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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the Oscars - part of our look back at 2020 with the names, faces and places that made this pandemic year one for the books





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Page Six Making our Mark ‘What’s that mark on your arm?” asked five-year-old Caitlin as she pointed to my left shoulder one day. “That’s my vaccination scar,” I replied. Back then, I was teaching dance part-time (while finishing university) at the West Van rec centre and Caitlin was one of the many little girls who used to be in my ‘Twinkle Toes’ ballet classes. “It’s a needle they give you when you’re a baby to protect you from getting sick. Lots of people have them,” I explained. The look she gave me was one of instant horror and confusion. Then, as if on cue, six other tiny pink tutued tots twisted and twirled themselves into a series of knots and contorted shapes trying to find their own special ‘mark’. I couldn’t help but laugh. The whole incident brought strange looks from a supervisor who happened to walk by - but overall, we received high marks for creativity. As it turns out, I was one of the last ‘kids’ to get that scar (the result of a required smallpox vaccination when I was an infant). I also had an ‘immunization card’ that my mom kept safely tucked away, along with her and my father’s cards. We used to travel back and forth to the U.K. a lot, and my mother always said these cards were very important. Without proof of these inoculations they wouldn’t have been allowed to immigrate to Canada in the first place, she said. Now before you start calculating - let me just say, I’m not that old. But I am old enough to remember that no one used to question the rules, or laws, regarding vaccinations. We didn’t really distinguish between ‘guidelines’ and ‘mandates’ like we do now with masks and such. We just mostly followed the doctor’s (or government’s) orders. I’m not even sure we had a choice - and I have the scar to prove it. But today, due to widespread misinformation, and a lot of distrust, we have been left scarred about the whole pandemic process. We also seem pretty adamant about our human rights too. And, oh yeah, we want some verifiable proof that these so-called remedies are actually going to be safe. Some of our skepticism has merit. One only needs to remember the tragic story of thalidomide in the early 1960s. Promoted as a cure for morning sickness among pregnant women, but never approved in the US, Canada’s lax protocols at the time however allowed for its use. And even after evidence that it caused severe harm, especially to babies, we kept using it after it had been withdrawn in other countries. When I was little, I remember the older teenage girl who lived down the street who was born without arms. Everyone referred to her as the ‘Thalidomide Baby’. To this day, the term, and the thought of her, still makes me sad. We all have stories about the flu shot that apparently didn’t work, or the man that still got shingles even after being vaccinated. I’m also pretty sure that I had the mumps - twice. And I think I can speak for every kid out there, that when it comes to chickenpox, you can keep it. So let’s just say that any kind of remedy isn’t 100% effective - and there are no guarantees. However, if we can’t find a cure, we can at least hope to find a way to minimize suffering, extend life - and then somehow find a way to survive. And here’s the part where it gets complicated. Enter the year 2020 and the arrival of the Covid-19 coronavirus. A worldwide pandemic forces almost every major city in the world into lockdown. Schools close. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Businesses go out of business. People are dying. What now?


Part one seemed to be political. It’s China fault. It’s Trump’s fault. Canada didn’t buy enough ventilators. We’ve run out of PPE. We need to close all the borders. Clearly, we had reached the panic mark. Part two was, and still is, confusing. Wear gloves. No wait, wash your hands. Masks don’t work - or maybe they do. Only seniors can get infected, but now kids can too. Groups of 50 or less are safe. Wait, make that 10 or less. You have to quarantine if you’ve been to Seattle, but not Toronto. Clearly, we are still learning. Now, as we enter part three, with several potential vaccines looking for approval, millions of lives, and millions of dollars are at stake. Some continue to battle against these ever-changing rules and regulations. A lack of trust in our system, and in our political leaders, isn’t helping. Even the media, which has shown itself to be sloppy, biased and easily manipulated, is losing its integrity. For some, these vaccines might be a hard sell. So how do you know a vaccine is going to be safe - especially one that was invented in record time, and in which there hasn’t been enough time to fully discover the side-effects? How do we assess the risks versus the rewards? How do we know the cure isn’t going to be worse than the disease? What kind of scars could we see next? And what kind of mark will this make on future generations? Some say we’ve been here before with outbreaks like H1N1, SARS, MERS and even the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They argue that these viruses were/are more deadly in many ways, with less chance of survival - yet the restrictions put in place to fight those battles were never as ‘Draconian’ as what we face today. Covid-19, however, is markedly different. It is spread via airborne particles, and community transmission is much harder to tame. It scars lung tissue in a deadly way. This is reason enough for most officials to justify the lockdowns and err on the side of caution. And despite some criticism, it’s also the reason we’re running the risk of fast-tracking new vaccines. But if the battle against the virus itself isn’t reason enough to take action, then just think of the collateral damage. Lost businesses, school shutdowns and loss of income are just some of the scars we’re beginning to see. This pandemic has also left its mark by exposing failures in areas like mental health and women’s services. And if there isn’t a full-scale investigation into the practices at long-term care homes after this is all over, then we have learned nothing. The way we treat, or mistreat, our seniors started long ago. We need to do better - or those who have died, died in vain. Life is a series of risks - and I’m not one to shy away from the action. But to be honest, I feel a lot like five-year-old Caitlin as I continue to watch the news every day with feelings of horror and confusion. Much like her at that time, I don’t fully understand what’s going on just yet. And just like the rest of the kids in that dance class, I think we are all getting a little twisted and turned around as we try to find unique ways to solve the mystery of Covid-19. Mark my words - better days lie ahead. But we’ll have to risk being both cautious and creative in finding the answers. To reach our mark, we may have to risk a few more scars along the way. Whether you believe in vaccinations or not, just please never forget that we’re all in this together - and the choice is yours. But this is a battle we can no longer afford to lose. On your mark, get set - go! - Catherine Barr / cbarr@westvancouver.com

