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EDITORIAL What an action packed year, where do we begin? It’s all here in these pages. At the fantastic Abenteuer & Allrad expo this year we met with lots of fascinating people and companies, and saw so many amazing rigs. We cover the show again in this issue and hopefully will give you an idea of the range of exhibitors and vehicles in attendance. As always we review some state of the art equipment that can help to make your touring and camping trips more comfortable and safe, from GPS systems to suspension, to tents and awnings to portable power and much more. We also explore some amazing driving in the Spanish Pyrenees and Romania. We join the Bell family as they travel around the globe and give you some tips on travelling safety. We also have a special travel report from the DRIFTA crew, down under. You can subscribe to the magazine for free and can contact us here.

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Camp 4WD

ping & Gear


You will be blown away by the sheer size and number of rigs and camping tourers on display.

The 2017 Abenteuer & Allrad Overland and 4WD expo once again pulled in huge numbers with nearly 57,000 overlanders,campers and visitors attending what is now widely recognised as the biggest show of its kind in the world. Once again the now famous campsite was full with every type of 4WD and overland vehicle you can think off, the campsite is a show all by itself. With nearly 260 exhibitors showcasing and selling 4WD accessories and camping products, you

will need to dedicate a couple of days to cover all that’s on offer.The event showcases all things 4WD with cross country vehicles of all shapes and sizes on display in the generous 110.000 qm exhibition space. This show has something for everyone and is a great day out for all the family and of course for all 4WD enthusiasts, if you are into camping, 4WD’ing and the touring lifestyle you will be salivating over the variety of camping setups and vehicles on display.

the Largest 4wd and camping show in the world

nd from the a to rt o sp n a tr the show campground to work ran like clock

now tha t ’s a stea k

At the 2017 show the custom made off road tracks were once again very busy where visitors can drive a number of off road vehicles including trucks, quads and the latest 4WD vehicles, the kids will also have plenty to do with numerous activities on offer to suit all ages.You can also attend the organised travel talks from Europe’s well known globetrotters who present their tales of travel around the world. The show also had a number of off road travel companies showcasing their most popular off road expeditions and exhibitors offering every product and gadget that would be of interest to the vast majority of us who love nothing more than packing up our 4WD vehicles and heading off to remote areas in search of that perfect camping spot.

The atmosphere at the campsite is festival like and has people returning year after year


f you choose to stay at the shows campsite to enjoy this unique spectacle of camping and touring vehicles for as far as the eye can see you should try and get to the campground by the Wednesday before the show opens as the campsite fills up fairly quickly. On arrival at the campsite expect to see every type of 4WD and overland vehicle you can think off, from large overland trucks to the smaller touring Unimogs, to small 4WD vehicles . The atmosphere at the campsite is festival like and has people returning year after year.

Thomas Schmidt ,chief organiser, and his team have once again done a great job and should be commended for how well the show was organised, particularly how smoothly the transport buses quickly brought people to the show from the campsite in Bad Kissingen.

If you are in Europe next summer the ABENTEUER & ALLRAD 2018 4WD expo will take place between the 31st of May to 2nd of June and we are already looking forward to attending this superb gathering of like minded people.

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RIGS uncut

A 1977Mercedes Benz LA 911

Dora and Jupp from Germany have been driving this beauty simply known as the Green Monster around the world since 2015


From Wales in the UK Pam and Terry Brown have been driving this converted RAF Abulance around Europe over the last couple of years

DEFENDER 130 These Swiss guys have a very comfortable and spacious kit out in their amazing Land Rover Defender Conversion.


Now here’s a beauty, two generations from one family have owned this blast from the past, with a series set of Cooper Tyres this is a real eye catcher

TOURING TRUCKS No shortage of touring trucks at the Abenteuer & Allrad show, including ex milatary conversions and some well kitted out Geman built Unimogs

Bremach T-REX Camper

This is a very impressive Italian made Bremach T-REX. Bremach have been building trucks in Italy since the 1950’s and have started to turn out some very interesting designs in recent years.


Simply called Sandy Alex has been building his pride and joy since purchasing this ex MOD relic in 2012. With a recently installed 300tdi engine, new suspension and rear axel this gem has plenty of touring miles to undertake across Europe

Arctic Trucks Mercedes Conversion

This 2015 conversion has travelled extensively around the world with its Belgian owners.


w g n i p m a c d n a g n i r o expl

Images Transylvania Off Road Tours


wild in

words and images: Nicolas Genoud

Europe offers some remote hidden gems when it comes to Camping and 4WD adventures,bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south you could easily spend a lifetime visiting remote campsites and exploring the network of tracks that connect approximately 10 180 000 square kilometers of very diverse terrain. With some countries in Europe more remote than others, one of these 4WD and remote camping destinations includes Romania that boasts a rugged beauty and thousands kilometers of tracks to be explored. Romania is the twelfth largest country in Europe and is bordered by Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and the Ukraine. Its unique terrain is evenly divided between mountains, hills and plains so plenty of diversity when it comes to tackling 4WD tracks and wild camping. The country is divided by regions that cover an area of 92,043 sq. miles 238,391 sq. km. Some of these regions include The Carpathian Mountains that are split between three major ranges that include the Eastern (Oriental) Carpathians, the Southern Carpathians or famously known as the Transylvanian Alps, and the Western Carpathians.

Other well known regions include the forest of Transylvania and of course home place of Count Dracula, who was made famous by Irish Author Abraham “Bram” Stoker (8 November 1847 – 20 April 1912) in his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula.

Romania boasts a rugged beauty and thousands kilometers of tracks to be explored.

Recent government laws in Romania now limit access to some of its huge forests but despite this there is still plenty to see in this vast and interesting landscape. If you are planning a visit to Romania and are unsure of which routes to take you can always engage a professional 4WD guide who often have access to most areas and with the local knowledge of where to go you can turn a great 4WD and camping trip to Romania into one that you will remember for many years to come. We recently caught up with British expat Marcus Newby Taylor who recently set up Transylvania Off Road Tours, an off road touring and rescue company that takes you into the heart of this unique and historic landscape.





Romania boasts some amazing scenery


You could spend weeks exploring the tracks in Romania.

3 4

Keep an eye out for Wild bears No shortage of wild camping out here


Marcus explained that he moved to Romania in 2007,an avid Land Rover enthusiast he initially started a volunteer rescue service in Romania where he worked with the Romanian Red Cross and the local rescue agencies in 2009.It was from this experience that led him to decide to start up his own business and put his ownership and interest in Land Rovers to good use and that was the start of Transylvania Off Road Tours. Marcus said that they are spoiled for choice in Romania with the off-road network to the extent that on any one of these tours you can expect to stay off road for approximately 80% of the time. In fact the only time they use sealed roads on their tours is when they need to skip sections of track that are either too difficult to tackle due to bad weather or if a group member(s) get held up with repairs works on participating trucks. According to Marcus ‘’these tracks

cross a variety of grounds from state, private, forestry agency and national parks’’. Transylvania Off Road Tours also have special access to the (Parcul National Defileul Jiului where the park ranger guides groups through some spectacular routes and shows ring groups some interesting historical sites along the way. From talking to Land Rover and 4WD enthusiast Marcus, you get the feeling that the Transylvanian and the Romanian wilderness in general is a 4WD and Camping paradise just waiting to be explored. These guys will guide you carefully through researched routes over a variety of terrains, reaching high altitudes that present extensive mountain views. You will drive over rolling hills negotiate steep rugged areas and plenty of water crossings. On the tours you will also have the opportunity to visit some of the many historical places of interest along the way.

‘’These tracks cross a variety of grounds from state, private, forestry agency and national

1.Romania offers a huge diversity of tracks to enjoy. 2 Another group ready to explore some 4WD tracks. 3 Best advice is to stay away from any wild beers spotted. 4. Time for dinner after a hard days touring.

Marcus explained that the off road tours are flexible with plenty of options on their website. They offer superb wild camping and introduce clients to traditional Romanian food dishes prepared by your guide. With Marcus’s military background Transylvania Off-road brings plenty of experience and also take safety very seriously. Marcus highlighted that they work hard to ensure that

tourers have a safe and enjoyable trip. They carry out risk assessments and have developed evacuation plans from all locations explored to the nearest hospital/police station. Marcus went on to explain that all guides are also trained in first aid and carries a comprehensive medical kit. Transylvania Off Road Tours also use communications equipment that enables a call for assistance to be made from anywhere, at all times.


Transylvania Off Road Tours advises that before requesting a custom tour, you should explore the “Tours� section on their website where you may find a tour that suits you. The standard tours can be tailored to peoples require-

ments to an extent; however, if you would like something vastly different the guys are able to accommodate your needs with a custom tour. Single travelers are also welcome to travel on a short or long tours.

These guys will guide you carefully through researched routes over a variety of challenging terrains.



Day 1 Start in Bran with a visit to Dracula’s Castle; then take the road to Campulung, followed by an epic mountain journey to Lake Vidraru.

Day 2 Experience the famous Transfagarasan from a perspective unreachable by the average traveler, with spectacular high altitude views of the Fagaras Mountain Range where you are almost certain to encounter remnants of snow even in high summer.

