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Two Wells CFS captain joins our relief crews in NSW bushfire battle:

Adam answers the call REPORT: Bec O’Brien

Leaving his young family behind to head interstate to fight the devastating Blue Mountain bushfires was not easy, but Two Wells CFS captain, Adam Harris, says he’d do it again if the call went out. Adam - the only Two Wells CFS member - and around 150 CFS fire fighters from around the state flew to New South Wales on Tuesday October, 22, to help relieve and support Rural Fire Service personnel who had been battling the blaze for nearly a week. It was the third contingent of South Australian volunteers to head interstate to assist in the bushfires, with the RFS firies tired and exhausted from fighting one of Australia’s worst bushfire disasters, which has devastated mountain countryside and destroyed more than 200 homes. Based in Penrith, about and hourand-a-half from the fires, Adam says the experience was eye-opening, with the sheer size of the fire, and the logistics of fighting it a timely reminder of what can happen when large quantities of dry bush land and strong winds combine.

n ADAM Harris in the Blue Mountains, with fires behind him – and safely back at home with his wife Chantel and children Carla and Blake. “We did get the big winds they were expecting (last Wednesday),” he said. “But it didn’t impact as bad as they had initially predicted.” While not fighting at the fire’s front, Adam and other volunteers

assisted local fire fighters in back burning efforts and also attended a new fire, which broke out due to a lighting strike. Dense bush land meant access was difficult, and Adam said the volunteers worked in strike teams

of five trucks consisting of about 25 people. “I wasn’t concerned at all,” Adam said. “Once I saw what we were dealing with and the fact that I wouldn’t be at the fire front, I was okay.”

Waiting at the family home in Two Wells, it was a different story for his wife, Chantel and young children Carla, 8, and Blake, 6, especially the first night Adam was deployed. n Continued Page 12

Ernie and Ken lap up glory It took less than 40 seconds for Lewiston greyhound trainer, Ken Gill’s life to change when his dog Ernie Bung Arrow won the $75,000 Triple M Adelaide Cup at Angle Park on October 10. • The pair are pictured with their Adelaide Cup trophy at Ken’s training track. “Ernie” as he is affectionately known, was the youngest dog in the race, and at just 23 months old has won nearly $120,000 in prize money

since he first raced in June this year, winning 14 of 15 starts – until a defeat in Melbourne at the Meadows in the Group 1 Topgun on Saturday, October 26. But that loss takes nothing away from Ernie’s achievements. He was the first South Australian dog to win the cup since 2006. Not bad for a dog who was purchased as a five-month-old pup for just $800. Involved in the greyhound in-

dustry for more than 40 years, and a resident of the area for the past quarter of a century, Ken and partner, Helen Deacon’s, luck has certainly changed for the better with their rising star, Ernie Bung Arrow, winning the prestigious Cup by five lengths. “I knew he was pretty good when we broke him in,” Ken reflects. “He looked fast but I didn’t actually know how fast until we had him time trialed in Gawler.” n Continued Page 2

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This purpose-built mapping drone, the TopoDrone-100, was flying over the proposed new residential development in Two Wells on Friday October 5, taking images for developers Hickinbotham of the whole project area.

Drone scouts the scene for Hickinbotham houses

Developers Hickinbotham were in town last month with a special drone in hand to take an aerial view of the proposed new residential site. You might have seen or heard the drone near Tangarri Estate as it flew overhead on Friday October 4. Hickinbotham’s Two Wells project manager, Ruth Vagnarelli, said the special TopoDrone-100 was a purpose-built mapping drone constructed to take accurate,

multiple overlapping digital photos of a site. The process of continuous images allows for a continuous model to be compiled. “The drone provides a detailed model and map of the terrain and landscape,” Ms Vagnarelli said. “This mapping assists with the engineering and design for the Two Wells’ expansion to ensure the design will work with the existing landscape and conditions.” The drone, which flies at 60km per hour,

Development talks continue

District Council of Mallala staff and developers Hickinbotham met in Two Wells on Wednesday October 2, for a meeting to discuss the next steps of the proposed new development. DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said the meeting was a chance for staff to discuss the development proposal in terms of how it proceeds through the development application process.

RUTH Vagnarelli: Hickinbotham collating information. charles maNsueto: Chance to discuss proposal. “It was an opportunity for Hickinbotham to expand on their proposal and an opportunity for staff to comment on their proposal to ensure that


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enables rapid, accurate and very detailed mapping and surveying measurements, and also provides a detailed image map of the entire project area, taking just one day to map the whole project area. Ms Vagnarelli said the drone’s hardware and software has been designed and manufactured in South Australia by Dronemetrex, and is one of the most advanced and accurate drone mapping systems in the world.

when the development application is submitted the required information to assess the application is there,” Mr Mansueto said.

“Hickinbotham will give a presentation to councillors before the end of the year to keep them updated on the development.” Hickinbotham Group Two Wells project manager, Ruth Vagnarelli, said the company was currently preparing and collating all the necessary information as part of the development approval process and agreed the meeting was beneficial.

“It was a good opportunity to talk about the township expansion and planning elements, such as open space, walkable neighbourhoods and good traffic flow,” Ms Vagnarelli said. “We very much look forward to updating council with our progress in the coming months.” It is hoped the first homes in the new development will be constructed within 18 months.

Ernie and Ken lap up glory • From Page 1 Bung Arrow is an Aboriginal word for goanna, a seemingly odd choice for a dog but a name now etched into the winners’books and striking a chord with many South Aussies. “I wanted a name that people would remember,” Ken laughed. “And we couldn’t call him Ernie Dingo so it was Bung Arrow.” Before the Adelaide Cup, Ernie also won the SA Derby and was invited to take part in the $150,000 Top Gun event – an invitation-only race of the nation’s top eight dogs. Sadly, Ernie missed the jump, finishing last behind West Australian star Dyna Nalin, with Ken saying the dog was too overawed by the whole experience. “It was a big thing, everybody’s eyes were on him, he’s got a bit of a cult following here in SA, so all eyes were on him,” he said. “The dog got stirred up, all he wanted

to do was go, he wasn’t frightened, he just wanted to go and he blew the start. “He’ll be a much better dog next year with a bit of age under him.” Ken said Ernie would now take a well-earned rest, before tackling the Brian Johnston series at Angle Park from November 20. Next time Ernie ventures to Melbourne (for the Silver Chief in December) he will be better prepared, with Ken opting to kennel the dog with Victorian trainer Kel Greenough. “It’s too hard to fly a dog over there on race day and expect him to perform so next time I’m going to leave him there,” he said. “Kel will train him his way, I won’t interfere. “If the dog doesn’t perform he’ll come home earlier. If he does, he’ll stay there until February maybe. “He’ll come back from this loss as good as ever and he’ll learn so much by staying over in Melbourne. He’ll really fly.”

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echo 3 one man’s plea to balance environmental concerns with recreation at our local beach

‘Let us see the light’ n MALCOLM Frost shows his frustration at the closed road to Light Beach – and left, on the beach he has enjoyed for a lifetime

Bec O’Brien reports: District Council of Mallala is currently seeking community input on the proposed permanent road closure of Light Beach Road at Lower Light – but one local resident believes the road should be re-opened and the beach accessible to the public again. The road, which has temporarily been closed on a three-yearly basis for the past six years, was first closed in 2007 and means local residents cannot access it – unless they want to hike around three-kilometres – to fish, go crabbing or swim. Long-time Two Wells resident Malcolm Frost has spent many happy days at the beach over the past 50 years. Mr Frost is against the permanent road closure and instead wants to see the road re-opened and the beach embraced as a public amenity and will be putting in a submission to council to that effect. He believes the beach is one of the district’s few open beaches and council should be working toward re-opening the road in conjunction with preserving the environment, and creating a space for everyone to enjoy. “This is the first open beach you can come to from the south end of the council area,” he said. “Lots of people used to come here, when they could, to go crabbing, fishing for yellow-fin whiting and mullet, and having picnics, watching the sun go down over the

water or just to have a barbeque. “It’s a great place for families; it’s good for families. “I’ve been coming here since I was seven or eight years old.” Mr Frost said he believed the deterioration of the road and misuse of the area by off-road bikes and vehicles was the main reason the

road was closed in the first place but felt environmental concerns seemed to take precedence over public use. “A reasonable balance needs to be struck between the widely held desire to protect the coastal environment and that of maintaining and/or improving the public’s recreational amenity of the coast,” he said.

“Several measures have been taken at various locations along the coast to control, limit and exclude public access to protect the environment. “It seems though, the drive to improve recreational amenity always has to come from the community itself, whereas there have been people specifically engaged to protect the environment. “I’m sure there are sufficient resources available within the community that is needed to provide the necessary road development and fencing for controlled access to Light Beach. It is now time for the serious coastal recreational amenity loss to be addressed.” Mr Frost highlighted the 2010 Light Beach Management Plan,

which was compiled by the Natural Resource Management board, as reflective of environmental management taking preference over public amenity use. “This plan provides a great guide to the intrinsic values of the environment within Light Beach’s wider area; but it places no emphasis whatsoever on the value of the beach itself to the community as a recreational resource,” he said. “The management plan is totally biased toward the protection of the environment, which I don’t have a problem with, but I believe a consultation about what’s needed to open the beach again and protect the environment, the recreational use of the area, is what’s important to the community.”

‘Consulting’ – but council closes road for another two years

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said council is currently seeking feedback and input from the community as part of its decision making process, to determine the level of support, or objection, to a permanent road closure of Light Beach Road at Lower Light. Mr Mansueto said the Light Beach Management Plan highlighted the benefits the road closure has had on the vegetation at the beach and said the plan supports the continued closure and/or better management of access. “Due to the benefits resulting from the temporary closure council is considering the permanent closure to vehicle traffic,” Mr Mansueto said.

“As permanent closure requires more time, council resolved in September to again temporarily close Light Beach Rd for a further two years and in the interim consult on the permanent closure. “The main reasons for its closure are the impact on vegetation and the condition of the road, which is subject to tidal water flows. “The improvement in regeneration of the vegetation is a sign closure has resulted in a better natural environment.” Mr Mansueto said in 2010 council received legal advice suggesting opening the road again would lead to a costly upgrade to make it suitable for public access.

Three years ago, he said, it was estimated to be at least $200,000 to construct a suitable road but stated it also had no guarantees of its long-term viability due to the tidal movements and the existing base condition. A report on this matter will be prepared for council’s consideration and written submissions are encouraged but must be received by close of business on Monday November 4. • Information is available on the DCM website at or contact DCM Strategic Infrastructure Coordinator, Paul Cleghorn, on 8527 0284 or email info@ The current temporary road closure expires in December this year.

