closet to the global standard for community development. Today, the Ubuntu Model is internationally recognized as a powerful blueprint for sustainable change. From day one, we have dedicated ourselves to building an interconnected web of essential services that provide our children every thing they need­—every day. Vision 2020, launched in 2016, is an ambitious expansion plan that will expand our campus, deepen our impact, and amplify our model. In 2016, we secured the capital to begin campus construction and expand our programming. We have partnered with African School for Excellence to create a high-performing primary school for our Early Childhood Development program graduates. This move will allow us to complete our cradle-to-career pathway out of poverty and guide hundreds of disadvantaged students toward university and financial stability. The Ubuntu Centre is evolving into the Ubuntu Campus, a place where we can provide each child personalized and continuous support at every step of her life. Most importantly, our plan will ensure that Ubuntu, now an integral part of the fabric of Zwide Township, stands the test of time and continues to transform lives for generations. Thank you for helping us realize our vision.

Jacob Lief Founder & CEO

Malizole Banks Gwaxula Founder & Senior Advisor

The Ubuntu Centre embodies our belief that access to world-class healthcare and education is a right, not a privilege. At our state-of-the-art facility, South Africa’s most vulnerable children receive every thing they need to realize their potential—every day. 1

The Townships of Port Elizabeth are home to the most impoverished communities in South Africa. With high rates of HIV, unemployment, and the absence of opportunities, families face deep-rooted barriers to healthy and stable lives.

The Ubuntu Model is a grassroots innovation that revolutionizes conventional development models and yields global dividends.

Building a sustainable institution Invest in people and a Centre that inspires the highest standard

Highest infant mortality rate in South Africa

78% of children live in poverty

Impact through depth Produce lasting change through significant and focused investment


Based in the community Listen to the townships’ needs and utilize resources through strategic partnerships

Cradle to career programs

1 in 3 people is HIV-positive

80% of youth

are unemployed

Create individualized pathways to meet each client’s household, health, and educational needs

40% of students do not graduate from high school 2


“Ubuntu gave me hope at a time when I felt lost. The dedicated team ensured I had all the support I needed to care for my baby.”

Every ultrasound Every doctor’s visit Every immunization Every parenting class

Everything. Everyday. 4


It’s natural for a mother to want to give her baby everything, but when she doesn’t have the means, that duty is daunting. Will my child be healthy? How will I feed him, keep him safe, or send him to school? Fortunately, Nomthandazo wasn’t alone. At Ubuntu, she found a support group of mothers who, like her, refused to let their circumstances define the lives of their children. With caseworkers and a medical team caring for her every step of the pregnancy, Nomthandazo gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Likhonco. In a few years, he will follow in the footsteps of his older brother and join Ubuntu’s Early Childhood Development program. From checkups to quality education, he will have everything he needs, so that Nomthandazo can focus on raising two bright young men.

100% of HIV-positive expectant mothers gave birth to healthy, HIV-negative babies

393 clients received


100% of toddlers

health services provided 6

life-saving HIV treatment and care

were on track to begin primary school 7

“I never saw myself as a leader, but when Ubuntu gave me the courage to tell my story, I discovered I had the power to inspire.�

Every scholarship Every after-school class Every counseling session Every homework assignment

Everything. Everyday. 8


Tisetso came to Ubuntu shy and and reluctant to share his struggles. The new friends and mentors he met at Ubuntu’s after-school program helped him finally feel like he belonged and find his voice. He discovered a passion for public speaking and was elected leader of his student body. Inspired by the strength of those around him, he gained the confidence to face his challenges. He began to understand his mother’s struggle with HIV, and their relationship blossomed. His five-year-old niece found a safe space to learn and play at the Centre, easing the burden on his sister. Knowing that his family has every opportunity to build a stable life, Tisetso can prepare for university and becoming a strong leader in his community.

Each scholar received 490 hours of after-school support across 18 extracurricular courses

2,303 psychosocial services delivered

90% of Ubuntu scholars qualified to attend university 10


“Ubuntu gave me what I needed to succeed. Now as a teacher, I’m handing everything I learned down to the next generation.”

