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000-080 IBM System x Sales Fundamentals V7 000-080

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QUESTION: 1 Active Energy Manager (AEM) is provided to our clients for free, but can be upgraded for a cost. Which one of the following is the advantage to our clients for upgrading?

A. The ability to track the power usage by their systems over time. B. The ability to establish power caps or power savings C. The ability to manage the power to the cooling systems in the datacenter based on the heat being generated by the systems. D. The ability to power off Intel processors Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 2 A customer wants to make sure that there are not going to be compatibility issues between a third party HBA and their eX5 server. Which of the following IBM resources determine compatibility?

A. xRef B. COG C. SSCT D. ServerProven Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 3 A System x sales professional is planning an introductory discussion with the customer s executive management team. Which of the following is the most appropriate subject?

A. Hardware architecture B. Performance benchmarks C. Total cost of ownership D. Reliability, availability, serviceability (RAS) Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 4 Which of the following is used to assist with operating system installation, system device drivers, and other system components and requires minimal user intervention?

A. ServerGuide B. UpdateXpress C. Software Distribution Premium Edition D. IBM Management Processor Command-Line Interface Utility Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 5 Which, of the following features, was first introduced with the eX5 technology?

A. Integrated virtualization with the memory B. Processor scalability beyond 4-sockets C. Memory scalability that is not tied to increased processor density D. Dynamic Provisioning on "bare metal Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 6 A System x customer is discussing storage with their IBM sales team. The customer is interested in the EXP2500. They ask the sales team what type of storage the EXP2500 employs. Which of the folllowing is the correct answer?

A. SAS and SED B. SAS and SSD C. SAS with high speed tape built in D. SSD with high speed tape built in Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 7 A customer is asking their IT hardware providers to propose an energy management solution for their Data Center. HP is proposing Systems Insight Manager with HP Power Manager. Which of the following IBM solutions offer similar functions?

A. IBM Systems Director and Power Configurator B. IBM Systems Director and Power Executive C. IBM System x and BladeCenter Power Configurator D. IBM Systems Director and Active Energy Manager Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


An important customer calls in with a last-minute need for the BTU/HR or the heat output per server, per hour for a rack of x3650 M4 servers. Which IBM tool will the sales specialist use to get an answer quickly?

A. BladeCenter & System x Power Configurator B. System x Sales Configuration Aid - (xSCA) C. Configuration & Options Guide - (COG) D. Active Energy Manager (AEM) Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 9 Different customer roles are interested in different aspects of a System x business solution. Which one of the following virtualization benefits are typically of greatest interest for system administrators?

A. Rack space reduction and energy savings B. Technologies that reduce server counts and deployment times C. Server counts and energy cost reduction D. Reduction of system administrative staff Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 10 System x servers enable the most dramatic datacenter cost reduction by enabling which of the following?

A. Virtualization B. Reduced server footprint C. More cores per processor D. Reduced storage footprint Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 11 A customer wants to run multiple virtual machines and conserve rack space and power. The servers must be able to run in typical office locations. Which one of the following solutions meets these requirements?

A. Xen and eX5 B. vSphere and BladeCenter S C. Hyper-V and BladeCenter H

D. Citrix and eX5 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 12 A System x customer is discussing storage devices with their IBM sales team. The customer remarks that SSD type storage appears to be very compact, and extremely fast compared with other types of storage. The customer asks why other types of storage are still used. Which of the following is an appropriate response?

A. All current IBM storage is SSD B. SSD offers high performance but at a higher cost than other storage types C. SSD drives do not support RAID protection D. SSD drives are not supported on System x Servers Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 13 A customer is looking for a new rack mount server that can scale beyond four processor sockets. Which of the following System x servers meets this requirement?

A. x3690 X5 B. x3750 M4 C. x3850 X5 D. x3650 M4 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 14 A customer currently buys HP ProLiant servers and EMC storage. The customer has encountered various problems getting certain servers to work with their storage. Which of the following tools can the Sales Specialist present to best position IBM?

A. ServerProven provides customer guidance for IBM and third-party product compatibility B. SSIC tool will test compatibility of customer s products C. Ideas competitive tool will check compatibility of customer s products D. xREF guide provides a list of compatible products Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


A customer is purchasing System x servers to replace existing servers. They have existing custom applications, databases and files on their servers. Which of the following should be reviewed with the customer?

