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EDITORIAL Welcome to our Winter 2017 Issue, in this issue we explore some remote off road driving routes across the Balkans in Europe. We also have a special guest feature from Ron and Viv Moon, two intrepid explorers and well know travel writers from Australia who share their experience on a 4WD tour of the amazing Cape York in Australia. When packing for a trip it can be difficult to ensure that all your gear is packed safely and securely, to this end we take a look at some portable storage solutions for your 4WD. As the temperature drops and lots of us in Europe begin to experience snow and ice, we give you some timely tips for winter driving and winter vehicle preparation. And as always, we bring you reviews and demonstrations of a selection of top quality Camping and 4WD Equipment, from LED lighting, to Navigation systems, portable solar chargers, Portable Stoves, Tipis and more. We hope you enjoy it. Happy Christmas also to all of our readers and Best wishes for 2018. See you all again in issue 6, next February.




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31st May - 3rd J


June 2018

The Abenteuer & Allrad celebrates its 20th anniversary next year. The show is an annual event where 4WD enthusiasts and campers from all over the world arrive in Bad Kissingen in Germany and stay in what is now effectively an expo in itself , a camp-ground hosting overlanders from all over Europe. With British, Italian, Swiss, French, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Irish and a few Australian, South African, American, Brazilian and Mexican flags flying, This is as large a gathering of 4WD and overland tourers as you will find in a campsite anywhere on the planet. The 2017 show attracted a whopping 55,000 4WD and Camping enthusiasts. For details on the 2018 show click here.

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eksander Veljkovic


ould the Balkans offer some of the most picturesque European overland driving? With adventures that start at a towering 2600m, these routes will take you through some unbelievable landscapes with wild camps that overlook some amazing vistas. The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula as it is known,covers an area in eastern and southeastern Europe with a number of borders dividing the region. The area takes its name from the Balkan Mountains which comes from the Turkish word balkan ‘’ a chain of wooded mountains’’ that stretch from the Serbian-Bulgarian border to the Black Sea. The Peninsula is bordered by the Adriatic Sea on the northwest, the Ionian Sea on the south-

west, the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea on the south and southeast, and the Black Sea. The region is a four wheel drivers and wild campers paradise with the peninsula making up a combined area of approximately 470,000km squared or 181,000 square miles, making the area just slightly smaller than Spain.


The region is predominantly mountainous and the climate along the coasts is Mediterranean, the further you go inland the more humid continental it gets in the summer. The humid continental climate is predominant in Bosnia and Herzegovina, northern Croatia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, and northern Montenegro, while in the northern part of the peninsula near the mountains, winters get frosty and snowy with the southern regions offering milder winter temperatures.. We caught up with Alek Veljokovic from Rustika Travel who specialise in adventure travel throughout the Balkans. A relatively new operation having opened in 2011,they provide a complete range of services associated with adventure travel which includes travel consultation, pre-ar-

ranged tours, custom packages, accommodation, and all types of transport. The guys also run a specific 4WD touring service under the Rustika umbrella simply called Serbian Outdoors 4x4 where they provide 4X4 and camping trips in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Macedonia.

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Plenty of Wildlife to enjoy in the Balkans Family friendly Tours Camping wild in the Balkans Alek and his team love to tackle these remote tracks

In 2015 Alek, a former journalist joined his business partner Nikola, who had previously set up this travel adventure business in 2011. Alek explained that ‘’ever since I was a teenager I loved the great outdoors having served my time as a Mountaineering Guide and later as Mountain Bike Guide, working in the great outdoors has always appealed to me as a career’’. I’ve also worked as a local 4x4 guide for almost ten years before we started our own 4x4 tour operat-

ing business”. Four Wheel Drive enthusiast Alek also loves his Jeeps, he presently drives a Grand Cherokee WJ and prior to that he drove a Cherokee XJ. Rustika Travel have extensive experience in off roading and have taken numerous groups from all over Europe through this rugged terrain over the last number of years.




Cooking up some tasty Serbian food after a great day on the tracks According to Alek ‘’our Balkan mountains, forests,river valleys and expansive areas of uninhabited wilderness offer some of the best and unrestricted 4WD access in all of Europe’’. Particularly in Serbia where they have access to relatively unrestricted off road driving that allows participants on tours to experience what it must have been like to be an explorer as they enjoy the freedom of hundreds of kilometers of ever changing wilderness in the South East of Europe.

the Balkans region, with these tracks offering various levels of difficulties to 4WD enthusiasts. As regards wild camping you can pretty much camp anywhere in the Balkans ,’’it’s an oasis of freedom from an overlanders perspective’’. Alek said that they have good relations with many national parks which allows them to also camp in the numerous national parks.


In the Balkans you will experience camping in some spectacular places deep in the wilds and at various altitudes,from forests to open grassland to the top of mountain ranges and along river beds you will be spoiled for choice. Alek highlighted that they are very fortunate to have access to over 150.000 km of tracks throughout

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Winter Camping Alek and his team are also big fans of winter 4WD touring and camping where they bring groups on winter tours through the region. Alek said that ‘’when everybody is leaving the blizzards in the Serbi-

an Carpathians that’s when we are packing up our winter recovery gear and heading towards the snow covered tracks and mountains’’. Popular winter destinations to explore are the Carpathians and the Dinaric Alps with plenty of incredible scenery in between.

Tours Schedules

You will find an extensive schedule of tours on the Serbian tours website.You can also apply for tailor made tours as an individual or with a group of friends. The website is very informative and presents blogs of trips with

some great photographs uploaded that will give you a great insight into what to expect. Alek also happens to be a great photographer and he certainly captures what these trips are all about in his photographic work.

A tour with RUSTIKA TRAVEL is all about experiencing the local culture and getting into the heart of this spectacular environment.

As regards the tours,Alek and his team are very conscious that a lot of people who own 4WD vehicles use them as daily drivers and may not be interested in tackling hard core terrain.

it’s a journey of discovery, where the vehicle is a home on wheels that will take them to the end of the world.

‘‘We are not into modifying vehicles beyond recognition, for us it’s about going on an adventure where we take He said that in his view ‘’ when peovehicles to reachable destinations ple first encounter a new team of where groups and individuals don’t off-road guides, they often approach have to worry about getting their with caution, trying to find out if they trucks damaged’’. ‘‘We want people share the same off-road philosophy to experience remote driving and as you do’’. And there is a reason for camp at some incredible places’’. that – there are almost as many approaches to 4X4 travel as there are So what are you waiting for, the Balowners of 4WD vehicles. For some kans is just waiting to be explored. it’s a pure adrenaline rush but others

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4X4 LIGHT BARS by euro4x4parts





itting the tracks after dark requires a whole new level of concentration compared to driving during the day, and this is where LED lights come into their own. Standard factory lights do what they are required for general purpose but they don’t always meet the mark for those of us who enjoy exploring remote tracks at night time. The after-market lights industry has grown from strength to strength over the years, and with the reduction in prices of LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights this has allowed 4WD enthusiasts to acquire these innovative prod-

ucts that open up a whole new world, particularly at night.


Vehicle light technology has come a long way since the Halogen light bulb was introduced over fifty years ago. Halogen lights are still the most widely used headlights, but over the last few years we have started to see some new innovations entering the market such as HID, LED and the latest LASER technology that is being progressed by BMW. Lets have a look at the different types of lights.

HID LIGHTS LED LIGHTS HID headlights are now brighter, cleaner and more energy efficient than their halogen counterparts, and with easy-to-install kits readily available we are seeing a lot more HID’s being installed on vehicles. HID headlights work in a way that is entirely different from regular, halogen headlights.

There is no filament inside HID bulbs, instead, a combination of an electrical charge and gas is used to produce the light. When the gas is lit by the electrical charge, it emits a much brighter, whiter light than that produced by halogen bulbs giving the driver a much wider range.The real advantage of High Intensity Discharge lights is that they draw very little wattage/ power.

In recent years LED bars have become very popular as an effective light sources for recreation and four wheel drive racers around the world. LED technology is not a new one in fact the technology has been around for nearly 40 years but in recent years this technology has improved rapidly and become popular within the 4WD industry. LED light bars consist of individual bulbs arranged in one or more strips of varying length. They are designed to remain lit even if one or more bulbs stops working.The good news about this advancement in technology is that with the availability of a number of after-market products has led these lights to become more affordable for 4WD owners.

light bars will The euro4x4parts ose off road help you explore th tracks after dark .




LED lights BEFORE LED lights have a number of advantages that include having a lower energy draw, they don’t get as hot as other lights and you should get a longer life out of them with some reporting a lifespan of up to a whopping 50,000 hours, now that’s a lot of night time four wheel driving. Having both the standard Halogens and an additional LED bar on your 4WD will open a whole new world when off road driving particularly at night. Other advantages includes in-

AFTER creased visibility of the track in front of you but also to the sides of the track which can help you spot animals and obstacles which could potentially be a hazard when driving off road after the sun has gone down. They are also easily attached to your vehicle’s roof rack or bumper depending on your preference and they look great on your 4WD.

The LED Combo offered by euro4x4parts includes the hard wearing 22 inch light bar, all the wiring, a high quality internal switch and access to an application for your mobile phone and all for â‚Ź170 incl VAT. The voltage is 9 to 32v and as regards performance on the tracks these LED bars project an impressive 10200 lumens and have a IP rating of IP67. In basic terms the number of lumens is a way to scientifically measure visible light both directly on front of you and to the side of your vehicle.The IP rating is

a standardized way to measure solid particles in other words (the first number (6) and (7) liquid penetration resistance (IP67). In this case the euro4x4parts 22 inch LED’s have the highest level for solid particle resistance at (6) making the unit dust tight, while the 7 rating means that these lights have the second highest level rating relevant to water resistance (IP67).In simple terms with the euro4x4parts 22 inch LED bar, you could pretty much drive your vehicle under water and these bars should keep shining bright.

