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Est 1978

October 2013

Your new Two Wells Work will start early next year on $1.2 billion housing project

A concept of the proposed expansion of Two Wells Existing Two Wells Township

Extension of town’s main street Future employment Port Wakefield road

Neighbourhood park

Bec O’Brien reports:

Central linear park

MORE than 3000 homes will be built north of the Two Wells township in the proposed $1.2 buillion Hickinbotham housing development. Work on the project, which received State government approval in late August, is expected to begin early next year. Anew private school will be constructed, community sports facilities and world-class playground established. Thousands of jobs will be created and industries such as retail, manufacturing and health are also set to benefit over the next 20 years. The 400-hectare site is about 800 metres north of the existing Two Wells township and will be linked with new road infrastructure and possibly walking and bike trails. District Council of Mallala (DCM) will create three new development zones to accommodate the development, including a Suburban Neighbourhood Zone, Residential Zone and Rural Living Zone. The Suburban Neighbourhood Zone will provide land for a variety of smaller housing types, while the Rural Living Zone will see larger blocks from 1200sqm up to one hectare in size.


Integrated community facilities Main boulevard has strong links and connectivity to the town Proposed B-12 school

Linear parkway for environmental education

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Development ‘ Deed’ paves way for construction FIRST construction works for Two Wells’ new residential development should begin early next year, according to District Council of Mallala (DCM) chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto. Mr Mansueto said State government development approval paves the way for council to begin delivery of the development.

The project will now move forward according to a unique development deed between the developers and council, and also between council, Hickinbotham and the state government, once the appropriate development applications have been finalised. “The next steps will involve the Hickinbotham Group lodging a development

application for particular stages of the development to council,” Mr Mansueto said. “Council will assess the application against the new development plan, which has been amended according to the DPA. “Council will also take into account the requirements of the development deed, which provides both the Hickinbotham

Group and council’s obligations in relation to infrastructure.” It is expected the first stage of construction will start early-mid 2014 with about 200 homes constructed in the first 12-18 months. Council’s expenditure for this project is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1m. n Continued Page 2

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Boost for town and region

in the growth of local employment for local people if we want a cohesive community and a town where people live, work and play.” RDA Barossa chairman, Ian O’Loan, who is also a member of the Mallala Economic Development Advisory Committee, past chairman of the District Council of Mallala, and has lived in the Mallala area for years, believes the new development has a strong grounding in community involvement, forward planning and financial assessment. Mr O’Loan said he felt the new development was “…the best presented and researched plan with community consultation

I have ever seen in SA. This development is a truly well prepared project based on the placemaking principle, which has proved successful in other parts of the world,” he said. While there would be challenges to integrate the new development with the existing township, Mr O’Loan said the opportunity to enhance and expand on what is already here should not be ignored. A farmer for many years, Mr O’Loan also believes the encroachment of the development on agricultural land is small and offset by the establishment of a flood drainage mitigation scheme for the Two Wells township. “With this comes the natural vegetative barrier between farmland and the new houses being constructed over a 20-year period,” he said. “With the location of this development comes a 45-minute journey to Adelaide and the northern areas via a two-lane highway to existing employment. However in the local area there is currently employment in expanding and existing horticulture and there are envisaged future opportunities in this area.” Jobs could also be found in adjoining Gawler and the Barossa region.

because of it’s location.” Mr Stubing said the variety of land block sizes and the opportunity for people to still travel to the city to work, coupled with a country-style lifestyle, would be attractive to prospective home builders. He said the building of a secondary school as part of the project will also be a big draw card for many people, and the added influx of ratepayers to the DCM area could only bring better services in the future. “Compounding all this it brings more ratepayers into the area and the DCM definitely needs more ratepayers because its such a big area and we have so many dirt roads,” he said. Mr Stubing said he was impressed by the collaboration of developers Hickinbotham

with DCM, residents and the wider community, calling it a “great marriage”. Local businessman, Tony Lange, believes news of the venture will bolster confidence for businesses in the town and surrounding region. But the business climate at present was tough. “I think it’s wonderful, it’s sensational. We haven’t had anything really good come along in our businesses for a couple of years,” Mr Lange said. “It will give us a boost in our confidence for our businesses sakes, there’s been not many good times, a lot of hard times, (and) hopefully in the future it will mean more good times for local business. “The extra customers will certainly not go astray (and) hopefully we can grow it slow and steady and get it right.”

Bec O’Brien reports:

The Barossa arm of Regional Development Australia has welcomed news of Two Wells’ new residential development announcement, saying it will be a boost for the town and the wider region. RDA Barossa chief executive officer, Ward Belt Anne Moroney, highlighted the opportuLewiston Two Wells nity for Gawler local businesses to capitalise on the Middle Beach expected growth to the area, but warned Gawler business owners needed to be savvy and River Port Gawler plan ahead. “More customers means business growth MacDonald and justification for more services,” Ms Buckland Port Gawler Park Penfield Virginia Park Munno Para Conservation Andrews Moroney said. Gardens Park Farm “This is a big opportunity if they plan and Penfield have a strategy to benefit, otherwise someone Waterloo RAAF Base else will and they could get left out. Corner Edinburgh Elizabeth “It gives an opportunity to develop as a service centre for animal husbandry, industry Two Wells and Lewiston, Middle Beach, Lower Light, Port Gawler, Buckland Park, and the horticulture food bowl.” and Virginia. Planning for good development for a sustainable future for the town, building on the community structure of Two Wells and creating employment opportunities should Phone 8862 1977 also be priorities, Ms Moroney said. FACSIMILE 8862 1997 “It is very important t we are proactive NEWS Korunye

Lower Light

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Volume 36


No 10

RDA Barossa chairman, Ian O’Loan and CEO, Anne Moroney.

Two Wells ‘ready to burst into life’ Two Wells is ready to burst into life! That’s the feeling of some community members following the announcement of development approval for the proposed Hickinbotham venture north of the town. Two Wells Regional Action Team president, Eddie Stubing, pictured, is excited by the news and believes the only way for the town and surrounding district now, is up. “Two Wells is ready to burst into life, there’s no doubt about that,” Mr Stubing enthused. “It was just waiting, and now the development has been announced and people will be wanting to move out here, there’ll be no stopping it. “I think because Two Wells is the closest country town, with all of the services, even right down to a fish shop of all things, it’s ready to take off, it’s destined to be a success

Deed brings structured project • From Page 1 Mr Mansueto said the development was the outcome of many years of studies and investigations conducted by council, in conjunction with Hickinbotham, and the project was set apart from others by its attention to detail, commitment to community involvement, and structured planned approach, which sets in place when things will occur, who pays for what, and what impact this will have on council and the district in general. “Unlike other developments, the Two Wells Residential Development is backed by an extensive Development Deed between the Hickinbotham Group and council,” Mr Mansueto explained. “A Deed also exists between council, the Hickinbotham Group and the State Government that addresses state owned transport infrastructure. “Furthermore, the impact on council’s financial sustainability was assessed using an independently developed economic model. “Council’s financial obligations were input into the model to assess the impact on council’s financial position. “The costs included increases in operating costs associated with maintaining the infrastructure

installed by the developer once it is handed over to council to maintain. “The outcome was a sustainable position that also accounted for sensitivities in outcomes, for example, delay in take up of the development.” Mr Mansueto said DCM was the first council in South Australia to use the model in assessing impacts of growth. A key element of the deeds entered into by council is the

use of trigger points to identify when infrastructure is to be built. “This provides both security the infrastructure will be built when required while also ensuring a sustainable outcome for both council and the Hickinbotham Group,” Mr Mansueto said. In terms of who funds the required infrastructure, the Hickinbotham Group is responsible for all infrastructure within the development and also any road infrastructure requiring upgrade

• From Page 1 Hickinbotham Group managing director, Michael Hickinbotham, said government approval of the Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was the result of nearly six years of close co-operation between the council, the Hickinbotham Group, the State government and the community. “It will ensure growth of the existing Two Wells community is well-managed and co-ordinated, with local services and local jobs to benefit the town and region,” he said. “This is the right decision at the right time.” Mr Hickinbotham said growth

in the area would generate regional job opportunities during the next two decades and provide a much-needed source of labour for the area’s horticultural industry. “The collaboration between all parties will help ensure growth will complement Two Wells and strengthen job growth in the region,” he said. “The Hickinbotham Group has been working with the Council and the community

to cater for the new development. Mr Mansueto said the only exception to this is an upgrade to the existing slip lane exiting onto Port Wakefield Road, which will be upgraded by the State Government. Council will also contribute to the construction of a new roundabout at the junction of Old Port Wakefield Road and Mallala Road, which will be built to join the new development to the existing town centre.

‘Placemaking’ helped development

since 2007 to ensure the expansion of the Two Wells township is well-planned and meets the community’s growing needs.” In the past two years DCM, in conjunction with Hickinbotham, held a number of “placemaking” workshops, where residents, businesses and community groups were encouraged to be involved in the development’s planning process. “The ‘placemaking’ sessions captured what local people want as the community grows,” Mr Hickinbotham said. “Growth at Two Wells has been rigorously tested to ensure it will not burden council and the community.”

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Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

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Building a ‘learning community’

n ARTIST’S impression of the school forecourt. A proposed Lutheran Birth-to-Year-12 (B-12) school at Two Wells is one step closer with the Hickinbotham development proceeding. Lutheran Schools Association of SA, NT & WA executive director, John Proeve, said the approval of council’s Two Wells Development Plan Amendment was a significant step towards realising a vision for a Lutheran B-12 school in Two Wells. “The Lutheran Schools Association is pleased to report we are in advanced discussions with the project’s developer, the Hickinbotham Group, to bring a Lutheran school to Two Wells to meet the needs of the

Part of sA’s 30 year plan

STATE government Minister for Planning, John Rau, approved DCM’s Two Wells Residential Development Plan Amendment (DPA) late in August, paving the way for the development. Mr Rau said the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide identified Two Wells as a future township growth area and the prospective needs of the community would be catered for with a new local centre, school, improved flood protection and an environmentally friendly design. “It will also incorporate a community waste water treatment plant that will service the proposed development and internal buffers to protect existing land uses,” he said. “The provision of infrastructure has been thoroughly investigated in the DPA with two Development Deeds having been established to set out the responsibilities for the costs of the development and associated services to support proposed rezoning.”

