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MAY 2012

Council prepares budget:

Spending on your advice RESIDENTS will see some of their suggestions come to fruition in District Council of Mallala’s draft 2012/2013 budget which is in the process of being finalised. It will go to community consultation later this month. DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said council had been working through the proposed project list in the draft budget at recent meetings, and now the community would have a chance to comment. This year’s draft budget is based on a rate increase of 5 per cent, which is slightly less than last year’s 5.1 per cent. With projected new growth of 2.5 per cent, this gives a projected rate revenue boost of 7.5 per cent. Some of the capital works include:

Bec O’Brien reports: 4 $125,000 for the Baker Road Ford upgrade 4 $20,000 for public toilets at the Lewiston Playground 4 $15,000 for a pedestrian crossing in the main street of Two Wells 4 $45,000 for road sealing of Seventh Street in Dublin Mr Mansueto said many of the draft budget items reflected issues or concerns raised by residents and at the same time, was looking ahead to plan for growth in the district. n CONTINUED PAGE 2

One for fun

While many of his classmates prefer to challenge themselves on two wheels, 16-year-old Two Wells resident, Jack Mildred, gives it his best shot on one, having taken up the niche sport of unicycling. After being introduced to the onewheeled bike a few years ago by his uncle, this humble and quietly spoken Year 11 Trinity College student is fast making a name for himself in the small but growing world of unicycling, placing equal third overall in this year’s

Uninats - the equivalent of the Australian nationals - held in Melbourne in March. Echo reporter Bec O’Brien caught up with Jack during the school holidays and was impressed by his skill and ease on the bike, as well as his humble attitude. After riding his uncle’s unicycle while on a family holiday to Port Broughton a few years ago, Jack’s interest in the sport was sparked. “I thought, ‘this looks pretty cool’

so Mum and Dad got me one on eBay for $50 and I was soon attempting small tricks,” he said. Dad, Rodney, says Jack learnt to ride the bike in only three hours, and wore the tyre down to the tube in the process. “He’s always liked unusual things,” Rodney said. “He played soccer as a young kid, but it just wasn’t his thing. “I’m definitely proud of his achievements in this unique sport.” n CONTINUED PAGE 2

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• From Page 1 Today Jack has a top-of-therange unicycle worth around MacDonald Buckland Port Gawler Park Penfield Virginia Park Munno Para and his repertoire of Conservation Andrews $800, Gardens Park Farm tricks has grown impressively, Penfield so much so he can climb up and Waterloo RAAF Base down steps, slide or “grind” Corner Edinburgh Elizabeth along rails, drop into half pipes and jump between piles Two Wells and Lewiston, Middle Beach, of wooden pallets or cement Lower Light, Port Gawler, Buckland Park, sleepers. and Virginia. But Jack is no stranger to alternative sports, trying something different or challenging Phone 8862 1977 himself; he was a state trampoFACSIMILE 8862 1997 linist until 2009 when he broke NEWS his ankle in a training accident SALES and was forced to retire. internet This sport was something deadlines Advertising and Editorial closes he took up after watching his 5 pm the last Wednesday of the month. younger sister, Chloe, train in. reporter Bec O’Brien “It was different, not many people I knew did it, (and) I liked MOBILE 0419 292 715 the trick side of it,” Jack said. advertising David Newsome “I liked learning new and different tricks and then permanager Andrew Manuel forming them.” Some of these tricks included back flips, forward rolls with editor Terry Williams half twists, called a barani, and front flips with 540-degree POSTAL PO Box 63, Balaklava SA 5461 twists, called a rudi. And at the end of it all he had to land on his feet. The Echo was founded in 1978 and originally After watching him demprinted as an A4 single sheet newsletter. In 2010, onstrate some of these “tricks” Papers & Publications trading as the Plains I can vouch they’re definitely Producer newspaper based in Balaklava started “tricky” but they’re not just producing the newspaper in a tabloid format. tricks. They are something artful, something fast, strong and Submitting news and photos to the Two Wells graceful all at the same time, & Districts Echo is easy and photographs from something that has taken hours almost any subject are welcome. Send your of practice to perfect - and Jack news in detail, or even an outline, to news@ showed me one after the other, PO Box 63 Balaklava in about two minutes flat. SA 5461, or drop it in to our office at 9 Howes After his ankle injury Jack street in Balaklava. In today’s times, we do decided unicycling would be prefer email – but you can submit it in letter or his main sport. “dot point” format. Two years ago he travelled some events which you might think are to Canberra and competed in his of public interest are in reality an obvious first Australian Uninats, placing commercial benefit to organisers and in this instance only basic details will be published first in the coasting competition. in editorial form. Organisers should contact us The Uninats are a biannual for advertising rates at sales@twowellsecho. unicycling event where riders compete in a range of events, including Flatland, Street, Downhill, Coasting and Trial competitions, just to name a few. * ALL original material produced by employees Flatland competition sees of Papers and Publications Pty Ltd, t/as Plains Port Gawler

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Volume 34


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participants demonstrate tricks on the flat that include flips, spins and rolls. Street competition involves riding around skate-park-like equipment and completing a variety of tricks. Competing in trials has the competitor riding over set obstacles such as skinny beams, natural rocks and industrial materials like stacked In the pallets. SPOTLIGHT The freestyle competition allows the rider to use whatever is around them With your to show their help, each month depth of skill. “That’s kind the Echo hopes of more circus- to highlight some like,” Jack said. of our younger “It’s where generation. you get to n To nomina make your own someone for te our routine.” “Spotlight” piece The coast- conta ct Bec on ing compe- 04 19 292 715 tition is all or em ail news@ about speed and balance, twowellsecho. And where the rem ember, they rider gets as JACK shows his style on the unicycle. don’t have to be much speed the best. as possible, “These boys don’t even think on the unicycle. lifts their feet He jumped from about it, they just ride. off the pedals “They ride their unicycles one two-metre high and “coasts” as far as they can. pile of concrete sleepers to like people ride pushbikes.” Other events also held at the another, slightly lower, with Next year’s Uninats will be Uninats include long distance no hesitation at all and with held in Canberra and Jack hopes riding and track events similar about a two metre gap between to have a few new tricks up his to those at athletics carnivals, them too. sleeve by then. only competitors participate on “I’d like to eventually go It was impressive to watch, one wheel. and then there were the spins, to the World Championships, Jack competes mostly in trial jumps and just general riding which are held every four and street events. years,” he said. around. Weighing around four kilo“It’s like the Olympics but And here I was just wondergrams, Jack’s unicycle goes ing how you go about getting up for unicycling.” most everywhere with him. Jack is sponsored by Joel on a one-wheeled bike. He regularly catches up with Rodney has proudly watched Gleeson Unicycles, has apa small, close-knit group of like- as his sons skills in unicycling peared on Totally Wild, and minded teens, and heads into the have grown, and says while has many You Tube videos of city to tackle a new set of tricks. many people see clowns rid- his riding. “If I find something that I’m ing the one-wheeled bikes in He is looking forward to the interested in I’ll try and learn parades and circuses, it takes construction of a skate park in that trick,” he said. skill and effort to handle them. Two Wells to further his trainOnce again Jack demon“But Jack and his mates just ing for different events at the strated to me his skill, this time do it so naturally,” Rodney said. Uninats.


