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Summer 2017

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Of all the ways you can pay your bill, choose the easiest Sign up today for TID’s Automated Bill Pay program and rest easy There is nothing wrong with paying your TID

How can Automated Bill Pay (ABP) benefit me?

electric service bill by mailing a check or paying in person at our offices every month. But your life is busy, right? That’s why

mailing checks to TID or paying in

we owe it to you to inform you of TID’s


Automated Bill Pay program. The voluntary program eliminates your need to process

Money Saver: Your postage stamp

your TID bill and allows TID to automatically

and check purchases are less

deduct funds from your bank account.


Enrolling today is easy. Simply attach the completed form below to a voided personal check, then mail the form and voided check

E-bills: the easy way to access your electric account

Time Saver: No more writing/

with your TID bill payment (or deliver it to our offices in Turlock, Ceres or Patterson).

Stress Reducer: Your bill is always paid on time and you know the payment amount beforehand

Learn more today at cut along dotted line


Automated Bill Pay Authorization

Want to view your electric bill online, make a quick payment free of charge, or change the method in which you are

Financial Institution

Checking Account Number

notified of your monthly bill amount? And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do all

Financial Institution’s Address

this from your home computer any hour of the day, any day of the week?

Your Name (please print)

Daytime Telephone Number

Thanks to improvements to our E-bills online payment portal, you can do all of the above without a convenience fee.

Your Address

There is a short process to register/ verify your account, but once you are

Name on TID Account

TID Account Number

TID Account Holder’s Signature

Financial Institute Account Holder’s Signature

registered, you’re that much closer to managing your account online. Check it out for yourself today at To submit, attach this completed form to a personal check on which you have written “VOID”, and mail the form and voided check with your TID bill payment (or deliver to our offices). Please note: it may take one billing cycle for Automated Bill Pay to take effect.

2016 POWER CONTENT LABEL Turlock Irrigation District ENERGY RESOURCES Eligible Renewable Biomass & biowaste Geothermal Eligible hydroelectric Solar Wind Coal Large Hydroelectric Natural Gas Nuclear Other Unspecified sources of power* TOTAL

The Wire | Summer 2017

Power Mix

2016 CA Power Mix**



4% 21% 30% 0% 0% 21% 100%

0% 3% 2% 0% 19%

4% 10% 37% 9% 0% 15% 100%

PO Box 949 Turlock, CA 95381 @TurlockID 209.883.8300

2% 4% 2% 8% 9%

* "Unspecified sources of power" means electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources.

** Percentages are estimated annually by the California Energy Commission based on the electricity sold to California consumers during the identified year. For specific information about this electricity product, contact: For general information about the Power Content Label, contact the California Energy Commission at:

Turlock Irrigation District 209-883-8362 California Energy Commission 844-421-6229

Money-Saving Tips to Keep Cool Use fans or ceiling fans instead of the central A/C

Seal doors and windows to maximize cold air

TID celebrates 130 years of serving the region On June 6 this year, TID celebrated 130

the dream of irrigation plus public power

years of serving this region. We began as

continues to be a reality for the hundreds of

an irrigation district in 1887, but became

thousands of people who receive services

so much more in 1923 when we started

from us. To celebrate our historic founding

generating and delivering reliable and

as California’s first irrigation district, we have

affordable public power to the region.

$10 DVDs and $15 Blu -ray discs of our 2012 documentary film, The Irrigationist, available

Set your thermostat comfortably high

It’s tough to imagine where this region

for purchase at our Customer Service

would be without the perseverance, sacrifice

offices in Turlock, Ceres and Patterson.

and hard work of those visionary forefathers

Plus, later this year, we will release a coffee

who formed TID. They wanted a better

table-style photo book with rarely seen

life. They pressed on at all costs. And now

images of the District’s history.



$10 rebate when you purchase ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs

Summer 2017 wire final  
Summer 2017 wire final