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THE COVER PHOTO G R APHY Wins ome and Wr ight F I L M L A B The FI N D L ab HAI R AN D MA K E UP Jess Wilcox BRI DAL B OU TIQUE Emma & Grace Br idal DRESS L eanne Marshall MODE L Liz Mittra

inspiration for

M A R R IAG E M U SI NG S beyond the big day

“ Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone. It has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new. ”

-Ursula K. Le Guin Photography by Erich McVey

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FALL 2017

24 14 EDITOR’S LET TER An introduction by Tulle Magazine’s Editor in Chief

19 DREAM DESIGN Type A Society on how to keep wedding planning focused

16 the tulle list A roundup of our favorite brands, products, and locales for your big day

20 YES TO THE DRESS The Dress Theory on how to find the perfect wedding dress

18 THE TULLE PLANNER Frost It Cakery shares expert tips on how to choose your wedding cake

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22 BAND OF GOLD Vale Jewelry lends their advice on what matters when shopping for your wedding ring




ITALIAN ESCAPE A sprawling estate sets the scene for sweeping tulle, lush greenery and aged statues

60 THE COVE Soft tulle is a stunning complement to the rugged shores of this seaside shoot


CRYSTAL CLEAR Inspired by the natural beauty of crystals, this shoot is as ethereal as they come

70 irish mist The enchanting castle ruins of Dingle surround this couple in the misty Irish countryside


PARADISE FOUND A gem-toned jacket, organic bouquet, and citrus-laden tablescape await in this chic bridal shoot

82 into the garden Elegant, coastal landscape, deep, rich florals, and candle-lit lanterns await this lovely pair

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HORN & vintage engagement rings TRUMPET

www.trumpetandhorn.com photo by taylor & porter


FALL 2017

122 90

PAINTED ROCK Elegant neutrals make the perfect companion for the alpine backdrop of this winery wedding


MAJESTIC I DO This couple tied the knot in the midst of an organic farm in the Pacific Northwest

108 SOUTHERN CHARM Soft pastels, lace detailing and a few furry guests make this wedding one to remember

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122 LOVE LANE This couple knew long ago that this was the place where they would say their vows

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A bridal show alternative in the form of a big, fake wedding. Coming to a city near you!



TULLE Kait ly n Kirby Founder and Editor in Chief Mi chael B enters Editor ial Produc tion Assi stant C ONTRIBU TING PHOTO GR A PHE RS

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KATE IGNATOWSKI Fine Art Wedding Photography


a quick note

FROM THE EDITOR “I’m so glad I live in world where there are Octobers.” This L.M. Montgomery quote could not be more fitting as we embark on the warm, rich, vividlycolored season ahead. There is nothing quite like an autumn wedding, with gem-toned florals, changing landscape, and crisp, outdoor ceremonies.

Fall is a breath of cool, fresh air, breathing new life into the world of weddings and of course, into this issue of Tulle, so I do hope you’ll savor every inch of inspiration found on these pages.

Founder and Editor in Chief, Tulle Magazine

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Photo g raphy by Ethe r & Smith

In this year’s fall issue of Tulle, you will find everything from bridal scenes set in sprawling Italian estates (I can’t get over the aged statues that just elevate the beauty) to advice on finding your dream ring and choosing the ideal cake to celebrate your love. Not to mention a wealth of real weddings that we’ve hand-picked for you!



Designer Alexandra Grecco draws on the designs of eras past and cinematic landscapes, both real and imagined. IN THE DETAILS Your wedding gown is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of your wedding puzzle. It tends to serve as the umbrella under which all of the details fall and as a modern bride, you will want to choose one that stands out from the crowd. Look no further than Alexandra Grecco, whose stunning silhouettes capture the timeless glamour of the past. In each collection, you will find plunging necklines, open backs, delicate embroidery, lush, tulle skirts, and remarkable lace detailing. Each Alexandra Grecco gown is made in New York City and sets the tone for the effortless, ethereal bridal look that you’ve been dreaming of. —alexandragreccobride.com


Luxury tabletop curation and design brand Casa de Perrin elevates celebration decor. FOR YOUR RECEPTION There is so much more to planning your wedding reception than choosing linens and chairs. It’s time to elevate the tabletop with oneof-a-kind pieces like marble chargers, gold dipped bowls, and even vintage china. Casa de Perrin makes it easy with their tabletop rental options, including everything from copper flatware to lace-inspired dinnerware to pressed glass cake stands. —casadeperrin.com 16 | tullemag. com

photography // JAKE ANDERSON




A WEDDING CAKE A wedding cake is a sweet note for every celebration, but the design itself is just as important at the taste. Award-winning cake studio Frost It Cakery has brought to life many elaborate visions for custom wedding cakes and desserts and here they share what to keep in mind when choosing yours.