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Spending on your advice • From Page 1 “When you look at the projects a lot of them are in response to community feedback,” he said. “This year’s budget has taken on building a number of key projects the community has asked for and it’s also planning for the future.” Other projects being considered in the draft budget include $180,000 in studies, with $30,000 set aside for a general open space study, $50,000 for the Lewiston Community Study, and $100,000 for a preliminary study into transferring the bulk of DCM’s

don’t miss your next

services to Two Wells. This latter project was something Mr Mansueto said council had identified in its future planning, and would possibly see a role reversal of current services in the towns of Mallala and Two Wells. “It’s in our long-term financial plan to commence full services in Two Wells in about two years,” he said. “We are hoping to coincide it with the town centre development.” The draft budget is set to be endorsed by council at its monthly meeting on May 28.


June 6 ALL Copy in by may 31

Two Wells Echo, May, 2012


ast month saw the Two Wells Melodrama Group celebrate its 30th year, and one local who has been there since the beginning is Anne Arbon. Anne joined the group in its inaugural year in 1982 but has had a love affair with music, dance and performing from a very young age. Along with husband, Robert, and children Eleisha and Hayden, who have all contributed to performances - her involvement in the group has been significant. She has taken to the stage, sung, written or helped to write scripts, made costumes, directed, sold tickets, and managed funds. “In my day drama wasn’t big at school,” Anne lamented. “But I have a love of music. “When we had our singing time at school, that’s when I’d be out the front dancing and singing. “Sport didn’t interest me. This is my thing.” Anne has been involved in every yearly performance over the past 30 years, except for one. She even participated while pregnant and when the shows were still held in the old Two Wells Institute building. Newly married, Anne moved to Two Wells in 1975 after growing up in Pinery, between Balaklava and Mallala. She is also a committed member of the Balaklava Community Arts group, and when she is not doing performances or rehearsals in town here, or working in the local chemist, you can find her on stage and helping out in Balaklava. Anne also at times teams up with her sister, Helen Verner, as “Harmony” for other musical performances. Over the years Anne has played a myriad of roles, including maidens, angry mother-in-laws, queens, a saloon owner, a gypsy, widows, ladies of the night, and even a deaf colonel. In the inaugural melodrama group show “The Poor Young Girl”, in 1982, she played a sweet young chorus member. “For some years I played the role of the sweet young thing in various stories,” Anne Two Wells Echo, May

L eading ady L

echo 3

Two Wells local, Anne Arbon, has performed in almost 30 productions for the Two Wells Melodrama Group, which this year celebrates it 30th birthday. ABOVE: Anne dressed as a cat for a Clayton’s performance in 1992.

Anne still starring after 30 years on the local stage T NEWSfeature

Bec O’Brien

said. “But now I play more mature roles. “I always put myself over as a lady with prestige, and the kind of fun, high regarded character roles are now my style.” Some of Anne’s favourite shows over the years include Baked Being in 1989, Ol’ Cactus in 1999, which was set in the Wild, Wild, West, and its subsequent sequel Come Again Cactus the following year. There have been so many favourites, including an Irish-based play, Berroga, in 2001. Putting together a show on the level the Two Wells Melodrama Group does takes months of rehearsal, hours of planning and dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of so many people. Anne says some of the many roles that need to be filled include backstage, sound and lighting crews, stage managing, actors, orchestra players, musi-

cal director, script writer, wardrobe, front of house, waitressing and kitchen duties, and director. “It’s a big thing,” she said. “It involves a lot of people and it’s very satisfying to stand on the stage and hear the audience respond to what everyone has put into it. “We’ve had an excellent 30 years and I hope to enjoy many further shows but one person of the melodrama doesn’t make a melodrama. “It’s a credit to the entire community the way it all pulls together.” n This year’s performance is titled “The Fabulous Fabrizi’s Circus”, and was written by Stacey Murray. Anne’s daughter, Eleisha, is directing the show, which has a circus theme. The seven-performance season opens this Saturday, May 12 and runs until Saturday May 26.

Looking lovely in their beautiful hats were f(from left) Rae Corston, Anne Arbon and Melanie Cannole, performing in The Poor Young Girl in 1982.


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Your Community

Send or amend your free community announcements at alcoholics anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, Meets every Thursday evening in Two Wells, Commencing at 8pm in the Hall at St. Pauls Anglican Church Old Port Wakefield Road, Anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol is welcome to attend.


Two Rivers Basketball Association, Angle Vale Primary School, PO Box 455 Two Wells SA 5501. Basketball Coaching Clinic from 5pm, Games commence from 5:30pm, 12 and Under, 15 and under, Learn basketball in a friendly family atmosphere. Contact Paul on 0414 248 732.

Bowling Club

We welcome all bowlers an opportunity to play, especially new bowlers to come along and enjoy a game of Bowls. The games are played on Wednesdays or Saturdays. ‘Learn To Bowls” is Tuesday evenings.The ladies Competition is played on Thursdays.Bowls competition runs from October to April of each year.For more information please contact the secretary Doug Maylin On 85243288 C/O PO Box 127, Two Wells 5501or club phone/ fax number 85202316.We have excellent bar facilities ,why not consider your next function at the Bowling Clubrooms on Old Port Wakefield Road ,Two Wells.


Church times

Anglican Church Services

St Peter’s Mallala: 1st Sunday of the month Sunday May 6, 10am Sunday June 3, 10am Sunday July 1, 10am Contact: Rev Barbara Bonifant 8449 4454 St Paul’s Two Wells: Sunday May 13, 10am Sunday May 20, 10am Sunday May 27, 10am Sunday June 10, 10am Sunday June 17, 10am Sunday June 24, 10am Contact: Rev Barbara Bonifant 8449 4454 Two Wells Catholic Church invites residents to attend its weekly services. Held in the church on Old Port Wakefield Road, mass starts at 8.30am every Sunday. All are welcome.

Two Wells Uniting Church, Gawler Road. Services are held every Sunday from 10.30am, including Sunday School for the children. All welcome

Two Wells Lutheran Church, Home service with Holy Communion Contact Pastor Wayne Boehm 8281 2976 for further information.

Children’s centre Two Wells CFS, station located at Wells road Two Wells. Training Monday nights, Cadets (11-15 years) 6pm to 7:30pm, Seniors 7:30pm. New volunteers welcome. For more information phone 8520 2500.


Two Wells Calisthenics. Looking for something new and lots of fun? Come along and give it a go! Classes held at Two Wells Primary School, Tuesday Night practice, Sub Juniors(7-9 years) 5pm to 6.30pm. Juniors(10-12 years) 6pm to 7.45. Inters(13 and older) 6.45pm to 8.30pm. Phone Jodie Simons on 8524 3990 or 0423 928 311, first lesson complementary.

child & youth health Child and Youth Health, Child and Youth Health services are held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at The Two Wells Children’s Centre, 27a Gawler Rd, Two Wells 9:15am to 10:30am and 1pm to 4pm by appointment only, 10:30am to 12 noon drop in. Call 1300 733 606 for appointments.


Two Wells Community Children’s Centre, 27a Gawler Road, Two Wells. Community-based, fully accredited. Childcare for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years, Monday to Friday 7am-6pm. Full time/part time/ casual care, before and after Kindy care, vacation care for school-aged children. Dept of Education Preschool and PreEntry. Qualified, caring staff. Educational, developmental programmes, and Special Needs services available. Nutritious, fresh meals. Children are too precious for profit! Visit www. or phone 8520 2358.

