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Whistler Film Fest 20th Anniversary Celebrating online and virtually with a special look back at our live and exclusive interview with actor Bruce Greenwood





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Page Six Warning Label Ever notice how just about everything comes with a warning label these days. From cigarettes, alcohol, vitamins and aspirin to plastic bags, seatbelts, hot coffee, candy bars and movies - everything warns us to be careful. “This product may contain nuts.” “This toy not recommended for children under 3 years.” “This program contains violence, sexuality and strong language and may not be suitable for younger audiences.” “Warning - overuse of this product may result in addiction.” Yet one of the most powerful devices in the world - the smartphone - comes without any warnings whatsoever. When paired with social media, this digital supercomputer (with its ability to take photos and video) can share unlimited information with people of all ages, from all over the world, with next to no regulation, age restriction or adult supervision. Very little thought has gone into the genuine harm it can cause - until now. Click, post, send, like, chat, share - over and over again, without a care in the world. I spend a lot of time writing about social media and its various elements. How to use it. Who to trust. What to learn, and how to protect yourself. Because when it comes to social media, there’s a lot of stuff to know and it is changing rapidly, and not necessarily for the better. I was there when it started and am technically defined as an ‘early adopter’. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - I have it all. But I’m in the digital media business, so it is my job to know about this and who is behind it. As a result, I am very careful about how I use it and who I trust. I have about 25,000 - 30,000 collective followers from organic sources (that means I don’t buy ‘followers’ or ‘likes’). If I were a famous actor, model or musician, those numbers would probably be a lot higher. If I were a non-media person or ‘regular user’ (e.g. a real estate agent, teacher, lawyer or student), these numbers would naturally be much, much lower. But, as any professional social media manager will tell you, if you want bigger numbers, you either have to get famous (fast), or you have to pay to play. Sadly, a lot of people actually spend hundreds of dollars per month to buy fake followers and ‘likes’ just to appear more influential and/or popular. So now users are being encouraged to post items three or four times a day and share as much as possible. Your phone will literally prompt you to do this, constantly reminding you that you have to get involved and will prod you endlessly with notifications about who just saw your post or page. Every time you do this, the company makes more money. It’s an addictive interaction that companies like Twitter and Facebook have spent millions of dollars perfecting. The results are unsettling. The whole scheme is the topic of a recent film on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. If you haven’t seen it, and have a teenager in the house with a smartphone, watch it immediately. You won’t like what you see. In the documentary, ex-employees and engineers who helped build this very specific social media technology, warn of its misuse and damaging effects. This panel of experts also says the subtle yet purposeful targeting of young people is especially upsetting. Sandy Parakilas, a former Facebook operations manager, said he was horrified at the degree at which Facebook allowed data to be harvested and collected by third-parties. He, along with others, were part of the psychological programming used by platforms to make users give up personal information without even realizing we were doing it.

Find “The Social Dilemma” documentary streaming now on Netflix - or view the trailer for free by searching at imdb.com