Talk budget Cake budget is tricky because most people have no idea what a wedding cake will cost. For us, the most helpful thing to know your ideal size cake or the number of tiers and of course, the style and design you are going for. Do you want an intricate, detailed fondant design? If so, you will likely need to budget more. A good bakery will try to work with you to get you the cake you desire, or something similar, that stays within your budget. Your bakery should be able to give you base pricing on their cakes, per serving.

Research bakery reputations This is super important. You want to make sure that your bakery will get your cake to your venue on time, and in one piece! You also want to know that their previous clients are happy with the cake they ordered. If you can select a bakery from your venues preferred vendor list— even better! That means the venue trusts them enough to refer them to their couples. 18 | tullemag. com

Make sure you match Take the time to browse through the bakery’s website and social media. Does their style fit yours? Does their workmanship meet your standards? Do you like their overall aesthetic and previous work? If so, they may be a good fit for you, design wise. And of course, make sure you love the taste of their cake!

Choose fillings wisely When opting for a tiered cake, you will be able to select different cake flavors and fillings for each tier. This is a great way to offer different choices for your guests. If you plan to save your top tier for your anniversary, make it your favorite! It’s also a good idea to keep your flavors and fillings to crowd pleasers, so that everyone can enjoy it! You’ll definitely want to schedule a tasting at the bakeries you’re considering, if your time and location allow for it. —frositcakery.com


STRESS-FREE PLANNING Planning a wedding is undoubtedly one of the most involved processes you will ever experience. That’s why we asked the creative planners at Type A Society for their advice on how to bring your wedding vision to life and design a memorable event without losing your mind.

When planning your wedding, it’s important to do a lot of soul searching. What is most important to you? If you are an aesthetic person and into design, chances are you are not going to spend a lot of money on gourmet food. If you are big into food, don’t spend as much money on florals. Write out your top ten priorities. I recommend Aisle Planner to keep track of budget and priorities. Don’t go with what is currently trending or what your friends are doing. Go with what you want for yourself and you will be happy with the end results.

Keep a wedding binder When I was planning my own wedding, I had a good, old-fashioned binder and divided everything into categories. Every quote I got I printed out and placed in that binder. It’s a fun memory maker and keeps you organized. There is so much paperwork in planning a wedding and it’s important to have a space to save everything.

Don’t hoard inspiration When you have asked yourself good, hard questions about what you want and have done your research, trust your decision. Don’t look back on Pinterest or pick up another wedding magazine. Too often, we see something else that we like and then wonder if we should change our designs. Trust your gut and don’t look back. If you change halfway through the process, your design team can get confused and deliver less than desired results.

Look at the big picture From the table numbers to the dessert bar theme and cocktail bar decor, there are so many details you want to make shine and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Keep reminding yourself of the big picture— the fact that you are getting married to your best friend! Whenever you start to feel nervous or fearful that it will all be a failure or that it’s going to rain, breathe deeply, take a walk and reset your mind to the big picture.

Photo by Josh Gr uet z mache r

Prioritize your desires



WEDDING GOWN Once you’re engaged, one of the first steps you will take aside from choosing a date is choosing a dress. Your wedding gown will be one you remember for a lifetime, so we’ve asked bridal boutique The Dress Theory to share how to keep the process stress-free and fun!

Start early We suggest beginning your dress shopping approximately 8 to 12 months before your wedding date. This will allow enough time for you to find your ideal style, and for your dress to be ordered, made, and delivered. And it will also allow a comfortable amount of time for alterations which are always needed to make sure the dress is specially fit to you. Even custom and semi-custom orders will require some amount of alterations once the dress arrives to make sure the fit and length is perfect for you!

Find the right shop Do your research! Book your dress appointments at the shops that best align with your personal style and budget goals. Going to too many shops can lead to exhaustion and confusion. Most shops have websites and social media pages that will give you a good sense of their style and designer offerings.

Be open-minded

Don’t be afraid to try on a range of 20 | tullemag. com

shapes, styles, and dresses outside of what you think you want based on your Pinterest page and other internet and social media research. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised! Especially if your bridal stylist recommends it.

Keep guest count low We recommend bringing no more than 4 to 5 guests with you to your shopping appointment. It is important to bring the loved ones that you will want with you to make your decision, but too many opinions can get overwhelming.