LED bars will The euro4x4parts rfect campsite help you find the pe late at night

D combo the euro4x4parts LE quality switch comes with a high

The kit is also supplied with hoods and one of your favorite tunes on your also has a built in bluetooth unit that phone, we’re sure that their are some connects the LED lights to a smartpeople who will love this feature. phone. For more information on this impresHaving downloaded the app (Apple or sive set up click on the link below. Android) the unit can be controlled via a mobile phone which allows you to The 22� LED light bar is just one examquickly change the light colours, and ple from the wide range of LED lightwait for it, you can even get the lights ing solutions on offer at Euro4x4parts to flash in sync with the beat from


EUROPE’S Number 1 ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR 4WD PARTS AND EXPEDITION READY ACCESSORIES The Euro4X4parts online catalogue includes more than 70,000 part numbers for almost 60 makes of 4x4. This database of parts and accessories, for 95% of 4x4s on the road making it a unique supplier throughout Europe. The on-line catalogue easily allows you to select the precise 4X4 part you need, avoiding unnecessary returns.Euro4X4parts pride themselves on service but also on quality rebuild

kits including brakes, transmission, steering, engines, axles, and swivels to name but a few have helped to forge a solid reputation for customers throughout the world.For details on the extensive euro4x4parts catallogue click here




he unique design of the Discovery Space James Baroud tent combines the compact, angled roof profile of the Discovery Evolution but adds additional room in the front as well as increased headroom in the rear. The innovative raked roof profile also increases air circulation through the tent, providing a natural vent for warmer air as it rises. The large doors and windows provide superb cross flow ventilation, and the solar-powered roof fan can be turned on for increased ventilation in extreme climates (includes blades for both exhaust and induction operation)


James Baroud believe that you won’t find a higher-quality, better-performing fabric on any rooftop tent. All of their tents utilize a proprietary aluminized polyester with acrylic coat-

ing that is 100% waterproof, breathable, UV-resistant, no-perishable, and solar-reflective. All windows are covered with quality insect-proof netting


One of the most important features of a rooftop tent is the part you sleep on: the mattress. All James Baroud rooftop tents feature a thick, moisture-resistant 3� high-density foam mattress. Mattresses have a heavy duty zippered cover for easy removal and cleaning.


All tents include a removable storage pocket for stowing keys, wallets, headlamps, clothing or anything else you need to quickly stash inside the tent. Hardshell tents include an include an additional large ceiling storage net.






All James Baroud tents (except the Nomad 160) feature a patented gas strut-assisted opening mechanism, making set up incredibly fast and easy - less than 30 seconds, and nearly as quick to collapse back down.


Hardshell and folding tents are simple to install. Tents feature reinforced mounting rails integrated into the lower shell/platform of the

tent, and include installation brackets allowing easy direct mount to most after-market roof rack systems.


Access to the tent is easily gained by using the specially-designed telescoping aluminum ladder. The unique design automatically adjusts to the height of your vehicle and prevents bending while you’re in the tent


James Baroud employs a former Dakar Rally driver to conduct testing on each tent. All of the tents have passed a grueling durability test, and you can sleep in confidence know that James Baroud tents are waterproof and tested in winds up to 60mph. For added comfort in extreme temperatures, you can add an Isothermic insulation Kit to the interior of your tent.


The outer shell of all James Baroud hardshell tents utilize fiberglass-fortified polyester. Aerodynamic ribs on the upper shell help improve wind noise and fuel economy as well as provide additional structural strength and rigidity. Extreme models include

an integrated storage tray in the back with tie-down points for securing up to 65lbs of additional cargo. Hardshell tents are available in three colors: white, gray, and black.


All rooftop tents come with the most inclusive warranty in the market: 5 years for hardshell tents and 3 years for folding tents. Warranty covers manufacturers defects and failure of the tent fabric, shell, and strut mechanism. James Baroud tents are designed to allow replacement of any part of the tent by your local authorized dealer.

Contact Tel. +351 936 296 798 - E-mail:


Garantie comprenant la coque, la toile et mécanisme.








Planning a 4WD and camping adventure in Europe this summer ? Europe offers some remote hidden gems when it comes to camping and 4WD adventures. Bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south

you could easily spend a lifetime visiting remote campsites and exploring the network of tracks that connect approximately 10 180 000 square kilometers of very diverse terrain. We have a quick look at some of these epic destinations.



Most people may not be aware that Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with nearly nine centuries of history and traditions resulting from a legacy left by the various cultures who inhabited these lands over the centuries.

ents. For most of us who love nothing more that exploring the dusty tracks in our 4WD’s, one of the best rewards you can have at the end of a long day’s touring is finding the perfect camp and resting up for the night. Though wild camping is not permitted in Portugal, there are a number of rural accommodation options Not only is Portugal one of the that include choosing numerous best countries in Europe in which registered campsites and B&B’s. to explore a huge network of Portugal just may be Europe’s dirt tracks it is also top destinabest kept secret – especially if tion for 4WD tourers. For those you decide to explore its remotof us who love our food,the Por- est areas in a 4×4. for more intuguese cuisine is delicious, diformation on touring Portugal verse and very rich in its ingredi- contact


The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system in Europe,running for 1,200 kilometers (750 mile) through Switzerland, France,Monaco, Italy, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia. This dominant mountain range was formed millions of years ago when the African and Eurasian tectonic plates collided and creating this spectacular mountainous landscape. The

highest mountain in the Alps is Mont Blanc this dominant peak reaches 4,810 m (15,781 ft) with numerous other mountains reaching over 4,000 m (13,123 ft).You will follow the tracks in the footsteps of visionary adventurers, brave mountaineers and the great Hannibal and Napoleon who crossed through these passes on foot and horseback. For more information on exploring some of these spectacular 4WD tracks contact www.alpinerovers.comALPS reach a staggering 10,000ft, expect plenty of hairpin bends and




Romania is the twelfth largest country in Europe and is bordered by Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and the Ukraine. Its unique terrain is evenly divided between mountains, hills and plains so plenty of diversity when it comes to tackling 4WD tracks and wild camping. The country is divided by regions that cover an area of 92,043 sq.

miles 238,391 sq. km. Some of these regions include the Carpathian Mountains that are split between three major ranges that include the Eastern (Oriental) Carpathians, the Southern Carpathians or famously known as the Transylvanian Alps, and the Western Carpathians. Other well known regions include the forest of Transylvania and of course home place of Count Dracula. Visit www. transylvaniaoffroad,com for more information .



Scotland has all the essential ingredients for the perfect road trip - beautiful, ever-changing scenery, incredible attractions and welcoming towns and villages. All you need is the vehicle, an amazing playlist and some good company!

ple of regions over a weekend. Plan a road trip to see some of Scotland’s most awesome sights - maybe you’ll weave through the dramatic mountains of Glen Coe, skirt the eastern coastline to see Dunnottar Castle, or wind your way along the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond?

Scotland Overland hire expedition-equipped Land Rovers for tourWhen touring Scotland in a camping Scotland. Their vehicles include er or 4WD, your route can vary in roof tents and all the equipment length; trips can be as short or as needed for up to 4 people to explore long as you like. You could easily and camp in the wildest parts of spend a week or two touring a large Scotland.Click here for more informaarea of the country, or explore a cou- tion


If you have not heard about this coastal adventure yet, you probably will soon, as the Irish Tourism Department is in the process of promoting this touring gem to the rest of the world, simply called “The Wild Atlantic Way”. Taking in the remote tracks along entire west coast of Ireland, it starts from the picturesque town of Kinsale in County Cork and goes through counties Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim before ending in County Donegal.


Alternatively, you can start in Donegal and work your way down the coast to Kinsale. This coastal route lives up to the hype - around most corners of this coastal gem you will be presented with magnificent views of the west coast’s rugged shoreline. But it’s not just about what you see along the way it’s also about the touring experience, visiting ancient sites ,engaging in the cultural heritage through various mediums including the music in its pubs , the mythical tales, the warm welcomes and the opportunity to discover this green island perched on the edge of Europe.



The Spanish Pyrenees are the least visited part of the dramatic Pyrenean Mountains, guarding the border between France and Spain. The whole region is immensely beautiful - thickly forested foothills, secret plunging valleys and soaring snow capped mountains make for some of the best mountain driving in Europe. Home

to Western Europe’s last bears and wolves, it is a forgotten area of Spain - villages still speak their own dialects, an ancient mixture of Spanish and Catalan. The forest tracks make for challenging driving on steep climbs and tight hairpins bends as the group traverses forgotten smugglers trails that cross the border between France and Spain. Climbing into the High Pyrenees, twisting through steep gorges carved by torrential, snow fed steams as they rush south to the Spanish Plains.


d a o r e h t n o


Just because you are camping does not mean that your should be denied a good brew of coffee first thing in the morning. There is something very special about getting out of your tent after the sun has come up and preparing a nice cup of coffee as you take in your surroundings. Coffee lovers don’t do instant coffee very well and thanks to a variety of products now on the market we can now brew and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while sitting around the morning campfire. Let’s have a look at a couple of options


With so many camping stove solutions on the market picking the one that suits your needs can be a daunting task. For us having used various stoves to brew coffee in the past the Jetboil system and its a French press has is definately the quickest way to make a coffee. We have had one of the earlier models for nearly 10 years and it is still going strong,It’s basically a gas canister stove that attaches to a 1-litre

container with a handle and a French press that will allow you to boil water for your coffee fairly quickly. The stem detaches from basket so you can stow in your cup and includes both Sumo and Minimo compatible rods. We have predominantly used the Jetboil stove for making coffee in the morning but we have also used it for making soups and heating other foods. The Jetboil is hard-wearing, light, boils water fast and can be easily packed away. Overall it’s a great bit of camping kit.




Romania boasts a rugged beauty and thousands kilometers of tracks to be explored.


We have been using our Kelly Kettles on all of our camping trips in recent times and have become huge fans. One of the real advantages of using these environmentally friendly products includes not having to purchase camping fuel when on the road for a short trip.The Kelly kettle does not percolate coffee but it does boil water very quickly allowing you to add some instant coffee or putting the coffee through a coffee filter.