Romania n i g n i p m a Wild c

Day 3 Round off your trip through traditional, rural Transylvania, where rustic Saxon villages feel like time capsules

from 100 years ago before finishing in the fortified medieval town of Sighisoara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. WHAT TO BRING The terrain, climate and diverse activities in Transylvania mean you need to travel with a wide range of clothing and equipment. For example, in May you could find yourself swimming in a warm lake and sunbathing on its shores one day; then taking a trip above 2000m altitude the following day, where you will

be up to your knees in snow. GPS TRACKING AND COMMUNICATIONS All vehicles participating on tours and any individuals who may temporarily leave the group, are provided with GPS trackers and powerful VHF radios. Clients’ locations can be viewed in the wild or from the Transylvania Tours HQ office. Tour guides also have CB radios for communication with clients in their own vehicles.

VEHICLES Transylvania Off Road Tours have fleet of quality Mercedes and Land Rover 4x4s, all these vehicles are well kitted out with winch and recovery equipment and are rigorously maintained and serviced ensuring the utmost reliability. ACCOMMODATION Depending on your tour selection and requirements, accommodation could include: pure wild camping miles away from civilisation; camping with facilities such as cooking areas, showers and toilets; rustic log cabins in the mountains; or 4 star accommodation with all the creature comforts you would expect anywhere.

radise a p s r e h p a r A photog

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, Nr +44 . 10 1, S 1 +40 3120 anp +40 733 868 etr u, B 733 0426 77 – ras O 0 769 52 – ffic ww ov 08 Ma e (E w – Lo rcu N) tou .tra s r and (EN rs@ nsy (RO ) l tra v a , HU nia ns ,


ani offroa aof d fro .com ad. com




better safe

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e than sorry

TRANSYLVANIA OFF ROAD TOURS – LRI RESCUE SERVICE LR International in cooperation with Transylvania Off-road offer a lifesaving service to enable rescue services to respond more quickly and accurately should you have an accident in the wilderness. They will take the worry away from you and your family while exploring the wilderness of Transylvania Technology used includes the GSM Tracker with SOS button.

With the added aid of a compact VHF hand held radio, you will be able to communicate directly to the LRI Operations room,the radio comes into its own if rescue teams are searching for you and you will be able to communicate with them on their approach. This greatly widens the catchment area if you are being searched for outside of a cell phone signal area.

Marcus Newby Taylor - founder of Transylvania Off Road With a PLB supplied, you can get your SOS message out from anywhere in the world with an open view to the sky.

with qualified and well equipped rescue personnel to your SOS call. The primary role of LR International Rescue Service is to receive an SOS call and ensure that State run official ResThis device sends its SOS signal via cue Services such as SMURD and Salsatellite which is then relayed via RAF vamont are deployed in the quickest possible time including coordinating Rescue in the UK to the LRI Operations room who will then deploy its further communication between the casualty, State Rescue Services and rescue assets as well as alerts. any friends or relatives who are listed LR International is not an official in the customer agreement. medical or rescue service although it has the capability and will deploy

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e all live in a world that is becoming more and more reliant on internet access, for those of us who love getting off the beaten track to remote areas, internet access on our phones and access to online maps is improving but should not be relied on entirely when using a phone to navigate in isolated terrain. That’s why having a dedicated GPS system is an essential tool to have on board your vehicle. Unlike most mobile phones, GPS systems like the Navigattor products do not require the internet to access off road maps as these maps are already downloaded on the GPS units and guided are by satellite signals and hence giving you peace of mind when you are out and about touring in remote areas.

So how does it all work? GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that was developed by U.S.Department of Defense and provides services that gives you information on your position,speed and time measurement using satellites in space. There are now twenty four satellites currently available as a standard and your GPS system is pretty much guaranteed access to satellites around the world.GPS systems provide a service twenty four hours a day and works relatively well in poor weather conditions, a key feature includes using the global common coordinate system, in other words you can identify your exact position by using a GPS receiver where you can receive a signal simultaneously from at least 4 satellites.

GPS systems like the Navigator products do not require the internet to access off road maps as these maps are already downloaded on the GPS units

Navigattor develop and build GPS systems that are based on free cartographic software that allow access to maps from all over the world.

The key benefits to having a good dedicated GPS system in your 4WD or touring vehicle include; not needing the internet to access maps and a dedicated GPS systems offers much larger screens in comparisons to mobile phones. On dedicated GPS systems you normally insert SD cards that store extensive memory which provides key data and maps. Dedicated GPS systems can also be more accurate. One of Europe’s leading GPS navigational system companies Navigattor who specialise in systems that target both the on road (Camper trailers/ RV’s and cars) and the off road touring(4X4,off road racing etc.) markets have been coming up with some very innovative and integrated GPS systems and solutions over the last couple of years.

Based in Barcelona in Spain, Navigattor is paving the way for high quality touring GPS systems. These guys are passionate about off roading and getting you to where you want to go to safely. With a highly experienced team that include Ferran and Ana (whom we recently met in Germany) they have been developing high quality Navigation devices for over ten years targeting the expedition and 4X4 touring market throughout Europe. Navigattor develop and build GPS systems that are based on free cartographic software that allow access to maps from all over the world.

The Navigattor team have been navigating the planet for more than 15 years and with this experience have successfully been supplying solutions to tourers, overlanders and 4WD racers all over the world. This is a multilingual company who speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan, which allows for a direct and personal service to its customers. Navigattor also have distributors located all over Europe where you can get access and see these top quality products. With distributors located in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania Portugal and Colegas,Europe is well covered.


Other services and products that Navigattor provide include the provision of a race tracking navigational services at off road racing events around the world. Navigattor also provide 4WD and touring related expedition products that include, numerous accessories for your Navigattor GPS systems(examples include; PC accessories, additional maps,memory cards)RAM mounts and rails for securing the sturdy Navigattor GPS systems, fridge freezers, awnings & tents, coolants, and AERO fasteners.For more details check out their website at As regards the GPS systems available Navigattor have a variety of GPS units available depending on your needs.We have been using the recently launched CAMEL 8 V2 over the last couple of weeks and have been very impressed with its capabilities.



1.Thousands of Points Of Interest (POI’s) are also available on the system that highlight key areas of interest. 2.Ferran from Navigattor shares his expertise with racers at one of the many international racing events sponsored by Navigattor. 3. Navigattor also sell RAM mounts and rails for securing the sturdy Navigattor GPS systems.


CAMEL 8 V2 The new CAMEL 8 V2 is incorporates new navigation software with smarter options. Specially developed for drivers of 4WD vehicles, Camper Vans, Motor homes RV’s and trucks. Developed in Barcelona by Navigator Adventure Technologies this is the only dedicated stand alone navigator with 8 inches display that includes worldwide free topographic maps and satellite images for OziExplorer.

A really interesting feature in the new innovative CAMEL 8 V2 navigator system is that it allows you to set the sizes of height, width, length, overall weight per axle and number of trailers in order to avoid narrow roads, downtown areas, low headroom bridges, etc. This is an excellent tool for tourers who drive higher vehicles like motor homes. Thousands of Points Of Interest (POI’s) are also available on the system that highlight key areas of interest that include camping areas,

beaches, and parking lots to name but a few. With the CAMEL 8 V2 the end user receives 2 licenses, both installed and activated on the SD card, one for the maps of Western Europe and the other for Points Of Interest, that can updated free of charge. You also have the option to purchase additional maps.

Thousands of Points Of Interest (POI’s) are also available on the system that highlight key areas of interest

on n o i t a m r fo n i e r o m for R O T T A G I V the NA re e h k c i l c 2 V 8 L E M CA

The NEW Navigattor Camel 8 V2 system also comes with off road navigation by means of OziExplorer softwareinstalled with the original license.

Twenty nine countries are included in the license cover :Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Eire (Republic of Ireland), Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy/Vatican City, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom. That’s a total of twenty nine countries covered with mapping by Navteq. Total: 29 countries Provider of the maps: HERE (Navteq) Promotional Price for Camper Naviga-

tion: 50â‚Ź (Including Taxes) The Navigattor Camel 8 V2 system also comes with off road navigation by means of OziExplorer software, installed with the original license. Additional items included with the basic Navigattor Camel 8 V2 package includes a high quality aluminum stand that securely stabilises the unit when attached to a mount. For powering the device you will receive a 230V AC power supply and a 12V DC cable for cigarette lighter plug. You will also receive an instruction Manual on a CD that is translated in English, French, Spanish and German.

