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Robert P. Dean, Jr., FAIA (TSA’68)

JP Hymel (E’96)

Robert Riccardi, AIA (TSA’91)

Building Systems Design, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Gallo Mechanical, LLC, Metairie, LA

Gould Evans, New Orleans/Kansas City

James Dewar III (TSA’94)

Janice Jerde, AIA

E. Cameron Richard, AIA (TSA’03)

Morris Adjmi, FAIA (TSA’83)

Dewar Properties Inc. ,San Diego, CA

Jerde Development Company, Los Angeles, CA

Align Developments, LLC, New Orleans, LA

Morris Adjmi Architects, New York, NY

Kevin Draper (TSA’94)

Stephen Kern, AIA (TSA’68)

Sonny Shields (TSA’74, L’77)

Eric Van Aukee, AIA (TSA’82)

Satellite Collective, New York, NY

Murphy/Jahn, Chicago, IL

Shields Mott L.L.P., New Orleans, LA

Perkins+Will, Los Angeles, CA

S. Stewart Farnet, Sr., AIA (TSA’55)

Peter Kilgust, AIA (TSA’10)

I. William Sizeler, AIA (TSA’65)

F. MacNaughton (Mac) Ball, Jr., FAIA

Farnet Architects, APC, Mandeville, LA

Williams Architects, New Orleans, LA

Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects,

Waggonner & Ball, New Orleans, LA

Kay Favrot

Joy Krause Krimmel (B’00)

New Orleans, LA

Maziar Behrooz, AIA (TSA’85)

New Orleans, LA

Vienna, Austria

Albert H. Small, Jr. (A&S’79)

MB Architecture, East Hampton, NY

Jason Gant, AIA (TSA’03)

Tiffany Melancon (TSA’96)

Renaissance Centro, Bethesda, MD

Michael J. Bell, FAIA (TSA’83, L’90)

Gant Architects Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Melancon & Co., Basel, Switzerland

Markham H. Smith, AIA (TSA’79)

Bell Architecture, New Orleans, LA

Kathryn D. Greene (TSA’78)

Brad M. Meltzer (TSA’90)

Smith Dalia Architects, LLC, Atlanta, GA

Creed W. Brierre, Sr., FAIA (A&S’68, TSA’74)

Greenfield Operations LLC, Dallas, TX

Plaza Construction Group, Miami, FL

Robert J. Stumm, Jr., AIA (TSA’75)

Mathes Brierre Architects, New Orleans, LA

Reb Haizlip, FAIA (TSA’79)

G. Martin Moeller Jr. (TSA’84)

Carriere-Stumm Construction, New Orleans, LA

James E. Bry, AIA (TSA’91)

Haizlip Studio, Memphis, TN

National Building Museum, Washington, DC

Robert E. Walker IV, AIA (TSA’92)

Seritage Growth Properties, New York, NY

Bob Hale, FAIA (TSA’77)

Jenga Mwendo (MSRED’16)

Rob Walker Architects, LLC, Birmingham, AL

Jamie Bush (TSA’93)

Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Backyard Gardeners Network, New Orleans, LA

Simcha Z. Ward, AIA (TSA’11)

Jamie Bush & Co., Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan B. Halle (TSA’93)

L. Scott Paden, AIA (TSA’81)

Wisznia | Architecture + Development,

Felipe Correa (TSA’00)

The Halle Companies, Silver Springs, MD

Citadel DCA, Washington, DC

New Orleans, LA

Somatic Collaborative, New York, NY

Brad A. Hastings, AIA (TSA’82)

Laurie J. Petipas (TSA’75)

John C. Williams, AIA (A&S’74, TSA’78)

Alvin Cox, AIA (TSA’72)

Becker Morgan Group, Inc., Salisbury, MD

Gensler, San Francisco, CA

Williams Architects, LLC, New Orleans, LA

Cox Allen and Associates Architects,

Michael R. Howard, AIA (TSA’74)

Richardson K. (Rick) Powell (TSA’77)

Marcel L. Wisznia, AIA (TSA’73)

Louisville, KY

Howard Performance Architecture,

Athena Corporation, Kansas City, MO

Wisznia | Architecture + Development,

New Orleans, LA

Wellington J. (Duke) Reiter, FAIA (TSA’81)

New Orleans, LA

ASU Foundation, Phoenix, AZ



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Writing + Editorial Team Jordan Stewart (TSA’99) RA Doctoral Fellow

Cover Image: Opening celebration of Small Center’s

Tulane City, Culture, and Community Program

Spring 2017 Design/Build project—Big Class Writers’

Emma Storm Herr, Tulane School of

Room at Sylvanie Williams College Prep. Small

Architecture Senior Development Officer

Center Interim Director and Professor of Practice

Mary Johns, Tulane School of Architecture

Emilie Taylor Welty, Design Lead. Photographer:

Communications Coordinator

Michael Wong

Dave Armentor, Tulane School of Architecture

Image Above: Drone photo of Richardson

Digital Imaging Specialist

Memorial Hall, Senior Professor of Practice Richard

Graphic Design: 10/HALF Studios


LETTER FROM THE DEAN Welcome to our summer newsletter. For the past nine years, we have highlighted the work of students, faculty and alumni, and the generosity of supporters. This marks my final edition, as I will return to faculty in a full-time teaching capacity at the end of this academic year.


Building opportunity for others has been an important theme since my arrival. Achieving this goal took substantial philanthropic backing. To recognize this aspect of the school’s progress, this edition celebrates our donors, who helped make these opportunities possible. I hope you will look with pride at the ways we worked together to chart a strong future for the School of Architecture. We surpassed $20 million in donor support since 2008, exceeding the school’s entire prior history of fundraising. It would not have been possible without you and your ongoing commitment.

Our programs have achieved new heights of national recognition and local impact. This past fall, we ranked #14 in the nation in DesignIntelligence and the year before, our graduate architecture program ranked #22 out of roughly 145 U.S. schools. The Preservation and Sustainable Real Estate graduate programs have also flourished, with great leadership, faculty and students. The stories in this newsletter are proof that the Tulane School of Architecture community is building on the long history of design excellence, begun here in 1894, by supporting the work of students and faculty, and developing new avenues of design engagement. The future will see even more success as we look forward to the university-wide Comprehensive Campaign launching publicly later this year. Our overall goal is ambitious, with the Richardson Memorial Hall renovation and addition as the largest individual item. We

are in an excellent position to move this project forward thanks to the foundation you provided. It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve as the dean of Tulane School of Architecture. I look forward to my final year in this role, to welcoming a new person into our community a year from now and to the next chapter in the more than 100-year history of this great institution. My role will be different, but I hope to continue to contribute in new ways.