Firstly, fill your Kelly Kettle with water, making sure to leave the orange rubber stopper out of the spout at this stage, then start a small ember in the base provided with the kettle and place your Kelly Kettle on the base. Add twigs and natural fuel through the hollow centre of the kettle, when the fire takes off you can then add larger bits of wood and fuel through the hollow. Your water will be boiled in a couple of minutes, simple as that.



Similar to the Kelly Kettle this does not percolate coffee but it does look the business sitting on an open fire. It’s basically a billy where you add cold water and put over an open fire to boil your water for your morning coffee just like the cowboys did and still do in some countries.



F F O H G R BE coffee maker




rma o f n i e r o for m click here

Berghoff coffee/expresso maker is a stylish .24 litre stainless steel coffee makers that will make that perfect coffee when on the road. Sold by Q-Adventure this piece of camping kit is a luxury and will certainly impress coffee lovers. The high quality stainless steel will keep your espresso warm for an extended period. This is also a great way to make a rich espresso in just a couple of minutes. It works according to the principle of passing hot water that’s pressurized by steam through ground coffee. They say that a Classic Espresso improves with time and

for campers who are on the road, this product will definitely last a lifetime.

Expresso Cups

These are classy , double-walled, stainless steel cups that delivers a piping hot shot of espresso coffee while not burning your lips. Made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel polished finish for a classic, rugged look. A cup holds up to 1.75 oz of liquid and makes a perfect accessory that goes hand and hand with the stylish Berghoff Espresso maker.





The Petromax Percolator is a very stylish piece of kit, made of stainless steel,itWW allows you to prepare aromatic coffee or tea with a unique aroma. No matter if it is hung over the fire with the practical handle or used classically at home on the electric or gas stove – the stainless steel Petromax is the perfect jug for making that perfect coffee. The percolator principle for making a perfect coffee is when the water is boiling in the pot it rises through a small tube and then flows through the coffee powder or the tea leaves downward into the Percolator. There, it mixes with the water and rises again. The longer the mixture circu-

lates that way, the more aromatic is the result. Through the glass knob on the lid of the pot the preparation process can be watched. The Petromax percolator has a classy design, but it is also very practical , well made and durable. It is the ideal complement for tea and coffee lovers no matter whether for outdoors or indoors. Material: stainless steel, knob made of glass Measures: 8.1 x 8.3 x 5.9 in Weight: 2.1 lbs Max. Filling capacity: 2.1 litres Number of cups: 14 cups

PETROMAX customers are adventurers, campers and people who love cooking outdoors and using traditional methods

the original Petromax lan tern

ves max deri o r t e P e nd The nam roleum a t e P d r o w from the x Graetz a M d e l l a a man c


he roots of this innovative company which now offers innovative camp cooking and general camping accessories were begun by making petroleum lanterns over 130 years ago in Germany. The name Petromax derives from the word Petroleum and a man called Max Graetz (1851-1937) who was the initial designer of these stylish and distinctive lanterns , hence the name PETRO MAX. Around 1916, the lantern and its name started to travel around the world. The design was such a success that it is still being manufactured to this day all over the world. Today the company is headed up by Jonas and Pia Taureck,the current CEO’s phi-

losophy for Petromax is to continue seeing the values of tradition, innovation and quality as both a goal and motivation for developing the brand further and introducing innovative ideas in the fields of outdoor cuisine and camping life. These guys and their team keep innovating and their passion for their products and the enthusiasm for engaging with their customers forms a solid basis for further developing this traditional brand. The Petromax team who are based in Germany love what they do and are always looking to improve the products they sell and further develop based on valuable feedback from their customers who are made up of adventurers, campers and people who love cooking outdoors and using traditional methods.

CEO’S of Petromax Jonas and Pia Taureck are passionate about developing high quality camp cooking products

Similar to their world famous lanterns Petromax only use well tested and quality materials in their products, they are focused on producing products that are built to last. One thing for sure is that Petromax as an organisation brand their products in a way that certainly stands out in this competitive market. The company sings history and quality and

they have managed to capture this in how they present and package their products. We have been using some of the Petromax products on the road and we love them, similar to the DRIFTA guys in Australia these products are built to last. Over the next couple of pages we are going to have a closer look at these stylish camp cooking accessories.


ATAGO with an




We sometimes come across products that bring a smile to our faces and this is definitely one of these products. The Petromax Atago stands out on its own, in fact it is pretty much in a class of its own as an unrivaled all-rounder that can be used as a conventional barbecue, stove, oven and fire pit where you can use charcoal, briquettes or firewood as fuel. With its four basic functions this product ticks all the boxes.

The Petromax Atago can be used in combination with a Petromax Dutch Oven or a Griddle and Firebowl. All you have to do is place the cast iron pot/Dutch Oven into the Atago when the fuel source is hot enough to use. Or you can use the Dutch oven’s lid as a pan to cook your food. Another option includes just adding the grilling grate over the Firebowl and turn your Atago into a barbecue,your cooking options are endless using the Atago.

tago has a The easily set up A ns number of functio

Preparing the busc o spare rib dish

neatly the dutch oven fits into the A tago

You can use charcoal as a he at source when cooking your me al

are ribs in the Cooking the sp dutch oven

who says you cant have a tasty meal when camping

After you have cooked up your camp oven feast just remove the grilling grate, and you will be able to sit back and relax with a cold beer and use the Atago as a fire pit, it’s as simple as that.

of only 15 cm (6 in), which makes it easy to store away on your roof rack or in your vehicle. We cooked up a busco spare rib dish in the Atago and were very impressed with it functionality and ease of use, after our camp feast we set back and used the Atago The 3 legs on the Atago will help pre- as a fire pit and were quite surprised vent the ground from getting badly with the size of the fire you could get scorched and thanks to its unique going in the pit it’s fairly deep and extension-retraction mechanism, the does allow you pack in more than Petromax Atago is ready to use very enough logs to get a decent fire goquickly . When folded, it has a height ing.

ed from the v r se is r e n in d go Petromax A ta

Dutch Ovens

lid that can be used as a skillet or a platter. The Petromax Dutch Ovens are made of durable cast-iron and have a pre-seasoned finish ready for There is something very special immediate use. With the Petromax about cooking your food in the great Dutch Ovens you can prepare deoutdoors. For us, we always seem licious and healthy food for family to appreciate the food much more friends and the beauty about these when we eat camp grub straight is that they can be integrated with from the open campfire, all that the Atago, giving you plenty of addifresh air,maybe a sea breeze, and tional cooking options. the extra energy used when outdoors does wonders for your appeProduct Features at a Glance: tite.It’s no secret that our favorite .pre-seasoned surface for piece of camp cooking equipment immediate use is a Dutch Oven (Cast Iron Pot). We usually cook most of our camp food in it, that includes, fresh bread, -food is cooked very gently to preserve nutrients. roasts, stews, baked potatoes and vegetables and much more. It has been the focal point of many a great -notched carry handle ensures safe and comfortable handling. camping trip over the years and hopefully many more to come. -the Petromax Dutch Ovens can be stacked. Dutch Ovens are made to last and have been used for hundreds of -the Petromax Dutch Ovens come years, both by pioneers exploring with three legs and feet on each lid new lands. Up until fifty to six(except ft1). ty years ago they could be found hanging over open fires in homes where bread, and hearty meals were -optimal heat transfer thanks to specific surface structure hole for thercooked for the entire family. mometer in the lid. The Petromax Dutch Ovens are ideal -truly unique taste of food thanks to companions for outdoor activities the specific heat transfer. such as travel, camping etc. Perfect for cooking over an open fire and in -specially designed lid that can be the home kitchen, they allow cookused as skillet or a platter. ing food such as vegetables and meat very gently in its own juice. -highest Petromax product quality. They feature a specially designed

A tago and x a m o tr e P e h .T t up Dutch Oven se

There is something very sped cial about cooking your foo s in the great outdoors. Oven

When you are finished cook ing your meal you can use the Atago as a fire pit.

enThe Atago grill gives you pl ty of more cooking options

Food can be cooked very gent ly in the Atago to preserve nutrients









on the road

Dutch ovens are big cast iron pots with lids and are great for camp cooking with.They can be placed in a campfire or over an oven or flame and can be used to roast , fry,bake and stew various one pot meals. We love doing a stew in our dutch ovens especially when the weather starts to get a bit cooler.Recently we cooked up an easy to prepare Guinness Stew Pie on one of our recent camping trips and it went down a treat after a long day touring some challenging tracks..



Off advises equesttour, explore ection site where you may

find a tour that suits you. The standard tours can be tailored to peoples requirements to an extent;



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preparation and cook till tender, then es bl ta ge ve e th d ad , ef be e Stir fry th e beef stock and th d Ad lf. ha by ce du re d an pour the GUINNESS an hour and hour n ee tw be r fo y wl slo ry ve er herbs and simm es and that’s it. and a half. Serve with potato

ote parts of Exploring rem e Navigattor th h it w e p o r Eu systems off road GPS

The Camel 8 device was released in 2012 and was recently updated in 2017 with a version 2 device.

Navigattor have developed a unique range of GPS Navigation devices that support both on road and off-road navigation. Everyone is by now familiar with normal GPS systems for road and route navigation, but these devices are not capable of assisting off road navigation, usually, on these devices any areas outside of the road networks are represented as blank space.This is where Navigattor devices are different. These devices consist of four primary components. - a program, called OziExplorer for Windows CE - a device (hardware) with touch screen and CPU - a set of calibrated topographic maps - a receiver which communicates with the satellites to give a position

Let’s look at these components in some more detail. 1.OziExplorer OziExplorer is one of the most popular GPS navigation programs, and is made by an Australian company. The software was first launched for PC in 1997 and has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Originally the software was designed for journey planning and to plot routes with GPS receivers which could not display maps on their tiny screens, it allowed users to scan paper maps and then plan a route or to display a trip that had been completed over a map. 2. The Device In 2000 an OziExplorer version was released for PDAs and Pocket PCs , this enabled users to have a portable device that could display location on an uploaded map while driving. This is the point that Navigattor entered the equation and started developing their own solution. Navigattor devices are designed with the dual goals of being very reliable and of having a long operating lifetime.

