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NOVEMBER| 2019 |



NOVEMBER| 2019 |



dü+bÕ<äø£es¡Z+ (EDITORIAL BOARD)

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dü+bÕ<ä≈£î\T : d”ºô|òHé ô|+&Ü´\. düVü‰j·T dü+bÕ<ä≈£î\T : ¬se.õ.C≤Hé |”≥sY. &ç.{Ï.|æ. : Áã<äsY ¬ø.mHé. ¬s&ç¶ ÁbÕs¡úq >∑T+|ü⁄ : ñyÓTHé‡ düe÷»+.


: Stephen Pendyala.


: Rev.G.John Peter.


: Bro. K.N. Reddy

Prayer Warriors : GVM Womens Fellowship.


1. Waiting is Not Wasting... (EDITORIAL) 2. Äràj·T <Ûä«qT\T 3. dü+<˚X¯+ (¬se. {Ï.m.Á|üuÛÑTøÏs¡DY) 4. |òüTq‘· (¬se. &Ü. $Tsê´\ bÕs¡«‹) 5. Äj·Tq ‘·≥Tº #·÷&É>±.. (leT‹ sêDÏ ‘·Tø±sêyéT) 6. IBL, Chennai Gallery 7. eT>±&ÉT (|æ.Çe÷àqTj˚T\T) 8. Áz j·TÚeqT&Ü ! (Áã<äsY düT<Ûëø£sYu≤ãT ø√q) 9. ^Hé yê´© |ü]#·s¡´ $es¡eTT\T 10. ^Á Hé yê´© dü+|òTü ø±s¡´øÁ e£ TeTT\ ø=s¡≈î£ bÁ Õ]ú+#·+&ç 11. Á^Hé yê´© |ü]#·s¡´\T

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á HÓ\˝À |ü⁄{Ïqº s√E, $yêVü≤ yê]¸ø√‘·‡eeTT\T »s¡T|ü⁄ø=qT#·Tqï å T... yê]ø£+<ä]øÏ <Óe ’ »qT\ ≈£î≥T+ãeTT qT+&ç Vü‰]∆ø£ X¯óuÛ≤ø±+ø£\

NOVEMBER| 2019 |



WAITING IS NOT WASTING … EDITORIAL WASTING… A great story inspired me to share that “WAITING IS NOT WASTING”. “Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” James 1:3,4 When we are in a period of waiting and uncertainty, it’s easy to give way to discouragement. We need to remember the truth about what is really happening. God has not forgotten us. He’s not surprised by our plans crumpling around us. He knows what He’s doing. Our faith is being tried and it’s a trial that we can let produce patience and do a precious work in us. I have been struck lately by how often the Lord has chosen to take time to accomplish His plans. He made the world in six days, He can accomplish things quite quickly but He often chooses to take time to accomplish His purposes, using that time to make His power known and to transform lives in amazing way. To start a great nation, Abraham remained childless for years and years. To rescue the Israelites, Moses went into the desert for years and years, and then, instead of instantly leading the Israelites out of Egypt, the Lord took the time to do a series of miracles.God’s leading often doesn’t make sense from a human perspective. But His ways are higher than ours thoughts and He sees what we don’t: eternity. Our time here is but a passing shadow, and “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9). “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

Where Are We Going? “Just trust me and obey my directions. I’ll guide you turn by turn.” Those had been her father’s words when they first set out on this special trip NOVEMBER| 2019 |



together.At first, Jessie had been excited. She knew her father loved her, and she could hardly wait to see where he’d planned for them to go. In her mind, she kept imagining possible destinations.Then, one by one, they had been passing the destinations she had in mind. As she passed each familiar intersection, she’d ask her father, “Are you sure we shouldn’t turn here?” But he’d shake his head.As one possible destination after another zoomed by, Jessie’s mind instantly replaced it with another possible location and began racing with all the wonders in store for her there. Ah, we turned left on Maple. Maybe we’re going to end up at Mary’s house. We’ll have so much fun together that must be why Father had us pass by the store I’d hoped we would stop at and why he had us turn onto Maple, she reasoned...until they passed by Mary’s house too. To add to her discouragement, Jessie noticed as she passed Mary’s house that many of her good friends were there. She also saw that another friend had stopped at one of the stores Jessie had longed to stop at. It seemed everyone else got to experience the places she dreamed about.On and on they drove. Disappointment followed disappointment for Jessie as one after another of her hopes came to nothing. Sometimes her father clearly told her to bypass a road she wanted to travel; other times a roadblock or impassible road made it impossible to go the way she wanted, ruining all her plans.Jessie kept driving, but as she continued her heart began to feel heavy. She knew deep down her father knew what he was doing, but she still felt unsettled. Was she just wasting her life driving around aimlessly? “Father, can’t you please tell me where we’re going? I’ll be fine with anywhere. Just tell me where,” Jessie begged. Jessie’s father looked at her lovingly. “Jessie, do you trust me?” Jessie nodded. She knew above all else that she could trust her father. “But have I misunderstood your directions?” Jessie’s father smiled. “Do you really think I’d let you go far the wrong way without correcting you? You can trust me to pull you back on track.” “But Joanne and Nadia ended up at Mary’s house end” “And don’t look at where others end up. They have their own challenges and temptations. Don’t forget that I am here with you, leading and guiding, and I love you perfectly. My dear daughter,” NOVEMBER| 2019 |



Jessie’s father added, “won’t you just trust me to lead you where you need to go and start enjoying our time together in the car? “ “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Waiting Happily Early this morning I woke up to find a dog sitting outside my door looking into my house. It startled me to see his content, expectant, happy countenance. And it puzzled me that his manner did not change when I walked toward the door to look at him more closely, nor when I walked back away from the door. I wondered, Why is this dog here? What is it waiting for? Was it lost? How can it be so happy and content? How and why had it come to this deadend part of the area two stories above the ground? This dog’s sweet countenance got me to thinking about waiting on the Lord, not only without anxiety and fear, but with joyful expectation! This dog was waiting joyfully for me...and he didn’t even have a clue who I was or that I could be trusted. How much more contentedly should we wait when we know we can trust the Lord! This month, as you wait on the Lord for different aspects of your life or your achievement, I pray you will wait like the dog this morning, with joyful expectation. I can assure you God has the whole picture and your ultimate best interest in sight of your eternal interests. Join me in thanking Him that His mercies are new every morning. God bless you. Yours Editor,

Stephen Pendyala

NOVEMBER| 2019 |



Áø°düTÔ ùdyê s¡‘·ï

¬seˆˆ _. CÀdü|òt s¡M+Á<ä

:: Äràj·T <Ûä«qT\T ::

54 1. <˚e⁄&ÉT uÛÑ≈£îÔ\qT b˛wæ+#·T ` 1sêE 17:6 2. <äTwüߺ\qT <˚e⁄&ÉT <˚«wæ+#·T ` s√e÷ 9:13 3. $XÊ«d”! <˚e⁄ì ã{Ϻ ˙e⁄ dü+‘√wæ+#·T ` ø°s¡Ôq 37:4 4. <˚e⁄ì ÄX¯´s¡´ ø±s¡´eTT\T >∑÷]à dü+uÛ≤wæ+#·T ` ø°s¡Ôq 96:2


$XÊ«dæøÏ ñ<ä´eT dü÷Œ¤]Ô nedüs+¡ ` ¬se. {Ï.m.Á|üuÛÑTøÏs¡DY


ªe÷]ºHé \÷<∏äsY dü+düÿs¡Dyê<ä+‘√ Á|üuÛ≤$‘·T&Ó’ |ü<äVü‰s¡e X¯‘êã›+˝À _wü|t ˝≤{ÏeTsY ˇø£ Ä~yês¡+ ‘·q \+&ÉHé #·]Ã˝À n<äT“¤‘·yÓTÆq Á|üd ü+>∑+ #˚XÊ&ÉT. dü+düÿs¡D\≈£î ã<ä∆ e´‹πsøÏ nsTTq n|üŒ{Ï Ç+>∑¢+&é #·Áø£e]Ô 8e ôV ≤Á˙ eTs¡Tdü{Ï Ä~yês¡+ n<˚ #·]Ã˝À ‘·q düeTø£å+˝À ãVæ≤s¡+>∑+>± ø£åe÷|üD #ÓbÕŒ\ì Ä _wü|tqT Ä<˚•+#ê&ÉT. Äs√E _wü|t ˝≤{ÏeTsY Á|üdü+–dü÷Ô ªqqTï #·+|ü>∑\ X¯øÏÔeT+‘·T&Ó’q #·Áø£ e]Ô Hê m<äT≥ ñHêï&ÉT. ø±ì uÛÑøÏÔV”≤qT˝…’q #·Áø£es¡TÔ\qT qs¡ø±–ï˝À y˚dæ Hê˝≤+{Ï &ûqT\≈£î |üs¡˝Àø£ uÛ≤>±´ìï, ì‘·´Jyêìï Á|ükÕ~+#·>∑\ düs¡«X¯øÏÔeT+‘·T&Ó’q <˚e⁄&ÉT Hê yÓqTø£ ñHêï&ÉT. H˚ qT Ä <˚e⁄ìπø ‘·\e+#·T‘êqTµ nHêï&ÉT. #·Áø£e]Ô Ä<˚XÊ\ y˚Ts¡≈£î _wü|t ˝≤{ÏeTsYqT düJe<äVü≤q+ #˚XÊs¡T. ø±ì Ä <äVü≤qø±+&É yÓ\T>∑T˝Ò ø=Hêïfi¯≈¢ î£ Nø£{Ï j·TT>±ìï düe÷~Û #˚dæ Ç+>∑+¢ &éqT dü+düÿ]+#êsTT. #·Áø£es¡T\Ô T sêC≤´\qT, ˝Àø±ìï XÊdæùdÔ Ä #·Áø£es¡TÔ\H˚ XÊdæ+#˚ X¯øÏÔì <˚e⁄&ÉT $XÊ«dæøÏ# êÃ&ÉT. j·T÷<äj·T <˚X¯|ü⁄ sêE ùV≤s√<äT $#·Ã\$&ç>± J$+∫q øÏsê‘·≈£î&ÉT. n‘·ì <Ís¡®Hê´ìøÏ, nHÓ’‹ ø£‘·≈£î uÛÑj·T|ü&ç Á|ü»\+‘ê eTÚq+ <ë*Ñ˚, n‹ kÕe÷qT´&ÉT Äj·TqTï m~]+#ê&ÉT. ùV≤s√<äT ‘·q k˛<äs¡Tì uÛ≤s¡´qT ñ +|ü⁄&ÉT>∑‘ÓÔ>± ô|≥Tº≈£îHêï&ÉT. <˚X¯ Á|ü»\≈£î Ä<äs¡ÙÁbÕj·T+>± yÓT*– yê]ì Á|üuÛ≤$‘·+ #˚j·Te\dæq kÕúq+˝À ñqï sêE≈£î Ç~ ‘·>∑<äì, Ä~ <Ûäs¡àXÊÁdüÔ $s¡T<ä›eTì jÓ÷Vü‰qT ñ<ä´$T+#ê&ÉT (˝ÒM 20:21). n+<äT≈£î ÄÁ>∑Væ≤+∫q ùV≤s√<äT jÓ÷Vü‰qTqT #Ós¡XÊ\˝À y˚XÊ&ÉT. |æ<ä|ü ñ+|ü⁄&ÉT>∑‘ÓÔ ˇ‹Ô&ç‘√ Äj·TqTï •s¡#˚ä<äq+ #˚XÊ&ÉT (eT‘·ÔsTT 14:1`2). ø±ì jÓ÷Vü‰qT ñ<ä´eT+ eT]+‘· ã\V”≤q|ü&ç ùV≤s√<äT≈£î Á|üC≤<äs¡D ‘·–Z+~. ø=Hêïfi¯¢πø ùV≤s√<äT ‘·q≈£î |æ\¢ì∫Ãq e÷eT #˚‹˝À |òüTÀs¡|üsêCj·÷ìøÏ >∑T¬s’ sêC≤´ìï, Á|ü‹wüºqT ø√˝ÀŒj·÷&Éì #·]Á‘· #ÓãT‘√+~. ãVæ≤wüÿs¡D\T, eTs¡D•ø£å\T, #Ós¡kÕ\\T, ∫Á‘·Væ≤+dü\T ì»+>±H˚ X¯øÏÔ>∑\ kÕ<ÛäHê˝… ’‘˚ ˝Àø£+˝À dü‘·´+ m|ü⁄Œ&√ düe÷~Û nsTT ñ+&˚~. <Ís¡®Hê´ìï, nHÓ’‹ø£‘·qT m~]+#·&ÜìøÏ #·]Á‘·˝À <˚e⁄&ÉT yê&ÉT≈£îqï yês¡+‘ê ã\V”≤qT\T, nHêeT≈£î˝Ò!! yê] #˚‘·T˝À¢ <˚e⁄&ÉT ô|{Ϻq kÕ<ÛäHê\T kÕ‹«ø£‘·«+, Áù|eT, kÕVü≤dü+, |ü]X¯ó<ä∆‘·, eTè<äTuÛ≤wüD+! M{Ï‘√H˚ $XÊ«dæ j·TT>∑j·TT>±\T>± $»j·T+ kÕ~ÛdüTÔHêï&ÉT. kÕ«s¡∆+, <Ís¡®q´+ ì+&çq á ˝Àø£+˝À <˚e⁄&ÉT Áù|eT≈£î, ìkÕ«s¡∆‘·≈£î, |ü]X¯ó<ä∆‘·≈£î e÷s¡Tù|s¡T>± #·]Ãì düèwæº+#ê&ÉT. ˝Àø±ìøÏ ‘·q Ä<äs¡ÙÁbÕj·TyÓTÆq q&Ée&ç <ë«sê ~XÊìπs›X¯+ #˚ùd u≤<Ûä´‘·qT #·]ÃøÏ, n+<äT˝À n+‘·sꓤ>∑yÓTÆq $XÊ«dæøÏ Ç#êÃ&ÉT. n+<äTπø $XÊ«dæ ‘·q J$‘êìï, #·]Ãì eTT+<äT>± dü+düÿ]+#·Tø√yê*. n+<äT≈£î yÓqø±&É≥eT+fÒ j˚TdüTÁø°düT Ô uÀ<Ûä*ï ìØ«s¡´+ #˚j·T&Éy˚T. ªe÷ uÀ<Ûäq\T y˚s¡T, J$‘·+ y˚s¡T, yê{Ïì y˚s¡Ty˚s¡T>± #·÷&É+&çµ nqï |ü<ä∆‹˝À kÕπ> uÀ<Ûä≈£î\qT #·]ÃøÏ ÄeT&É<ä÷s¡+˝À ô|≥ºe\dæq u≤<Ûä´‘· $XÊ«dæ<˚. u§eTà^ùd ≈£î+#Ó≈£î s¡+>∑T m+‘· nedüs¡yÓ÷ $XÊ«dæøÏ ñ<ä´eT dü÷Œ¤]Ô n+‘· nedüs¡+. ‘·q dü«»qT˝…’q j·T÷<äT\T Ä|ü<ä˝À |ü&ç‘˚ yê] |üø£å+>± sêE‘√ e÷{≤¢&Ü˝≤ e<ë› nqï dü+~>∑∆+ ˇø£kÕ] mùdÔs¡T sêEøÏ @s¡Œ&ç+~. ø±ì <˚e⁄ì Áù|πs|üD‘√ ÁbÕD≤\≈£î ‘Ó–+∫ eTÚq+ M&ç sêE‘√ e÷{≤¢&ç ‘·q Á|ü»\≈£î $&ÉT<ä\, $»j·T+ ø£*–+∫+~ (mùdÔs¡T 4:12`17). Á|ü‹ $XÊ«dæøÏ ÄyÓT J$‘·+ dü÷Œ¤]Ôìyê«*. $XÊ«düT\ J$‘ê\T, #·]Ã\T <˚e⁄ì Áù|eT≈£î, |ü]X¯ó<ä∆‘·≈£î, X¯øÏÔøÏ Á|ü‹s¡÷|ü+ ø±yê*. kÕøÏå ~q|ü‹Á ø£ k»q´+‘√... NOVEMBER| 2019 |