Kenneth Schwartz, FAIA Dean Michael Sacks Chair in Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship and Director Phyllis Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking

SCHOOL OFFERINGS AT-A-GLANCE 2017–2018 Tulane School of Architecture Students

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• Master of Preservation Studies

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• Public Interest Design Fellowships

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• Annual Graduate Student Colloquium • Career Development Program &

Sustainable Real Estate Development

• Tulane Regional Urban Design Center (TRUDC) • URBANbuild Program

• Tulane School of Architecture Student Travel Fellowships & Lecture Series

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• Preservation Studies and Sustainable Real Estate Development Program Newsletters • Alumni Reception at Homecoming • Alumni Reception at Annual AIA

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IN FOCUS: Graduate and Undergraduate Architecture Get to know some of the people behind the undergraduate and graduate programs in this Q&A with Emily Parsons and Benjamin J. Smith, PhD. Undergraduate Architecture Emily Parsons, director of undergraduate advising and student affairs, is working with the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) on a historical analysis project to inform future decisions regarding accreditation criteria.

What project are you working on with the NAAB? I am doing a historical review of the Student Performance Criteria (SPC), which are the metrics that NAAB uses to assess architecture programs for accreditation. I’m cataloging the year, category, rank, description, taxonomy, and word count of each individual SPC. These variables then allow me to pull comparison data, spot trends, analyze percentage distributions, and visually map out the evolution of NAAB accreditation.

Why is accreditation important for undergraduate programs? Accreditation provides a means of external review to ensure architecture programs are providing a quality education to their students. This process relies on peer review of student work to demonstrate that the program is educating students to a level that is sufficient for practice, continuing education, and eventual licensure. Accreditation provides a framework for educators and students to gauge their performance and metrics for evaluation. What is your favorite part of working with students? It’s hard to say! Maybe my favorite part is watching them grow and become better people. Seeing how they struggle and overcome, work their way around obstacles and succeed. It is amazing to see the changes in students’ personalities, not just work, over the course of their time here.

Graduate Architecture

Benjamin Smith, PhD, is the recently appointed director of graduate architecture. Below he shares his passion for architecture and architectural education.

How long have you been at Tulane? What drew you to the school? I have been at Tulane University for one year. My draw to Tulane was simple—a first rate research university in a vibrant city. After visiting the school, the strengths of which I was already aware were exceeded by the people I met. Getting to know colleagues and students this past year has been a gift. What do you think are the greatest strengths of the graduate program? At the core of Tulane School of Architecture is its commitment to design excellence and social responsibility. Being directly tied to that mission, the graduate program benefits from having diverse options to engage those topics. With studio, seminar, and lecture courses that bridge intellectual, technical, social, and physical areas, our graduate students examine architecture by understanding its discipline and its


consequence. To impact culture in positive ways, our students use architecture to ask challenging questions and deliver powerful solutions—whether that be an exciting statement in visualization, a design build project that serves the New Orleans community, or an Options Studio exploring alternative strategies in sustainable building practices, among many others. Why did you choose architecture as a profession? What excites you about the field? After completing my B.A. in English and art as an undergraduate, I discovered architecture in my early 20s in a summer representation course that studied John Soane and Joseph Gandy’s Bank of England drawing and Piranesi’s Carceri series. These drawings, one which projected the future ruination of the unbuilt Bank of England and the other which demonstrated impossible geometric environments existing within the imaginative medium of the drawn page, revealed the amazing ability of architecture to reflect culture through its artifacts of production. What excites me about architecture is how its various formats of expression establish a robust field. A successful coupling of the luxury of freedom with the responsibility of hard work—rendering architecture’s understanding of context, methods of investigation, and assertion of value—makes anything possible.

RICHARDSON MEMORIAL HALL RENOVATION The Richardson Memorial Hall renovation project is on hold while Tulane University works toward a balanced budget model and priority assessment process. The School of Architecture continues to catalog and develop improvements to learning spaces that can be implemented during renovation. The Resources Advisory Committee spent the 2016-2017 academic year surveying the school community for input and working with furniture designers to create new desks for the evolving student needs in Richardson Memorial Hall’s spacious design studios. Designed and built by Milder Office, the new desks offer three-level storage, replaceable cutting mat work surfaces, Forbo pinup surfaces, and in-desk power outlets. Made possible through Richardson Memorial Hall building funds and generous donor contributions, students will put the desks to use this fall. The Resources Advisory Committee led a similar process in the 2015-2016 year to obtain new task chairs for all five studios. The new desks and chairs are a much-needed refresh to the design studios and will continue to be utilized following the anticipated building renovation.

PROGRAM DIGEST Preservation Studies Program

Taylor Center & SISE Minor

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Master of Preservation Studies program. Launched in 1997 by founding Director and Professor Emeritus Eugene D. Cizek, PhD, the master’s program grew out of his dedication to preservation education, practice, and advocacy. The program continues to grow under the leadership of current Director of Preservation Studies and Christovich Senior Professor of Practice John H. Stubbs. More than 160 professionals and stakeholders attended the fourth biennial Preservation Matters symposium, “Preservation Pays: How everyone benefits,” held in October. Look for the next symposium in the fall of 2018. Find the current MPS newsletter at

The Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking and the Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship minor continue to bring inspiring talent to campus. In July, Taylor welcomed urban designer Aron Chang as a Taylor visiting scholar. An architect by training, he is currently project co-director of Ripple Effect, a non-profit organization promoting design and environmental awareness through youth education in New Orleans. In addition to engaging in Taylor programs, Chang will lead design and seminar courses at the School of Architecture as adjunct lecturer. The Taylor Center will begin the fall semester in its new location on the fourth floor of Howard-Tilton Library. Learn more about upcoming events, the SISE minor, and the Taylor scholars online at

Outreach Programs TRUDC Led by founding Director and Adjunct Professor Grover Mouton, the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center is the urban design branch of the school’s regional outreach. The longestrunning outreach program, TRUDC hosted its 11th Regional Session of the Mayors’ Institute on City Design (MICD South) in December. 2

MSRED The Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development program offers a graduate master’s degree and minor that prepares students to compete professionally in real estate finance, design, and development. Last October, MSRED traveled to Dallas for the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Fall Meeting. MSRED students attended conference sessions and toured important development projects in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including projects developed by HRI Properties, headquartered in New Orleans. MSRED will travel to Los Angeles this fall for the ULI Fall Meeting. Find the current MSRED newsletter at issuu. com/tulanearch.