Every interview Every mentorship Every job application Every training program

Everything. Everyday. 12


Like most young people, Noluvuyo was told that hard work leads to success. For those growing up in the shadow of failing township schools, however, ambition is rarely enough. When every door seemed closed, Ubuntu promised opportunity. Years of academic support and a full scholarship empowered Noluvuyo to pioneer her own path. After graduating from university, her longing to see change in the community brought her home to Ubuntu—this time as a teacher. Ubuntu’s staff leadership initiative offered her professional growth and personalized mentorship. Today, she provides for her family like the hundreds of alumni who have discovered rewarding careers through Ubuntu’s job-readiness or university scholars program. As one of our most promising educators, Noluvuyo spends every day providing toddlers with a strong foundation and shaping the future of South Africa’s next generation.

126 vocational training program graduates were placed into employment or university

35 local corporate partners employ Ubuntu graduates

95% of Ubuntu’s staff comes from the communities we serve



VISION 2020 is Ubuntu’s bold five-year plan to expand our campus in Port Elizabeth and amplify our transformative model around the world.

Increase Expand Partner

Ubuntu‘s Early Childhood Development program

the capacity and efficiency of Ubuntu's pediatric clinic


a world-class vocational training centre

with a high-achieving primary school

Establish an institutional stability fund to

ensure long-term impact and drive innovation

Progress Update In 2016, we launched the expansion of our early childhood development and vocational training programs and secured the funding to break ground on our campus expansion, which will: • Double classroom hours and increase the number of toddlers in school by 40% • Place 750 students into meaningful employment 16

Create the Ubuntu Institute to help others

achieve sustainable change in their communities

Next Steps In 2017, we will partner with African School for Excellence to create a high-achieving primary school, providing: • Daily instruction in an academically challenging environment for 240 Ubuntu children • A continuum of world-class educational support resulting in a 100% high school graduate rate 17

Financials Ubuntu Education Fund, Inc. and Affiliates Year Ending June 30, 2016






2016 Temporarily Restricted



Contributions Grants Special event revenue (net direct expenses of $723,891 in 2016 and $719,598 in 2015) Donated services Other income (loss) Net assets released from restrictions Total public support and revenue


$ 2,128,067 848,861

$ 191,719 -

$ 2,319,786 848,861

Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of grants and contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other current assets Total current assets

$ 1,732,981

$ 1,120,626

341,016 113,005 2,187,002

469,832 197,073 1,787,531







$ 8,296,950

$ 8,021,483


$ 267,235 3,816 271,051

Long-term portion of grants and contributions receivable, net 921,792 267,238 (39,251) 548,795 4,675,502

- - - (548,795) (357,076)

921,792 267,238 (39,251) 4,318,426

Property and equipment, net





- - -

975,257 826,393 1,801,650

Security deposits


Program services Supporting services: Management and general services Fundraising Total supporting services

Total expenses


Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

975,257 826,393 1,801,650 3,985,158 690,344 6,705,053 $ 7,395,397


( 357,076) 1,043,981 $ 686,905

3,985,158 333,268 7,749,034 $ 8,082,302

Accounts payable and accrued expenses Capital lease obligation– current portion Total current liabilities Capital lease obligation Commitments

- 1,398 - -


Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets


212,690 1,958 214,648

7,395,397 686,905 8,082,302 $ 8,296,950

6,705,053 1,043,981 7,749,034 $ 8,021,483



At June 30, property and equipment consists of: Land and buildings Equipment Furniture and fixtures Motor vehicles Less: Accumulated depreciation


$ 5,839,408 989,172 236,081 21,577 7,086,238 1,187,028 $ 5,899,210

$ 5,859,078 1,005,297 229,244 46,430 7,140,049 1,211,860 $ 5,928,189



Global Events

Changing the Conversation

Ubuntu’s Award-Winning Galas Our annual galas celebrated the spirit of ubuntu in three continents. The legendary Hugh Masekela led the party at our inaugural Johannesburg Gala chaired by Nomkhita Nqweni and Ciko & Kholisa Thomas. Hundreds gathered in South Africa, London, and New York City to support Ubuntu’s lifechanging work, and raised over $2 million.