A. Verify the disks can be moved B. Migrate the data to new servers C. Replace the custom applications D. Verify that the database is IBM DB2 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 16 Which of the following IBM configuration tools is best suited to configure solutions including: System x servers, storage, networking, and, racks?

A. e-config B. xREF C. COG D. SSCT Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 17 A customer wants to purchase a bunch of x3550 M4 and x3850 X5 servers. They want to be able to plan their datacenter appropriately and need to know the total power draw and BTU information. Which of the following is the best source of this information?

A. COG B. Power Configurator C. System x UPS Guide D. System x PDU Guide Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 18 Which AMD-based System x model supports eight 3.5" SAS drives in a 2U form factor?

A. x3655 X5 B. x3755 M3 C. x3850 with MAX5 D. x3950 X5

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 19 A prospect is searching for a new small business tower server. The customer is on a tight budget but wants to have current technology, with two sockets at a modest price. Which of the following servers would you propose for this customer?

A. x3400 M4 B. x3650 M4 C. x3250 M4 D. x3100 M4 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 20 A customer has a BladeCenter H chassis with 2900W power supplies and a couple of HS22 servers. The customer plans to purchase additional blades, but is concerned that they are not able to buy the latest blades due to the age of the chassis. What can the sales professional do to handle this customer concern?

A. The customer can buy a new chassis. Any new chassis today will support all the current blades. B. Assure the customer that the HS22 blades they currently have will have at least a 5 year lifespan. C. The customer can return the current chassis and have IBM replace with a current BCH to support the new blades. D. To ensure support on all the lastest blades, all the customer needs to do is upgrade the power supplies and cooling modules Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 21 A customer has four remote offices. Each location requires a single tower server with two processor sockets and a minimum of four hot-swappable drive bays and RAID 5 standard. Which System x server meets these requirements at lowest cost?

A. x3100 M4 B. x3200 M3 C. x3500 M4 D. x3550 M4 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 22 Due to budget cuts, a client is forced to reduce their IT staff in the future. Which one of the following will help them prepare for the reduced resources in the short term ?

A. IBM can host their datacenter reducing the number of staff required to maintain the systems. B. Moving to a completely virtualized environment with VMware and eX5 technologies would significantly reduce the number of systems to maintain. C. IBM Systems Director can automate many of the activities of the staff on both physical and virtual infrastructures.. D. GTS can provide additional resources to visit the datacenter periodically and augment the efforts of the remaining staff. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 23 Which peripherals are shared on the IBM BladeCenter?

A. Serial port, video, mouse, USB port, sound card, CD/DVD-ROM drive B. Mouse, video, keyboard, CD/DVD-ROM drive, serial port C. Sound card, mouse, video, keyboard, USB port, CD/DVD-ROM drive D. USB port, CD/DVD-ROM drive, keyboard, mouse, video Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 24 A customer is considering an x3950 X5 or an HP DL580 in a virtual environment Which of the following can differentiate an x3950 X5 in this situation?

A. Disk Space B. Memory C. Redundant power supplies D. CPU speed Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 25 A customer needs a certain number of USB ports. Before making a decision on which System x server to purchase, the customer wants to know they will have an adequate number of USB ports. Where would this customer go to confirm the number of USB ports?

A. xRef B. COG C. SSCT D. BlueHorizon Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 26 A customer is planning on implementing a large VMware environment. They are considering both HP and IBM. In the past, they have purchased the x3950 M2 due to the scalability and the x4 chipset that was an advantage over HP. They want to introduce the new Westmere EX processors. When looking at the specs, it appears that IBM is no longer putting their chipset on the server system board. Which of the following is now the IBM advantage over HP?

A. IBM can scale to a 32-way; HP can only scale to a 16-way. B. In the x5 product line, you can have a single X5 server and multiple MAX5 memory modules attached to a single server to meet the memory demands of VMware C. IBM MAX5 memory expansion module uses the 5th generation chipset. When connected to the new x5 server line, it will meet the memory demands of VMware. HP does not have this technology. D. HP and IBM now are very competitive and now it will come down to cost and because of IBM s special bid process, customers can get the new X5 for significantly less than HP s Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 27 Which storage solution(s) provides the option for remote mirroring?