Parakilas also admits that the development of the algorithms used by all social media developers is not geared for social good - but only for increasing profits to the company’s bottom line. In other words, you (and what you prefer to see online) are the real product - and you are being bought, sold and traded hourly as one of the most precious commodities on earth. This says nothing about the subliminal manipulation, which is also part of the deal. “We’ve created a system that biases towards false information. Not because we want to, but because false information makes the companies more money than the truth. The truth is boring” says Parakilas. It’s called ‘surveillance capitalism’, and the film suggests it is the root cause of everything we are experiencing en masse today - from the political polarization to social media addiction, to increased mental health problems in youth, to violent riots in the streets. “If you want to control the operation of a country, there’s never been a better tool than Facebook.” Former executives warn that social media has been purposely designed to be an addictive drug and laugh at the fact we are all called ‘users’. They say “these services are killing people and causing people to kill themselves” and explicitly link the rising rate of youth depression, suicide, and risk-taking behaviour to social media’s disproportionate influence. Even the engineers and designers themselves admit that they don’t allow their own kids to use the very product they invented. Some in the film say that what they are most worried about is civil war. “They are building models to predict our actions based on the click - what emotions trigger you, what videos you will watch.” I guess the question that remains now is how much longer are we willing to participate. How much more Covid-19 misinformation are you willing to hear? How much more election interference do you want to endure? Do you trust the news on TV? What about your government? Can you heed the warning labels and take action? Even though Halloween may be over, this scary movie is precisely the warning sign we all need. Because the monster in this film doesn’t wear a hockey mask or yield an axe, he comes dressed as your friend and makes you feel good by showing you how much he ‘likes’ you every day. I wonder, with friends like this, who needs enemies. However, I also think that social media has done a lot of good things too and has given a voice to under-represented groups, stories and causes. And as with most things, a healthy dose of common sense might go a long way here. Maybe start by turning off the notifications and alerts on your phone. And maybe we should start looking at some new rules for ‘users’ under age 16. Big tech has a lot to own up to here. And the U.S. Congress wants answers as the question of election interference came up yet again recently. Censorship, ethics, privacy - all of this needs addressed immediately. All you need to know is that companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook are specifically designed to give each person a different result based on their interests and where they live. And while it sounds extreme, this panel of experts says it is now a genuine threat that must be taken seriously. “Each person has their own reality, their own facts. People have no idea what is true, and now it’s a matter of life and death. This is checkmate on humanity.” Well, at least now - we’ve been warned. - Catherine Barr / cbarr@westvancouver.com


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The New Porsche Taycan 2020 Electric Supercar Interview Imagine driving a machine so powerful that you feel like you’re being launched in a rocket. That’s what it’s like inside this new supercar. Sleek, sexy, and all electric - tune in to hear car afficionados Craig Turner and Chris Graham chat about how it feels to take the wheel of this innovative machine. A “Cars with Craig and Chris” segment.

Training the Mind and Body - a New Mixed Martial Arts Experience Interview Feel like your fitness isn’t the only thing suffering during this Covid pandemic. Hear from MMA champions and trainers Stuart Cooper and Ryan Diaz about their new studio, safely open to all ages and levels, and how the mind/body connection is one of the most important things you need to do to stay healthy and happy this season.

Celebrity Chef Delivers During Pandemic Interview Chef Laura Arcangeli has done it all. From serving on movie sets to touring with rock bands like Duran Duran. But with weddings, production shoots and parties on hold, at least for now, what can you do? Take a listen and hear how Laura took the show on the road with her own exclusive new brand of goodies and gifts. A perfect recipe for the holiday season and more.

It Takes Two - a District and City Review Interview Newly elected North Van District councillor Jordan Back knows his local politics. After all he grew up here and is the son of North Van City councillor and business woman Holly Back. Now, this mother / son dynamic duo is bringing the news directly to you with their featured North Van Update segment which includes a lot of heart to heart, and ‘Back to Back’ info you’ll enjoy.

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A New Service Team at Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver Chris Graham, General Manager, is pleased to welcome Robert Dent to Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver.

Chris Graham

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The dedicated team at Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver looks forward to continue providing unparalleled customer service, and invites you to meet the new member of the family.

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Bruce Greenwood

Photo used with permission: Whistler Film Festival

Celebrating the Whistler Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary with a look back at our exclusive interview with actor Bruce Greenwood.

Chatting live, take a trip back to 2015 and our exclusive one-on-one interview with actor Bruce Greenwood in Whistler. Hear his secrets and subscribe to our podcast channel - WestVancouver Magazine

CAT: So tell us, Bruce Greenwood. What are you doing these days? Tell us

BG: Well, yeah, of course, that was fun. I’ve done any number of those guys.

about your latest project. Let’s start with that.