The Camel 8 device was released in 2012 and was recently updated with a version 2 device. More than 1,500 of the units have been sold all over Europe, the USA and Africa. Most of Navigattor’s customers are overland travelers and explorers. 3. Topographic Maps Based on the concept of using highly detailed scanned maps, OziExplorer only uses raster maps (not vector maps like most GPS systems). OziExplorer does not actually provide maps, but allows users to create or import maps from paper or from digital sources.



A way-point is a single location that is of specific interest to the person navigating.

About Scale

has to have line of sight to the sky Paper maps have a ratio relationship for optimum performance. This is one of the most significant differwith reality which is called ‘scale’ ences between a smart-phone or . For example, one centimeter (or tablet and a dedicated GPS device. sometimes inch) on the map is No tablet or smart-phone has an equal to x kilometers (or miles) in upward facing antenna with a large the world. Since the density of pixels (the dots that make up an image receiving surface. In most cases, on a computer or device screen) can non dedicated devices have a GPS vary a lot from one screen to anoth- patch soldered on the back and the unit must be rotated to find the best er (pixels per inch) then the image appears to be stretched or shrunken reception. accordingly. Therefore Navigattor devices now use the concept of ‘me- If a vehicle has a shielded windscreen , the Camel 8 can also be ter per pixel’ ratio. fitted with a remote antenna, which is mounted outside the vehicle for optimal reception, however this is It’s important also, to mention the not normally required as the built-in receiver. The receiver itself meaantenna delivers a very strong sigsures 12x12mm (1/2”x 1/2”) and it nal.

4. The Receiver

CONCEPTS IN OFF ROAD NAVIGATION There are 3 main concepts in off road navigation - Waypoints, Routes and Tracks.


A way-point is a single location that is of specific interest to the person navigating. Way-points are located using co-ordinates which show a specific location on a map, locations that might be good way-points include intersections, crossroads, a specific tree, house , water source or a favourite hunting spot.


In off road navigation, a route can be determined using turn-by-turn instructions just like a normal road GPS, this is done by placing way-

points at every intersection or turn on a journey and when linked together these become a route. In other words, a route is a schematic way to outline the journey.


If you were to take a pencil and trace your journey on a map, following every bend and turn precisely, copying the exact path taken, this would be a track. A track enables you to measure the exact length of a journey, and can include mistakes and U-turns.


Distributors Navigattor have distributors located all over Europe where you can get access and see this top quality products. With distributors located in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania Portugal and Colegas. Click on the map below to find your nearest distributor or visit for details on the range of navigational products

REAR VIEW CAMERA Navigattor also supply numerous accessories for the GPS systems on their website .One of these include safety devices like the Rear View Camera.The Navigattor Camel 8 version 2 can be connected to a Rear Camera. The benefits of having a Rear Camera attached to your vehicle includes reducing risk to accidents. They also give drivers increased visibility behind their vehicles which is very useful for seeing clearly what is behind you.

View from t

he rear vie


on n o i t a m r fo n i e r o m for R O T T A G I V the NA click here products

Australian camping products now available in Europe


ARCHE produces a range of camping and 4x4 touring outdoor gear such as Tents, Swags, Roof Top Tents, Awnings, Sleeping Gear, Furniture, Gear Bags and Accessories. DARCHE is overseen by experienced textile product developers and passionate staff who are keen outdoor enthusiasts with sound knowledge and experience to match. Founded in Australia over 26 years ago by DARREN O’DWYER and his wife CHERYL (DAR-CHE).

DARCHE revolutionised the then-traditional swag market with the introduction of the Dome style swag, which is now the most recognised style swag. DARCHE ‘s international distributors include XP -edition who supply DARCHE products throughout Europe.

Now available in Europe Darche products are designed for camping, 4WD

touring, fishing and hunting and are tried and tested by people who live and breathe these activities. Darche use superior quality materials in all of their outdoor gear range. They constantly develop and refine new materials and technologies to ensure Darche products are leaders in terms of innovation, quality and durability. One of the many DARCHE products that are availble through the European distributors XP-edition includes the Nebula.This swag is a 2 person freestanding canvas hybrid, purpose built for any outdoor adventure. The Nebula’s innovative design makes for a functional four season all weather robust shelter for 1 or 2 people. Uniquely constructed as a single skin canvas, the Nebula combines the space of a tent, with the comfort and durability of a swag. XP-edition are based in Switzerland and distribute DARCHE products throughout Europe. Check out the DARCHE products available on the XP-edition website.

ore m r o f e r e click h on informati









photos: Marcus Newby Taylor (Transylvania Off Road Tours)




Car batteries usually have a 5 year life, and there are extra demands on them in the cold, as we stat to use our heaters, wipers and lights much more. Some useful tips: • Turn off electrical loads like lights, heated rear window and

wipers before trying to start the engine. • Use the starter in short five-second bursts. • If the engine doesn’t start quickly, wait 30 seconds between attempts.

ANTI-FREEZE Antifreeze is inexpensive, but a cracked engine is not. In cold winter temperatures you might need a 5050 mix of antifreeze and water. This can protect your engine down to

temperature of -34C. Make sure you choose the right anti freeze for your vehicle, perhaps add it at your very next service.

FROZEN FLUID If you hear a squealing noise when you start up, it most likely means that your water pump is frozen and causing the fan belt to slip on its pulley. Turn off the engine immediately and let it thaw out. If your ve-

hicle starts to overheat early in your journey, this is a sign that the radiator is frozen, again, stop immediately and turn off the engine to avoid serious damage.


• Make sure all lights are working and lenses clean. • If the roads are muddy, clean the lights after every journey. • Clear snow from the lights as well as the body of the car.

• In heavy snow or rain use your headlights. • Remember to turn off your headlights and fog lights when visibility improves in order not to blind other road users.


• Make sure your windows are clean screen wash. on the inside and outside. • Before you start a journey, make • Make sure your windscreen wipers sure your wipers are not frozen to are in good condition and replace your windscreen and release them if necessary. if neccessary. • Use anti freeze additive in your


• Tyres should have at least 3mm of that driving with chains won’t tread for winter driving. damage the road surface. • Don’t pressure down your tyres • If your 4WD has road tyres, confor grip in snow, this works for sider getting winter tyres or all mud , but not snow. season tyres for a better grip in • Only use snow chains if you are all conditions. sure the snow is deep enough

DRVING ON SNOW & ICE • Drive slowly, in the wet stopping distances can increase up to ten times in slippy conditions. • If not driving a 4WD start out in second gear, gently releasing the clutch in order to avoid wheel spinning. • Keep a constant speed and avoid changing gear when driving uphill

• Always apply your brakes very gently, use engine breaking on downhills • If you do get stuck you can use sand ladders or TREDS to give your tyres some purchase in the snow.

BEFORE YOU SET OUT • Always allow lots of extra time for journeys in poor conditions. • Check your fuel levels and wiper and radiator fluids and condition • Clear your windscreen complete-

ly don’t just make a clear gap to peer through • If possible try to stick to main roads or routes that have been cleared or gritted



If your 4WD has road tyres, consider getting winter tyres or all season tyres for a better grip in all conditions.

JEEP concept



K C A B H C SWIT Jeep and the Mopar company recently teamed up to develop the Switchback. The Jeep Switchback concept vehicle is equipped with an assortment of MOPAR and Jeep performance parts for the ultimate in off-road performance. Jeep Performance Parts featured on the Switchback include a front and rear Dana 44 axle, a 4-in. lift with Remote Reservoir Fox shocks, heavy-duty cast differential covers, 10th Anniversary steel front and rear bumpers, a Rubicon winch, a grille, a winch guard and a cold-air intake. The build also includes an axle-back exhaust, 17inch concept wheels and 37-inch BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 tires.



words and images Ron and Viv Moon



When Bev and Lang Kidby drove their 1928 Austin 7, ‘Daisy’, onto the beach at Punsand Bay near the top of Cape York in June a couple of years back, they weren’t doing anything new. In fact, they were recreating, as much as possible in this day and age, the first motorised vehicle trip to Cape York. Two New Zealanders, Hector MacQuarrie and Dick Mathews, completed that original adventure in an Austin 7 in 1928, and their gripping yarn was subsequently told in the book, We and the Baby. If anything, Lang and Bev’s recent escapade (they are arguably Australia’s greatest adventurers by aircraft,

on Viv Mo d n a Ron end and fri

motorbike and motor vehicle, old and new - see: reinforces the fact that you don’t need a heavy-duty 4WD vehicle to travel to Cape York. Now more than ever the route is open to any SUV or light-duty 4WD on the market, although a fully kitted out 4WD will get you into a plethora of places that lie off the major dirt roads in the region, or help you get through when dirt roads turn to slippery mud. Still, for the most part, from early June to the end of September, the Cape is open to most people who are willing to get a bit of dust on the duco, or a chip in their windscreen.