Miriam Salas, AIA (TSA’97) Studio Director at Campo Architects

Center’s collaboration with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and Clio Associates on the pilot Façade RENEW program was honored by the Louisiana Landmarks Society with the 2017 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award this March. The Small Center’s Design/ Build Studio teams completed projects in partnership with Ozanam Inn, a shelter and service center for the homeless, and Big Class, a local literacy advocacy organization, in the fall and spring semesters respectively. Learn more about Small Center projects and events online at


Among current projects, TRUDC is working with the City of Kenner and Jefferson Parish to develop design guidelines for Williams Boulevard and Fat City, respectively. This spring, TRUDC facilitated collaboration between the City of Gretna and architecture students to develop enhancements for Gretna City Park. Learn more about TRUDC and their current work online at

This spring, URBANbuild completed the 12th project in the program’s portfolio. The single-story home at 1924 Toledano is a 975-square-foot, 2-bedroom, 2-bath home in Central City designed in partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services. The home features diffused natural light and allows cross ventilation with student-crafted louvers and doors. Read more about this project in the June article, “Tulane architecture students turn a class project into a contemporary residence.” Learn more about URBANbuild online at

Small Center

Study Abroad

The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design welcomed Design/Build Manager and Professor of Practice Emilie Taylor Welty, AIA (TSA’06) as interim director this summer. Former Director Maggie Hansen, ASLA will return to design practice and join the Penn State Department of Landscape Architecture this fall. The Small

This fall, the School of Architecture will send 16 third-year architecture students to the Tulane Rome Program and 22 fourth-year architecture students to programs in six different countries. Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture Doug Harmon will assume directorship of the Tulane Rome Program.

Career Development The third annual Career Day was held in March. The most robust year yet, 22 local and national firms attended, many actively looking for immediate hires. More than 80 students applied for an interview, and each interviewed with at least two firms. Career Development Director Megan Weyland (TSA’11) is currently cultivating a program to offer students brief shadowing opportunities within alumni firms. Weyland will work closely with local and national alumni who have the capability to host students for 1–3 day shadowing experiences. Career Development resources are available online at careers.


1. Whitney Jordan (TSA’14) of ZGF Architects at the 2017 Career Day 2. MPS students at work in Central City 3. URBANbuild 12


DEVELOPMENT NEWS Public Interest Design Fellows Architecture is often thought of as drawing, designing blueprints, and building models. The Public Interest Design Fellowship demonstrates that architects can use these skills to have a meaningful impact in the community. Hosted by the Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design, the fellowship nurtures young designers with an interest in serving local communities over an eight-week period. The opportunity is open to Tulane School of Architecture undergraduate and graduate students. Fellows receive an introduction to community engagement as an integral part of a public interest design process by working in teams on real world issues with local organizations. Small Center fellows have partnered with many groups, including HousingNOLA, the New Orleans Lead Water Study, the Recovery School District, and the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center on projects throughout the city.

collaboration with our partners, they design and implement solutions to these everyday issues.” The first named fellowship was created in 2011 by the Sizeler family. In 2017, both Eskew+Dumez+Ripple and Morris Adjmi each created an additional named fellowship, allowing the Small Center to extend this opportunity to six dedicated students. “The public interest work that is done at the Small Center is all made possible through the support of many donors and foundations that understand the importance of working in dialogue with knowledgeable partners on the ground,” said Hansen. “We could not do this without their generosity.” For additional information on the fellowship, the fellows, and their work, visit

Small Center Rededication Event

National AIA Convention

The school celebrated the rededication of the Tulane City Center as the Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design at Tulane School of Architecture with a public event held at the center’s Baronne Street headquarters this January. Event speakers included the School of Architecture’s Dean Kenneth Schwartz, architecture student and 2016 Public Interest Design Fellow Chesley McCarty (TSA’17), and former Director Maggie Hansen, ASLA. Founded in 2005, the awardwinning community design center completes projects in collaboration with community-based organizations. Board of Tulane member, School of Architecture Board of Advisors member, and Tulane alumnus Albert Small Jr. (A&S‘79) and his wife Tina Small have been committed supporters of the center’s work and mindful expansion since its founding.

Alumni and friends gathered for a festive reception during the AIA Convention in Orlando, a now annual tradition for the Tulane School of Architecture. Melissa Brandrup (TSA’97), of MCB Architecture Design & Consulting, and John Bottaro (TSA’83), of RS&H, co-sponsored the festivities. Congratulations to the three alumni elected to Fellowship in 2017: Reb Haizlip (TSA’79), Peter Trapolin (TSA’77) and Wayne Troyer (TSA’83). They join a growing list of nearly 100 Tulanians who have received this national distinction.

SAVE THE DATE National AIA Convention in New York City: June 21–23, 2018

AIA International Conference International alumni are invited to join Dean Kenneth Schwartz, FAIA and AIA Europe President Tiffany Melancon, International Association AIA (TSA’96), for a Tulane School of Architecture Alumni Reception held during the 2017 International Conference in Prague.

“Working so closely with the people that inhabit New Orleans often changes the fellows’ views of the city,” said Maggie Hansen, former director of the Small Center. “Our fellows get a first-hand look at the challenges that many underserved citizens of New Orleans face, and, in

SAVE THE DATE AIA International Conference Prague 20/20: October 5–9, 2017


1. 2017 Public Interest Design fellows: Ryan Shaaban (TSA’20) Ana Sandoval (TSA’19), Adjmi Fellow Kelsey Willis (TSA’19), Sizeler Fellow Christie Melgar (TSA’18) Carolyn Isaacson (TSA’18) Kekeli Dawes (TSA’18), EDR Fellow 2. Albert Small, Jr. speaking at the Tulane City Center rededication ceremony

4 2

FY2017 Development Report

Ann Masson pictured with Sonny Shields, Chair of the School of Architecture Board of Advisors, upon receiving VCPORA’s biennial award in 2015.