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The Mercedes G-Wagon - Cars with Craig and Chris Interview It’s big, intimidating, and a whole lot of fun to drive. The Mercedes G-Wagon is an eye catching off-road machine built for fun. Tune in to hear car aficionados Craig Turner and Chris Graham review this amazing machine. A “Cars with Craig and Chris” segment.

Whistler Film Festival 20 Year Anniversary Opening Day Interview It’s been one of the most glamorous events in Whistler for 20 years - and this year it’s going virtual. Listen to this one-on-one interview with Shauna Hardy Mishaw, executive director of the Whistler Film Festival (WFF), on what you can expect this year.

Edge Catering Delivers During the Holidays Interview Celebrating the season is stressful enough without having to think about dinner. Take some tips from Edge Catering’s Judy Reeves and see how you can help make the holidays delicious, nutritious and extra special. The best part, they can deliver right to your door - and no dishes afterwards!

Holiday Message from West Van Mayor Maryann Booth Interview Coming on Dec 16 - What’s in store for next year? We’re going to tell you with this special interview with West Vancouver Mayor Maryann Booth. A holiday of hope and a hint or two for how the District is looking to keep things moving here in our community. A message of good will for the New Year.

Got a story to tell or an interview idea, then let us know - news@westvancouver.com or call 604-926-9293


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A New Service Team at Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver Chris Graham, General Manager, is pleased to welcome Robert Dent to Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver.

Chris Graham

Robert Dent

Joseph Plana

Robert is an accomplished Service Manager with over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. Together with one of Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver’s key members, Assistant Service Manager, Joseph Plana, they are upholding the Mercedes-Benz promise: the best or nothing.

The dedicated team at Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver looks forward to continue providing unparalleled customer service, and invites you to meet the new member of the family.

1375 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, 604.984.9351, mbnorthvancouver.ca

2020 - An Anniversary Review Every year is supposed to be a celebration. And as the holidays roll around, we’re supposed to look back fondly at the year that was - and look forward to the year to come. But 2020 has been different. Clearly, it is the year that ‘wasn’t’ - and most of us can’t wait for it to be over. As a global community, we were blindsided, not only by a pandemic which resulted in a tragic loss of life, but also by the collateral damage it caused. Businesses, organizations, families - we all suffered greatly. Looking back at all that has happened, it might be hard to be positive, especially with all the significant things that were put on hold. But several things still stand out. The first is the incredible resilience of the human spirit to not bow to even the deadliest of threats. We’ve adapted and changed to ensure that the most significant aspects of our lives took priority. The second is our exceptional ability to smile and show kindness when things get rough. Whether it was giggling at our Zoom calls, or lining up patiently outside the store, our ability to show empathy has been our biggest strength. The final piece is the support we’ve all shown to help give back even against all the odds. Charities and organizations were hit especially hard this year with the cancellation of most events, but through generosity and awareness, many of you have continued to give. Twenty years ago, we set out to make a difference - to give something back to our communities. We are proud to live here, and we wanted to tell the world. Since then, we’ve been publishing and promoting everything our communities have to offer via our WestVancouver.com and NorthVancouver. com websites. The support has been amazing. We’ve grown our ‘friends’ lists to include people from all over the world who log on every day to visit. Just like our slogan - we’re bigger than the North Shore. Photo used with permission: PSIFF / Getty Images

Actor Tom Hanks, seen here with Sully co-star Laura Linney, at the 2017 Palm Springs International Film Fesitval. Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were among the first Hollywood celebrities to be infected with the Covid-19 virus earlier this year.

