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000-081 IBM System x Technical Principles V9 000-081

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QUESTION: 1 A manufacturing customer wants a consolidation solution that provides scale-out capability and the highest processor density per rack unit. Which solution meets the customer requirements?

A. IBM System x3950 M2 with Microsoft Virtual Server B. BladeCenter with IBM Systems Director C. IBM System x3950 M2 with VMware D. BladeCenter with VMware Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 2 What is used in an IBM BladeCenter to provide cooling?

A. Fans for each blade B. Chilled water C. Blowers D. Freon Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 3 A small manufacturing customer has purchased a DS4800 and wants to buy a drive expansion cabinet. The customer wants to support SATA and FC drives in the same expansion cabinet. Which expansion cabinet supports the customer s requirements?

A. EXP420 B. EXP810 C. EXP710 D. EXP100 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 4 Which IBM Systems Director task will give you the ability to update BIOS and device drivers on System x servers?

A. Update Manager B. Tivoli Provisioning Manager

C. Server Configuration Manager D. External Application Launch Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 5 A retail customer wants to identify the system BIOS version information on several IBM System x servers and apply updates as required from a central location without causing server downtime. Which IBM tool provides this capability?

A. Access Connector B. ServerGuide C. Systems Director D. Remote Deployment Manager Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 6 A customer has an IBM BladeCenter E with ten HS22 Blade servers installed. Currently only one Ethernet port is available for each server. What is required to enable the second port on each server?

A. Fibre Channel Switch Module B. Gb Ethernet expansion card C. Myrinet Cluster expansion card D. Ethernet Switch Module Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 7 A retail customer has just installed an IBM option into their server, but the option is not working properly. Which of the following should be checked to determine if the device is supported in the server?

A. IBMServerProven site B. IBM Options Support Site C. Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) D. Configuration and Options Guide (COG) Compatibility list Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


A System x server does not boot when the Power button is pressed, and the server emits one beep followed by two beeps in succession and then another single beep. Which source should you use to identify the meaning of these indicators?

A. IBM Server Users Manual B. ServerGuide Hardware Reference C. Problem Determination and Service Guide D. BIOS Error Logs Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 9 A retail customer requests an explanation of ProteXion. Which of the following describes IBM Memory ProteXion?

A. MemoryProteXion is the way memory is divided in two ports, one port being mirrored to the other half. B. MemoryProteXion is the process whereby a person can replace failed DIMMs of the same type, size, and clock speed without turning off the server. C. MemoryProteXion is the technology that uses redundant bit steering and provides DIMM/data protection in the event of a DIMM failure. D. MemoryProteXion is an automatic daily test of all the system memory that detects and reports developing memory errors before they cause a server outage. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 10 A customer is concerned about their newly purchased System x server s response time. The installed application is CPU intensive. Which IBM tool should the customer use to identify potential bottlenecks?

A. UpdateXpress B. Capacity Manager C. ServerGuide D. System Availability Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 11 An enterprise customer with locations world-wide needs to remotely update BIOS and firmware on their systems. Which function of IBM Systems Director will help this customer?

A. Software Rejuvenation B. System Maintenance and Update Tool C. Update Manager D. IBMDeployCenter Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 12 Which IBM Systems Director task is used to detect software installed on target client computers?

A. Software Manager B. Software Update Connector C. Software Auditor D. Software Inventory Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 13 Which statement is true about Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) for System x severs?

A. PFA is embedded in selected server components and requires no action for being enabled. B. PFA is available only when the ServerPlus Pack is installed on the server. C. PFA is available only when an IMM is present. D. PFA is available when the related setting is turned on in BIOS settings. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 14 What is the maximum amount of memory supported on IBM BladeCenter HS21 XM (using 4GB DIMMs)?

A. 16GB B. 24GB C. 32GB D. 48GB Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 15 Where can a customer find a list of supported operating systems for a particular option on a System x server or BladeCenter?

A. IBMServerProven B. Configurtion and Options Guide (COG) C. Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool D. IBM Systems Director Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 16 A retail customer has a database server that requires more than 64GB memory and four or more processor sockets. Which of the following System x servers meets these requirements?

A. x3850 M2 B. x3855 C. x3950 M2 D. x3955 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 17 A job shop customer has an existing BladeCenter E chassis with only one open blade server bay. The customer is deploying middleware that requires 24GB memory. Which of the following blades meets the customer requirements?

A. HS21 + MIO B. HS22 C. JS22 D. LS42 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 18 A medical clinic customer is currently deploying a BladeCenter H chassis. They are deploying an application that generates linear/sequential-based load on the processor subsystem. They now have a requirement for a server that has four processor sockets. Which of the following blades is optimized to meet these requirements?

A. LS22 B. LS42 C. HS22 D. HS21 XM

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 19 A toy manufacturing customer wants to run Microsoft Exchange. Which category is applicable for such a solution?