New Lutheran school will answer a growing need

growing community and district,” he said. Mr Proeve said the proposed school would provide quality education and choice for local people and the region. “The community identified the need for a junior and senior school early in the planning process,” he said. “Lutheran schools are passionate about

lifelong learning and we work hard to build a ‘learning community’ in and around our schools. “The school will be integral to community life and a catalyst for an education hub. It will be a place where people can come and go and contribute at every stage of their life.” The site will be west of the new entry road

into Two Wells, which will be an extension of the Old Port Wakefield Road. The site will be the central focal point of the town’s expansion. “It’s a great site,” Mr Proeve said. “It’s close to the main street, local shops, recreation areas and homes. It’s also big enough for children to have room to grow and play. “The proposed school will connect with local business, community and sporting groups. The school’s playing fields will be a shared community asset. “The school will be close to wetlands, providing scope for learning opportunities in ecological sustainability and agricultural education.”

Town centre remains hub Retail space in the new Two Wells residential development will be restricted to ensure the town’s main centre remains the business hub of the community. District Council of Mallala chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said retail space in the new development would be capped at 500 square metres. “This reflects the strong council and community position the existing Two Wells town centre remains the focus of retail and service delivery,” Mr Mansueto said. Local business owner, Ky Van Nguyen, of Main Street Café, was initially concerned the new development would see the construction of a major supermarket, which could

Crop today – Charles Mansueto at the development site. impact on his business. But on hearing the retail space in the development would be capped,

Mr Nguyen was more confident the development would instead bring more customers through his doors. “There’s no big shopping centre coming in now, I feel relieved,” he said. “We were worried Woolies or Coles were coming in and it might kill all the business, it’s a relief.” Roundabout links new, old A roundabout linking the existing township to the new development will be built to support the focus on the main centre as the business hub for the town, and to also allow better access to both the town centre and the new development. Apart from a new school, other projects include a new levee to be constructed to the

south of Two Wells, which will protect a small portion of the new development while also protecting the existing township from flooding of the Gawler River. Mr Mansueto recognised the need for improved public transport services, saying while it would still be an issue for the region in the short term, the increase in population would hopefully make provision of public transport in future years more viable. “It is likely that any new public service will be the provision of links to adjoining major public transport hubs,” he said. “This will capitalise on other developments occurring in the region, for example Buckland Park, Virginia and Angle Vale.

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Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

echo 5

How to improve Lewiston Results from the District Council of Mallala’s recent Lewiston Open Space Study survey are in, with a community workshop held last month to discuss the responses. Co-ordinated by consultants URPS, more than 120 surveys were returned representing more than 360 people. The survey responses reflected a broad range of opinions, but many suggested improvements for the area such as improved and safe, bike and walking trails, a designated horse and dog training area, a community centre, and better facilities for picnics, barbeques and social gatherings. Sixty percent of respondents have lived in the Lewiston area for more than 10 years, a statistic which reflected the way residents view the area and how they want it maintained and improved. “The survey results really do mirror what the demography is,” consultant Angela Hazebroek said. “It’s not telling us much we didn’t know but because it’s a rural area there’s going to be a lot of animal husbandry type people with horses and dogs. “What this tells us as researchers is that there’s a lot of real, strong knowledge there and people love living there.” While the survey asked residents to identify

DCM survey reveals suggestions for change – but some say ‘leave it be’

HAMS PARK, Lewiston. Google image.

areas of improvement and make suggestions on what they’d like to see in the future, it also highlighted the range of the people living there, the things they like to do, what sports they play, the activities they are involved in, and where they go to do these things. “Lots of people in Lewiston love walking their dog, having barbeques with their family,” Angela said. “They love walking, cycling is important, friends are important, (and) it’s these incidental and informal activities which are coming through as important.” Angela said nearly 50 per cent of people who returned the survey indicated they would be quite likely or very likely to use a space

or facility set aside for community purposes. Suggested locations for such a facility included Hayman Road where the playground currently is, near the wetlands, Hams Park, and Haniman Reserve. The survey responses also noted activities desired by residents included opportunities for walking, jogging and keeping fit; social gatherings and barbeques, informal dog exercise areas, and a place to get food and drink where these things are happening. At the other end of the scale, some respondents indicated nothing needed to be changed, peace and quiet was why they moved there, and the surrounding townships of Two Wells, Angle Vale and Virginia catered for their needs.

Book now for Christmas party, parade It doesn’t seem that long ago we were celebrating New Years Day and Easter, but Christmas again is creeping up on us and that means it’s time to start planning for the town’s annual street parade. Friday December 13 is the date for the Two Wells Christmas Parade and Street Party, and now is the time for stallholders to register their interest. Charges for this year are: businesses $55, local charities/

Lyon s


d to

Smith-Trim for the stallholder application form by phoning 0418 811 315, or emailing pacapark2@ Assistance with the organisation of the event is being sought from interested community members, with new ideas for contests and thoughts on what to include being some of the priorities. Please contact Bev on the above phone number or email address if you can help out in any way.

Making music in last year’s parade.

services $10, local residents of Two Wells/Lewiston $25, all other stall holders $30. Apply to Bev



d oa

R ley

Ly o





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One respondent said “Just leave Lewiston as a rural living area. Don’t see any point duplicating facilities here when they are a relatively short distance away already. Don’t wish to see council wasting money on facilities that will be underutilised and a continuous drain on resources to maintain”. Others again thought perhaps a large retail store, fast food restaurant or a corner store with an ATM might be nice. District Council of Mallala chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said the response to the survey had been pleasing and a report would be tabled to council in coming weeks. Mr Mansueto said the study would help guide future planning for the area and it was important to involve the community and gather feedback. “Over many years there’s been discussions around what the Lewiston community want enhanced or what additional infrastructure is needed,” he said. “This study will help council consider these needs; the next stage is to review the outcomes and consider the needs in future planning.” Mr Mansueto said a key focus for council, if it was to deliver any suggested infrastructure, would be to source grant funding, which he hoped would enhance council’s ability to deliver a planned approach for the area.





Finals success prompts sealed road investigation DISTRICT Council of Mallala will look into possible sealing options for roads coming into and surrounding Long Plains in coming months. DCM councillor, Steve Jones, moved a motion at council’s meeting on Monday, September 23, for council to provide a report evaluating all the options and comparative costings for sealed road access to the town. The motion was carried. In supporting his motion, Cr Jones said Long Plains had been a rural service centre over an extended period and was a “community focal point” for the region’s social and sporting activities. “It is the last town/settlement within the DCM that does not

Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

have sealed road access, which could also provide potential for development and growth,” Cr Jones said. Cr Jones attended the grand final held at Long Plains on Saturday and was blown away with the attendance. “I was staggered with the amount of people there and had to park up to a kilometre away from the ground,” he said. “I had no idea about the number of people who gravitated to that place.” The growing stature of nearby engineering firm, Sharmans, was another factor behind Cr Jones’ request for possible sealing solutions in the area, suggesting the sealing of a section of Powerline Road as a potential project, should traffic demands suit. He

believed the potential benefits of sealing access to the town could help instigate residential and commercial growth, citing Thompson Beach as an example. “Who knows what could happen if we seal a road there?” he posed. Cr Jones said a number of studies would need to be carried out before any consideration of sealing could take place, to gauge traffic volumes and costs. He believed grant funding from State and Federal Governments would be necessary to assist with those construction costs but the concept was well worth looking into. “Hopefully we will see a report back to council this side of Christmas,” Cr Jones said.

What we can do for you Supporting Community Groups What we can do for you

- Community/individual advocacy, engagement and consultation ✓ Community/individual Leesa’s office helpsadvocacy, our local engagement sporting teams community ❑ and and consultation - Provide advice and assistance on Local, State and Federal ✓ Provide advice and assistance groups by: State and ❑ on Local, Government matters. Federal Government matters. -✓Refer you to the appropriate service provider or Government ❑ Refer you to the appropriate serviceon provider  Providing information grantsor opportunities agency if we can’t provide the service. Government agency if we can’t provide the service.  Assisting in the grant application process -✓Assist Community Organisations with grant applications. ❑ Assist Community Organisations with grant applications. Offering letters of support for grant applications -✓Raise matters in State Parliament that are of concern to ❑ Raise matters in State Parliament that are of concern you or the community. to you or the community. Public enquiries welcome TAYLOR ELECTORATE OFFICE Paralowie Shopping Centre ELECTORATE OFFICE Unit 1 & 2,TAYLOR 9 Liberator Drive, Paralowie SA 5108 Paralowie Shopping Ph: (08) 8280 5144 Fax: (08) 8280 5526 Email: Centre Unit 1 & 2, 9 Liberator Drive, Paralowie SA 5108 Ph: (08) 8280 5144 Fax: (08) 8280 5526 Email:

n Email your news & PHOTOS to Bec O’Brien at the Two Wells Echo at, or phone 0419 292 715.




November 5 - $55 p/person all inclusive


(TS) TWIN SHARE (SS) SINGLE SUPPLIMENT Loxton Lights - Dec 14 & 15 $235pp (TS) $55 (SS) Lobethal Lights - Dec 22 $45pp (includes buffet dinner) 2014 Program Coming Out Soon Call Our Office To Be Put On Mailing List Tour arranged through Cardigan Touring Services


Expressions of Interest

COUNCIL ADVISORY COMMITTEES The District Council of Mallala invites community representatives to have input into Council’s decision making process by becoming a member of one of its Advisory Committees.

LIC TTA 156750

4 Day South East SA - Mystery Trip October 13, 14, 15 & 16 $610pp (TS) $112 (SS)

echo 6 It took more than 10 years, countless knockbacks and bucket loads of patience, persistence, support and belief, but it’s all been worth it for Port Lincoln-based writer, Diane Hester, who has just released her debut novel “Run To Me”. Speaking in Two Wells on Thursday, September 26, as part of the Two Wells Public Library’s popular author events, Diane told the gathering about how she “fell” into writing following a bout of the flu. Born in New York, Diane explained she never had a childhood dream to be a writer, having grown up in a musical household. Following her parents’ love of music, Diane played violin for many years with the Rochester Philharmonic in the United States and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra before settling with husband, Michael, in Port Lincoln. It was here she began to try her hand at writing after being housebound with the flu. Diane dabbled in lots of different genres, and over the years wrote manuscript novels in romance, fantasy and even comedy – but time and again publishers knocked back her stories. She persisted, garnering support and knowledge from other local would-be novelists and had some success with the publication of a few short stories. But Diane still wasn’t sure what she wanted to write about. She decided to follow advice she had once heard – “write the book you’d like to be reading” – and she did, with her Hitchcock-style suspense novel “Run To Me” finally hitting the shelves earlier this year after 12 months of solid writing and two more years of refinement and editing. She has her own piece of advice for writing enthusiast; stick with it. “If any of you are writing and you are writing in a genre that isn’t terribly popular, keep at it,” Diane advised. “If it’s something that’s not popular today it could be tomorrow, so stick with it. “Run To Me is the culmination of a journey lasting 11 years and untold ups and downs but it’s one I would never have chosen to miss.”