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Send or amend your free community announcements at alcoholics anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous, Meets every Thursday evening in Two Wells, Commencing at 8pm in the Hall at St. Pauls Anglican Church Old Port Wakefield Road, Anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol is welcome to attend.

basketball Two Rivers Basketball Association, Angle Vale Primary School, PO Box 455 Two Wells SA 5501. Basketball Coaching Clinic from 5pm, Games commence from 5:30pm, 12 and Under, 15 and under, learn basketball in a friendly family atmosphere. Contact Paul on 0414 248 732.

BOWLING CLUB Whether you have played lawn bowls before or not, why not give it a go at Two Wells? We are looking for ladies, men and juniors, with or without lawn bowls experience, to join our Club. We need at least three more lady bowlers to maintain our ladies team who play on Thursdays. The match times allow for school drop off and pick up. Wednesday afternoon is men’s day and on Saturdays it is mixed gender. If you are interested in joining in next season, please call the Secretary, Irene, on 0417 810 029. The Clubrooms at Old Port Wakefield Road are available for hire and have excellent bar facilities.

Calisthenics Two Wells Calisthenics. Looking for something new and lots of fun? Come along and give it a go! Classes held at Two Wells Primary School, Tuesday Night practice, Sub Juniors(7-9 years) 5pm to 6.30pm. Juniors(10-12 years) 6pm to 7.45. Inters(13 and older) 6.45pm to 8.30pm. Phone Jodie Simons on 8524 3990 or 0423 928 311, first lesson complementary.

child & youth health Child and Youth Health, Child and Youth Health services are held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at The Two Wells Children’s Centre, 27a Gawler Rd, Two Wells 9:15am to 10:30am and 1pm to 4pm by appointment only, 10:30am to 12 noon drop in. Call 1300 733 606 for appointments.

CFS Two Wells CFS, station located at Wells road Two Wells. Training Monday nights, Cadets (11-15 years) 6pm to 7:30pm, Seniors 7:30pm. New volunteers welcome. For more info ph 8520 2500.

Church times Anglican Church Services St Peter’s Mallala 1st Sunday of the Month 10am Nov 3, Dec 1, Jan 5 St Paul’s Two Wells 9am November 10 10am November 17 & 24 10am December 8, 15, 22 & 29 7.30pm December 24 - Chris Eve Contact: Di Meaney 8520 2308

Two Wells / Virginia Catholic Church invites residents to attend its weekly services. Held at St Josephs, Two Wells 8.30am or Our Lady of the Assumption, Virginia 10am. All are welcome. Parish Priest: Fr Pham Anh Hao (08) 8380 9029. Two Wells Uniting Church, Gawler Road. Services are held every Sunday from 10.30am, including Sunday School for the children. All welcome

Two Wells Lutheran Church, services contact Salisbury office 8281 2976 for further info. Uniting Chapel Virginia, Phineas St, Virginia. Service time: Sundays 10:30am. Simple, welcoming, inspiring. 8522 5269 www.

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Community bus Community Bus, return trip to Elizabeth City Shopping Centre, Only $5.00 return (kids free), Next bus: November 15, 2013. Bus departs Mallala Post Office 9am, Port Parham Sports and Social Club 9:15am, Two Wells Bakery 9:40am, Dublin, Lower Light & Lewiston by arrangement. Return departs Elizabeth 3pm. All bookings contact Jasmin Daniele 8520 2233.

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Community centre T WO W E L L S C O M M U N I T Y CENTRE, Available for hire for weddings, special occasions, seminars, conventions. Seats up to 200, large kitchen & bar, Contact: Yolanda on 8524 3131 or 0408 835 331 for more information.

craft shop The Craft Shop, TWO WELLS COURT HOUSE, Quality goods sold on consignment, locally made olive oil and honey, home made jams and sauces, fift ideas, skin products, bric-a-brac. hand crafted quilts. OPEN Tues to Fri 9.30am to 4pm, Sat 9.30am to 1pm. Closed Sun & Mon.

Equestrian & Pony club Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club Inc. Rallies on the fourth Sunday of the month. To find location and upcoming events go to www. freeteams/APEC/ or contact John Newton on 0427 153 570.

Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club hold rallies on the first and third Sundays of the month at 9.30am on our grounds, Aunger Road, Lewiston. Further details on www.

flag Families Learning and Growing, This is a FREE service for anyone with children aged birth to 4 years. Come and join us in some fun, games and activities. 9.15-11.30am every Friday in begining of school term 2, Uniting Church Hall, Gawler Road. For more information please contact Tanya Wilson 0438 202 840, Narelle Copley 0439 837 099, Colleen Sheedy-Palethorpe 0417 899 968.

Golf club Two Wells Golf Club, McPharlin Road Lewiston [extn of Bethesda Rd]. 18 holes Scrapes course open April to October. Competitions; Tuesdays Ladies day, tee-off 9-9.30am. Thursdays, Mixed comp. followed by bbq lunch, 9 am tee-off. Saturdays Mixed Comp. tee-off from 11 am. Membership available Phone Club 85202607 or Secretary Ian Telfer 0413 870270

Healthy eating club Two Wells Healthy Eating Club, Fridays 9:30-10:30am, Catholic Church Hall (opp Cemetery) Cost $1 per week. Come in and have a chat about healthy foods and how to select the best products when doing your grocery shopping. We weigh each person each week and keep records so you can keep track of your weight. Make this your year for a healthier you! See you there, Chris Hart (President) 8520 2037.

$1.50 eacH


landcare Landcare Two Wells, Lewiston & Districts Land Care Group, Monthly Activities. Land Care is bigger than your back yard. Pat: 0419 860 981, Sharon: 0412 345 852.

kennel & obedience club

ADELAIDE PLAINS KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB, Training Wednesday evenings, Beginners, Grades 1 & 2 - 7pm, Grades 3, 4 & 5 - 7:40pm, Conformation 7:40pm. All breeds & people welcome. If you have a problem come & see us. Contact Josie on 8524 3499 for more info.

Neighbourhood watch Neighbourhood Watch meeting held every second Tuesday in the month (except January) at 7.30pm in the Two Wells Community RSL, Main Street of Two Wells. For more information contact Dave Body on 8524 2036 or Maria Aunger 8520 2328.

Play group Two Wells Play Group, every Friday morning except Public Holidays, 9:15am to 11am At Two Wells Children’s Centre. For more information contact the Two Wells Children’s Centre on: 8520 2358.

Probus club The Combined Probus Club of Two Wells Inc. Meetings are held in the Two Wells Bowling Club on the 4th Monday of the month from 10am. Come along and hear our guest speakers and enjoy some companionship. Contact: Ree Roden 8520 3773.

RSL Two Wells RSL Sub Branch, Main Street, Two Wells, Ph: 8520 2826, Open: Wednesdays 9am to Noon and Friday 4pm to 7pm, Subscriptions for 2014 are being taken from October 1, 2013. The Sub Branch will be closed from Friday December 20, 2013 and will reopen on Friday January 31, 2014. The Office will close Dec 20, 2013 & open Jan 29, 2014. Contact Tony: 0412 773 111, John: 0411 894 245.

Red Cross Two Wells Red Cross meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Catholic Church Hall, Two Wells at 1.30pm. All are welcome. Contact Jasmin Daniele on 8520 2233 for further information.

1St Two Wells scout group, PO Box 427 Two Wells SA 5501. Cub Scouts - Tuesday, 6.30pm to 8pm. Joey Scouts - Thursday 5.30pm to 6.45pm. Scouts - Thursday 7pm to 9pm. Group leader Ian Laughton Phone 0403 976 984.

Time Out Group Time Out Group at Two Wells. Meet Wednesday fortnightly, from 10am to 12 noon. In the Hart Memorial Hall, Two Wells. November 6 & 20. December 4 & 18. Contact Di Meaney 8520 2308.

Two Wells Blue Light Two Wells Blue Light held 4 times a year at the Two Wells Community Centre, 7pm to 9.30pm for ages 8 to 17 years. For more information contact Maria Aunger on 8520 2328 or Anne Porter on 8524 3382.

Two Wells Cricket Club

Two Wells Cricket Club (TWCC).

Interested in playing Cricket this Season. Senior Men’s Cricket Competitions available in two formats. 2 Day games and 1 Day (40 Over’s) played Saturday’s. Women’s Cricket Competitions played Monday Nights. Currently seeking junior interest. New players welcome, training from 5.30pm Thursday nights. Contact Michael Dimasi 0409 977 191

UCA Op shop Two Wells Uniting Church treasure trove op shop, opening times, Mon, Wed & Fri 9am to 4pm and Tue, Thur, Sat 9am to 12noon. Open all school holidays, come in and browse, Uniting Church Hall Drew Street, Two Wells, contact Pam Duncan 8520 2764 any time for information.

Uniting church Uniting Church Adult Fellowship. Meetings held monthly in the Uniting Church Hall with the aim to provide supported friendship and opportunities and to support the ongoing mission of the church. For information contact Mollie Frost 8520 2073 or Alan Howell 8520 3063.

Weight Watches Mallala Weight Watchers Group has moved to a new venue. Weighins, followed by a group meeting, will now be held at the Mallala Uniting Church every Monday night from 6.30pm. New members welcome.

yoga YOGA, Classes are at the Two Wells Catholic Church Hall are held on Mondays 7pm to 8:15pm. Enquiries to Diane 8520 2308 or 0427 616 301.

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Two Wells Echo, November, 2013


bethany takes a short cut to help others Getting a haircut for most of us is an ordinary, every-day thing, but for 16-yearold Two Wells resident, Bethany Cattell, her latest hairdressing experience took on a whole new meaning. While making the decision to get her lovely long locks cut to shoulder length in the school holidays took a bit of courage, it was a no-brainer for Bethany when she learnt her hair could be of use to others. After hearing about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program from her hairdresser, which aims to support women with cancer by providing free real-hair wigs to women who have lost their locks through treatment, Bethany decided to donate her hair to the cause. The Craigmore Christian School student said it was a great opportunity to help others. “I didn’t want it just falling on the floor, being swept away and going in the bin,” Bethany said. “I thought it would be something good to do and I’m really happy knowing that someone who’s lost their hair because of chemotherapy can use my hair to make themselves look beautiful.”