|òüTq‘· ` ¬seˆˆ &܈ˆ $T]j·÷\ bÕs¡«‹ ø=ìï &çHê$TH˚wüH釽À dü+e‘·‡sê+‘êìï ø£è‘·»„‘·‘√ >∑&ÉbÕ\ì ø√s¡T≈£î+{≤s¡T. ∫e] e÷dü+ m˝≤q÷ ÁøÏdüàdt Vü≤&Üe⁄&ç n+<äT˝À <ëq<Ûäsêà\T z uÛ≤>∑+ nsTT‘˚ qe+ãs¡TqT e÷Á‘·+ <∏ë´+ø˘‡ –$+>¥ eT+‘Y>± Á|ü‘˚´øÏ+#·Tø=ìø£ |ü\T$<Ûë\T>± Ç#˚à <Ûäq´‘·qT bı+<äT‘·÷ ñ+{≤s¡T. n+<äT˝À m<äT{Ï yêìøÏ >∑{Ϻ>±H˚ b˛{° Çdü÷Ôe⁄+{≤s¡T. n˝≤+{Ï yê&ÉTø£˝ÀH˚ z ≈£î≥T+ã+ b˛{°øÏ dæ<ä∆|ü&ÉT‘√+~. ªªdü+e‘·‡s¡+˝À |ü~HÓ\\T eTq MT<ä πøåeT+>± <=]*+∫ q÷‘·q e÷dü+˝ÀøÏ Á|üy˚X¯ ô|{Ïqº <˚e⁄ìøÏ k˛ÔÁ‘ê\T! <∏ë´+ø˘‡ –$+>¥>± á @&Ü~ q÷‘·q eT+~s¡+ ìsêàD≤ìøÏ n+<ä]ø£+fÒ ø£˙dü+ ˇø£ÿ yÓsTT´ m≈£îÿe>± #·]Ã˝À Çyê«*µµ &çôd’&é #˚XÊ&ÉT &˚ì. n‘·&ÉT Ä Ç+{Ï ô|<ä› ø=&ÉT≈£î. ªªn+‘·ø£+fÒ ÁøÏdüàdt Á{° Áb˛Á>±+˝À Åd”Ô\T, |æ\¢\T, j·Te«qT\T, eè<äT∆\T Ç˝≤ y˚πs«s¡T>± Ä&ç+π> Ä≥\≈£î, øÏ«CŸ≈£î, bÕ≥\ b˛{° e+{Ï nìï b˛{°\≈£î Åô|’CŸ\T nìï eTqy˚T kÕŒq‡sY #˚ùdÔ |òüTq+>± ñ+≥T+~µµ Ç+ø√ |òüTq‘·qT ø√]+~ &˚ì #Ó˝…¢\T @+»˝Ÿ. ªª˙ eTTK+ ˙≈£î @$T ‘Ó*j·T<äT. –|òtº á Çj·TsY rdüT≈£î+{≤s¡T, eTs¡∫b˛‘ês¡T. πs|ü⁄ #·]ÃøÏ &ÉãT“ düe÷j·T+ #˚dæq yê] ù|s¡¢˝À Hêqï ù|s¡T •˝≤|òü\ø£+ MT<ä m|üŒ{Ïø° ñ+≥T+~. m+<äTø£+fÒ n+<ä]ø£+fÒ eTqy˚T m≈£îÿe ÇkÕÔ+ ø£qTø£µµ #Ó˝…¢*ï $düT≈£îÿHêï&ÉT &˚ì. ªªHêHêï #·÷XÊsê? nqïj·T´ m|ü&É÷ Ç+‘˚. Hê e÷≥\qT rdæbÕπskÕÔ&ÉT. H˚q+‘· ‘Ó*$˝Òì<ëHêï? dü+|òüT+˝À Á|ü‹ ˇø£ÿ]ø° eTq Ç+{Ï qT+&ç –|òtº yÓfi¯ fl&É+ m+‘· >=|üŒ>± ñ +≥T+<√ ‘·q≈£î ‘Ó*j·T≥+ ˝Ò<äT. nqïj·T´ |òüsY >±&é ùdø˘... á ˇø£ÿkÕ] Hê Á|üb˛»˝Ÿ≈£î n&ɶ+ sê≈£î . H˚qT ∫qï|üŒ≥Tï+∫ ˙ &Ü$TH˚wüH√Ô n\dæb˛j·÷qTµµ ‘·+Á&çøÏ |òæsê´<äT #˚dü÷ÔH˚ nqïj·T´‘√ b˛{≤¢≥≈£î ~–+~ @+»˝Ÿ. ªª‘Ó*j·Tì yêfi¯fl¬ø’Hê #Ó|üŒ#·TÃ. ‘Ó*dæq yêfi¯fl‘√HÓ’Hê e÷{≤¢&Ée#·T Ã. $wüj·÷\T ‘Ó*dæ ‘Ó*j·Tì $T&ç$T&ç C≤„q+ ñqïyêfi¯fl‘√ e÷{≤¢&É≈£L&É<äTµµ ]esY‡ øö+≥sY Ç#êÃ&ÉT &˚ì. ªªz ì$Twü+ Ä>∑T‘êyê? á eT<Û´ä Á|ür $wüjT· +˝Àq÷ |ü+<Ó|⁄ü ø√fi¯fl˝≤ s¬ ∫Ãb˛‘·THêïs¡T. @~ düãuÀ @~ dü]ø±<√ Ä˝À∫+#˚+<äT≈£î y˚TeTT ô|<ä›\+ ñHêï+ ø£<ë?µµ ø√|üŒ&ç+~ yê] ‘·*¢ ôds¡÷j·÷. ªªneTà\÷... zkÕ] u…_’ ˝Ÿ rdæ kÕyÓT‘·\ |ü⁄düøÔ +£ ˝À 20.3 #·<Tä e⁄ ‘·©µ¢ µ Áù|eT>± @+»˝ŸqT n&ç>±&ÉT ‘·+Á&ç Á|üuÛÑT<ëdt. ªªø£\Vü≤eTTq≈£î <ä÷s¡eTT>± qT+&ÉT≥ qs¡T\≈£î |òüTq‘·. eT÷s¡Tâ&Ó’q Á|ü‹yê&ÉTqT b˛s¡TH˚ ø√s¡TqTµµ #·~$ eTÚq+>± ñ+&çb˛sTT+~ @+»˝Ÿ. NOVEMBER| 2019 |



