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The 2014 year was especially positive for Tiffin University. Some of the highlights are described below.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS New academic programs were implemented, including the Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science and in Healthcare Administration, the Master of Science in Psychology, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Digital Forensics, the Bachelor of Arts in Cyber Defense and Information Assurance, and academic minors and certificate programs in Arabic Studies and in Latin American Studies. Also, several of TU’s online degree programs were ranked among the best in the country.

FINANCES The financial strength of the University continued to improve, including a decrease in the debt-toequity ratio and increases in the value of net assets and the financial composite score calculated each year by the U.S. Department of Education. At the end of the 2013-14 fiscal year, the value of TU’s net assets was 413% higher than at the end of the 2004-05 fiscal year.

CAMPUS IMPROVEMENTS The Murphy Academic Support Center was constructed and put into use, the two-story building on the former Pettibone property was renovated and occupied for staff and faculty offices, and plans were developed to expand and enhance the science laboratory facility, renovate one of the buildings on the former Pettibone property to create a large multi-purpose room and a café, develop a landscaped courtyard behind the Main Classroom Building, and partner with the City of Tiffin to extend the Miami Street beautification project.

ENROLLMENT The number of freshmen and the total number of undergraduates on the Tiffin campus in the 2014 fall were the largest in the University’s history, and total enrollment surpassed 4,200.

ATHLETICS TU’s athletic program finished in the top tier within the GLIAC for the conference all-sports trophy for the 2013-14 academic year and in the top 20% of NCAA Division II for post-season competition.

FUNDRAISING A campaign was initiated to raise approximately $3 million to create the Music Center by renovating two of the buildings on the former Pettibone property.

THANK YOU Tiffin University is fortunate to have an outstanding Board of Trustees, a dedicated staff and faculty, wonderful students, loyal alumni, and generous donors and supporters. The donors listed in this Annual Report are very important contributors to the success of the University and to the excellent education that is provided to our students. My wife, Susan, and I have had the privilege of serving TU for the past 13 years, and we appreciate the support and friendship that we have received from those who are directly associated with the University, as well as many people in the Tiffin community. After we retire in the summer of 2015, we will continue our interest in and support for TU, and we are confident that this great institution of higher education has a very bright future.






Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Adelsperger Dr. and Mrs. David L. Hayes Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Heminger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Klepper Metzgers Printing & Mailing Mr. Thomas H. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Paradiso Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Spragg

($1,000 to $4,999.99)



Tiffin University recognize the importance of leadership contributions to the Annual Fund each year. Membership is also extended to those who utilize their corporate matching gift programs. The giving clubs support the current operation of Tiffin University at a level of recognition. TU’s most prestigious clubs are the Founder’s and President’s Clubs, an essential group of supporters who, by level of support,reflect the importance of leadership giving. All contributors to Tiffin University’s Annual Fund enjoy personal and regular communication with the Office of Development and Public Affairs.

($5,000 +)


Mr. and Mrs. Lonny Allen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barchent Jr Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Beard Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bilger Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Blankemeier Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Borich Mr. Rudy Brownell Mr. Jerry K. Buccilla Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Burns Mr. Paul Burtis and Ms. Jane Dell Mr. and Mrs. David J. Claus Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole Mr. and Mrs. David Conn Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Croy Ms. Dolores Czerniak Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dandurand Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deats

Mr. Derek DeVine and Mrs. Anne Lange-DeVine Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dornauer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Faber Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Felter Mrs. Rose M. Frick Ms. Blythe A. Friedley Dr. Sushmita Ghosh and Dr. Nabarun Ghose Mr. and Mrs. Gary Goff Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Granata Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Gruss Mr. and Mrs. James Gucker, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. Perry Haan Hahn, Loesert and Parks, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Drew Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herdlick Mr. William F. Hertzer Dr. Janice L. Hilliard Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hisrich Ms. Claire F. Johansen and Mr. Michael L. Pfefferle Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kaplan Ms. Laura A. Ketter and Mr. Joseph Kin Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kinn Ms. DeAnn Krauss Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krumsee Mr. and Mrs. D. Ted Kuenzli


Mr. Ronald M. Schumacher and Dr. Lillian Schumacher Dr. Teresa E. Shafer and Mr. Mark Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Eric Shook Dr. and Mrs. Jason Slone Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smothers Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stock Mr. Shayne Thomas and Dr. Angela R. Thomas Dr. Reginald Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Williams Dr. and Mrs. James C. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Jason Windsor Mr. and Mrs. Aaron G. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wyden Mrs. Virginia K. Zahn Dr. Wendy J. Ziems-Mueller and Mr. Axel Mueller Mr. Frederick and Christopher Zoeller

($500 to $999.99)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lange Mr. and Mrs. John Lay Mr. Mark Levans Mrs. Mary E. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maiberger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maiberger Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy J. Marinis Dr. and Mrs. Paul Marion Drs. Laura and Daniel Mays Mr. and Mrs. William McDowell, Jr. Dr. Kellie McGilvray and Mr. Brandon McGilvray Dr. and Mrs. John J. Millar Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mitchell Ms. Pamela F. Oswald Dr. and Mrs. James Padilla Mr. Anthony J. Paradiso Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Paulus Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petras The Pruina Corporation Dr. and Mrs. Morgan R. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Weston Reinbolt Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reineke Mr. William F. Reineke Sr. Mr. William Reineke, Jr. Mr. Gary E. Robinette Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Robinson Dr. Jan H. Samoriski Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Schalk Mr. and Mrs. James Schmidt

Dr. Lillian M. Boehmer Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Bowlus Mr. Harry L. Burd Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Dunn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Fenik Ms. Frances A. Fleet Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Foos Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frias Ms. Judy A. Gardner and Dr. Michael Coomes Mr. and Mrs. David Gilreath Mr. Jack W. Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Keith N. Haley Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates Dr. Donna A. James and Mr. Larry H. James Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lape Jr. Mr. Aaron R. Maule Mr. and Mrs. Jason E. McClaflin Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Nutter Mr. R. J. Orr and Dr. Kathleen Orr Mr. and Mrs. Jed O. Osborn Mrs. Susie Payne Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Pellegrini Dr. Bonnie Tiell and Mr. Gregory Tiell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wisnor Jr.



($250 to $499.99)



($100 to $2499.99)

Mr. Randy A. Aube Mrs. Lori A. Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Donn W. Belzer Ms. Marguerite O. Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Blough Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Boucher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Brian Coleman Dr. Teresa Collins Ms. Dana Cordova Mr. Richard H. Cotten Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Debbink Ms. Amanda Dominique Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Earl Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Estep Mr. and Ms. Bill Fox Ms. Donna Frank Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Friedley Ms. Victoria M. Galaska Ms. Julie L. George Dr. Michael P. Gilliland Mr. Joseph Grennen and Dr. Mary Grennen Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Kyle G. Hintze Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Johnson Dr. Lisa Kahle-Piasecki and Dr. William Piasecki Mr. and Mrs. Kip A. Kieffer Mr. Harold “Bud” Kinn Mr. John Kleinoeder Ms. Diane Frederick Klopfenstein and Mr. Kraig T. Klopfenstein Mr. Michael B. Latorre Dr. Zhaolu Lu Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Lutz Mr. Yaw O. Mamphey Mr. Patrick McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Miller Mr. Randy O’Keefe Dr. Sharon L. Perry-Nause Mr. and Mrs. Steven Phillips Ms. Melani L. Pratt Mrs. Irma M. Ramsey Ms. Mary L. Rathfelder Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reser Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ritzler Mrs. Dorothy L. Robey