Community bus

Community Bus, return trip to Elizabeth City Shopping Centre, Only $5.00 return (kids free), Next bus: May 18, 2012. Bus departs Mallala Post Office 9am, Port Parham Sports and Social Club 9:15am, Two Wells Bakery 9:40am, Dublin, Lower Light & Lewiston by arrangement. Return departs Elizabeth 3pm. All bookings contact Jasmin Daniele 8520 2233.

Community Public Library

Community Public Library, Located in the Institute. Hours: Mondays-Closed, Tues & Thurs - 9:30am to 5pm, Wed – 1pm to 7pm, Fri – 9:30am to 3pm, Sat – 9am to 11am, Ph 8520 2100.

community centre

TWO WELLS COMMUNITY CENTRE, Available for hire for Weddings, special occasions, seminars, conventions. Seats up to 200, large kitchen & bar, Contact: Yolanda on 8524 3131 or 0408 835 331 for more information.

Craft Group

Craft Group at Two Wells In the St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall, 10am to 12noon Wednesday May 2, 16 & 30. June 13 & 27. Craft Group is in recess in January Contact: Rev Barbara Bonifant - Ph: 8449 4454.

craft shop

The Craft Shop, TWO WELLS COURT HOUSE, Quality goods sold on consignment, Locally made olive oil and honey, Home made Jams and Sauces, Gift ideas, skin products, bric-a-brac. hand crafted quilts. OPEN Tues to Fri 9.30am to 4pm, Sat 9.30am to 1pm. Closed Sun & Mon.

Equestrian & Pony club

Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club hold rallies on the first and third Sundays of the month at 9.30am on our grounds, Aunger Road, Lewiston. Further details on


Families Learning and Growing, This is a FREE service for anyone with children aged birth to 4 years. Come and join us in some fun, games and activities. 9.15-11.30am every Tuesday in school term, Uniting Church Hall, Gawler Road. For more information please contact Karen 0411 772 333, Helen 0411 180 469 or Tanya on 0438 202 840.


healthy eating club

Two Wells Healthy Eating Club, Fridays 9:30-10:30am, Catholic Church Hall (opp Cemetery) Cost $1 per week. Come in and have a chat about healthy foods and how to select the best products when doing your grocery shopping. We weigh each person each week and keep records so you can keep track of your weight. Make this your year for a healthier you! See you there, Chris Hart (President) 8520 2037.

TW Hockey Club

Well it’s that time of year again and we are heading into a new hockey season. We would like to let everyone know that we have starting training and would like anyone who is interested in playing grass hockey to feel welcome to join in with our family orientated club. We are looking for people of all ages, juniors and seniors, men, women and children who would like to play a fantastic team sport. We train Wednesday nights from 5pm at Vincent Road, Smithfield Plains. Anyone who would like to join the Two Wells Hockey Club please contact Margaret on 0408 933 261.

kennel & obedience club

ADELAIDE PLAINS KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB, Training Wednesday evenings, Beginners, Grades 1 & 2 - 7pm, Grades 3, 4 & 5 - 7:40pm, Conformation 7:40pm. All breeds & people welcome. If you have a problem come & see us. Contact Josie on 8524 3499 for more info.


Two Wells Golf Club, 18 hole scrapes course open April until October. Competitions: Tuesdays Ladies Day, tee-off 9-9:30am, Wednesdays Mixed Tournament, tee-off 9-9:30am; Saturdays Mixed Comp teeoff 11am onwards. McPharlin Rd (extension of Bethesda Rd) Two Wells ph 8520 2607, membership available. Club secretary: B. Prior 8523 3272 or 0417 842 260. All visitors welcome.


Two Wells RSL Sub Branch, Main Street, Two Wells, Ph: 8520 2826, Open: Wednesdays 9am to Noon and Friday 12 to late, Social night every Friday night from 6pm. Contact Tony: 0412 773 111, John: 0411 894 245.


1St Two Wells scout group, PO Box 427 Two Wells SA 5501. Cub Scouts - Tuesday, 6.30pm to 8pm. Joey Scouts - Thursday 5.30pm to 6.45pm. Scouts - Thursday 7pm to 9pm. Group leader Ian Laughton Phone 0403 976 984.

Two Wells Blue Light

Two Wells Blue Light held 4 times a year at the Two Wells Community Centre, 7pm to 9.30pm for ages 8 to 17 years. For more information contact Maria Aunger on 8520 2328 or Anne Porter on 8524 3382.

UCA Op shop

Two Wells Uniting Church treasure trove op shop, opening times, Mon, Wed & Fri 9am to 4pm and Tue, Thur, Sat 9am to 12noon. Open all school holidays, come in and browse, uniting church hall drew street, two wells, contact Pam Duncan 8520 2764 any time for information.

uniting church Landcare Two Wells, Lewiston & Districts Land Care Group, Monthly Activities, Land Care is bigger than your back yard. Pat: 0419 860 981, Sharon: 0412 345 852.

neighbourhood watch Two Wells Football Club, meals every Saturday night during the season. Come on down and see your local teams play and enjoy a club style meal after the game! Bar facilities available. TWFC Ph: 8520 2524. New players welcome. golf club

Play group

Two Wells Play Group, every Friday morning except Public Holidays, 9:15am to 11am At Two Wells Children’s Centre, For more information contact the Two Wells Children’s Centre on: 8520 2358.

Neighbourhood Watch Meeting held every second Tuesday in the month (except January) at 7.30pm in the Two Wells Community RSL, Main Street of Two Wells. For more information contact Dave Body on 8524 2036 or Maria Aunger 8520 2328.

Uniting Church Adult Fellowship. Meetings held monthly in the Uniting Church Hall with the aim to provide supported friendship and opportunities and to support the ongoing mission of the church. For information contact Mollie Frost 8520 2073 or Alan Howell 8520 3063.

Weight Watches

probus club

Mallala Weight Watchers Group has moved to a new venue. Weighins, followed by a group meeting, will now be held at the Mallala Uniting Church every Monday night from 6.30pm. New members welcome.

The Combined Probus Club of Two Wells Inc. Meetings are held in the Two Wells Bowling Club on the 4th Monday of the month from 10am. Come along and hear our guest speakers and enjoy some companionship. Contact: Ree Roden 8520 3773.

YOGA, Classes are at the Two Wells Catholic Church Hall are held on Mondays 7pm to 8:15pm. Enquiries to Diane 8520 2308 or 0427 616 301.


Two Wells Echo, May, 2012

echo 5

Road trip leads to top people, places

Looking through some old photographs of the township recently were Two Wells locals and history enthusiasts, from left, Rae Corston, Mollie Frost and Brenton Applebee. The trio is backing the establishment of a history registry for the town.