Membership is currently being sought for the following committees: • Community Development and Advisory Committee (CDAC) -1 position CDAC make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to community development initiatives.

All the Advisory Committees seek to identify outcomes and strategies within each of the 4 year rolling Action Plans for input into Council’s Annual Business Plan and Budget Terms of Reference for each of these committees can be found on Council’s website If you have the interest, desire, expertise and commitment to be involved in the future development of Council’s programs and budget considerations, please complete an expression of interest form by 5 pm Friday October 18, 2013 to: Charles Mansueto Chief Executive Officer District Council of Mallala PO Box 18 MALLALA SA 5502 or alternatively by facsimile (08) 8527 2242 or email n LIKE THE PICTURE? BUY IT! – All photographs appearing in the Echo are available for purchase. To place your order, simply call 8862 1977 and name the report, date and page.


Port Lincoln-based writer, Diane Hester signs a copy of her new novel for local resident, Judy Heaslip. RIGHT: Heather Patrick and Jenny Dowling with a copy of Diane Hester’s debut novel. Attending the presentation were former Two Wells residents Rae Burchmore and Charmaine Bryant.

• Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) – 1 position EDAC make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to the economic development initiatives.

• Facilities and Infrastructure Advisory Committee (FIAC) – 3 positions FIAC make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to the management of facilities and infrastructure.

Persistence and patience are worth writing about

Keep up with police news SA police (SAPOL) recently launched 15 new web pages, allowing you to choose the policing news you want to read. You can choose to read about local area news from each of SAPOL’S Local Service Areas. You can choose to subscribe to the pages of interest by simply filling in your email address and then you will be kept up to date when any report is published for your selected area. You can also leave comments to have your say on topics of interest. To sign up, visit or also visit www. to view crime statistics. • As the warm weather increases, so do the number of police incidents in our area, such as the riding of unregistered, uninsured motorcycles on local beaches. Remember, you need to be licensed and have a registered motorcycle and you can only ride on the roadways. • Neighbourhood Watch has cleaned graffiti on local rail control houses, and members ask the community keep a look out for anyone doing the graffiti. If you see anything please report this to

With Lisa Allen local police or call 131444. • Two Wells NHW currently is discussing a few projects, such as “tack marking” for personal horse equipment and a possible mural project on rail control houses being completed by students. Any members of the community who wish to attend meetings as a volunteer and express new ideas for keeping our community safe, are always welcome. • Next NHW meeting is a joint meeting between Two Wells and Mallala on Tuesday, October 8, at 7.30pm at Two Wells RSL, Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells. There will be a guest speaker from Adelaide University, who will be talking about the impact of speed and crashes. • Two Wells NHW sincerely

thanks the Two Wells Melodrama Group for their generous donation of proceeds from raffles. This money will be used in the local community, which is another great reason to come along and have your say. Become a Blue Light helper • Blue Light Discos are becoming increasingly popular and we are always looking to recruit new volunteers. This is a very satisfying and rewarding opportunity, allowing volunteers to interact with youth in a positive environment. In some cases it also can look good on your resume! All enquiries in relation to becoming a volunteer should be directed to Senior Constable John Winsor, of Two Wells police on 85202 309. • Two Wells Blue Light is in the process of organising a trip for some students from Two Wells Primary School to the Road Safety Centre in Adelaide. • Next Blue light disco is on Friday, November 1, 7pm–9.30pm at Two Wells Community Centre. Entry is $5 and there are drinks, treats and assorted glow/light toys available at the canteen.

Acoustic Juice rocks on with tribute show If you are looking for a fun night out, keep Saturday, October 12, free as Two Wells RSL presents acclaimed tribute band Acoustic Juice with their Simon and Garfunkel & Neil Diamond show. To be held at Two Wells Community Centre from 7.30pm, the event will raise funds for the club’s unique war memorial project, which should be completed by Anzac Day next year and will honour all Australian soldiers killed in action. It’s a strictly no BYO drinks deal, with full bar facilities available but bring along some nibbles to see the night out. Tickets are available from Two Wells RSL by contacting John on 0411 894 245, Tony on 0412 773 111 or dropping into the hall on Wednesdays between 9am and noon or Fridays between 10am and 7pm.

Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

echo 7

Recognise community achievers Nominations are now open for the 2014 District Council of Mallala Australia Day Awards. Each year DCM recognises the outstanding achievements of community members and organisations that motivate and inspire others through their vision, leadership, talent, humility and spirit of community service. The awards are designed to acknowledge individuals or community groups who residents believe make the District Council of Mallala a great place to live and work. “Being nominated for an Australia Day award is a great honour, and is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to someone who

makes you proud to be an Australian,” said DCM community development officer, Lynette Seccafien. Presented annually at the Australia Day breakfast, the awards are open to individuals and organisations who have made a noteworthy contribution to the community on a voluntary basis or have given an outstanding contribution exceeding their normal employment duties during the current year, and/or an outstanding service to a local community over a number of years. The awards are open to all residents of the District Council of Mallala, however contributions made to the community from

non-residents will also be considered. Persons or groups previously nominated but who were unsuccessful may be re-nominated. Award Categories are: Citizen of the Year; Young Citizen of the Year; Community Group of the Year; Community Event of the Year; Community Project of the Year To nominate a person or community group obtain a nomination form from the District Council of Mallala offices in Two Wells or Mallala, attach any supporting documentation and return by 5pm Friday November 15, post to PO Box 18, Mallala SA 5502, fax to 8527 2242 or email

Nominations are now open for the 2014 Australia Day Awards Help us to recognise and award the individuals or community groups you believe make the District Council of Mallala a great place to live and work. The Awards are open to individuals and organisations that have made a noteworthy contribution to the community on a voluntary basis, or have given an outstanding contribution exceeding their normal employment duties during the current year and/or an outstanding service to a local community over a number of years. The 2014 Australia Day Awards are now open for nominations. Categories are: • Citizen of the Year • Young Citizen of the Year • Community Group of the Year • Community Event of the Year • Community Project of the Year Presented annually at the Australia Day breakfast, the Awards are open to all residents, however contributions made to the community from non residents may also be considered.

District Council of Mallala mayor, Duncan Kennington, pictured centre rear, welcomed, (back) David Chant, John Palmer, (front) Gerard Toledo, Geremy Toledo, Geremiah Toledo, Alice Purdy and Anne Holland as new Australian Citizens.

Welcome to our new citizens Seven District Council of Mallala residents officially became Australian citizens at a special ceremony to mark Australian Citizenship Day. The citizenship ceremony took place in Mallala last Tuesday, September 17, with residents having migrated from Scotland, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. The Toledo family, of Two Wells, came to Australia from the Philippines six years

ago, while Anne Holland, of Lower Light, migrated from Scotland as a young child in 1966. Lewiston resident Alice Purdy left Scotland in 2002 and John Palmer, also of Lewiston, migrated from the United Kingdom as part of the 1960’s migration scheme and has lived here since he was a small child. Just four years ago David Chant decided

to find a more relaxed lifestyle, leaving the UK for the peaceful setting of Lewiston. DCM mayor, Duncan Kennington, led proceedings, saying becoming an Australian citizen was a special and important occasion. “Australian citizenship is a common bond which unites all Australians whilst respecting their diversity,” Mr Kennington said.

Guidelines, entry criteria and nomination forms are available at the Mallala Council Offices, 2a Wasleys Road and the Two Wells Service Centre, 69 Old Pt Wakefield Rd and online Completed forms can be posted (PO Box 18, Mallala), emailed or left at either office. To nominate someone you think is worthy of this honour, complete the nomination form, attach any supporting documentation and return by Friday November 15, 2013. For further information please contact Council on 8527 0200.


Time to be aware of snakes Gazania His camera is an LTL acorn 12 mega pixel scouting camera “Model” LTL-5210A” and cost $138. Beware of caltrop • With summer just around With Mark Webb the corner there is one weed you don’t want on your property it ings of possums with one of is Caltrop (Tribulus terrestris). Caltrop germinates after rainthe highlights being a possum with a baby on its back. His fall in late spring and summer camera is activated each time as soil temperatures increase. that it senses motion and runs for Caltrop is a prostrate spreading plant and can about a minute at grow up to four a time and then meters in diamturns off until it is eter. Flowers are activated again. small, 8–15mm The footage he in diameter and has shown me is bright yellow amazing. with five petals, To see these usually lasting wild animals goonly one day. ing about their Fruit consists Night visitor business is like of a woody burr watching a David Attenborough documentary with sharp, rigid spines, which and it’s all happening in his splits into segments when ripe. Each segment has four hard back yard. I believe the applications for spines; two spines are long and this camera are limitless so if two shorter. This plant can cause painful you want to know what animals injuries to humans and animals, visit your property this is the is toxic to stock, and can concamera that will do the job.

Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

taminate produce such as wool and fodder. Competition is a very effective control method for Caltrop as it is a poor competitor; it only achieves dominance when other vegetation is removed and ground is bare. Caltrop is a declared plant under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. If you have this plant on your property and you need advice on how to eradicate it, or any land management advice, visit the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board website www.amlrnrm. If you have seen infestations of this plant on road verges or local reserves within our district please contact the council. Noting plant numbers and locations will help council to locate and eradicate these infestations. Preventing the spread of caltrop is the best control measure for this plant. • Email Two Wells Lewiston and Districts Landcare Group at for more information.

Invasive garden escapee Two Wells 3 November 2013, 9.30 – 11.30am Local landholders are invited to attend a FREE field day being conducted by Natural Resources, Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges with the District Council of Mallala. The field day is designed to increase landholder awareness and learn about effective control options on their properties. Topics to be covered include: • identification • impacts on Coast and Production • alternative Planting options • control techniques. This field day is funded from the NRM levy. For further information or to register, please phone District Officer, Carly Dillon on 8523 7716 or 0477 347 298, or email


Two Wells, Lewiston and District Landcare Group is hosting a number of “snake awareness” workshops – and as the weather starts to warm up, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about some of these reptiles living within our region. These free workshops will be held during October, all starting at 9.15am with the first workshop at Roseworthy on Monday, October 14, Mallala (18th) and Two Wells (25th). If you are interested please register by contacting Pat Wake on 0419 860 981 or email pat. Possumcam! • My friend Scott is a keen photographer and recently purchased a motion sensor camera. He has been having issues with rabbits on his property but he didn’t know how many he had or where they were coming from so he set up his camera near where he thought the rabbits were coming in. During the day he was able to see how many rabbits were visiting, but at night his property came to life with many sight-


echo 8


Centenera family story televised globally:

Dreams do come true


t’s not every day your son is diagnosed with autism. But for Mary and Javier Centenera, of Two Wells, that day 30 years ago is one they’ll never forget. While Mary says it was a shock, it was also the start of a new and beautiful journey. In her self-published book “Hunno Pappy,” in her dedication to Joseph, she explains, “People sometimes say our life is harder because of you, that you are our cross in life. How little do they know! You are our special angel because you are a big help to us. You bring out the goodness in us.” Originally from the Philippines, the family migrated to Australia in 1982 and made a life for themselves in Sydney with their two older children, Tito and Joan. When Joseph was born in 1983 he was like every other typical baby. But by the age of two Mary and Javier started noticing Joseph was not like other toddlers, he was hyper-active, had repetitive behaviour, and he also did not speak. The family sought medical help, first with a local GP and then later with a specialist, who diagnosed Autism. They were on a steep, and at times, challenging learning curve but always had the family’s best interests at heart. With this in mind the Centeneras made the decision in 2000 to move to Two Wells, where Javier had family who wished to sell him a chicken farm. It proved to be an astute move both professionally and personally, with the family finding welcome support from extended family members, as well the opportunity to send Joseph to a specialist school for autistic children, which was close by.