Mr. Paul K. Smith Ms. Mary Ann Stearns Mr. and Ms. Tom Sullivan Mr. Ronald L. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Treece Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Walton CPA Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wank Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Daryl W. Weininger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Weininger Mr. Todochi A. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Wentz Mr. Adrian D. White Mr. Joseph Wilkins

Ms. Cynthia C. Abulone Mr. Scot Acree Ms. Jennifer Almendinger Mr. and Mrs. Tyler J. Alt Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ameling Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Ardner Mr. Justin Baker Mr. Zachary J. Ball Ms. Chelsea E. Bass Dr. Dan K. Bell and Ms. Mathilda Navias Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bentz Mrs. Alexis A. Berg-Townsend Ms. Melissa Bigg Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bishop Mr. Robert Blickenstaff Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E. Boedeker Mr. Michael S. Bond Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Bonnoront Mrs. Edie Bosler Ms. Joanne L. Bower Mr. and Mrs. Ned E. Brinkman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Brown Ms. Erica Brown Mr. David Bucar Mr. and Mrs. Doug Burkin Ms. Mary Jo Carroccio Ms. Denita J. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Cartwright Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cashen Mr. Gary L. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Coleman

Capt. and Capt. Richard H. Collins III Mrs. Brema C. Colvin Mr. Philip T. Conley Dr. and Mrs. Larry Cook Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Corfman Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cover Mr. and Mrs. Rock L. Craft Mr. and Mrs. William P. Crohen Ms. Rachel N. Crooks Dr. Erin Dean Mr. Ronald Depinet Mr. and Mrs. Scott Depinet Ms. Denise M. Detamore Ms. Lori Distel Mr. Wesley M. Dodsworth Mr. Richard J. Donaldson Mrs. Marilynn Dunn Mr. Matt Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ewald Ms. Miriam K. Fankhauser Ms. A. Paula Fantini Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Faulkner Ms. Lee Fearnside Mr. James R. Fey Mr. Lawrence N. Filliater Mr. and Ms. Eugene C. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fisher Mr. Mark A. Fishpaw Mr. Howard D. Flowers Ms. Frances Ford Dr. Danielle Foster and Mr. Corey Foster Ms. Deb Fowler Mr. Noah I. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Funkhouser Dr. and Mrs. Venkataramana Gajjala Mr. Michael J. Gibbons Mr. Richard J. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Giebel Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gilbert Mrs. Linda Good Mr. Dale Graham Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Green Mr. and Mrs. David L. Greenwalt Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Gross GW’s Fine Food & Spirits Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hafley Ms. JoElle N. Hall Ms. Stephanie M. Hampson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Harris Mr. John Haughawout Mr. Timothy A. Heppner Sr. Mr. Cortland N. Heykoop Dr. Josh Hill and Ms. Jessica Francis Mr. Patrick A. Hoepf Ms. Suzanne Homer Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. David Hossler Mr. Brian R. Howard

Mr. William H. Moellenkamp Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Morgan Mrs. Tamara A. Morris Mr. James H. Mosier Ms. Chari Mullen Ms. Melodie Myers Mr. Adam P. Neugebauer Ms. Theresa A. Nibblett Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nickerson Mr. Trevor C. Nickolai Mr. and Mrs. Jon Nutter Mr. and Mrs. Denny Nye Mr. Cory S. Oakley Mr. and Mrs. Shane K. O’Donnell Mr. Troy Ogle Dr. Shane Parendo Mr. Edward P. Patsch Dr. Krista Petrosino Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Pine Mr. Peter Piraino Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Planchon Mr. Joseph G. Podach Ms. Gretchen Pozek Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Previte Mr. and Mrs. William Prochazka Mr. Michael Puckett Ms. Catherine F. Rathburn Mr. Steven A. Rau Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Reaves III Mr. Elias J. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Rees Mrs. Margene P. Reese Mr. Nicholas Reinhard Mr. and Mrs. Pete Reinhart Ms. Susan Reiter Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reser Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Reser Mr. and Mrs. Micah J. Rettig Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ritzler Mr. Darby M. Roggow Mr. James J. Rovira Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Saam Mr. Donald G. Sabato Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Sager Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sanders Mr. Scott W. Saracusa Ms. Natasha H. Saylors Mr. Gary and Ms. Celinda Scherger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Scherger Mr. Justin M. Schlenker Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schrock Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schwab II Dr. and Mrs. Jules J. Schwartz Mr. David Selnick Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Shaffer Mr. Bruce Shank Mrs. Eleanor J. Sheehe Mr. Larry L. Sheets Mr. and Mrs. David Siebold Mr. Joseph Simcoe Mr. Jacob A. Simon

Ms. Tangi Slattery Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith Ms. Stephanie Smith Mr. Brian W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Snyder Ms. Krista L. Sowers Mrs. Wendy E. Speelman Ms. Kylene Spiegel Mrs. Janet P. Spore Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Starkweather Mr. and Ms. Scott Staunton Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Steinmetz Mr. Wayne Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. Stocker Dr. and Mrs. Jeffry J. Stockner Mr. Harry Stubbins Mr. Julian Sullinger Dr. and Mrs. Terry Sullivan Mrs. Lois H. Svehla Ms. Krista K. Swanagan Mrs. Karen A. Tank Mr. Bradford Tanner Mr. Fermon Tate Mr. Thomas A. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Vassalle Ms. Ashley N. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Veit Mr. George L. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Randy Waire Dr. Phyllis A. Watts Mr. Ted A. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Weinandy Mr. Raymond J. Weleski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Merris A. Welge Jr. Mr. C. Michael White Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Widman Mr. Mark T. Widman Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Wilch Mr. and Mrs. Joel V. Wilkins Mr. Larry Wilkins Mr. Daniel P. Wisard Ms. Laura L. Withrow Mr. C.W. Bill Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Todd Young Mr. Craig Zimmers and Dr. Sharon Zimmers


Mr. Jeffery J. Huffman Ms. Jessica L. Huffman Ms. Amanda Hummel Ms. Brianne Hurd Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Hurwitz Ms. Mary E. Huth Mr. Jerry Hutter Mr. Josh Ison Ms. Kathleen Jackson Ms. Denice L. Jacoby Mr. and Mrs. Chaderick Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kahler Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kaiser Ms. Margarita Kalmikova Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Kalnow Mr. Merv E. Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kaya Mr. Kevin Kean Mr. Dennis Kear Mr. Robert C. Keplinger Ms. Jody Kilpatrick Mr. Michael C. Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Klepper Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kline Mr. and Mrs. John Kloepfer Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Knackstedt Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Koehler Mr. Robert L. Kohring, Jr. Mr. Douglas J. Koller Mr. and Mrs. Chris Krintzline Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lambert Mr. Michael B. Latorre Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lauer Dr. Fang-Mei Law Mr. and Ms. John H. Leary III Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lewis Ms. Cheri Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. David K. Little Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Loescher Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Long Mr. Don J. Lonsway Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lucius Ms. Leanne M. Lucius Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Lukac Jr. Mr. Orrin G. Lust Mr. Joseph A. Mahan Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Manbeck Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Jankowski Mr. Frank A. Marchetti Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Warren Maus Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Mayle Mrs. Natalie McClain Ms. Sharon A. McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Merkle Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mertz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Metry Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Miller Ms. Karen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller

With our secure server, investing in Tiffin University has never been easier. Just point and click, and your gift – whatever its size helps TU provide access and opportunity for individuals, while facilitating their preparation for successful careers and productive and satisfying lives. We invite our friends and supporters to join us at




PHILANTHROPY, RELATIONSHIPS, INVOLVEMENT, DEVELOPMENT AND EXCELLENCE The Tiffin University Dragon P.R.I.D.E. program connects current students with alumni, bridging the gap between the two and building relationships that will last. Not only is this a program that is beneficial for alumni to maintain their knowledge of the University, but also for the current students as they learn and grow in their roles as Dragon P.R.I.D.E. officers. They obtain a wealth of knowledge through soliciting, event calling, and the actual events themselves. The goal is to connect the dots between faculty, students, and alumni, which will build positive relationships moving forward in years to come. The officers of Dragon P.R.I.D.E. are invaluable to the Office of Alumni and Development and are a point of campus pride when talking with alumni and donors.