Listen to yourself Trust yourself and your heart. You want to feel beautiful, comfortable, and like the most amazing version of yourself. You will know when you feel that way, not anyone else! And although some brides do, most brides don’t cry when they find the one— they just know. So when that happens, be confident and trust how you feel!



WEDDING RING Even though the moment you get engaged has played through your head over and over again, the vision of the ring may change with time. With so many trends and options, choosing one that you love can be overwhelming. We tapped the sister design duo behind Vale Jewelry for ways to find your dream ring!

Use social media With Instagram and Pinterest, it’s so easy these days to start your search for a really unique ring. Not only do we find that it gives you a wide range of options, some you may not even have considered before, it’s easy to save and screenshot your favorites for future reference. Bank these images and use them to describe all of the elements you love later with jewelers or your future fiancé and family and friends.

See it in person Visit jewelers, either at boutiques or their showrooms, to actually try on rings that you’re interested in. Sometimes the ring that you thought you loved, may not look the same on your hand. You may even be surprised to learn you liked something you never considered.

Start with the center The biggest and important decision you will make for your ring is the center stone. Choosing the center stone is the 22 | tullemag. com

The biggest and important decision you will make for your ring is the center stone. Choosing the center stone is the hardest part, but once you’ve selected that, everything else becomes very easy.

Choose a cut and shape Once you select a stone, choosing the cut is the next big question. Do you prefer a round, oval or step cut such as emerald or princess? Once you have these two key questions answered, determining the setting will come naturally.

Have fun While it’s a very important decision, this should also be a fun experience. Shop around and ask questions, know what you’re getting. Your taste can change later in life and remember you can always reset your stone in a new setting!

Italian Escape The hushed tones of aged stone statues and bricks provide the perfect complement to the rolling green hills and lush landscape of this garden scene. The bride’s tulle skirt sweeps across the estate, surrounded by muted linens, delicate china and a cake that seems to have been kissed with watercolor.

PHOTOGRAPHY Greg Finck PLANNING AND DESIGN Honey & Cinnamon Wed FLORAL DESIGN Isa Events DRESS Cortana WEDDING CAKE Doll Alchimie STATIONERY Design House of Moira SHOES Mascia Mandolesi HAIR AND MAKEUP Manola Spaziani HAIR ACCESSORIES The Wild Rose VENUE Villa Buonaccorsi

24 | tullemag. com

Crystal Clear Light, lustre, translucence— the natural simplicity and beauty of crystals inspired this bridal scene dripping with florals, soft linens, and the most beautiful maeve hues.

PHOTOGRAPHY Lisa Catherine Photography PLANNING, DESIGN AND RENTALS White Event Studio FLORAL DESIGN Celsia Floral DRESS Cinobi JEWELRY The Cross Design RIBBON Stella Wolfe Co. STATIONERY Tara Spencer HAIR AND MAKEUP Jenny McKinney HAIR ACCESSORIES Naturae Design VENUE God’s Mountain Estate, British Columbia MODEL Kira Stevens

36 | tullemag. com

Paradise Found Imagine a private affair tucked away in an Italian estate and set against a backdrop of terra cotta, natural greenery and vibrant gem tones. A free form, organic bouquet tied with flowing ribbon makes the perfect bridal companion while a citrus-dotted tablescape awaits the celebration.

PHOTOGRAPHY O’Malley Photographers PLANNING, STYLING AND FLORALS Kaleb Norman James VEIL AND CROWN Erica Elizabeth Designs DRESS Alexandra Grecco DRESS SHOP The Dress Theory VINTAGE DRESS Shop Gossamer VOW BOOK AND RING BEARER PILLOW Velvet Raptor GROOM’S ATTIRE Suit Supply GROOM’S SHOES Tom Ford STATIONERY la Happy HAIR AND MAKEUP Tuscany Bridal Team RING BOX The Mrs Box VENUE Villa La Vedetta RENTALS Preludio Noleggio 44 | tullemag. com

The Cove The soft hum of the ocean, rich florals and delicate tulle create the most magical aura for an intimate wedding. Effortless beauty abounds—only made more apparent by its juxtaposition against the captivating rocky shore.

PHOTOGRAPHY Winsome and Wright FLORAL DESIGN Wilder Floral Co. HAIR AND MAKEUP Jess Wilcox RINGS Kristin Coffin Jewelry STATIONERY Plume Calligraphy RIBBON Silk and Willow DRESS Leanne Marshall DRESS SHOP Emma & Grace Bridal FILM LAB The FIND Lab MODELS Liz Mittra and Daniel Eaton

60 | tullemag. com

Irish Mist Weaving traditional touches with beloved family history, Ansel and Sarah tied the knot in the shadows of Dingle’s rugged castle ruins overlooking the ocean in the misty Irish countryside.