Then, in 2014, we doubled-down on that promise and did what very few in history have managed to do – to go from the web, into print, successfully. Every December, we celebrate this anniversary moment. Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, inclusive and locally owned, our magazines have been successful beyond expectation. Even in 2020, when things got tough, thanks to your support, we’ve only grown stronger.

Now, as we enter our seventh year in print, we’re celebrating our anniversary and looking back on our legacy and our ongoing appreciation for the arts, culture, places and faces that helped make it all happen. We remain a ‘people first’ publication - and know that in a changing world, the future needs to be different and diverse. We’re here to help make that happen. So here’s a small toast to 2020, and a big cheer for 2021 with the hopes that it helps us heal, and we can all get back together again. We will continue to highlight and help raise money and awareness for charities, organizations and local businesses. Because when it comes to spreading the word, everyone in the community should always be included. From all of us, to all of you - let’s celebrate the holidays with good spirit and a little sparkle. Thank you so much for your incredible support, and we send you all our best wishes for a safe holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2021 for more. Happy New Year! - Catherine Barr / cbarr@westvancouver.com

APRIL 2019

JUne 2018

Oh Schitt’s

Junos 2019

See all the sparkle and glam as Schitt’s Creek star Catherine O’Hara takes home her third consecutive win at the Canadian Screen Awards

Vancouver’s Sarah McLachlan hosts Canada’s hottest night in music with Sting, David Foster and more

GAlA of GrACe - p12

AliCe Cooper - p16

A4K BoxinG GAlA - p22

Actress Catherine O’Hara, of Schitt’s Creek, headlined the Canadian Screen Awards for this special issue. - Jun 2018 REAL ESTATE







Music legend David Foster and friends, including Oprah Winfrey, came to town to raise $10 million for charity. - Nov 2017



She’s a shining star the world over. West Vancouver’s Sarah McLachlan was stunning as last year’s Juno host. - Apr 2019




Ooh La La

summer 2019

The Big “O” Oprah Winfrey in the house -

Our film festival edition and Oscar night preview includes a look at stars like Nicole Kidman and movies like Lion and La La Land

talks about life, success and getting to know the real you

CanuCks autism netWork - P16



BC Women’s Dazzling love - P14

arthritis soiree - P18


The beautiful and talented Nicole Kidman walked the red carpet with other celeb friends in Palm Springs. - Feb 2017

When Oprah’s in the house, people listen. A sold out Vancouver show with tons a great advice for our readers. - Jul 2019

Halloween howl. An exclusive and private Q&A with rock legend Alice Cooper was one of our best. - Oct 2016

JUNE 2019

MARCH 2020

Rob Lowe Movie star Rob Lowe visits Vancouver to

Who Are Harry and Meghan

lend his support to the Turning Point gala and speak about life after addiction

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to royal life - so what’s the next step?





Sharing personal stories of how he fought and won against addiction, actor Rob Lowe returned to Vancouver. - Jun 2019

We called it! Our Hillary Clinton story came out two weeks before she announced her bid for the U.S. presidency. - Apr 2015

NorthVancouver.com | WestVancouver.com



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had tongues wagging this year when they left the UK and set up house temporarily here in BC. - Mar 2020 Continued on next page . . .











Film Fest Best

The Art of Being Canadian

Rock This Way

See what’s in store this film fest season with a look at upcoming events and

With a BC tour under their wing, Steven Tyler and his Aerosmith band mates remind us that in the changing face of music, even the classics just get better with age

films featuring stars like Jennifer Lopez and more


MAY / JUNE 2020



The Canadian Screen Awards honour the best in film and television with icons like Alex Trebek and more








No one walks the red carpet better than Jennifer Lopez, seen here at the Toronto International Film Festival. - Oct 2019

Aerosmith lead singer and sexy senior Steven Tyler is still rocking his way and showing everyone that age really doesn’t matter. - Aug 2015

The Canadian Screen Awards held their honours virutally this year with a special and timely salute to Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. - May 2020

So much fun toasting Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary with actor Dan Aykroyd. And yes, he mixed the drinks. - Mar 2015

Remembering Princess Diana on the 20th anniversary of her death was special for so many of our readers. - Sep 2017

Canadian hero and astronaut Chris Hadfield gave us an exclusive interview about reaching for the stars. - Jun 2017









hoLiDaY 2014

MARCH 2019

JULY / aUG 2018

Geena Davis

Michael Buble 2.0

Walk of Fame

From Beetlejuice to Thelma and Louise, find out why Hollywood star Geena Davis has always had the courage to speak up, and speak out

A traditional internet radio star ?