DRAGON P.R.I.D.E. CALLERS Meet SAMANTHA SMITH TU Senior & Manager of the Dragon P.R.I.D.E. Call Center Samantha is from Nashport, Ohio, and her major is Business Management with a concentration in Managerial Studies and a minor in Human Resource Management. “I heard about Tiffin University through one of my closest high school friends, who also happened to run cross country and track with me. She was telling me what an amazing school Tiffin is and she encouraged me to apply. After I applied, TU’s cross country coach contacted me and here I am four years later!” Samantha’s goal after graduation is to land a job in the human resource field. “After graduation, my plan is to get my foot in the door at any company and work my way up, or, if possible, I can start where I would like to be. I want to run at least one marathon and I would also like to become fluent in French and Spanish. Lastly, I am a family-oriented individual and I am very eager to start a family of my own.” Samantha has worked for the Dragon Pride Call Center for about 1 ½ years. This is her fourth semester, but second semester as manager. As manager, she: n Organizes and motivates Dragon P.R.I.D.E. Officers through the calling process, creates the calling schedule and divides the calls among the callers. n Handles all credit card donations over the phone. “When alumni or friends donate via credit card, the callers direct the call to me so I can get all the required information safely and securely.” n Assists the callers whenever they have difficulty with a call. “I provide them with feedback on things they could say if the issue were to come up again.”

Reports any positive or negative issues and creates a nightly report on how the evening went. n

Do you have a “best call” memory? “One of my best calls was to a gentleman who worked for Marathon,” said Samantha. “He was very friendly and willing to talk; he was my longest call that night, about 20 minutes. I was calling him to give him the latest projects Tiffin had started and to see if he had any questions about anything. He had a couple questions, but we later ended up on the subject of internships and jobs. At the end of the call, he encouraged me to look into internship opportunities at Marathon.” As manager, how do you help other Dragon Pride members through the call process? To help the callers, Samantha believes that games are great tools. “I created a game for the callers to become competitive while they are on the phone. The game was, whoever received 5 donations was able to draw a prize from my bag. They held onto that prize and if another caller received 5 donations, they were able to draw a prize or steal a prize.” In addition to games and words of encouragement, Samantha allows for small breaks that help callers recuperate, especially if they are experiencing a slow night or negative calls. Samantha believes her job is critical to the success of Tiffin University. “My job is important because I am in charge of the Dragon P.R.I.D.E. Officers, whose responsibilities include reconnecting alumni with TU, and soliciting them for donations,” she said. “It is important for me to keep them organized, focused, and motivated to ensure that they are doing their job effectively. By keeping track of the Dragon P.R.I.D.E Officers throughout each campaign, they are able to perform their jobs better, and they are able to make better calls. I believe my future will benefit as a Dragon P.R.I.D.E. Officer. Samantha admits she is introverted, so having a job of cold calling people was very intimidating at first. “As a student caller, I was able to get out of my comfort zone to help reconnect the alumni with Tiffin. Also, I have a better understanding of what other callers are going through when they call me, so it has encouraged me to be respectful when I receive a call of this nature.” “Being the call center manager,” she continued, “will help benefit my future because it will show that I have leadership qualities that could be appealing to future employers. This position has allowed me to develop my communication and organizational skills including self-confidence.” What would you like to say to alumni and friends about Tiffin’s Annual Fund? Why is their donation important to Tiffin University? “The annual fund is extremely important,” Samantha said, “because it helps to cover costs that tuition does not cover. For example, the Annual Fund supports scholarships that help students fund their college education. By donating to Tiffin University, (Continued) 11

alumni and friends are giving students the opportunity to grow and develop professional skills that may not otherwise be possible without the Annual Fund. Any donation, small or large, will help to make a difference in the success of Tiffin University’s students.

Meet JARED COTRILL TU Junior and Dragon P.R.I.D.E Caller Jared is from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. His major is Cyber Defense. Jared learned about Tiffin University as a freshman in high school through cross country camp. “TU’s cross country coach was very passionate about the sport and TU. He showed me the value of TU and explained how great the education is. I instantly wanted to enroll. It was exactly what I was looking for--small class size, small school, and a great education.” Jared is very pleased he chose TU because there are very few universities in the country that offer Cyber Defense as a major and Tiffin will provide him with an internship opportunity to gain more experience in the field. His goal after graduation is to work for a government agency (FBI or CIA), or a private contractor. This is Jared’s third year as a Dragon P.R.I.D.E. caller. According to Jared, his best call memory was “making a connection with an older man who could no longer get out of the house,” he said. “He donated just a small amount, but he said that the call from us made his day because we cared enough to talk to him and devoted time getting to know him.” “Most calls are never too difficult,” said Jared, “but when you just start out in the P.R.I.D.E. Call Center, it is very intimidating. Jared believes his job as a P.R.I.D.E. caller is critical to the success of Tiffin University. “I believe all of us as P.R.I.D.E. callers make a big difference in raising money for Tiffin,” he said. “It helps our students with scholarship opportunities and opens avenues to study abroad. The annual fund is for the students. Any amount can help students with their education. Without these donations, some students would not be able to experience Tiffin University. The students are the future of our society and it is up to students, parents, and alumni to help our students succeed.” I believe my future will benefit from this experience. “The call center has made me much more outgoing and willing to speak with people that I have never met before. It has allowed me the experience of accepting rejection, but also reward when I hear yes to a donation. This opportunity is great for gaining wellrounded communication skills.


Meet SHAVONNE PRICE TU Senior & Dragon P.R.I.D.E. Caller Shavonne is from Euclid, Ohio, and her major is Addictions Counseling with a minor in Human Services. The throws coach of the track and field team of TU recruited Shavonne. She is happy with her choice because, “I have learned so much from the professors and my peers. I have truly had the college experience and have made friendships that will last a lifetime,” she said. Shavonne plans to continue her education and earn a master’s degree in counseling. This is Shavonne’s third year as a Dragon P.R.I.D.E. caller and her best memories are simple: “I really enjoy speaking with alumni who take time out of their day to reconnect with TU. Many of them take it upon themselves to give me words of wisdom like, go to school while you are young because it is a lot harder to complete grad school with a family,” she said. Difficult calls for Shavonne are when she finds that someone has passed away. “I express my condolences, but words alone cannot fill the void one may feel as a result of the death of a loved one.” Shavonne believes her job as a P.R.I.D.E. caller is critical to the success of Tiffin University. “I believe my job definitely contributes to the success of Tiffin University,” she said. “The expansion of the campus is proof of that.” I believe my future will benefit from this experience. “My life has benefited from my experience in the Dragon P.R.I.D.E. call center because it has forced me to accept rejection,” she said. “Everyone is not going to agree with what you have to say, nor will they do what you want when you want it. The ability to accept no as an answer and not let it ruin your day is a skill I have developed throughout my years working for the call center.” The Annual Fund is important because ... “One thing I would like to express about the annual fund is that it does so much good for the students, faculty and employees here on campus,” Shavonne said. “Not only does the annual fund help provide scholarships for the students, it goes toward the upkeep and beautification of the campus. Everyone wants something to be proud of. Attending a private university is something to be proud of. Being a first-generation college student is something to be proud of. Simply looking out of your window and being able to admire the beauty of the campus you have called home for four years is something to be proud of. Donations are important to Tiffin University and its current and future students because these allow the donors to become part of a legacy that will forever change the lives of those who would not be afforded the opportunities that are placed before them today.”