‘Dais y of Ca ’ on the b e pe Yo rk - ach near L&B the T p Kidb ic by ip y

For first-time visitors to the Cape the trip normally begins around the tourist enclaves of Cairns and Port Douglas, as they climb the range through lush rainforest and head inland across the picturesque Atherton Tablelands to Mt Molloy and Mt Carbine. At this point the tourist numbers start dropping and travellers become more independent and just a little more dusty. Once at the small enclave of Lakeland, with its rich farming land, you can swing northwest on the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR), but we’d suggest you continue on the blacktop to historic Cooktown, stopping off to enjoy one of the most iconic and historic pubs

of the north, the Lions Den Hotel at Helensvale. The Queen of the North, as Cooktown is often referred to, sits on the banks of the Endeavour River on the lee side of a wide headland dominated by the rounded dome of Grassy Hill. Captain James Cook, on his ‘discovery’ of the east coast of Australia in 1770, beached and repaired his ship, the Endeavour, here on the south bank of the stream, then sailed away leaving behind an Aboriginal population nonplussed by their sudden arrival and equally sudden departure.


goldfield a i v a t a B gine at n e m a e t Old s

Over 100 years later, when gold was discovered on the remote Palmer River, the port of Cooktown suddenly sprang into existence as the closest and easiest access point to these remote but fabulously rich alluvial goldfields. By the end of 1874 there were around 36 licensed ‘hotels’ and grog shops and more than a hundred brothels in Cooktown, and it was a wild town to say the least. By the beginning of the 20th Century the town’s population was over 35,000, but compe-

tition from other ports further south along the coast, and a few major cyclones and the odd fire along the main thoroughfare of Charlotte Street saw the town decline. Most residents were evacuated during WW2 and another cyclone in 1949 devastated what was left and sent more people packing. Almost a ghost town in the 1950s, tourism began to make its mark, and by 2006 the bitumen was pushed through ensuring a steady supply of tourists and ‘grey nomads’ to keep ‘the Queen’ alive and even thriving.

you find ised what r p r su e b l hes! You’l e York beac p a c n o p u comwashed ip collapsed h ts h g li ld This o w years ago pletely a fe

Dust y goldfi track to Hodg elds kins o


From Cooktown take the Battle Camp Road, which in the Dry season is suitable for an AWD vehicle driven with care. This route takes you out past Endeavour Falls and Isabella Falls, to crossings of the Normanby and Laura Rivers, the only tricky spots along the whole route. Once on the western bank of the Laura you’ll find the historic and well-preserved Old Laura Homestead, which is worth a stopover. A road junction nearby means you can turn south to the township of

Laura for supplies and or repairs. This small town has an impressive Quinkan & Regional Cultural Centre and is the heart of ‘Quinkan Country’, where a visit to the impressive Aboriginal rock art galleries that hide in the escarpment country around the town is a ‘must do’. Of course, there is also a pub in town, and the traditional Laura Dance Festival is held every odd year, with June 2019 being the next great gathering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people from across the Cape.

Turning right, back near the Old Laura Homestead, will take you through the heart of Lakefield National Park, the second biggest park in Queensland and offering an overabundance of birdlife, kangaroos, and crocodiles. A number of designated camping areas in the park handle the influx of Dry Season visitors, many of who come for the

incredible fishing. Take your time wandering through here, the roads may be dusty, but the camping is well worth it. Our favourite camp is at the Hann Crossing at the rock shelf of the Hann River, while bird lovers will be enthralled by the passing parade at nearby Low Lake or Sweatwater Lake.




Turning right, back near the Old Laura Homestead, will take you through the heart of Lakefield National Park, the second biggest park in Queensland and offering an overabundance of birdlife, kangaroos, and crocodiles. A number of designated camping areas in the park handle the influx of Dry Season visitors, many of who come for the incredible fishing. Take your time wandering through here, the roads may be dusty, but the camping is well worth it. Our favourite camp is at the Hann Crossing at the rock shelf of the Hann River, while bird lovers will be enthralled by the passing parade at nearby Low Lake or Sweatwater Lake.

From here the route north leaves the park and meets with the PDR just south of the historic Musgrave Roadhouse, once one of the important repeater stations on the Overland Telegraph Line that stretched all the way from Cooktown to the northern tip of the country. Everybody stops here, even if it is just for a cool drink and a browse of the old newspaper cuttings and the like. If you’re there on a Thursday watch out for the mail plane which will buzz the strip to clear it of cattle, kangaroos and wayward tourists, before landing right out the front of the roadhouse.




Ferry across Jardine River

Any swamps with water are alive with birds

Coen, the next stop on the PDR north, is the biggest town you’ll pass through without going into Weipa and owes it existence to the discovery of gold near here in 1876. The town boomed in 1893 after the Great Northern Gold Mine opened. There’s a great little museum here now, the pub – officially the Exchange Hotel, often renamed by some wags as the ‘Sexchange Hotel’ – is a beauty to enjoy a cold one, while there is pleasant bush camping a few kilometres north of town, just off the road along the sandy banks of the Coen River.

Rich Aboriginal art can be found around Laura

North of Coen the Oyala Thumotang National Park straddles the PDR, with an access track leading to 15 designated campsites scattered along the rivers that make up this diverse and exciting park. Fishing is allowed in most of the streams, while the birdlife and animal life is amazing.


Hema Maps, Cape York map is the best available, also their, Cape York Atlas & Guide is a beauty. Both from Hema Maps, see:


Tu ne

The Archer River and its attendant roadhouse with its famous burgers and pleasant campground is the next stopping spot along the main route north. For those heading into the verdant rainforest of Iron Range; the unconventional, even eccentric, community of Portland Roads; or the fabulous camping tucked in amongst the trees of the Chili Beach camping area, the Archer River roadhouse is the last resupply point. Bypassing the Iron Range road and sticking to the PDR soon brings you to a major road junction, where you can swing westward to the mining colossus of Weipa; not that the town

is big, but the mining area and the amount of bauxite that is shipped from here is huge. Weipa with its major infrastructure and pleasant campground makes a good base for exploring further afield, especially the mouth of the Pennefather River, the mighty Wenlock River, or the beautiful remote coast in the Aboriginal Shire of Mapoon. Turning right at the major road junction above – opposite the entry to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy property of Piccaninny Plains (sadly not open to the general public) – will take you onto the main track – the only route – north.

swimming l u f t h g i l e is a d Twin Falls

r coast beaches fo st e w e th se u s urtle esting


Collecting o ysters is alw ays a great thin g to do.




m ost od ‘ ifi Di ed p’ s










Once you have crossed the Wenlock River on its low bridge you will come to the entry to the old Moreton Telegraph Station with its camping, accommodation and basic supplies. Further north is the entry track to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve (closed to the public) before you arrive at the Bramwell Junction Roadhouse and the nearby Bramwell Station Tourist Park, both with a range of pleasant and enjoyable tourist facilities. This is decision time! The easiest way north to the top of Cape York is to take the Bypass Roads from Bramwell Junction to the ferry across the wide and delightful Jardine River. But it is not the best way; I always tell people to go at least one way on their Cape York adventure, via the Old Telegraph Line (OTL) Track - but you’ll require a ‘real’ 4WD with low range and high clearance for the OTL! If you use the Bypass Roads (Southern and Northern Bypass) – so named because they bypass all the creek and river crossings on the OTL track between here and the Jardine – you do have a choice of coming into the OTL track at a number of points generally close to where the OTL track crosses a creek or river. But it is a longer (and more boring) alternative and not as enjoyable or as challenging as driving the OTL track. So, once on the OTL Track north from Bramwell, you begin to cross a number of streams, starting with Palm Creek, then in quick succession, the South Alice and North Alice before coming to the beautiful Dulhunty River crossing.

Bertie Creek and Cholmondeley Creek follow with the intimidating Gunshot Creek next. This can be bypassed and most sensible people do so. Then it’s onto Cockatoo and Sailor Creeks before the original route north is joined by the Southern Bypass Road. The Northern Bypass road swings away to the west near the track junction that can take you east a short distance to the popular swimming point of Fruit Bat Falls on the Eliot Creek, while the OTL Track continues to head north. Scrubby Creek is then next and can be deep, and you’ll then come to the access to Eliot Falls camping area and one spot you shouldn’t miss. Nearby are Twin Falls on Canal Creek and 50 meters away, The remains of this WW2 aircraft can be found on the beach north of Dufkyn Pt

• Somerset Beach - bush camp near the very top on east coast. • Mutee Heads - bush camp north of the Jardine on west coast. • Eliot Falls Camping Area • Jardine River NP • Hann River Crossing - Lakefield NP • Chili Beach - Iron Range NP • Cape Melville - remote beach camp on east coast




Indian Head Falls on Eliot Creek. It is a terrific spot!

Soon after you are in the heart of the Jardine Swamps that border the mighty river of the same name. You can camp North of the camping area you quickly on the southern bank of the river near come to some challenging crossings – where the OTL once crossed the river Canal Creek, then Sam, Mistake, Canin near complete isolation – few people nibal and the deceptively easy looking come here. Some still cross the stream Cypress Creek, which claims many though, but it is a mighty challenge, radiators and engines each year with not the least being the deep, dark lily people taking the wrong line or driving covered water along the north bank in too fast. where crocodiles often lurk.

For most travellers the ferry across the Jardine a little further west and the northern terminus of the Northern Bypass Road offers an easy, safe alternative and once on the north bank it is an undemanding drive to the Torres Strait Islander communities of Bamaga and Seisia. There’s a choice of community owned camping areas to stay at north of the Jardine River and a few bush camps covered by the Ferry fee.

Of course, the journey hasn’t been completed until you drive the 32km from Bamaga and take the walk through the rainforest, across the bluff and down to the rocky tip that makes up the northernmost point of the Australian mainland while the dome shaped islands of Torres Strait dot the azure blue waters in front of you. You’ve made it!

Ron rescued this python from the road


All national park campgroun ing permit. These can be bo the-counter permits are avai or at self-service bays at QPW For more info on the parks o

The ferry fee for the Jardine for a return trip and allows y north of the Jardine River. Fo

Permits from the Aboriginal camping along the coast nor

Track to Cape Flattery beach

Indian Head Falls is not to be missed


nds on Cape York demand a campooked on-line at Overilable at some commercial outlets, WS offices or ranger bases. of Cape York check out: www. /cape-york-vg.pdf

Ferry may seem expensive but it is you to camp in some bush camps or more info go to: www.nparc.qld. .

communities are required for rth of Weipa.

Crossing Nolan Brook - a crossing that claims many engines and radiators each year!


Ron and Viv Moon have travelled to Cape York around 40 times over the last 37 years and have written a guidebook on the region for 32 years. They travel widely in Australia and overseas by vehicle each year. For more information go to:, and:, or visit their FB page at:

While in the area take in the delightful beach at Somerset and the historic home site and gardens of Frank Jardine and his family who lived here from the 1860s till WW2 saw them being evacuated south. They never returned. Another not-to-miss excursion while north of the Jardine is to Thursday Island and nearby Horn Island. You’ll be

pleasantly surprised by the multi-cultural ambience and history of TI, as Thursday island is mainly known, and the WW2 history of Horn Island that saw it bombed by the Japanese a number of times. For pearl lovers a visit to Roko Island pearl farm is enlightening (there’s tented accommodation here as well). Fishermen can do battle with a choice of thrilling fresh water adver-

saries or even bigger salt water rivals, while the jetty at Seisa – or Red Island Point to be more correct – would have to be one of the best land-based fishing spots in all of Australia! What more could you ask for as a holiday destination for an adventurous traveller? Cape York dishes it up ... in spades.