Actors/writers Seth Rogen and

Evan Goldberg visit Vancouver to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Canada’s Walk of Fame




Actor Seth Rogan and friend Evan Goldberg helped put Canada and Vancouver on the map. - Mar 2019


Cats Meow events - P16

FeatUreD home - P25

Catherinebarr.Com - P16

Love Her GaLa - P12

BiG sisters - P18

ChriStmaS hoteLS - P13

This is where it all started with our first ever cover story featuring local legend / singer Michael Buble. - Dec 2014

Actress Geena Davis and the Whistler Film Festival’s Women on Top showed how women are taking the lead. - Jul/Aug 2018

NorthVancouver.com | WestVancouver.com

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Happy Holidays So much has been lost this year due to the pandemic. Everyone, including charities and service organizations, has been affected. As a result, they need your help more than ever this holiday season. We urge you to consider giving the gift of hope to those in need by making a donation. Choose from the many organizations listed above - or please go online and visit our page at:

westvancouver.com/giving Also check online at WestVancouver.com and NorthVancouver.com for more information

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Cat’s Meow - Holiday 2020

By Catherine (Cat) Barr

As the song says - “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. But this year, even words fall short. Still, with all our fears, and even some tears, the celebration of life and love continues. So here are a few special wishes to add to the list as I bid you a safe and happy holiday season. We will all toast together again soon. Until then, please stay in touch, and save me a smile for 2021.

CatherineBarr.com | cbarr@westvancouver.com | Twitter/Instagram @CatherineBarr

You don’t think of places like Earls and Joey as being family run restaurants, but they are. Here’s a wish for all restaurant owners, big and small, for surviving in tough times and giving back to our communities. From left: Stan, Jeff, Clay and Stewart Fuller at the opening of new Joey Shipyards back in January.

Kristina Clark, from left, Monica Soprovich, Jill Drever and Nicole Copeman are just a few of the fabulous fundraisers behind the Family Services of the North Shore Christmas gala event which, like many, is postponed this year. Wishing that no family goes empty-handed this holiday, we remind you to please donate to your local charity.

A salute to service organization members like the Lynn Valley Lions Club Society, who put on the annual Lynn Valley Days festival every year. Here’s wishing we can get back to celebrating community spirit together again soon.

A lover of films and tales about the human condition, we mourn the tragic loss this year of former Outlook newspaper writer turned lawyer Don Fiorvento. Gone too soon, where once there was pain, we wish you peace - and the knowledge your words live on in our hearts. Laughter, love and lots of sparkle are the secrets of success for the ‘Unstoppable’ Conni Smudge. Diverse and dynamic, and a strong advocate of LGBTQ+ issues, I only wish we could all share your talent. Here’s to a New Year filled with even more rainbows!

An ongoing wish for all 2020 Graduates. Although your ceremonies and celebrations were stolen by Covid-19, please know that your life’s legacy will not be defined by what you think you missed in the past, but by the future you are willing to build moving forward.


Congrats to newsman/journalist John Daly, recipient of the Jack Webster Foundation’s 2020 Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement award. Balanced, fair, unbiased and dedicated, John represents a time when truth mattered, and Twitter didn’t. A class act that cares about the story instead of the agenda - I only wish there were more like you in the media. A reminder that trust and respect must be earned.

NorthVancouver.com | WestVancouver.com

HOME HOLIDAY SOLUTIONS Give the Ultimate Gift for Comfort and Joy! A wish for all front-line health care workers, doctors and nurses working night and day at hospitals everywhere. And to fundraisers like Lions Gate Hospital Foundation directors Coryn Hemsley and Dr. Allan Burgmann. Putting people first, we can never thank you enough.

A wish for those fighting the tough physical battles. May you find the inspiration to never give up from people like Man in Motion Rick Hansen, seen here with VanOpen organizer Carlota Lee, who is now also a champion for those struggling with Parkinson’s. We are thinking of you all (Val).

Holiday Dinners for You & Yours

Looking back at the Kay Meek Arts Centre fundraiser with Mayor Mary-Ann Booth, left, Rob Gloor and Penny Mitchell. I wish all those in the arts and entertainment business a speedy return to the stage. We miss the magic and music you bring to our lives.