WHAT IS THE ANNUAL FUND? The TU Annual Fund is made up of hundreds of gifts from Tiffin University’s loyal alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends. n The Annual Fund raises funds for academic excellence and generously touches every area on campus. n The relationship that is formed by a donation encourages a lasting connection and involvement with Tiffin University! n

How is the Money Used? n Scholarships, Technology, Campus Beautification, Institutional Development, Study Abroad, Internship Programs, The Washington Center, American University. Where Have We Come From? n Giving by TU employees has risen from 42% in 2012 to 96% in 2014. What Are Our Goals and Expectations? n Increase participation from Alumni and Friends n Continue to stay above 90% for our employees Ways to Give to Tiffin University’s Annual Fund JOIN A TU GIVING CLUB! The Giving Societies of Tiffin University recognize leadership contributions to the Annual Fund. Society memberships are available at specific club levels (listed below) and are also extended to those who utilize their corporate matching gift programs. Club members receive special recognition, invitations to exclusive events, and important notifications from the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. LEGACY SOCIETY 1888 Club: $50,000 or more Regent’s Club: $25,000-$49,999 Heritage Club: $10,000-$24,999 FOUNDER’S SOCIETY Founder’s Club (Gold): $8,000-$9,999 Founder’s Club (Silver): $6,500-$7,999 Founder’s Club (Bronze): $5,000-$6,499 PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY President’s Club (Gold): $4,000-$4,999 President’s Club (Silver): $2,500-$3,999 President’s Club (Bronze): $1,000-$2,499 UNIVERSITY SOCIETY Developer’s Club: $500-$999 Green & Gold Club: $250-$499 Dragon’s Club: $100-$249 Please contact Joe Borich, or 419.448.3438 to learn how giving to the Annual Fund at a Society level can make a tremendous impact on Tiffin University!



Class of 1951 Wilma J. Bishop Brema C. Konst Colvin Virginia J. Livingston William V. Smith Janet Pfeiffer Spore Class of 1952 Eugene L. Kessler

Class of 1936 Orrin G. Lust Class of 1939 Lois Hineline Svehla Class of 1941 Marjorie A. Gillig Robert D. Overmyer Estate of Phyllis M. Scheiber Eleanor J. Sheehe Class of 1942 Tom F. Mahs Class of 1943 Stetson E. Oster Class of 1944 Margene Pingle Reese Class of 1945 Alfreda M. Dannemiller Donald E. Long Virginia K. Zahn Class of 1946 Carl W. Yeager Class of 1948 Richard J. Gibson Victor B. Morman Class of 1949 Jerry F. Freeh Andrew J. Lukac Dorothy L. Robey Elmer E. Wilch Class of 1950 Wilbur E. Cole Robert Van Horn


Class of 1955 Arnold E. Boedeker Lawrence N. Filliater Merris A. Welge Class of 1956 Gary P. Godfred David L. Laube Class of 1957 Marty Slaybaugh Hoover Don J. Lonsway Joseph A. Scherger Class of 1958 Cortland N. Heykoop William McDowell Class of 1959 Richard H. Cotten Howard D. Flowers Victor I. Frantz II Larry J. Hoover Merv Kauffman James S. Mackey Donald L. Mayle Irma M. Ramsey Jimmie E. Thomas Larry D. Wahrer Class of 1960 Allen K. Corfman William F. Hertzer Edward P. Patsch Anthony C. SanGregory Harry Stubbins Class of 1962 Ned E. Brinkman Mary Jane Scherger Thomas A. Scherger Ted A. Weaver Class of 1963 Harry L. Burd Mary Jo Carroccio Margaret McCandless Jean M. Morgan

Class of 1964 Jack W. Greene Jerry Hutter Dennis Kear David L. Laube William Mayle William R. Piper Class of 1965 Anita M. Barrick Jon W. Cartwright Duane G. Garland David E. Mitchell Jack H. Payne Ronald L. Thompson Class of 1966 William P. Crohen Michael J. Juby Francine Kuenzli Kathleen K. Rose Eugene Sanders Jack A. Turner George L. Wagner Jenny A. Wells Class of 1967 James D. Betz Diane M. Keller Rita Smith Koepfer D. Ted Kuenzli Alison Birkholtz Lauer Carol Bockbrader Manbeck Donald G. Sabato Richard A. Shaffer Class of 1968 Dennis E. Foos Gail Kraft Foos Timothy A. Heppner Alice M. Nichols Class of 1969 Larry R. Arend Robert Blickenstaff Blythe A. Friedley Thomas G. Funkhouser Thomas O. Giebel Dean A. Johnston John W. Lauer Charles M. Wentz Class of 1970 Ronald R. Brown Karen Dendinger Robert A. Keller Stanley E. Manbeck Frank A. Marchetti

Class of 1971 Stephen Breidenbach Dannie D. Craft James Faist Robert W. Gaver Roger J. Kleinfelter Class of 1972 John Haughawout Dennis Kear Rebecca Boes Lay Arthur P. Loescher Gary E. Robinette Paul Weaver Raymond J. Weleski Bill E. Wilson Class of 1973 James M. Deats Jeff M. Merkle Thomas T. Stevenson Class of 1974 Leonard J. Clouse Joseph N. Robenalt James C. Shrode Wayne A. Stephens Harry Stubbins Daryl W. Weininger Class of 1975 Linda Detillion Sue Reser Class of 1976 Denise Detamore David L. Hayes Gary R. Heminger Michael Holbrook Ronald F. Lutz Jed O. Osborn James A. Smith Joseph E. Steininger Charles D. Walton Class of 1977 Steve Detillion Michael C. Kirchner Robert L. Kohring Michael A. Lauterbur Cynthia Manbeck Jankowski Hollis McBroom Tamara A. Morris Michael Reser Linda S. Ritzler Robert C. Ritzler Bruce Shank Larry Wilkins

Class of 1978 Aaron R. Maule Class of 1979 Mark A. Blankemeier David W. Bloom Rita Smith Koepfer Debora J. Pine Richard A. Shaffer Deborah L. Smith Class of 1980 David M. Thompson Lyle T. Underwood Class of 1981 David J. Bursa Bernard J. Steinmetz Robert G. Watson Class of 1982 Randy A. Aube Valerie A. Hohman Diane Frederick Klopfenstein James C. Shrode Class of 1983 Rock L. Craft George Miller Sharon A. Miller Gary L. Scherger Class of 1984 Christopher Granata Beth A. Kagy Theresa Stephens Nibblett Mary L. Rathfelder Robert C. Uppenkamp Mark T. Widman Class of 1985 Edith Ardner Bosler Melinda Crall-Cauley Judy Dell Lori Reinbolt Hall Roger M. Miller Phillip G. Myers Class of 1986 James R. Fey Mark T. Griffin Ed Kaiser Mary E. Lewis Charles B. Lutz Pauline A. Smith