The new CAMEL 8 V2 is incorpor new navigation software with sm er options for drivers of 4WD veh Camper Vans, Motorhomes RV’s and trucks.

rates marthicles, Our view

The Navigattor CAMEL V 2 is a very rugged GPS unit. Its size gives it one of the biggest screens on the market giving you a clear maps of your surrounding environment. Having used the unit over the last few months we have been able to locate some great remote camps and tracks that we would not have been able to find without the Navigattor.

ll get you to i w r o tt a g i v a The N t to go safely n a w u o y e r e wh


Distributors Navigattor have distributors located all over Europe where you can get access and see this top quality products. With distributors located in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania Portugal and Colegas. Click on the map below to find your nearest distributor or visit for details on the range of navigational products

n o n o i t a rm o f n i e r o for m OR T T A G I V A the N e r e h k c i l products c

of r e d i v o r p 1 o N europes

s e i r o s s e c c a d n of 4x4 parts a

Unlike the modern trend of dealing with faceless companies with Euro4x4parts you will be dealing with real people

With an increase in the number of people getting interested in touring with their four wheel drives to remote locations throughout Europe the importance of making sure that your four wheel drive is up to the task for an extended trip is becoming more and more relevant. There is no point in being half way into the Pyrenees on one of its many mountain tracks or driving through the center of Iceland and breaking down as a result of having a broken suspension, faulty brakes or something as simple as not having your vehicle properly serviced.This lack of basic preparation can end up being a very expensive oversight. Having your vehicle trip ready does not mean that you need to pay a manufacturer a fortune to get your vehicle expedition ready.Get your vehicle assessed or assess it yourself if you have some mechanical expertise and go and purchase the

individual parts or kits you may need,by doing this you could just end up saving hundreds of euros. If you are looking for a one stop shop where you can purchase all your 4WD mechanical parts, camping and overlanding gear and much more at competitive prices and all topped off with an excellent customer service well Euro 4x4 parts provides all of the above. Unlike the modern trend of dealing with faceless companies with Euro4x4parts you will be dealing with real people and with a huge catalogue of parts available for all types of four wheel drive vehicles this is what separates these guys from the rest.

George Hollend

Francoise & t e i c a r es G ders of n u o f t e i c der Gra arts euro4X4p

The owners of euro4x4parts live and breathe the 4WD industry

Francoise Hollender Graciet one of the founders of euro4X4parts competes all over Europe

y has t i r a l u p o arts p euro4X4p uropean E a n i d resulte outlets of n o i s n a exp is the brainchild of off-road enthusiast and marketing expert Françoise Graciet Hollender and mechanics expert Georges Graciet.

from their new premises in France (3500m2) where they stock an impressive catalogue of 70000 parts and accessories for every 4x4 make/ model on the road in Europe.

Both from France Françoise and Graciet decided to combine their business experience and their passion for 4WD’s, languages and traveling to set up which opened for business on September 4th, 2000.In just 10 years the team had grown to twenty employees.

In addition to the main headquarters in France they also have an outlet in Spain and recent expansions that include two additional outlets on the Reunion Island, a shop in the Canaries, and a shop in the French Alps. Euro 4X4 parts also have future plans well in hand to continue with an international expansion.

Today Euro 4x4 parts now employ seventy employees across three continents and ship worldwide from

VIDEO of Check out the operation s rt a p 4 x 4 o r the eu

ONLINE e u g o l a t a c parts Euro 4x4 parts pride themselves on an exceptional high level of customer service and they are always on hand for help and advice before and after a purchase is made.

bers for almost 60 makes of 4x4. This database of parts and accessories, for 95% of 4x4s on the road making it a unique supplier throughout Europe.

The European founded company currently speaks a whopping fourteen languages in-house so if a client can’t find exactly what they are looking for initially the multilingual team will always do their best to find out what you need and insure that you get the parts or parts you need for your four wheel drive.

The online catalogue easily allows you to select the precise 4X4 part you need, avoiding unnecessary returns.Euro4X4parts pride themselves on service but also on quality rebuild kits including brakes, transmission, steering, engines, axles, and swivels to name but a few have helped to forge a solid reputation for customers throughout the world.

The Euro4X4parts online catalogue includes more than 70,000 part num-




In addition to after-market parts Euro4x4parts also supply OEM and genuine parts as well as performance parts for heavy use, with all parts coming with a 1 year warranty.


When you browse the company’s website you will notice that the Euro4X4parts prices are between 20% and 50% cheaper than genuine parts. This isn’t because they are of inferior quality but simply reflects the fact that we have drastically reduced the number of intermediaries between the manufacturer and you, the client!


Euro4X4parts boasts a huge stock and can supply parts as quickly as possible with an impressive 80% of orders are dispatched the same or the next day.

Mad about 4x4 practical mechanics?

Beyond selling parts, Euro4X4 parts are happy to help with mechanical tips and advice . The companies product managers regularly write articles to keep customers up to date on new products, offering tips for installing parts and general mechanical information on topics that are sure to interest you. It’s not just about parts, Euro 4x4 parts also publish a 4x4 Webzine about the life of the worldwide 4x4 community.

Website ;

The euro Webzine is a popular part of the Euro 4X4 parts website where clients can browse through mechanical tips and advice, photos as reports from 4x4 travellers as well as keeping up with the 4x4 calendar of events and competitions.

Meetings, competitions, expeditions we’re out there in the field with you!

Beyond sales euro 4x4 parts are committed to supporting the 4x4 community and the company’s logo can be

seen out in the field at many competitions, meetings and shows across Europe. With nearly twenty years of experience Euro 4X4 parts have put their energy and knowledge of the 4X4 parts industry into the company. Nick Ould International Sales and Marketing Manager told us that they are constantly striving to improve the range of products available and the service provided to our customers, “it’s all about making life easier for our customers and we work very hard to ensure that we can offer comprehensive custom made kits and products to our customers’’. Euro4X4parts does not claim to be perfect, but the company is committed to doing everything they can to offer the very best service to its clients by finding the part they need at the best price and having it delivered to them as quickly as possible. In future issues of the TURAS CAMPING and 4WD emagazine we will be having a closer look at some the company’s product line while using them while out on the tracks.

on n o i t a m r fo n i e r o m for e r e h k c i l c s rt a p 4 X 4 euro

ears of experiy ty n e tw y rl a With ne ave put their h s rt a p 4 X 4 ence Euro 4X4 wledge of the o n k d n a gy r e en y. to the compan in y r st u d in s part

70,000 4x4 part accessories for over 60 4W vehicles availa online

ation m r o f n i e for mor h k c i l c s rt a euro4X4p

ts & s WD able

n on here

Australian ca now availa

amping products able in Europe

The DARCHE team enjoy th e same lifestyle as its customer s

roducts p g n i p cam tested in DARCHE d n a d gne are desi a Australi


arche was founded in Australia over 26 years ago by DARREN O’DWYER and his wife CHERYL (DAR-CHE). Darche revolutionised the then-traditional swag market with the introduction of the Dome style swag, which is now the most recognised style swag. Today, Darche produces a range of camping and 4x4 touring outdoor gear such as Tents, Swags, Roof Top Tents, Awnings, Sleeping Gear, Furniture, Gear Bags and Accessories. Darche is overseen by experienced textile product developers and passionate staff who are keen outdoor enthusiasts with sound knowledge and experience to match. Utilising accredited laboratories and leading processes, all developments are vigorously tested at the Victorian facility and again in real life situations by developers.

Darche’s Promise “We are passionate, dynamic and keen. We enjoy the same lifestyle choices as our consumers. We strive to provide our consumers the very best value, reliability and service and most importantly we recognise the trust they place on us. We welcome our consumer’s feedback both positive and negative and promise to keep delivering whilst listening. Servicing you, our partners for life. DARCHE ‘s international distributors include XP -edition Outdoor and Off Road equipment who are based in Switzerland and who supply the European market.

ROOF TOP TENTS to hill walk, mountain bike, kayak, go fishing etc. and quick solutions to setting up camp are becoming more important.

DARCHE offer a wide range of Roof Top Te nts Alot more people outside of Africa and Australia are now discovering the benefits of using roof top tents as more of us are looking to get off the beaten track for long weekends

Hi-View RTT

The DARCHE roof top tents range are the perfect solution to enjoy this lifestyle. Now available in Europe these tents are constructed and engineered to specifically suit Australia’s rugged touring conditions, the complementary range includes the Panorama 2 roof top tent with annex, Hi-View Gen 2 roof top tent with annex and the Intrepidor.

ore m r o f e r e click h on informati

The Hi-View Roof Top Tent with Annex is a robust built unit. Constructed using a 260gsm poly/cotton ripstop canvas, the tent will perform and last, ensuring hassle free touring. The Hi-View comes complete with a large full width window, improved class leading ventilation and sky roof star gazing views. A full zip on 3-way annex, with access points to the rear of your vex e hicle is also included h Ann t i w RTT w e i V i


lf-inRTM 1400 (se p tent flating roof to mattress)

The Hi-View RTT

AWNINGS Having used different types of awnings over the last couple of years, the TURAS team never go on a camping trip without one. We normally have one attached to our vehicles for the summer months and only remove them from the vehicles and put them into storage during the winter. Awnings are a great solution for shelter for the sun or rain when cooking,eating or just relaxing under the canvas. DARCHE have a very impressive selection of awnings that include the recently launched Eclipse 180° Awning and the Eclipse 270° Aw­ ning.

The Eclipse 180° Awning

more r o f e r e h click on informati

http com AA 5de EO

The Eclipse 270° Awning

The NEW Eclipse 270° Awning is designed for quick and easy set-up and pack-down by one person, providing 11.5m2 of cover over the length and rear of the vehicle. Features include two low maintenance alloy swivel hinges and a strong light-weight box-tube alloy rafter system. Covered with Darche’s proven and hard-wearing proofed poly-cotton ripstop canvas the Eclipse 270° Awning weighs in at 27.5kg. Add one, two or three optional walls to the Eclipse 270° Awning to complete your 4x4 touring/camping setup. Adding three walls increases cover to approx. 20.5m2. Individual walls can be set-up as wind and weather breaks or as an awning extension, which can increase cover by up to 4.2m2. The walls are manufactured with Darche’s proven and hard-wearing proofed poly-cotton ripstop canvas.