Ubuntu Podcasts Following the success of Jacob Lief’s podcast, Philanthropy Unfiltered, produced in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy, Ubuntu launched a new series, Failures from the Field. Hosted by Chief External Relations Officer Jordan Levy, this series dives deep into some of the most pervasive problems facing international development with prominent thought leaders like Chelsea Clinton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Pierre Ferrari.

Ubuntu Social Community From New York City to London to Los Angeles, the Ubuntu Social Community took the lead in partying with a purpose. Our dedicated host committees helped us raise over $120,000. Special thanks to our chairs and leaders: Sean Abramson, Alexander Bank, Josefin Elfner & Paulo Eapen, David Fisher, Adam Mirels, Erica Rabinowitz, Deborah & Brandon Shainfeld, and Therese Wallin & Leopold Cronstedt Colt.

Ubuntu Clubs Student-led Ubuntu Clubs at Abercorn School, The American School in London, Bucknell University, and Columbia High School organized numerous fundraisers, events, and social media campaigns in support of our mission. A group of sixteen students from The American School in London visited the Ubuntu Centre in Port Elizabeth on a week-long global services trip.


Ubuntu Founder & CEO Jacob Lief appeared in Fortune’s 2016 40 Under 40 annual ranking of the most influential young people in business.

Ubuntu launched Vision 2020 in front of more than 2,000 world leaders at the Clinton Global Initiative 2016 Annual Meeting in New York City.


Annual Campaign Donors Gifts of $100,000 or more Absa Bank Limited Fabiola Arredondo-Rolfe and Andrew Rolfe Bertha Foundation The Boeing Company The Drago Family John Khoury Kirsh Charitable Foundation Kelsey and David Lamond Ludwig Family Charitable Fund Trevor Noah– Ark Angel Entertainment Rappaport Family Trust Caron and Colin Sapire Elena and Scott Shleifer Umsizi Fund John Vaske Vitol Foundation Gifts of $50,000 or more Anglo American Chairman’s Fund Callcredit Information Group Discovery Fund Josefin Elfner and Paulo Eapen Experian Information Solutions, Inc. Independent Franchise Partners, LLP Cynthia and Daniel Lief Mai Family Foundation The Milde McWilliams Trust Pfizer Inc. Terre des Hommes International Federation Tracy and Jacques Tredoux Sue and David Viniar Gifts of $25,000 or more Anonymous (2) The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Gigi and Jim Garnett Stephanie and Aaron Goldman Danielle and Brian Gootzeit The Greg Secker Foundation The Hadley Trust Helen & William Mazer Foundation Lisa and David Issroff JustEnough Software Kenneth Goldman Donor Fund Latham & Watkins LLP The Leland Family The Make A Difference Trust Momentum Fund Joanna and Sandile Msimango Patricia and Peter Murphy The Orphan Opportunity Fund Kirsten and Dwight Poler Kerri Ratcliffe and Douglas Henderson The Rumi Foundation Frederick Towfigh Kristin and Kenan Turnacioglu Vital Projects Fund, Inc. Jami and Bill Voge Jennifer and Michael Whitman