When she’s not out fundraising for charity, Burnaby Hospital Foundation’s Kristy James is busy fighting Type 1 diabetes on behalf of both her children, Charlotte and Carter. Sending wishes, and kisses, to all the strong women and mothers using their superpowers to fight for their families every day.

Entertaining & Gifting Made Easy

Big & Little Kid Fun!

Rosemarie Turner was 92 when she passed away recently. May her beauty and spirit inspire us to appreciate our elders for all they have to give. We have learned nothing from this pandemic if we do not put more emphasis on support services for all seniors, no matter what age. To those families we have failed, I wish you strength and love. You will never be forgotten.

Visit edgecatering.ca or contact us at (604) 876-7226. We'll take care of you! Significant birthdays and special anniversaries were all put on hold this year as friends and family were forced to stay home and stay safe. So here’s an extra special wish for those who find a way to make it count, no matter what - like Lilias and Bob Barr, who, after 62 years of marriage, know that every day is worth celebrating. Whether you’re five-years cancer free or Covid free - being thankful is what matters.

NorthVancouver.com | WestVancouver.com

Vancouver's Premiere Catering


A Christmas Poem Last year at this time, we decided to published our Page Six editorial in the form of a poem to poke fun at the year that was 2019. The response to it was overwhelming - and the requests to publish it again have been non-stop ever since. So here, back by popular demand, is a reprint of our December 2019 satirical salute to the season. May it bring you a smile as we send you our best wishes for a safe, joyful, happy and healthy holiday.

‘Twas the week before Christmas and I had a dream, That the world had turned into a strange online meme. All the stockings and symbols were stripped from the place, So as not to cause offence, distress or disgrace. Then Santa was banished, deemed unrealistic. Seems he preyed upon kids and was misogynistic. His good reputation was gone long ago, For the fascist repeated use of the word “Ho”. His quasi-religious ties to Christianity, Caused city-wide protests and mob-like insanity.

What happened last night? Had my thoughts taken leave? Do I know what is true? Or do I just need . . . to believe. And have faith that all this information, Is much more than just some strange conflagration, To get us all fired up, with anger and hate. It’s too much for some. And yet some can’t wait, To tear something down. To tweet something new. But brute force attacks are just not what we do.

His weight, deemed grotesque, means they turned up the heat, And body-shamed him into giving up meat.

There’s media bias on all TV panels. An obvious agenda, on all of the channels.

And his clothes. Oh, his clothes. Just where do we start? Dressed in head to toe fur. Does the man have no heart?

Ratings and misinformation are fuel, But ruining lives for headlines is just cruel.

The reindeer were gone, thanks to animal rights, So, it’s comfort dogs now for the sleigh, on all flights.

As society changes, it’s important to know, To be gentle and kind and thoughtful – and slow.

Yes, cancel-culture has deemed him a joke. A victory for those who declared themselves “woke”.

And like Santa, these stories may need some revision. But erasing all history is the wrong decision.

A straight, fat, white, male. Santa’s not what we need. He’s racist, divisive, and all about greed. He must be erased! He’s old fashioned and strange! We can’t let this stand! We must push for change! They screamed, “Put a stop to this white privileged lie. We must disrupt Christmas. And Santa must die.” Then BANG – I woke up, not quite knowing where, And realized that all this was just a nightmare. I was safe and secure. No pitchforks in sight. No mobs. No attacks. Everything was all right. But as I started my day, I wasn’t quite merry. I thought about Trudeau, and Trump and Don Cherry,


And Russia, impeachment, and blackface, and scandal. Clearly, the news was just too much to handle.

The good news is Santa has always been “green”, So climate change activists won’t make a scene. He still wants to try to get to every nation. But with Brexit, and China, and tough immigration, He just might not make it. But we’ll wait and see. How Santa survives all the hypocrisy. So, St. Nick, please load up your sleigh full of toys, And deliver good dreams full of hope, love and joys. And whether your world is red, green, black or white. I wish you Merry Christmas – and to all a good night. - Catherine Barr / cbarr@westvancouver.com

NorthVancouver.com | WestVancouver.com

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% 5 2

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Silver & Gold Holiday nights and glittering lights. Silver and gold by the fire. But as 2020 continues to give us challenges, celebrating with friends and family will be different. So how do we celebrate a year most of us would rather forget? Try a few of these special Staff Picks that will help you cross off a few things on your list. Don’t forget to decorate, shop local, and stay cozy and warm. And remember, the biggest and best gifts we can give this year are that of kindness, patience and love. From all of us here at Turner Media, we wish you happy holidays and the very best for a safe and sparkly New Year.