This fiscal year, the Tulane School of Architecture raised $1,048,821 from 482 alumni, parents, and friends. Your collective support creates new opportunities for our students both in the classroom and in the community. Thank you!

Annual Fund


Annual Fund gifts are put to immediate use. Your support provides vital resources for students, faculty, and programs.

$472,026 Annual Fund dollars raised

42% Increase in Annual Giving

$150 Median Annual Fund gift

115 Donors made their first gift ever

ANN AND FRANK MASSON GRADUATE RESEARCH TRAVEL ENDOWED FUND Although they worked on two different ends of architectural preservation, Ann and Frank Masson (TSA’71) shared a common bond—their love for preserving and sharing history with people. The couple lived together in a Creole Cottage constructed in 1804, the preservation of which became a passion project. Together, they worked to make sure the home stayed true to its original spirit. “When we found our home, we knew that it was the perfect one for us to find,” said Ann Masson. “We both thoroughly enjoyed 18th and 19th century architecture, and since New Orleans is influenced by so many cultures, it combined all of our favorite styles into one perfect place.” Frank, a Tulane School of Architecture graduate, passed away in 2008. He is remembered as one of New Orleans’ foremost preservation architects. He served on the board of Longue Vue House and Gardens, as a trustee of the Louisiana Landmarks Society, on the executive committee of the Preservation Resource Center, and as president of Friends of the Cabildo. He was the recipient of more than two dozen awards from the Vieux Carré Commission and several awards from the Historic District Landmarks Commission and the Louisiana Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. A Newcomb College alumna with a master’s degree in Art History, Ann taught a two-semester graduate course on the history of American architecture at the architecture school for nearly a dozen years. “It was really important for me to connect with the students and have them not just see buildings as just buildings or how they were built, but a manifestation of the designers’ thoughts, the degree of wealth, what materials were available, how they adapted to the climate in that area, etc.,” said Ann. “It is truly remarkable how many different types of buildings you can access in New Orleans. I thought it was great to help the

students understand how the buildings came to be and how they have been housed, protected and sheltered over all these generations of settlers and citizens.” During her time teaching at Tulane, she reflected on their love of traveling and experiencing the different cultures and styles of the world. But she also recognized that many students do not have this opportunity.

Giving Since 2008 All Gifts and Pledges from July 1, 2008–June 30, 2017.

“It seemed to me that a lot of students did not have the resources to pursue an independent topic that they were interested in,” said Ann. “Traveling and seeing the buildings in person is so important to understanding architecture and the practice of preserving the past and to seeing how the past has influenced American architecture.”

$20,094,254 Total Raised

$2,232,695 Average per year

2,051 With this vision in mind, Ann created the Ann and Frank Masson Graduate Research Travel Endowed Fund to support scholarly travel for one or more graduate students in their fourth year of study in an architecture program at the Tulane School of Architecture. As Ann and Frank shared their own experiences of preservation practice with students in the classroom, recipients of the fellowship will share their experiences with a wider audience through the school’s student travel fellowship lecture series, articles, exhibits, and other media outlets. “I thought it would be great to do something in both of our names and to give students the opportunity to explore some terrific idea that they have,” said Ann. “I feel really privileged to be able to do this. The university has been a part of my life for nearly 50 years, and I admire the friends and education that I received there. All of the really great things that I received are from Tulane, so I wanted to do something really great for them.”



213 Organizations

18% 377 Friends

16% 322 Parents

54% 1,110 Alumni


29 Faculty




−− Inaugural Preservation Matters symposium −− First annual newsletter published

Parisite Skate Park. Photo by Michael Wong

2008 −− Dean Schwartz arrives and establishes a strategic plan to “strengthen the core, raise the profile, and engage the community” of the School of Architecture −− Dean’s Fund for Excellence initiated to provide funds for faculty research and creative work −− First Alumni Reception in conjunction with AIA Convention San Francisco


−− Expansion of Tulane City Center outreach capacity including A.L. Davis Park infrastructural improvements and the Guardians Institute Cultural Arts and Community Center −− Richardson Memorial Hall sustainable renovation design strategies developed

2013 The Career Development Program supports students in many ways, such as hosting annual career days with local and national firms.

−− Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development Program launch −− The reVIEW published −− Career Development Program launch Dean’s Fund for Excellence recipients Marcella Del Signore and Victor Jones: Fabricated Landscape: post-public spaces


−− Tulane City Center supports its first Public Interest Design Fellow



−− Stephen Jacobs House established for visiting faculty −− Inaugural Real Estate Minor Summer Institute −− Tulane Master of Architecture program ranked #22 in the nation

−− Bachelor of Science in Architecture 4-year program begins −− Architecture program receives 8-year NAAB Accreditation renewal


−− Parisite Skate Park project designed and constructed −− Tulane City Center moves to the heart of Central City at 1725 Baronne Street

2016 −− Tulane Bachelor of Architecture program ranked #14 in the nation −− Tulane City Center renamed Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design at Tulane School of Architecture

−− Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship minor launch −− Design Forward/ Innovations in Practice conference in partnership with AIA New Orleans and Women in Architecture Committee

Brandon Surtain, a graduate architecture student

−− Dean’s Portfolio Award Scholarship created

Small Center home at Baronne Street


−− Tulane University and the Taylor Center host Ashoka U Exchange

−− 20th anniversary of Preservation Studies Program −− Surdna Foundation awards Small Center three-year grant to foster sustainable communities


−− Tulane School of Architecture website launch −− Inaugural publication of Recto Verso—a graduate student publication −− School of Architecture hosts inaugural Project Pipeline in partnership with the Louisiana Chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects


ALUMNI NEWS Albert C. Ledner (TSA’48) is the subject of the film Designing Life: The Modernist Architecture of Albert C. Ledner, directed by Catherine Ledner and Roy Beeson. This August, the 2017 New Orleans Architecture & Design Film Festival will feature the documentary and open The Organic Architecture of Albert C. Ledner exhibition in collaboration with Tulane’s Southeastern Architectural Archive and Louisiana Architectural Foundation. Lee Askew, FAIA (TSA’66), of Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects, and Mary Haizlip, AIA, of Haizlip Studio with Board of Advisors member Reb Haizlip, FAIA (TSA’79), were featured in BuildDirect’s November article, “The 15 Best Architects in Memphis.” The proposed Warehouse District co-living residential development, Two Saints, by Board of Advisors members Marcel L. Wisznia, AIA (TSA’73) and Simcha Z. Ward, AIA (TSA’11) of Wisznia Architecture + Development, was featured by this May. Board of Advisors member Bob Hale, FAIA (TSA’77) announced the publication of Not Neutral: For Every Place, Its Story is Here! in 2017. The Rios Clementi Hale Studios monograph explores the nature of being and place through a discourse grounded in 30 years of practice. ArchDaily reviewed the publication in April of this year.