History in the making A new history registry is being set up in a bid to record the whereabouts of local historical items for future generations. The Two Wells Regional Action Team, as well as local history enthusiasts, are behind the move While a local museum would be a long time coming, TWRAT president, Eddie Stubing, says a registry is the first step in the process. He said now is the time to act on locating historical items before they are lost, forgotten or destroyed. “The town of Two Wells

needs to take itself seriously,” Eddie said. “We’re really going to boom in years to come and we need to have a central identity to record where we’ve come from. “If it’s not on a registry and it’s not known, it could just disappear.” Two Wells resident and history enthusiast, Brenton Applebee, is getting behind the registry and will help co-ordinate the project. Brenton says it is important to know who has what in the district to help preserve local history for the future. “We just need to make a da-

tabase, of some sort, as to who has what,” Brenton said. “This is because if we ever have an event where we might want something on display, we know who to call.” Please note, this is not a call for actual historical items but rather a chance for residents to help preserve local history in the first instance by noting and collating the whereabouts of significant items. n If you would like to register an historical item please contact Brenton Applebee on 0425153366 or email brenton.

n veteran’s advisory council appointment:

Cheryl’s role helps veterans

Local Two Wells RSL member, Cheryl Fittock, has been appointed to the state government Veterans’ Advisory Council. The VAC was established in 2008, and aims to promote the wellbeing of all members of the veterans’ community in South Australia. Cheryl spent five years in the Women’s Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS) in the 1970s, during which time she served with HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Harman and HMAS Coonawarra. As well as being a member of the Two Wells RSL, she has been president of the WRANS sub-section of the Naval Association of Australia since 2010 and is also a member of the RAN Communications Branch Association. Cheryl is also a past delegate to the Department of Veterans’Affairs and the Deputy Commissioner’s Consultative Forum, and said she was looking forward to representing all exservice personnel and the veterans’ community and raising their issues of concern directly with the minister. Two Wells Echo, May

I had the pleasure of attending the Thompson’s Beach 20th birthday celebration on Sunday, April 15 My first mistake was entrusting the navigation to my overpriced and underperforming GPS. It directed me to proceed using the Thompson’s Beach road which seemed very sensible at the time. Unfortunately Thompson’s Beach road is a misnomer. It’s not that it didn’t g o t o T h o m p s o n ’s Beach, it’s just the road is better described as an obstacle course through a scene from a Mad Max movie. However, having eventually survived that mortal challenge, things improved. A kind resident let me drive through her backyard in order to reach the town proper. And of course the locals were amused by my misadventurous journey. After that it was plain

MESSAGE TO RESIDENTS: From Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington sailing. The friendly residents provided lunch and some of us took a pleasant walk on the beach. The Mallala district is fortunate to have so much unspoilt coastline. It is important we protect this invaluable resource for future gen-

erations to enjoy. The biggest challenge, I suspect, will be from irresponsible development. The council and community will need to remain vigilant. I look forward to the next birthday celebration but won’t be trusting the same GPS.

Another good use for compost!

MOST recent addition to my birds of Lewiston photo collection is an Australian Magpie (Cracticus tibicen). This magpie was photographed eating a scrap from my compost heap. I have never used my compost heap, now several years old, for its intended use as soil and fertiliser. However, it has attracted an endless supply of local birds and lizards.

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Public Transport Survey Two Wells RSL member, Jennifer Dowling, Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos and newly appointed VAC member, Cheryl Fittock. “There are many issues facing veterans today, including mental health and aged care,” she said. “I look forward to helping the state government address these issues.” Local Member of Parliament, Leesa Vlahos MP, has celebrated the continued representation of local Two Wells veterans on the Advisory

Council; with Cheryl following in the footsteps of fellow RSL member, Jennifer Dowling, in joining the council. “The members of the Two Wells RSL members have again shown their commitment to serving their community and their club,” Mrs Vlahos said. “Having local advocates and community

leaders on the council, directly providing advice to the minister, and the state government, can only provide benefits to Two Wells and the local community.” Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Jack Snelling, and Mrs Vlahos, officially congratulated Cheryl, and all members of the VAC, at a reception in March.

Dear Residents,

Congratulations to Congratulations to

Keep an eye on your letterbox for the Public Transport Survey being circulated in Two Wells, Virginia, Lewiston and Waterloo Corner.

Cheryl Fittock Cheryl Fittock

The survey is aimed at gathering YOUR opinions and YOUR views on Public Transport in the North. of the Two Wells RSL

of the Two Wells RSL

I encourage everyone to complete the survey and return it to my office.

for her appointment to the State Government’s for her appointment to the State Government’s eesa Veterans’ AdvisoryL Council Veterans’ Advisory Council TAYLOR ELECTORATE OFFICE Paralowie Shopping Centre TAYLOR ELECTORATE OFFICE Unit 1 & TAYLOR 2, Paralowie 9 Liberator Drive, Paralowie Shopping Centre ELECTORATE OFFICE SA 5108

Ph: (08) 8280 Unit 51441 Fax: 8280 5526 & 2, (08) 9Paralowie Liberator Drive,Email: Paralowie SA 5108 Shopping Centre Ph: (08) 8280 5144 8280 5526 Email: Unit 1Fax: & 2,(08) 9 Liberator Drive, Paralowie SA 5108 Ph: (08) 8280 5144 Fax: (08) 8280 5526 Email:


echo 6

Scouts turn 80

Two Wells Scout Group is celebrating 80 years next month, with an evening of reminiscing set for Saturday June 16. There will be a host of memorabilia on display as well as talks from past members and also a fun quiz. Group leader, Ian Laughton, said the night was set to be a lot of fun and a terrific way to celebrate the history behind the group. Throughout the evening a raffle will be run, with a short weekend away as its major prize. All money raised will help send local Scouts to the 2013 Scout Jamboree in Queensland.

“We are looking for anyone who has any photos, movies, clippings, badges or anything to do with Scouting at Two Wells to contact us so we can display your memorabilia,” said Ian. “If you know of anyone who was a member of the group, please ask them to contact us.” Tea, coffee and nibbles will be available throughout the evening. The Scout hall is open Tuesday night, 6.30pm to 8.00pm and Thursday 5.30pm to 9.00pm or contact Ian Laughton on 0403976984 or 85202695 or email jenian@bigpond. com.

Two Wells Primary School farewelled long-time finance officer, Joan Post (third from left) in March. Pictured with her are deputy principal, Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown, principal, Cherie Collings, and school counselor, Judy Sanders.

Farewell to Joan as retirement adds up ‘Famous five’ raise $3000 for research

After a successful inaugural school fun run last November, Two Wells Primary School presented the Leukaemia Foundation with a cheque for $3000 at the school’s final assembly for Term 1 this year. Five boys from the school, aged between 10 and 11 years at the time, organised and ran the event and pre-

sented the Leukaemia Foundation’s representative, Rachel Carson, with the cheque. • Pictured with Rachel Carson are TWPS students and fun run organisers (clockwise from left) David Oakley, Michael McFarlane, Kobe Boyd, Brayden Doherty and Luke Barnett.

After more than three decades, one well-known face at Two Wells Primary School has traded in her pen, paper and calculator for a map of Australia. Joan Post spent 32 years at the school as its finance officer, in a shared capacity, and over the years has seen students come and go (and then watched as some of their children started school!), and been involved in many aspects of school life. Joan first moved to Two Wells from Wharminda, on the Lower Eyre Peninsula, with husband Terry and children Sonia, Nerida, and Andrea, in late 1980. She remembers when everything was written by hand and all the students used to call the male teachers “sir.” Joan said during her time at the school much had changed, with many new buildings and improvements of the school grounds and playgrounds.