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7 09 Movie Night at Home


netflix.ca There are lots of titles to choose from, and lots of reasons to stay home. Break out the popcorn and

07 Michael Aram Lovebirds Ornament

have a movie marathon, starting with the classic


It’s A Wonderful Life starring James Stewart and

This holiday ornament evokes a sense of charm

Donna Reed. Might make you feel better about

and fantasy. Michael’s background as a sculptor,

2020 as well.

means each piece is like a little jewel, with its own


story and its own connections. Every year they bring a particular magic. There is a place for this beautiful piece in every home.

sephora.com Gold Fresh Couture is a warm and spicy fragrance that is an ode to femininity. Exemplifying elegance and sensuality - with a comedic twist. The iconic cleaning bottle is perfect for 2020. $96

11 Realistic Snow Tree homedepot.ca

$97 08 Rogers ‘Fair Trade’ Chocolates rogerschocolates.com

Add Christmas charm to your living room this year with the 7.5 ft. heavily flocked Pembroke Pine

and dark chocolates in this two-layer

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gold box. This “luxury” collection

cut look.





artificial Christmas tree. Each tree is pre-strung

Rogers’ signature collection of milk


10 Moschino Gold Fresh Couture



caramels, mini creams and truffles and also features our very popular milk Pistachio Cherry Square. $45


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Heritage Trust l 220 - 545 Clyde Avenue l 778-742-5005 www.heritagetrustcompany.ca We help clients protect their families, their assets and their legacies. We are located in the community and offer caring and professional executor, trustee and power of attorney services.

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Christmas in British Columbia

Photos used with permission : Pixabay

The elves at the North Pole workshop have been working overtime this year, to please all the world’s girls and boys. Not to mention ensuring ample supplies of PPE to go around the workshop and reindeer stables. Good news, Santa didn’t need more gloves and Mrs Claus, through all her diplomacy, gained full travel clearance from governments around the world. So all systems go, to put smiles on faces at the end of a year many would sooner forget.



The image of Santa Claus has evolved over the years. The 1930s makeover by Haddon Sundblom for Coca-Cola still resonates. A version was on the back of a convoy of CocaCola trucks in a 1996-made T.V. ad shot in Cloverdale. Hollywood North has become a popular destination for a variety of Christmas fare. In 2019, a house on Patterdale Road in North Vancouver was the site of Xfinity’s E.T. reunion. In mid-September, crews came to Edgemont Village to lens the 2020 seasonal ad for longtime New York Thanksgiving Parade title sponsor Macy’s - complete with faux snow.

02 OF BUDDY AND BILL It will be easy to find 2003’s Elf, starring Will Ferrell, on Netflix. It might be the biggest Christmas classic shot in Hollywood North. Not nearly as big a hit as Bill Vander Zalm’s “Sinterklaas Fantasy: Once Upon a Time Christmas Story,” which premiered Dec 23, 1989, on CKVU. Before we knew Dec 23 was Festivus, BC’s premier produced a semi-autobiographical tale of holiday magic, complete with a rainbow and magic tulip back to Holland.




What is Santa’s favourite refreshment? Children leave him cookies, egg nog, even mandarin oranges. The latter also ends up in many a Christmas stocking. The so-called “zipper skin” oranges have been a holiday tradition in Lotusland since the 1860s, when early Japanese immigrants longed for a taste of home. The B.C. Food History blog reminds us of 1977 when the Canadian Pacific Railway painted a Mandarin Orange Express boxcar to transport the seasonal delicacy to Eastern Canada. More than 9,000,000 oranges filled 60 temperature-controlled and insulated boxcars that year.

Vancouver hasn’t yet perfected the New Year’s Eve countdown celebration. The city’s 2020 countdown was cancelled after the society behind the fireworks at Canada Place lost sponsorship. (Mind you, the 2020 midnight fireworks at Seattle’s Space Needle, the biggest in Cascadia, were cancelled by dangerous winds. An omen for a difficult year ahead?)

04 AYE, AYE The Carol Ships are a holiday tradition, lighting up area waterways, from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay, during some of the longest nights of the year. Did you know the tradition started in 1961 when the S.S. Master tugboat pulled a barge full of school choristers to serenade mariners aboard freighters? The wood-hulled steam tugboat, the last of its kind, was certified on Dec. 30, 1922, so her first official Christmas was 1923.