Well-heeled sort of captains of industry who have something nasty up their

BG: Well, we’re up here at the Whistler Film Festival to show off this new movie that we’ve got going called Rehearsal, which is a story about an English theatre

sleeve. Like my part in the movie iRobot. Any number, you know, even in the movie Dinner for Schmucks, I was one of those guys. Well-heeled and soulless.

director who believes that the classics are really noble. This English theatre

CAT: And you’ve played U.S. Presidents too though. So technically, you’ve been

director thinks there is nothing but the classics. And I am him. Yeah. And he’s

the good guys as well.

been doing the classics for many years. And now they’ve bought a theatre. But doing the classics does not put bums in the seats. So his partner decides to pull in a young American action star to star in a Chekhov play, which is a recipe for disaster. And it goes from bad to worse. CAT: It is a great film. So out of curiosity, what is your favourite classic? Are you a classical theatre guy? BG: I’m not particularly into the classics. I don’t have a lot of experience doing the classics - so for me to pull a classic out of my hat to top off my knowledge. I wouldn’t do that? CAT: Well, you are known for playing the classic bad guy sometimes. In other words, you could say that you are pretty good, at playing the ‘baddies’. BG: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of ‘baddies’. Everybody kind of says ‘Oh, he’s kind of handsome. He’s got it going on. But kind of the bad guy.’ CAT: I think in particular of your role in the movie Double Jeopardy, which you filmed here in Vancouver with Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd. You were a bad guy character in that film. Was it a fun role to play?

BG: Technically good guys - I think. I mean, the Presidents I played could arguably be considered good guys. CAT: And then you’ve gone to such diverse roles. And I don’t know if you consider it your most acclaimed, but I know you were nominated as a cast for a SAG Award, and that was your part in Capote. A bit of a departure from things you’ve done? BG: Well, yeah, I’ve been very fortunate that way, that I get to play lots of flavours. CAT: What’s your favourite type of character to play? BG: There is no type that I prefer to play. I’d rather sort of think of them all as individuals, and if they fit well in the story, and if the story is dependent on something that they do, that’s important. CAT: Now, if you had to choose, would you prefer dramatic roles? Do you prefer comedy? Do you prefer adventure? BG: I do a lot of drama, because that’s how people see me. But if I had the opportunity to do something funny, like Rehearsal, it’s a little bit funny. So it’s lighter than the stuff that I normally do. And that was one of the things that appealed to me.

CAT: When you get to play an iconic character, which I’m going to argue that

BG: Yeah, no, I don’t really think about it like that. Like, with Daniel. You know,

you did in Star Trek, you got to play the character that started it all, way back

you’ll look it up, and you’ll figure out who he is. And although he’s very well

when. Capt. Christopher Pike, originally played by Jeffrey Hunter. What does

known French actor - and I’ve worked with all kinds of actors, but there are a

it feel like to play something that has all that sort of history and cult following

great number writers I’ve worked with that blow me away that you would’ve

attached to it?

never heard of. So it’s a learning process, give and take thing. When you share

BG: Well, it was amazing to realize how many people are connected to and have very strong feelings about it. And, you know, I’ve gone to a couple of Star Trek conventions. And it’s been amazing - actually, it’s been fantastic because the people are just so generous and so warm. And, you know, everybody’s there for the same reason - because they love this whole genre and particularly the world of Star Trek. And it’s just it’s so fun to hear their stories. I initially thought they’re coming to find out what it was like to work with ‘so-and-so’, or what it was like on the set - but really, when you start talking to them one-on-one, they want to share their stories of how they got involved in it - or they met their wife at a Star Trek movie. This one woman came up to me and said she’d met her husband, who just passed away, at Paramount when they were shooting the series. And

a scene with somebody of a calibre that you aspire to, are they giving? Are they greedy? If they’re good - they give whether they’re greedy or not. I mean, it’s like tennis, or it’s music - there’s all kinds of analogies. As you know, the more interesting thing they throw at you, the more fun it is sometimes. If you find somebody who’s an actor who’s doing the equivalent of staying on the other side of the net, just bouncing the ball in his own racket. That’s also something you can react to. Right? It’s not as though the fact they’re giving you nothing means they’re giving you nothing. There’s something in the nothing. That’s interesting, but that’s rare because people want to create fire. Right? People want to create something that begins to flicker and burn. And it’s easy to do that with somebody else to help you fan the flames in a good way.