Bec O’Brien reports: The change was a big one for the family, one requiring a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment, but it meant Mary and Javier could work together and help Joseph at the same time. In her book Mary tells of a time when her two older children – who had stayed in Sydney to live – came for a visit and writes, “Our move was bringing positive changes. To see their Pappy working so hard because of Joseph was very inspiring and touching. To see me actually getting involved in the farm work and enjoying it was unbelievable, as I’d always been an office girl. And to see Joseph being transformed from a young student to a hard working young man was no longer a wistful thought. It was happening.” The Centeneras’story is set to feature in an upcoming television production, which will be televised to a global audience. The ABC’s Dream Australia television series will appear on the ABC international channel Australia Network (AN), which broadcasts into more than 44 countries in the Asia, India sub-continental and the South Pacific regions. Regional Development Australia, Barossa network, has part-funded the project in conjunction with the District Council of Mallala, with the 15-episode series set to explore the realities for hundreds of thousands of people who move to Australia each year, capturing real human-interest stories and delving into the differences in culture, language, lifestyle and geography

n Two Wells chicken farmers, Mary and Javier Centenera, with their son, Joseph (right), will feature in an ABC television documentary. for those who have decided to start a new life here. Dream Australia producer, Paul Butler, said the show was intent on promoting regional South Australia and had also filmed in the South East of the state, with a family from Port Pirie recently featured. Each story will run in a format similar to the ABC’s popular Australian Story program, where a presenter will set the scene with a brief introduction of overlay footage showing the audience where in Australia the family has moved to. The family will then tell their personal story about their journey. The inspiring Centenera episode will hopefully air before the end of the year, so watch this space!


Tameka’s talents shine with Eisteddfod success

From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor

Getting up on stage can be a hard task for many of us. For Lewiston resident, Tameka Simons, 15, who suffers from dyslexia, taking part in the Balaklava Eisteddfod in August was a nerve-wracking experience but one which saw her win the sub-intermediate vocal solo category. Tameka sang a lovely rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s popular song “Breakaway”, and also entered in the poetry competition, where the softly spoken teenager read a self-penned poem titled “Life”. “It’s about the things that happen in life,” Tameka said. “You start off, you have to find your place in the world, where you fit ... and how you can get lost.” Tameka placed equal fourth overall in this section and gained some confidence in the process. “It was a good experience,” she said. “My mum suggested it. I was nervous, but it was fun.” Tameka has been writing poetry since she was about nine years old and was a member of the Two Wells Primary School choir. Currently in Year 9 at Urrbrae Agricultural High School, Tameka was part of the school’s specialist “7 plus 7” vocal group which performed at Adelaide Festival Theatre on Tuesday, September 17.

Duncan Kennington

Proud Australians

I attended the citizenship ceremony at District Council of Mallala council chambers on Tuesday, September 17, to administer the Australian citizenship Pledge of Commitment. Seven new Australians, David Chant, Anne Holland, John Palmer, Alice Purdy, and Geremy, Geremiah and Gerard Toledo, participated as well as numerous family members and friends. After navigating the formalities and some hearty singing of the national anthem, participants were presented with a native tree and we all celebrated with some morning tea. • On the same day I was invited to participate in the Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony at the Gawler and District B-12 College. It was a positive experience to witness so many young people taking an interest in civics. Brianna Kilworth was a very capable MC. Wally Aguis, Jayden Mallison and Kayla Cameron welcomed us to the country. Michael Snider, Tim Ryan and Ben Smith provided power point presentations on rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens, and rights and responsibilities of children. We were also treated to a poem, My Country, and a song, We Are Australian. All in all a very rewarding day! • On Saturday, September 21, I attended the district’s football grand final held at Long Plains between Mallala and Two Wells. It is a measure of the importance of this match that even though I was running late, live coverage was occurring on the radio and by the time I arrived there were already several thousand people in attendance. By my recollection at half time there was only one point in it. Congratulations to the eventual winner, Mallala.


Lucinda the Kidd-cat becomes show ‘royalty’ Lucinda the domestic cat is surely “the cat who got the cream” after taking out one of the Royal Adelaide Show’s top cat honours. The six-year-old “dommie” or domestic cat, owned by Two Wells resident, Jayme Kidd, (right) was this year crowned Best Domestic or Part Pedigree Cat in Show. Jayme said Lucinda was judged on her coat colour and texture, her personality, grooming and the way she interacted with

the judges. Lucinda took the title from shorthaired domestic cat Golly, owned by Rebecca Kuss, of Two Wells, who was named reserve best domestic or part pedigree cat in show. Keeping it in the family, Jayme’s mum, Marion, also had success at the show, with her three-year-old pedigree Scottish fold cat, Silver Double Grand Champion Remporter Emo Bear, ninth best exhibit pedigree cat in show. The Kidds also bred the Schnauzer

Best of Breed and Challenge Bitch winner, owned by Margaret Reedman, own the runner-up for the Best of Breed and Challenge Dog, and their Schnauzer dogs were also named reserve challenge winners. n If cats are your thing, or you are looking for something fun to do, why not head to the All British Cat Society’s annual show at the Virginia Community Centre on Sunday, October 20. Gates open from 10am. Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

BEARY FUN SCHOOL HOLIDAYS AT ELIZABETH. Make a furry friend! September 30 – October 4 in the North Mall near Myer. 10am – 3pm daily and Thursday until 9pm Kids can create and adopt their very own teddy bear at the Party Animalz Bear Building Workshop! Don’t miss out on the special price of $5 (RRP $17.50) for the first 100 kids each day.*

Create your own plasterpiece! October 8 – 12 in the North Mall near Myer. 10am – 4pm daily. Bring your little artists to Plaster Fun House where they can create a super special keepsake! Plaster models start from $3 each. Paints, varnish and glitter are included. Accessories extra. Visit the Customer Service Desk for all the details. *

Terms & conditions apply. 8” Bears will start from $5 each (RRP$17.50) and is available to the first 100 customers per day. Once the quota of 100 bears per day has been reached, the cost of each bear will start from $12 (RRP $17.50).

elizabethshopping Two Wells Echo, October, 2013


echo 10

The Redlow

A1 trophy winners, Nicole Darling, Sharnie Kent and Karen Penhall.

A2 trophy winners, Cristie Castle, Madeline Seccafien and Stephanie Walker.

Two Wells Football and Netball club recognise their best at… Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club celebrated the end of the 2013 season with its annual Redlow event on Friday September 27. Despite a disappointing loss in this year’s grand final, the atmosphere was positive, with many senior football award winners speaking passionately about a new drive to come back fitter and stronger next year and go one better. With the ladies dressed in a rainbow of bright, springlike colours, as well as the traditional black of course, and the men in dapper suits and ties, the night certainly had a festive feel to it. And club members had no trouble celebrating the three netball premierships and the three-time, back-to-back-toback Under 17 football team’s success on grand final day this year. Awards were presented to the best and fairest players of each team throughout the club. Taking the honours in the A grade football, by 4 with 38 votes, was local favourite, Ned Seccafien, with Lee Allmond a close runner-up on 34. Ned was also presented with the Neville Seccafien Most Valuable Player award, an honour bestowed upon him by his teammates. Bryce Hart was deemed best team man and Lachlan Franklin the A grade’s most consistent player.

Three senior footballers were also presented will special medals for reaching major milestones including Ned Seccafien who played his 100th game this year, and Scott Wise and Lee Allmond who both reached the 150game mark. TWF&NSC life member, John Dawkins, presented Under 17 rising star, Nik Seccafien, with the John Dawkins Medal for highest overall association votes. In the B grade, Ben Stubing (38 votes) took home the Graham Applebee Medal for best and fairest, with Jacob Hart (R/U on 33 votes), Nathan Winnen (Best Team Man) and Luke Tryfopolous (Coaches’ award) also taking home trophies. In the A1 netball, star defender Karen Penhall, took out the best and fairest award with the runner-up trophy going to goalie Nicole Darling. Sharnie Kent was awarded the coaches’ trophy. In the A2s, goalie Steph-

anie Walker won best and fairest, Cristie Castle was runner-up and Madeline Seccafien given the coaches’ award. Best on court in the A3 grand final, Jess Newman, was crowned this year’s A3 best and fairest, and was also runner-up best and fairest in the association. Player/coach, Michelle Dimasi was runner-up and Shannen Weir given the coaches’ pick for the season. In the premiership A4 team, Madison Sayner won best and fairest, Rachel Squires was runner-up, and Juanita “Winnie” Webster and Emily Stringer were jointly awarded the coaches’ trophy. Madison also was runnerup best and fairest for the A4s in the association votes. In the A5 side, young-gun Zoe Grant, took out the top honours, with Rachel Williams runner-up and Lauren Bywaters the coaches’ pick. Zoe also won the association’s best and fairest for A5s.

A3 trophy winners, Jessica Newman, Shannen Weir and Michelle Dimasi.


A4 trophy winners Madison Sayner, Rachel Squires, Emily Stringer and Juanita Webster.

A5 netball award winners Zoe Grant, Rachel Williams and Lauren Bywaters.

Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

echo 11 A Grade football trophy winners Bryce Hart, Ned Seccafien, Lachlan Franklin and Lee Allmond. A grade best and fairest player, Ned Seccafien, was presented with the Neville Seccafien Most Valuable Player medal by his dad, Neville Seccafien.

B Grade footballer trophy winners, Nathan Winnen, Jacob Hart, Ben Stubing and Luke Tryfopolous.

John Dawkins (right) presented rising Under 17 footballer, Nik Seccafien, with the John Dawkins Medal for the highest overall association votes.