Tim Culvahouse, FAIA (TSA’79) published his essay “Impossible City: New Orleans” with collaborator New Orleans-based photographer Virginia Hanusik in Places Journal this June. Communications consultant and writer, Culvahouse is coordinator of Public Architecture’s CITIES+ initiative. Preservation Maryland awarded its 2017 Artisanship Award to the preservation and rehabilitation of the U.S. Naval Academy’s surviving 19th century buildings by architectural preservation firm Citadel DCA, led by principal and Board of Advisors member L. Scott Paden, AIA (TSA’81) in May. Heritage contractor, The Tower Company, accepted the award. Founder of Morris Adjmi Architects, New Orleans native, and Board of Advisors member Morris Adjmi, FAIA (TSA ’83) drew press attention from Tulane Magazine and Financial Times for his project The Standard at South Market, a new upscale high-density residential condominium and retail space in the Warehouse District. AIA Florida recognized Jacob Brillhart, AIA (TSA’99) with a 2016 Honor Award for Excellence for his renovation and addition to the mid-century tropical modern Malaga Residence designed in 1948 by architect Thomas Triplett Russell. Brillhart is founder of Brillhart Architecture in Miami.

Harvard School of Design Associate Professor, Director of the Urban Design Program, and Tulane Architecture Board of Advisors member Felipe Correa (TSA’00) announced his new edited series Lateral Exchanges: Architecture, Urban Development, and Transnational Practices in August and the publication of his book Beyond the City: Resource Extraction Urbanism in South America in November. Correa is co-founder of Somatic Collaborative in New York. Nick Gelpi (TSA’02), principal at GELPI Projects and assistant professor of architecture at Florida International University, spoke at the 2016 Building Legacy symposium sponsored by Design Miami and the United Nations Office of the Special Advisor on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change. Christopher Kitterman, AIA (TSA’04) won 2016 AIA NY and SARA-NY design awards for his UWS apartment design. The renovation was featured in Dwell Magazine last October. Kitterman is founder of STADT Architecture in New York. Building Design + Construction featured Breeze Glazer, LEED AP (TSA’06) among its 40 under 40 in November. Glazer is sustainable design leader and senior associate with Perkins+Will in New York.

In September, New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles included Julie Babin, AIA, LEED AP (TSA’06) among notable design professionals in New Orleans. Babin is partner at StudioWTA in New Orleans. Annie Peyton (TSA’11) received the prestigious Luce Scholarship in 2016. As a Luce scholar, Peyton embarked on a yearlong exchange to Thailand, working with Bangkok landscape and architecture design firm Landprocess. Ella Camburnbeck (MPS’12) joined Felicity Redevelopment, Inc. as executive director in July of 2016. Formerly director of the BeauregardKeyes House and Garden Museum, Camburnbeck will turn her attention to revitalizing the lower St. Charles Corridor neighborhood with Felicity Redevelopment.

10 Years/10 Stories: Architecture of Recovery José Alvarez, AIA (TSA’97), Miriam Salas, AIA (TSA’97), Jordan Stewart, RA (TSA’99), Mary Bullock, AIA Assoc. (TSA’14), and Adjunct Lecturer Thom Smith, AIA are members of the 11-person 10 Years/10 Stories exhibition design team recognized by the AIA Louisiana with 2016 Professional Achievement Awards last November. The 2015 exhibition examined the roles architects had played and could play in the city’s recovery. AIA National included 10 Years/10 Stories in the 2016 AIA Emerging Professionals exhibition, It Takes a Community. Photo: Adjunct Lecturer Thom Smith



1. In November members of the class of 1986 returned to Richardson Memorial Hall to celebrate Homecoming 2016. Members of the class gathered for a photo during an alumni reception held on the quad in front of Richardson Memorial Hall. 2. The Standard at South Market, Morris Adjmi, FAIA. Image: The Domain Companies

William C. Burks (TSA’59)

Thomas S. Pardue (TSA’63)

Andrew Donaldson (TSA’94)

Neal F. Pendleton, Jr. (TSA’60)

William J. Fox (TSA’68)

Desmond F. Perschall Sr. (TSA’68)

Emile F. Fuhrmann Jr. (TSA’34)

Arnold Joseph Prima Jr. (TSA’59)

G. Hampton Han (TSA’79)

Julie Wepfer Robinson (TSA’76)

Karl E. Harvey (TSA’58)

Lloyd Jerome Rosen (TSA’54)

William D. Hebeisen (TSA’66)

Robert D. Seay (TSA’54)

Michael Sean Kendrick (TSA’85)

C. Murray Smart Jr. (TSA’56)

William A. Kendrick (TSA’73)

Patrick D. Staub (TSA’55)

John T. Midyette III (TSA’67)

Wilfrid A. Villarrubia (TSA’59)


Clio Associates, co-founded by alumna Gabrielle Begue (MPS’13) and Adjunct Lecturer Beth Jacob, AIA, LEED AP BD+C (MPS’12), received the 2017 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award for their contribution to the New Orleans Façade RENEW Program along with program partners the Small Center and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority. Garden & Gun and Curbed New Orleans each featured Board of Advisors member Jenga Mwendo (MSRED’16) for her work with Backyard Gardens Network in the Lower 9th Ward community. Mwendo’s Backyard Gardeners Network supports food-growing traditions of the Lower 9th Ward community as a pathway to community-wide development.

Jonathan Sharp (TSA’16) was admitted to the inaugural class of the Free School of Architecture in Los Angeles. One of only 36 admitted students, Sharp will explore the contemporary role of architects in local and national cultural and political landscapes.

Alumna Jennifer Gaugler (TSA’11) shared these thoughts.