they invited them onto the set. And that’s where she met her husband. And so

CAT: Is there someone you’d like to play opposite. Someone that you haven’t

people come in with all these stories, and they want to share so much - and they

had a chance to work with, or a director?

want to hear from you about what it was like. They want to share how much of an impact it had on their lives. CAT: Is the Star Trek stuff the biggest fan reaction you’ve had to a character that you can think of? BG: Yes, that and Double Jeopardy. You know, because I was such a bastard in it (laughs). People still remember that - and probably now certainly more Star Trek. CAT: You filmed a lot of that (Double Jeopardy) in West Vancouver and North Vancouver, plus on Bowen Island. The famous chase scene through Edgemont village. So how do you like filming in Vancouver? Do you like coming back here? BG: Yeah, I love to come back. I grew up here, and I grew up skiing at Whistler. And, you know, I used to park my truck in the garbage dump and slept in my truck, you know? And when tickets were $4.50. I’ve been coming up here since

BG: I’d really like to work with Todd Haynes again. I did a movie called I’m Not There with him and again, with Cate [Blanchett]. CAT: I understand you’re also a bit of a musician. BG: Yeah, I play music. I missed my call as a musician. (laughs). But I actually did a gig here in Whistler with a bunch of friends playing the guitar a few years ago. CAT: Give us some of your favourite hobbies. What do you like to do when you’re not working? BG: Well, I do a lot of baking. (laughs). I bake a lot of bread. And I play a lot of music. CAT: You’re a baker?

I was a kid.

BG: Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, I can show you actually. (pulls out iPhone to show

CAT: Do you have a dream role? Do you have a part that you just have to play

baking, and you will be impressed. Come over here and look at the baking

before you move on? BG: Yeah, there’s like there’s a couple of them. No, I’m gonna keep that under my hat. Yeah, there’s a couple things I’m hoping to be able to do before, as they say, his last call, you know?

pictures - then continues using funny accent) This is great. I will show you my (laughing). That’s the bubble bread with Parmesan. That’s a dill bread. That’s a baguette in the back. This is a traditional rustic loaf. CAT: Mastering dough is one of the things that I’m about all the time in the kitchen. I need to know your secrets.

CAT: Is there anyone who have you really enjoyed working with?

BG: All right. Well, I’ll show you something really secret.

BG: I’ve had the great good fortune to work with an almost countless number

EDITOR’S NOTE: Listen to the live podcast to hear the rest of Bruce’s baking

of really wonderful actors. But watching Daniel Auteuil work. I really enjoyed working with Russell Crowe last year. I’ve worked with Cate Blanchett a couple times and really, really enjoyed her work and her company. There’s a movie out now right now called Truth that I shot with her last year. Tommy Lee Jones - I loved working with him. He was fun. Also Kevin Costner. I mean, I’ve been really, really fortunate to work with some great people. Denzel Washington even, for a couple of times. CAT: What is it like to work with those big names as well? Is it all in a name?

secrets. CAT: So we have to wrap up here. What are we going to see where are you going to be in the next five years? What would you like to happen? What can we expect? BG: Oh, for me in the next five years. That’s the thing about this business you can never tell. For me to say what you should expect from me in the next five years is like for me to say, I know what’s going to happen with the stock market. I’m working on stuff, but you just never know. - Catherine Barr / cbarr@turnernewsmedia.com

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Social Seen CANADIAN HEALTH AND FITNESS INSTITUTE GALA Some of Canada’s fittest and most famous faces joined forces with local heroes recently for the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute’s first ever fundraiser. Celebrity panelists included Man-in-Motion Rick Hansen, Vancouver Canucks ambassador and former goalie Kirk McLean, Olympic medalists Ashleigh McIvor and Lynn Kanuka, downhill ski champion Ken Read, former Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit, and Running Room founder and president John Stanton. Joining in the vision to “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030”, the evening also included a heartfelt tribute to honour Dr. Jack Taunton with the first ever lifetime achievement award. *Safe social distancing, face masks and other Covid-19 health and safety rules were followed at all times during this event. Some photos have been ‘framed’ or altered to show people in closer proximity for publication purposes only.