Gifts of $10,000 or more Anonymous (2) Sydney Anning Avignon Capital Limited Antony Charles Ball Bear Enterprises Ariela and Derrick Beare Bristol-Myers Squibb Lori and Gary Cohen Paulette Cole The Davis Foundation Laura Doyle Hammam and Zayd Hammam Enel Green Power South Africa Anne and David Fass Claire and Jeff Fluhr Marilyn and John Hans Heidrick & Struggles Ignite Africa Jill and Ken Iscol Amanda and Blair Jacobson Dina Lichtman-Smith and Laurence M. Smith Janice and Frank Lipman Dorothy Litwin-Brief and Donald Brief Macquarie Group Foundation Mimi and Peter Haas Fund Nedbank Foundation Laura and Richard Novak Averill Ogden and Winston Ginsberg Jackie and Flavio Porciani Project People Foundation Reuben Foundation Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation Marissa Sackler Santa Maria Foundation Stephen Schaffer Lynne and Herman Schey Katherine Scott and Claus Nouveau-Nikolajsen Deborah and Brandon Shainfeld Kathleen and Scott Simpson Richard A. Smith Richard Smullen Joanna and Cesar Vargas Vodacom Foundation Volkswagen Community Trust The West Foundation The Wunsch Family Gifts of $5,000 or more Elaine and Hirschel Abelson Barb and Peter Anderson Tammy Baltz and Ian Smith Bonnie and R Derek Bandeen Diane and Gerald Bichunsky Lois Blum Feinblatt Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Karen and David Brush Calulo Foundation Angie Chapman Sung Hee Choe and Adam Ring

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jefferson Coolidge Dr. Ann Coxon The De Beers Group Countess Elisabeth de Kergorlay Eastern Effects, Inc. Lungelwa and Mkhuseli Faku Brad Farber Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger David Fisher General Atlantic Foundation Anne and Jim Green Beth Ann and David Greenwald Christine Han-Rutledge and Mark Rutledge Poppy Harlow Babcic and Sinisa Babcic Kristen and Rob Harper Islesford Dock Restaurant Joia and Joshua Kazam Kathy and Brian Kronick Elizabeth and Phil Kruse Liberty Holdings Ruth Lief Laura and Stuart Litwin Lochhead, White & Womersley (Pty) Ltd Nicky and Charles Manby Dr. Monica Menell-Kinberg Adam Mirels Robert Mirels Rashmi and James Newman Anne Nielsen Peter David Brendsel Fund for Children’s Literacy Buffy Redsecker and Alan Chung Priscilla and Stockton Smith Thea Sprecher Roland Stanbridge Kholisa and Ciko Thomas Tigers Limited Maggie and Ashok Varadhan Tammy and Philip Vassiliou Angela and Brian Walsh Warby Parker Marcia S. Wilson Gifts of $1,000 or more Anonymous (7) 20th Century Fox Television Abercorn School Karim Abouelnaga Melissa Alwang Amelia Carter Ltd Ryan Arenson Nina and Eliav Assouline Chris Augoustatos Willem and Anouk Baars Bain & Company Inc. Dana Banga Bank of America Julia and Nadim Barakat Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program Mark Bartels Allison and Daniel Baskes

Baskes Family Foundation Belltown Power Limited Scott Berg Nadya Bhettay The Bicycle Music Company Charles Blackburn Kristine and Chad Boeding Sandy and Dick Boyce Sapna and Brandon Boze Tyler Brooke Brenton Brown Ashley Bryan Harriet and Tom Burnett Marion Buten Sarah and Mike Carruthers Michael Chernick Columbia High School Ubuntu Club Continental Tyre SA (Pty) Ltd Edmond Darmawan Ashley Dartnell and Bruce Steinberg Frances Davis Wendreda and Marcus De Luca Dimension Data Nancy and Charles Dodson Wendy Doniger Christine Downton Katya Dunitz and David Becker Hui Chen and Gareth Eagles Patti and Mark Edelstein Education Services European Healthcare Group PLC Rebecca Falik and Matt Pasternack Shahriar and Ladan Farrokhzadeh Barb and Bruce Fernald FICO The Florence V. Burden Foundation at the recommendation of Foundation Directors Ordway and Jean Burden Lauren and James Ford Emma Friedman and Kevin Gold Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. Joan and Robert Gerring Reshma and Sandeep Ghela The Global Fund for Children Peggy Goldwyn Amy Gordon Erik Gordon Lee Ann and Mark Gossett Half Moon Foundation Keith Halverstam Laura and Bernard Hamilton Mark Hanekom Mark Hanington Christie Hans Joan and Larry Hatheway Paul Haupt Highland-Mills Foundation Kim and Steve Howard Andrew Immerman Investec Bank Limited Donna and Henry Isaacs Orton P. Jackson Jr Mandy and Tom Jaffe Joe Public Pty Ltd Lena and David Johnson Sarah and James Johnson