A. e-mail B. database C. network infrastructure D. file Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 20 A customer s application environment requires 32 memory slots and four processors to run scientific and technical computing, financial analysis, weather simulation, and life sciences. Which of the following System x servers meets these needs at a minimum cost?

A. x3550 M2 B. x3850 M2 C. x3950 M2 D. x3755 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 21 A customer requires a fault-tolerant disk subsystem for their x3650 M2 server. They purchased and attached two EXP3000 External Expansion Enclosures to a ServeRAID 8s RAID controller. The customer requires the highest performance possible, regardless of cost, for the EXP-based drives. Which RAID level meets these requirements?

A. RAID-1 B. RAID-5 C. RAID-10 D. RAID-50 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 22 A customer needs maximum performance with fault-tolerance from their disk subsystem. Which RAID level meets this requirement?

A. RAID-0 B. RAID-1 C. RAID-5 D. RAID-10 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 23 A customer has an x3650 M2 with eight drives and a ServeRAID 8k adapter. The customer wants to be able to continue operation with two failed drives and maintain performance. Which RAID level is the most cost effective solution for meeting these requirements?

A. RAID-50 B. RAID-5E C. RAID-60 D. RAID-6 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 24 Which AMD-based System x model supports six 3.5" SAS drives?

A. x3755 B. x3455 C. x3850 M2 D. x3655 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 25 Which of the following Blade servers offer hot swap internal hard drives?

A. HS22 B. LS42 C. LS22 D. JS23 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 26 A retail customer requires a server platform configured with 64GB of memory using 2GB memory DIMMs. Which of the following IBM System x servers meet these requirements?

A. x3550 M2 and x3950 M2 B. x3550 M2 and x3755 C. x3650 M2 and x3950 M2 D. x3755 and x3950 M2 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 27 A small manufacturing customer has the following requirements for a dedicated backup server: - internal support for RAID-1 - single processor system - Quad Core processor support - rack form factor Which of the following System x servers meets these requirements?

A. x3200 M2 B. x3550 M2 C. x3250 M2 D. x3850 M2 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 28 Which of the following features of Enterprise X-Architecture (EXA) provides an automatic daily test of all the system memory that detects and reports potential memory errors?

A. Chipkill B. MemoryProteXion C. Memory Scrubbing D. Memory Mirroring Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 29 A customer has purchased an x3850 M2 server with four processors, 16GB of memory and four 73GB internal SAS drives. They have also purchased an external EXP3000 with twelve 300GB 10,000 RPM SAS drives. The customer requires maximum speed without redundancy or data protection on the internal SAS drives. Which of the following RAID levels meets these requirements?


Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 30 A customer installs an x3950 M2 with a DS5000 attached. The DS5000 has 224 Fibre Channel drives attached to it. The customer wants the maximum amount of disk space, but also wants redundancy on the arrays in the event of a drive failure. Which of the following RAID levels meets these requirements?

A. RAID-0 B. RAID-1 C. RAID-3 D. RAID-5 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 31 Which of the following are characteristics of RAID-6?

A. Double drive failure in an array and extremely high data fault tolerance B. Double drive failure in an array and more total storage capacity than RAID-5 C. Extremely high data fault tolerance and higher performance than RAID-5 D. Higher performance than RAID-5 and more total storage capacity than RAID-5 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 32 A retail customer wants to implement a database solution, which will require 64GB of memory and is scalable up to 8 dual-core CPU sockets. The server will have redundant connectivity to a Fibre Channel SAN. Which of the following server configurations meet the customer s requirements?

A. x3850 M2 with a total of two memory expansion cards populated with 4GBdimms and two Emulex HBAs B. x3950 M2 with a total of four memory expansion cards fully populated with 2GBdimms and two QLogic HBAs C. x3950 M2 with a total of four memory expansion cards fully populated with 1GBdimms and one dual-port HBA D. x3850 M2 with a total of four memory expansion cards fully populated with 1GBdimms, two Qlogic HBAs and fully populated with dual-core processors Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 33 An installed customer has a mission-critical application that requires a server that will protect them against downtime in the event a memory DIMM failure occurs. They also need load balancing, fault-tolerant NICs and redundant power supplies and fans. Which of the following servers meet these requirements?

A. x3200 M2 B. x3250 M2 C. x3200 M2 and x3250 M2 D. x3950 M2 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 34 Which System x server supports a Pass Thru Card for processors?

A. x3755 B. x3100 C. x3455 D. x3650 M2 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 35 A customer requires a rack-optimized, two socket (processor) system, that has fault tolerant power supplies, and has hot-swap disks and fans. Which System x server meets these requirements?