PHOTOGRAPHY Taylor & Porter FILM LAB Richard Photo Lab FLORAL DESIGN Ruby & the Wolf DRESS Jim Hjelm ACCESSORIES Twigs & Honey RIBBON Silk & Willow VEIL Calla Bridal GROOM’S ATTIRE Nordstrom BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES Weddington Way BRIDESMAIDS CAPELETS Anthropologie CALLIGRAPHY Michelle Reichelt VENUE Ballintaggart House GREY NAPKINS John Lewis EMBROIDERED NAPKINS Made by Bride’s Mother ROBES, INVITATIONS, TABLE NUMBERS, AND GROOMSMEN GIFTS Made by Bride 70 | tullemag. com

Into the Garden An elegant, coastal landscape, deep, rich florals, and candle-lit lanterns surrounded Jackie and Dani as they promised each other forever at a mansion modeled after the Grand Trianon, the garden retreat of French kings at Versailles.

PHOTOGRAPHY Stephanie Sunderland Photography PLANNING AND CATERING Kathleen Geasey FLORALS Stone Blossom HAIR AND MAKEUP Love Notes by June DRESS Reem Acra VENUE Rosecliff Mansion

82 | tullemag. com

Painted Rock Elegant neutrals make the perfect companion for the alpine backdrop of this historic winery wedding, held at an estate once the center of the largest apricot orchard in the British Commonwealth.

PHOTOGRAPHY Christie Graham Photography FILM LAB Photovision PLANNING Nicole Sihlis, Created Lovely Events FLORALS A New Leaf SILK RIBBON Stella Wolfe CALLIGRAPHY la Happy VENUE Painted Rock Estate Winery CATERER Joy Road CAKE Sweet On You TIDEWATER TENT All Occasions Party Rentals CROSSBACK CHAIRS Perspective Event Design LINENS Pedersens Event Rentals CUTLERY A&B Party Time Event Rentals GLASSWARE Westminster Party Rentals DRESS AND VEIL Monique Lhuillier DRESS SHOP Bisou Bridal BRIDE’S SHOES Jimmy Choo BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES Ralph Lauren, BHLDN, Frocks Modern GROOM’S ATTIRE Burberry GROOM’S SHOES Paul Smith 90 | tullemag. com

Majestic I Do This couple tied the knot in the midst of an organic farm in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by bountiful greenery, brilliant florals, and majestic views of Oregon’s Mount Hood.

PHOTOGRAPHY Erich McVey PLANNING AND DESIGN Ella Events CATERER Cultivate Catering HAIR AND MAKEUP Ebel Artistry CHAIRS, LINENS, DESSERT TABLES The Party Place ACCESSORY TABLES, LOUNGE FURNITURE Something Borrowed FLORALS Kailla Platt Flowers CAKE Windflower Cakes VENUE Mt. Hood Organic Farm VENUE COORDINATOR Cassandra Cass STATIONERY Ella Paper Goods DRESS Anna Maier Couture DRESS SHOP Divine Designs Bridal Boutique BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES Joanna August

98 | tullemag. com

Southern Charm An elegant brick manor, soft pastels, lace detailing and a few furry guests are just a few of the many remarkable details that make this Southern wedding one to remember.

PHOTOGRAPHY Sarah Ingram PLANNING AND DESIGN Lauren Emerson Events & Design FLORALS Lauren Emerson Events & Design VENUE AND CATERING Homestead Manor CAKE Sugar Chic Bakery CALLIGRAPHY Sarah Ingram INVITATIONS Typo Boutique RECEPTION MUSIC Flavor Big Band LOUNGE RENTALS 12th Table RENTALS Southern Events Online LINENS La Tavola Fine Linens DRAPING Quest Drape

108 | tullemag. com

Love Lane

Inspired by a walk they first took together, from the family home to the local church, in the small Devon village of Marldon, this couple knew long ago that this was the place where they would say “I do.”

PHOTOGRAPHY Megan Welker FLORALS Hollyhocks HAIR The Salon Torquay MAKEUP Layla Purwanan CAKE Queen Bee Cakes DESSERTS Cherry Blossom Bespoke Cakes and Cupcakes FURNITURE Virginia’s Vintage Hire MARQUEE Marldon Marquees PROPS The Prop Factory VINTAGE GLASSWARE M & M Vintage Hire GLASSWARE AND CHINA Total Event Hire VINTAGE CAR JM Wedding Cars

122 | tullemag. com