Council’s final vote for mayor

Councillors will vote for a new mayor for the last time at the District Council of Mallala’s upcoming internal council elections in November. Following a lengthy electoral review process earlier this year, members of the community will vote for the position of mayor from 2014. Current mayor and Lewiston ward councillor, Duncan Kennington, is again putting his hand up for the leadership role after relishing the opportunity to get out and about in the district over the past 12 months. “It’s something I’ve found more satisfying than I expected it to be,” Duncan said. “As I took leave from work I’ve had plenty of time to work on the job and build it up. I’ve had a lot of time to meet residents and attend community events and I’d like to build on that momentum and provide consistency to the council. “I believe I can raise the bar even higher and build on those community connections to empower the community.” Current deputy mayor and Two Wells ward councillor, Mark Wasley, is also putting his hat in the ring for the

Bethany reflects on getting her long hair cut by Natasha Pasin, at Become You hair salon in Gawler and RIGHT, Bethany holds the ponytail of hair she will donate to help make wigs for cancer patients. Bethany’s grandma died of cancer two years ago so the cause is close to her heart, and her Mum, Tania, couldn’t be prouder. “I’m very proud of her because it’s thinking of others,” Tania said.

Do you want an Accountant who really understands what you need?

“It’s also a great cause, putting something that may have been a waste and turning it into something good.” Bethany’s 30cm long ponytail is just one of 10,000 ponytails the Beautiful

Lengths program hopes to collect. YOU CAN TOO! • If you feel this is something you’d like to participate in, speak to your hairdresser or visit the web at www. au.

Development brings challenges for all In the previous Echo a number of people described eloquently the sense of optimism that the Hickinbotham development has created. Eddie Stubing has described how “Two Wells is ready to burst into life.” There’s no doubt about that. Our council CEO, Charles Mansueto, has described how the current town centre will remain the focus of retail and service delivery. Regional Development Australia chairman and local resident, Ian O’Loan, said he felt the development was “… the best presented and researched plan with

MESSAGE TO RESIDENTS: From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor

Duncan Kennington community consultation I have ever seen in SA”. Of course with a project of this size occurring over several decades, challenges will occur and the community will need to insure all decisions dovetail together to achieve a cohesive, sustainable and harmonious district. First, the overwhelming number of blocks will

Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

top leadership position, and believes after two years in the deputy role he is well placed to step up. “I will definitely be putting my hand up for mayor this November,” Mr Wasley confirmed. “I think after being at least two years as deputy I’ve got a fairly good understanding of the role of mayor and I think I could carry out the duties of mayor appropriately.” As it stands, the mayor, or chairperson, is elected every 12 months by councillors, not ratepayers but this will be the last year this process is in effect, with a mayor elected by the community set to come into effect at the 2014 elections. Positions open at the November council meeting include the mayor and deputy mayor roles, as well as the chairpersons of the council’s Strategic Infrastructure and Planning Committee and the Community and Governance Committee. A review of council elected members of these committees will also take place at this time. The next full council meeting will be held at Mallala on Monday, November 25, at 7pm.

need to be big enough to provide the rural lifestyle we take for granted in this district. Children need the room to play cricket in the backyard. Parents need room to build a BBQ. Most of us babyboomers grew up on quarter acre (1000m2) blocks and, particularly in a rural setting, this should continue.

Public schooling will be required. Having spent the whole of my professional life working in public schools, I recognise the value of public schools to building an educated cohesive community. The public school will accept all students irrespective of income, religion, or politics. Other challenges and opportunities will occur that none of us have anticipated. To optimise our response to these situations we will need an active, confident and vocal community together with a responsive council. Exciting times ahead!

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- Community/individual advocacy, engagement and consultation ✓ Community/individual Leesa’s office helpsadvocacy, our local engagement sporting teams community ❑ and and consultation - Provide advice and assistance on Local, State and Federal ✓ groups by: State and ❑ Provide advice and assistance on Local, Government matters. Federal Government matters. - Refer you to the appropriate service provider or Government ✓ ❑ Refer you to the appropriate serviceon provider  Providing information grantsor opportunities agency if we can’t provide the service. Government agency if we can’t provide the service.  Assisting in the grant application process -✓Assist Community Organisations with grant applications. ❑ Assist Community Organisations with grant applications. Offering letters of support applications -✓Raise matters in State Parliament thatfor aregrant of concern to ❑ Raise matters in State Parliament that are of concern you or the community. to you or the community. Public enquiries welcome TAYLOR ELECTORATE OFFICE Paralowie Shopping Centre ELECTORATE OFFICE Unit 1 & 2,TAYLOR 9 Liberator Drive, Paralowie SA 5108 Paralowie Shopping Ph: (08) 8280 5144 Fax: (08) 8280 5526 Email: Centre Unit 1 & 2, 9 Liberator Drive, Paralowie SA 5108 Ph: (08) 8280 5144 Fax: (08) 8280 5526 Email:


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Warning on crabs


Sara Oljey

Real need to be vigilant

Hi all. It seems that the hot weather has been making itself felt, with some strong winds also creating havoc. The surrounding area has dried out dramatically over the last week or two and our local Two Wells brigade has been kept busy with call outs, 15 over the past 10 days. These include several car fires, some small burn offs and an inside structure fire, as well as a large spill (about 500 metres) on Port Wakefield road the brigade helped to clean up. Four of our members attended a large hay shed fire, spending nearly nine hours there. There was also a call out to assist the ambulance service. • Our local captain, Adam Harris, has gone over to NSW on a five day deployment, along with other SA CFS volunteers, to help fight the fires over there. Let’s all take heed and remain vigilant, helping us to keep our community and surrounding district safe. You can check with the CFS home page on the internet or contact the council for fire ban days and information. As ever, we can be found down Wells Rd, opposite the hotel. We train Monday nights from 7:30pm, with cadets training fortnightly from 6pm till 7.30pm.

Remembrance day

Remembrance Day will be celebrated at the Two Wells War memorial on Monday November 11. The service will commence at 11am and will be conducted by Two Wells RSL president, Tony Flaherty. All members of the general public are welcome to attend, with refreshments served at the RSL hall after the service.

Patrols shocked by massive illegal catches

Recreational fishers are being reminded about the size limits and new bag and boat limits while fishing for blue swimmer crabs in Gulf St Vincent. Fisheries and Aquaculture Operations director, Peter Dietman said it was disappointing to find high levels of noncompliance among fishers since the new limits came into effect on July 1 – despite information about the limits being available across a variety of channels. Patrols on the crabbing beaches conducted during September and over the October long weekend revealed a high level of non-compliance resulting in more than 3800 blue swimmer crabs being seized. The patrols, which covered all beaches from St Kilda in the metropolitan area and northward along the top of Gulf St Vincent to Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsula, resulted in more than 680 fishers being checked over two weekends. In addition to the crab seizures, with many crabs being undersize, a total of 90 expiation notices and 54 caution notices were also issued. “The non-compliance rate, specifically in relation to undersized crabs, is totally unacceptable,” Mr Dietman said. “People who think that it is acceptable to take undersize crabs and exceed the bag limit are damaging the fishery for everyone.” Fisheries Minister Gail Gago said ensuring the state’s fisheries are protected is a priority of the State government. “We have some of the best-managed fisheries in the world, and to keep it this way everyone needs to make sure they are

doing the right thing. “In most cases this is what occurs, but for the few who spoil it for the many, our dedicated fisheries officers are constantly out across the state’s waters keeping an eye out and spreading the word.” Mr Dietman said Fisheries officers work firstly to educate the community about fishing regulations, but blatant disregard for size and bag limits were treated seriously with seizures and fines.

Fishers ignore new rules, exceed bag limits and take undersized crabs “We widely publicised the new limits before they came into effect with this information readily available on our website, social media channels and brochures,” he said. “In recent weeks our Fishwatch volunteers have also been out and about advising fishers about the new rules. “The most disappointing this is that the majority of fishers inspected during the patrols were aware that size and bag limits exist for blue swimmer crabs, and yet many still chose to take undersize crabs, while

THE Iona Pilgrims (from left) Christopher Kent, Jasmin Woll, Emily Boaden, Emily Kirby, Alec McClymont, Isabella Pellicone, Daniella Costa, Mateusz Kowalski.

Developing at home and abroad A great deal has been happening at St Columba College this year. The newly-established Senior School site is now complete with the movement of Year 10 students across to this purpose built facility. The college now has three separate sites – Primary, Middle and Senior all within easy walking distance of each other. The establishment of a separate site for Years 10-12 allows senior students the concentrated support they need to undertake their academic studies in a targeted environment. With access to sophisticated facilities such as the senior studies research space, specialist science laboratories and new classrooms the senior students


News from

are well supported as they complete their SACE in Year 12 and move towards university or TAFE pathways. The College also introduced for the first time this year, the St Columba College Iona Pilgrimage to the United Kingdom. A group of 12 students accompanied by staff travelled through England and Scotland in July, visiting many of the great cathedrals such as Westminster, York, Canterbury and Durham and finally the island of Iona where our patron St Columba set up his mission to bring Christi-

anity to Scotland. As both an Anglican and Catholic college, visiting Cathedrals and sites so important in the history of both churches gave the students from Years 10 and 11 the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the history of Christianity in the UK as well as visit some of the most sophisticated and exciting cities in the world. It was a life-changing trip for all and the College looks forward to taking a new group of students next year. o

there were some who don’t know when to stop fishing and ignore the legal limits.” “Size, bag and boat limits are an important tool in managing the State’s valuable fish stocks and ensuring their continued sustainability.” n NEW LIMITS: Current rules relating to catching blue crabs in Gulf St Vincent are a daily bag limit (recently been reduced to 20 per person), and a minimum size limit of 11cm width, measured across the carapace from the base of the largest spines, also applies. It is also illegal to take female crabs with eggs and they must be returned to the water straight away without harm. The new limits remain in effect until June 30, 2014.

n Anyone can report illegal fishing activity through the 24 hour FISHWATCH number on 1800 065 522. Callers will speak to a Fisheries officer and can choose to remain anonymous. For up to date information on size, bag and boat limits simply send a text message with the name of a fish species to the SMSFish number 0427 767 995 and receive an immediate text response or visit www.pir. Further information on recreation fishing rules, regulations and closures is now also available from the SA Recreational Fishing Guide smartphone app which can be downloaded from http://www.pir.

Tune in when Jane keeps us informed Well-known and respected media presenter, Jane Doyle, will be speaking in Mallala next month as part of the District Council of Mallala’s Library Services’ successful and popular author events. The media mogul, who has presented “Seven News” in Adelaide since 1989, will be guest speaker at Mallala Football Club on Wednesday, November 13, from 1pm. Jane’s media career began more than 30 years ago when she left her position as a schoolteacher for a newspaper cadetship in a far North Queensland country town. In 1981 Jane moved with her husband to Port Pirie and was employed part time on the local newspaper, “The Recorder”. She even managed to convince ABC Radio to give her casual work as an announcer! In 1986 the “Doyles” moved to Adelaide where Jane enjoyed a stint on ABC TV as a newsreader before joining Channel 7. In addition to her television commitments, Jane is also a breakfast newsreader for FiveAA.