A. x3200 M2 B. x3250 M2 C. x3500 M2 D. x3650 M2 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 36 An installation of 48 rack-optimized servers will require 48 IP addresses to manage the systems via the BMC. The customer plans to deploy 48 blade servers using the IBM BladeCenter H chassis. How many IP addresses are required to manage the blade servers?

A. 4

B. 8 C. 2 D. 48 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 37 How do you connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to an IBM BladeCenter chassis?

A. Serial port B. USB port on Media Tray C. BMC D. AMM Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 38 A manufacturing customer has a 42U rack is full of IBM BladeCenter E chassis, each containing 14 blade servers. What is the total number of power supplies needed?

A. 12 B. 20 C. 24 D. 28 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 39 A customer has a fully populated 42U rack with IBM BladeCenter E chassis. Each chassis has two Cisco Catalyst 3012 Switch Modules.How many external network connections are available?

A. 4 B. 12 C. 36 D. 48 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 40 The Firmware and BIOS version information is displayed on the server console monitor during POST. Which of the following tools is the best option to obtain the required information

without shutting the server down?

A. IBM Systems Director B. vCenter C. Access Connections D. IBM Integrated Systems Management Processor (ISMP) Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 41 A customer requires a DDS/5 internal tape backup solution. Which System x configuration meets this requirement?

A. x3850 M2, DDS-RDX Tape Enablement Kit, andServeRAID-10M, and a controller B. x3650 M2, DDS-RDX Tape Enablement Kit, and a controller C. x3250 M2, DDS-RDX Tape Enablement Kit, and MR10i D. D. x3755, DDS-RDX Tape Enablement Kit, PCI-Express riser card, andServeRAID 8k 13 / 22 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 42 A customer wants to purchase a BladeCenter and use VMware ESXi 3.5 Which of the following Blades can be ordered with the embedded VMware USB key?

A. HS22 B. HS21 C. LS21 D. JS22 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 43 A customer has a 4GB Modular Flash Drive. Which of the following System x or BladeCenter servers support an IBM 4GB Modular Flash Drive?

A. x3850 M2 B. HS21 C. x3650 M2 D. HS22

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 44 A customer is building a VMware environment for 5 ESX server hosts requiring 20TB of disk storage, Intermix and Enhanced Remote-Mirroring. Which storage solution supports this environment?

A. DS3200 B. DS4700 C. DS3400 D. EXP3000 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 45 A banking customer plans to encapsulate virtual machines into disk files that can be moved and imported on additional machines running the virtualization solution. Which of the following open- source virtualization solutions allows this?

A. Xen B. Microsoft Virtual Server C. VMware ESX D. VMware Server Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 46 A customer is looking into consolidating their Linux-based database application on System x servers. The application requires eight virtual processors. Which virtualization solution meets this requirement?

A. vSphere 4 B. Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 C. ESC 3.0 D. VMware Server Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 47 A customer is looking into consolidating their Windows-based CRM application on System x servers. The application requires four virtual processors. Which of the following virtualization solution meets this requirement?

A. VirtualIron B. Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 C. vSphere 4 D. VMware Server Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 48 A customer requires SAS host connect storage with redundant connections for three servers. The customer does not want to include any switches. Which is the appropriate storage solution for this customer?

A. EXP3000 B. DS3200 C. DS3400 D. DS4700 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 49 Which storage technology allows the greatest distance between the server and the storage without use of routers or other devices?

A. iSCSI B. SAS C. SCSI D. Fibre Channel Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 50 Which storage technologies support remote mirroring or replication to another storage device?

A. iSCSI and SCSI B. SAS andFibre Channel C. iSCSI and Fibre Channel D. iSCSI and SAS Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Which types of storage use World Wide Names (WWN) to identify devices?

A. iSCSI and SATA only B. iSCSI and SCSI C. SATA,Fibre Channel and SCSI only D. SATA, SAS,Fibre Channel and SCSI only Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 52 A retail customer is planning a vSphere 4 installation and will be using VMotion. Initially they need 2TB with the ability to grow up to 14TB of disk space and redundant connections for up to three servers without the use of switching. What is the storage solution that meets these requirements?

A. EXP3000 B. DS3200 C. DS3400 D. DS4700 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 53 A customer wants to run Microsoft Cluster Server on SAS disk technology. Which storage server fulfills this requirement?

A. DS4800 B. DS3200 C. DS3950 D. DS5000 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 54 A customer has one BladeCenter E chassis, with four JS22 blade servers, and two x3950 M2 servers. They are using two single-phase 60A Front End Power Distribution Units (PDU). How many and what type of additional cables should be purchased for a redundant configuration?

A. Four IEC 320-C13 to C20 cables B. Six IEC 320-C13 to C20 cables C. Four IEC 320-C13 to NEMA 5-15P cables D. Six IEC 320-C13 to 320-C14 cables

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 55 What is the maximum number of BladeCenter E chassis that can be installed in an IBM S2 42U Enterprise Rack Enclosure?