Chesley McCarty (TSA’17) has been accepted to Gensler’s competitive Design Strategist Development Program. Participants in the two-year professional development program receive training in design strategy while embedded with the firm’s global consulting practice.

Elizabeth Burns Gamard 1958-2017 Tulane School of Architecture Professor Emerita Elizabeth Burns Gamard passed away on June 26, 2017 at her home in New Lebanon, New York of natural causes. Elizabeth was an integral part of the Tulane School of Architecture during her 17year tenure. She influenced the lives of countless students while serving in the roles of associate professor and associate dean. Upon retirement in 2014, she was granted emerita status. An accomplished educator and scholar, Elizabeth received numerous teaching accolades during her career. She also published multiple works, including, Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau: The Cathedral of Erotic Misery. She was a proud alumna of Yale University and taught at several schools of architecture throughout her academic career.


“Throughout her various roles as student, colleague, professor, dean, and mentor, Elizabeth possessed an incredible ability to understand and connect with people. She was a guiding light and a champion for many students at the Tulane School of Architecture. As an educator, she made the study of architecture more interesting, meaningful, and inspiring. She taught her students to be ‘painterly,’ to think poetically, and to accept the beautiful messiness of life. For many of us, her insight and intuition helped us to understand our own selves better; she was that rare mentor who not only guides, but helps us see what we are capable of becoming. She was a free spirit, a brilliant thinker, and a tireless advocate. She marched to the beat of her own drum, but in doing so she awoke an army of passionate, critical, and creative human beings who strive to make the world a better place. She was greatly loved and will be missed.” Gaugler is currently a doctoral candidate at the College for Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Tulane School of Architecture is currently working with alumni to establish a student fellowship in Elizabeth’s memory. This fellowship will support travel and research on the connection between architecture and the arts. If you would like to receive further information, please email



Student News

Student Organizations

Preceptorship The Career Development Program launched a preceptorship program, offering students the opportunity to take a full year off from academic study to work in a professional firm. Ethan Shaw will be the first student to take advantage of this opportunity, working with Ennead Architects in New York City this fall.

J. Marshall Brown (MPS’16) curated the 2016 Louisiana Landmarks Society Fall Exhibition, “The Pearl and the Crescent: Examining Similarities between Havana and New Orleans.” Brown presented images, maps, and texts illuminating the shared architectural ancestries of the two cities.

Undergraduate Symposium March 10-11, 2017 Tulane Architecture Government produced “SHIFT: Communities in the Age of Climate Change,” a design symposium open to all university students. The eight-person planning committee offered attendees a crossdisciplinary program of presentations and workshops. SHIFT drew audiences from all five undergraduate schools, five graduate programs, as well as 29 non-Tulane affiliates.

Design Your Future Day This spring, the School of Architecture held the first Design Your Future invitational event for prospective students admitted to the university. The day-long event welcomed 23 graduating high school students considering an architecture major to learn about the school and apply for a Dean’s Portfolio Award Scholarship. The next event will be held spring 2018. reVIEW 2014-2017 Published The School of Architecture published a mini-edition of the reVIEW featuring student work. Associate Professor of Architecture Wendy Redfield led the faculty-curated effort as editor. Copies are available in the school administrative offices. Option Studio: Infrastructure and Architecture Favrot Professor of Architecture John P. Klingman led students to investigate the intersection of infrastructural and architectural design this spring. Taking as its focus local urban water management, the studio prepared students to identify and engage emerging design opportunities.

1. Fall 2016 Small Center Design/Build Studio Students on-site at Ozanam Inn 2. SHIFT Undergraduate Symposium 3. Tulane University’s 2017 NASA Big Idea Challenge Winning Team Otto Lyon, Architecture & Physics (top, center); Matthew Gorban, Engineering Physics; Ethan Gasta, Engineering Physics; Maxwell Woody, Engineering Physics & Economics; Afsheen Sajadi, Biomedical Engineering; Matthew Gorban, Engineering Physics Contributors: John Robertson, PhD candidate Physics; Ben Lewson, Engineering Physics; Faculty Advisor Timothy Schuler, PhD, Physics (not pictured) 4. Commencement 2017


Graduate students Leonard Leiva Rivers (TSA’18) and Su Theng Poon (TSA’18) placed among the top three in the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture 2016 student competition. The competition challenged designers to apply neuroscientific knowledge to the design of a K-12 school for the Yantalo Health Center in Yantalo, Peru. Otto Lyon (BSA’17) led an interdisciplinary team of Tulane students to win NASA’s Big Idea Challenge. Prevailing over 28 competing teams, many aligned with aerospace programs, Lyon and his team were celebrated by Tulane University President Michael Fitts in his 2017 commencement address. Each team member was invited to join NASA’s Game Changing Development Team paid internship this summer. Watch the team’s project video in the February New Wave article, “Tulane team wins NASA’s Big Idea Challenge for spacecraft design.”

Graduate Colloquium March 17, 2017 Graduate Student Government’s annual colloquium, held this year at the New Orleans Jazz Market, lived up to its name, “Sparking Conversations about Community Engaged Design.” A full audience of students, professionals, and community members attended the evening event. The four panelists, each leaders in the field, treated the audience to a vigorous discussion of community-engaged design practice. TWIA & NOMAS TU Architecture students brought two socially-minded student organizations to campus recently. Newcomb Scholar Keristen Edwards (TSA’19) and Hannah Kenyon (TSA’19) co-founded Tulane Women in Architecture to “promote and support equality within the workforce” last fall. Among their activities, TWIA partners with allied professional organizations to connect students with broad professional networks.


Bryan Bradshaw (TSA’17), Javier Gonzalez (TSA’17), Me’osha Solsberry (TSA & MSRED’18), Kyle Novak (TSA’17), and Teva Kaplan (TSA’18) established the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students Tulane chapter in 2015. In the past year, NOMAS co-hosted a lecture, volunteered in schools, entered a design competition, and produced a campus design installation. Find on Facebook: >> @tulanewomeninarchitecture >> @nomastulane



Commencement Awards were given

John William Lawrence Memorial Medal

at this year’s Architecture Diploma

Matthew Raybon, m.arch.

Distinguished Thesis Award

The 2017 Tulane School of Architecture

Ceremony, which took place Saturday, May 20 at Dixon Hall, preceded by a reception at Richardson Memorial Hall.