A. DS3200 B. DS3300 C. DS3400 D. DS3500 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 28 Which of the following IBM pre-sale resource has technical information and general configuration details for System x, BladeCenter, System x storage products and options?

A. e-config B. COG C. x-config

D. SSCT Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 29 Which IBM information source is available in HTML and PDF formats and provides part number information that is helpful when recommending a suitable memory upgrade for any current System x server?

A. Stand Alone System Configuration Tool (SSCT) B. Product and Price Guide C. Configuration and Options Guide (COG) D. Configuration and Specifications Guide Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 30 A manufacturing customer has a BladeCenter E installed and plans to migrate their current Blades to the BladeCenter H. Which of the following three options will migrate from the BladeCenter E to the BladeCenter H chassis?

A. SAN Switch modules, AMM, and Ethernet Switches B. AMM, Blowers, and SAN Switches C. SAN Switches, Ethernet Switches, and Power supplies D. AMM, Racks, and Power Supplies Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 31 Which one of the following IBM Systems Director plug-ins provides advanced management of a client s virtualized infrastructure?

A. Advanced Management Module (AMM) B. VMcontrol C. VMready D. Virtual Center Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 32 A customer wants six HS22, six HS23 and one HX5 servers and use 10Gb Ethernet in a BladeCenter solution. Which of the following BladeCenter chassis meets this requirement?

A. BladeCenter H B. BladeCenter E C. BladeCenter S D. BladeCenter HT Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 33 A customer installs an x3850 X5 with a DS3500 attached. The DS3500 has 15 SAS drives attached to it. The customer wants the maximum amount of disk space, but also wants redundancy on the arrays in the event of a drive failure and is concerned about performance. Which RAID level meets these requirements?

A. RAID-0 B. RAID-1 C. RAID-3 D. RAID-5 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 34 A sales specialist is at an initial meeting with a client. Which of the following questions may help discover if the client is concerned about low server utilization?

A. Do you feel that you have the flexibility in your infrastructure so you can make changes quickly to met unexpected spikes in demand? B. Are you finding that the costs of managing your server, storage and network infrastructure is increasing each year? C. Do you have most of your applications running on separate servers, and is this causing a lot of extra work for your team to manage/maintain? D. Do you find that you are exceeding your storage allocations for some of your applications? Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 35 A customer wants to compare IBM servers with HP and Dell. They want to be able to do quick comparisons as well as view a detailed report. Which of the following tools is best to achieve this?


B. xRef C. SSIC D. IDEAS Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 36 A business partner sales specialist is bringing a technical resource to discuss virtualization and consolidation efforts with the CFO. Which one of the following topics would typically be of greatest interest?

A. RPO if a data center failover occurs B. ROI resulting from server count reduction and energy cost reduction C. Hypervisor technology features and functions D. Reduction of administrative time needed to deploy new servers Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 37 A new customer is considering base warranty only for cost reasons. Which of the following is a compelling reason to offer extended service?

A. IBM ServicePacs provide guaranteed response time B. IBM ServicePacs provide improved warranty coverage C. IBM ServicePacs provide guaranteed Recovery Time Objective (RTO) D. IBM ServicePacs replace base warranty and the customer is placed in a high priority queue Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 38 Which of the following is used to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to an IBM BladeCenter chassis?

A. AMM B. IMM C. KVM D. Ethernet Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Which of the following resources contains information regarding diagnostics and troubleshooting, hardware installation removal and replacement (FRU/CRU) part numbers for IBM System x servers?

A. ServerGuide B. xREF C. COG D. Support Portal Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 40 The IMM2 provides management features to the System x servers. A retail client is purchasing servers for multiple store locations and would like to remotely manage the servers, even when they are powered off. Which of the following should be proposed?

A. Systems Director Express Edition B. Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA II) C. VMK (Virtual Media Key) D. IMM Advanced Upgrade Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 41 A customer needs maximum performance with fault-tolerance from their disk subsystem Which minimum RAID level meets this requirement?

A. RAID-0 B. RAID-1 C. RAID-5 D. RAID-10 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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