Mike Mahony, left, of Mahony and Sons, with sports broadcaster and event MC Scott Rintoul

Sponsors Jeff Chapleau, CEO, and Inga Zane COO of the Catalocity Group

Family and board members Donna Weston, left, son Jake and daughter MeiMei

Sports hero and former Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit, left, with Craig Turner of TurnerNewsMedia.com

Track athlete Kieran Lumb, left, with event organizer and CHFI founder and former MP John Weston

Dr. Jack Taunton is known for many achievements including the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the Vancouver Sun Run and is a member of the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

Sponsors Rob Lonergan, left, with Brock Euper and Shelby Boehm from business law firm Fasken

Sponsors Jeff Kletter and Josie Kletter know fun in the sun - check out their amazing BU products and sunscreen at goodtobebu.com

This event and the story behind it also exists as a podcast on our WestVancouver Magazine podcast channel. Please go online and/or subscribe today at www.WestVancouver.com and www.NorthVancouver.com Do you have a story idea or event to share with our audience - contact us today at news@turnernewsmedia.com


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Cat’s Meow - November 2020

By Catherine (Cat) Barr

Stay safe when you celebrate - and don’t forget to give back. Continue to give back no matter what, because even though our gatherings may be virtual, our community is real - and a kind smile can always be seen, even under our safety masks. #TogetherApart

CatherineBarr.com | cbarr@turnernewsmedia.com | Twitter/Instagram @CatherineBarr

Splash Gala co-chair Christie Garofalo and husband David Garofalo help sponsor the socially safe and spectacular Arts Umbrella auction and fundraiser. Over $1 million was raised thanks to the generosity of invited guests.

Avenue PR’s Anna Stuber, left, and Gemma Bishop helping to put on a safe show at Arts Umbrella’s Splash Gala extravaganza.


Presenting sponsor and Nicola Wealth president David Sung, with wife Tassan, sent a special message to supporters this year at the Splash Gala in support of Arts Umbrella.

Paul Larocque, President & CEO, Arts Umbrella, attends the annual Splash Gala which, this year, was held safely and securely with a virtual auction and more.

Splash gala co-chair Bruce Munro Wright was happy to see the special edition Arts Umbrella fundraiser raise a record-breaking $1.1 million.

NorthVancouver.com | WestVancouver.com

1403 Bellevue Ave West Vancouver, BC


Gala hosts Ann Luu and Howard Blank at the BC SPCA Off Leashed virtual gala. It may have looked a little different this year, but the message is still the same. Thanks for helping animals in need - as we all need a furry cuddle or two these days.

Atoosa Shahzad, from left, owner Rosette Florist, with Myriam Callot and Afshin Rahimi at the Masks in Tunnel of Time private art event in West Vancouver.

VIP art event guests Steve Samson, left, Huriye Sefayi and David Chen enjoy the paintings on display at the private West Vancouver event.

Hanky Panky is a lingerie design innovator. Their fabulous Signature Lace bralette and boy shorts are delicate and feminine. As fresh and flirtatious as the name suggests, they are sexy, soft and comfortable.

International fashion and textile designer Fariba Mirzaie is among the safe and socially distanced VIPs at the private West Vancouver art event.

Consul General of Turkey, Mr. Taylan Tokmak, left, and his wife Katka Tokmak with artist Nilufer Moayeri, centre, at the private West Vancouver art event.

NorthVancouver.com | WestVancouver.com

Imagine Christmas shopping minus the line-ups, crowds or traffic. We offer thoughtful and unique gifts, beautifully wrapped and delivered for free. Contact us for easy, personal shopping or visit us online. We are here to impress you and yours.