Nicole Plauché Lirette, mps

Ronald F. Katz Memorial Award Laura Carolina Gil Diaz, m.arch. Haley Kathleen Lindsley, m.arch.

Tulane 34 Award

Kelly Lauren Calhoun, mps

Jenifer Wells Megalli, m.arch. i

Outstanding Thesis Awards

Senior Scholar

Christopher Fielding Longman, m.arch. i

Gianna Marie Morelli, m.arch. Chesley Jean McCarty, m.arch.

John William Lawrence Research Fellowship

Marguerite Eugenié-Thérèse Roberts, mps

Tau Sigma Delta

Christopher Fielding Longman, m.arch. i


Christophe Blanchard, m.arch.

Lauren Welsh Taylor, m.arch. i


Christopher Fielding Longman, m.arch. i

Graduate Leadership Award

Academic Distinction Award

Chesley Jean McCarty, m.arch.

Jenifer Wells Megalli, m.arch. i

Scott Daniel Branta, msred

Thesis Commendations

Leadership Award

Kevin Atkinson, m.arch.

Nathan Lipson, msred

Laura Carolina Gil Diaz, m.arch.

Lauren Welsh Taylor, m.arch. i Jill Thompson, m.arch.

Sarah Narrow, M.Arch. ’18 Architecture as a Political Tool: Divisions

Outstanding Practicum Report Award

Graduate Design Excellence Award


2017 Travel Fellowship Award Recipients

Outstanding Service to the Program Award


Robert Christopher Daemmrich, m.arch.

American Institute of Architects Medal

Katarina Dvorak, m.arch.

Outstanding Service to the Mission of the Program Award

Benjamin Aaron Feiger, m.arch.*

Daniel Feinberg, msred

Su Theng Poon, M.Arch. I ’18

Gianna Marie Morelli, m.arch.

Kristen Dorothy Hill, m.arch.

Perception Enrichment: Multisensory

Jenifer Wells Megalli, m.arch. i

Laura Carolina Gil Diaz, m.arch.

of Physical Space and Social Boundaries in Tel Aviv and Jaffa


Jonathan Henry House, m.arch. ii*

Research Awards

Haley Kathleen Lindsley, m.arch.*

Scott Daniel Branta, msred Water Amenities in New Orleans

Leonardo Leiva Rivera, M.Arch. I. ’18

American Institute of Architects Certificate of Merit

Christopher Fielding Longman, m.arch. i* Chesley Jean McCarty, m.arch.*

Multifamily Developments

Spaces to Mark Time

Christophe Gervais Blanchard, m.arch.

Jenifer Wells Megalli, m.arch. i*

Amy Marie Breen, msred

Regina Davis, m.arch. i

Gianna Marie Morelli, m.arch.*

Canal Street: Analyzing how to activate

Matthew Raybon, m.arch.

the potential in underutilized historic

Maria Espinoza, M.Arch. ’19 Mapping the Senses: Diagramming

Alpha Chi Rho Medal

Cassidy Lynn Rosen, m.arch. i*


Cartegena, Havana, and San Juan

Chesley Jean McCarty, m.arch.

Lauren Welsh Taylor, m.arch. i

José Alfredo Meza Fortin Jr., msred

Benjamin Lee Tulman, m.arch.

Building Performance in Central America:

Stephanie Sirhal, M.Arch ’18

Thomas J. Lupo Award

Disintegrating the Barrier: An

Matthew Raybon, m.arch.

Introducing EDGE in Honduras *Included in Thesis Exhibition

Michael Joseph Parsiola, msred

Examination into Reducing the

Flood Resilience Analysis: Southern

Prevailing Social Dilemmas in the


American Military via Rehabilitation of Base Infrastructure

Class of 1973 Travel Fellowship Hannah Berryhill, M.Arch. ’18 Poesía + Arquitectura: Poetry as an Analytical Response and a Generative Tool for Spacemaking

Malcolm Heard Travel Fellowship Shirley Chen, M.Arch. ’19 The Poetry of Death: Funerary Architecture in Southern Europe

Ann and Frank Masson Research Travel Fellowship Anna Marcum, MPS ’17 Artist-Designed Religious Spaces in Europe and the United States

11 4

FACULTY AND STAFF NEWS Awards & Appointments Koch Chair Professor of Architecture Errol Barron, FAIA enjoyed two weeks on New Hampshire’s Appledore Island this summer developing his illustration work and enriching the Shoals Marine Laboratory art programing as a 2017 Shoals artist-inresidence. Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture awarded former Tulane Small Center Director and Dean for Community Engagement Maurice Cox the Tau Sigma Delta Medal. Cox is currently the planning director for the City of Detroit. Adjunct Lecturer and alumna Danielle Del Sol (MPS’11) began her fouryear mayoral appointment to New Orleans’ Central Business District Historic Landmarks Commission this July. Del Sol is the current editor of Preservation in Print, the monthly publication of the Preservation Resource Center. Adjunct Lecturers, Marianne Desmarais, RA, LEED AP BD+C and Andrew M. Liles, AIA, LEED AP BD+C join the faculty as professors of practice this fall. Alumna and Adjunct Lecturer, Beth Jacob, AIA, LEED AP BD+C (MPS’12) was named 2017 Richard Morris Hunt Prize Fellow by the American Architectural Foundation and French Heritage Society. Jacob will use the exchange experience in France to explore her ongoing research interests. Jacob is principal and co-founder of Clio Associates with alumna Gabrielle Begue (MPS’13). See Alumni News for more on Clio Associates.

The School of Architecture welcomes Mary Johns to the school as communications coordinator. Mary is a 2016 graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and a minor in business administration. New Orleans CityBusiness honored MSRED Adjunct Lecturer Kelly Longwell as a local Money Maker for her achievements in finance and community impact in November. Longwell, director of the New Orleans office of Coats Rose, specializes in finance and taxation law for affordable housing and community development sectors. The School of Architecture welcomes architect Richard Olcott, FAIA, FAAR, design partner with Ennead Architects, as 2018 Favrot Visiting Chair this spring. Olcott’s practice interlaces contemporary architecture, existing urban fabric, and preservation advocacy. Partner at Rickenbacker + Leung LLC and founder of Urban Design + Data consultancy, Shawn Rickenbacker was the 2016-17 academic year Favrot Visiting Chair and Taylor Senior Fellow. Rickenbacker’s SISE students examined artificial intelligence technologies as aspects of the contemporary design landscape. Small Center Design/Build Manager and Professor of Practice Emilie Taylor Welty, RA (TSA’06) became the Small Center interim director this July. This May, Taylor Welty received the Malcolm Heard Award for Excellence in Teaching from the 2017 graduating class.