Class of 1987 Rosann M. Arbogast Joanne L. Bower Gary O. Gruss Doris M. Lambert Cynthia S. Little Michelle McCarthy Annette Staunton Gregory Tiell Susan Graham Treece Class of 1988 Ida M. Cooley Barth Downie Daniel J. Ewald Patrick A. Hoepf Jon Nutter Class of 1989 Lori A. Bentz Nadine A. Miller Theresa E. Siebold Kelly L. Stocker Lisa Weasner Williams Class of 1990 Vickie L. Gangwer James H. Mosier Terence J. Stocker Stephen D. Williams Class of 1991 Lonny Allen Catherine F. Rathburn Michael Wisnor Class of 1992 Peggy L. Ewald Michael Fisher Kenneth B. Foy Lori Reinbolt Hall Claire F. Johansen Stephen G. Kimmet Sonya K. Miller William Reineke Jr. Anthony Reser Sue Reser Theresa E. Siebold Paul K Smith Susan Graham Treece Ann Woolf Barbara Keith Zinn Class of 1993 Charles R. Ardner Darla Burns Mark A. Fishpaw Denice L. Jacoby Beth A. Kagy Michelle Wisnor

Class of 1994 Randy L. Buck Brian Campbell Andrew J. Felter Doris M. Lambert David K. Little Charles B. Lutz Dan Michalak Sonya K. Miller Debora J. Pine Leonard J. Reaves III Paul K. Smith Wendy Shaw Speelman Thomas A. Thompson Kimberly Weithman Class of 1995 Kristi A. Campbell Kelly Daniel Vickie L. Gangwer George Miller Robin Perry Reaves Micah J. Rettig Annette Staunton Class of 1996 Rudy Brownell Darla Burns DeAnn Krauss David K. Little Darby M. Roggow Ronald M. Schumacher Bradford Tanner Kara Windsor Class of 1997 Lori A. Bacon Leonard J. Reaves III Leanne K. Smith James M. Walker Ann Woolf Class of 1998 Douglas R. Brandt Duana N. Coleman Rhonda C. Gilreath Richard L. Hughes Laura A. Ketter Julie A. Shellhouse Karen A. Tank

Class of 1999 Vanessa A. Ardner Kelly J. Auble Jeffrey L. Beard Clinton L. Faulkner Rodney J. Funkhouser David K. Little Kellie Jakubowski McGilvray Sharon A. Miller Teresa R. Miller Elizabeth M. Minor Mark Pardi Charles W. Parks Joseph G. Podach Darby M. Roggow Celinda M. Scherger Daniel J. Starkweather Nancy J. Sullivan Class of 2000 Charles R. Ardner Kelly J. Auble Scott E. Blough Lucianne Miller Bowlus DeAnn Krauss William J. Schumacher Daniel J. Starkweather Terence J. Stocker James M. Walker Class of 2001 Rosann M. Arbogast Kristi A. Campbell Joseph W. Corry Janet L. Hanacek Jack P. McGreehin Michael L. Pine Jodie M. Schumacher Julie A. Shellhouse Nancy J. Sullivan Krista K. Swanagan Cheryl A. Wahl Joseph W. Weininger Class of 2002 Vanessa A. Ardner Rudy Brownell Brian Campbell Richard H. Collins III Stephanie M. Hampson Elizabeth M. Knackstedt Crystal Stroble Long MaryEllen E. Melcher Nancy J. Miller Melani L Pratt Jesse N. Schrader Lori L. Schrader Annette Staunton Phillip A. Westfall

Class of 2003 Alexis Berg-Townsend Christopher L. Chase Andrew R. Faber Jason M. Fenik Rebecca A. Kile Kristi Krintzline Jeremy J. Marinis Paul L. Pellegrini Sharon L. Perry-Nause Robert Petras Charlene M. Prochazka Jo E. Sciulli Brian W. Smith Timothy L. Warren Aaron G. Wood Amy R. Wood Class of 2004 Andrea D. Howse Faber Stephanie M. Hampson Nathan R. Long MaryEllen E. Melcher Nancy J. Miller Jesse N. Schrader Julie Starkweather Vickie Underwood Todochi A. Wells Laura L. Withrow Class of 2005 Christopher L. Chase Rachel N. Crooks Russell J. Decker Andrew R. Faber Jason M. Fenik Bryan J. Harmon Michael R. Lewis Jon D. Perkowski Sharon L. Perry-Nause Scott W. Saracusa Lori Shurte Class of 2006 Allison M. Burroughs Lacy Cherry Ellis Andrea D. Howse Faber

Class of 2007 Paul S. Denton Richard J. Donaldson Dan Dower Lacy Cherry Ellis Rebecca A. Kile Yaw O. Mamphey Jon D. Perkowski Chad F. Smith Julie Starkweather Krista K. Swanagan Tyler L. Webb Joseph Wilkins Class of 2008 Julie A. Allen Justin Baker Zachary J. Ball Jennifer R. Barthel Brenda S. Collins Philip T. Conley Rachel N. Crooks JoElle N. Hall Brian R. Howard Trevor J. Hug Chaderick Johnson Donald A. Johnson Sarah DePugh Johnson Joseph A. Mahan Janice C. Ogden Kevin J. Perrin Scott W. Saracusa Robert C. Uppenkamp Ashley N. Vaughn Class of 2009 Rebecca L. Brose Philip T. Conley Andrea C. Draper Gregory M. Dunn Victoria M. Galaska Scott A. Gross Heather Hamilton Deidre Herdlick Kaitlin W. Kenny Shawn M. Kunkle Leanne M. Lucius Yaw O. Mamphey Carol A. McDannell Nancy J. Miller Troy Ogle Lori S. Planchon Ernst S. Pompilus Kristen L. Robinson Marilyn Seislove Krista L. Sowers Kylene Spiegel Kristyn Tooley Wilkins (Continued)


ALUMNI GIVING (Continued) Class of 2010 Zachary J. Ball Sara Durkee Dunn Jacole M. Eaton Garrett J. Krause Rhonda R. Martin Robert A. McGraw Sue Reser Raymond M. Robinson Jacquelyn N. Smith Kylene Spiegel Cecil K. Starnes Lakeena L. Tennon Nathan P. Treadway Joel V. Wilkins


Class of 2011 Jeffery M. Allen Heidi A. Alt Tyler Benner Bridget Brassell Rebecca L. Brose Leanne E. Decker Gregory M. Dunn Chris A. Ferrante Victoria M. Galaska Deidre Herdlick Kyle G. Hintze Nikki Hintze Robert C. Keplinger Cynthia S. Little Leanne M. Lucius R. M. McWilliams Janice C. Ogden Troy Ogle Randy O’Keefe Sarah Raber Krista L. Sowers Julie Starkweather Nancy Tipple Amanda J. Tooley

Class of 2012 Joe T. Borich Megan R. Borich Holly A. Brennan Barry Brokaw Daniel E. Celis Burton K. Cossey Noah I. Fox Brian T. Grime JoElle N. Hall Heather Hamilton Jeffery J. Huffman Jessica L. Huffman Donald A. Johnson Jody Kilpatrick Carol J. Kline Garrett J. Krause Gabriel O. McConn Matthew J. Misciasci William H. Moellenkamp Kristen L. Robinson Cecil K. Starnes Tyler L. Webb

Class of 2013 Kyle S. Anderson Melissa Bigg Brooklyn M. Boehler Ryan J. Danehy Chris A. Ferrante Gail L. Fischer Savannah J. Harner Holly M. Huss Earl Meadows Evelyn F. Nabbah Shane K. O’Donnell Kevin J. Perrin Steve Portokalis Kyle P. Robinson Natasha H. Saylors Jacob A. Simon Benjamin M. Wagner Marjean Warren