Social Seen JDRF - ROCKIN’ FOR RESEARCH ‘BELIEVE’ GALA Virtual galas and fundraisers are hitting all the right notes this year as the Covid-19 pandemic keeps us all guessing. But there’s no doubt that good folks everywhere are still giving back, and staying safe, as the JDRF diabetes foundation put on a show to help turn ‘Type 1 into Type None’. Putting on the glam, and a live music jam, were all part of the fun at the recent ‘Believe’ gala which raised over $720,000 during their live broadcast and auction. Gift boxes, goodies and cocktails were delivered to home participants who also dressed for the occasion. And mainstay rockers Loverboy, who’ve been there since the start, worked for the weekend again entertaining guests and giving back. Cograts to all involved. *Safe social distancing, face masks and other Covid-19 health and safety rules were followed at all times during this event. Some photos have been ‘framed’ or altered to show people in closer proximity for publication purposes only.

Gala committee chair Stephanie Orr, left, with daughter Samantha Mills who is a Type 1 Diabetic

Sue Sinclair, Jeff Sinclair and Cailyn Sinclair getting all fancy for the JDRF Gala

Jim Beatty (MC), Stephanie Orr (Gala Chair) and Dayna Backus (JDRF BC & Yukon Regional Director), right before the live show in studio

Loverboy performing ‘Workin’ for the Weekend’ during the live show - and there was also a personal video from guitarist Paul Dean, top left, along with a donated signed guitar for live auction

Peter Roward, middle, standing with RBC volunteers as they deliver the fabulous cocktail kit for the live event

Elizabeth Irving, accompanied by Corbin Vanderzalm, perform ‘Believe’ during the live broadcast - both have siblings with Type 1 Diabetes

Family fun night with Ryder Margetts, Jadyen Margetts and Sara Margetts as they turn ‘Type 1 to Type None’

This event and the story behind it also exists as a podcast on our WestVancouver Magazine podcast channel. Please go online and/or subscribe today at www.WestVancouver.com and www.NorthVancouver.com Do you have a story idea or event to share with our audience - contact us today at news@turnernewsmedia.com


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06 Chef Laura Spicy and Sweet

08 Urban Decay Eyeshadow



Chef Laura Arcangeli is right at home in the

The latest formula offers not only velvet-like

kitchen, on the movie set, or on the road with

texture but also a smooth blendability to last all

rock bands. Her experiences cooking for the rich

day. This peacock blue shimmer is decadent and

and famous have led to a new line of superstar,

rich, perfect for the coming holiday season. Be

and sustainable, products and gift baskets that

sure to stand out from the crowd and sparkle!

include exotic spices and intoxicating ingredients.


Lights, camera - action! $350


09 Sterling by Music Man, electric guitar www.long-mcquade.com

07 Bear Essential Oils Tea Tree Oil

With the iconic Music Man John Petrucci


signature and a Neptune Blue finish, this precision

Take a wander to Mo’s General Store, Lower

built 6-string (or 7-string guitar) is sure to make

Lonsdale Mercantile and discover local culture

a statement. The African Mahogany body and

and unique items from the family owned business.

maple top are all part of its beauty.

Tea Tree is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic


and antiviral properties. An immune system booster, it is also a must have as a natural makeup remover.

10 The Cuddle Wrap by Nordic Beach www.romantiquelingerie.ca


You will so love these! Comfy, cozy hooded wraps that flatter any age and body type. One size fits all. Wear one with your jeans for a great look, or on your deck with a night cap or


anywhere you want to be warm and comfortable! $150



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Presidents in Vancouver

Photos used with permission : Pixabay

As the dust settles from the Presidential election, how much of a role did Vancouver play in the result? It is the home of the biggest concentration of Americans outside the United States. In 2016, the number was more than 180,000. It is no surprise that Vancouver is a magnet for the political elite.



President Warren G. Harding became the first U.S. President to give a speech on Canadian soil. He drew 50,000 to Stanley Park on July 26, 1923 during a trip that also took him to Alaska. He died a week later of a heart attack in San Francisco. Only two years later, Kiwanis Clubs paid for a memorial in Stanley Park at Malkin Bowl. It was designed by sculptor Charles Marega, a Kiwanis member, like Harding.