Young football and netball stars awarded RIGHT: Ryley Cummings and Brooke Humphrys received the Community Spirit Award sponsored by Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos.

Under 17 trophy winners, Renee Cameron (R/U), Lily Playfair (Coaches Award), and Tayla Oakley (B&F).

Under 14 football – James Lowick (back left), with trophy winners Jonas Stankevicius (Best Team Man), Jayden Brewin (B&F), Matt Billington (coach), (front) David Oakley (Coaches Award), and Bradley Poynter (R/U). Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

Bec O’Brien reports:

The end of the 2013 football and netball season was celebrated by junior members of the Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club and their families on Sunday September 22. Following a shared BBQ lunch at the club grounds, trophies were presented to the best and fairest from each junior team, with two young members also being presented with a Community Spirit Award donated by Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos. Participation certificates were also presented to members of the Under 10 netball team, as well as the Under 8 and Under 11 football teams. Trophy winners were as follows: Under 13 netball – Brooke Humphrys (B/F), Stephanie Seres (R/U) and Jaclyn Stankevicius (Most Improved). Brooke was also awarded the best on court medallion for a stellar performance in her team’s grand final win against Mallala. Under 15 netball - Laura Oakley (B/F), Grace Slattery (R/U), Amy Spoolder (Coaches Award). Under 17 netball - Tayla Oakley (B/F), Renee Cameron (R/U), Lily Playfair (Coaches Award). Under 14 football - Jayden Brewin (B&F), Bradley Poynter (R/U), David Oakley (coach’s award) and Jonas Stankevicius (Best Team Man). Under 17 football - Nik Seccafien (B&F), William Hart (R/U), Joshua Pellizzari (Best Team Man), Jarrett Wilson (Coaches Award), and Doc Heron (Best utility player). Nik was also awarded best on ground in the grand final against Mallala, which Two Wells won for the second year in a row. Congratulations to all trophy winners and to all who took part, in any way, in this year’s netball and football season.

Under 15 trophy winners, from left, Laura Oakley (B&F), Grace Slattery (R/U), and Amy Spoolder (Coaches Award), pictured with coach, Naomi Playfair (right).

Under 13 coach, Christine Musolino (left), helped guide her team to a grand final win. She is pictured with trophy winners Jaclyn Stankevicius (Most Improved), Stephanie Seres (R/U), and Brooke Humphrys (B/F, Maureen Waye Trophy & Community Spirit Award).

Under 17 football winners, from left, Joshua Pellizzari (Best Team Man), Jarrett Wilson (Coaches Award), Doc Heron (Best Utility Player), William Hart (R/U), Nik Seccafien (B/F).


echo 12

Hang up your boots, summer is here Winter is behind us - it’s time to hang up your soccer boots, put away the hockey sticks and delegate the footy and netball to the bottom of the sports box. Many local clubs will be starting their summer season of sports this month and all are looking for new members, coaches and support. Here is a snapshot of what is happening in our local summer sports clubs:


cricket season, along with the softball, tennis and bowls seasons, gets underway this month across the district. Looking forward to the season ahead are Peter Seccafien and Michael Dimasi of Two Wells Cricket Club.

The Two Wells “TBirds” Softball Club commenced training in mid-August, with their season in the Gawler and Districts Softball Association set to start on October 19. Games are played on Saturdays at Karbeethan


Reserve, Angle Vale, from 1pm. Training is held at the Two Wells oval on Tuesday nights from 6pm starting October 8. Last year the club purchased an automatic pitching machine and is hoping to field two teams in the competition. 4 Contact club president, Linda Rushton, on 0407 608 470 for further information.


Two Wells Cricket Club is again fielding men and women’s teams in the Para District Cricket Association. The senior men’s competition starts on Saturday October 12, with the women’s team kicking off on Monday October 14. All women’s matches are played on Monday nights from 6pm – 8pm. Men’s teams play on Saturdays from 1pm. Training is Thursday

night from 5pm at the Two Wells oval. 4 Contact club president, Michael Dimasi, on 0409 977 191 or Leanne Pool on 0402 423 493 for details or more information.


Two Wells Tennis Club is hoping to field at least two junior tennis teams this season and is looking for new and interested players. Matches start on Saturday October 26 and are played at various venues around the Adelaide Plains. Coaching will this year be available for beginners and more experienced players once a month on a Friday afternoon with accredited coach Grant Daniel. Training for junior teams will be on Thursday nights from 5pm starting week 1 of Term 4.

4 Anyone interested in junior tennis contact Marie Tapscott on 0419 838 929.


Two Wells Bowling Club’s 2013/14 season kicks off on Saturday October 12 for the men, with the ladies’first match on October 10. Games are held every Wednesday for men, and Thursdays for ladies, with a mixed competition being held on Saturdays (starting October 19) at various venues around northern Adelaide. New players are welcome and the club hopes to again stage a night bowls competition on Tuesday nights if enough people are interested. Contact Bev Molloy on 0427 970 865 for details. 4 Any other information, contact club president Phil Devlin on 0407 256 860. Team Redbanks (red) took out this year’s Championship Shield, led by team captains Hayley Duthie, Michael McFarlane and Caitlin Musolino.

Wellbeing & Beauty

Redbanks win the day

BELOW: Staff at CC Hair, from left: Belinda, Kaila, Carmel, Kylie and Stav, and above, beauty therapist, Anna.

CC Hair staff will pamper you CC Hair at Angle Vale is the place to go to get pampered. Not only will Carmel and her staff make you feel like a new person with a creative hair style, but they now have a new Beauty Therapist available for appointments. The beauty side of the business is under new management, withBeauty Therapist, Anna, on hand to pamper you, providing you with an uplifting Reiki massage experience you won’t forget. Anna has a special introductory offer for clients of a 45 minute massage for the price of

a one hour massage. Make an appointment to have your tensions rubbed away, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Anna also offers a range of other beauty treatments, like waxing, facials, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, spray tans and gel nails. After those beauty treatments, why not follow up with a new hair do? The hair salon offers everything from traditional cuts, perms and sets, to colours, foils, hair extensions and modern styles. CC Hair caters for

men, women and children and the experienced staff will work with you to ensure you have a style you are happy with, using only quality hair products. CC Hair salon is open Monday to Friday 9am to

5.30pm, Thursday nights until 9pm, and Saturdays 9am to 5pm. Phone Carmel and her friendly staff on 8284 9798 to make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

WELCOME to our monthly feature in the Echo. Covering all aspects of health, beauty and wellbeing, the feature focuses on local practitioners, and includes editorial on a different business each month. To promote your business in this informative and colourful feature give Lisa Curnow a call on 8862 1977, or email Lisa at

Two Well Primary School’s oval was a sea of colour on Friday September 27 as students decked out in their house colours of red, blue, green, yellow and white competed in the annual sports day. A range of fun activities had students using teamwork, confidence, persistence and sportspersonship to earn points for their house team of Reeves, Wells, Korunye, Light and Redbanks. The day began with a whole school health hustle to get everybody warm and ready for the upcoming events. Junior primary students participated in a range of tabloid games including the egg and spoon race, skittles, sack race,

quoits, and sprints, as well as modified long jump and hurdles. Primary students competed in high jump, long jump, hurdles, running events and a basketball shoot out event, before taking on each other in team games such as spoke relay, tug-o-war, skittles and a water relay. All had an enjoyable day, with many family, friends and community members coming out to show their support. At the end of the day the Championship Shield was won by the red team, Redbanks, with the Attitude Shield presented to the white team of Wells for the second year in a row.

Awarded the Attitude Shield was Team Wells (white); captains Sam Brander, Amber Phillips-Gaudron and Carmel Edwards. Azareea Lomman competes in the modified long jump. LEFT: Decked out in blue are team Light; Will Nessling-Angus, Jayden Brewin, Brooke Ayris and Carly James.


• Two full time practitioners • Practice nurse • In house pathology service


P: 8520 2220 F: 8520 2223

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am - 12.30pm Closed Sunday


• Hair Extensions • Up Styles • Beauty • All Hair Care Needs Shop 11, 34 Heaslip Rd, Angle Vale Phone: 8284 9798

Find us on Facebook

PUTTING in a big ‘tug-o-war’ effort is the red team, led by Michael McFarlane. Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

! h g i h Riding



echo 13

REPORT: Bec O’Brien

or Lewiston residents Kym and Candy Michaelis, it would be fair to say horses are their lives. They live and breathe them, and the powerful four-legged animal is both their relaxation and a source of income. Both are excellent riders and handlers, and have created a unique re-education, handling and breaking program on their property, which people travel miles to access. Both are also members of the Festival State Rodeo Circuit. It’s a pursuit that sees them criss-cross the country to compete in events, often travelling in the early hours of the morning or late at night, competing all day and then driving home again in time for their “regular jobs”. Candy works full time as a business development manager for TAFESA’s Aboriginal Access Centre while Kym is a concreter. The rodeo season in South Australia kicksoff in October, with thousands flocking to Marrabel in the state’s mid-north to witness the skill, agility, speed and courage of both people and animals. Other events are held at Kapunda, Lobethal, Wilmington, Peterborough and Clare, before the pair head to Victoria to compete. “We do rodeos every weekend right from September to Easter,” Kym said. “It’s a good sport, it’s challenging, fun and has its own little community.” Kym, 32, has been around horses since he was a 10-year-old and participates in team roping events. This sees him and his trusty horse Cooper, chase a steer into the arena and rope its horns as quickly as he can, while a partner ropes the

legs. The event mirrors what many outback jackaroos and jillaroos do on a daily basis. This year Kym made the national finals for this event, and in June travelled to the Gold Coast in Queensland to compete. He finished tenth overall but took out the 2012/13 South Australian Champion Team Roping Header, a title he also won in 2011. Candy, 35, is a talented barrel racer, using speed and agility to maneuver her horse Ransom, around three barrels in the shortest time possible. She first started riding when she was two years old and joined the rodeo circuit in 2005. In the 2012/13 year Candy won the Festival State Rodeo Circuit All Around Cowgirl title and also the Barrel Racing Champion title. Their love of horses is a part of who they are and is also a family affair, with daughter Dakota, 15, also competing in barrel racing

The Michaelis family, pictured with horse Cooper – Candy, Kym and Dakota. Candy is shown barrel racing, with Kym and Dakota roping steers, with pictures courtesy events and Ethan, 4, starting to learn the ropes while on a lead. “We like rodeo as it is a competition against the clock,” Kym explains. “It is nobody’s definition of the best; the timer is the judge. “We compete also because it is something we can do as a family.” Dakota, a Xavier College Year 10 student, won the South Australian junior all round cowgirl title last year and has been riding since she was first put in a saddle at 18 months of age. The family’s love of horses sees them help other people make connections with their horses by breaking-in young animals,

re-educating others and teaching riders to work with their horses. They also organise riding clinics and information nights with world-class instructors. It is a passion they follow wholeheartedly and an everyday part of their lives. “We couldn’t think of doing anything else,” Kym says. “We often talk between ourselves about what people without our life are doing and say ‘gee they must be bored’. “We are sure that’s not the truth but to us it is how we relax and we get so much out of it, more than we could ever explain. “Horses are our life.”