TOURING SWAGS Nebula 1550 The Nebula is a 2 person freestanding canvas hybrid, purpose built for any outdoor adventure. The Nebula’s innovative design makes for a functional four season all weather robust shelter for 1 or 2 people. Uniquely constructed as a single skin canvas, the Nebula combines the space of a tent, with the comfort and durability of a swag.

Dusk to Dawn The new freestanding tapered dome design of the Dusk To Dawn improves stability, shape and comfort with 180° star gazing views. Suitable for touring and general camping, features include an easy to use adjustable ridge pole with trigger locking system, two large all-weather awnings and zip down head wall with access to storage area.


The ridge pole trigger lo oped by Darche makes t the ultimate freestandin walls and all weather aw durability and comfort h into an all-round outdoo ion.

Did you know? Did you know that back in the 1800’s in Australia a Swagman was known as a roaming and mostly seasonal agricultural worker who did odd jobs on farms including labour work ,rounding up and shearing sheep. They mostly slept outdoors where they laid on a piece of canvas and threw a blanket over themselves at night to keep warm.

y Dee

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The Ranger Solo is the ultimate biker swag, featuring a full length zip on the storm cover and a zip down head wall, providing enhanced air flow and comfort, particularly in warmer climates. The Ranger Solo is a convenient and practical, easy to set-up biker swag with plenty of room at 750mm wide.

Darche has re-inflated the patented Air-Volution™ tent and pumped it up with even more innovation and world-class technology. The AT-4 and AT-6 as you know it will once again revolutionise the way outdoor enthusiast’s camp. Firstclass camping brought to you by Darche. Extremely durable and practical with spacious internal areas, the Air-Volution™ technology replaces traditional tent poles with fast set up air poles that can be inflated in minutes. Gone are the days where families are left spending too much of their touring and camping time reading instructions and pinching themselves on fiberglass or metal poles. With excellent stability, the Air-Volution™ tent eliminates lost, broken or forgotten poles and issues related to broken or jammed quick set-up frames!

Extend the overall sheltered area of your 2017 Air-Volution™ AT-4 or AT-6, with zip on awning walls. Both walls are suited to the AT-4 or AT-6 can be zipped on either side of the awning, creating more usable space during your camping trip

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When you’re on a 4x4 touring adventure, you want ease, simplicity and downright functionality. Less time fussing and more time living, right? Meet the Xtender. Available in 2 sizes, this Darche awning tent will allow you to set up within close proximity of your vehicle and drive away at any time, leaving your humble abode untouched. Attaching to your Eclipse Awning, the Xtender can also be left free standing so you can get out there and live it up.

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Camping chairs

Gear bags

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Paul and Anne Blackburn set up OneLife Adventure in 2004 after many years of independent travel in Africa and Asia. They’ve combined their knowledge, experience and passion to plan the trips OneLife Adventure now offers, giving you the best destinations and 4x4 guided expeditions on offer today. Over the last ten years the company has gone from strength to strength, establishing itself as one of the leading vehicle-dependant travel organisation operating from the UK

The Pyrenees is a range of mountains in southwest Europe that forms a natural border between France and Spain. Reaching a height of 3,404 metres (11,168 ft) altitude at the peak of Aneto, the range separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe, and extends for about 491 km (305 mi) from the Bay of Biscay (Cap Higuer) to the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus). For the most part, the main crest forms a divide between France and Spain, with the microstate of Andorra sandwiched in between. The Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Navarre have historically extended on both sides of the mountain range, with smaller northern portions now in France and larger southern parts now in Spain. The Spanish Pyrenees are part of the following provinces, from east to west: Girona, Barcelona, Lleida (all in Catalonia), Huesca (in Aragon), Navarra (in Navarre) and Gipuzkoa (in the Basque Country). The French Pyrenees are part of the following départements, from east to west: Pyrénées-Orientales (North Catalonia and Fenolheda), Aude, Ariège, Haute-Garonne, HautesPyrénées, and Pyrénées-Atlantiques (the latter two of which include the Pyrenees National Park). (

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Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and his views are often sought by journalists, independent travellers and charitable organisations running expeditions. Over the years the list of destinations has grown. Paul and Ann invest time and energy in researching new routes- seeking out the places that combine excellent off road driving adventure and fantastic holiday potential. One Life Offers tours of Iceland, Romania, Western Sahara, Algeria, and, the Pyrenees.

Paul loves to travel , “I’m always wondering what’s around the next corner. Running OneLife gives me an excuse to keep on looking. Guests come from across Europe to join our expeditions, and we’re delighted that many regularly come back time and time again to explore further with OneLife.” Anne also loves travelling and finding something new to discover, her

essential tips for a successful trip “Travel light, beg, borrow or buy what you forget. Don’t forget to pack: Wet wipes.” Paul and Anne love to welcome families on OneLife Adventure trips and all of the European trips are designed with families in mind. This means plenty of stops, a short driving day and great quality campsites. We build

itineraries that keep children happy searching out campsites with pools, or near a village with traditional bars and restaurants and places to explore. OneLife actively seek to engage children in the trip - and there’s lots to keep their interest - whether it’s searching for butterflies or frogs, helping with the firewood collection, or learning something about the wil-

derness they travel through and people they meet. And because they have a reputation as a family friendly company, you’re very likely to be travelling with other children and teenagers too. Paul and Anne are often delighted to see some great friendships formed around the OneLife camp fire.

Home to Western Europe’s last bears and wolves, it is a forgotten area of Spain - villages still speak their own dialects, an ancient mixture of Spanish and Catalan.

The Spanish Pyrenees are the least visited part of the dramatic Pyrenean Mountains, guarding the border between France and Spain. The whole region is immensely beautiful - thickly forested foothills, secret plunging valleys and soaring snow capped mountains make for some of the best mountain driving in Europe. Home to Western Europe’s last bears and wolves, it is a forgotten area of Spain - villages still speak their own dialects, an ancient mixture of Spanish and Catalan. On the tour the groups spend their days driving from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean through some of the best scenery the Pyrenees offers, with the high peaks still mantled in snow. The forest tracks make for challenging driving on steep climbs and tight

hairpins bends as the group traverses forgotten smugglers trails that cross the border between France and Spain. Climbing into the High Pyrenees, twisting through steep gorges carved by torrential, snow fed steams as they rush south to the Spanish Plains, leaving the group behind as it emerges in the remote, peaceful valleys of Anso and Hecho. The route skirts the Odessa National Park, home to lammergeiers and bears, before climbing to over 2500 metres, into the high peaks around the landlocked principality of Andorra. Finally, with the ocean in sight the group enjoy a drive down the rolling Pyrenees Oriental ready to enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea at Cap de Creus.

“I’m always wondering what’s around the next corner. Running OneLife gives me an excuse to keep on looking.”

If you are coming to Spain for the first time, this expedition will show you a side of Spain far from any preconceptions you may have - a wild, remote and timeless Spain. The relaxed and slow pace of this popular expedition, with plenty of time to stop and explore, is ideal for those who are travelling on expedition for the first time or with young families. You’ll stay in good quality organised campsites with clean modern facilities, often with restaurants, bars and play areas. To Learn more about these tours you can contact Paul and Anne online or using the details below:


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Office: 01347 830188 Mobile: 07776 140626 Email:

EXPEDITION RATING DRIVER SKILLS Short driving days (4 hours), suitable for families and drivers with basic off road driving skills. Consider a days training with us before your expedition.

VEHICLE PREPARATION Well maintained standard vehicles with off road tyres (AT or MT patterns), recovery points, basic underbody protection.

CAMPSITES 90% campsites/ 10% wild camping, some technical needs, suitable for families and young children used to camping.

WILD CAMPS 90% campsites/ 10% wild camping, some technical needs, suitable for families and young children used to camping.


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In ISSUE 3 we had a look at DRIFTA an Australian company that has grown rapidly down under over the last few years and now has started to sell its top class camping and 4WD products into the European market. DRIFTA build everything from camp kitchens, 4WD drawers to very impressive and high quality off road camper trailers, they are also a agents for the Japanese Snowpeak and UNIFLAME brands which continue to innovate and create high quality camping products. Over the last few years the company has continued to expand in size and in the range of camping related products they have on offer, they continue to innovate and as a result of increased demand and customer satisfaction they have recently built a canvas bag and camper trailer factory at the company’s HQ in Gloucester in NSW, Australia. DRIFTA put a lot of time and effort into building practical and high quality products like the eye catching and rugged DOT camper trailers, the DRIFTA camp kitchens, 4WD drawers ,the rapid development of a canvas bag making factory and becoming key agents for the high quality Japanese made Snowpeak and UNIFLAME camping accessories. One thing that you can be sure about the DRIFTA products both the ones they manufacture themselves in Australia and the Japanese ones they act as agents for is that they are all of a very high standard .As a follow-on from our introduction to the Snow Peak fire pit in ISSUE 3 we have recently also been using a couple of additional accessories from the Snowpeak range and DRIFTA made canvas bags all of which are now available in Europe and can be viewed on the DRIFTA European website

Some of these products include accessories for the large Snowpeak fire pit i.e. the base plate & stand,the ½ hot plate and ½ grill for the large fire pit, the slick barbecue tongs and the large chop-board/knife set combo which includes the folding timber chop board with kitchen knife stored inside and the DRIFTA made boot liner bag. We have also been using some of the DRIFTA camping related bags which are made from high quality Australian

canvas, they include the large multi use firewood/ rubbish bag, a neat tote bag and these are just a couple of large selection of bags that are now available on the website. There is something special about using canvas bags as storage options, not only are they durable and waterproof but they have that unique old fashioned look that just look the part, in our opinion.