Vice-president Joe Biden was the top U.S. official to visit B.C. Place Stadium twice. Once for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony and again for the Canada 2015 Women’s World Cup final, won by the U.S. Biden’s Olympic visit was notable because it exposed a gap in the $900 million Games security operation. A man entered the stadium with a homemade press pass and came within about a dozen rows of Biden before the RCMP apprehended him. Biden was in no danger.

02 VEEP ON FALSE CREEK Two years before he ran for president, VicePresident George Bush paid a June 1986 visit to the U.S. Pavilion at Expo 86. While in Vancouver, he toured the B.C. and Canada Pavilions, stayed for lunch and signed a trade deal. Earlier in 1986, President Ronald Reagan dedicated the pavilion in the memory of the seven astronauts who died aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.

04 HILL’S, NOT HILLARY’S When President Bill Clinton came to Vancouver for the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in November 1997, he had some time on his hands. So he led his entourage on a short walk from the Waterfront

Centre Hotel to Gastown’s Hill’s Indian Crafts for Christmas gift shopping. The marble bear’s head that he bought at Hill’s almost cost him the presidency. It was a gift for intern/mistress Monica Lewinsky and became evidence in his impeachment trial.

05 THE DONALD President Donald Trump came to Vancouver in June 2013, when he was then the star of The Apprentice, with sons Eric and Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka. His trip was not to fire anyone, but to visit the site of the future Trump Vancouver Hotel. Joo Kim Tiah of Holborn Development was building a tower for the local Trump Organization franchise. Less than four years later, the official opening took place without The Donald, because he was early in his presidency. Last August, Tiah’s company behind the hotel, T.A. Hotel Management Ltd. Partnership, filed for bankruptcy.

- By Bob Mackin / bob@thebreaker.news Bob Mackin is a North Vancouver journalist who specializes in politics, business and sports coverage. He publishes theBreaker.news and hosts theBreaker.news Podcast online. His columns and contributions can also be found at www.WestVancouver.com and www.NorthVancouver.com


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3906 Southridge Avenue West Vancouver $3,948,000.00

233 Bayview Road West Vancouver $4,388,000.00

2517 Highgrove Mews West Vancouver $3,688,000.00

Enjoy Complete privacy from the south-facing covered

A walk through this extraordinary Lions Bay residence

This awe-inspiring executive home features ultra-

deck overlooking the large level back yard and expan-

will leave you breathless at every turn. Panoramic

luxurious living with breathtaking views. Perched high

sive views to the South over Burrard Inlet and to Van-

ocean/mountain views from every room. Excellent build

above the city in a small enclave of suites to allow for

couver Island. The gourmet kitchen is a chef’s dream

quality and finishings. Enjoy the lower floor that opens

maximum space and privacy, this home has it all in a

opening to the dining room and living room.

onto the spectacular pool deck and yard.

West Coast modern. Definitely a must-see.

5 Beds | 4 Bath | 3,637 sq. ft.

Chas Woodyer Angell Hasman & Associates

4 Beds | 5 Bath | 4,749 sq. ft.

Kim Taylor Angell Hasman & Associates

2 Beds | 4 Bath | 3,569 sq. ft.

Devon Owen Royal Pacific Realty

1901 - 1320 Chesterfield Avenue North Vancouver $2,998,000.00

2306 Folkestone Way West Vancouver $2,998,000.00

430 Bayview Road West Vancouver $1,699,000.00

A one-of-a-kind, prestigious penthouse with unob-

An absolutely gorgeous to the studs renovation

Beautiful ocean views in Lions Bay! Bring your design

structed panoramic views of the city and harbour.

showcases this spacious three level townhome at in

ideas and put your own touch on this partly renovated

Completely redesigned and renovated to maximize

Panorama Village. Enjoy open spaces that take full

west coast modern home. Potential for an in-law suite

living space, this luxury residence is the perfect pairing

advantage of this stunning location. A very comfortable

or mortgage helper. Walk to three beaches, trails,

of style and functionality.

downsize to easy living in a perfect setting.

marina, school, cafe, store and transit.