The Good Food



• Cocktail • Pies & Pasties etc • Birthday cakes • Pastries • Catering Platters • Fresh fruit salad platters • Rolls and salad platters




76 Old Pt Wakefield Rd (opposite oval) - Ph: 8520 2367


Delicious home cooked meals with aromatic coffee made just the way you like it Good old fashioned friendly service Virginia Shopping Centre - 8380 9486


A La Carte Menu with FREE Salad/Vegie Bar • Disable toilet access in the beer garden • Gamble responsibly

TWO WELLS TAVERN Old Pt Wakefield Road, Two Wells - 8520 2210

Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

Bigger, better bakery Two Wells Bakery has a new look, with an extension to their front counter making access to their delicious products easier for customers. But that’s not all! Owners, Haydn and Pauline Routley, are also in the process of extending the shop at the back with a new bakehouse hoping to be completed before Christmas, along with a new verandah and outdoor eating area later. “Having a bigger bakehouse will give us a lot more room and improve productivity,” said Haydn. Haydn and Pauline are also in the process of developing dairy and egg free products, and do not use any animal fats in their cooking. They also use 25

per cent less sugar in their sweets, thus providing healthier eating options. Haydn and Pauline can provide sandwich, roll and seasonal fruit platters for business lunches and private functions. For your next party, Haydn can also create party food like cocktail pies, pasties and sausage rolls. Orders are welcome, no matter how big or small, so phone 8520 2367. Christmas is not far away, and from October, Haydn will have his Christmas line of products on sale. His delicious fruit mince pies and moist fruit cakes will be a sure hit! n The bakery opens Monday to Saturday at 6.30am, and closes at 4pm weekdays and 2pm Saturdays.

Wheatsheaf Hotel Gamble responsibly


THE Two Wells Bakery team with their taste treats, from left, John Tuckey, Hadyn and Pauline Routley, Sue Becker, Judy Turner and Tom Murfett.

Virginia’s family friendly hotel

• A great dining experience • X Lotto • Pokies • TAB • Bottle Shop

Phone 8380 9160

In the food business?

Don’t be the best kept secret in town. Place a colour ad in this feature for as little as $69.30 per month (including gst). And promote your culinary delights to around 7,000 people. BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE. You also get an editorial and photo every few months...... FREE OF CHARGE

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Business Directory Personal, friendly, professional service at your convenience

• Business & personal taxation • Planning and advice • Specialists in Agri Business • Personal Service professional public accountants • taxation & business consultants

37 Hayman Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3481 Email: Automotive A/C


Full processing & cut up service now available

Two Wells & Districts

Automotive Air Conditioning We Come To You

Lot 7, Corner Germantown & Temby Roads, Two Wells SA 5501, Ph: 08 8520 2011 F: 08 8520 2707 E:

Contact Tony 0417 824 461


Building BLD 220172 BLD 155498

Cleaning Contact Cleaning

From Carpet Cleaning $ House Cleans Regular

Antennas Installation



Antennas & Security HDTV Antenna Installations

Security Alarms CCTV Cameras ADSL / Tel / Data • Free quotes • Eftpos Available PO Box 706 Two Wells

Phone Keith 0404 349 840

Auto Parts

SPrint into sprint For all your auto parts & accessories 120 Old Port Wakefield Rd, Two Wells

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(Selling & Re Lease Clean Ups)

a/h: 8520 2136, f: 8520 2137, e:


Mark Stewart Firewood Weighbridge Certificate 7073 - ABN 13 091 390 652

• Dry split red gum • $315 per tonne • Free delivery in Lewiston area For prompt delivery Earthworks Trenching Storm Water, Irrigation Light and Tight Access Earthworks (Supply & Fit) Laser Levelling Services Electrical, Telstra Etc. S e r v i c i n g a l l t h e Northern Areas Hole Boring • Sand & Metal Supplies 150mm to 600mm • Horse & Dog Yards Levelling renewed. Driveways/Paving, NOW WIth Small Sheds, Rainwater 4 ton tipper Tanks Etc.

Phone for your free quote today on:

Lic No. 00 280 321 178

ACA Approved

Hart to Hart Communications For all your telstra needs


Decorative Concrete M & A Saliba

• Slate & pattern impressions • Driveways, footpaths etc. • Shed floors • Stormwater

Martin Saliba M: 0417 454 395

Financial Planning Robert Phillips MBA, Grad. Dip. Wealth creation, prof. Cert. in SMSF •Debt mgt •Wealth creation •Super •Personal insurance •Retirement planning •Estate planning •Self Managed Super

8520 3005

Authorised Representatives GWM Adviser Services Limited t/a MLC Financial Planning Australian Financial Services & Credit Licensee 230692. Registered office 105 - 153 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060


Garden Maintenance

Elite Mini Diggers

Garden Maintenance

Specialising in: 3 Additional Phone Sockets 3 Broadband Networking 3 Pre-wiring homes 3 TV Antennas Supplied & Fitted Phone: 8520 2169 Mob: 0410 404 200 Email:

Phone: 0417 086 832

NL Phillips & RW Phillips t/a

Ph Les/Tracy 8287 1491 Mobile 0403 159 971


GJ & MJ Tapscott

Greg Tapscott: 0408 816 852

Phone Gary 0402 314 731

(Free Quotes Reasonable Prices)

BLD 200219

9 Aerodrome Road, Mallala SA 5502 www.



Windows, Office Cleans Per Room Lounge Suites / Floor Polishing

ABN 44 675 393 640

Lower Light SA 5501

20 years experience – free quotes – 7 days

Campanella’s Landscaping

Phone : 0419 837 741


Fencing Contractor Specialising in all types of rural fencing including post driving & hole boring.

Service • Quality • Diverse

To make a booking call 0448 654 459

• Site clean-ups • Driveways • Leveling • Trenching • Animal Burials


37 Hayman Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3481 Email:

• Book one room or the whole house • TV & DVD • Continental breakfast supplied • BBQ • Linen • Reverse cycle air conditioning • Off street parking

Bobcat, excavator & Truck hire

• Insurance Repair Specialist • Windows & door replacement • Property maintenance • Extensions • Renovations • Restorations • Alterations

• Business & personal taxation • Planning and advice • Specialists in Agri Business • Personal Service professional public accountants • taxation & business consultants


Cars, trucks & farm equipment

Private Customers Welcome

Do you want an accountant who really understands what you need?


Bld Lic No 220384

Food Processing Facility

“We talk to, and educate, our clients to assist them to grasp their true situation. If required, we can then refer them on to other trusted professionals for wills, sharebroking, etc.” Jason’s wife, Cristy, helps in the office with administration, while another Accountant, Calum, works in the North Adelaide office. For any business or personal taxation services, phone Jason on 8520 3481.

BLD 223705

Do you want an accountant who really understands what you need?

If you need Accounting and Taxation assistance, Jason Hoffmann & Associates at Two Wells is ready to help you. Accountant, Jason Hoffmann, has run his own business for nine years, and has been operating in Two Wells for more than five years. He conducts the business from his home office, and also has offices in North Adelaide and Tanunda. “Most of our clients in this area work during the day, so it is more convenient for them to call around to our home office after work.” “And we offer personal, friendly, face-toface professional service.” Jason offers new business clients a complimentary first visit to their home or business. “It’s a rewarding job and we like to help people get ahead and make the best of their situation,” he said. Jason can assist with any accounting queries, and no business is too big or too small, with a specialisation in Agribusiness.

4&6 Tonne Tipper Trucks

• Post Hole Boring • Laser Leveling • Trenching • Bobcat dingo excavator

0417 808 722 Exhaust

Multi Exhaust & Brake

Shockers & Suspension, Diesel & Mechanical repairs, Regular servicing & Tune ups, Welding service available, brakes, Specialising in standard & Custom exhaust systems Corner of Old Pt Wakefield & Gawler Roads, Virginia (opp. Virginia Hotel)

Phone 8380 9477

Lawn Mowing

✓ Lawn Mowing ✓ Gutter Cleaning ✓ Ride-on Mowing ✓ Gutter Protection ✓ Gardening ✓ Irrigation Installation ✓ Weed Control ✓ Rubbish Removal ✓ Yard Clean-Ups ✓ Inspection Clean-ups Free Quotes

Phil Slattery 0411 805 364


Two Wells

& Districts

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Phone David 8862 1977


Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

Business Directory

Financial advice and solutions you can rely on

Robert Phillips MBA, Grad. Dip. Wealth creation, prof. Cert. in SMSF

If you need some help or advice on financial issues, from debt management to superannuation, give Robert Phillips of Personal Financial Solutions at Two Wells a call. Robert is a financial advisor and proprietor of the family owned business, and prides himself on offering sound financial advice and practical solutions to your financial situation. Robert’s wife, Natalie, is Client Services Manager, and takes care of the administration side of things. For those contemplating retirement, have you given any thought of how to fund your retirement? Is it time to start planning your transition to retirement? Robert can give you advice on retirement, including superannuation, ensuring you have a nice little nest egg when you eventually retire. He can also provide you with specialist services in self-managed super funds and share trading, creating wealth for when you retire. If bills are piling up or you have trouble paying your accounts, maybe it’s time to consult Robert

about your debt management. He can provide you with options for reducing or re-arranging your debts, and repay your debts faster, helping you turn your financial position around. For clients in a more sound financial position, Robert can help with wealth creation advice, investment strategies, stock market and share trading. Robert offers both private and small business’ advice, including succession and estate planning. If you would like some help with your current or future financial position, Robert is happy to come and visit you, so give him a call on 8520 3005, or email him at

Gas Supplies


Astrac Gas Supply & Distribution Winter has arrived…

Don’t Get Caught in the cold • Delivering LPG to your area right now • All cylinders hooked up on site are spray tested for leaks. • No Contracts

45kg Domestic/Commercial Cylinder *

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*Please note all 45kg & 15kg cylinders attract a yearly service fee

Mobile card facilities available on delivery. Mastercard, Visa, Debit

Phone now for fast FREE delivery

8527 2201 / 8520 2201 Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm

Glass & Glazing

NL Phillips & RW Phillips t/a


Two Wells IT

Your local computer expert

• General hardware • Animal needs & feeds • Origin Gas Agent • Fencing supplies • Plumbing Supplies • BOC Gas & Gear • Key Cutting