BASEPLATE & STAND The clever baseplate stand folds in half and flat and like all of the other fire pit accessories they also pack neatly into the purposely designed DRIFTA fire pit canvas bag. The base plate stand comes in two separate pieces that click together. Note that the stand fits both the large and medium firepit. Benefits of using the stand and plate include allowing for air to travel freely which fuels your fire but the key benefit for the stand and base plate is that they allow you to have a fire on a grass surface for example without scorching the ground and leaving no trace of a fire. The stand and the base plate also raise your fire allowing you to get closer to it and keeping warm on those cold starry nights.

As highlighted in ISSUE 3 ,the Drifta supplied Snowpeaks pack & carry fire pits come in three sizes and are built from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel. The fire pit also has a variety of cooking and grilling accessories that can be added to your set up and will definitely improve your camping experience. As outlined in our previous article the innovative bridge can be adjusted to different heights from the fire

depending on how hot your fire is or how burnt you like your food and with the large provided grill you will have plenty of room to cook for the entire family. The pit itself is raised from the ground with the collapsible legs and prevents the ground area underneath the pit from getting scorched particularly if you are camping on a grassy surface. Using this system pretty much guarantees that you leave no trace, which is always good.

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1/2 &1/2 COOKING SET

The ½ and ½ grill and cooking plate accessory fits the large fire pit and offers a whole new dimension when cooking in the great outdoors. The ½ net (grill) allows you to cook your meats, kebabs etc over your fire and the ½ hot plate with its 40mm deep pan like space allows you to simultaneously cook other foods like vegetables, onions, stir frys,stews, peas, beans etc giving you your friends and your family plenty of options when it comes to dining out after a busy day on the tracks. The hot plate is particularly useful for cooking breakfast, allowing you to cook your bacon eggs mushrooms, French toast or whatever you fancy on the deep hot plate. Also the ½ and ½ system allows you to boil

your water for your morning coffee by just taking the grill plate off and putting your coffee kettle/billy directly on the fire. It is also worth noting that they are easy to clean and of course can be packed away into a specially designed DRIFTA canvas bag which is also an optional extra. Like all the Snowpeak products they are made from high quality steel and will last a lifetime if looked after. You should always store your hot plate and grill dry after use.

KNIFE & CHOP BOARD The large chop board Snowpeak chop board and knife set is a real camping luxury but for those of you who take your camp cooking seriously who says you can’t have good quality cooking implements as part of your camp kitchen setup.


The large Chop board/Knife Combo includes a well crafted folding timber chop-board with kitchen knife stored inside and a DRIFTA made boot liner bag that protects the wood when stored away. The chop board dimensions are 360 x 236 x 19 mm open 360 x 118 x 34 mm closed, and the combo weighs 850 grams.

Overall this is a beautiful piece the Snowpeak knife and chopping board is what you would expect from the Japanese manufacturer ,a top quality product. With Japanese knives having an excellent reputation this one also hits the high notes when it comes to quality. Its nearly to good to take camping but the combo chopping board and knife is very practical for camping and camp cooking. This piece of kit now has a permanent place in one of our 4WD vehicles.


Another high quality product from the Snowpeak range is this neatly designed barbecue tongs. It is made from stainless steel with serrated ends, has a timber handle and it’s relatively lightweight weighing just 200mm. These 410 mm long tongs are very useful for moving your pieces of wood around when starting your fire, the serrated teeth allow the tongs to easily pick up, grip and turn food when cooking on the grill. They are made from high quality solid stainless steel and like all Snowpeak products they are made to last.

CANVA FIREWOOOD CANVAS BAG Who would have thought a large canvas bag would be so useful for gathering and carrying firewood when camping and for using it to store your rubbish and take it home in after a couple of days camping. The simplest ideas are always the best, we have all been there, arriving at your camp and having to go and pick up whatever firewood you can carry at one time. You can only carry so much and we can waste lots of time searching gathering and returning to camp before heading off to gather more wood. The large canvas bag makes it so much easier, it simply means that you can put your firewood into the bag as you find it and not return to camp until it’s full with wood. Also how many times have your grappled with putting your rubbish into plastic bags after a few days camping and trying to secure these bags to your roof rack . The simple solution by DRIFTA also sorts out this issue.The bags are made from 12 ounce canvas and can be got in two sizes, the medium sized back is closed with velcro sewed into the canvas and the large bag is closed using a drawstring.



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IF TA firewood bag



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ABOUT TICKS Ticks live in the ground vegetation and move mainly by climbing up plants and walking on the ground. They latch on to a passing animal or human host by using hooks on their legs. Adults: : 7–15 mm Nymphs: 2–3.5 mm Larvae: 0.5–1 mm Illustration is only indicative. Sizes can vary from 0.5 to 15 mm, depending on tick species.

e castor h t , s u n ici Ixodes r k bean tic

Reddish skin rash in a ring shape around the bite

Ticks can pass on diseases Ticks are very small and live on the blood from pets, farm and wild animals but they can also bite humans who pass through their living environment. Tick bites are not dangerous in themselves. However, some ticks are infected with bacteria, viruses or parasites that can cause serious diseases in humans so there is a risk that these ticks may pass on their infection to you as they feed on your blood. In Europe a tick-borne disease to be

aware of is Lyme borreliosis which can occur in areas where infected ticks that transmit the disease are found. Ticks thrive in shady and humid woodland, clearings with grass, open fields and bushes. They live in both rural and urban locations. Ticks’ life cycles go through four stages: egg, larva, nymph and adult. During the last three stages the tick may bite and can transmit disease. To the naked eye the larvae look like specks of dust, while nymphs are slight-

ly larger, pinhead or poppy seed size. Adult ticks have eight legs and are the size of small spiders. The adult ticks can also vary in colour, from reddish to dark brown or black. Once fed, a female tick can grow to the size of a pea, as its body fills with blood. Lyme borreliosis If you have been bitten by a tick and you experience any of the following symptoms within 30 days after the bite, please contact your doctor as you may

have contracted Lyme borreliosis: • Reddish skin rash in a ring shape around the bite • Flu-like symptoms such as fever, tiredness, headache Most cases of Lyme borreliosis can be treated successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics. However, if left untreated, the disease can in the later stages infect the heart, joints and nervous system.

Preventive measures

All over Europe

There is no vaccine against Lyme borreliosis, so tick awareness, using insect repellents on your skin and clothes (clothes specific insect repellents should not be used on the skin) and protective clothing in tick-infested areas and early removal of attached ticks remain the most important prevention measures. There is a lower risk of infection if ticks are removed quickly, as infection generally does not occur during the first few hours of tick feeding.

Tick-borne diseases can be found almost all over Europe, with some diseases being more prevalent in certain regions. Inform yourself on areas where tickborne diseases are present and ask your doctor regarding necessary precautionary measures before travelling to any of these areas, especially if you plan to engage in outdoors activities (camping, hiking, hunting, lake or river fishing, etc.) during your visit that might increase your exposure to ticks.

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re the factory suspension and shocks on your vehicle up to the task for the uses to which you put your vehicle? Does it ride smoothly after you have loaded it up with the family, your camping and touring gear and when you take your pride and joy off road to get to your favorite camping spot? In many cases the standard factory spring and shock suspension often improve with an upgrade and that is why we now see so many companies offering after-market products which often provide tailored made components which give more strength and which in turn will help your vehicle perform better. If you do decide to upgrade the springs and shock on your vehicle it’s not as simple as finding the first kit on the shelf and attaching it.. The types of springs and shocks you will

need on your vehicle really depends on what your requirements are. If you are just into touring and carrying additional gear on your roof rack as opposed to hard core off-roading well the likelihood is that the type of suspension you require will vary.

Springs come in different strengths which often depend on the steel incorporated in the product, with an ever growing availability of after-market heavy duty springs offering better strength and choice for your suspension upgrade.




The key function of a good suspension is to absorb bumps on the road and give you a more comfortable ride.

These new range of shock absorbers are covered by a 3-year extended warranty., they also boast an advanced control for a comfortable ride and better handling.