“There’s been exciting changes at the school over the years,” she said. “It’s got a completely remodeled face regarding the buildings and landscape (since) I first went there. “In the last couple of years they’ve got the funding to have the new library built and a new gym.” As well as her finance officer role, Joan said she also worked in the school/community library, and was able to get to know the students and meet many people from the area through this facility. “Through the community library I met many wonderful people,” she said. “It’s interesting now sometimes to meet ex-students and talk to them about how their lives have panned out and what they are doing with them.” On Friday March 16, the school held a special afternoon tea, where members of her family, governing

council members, and present and past staff gathered to wish Joan the best for her retirement. TWPS principal, Cherie Collings, commended Joan on her efforts at the school, saying she would be missed by staff, students and parents. “She was a wonderful staff member and a very committed and dedicated school finance officer,” Cherie said. “Joan has been devoted to the school and school community (and) has done an absolutely excellent job and we will all miss her.” Joan is looking forward to what her new life will bring and hopes to do some travelling as well as spend more time with friends and family. “I’ve met some lovely, lovely people over the years and made some great friends through the years and will miss them all,” she said. “I wish the school well in the future.”


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echo 7

COMMUNITY SPIRIT HELPS SCHOOL GARDEN TO SHOW IT IS... After months of hard work, endless hours of voluntary help and hands on commitment, plus effort and enthusiasm from students, Two Wells Primary School officially opened its Community Garden Project on Tuesday, April 3. The project has seen the establishment of a native Bush Tucker area, fire pit area, worm farm and community vegetable garden. Rotary Club of Playford president, Mike Stevens, who has supported the school in grant applications to fund the project, as well as suppling materials and labour, was given the honour of “cutting the ribbon”. Mike spoke to parents, students, official representatives and volunteers who had made the project successful, saying it was a great example of the school community working with the wider community to share knowledge and skills to bring everyone closer together. “The important thing is we are spreading the message of health and wellbeing,” Mike said. “And the involvement of children in something like this is tremendous.” TWPS Year 4/5 teacher, Maria Woodland, has been involved with the project since its inception in 2010 and also spoke to the gathering. Maria highlighted the positive outcomes the project had had on students, staff, parents and volunteers, saying it was a great collaboration of people’s enthusiasm and skills from a range of backgrounds. The community garden has involved classes from across the school, with vegetables including tomatoes and pumpkins as well as a variety of herbs planted. A paved fire pit area has also recently been completed, with native bush foods set to be planted in the immediate area. TWPS school services officer, Michele Renaglia, said the community garden project had been a terrific initiative for the school and was a great success. “It has provided many wellbeing and learning opportunities for the students,” she said. “The Parents and Friends Group and the local business community of Two Wells have supported, donated and helped in so many ways in this initiative and I would like to thank them for all for their support and look forward to a continued partnership

Growing in popularity! Celebrating the opening of the TWPS Community Garden Project last month (from back left), were Bendigo Bank board member, Frank Tissone, Landcare’s Mark Webb, volunteers Ernie Landherr and John Spoolder, TWPS principal, Cherie Collings, Bendigo Bank Virginia senior branch manager, Alf Sobczak, (middle) former Rotary Club of Two Wells member, Roy Packer, Rotary Club of Playford president, Mike Stevens, former Rotary Club of Two Wells members Malcolm Wilson and Robin Trevilyan, TWPS garden club members Josh May, Brayden Wittholz, Cory Tryfopoulos, Sean Hammond (front) TWPS SSO Michele Renaglia, TWPS SSO Allison Landherr, TWPS teacher Maria Woodland, students Sampson Rawle and Danielle Raschella, and volunteer Dianne Raschella. with them.” Michele said the while the school would continue to utilise and expand its community garden, the next focus for the project was on establishing a habitat and native vegetation corridor at the southern end of the oval between the school

and the neighbouring Two Wells Community Childcare Centre. “We aim to reintroduce preEuropean vegetation within this site,” Michele said. “We also hope to revegetate the existing swale area using indigenous tube stock from provenance seed

whilst also selecting indigenous bush food plants that would be utilized within the Two Wells Primary School community and locally. “This project will drive and build ecological sustainable principles and deliver key outcomes that will augment the sustainability curriculum

framework, whilst developing, and building on the existing environmental assets within this site.” Michele said construction of a walking path between the school and TWCCC was also being considered to make access between both sites easier for parents.

More good news with garden project TWO Wells and Lewiston Landcare group congratulates students and staff of Two Wells Primary School, along with local community groups, on their achievements to date. The opening of the Community Garden Project is an example of what can be achieved when people work together. In past editions I have talked about another project happening at this school – a grant through NRM Education (Natural Resource Management Board), to plant a habitat corridor leading from the school to the Two Wells Children’s Centre. This project will reintroduce pre-European vegetation, back into the school site, encouraging native flora and fauna to return to our region. This type of project will demonstrate what can be grown within our district, and create a future seed bank site where students can

With Mark Webb

harvest the seed for use in other local projects. The school will start planting in June with about 300 plantings and the more people involved the better it will be. It’s a great opportunity to be involved in one of our local community schools, so if you are interested in being involved please give the school a call on 85202 277. Everyone is welcome. • Want to create your own piece of paradise, a wildlife friendly backyard with food and shelter for our native birds, butterflies and lizards?

This might be what you are looking for, a project initiated through the Urban Biodiversity Unit of DENR with support by Gawler Environment and Heritage Association (GEHA) and Gawler Regional NRC. The project aims to grow thousands of indigenous understorey plants from locally collected seed and offers an opportunity for residents to help increase biodiversity within our region. Plants will be available to purchase in boxes of 20 for $20. To order your box or boxes of plants please contact the NRC by phone or email. The plants will be available for collection on Sunday June 17 at the Gawler Regional NRC. There will be information stalls, native animals and guest speakers on the day to help inspire you. NRC contact details are phone, 85237700 or email:


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Rain didn’t dampen ANZAC Day pride

Two Wells RSL member and Veterans’ Advisory Council member, Cheryl Fittock, with Australian Army soldier, Sgt Ryan Hummel and Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos after the service.

puzzle time

WW2 veteran, Roy Hunt (right) and wife, Lettie, enjoyed breakfast at the Two Wells RSL after the Anzac Day service.

566 Waterloo Corner Road, Burton. Phone: 8280 6475 Fax: 8280 6772 Mobile: 0408 829 541

1 4 2

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The grey clouds overhead and the intermittent light rain couldn’t dampen the sentimental feeling of the 500-plus crowd gathered at the Two Wells monument last week, as Anzac Day was celebrated across the country. Even the auto-set sprinklers coming on during the service failed to lessen the stoic pause of heart and mind of those who had shrugged into warm jackets to brave the weather to pay their respects and say thank you. Two Wells RSL president, Tony Flaherty, said the turnout for this year’s service was the best in recent years and signified the raise in profile of the men and women who have fought and are still fighting for the people of Australia and countries across the world. “Even in the rain, look at all the people we had here,” Tony said. “And especially all the kids who turned out, it was fantastic to see.” Former Two Wells resident and Australian Army soldier, Sgt Ryan Hummel, laid a wreath in memory of those who have fallen before him and in recognition of his comrades who are still fighting the fight. Ryan, who has served in East Timor and Afghanistan, said he joined the armed forces in 1995 and participating in the Two Wells service was a great privilege. Ryan is currently posted in Sydney. Others to lay wreaths during the service included Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos, District Council of Mallala councilor, Mark Wasley, and members of the Two Wells Scout Group, as well as many local residents who also came forward. After the service around 200 people lined up and then piled into the local RSL hall for a “gunfire” breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and beans, all washed down with tea and coffee, and for those who liked it a little warmer, a nip of rum also. Around 60 loaves of bread, 380 eggs, 40kg of bacon and 10 extra large tins of baked beans were consumed during the breakfast, Tony said.

Allan and (back) Lockie Green, with Amy and Nick Paech from Two Wells Scout Group.