Class of 2014 Jonathan K. Appel Michael S. Bond Megan R. Borich Ryan J. Danehy Cory Dickman Andrea C. Draper Noah I. Fox Thomas M. Gauby Michael J. Gibbons Laura Green JoElle N. Hall Jeffery J. Huffman Jessica L. Huffman Matthew J. Misciasci Trevor C. Nickolai Cory S. Oakley Elias J. Reed Larry L. Sheets Elizabeth A. Winters

C A MPUS FA MILY Mr. Scot Acree Mr. Gerald Adams Mr. Lonny Allen Mrs. Julie Allen Ms. Jennifer Almendinger Dr. Jonathan Appel Mr. Charles Ardner Mr. Anthony Arend Mrs. Virginia Arp Mr. Justin Baker Mr. Zachary Ball Ms. Chelsea Bass Ms. Jamie Bauman Dr. Dan Bell Mrs. Lori Bentz Ms. Melissa Bigg Mr. Scott Blough Ms. Brooklyn Boehler Dr. Lillian Boehmer Mr. Joe Borich Mrs. Megan Borich Mrs. Jennifer Boucher Dr. Bruce Bowlus Ms. Holly Brennan Ms. Rebecca Brose Ms. Erica Brown Mr. Cody Brown Mr. Rudy Brownell Mr. David Bucar Mr. Jerry Buccilla Mrs. Denise Burkin Miss Lauren Caminiti Ms. Catherine Carlson Mr. Kevin Cashen Dr. Charles Christensen Mr. Brian Coleman Ms. Kristina Collins Dr. Teresa Collins Mr. Philip Conley Ms. Dana Cordova Ms. Rachel Crooks Mr. Jeremy Croy Mrs. Vickie Daniel Mrs. Kelly Daniel Ms. Mary Davis Ms. Maria De Oliveira Dr. Erin Dean Dr. Thomas Debbink Mrs. Mary Denny Mr. Ronald Depinet

Mrs. Shari Depinet Ms. Tammy Dewald Ms. Lori Distel Ms. Amanda Dominique Ms. Andrea Draper Mrs. Jill Earl Mr. Matt Edwards Mrs. Lacy Ellis Mrs. Andrea Faber Mr. Andrew Faber Ms. Miriam Fankhauser Ms. Ana Fantini Ms. Lee Fearnside Ms. Kimberly Feasel Mrs. Jean Fisher Ms. Frances Fleet Ms. Frances Ford Dr. Danielle Foster Ms. Deb Fowler Mr. Noah Fox Ms. Rebecca Fox Ms. Donna Frank Dr. Venkataramana Gajjala Ms. Victoria Galaska Ms. Judy Gardner Ms. Julie George Dr. Sushmita Ghosh Mrs. Nancy Gilbert Ms. Patti Gillespie Ms. Rhonda Gilreath Mr. Gary Goff Mrs. Tiffanie Goff Mrs. Nancy Golinski Mrs. Linda Good Mr. Dale Graham Mrs. Laura Green Dr. Mary Grennen Mr. Jason Griffin Mr. James Gucker Dr. Perry Haan Mrs. Judy Hafley Mrs. Susan Halen Ms. Maite Hall Ms. JoElle Hall Mrs. Lori Hall Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates Ms. Heather Hamilton Ms. Savannah Harner Mrs. Deidre Herdlick Mr. Michael Herdlick Ms. Melinda Heyman Dr. Josh Hill Mr. John Hill Mrs. Nikki Hintze Ms. Linda Horning Mrs. Tracey Hossler Ms. Jessica Huffman Ms. Amanda Hummel Ms. Brianne Hurd Dr. Steven Hurwitz Dr. Victoria Ingalls Mr. Josh Ison

Ms. Kathleen Jackson Mrs. Sarah Johnson Dr. Lisa Kahle-Piasecki Ms. Margarita Kalmikova Mrs. Deb Kaya Mr. Kevin Kean Ms. Laura Ketter Mrs. Rhonda Kieffer Ms. Jody Kilpatrick Mr. Harold “Bud” Kinn Ms. Kimberly Kipps Ms. Alexandra Kirchner Mr. John Kleinoeder Mr. Richard Kline Mr. Dennis Kline Mrs. Sally Kloepfer Mrs. Sandra Koehler Mrs. Kristi Krintzline Ms. Deborah Landis Ms. Deborah Larick Mr. Michael Latorre Dr. Fang-Mei Law Ms. Meera Layton Ms. Bethany Leary Mr. Michael Lewis Mrs. Cynthia Little Dr. Zhaolu Lu Mrs. Ellen Lucius Mr. Charles Lutz Mr. Yaw Mamphey Mrs. Jamie Marinis Dr. Jeremy Marinis Dr. Paul Marion Mrs. Susan Marion Mrs. Michelle Maus Mrs. Natalie McClain Mrs. Carol McDannell Dr. Kellie McGilvray Ms. Sharon McIntosh Mrs. Sami Mejri Dr. John Millar Mr. George Miller Mrs. Teresa Miller Mrs. Nancy Miller Ms. Megan Miller Mr. Matthew Misciasci Dr. Vincent Moore Mrs. Rachel Morris Ms. Chari Mullen Ms. Melodie Myers Mr. Adam Neugebauer Mr. Jeff Nickerson Mrs. Julie Nighswander Mrs. Josephine Nutter Mrs. Percilla Nye Mr. Shane O’Donnell Ms. Janice Ogden Mr. R. James Orr Ms. Pamela Oswald Dr. James Padilla Dr. Shane Parendo Mrs. Martha Pennycuff

Dr. Sharon Perry-Nause Dr. Krista Petrosino Mr. Lucas Phillips Mrs. Deborah Phillips Mr. Peter Piraino Mr. Dustin Porter Mr. Matt Procopio Mr. Steven Rau Mr. Leonard Reaves Mr. Bradley Rees Mrs. Allison Rees Mr. Nicholas Reinhard Mr. Pete Reinhart Mr. Micah Rettig Mr. James Richardson Ms. Emma Riley Mr. Kyle Robinson Mr. Raymond Robinson Mr. Darby Roggow Mrs. Stephanie Rohrbach Mr. James Rovira Mr. Graham Ryan Mrs. Jennifer Saam Dr. Jan Samoriski Mr. Nathan Santos Mr. Scott Saracusa Ms. Natasha Saylors Ms. Margaret Schalk Ms. Celinda Scherger Mr. Justin Schlenker Mr. Mark Schrock Mr. Ronald Schumacher Dr. Lillian Schumacher Mr. William Schumacher Mrs. Michele Schwartz Mr. David Selnick Dr. Teresa Shafer Dr. Brooke Shannon Mr. Joseph Simcoe Mr. Jacob Simon Ms. Tangi Slattery Dr. Jason Slone Ms. Stephanie Smith Mr. Russell Snyder Ms. Kylene Spiegel Mrs. Julie Starkweather Ms. Annette Staunton Dr. Jeffry Stockner Mr. Julian Sullinger Dr. Terry Sullivan Ms. Nancy Sullivan Ms. Krista Swanagan Ms. Kimberly Swartzmiller Dr. Bonnie Tiell Mr. Nathan Treadway Mrs. Susan Treece Mr. Kyle Tysoe Mrs. Sharon Uitto Mrs. Diane Vassalle Ms. Ashley Vaughn Ms. Michelle Vogel Mrs. Julie Vogel