2 Beds | 3 Bath | 1,689 sq. ft.

Devon Owen Royal Pacific Realty

2 Beds | 3 Bath | 3,121 sq. ft.

Ray and Lynda Proc Royal LePage Sussex

3 Beds | 2 Bath | 2,315 sq. ft.

Kim Taylor Angell Hasman & Associates

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408 - 747 East 3rd Street North Vancouver $1,050,000.00

402 - 866 Arthur Erickson Place West Vancouver $1,698,000.00

702 - 3105 Deer Ridge Drive West Vancouver $2,598,000.00

Brand new penthouse at The Green on Queensbury by

Pristine designer suite at Forest’s Edge 2. The condo

Stunning panoramic views from this spacious two level

Qualex-Landmark! Superb craftsmanship and design

has been extensively upgraded with custom built ins,

penthouse. The “down to the studs” renova-

with completely private south facing views. Enjoy 9’

lighting, and wall coverings. This exquisite home is ideal

tion has created a gorgeous redesigned space that is

ceilings, forced air cooling and heating, plus an ideal

for those searching for convenience, security and an

the ultimate in adult living.The reconfigured floor plan

location close to Lower Lonsdale.

iconic design by a West Coast legend.

provides for generous open-space living.

2 Beds | 2 Bath | 914 sq. ft.

Stu Bell Royal LePage Sussex

2 Beds | 2 Bath | 1,120 sq. ft.

Stu Bell Royal LePage Sussex

2 Beds | 3 Bath | 2,588 sq. ft.

Ray and Lynda Proc Royal LePage Sussex

1638 Lynn Valley Road North Vancouver $1,688,000.00

969 Belvista Crescent North Vancouver $2,388,000.00

4619 Caulfeild Drive West Vancouver $2,300,000.00

Just bring your furniture! Totally updated Lynn Valley

Beautifully renovated, this warm and inviting, picture

A beautiful colonial style home sitting on a large flat

split level in absolutely perfect condition. Open plan

perfect home checks off all the boxes. The open and

manicured, sun-drenched property, with it’s own

main floor with a marble island kitchen, three upstairs

spacious floor plan is ideal for young families. Located

private forest in the back. Main level features a family

bedrooms and two updated bathrooms including a two

in a quiet, family-friendly neighbourhood, steps from

room off the kitchen and a large bright living room. Pre-

piece ensuite. Perfect starter home.

schools and minutes to the Village.

inspection report available upon request.

4 Beds | 3 Bath | 2,324 sq. ft.

Ray and Lynda Proc Royal LePage Sussex

5 Beds | 3 Bath | 2,265 sq. ft.

Devon Owen Royal Pacific Realty

6 Beds | 3 Bath | 3,277 sq. ft.

Kim Taylor Angell Hasman & Associates

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Dec 1 - Jan 3 A tradition for many Vancouver families, Canyon Lights looks forward to welcoming back guests with a few operational changes to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff in a COVID world. Tickets and annual passes will only be available for prepurchase online for a specific date and time to limit contact upon entry and reduce capacity. Go online to book today. www.capbridge.com


An annual tradition that has changed slightly to adhere to health guidelines and Covid protocols. All pieces sell for $100 with 50% to the artist and 50% to North Van Arts. The art community has been greatly impacted by Covid 19, this is a great opportunity to support the arts in a safe manner. The sale is completely online.

Optical art at its finest. This exhibition of Vasarely’s paintings, sculptures, tapestries and multiples from the 1960s and ’70s will leave you memorized. Presented in conjunction with the Centre Pompidou and with a focus on a large Seattle collection, the display pieces are like no other in the professional art world.



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Experience modern waterfront living at its finest. Inside, enjoy spectacular water, city and mountain views, gourmet kitchens, quality workmanship and European finishes. Outside, the luxury of being mere steps to the hub of Lower Lonsdale, with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, shops, The Quay market and the convenience of the SeaBus. Walk, hike or bike the newly extended Spirit Trail. Plus the privilege of membership to the amenities, indoor pool and gym at the Pinnacle Pier Hotel. Isn’t it time you made The Pier your home?




Canadian Diamond Emerald Cut Halo Pendant & Earrings Part of our exclusive $1488 Collection