3 2 7 9

Puzzle by

Sudoku: Fill in the grid so that every row and


every 3x3 square contains the digits 1 to 9.

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Enjoying the gunfire breakfast after the Two Wells Anzac Day service were, from left, Val and Lisa Flaherty, Bernie Ielasi and Rebecca Flaherty.

Two Wells Senior Constable First Class, Lance Grant, attended the service with his children Zoe and Thomas.

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echo 9

getting ready to hit the dance floor were (from left) Jasmin Holley, Ieasha Smith and Chloe Stringer.

Regular disco goers, Caleb Hagenbucher (left) and Cody Murch (right) with Alex Wilmshurst.


Alex Pipikos and James Hyde having a good time at the disco.


Two Wells held its second Blue Light Disco for the year on Friday, April 27, with a large crowd of 150 youngsters enjoying the “pumping” tunes. There are two more discos planned for the rest of the year, so stay tuned for future dates in upcoming editions of The Echo.

above: Nuriootpa Police Senior Sergeant, Carol Gallie, and Alex Notarianni-Ellis. right: Rhiannon Ludewig, Helena Hyde, Kiara Hamblen and Khiana Robertson.

Dionte Bromley, Jack Stringer, Kaleb Williams and Thomas Grant (front) hamming it up at the Blue Light Disco.

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echo 10 n PUBLIC GETS CLOSER LOOK AT hickinbotham proposal:

Housing project on show Just over 20 people turned out to view the District Council of Mallala’s proposed Development Plan Amendment (DPA) for north of Two Wells at a public open day in the town on Sunday, April 29. Held in conjunction with representatives from housing developer Hickinbotham and design firm, Design IQ, DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said the day had been informative for all parties involved and for local residents. Council has been working on the DPA for many months, with between 2600 and 3400 homes proposed for land north of Two Wells. Mr Mansueto said the aim of the session was to give residents a closer look at plans as well as an opportunity to speak first hand with the design team and the developers.

“Generally the feedback yesterday was very supportive of the concept and the proposal,” he said. “One of the comments was that it was much needed in the district.” Once the consultation period closed on May 31, council will collate and analyse any submissions. “Anyone making a formal submission has the opportunity to be heard by council at a community meeting in June,” Mr Mansueto added. “But that meeting will only be held if there are people who have lodged submissions and have requested to be heard by council.” Hickinbotham managing director, Michael Hickinbotham enjoyed engaging with residents and said the open day was a great way for locals to see how their ideas had been incorporated into

the development design. “This has been a great opportunity for members of the community to meet the design team and have any of their questions answered,” Mr Hickinbotham said. “This is part of the best practice community engagement process (and) I’m very pleased to see the ideas and aspirations gleaned from the community place making sessions have been reflected in the design of the development. “I think there’s a very high level of ownership within the community because people feel their ideas have been listened to.” Local resident, Malcolm Frost, dropped in to the open day and said he hoped the development could move forward as it was important for the future of Two Wells.

“I see a lot of benefits with this development for the township,” Malcolm said. Public submissions concerning the project must be received no later than 5pm, Thursday, May 31. Visit the District Council of Mallala offices, at either Two Wells or Mallala, or for further information. ABOVE: DCM councilor, Jan Heley, DCM mayor, Marcus Strudwicke, Mallala resident, Yvonne Howard and DCM councilor, Mark Wasley at the open day for the proposed Hickinbotham development for north of the town. Design IQ managing director, Michael Visintin, Hickinbotham’s Two Wells project manager, Ruth Vagnarelli, and Hickinbotham managing director, Michael Hickinbotham in front of some of the explanatory billboards about the project.



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echo 11

Focus on local transport

Local State Member of Parliament, Leesa Vlahos, took her public transport survey to the streets last month. Mrs Vlahos, Member for Taylor, launched a campaign in March to gauge local residents views, concerns and ideas about public transport in the north. She held a “listening post” in Two Wells on Friday, April 13, to personally hear local views on the issue and to encourage people to fill in a transport survey if they had not already done so. Around 2800 transport surveys were mailed to homes in the Port Wakefield Road corridor, including Virginia, Two Wells and Lewiston, and the process of collating the information has now begun.

So far Mrs Vlahos’ office had received a return rate of about13 percent, which was a very enthusiastic response for a posted community survey, she said. “It has been great to see such a positive response to community consultation,” Mrs Vlahos said. “Seeing local people actively engaged in helping me fight for Taylor is one of the best parts of this job.” Mrs Vlahos stressed the importance of the community participating in the push for public transport in the north, and urged all residents to complete and return their surveys. “There will always be residents who think these things are a waste of time, or don’t achieve anything, so they won’t return the survey,” she said. “But I’ve tried to make it clear to

people that collecting this information is the first step, and without taking the first step, you can never take the second.” Local resident, Lorrain Jones, lives in Two Wells, works in Sefton Park and has a child attending school in Gawler. Lorrain said she travelled vast distances each day and some form of public transport from and to the town was necessary. “I’d like to see something at least to Mawson Lakes,” she said. “And something to Gawler would be nice as well.” Residents are encouraged to return completed surveys to Mrs Vlahos’ office as soon as possible. Results will be presented to the Minister for Transport Services, Chloe Fox.

Two Wells resident, Lorrain Jones (centre), fills in the public transport survey, watched by Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos (left) and Lewiston resident, Jodie Simons.


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echo 14

Angus shoots to second at nationals The National Down The Line (DTL) Clay Target Championships were held in Wagga Wagga NSW from March 26 to 31 this year. A team of 14 shooters from SA, including representatives from the Lower North Gun Club, made the trip over to Wagga, which was just recovering from devastating flooding, but still managed to give us a warm welcome and a wonderful stay. The championships kicked off early Monday morning with the shoulder-to-shoulder state team competition. Our Open team triumphed by taking first place, the Ladies came equal second and the Junior and Veteran teams came third. This was a great achievement for SA against the rest of the states. Angus Tapscott, 15, of Lower Light, represented SA in the junior team, and then competed in most of the national events for the rest of the week. The highlight of the competition for him was the Champion of Champions event that is 25 targets each of double barrel, single barrel and point score. Angus shot 25/25 double barrel, 24/25 single barrel and 74/75 point score for a total of 123/125. This score got him a second placing in juniors,

The South Australian Shooting team, comprising representatives in the Open, ladies, veterans and juniors. Pictured back L to R are Robert Andrews (Bordertown), Bob Crane ( Kingston SE), John Holder (Adelaide), Greg Kessegian (Mt. Gambier), Max Medhurst (Mt. Gambier), Craig Bentley (Pt. Augusta), Kym Firth (Ungarra), Luke Higgins (Southern), Sissy Thompson (Broken Hill), Tania Evans (International), and Deserie Baynes (Pt. Augusta). Front, L to R, are Angus Tapscott (Lower North), Billy Baynes (Pt.Augusta), and Jamie Gilbert (Mallala). his first national placing in three years of competing at this level. It was a great personal achievement of which he is very proud. In other events during the week, at Australian junior level, Angus placed 14th in Single Barrel with 47/50; equal 30th with four others in Double Barrel with 47/50; and equal 15th in Point Score with 145/150, for a total of 239/250 giving him a national junior ranking of 34th in Australia. He was pretty happy with this given the quality of shooters in the eastern

states and the fact junior age is to 21 years. As always the nationals are a great week for catching up with old friends, meeting new friends and watching the best shooters in Australia. An Australian record was set in this years double barrel event with the shoot-off lasting three days until the final man standing won with an outstanding 995 targets without missing! Now there’s something to aim for!! By Lower North Gun Club treasurer, Marie Tapscott.