In her spare time Jane enjoys spending time with her husband Ian, their son Henry, travelling, gardening, cooking, dining out, theatre and music – all easily accommodated in the great state of South Australia! The event is expected to attract great interest from the community so get in quick to secure your free tickets, which includes a delicious afternoon tea. Contact Two Wells Public Library during opening hours on 8520 2100 or email as seats are limited.

Spotlight on Halloween fun It’s time to find your inner ghoul or dress up as a ghost or gothic as the next Blue Light disco in Two Wells on Friday, November 1, celebrates Halloween. Doors open at 7pm and there are some great prizes on offer including

a 7-inch tablet, iPod shuffle, camera and cinema tickets. The discos are organ-

ised and supported by the Two Wells Blue Light group, who are always keen for new volunteers. Anyone interested in helping out at the discos should contact Senior Constable John Winsor at Two Wells Police on 8520 2309.

Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

Sporting club starts on $550,000 upgrade This time next year the “Roosters’ nest”, the Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club’s home base, will look a whole lot different. Now the 2013 season is out of the way, the club is set to start work on its long-awaited upgrade. It is planned to have the project completed for the start of the 2014 football and netball seasons. A working bee was held at the club on Sunday, September 29, to kick-start the $550,000 project, with members pitching it to pack away equipment, clear out change rooms and sort through years of football “stuff”. No doubt there was the odd footy boot or two that had seen better days found amongst it all! One of the major changes at the clubrooms will be the construction of new and improved change rooms, and the extension of the building to the south to incorporate a bigger dining area and new canteen and kitchen facilities. With nothing major being done to the club’s building in the past 20 years, club president, Francis Pellizzari, said an overhaul was long overdue and the committee had been working tirelessly over the past few years to apply for grant funding and seek community support for the project. Currently the players have basic showering facilities and ageing amenities in a cramped, poorly lit, room. The opposition’s change rooms are not much better. Francis said the new facility would see a more spacious area for the players to change in, with better showers and storage and also a designated area for the trainers. To make way for the new change rooms the old kitchen and canteen area will be stripped back and redesigned, with a new area for them incorporated into the extension at the southern end of the building. An umpires’ room and cricket storage shed will also be built to the rear of the clubrooms. Access from the back of the building will also be a priority, with

echo 7

Grant funding and plenty of hard work leads to a great facility for our community Bec O’Brien reports:

a planned doorway to allow people coming down from the netball courts easy entry into the clubrooms. Female showers, a baby change area, and a merchandise room are also things the club is planning to include in its redevelopment. “We’re entering an exiting time for our club,” Mr Pellizzari said. “We’re coming off a few years of success, with the grand final win last year, and backing it up with another grand final appearance this year. “The plan is that before the first ball is bounced in 2014, our renovations will be complete. “And we have been nominated to host the grand final next year. “For the first time since we joined this association, in 1987, we will host a grand final, so that’s a bit of an incentive for us to finish.” Mr Pellizzari said the renovations had been a long time coming but the club was now moving forward. “It’s all adding to the culture we’re trying to establish here; a family friendly community on and off the field,” he said. The club is currently seeking assistance for the project from members, families and local tradies, with a “buy-a-paver” option just one way the local community can be involved. It plans to sell pavers to the general public with names engraved on them to raise funds and give members, supporters, families and individuals the opportunity to contribute. Pavers will be sold for

We have been nominated to host the grand final next year ...

TWF&NSC president, Francis Pellizzari, shows where the new canteen and bar will be as part of the club’s long-awaited upgrade.

... It’s all adding to the culture we’re trying to establish here; a family friendly community on and off the field

Two Wells footballers, Ned Seccafien and Bryce Hart stand in the current change rooms, which will have this dividing wall knocked out to create a bigger area for the home team.

– President Francis Pellizarri

$100 per paver for the first paver, subsequent pavers are $70 each for immediate family members only. Interested people can email the club, attention Alison Goss, at Earlier this year the club received a $200,000 State grant for the project and has already raised $80,000 on

LEFT: Flashback – celebrating the $200,000 State government grant funding in February, 2012, (from left) then Minister for Recreation and Sport, Tom Kenyon, presents a cheque to club secretary Alison Goss, Tiffany Gameau, Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos, Lynette Seccafien, club president, Francis Pellizzari and Brenton Applebee.

its own, with a further $122,500 in funding sourced. District Council of Mallala (DCM) is offering an $80,000 debenture loan; Bendigo Bank has pledged them $37,500 and Community Football SA has put up $5000. DCM has also provided the club with a $20,000 grant from its com-

munity partnerships program, to go towards a new air-conditioning system and cool room for the redeveloped building. Also this year the club was successful in gaining an Australian Football League grant of $50,000 but hoped to keep costs down with donations of time, labour and equipment. FOOTBALLERS (from left) Lachlan Franklin, Michael Abdilla and Sam Barker take a break from helping to strip back the club’s kitchen area in readiness for the new development to go ahead.

Flashback to 1988 and how the clubrroms were when a big crowd turned up at the oval for the start of a Variety Club Bash. Two Wells Echo, November, 2013


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Christmas parade

The 2013 Two Wells Christmas street parade is fast approaching, with four new and exciting stall holders secured already. Friday December 13 is the date for the parade and streetparty, and now is the time for stallholders to register their interest. Charges for this year are: Businesses $55, local charities/services $10, local residents of Two Wells/Lewiston $25. All other stall holders $30. Please apply to Bev Smith-Trim for the stallholder application form by phoning 0418 811 315, or emailing There are also a number of competitions,including:


4 YEARS OLD AND UNDER – Christmas themed picture to colour. These are available at the Craft Shop. 5 – 8 YEARS OLD – 2 decorated Christmas biscuits on a plate. 9 – 11 YEARS OLD – Decorated Christmas cupcake on a plate. OPEN - Craft a handmade Christmas decoration in any medium. SENIORS/OVER 60 - An edible Christmas treat eg cake, biscuits, sweets etc. All entries can be left at the Two Wells Craft Shop and should be clearly labelled with a name and contact phone number prior to the street parade event.


For preschool aged children & their parents

Thursday Nov 7

9am - 10am at Horizon Christian School • Jumping castle • Craft activities • Face painting • Gross motor tasks • Take the opportunity to have a look around our fantastic facilities while your children have fun!

School Tour at 9.45am

“Mentoring for Success”

Business Mentoring Opportunity Help your business grow by learning from those that have been there before

6 month program

• Be matched with an experienced business owner • Subsidy available for limited time • Available for businesses of 0 – 20 staff

For more information contact: Anne Moroney - 8563 3603

The services provided by the Polaris Centre are funded by the Australian Government.

Melodrama group AGM

Two Wells Melodrama Group will be holding its annual general meeting on Monday November 4 at the Two Wells Community Centre, starting 7pm sharp. Some of the longerstanding committee members will be stepping aside or changing their roles and are delighted to see younger members willing to take on committee positions to ensure the group continues to provide theatre for the local community. The group is now in its 32nd year and plans are well under way for the May 2014 production being written by Jessica Renaglia, with “artistic input” from foundation member Anne Arbon and current director and committee member Eleisha Arbon. The melodrama will take place over three weekends, as usual, opening on May 17 and finishing on May 31. Details about prices and actual performance dates will be confirmed after the AGM. A general meeting will follow the AGM where decisions will be made about the group’s activities for the coming year, including a reunion dinner planned for next March. The proposed Comedy Night, which was due to be held on November 16, has been cancelled, although it remains on the agenda for 2014. For information about the TWMG, email dramatwo@ or leave a message with Rosa at Two Wells IGA. TWMG also has a Facebook page; simply type twowellsmelodrama to find the link. For those who prefer regular mail, post to PO Box 209, Two Wells, 5501.

Lewiston Scottish Deerhound breeder, Avril Stoffels, (pictured here with dog Alisa), took out this year’s Royal Adelaide Show Best in Show with her Scottish Deerhound, Robbie – and below, facing the judges, with Robbie not the least bit concerned! Lewiston resident, Avril Stoffels, has been breeding Scottish Deerhounds for more than 20 years and this year her dog “Robbie” was named Best in Show at the Royal Adelaide Show. From an entry of more than 2600 dogs, acclaimed Swedish judge Kenneth Edh, chose Anduril Robbie Burns or “Robbie” as he’s affectionately known, as the top dog. “As you can imagine this is a significant win which has been made all the more special by the wonderful congratulations and supportive comments about Robbie that have come in from all over the world,” Avril said. “It’s the first time a Scottish Deerhound has won at any major metropolitan royal show. It’s a once in a lifetime thing really.” Having first won best of breed in show for hounds, Robbie went on to beat six other best of breed dogs for the top title, including a Pug, Irish Cocker Spaniel and a British Bulldog. Avril said Robbie was judged on a variety of aspects including muscular and skeletal framework, gait or movement, temperament, and general appearance. Standing at just over 82 centimetres high at the wither, and weighing up to 48 kilograms, Robbie is no lap dog that’s for sure.

Wellbeing & Beauty


• Hair Extensions • Up Styles • Beauty • All Hair Care Needs

P: 8520 2220 F: 8520 2223

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am - 12.30pm Closed Sunday


down deer in the highlands of Scotland so they do like to chase things, but they’re very happy to lie around and just be part of the family. “They’re a lovely companion dog, an amazing breed and I adore them.” Avril also bred the Runner Up Best of Breed for the hounds, with Robbie’s sister taking this title.

Timely advice on crabbing

Health • Two full time practitioners • Practice nurse • In house pathology service

But while he may look imposing, Avril ascertains the Deerhound breed is a gentle, playful, affectionate and loyal dog. “What I’d say to people is they’re halfway between an Irish Wolfhound and a greyhound,” she explained. “Their whole aim in life is to be with you and spend time with you. They were bred to bring

Shop 11, 34 Heaslip Rd, Angle Vale Phone: 8284 9798

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Two Wells and Mallala Neighbourhood watch groups held a joint meeting on Tuesday, October 8 and invited PIRSA Fisheries officer, Dale McKerlie, as a guest speaker. Dale had lots of knowledge to share on crabbing, particularly within our coastal area. Dale discussed why the crab catch limits change, what Fisheries officers do and the situations they have dealt with while on the job. With the weather warming and more peo-

With Lisa Allen ple attending our coastal beaches, we ask the community to keep a look out and report any illegal fishing. Pamphlets including the fishing limit are available at the council depot and Two Wells

Library. See the separate report on crabbing in this issue. • You will notice more traffic police around Two Wells and we would like to remind everyone to drive safely on our roads. • Two Wells will hold its next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting on Tuesday, November 12 at 7.30pm in the Two Wells RSL hall, Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells. We actively encourage all people from the community to attend and have a say.