ªª#·÷XÊsê... ø£\Vü‰ìøÏ <ä÷s¡+>± ñ+&É≥y˚T qs¡T\≈£î |òüTq‘·≥. b˛{≤¢≥ ø√s¡T≈£îH˚yê&ÉT eT÷s¡Tâ&É≥... y˚<ä+ |ü\T≈£î‘√+~. dü+|òüTdüTú\ m<äT≥ &Ü+_ø±ìøÏ ø±qTø£\T Çe«≥+ ø±<äT eTq≈£î ø±e\dæ+~. <˚e⁄ìøÏ q#˚Ã˝≤ #˚j·T&É+. ;<ä $<Ûäesê\T ¬s+&ÉT ø±düT\ ø±qTø£ ÄyÓT≈£î ñqï düeTdüÔ+. m+<äs√ <Ûäqe+‘·T\T ñ+fÒ yês¡T y˚ùd ø±qTø£\ yÓ’|ü⁄ ÄyÓT #·÷&É˝Ò<äT. ‘·q ø£è‘·»„‘·qT ‘·qT #·÷|æ+~. n+<äTπø j˚Tdüj·T´ ÄyÓTH˚ #·÷XÊ&ÉT. ªªnB... n˝≤ #Ó|üŒ+&ç. s√Es√E≈£î Mfi¯fl >=&Ée\T m≈£îÿej·÷´sTTµµ ‘· q<Ó’q ôdºÌ˝À¢ n+~ ôds¡÷j·÷. ªªMT n+<ä]ø° H˚qT >∑Ts¡TÔ #˚dTü ïqï~ Ç<˚. »Hê\ m<äT≥ #Ûê]{°\T #˚ dæ bı+<ë* nqT≈£îH˚ |òüTq‘· ø£+fÒ ø£\Vü‰\≈£î <ä÷s¡+>± ñ+&ç bı+<˚<˚ <˚e⁄&ÉT #Ó|æŒq |òüTq‘·. ÇkÕ‡≈£î ‹]– Á‘·$+∫q u≤e⁄\T ¬>sês¡T »q+ n&ç–‘˚ >=&Ée |ü&É≈£î+&Ü e~˝ÒXÊ&ÉT. jÓ÷ùd|ü⁄ nqï\‘√, bòır|òüs¡T uÛ≤s¡´‘√ ø£\Vü≤e÷&É˝Ò<äT. n‘·ìøÏ ø£*–q |òüTq‘· ◊>∑T|ü⁄Ô @*ø£e≥+, ‘·q »Hêìï b˛wæ+#·>\∑ >∑≥+. <ëM<äT ‘·q≈£î nHê´j·T+ »s¡T>∑T‘·÷ e⁄Hêï kÂ\T sêE‘√ >±˙ nu≤¸˝ÀeTT‘√ >±˙ ø£\Vü‰ìøÏ yÓfi¯fl˝Ò<äT. Çø£ Äj·Tq |òüTq‘· <˚e⁄ì Vü≤è<äj·÷qTkÕs¡T&Éqï øÏ‘êãT. ˝Òj·TeTà ‘·èD°ø£]+|üã&çHê ø£\Væ≤+#·˝Ò<äT|ü. ÄyÓT |òüTq‘· j˚Tdüj·T´ »ìà+#˚ >√Á‘êìøÏ e÷‘·èeT÷]Ô. Ä e+X¯|ü⁄ Ç˝≤¢*>± |üP]«≈£î\‘√ düe÷~Û #˚j·Tã&ç+~. $TU≤j˚T\T <˚e<ä÷‘· yÓ÷ùw X¯Øs¡+ >∑T]+∫ n|üyê~‘√ ø£\Væ≤+#·˝Ò<äT >±˙ Á|üuÛÑTe⁄ ìqTï >∑~∆+#·T >±ø£! nHêï&ÉT. j˚Tdüj·T´ >∑T]+∫ MT≈£î u≤>± ‘Ó\Tdü T. ‘·qqT Væ≤+dæ+#˚ yê]¬ø’ ÁbÕ]ú+#ê&˚ >±˙ ø£\Væ≤+#·˝Ò<äT. Äj·Tq Hêe÷ìøÏ ñqï |òüTq‘· eT] @ Hêe÷ìøÏ ˝Ò<äTµµ |æ\¢\ Vü‰euÛ≤yê\qT |ü]o\q>± #·÷dü÷Ô nHêï&ÉT Á|üuÛÑT<ëdüT. ªªne⁄qT HêHêï, ø=+&É MT<ä Á|üdü+>∑+˝À j˚Tdüj·T´ ≈£L&Ü Ç<˚ nHêïs¡T ø£<ë? ˙ Á|ü‹yê~‘√ qTe⁄« Á‘√e˝À ñ+&É>±H˚ ‘·«s¡>± yêì‘√ düe÷<Ûëq|ü&ÉeTHêï&ÉT ø£<ë?µµ yÓT*¢>± n+~ @+»˝Ÿ. ªªMT˝À ndü÷j·Tj·TT ø£\Vü≤eTTqT ñ+&É>± MTs¡T X¯Øs¡ dü+ã+<ÛäT˝Ò, eTqTwü´Ø‹>± q&ÉT#·T≈£îH˚ yêπs nHêïs¡T bÂ\T>±s¡T ø=]+B∏ dü+|òüTeTT‘√. >∑Ts¡T Ôø=∫Ã+~ HêHêïµµ dæ>∑TZ|ü&ܶ&ÉT &˚ì. ªªn+‘˚ ø±<ä+&û eT]... ø£\Vü≤eTT nH˚~ eTq˝À ñ+&É≈£L&Éì X¯Øs¡ ø±sê´˝À¢ ˇø£{Ï. yêìøÏ <ä÷s¡+>± ñ+&É≥+ |òüTq‘·πø <ë] rdüTÔ+~µµ @ø°uÛÑ$+∫+~ ôds¡÷j·÷. ªªø£<ë...? eTq+ Ç˝≤+{Ï |òTü q‘· ø√dü+ Ä˝À∫<ë›e÷ ˝Òø£ eTqTwüß´\T eTq*ï yÓT#·TÃ≈£î+≥÷ #Ó|ü≈£îH˚ >=|üŒ\T ø±yê˝≤? eTq e+‘·T>± eTq+ #·]à ìsêàD≤ìøÏ eT] Ç+ø± <˚ì¬ø’Hê &ÉãT“ Ç<ë›+. ø±˙ eTq ù|s¡T¢ ÁyêsTT+#·T≈£îH˚˝≤ ø±<äTµµ Á|üuÛÑT<ëdüT˝À ìX¯Ãj·T‘·. ªªø£¬sø˘º>± n+‘˚ HêHêïµµ düeTà‹ì dü+‘√wü+>± e´ø£Ô|ü]#ê&ÉT &˚ì. ªªne⁄qT HêHêï... ˝Àø£|⁄ü |òTü q‘·\T Ä•+#·+, ø£\Vü‰\≈£î <ä÷s¡+>± ñ+{≤+µµ qeTàø£+>± n+~ @+»˝Ÿ. ªªôds¡÷j·÷, Hê |æ\\¢ T @eTHêïs√...µµ Á|üuTÑÛ <ëdüT e÷≥\≈£î ∫s¡Tqe⁄«H˚ »yêãT>± sTT∫ÃHê ÄyÓT eTqdüT ÄHê{Ï bÕsƒêìøÏ <˚e⁄ì düTÔ‹+#·≥+ yÓTT<ä\Tô|{Ϻ+~. NOVEMBER| 2019 |



Äj·Tq ‘·≥Tº #·÷&É>±...

leT‹ sêDÏ ‘·Tø±sêyéT ô|+&Ü´\ bò˛Hé: 9866787557

Á|üuÛÑTyÓ’q j˚TdüTÁø°düTÔ HêeTeTT˝À Á^Hé yê´* bÕsƒ¡≈£î\≈£î Hê X¯óuÛ≤_Ûe+<äHê\T. u≤>∑THêïsê.. MT ø=s¡≈£î, MT ≈£î≥T+u≤\ ø=s¡≈£î <˚yê‹ <˚e⁄ì düìï~Û˝À e÷qø£ ÁbÕ]∆+#·T#·THêïeTT. <äj·T>∑\ <˚e⁄&ÉT eTs√ø£ q÷‘·qyÓTÆq HÓ\˝ÀøÏ Á|üy˚X¯ô|{Ϻq<ëìï ã{Ϻ <˚e⁄ìøÏ eTq+ m+‘√ ø£è‘·E„\+. Á|æj·TT˝≤sê ø=+‘· düeTj·T+ <˚e⁄ì yêø±´ìï <Ûë´ì<ë›+. >∑‘· ø±\+˝À H˚qT Ä]ºø£˝Ÿ‡ sêj·T˝Òø£b˛j·÷qT. ø±s¡D+ |üì ˇ‹Ô&ç, 40 ~qeTT\ ñ|üyêdü ÁbÕs¡q∆ \T, m≈£îÿe>± düeTj·T+ ÁbÕs¡q∆ ˝À >∑&|É &ü +É ã{Ϻ düTyês¡Ô |ü]#·s´¡ ˝À eTT+<äT≈£î kÕ>∑&É+ ã{Ϻ X¯øÏÔøÏ $T+∫q á |ü]#·s¡´˝À <˚e⁄&ÉT ‘·q X¯øÏÔì Ç∫à q&ç|æ+#·T#·THêï&ÉT. <˚e⁄ìπø eTVæ≤eT ø£\T>∑TqT >±ø£. á |ü]#·s¡´ ø√dü+ #ê˝≤ eT+~ ÁbÕ]∆düTÔHêïs¡T. Ä]∆ø£+>± m+‘√ düVü‰j·÷ìï n+~düTÔHêïs¡T. n{Ϻ yê]ì ã{Ϻ <˚e⁄ì düìï~Û˝À e÷qø£ ÁbÕs¡∆q #˚jT· T#·THêïeTT. nˆˆø±ˆˆ 3:4 ªªù|‘·Ts¡T, jÓTVü‰qTqT yêìì ‘˚]#·÷∫ e÷ ‘·≥Tº #·÷&ÉeTì]µµ |ü⁄{Ϻq~ yÓTT<ä\Tø=ì ≈£î+{Ïyê&Ó’q _Ûø£å>±&ÉT ù|‘·Ts¡T, jÓ÷Vü‰qT\T @yÓTÆH ê düVü‰j·T+ #˚kÕÔs¡ì ÄX¯‘√ yê] ‘·≥Tº #·÷#ÓqT. m+<äTø£+fÒ yêì |ü]dæú‹ì ã{Ϻ yê&ÉTqï dæú‹˝À @yÓTÆHê düVü‰j·T+ <=s¡T≈£îqì m<äTs¡T#·÷ôdqT. ø±ì j˚TdüT HêeTeTTqT ã{Ϻ yês¡T ÁbÕ]∆+#·>± n<äT“¤‘+· »]–+~. H˚{Ï düe÷»+˝À eTq+ #·÷∫q≥¢sTT‘˚ mes¡T eTq≈£î düV‰ü j·T+ #˚kÕÔsì¡ m<äTs¡T#·÷#˚ nqTuÛeÑ + eTq+ ≈£L&Ü ø£*Z ñ+{≤+. u…’_\T Á>∑+<ÛäeTT˝À eTq+ #·÷∫q≥¢sTT‘˚ m+‘√eT+~ uÛÑ≈£îÔ\T <˚e⁄ìyÓ’|ü⁄ #·÷dü÷Ô.. <˚e⁄ì düVü‰j·T+ bı+~q≥T¢ #·<äe>∑\+. u…’_\T Á>∑+<Ûä+ m+‘√ j·T<Ûës¡∆+. <˚e⁄ì yêø£´+ m+‘√ dü‘·´+. nbıdüTÔ\ ø±s¡´eTT˝À ù|‘·Ts¡T, jÓ÷Vü‰qT\T yêìì ‘˚]#·÷∫ e÷ ‘·≥Tº #·÷&ÉeTì]. <Óe’ »qT\T e÷ ‘·≥Tº #·÷&ÉeTì #Ó|üŒ&ÜìøÏ >∑\ ø±s¡D+ yês¡T j˚TdüT HêeT+ ø£*–q yês¡T. j˚TdüT HêeT+ m+‘· >=|üŒ<√ yê]øÏ ‘Ó\TdüT. j˚TdüT HêeTeTT˝À ≈£î+{Ïyêì ø√dü+ ÁbÕ]∆+#·>±.. n<äT“¤‘·+ »]–+~. Ä˝À#·q\T ã{Ϻ ø±<äT.. <˚e⁄ì X¯øÏÔ, <Ó’e»qT\ ÁbÕs¡∆q ã{Ϻ yê&ç J$‘·+˝À n<äT“¤‘·ø±s¡´+ »]–+~. ˙, Hê J$‘·+˝À nH˚ø£kÕs¡T¢ me]yÓ’b˛.. <˚ìyÓ’b˛ #·÷dü÷Ô ñ+{≤eTT. uÛÑ≈£îÔ&Ó’q <ëM<äT ªªø=+&É\ ‘·≥Tº Hê ø£qTï\T m‘·TÔ#·THêïqT.. Hê≈£î düVü‰j·T+ mø£ÿ&ç qT+&ç e#·TÃqT..jÓT¨yê e\H˚ Hê≈£î düVü‰j·T+ ø£\T>∑TqT. Äj·Tq uÛÑ÷e÷ø±X¯´eTT\qT düèõ+∫qyê&ÉTµµ ø°s¡Ôq\T 121: 1`2. nì ‘Ó*j·TCÒXÊ&ÉT. eT] ˙ |ü]dæú‹ @$T{Ï? ˙e⁄ m≥TyÓ’|ü⁄ #·÷düTÔHêïe⁄? <ëM<äT e˝… uÛÑ ÷e÷ø±X¯´eTT\qT NOVEMBER| 2019 |



