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Feb. / Mar. 2017

Never swim or play near canals

Do you know who is on the other end of that phone line? Whether it’s threatening to shut off your power because of a ‘late’ or ‘missing’ payment, or telling you that you need a new meter to save your electronics, there’s no depth too low for telephone scammers. TID wants you to stop scammers in their

If you are ever in doubt of who is on the

tracks, before it’s too late. As a general rule,

phone claiming to represent TID, hang up and

you should always be skeptical of pushy

call us immediately at 883-8222 to check

people who demand payment or personal

your account status or arrange payment with

information, especially if they pressure you

us. Please keep in mind that your phone’s

or threaten to turn off your power.

Caller ID feature can be tricked by scammers to make it appear as if TID is calling you.

TID will never require you to pay your bill with a prepaid debit card. TID never solicits

Also, if you are suspicious of who is at your

payments outside of regular business hours.

door claiming to represent TID, call us at

And when TID looks to collect payment, we

883-8222 to confirm the authenticity of the

don’t require immediate payment.

person before opening the door.

State flow proposal draws many skeptics

Electrical disconnections are a last resort

Also remember, TID will not ask for payment

for TID. Customers subject to disconnect

via email or social media. For more useful

are notified by mail of their delinquent status

tips on how to protect yourself from fraud,

Thanks to passionate people like you,

prior to their service being disconnected.

please visit

the State Water Resources Control Board heard an earful at its Merced and Modesto public hearings in late December on its harmful flow proposal, known as Phase 1 of the Bay-Delta Plan. The proposal recommends 40 percent of flows on the Tuolumne, Merced and Stanislaus rivers be released every year from February through June. The impacts of such a loss of water to TID would result in harmful regional impacts. Surely now the State Water Board knows our region will not accept its proposal. For more information on the state’s proposal, and ways to advocate for your way of life and our region’s well-being, visit

Be cautious of people claiming to represent TID and demand payment or personal information. Hang up, then call us at 883-8222.

The Wire | Feb. / Mar. 2017

PO Box 949 Turlock, CA 95381 @TurlockID 209.883.8300

Considering solar? Check this out TID and security

TID’s Solar Calculator, our easy to use,

scenarios could affect your pocketbook.

online tool uses actual hourly usage data

Solar energy can be a viable option for some

from your meter, the size and orientation

people but it may not be right for everyone

of your roof and the approximate annual

or every situation. Let TID’s Solar Calculator

TID takes a comprehensive approach to

amount of sunlight your system should

help you take the first step towards

protecting its most critical assets and

receive to estimate your solar generation

understanding your solar savings potential.

networks, encompassing preparation,


prevention, resilience, response and

It is important to note that because the

recovery to address the various threats

Located at, the Solar

calculator uses the information from your

that utilities face on a daily basis.

Calculator will also show you the impact of

meter, you must log into your TID account

purchasing versus financing or leasing the

or create one for the calculator to work. At

system, and how changes to your electric

current, the calculator is only available for

billing rate can affect your potential return

residential customers where LIDAR and

on investment. You can then compare

12 months of historical hourly usage data is

options side-by-side to see how those


Specific to cybersecurity, as a North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)-certified Balancing Authority, TID prioritizes cybersecurity monitoring and Critical Infrastructure Protection. TID utilizes a number of methods to ensure assets are protected to the most rigorous cybersecurity standards. In addition, TID is constantly evaluating cybersecurity measures due to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards developed by NERC specifically for the bulk electric system industry.



$10 rebate when you purchase ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs

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