Two Wells Echo, November, 2013




























ROOF SEAL KAPUNDA 8566 2922 • 1300 36 70 70


200% OFFF

BLD Lic No: 40080


Two Wells Echo, November, 2013


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Who's new in term 4?

n Starting school for the first time this term at Two Wells Primary School are new Reception students, above from left, David Pyatt, Luke Majetic, Carlee Maynard, Tyson Pirri, Rory Heenan, Christopher Leak, Kaylee Baldock and Alli Goodwin. Absent was Paul Ensten.

n Getting a feel for school life are new Virginia Primary School Reception students, from left, Serelyna, Rebel, Anna, Brian and Steven. Absent was Jaeda.

Sail along with latest Trade Winds fashions

A fashion parade in support of Two Wells Red Cross will be held in November to raise funds for this year’s Red Cross baby entrant. The parade on Tuesday, November 19, at Two Wells Red Cross hall will feature Gawlerbased Trade Winds apparel, with women’s fashion items for sale including pants, tops, dresses,

News from

harem pants and overlays in a range of colourful prints, fabrics and sizes. “It will be a lovely chance to get together and share a cuppa and enjoy the morning fashion show,” president, Val Vercoe, said. “The clothing is light and casual, ready for summer and the festive season.” The event starts at 10am,

admission is $10 at the door with morning tea is included. All funds raised will go toward the 2013/14 Red Cross baby entrant for Two Wells, Chloe Taylor. If you’d like to help out, the group is seeking models for the parade. Contact president Val Vercoe on 8380 9223 or Jasmin Daniele on 8520 2233.

IT’S OUR TRANSPORT FUTURE IT’S YOUR SAY Don’t miss the opportunity to shape the way we live in and move around our State by telling us what you think of the draft Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan. The draft plan contains a range of actions to drive South Australia towards greater growth, prosperity and liveability, including: • an electrified Gawler train line, with increased service frequencies and upgraded stations • improved bus passenger transport services for the Barossa Valley • construction of the Northern Connector and transformation of South Road to a non-stop corridor


• new and upgraded roads across the State


• new bikeways and walking paths

• Murray Street, Gawler. Visit our staffed display at the Northern Market Shopping Centre between 9am and 5pm on Saturday, 16 November.

• regional rail, air, port and road freight solutions. We will be travelling around the State in November to listen to your ideas for transport and planning. Join us at one of our events, call us on 1800 767 254 or visit to read the plan and provide feedback online.

• Hutchison Street, Mount Barker. Visit our staffed display at Mount Barker Central (shopping centre) between 10am and 5pm on Saturday, 23 November 2013

Two Wells Echo, November, 2013


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Boxes packed with learning and love

Students at Two Wells Primary School have shown their generosity and thoughtfulness once again by participating in a program to help those less fortunate celebrate Christmas. Operation Christmas Child is organised by charity Samaritan’s Purse and presents under privileged children in overseas countries with “boxes of love.” The school first took part last year. TWPS Christian pastoral support worker, Tania Cattell, organised the school’s involvement with the project and was again blown-away by the support and enthusiasm of the students and their families. “The children who receive these boxes are going to be overwhelmed,” Tania said. “Even though these are very simple things to our children, to a child that has nothing, it’s all their Christmases come at once.

“It’s the simple things we’re packing that will have the biggest impact.” The project required each box to consist of something special, something to love, something hygiene related, something for school and something to wear, with all goods donated brand new. Each box was also age and gender specific, targeting children 2 – 4 years old, 5 – 9 years old and 10 – 14 years old. Some of the items placed in the boxes included hats, tennis balls, pencils and paper, toothbrushes and hairbrushes, stickers, head bands, watches, teddies, crayons, skipping ropes, shoes and clothing. An information sheet compiled

by the students about Two Wells was also placed in each box. Tania said the school had managed to put together nearly 40 boxes with a value of between $15 and $20 each, and said they would be sent to children in South-East Asia including Vietnam, Thailand and Papa New Guinea. “This project has taught the kids so much,” Tania said. “They’ve learnt about compas-

sion for other kids, they’ve learnt not every child is like them, they’ve learnt about giving and making a difference, and they also get the reward of helping others. “It also shows the community that our children have spirit.” The school held a casual clothes day, which raised $350, to contribute to the charity and to help with postage costs.

n Two Wells Primary School’s Christmas “boxes of love” are bound for under privileged kids in South East Asia. Pictured, from left, are students Bethany Taylor, Jade Hunt and Connor Barnett.

‘Blue Light’ donation steers to road safety A visit to the Road Safety Centre in Thebarton for junior primary school students at Two Wells Primary School has been made possible following a donation by the Two Wells Blue Light group. The group’s $320 donation has meant the school can hire a bus to take the almost 120 Reception to Year 2 students to the centre, where they will

n ON hand for the cheque presentation are (back) Tayla Sharpe, Patrick Porter, Senior Constable John Winsor, Josh Silvy, (middle) Anne Porter, Jennifer and Don Nichol, TWPS principal Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown, (front) Hudson Barnett, James Pastush, Jack Stringer and Ayden Sheehan.

have the opportunity to learn about road safety, ride bikes and interact positively with police members. TWPS principal, Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown, said the donation was opening up new learning opportunities for the students. “It’s very generous and greatly appreciated,” Mrs Fitzpatrick-Brown said. “It will allow the children to explore bike safety in a secure environment and get expert advice from friendly police officers. “It’s a positive interaction with police personnel and will hopefully give the students a better understanding of their role. “It’s also an opportunity we wouldn’t normally be able to participate in.” The students will visit the centre on November 20.

21st Century Kids Grant funds help Virginia’s teaching process Virginia Primary School is embracing 21st technology, with the school recently boosting the number of laptops and iPads for classroom use and integrating a range of new initiatives. Thanks to a Sidney Myer grant of close to $10,000, the school’s 300-odd students will soon have an additional 26 iPads for student use. This will mean each class will have access to either five laptops or five iPads in addition to the desktop computers already available. VPS principal, Ilia Tsoutouras, is excited by the technological advances the school is making, saying the children of today live in a technological world and teaching to that is important.

“I’m really proud with the learning progress that’s happening here and this is just adding to the high quality programs we have,” Mr Tsoutouras said. “There have been many exciting developments on the information communication and technology front at Virginia. Having iPads and laptops permanently based in classrooms are proving to be a fantastic learning tool for our students.” The grant is just one way the school is using technology to improve learning outcomes for its students. Installing wireless Internet connection across the school is another way students at VPS will be able to improve their learning through the use

Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

of technology and expand the walls of the classroom. “Students will be able to move across the school,” Mr Tsoutouras said. “This will mean their learning doesn’t stop with the four walls of the classroom but has endless possibilities.” Another initiative the school is taking up is the introduction of the Skool App – a new iPhone app specifically for schools to stay in touch with families and for families to keep track of events, view procedures and update information. Mr Tsoutouras said this application had been up and running since Term 3 and more than 100 people had already downloaded it. “What we want to do is

Pictured with school principal Ilia Tsoutouras (centre) are students, from left, Theodore, Jade, Anthony and Chloe, in costume. give parents an insight into (and) to strengthen that part- kids so it’s really about enwhat happens in the school,” nership between parents and gaging them in their learning school. (and) being able to differentihe said. “The possibilities are end- ate learning to suit the needs “We want to give them an of an individual. understanding of how they less with this tool. can help their kids at school “These are 21st Century “This is one tool for that.”


FIRE SEASON District Council of Mallala The 2013 – 2014 Fire Danger Season for the Mid North which includes District Council of Mallala opens on


echo 12 special feature



It’s up to you!

Unless changed by Government declaration

During that time no fires may be lit in the open unless a permit for that purpose has been obtained from Council. Permits will not be issued prior to March 1, 2014. Contact Council for details of the rules relating to fires in the open for cooking and comfort purposes.

HEAVY PENALTIES APPLY FOR LIGHTING OR MAINTAINING AN UNAUTHORISED FIRE. Additional fire prevention and permit information is available at

In an EMERGENCY or to REPORT a fire


CALL 000

Country Fire Services FIRE BAN information 1300 362 361


Fire Prevention Officer

8527 0200


TO ALL LANDOWNERS AND OCCUPIERS IN THE MALLALA COUNCIL AREA Pursuant to the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005, the owner of private land in the country must take reasonable steps to protect property on the land from fire and to prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of fire through the land and minimise the threat to human life from a fire on the land. Maximum Penalty $5000. Council officers will be inspecting properties from early October onwards, to assess compliance with CFS requirements. Property owners issued with a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice are required to comply with the requirements of that notice within the required time indicated or Council may organise a contractor to perform the work required, at the owners expense and may take further legal action against them. PLEASE NOTE, Council is able to issue an Expiation Notice for the offence of not complying with the requirements of Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice. Fee for non compliance $315.

CFS Requirements: • Vacant town blocks are required to have all dry flammable material to be reduced to a maximum height of 10 cm by means of slashing or mowing or removing and be maintained throughout the Fire Danger Season. • House blocks are required to have all dry flammable grass material reduced to a maximum height of 10 cm by means of slashing or mowing or removing and be maintained throughout the Fire Danger Season. • Larger blocks (more than 2 hectares) will require having a firebreak, slashed or mowed to maximum height of 10cm to a minimum width of 5 metres around property boundary, and with a minimum width of 20 metres around any building or asset on the property. This must also be maintained throughout the Fire Danger Season. • All flammable material must be stored in a safe manner. Please have an ongoing maintenance program to keep your property fire safe. Council thanks property owners and occupiers for the attention they put towards fire safety. Who knows, it may be your own home you save.

FIRE PREVENTION OFFICER PETER BUTTERY 8527 0200 If you live in this council area and have a fire prevention concern, then contact your local Fire Prevention Officer.


TWO Wells CFS captain Adam Harris cleans gutters on a shed. He says Lewiston is potentially a very dangerous area. Prepare properties by cleaning gutters and creating a defendable open space around your home.