Joseph & Felicia Weber Family Foundation Katherine and James Kane Pam and Dan Kaplan Petros Kapsalis Katleho Moahi Trust Lauren Katz Alan Kerr Alan Kessler Virginia and Russell Keys Valeria and Kristian Kling David Kuzmanich Peter Labonski Linda and David Lakhdhir Alison and F. Dominique LeMaire Judy and Kenneth Levy Samuel Lewis Lindsay and Jacob Lief Marci Lief and Clay Oliver Kevin Ludwig Michael Ludwig Wendy Luhabe Rachel and Andrew Lustgarten Yolisa and Sakumzi Macozoma Carlo Maddalena Laura and Scott Malkin Manati Alternate Student Funding Fabio Mariani Eric Masella Marco Masotti Pamela and Kelly Mayer Susan Mayer and Steve Cowan Brooke and Rush McCloy Julia Merck and Hans Utsch Marissa and Ryan Miller Steven Miller Richard Mirliss MMI Holdings Limited Jamie Moser Tebalo Motaung Olga and Eric Mounier Kelsey Morris and Christopher Murphy Sandra and Philip Myburgh Nothando Ndebele Angela and Mark Newton Prudence Sindane-Nkombisa and Litha Nkombisa Wendy Noble Eliot Nolen and Timothy Bradley Rachael North and Mark Gillam Nomkhita Nqweni Ntando Tours & Transport Ziyanda Ntshona Dren Nupen Antonia and Kerin O’Connor Temisan Ofong Nancy and Thomas O’Neil Danielle and Daniel Osorio Florenz Ourisman Valentina Pan and Massimo Della Ragione Michael Passaro Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison Charitable Gift Fund The PE Opera House

Pete and Toshi Seeger Estate Kealy and David Prager Laura Prato and Howard Holtz Barbara Pringle Jane and Kevin Quinn Kwanele Radebe David Reuben Jnr Riverside Pediatrics Audrey Roco Margot and B. Boykin Rose The Roses Charity Trust Mark Schienberg Nicola and Tony Schlesinger Russ Schreiber Frank Seidman Jenny and David Selvers Rizwana Shaikh and Nadeem Syed Jane and Paul Shang Ndileka and Khumo Shuenyane Jennifer and Lawrence Skor Alexis and Jared Smith Kim and Bret Smith Sphere Holdings (Pty) Ltd Elizabeth and Daniel Squadron Molly and Thomas Stewart Jason Straker Ann and Dick Sullivan Eleanor and John Sullivan TD Bank, N .A. Telkom SA SOC Limited Barbara and Bill Trimble Perry and Bill Trimble Mara and Conrad van Loggerenberg Stephanie Vogt and Daniel Gorzawski Sarah and Jayson Vowles Jennifer Walsh and Matthew Petrillo Webber Wentzel Erika Weinberg Stephen Weiner Sally and Mark Weinstein Sally and Daniel Wigutow Anna Wiklund Monika Winter and Jurij Puth Rachel Wolitzky and Christopher Sbaratta Alfred Xue Sujatha and Kashif Zafar Michael Zerda Zodiak Advertising Zwavhudi Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd For a full list of our donors, please visit


Small Contributions, Big Impact Ubuntu’s grassroots funding grew significantly this past year, around the world. Thanks to everyone who attended an event, held a bake sale, or responded to an email appeal. These funds will help us bring transformative opportunities to our community, from cradle to career.