Mr. Benjamin Wagner Mr. Thomas Wahl Mrs. Melissa Waire Mr. John Wank Mr. Robert Watson Dr. Phyllis Watts Mrs. Melissa Weininger Mr. Dennis Welly Ms. Connie White Mr. C. Michael White Mr. Adrian White Mrs. Kristyn Wilkins Mr. Joseph Wilkins Mr. Joel Wilkins Mrs. Lisa Williams Ms. Elizabeth Winters Mr. Daniel Wisard Mr. Michael Wisnor Mrs. Amy Wood Mr. Leon Wyden Mr. John Yates Dr. Wendy Ziems-Mueller





The David and Maureen Boyd Student Investment Fund The Aaron Ciak Memorial Scholarship The Ivan Daniel and Maxine L. Cole Scholarship The Harold B. and Brema Konst Colvin Scholarship The Craycraft Hall Endowment Fund The Dr. Kenneth B. Cummins Endowed Scholarship The DeLuca-Grandillo Endowed Scholarship The Doepker Scholarship The First Citizens National Bank Scholarship The A. Robert and Louanna R. Fleet Endowed Memorial Scholarship The Dennis and Patty Foster Endowed Book Fund The Frank/Heminger Endowed Scholarship Fund in Corporate Leadership The Franks Hall Endowment Fund The Rolland W. Friedley – Farmers State Bank Memorial Scholarship The Michael D. Gaietto Endowed Scholarship The GAR Foundation Endowed Scholarship The Mildred I. Hankey Scholarship The Valerie Ann Hartman Perkins Memorial Fund The David and Patty Hayes MBA Gateway Endowed Scholarship The Dr. and Mrs. Prasad C. Kakarala Endowed Scholarship The Diane and George Kidd, Jr. Endowed Lecture Series The Charles L. McKillip Memorial Chair Business Fund The John and Joyce Millar Scholarship The Earnest R. and Mary E. Patterson Scholarship The Orville D. & Irma Yoder Payne Memorial Scholarship

The Alfred M. and Grace E. Reichard Memorial Fund The Kyle Ryman Memorial Scholarship The Paul and Muriel Sayers Memorial Scholarship The Eugene N. and Betty Schalk Scholarship The Ernst Selig Law Enforcement Endowed Scholarship The Daisy and Frederick Stone Scholarship The Tiffin Women’s Club Endowed Scholarship The James C. Todd Memorial Scholarship The Edward J. Werling, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in HR Management Fund The George Whitfield, Jr. Endowed Scholarship The Wayne and Virginia Kurtz Zahn Scholarship The 50th Year Class Scholarship

Ms. Pattie Adams Dr. and Mrs. Mark Akers Ms. Jessie C. Baker Mr. Zachary Baker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barchent Jr Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bernard Ms. Marguerite O. Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Bonnoront Mr. and Mrs. Brad Borer Mr. and Mrs. David J. Boyd Ms. Janet Brady Mr. Thomas J. Buccione Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Burns Ms. Helen C. Bursa Mr. Chalin M. Cahlik Mr. Kevin Carrigan Mr. Adam Choinski Mr. and Mrs. David J. Claus Mr. and Mrs. Pat Clouse Ms. Elizabeth E. Colatruglio Mr. Frank J. Colatruglio Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole Dr. and Mrs. Larry Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooley Ms. Dolores Czerniak Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dandurand Mr. and Mrs. Luigi J. Dantuono Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dariano Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Doepker Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dornauer Mrs. Marilynn Dunn Mr. Michael Durso Mr. and Mrs. John Eichhorn Ms. Kamio A. Espindola Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Estep Mr. and Mrs. Richard Feasel Mr. Gregory N. Finnerty Mr. Edward Fitzgerald Mrs. Rose M. Frick Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Friedley Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Gaietto Mr. David S. Goettler Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Grandillo Ms. Laura Hammel Mr. Joseph Hill Mr. Charles Hodges Ms. Hazel Hooker Ms. Mary E. Huth Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Iannantuono Dr. Donna A. James and Mr. Larry H. James Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kahler Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Kalnow Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kinn Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Kris Klepper Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Klepper Mr. Douglas J. Koller Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krumsee Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lange Mr. and Mrs. W. Ed Lape Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lawrence Mr. Ron Linhart Mr. and Mrs. Roger Luhring Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mader Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maiberger Mr. and Mrs. Carmen A. Mangiola Mr. and Mrs. Jason E. McClaflin Ms. Lucille A. McClellan Ms. Mary McClung Mr. Kevin McKown Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Meyer Mr. Paul G. Miletti Mr. Thomas H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Moore Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Nutter Mr. Joseph P. Obringer Mr. Anthony J. Paradiso

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Paradiso Mr. William T. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Paulus Mr. John L. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Perna Mr. Mark Prifogle Estate of Ms. Margaret Reed Dr. and Mrs. Morgan R. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Weston Reinbolt Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reineke Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Sacksteder Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Sager Ms. Patrice Satterfield Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Schalk Ms. Margaret M. Schleter Mr. and Mrs. James Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schwab II Dr. and Mrs. Jules J. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Seislove Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Smith Mr. Ronald R. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Amir Soas Dr. Jerrold Solomon Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Somodi Ms. Elinor M. Spellerberg Ms. Mary Ann Stearns Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stock Mr. and Mrs. James Strasser Mr. Shayne Thomas and Dr. Angela R. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. James C. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wise Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Worland Dr. and Mrs. Carl Yager Mrs. Carol Yager Mr. and Mrs. Todd Young Dr. Wayne E. Zahn Mr. Craig Zimmers and Dr. Sharon Zimmers

MEMORIALS Mr. Ronald L. Brady Mr. Cuba L. Gibson Dr. Raj V. Pathi Mrs. Sandra Stevens Patterson Mr. Jack H. Payne Mr. Mark Scagnetti Dr. Wayne E. Zahn



Ms. Cynthia C. Abulone Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ameling Mr. and Mrs. Dean Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bader Ms. Melinda Barker Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bellinger Mr. and Mrs. Donn W. Belzer Ms. Patricia Bentham Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bentler Mr. and Mrs. Keith V. Berlan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bucolo Mr. and Mrs. Sal Cangemi Ms. Denita J. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chandles Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Coleman Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cover Mr. Wesley M. Dodsworth Mr. Dan R. Frenz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frias Dr. Michael P. Gilliland Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Granata Mr. and Mrs. David L. Greenwalt Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grincewicz Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Groff Mr. and Mrs. Don Hager Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hazelton Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Heil

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hohman Ms. Suzanne Homer Mr. Charley H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Kalf Mr. Jeffrey P. Kelm Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kempton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kibler Mr. and Mrs. Kip A. Kieffer Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. King Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madison Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Meeks Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mertz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Metry Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Mohr Ms. Vickie Moore Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Ocker Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Olesick Mrs. Sarah P. Overmyer Mr. John Plott Ms. Gretchen Pozek Mr. Michael Puckett Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Randolph Ms. Susan Reiter Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roggow Mrs. JoAnne Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Jon Snyder Mr. and Mrs. John Stocker Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Stucky Mr. and Mrs. Henry Telep Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Veit Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weber Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Weinandy Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Widman Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Woodward

Dr. David L. Hayes Dr. Gary R. Heminger Dr. Janice L. Hilliard Dr. Donna A. James Dr. Frank Murphy Dr. Jules J. Schwartz Dr. Wayne E. Zahn


TRUSTEES GIVING Mr. Larry Adelsperger Mr. Andrew Felter Mr. Joseph Harris Dr. David Hayes Dr. Gary Heminger Dr. Janice Hilliard Dr. Robert Hisrich Ms. Claire Johansen Ms. Diana Kirk Mr. Michael Klepper Mr. David Mitchell Dr. Frank Murphy Mr. Timothy Paradiso Mr. William Reineke, Sr. Mr. Michael Spragg Dr. Reginald Wilkinson Mr. Frederick Zoeller