Don’t risk a fire – clean up now Local CFS members are warning the potential for fire to sweep through our area is high following significant winter and spring rain, which has seen plants and wild grasses burst into growth. Two Wells CFS brigade captain, Adam Harris, shown cleaning gutters, says with the weather warming up, now is the time to start preparing for summer and the dangerous fire season ahead. Residents need to start taking measures to protect their homes from fire and plan what they would do if a bushfire broke out, Adam advised, Although Two Wells was not surrounded by dense bush land, many homes and properties in Lewiston could get caught out if a fire started in the area. “Lewiston is potentially a very dangerous area,” he said. “Everyone is living on two-acre blocks and that makes it hard for us to get access to those blocks. “On one of those catastrophic days, if a fire went through there, it could potentially wipe the whole area out.” Accessing rural properties was something Adam highlighted as a big problem, not only for the CFS but also for other emergency services. He said residents needed to assess

whether a fire truck or ambulance could fit down their driveway and to clear lower foliage from trees and shrubs. “Many driveways are obscured by trees and lots of properties have scrub and bush land very close to the house,” he said. “This makes for a dangerous mix as it’s going to be really dry this year. “Priorities for residents are keeping your grass down and having a 25-metre defendable open space around your building. “Anything that’s burnable within that 25 metres needs to be removed. Clean gutters and access to water are also things people need to think about. If people do that, they will give themselves the best chance of protecting their properties.” Following the CFS’ mantra of “Prepare. Act. Survive” should also be something all families plan for and discuss, Adam advised. If residents notice any council land that needs attention, Adam said calls should be directed to the District Council of Mallala, not the CFS, as they are powerless to do anything but pass the message along. n Visit the CFS website at www.

•From page 1 “We didn’t know what was going on at first,” Chantel said. “The kids were anxious about Adam that first night, worried about him, and couldn’t sleep. “But once Adam got in contact and explained he was involved with back burning efforts, we all relaxed. “He was able to speak to the kids in the morning and at night, so that made things easier for them.” Adam said one of the country’s biggest bush fires was mostly contained when he flew back to South Australia on Saturday October 26, and warned

locals needed to be prepared for the hot summer ahead. “We’ve already had a large number of call-outs in the past few weeks,” he said. “Property owners need to take action now to reduce fuel load, clean gutters, and prepare a fire action plan.” The Mid-North fire season is expected to begin on November 15 and runs until April next year. From now until the fire season starts Adam advised locals to check for any total fire ban days before burning rubbish, by contacting the local council or visiting the CFS website at www.

Adam answers the call to NSW

Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

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FLAG flies through 10 years

Current and former members of FLAG celebrated 10 years of fun, family and friendship at a special celebration in Two Wells last month and below, Rosalie and Jacinta Close, both 9, enjoyed the craft activities.

Tanya Wilson helped start FLAG 10 years ago and is pictured with her children Kayleigh and Nathan and the flowers she was presented with for her efforts over the years. Community group Families Learning and Growing (FLAG) celebrated 10 years of fun, family and friendship at a special celebration in Two Wells last month. The event, held on Friday October 4 at the Uniting Church hall, saw many past and present members gather to enjoy craft activities, birthday cake and games. Current FLAG leader, Colleen Sheedy-Palethorpe, said the group had come a long way since its beginnings in 2003, with a “mum’s time-out” session, presenters and outings all activities the group now provides. Colleen presented former leader, Tanya Wilson, with flowers in recognition of her commitment and dedication to the group since its inception a decade ago. A shared morning tea and yummy birthday cake was enjoyed by all, with kids and adults alike relishing the chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones! The group meets every Friday morning at the Uniting Church hall with themes for each term, outings and presentations also scheduled throughout the term. Contact Colleen Sheedy-Palethorpe on 0417 899 968 for further information or drop in to one of their get-togethers on a Friday morning, everyone is welcome.

Angus Hall and Charlene Boyles enjoying FLAG’s birthday morning tea

Current FLAG leader Colleen Sheedy-Palethorpe (far left) with former leaders Tanya Wilson, Wendy Sharpe, Helen Gammon, Karen Hall and Narelle Copley, holding Isabel, cut the 10th birthday cake.

LEFT: Chloe Sharpe and Sarah Pettina joined in the celebrations.



The Good Food SPECIALS GALORE! • Disable toilet access in the beer garden • Gamble responsibly

TWO WELLS TAVERN Old Pt Wakefield Road, Two Wells - 8520 2210

ENJOY LUNCH WITH US Delicious home cooked meals with aromatic coffee made just the way you like it Good old fashioned friendly service Virginia Shopping Centre - 8380 9486 HOT & COLD FOOD BAR



Two Wells Echo, November, 2013


n Two Wells Tavern duty manager, Joey Yates (centre) with Josie Brainwood and John Moore, of Parkside, in the beer garden.

• Cocktail • Pies & Pasties etc • Birthday cakes • Pastries • Catering Platters • Fresh fruit salad platters • Rolls and salad platters


76 Old Pt Wakefield Rd (opposite oval) - Ph: 8520 2367


All top class at the Tavern Christmas is coming up, which means end of-year celebrations will be upon us before we know it! Whether it be your work Christmas party, family dinner or a catchup with friends, Two Wells Tavern welcomes you. The tavern can cater for any special parties or functions, in the comfy dining room, or the relaxed atmosphere of the beer garden. With warmer weather approaching, now is the ideal time to enjoy a meal in the spacious beer garden dining area. The beer garden is even more user friendly then ever, with the installation of nearby easily accessible toilet facilities for the disabled.

Two Wells Tavern offers you a huge range of menu choices, with something to suit everyone. Fresh fish and chips, tender steaks, ever-popular beef or chicken schnitzels, along with tasty pasta, vegetables and salads, are all available at the tavern. Specials on the menu board change regularly, so keep an eye out for those. If you’d like to arrange a special menu package for a function, give the tavern a call and the staff will be happy to help. The tavern is open every day of the week, for lunch or dinner, dine in or takeaway. n Phone the tavern on 8520 2210 for bookings or takeaway orders.

Wheatsheaf Hotel Gamble responsibly

A La Carte Menu with FREE Salad/Vegie Bar

Virginia’s family friendly hotel

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There’s reasons for limits


recently went fishing with my son at Thompson Beach. We walked out for what seemed like kilometres (low tide). Although we didn’t catch much it was fantastic out there, the water was so clear we could see an array of aquatic animals from small rays, various species of fish and crabs all going about their business in their search for food or shelter. What a fantastic environment we have within our region. As we waded our way back to the car a person whom was crabbing close to the shoreline said to me there was an inspector nearby. As I got to my car the inspector (Fisheries officer) asked if we had any luck, unfortunately we did not. As I was talking to him I mentioned about some of the concerns residents from some of the coastal communities are having, involving people taking crabs that were under-sized and more than their legal bag limit. I heard recently that a person was caught with 340 crabs in the boot of his car and only three were of legal size. As we talked the inspector asked a person to empty out his bucket. He had about 30 crabs ranging in size with a number well under size. The person proceeded to tell the inspector that he didn’t know what the legal size or bag limit was. It was reassuring to hear he was about to

receive a fine. As a child, my parents would take me crabbing at several of the beaches within our region. It was opportunities like this that help develop our understanding of our environments and of the animals within it. If we want our children to have the same opportunities to experience the biodiversity around us, then behaviours such as I have described have to stop. We all need to manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner. Bag limits and size limits are there for a reason.

With Mark Webb

Whether you believe the size or bag limits are justified (or not) – they are based on the best available science of the day. To sustain a population of any species requires a species to reach maturity so reproduction can take place within the following seasons. Taking the smaller/young crabs will reduce future populations of this species. Within Gulf St Vincent the minimum size for a blue swimmer crab is 11cm across

carapace and the maximum bag limit is 20. Please be aware of these limits before catching or collecting any animals from our environment. When people take illegal sized animals from these environments we all lose. If you are aware of these kinds of behaviours please contact the fisheries, police or council. The future of our local wildlife depends on all of us. I believe anything is possible when people work together.

Snake workshops useful

• Last month our Landcare group ran three snake awareness workshops, which was supported by Mallala and Light councils and the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board and attended by about 50 people. I am a firm believer in the more knowledge we have the better informed decisions we can then make. These sessions were a practical introduction to local snakes, how to recognise snake hazards, what to do about them and what to do if an accident happens, presented by Geoff Coombe from Adelaide Snake Catchers. Ethan, who was at the Mallala workshop, felt so comfortable he was quite happy for this photo to be taken with this carpet python under supervision from Geoff.

Family fun for all at Children’s Centre TWCCC director Sarah Wormald (right) and early childhood professional Lucy Butler with the guernsey to be auctioned.

“We value the efforts from the beginning idea to what is now a comprehensive, all-inclusive, high quality service for children and families from birth to 12 years old.

End of year concert celebrating 10 years

SILENT AUCTION Friday November 15 5pm to 7.30pm

Place your bid by calling the centre or place it on the night • Lots more activities on the night • $10 per child (large family discounts) Pre selling tickets - Limited tickets at the door. Available at TWCCC or call 8520 2358 for more information


Make use of E Waste service

• I have seen many dumped TVs and monitors around our region; it doesn’t have to be that way. Our council has a Free-E Waste collection centre for all old TV’s and Monitors at the Two Wells Transfer Station on Wednesdays 1.30 -3.30pm, Saturday’s 8.00am – 10.00am or Sundays 10.30am – 12.30pm or Mallala Resource Recovery Centre on Thursday’s 1.30 – 3.30pm, Saturdays 10.30am – 12.30pm or Sundays 8.00am – 10.00am. This is a free service so please take advantage of it. When people value our environment we all win. Email Two Wells Lewiston & Districts Landcare Group at for more information.

n Letter to the Editor n

10th Anniversary IT has been 10 years since the Two Wells Community Children’s Centre first opened its doors and the site is set to celebrate next month with a special evening event. A host of activities has been organised for the event, with TWCCC director, Sarah Wormald, saying the November 15 night would be a great chance for past and present families of the centre to gather, share conversations, reflect on the last decade and join in the fun. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the wonderful service we have given the Two Wells community over the last 10 years,” she said.

ETHAN proudly holds a carpet python.