1,230 Grassroots

donors (gifts under $1,000)

All of our donations have a proven long-term impact on the future of Port Elizabeth and the children we serve. Every $1 invested in Ubuntu scholars yields a real lifetime earning increase of $8.70.

reproductive health services

dental and eye exams

after-school programs

scholarship programs


$230,679 Total raised


one-time donation

prenatal care


investment in Ubuntu Child Monthly donors gave an average of $29 per month 24

Donations from 20 countries

early childhood development

HIV treatment

household support

Return per Dollar

job readiness/skills


career guidance


increased client lifetime earnings and $2.20 net gain to society

*This figure comes from an independent study conducted by McKinsey & Company and relies on independent data from a number of reputable sources like the World Health Organization, USAID, government institutions like the Department of Education, and the firm’s own independent analysis.


In-Kind Donors Ubuntu is grateful to those who donated their time or resources to support our vital work in Port Elizabeth. These contributions have allowed us to fundraise effectively, provide quality materials, and focus our attention on addressing the needs of our community. 42 Acres Sumaiyah Abrahams Absa Bank Limited Access Management Alexandra D. Foster Alexandra DeClaris Alice the Camera The American School in London Amobia Associated Press Auberge du Jeu de Paume– Relais & Chateaux Avenue32 Barloworld Bay West Mall Beanocchio's Kamran Bedi Belgravia Books Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc. Bertha Foundation BetterCloud, Inc. Matthew Bishop BLC Attorneys Bluebird PR Boschendal Estate, Franschhoek, South Africa Rachel Boston Sam Bowers Braaitime John Brevard Michelle Brown Brunswick Callcredit Information Group Canababes Food Co Ltd Cape Classics CharityStars Chris Chew Chitwa Chitwa Private Game Reserve Jackson Chong Lisa and Peter Cirenza Cisco Systems, Inc. City Winery Classic Travel CMIT Solutions Coca-Cola South Africa Colin Cowie Lifestyle The Commonwealth Club The Connor Brothers Core Conditioning Courtyard Hotel Port Elizabeth


The Cuckoo Club Debbie Dale DeFrancis Carbone Ian Dickson Dimension Data Distell Foundation Tomasz Donocik Laura Doyle Hammam and Zayd Hammam Sbongiseni Duma East Club Limited Eastcape Training Centre Eastern Stage Productions New York Inc. Edcon Limited Josefin Elfner and Paulo Eapen EPi Printing & Finishing, Inc. Event Hire Network Faithettes First National Bank Flying Connected, Inc. Lauren and James Ford Danielle Foster Michael Franti Fridge Foods Group Mark Girgis Elissa Goffman and Bradley Stern James Golding Goodyear South Africa (Pty) Ltd Google Grants Amy Gordon Gotham Hall Geshen Govender GrandArmy Great Neck Games & Productions Great Performances Harry Jameson Harwood Promotions Event Management The Herald Mia Hildebrand Nomfundo Hlela David Hogan Sharon and Pete Honig Hootsuite Hopewell Conservation Estate Hotpoint App House Brewing, Inc. I Can Create Ltd iinkumbuzo photography Impodimo Game Lodge In Motion Mobile Massage InterSys Ltd Islesford Dock Restaurant iZettle JAB Promotions Kayla Jacobs Jetfly Jools Joseph Meredith Photography Dr. Jeff Kaplan

Kobox Limited Nthabiseng Komane Kumeth Kwandwe Private Game Reserve Lars Larsson Latham & Watkins LLP Legatum Institute Lights of Soho Lumi Dan Lurie M Agency Ltd Bongeziwe Mabandla Madiba Restaurant Mainland Poke Nelson Makamo Makro Vula Malinga Maman Mandela Bay Development Agency Mann Made Media The Marstan Press Limited Hugh Masekela MCULO Jackson Menius Duncan Moir Motsepe Foundation Dominic Mphasa MTN Nando’s South Africa Nelson Blue Jonathon Nicol Nissan Eastern Cape Noddle Notice Pictures NP+Co PH-D Rooftop Pick A Bagel Iresh Pillay Portman PM Limited Kealy and David Prager Prince de Galles Hotel Pritch London Punk Media Pure Evil Sonna Rele Republic of South Africa, Department of Health Rosie Watson Jewellery Charlie Ross Roundhouse SA Wines Online Limited Samara Private Game Reserve Sandileart and The Zulu Tradition Group Sanlam Saxon Hotel Villas and Spas Daniel Schwarz Shoprite Struandale-Kenako Slack Technologies Inc. Smart Pony South African Airways The South African Shop Southern Sun The Cullinan