The key function of a good suspension is to absorb bumps on the road and give you a more comfortable ride. For example your vehicle springs will absorb challenging terrain and allow your vehicle to ride over potholes by reducing the effects of a sudden impact when driving.

you may encounter on the tracks and work hard to keep your vehicles tyres on the ground which ensures better control of your vehicle

We have recently installed some shocks and springs from the UK based Bearmach. These NEW GAS shocks are new to the market having recently been released following Your shocks are equally as important, their main function is to dampen three years of R&D the impact and to control the moveSince 1958, Bearmach Limited has ment of your wheels. Shocks effectively help control the impact and been the market leader in the provision of after market Land Rover parts movement of your vehicle’s springs and accessories and it is now one of and suspension, they also reduce the largest online sellers of parts for vibrations amongst other things. Your shocks play a key role in limitall Land Rover vehicles, worldwide. ing the effects of rugged terrain that

rs of the Bell Family’s Bearmach are proud sponso ld in their custom built Adventure around the wor Land Rover Defender ter handling. Bearmach claim that the improved multi-lip high pressure seals, prevent leaks and are designed to permanently seal the oil or The recently introduced GAS shocks gas inside the shock. These shocks are also built with a heavy-duty twinimprove stability and ride comfort for touring, load carrying and towing tube construction technology. They are also reinforced, and have doufor 4-wheel drive applications. ble-welded mountings for long term Developed over a three year period with a world-recognised manufactur- durability. er, these shock are tough. Bearmach are confident in these new shocks performance and offer a genThe new shock absorbers are also erous 3-year extended warranty. sensitive to the length and speed of suspension movement and are If you have a lift in your Land Rovdesigned to supply precisely the er no drama as the new Bearmach amount of damping resistance required at any time. This ensures that shock absorbers are ideal for standard or raised height Land Rovers. the suspension’s spring remains in control, performing its intended role The shocks also come with heavy duty bushes and cup washers. and promoting maximum tyre grip on the road and when taking your vehicle off road. Bearmach have a huge variety of products that are constantly being upgraded and introduced.

They also boast an advanced control for a comfortable ride and bet-

KEY FEATURES • These shocks support some of the vehicle’s weight, while offering better control at higher demands and speeds. • The Bearmach Hydraulic Shocks use the same hardware as the Bearmach Gas Shocks. So, they are a very good quality oil / hydraulic shock. • Premium grade oil used to withstand high operating temperature and continued rigorous use. • Large 35mm bore and piston is greater than most original equipment size and provides an increased oil capacity for greater ride improvement. • DU® bushed pilot bearing- means better support for the shaft, greater side load capabilities and less strain on the top seal. This prolongs the life of the unit and lessens the possibility of hydraulic oil loss. • Designed with prolonged life expectancy.

The Bearmach Twin Tube Gas Shocks are a PREMIUM quality nitrogen charged gas shock and are sold at a very competitive price. On initially installing these shocks and new Bearmach springs on the TURAS Land Rover Defender 90 we were very impressive with their road handling Bearmach have been extensively testing these shocks over the toughest off-road terrain over a 3-year period and are confident that they are up to taking on the harshest off road tracks. We certainly gave them a good work out off road and they were more than up to the task. In the shocks development Bearmach have also worked on ensuring that

these shocks are less prone to overheating and hence giving them a longer life.

ADDITIONAL SPECS INCLUDE A 5mm sintered iron, one piece, PTFE banded piston. DU® bushed (metal composite with steel back, sintered bronze & PTFE) bearing. Disc valve system used in the piston & foot valve. Bearing slip ring to provide immediate performance and no “bleed back”. Nitrogen gas pressurised – reduces shock fade – making shocks work longer and harder. Designed with prolonged life expectancy.

These Bearmach gas shocks improve stability and ride comfort for touring, load carrying and towing for 4-wheel drive applications.

cks reo h s h c a rm These Bea and work e d a f k c duce sho longer. d n a r e d r ha

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y l i m a F l l e B The



We recently met up with the Bell family at the Abenteuer & Allrad Show in Germany

For those of us who have a nomadic streak , the idea of being able to finish our job, sell the house and walk away from our day-to-day lives and go and travel the world in our favorite truck is what dreams are made of. But what do you do if you have a young family and other commitments,? …..No drama just bring the kids along and don’t worry about the other stuff. Well that’s exactly what Graeme Bell did along with his wife Luisa and two children Keelan and Jessica. We recently met up with the lovely Bell family at the Abenteuer & Allrad Show in Germany. The family are currently on a multi conti-

nent journey in their impressive Land Rover Defender 130.This impressive Land Rover RTW simply called Mafuta is outfitted with all the adventure necessities for years on the road and certainly looks the part. So when was the seed sown for this incredible over-landing adventure?In 2010, the Bell family who are from South Africa set off in their Land Rover Defender on an African adventure which

in A close encounter Namibia

The Overland Exp o in Flagstaff, USA

ratera a rodeo in the Car ile Austral region , Ch

The Baja desert is the real de al . Sand , cacti , boulders and strange deserted structures.

rakes after we bleeding the b ne . replaced the li

Luisa test one of the earlier drawer systems on the Land Rover

would ultimately afflict them with the overlanding addiction. After touring Southern and East Africa for six months they returned to their home in South Africa, to normal life and the corporate grind . Only touring in their trusty Landy, Mafuta, could still their trembling hands and sate their insatiable hunger. The decision was made, they decided to live an alternative travel lifestyle, a decision

which would take them and Mafuta to initially to South America where, through a combination of good luck and bad decisions, they circumnavigated the continent for over two years before setting their sights on North America. Now in Europe the guys are presently in Portugal where they are planning the next part of this awesome adventure.

Everyone who owns a Land Rover including ourselves knows that most Land Rovers ever made are still on the road Supports from the industry play a key role in making adventures like this happen and one of these sponsors include the British company Bearmach. Since 1958, family founded Bearmach Limited has been the market leader for the supply of Land Rover spares.

for all Land Rover vehicles, worldwide .

Graeme explains that when you are driving your expedition vehicle to places few others tread you need to be able to trust your vehicle completely. That trust is based on good mechanical maintenance and excellent components. We have tried othEveryone who owns a Land Rover including ourselves knows that most er brands but have learned to trust Bearmach Land Rover parts to be as Land Rovers ever made are still on good as original parts at a quarter the road. Companies like Bearmach of the cost. Our Land Rover is taking certainly have helped keep them on us around the world and with Bearthe road by delivering, on average, 330,000 parts per month to over 140 mach products in the spares crates we know we have the best. Trust is countries. Bearmach is one of the everything. largest and competitively priced online sellers of parts and accessories

Portugal n i d a o r e h On t

Land Rovers do require some TLC every now and again ..........

While on the road both Graeme and Luisa have reinvented themselves from corporate entrepreneurs and students to writers, photographers, artists, educators and mechanics and have used these skills to write and publish two books that share with the world their adventures to date. The first book simply called Travel the Planet Overland was written to inspire others to explore this magnificent rock we all call home and deliver a core message, simply that anyone sufficiently inspired can travel the planet overland. The Bell family take readers by the hand and walk them through the long term world traveler’s reality, introducing the different types of overland travelers and

the vehicles they prefer based on the fluidity of their cash flow. In the book they then guide readers through the financial and emotional preparations for overland travel and provide the tools for overland travel success! The second book We Will Be Free chronicles the challenges faced by the Bell family as they extract themselves from the “real� world and set off to explore Africa and circumnavigate the South American continent in a Land Rover. Written with passion and from the heart, We Will Be Free is more than just another travel book,as highlighted by the Bells the book is a modern manifesto, a declaration of independence and self sufficiency.

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If you don’t have a dual battery system built into your 4WD that does not mean that you can’t have remote power when camped up in the middle of nowhere. The Li-ion Powerpack 300+ unit is surprisingly compact and lightweight. This all-in-one Li-ion Powerpack 300+ delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it. It is perfect for camping, off grid outdoor activities, cabins, garages, market stalls and for backup during a power cut. The reason why the Powerpack 300+ is so small and powerful is because it uses a Lithium-Ion battery, these new batteries are much smaller than the larger and cumbersome leisure batteries yet in this unit they provide an impressive 465 Watt hour of

energy capacity in a unit weighing just 3.7Kg. Developed exclusively by PPT using their extensive knowledge in power inverter design. The clean pure sine wave 230V inverter will easily power all your AC appliances and loads up to 300 watts examples include, TV’s, laptops, computers, surveillance cameras, fridges, lights, and small pumps. The neat integrated transfer switch makes it an ideal power back up solution as well, automatically transferring from grid to internal battery in only a few milliseconds meaning no interruption to critical power when required.

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GETAW Yurts originate from Mongolia and are made from natural fibres & timber. A wooden lattice forms the circular wall, with decorated poles pointing skyward to the centre window at the top. This framework is covered in thick felt and protective materials to make a warm snug, calm environment, perfect for you to relax in. Light your log stove, shut your wooden door on the elements and bring out your favourite book.

a i c e p s a very n i y l r southe


t s o m s ’ Ireland

n o y a w al geta d n a l s i d e t i b a nh

GETAW ote m e r y l , nice r a e l re ... C e h w y Cape r ll , eve e w , m fro

Evenings in a yurt are an experience not easily beaten for cosiness and comfort. With soft furnishings, large scatter cushions, beanbags, real beds and log-burning stove. Star-gazing through the top clear circle of the yurt, sitting out on the decking on balmy evenings or chatting round the stove, the peace and tranquility of this very special island will envelop you.


a room wi th a view..



Cape Clear is Ireland’s most southerly inhabited island, situated some 8 miles off the coast of West Cork. The island is rich in archaeology with amazing stone walls, ancient standing stones and bronze age monuments scattered over its landscape.

Take and whil islan harb

There is a Napoleonic Signal tower, a 5000 year-old passage grave, a 12th century Church, a 14th century O’Driscoll castle and the historic lighthouse. Saint Ciarán, the island’s patron saint is allegedly the earliest of Ireland’s four pre-Patrician saints.