The Alfheim 19.6 Tipi from NORDISK

Nordisk is a Danish company designing, producing and marketing outdoor equipment for both extreme performance and leisure use. The aesthetics of Nordisk is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, and ev-

ery tent, is simple yet functional, made from cutting edge innovative and technical materials. Nordisk has more than 100 years of experience and more than 1000 years of proud Nordic legacy.

Founded in 1901 Northern Feather was the first Danish company to focus 100% on down and feathers. From simple trading to development of own products like duvets, quilts and pillows Northern Feather developed into one of the leading world wide players within the down and feather business. In 1967 Nordisk Freizeit was founded as a subsidiary of Northern Feather focusing on the growing outdoor market. During the 70’s and 80’s Nordisk played a key role in building the still new European outdoor sector, through own companies in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UK and under the brand name Caravan. Over the decades Nordisk and Caravan became major players in the business, being recognized for its innovative and very fashionable products.

In 1991 the company changed its brand name to Nordisk, being true to its story and heritage. Nordisk is still a European brand, but the last few years has also expanded beyond the European continent, and now you will also find Nordisk products in faraway countries such as Japan and Korea. The Alfheim 19.6 is the largest tepee in the Nordisk range. Built on a classical tepee construction it offers plenty of room for up to 8-10 people sleeping. The simple center pole construction makes it very easy to pitch – and the pointed top, equipped with an integrated internal ventilation system, allows you to adjust the roof

top and thereby the ventilation with a simple string pull from inside the tent. Alfheim can be upgraded with an additional zip-in groundsheet and tailored cabins. The cabins are equipped with mesh in the top, allowing you to stargaze if you also open the roof top. A great tent for camping, glamping and events.


THE NAME Home of the Light Elves Alfheim (Álfheimr) means “Elf Home” and is one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Light Elves in Norse mythology. The Light-elves are fairer to look upon than the sun, whereas the Darkelves, who dwell down in the earth, are blacker than pitch. Alfheim was both the name of the supernatural world of the elves and the name of a kingdom, whose legendary kings were related to the elves. NORDISK recently sent an Alfheim tent to the TURAS team and we love it, its easy set setup and can be assembled and disassembled by

just one person. The tent uses only one central pole. The tent can sleep 10 people if the optional cabins are not installed and if the cabins are added, they each sleep two people comfortably. Another optional add on is a sturdy zip in floor/ groundsheet. We will be taking a closer look at these accessories in the next issue.

• • • • • • • • • •


iconic tepee shape fits 8-10 people can be pitched by one person adjustable pole height reinforced pole point on groundsheet entrance can be opened in half remote roof top ventilation from inside mosquito net at roof top and doors high end pack sack for easy packing cabin and zip-in groundsheet available as extras

VERDICT We love this tent, it’s easy to erect, its made from quality materials, and it is huge. We see our new Alfheim becoming our primary base camp tent whenever we are staying in a single location for a few days. In our next issue we will be taking a closer look at this Tipi and its accessories in a video review. In the meantime to learn more, or to order your own Tent, you can visit


In the past 12 months we discovered and explored 8 very special and unique getaways across the continent of Europe. In case you missed some of them we decided to create this short reminder of these incredible destinations. If you know of any special or unique holiday destinations, that you think more people should know about, let us know so that we can spread the word. In the meantime here is a reminder of our featured destinations from the last four issues.


KAKSLAUTTANEN ARCTIC RESORT FINLAND Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is an enchanting, otherworldly arctic resort, located 250 kilometres (150 miles) north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, four-hour drive from the Arctic Ocean. The resort is particularly renowned for its iconic Glass Igloos and the magical Northern Lights- and there’s plenty of other arctic secrets to explore. Numerous unique

excursions from reindeer and husky adventures to a meeting with Santa and panning for gold make for a memorable stay. The resort is located in the midst of some of the cleanest natural environments in the world and is also located right beside one of Finalnds largest national parks, Urho Kekkonen National Park.

ELBA ISLAND,TUSCAN ARCHIPELAGO - ITALY The stunning Elba island is the biggest of the islands in the Tuscan archipelago. Elba is also the closest to the mainland and is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the Tyrrhenean Sea. Elba is also part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, and the third largest island in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia. Elba is

about 50km east of the French island of Corsica Rosselba le Palme campsite will really appeal to Campers who seek nature holidays. Tents and caravans are placed in the shade of wonderful palms and tropical trees, in one of the Island of Elba’s most beautiful natural settings.

BABOU MARAMURES CAMPSITE BREB- ROMANIA The Babou Maramures campsite is situated in Breb at the foot of mount Gutai in the beautiful and traditional Maramures region. From the garden of the main house you can walk into the fields, the forests and up to mount Gutai or explore beautiful and historic Breb town. The campsite is run by Matthijs and

Eveline, a Dutch couple who moved to Romania in March 2010. The campsite is situated in the garden behind the house where they have around 6000 square metres available for tents and campers, where you can choose your own pitch. There are hammocks and fire pits also dotted about the site, which are available for campers use.

HUTTOPIA FOREST VILLAGE- SENONCHES FRANCE Huttopia offers environmentally-friendly holidays amid nature for people looking to get away with the family in a lovely piece of wilderness. The campsite is eco-friendly with an emphasis on getting off the grid

and away from ‘civilization’ for a few days, inviting people to savour an alternative experience in the heart of nature based on simplicity, comfort and complete harmony with nature

GLENDORIA - MASURIAN LAKE DISTRICT POLAND Glendoria is a Lodge and Glamping site close to the Masurian Lake District in Poland. This is the place to get away from it all. If you are looking for some peace and quiet in an idyllic spot somewhere in the middle of Europe, this is it. The owners aim to create a time machine for their visitors, by trying to create a “a prewar atmosphere of holidays in the

countryside, to breathe new life into forgotten equipment and utensils, to care about the form and content of the 20s.” At Glendoria you can stay in a luxury ‘apartment’ or a quirky and glamorous tent. Amongst all of this nature there are also some very modern luxuries, such as a swimming pool with heated floor, private beach and spa.

THE PONDS OF DOBCICE CZECH REPUBLIC This is a wonderful small resort in the south of the Czech Republic, surrounded by the bountiful nature of lower Ĺ umava and close to the picturesque villages of Dobcice, Lipanovice and HolaĹĄovice. This unique resort comprises five

small cabins each located over its own small pond. The cabins are built over oak piles and are completely surrounded by water. Each cabin also possesses its own spacious pier and comes with a boat to allow you to explore and to fish from the pond.

CAPE CLEAR ISLAND - IRELAND Cape Clear is Ireland’s most southerly inhabited island, situated some 8 miles off the coast of West Cork. The island is rich in archaeology with amazing stone walls, ancient standing stones and bronze age monuments scattered over its landscape. Evenings in a yurt on Cape Clear are an experience not easily beaten

for cosiness and comfort. With soft furnishings, large scatter cushions, beanbags, real beds and log-burning stove. Star-gazing through the top clear circle of the yurt, sitting out on the decking on balmy evenings or chatting round the stove, the peace and tranquility of this very special island will envelop you.

TREGWELAN SHEPHERDS HUT, CORNWALL ENGLAND Tregwelan Shepherd’s Hut, a small but amazing wooden retreat that’s perfect to relax and recharge in, in the glorious countryside. This little wooden hut, traditionally designed and hand-made to the highest quality, has been designed to look rustic,

yet contain all the required modern necessities . The views are spectacular, the panorama of the Camel Estuary, rolling green fields and endless skies. Open up the doors of the hut and breathe in that fresh air

O I T A R E N E G T NEX portable


THE FRONTIER PLUS The Frontier Plus from Anevay Stoves in Cornwall, is a next-generation portable log burning stove, suitable for tipis, bell tents, yurts, keeping warm on the patio on chilly evenings and adventurous outdoor cooking. The ‘bigger brother’ to the popular Frontier Stove. When you order a Frontier Plus Stove, you’ll get the stove, detachable ash-catcher and five sections of flue which all pack down inside the body of the stove, the stove comes with Five flue pieces and the spark arrestor included. The Frontier Plus has a whole host of upgraded features that make using it and cooking on it easy, fun and efficient, including a glass door, with airwash system so your glass is kept clear at all times an air vent on door allow

for optimum temperature control, adjustable height legs and a wider 4-inch flue that requires less regular cleaning than the smaller flue of the Frontier stove. This stove is ultra-portable and surprisingly light, the entire kit dismantles and all of the flue pieces can be stored and carried within the main body of the stove. A neat and attractive carrying case is also available and makes travelling with the stove very easy. The stove can be used indoors or out in a hut, tent or Tipi, Anevey recommend regularly wiping it down with some organic oil (olive oil, vegetable oil or rapeseed oil) using an old rag, in order to both clean it and preserve it from rusting. The Frontier Stove and Frontier Plus stoves are designed to burn wood,

seasoned dry timber. Burning coal in the Frontier Stove can cause it to warp. The most recommended fuel type is compressed wood logs (make sure they are good quality, made from untreated wood offcuts). This type of fuel is very cheap, easy to get hold of and burns very cleanly. Use scrunched-up paper or dry grass to get the flame going, and drop a lit match down the top to ignite. Once the fire is going gently feed kindling

in through the front opening. You can also drop fuel in from the top; this can help you achieve more heat when cooking as the fire is nearer to your pan. If using the stove in a tent, you will also need a tent flashing kit and a spark arrestor. This is a impressive looking and versatile stove that can burn fuel efficiently for hours and hours.

You c there that w a pot even f

We ha time a the st

Aneva the st of tim night.