ø£\T>∑CdÒ qæ <˚e⁄ì yÓ|’ ⁄ü #·÷ùdÔ ˙ Çs¡T≈£î\T, Çã“+<äT\T, düeTdü´\T.. m≥Te+{Ï |ü]dæ‘ú T· \THÓH’ ê Äj·Tq e÷s¡Ã>∑\&ÉT. Äj·Tq yÓ|’ ⁄ü #·÷ùd nqTuÛeÑ + ˙e⁄ ø£*– ñqï≥¢sTT‘˚... ì‘·´+ Äj·Tq‘√ q&çùdÔ.. ìX¯Ãj·TeTT>± ˙ |ü]dæú‹ì e÷s¡Ã>∑\&ÉT. Ç|üŒ{Ï es¡≈£î ˙e⁄ me] yÓ’ù| #·÷XÊy√? <˚ì yÓ’|ü⁄ #·÷XÊy√? Hê¬ø’‘˚ ‘Ó*j·T<äT. H˚qT Äsê~ÛdüTÔqï <˚e⁄&É T düeTdüÔeTT #˚j·T>∑\&ÉT. Äj·Tq≈£î nkÕ<Ûä´eTT nsTTq~ @B ˝Ò<äT. Äj·Tq yÓ’|ü⁄ #·÷&É>∑\ nqTuÛÑyêìï bı+<äTø√. <Ûäq+yÓ’|ü⁄, u+<ÛäTe⁄˝yÓ’|ü⁄, Çs¡T>∑Tbıs¡T>∑T, ã\+>∑\yê]yÓ’|ü⁄, n~Ûø±s¡T\ yÓ’|ü⁄, |ü]dæú‘·T\yÓ’|ü⁄ #·÷dü÷Ô ñHêïy˚y÷Ó ... ˙e⁄ eTqdüT‡qT yê{Ïô|q’ ñ+#êy˚y÷Ó ... ˙e⁄ Äj·Tq ‘·≥Tº #·÷&É&ÜìøÏ Á|üj·T‹ï+#·T.. ˙ J$‘·+˝À n<äT“¤‘ê\T bı+<äT≈£î+{≤e⁄. ªªyês¡T Äj·Tq ‘·≥Tº #·÷&É>± yê]øÏ yÓ\T>∑T ø£*>¬ qT yê] eTTKeTT mqï&ÉT \õ®+|üøb£ ˛e⁄qTµµ ø°s¡Ôq\T 34:5˝À #Ó|üŒã&çq Ø‹>± <˚e⁄ìyÓ’|ü⁄ ø±≈£î+&Ü eTqTwüß´\T yÓ’|ü⁄, |ü<äe ⁄\ yÓ’|ü⁄, ñqï‘·yÓTÆq yê{ÏyÓ’|ü⁄, uÛ≤s¡´ yÓ’|ü⁄, uÛÑs¡ÔyÓ’|ü⁄, ≈£îe÷s¡T\ yÓ’|ü⁄, ≈£îe÷¬sÔ\yÓ’|ü⁄, n\T¢fi¯ó¢ yÓ’|ü⁄, ø√&Éfi¯ó¢ yÓ’|ü⁄, nqï<äeTTà\ ‘·≥Tº ø±<äT, nø£ÿ#Ó˝…¢\ ‘·≥Tº ø±<äT , ÄdæÔyÓ’|ü⁄, düú˝≤\ yÓ’|ü⁄, bı˝≤\ yÓ’|ü⁄ ø±<äT Je+ >∑\ <˚e⁄ìyÓ’|ü⁄ ˙e⁄ ‹]–q≥¢sTT‘˚ Äj·Tq m|üŒ{Ïø° ìqTï dæ>∑TZ |üs¡#·&ÉT.. ˙e⁄ mqï{Ïø° dæ>∑TZH=+<äe⁄. Áã<äsY @düHêï >±s¡T ‘·q nqTuÛÑe+˝À qT+&ç ˇø£ bÕ≥qT ÁyêXÊs¡T. ªªø£\e]|ü&ç H˚qT ø=+&É\yÓ’|ü⁄ Hêø£qTï\T m‘·TÔ<äTHê.. ˙e⁄ Hê≈£î+&É>±... ˙y˚ Hê n+&É>±µµ Ç~ mqï{Ïø° yêdüeÔ y˚T ªªÄø±X¯eT+<äT Äd”qT&Óq’ yê&Ü ˙ ‘·≥Tº Hê ø£qTï\T m‘·T#Ô T· HêïqT <ëdüT\ ø£qTï\T ‘·eT j·÷»e÷ì #˚‹ ‘·≥TºqT <ëdæ ø£qTï\T ‘·q j·÷»e÷qTsê* #˚‹‘·≥TºqT #·÷∫q≥T¢ eTq <˚e⁄&Ó’q jÓT¨yê eTq\qT ø£s¡TDÏ+#·es¡≈£î eTq ø£qTï\T Äj·Tq ‘·≥Tº #·÷#·T#·Tqï$µµ ø°s¡Ôq\T 123:1. Äj·Tq ø£è|ü >∑\, <äjT· >∑\ ø£qTï\ yÓ|’ ⁄ü ˙e⁄ #·÷ùd.Ô . ˙≈£î ‘·|Œü ≈£î+&Ü düV‰ü j·T+ ø£\T>∑TqT. Äj·Tq ø£s¡TDÏ+#˚ <˚e⁄&ÉT. e÷ J$‘·+˝À »]–q ˇø£ dü+|òüT≥q MT‘√ |ü +#·Tø√yê\ì ÄX¯|ü&ÉT‘·THêïqT. >∑‘· ôdô|º+ãsY HÓ\˝À ÇHéø£+{≤´ø˘‡ s¡÷.6\ø£å\≈£î ô|’H˚ ø£{≤º\ì H√{°düT >∑es¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ yês¡T |ü+|æ+#ês¡T. Ä H√{°düTqT #·÷∫ y˚TeTT y˚TeTT m+‘√ y˚<äq+ #Ó+<ë+. @+ #˚j·÷˝À ns¡∆+ ø±˝Ò<äT. @+ #˚j·÷˝À ‘Ó*j·Tì |ü]dæú‹˝À $XÊ«dü+‘√ <˚e⁄ì ‘·≥Tº ‹]– ø£ìï{Ï‘√ dü+|òüT _&ɶ\T, <Ó’e»qT˝…’q e÷ ≈£î≥T+ã+ ø£*dæ <˚e⁄ì dü ìï~Û˝À ÁbÕ]∆+#êeTT. n<äT“¤‘Ø· ‹>± z dü¨<ä] <˚e⁄ì Ä‘·à #˚‘· Áù|sπ |æ+#·ã&ç s¡÷.1,00,000/`qT rdüTø=ìe∫à e÷øÏ#êÃs¡T. á ø±s¡´+ #·÷∫ e÷ Vü≤è<äj·T+˝À m+‘√ <˚e⁄ìï eTVæ≤eT |ü]#êeTT. Äj·Tq e÷≥ ‘·|üŒì yê&ÉT. ˙e⁄ q$Tàq jÓT&É\ <˚e⁄ì eTVæ≤eTqT ˙ J$‘·+˝À #·÷&É>∑\e⁄. j˚TdüTÁø°düTÔ •wüß´&Ó’q jÓ÷Vü‰qT ªª ...y˚Ty˚T~ $+{ÏyÓ÷, ø£qTï˝≤sê @~ #·÷∫‹yÓ÷, @~ ì<ëì+∫ ø£qT>=+{ÏyÓ÷, e÷ #˚‘·T\T <˚ìì ‘êøÏ #·÷#ÓH√, n~ MT≈£î ‘Ó*j·TCÒj·TT#·THêïeTTµµ 1jÓTVü‰qT 1:1. e÷ J$‘·+˝À »]–+∫q ÄX¯Ãs¡´ø±s¡´eTT\T MT J$‘·+˝À ≈£L&Ü »]–+#·&ÜìøÏ <˚e⁄&ÉT X¯øÏÔeT+‘·T&ÉT, düeTs¡T∆&ÉT, #ê*q yê&ÉT. á Ä]ºø£˝Ÿ #·<äTe⁄‘·Tqï Hê Á|æj·T dü¨<ä], dü¨<äs¡T&Ü ˙e⁄ @ |ü]dæú‹˝À e⁄Hêïy√ Hê¬ø’‘˚ ‘Ó*j· T<äT. ˙ dæú‹ì e÷s¡Ã>∑\yê&ÉT ˇπø ˇø£ÿ&ÉT Äj·Tq q»πsj·TT&Ó’q j˚TdüTÁø°düTÔ. n{Ï º ø£è|ü |ü]X¯ó<ë∆‘·à <˚e⁄&ÉT MTs¡+<ä]ø° düVü‰j·T+ #˚j·TTqT >±ø£. ÄyÓTHé! NOVEMBER| 2019 |



Donation made to GVMWA are exempted U/S 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Donations accepted.

NOVEMBER| 2019 |



jÓTVü≤ √yê uÛ≈Ñ î£ \Ô eTs¡DeTT Äj·Tq <äèwæøº Ï $\Te>∑\~: ø°sqÔ¡ 116:15

NOVEMBER| 2019 |




|æ.Çe÷àqTj˚T\T BA, CAIIB

N|òt y˚TH˚»sY (]f…Æs¡T¶), State Bank of India.

Ä Vü≤+dü\ &çC…’qTqï Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø√. n~ u≤>∑T+≥T+~.