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e the 45 minute ferry trip from Baltimore relax amongst the romantic scenery, le absorbing the tranquil beauty of the nd, with its rolling hills and shimmering bours.

ever changing colours of the hillsides, ere wild flowers mix with yellows and ples of gorse and heather, turning to the autumn gold of bracken.

th Harbour is a busy, bustling meeting nt; for the island ferry, for Saun Rua’s taurant incorporating the island shop, or Cotters Bar to down a cool pint.

entertainment can often be found in b Chleire where you can find impromptu sions by local musicians.

Cape Clear has a helpful website which can be accessed HERE

CONTACTS & INFORMATION Chleire Haven Cape Clear Island, Skibbereen Co Cork Ireland Tel: +353 (0)86 197 1956 +353 (0)2839982 E-Mail:



WAYS Tregwelan Shepherd’s Hut, a small but amazing wooden retreat that’s perfect to relax and recharge in, in the glorious countryside. This little wooden hut, traditionally designed and hand-made to the highest quality, has been designed to look rustic, yet contain all the required modern necessities . Located along a partly unmade track, it feels isolated, even though it’s actually just a short walk stroll along the Camel Trail from the town of Padstow . Except for the friendly owners (as you’re tucked in the corner of their grounds), the nearest neighbours are 150 metres away, so prepare to relax with noth-

ing but the sounds of nature and rural life around you. The views are spectacular, the panorama of the Camel Estuary, rolling green fields and endless skies. Open up the doors of the hut and breathe in that fresh air, or step just outside and you can set up the sun loungers to have a snooze, grill some burgers on the barbie or do some cooking on the fire pit. Inside, you’ll find a wellequipped kitchen ,some worktop and storage space. The large dining table with bench seats and bookshelves above converts with a pull into a double bed - a lovely space for a long, lazy lie-in while gazing at the view.





WHERE: Cornwall, located in the far west of Great Britain on a peninsula tumbling into the vast Atlantic ocean, almost completely surrounded by the sea, a magnificent coastline wraps around Cornwall for almost 300 miles. Cornwall is also the location of mainland Great Britain’s most southerly promontory, The Lizard, and one of the UK’s most westerly points, Land’s End, while a few miles off shore and even further west is an archipelago of tiny islands that make up the Isles of Scilly. Padstow is a town, civil parish and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall.


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stow’s harbour is undoubtedly the ongest attraction in the town and visitors d themselves drawn to it like a magnet. hing and pleasure craft rock side-by-side their moorings, children fish for crabs m the harbour wall, quayside inns and es overlook the calm water.

ere are seats all around the harbour and ause there is always something going on d it’s such a vibrant place, its a favourite ot for locals and visitors alike.

Padstow has a helpful website which can be accessed HERE

CONTACTS & INFORMATION Classic Glamping Classic Cottages Leslie House Lady Street Helston Cornwall TR13 8NA Email Telephone +44 1326 555555 Fax +44 1326 555544


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Over the last two issues of the TURAS Camping and 4WD Adventures e magazine you will have seen us showcasing this very innovative Australian company that build everything from camp kitchens, 4WD drawers to very impressive and high quality off road camper trailers.

stand the test of time and the only way they can stand over this is by putting these products through their paces in the great outdoors.

We recently caught up with the guys Luke, Kaito and Jake following a trip they made to the NSW coast where they were testing one of their reThese guys live and breathe Camping cently built DOT 4 4WD camper trailand 4WD adventures and it is very ev- ers. ident that they put all of their CampThe DRIFTA DOT trailers are made in ing products to the test in the Ozzy Bush that boasts some of the world’s the Gloucester DOT factory in Austramost remote and extreme 4WD conlia, these robust trailers sing advenditions. ture and are built using Australian suppliers and components, everything from the steel, rims toolboxes, Luke Sutton the founder and owner side-box, canopy; and canvas are all of DRIFTA takes his product testing Australian made. very seriously, DRIFTA are all about selling top quality products that will

ew DOT 4 off road camper trailer built to tackle hard core tracks

It is not all work at the DRIFTA HQ and the guys do love any excuse to get out and about but this normally incorporates testing new products and the recently built new DOT 4 camper trailer needed a hard core test run. It was decided to pack up the gear and set the GPS for McBrides Beach near Forster in New South Wales. DOT stands for DRIFTA offroad tourer and that is exactly where they would be taking this new addition to the DRIFTA fleet of trailers OFF ROAD. Luke and his son Kaito, EU DRIFTA manager Jake and his sister Nika who was visiting from the Czech Republic would be taking the new DOT 4 to the beautiful McBrides Beach near Forster in New South


Wales.The track that descends into this beautiful remote beach is as challenging as you will get and you certainly will not see to many people if any attempting to take a camper trailer down this treacherous terrain. The lads would also be taking down the new Toyota 200 series to see what it was capable off and the trustee 76 series . The guys left the DRIFTA HQ early as it’s winter time now in Australia meaning shorter days and limited light in the evening. On arriving at the entrance to the track that will take you down to this idyllic beach it was time to let the tires down from forty psi to twenty psi allowing for good grip on this uneven and slippery in parts terrain.




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Luke Sutton owner of DRIFTA and his son Kaito. The guys take testing the products they sell seriously Testing new products at McBrides beach. Jakes sister Nika cooks up some tasty kebabs on the beach.

TA DOT 4 IF R D w e n e h T r trailer offroad campe

Jake said that the track is very steep in parts with some big washouts taking up large sections of the track that on more than one occasion led to two to three wheels in the air. As highlighted by Jake the four foot off road trailer was being towed by the DRIFTA 76 Series and performed exceptionally well as it descended towards the beach.

damage on the new vehicle for sure. The guys also brought some new camping equipment to test on this trip all stored in the new DOT trailer,they included the IGT set up that includes the double BBQ box for cooking and washing up and the Snowpeak iron grill table set up, the expansive Hexa tarp and the recently designed and impressive looking Drifta fire pit.

Besides just a dent on the mudguard it arrived on the beach unscathed, Jake was also very relieved to have put new rock sliders on the new 200 Series as without them there would have been body

This new fire pit was designed by Lukes mate Tobi who is an engineer from Germany, the clever design is built at the DRIFTA HQ and has just recently hit the shelves and is proving to be very popular.

As the sun went down at this idyllic location Jake’s sister Nika prepared some tasty salad and Shashlik kebabs for dinner while Kaito got some impressive drone shots while his Dad Luke and Jake worked on freeing up the bogged 76 series from the sand , thank god for MAXTRAX for helping to get the 76 out safely. The temperature dropped fairly quickly as the sun disappeared and that’s when the new DRIFTA fire pit came into its own keeping everyone nice and warm as the everyone sat down around the blazing while enjoying a few well earned cold beers. These guys from DRIFTA are passionate about camping off the


beaten track, everything they do from designing, building to testing these quality camping products is all based on what they have learned from being out in the bush and we certainly hope to hear more from them in future TURAS Camping and 4WD e magazines.

Check out the DRIFTA you tube page by clicking here .



1. The new DRIFTA fire pit 2. Jake sets up the awning on the DOT 4. 3. The 200 Series gets a good work out on the tracks in NSW.

The DRIFTA team are passionate about camping and test all their prouducts out in the bush

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The Home 200 X2 Niwa’s Starter System is a great way to get your camp lit up on those dark nights. With the solar panel and charging facility this is the perfect off grid lighting solution for those who do not have a dual battery system built into their vehicle solution.

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BCDC DUAL BATTERY SYSTEM With more and more electrical devices being used when traveling,along with more complex vehicle electrical systems, having the right battery charging solution has never been more important. This Dual Battery Chargers ensures optimum performance of electrical equipment such as fridges, lights, and even hydraulic pumps when they’re powered from a dual battery setup. One of the benefits of this system is that it uses a unique, multi-stage charging algorithm. The BCDC Dual Battery Chargers have been designed to charge any commonly-used automotive auxiliary battery to 100% while you’re on the move and from solar when you’ve stopped.


Congratulations to the winner of our summer competition, Andrew Alexander from Wiltshire in England. Andrew has won an amazing Kelly Kettle Basecamp Kit. Enjoy Andrew. Don’t miss our competition in this month’s issue, where you can win an amazing hi-tech Therm-a-rest Mattress from Cascade Designs.

Winner: nder Andrew Alexa

Hobo Stove The Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove is made from stainless steel. Like the Kettle itself, it works in all weather conditions and can use any type of solid fuel--twigs, pine cones, etc. The Hobo Stove weighs 6 ounces, and has a pot support measuring just over 5 inches wide.

where you have a base camp, or for off-grid cooking in a small space with minimal fuel, it works wonderfully.

The Hobo Stove is a perfect addition to the Kelly Kettle, especially since it doesn’t take up any extra room in the carrying bag. Combining all three pieces together (the All together, the Kelly Kettle and Kelly Kettle, cook stand and Hobo all accessories weigh 3 pounds, 12 Stove) gives you the ability to cook ounces, so it’s not really something just about anything in all weather you’d take on an extended backconditions using just a handful of packing trip. But for a situation fuel.

the hobo stove

the hobo stove takes up no ex tra space .... it fits neatl y inside the fi re base of your kettle for storage

ation m r fo n i e r o m r click here fo

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Sometimes it’s nice and relaxing to just cook some easy food when out camping, throw a burger on the grill or make a pot of something that does not require too much attention. However with a little extra effort, it’s possible to make some more , let’s say ‘delicate’ dishes over a campfire. Here is one dish we have cooked successfully on a number of occassions, and if you follow the instructions, it should turn out well. This is still a one pot meal, but it needs to be attended to during the cooking process. The main trick with this dish is to keep stirring it, stir it very frequently, this both helps to avoid it burning, but also , and equally importantly it gives the risotto a nice texture.