If you tick-o

can cook on top of the stove and is also a removable disk on the top when removed allows you to place or pan directly over the flames for faster cooking or heating.

a long slow burn) they recommend also using a carbon monoxide detector in your tent or hut.

ay don’t recommend that you leave tove lit unattended for long periods me, or that you leave it burning over.

To learn more about this stove and also the wider range of stoves by Anevay, you can visit and purchase online here:

We have only had our Frontier Plus stove for a couple of weeks and we love it, we ave our camp coffee ready in no will bring you a full video review of this at all placing our coffee pot right on stove in use in a variety of camp setups tove. in the next issue of the magazine.

u do decide to leave the stove on over (air supply shut down low for




JEEP &seMOPAR d in Italy Showca

In October the Jeep and Mopar brands were among the star attractions at the 17th annual ‘4x4 Fest’ - Italy’s premier four-wheel drive and off-roading event - that took place in Carrara last weekend (October 1315). The event, which attracted thousands of industry professionals and off-roading enthusiasts, showcased the latest 4x4 innovations and gave visitors the chance to test drive the latest models and purchase spare parts and genuine accessories. The Mopar area showcased a Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon kitted out with the high-performance, factory-fitted

Mopar®One Pack. The vehicle is designed to tackle even the toughest off-road challenges with confidence and is 100% street legal. It features a two-inch ‘Fox Performance’ lift kit, steering stabiliser bar, 17 x 8.5-inch Performance Gladiator black alloy rims, 32-inch oversized tyres, front and rear splash guards, front and rear additional flares and black fuel cap. Mopar® One Pack is the result of an innovative industrial process which allows assembly of the accessories directly at the production plant for the first time in the EMEA Region.




VIVAL S Some might say depending on a mobile phone in the wilderness might not be so wise. Though we say, if you are prepared you can charge your phone wherever you are (see our Powertraveler review elsewhere in this issue). On the other hand, most people always have their mobile phones with them. So when disaster strikes, it might be helpful to have a little guideance in your pocket. In this article we check out three very useful apps for helping to cope with what wilderness may throw at you...

THE SAS SURVIVAL GUIDE The definitive guide to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea. For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guide has been the definitive guide to surviving any situation, anywhere in the world. Now, for the first time ever, the million-copy bestselling book and the hugely successful iPhone/iPad app, has been reinvented for the Android.


Written by former SAS soldier and

instructor, John “Lofty” Wiseman, this application brings you the elite training techniques of Britain’s toughest fighting force in the most accessible version ever. Now you can take the original set of world-class survival skills with you anywhere in the world – from the peaks of Kilimanjaro to the deserts of Kandahar…or to your closest national park.


ANIMATED KNOTS Animated Knots by Grog is one of the best, most comprehensive teaching and reference tool for boaters, climbers, fishermen, scouts and hobbyists. Watch knots tie themselves in simple step-by-step photo animations, or go frame-by-frame

as you learn each knot. Tap the info button to get detailed descriptions about each knot’s correct use, advantages and disadvantages, and other information.

OFFLINE SURVIVAL MANUAL This is a Survival Manual which can be downloaded to use offline. It contains information on how to make fire, build a shelter, find food, heal and other useful content in a case of emergency. It does not have to be used in emergency situations only - it can be also useful for trips to the out-


doors, hiking, camping, learning about nature. Subjects covered include psychology, planning and kits, basic medicine, shelter, water procurement, fire, food procurement, survival use of plants, desert survival, sea survival, dangerous animals and much more.

EDIBLE PLANT GUIDE Over 2,500 full color images covering over 950 plants and what health conditions they have been historically used for. The “Edible Plant Guide” (Free Food & Medicine) will help you identify plants and use natural medicines. Did you know dandelions are edible? Or that you can make tea from lawn grass that’s great for lungs, bronchi-


tis, skin conditions and preventing kidney stones? - What common neighborhood plants make a great shampoo, soap and toothpaste? - What flowers and common houseplants are edible? - Which have more protein than meat?


in y






nybody who is reading this article probably loves camping with your 4WD and enjoys nothing more than packing up your vehicle and getting off the beaten track as far away and as often as you can. A key part of a successful and painless trip is being able to store your equipment in a way that will protect your camping gear from getting damaged but also having efficient options that allows you to quickly access your equipment quickly and safely. There is nothing worse than pulling up to your camp after a long day’s driving, feeling tired and hungry and finding yourself having to spend the next hour or so searching and trying to access your food and camping equipment in the back of your 4WD.Over the years we have learned the importance of having a quick and a basic camp set up but more importantly being able to know where to find your key camping equipment and food.

Storage preparation for camping trips with the family can be a daunting task particularly when trying to decide what to bring, there is no doubt that we all have the tendency to bring more camping equipment on trips than we actually need. For us, one too many bad experiences have helped us to fine tune that which we believe makes our 4WD camping trips a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Remember the less time you spend setting up camp means the more time you can spend enjoying your surroundings, getting your fire going, preparing some food, cracking open a cold beer and sitting back and relaxing as the stars unfold into the night sky. As highlighted above the time spent coming up with a system that will save you time when setting up camp is time very well spent. Camping drawers built into your vehicle are a great idea to store and easily access your gear but this option can be expensive, however good quality (stackable) storage boxes neatly packed in the back of your 4WD or on your roof rack are an affordable option, lets have a look at a couple of portable options.


Who would have thought a large canvas bag would be so useful for gathering and carrying and storing firewood when camping and also for using it to store your rubbish and take it home in after a couple of days camping. The simplest ideas are always the best, we have all been there, arriving at your camp and having to go and pick up whatever firewood you can carry at one time. The DRIFTA bags are made from 12 ounce canvas and can be got in two sizes. The medium sized back is closed with velcro sewed into the canvas and the large bag is closed using a draws.


The James baroud Eco Bag is another great solution for storing dirty boots, or anything that you would like stored outside of your 4WD vehicle. It can also be used for storing rubbish providing a dedicated space to discard trash while staying out of your way. Made of durable, waterproof material, the Eco Bag is designed to handle anything you can throw at it. With the straps attached the Eco bag is designed to fit onto tour spare well at the back of your vehicle but can also be used as a portable storage bag.



the optimal performance / weight / volume ratio. These iceboxes boast an intelligent Labyrinth Seal Design. When the lid is closed the adjacent dike in the lid combined with the raised tongue on the box collar creates a highly effective labyrinth seal against external ambient hot air. This keeps the inside cool while stopping the outside heat from getting in!


Dometic products are well respected in the development of fridge freezers and in the Icebox industry Their Cool-Ice boxes are very well made and are a great mobile storage solution for storing drinks and food particularly if you don’t have an on-board fridge freezer. They have an impressive thick polyurethane refrigeration grade foam insulation and are carefully designed to have

The benefits of these ice boxes as a storage option are they are strong have Integrated tie-down points. They have very low heat absorption, they are lightweight, hygienic and easy to clean. They have a strong, seamless, UV stabilized/food grade polyethylene CFC free construction and you can choose from eight different models. You can get a couple of days of cold beers in these with the ice lasting for a couple of days though that depends on how many times you open it.

rying the case, and you can always have 1 person on each side carrying the case if it is packed. The side handles can also be used as tie-down points, if you want to secure the case in a fixed position so it doesn’t move around in your vehicle, caravan or boat. Spacecase are high strength storage containers that won’t rust or dent. They are rotationally moulded from low density polyethylene and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.


These heavy duty construction can take a beating, and will protect the contents of your case. The comfortable side handles are great for car-

The 2 heavy duty latches will keep the lid secured on, so that everything is neatly put away, and for peace of mind, the latches are pad-lockable so you keep the contents secure.

and duffels; boxes of every shape and size. It all started with one tackle box, but it has grown into much more. One of the benefits of these cases are that they have an integrated handle and built-in wheels which are a real bonus as they make transporting this case easy,even when it is packed with gear. You won’t strain your back when wheeling the case along!


Plano have been building these boxes for nearly sixty years. They have soft cases and hard cases; backpacks

The tie-down brackets on each end are great when you want to secure the case in a fixed position, so it doesn’t move around in your vehicle, caravan or boat. Constructed from durable Polypropylene materials, the Plano Storage Case can take a beating and still get the job done.

Keep small items and maps to hand with a convenient storage net pocket. The Bearmach door mounted nets are a great way to quickly access documents and maps when on the road. These nets are easily installed and a must for all tourers. For more information on the Bearmach net pockets click here.

ockets p t e n e g ach stora m r a e ur veo B y e o h t t d e r sily secu inutes m of can be ea e l p u ust a co hicle in j

The Howling Moon Single Seat Storage was created to make use of unoccupied space behind the front seats, to allow maximum organization and utilization of space. The pockets can accommodate a variety of items from toiletries, maps to flashlights to snacks, and any other items you may want close at hand. It is also a great accessory for kids on road trips, to store all their activities or toys. The seat storage is made of the same mil-spec rips-top canvas as the esteemed Howling Moon tents, and is attached to the seat with adjustable nylon webbing straps, to fit any seat.These innovative storage solutions can be purchased at XP-edition who are based in Switzerland but who’s on-line European shop post these products all over Europe.

on single o M g n i l the How solution . e g a r o t s seat


G SOON ANDisodes web

In ISSUE 6 of the magazine out in February 2018 we will be showcasing the 1st of a number of trips we have done all over Europe and beyond. In these short films we will share our touring and camping experiences with the first trip documenting a trip to the land of fire and Ice, Iceland.





The four-wheel drive is permanent, with two transfer cases and an automatically operated central viscous coupling.

TOURERS After its recent debut at the DĂźsseldorf Caravan Salon in 2017, this is the ideal solution for those in search of the utmost freedom, and for lovers of exploration tourism, or unconventional adventures. Based on the new 4x4 version of Ducato, the special Show Camper Van has been created for customers with a sporty, adventurous lifestyle who also want the best technological contents. The Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 show vehicle has a four-wheel drive and all-terrain base which extends the potential for motor-home travel. The four-wheel drive is permanent, with two transfer cases and an automatically operated central viscous

coupling. This device ensures the optimal drive torque split between the front and rear wheels, optimising traction on mud, snow and sand. The drive-line is set to one side so that it takes up less room underneath the chassis and does not restrict the ease of outfitting, one of the Ducato recreational vehicle’s key plus factors. The new 4x4 traction system is also integrated with the Ducato safety systems, specifically ESC (electronic stability control). This enables Ducato 4x4 to ensure excellent road-holding even when loaded to full capacity, as frequently happens with camper vans.