BC Place Stadium hosted two of the city’s biggest indoor bashes. KISS started their concert in 1999 and counted down to 2000. Many Vancouverites skipped the show, for fear that the Y2K bug would cripple power systems and maybe even deflate the roof. The sky didn’t fall, and the KISS Army went home satisfied. Back in 1996, heavy snow in Metro Vancouver piled up on the roof of BC Place Stadium, which had a built-in heat system to melt the snow. Workers were given shovels to remove the fluffy stuff. They were rewarded with golf shirts to commemorate their part in keeping the roof up for the New Year’s Eve concert by the Three Tenors: Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti.

- By Bob Mackin / bob@thebreaker.news Bob Mackin is a North Vancouver journalist who specializes in politics, business and sports coverage. He publishes theBreaker.news and hosts theBreaker.news Podcast online. His columns and contributions can also be found at www.WestVancouver.com and www.NorthVancouver.com


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2306 Folkestone Way West Vancouver $2,798,000

233 Bayview Road West Vancouver $3,999,000

2517 Highgrove Mews West Vancouver $3,498,000

An absolutely gorgeous to the studs renovation

A walk through this extraordinary Lions Bay residence

This awe-inspiring executive home features ultra-

showcases this spacious three level townhome at in

will leave you breathless at every turn. Panoramic

luxurious living with breathtaking views. Perched high

Panorama Village. Enjoy open spaces that take full

ocean/mountain views from every room. Excellent build

above the city in a small enclave of suites to allow for

advantage of this stunning location. A very comfortable

quality and finishings. Enjoy the lower floor that opens

maximum space and privacy, this home has it all in a

downsize to easy living in a perfect setting.

onto the spectacular pool deck and yard.

West Coast modern. Definitely a must-see.

2 Beds | 3 Bath | 3,121 sq. ft.

Ray and Lynda Proc Royal LePage Sussex

4 Beds | 5 Bath | 4,749 sq. ft.

Kim Taylor Angell Hasman & Associates

2 Beds | 4 Bath | 3,569 sq. ft.

Devon Owen Royal Pacific Realty

3906 Southridge Avenue West Vancouver $3,750,000

1901 - 1320 Chesterfield Avenue North Vancouver $2,998,000

430 Bayview Road West Vancouver $1,699,000

Enjoy Complete privacy from the south-facing covered

A one-of-a-kind, prestigious penthouse with unob-

Beautiful ocean views in Lions Bay! Bring your design

deck overlooking the large level back yard and expan-

structed panoramic views of the city and harbour.

ideas and put your own touch on this partly renovated

sive views to the South over Burrard Inlet and to Van-

Completely redesigned and renovated to maximize

west coast modern home. Potential for an in-law suite

couver Island. The gourmet kitchen is a chef’s dream

living space, this luxury residence is the perfect pairing

or mortgage helper. Walk to three beaches, trails,

opening to the dining room and living room.

of style and functionality.

marina, school, cafe, store and transit.

5 Beds | 4 Bath | 3,637 sq. ft.

Chas Woodyer Angell Hasman & Associates

2 Beds | 3 Bath | 1,689 sq. ft.

Devon Owen Royal Pacific Realty

3 Beds | 2 Bath | 2,315 sq. ft.

Kim Taylor Angell Hasman & Associates

Browse all featured homes online at WestVancouver.com or NorthVancouver.com

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604-926-9445 homes@westvancouver.com / homes@northvancouver.com BIGGER THAN THE NORTH SHORE

408 - 747 East 3rd Street North Vancouver $1,050,000

1638 Lynn Valley Road North Vancouver $1,688,000

4619 Caulfeild Drive West Vancouver $2,300,000

Brand new penthouse at The Green on Queensbury by

Just bring your furniture! Totally updated Lynn Valley

A beautiful colonial style home sitting on a large flat

Qualex-Landmark! Superb craftsmanship and design

split level in absolutely perfect condition. Open plan

manicured, sun-drenched property, with it’s own

with completely private south facing views. Enjoy 9’

main floor with a marble island kitchen, three upstairs

private forest in the back. Main level features a family

ceilings, forced air cooling and heating, plus an ideal

bedrooms and two updated bathrooms including a two

room off the kitchen and a large bright living room. Pre-

location close to Lower Lonsdale.

piece ensuite. Perfect starter home.

inspection report available upon request.