In the Media

Articles & Publications

Adjunct Lecturer Robert Cangelosi Jr., AIA, president of Koch and Wilson Architects, and Adjunct Lecturers Courtney Williams and Michael Shoriak of Cypress Building Conservation were featured in the New Orleans Advocate November article “Blast from the past? Renovators learn from AC job at historic Hermann-Grima.”

New Orleans Magazine published Favrot Professor of Architecture John P. Klingman’s article “Best New Architecture” in March. This October, Klingman will lead a fiveday tour to these and other sites with Architectural Adventures. Find Klingman’s 2012 book New in New Orleans Architecture through university libraries, local bookstores, and online.

Director of Sustainable Real Estate Development and Favrot Professor of Practice Casius Pealer (TSA’96) was quoted regarding climate change and equitable development policy last October in the article, “Climate Change is Already Forcing Americans to Move.” In its Winter 2016 article, “Time & Again,” New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles magazine featured the Dominican Street renovation by Professor of Practice and Principle of crgarchitecture, Cordula Roser-Gray, AIA. Local television station WDSU interviewed Director of Preservation Studies Program and Christovich Senior Professor of Practice John H. Stubbs in the October 2016 segment, “Historic Preservation Work in New Orleans Helps Bring Boost to Economy.”


1. Professor Cordula Roser-Gray’s Dominican Street renovation 2. Professor Richard Campanella with Kara Tucina Olidge, PhD., and Lawrence Powell, PhD.


Candide: Journal for Architectural Knowledge published “‘I Have No Power’: Zaha Hadid and the Ethics of Globalized Practice” by Associate Professor Graham Owen, OAA this May. Professor Owen’s book Architecture, Ethics, and Globalization, published in 2009, is available through university libraries, local bookstores, and online. Director of Preservation Studies Program and Christovich Senior Professor of Practice John H. Stubbs’ book Architectural Conservation in Asia: National Experiences in Practice, co-authored with Robert G. Thompson, was published in the fall of 2016. The book is available through university libraries, local bookstores, and online. Senior Professor of Practice, New Orleans scholar, and geographer Richard Campanella joined forces with Tulane scholars Kara Tucina Olidge, PhD, executive director of the Amistad Research Center, and Lawrence Powell, PhD, Tulane University emeritus professor of history, to mark the city’s 2018 tricentennial with the forthcoming New Orleans & the World: The Tricentennial Anthology. A current bibliography of Campanella’s publications may be found at

2017 AIA NEW ORLEANS DESIGN AWARDS 1. Hollygrove Shade-Water Pavilion Architecture Honorable Mention and USGBC Louisiana Excellence in Sustainability Honorable Mention Small Center for Collaborative Design Senior Professor of Practice Irene Keil, RA, Professor Judith Kinnard, FAIA, Project Manager Nick Jenisch (TSA’03) Photo: Michael Wong

2. Arthur Ashe Oak Park Edible Schoolyard Divine Detail Honorable Mention COLECTIVO Professor of Practice Emilie Taylor Welty, RA (TSA’06), Adjunct Assistant Professor Seth Welty, RA (TSA’08), Sarah Satterlee (TSA’14) Photo: Michael Wong



3. 800 Magazine Street Historic Preservation, Restoration, and Adaptive Re-use Honorable Mention Trapolin-Peer Architects Peter Trapolin, FAIA (TSA’77) Photo: Will Crocker

4. The Ace Hotel Historic Preservation, Restoration and Adaptive Re-use Merit Award Eskew+Dumez+Ripple Cynthia Dubberley, AIA (TSA’98) Vanessa Smith-Torres, AIA (TSA’13) Photo: Timothy Hursley Photography



5. New Orleans East Hospital Chapel Interior Architecture Merit Award Eskew+Dumez+Ripple and Manning Architects José Alvarez, AIA (TSA’97) Mark Reynolds, AIA (TSA’99) Kristian Mizes (TSA’10) Photo: Mark Bienvenu Photography

6. Sophie B. Wright School Honorable Mention for Historic Preservation, Restoration and Adaptive Re-use and USGBC Louisiana Excellence in Sustainability Honor Award Waggonner & Ball Mac Ball, FAIA, Board of Advisors, Donald del Cid, Former Associate Professor, David Curtis (TSA’82), Charles Sterkx (TSA’88), David Demsey (TSA’07) Photo: Will Crocker


7. District Donuts: Elmwood Members’ Choice Award One to One Design Adjunct Lecturer Charles Jones, Adjunct Lecturer David Merlin, AIA (TSA’08), Matt DeCotiis, RA (TSA’12), Robert Mosby (TSA’14) Photo: David Armentor

8. The Beacon (not pictured) Architecture Merit Award Eskew+Dumez+Ripple José Alvarez, AIA (TSA’97)





Fall 2017

Spring 2018

SEP 11

JAN 22



Carrie Norman, Partner, Norman Kelley; Adjunct

Richard Olcott, FAIA, FAAR, Design Partner

Assistant Professor at the New Jersey Institute of

Ennead Architects

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Technology and Columbia University GSAPP Thomas Kelley, Partner, Norman Kelley; Adjunct

JAN 29

Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at


Chicago’s School of Architecture

Zena Howard, AIA, LEEP AP

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Managing Director, Perkins + Will

OCT 16

Alan Karchmer (TSA’77), Architectural Photographer

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WAGGONNER & BALL LECTURE Marilyn Jordan Taylor, FAIA, Consulting Partner,

MAR 05

Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill; Professor of Architecture


and Urban Design, and former Dean of University of

Theaster Gates, Director of University of Chicago

Pennsylvania PennDesign

Art + Public Spaces, Social Practice Installation Artist


NOV 03


Help us strengthen our national network by


Dan Pitera, FAIA, Executive Director of the Detroit

engaging with Tulane students and graduates.

Join us at Richardson Memorial Hall for our annual

Collaborative Design Center at the University of Detroit

Contact Megan Weyland, director of Career

Homecoming Celebration.

Mercy School of Architecture

Development, at to

NOV 10

MAR 16



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