Phone (08) 85202287

85 Old Port Wakefield Rd, Two Wells

Ph/Fax 8520 3375



& Districts

• Service & Repair Most Vehicles • Light Commercial & Diesel Servicing • Log Book Servicing • Transmission Servicing • RAA Approved mechanical workshop • Brake/Clutch Repairs & Replacements • Cooling System Repairs • Minor Electrical Work • Engine Rebuilds & Replacements • Onboard Computer Diagnostics

Phone David 8862 1977

Shower Screens

wer ScreensMirrors




& More


Grant McDonald

Mob. 0409 248 234 Fax. 248 (08) 8523 0409 2343227

Mob. Fax. (08) 8523 3227


Two Wells

& Districts

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✓ Local painter ✓ Domestic / Commerical ✓ Interior / Exterior ✓ Feature Walls

Steve Allan’s Mechanical

Contact Rene 0400 713 548

Home Improvements


Pergola & Carports Pergolas - Carports - timber decks

R & M Timber Supplies

Carports, Verandas, Roofing, repairs & Guttering, Extension Renovations, Gyprock & Flushing, All type of repair work

Call Anthony 0419 035 474 Call Scott 0411 173 032

Phone: 8522 6504 Fax: 8523 2009 • Let us customise a design for you • Installation service is available • Huge range of timber & hardware at discount prices

No Job 2 Small

Lot 9 Kelly Road, Willaston

Home Improvements


Property Repairs & Painting Co

• Property Maintenance • Renovations and Alterations • Texture Coating • Building work • Roof Restorations / Spraying • Interior / Exterior Painting

Mark Scholz T: 0431 163 029 E: W:

Pergola & Timber Supplies

Mechanic For all your mechanical needs • Service & Tune • Mechanical Repairs • Tyre Sales & Repairs • Tilt tray towing • Spare parts • RAA depot • EFTPOS available 120 Old Port Wakefield Rd.

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A/H Towing: 0427 807 914 RAA Road Service: 13 11 11


Don’t be the best Two Wells kept secret in town! Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

Howie’s Painting

Phone: 8380 9355, Virginia (opp. Virginia Irrigation)

Builders Lic. No BLD21255

Grant McDonald


Lot 4 Waterloo Corner Rd, Burton P: 8280 9288 W:


24/7 , friendly service Fast, friendly service


• General Service and Mechanical Repairs • Electronic Tune-up • Exhaust Repairs • Cooling System Service • Suspension Service • Driveline Repairs • Engine Rebuilds •Transmission Servicing • Computer chipping



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4WD & Diesel Specialists

Supplies, sales, repairs, up grades, accessories, peripherals, all computer needs, Service With a Smile!!!,

Grants Grants Glass & &Glazing Glass Glazing


8520 3005

Authorised Representatives GWM Adviser Services Limited t/a MLC Financial Planning Australian Financial Services & Credit Licensee 230692. Registered office 105 - 153 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060

Internet Provider

R & J Rural Supplies

Two Wells

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& Districts

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Business Directory Don’t be the best kept secret in town! Promote your business on these pages for only $41.80 a month & put your name in front of about 10,000 people.


Two Wells

Lewiston • Two Wells • Virginia • Angle Vale Physiotherapy


& Districts

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Sign Writing

PODIATRIST Agostino Porcaro Balaklava, Mallala & Two Wells For Appointments phone

Darren Davey 0419 842 228


Two Wells

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Plumber U.P.M. Plumbing

Registered Master Plumber Lic PGE 3873 - Bld Lic R104752

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John Coles: 0428 122 334 ah: 8529 2266 F: 8529 2288 E:


Gameau Plumbing Service

Lic R1425

General Plumbing & Maintenance

• General Plumbing • Hot Water System • Service & installations • Septic Tanks • Rainwater tanks & pumps • Blocked drains • Free quotes P: 8520 2365 or M: 0408 829 363 29, Old Mallala Road, Two Wells 5501


Virginia Medical Centre Every Thursday Old Port Wakefield Rd, Virginia

PHONE 8380 9145

Vlas Contracting Property Maintenance & Development

• Gardens - Design - Maintenance - Makeovers - Rubbish removal • Building - Maintenance - Minor repairs - Gutter cleaning

• Paving - Installation - Repairs • Fencing - Residential - Rural - Repairs • Concrete - Paths - Shed floors - Cutting • Stormwater - Installation - Repairs

Contact Mark 0403 064 886


Two Wells

Road Train Drive, Two Wells

Eddie 0428 824 712

Property Maintenance

Services include: • Lawns - Push mower - Ride-on mower - Whipper snipper

3 Cash for cans, bottles, scrap metal 3 Open: Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 1pm

& Districts

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Septic Services


A1 Septic Services

B.A.S. Slashing No Job Too Big or Small

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Septic Service

Ace Two Wells Septic You dump em we’ll pump em • 40 years in the business • Honest friendly service

ring SHANE anytime

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• Rotary Hoe / Large & Small • Slashing • Post Holes • Light Earth works • Offset Disk Plough ABN - Fully Insured

Phone Peter 0411 822 417 Tiling Services

TP Tiling Services

Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiler ◆ Bathrooms ◆ Kitchens ◆ Laundry • Waterproofing & General Maintenance • Professional Service • Good Rates

Thomas 0433 598 597


Rob’s Shearing Service


• Hobby sheep & Alpacas • Drenching • Lice treatment • Hoof & horn trimming

• Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 12pm • Integrative therapies now available • Now AQIS accredited for your export needs • Consultations by appointment

0458 053 094

PHONE (08) 8520 3600

Dr John Katakasi BVSc (Hons) CVA (IVAS) Dr Michelle Hague BVSc (Hons)

6 Gawler Road, Two Wells

Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

echo 17

Our star athletes G aw l e r C o m m o n w e a l t h Bank branch manager, Karen Frampton, pictured with Peter Cocks at the forum.

HAYDEN SmartGillich and Amber PhillipsGaudrom competed in the SAPSASA Athletics Championships last month.

Janet Ellis chats with Johan Ramerman of Two Wells.

Locals ‘meet and greet’ at networking forum

Amber and Hayden bring home gold and bronze A gold and bronze medal reflected the efforts of students from Two Wells Primary School at the SAPSASA State Country Athletics Championships last month. Year 7 student, Amber Phillips-Gaudron competed in the 13-year-old girls high jump event and the 13-year-old girls 4x100m running relay at the championships, which were held at Santos Stadium in Adelaide on September 23. Year 6 student Hayden Smart-Gillich competed in the 11-year-old boys high jump event. The girls relay team placed first, one step better than last year, of which Amber was also a member, and received a gold medal. A

personal best equaling jump of 1.37 metres saw Amber finish third in the high jump event and awarded a bronze medal. The students were part of the Gawler and Districts SAPSASA Athletics team and were chosen following standout performances at the local district athletics competition held at Trinity College, Gawler on August 27, where 32 students from the school competed in a variety of athletics events. Jontey Pead was also selected for the championships, in the boys high jump, but was unable to attend the event. The Gawler and Districts Athletics team won the championship event overall on points.

Bec O’Brien reports: Local businesses had the chance to “meet and greet” each other last week at a special networking forum held in Two Wells. Held on Thursday September 19 at the Empire Café, around 25 people gathered to meet other local business people, share their business stories, and discuss areas of improvement and opportunities for business growth in the district. Supported by the Barossa arm of Regional Development Australia and the District Council of Mallala, the night was the second such event held locally, with a similar event held last year.

DCM councillor, and Flourish Counselling and Consulting proprietor, Karen McColl with Peter Ward of the Gawler Commonwealth Bank branch.

Two Wells Prime Meats’ Tracy Wallage (left) and Karen Ravesteyn of Two Wells Fresh Seafood and her seven-year-old son, Oliver.

Neville Seccafien, of Two Wells IT, and Peter Canala or Ambro Australia

Sponsor’s day a highlight

September was yet another huge month for Two Wells Golf Club. One of our biggest events, our annual Sponsor’s Day on Sunday September 8, highlighted the month with a great turn out. Five sponsor’s teams and two local teams hit the fairways in an Ambrose competition. A fabulous day with a sausage sizzle on course and afternoon tea was enjoyed by all. Peter Kittle Toyota provided the major prizes for the day and as it turned out the Kittle team of Peter Norsworthy, Steve King, Steve Amos and Darryl Hall took the win with a great score of 52. Thanks go to all sponsors and players who attended and also to the committee for putting on great food and a wonderful day. Also this month we saw the final of the Handicap match play being fought out between two of the year’s most consistent players in Yogi Frencken and Steven Kelly. Congratulations to Yogi, who put together a great round in the final to comfortably defeat Steven 6/5. The ladies on Tuesdays have had a fabulous month with Kathy Stubing, Jenny Rowe and Julie Holland taking out

REPORT: Adam Bail TWGC vice captain

wins and showing their consistent form. The ladies also started the lead up to their season close with their usual season-end excursion and will close out in the coming weeks with a 16-hole Ambrose. If you would like to join us and try and tame our challenging little course while having a great day, visit the club this Saturday. Golf starts at 11am with tee-offs until around 12.30pm and everyone in before 5pm for presentation of the day’s prizes, and a chance to take home the much sought-after Virginia Meat Store meat tray raffles. Ladies also play on Tuesdays around 9.15am and new members are always welcome. The men also have a Thursday competition from 9.15am, usually followed by a BBQ lunch and a couple of beers after the day’s golf. Two Wells Golf Club also has a website, www. with a wealth of information about the course,

Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

competitions, membership and everything else you need to know. Come out and play! A quick reminder, the end of season presentation day is on Saturday October 12 and the club’s AGM will be held on October 19 at 5pm. Good golfing everyone.

Results: August 24: Stableford A Grade – R.Thompson 40, L.Grafton 37, Y.Frencken 35. B Grade – I.Clark 39, J.Ball 34, H.Linford 32. C Grade – D.Thompson 34, R.Prior 31, J.Spackman 31. Ladies – J.Holland 32. August 31: Par A Grade – L.Grafton +2, R.Hogg +2, Y.Frencken +2. B Grade – J.Spackman +2, I.Smith +1, I.Clark -1. September 7: Stableford A Grade – A.Bail 40, Y.Frencken 37, S.Grigg 35. B Grade – I.Smith 38, P.Shields 38, J.Weir 37. C Grade – D.Thompson 38, R.Prior 36, D.Smith 31. Ladies – J.Holland 27.