1” diced to , s t s a e r b d 2 chicken h salt an it w d e n aso cubes, se ed pepper s, chopp n io n o e g ,a bunch r 2 lar e p p e p green y veg you n a 1 red or y ll a e gus, (r of aspara added) e b n a c e e lik rborrio ric icken a s p u c h 2½ beef or c s e g a k c a 2p of stock. g 0 0 6 , k stoc tter 3 tbsp bu olive oil salt e pepper ns or som io n o n e e diced gr as- ¼ cup green pe ter 1 cup wa

INSTRUCTIONS Place your dutch oven over the campfire for a few minutes to pre heat it. Add 1 tbsp olive oil. When the oil begins to sizzle , add the diced chicken. Cook until the chicken is browned on all sides. Add the diced vegetables. When vegetables are slightly browned, add butter and stir. Raise the dutch oven a litte from the heat to lower the heat to a more medium temperature. (you could use a tripod or other pot support for this) Start to stir well Let the rice brown slightly Add a little bit of the stock , just enough to keep the consistency liquid. Keep stirring frequently until the rice thickens. Add a little more stock until it is just barely liquid. Repeat stirring frequently until thickened and adding just enough stock to keep

it from burning or becoming too thick. When your stock is used, and the risotto has become thicker, take a taste. If the rice is too crunchy for your taste, add a little water and proceed with the steps above. Risotto should be slightly crunchy when you bite it , but not too much. If you cook it for too long, it will become a bit chewy- and some people prefer it that way. Add the diced green onions just before your risotto is done cooking- as one of the last steps as you don’t want to overcook them. If you are using peas, add them with the last addition of stock so they just cook briefly. When risotto is thick enough to not spread out all over a plate, but not so thick you sculpt it into shapes, it is ready. Serve and enjoy...


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on to Geocaching

On May 2, 2000, at approximately midnight, eastern savings time, the US government switched off selective availability on their GPS network. Twenty-four satellites around the globe processed their new orders, and instantly the accuracy of GPS technology improved tenfold. Tens of thousands of GPS receivers around the world had an instant upgrade. The announcement a day before came as a welcome surprise to everyone who worked with GPS technology. The US government had planned to remove selective availability - but had until 2006 to do so. Now, said the White House, anyone could “precisely pinpoint their location or the location of items left behind for later recovery.� How right they were.

For GPS enthusiasts, this was definitely a cause for celebration. Internet newsgroups suddenly teemed with ideas about how the technology could be used.

stash on the Internet, used their own GPS receivers to find the container, and shared their experiences online. Throughout the next week, others excited by the prospect of hiding and finding stashes On May 3, one such enthusibegan hiding their own conast, Dave Ulmer, a computer tainers and posting coordiconsultant, wanted to test the nates. Like many new and inaccuracy by hiding a naviganovative ideas on the Internet, tional target in the woods. the concept spread quickly He called the idea the “Great - but this one required leaving American GPS Stash Hunt” and your computer to participate. posted it in an internet GPS users’ group. The idea was Within the first month, Mike simple: Hide a container out Teague, the first person to in the woods and note the co- find Ulmer’s stash, began ordinates with a GPS unit. gathering the online posts of coordinates around the world The finder would then have to and documenting them on locate the container with only his personal home page. The the use of his or her GPS re“GPS Stash Hunt” mailing list ceiver. The rules for the findwas created to discuss the er were simple: “Take some emerging activity. Names were stuff, leave some stuff.” even tossed about to replace the name “stash” due to the On May 3rd he placed his own negative connotations of that container, a black bucket, in name. One such name was the woods near Beavercreek, “geocaching.” Oregon, near Portland. Along with a logbook and pencil, he For the first few months, geoleft various prize items includ- caching was confined to exing videos, books, software, isting experienced GPS users and a slingshot. He shared the who already used the technolwaypoint of his “stash” with ogy for outdoor activities such the online community on sci. as backpacking and boating. geo.satellite-nav: However Jeremy Irish, a web developer for a Seattle comN 45° 17.460 W 122° 24.800 pany, stumbled upon Mike Teague’s web site in July while Within three days, two differdoing research on GPS techent readers read about his nology.

The idea of treasure hunting and using tech-gadgets represented the marriage of two of his biggest interests. Discovering one was hidden nearby, Jeremy purchased his first GPS unit and went on his first hunt the following weekend. After experiencing the thrill of finding his first cache, Irish decided to start a hobby site for the activity. Adopting the term geocaching, he created and applied his professional web skills to create tools to improve the cache-hunting experience. The cache listings were still added by hand, but a database helped to standardize the listings. Additional features, like searching for caches around zip codes, made it easier for new players to find listings for nearby caches. With Mike Teague’s valuable input,

the new site was completed and announced to the stash-hunting community on September 2, 2000. At the time the site was launched there were 75 known caches in the world. Since this time as the community grew so did the company that was formed to manage The website and services were upgraded and are now supported by premium subscriptions to the service. As of August 2017 , there are over 3 million registered ‘Geocachers’ in the word and over 2.8 million Geocaches all around the world. At its simplest level, geocaching requires these 8 steps: Register for a free Basic Membership. Visit the “Hide & Seek a Cache” page. Enter your postal code and click “search.”

Choose any geocache from the list and click on its name. Enter the coordinates of the geocache into your GPS Device. Use your GPS device to assist you in finding the hidden geocache. Sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location. Share your geocaching stories and photos online. If you take something from the geocache (or "cache"), leave something of equal or greater value. Write about your find in the cache logbook. There is also a class of item stored in caches, called ‘trackable’ these items have codes that can be entered on the Geocaching website to allow participants to see where the item is currently located in the world. Geocachers Move these items from cache to cache across the world, and many trackables have travelled the world many times over, one has even been to the internation space station and back. Its also possible to attach decals to any item to turn it into a trackable, and another type of activity in this area occurs when people

attach ‘travel bug’ to their vehicles , effectively turning vehicles into ‘moving caches’. Geocachers that come across a vehicle with a trackable, can log the code where they see the vehicle and in this way also , the vehicle can be tracked across the world. This article has only scratched the surface of this fascinating game that is also a major hobby for millions of people around the world. Learn more and click the link below.


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Keeping accurate tire pressure is a necessity for good fuel economy, prolonged tire life and maximum traction off road. The new ARB Digital Tire Inflator Gauge, provides accurate readings and inflation for your next 4WD adventure. An accurate air pressure gauge and tire inflation equipment in your vehicle is a necessity for any four wheel enthusiast. Running the correct tire pressures for different situations and or vehicle load changes is an extremely simple operation with its large, blue backlight display, thumb operation inflator button and simple deflator bleed button. The 23.5 inch dual swivel PVC coated braided hose and clipon air chuck eliminates the need to bend over while airing up at the end of a long day on the trail and the backlight ensures you know the exact pressures no matter if it is day

or night when you are airing up. Apparently over a year of R&D went into making this inflator and it shows. The display shows bar and PSI , the backlighting allows for easy use at night. The inflator automatically activates when it senses air pressure on the hose. It is very robustly made with large well made and easy to hold and attach components. Two AAA batteries should give you over 200 hours of use. Using this inflator along with a high quality compressor like the CKMP12 (also from ARB- see our review in Issue Three) should make adjusting your tyre pressure for varying terrain and surfaces very quick and painless. Highly recommended.

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The ARB Adventure Light 600 is the latest high tech adventure/ work light from ARB. This compact portable lighting system uses the latest generation of LED technology to produce a bright, robust and long lasting outdoor light. The light is useful in a wide range of situations. We always bring it along with us on our camping and road trips. Its also very useful on the road or in the garage as a vehicle maintenance light.

The light has two power settings, the Low beam provides 300 lumens of light for about 6 hours, while the high setting provides 600 lumens for about 3 hours. The light takes about 4 hours to charge when it is fully depleted. There are 3 charging options, 12 volt, USB and mains power. There is also a backlit battery meter LED which can be seen by holding the power button. The light is very versatile, two strong magnets on the back allow for it to be attached under the hood or to the fuselage of a vehicle for vehicle maintenance or

to illuminate a campsite. Two strong nylon hooks, stored in a recess at the back of the light also allow for it to be hung in a tent for example , where the low power setting provides ample light for reading or working in the dark. The construction is rugged and durable, the light is splashproof and can be operated in the rain and very wet conditions, it is not submersible however. We love this light, it is light, rugged, powerful and versatile and we expect it will have quite a long operating life. It also comes with a 2 year warranty. A definite thumbs up from the TURAS team.

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To win this very comfortable Basecamp mattress from Therm-a-Rest simply subscribe to our FREE magazine:


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Turas Camping and 4WD Adventures Magazine - Issue Four  

What an action packed year, where do we begin? It’s all here in these pages. At the fantastic Abenteuer & Allrad expo this year we met with...

Turas Camping and 4WD Adventures Magazine - Issue Four  

What an action packed year, where do we begin? It’s all here in these pages. At the fantastic Abenteuer & Allrad expo this year we met with...