Welcome to season 2012 BY TANYA KENT TWNC President

Everyone at the Two Wells Netball Club is looking forward to a great season. We had a terrific turnout of senior players this season over three selection nights and we also had a great turnout for our junior players. After many meetings and discussions we selected the girls for our five senior teams, with unfortunately no A6 competition this year. Our coaches are as follows: A1 Stacey Gameau; A2 Nicole Darling; A3 Nicole Hardy and Rebecca Pym; A4 Jenny Cocks; A5 Juanita Hamilton; B Grade Rhiannon Wendland; C1 Christine Musolino; C2 Robyn Champion; D Grade Teams Carli Bryant. There are lots of new junior players to the club this year including Hayley Squires, Abby Playfair, Hannah Bamford, Brooke McDonald, Hayley Duthie, Sarah Jackson, Lily Playfair, Carmen Bryant, Yazmin Cailes, Alicia Duthie, Taryn Sochacki, and Tanika Wearne. Although we did not get many new senior players this year, our teams have changed quite a lot. Trisha Beere is the only new senior player to come into the club, and has been selected in the A1 team. We welcome back to the club Carly Heaslip and Leah Clifton, who are returning after both having babies last year, as well as Melinda Juvan, Liana Juvan, and Megan Renshaw. The club would also like to congratulate the following players who have moved from the junior grades into the senior teams this season: Maddy Seccafien, Krystal Wilmshurst, Jemma Wilmshurst and Zoe Grant. As always, every week we need umpires, scorers, and timers, and the club would like to thank everyone who volunteers their time and helps out at each game.

Players auction

Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club will be holding its annual player’s auction at the clubrooms on Saturday May 19. Come along for a great night, bid on your friends and family and support the club in the process. Meals available from 6.30pm.

Coming games

Upcoming games for Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club are 12.5.12 v Balaklava at home 19.5.12 v Mallala at home 26.5.12 v United at Long Plains

RIGHT: Lower North Gun Club and junior state shooter, Angus Tapscott, on the stadium after his second placing in the Champion of Champions event at the Nationals in March.

With Maria Aunger

Flood Plan Education Package Community Display Dates State Emergency Service (SES) will be available to talk with community members and provide brochures and information about ways to help protect properties from floods (Flood action guide and Household Flood Plan), and how to look after family, friends and pets during extreme weather. All interested members of the public are invited to attend and speak with the SES team at any of the dates and locations as listed: TWO WELLS (Oval – Game Day) Saturday May 19, 2012 PARHAM Sunday May 27, 2012 MIDDLE BEACH Sunday June 17, 2012 MALLALA (Oval – Game Day) Saturday July 7, 2012 Further enquiries may be directed to: Lyn Little – SES Community Flood Safe Volunteer Coordinator on (08) 8463 7931 or 0407 794 756.


Winners at Lower North Gun Club’s recent shoot were, from left, Brett Duncan, Jack Tapscott, Jake Mattschoss, Greg Tapscott and John Mitchell.

Lower North Gun Club results

Lower North Gun Club held a very well contended monthly shoot on Sunday 29th April. Thirty-eight shooters came from as far as Bordertown, Victor Harbor and Wilkawatt for a well-run shoot with lots of great scores put on the board for the day. Congratulations to Brett Duncan who didn’t miss a target all day until the jackpot, which has now risen to $428! Scores for the day were: Event 1 – 25 Target Central Zone Handicap: 1st B. Duncan Jnr 29/29, 2nd G. Tapscott 28/29, 3rd M. Giannioni 26/27. Prizes donated by Lower North Gun Club. Event 2 -50 Target Mattschoss Family Double Barrel: AA Grade: Overall B. Duncan Jnr 82/82, 2nd L. Piscioneri 81/82 A Grade: 1st L. Schubert 49/50, 2nd J. Mattschoss 55/57.

B Grade: 1st J. Tapscott 46/50, 2nd J. Mitchell 45/50. C grade: 1st M. Schuman 17/50, Prizes donated by Mattschoss Family. High Gun: B. Duncan Jnr 75/75. Sponsored by John and Sue Byrnes. Junior High Gun: J. Mattschoss 71/75. Sponsored by Bob and Linda Andrews 3-person inter club team shoot- Lower North 3 team of B. Duncan Jnr, R. Smith, D. Mills. 214/225. Sponsored by John and Sue Byrnes. Event 3: Jackpot – The chance to shoot 10 targets single barrel off your handicap if your name is picked out of the hat. Not won. Jackpot to $428. The next monthly shoot is on Sunday 27th of May. Any enquiries please contact the president on 0411 238 391.

The Two Wells/Lewiston NHW sponsored yet another successful Blue Light disco on Friday April 27 with 152 young people attending. Thanks go once again to the police and civilian volunteers who give up their time to make these discos possible. Unfortunately one young lady lost her jacket so if anyone accidently picked up a brown jacket with a fur collar she would be very grateful for its return. The jacket can be left at the Two Wells Police Station or call NHW secretary Maria Aunger on 8520 2328. • Sometimes we do not stop to think about our personal safety, below are some tips to help keep you safe and secure when out and about. South Australia police also operate a Home Assist Scheme for frail older people, the disabled and their carers. For more information call the SAPOL Home Assist office on 7322 3211. PERSONAL SAFETY WHEN OUT AND ABOUT •Be alert, walk confidently and keep to well-lit and populated areas. •Walk against the flow of traffic and if possible, walk with another person. •Let someone know where you are going and the time you will return. •Carry a personal safety alarm or mobile phone. •If you feel unsafe, head for a well-populated area. •Be wary if someone in a car stops and asks you for directions. Keep a safe distance from the car. •Be aware of your increased vulnerability when wearing personal headphones. Two Wells Echo, May , 2012

echo 15

Big projects on the horizon The Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club will again be competing in the Adelaide Plains Football League (APFL) and the Adelaide Plains Netball Association (APNA) in 2012. My theme for our club this year is: “Success is not a destination, it is a journey” and as a committee we are very driven to ensure that we continue to provide a family friendly environment, which continues on the journey to succeed on and off the sporting field. We have six football teams in the APFL comprising of our A Grade, Reserves, Under 17s, Under 14s, Under 11s and Under 8s. We will also be running an Auskick junior football program. We have 10 netball teams in the APNA comprising of A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B, C1, C2, D1 and D2. The season has certainly commenced with a buzz of tremendous excitement following the announcement in February 2012 that we had received a government


grant to assist with our plans to upgrade and renovate the club’s facilities. The club received $200,000 of government funding from the Office of Sport and Recreation’s - Community and Recreation Sport Facilities Program (CRSFP). The aim of the total project is to increase the capacity of the dining area, construct new kitchen and canteen facilities, upgrade the footballers change rooms, upgrade toilet facilities including shower facilities for the netballers, new disabled toilet facilities and a baby change room, establish a new trainers medical room, umpires room and an area for cricket equipment storage. The total project is estimated to cost approximately $550,000. In addition to the CRSFP grant funding, the club has also received grant funding from the Bendigo Bank Community Fund, South

Australian Community Football League and has recently lodged an application with the Australian Football League (AFL) Facilities Fund. The Two Wells Cricket Club is providing contributing funds towards the new storage area and the District Council of Mallala has approved a debenture loan facility to assist with the funding of the project. This is a big project and we are calling on all players, members and supporters for your assistance to ensure that we deliver a rejuvenated facility that can service our community for many years to come. We are planning on commencing the project within a few months and if you are able to assist in any way, please contact me on 0417 816 644. On behalf of the club, I would like to thank the team of dedicated coaches, assistant coaches, team mangers, runners, trainers, umpires, time keepers and volunteers, whose support of our club is invaluable. Go the Roosters!