September 8: Ambrose Peter Kittle Toyota – P.Norsworthy, S.King, S.Amos, D.Hall: 52. McMahon Services – L.McArthur, M.Barrett, B.Vogelsang, G.Payne: 54. Misfits – H.Linford, A.Baker, D.Smith, M.Davies: 55 Adelaide Plains Recycling – K.Stubing, R.Hogg, G.Giannikos, L.Cannizzaro: 56.5. Team Magoo – L.Grafton, Y.Frencken, S.Watson, P.Thorning: 56.75. Dublin Fruit and Veg & Virginia Meat Store – R.Prior, T.Clifton, M.Dimasi: 57.5. Michael Belcher Garden Design – S.Kelly, J.Kelly, P.Shields: 62. September 14: Stableford A Grade – R.Hogg 44, J.Bowden 39, S.Grigg 37. B Grade – H.Linford 39, N.Bowden 39, M.Davies 37. C Grade – J.Spackman 46, D.Smith 32, C.Barker 30. Ladies – J.Holland 32. September 21: Stroke A Grade – R.Grigg 67, L.Grafton 68, Y.Frencken 71. B Grade – J.Spackman 67, D.Smith 68, J.Ball 69. Ladies – J.Holland 79, E.Grigg 80.

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Casual required for all shifts Experience and minimum qualification of Certificate Three in Aged Care essential. For further information, please contact Belinda Sharp, CEO or Judy Naulty, Care Manager, on (08) 8527 2008.


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ABOVE: Lauren Turner shows her forehand skills. LEFT: Three-year-old Michaela Foubister picking up balls at the Two Wells and Districts Tennis Club open day. RIGHT: New Two Wells and Districts Tennis Club coach, Grant Daniel, instructs a group of keen tennis enthusiasts at the open day.

Open days draw crowds

Both the Two Wells Bowling Club and the Two Wells and Districts Tennis Club held their annual open days on Sunday September 29 and the Echo was there to capture the fun. Both clubs enjoyed a good turnout and are looking forward to a great season ahead.

Two Wells bowler, Daryl Hall sends one down the green.

Cherie Gourlay, 8, practices her tennis action.

New Two Wells and Districts Tennis Club coach, Grant Daniel, with club secretary and treasurer, Tiffany Lawson.

Reeves Plains’ resident, Josh Needham, shows his style on the court.

ABOVE: Kel Prescott and Ian Brown on the green at the Two Wells Bowling Club open day. RIGHT: Lily Konicek and Beverley Thomas. Two Wells Bowling Club president, Phil Devlin, with Mathew Werfel of Federal MP Nick Champion’s office.

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Two Wells resident, Natasha Hogan, is hoping to raise more than $3000 in support of Pony Rescues Inc from a garage sale this month. She is pictured with Chicko and Tinker (right) who she has rescued and given a home to.

Raising funds for equine friends Last year Two Wells resident, Natasha Hogan, organised and held a garage sale to gather funds for neglected horses and ponies, raising more than $2000 in the process. Natasha is staging the event once again and hopes to eclipse this figure by more than $1000. To be held on Saturday October 26 at 67 Williams Rd, Two Wells, the garage sale will include a sausage sizzle, numerous

raffles and a special hot shoeing demonstration by local farriers Theo Adriaans and Harley Watts. All proceeds from the sale will go to Pony Rescues Inc, a not for profit organisation centered around saving neglected and unwanted ponies and horses. Natasha is seeking donations of any unwanted goods for the sale and can be contacted on 0422 201 323. Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

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Two Wells – back from left: Tamara Eves, Hayley Squires, coach Rachel Squires, Wendy Salter, Juanita Hamilton. Front: Emily Stringer, Maddie Sayner, Kate Lange and Sammy Stevenson.


Wells – back from left: coach Christine Musolino, Jaclyn Stankevicius, Hayley Duthie, Jade Stankevicius, Alicia Duthie, Stephanie Seres. Front: Chantelle Harrison, Claudia Devlin, Caitlin Musolino and Brooke Humphrys.

ABOVE: Sisters Sarah and Jaime Dinham show their support for Two Wells. RIGHT: Premiership playing coach Michelle Dimasi and her 6 yo daughter, Gabriella, celebrate after the A3 win.

Three netball flags for ‘Wells • From back page Intensity levels lifted during the final quarter, with both teams applying fantastic pressure. Accurate shooting proved to be the difference with Two Wells, 47 taking home the win from Balaklava, 40. Best on court was awarded to Two Wells GS Jess Newman. Congratulations. In the A4 match Two Wells again took on Balaklava and came away with a win. Each quarter was a tight call, with only one goal separating the teams at half time. Increased mid-court pressure and a few timely intercepts saw Two Wells lift to lead by five at the last break. Accurate shooting by both teams in the last quarter made sure the game kept spectators enthralled, with a strong performance by centre player, Kate Lange, seeing her rewarded with the best on court medal. Congratulations. TWNC president, Tanya Kent, said it was a terrific effort by all teams. “It was absolutely fantastic to get three premierships,” Tanya said. “The girls should be proud of their efforts. “The atmosphere at the club following the grand final was amazing and the club did a lot of teas. “Hopefully the success of the club on the field will continue off the field as we prepare to begin the upgrade of the clubrooms.” Not to be forgotten are the A2 and A5 netball teams, who also made this year’s finals but were unfortunately knocked out. A terrific effort girls. Two Wells Echo, October, 2013

Two Wells stars of the day

SENIOR COLTS Best on Ground, Nik Seccafien.

A3 Best on Court, Jess Newman.

A4 Best on Court, Kate Lange.

U/13(A) Best on Court, Brooke Humphrys.

Roosters put up a good contest

AFTER staring down the barrel of a huge premiership hangover, Two Wells’ recovery to storm their way into the APFL grand final was nothing short of exemplary. To coach, Mark Thomson, and his team’s credit, they came into the grand final with a superb form line. Despite an excellent first quarter where they looked in charge, it wasn’t to be their day. “We got off to a good start but our last 90 minutes weren’t good enough,” Thomson surmised. “They were the better team, our skill level was down and in the end, we let an opportunity slip.” It was Thomson’s last year coaching the A grade team, after four years at the helm, culminating in the 2012 premiership. “As a family, we will still be hanging around the club, we’ve got five kids we would like to have play football and netball at Two Wells,” Thomson said. Veteran ruckman, Simon Feast, is also believed to be a strong chance to retire as a player. As for Thomson, his achieve-

Les Pearson reports: ment of taking a side languishing in sixth position in 2011 to the 2012 flag will highlight his stint with the Roosters. “They’re a good group of blokes, who’ve never shirked the issue and never question you, and all the teams we’ve come up against knew we would put up a contests, which is exactly what you want,” he said. Game wrap Two Wells came out of the blocks well and kicked with a steady two-goal breeze. Tim Hines put his first shot out on the full but made no mistake with a snap from a pack to put the first goal on the board for the Roosters. Two Wells put the Mallala defence under enormous pressure. Lee Allmond’s 60-metre bomb from the boundary was a match highlight and had the Roosters up and about heading into the first change, before Mallala’s Angus Bruggemann won

a free kick and converted on the siren to keep the Magpies in touch. Tallan Leighton was able to get away from defender, Tim Cawrse, to kick the first goal of the second term from a tight angle. When Two Wells defender, Brad Fitzgerald, let a mediocre pass from an opponent slip through his hands, it opened the door for Brad Griffiths to pounce and slot an easy reply for Mallala. The Magpies kept up the pressure, Brian Montgomery getting away from Ryan Hooper at times, and Scott Hahn’s superb snap from deep in the pocket gave Mallala a one-point lead at the main break. Simon Feast was able to repel a number of Mallala’s rebounds from defence, the Two Wells ruckman taking plenty of grabs across his team’s half back line. Mallala refocussed from there, taking a number of great marks to repel Two Wells. It was a dour third term, played between the respective teams’half back lines but Mallala was able to get two goals on the scoreboard and take a 17-point lead into the

final change. Two Wells were looking down the barrel, despite being well within reach at three-quarter-time. Khan Leighton was thrown into the midfield to give the Roosters some run and played a scintillating final quarter, taking the game and countless opponents on with ball in hand. However, a vital set shot opportunity 40 metres out on a tight angle to Seccafien wasn’t taken, the captain opting to look inboard to Feast, amongst a murder of Magpies, and the ball was turned over. It proved costly and when Whitwell slammed home a great goal from 45 metres out off his left foot, Mallala went into party mode. Rooster Bryce Hart was named best and rightly so, his consistent efforts to spark his team from half back were continuous on a disappointing day. Hooper battled hard in the backline as well, while Khan Leighton’s brilliant bounce and tenacity was recognised.


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Two Wells

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PREMIERS 2013 TWO WELLS 17.17 (119) def MALLALA 8.7 (55)

Hat trick for Roosters

The Two Wells senior colts side took out its third consecutive premiership in theAPFL grand final on Saturday September 21, ending the season undefeated on the back of a 64-point win over Mallala at Long Plains. The Roosters were shaky early, fumbling the ball and missing targets by hand and foot. Mallala started the better team and settled quickly, taking a deserved eight-point lead into the first change. Two Wells sent Harry Gameau (five goals) forward, the Roosters clicking into gear soon after. Gameau proved a handy tall target and after copping a bake from coaching staff, the Two Wells midfield of Nik Seccafien, Doc Heron, Will Hart and Tyler Mills began to get back on top. Two Wells took a 17-point lead into the main break and were looking like winners. The Roosters’third term was wonderful to watch, the skill level lifted and so did their run, kicking away to a match-winning break of 38 points. A further four goals to two in the final quarter sealed the deal for Two Wells. Nik Seccafien was awarded best on ground, one of several promising juniors to play senior football this season.

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‘Wells claims three netball premierships

A3 PREMIERS – Two Wells – back from left: Stacey Gameau, Michelle Dimasi, Jess Newman, Jasmin Schmidt, Koby Paxton, Jamie Dinham. Front: Amanda McHugh, Leah Clifton, Shannen Weir and Neralie Wearn.

Two Wells Netball Club came away with three premiership flags this year, following the Adelaide Plains Football and Netball Association grand final held at Long Plains on Saturday September 21. Playing in hot conditions, the club’sA3,A4 and 13 and Under A team all took home grand final honours. Undefeated all year, the young 13A team went into the final as favourites, with strong defensive pressure, great passing, and team commitment and passion seeing them defeat Mallala 24-18. Best on court went to Two Wells’ Brooke Humprys. In theA3 match, a tight contest between all-season rivals Two Wells and Balaklava, saw Two Wells come out on top with a seven-goal win. This team, led by player-coach, Michelle Dimasi, had only lost one game all season (funnily enough to Balaklava!) and the match proved to be a great tussle, at times going goal for goal. n Continued page 19

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Proud sponsor of the Two Wells Football & Netball Club The Mighty Roosters. 2013 A3, A4 & U/13 netball & Senior Colts football Premiers


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