A. Three B. Five C. Six D. Seven Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 56 What is the maximum number of IBM BladeCenter H chassis that can be installed in an IBM S2 42U Enterprise Rack Enclosure, based on space?

A. Three B. Four C. Five D. Six Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 57 What is the maximum number of System x3950 M2 4-Node complexes that can be installed in an IBM S2 42U Enterprise Rack Enclosure, based on space?

A. Two B. Three C. Ten D. Five Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 58 A customer has an IBM 42U S2 Enterprise rack with fully populated sidewalls. They will install a 2U keyboard / monitor drawer and four (not front end) PDUs. Which of the following is the maximum number of x3650 M2 servers that fit in this configuration?

A. 18 B. 19 C. 20 D. 40 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 59 A customer has reached maximum server capacity in the datacenter due to thermal issues. Which IBM solution helps reduce the amount of BTUs output from the IBM Enterprise racks?

A. X3 Architecture B. Rear Door HeateXchanger C. Roof Top Fan for each rack D. Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 60 A customer has 16 IBM Enterprise racks on separate floors with 20 System x3650 M2 servers in each rack. Which KVM switch solution allows the customer to remotely control these servers via a network connection?

A. One Local Console Manager (LCM2) for each rack B. One Global Console Manager (GCM4) for the entire solution C. Two Global Console Managers (GCM2) for the entire solution D. Sixteen Local Console Managers (LCM2) for the entire solution Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 61 A customer wants to purchase a System x3850 M2. They want a RAID-5 array, but do not want to use an external PCI-X slot. Which ServeRAID adapter meets the customer s requirements?

A. ServeRAID MR10k B. ServeRAID BR10i C. Server RAID MR10i D. ServeRAID 8k Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 62 Which utility embedded in a ServeRAID MR10M adapter provides an overview of the current RAID settings?

A. ServeRAID Manager B. ServeRAID Mini-Configuration C. BIOS Setup Utility D. IBM Storage Manager Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 63 A customer requires x3850 M2 that uses SAS drives and supports RAID-6. Which ServeRAID adapter meets the customer s requirements?

A. ServeRAID MR10M B. ServeRAID MR10i C. ServeRAID MR10k D. ServeRAID 6i Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 64 A company with a small number of IT staff performs most of their work on their System x3850 M2 servers from a remote location. Which of the following allows remote access of the supported servers to both the BIOS Setup and Configuration utilities and the operating system (Microsoft Windows 2003) GUI?

A. IBM Systems Director B. Remote Supervisor Adapter II C. Baseboard Management Controller D. Serial Port Management Adapter Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 65 A customer purchases a System x3850 M2 server and wants to install the ServeRAID-MR10k option. In which slot(s) must the adapter be installed?

A. Any of thePCIe slots B. Any of the PCI-X slots C. Any available slot

D. Dedicated slot Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 66 A customer needs to acquire BIOS and firmware updates for their System x servers. They have a variety of server models, types, and features. Which IBM tool is used to obtain all of the needed updates?

A. ServerGuide CD B. UpdateXpress System Pack Installer C. Remote Deployment Manager (RDM) D. Systems Director Update Manager Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 67 A small manufacturing company requires a product or feature that is used to assist with operating system installation, system device drivers, and other system components and requires minimal user intervention. Which of the following meet this requirement?

A. UpdateXpress B. TivoliProvsioning Manager (TPM) C. IBM Management Processor Command-Line Interface Utility D. ServerGuide Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 68 Which is a collection of system-configuration tools and unattended installation commands used to deploy software to an IBM System x server?

A. ServerGuide B. ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit C. Dynamic System Analysis D. UpdateXpress Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 69 A customer has installed a System x server with an Integrated Management Module (IMM). How do you access and configure the adapter?

A. Update Manager B. Remote Control C. UpdateXpress D. Web Interface Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 70 Which systems management component does not allow for connection to the RS-485 Interconnect network?

A. Remote Supervisor Adapter II B. Baseboard Management Controller C. Advanced System Management Processor D. Integrated System Management Processor Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 71 A customer is redeploying installed x3550 servers. Their x3550 contains three RJ-45 ports at the back of the unit. Two of these ports are used for the on-board Ethernet controllers. Which of the following is the use for the remaining port?

A. RS232 Port B. Integrated Server Maintenance Controller (ISMC) C. Central Electronics Complex (CEC) D. Systems Management Port Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 72 The System x technical specialist is first to discover a BladeCenter Management Module and it has begun enumerating the blades, which it controls. Which icon is used to represent the machine under the control of the Management Module before any Director Agents have been installed?

A. Switch Module B. Management Module C. Physical Platform D. SNMP Device

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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