ªª@B yÓTTqï MTs¡T |ü+&ÉøÏÿ ø=qï<ë?µµ ªªÄ...n<˚. ô|<ä› ô|<ä› Vü≤+dü\Tqï$.. ˝Ò‘· |üdüT|ü⁄ |ü#·Ã~. n~ ÁãVü≤à+&É+>± ñ+≥T+~. Ä<ë. n<Ó+<äT≈£î? Ç~ ø£≥Tº≈£î+{≤qT. Ç≥T #·÷+&ç. á ∫qï ∫qï |üe⁄«\Tqï ms¡T|ü⁄s¡+>∑T Ns¡u≤>∑T˝Ò<ä÷? Ç~ m+‘√ u≤>∑T+~. Ç~ ø£≥Tº≈£î+{≤q+&û!µµ ªª#·... n<˚+ u≤>∑T+~? mÁs¡>± HÓ‘·TÔs¡T˝Ä>∑, s¡+>∑T nBqT H˚qT #Ó|æŒq Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø√µµ nHêï&ÉT kÕ\àHé. ñVüQ n<=<äT›. H˚qT á Ns¡ø£≥Tºø=+{≤qT. Hê≈£î n~ n+‘·>± q#·Ã˝Ò<äT. n<˚${°, Ä Ns¡ q#·Ã˝Ò<ë? n~ ‘Ó∫Ãq|ü⁄Œ&ÉT n~ u≤e⁄+<äHêïe⁄ ne⁄qT.. ‘˚>±H˚, q#·Ã˝Ò<äì #Óù|ŒùdÔ MTπs$T nqTø=+{≤s√qì n˝≤>∑HêïqT. n+‘˚>±ì Hê≈£î ì»+>± Ä Ns¡ q#·Ã˝Ò<äT. á Ns¡ ø£≥Tº≈£î+{≤qT˝…+&ç. eT¬s|ü⁄Œ&Ó’Hê. Çyêfi¯ e÷Á‘·+ Hê≈£î q∫Ãq Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø√ìe«+&ç. ªªm+<äTø£+‘· yÓTT+&ç‘·q+ ˙≈£î? H˚qT #Ó|æŒq Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø=+{≤yê? ˝Ò<ë? qTe⁄« rdæq Ns¡ eTT+<äT ;s¡Tyê˝À e⁄+#·Tµµ. á |üdTü |ü⁄ |ü#÷ ì Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø√. ‘·«s¡>± ne‘·\ f…eÆ TT nsTTb˛‘·Tqï~. Hê≈£î yÓTT+&ç‘q· + @$T{Ï? Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø=H˚~ H˚Hê? MTsê? Hê Çwü+º e∫Ãq Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø√e&ÜìøÏ eT<ä´q MT |ü+‘·+ @$T{Ï? |ü+‘·+ Hê<ë? ˙<ë? H˚qT #Ó|æŒq Ns¡ø£≥Tºø√. eT] n&ɶ~&ɶ+>± yê~+#·≈£î. Hê≈£î efi¯ó¢ eT+&çb˛‘·T+~? nHêï&ÉT kÕ\àHé. |ü+‘·+ Hê<ë? m+<äT≈£î nqedüs¡+>± yê~kÕÔs¡T? MT ã≥º\T $wüj·T+˝À H˚HÓ|ü⁄Œ&Ó’Hê Ç+‘· >=&Ée #˚kÕHê? MTπs~ ‘=&ÉT>∑T ø=Hêï, H˚H˚yÓTÆHê n+≥THêïHê? H˚qT eT>±&çï! H˚HÓ˝≤ ñHêï u≤e⁄+{≤qT. nsTTHê eT>±fi¯¢ ã≥º\ $wüj·T+˝À y˚s¡T. m˝≤ ñHêï |òüsê«˝Ò<äT.. y˚T+ e÷Á‘·+ @~ ø£≥Tº≈£î+fÒ @$T{Ï? @~ ø£≥Tº≈£î+fÒ @$T{Ï nqï|ü⁄Œ&ÉT H˚qT #Ó|æŒ+<˚ ø£≥Tºø√e#·TÃ>±? á yê<äq n+‘ê @$T{Ï? mes¡T yê~+#ês¡T? qTy˚«! H˚H˚+ yê~+#·˝Ò<äT. b˛˙ yê~+#·ø£b˛‘˚ H˚qT #Ó|æŒq Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø√. Hê e÷≥ $qT. nqedüs¡+>± Hê≈£î ø√|ü+ ‘Ó|æŒ+#·≈£î. Á|ür $wüj·T+˝À MT e÷fÒ $+≥THêïqT. nsTTHê n˝≤ nH˚kÕÔs¡T. Hê e÷{≤! $+≥THêïq+≥Te⁄>±. n+<äTπø Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT ≈£L&ÜHê e÷≥ $qT. H˚qT #Ó|æŒq Ns¡ ø£≥Tºø√. nã“ Á|ürB, MT e÷≥˝Ò nsTTb˛yê*. m|ü⁄Œ&É÷ MTs¡T #Ó|æŒq≥Tº H˚qT $q&Éy˚T ø±ì, H˚qT #Ó|æŒq≥T¢ MT¬s|ü⁄Œ&Ó’Hê $Hêïsê? @$T{°! qTe⁄« #Ó|æŒq≥T¢ H˚qT $Hê˝≤? u≤>∑T+~ es¡dü. H˚qT ˙≈£î yÓTT>∑TD≤í? qTe⁄« Hê≈£î yÓTT>∑T&çyê? ô|fi≤¢+, yÓTT>∑T&ÉT e÷≥T $ì rsê*. mø£ÿ&Ó’Hê e⁄+<ë n˝≤+{Ï s¡÷\T? Ä e⁄+~. ìπøå|ü+˝≤ e⁄+~. e÷ e+X¯+˝À Ç|üŒ{Ï<ëø± yÓTT>∑T&ÉTøÏ m<äTs¡T #Óù|Œ ô|fi≤¢\T ˝Òs¡T. qTe« nqedüs¡+>± Hê |üs¡Te⁄ ‹j·T´≈£ î. #Ó|æŒq≥T¢ $q&É+ NOVEMBER| 2019 |



H˚s¡TÃø√. yÓ<Ûäe Äs¡TZyÓT+≥÷ qTe⁄«qT. #·<äTe⁄≈£îHêïeì bı>∑s¡T ˙≈£î. n+<äTπø ndüVü≤´+ ˙‘√ mø£ÿ&ç¬ø’Hê yÓfi≤fl\Hêïµµ $düTs¡T>± nø£ÿ&É qT+∫ yÓ[¢b˛j·÷&ÉT kÕ\àHé. düT˙‘·≈£î ø£fi¯fl˝À¢ qT+∫ ˙s¡T ∫$Tàô|’øÏ e∫Ã+~. $~Û˝Òø£ uÛÑs¡ÔøÏwüºyÓTÆq Nπs rdæ+~ ø£≥Tºø√e&Üìÿ. @eT+&û! e÷ Hêqï >±]ÿ e+{À¢ u≤>√˝Ò<ä≥. bò˛Hé e∫Ã+~ ªªnsTT‘˚ @$T≥+{≤yé? ˇø£kÕ] yÓ[¢ #·÷k˛ÔHêÔq+&ç. <ä>∑Zπs ø£<ë? ªªÇ|üŒ&Ü. Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT M˝Ò¢<äT. πs|ü≥Tï+∫ e÷ Ä|ò”düT˝À es¡Tÿ m≈£îÿe>± ñ+≥T+~. Ç+{ÏøÏ Ä\dü´+>± ≈£L&Ü ekÕÔqT. qTyÓ«[¢b˛‘˚ Ç+{À¢ m˝≤ >∑&ÉTdüTÔ+<äqTø=+≥THêïe⁄? ªªˇø£ÿ ¬s+&ÉT s√E˝À¢ e#˚ÃkÕq+&çµµ. qTe⁄« eTπs+ e÷{≤¢&É≈£î. MT Hêqï >±]ÿ Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT e+{À¢ u≤>±H˚ ñ+&ç ñ+≥T+~. e<ë›eTqTø=HêïqT >±ì M\T˝Òø£b˛sTT+~ nì bò˛Hé ø=≥Tº #ê\Tµµ ªªn<˚$T≥+&û ø£qï ‘·+Á&ç eTTK´e÷? ø£≥Tº≈£îqï yÓTT>∑T&ÉT eTTK´e÷? #Ó|ü⁄Œ ô|fi¯flj·÷ø£ Ä&É<ëìøÏ yÓTT>∑T&ÉT ‘·sê«‘˚ me¬s’Hê. qTyÓ«[flb˛‘˚ Hê dü+>∑‹ mes¡ T #·÷kÕÔs¡T. n+<äT˝Àq÷ #·*ø±\+ ≈£L&ÜqT! ªªne‘·\ e÷ Hêqï >±]øÏ ˇ+{À¢ u≤>√˝Òø£b˛‘˚ MT]˝≤ e÷{≤¢&ç‘˚ m˝≤>∑+ &ûµµ. m˝≤>∑+fÒ n˝≤π>! qTe⁄« e÷Á‘·+ Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT yÓfi¯¢&ÜìøÏ ne<äT. H˚qT |ü+|æ+#·qT. bı<ä›q>± Ä|ò”düT≈£î yÓ[b¢ ˛sTT #·NÃ#Ó&û #êøÏØ #˚dTü ø=ì kÕj·T+Á‘êìøÏ Ç+{Ïø=ùdÔ ø±|ò” sTT#˚à ~≈£îÿ ≈£L&Ü ˝Ò≈î£ +&Ü H˚qT Çã“+~ |ü&ç‘˚ ˙≈£î u≤>∑T+≥T+<ë? ˙≈£î eTqôd‡˝≤ ˇ|ü⁄Œ‘·T+~. qqïdü\T <˚ìøÏ ô|[fl #˚düTø=+{≤? sTT+‘·ø° MTs¡H˚<˚$T{Ϻ? |ü+|æ+#·q+{≤s¡T. n+‘˚Hê? ªªn+‘˚µµ ˇø£y˚fi¯ MTs¡T ˇ<ä›Hêï yÓ[‘˚? ˇø£y˚fi¯ n˝≤+{Ï~ »]–‘˚ qTy˚« nø£ÿ&˚ ñ+{≤e⁄. eT∞fl Çø£ÿ&çøÏ sêqø£ÿs¡˝Ò<äT. n+‘√Ç+‘√ #·<äTe⁄ yÓ\>∑u…{≤ºe⁄ ø£<ë. ˙≈£î yÓTT>∑T&É+fÒ \ø£å´+ ˝Ò<˚µµ düT˙‘· uÛÑs¡ÔyÓ’|ü⁄ n<√˝≤ #·÷dæ+~. Ä #·÷|ü⁄øÏ kÕ\àHé ñ\TøÏÿ |ü& ܶ&ÉT. ‘·sê«‘· ø=ìï HÓ\\≈£î, düT˙‘· Ç+ø± |ü⁄{Ϻ+{À¢H˚ ñ+~. kÕ\àHé e÷Á‘·+ e÷dæq ¬>&ɶ+‘√, \+KD≤\T #˚dæq yê&ç˝≤ ˙s¡dü+>± nsTTb˛sTT düT˙‘·qT ‘·\T#·Tø=+≥÷ ‘·q ‘·|ü⁄Œ\T ‘Ó \T‡ø√e&Üìÿ Á|üj·T‹ïdüTÔHêï&ÉT. ÄKs¡TøÏ e⁄+&Éã≥º˝Òø£ kÕ\àHé düT˙‘·qT rdüT≈£îsêe&ÜìøÏ ãj·T\T<˚sê&ÉT. düT˙‘ê! eTqTwüß\T <ä÷s¡yÓTÆq|ü⁄&˚ eTeT‘·\T ô|s¡T>∑T‘êj·T+{≤s¡T. ˙ m&Éu≤≥T˝ÀH˚, ˙ $\Te Hê≈£î ‘Ó*dæ+~. H˚ì+‘· eT÷s¡â+>± Á|üe]Ô+#êH√ ‘Ó*dæ dæ>∑TZ|ü &ܶqT ªªqqTï ø£å$T+#·Tµµ nHêï&ÉT kÕ\àHé. düT˙‘· qeTà˝Òq≥T¢>± #·÷dæ+~. ne⁄qT, düT˙‘ê Ç+¬ø|ü⁄Œ&É÷ n˝≤ Á|üe]Ô+#·qT. q˙ï ˇø£ÿkÕ] ø£å$T+#·Tµµ n+≥Tqï kÕ\àHé e÷≥˝À¢ì ìC≤sTTr n‘·ì ø£fi¯fl˝Àì ìs¡à\‘·«+, ÄyÓT≈£î n‘·ìô|’ qeTàø±ìï ø£*–+#êsTT. ªª|ü⁄s¡Twüß\T ≈£L&É ‘·eT kı+‘· X¯Øs¡eTT e˝…qT ‘·eT uÛ≤s¡´\qT Áù|$T+#·ã<äT˝› j ’… T· THêïs¡T. ‘·q uÛ≤s¡´qT Áù|$T+#·Tyê&ÉT ‘·qTï ‘êqT Áù|$T+#·Tø=qTqT . ‘·q X¯Øs¡eTTqT <˚«wæ+#·Tyê&Óe&ÉTq÷ ˝Ò&ÉT >±ì Á|ür yê&ÉTqT <ëìì b˛wæ+∫ dü+s¡øÏå+#·Tø=qTqTµµ (mô|òd” 5:28`30) NOVEMBER| 2019 |



z j·TÚeqT&Ü ! ˇø£ÿ ø£åD+ Ä˝À∫+#·T !!