The real revolution in the demand for vehicles designed for camping came in the late Sixties

The new 4x4 range, which includes all Ducato versions (not just vans but also trucks, in all the many versions available in the normal 4x2 range) expresses the Fiat Professional Brand’s ability to anticipate and satisfy the market’s evolving needs.

light commercial vehicles to provide the basis for the first, futuristic conversions.

The real revolution in the demand for vehicles designed for camping came in the late Sixties: this type of tourism became especially popular with young people, and the It was during the 1920s that the Fiat brand was quick to respond concept of the recreational vehicle to the growing demand with the first appeared, when cars ceased presentation, in 1967, of the 238, to be exclusively elite products the vehicle which celebrates its as vehicle ownership started to fiftieth anniversary this year. spread through society. Its load capacity was outstanding At the same time, a few daring by the standards of the time and, outdoor tourism pioneers had the above all, it had an “everything idea of using a car not just as a forward” architecture, with front means of transport, but also as a engine and front-wheel drive, idemulti-purpose leisure vehicle. Fiat al for recreational vehicle converwas already in business and ready sions since it left plenty of space to satisfy this new, ambitious behind the cab for the living area. demand, with a range of cars and

Working with that aim, continued through its many subsequent and ever more sophisticated developments, up to and including the introduction of 4x4, today the Fiat brand can express its background to the full by identifying the new opportunities offered by an increasingly fast-growing market. Fiat has always made customer-orientation its mission, never more so than in the 2006 generation of the Ducato, the first model to be technically developed from the outside with the need of camper van transformation firmly in mind. Not an adaptation, but “naturally a camper van”, with all the strength of its in-depth experience. But the Fiat Professional approach reaches far beyond the product itself. Camper van owners have specific needs, satisfied and supported through a range of services constantly extended year-by-year to respond to every customer’s requirements.

s luxuriou s i s i h t Now touring







tles it ’s boiled when it whis

Its OUT NOW - the new whistle accessory for Kelly Kettle ‘Base Camp’ and ‘Scout’ models. Note this new addition does not fit the smaller Trekker’ Kettle.

3. DO NOT press the whistle into the spout as use will want to be able to easily remove it when the kettle has boiled.

Instructions for use:

4. Boil your kettle as normal

1. Slightly under-fill the kettle with water. Fill it to perhaps 15mm (over half inch) below the water spout.

5. When boiled, remove the kettle from the fire base and place on level ground. Allow the water to settle for approximately 1 minute. Hold the handle of the kettle with one hand. Then with your other hand, place your index finger in the split ring and your thumb on the opposite side of the whistle. Gently lift the whistle away. Never use a jerking motion nor excessive force to remove the whistle.

2. Place the GREEN Kelly Kettle whistle LOOSELY and GENTLY into the water spout of your kettle. Always ensure that the arrow is pointed down toward the ground as, this will direct any escaping steam safely downward.

click here for more information



Q- Adventure Gear

make professional products for unique experiences, including prospecting for gold! Whether cooking by the campfire, when overlanding or on a big tour, or on a hike to the river to go panning for gold ... having the right equipment is always essential. The Q Adventure Gear Company makes many useful and functional products for professional and amateur adventurers alike. Products for people who like to travel and discover the world and bring some reliable gear to make the adventure more enjoyable.

THE FIRE Q is a portable fire bowl and grill in one,and is Made in Germany. The grill is is manufactured entirely from food grade 18/10 stainless steel. Super easy and fast to assemble, it packs down very small and is very very tough, all of these qualities make the “Fire Q” an excellent camping companion. The grill has a wind shield protecting against the wind on two sides, allowing the grill to work effectively in windy conditions. When the grill gets hot, it can be turned over the grill grate using its two handles. If you need to increase the heat for cooking , the handles for adjusting the height of the grill easily allows you to move the grill rack up or down. Since the bottom surface is at a reasonable distance from the ground, the grill may not always burn the grass, depending on how long it is has been lighting. As a portable grill, the Fire Q has lots to recommend it. It is light, and packs up into a neat carrying bag. Its very quick and easy to assemble, it has built in wind guards, and adustable grill and is made of tough , robust materials. Its perfect to slide behind a seat or lay on the floor of your 4WD and takes practically no space whatsover to transport. We think this grill is great, very portable and hard wearing, to learn more about the grill and the very interesting company that produces it, “Q-Adventure Gear’ visit their website at:

For more information


PROOFING e l c i h e v your

SOUND PROOFING your vehicle

Do you drive a vehicle with poor soundproofing? Is the sound from your diesel engine and driveline too loud as you drive along the road, do you have to turn your radio up loud because of the noise resulting from a combination of a loud and hot engine and other noises from your vehicle and is there anything you can do to block out these annoying exterior sounds?

vibration and exhaust heat from your vehicle with the recently introduced Bearmach soundproofing mats. These mats create the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your vehicle. Easy to install under carpets, inside doors, and around speaker boxes - enjoy your ride in any environment.

The butyl rubber membrane is ideal for sound deadening road and driveThe good news is that there is a solu- line noise. High performance alumition, that can reduce the external num facing not only reduce noise sound by approximately 20% .You but also engine and exhaust heat by can eliminate road noise, floor pan 20%.

ehicles remove your v carpet

trial fit to the area to be covered

clean the area to be covered

e cut to sizra kes after we b e bleeding th replaced the line.

provided to use the roller sa test one of the earlier Lui l e n a p e th ra rrate Cath ee thst e mats to a rodeo in drawer systems on the pa ilend thats it Austral region, Cha Land Rover



D A O R E H T N O great d n a t s u b OOM a ro B R E D N te Ears O a W m i e t l h t U t a m look eaker fro p s r o We take a o d t u table o r o p g n i d n sou


These are the ultimate accessories for any camping expedition. Tough, good looking, loud and with a 10 hour battery life, they are ready for any adventures. The WONDERBOOM portable bluetooth speaker has a big clear sound, and combining two of these makes it even bigger. The speakers are IPX7 rated which meant they can be sumberged for up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water. However you would have to hold it underwater to test this, as, handily these speakers also float if dropped in water, just as they bounce if dropped on the ground (certified drop resistant from a height of 1.7M) We always bring these speakers on the road for when we fancy a bit of music, and you dont have to worry about them being dropped, falling into mud (just hose them clean) or

getting wet. We can think of no other out door sound setup that is so robust and suitable for use in wet and muddy conditions. Highly recommended. TECH SPECS Wireless Capabilities: Pair up to 8 Bluetooth enabled source devices. Connect up to two source devices at the same time. Wirelessly play (stream) to 2 Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM speakers from one source. Mobile range of play is up to 30m or (100 ft). Audio: Maximum Sound Level: 86dBA. Frequency Range: 80Hz 20kHz. Drivers: two 40mm active drivers and two 46.1mm X 65.2mm passive radiators. Power: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for up to 10 hours of battery life between Micro USB charges. Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions. Charge time: 2.8 hours.



Just connect these speakers to your phone or music player via Bluetooth to get the party started






When size and weight is at a premium, the solarmonkey adventurer is the perfect power solution.This portable solar powered charger has a built in 3500mAh internal lithium polymer battery ,weighs just 265g, and the 2 solar panels can output 3 watts of power. This charger is compatible with a wide range of 5V devices and can charge an iPhone / smartphone 1-2 times, a GPS 1-3 times or an iPad by up to 25%. It is also compatible with many other camping/outdoors devices , such as head lamps, handheld action cameras , e-readers, and much more. The slim, compact design makes it easy to store and to carry. It really is so light and compact that it would be a mistake not to have it with you on any camping trip or hike. We love the sense of security it lends in knowing that no matter what delays or difficulties you might have on a journey.

that you know that you will be able to charge your most essential devices, such as your phone, GPS or camera etc.

devices. When you pull up at the end of your day’s adventures, the solarmonkey adventurer can carry on charging itself and other devices efficientThe solarmonkey adventurer includes ly in low light conditions thanks to a “daisy-chain� feature which means the maximum power point tracker you can charge your device whilst the (MPPT) technology within it and, internal battery is being charged via when the sun finally sets, the internal the solar panels. battery can keep your devices powered after dark. The Solarmonkey Adventurer features a 4-colour LED light to show You can also charge the internal batlevel of charge left in the internal tery via an included charging cable battery and a 5V USB output which to give yourself a boost before you enables efficient charging of mobile head outdoors.

The attractive travel case uses tough materials and includes integral fixings, straps and a carabiner so that the Solarmonkey Adventurer is always well protected and can be firmly secured to a backpack to make the most of the day’s sunlight to recharge the internal battery unit while on the go, the case also has pockets where you can store your own device cables. The Adventurer contains lots of safety features, including short-circuit protection, overload protection and low voltage protection and importantly, thermal insulation battery protection giving an operating temperature range of -10 to 90 degrees C. This is one of those devices that everyone should consider owning,

we have been on trips in the past where all of our device batteries and back up power packs have become exhausted, requiring us to make diversions just to recharge essential items. With solar power options such as this compact and reliable option from Powertraveller, its possible to stay off the grid a little longer , with the reasurrance that all you need is a little sunlight to get essential systems back online. Prices online are currently circa ÂŁ80/ â‚Ź90, which we think is very good value for such a useful, perhaps essential piece of equipment. To learn more visit:


DON’T FORGET , YOU CA 1, 2 ,3 and






Turas Camping and 4WD Adventures Magazine Issue Five  

Welcome to our Winter 2017 Issue, in this issue we explore some remote off road driving routes across the Balkans in Europe. We also have...

Turas Camping and 4WD Adventures Magazine Issue Five  

Welcome to our Winter 2017 Issue, in this issue we explore some remote off road driving routes across the Balkans in Europe. We also have...