2 Beds | 2 Bath | 914 sq. ft.

Stu Bell Royal LePage Sussex

4 Beds | 3 Bath | 2,324 sq. ft.

Ray and Lynda Proc Royal LePage Sussex

6 Beds | 3 Bath | 3,277 sq. ft.

Kim Taylor Angell Hasman & Associates

2277 Jefferson Avenue West Vancouver $4,969,000

969 Belvista Crescent North Vancouver $2,288,000

402 - 866 Arthur Erickson Place West Vancouver $1,698,000

An incomparable 10 year old transitional home in this

Beautifully renovated, this warm and inviting, picture

Pristine designer suite at Forest’s Edge 2. The condo

prime Dundarave location that is absolutely stunning!

perfect home checks off all the boxes. The open and

has been extensively upgraded with custom built ins,

Beautifully reconfigured within the past 3 years with

spacious floor plan is ideal for young families. Located

lighting, and wall coverings. This exquisite home is ideal

the very best quality of construction and finishes. The

in a quiet, family-friendly neighbourhood, steps from

for those searching for convenience, security and an

perfectly situated lot captures all day sun.

schools and minutes to the Village.

iconic design by a West Coast legend.

5 Beds l 5 Bath l 3,592 sq. ft.

Ray and Lynda Proc Royal LePage Sussex

5 Beds | 3 Bath | 2,265 sq. ft.

Devon Owen Royal Pacific Realty

2 Beds | 2 Bath | 1,120 sq. ft.

Stu Bell Royal LePage Sussex

Call 604-926-9445 to see your home listed here - or for more information

em reliable, but must be verified by prospective purchasers and may be subject to change or withdrawal. All properties are listed here with permission of the listing agents.

Events Calendar Also check online at WestVancouver.com and NorthVancouver.com for complete event listings

VANDUSEN FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS November 27- January 3 (Closed Christmas Day) A magical winter wonderland over 10 acres. Reimagined for 2020, a new one way path will take you through a holiday experience with space to physically distance. A safe yet beautiful walk within your safe six. Unique light features, garden settings and holiday music, a day not to be missed. vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture

CANYON LIGHTS December 1- January 3 Canyon Lights returns on December 1st with operational changes and COVID safety measures in place. Named one of the most amazing holiday light displays, Canyon Lights is sure to mesmerize. Treetops Adventure, the suspension bridge as well as the rainforest and the Capilano River are lit up and will dazzle you! Tickets and annual passes are available online only for pre-purchase, annual pass holders will also be required to reserve their time online. Partial proceeds are donated to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund to help support burn survivors and their families. www.capbridge.com



Mon to Thurs 11 am - 1 pm during December

November 26- January 1 (Closed Christmas Day)

Silver Harbour’s beloved Christmas Market has been substituted with a festive Pop-Up Shop where you can safely do your shopping. All products have been handmade by the senior volunteers offering a huge variety of arts and crafts. COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: We will be limiting the Pop-Up Shop capacity to four people at one time, allowing enough space for physical distancing. Shoppers must wear a mask and sanitize their hands before entering.

Bright Nights train will be sounding its whistle and chugging through the sparkling magically-lit forest of Stanley Park this Christmas. This year there will be no plaza lights and Santa won’t be visiting but the train will bring you back to a nostalgic time with family and friends. Bright Nights is one of the largest fundraisers for the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. Be sure to stop by the gate and make a cash donation in support of burn survivors and their families.

GRANVILLE ISLAND FESTIVAL LIGHTS November 12 – January 3 Holiday light displays are on now across the 40 acre site for a beautiful outdoor stroll. Lights are on daily from sundown, free admission to the Island and temporary free parking. Don’t miss the star in the Public Market courtyard and the vintage crane at the Granville Island Hotel. COVID protocols are in effect across the Island both exterior and interior locations. granvilleisland.com



DUNDARAVE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS November 28- January 7 This community-driven festival of trees is a wonderful tradition since 2008. Held in three different locations this year - Dundarave Beach, Millennium Park and the new Grosvenor Ambleside Galleria. Trees are sponsored and decorated by families, community organizations and businesses with proceeds to the Lookout Health and Housing Society. dundaravefestival.com

FRIENDLY REMINDER Covid-19 restrictions and public health notices issued by the provincial government must be followed at all times. This means that all of the events listed here may be postponed or cancelled without notice. Please refer directly to the websites listed above for more information and updates as they happen.


1.92 CTW Diamond Tennis Bracelet & Diamond Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold Part of our $1488 Canadian Diamond Collection

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North Vancouver Magazine - Dec 2020  

NorthVancouver Magazine - Dec 2020 - A look back at our Year in Review 2020 with our anniversary special, plus a look at our Cat's Meow char...