` Áã<äsY düT<Ûëø£sYu≤ãT ø√q ˇø£ {°H˚»sY Áù|eT+≥÷ ‹]^, ‹]^, |üØø£å\ |òü*‘ê\T e#êÃø£ ‘Ó*dæ+~ Áù|eT+fÒ @$T{À? Loss of valuable education nì. eTs=ø£&˚yÓ÷ sêÁ‘·+‘ê #ê{Ï+>¥. ìÁ<ä˝Òø£ ˙s¡dü+ e#êÃø£ yê&çøÏ ns¡∆eTsTT´+~ Áù|eT+fÒ? Loss of valuable energynì ˇø£ nu≤“sTTøÏ ˇø£ nqTe÷q+. Hê >∑s¢Y Áô|+ò &é Hê ù|s¡TqT ‘·q yÓTTu…˝’ Ÿ ˝À @eTì ùdyé #˚dTü ≈£î+<√ nì. yÓTT‘êÔìøÏ ‘Ó\TdüT≈£îHêï&ÉT. ª ªf…Æ+ bÕdt 20µ nì. n+fÒ? M&ç ÁøÏ+<ä Ç+ø√ 19 eT+~. M&çô|’q m+‘· eT+<√? Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT M&çøÏ ns¡∆eTsTT´+~ Áù|eT+fÒ? ªf…Æ+ bÕdtµ nì. ˇø£&˚yÓ÷ s¡ø£Ô+‘√ ÁyêùdkÕÔ&ÉT ( n~ ø√&ç s¡ø£ÔyÓ÷? yê&ç s¡ø£ÔyÓ÷? y˚πs dü +>∑‹) ˇø£&˚yÓ÷ ø£‹Ô‘√ bı&ç∫, eTs=ø£&˚yÓ÷ j·÷dæ&é b˛dæ #·+ù|kÕÔ&ÉT. @$T{Ï~? nì n&ç–‘˚ Hê≈£î <äø£ÿì~ Ç+¬øe«s¡≈£L <äø£ÿ≈£L&É<äT. Áù|eT+fÒ Ç<˚ n+{≤&ÉT. ªÁù|$T≈£î\ s√Eµ (yê˝…+f…ÆH é‡ &˚) Ç<=ø£{Ï.Äs√E ªHê Vü≤ <äj·T+˝À ˙≈£î‘·|üŒ Ç+¬øe«]ø° kÕúq+ ˝Ò<äTµ n+≥÷ Áyêdæ ªn+<ä]ø°µ |ü+#·T‘ê&ÉT. n<˚+{Ï n+fÒ? Áù|eT n+fÒ n+‘˚ n+{≤&ÉT. Çø£ ‘·*¢ Áù|eT! Ä Áù|eTqT e]?+#·&É+ me«] ‘·s¡eT÷ø±<äT. ø±ì yê] nÁø£eTyÓTÆq J$‘ê\qT ø=qkÕ–+#·&ÜìøÏ ø£qï _&ɶ\qT düV≤æ ‘·+ ø£sÿ¡ wü+>± #·+ù|ùd ‘·\T¢˝+… <äs√? Ä ‘·*¢ Áù|eT≈£L&Ü ø£\Twæ‘e· Te⁄‘·T+~. Çø£ n+<ä]ø° ‘·*¢ ªeT<äsY <∏ÓØkÕµ ÄyÓT Áù|eT dü«#·ÃyÓTÆq~. me«s¡÷ ø±<äq˝Òì~. ø±ì, |ü]|üPs¡?yÓTÆq~ ø±<äT. Ä Áù|eT ø=+<ä]πø |ü]$T‘·+, ø=+‘· ø±\y˚T |ü]$T‘·+. XÊØ]ø£yÓTÆq dü«düú‘· #˚≈£Ls¡Ã >∑*–+~>±ì, bÕ|ü s√>∑+ qT+&ç eTìwæì $&ç|æ+#· ˝Òø£b˛sTT+~. Ç+‘·ø°, ì»yÓTÆq Áù|eT n+fÒ @$T{Ï? á ˝Àø£+˝À ªì»yÓTÆq Áù|eT≈£îµ nsê∆ìï, ìs¡«#·Hêìï #Ó|æŒq yê&ÉT ˇπø ˇø£ÿ&ÉT. Áù|eT≈£î ns¡∆+, ìs¡«#·q+? ì»yÓTÆq Áù|eT≈£î ns¡∆+, ìs¡«#·q+ ª˙ Á|æj·T s¡ø£å≈£î&˚µ. Äj·Tq Áù|e÷dü«s¡÷|æ ( Äj·TH˚ Áù|eTjÓÆT e⁄Hêï&ÉT) 1jÓ÷Vü‰qT 4:8,16 Äj·Tq Áù|eT‘·‘«· +: X¯Á‘·Te⁄\qT ≈£L&Ü Áù|$T+#·T. (eT‘·sÔ TT 5:44) e÷≥\πø |ü]$T‘·+ ø±<äT. #˚dæ #·÷|æ+#ês¡T ≈£L&Ü. eTqeTT X¯Á‘·Te⁄\yÓTÆ e⁄qï|ü⁄Œ&ÉT eTq ø√dü+ ‘·q ÁbÕDeTTqT ô|{≤ºs¡T. (s√e÷ 5:10) Ä Áù|eT jÓTTø£ÿ \ø£åD≤\T: Áù|eT Bs¡…ø±\eTT düVæ≤+#·TqT, <äj·T #·÷|æ+#·TqT. Áù|eT eT‘·‡s¡|ü&É<äT; Áù|eT &É+ãeTT>± Á|üe]Ô+|ü<äT; n~ ñbıŒ+>∑<äT;neTsê´<ä>± q&ÉTe<äT; dü«Á|üjÓ÷ »qeTTqT $#ê]+#·Tø=q<äT; ‘·«s¡>± ø√|ü|ü&É<äT; n|üø±s¡eTTqT eTqdüT‡˝À ñ +#·Tø=q<äT.<äTØï‹$wüj·TyÓTÆ dü+‘√wü|ü&Éø£ dü‘·´eTTq+<äT dü+‘√wæ +#·TqT nìï {ÏøÏ ‘êfi¯ó ø=qTqT, nìï{Ï ì qeTTàqT; nìï{Ï ì ìØøÏ å + #· T qT; nìï{Ï ì zs¡ T ÃqT.Áù|eT XÊX¯«‘·ø±\eTT+&ÉTqT. (1ø=]+~ 13:4-8). ˙ <ä wæº˝À Áù|eT+fÒ @$T{À Hê≈£î ‘Ó*j·T<äT>±ì, ˇø£ÿ{Ï e÷Á‘·+ K∫Ñ·+>± ‘Ó\TdüT. @<√ ˇø£{Ï Ä•+#˚ Áù|$TkÕÔeì. ø£˙dü+ ‘·*<ä+Á&ÉT\ Áù|eT˝À ≈£L&Ü n+‘·s¡Z‘·+>± ˇø£ ÄX¯ e⁄+≥T+~. |æ\¢\T ô|<ä›yê¬s’ yê]ì ≈£L&Ü Áù|eT>± #·÷kÕÔs¡ì. ø±ì, Äj·Tq Áù|eT (LOVE)

NOVEMBER| 2019 |



ã<äT˝≤•+#·ì~. n~ neTs¡+, n‹eT<ÛäTs¡+,n|ü⁄s¡÷|ü+. ne<ÛäT\T˝Òì~ n~«rj·TyÓTÆq~. dæ+Vü‰düqeTT qT+&ç dæ\Te≈£î ~–e∫Ãq~.eTs¡DeTT ø£+fÒ ã©j·TyÓTÆq~. düJe yÓTÆq~, XÊX¯«‘·yÓTÆq~. n{Ϻ Áù|eTqT nqTuÛÑ$düTÔqï ˙e⁄ Ä Áù|eT≈£î e÷~]>± J$+#ê*. $XÊ«dü+˝À e÷~]: C≤sY® eTT\¢sY >±] nHê<Ûä ÄÁX¯eT+˝À ˇø£s√E e+≥yê&ÉT ásêÁ‹ |æ\¢\≈£î ô|≥º&ÜìøÏ @$T ˝Ò<äì #ÓbÕŒ&ÉT. düπs nì #Ó|æŒ ÁbÕ]∆+#·&É + ÁbÕs¡+_Û+#ês¡T eTT\¢sY >±s¡T. sêÁ‹ 7 >∑+≥\T nsTT´+~. yê¬sH¶ é e#êÃ&ÉT. nj·T´>±s¡T @$T #ÓjT· ´eT+{≤s¡T? |æ\\¢ qT ù|¢{Ÿ‡ |ü≥Tºø=ì &Ó’ì+>¥ Vü‰˝Ÿ ˝À ≈£Ls√ÃeTì #Ó|üŒ+&ç. eTT\¢sY >±] e÷≥\≈£î e+≥yê&ÉT, yê¬s¶Hé ÄX¯Ãs¡´b˛j·÷s¡T áj·TqπøyÓTÆHê |æ∫à |ü{Ϻ+<ë nqTø=ì, Äj·Tq #Ó|æŒqfÒ¢ #˚kÕs¡T. á˝À|ü⁄ ˇø£ ô|<ä› ˝≤] ÄÁX¯eT+˝ÀìøÏ Á|üy˚•+∫+~. yêfi¯ófl Ç{≤¢ #Ó|ü⁄ÔHêïs¡T. nj·T´>±s¡T á s√E |ü≥ºD+˝À ˇø£ ô|<ä› düuÛÑ @sêŒ≥T #Ój·T´ã&ç+~. Vü≤{≤‘·T>Ô ± |æ\Teã&çq eTTK´ n‹<ÛTä \˝À ˇø£sT¡ #·ìb˛j·÷s¡T. MT{Ï+ >¥ s¡<Tä › #˚kÕs¡T.dæ<∆ä |üs¡∫q ÄVü‰s¡ |ü<ësê∆\T MT ÄÁX¯e÷ìøÏ n+<äCÒj·TeTHêïs¡T. ÄVü‰s¡ |ü<ësê∆\T ˝≤Ø qT+&ç ~+#·T‘·÷ e⁄+&É>±H˚, yÓ\T|ü\ bÕ\T rdüT¬øfi¯óÔqï ˝≤] |ü+#·sY nsTT´+~. Ä ˝≤Ø Á&Ó’esY Ä $wüj·÷ìï yêfi¯fl u≤dt øÏ #Ó|ü⁄ÔHêï&ÉT. ne‘·\ qT+&ç yêfi¯fl u≤dt ª˙yÓø£ÿ&ÉTHêïyé?µ eTT\¢sY >±] ÄÁX¯eT+ <ä>∑Zs¡. nsTT‘˚, Ä $T˝Ÿÿ bÕ´¬ø{Ÿ‡ ÄÁX¯eT˝À Ç#˚Ãdæ, ˝≤] Á|üø£ÿq ô|≥Tº. ÄbÕ´¬ø{Ÿ‡ 15s√E\ es¡≈£î |æ\¢\≈£î dü]b˛j·÷j·T≥. $XÊ«dü+ n+fÒ? |ü]dæ‘ú T· \T m{≤¢e⁄Hêï düsπ , <˚e⁄&ÉT ˙ ø±sê´ìï HÓsy¡ s˚ á >∑\&Éì Äj·Tqô|H’ ˚ |üP]Ô>± Ä<Ûës¡|ü&É >∑\>∑&É+. $XÊ«düeTT n+fÒ? ìØøÏå+|üã&ÉTyê{ÏjÓTTø£ÿ ì» dü«s¡÷|üeTTqT, n<ä X¯´yÓTÆq$ j·TTqïeqT≥≈£î s¡TEe⁄. (ôV≤Á; 11:1) ìØø£åD≈£î Ä<Ûës¡eTT ˝Òq|ü⁄Œ&ÉT n‘·&ÉT ìØø£åD ø£*– qyÓTàqT. (s√e÷4:18). n|üŒ{Ïπø nÁu≤Vü‰eTT≈£î q÷πsfi¯ófl, XÊs¡eTà≈£î ‘=+u…’ @fi¯ófl.yê] X¯Øs¡+ eT ‘·‘·T\´ eTsTT´+~. Çø£ _&ɶ\ø√dü+ ì]øÏå+#·& ÜìøÏ yê]≈£îqï Ä<Ûës¡y˚TB˝Ò<äT. nsTT‘˚, ìØø£åD≈£î Ä<Ûës¡eTT ˝Òq|ü⁄Œ&ÉT n‘·&ÉT ìØø£åD ø£*– qyÓTàqT. Ä ìØø£Då n‘·ìì dæ>T∑ |Z sü #¡ · ˝Ò<Tä . $XÊ«dü eTTqTã{Ϻ H√eVüQ n~es¡≈î£ #·÷&Éì dü+>∑‘T· \qT>∑÷]à <˚e⁄ì#˚‘· ôV≤#·Ã]+|üã&ç uÛÑj·TuÛÑ≈£îÔ\T >∑\yê&Ó’, ‘·q sTT+{Ïyê] s¡ø£åDø=s¡≈£î ˇø£ z&ÉqT dæ<ä∆eTT#˚ôdqT; n+<äTe\q n‘·&ÉT ˝Àø£eTTMT<ä H˚s¡kÕú|üq#˚dæ $XÊ«dü eTTqTã{Ϻ ø£\T>∑T ˙‹øÏ yês¡düT&ÜjÓTqT. (ôV≤Á; 11:7). H√yêVüQ n|üŒ{Ï es¡≈£î ‘·q J$‘·+˝À uÛÑ÷$T MT<ä ˇø£ÿ es¡¸|ü⁄ ∫qT≈£î|ü&É&É+ #·÷&É˝Ò<äT. nsTT‘˚, <˚e⁄&ÉT n+≥THêï&ÉT. @ø£Ø‹>± q\uÛ…’ sêÁ‘·T\T, |ü>∑fi¯ófl Äø±X¯+ qT+&çes¡¸+ ≈£îs¡TdüTÔ+<äì. ø±ì, H√yêVüQ n<Ó{≤¢ kÕ<Ûä´eTì <˚e⁄ì Á|ü•ï+#·˝Ò< äT. $X¯«dæ+#ê&ÉT. ‘·q ≈£î≥T+u≤ìï s¡ø+åÏ #·Tø√>∑*>±&ÉT. $XÊ«düeTTqTã{Ϻ sêVü‰ãqT y˚X´¯ y˚>T∑ \yê]ì düe÷<ÛëqeTT>± #˚s¡TÃø=ìq+<äTq n$<Û˚j·TT\‘√bÕ≥T q•+|üø£ b˛jÓTqT. (ôV≤Á; 11:31).n+‘˚ ø±<äT j˚TdüT Áø°dTü Ô e+XÊe[˝À #˚sá ã&ç+~. yÓ÷ùw ô|<äy› ê&Óq’ |ü⁄Œ&ÉT $XÊ«düeTTqTã{Ϻ ◊>∑T|ü⁄Ô <Ûqä eTTø£+f… Áø° d ü T Ô $ wü j · T yÓ T Æ q ì+<ä >=|ü Œ uÛ ≤ >∑ ´ eTì jÓ T +#· T ø=ì,n\Œø±\eTT bÕ|ü uÛ À >∑ e TT nqTuÛ$Ñ +#·T≥ø£+f… <˚e⁄ì Á|ü»\‘√ ÁX¯eT nqTuÛ$Ñ +#·T≥ y˚T\ì jÓ÷∫+∫,|òsü √ ≈£îe÷¬sj Ô TÓ Tø£ÿ ≈£îe÷s¡T&Éì nì|æ+#·Tø=qT≥≈£î ˇ|ü⁄Œø=q˝Ò<Tä ;@\j·Tq>± n‘·&TÉ Á|ü‹ |ò\ü eTT>± ø£\T>∑uÀe⁄ ãVüQe÷qeT+<äT <ä wæº j·TT+#ÓqT. (ôV≤Á; 11:24-26). Á|ü‹|òü\+ ø£HêqT˝À n&ÉT>∑T ô|≥º˝Òø£b˛sTTHê, |üs¡eT ø£HêqT˝À e÷Á‘·+ n&ÉT>∑T ô|≥º>∑*>±&ÉT. ø±˝ÒãT yÓ÷ùw jÓT<äT≥ »qT\qT ìeTàfi¯|üs¡∫ eTqeTT ìX¯Ãj·TeTT>± (‘·s¡TyêsTT 21e ù|J˝À) NOVEMBER| 2019 |