“What the celebration aims to achieve is not only celebrating the success of the 2013 year but also the success of the last 10 years while also giving the opportunity for families to meet other families and interact with educators at the centre in a relaxed environment. “We are thrilled to be recognising the efforts and contributions of previous Two Wells community members, staff and families.” Activities organised for the event, which runs from 5pm until 7.30pm on Friday November 15, include a Bop Til U Drop disco, jumping castle, face painting, sausage sizzle, silent auction, cake and coffee stall and craft activities. One of the prize items in the silent auction will be a signed West Coast Eagles gurnsey, with signatures from the 2013 squad, kindly donated by footballer Sam Butler from WCE who is the

brother of TWCCC early childhood professional, Lucy Butler. The general public can get in on this unique opportunity to own a piece of AFL memorabilia, with phone bids taken for this item until 7pm on the night. Contact the centre on 8520 2358 to make your bid. The centre’s childcare and kindergarten children will also perform their annual Christmas concert as part of the proceedings and will take to the stage just after 7pm. Tickets are $10 for children three and over, with adults and children two years and under free and can be purchased from the centre during business hours. If you haven’t been to the centre in a while, or you are keen to see what all the rave is about, why not put Friday November 15 in your diary and join in the celebrations?

When I retired I returned to my home town of Two Wells. I recall coming back to a ‘dying town’ that had been bypassed by the new highway. As I had been a political activist forever, I joined the local community group, which was trying to get the council to fund a streetscape, to save our town. It was a long drawn-out battle but, as a result of that group, today we have paved footpaths, kerbing, well maintained shops and war memorial, street trees and flowers, several outdoor café areas, a wonderful bakery and a plush pizza restaurant with an open fire. The combined efforts of the residents and Mallala Council have worked wonders. Two recent council decisions, however, have started to unwind the work we started, to aid the small businesses of this town. The proposed positioning of the pedestrian crossing by the post office is poorly placed (refer September Communicator), damaging the street aesthetics and will cost the small businesses dearly, as did the closing of Drew St to trucks. The paved area in front of the Post Office (PO) will be extended out to the width of the current parking space, forming a bottleneck where people catch the bus. It’s why we have seating under the shady tree, which saves council building a bus shelter. Turning that car parking space into a bus parking zone may have been a better option. All five angle parks in front of the old bank and the IGA will be removed. Two garden beds will be affected. The roses and a couple of the trees, which have been maturing for 12 years to provide shade, will be destroyed with little consideration of how new trees struggle to get a foothold, in our hot bituminised street. Businesses are dependent on parking spots in front of their shops. Heavy groceries need to be loaded directly into cars at the front of shops. With parking areas further away, if shopping trolleys are required to be pushed up an incline, to be returned, it could result in trolleys littering the street area. Adding two new parking places

Street plan will unwind earlier effort

and a new garden bed by the grain merchant, in front of petrol bowsers, which may be reactivated in the future, seems a needless risk. That business already has space for ‘off street’ parking out front. And good luck trying to get trees established in that contaminated soil. That same area, which is at the crest of the hill, and between the public toilets and shops, would be a more popular place for the pedestrian crossing. While locals use the post office, many more visitors use the toilets and the shops. Mini buses, with seniors, park by the toilets and the barbecue area, by the heritage walk. They cross the street there, to get groceries, or a cup of coffee. They don’t walk back over the hill to the PO, to go to the shops or cafes. Unlike the PO area there is no expensive re-paving, re-kerbing and plant replacement required, so it would be less costly, more aesthetic and no loss of business. In one stroke the Drew street traffic restrictions reduced the bakery and southern end food businesses by 40 per cent. Formerly customers coming in from Gawler Rd could turn left and parallel-park in the main street. Now those extra trucks are not slowing to turn, but barrelling, at speed, over the railway lines through the town, past two kindergartens and the school entrance. To buy food they now have to turn left at the Tavern and park on the wrong side of the road, because there is only angle parking on the left, and the road is too narrow for U turns. Council received few responses to their submission, but if you care about our town or have a better suggestion, contact them before the next meeting and have your say. Mallala Council can be contacted on 8527 0200. Jill Barclay-Davis, Two Wells Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

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Classifieds Wanted to Buy

HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Ph 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217.



BarlEy Hay Bales suitable for horses, 250. $5 each ex Gawler River. Phone 0408 832 380.



Bill & Gloria Milton All friends are welcome to celebrate with Bill, Gloria and family at an Afternoon Tea

Members of Virginia Primary School’s SAPSASA football team, back from left: principal and coach, Ilia Tsoutoras, Thao T, Reanna, Jade, Cheyenne, Vicki, Grace, Emma, Dyanna, Erica, Rhiannon. Front: Cathy, Sandy, Truc, Han, Jasmine, Melissa, Monica and Kaitlin.

Girls show their footy style A group of Year 6/7 students from Virginia Primary School took part in the annual SAPSASAfootball competition at the end of last term The all-girls side showed their skill and style throughout

the event and took part in the grand final on Wednesday September 25 against Mary Mount College. VPS principal Ilia Tsoutoras coached the team, saying it was a great experience for all involved

and a terrific effort by the girls. “Although we didn’t win, our girls were winners in my eyes,” he said. “For many of them it was their first time ever playing football and they were up against

Sunday November 10 2pm – 5pm at Two Wells Bowls Club

• No gifts please, instead plant a tree or donate to a favourite charity. • Gloria turned 90 on Oct 16 & Bill will turn 90 on Nov 26.

RSVP Kay 8520 2778 or

a school who have a college football program. “They were very competitive and only went down by three goals.” Congratulations girls on a very special achievement.

The Taste of Tradition

Primo, Pt Wakefield Abattoir We currently have vacancies in our boning room for skilled or unskilled people who are willing to learn new skills. We offer excellent working conditions, above award wages and opportunities to learn new skills. To become a Primo employee you will need to be eager to learn, prepared to come to work everyday, drug and alcohol-free and willing to undergo a preemployment health assessment. Please contact Monique Martin or AnneMarie Curran at Primo’s HR Department for more information and to request an application for employment.

Young club member Hannah, being led by mum, Kaylene in her dressage test.

Riding high in the saddle! REPORT: Alison Gray & Alyssa Betts TWE&PC members

Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club has been busy over the last few months, having held three events, which have been open to other pony clubs, with the main focus being on education and new experiences. With riders ranging from being led, to having had many years in the saddle, it was a great opportunity to collect some of the more obscure patches to decorate club jumpers. A camp drafting clinic was held at Kim and Candy’s KC Park in Lewiston on September 1. Riders had to maneuver a cow around barrels in a certain pattern as fast as they can. Everyone had a lot of fun getting their horses used to chasing the cows! The Encourage Dressage day, held on September

15. This allowed riders to participate in the formal procedures involved in carrying out a dressage test in a relaxed environment. To keep some of the led riders entertained they were calling out things that started with the letter which was being ridden past at the time. Azone hunt was held in collaboration with Clare Hunt club on Marcus and Bec’s property in Reeves Plains on September 29. It was wonderful to be cantering across the rolling paddocks. These are the same grounds where the One Day Event will be held on April 26 and 27 next year. The club’s next rally is an assessment meeting to gain patches for Pony Club jumpers and will be held on November 3, followed by a normal rally on November 17, and an encouraged mini-zone event on November 24. For more information and club news, visit the club’s website:

TWE&PC president, Pentti Puro, leads the hunt field with visiting riders from Clare Hunt Club.

Previous applicants need not apply Phone: 8867 1088 or Email: or


Puzzle 31 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.53)





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Generated by on Mon Oct 18 01:19:18 2010 GMT. Enjoy!

TWE&PC led riders took part in the hunt. Pictured, from left, are Amelia Paul being led by Andy Paul, Lily Paul being led by Pentti Puro, and James Richardson being led by Marcus Richardson. Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

566 Waterloo Corner Road, Burton. Phone: 8280 6475 Mobile: 0408 829 541

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9.


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Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

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The Rise & Rise of the Two Wells & Districts Echo

From its inception as a tabloid newspaper in May 2010 the echo has grown in circulation by a staggering…………..



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Your support is behind the meteoric rise of the echo and has enabled us to home deliver to, not only TWO WELLS and LEWISTON but, from April this year, VIRGINIA and ANGLE VALE.

WHAT OUR ADVERTISERS SAY “I have advertised in the Echo from day one, and will continue to do so. It’s local and therefore goes to the very people I need to reach to promote my business. I am very happy with the service I get from the Echo’s friendly staff, and the paper’s a great read too. I believe advertising in the local paper works better than anything else.”


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The echo is a proud supporter of the Two Wells community For the three years our newspaper has been part of the Two Wells’ way of life, we have been involved with the local community as:

• Sponsors of Two Wells Football and Netball Club • Supporter of Two Wells Scout Troop • A financial partner of Two Wells Regional Action Team • Supporter of other community organisations, such as the Melodrama Group

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“The Echo is an important tool for my business because it is my local paper, and therefore reaches the whole of my target market. The friendly Echo staff are always helpful in organising my advertising, eliminating any hassles that might occur, so I can concentrate on running my business knowing my regular advertising is in place.”

Neville Seccafein, Two Wells IT

“The ‘Local Echo’ publication has been an integral advertising tool to promote our business and services within a localised, yet broad spread community – which has seen substantially more response than other publications we have tried.”

“The Two Wells & Districts Echo is a boon to my business. I like the fact that it goes to everyone in the local area, which is my target market, and now, with the increased circulation, my adverts will reach more people. The staff are helpful and easy to deal with too.”

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Andrew Manuel - Manager As managing director of the Plains Producer, Andrew is highly experienced at managing a newspaper. Now in his twentieth year in newspapers, his handson approach has given him skills in all areas of the publication and production process. He is also a member of the Country Press Association and Balaklava Racing Club committees. A keen golfer and fisherman, Andrew is married to Merridy and the couple have three children.

Terry Williams - Editor With more than 40 years in the print media industry, Editor Terry Williams brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Echo. Also Editor of the Plains Producer newspaper in Balaklava, Terry began his career at The News - Adelaide’s now defunct afternoon newspaper and the Sunday Mail. Terry went on to hold various senior editorial positions with News Ltd’s Adelaide and Brisbane publications, including sporting editor, assistant editor and Chief of Staff of the Sunday Mail. He was Operations Manager of The News when it closed in 1992. He also worked as Editor of the Gawler Bunyip and for five years was administration officer for the Country Press Association of SA, which represents all country newspapers. Terry and wife Lee have also been small business owners, operating the Terminus Hotel in Balaklava and two newsagencies in Adelaide. Terry is involved in local community groups and likes to spend his leisure time fishing from his boat – or as he likes to say, “boating with an occasional unlucky fish accidentally captured.”