Paulette’s Paulus Eyecare Associates Pioneer Mill PJ’s Brickhouse Ralph’s Joy of Living Reineke Family Dealerships Reino’s Pizza & Pasta Republic Lumber, Inc. Rush Graphix Sacksteder Worland Insurance Agency, Inc. Same Day Signs Seneca County Home Builders Association Seneca County Job & Family Services Speedway, LLC Stanley Steemer International Inc. Subway of Tiffin/Fleetwinds, Inc. Superior Distributing Co., Inc. Team Sports The James Group, LLC The Wine Merchant Tiffin Ace Hardware Tiffin Insulators Tiffin Scenic Studios Tiffin Westgate, Ltd. Tourist Club of Bellevue TPC Food Service Tractor Supply Company US Bank Viewpoint Graphics VNA Holdings LLC Webster Industries, Inc. Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA Your Legacy Federal Credit Union


CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESSES ACI Construction Company Akron Children’s Hospital American Electric Power Ameriwood Industries Anese Masonry Company Aqua Ohio Inc. Bair Bros, Inc. Ball Corporation BAS Broadcasting Bascom Mutual Telephone Company Baumann Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc. Beck Suppliers, Inc. Bed Bath & Beyond #1082 Bed Bath & Beyond #1226 Bed Bath & Beyond #784 Bilger’s Lawn & Landscape, LLC Blue Lakes Charters & Tours, Inc. Bucar Group, Inc.

Camden Falls/Carmies Grill & Bar Cementos/DeArini’s Villa Chipotle Mexican Grill Clouse Construction Corporation Coca-Cola Bottling Company Coldwater Tavern Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Coppus Motors, Inc. Cracker Barrell #68 Croghan Colonial Bank Crown Battery Disability Resource Network Diversified Graphics, Inc. Dundore Heating & Cooling Engle Shook Funeral Home Esperanza, Inc. FBS Corporate Solutions Feasel’s Frame & Collision First Quality Fore S Clothiers Frameworks L.L.C. Gameday Bleacher Jersey Grand Rental Station Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference GW’s Fine Food & Spirits Haas-Jordan Company Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP Hempy Water of Tiffin, LLC Holiday Inn Express of Tiffin Honey Creek Homes, Inc. Huntington Insurance Interstate Gas Supply, Inc. Jeffrey Jewelry John’s Welding & Towing, Inc JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Junior Achievement of Northwest Ohio, Inc. Kip Kieffer, LLC Lowe’s Luc Ice Co Madison St. Pub & Grub Magnus Terra Company, LTD Marathon Petroleum Corporation Marco’s Pizza Meade & Associates, Inc. Medallion Services, LLC Merchants’ Credit Guide Company Mercy Hospital of Tiffin Merrill Lynch Bank of America Metzgers Printing & Mailing MLAD Graphic Design Services, LLC Nike North Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. Nucor Steel Marion Inc. Ohio Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Inc. Old Fort Banking Company Olive Garden Optimal Facility Mgmt Solutions, LLC P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc.

Akron Community Foundation Bellevue High School Alumni Association Borck Family Foundation, Inc. Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Newcomerstown Cleveland Foundation Community Action of Northeast Indiana Community Foundation Lorain County

Community Foundation of Fox River Valley Community Foundation of Union County Crest Foundation, Inc. Dayton-Montgomery Company Scholarship Fund Defiance City School Foundation, Inc. Education at Work, Inc. Educational Assistance, Ltd. Fairfield County Foundation George W. Wright Estate Gillmor Charitable Foundation Greene County Community Foundation Heart of Ohio Council Home Savings Charitable Foundation I Know I Can Kiwanis Club of Portage Lakes Knapp Educational Fund, Inc. License Bureau of the State of Ohio Logan Honsinger Memorial Fund Marion Community Foundation ME Foundation National Machinery Foundation National Merit Scholarship Corporation New Community Bible Fellowship North Florida Junior Golf Foundation PNC Institutional Investments Port Clinton City School District Ralph J. Baudhuin Foundation Trust Scholarship America SMART Scholarship Funding Corporation Springfield Foundation St. John Lutheran Church State of Iowa The CIRI Foundation The Clara Abbott Foundation The Dennis and Sara Trachsel Foundation The Golf Club Company The Honor Project Trust The Pruina Corporation The Turco Foundation Toledo Community Foundation, Inc. United Steel Workers of America 10N Walmart Foundation


DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS Ronald M. Schumacher Vice President for Development and Public Affairs John D. Hill Associate Vice President for Development

Larry A. Adelsperger Tiffin, OH Executive Vice President P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc.

Frank Murphy Wadsworth, OH CEO University Housing Solutions

Andrew J. Felter Tiffin, OH President & CEO Webster Industries, Inc.

Timothy J. Paradiso Port Clinton, OH President The Ashley Group

Joseph L. Harris Ann Arbor, MI Retired Auditor General City of Detroit

William F. Reineke, Sr. Fostoria, OH Chairman Reineke Family Dealerships

Janice L. Hilliard, Ph.D. Stamford, CT Vice-President National Basketball Association

Michael C. Spragg Findlay, OH President & CEO Old Fort Banking Company

Robert D. Hisrich, Ph.D. Scottsdale, AZ Director Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship Thunderbird School of Global Management

Reginald A. Wilkinson, Ed.D. Columbus, OH President & CEO Ohio College Access Network

Claire F. Johansen Tiffin, OH Former Owner & President Ohio Outdoor Advertising Corporation


Diana Kirk Findlay, OH Michael R. Klepper Tiffin, OH Chairman & CFO Superior Distributing Company, Inc. David E. Mitchell St. Joseph, MI Vice President (retired) Whirlpool Corporation

C. William Harple Tiffin, OH President & CEO (retired) Seneca Environmental Products David L. Hayes Toledo, OH President & CEO Hayes & Associates, Inc. Gary R. Heminger Findlay, OH President & Chief Executive Officer Marathon Petroleum Corporation Dianne G. Krumsee Powell, OH Chair of Board Old Fort Banking Company

Robert Ruffin McKinney, TX Vice President and Group Manager (retired) Allied Signal, Inc. Russell G. Sorg Fremont, OH President (retired) Fremont Kraut Company Richard W. Stephan Blue Bell, PA President Rick Stephan & Associates John Stock Sandusky, OH President S-Group Companies Gordon C. Wagner Bonita Springs, FL President & CEO (retired) First National Bank Frederick E. Zoeller Tiffin, OH President & CEO Laminate Technologies, Inc.

Lori A. Bentz Administrative Assistant Vickie M. Galaska Director of Alumni Relations Joe T. Borich Director of the Annual Fund Jason D. Griffin Director of Marketing and Communications Jennifer L. Saam Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Sandy K. Koehler Event Services Coordinator and Administrative Assistant Russ D. Snyder Operations Manager WTUD MEDIA RELATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS Lisa Williams Editor & Photographer – Executive Director, Media Relations and Publications Jessica Huffman Contributing Photographer Media Relations Specialist Mary Ann Stearns Creative Director / Graphic Designer

We have made every effort to correctly list the names of all donors between January 1 and December 31, 2014 in this report. However, in a list of this length, errors may occur. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and bring the error to our attention so that we may correct our records. Thank you. 21

155 Miami Street Tiffin, Ohio 44883-2161




Profile for Tiffin University

2014 Tiffin University Annual Report  

2014 Tiffin University Annual Report