MTs¡T á |üÁ‹ø£ø£qT kÕŒq‡sY #˚j·÷´\qT≈£î+≥THêïsê ? á |üÁ‹ø£ |ü]#·s¡´≈£î Á|ü‹HÓ\ <˚e⁄ì Áù|πs|üDø=\~ ns¡ŒD\T |ü+|ü>√s¡T#·Tqïyês¡T, düTyês¡Ô |ü]#·s¡´ nH˚ bı\eTT˝À MTs¡T $‘·Ô>√]q Ä]úø£ düVü‰j·T+ nH˚ $‘·Ôq+ q÷s¡+‘·\T>± |òü*+#·Tq≥T¢ bÁ Õs¡H ú ê |üPs¡«ø£eTT>± MT jÓTTø£ÿ ns¡ŒD\T |ü+|ü>∑\s¡T. ñ‘ê‡Vü≤eTT>± Ç#·TÃyê]ì <˚e⁄&ÉT m+‘√ Áù|$T+#·TqT. ` 2 ø=]+~∏ˆˆ 9:6 ø£˙ïs¡T $&ÉT#·T#·÷ $‘·TÔyê&ÉT dü+‘√wü>±qeTT‘√ |ü+≥ø√ôd<äs¡T. ` ø°s¡Ôq 126:5

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Á^Héyê´© dü+|òüT ø±s¡´Áø£eTeTT\ ø=s¡≈£î ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç Ä~yês¡+ Äsê<Ûäq : ñˆˆ 9 >∑+ˆˆ\ ` 11.30 >∑+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î R.K.|ü⁄s¡+. : ñˆˆ 10 >∑+ˆˆ\ `12.30 >∑+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î SBI ø√\ì. Sunday Worship : 9 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. (R.K.Puram). : 10 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. (SBI Colony). & Á|ür eT+>∑fi¯yês¡+ (Åd”Ô\ düe÷»+) : eTˆˆ 2 >∑+ˆˆ\ ` 4 >∑+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î. Every Tuesday (Women Fellowship) : 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. & Á|ür ãT<Ûäyês¡+ (>∑èVü≤ ≈£L&çø£) : kÕˆˆ 6 >∑+ˆˆ\ ` 8.30 >∑+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î. Every Wednesday (Cottage Prayer) : 6 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. & Á|ür >∑Ts¡Tyês¡+ (j·Te«qdüTú\ ≈£L&çø£) : kÕˆˆ 6 >∑+ˆˆ\ ` 8 >∑+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î. Every Thursday (Youth Service) : 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. & Á|ür X¯óÁø£yês¡+ (ñ|üyêdü ÁbÕs¡úq) : ñˆˆ 11 >∑+ˆˆ\ ` eTˆˆ 2 >∑+ ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î. kÕˆˆ 6 >∑+ˆˆ\ ` 8 >∑+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î R.K.|ü⁄s¡+. Every Friday (Fasting Prayer) : 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. & 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. (RKPuram) & Á|ür HÓ\ yÓTT<ä{Ï X¯ìyês¡+ (M~Û düTyês¡Ô): ñˆˆ 10 >∑+ˆˆ\ ` kÕˆˆ 5 >∑+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î. Every Month 1st Saturday (Outreach Gospel) : 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. &

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Á^Hé yê´© eTTK∫Á‘·+ ˝À|ü* ù|õ ∫e]ù|õ ˝À|ü\ ˝À|ü\ @ ù|õjÓÆTHê dü>∑+ ù|õ (1/2 ù|õ) 1/4 ù|õ

e÷d|ü ‹ Áü $ese¡ TT\øT£ : s¡÷. 8,000 /` (eT©ºø£\sY) : s¡÷. 7,000 /` (eT©ºø£\sY) : s¡÷. 4,000 /` (u≤¢ø˘ yÓ’{Ÿ) : s¡÷. 2,900 /` (u≤¢ø˘   yÓ’{Ÿ) : s¡÷. 1,900 /` (u≤¢ø˘   yÓ’{Ÿ)


eT]j·TT kÕe÷q´ »qq, eTs¡D, $eVü≤ yês¡Ô\T s¡÷.


| Á dü Tü ‘Ô +· á HêeTø±s¡ú sπ ≥¢qT eTqdüT‡˝À ñ+#·Tø=ì MT ≈£î≥T+ã, e´øÏ>Ô ‘∑ ,· yê´bÕs¡ | Á øü ≥£ q\T á |üÁ‹ø£≈£î |ü+|æ+∫ á |üÁ‹ø£ ì‘·´+ q&ç|æ+#·&ÜìøÏ MT düVü≤ø±s¡+ n+~+#ê*‡+~>± Áø°düTÔ Áù|eT˝À $TeTTà\qT ø√s¡T‘·THêïeTT. Á|üø£≥q\‘√ dü+ã+<Ûä+ ˝Ò≈£î+&Ü dü+ˆˆeT+‘ê |üÁ‹ø£qT ` ø£è‘·»„‘·‘√ b˛düTº <ë«sê bı+<ä>√s¡Tyês¡T ø£˙dü+ s¡÷.400 /`\qT m+.z <ë«sê |ü +|æ+#·e#·TÃ. MT |üÁ‹ø± dü+bÕ<ä≈£î&ÉT.

Contributions, Donation made to The GVMW Association are exempted U/S 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Donations accepted. The G . V. M . W. A . , VIZAG No: 063310011020800 IFSC: ANDB0000633

PNB Bank, MVP Branch A/c. The G . V. M . W. A . , VIZAG

No:4636002100001986 IFSC: PUNB0463600

e÷ ∫s¡THêe÷ :`


P.B.No.:139, D.No.:1-13-10, Flat.No.-15, SBI Colony, VSP-17 Cell: 9866 787 557.

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Andhra Bank A/c.:

M] ø=s¡≈£î ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç! 01. myéT.ø£d÷ü ]Ô (yÓC’ ≤>¥), ìXÊ+‘Y ≈£îe÷sY &Ó+>∑T »«s¡+ qT+&ç $&ÉT<ä\ø=s¡≈î£ , düV≤ü √. Á|üø±XŸsêe⁄, b˛\eTà yê]øÏ |üP]Ô Äs√>∑´eTT dü«dü‘ú · ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 02. <Óe’ »qT\T u§_“* sêC≤sêe⁄ >±s¡T (ôV≤’ <äsêu≤<é) ø£≥Tºã&ÉT#·Tqï <˚e⁄ì eT+~s¡eTT ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]∆+#·+&ç. 03. <Óe’ »qT\T Äs√>∑´+ >∑T]+∫, yê] |ü]#·s´¡ \ ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. ~≈£îÿ˝Òì nHê<ÛäT\T, eè<äT∆\ ø=s¡≈£î ÁbÕ]∆+#·+&ç. 04. e#˚à $<ë´ dü+e‘·‡s¡+˝À n&ÉT>∑Tô|&ÉT‘·Tqï $<ë´s¡T\ú Ä]úø£ nedüsê\T <˚e⁄&ÉT rs¡TÃ˝≤>±q ÁbÕ]∆+#·+&ç. 05. sêπøwt sêCŸ (#ÓHï’Ó ), Çyꈈ CÒyTé ‡ s¬ õHê˝Ÿ¶ (>∑T+≥÷s¡T) \øÏåàø±+‘·eTà >±s¡T Äs√>∑´+ ≈£î≥T+ãeTT ø=s¡≈î£ qT ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 06. dædsºü Y dü«s¡\í ‘· ≈£î≥T+ã+ ø=s¡≈î£ , yê] _&É\¶ ñ<√´>∑ n_Ûeè~› ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 07. dü+|òTü eTT˝À ◊ø£´‘·, Ä‘·à\ s¡øD å£ eT]j·TT dü+|ò÷ü _Ûeè~∆ ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 08. n;<é Ä©yé U≤Hé yÓT<ä&TÉ ˝À s¡ø+Ô£ >∑&ø¶É {£ +ºÏ ~. M] Äs√>∑´+ >∑ T]+∫ ÁbÕ]∆+#·+&ç. 09 Á^Héyê´© q÷‘·q ∫qï|æ\¢\ edü‹ >∑èVü≤eTT ÁbÕs¡+uÛÀ‘·‡e+ ø=s¡≈£î kÕŒq‡sY‡ ø=s¡≈£î ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 10. Á^Héyê´© dü+|òTü j·TÚe«qdüT\ú $yêVü‰\ ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕs¡qú #ÓjT· ´+&ç. 11. u…_’ ˝Ÿ ø±˝ÒJ\˝À #·<Tä e⁄‘·Tqï $<ë´s¡T\ú ø=s¡≈î£ , yê] nedüs‘¡ ·\T rs¡Ãã&ÉT˝≤>∑Tq ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 12. Åø¬ d’ yÔü ê´ìøÏ e´‹πsø£+>± |üì#˚dTü qÔ ï kÕ‘êqT X¯≈î£ \Ô ≈£îj·TT≈£î\Ô qT \j·T|üs#¡ ã· &ÉT˝≤>∑Tq ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 13. düV≤ü √ˆˆ lìyêdt, \ø°Î>±s¡¢ (mdt.ø√≥) >∑èVü≤ ìsêàD+ dü+|üP]Ô n>∑T≥ø=s¡≈î£ , Äs√>±´\ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç 14. Á|ü|+ü #· <˚XÊ\˝À qTqï Á|ü‹ Åø¬ d’ eÔü ⁄ì øπ eå TeTT ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 15. Äq+<ä|⁄ü s¡+˝À q÷‘·q ªªÁ^Héyê´© ÁbÕs¡Hú ê >√|ü⁄s¡+µµ ìsêàDeTT ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 16. Á^Héyê´© dü+|òTü øπ eå ÷_Ûeè~∆ ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç 17. á |üÁ‹ø£ |ü]#·s¡´≈£î düÁø£eTeTT>± yê]¸ø£ #·+<ë Ç#·Tà eTqdüT‡ #· <äTes¡T\≈£î <˚e⁄&ÉT Ç#·TÃ˝≤>∑Tq ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 18. Á^Héyê´© ø=s¡≈£î kÕŒHé‡sY‡ (b˛wü≈£î\T)qT <˚e⁄&ÉT nqTÁ>∑Væ≤+#·T˝≤>∑Tq ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç 19. <˚X¯+˝À ñqï Ŭø’düÔe Ä<Ûë´‹àø£ |üÁ‹ø£\T ø=qkÕ>∑T ì$T‘·ÔeTT ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 20. uÛ≤s¡‘<· X˚ +¯ ˝À »s¡T>∑T#·Tqï Á^Hé yê´© düTyês¡Ô |ü]#·s´¡ \≈£î m≥Te+{Ï Ä≥+ø£+ »s¡>≈∑ î£ +&Ü ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. 21. m&ç{À]j·T˝Ÿ uÀs¡T¶ yê] ≈£î≥T+u≤\ øπ eå TeTT Á|üj÷· D≤\ Á|üuTÑÛ e⁄ ø±|ü⁄<ä\ ø=s¡≈î£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·+&ç. >∑eTìø£ : dü\ú eTT #ê\q+<äTq MT ù|s¡T ˝Ò<ìä ∫+‘·qedüs+¡ ˝Ò<Tä . MT ø=s¡≈î£ qT, MT ≈£î≥T+u≤\ ø=s¡≈î£ qT nqT~qeTT y˚TeTT, e÷ ÁbÕs¡Hú ê ãè+<äeTT‘√ $&ÉTeø£ ÁbÕ]ú+#·T#·THêïeTT. ` m&ç≥sY