Spec-Savers South Africa Starbucks Stella Artois Stormfield Productions LTD Sun International Boardwalk Taylor Morris Eyewear Tha_ Muzik the-recipe Kholisa and Ciko Thomas Tigers Limited Tim Hans Photography Perry and Bill Trimble Varsity College Tammy and Philip Vassiliou Cecilia Vava Velvet Victoria’s Secret Vitol Foundation Vovo Telo VW Market Square Luc Waring Webber Wentzel Wedding Smashers

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig White Light Ltd Yoobi Sushi Yunus & Eliza zkipster Pamela Zondeka

Design: DeFrancis Carbone Photography: Tim Hans Printing: Kirkwood Printing

These lists reflects donations made between July 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016.

“Ubuntu Education Fund is an amazing organization that actually ensures its people are taken care of.” —William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd president of the United States


Leadership Patron Archbishop Desmond Tutu Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Board of Directors Paulo Eapen (Compensation & People Development Committee) GSO Capital Partners Winston Ginsberg (Finance & Audit Committee) TowerBrook Capital Partners Stephanie Goldman (Chair, Development Committee) Goldman Events Amy Gordon (Development Committee) Development and Philanthropic Advisor Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula (Founder & Senior Advisor) Ubuntu Education Fund Kim Howard University of the Witwatersrand David Lamond Lamond Capital Partners, LLC Jacob Lief (Founder & CEO) Ubuntu Education Fund Dr. Frank Lipman Eleven Eleven Wellness Center Rush McCloy (Treasurer, Finance & Audit Committee) Eyewitness Surveillance Sandra Myburgh (Finance and Audit Committee) Ziyanda Ntshona (Secretary, Legal & Governance Committee) Webber Wentzel Nomkhita Nqweni Barclays PLC Daniel Osorio Andean Capital Management


Andrew Rolfe (Chairman) TowerBrook Capital Partners

Merafe Moloto One Thousand & One Voices

Stephen Schaffer Fiorucci

Weza Moss Anathi Property Developments

Katherine Scott Ignite Africa Strategic Investments

Dr. Lungisa Nojoko Private Doctor

Deborah Shainfeld Property Development and Entrepreneur

Mandlakazi Skefile Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism Board

Scott Shleifer Tiger Global Management

Executive Team Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula Founder & Senior Advisor

Ciko Thomas Nedbank Group Philip Vassiliou Legatum Limited Bill Voge (Legal & Governance Committee; Compensation & People Development Committee) Latham & Watkins, LLP Ambassadorial Council Dr. Mary Frances Berry The University of Pennsylvania Ashley Bryan Artist, Writer, Activist Mzimkhlulu Dilima Private Doctor Tom Jaffe Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate Dr. Kas Kasongo Pathcare Laboratories Cynthia and Daniel Lief Islesford Dock Restaurant Stuart Litwin Outside Ace, LLC Dr. Monica Menell-Kinberg Social Activist Tovah Klein, Ph.D. Barnard Center for Toddler Development

Jordan Levy Chief External Relations Officer Jacob Lief Founder & CEO Tarryn Mthimkhulu Chief Financial Officer Jana Zindell Chief Program Officer Gcobani Zonke Deputy President

Our commitment to local management has earned us the highest certification of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) by independent auditor Grant Thornton. Our BUILD (Bertha-Ubuntu Internal Leadership Development) program is a staff-empowered initiative that develops sustainable leadership, organizational accountability, and increased efficiency.

2016 Annual Report  
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