Orienteering fun at Burra By Alyssa Betts On the April 28 a group of riders from Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club drove in a convoy of nine horse floats to a property just out of Burra for our orienteering weekend. On the 28th we set up camp and temporary horse yards and went on a long trial ride that took us up to the old Thistlebed racetrack. Here we let our horses go for a gallop, and then rode back down through the dry creek bed and back to camp. We had a bonfire set up for the cold night where we all relaxed after a barbeque dinner. The next day was an early start for our orienteering, with the first team heading off at 9am. Each team consisted of two riders who either rode 20km or 30km. There were three teams riding the 20km and two teams riding the 30km. For this event we had to navigate the 20km and 30km around big paddocks covered in trees, hills and bushes using our compasses and looking for clues to guide us around. Some clues were very well hidden in bushes on the ground, while others where attached to fence posts or fallen trees. The team who got around fastest, while collecting all the clues won. We also had the help of boundary riders in case we got lost or couldn’t find a clue. Winners of the 20km event were Chelsea Jordan and Sarah-Jane Jameson, with Kristy Pearn and Alison Gray taking honours in the 30km event. Everyone had a great weekend and the weather stayed perfect for us. We would like to thank the land owners Graham and Judith Kellock for letting us set

Two Wells Echo, May, 2012

Full Time Position

Lange Auto Two Wells Applicants must be capable of working on all makes and models of passenger vehicles and • Must be honest • Must be reliable • Must be confident Must have the ability to work unsupervised and under pressure. Good people skills and communication are a must.

Phone 8520 2200 for further information and an appointment

DOG and CAT MANAGEMENT ACT 1995 and LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1999 DRAFT ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN DRAFT BY-LAW NO 4 - DOGS FOR PUBLIC CONSULTATION Notice is hereby given that the District Council of Mallala, pursuant to sections 26a of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995, has prepared a Draft Animal Management Plan and in accordance with Section 249 of the Local Government Act – Draft By-Law No 4 - Dogs, for public consultation. The Draft Plan and By-law will be on display until Wednesday 30 May 2012 and copies will be available during normal office hours at: Two Wells Service Centre at 69 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells Two Wells Library at 61 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells

ABOVE: Having a drink break during the orienteering event were Veronica Betts riding Cheyanne, Kristy Pearn riding Robert and Alison Gray riding Minx. RIGHT: Shelley Henderson riding Stella in the 30km orienteering event. up camp and ride all around their property, our boundary riders and checkpoint people for all their help, and of course a huge thank you to Bronwyn Waters for the organisation and set up for this great weekend. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and rallies on our website au and please take note, we will be holding our AGM on the 1st of July after our rally.

Winter tennis Thursday mornings A first for Two Wells Tennis Club will begin in coming weeks, with weekday winter tennis set to see recently stored racquets, balls and nets hit the court once more. TWTC stalwart, Di Meaney, is hoping the new initiative of the club will create interest in the sport year round and at the same time give locals the opportunity to gather for a fun and social time. “We’ve never played tennis in winter before,” Di said. “It will be nice to play when the weather is not too hot and it will just be a lovely chance for people to relax and have a bit of fun.” A small fee will be charged to help cover costs, which will include morning tea throughout the session. Social winter tennis will be held at Two Wells Tennis Club on Thursday mornings from 9.30am to around 11.30am, starting on May 17. Contact Di Meaney on 8520 2308 for further information.

Mechanic Wanted

Mallala Council Offices at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala. Alternatively the Draft Plan and By-law can be viewed on Council’s website at Written submissions regarding the Draft Animal Management Plan and/or the Draft By-law No 4 - Dogs should be submitted no later than 5pm on Wednesday May 30, 2012. All submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, District Council of Mallala, PO Box 18, Mallala SA 5502. If you wish to lodge your submission electronically, please email it to and title the email: Response to Draft Animal Management Plan / Draft By-law No 4 Dogs. All written submissions shall become public record and may form part of a report to Council. It is the responsibility of the author to notify Council in writing if they wish their correspondence to remain confidential. A public meeting will be held on Wednesday May 23, 2012 at pm at the Two Wells Catholic Church Hall Chapman Street, Two Wells. If you would like further information in relation to the Draft Animal Management Plan or Draft By-law No 4 – Dogs please contact the General Inspector, Peter Buttery, on 8520 3360 or email info@

Preparing for a social, casual season of first-time winter tennis in Two Wells, where morning tea is part of the fun, are from left, Marie Tapscott, Di Meaney, Christine Musolino and Tiffany Gameau.

Charles Mansueto Chief Executive Officer District Council Of Mallala


echo sport Two Wells & Districts

echo 16

Pecking order sorted The brave faces leading our teams

These are the faces of the people who have put their hands up to lead the players at the Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club for season 2012. Once again Mark “Bugs” Thompson will be guiding the A grade football team, hoping to improve on their sixth placing last year. First time coach, Matt Gameau, has the Reserves under his wing and will be spoilt for choice with a great list of young players. After taking home the premiership last season, Under 17s coach Adrian Daly will be looking to make it back-to-back this year. In the junior arena, young-gun Daniel Hines, will be leading the U14s, while Michael Kotsano has put his hat in the ring for the U11s and Joe Cannizzaro the U8s.

A grade coach, Mark Thomson

Reserves coach, Matt Gameau

Leading the youngest football members of the Two Wells club are, from left, Joe Cannizzaro, Michael Kotsano, Daniel Hines and Adrian Daly.

Stand out netball coaches selected

Two Wells junior netball coaches for season 2012 are, from left, Christine Musolino, Robyn Champion, Rhiannon Wendland and Carly Bryant. Absent Stephanie Walker. RIGHT: Senior netball coaches for this year are (back, from left) Nicole Hardy, Juanita Hamilton, Jenny Cox, (front) Nikki Darling, Bec Pym and Stacey Gameau.

Two Wells Netball Club president, Tanya Kent, outlines the year ahead – Page 14

Up at the netball courts it will be playing coach, Stacey Gameau, leading the A1s, with a strong group of girls hoping to see finals action again this year. After the A2s took out the premiership last year, led by Neralie Wern, A1 goalie Nikki Darling, will be leading the charge for a repeat shot at the flag this year. A1 players Bec Pym and Nicole Hardy have teamed up to guide the A3s, with Jenny Cox (A4) and Juanita Hamilton (A5) also lending their netball experience as coaches. Junior netball coaches for the season are Carly Bryant (D grade), Christine Musolino (C1), Robyn Champion (C2), with Rhiannon Wendland and Stephanie Walker leading the B grade. Good luck to all teams this season.

Recent club news and happenings - President reports Page 15

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Free digital hearing aids supplied to Pensioners and Veterans.* Private and workers compensation clients are our speciality. Private Health fund rebates apply. We provide FREE hearing services and hearing aids to eligible clients of the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.* Munno Para

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