NOVEMBER| 2019 |



Adv /-

á |üÁ‹ø£ ‘√&ÜŒ≥T ø=s¡≈£î RENEWAL #˚sTT+#·Tø=qì yês¡T, Ç+ø± á |üÁ‹ø£ Ç+ø± n+<äìyês¡T yÓ+≥H˚ á ÁøÏ+~ ∫s¡THêe÷˝À dü+Á|ü~+#·>∑\s¡T. n+‘˚ø±≈£î+&Ü Ç+ø± MT≈£î |ü]#·j·TeTTqï yê]‘√ ≈£L&Ü á |üÁ‹ø£ >∑÷]Ãq $wüj·÷\qT |ü+#·Tø=ì <˚e⁄ì sê»´yê´|æÔ ø=s¡≈£î düVü‰j·T|ü&É>∑\s¡T.

(17e ù|J ‘·s¡TyêsTT) yÓfi¯ó¢<äTeTT; <ëì kÕ«BÛq|üs¡#·Tø=+<äTeTT; <ëì »sTT+#·T≥≈£î eTq X¯øÏÔ#ê\TqHÓqT.(dü+U≤´ 13:30). n+<äTπø 30 \ø£å\ eT+~ ◊>∑T|ü⁄Ô qT+&ç ãj·T\T<˚s¡>± ø£HêqT#˚] yê>±∆q uÛÑ÷$Tì dü«‘·+Á‹+#·T≈£îqï Ç<ä›]˝À ø±˝ÒãT ˇø£&É T. $T–*qyê&ÉT jÓTôVAwüßyê. y˚TeTT ùd$+#·T#·Tqï <˚e⁄&ÉT eT+&ÉT#·Tqï y˚&ç$T>∑\ sT÷ n–ï>∑T+&É eTT ˝ÀqT+&ç eTeTTàqT ‘·|æŒ+∫ s¡øÏå+#·T≥≈£î düeTs¡Tú&ÉT. (<ëìj˚T\T 3:17).Ä $XÊ«düy˚T wüÁ&É≈£î, y˚Twü≈£î, nu…<˚ï>√\T nqTyê]øÏ n–ï>∑T+&É+qT ÄVü‰¢<äø£s¡+>± e÷]Ã+~. MfiËfles¡÷ düeTdü´qT #·÷∫ uÛÑj·T|ü&çqyês¡T ø±<äT, Ä düeTdü´qT |ü]wüÿ]+#·>∑\ <˚e⁄ìô|’q $XÊ«düeTT+∫q yês¡T. Ç{≤¢+{Ï $XÊ«dü Ms¡T\qT Ä<äs¡ÙeTT>± rdüTø=ì, eTqeTT ≈£L&Ü $XÊ«düeTT˝À $XÊ«düT\≈£î e÷~]>± J$<ë›+! |ü$Á‘·‘·˝À e÷~]: ˙ ∏j·TÚeqeTTqTã{Ϻ me&ÉTqT ìqTï ‘· D°ø£]+|üìj·T´≈£îeTT >±ì, e÷≥˝ÀqT, Á|ües¡Ôq˝ÀqT, Áù|eT˝ÀqT, $XÊ«düeTT˝ÀqT, |ü$Á‘·‘·˝ÀqT, $XÊ«düT\≈£î e÷~]>± ñ+&ÉTeTT. 1‹yÓ÷‹ 4:12 <˚e⁄&˚ dü«j·T+>± ‘Ó*j·TCÒdüTÔHêï&ÉT. Äj·Tq |ü]X¯ó<äT∆&Éì. H˚qT MT <˚e⁄&ÉHÓ’q jÓTôVAyêqT; H˚qT |ü]X¯ó<äT∆&ÉqT >∑qTø£ MTs¡T |ü]X¯ó<äT∆˝…’ j·TT+&ÉTq≥T¢ $TeTTàqT MTs¡T |ü]X¯ó <ä›|üs¡#·Tø=qe˝…qT. (˝ÒM 11:44). j˚TdüT Á|üuÛÑTe⁄ yês¡T ˝Àø±ìøÏ düyê\T $dæsês¡T. H˚qT |ü]X¯ó <äT∆&ÉqT. Hêj·T+<äT bÕ|üeTTqï<äì MT˝À me&ÉT kÕú|æ+#·TqT? (jÓ÷Vü‰qT 8:46) <˚e⁄ì <ä÷‘·\T ≈£L&Ü Äj·Tq |ü]X¯ó<äT∆&ÉT nì düTÔ‹>±qeTT\T Ä\|ædüTÔHêïs¡T. yês¡ Tôd’q´eTT\ ø£~Û|ü‹j·T>∑T jÓTôVAyê, |ü]X¯ó<äT∆&ÉT |ü]X¯ó<äT∆&ÉT |ü]X¯ó<äT∆&ÉT; düs¡«˝Àø£e TT Äj·Tq eTVæ≤eT‘√ ì+&çj·TTqï~ nì >=|üŒ dü«s¡eTT‘√ >±q Á|ü‹>±qeTT\T #˚j·TT#·T+&ç]. (jÓTwüj·÷ 6:3). ø°s¡ÔHêø±s¡T&ÉT ‘Ó*j·TCÒdüTÔHêï&ÉT. <˚yê! m|üŒ{Ϭø’Hêdüπs |ü]X¯ó<ä∆‘·j˚T ˙ ªeT+~s¡eTTµq≈£î nqT≈£L\eTì. jÓTôVAyê, mqï f…qï{ÏøÏ |ü]X¯ó<ä∆‘·j˚T ˙ eT+~s¡ eTTq≈£î nqT≈£L\eTT. (ø°s¡Ôq\T 93:5) eT+~s¡eTT n+fÒ @$T{À nb˛düÔ\T&Ó’q bÂ\T ‘Ó*j·TCÒdüTÔHêï&ÉT. MTs¡ T <˚e⁄ì Ä\j·TyÓTÆ j·TTHêïs¡ìj·TT, <˚e⁄ì Ä‘·à MT˝À ìedæ+#·T#·THêï&Éìj·TT MT¬ss¡T>∑ sê? me&Ó’qqT <˚e⁄ì Ä\j·TeTTqT bÕ&ÉT#˚dæqjÓT&É\ <˚e⁄&ÉT yêìì bÕ&ÉT#˚j·TTqT. <˚e⁄ì Ä\j·TeTT |ü]X¯ó<ä∆yÓTÆ j·TTqï~ XÊX¯«‘·ø±\eTT+&ÉTqT. (1ø=]+~ 13:4-8) MTs¡T Ä Ä\j·TyÓTÆ j·TTHêïs¡T. (1ø=]+~ 3:16,17) ˙ <˚Vü≤y˚T <˚e⁄ì eT+~s¡+. Hê≈£î &ÉãT“+~ Á‘ê>∑T‘ê!ã\eTT+~ ‹s¡T>∑T‘ê! n+fÒ? ≈£î<äs¡<äT. ˙e⁄ e´s¡∆yÓTÆq ÁøÏj·T\#˚ ˙ X¯Øsêìï bÕ&ÉT #˚düT≈£î+fÒ, <˚e⁄&ÉT ìqTï bÕ&ÉT #˚kÕÔ&ÉT. Äj·TH˚ bÕ&ÉT #Ój·÷´*‡eùdÔ Çø£ $&ç|æ+#˚<Óes¡T? >=Á¬s |æ\¢qT ã\e+‘·eTT>± ãTs¡<ä˝ÀìøÏ Á‘√dæHê yÓfi¯fl&ÜìøÏ m+‘· e÷Á‘·eT÷ Çwüº |ü&É<äT. |ü+~ |æ\¢qT ã\e+‘·eTT>± ãTs¡<ä˝ÀqT+&ç ãj·T≥≈£î ˝≤–Hê sêe&ÜìøÏ m+‘· e÷Á‘·eT÷ Çwüº|ü&É<äT.M{Ï˝À eTq J$‘ê\T <˚ìì b˛* e⁄HêïjÓ÷? eTq\qT eTqy˚T |ü]o\q #˚düT≈£î+<ë+! H˚qT |ü]X¯ó<äT∆&ÉH Ó’ j·TTHêïqT >∑qTø£ MTs¡TqT |ü]X¯ó<äT∆˝…’ j·TT+&ÉT&ç ( 1ù|‘·Ts¡T 1:14).á Á|üø±s¡eTT eTqeTTq÷ |ü$Á‘·yÓTÆq J$‘êìï J$dü÷Ô $XÊ«düT\≈£î e÷~]ø£s¡+>± J$<ë›+! MTs¡T |üÁ‹ø£ #·+<ë #Ó*+¢ #êsê? ˝ÒìjÓT&É\ <äjT· #˚dæ MT yê]¸ø£ #·+<ëqT, ãø±sTT\qT á s√CÒ eT]ìï $es¡eTT\≈£î á ÁøÏ+~ M.O. ˝Ò<ë Online Bank Account <ë«sê >±ì ∫s¡THêe÷ / bò˛Hé˝À dü+Á|ü~+#·>∑\s¡T |ü+|æ+∫, |üÁ‹ø±_Ûeè~∆øÏ ‘√&ÉŒ&É+&ç!

á |ü‹Á ø£ ñ∫‘·+ ø±<äT ADDRESS : The

Editor, D.No.:1-13-10, Flat.No.-15, SBI Colony, VSP-17

` m&ç≥sY

Cell: 9866 787 557.,

NOVEMBER| 2019 |



NOVEMBER| 2019 |



NOVEMBER| 2019 |



NOVEMBER| 2019 |



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Green Valley_Nov_2019  

Dear beloved in Christ Bro & Sis! Greetings, Green Valley magazine is running successfully with the help of teared prayers and faith. If any...

Green Valley_Nov_2019  

Dear beloved in Christ Bro & Sis! Greetings, Green Valley magazine is running successfully with the help of teared prayers and faith. If any...

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