Bec O’Brien - Journalist Bec O’Brien joined the Echo team in 2011 and has a degree in journalism from the University of South Australia. She has worked at the Port Lincoln Times newspaper, written for the Tennis SA magazine and in the past has been heard reading the news on 3D radio. Bec is also a fully qualified primary school teacher and combines her love of writing, photography and learning with her role at the Echo. She enjoys the connections she makes with the people in her community and is always keen to see a good story shared. Bec and husband Kieren live in Two Wells with their three young daughters, one dog and a pony. David Newsome - Advertising Manager After careers in the Royal Air Force and accounting, David’s involvement with print media advertising began in 1995 with Universal Press. Having spent the past 10 years as advertising consultant, then manager, at the Plains Producer, he is well qualified to help and advise businesses on how to maximise the return on their advertising dollar in the echo. Apart from wife Hilary, his five children and three grandchildren, David’s passions outside work are soccer, cryptic crosswords, soccer, dabbling in financial markets, and soccer. The Two Wells & Districts echo is published on the first Wednesday of every month by Papers & Publications Ltd., publishers of the multi-award winning Plains Producer, and printed by the Yorke Peninsula Country Times at Kadina.

Lisa Curnow - Advertising Consultant A Mallala girl, born and bred, Lisa is a true local, and along with Bec, is the face of the echo in Two Wells and Districts, calling on local businesses to help them with their advertising needs. With two years Plains Producer experience under her belt, Lisa is well qualified in this area. Lisa is married to Kelly and they have two children. On her leisure days she plays and coaches netball for Mallala, and enjoys spending time with the family. Lisa Redpath - Photograph One of the best known faces on the Adelaide Plains, Lisa has been staff photographer for the Plains Producer for the last seven years, and shares photographic duties for the echo with Bec. Lisa has a degree from UniSA in Bachelor of Visual Communication(majoring in photography), and held her own exhibition in 2011 at Balaklava’s Courthouse Gallery. Lisa lives with partner Derek at Wild Horse Plains where they are renovating their home. She likes to spend her spare time using her camera…how else? James Manuel - Production All those eye-catching ads that appear each month in the echo are set by James, who learned his trade at TAFE, earning a certificate in graphic pre-press, and 12 years experience with the Plains Producer. In his spare time James plays hockey for Balaklava and has a leadership role in the local youth group.



Two Wells Echo, November, 2013

echo 19

Dirt kart crazy • From back page Not so lucky this time but still managed second. His grid draws were not so good for the next three rounds coming off 17, 9, and 9. Starting from position 17 he worked his way through the field to finish a credible seventh. Next round from position nine he came home 7th, by this time the track had become pretty much a one line track, no grip out wide making passing very difficult. Last round again starting out of 9th he gained places but unfortunately was taken out when another driver turned down on him, taking them both out. The final saw Ashley start out of position 7, where he drove a very patient race, knowing he had to finish to have any chance of getting a place. Luck came his way when the three drivers in front of him came together giving Ash the chance he needed to get third place in a hard fought finale. Unfortunately the dropped round robbed Ashley of a top three finish however he managed a fourth place and received a sash for his efforts. Overall, a very successful outcome for Ashley at this level of competition. Believe me these junior drivers are certainly hard charging competitors who race wheel to wheel and do not give an inch. Ashley also got a top three position at the South Australian Dirt Kart Titles held at Loxton earlier this year. In conclusion Ashley would to thank his sponsors Raven Customs and Farrell Flat Refrigeration for their valued support in his sport.” Ashley has been perfecting his driving skills on the dirt kart scene since he was just

ASHLEY Stott is carrying on a family tradition in dirt kart racing. seven years old, with the teenager following in his fathers and grandfather’s footsteps, and the whole family getting involved. Dad Daniel and Mum Kerry, as well as little sister Talitha, 8, do, or have in the past, driven dirt karts and are members of the Morgan Dirt Kart Club. The family travel across South Australia to compete, taking in events at Morgan, Renmark, Loxton, Bordertown, Blanchetown as well as sites across the Yorke Peninsula. “I’ve tried other sports but I don’t really like them,” Ashley said. “Dirt karts are good fun, you go fast, and it’s a bit of a family tradition.” Ashley said while he didn’t follow anyone in particular in the popular V8 supercar series, most of who started out as dirt kart racers, it was something he would love to one day emulate. Keep an eye on this young driver; his name could well be one we see up in lights in years to come.

Two Wells bowlers, Bob Davis (main image) and Peter Canala (inset) in action on the Two Wells green on Saturday.

Grants boost local clubs

Two Wells Bowling Club and Port Parham Sports and Social Club have both received grants to support senior members. South Australian Health Minister, Jack Snelling, announced recipients of Positive Ageing Development grants and Grants for Seniors in October, with the bowls club securing $5000 towards the purchase of a new commercial dishwasher, and Port Parham Sports and Social Club receiving $3000 to support its local dance group. “The Grants for Seniors and Positive Ageing Development Grants programs as-

sist older South Australians to get involved in their community and enjoy a range of social activities,” Mr Snelling said. “Positive Ageing Development Grants provide up to $25,000 for organisations to help empower seniors to retain their independence and improve attitudes towards ageing. “The Grants for Seniors provide up to $5000 for organisations to buy equipment to support social, cultural or recreational activities which help older people remain engaged with their local community.”

KNOW YOU ARE AT RISK. LES Grafton (left), Yogi Frencken (centre) and Robert Hogg have dominated the Two Wells golfing season competitions, scoring a swag of prizes at the recent presentation day.

Usual suspects at the top

October has brought to a close a fabulous golfing season at Two Wells for 2013. This month has seen the usual suspects hit the top of the leaderboard with some very consistent results in both the individual and team events. This form that was evident all season saw Yogi Frencken, Les Grafton and Robert Hogg dominate the season competitions and each take home a nice bounty of prizes at our Presentation Day on October 12. Another huge applause on the day went out to our Club Champions Chris Girling (A Grade) and Paul Shields (B Grade) for hitting their straps at just the right time earlier in the year. Paul also scored a wonderful 48 points and 76 off the stick on the day to cap off a great year. Congratulations to all of the season trophy winners it was a terrific day to finish off the season.

REPORT: Adam Bail TWGC vice captain A big thank you must also go out to our hard working committee who has all put in a huge effort to continue the club’s success this season. This has been superbly supported by the club’s very generous members and sponsors without whom the club’s competitions and course would not be the successes they are. Our golfing season has now come to an end with only a few hearty souls continuing to brave the warming conditions. However for all those interested in giving golf a crack at Two Wells we will be back on board firing on all cylinders next April. So put it in your 2014 calendar, get in a little bit of practice over the summer and we would love to see you out there. Two Wells Golf Club also has a website, www.twowellsgolfclub.

Two Wells Echo, November, 2013 with a wealth of information about the course, competitions, membership information and everything else you need to know. Come out and play! Results September 28: Stableford A Grade – A. Bail 39, R. Hogg 39, Y. Frencken 35. B Grade – J. Spackman 42, I. Clark 41, I. Smith 36. Ladies – J. Holland 30, E. Grigg 28, C. Haagmans 27. October 5: 2 Man Ambrose I. Telfer / P. Shields / A. Baker 57.67 L. Grafton / R. Hogg 62.75 J Ball / Y. Frencken 62.75 G. Payne / M. Davies 62.75 October 12: Stableford A Grade – A. Baker 40, S. Grigg 37, R. Grigg 37. B Grade – P. Shields 48, M. Davies 43, N. Bowden 37. Ladies – J. Holland 42, E. Grigg 29. October 19: Ambrose L. Grafton/R. Hogg/R. Grigg/Y. Frencken 52.875 G. Payne/P. Shields/M. Davies/D. Smith 53.75 I. Smith/I. Clark/J. Spackman/J. Boon 54.

It is easy to ignore the fact that we live in bushfire risk areas. But bushfires are a constant and unpredictable threat. We all need to understand what to do, to prepare, and plan to survive. CFS0073B

BE BUSHFIRE READY. Bushfire Information Hotline 1300 362 361 (TTY 133 677)


echo sport Two Wells & Districts

Ashley’s dirt kart success R

acing on dirt at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour with only inches between you and the ground is what young Reeves Plains resident, Ashley Stott, considers fun. The 14-year-old Year 8 Xavier College student recently competed in the Northern Territory Dirt Kart titles in Alice Springs from September 27-29 with great success, placing third at the end of the competition, and followed this up with a stellar performance under difficult conditions at the Australian Dirt Kart titles on October 4. Ashley’s grandfather, Mick Stott, reports:

Racing at the NT Dirt Kart Titles kicked off on the Friday with practice and one round of racing. Ashley won the first round in the Yamaha J 100cc Junior Heavy class. The Saturday was another warm day, making it hard for the club to keep moisture in the track. However, at the completion of the two rounds, after some excellent driving, Ashley was sitting on top of the leader board on day two. Sunday again was hot, making track conditions difficult. Drivers gave it their all and there was some excellent racing in the last two rounds. Ashley rose to the challenge and man-

aged to stay out of trouble, finishing the meeting on top and taking out the first place in his class. There was time for a ‘tickled pink’ dad and son to do bit of sight-seeing before the Australian Dirt Kart Titles on the following weekend, also giving them some time to clean and prepare the kart for the next meeting. Friday October 4 saw the start of the national meeting. Ashley was lucky to draw pole position for the first heat, getting the jump at the start but unfortunately a pile up in the first corner caused a restart. n Continued page 19

YOUNG Reeves Plains dirt kart racer, Ashley Stott, with his trophy claimed at the Northern Territory Dirt Kart titles in Alice Springs.

Jake’s hole in one

Bec O’Brien reports:

Some golfers wait a lifetime to score a hole in one. Others never even get close. For 29-year-old Mallala resident, Jake Bowden, he managed this amazing feat just a few short weeks ago. A regular at the Two Wells Golf Club, where he plays with dad, Neil “Bluey” Bowden; Jake and his caddy fiancé, Gemma Connors, were going about their round on October 12 the same as they did every other week. Jake said he had been hitting the ball “pretty sweet” and at the 12th hole he hit the sweetest stroke of them all. Scoring a hole in one on a 200m par 3 hole is no mean feat and the cheering from those who witnessed it is said to have been heard back at the clubhouse!! It is believed Jake is the first male Two Wells Golf Club member to score a hole in one at this hole. Congratulations Jake.

Jake Bowden (centre) scored a hole in one on the 12th hole at Two Wells Golf Club on October 12. He is pictured with fiancé Gemma Connors and dad, Neil Bowden.

On the green

THERE was plenty of action at the Two Wells bowling green on Saturday, with fours matches being played against Prospect Broadview and Munno Para. Scott Wise (pictured above) has recently returned to the club after playing in the Premier One competition. Below, Les Mullett is pictured in action for Two Wells.


Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

2013 November Echo  

The Echo was founded in 1978 and originally printed as an A4 single sheet newsletter. In 2010, Papers & Publications trading as the Plains P...

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