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Communities revive green spaces to boost wildlife and wellbeing

“The variety of work undertaken shows the many different ways people can help wildlife. This work is making a real difference for nature and communities around the UK and we hope it will inspire many more people to make meaningful changes in their own neighbourhoods.”

The projects, made possible with £5 million funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, include:

Cornwall, Surrey and Nottinghamshire.

Groups across the UK are kickstarting a grassroots response to the climate emergency and nature loss.

Nextdoor Nature is one of the latest initiatives in The Wildlife Trusts’ mission to inspire and support 1 in 4 people to take action for nature.

Fifty new Community Organisers have started in post from Scotland to the Isles of Scilly. They are enabling communities to take charge of creating and restoring

wild places, improving nature connectedness for people and providing much-needed habitats for wildlife. Nikki Williams, Director of Campaigning and Communities for The Wildlife Trusts, says: “If people take action for nature, we can help our natural world to recover, which is critical for halting wildlife loss and tackling climate change. Nextdoor Nature focuses on responding to communities’ needs for improving nature where they live.

Eilish McGuinness, Chief Executive of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, says: “We have provided a £5 million grant to support this pioneering project because communities and nature are at the heart of it. It is so important that local communities take an active role in environmental projects and provide inspiration to others to get involved and care for our precious natural heritage. We wish all the organisers well and are delighted that their vital work will form part of a lasting legacy for the Jubilee year.”

Wildlife Trusts Enquiry 1

• More than a dozen community gardens –from The Larder in East Belfast to Corwen in North Wales, including in Exeter, Bristol, Doncaster, Newcastle and many more.

• Helping vulnerable groups take an active role in nature’s recovery in communities in Kent, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Wiltshire and Northumberland.

• Places of worship turning their green spaces over to benefi t wildlife and people in

• Cross-generational projects bringing old and young together, sharing memories of nature, and igniting a fierce determination to bring about positive change for the next generation in Derby, Dorset, London, Sussex and Teesside.

• Regenerating urban centres to create habitats for wildlife and green areas for people to use and enjoy in Surrey, Warwickshire, Derby and Swansea.

• Community art and nature projects in Nottinghamshire, Lancashire, Suffolk and Radnorshire.

Marshalls launches Creating Safer Spaces CPD

In light of its research that found four out of five people feel more unsafe when it’s dark in shared spaces, Marshalls has launched a new CPD session exploring how to integrate design features into the public realm to improve feelings of safety.

The one-hour Creating Safer Spaces CPD session can be delivered virtually or in person and shares the findings of the landscaping specialist’s white paper on issues impacting feelings of safety or vulnerability in public spaces and the effects it has on behaviour.

It also examines seven design pillars that should be considered by those responsible for the public realm, including how to create public spaces that are, as well as feel, safer for users from day through to night. The session tackles topics such as vision and

wayfinding, the sonic environment, the use of technology, accessibility and familiarity, providing practical guidance for designers, planners and architects to readily integrate into schemes while also addressing factors such as biodiversity and ease of maintenance.

Johanna Elvidge, Head of Design at Marshalls, who helped develop the session, said: “The issue of public safety is a complex one that requires multi-layered solutions. Through the CPD, we explore the strategic, rounded approach needed to create open, accessible spaces where people feel seen - while ensuring they are welcoming to attract more users and improve civic pride. It’s a must-attend for anyone involved in the design and building of any public realm scheme.”

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With The Budget due to be released by The Chancellor this month it will once again be interesting to see whether our industry finally gets the official recognition it so obviously deserves.

We have seen little pockets of funding and investment in recent years, but it is high time the Government started to allocate the proper resources the industry as a whole both needs and should be receiving.

A medium-term, or better still long-term, programme of investment in our industry – from parks and community green spaces to grass roots sport, urban landscaping and play and activity – should be high on The Chancellor’s to-do list. The last few years have proved just how important these aspects of the industry’s work have been to the overall health and well-being of the public, but also the significant and positive impact they have on the economy. The evidence continues to stack up in the industry’s favour, but it remains the poor relation and a clear and co-ordinated set of proposals that recognise its role and its importance to the country as a whole needs to be forthcoming. This month we highlight some of the smaller projects that are being funded, along with some of the campaigns and work designed to boost the profile of the industry.

We also have our regular Professional Groundscare supplement, with an in-depth look at the always fascinating ride-on mower market from Jane Carley, as well as a spotlight on grass seeds and wildflowers as well as more news and case studies from this important sector. There is also a look at aspects of hard and soft landscaping and the urban environment, including green roofs and living walls as well as weed and pest control. As we move towards Spring, the traditional season of optimism, it will be interesting to see whether the industry finally finds a friend in The Chancellor.




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Proposed peat ban does not raise major concerns for businesses

The OIM has published its first report, which found that the UK Government’s proposal to ban the sale of horticultural peat in England from 2024 would not have a major impact on intra-UK trade.

Horticultural peat is mainly used in multi-purpose compost. The market for compost is worth around £400m in the UK.

The report follows a request from the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for the Office for the Internal Market (OIM) – which sits within the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) –to examine how the proposed ban may impact the effective operation of the internal market. The proposed ban is intended

to tackle climate change by protecting peat bogs that are an important store of carbon.

The report concludes that, while the ban on horticultural peat sales in England may lead to some changes in patterns of buying and selling of peatcontaining compost within the UK that could have an impact on individual businesses, these are likely to be modest in the context of the overall market. The OIM does not expect there to be a signifi cant impact on wider competition within the compost market.

Nevertheless, the report also notes that there may be some sales of peat-containing compost after the introduction of the ban,

most likely through a small group of retailers who will still be willing to stock it. In addition, the report finds that shortages of the necessary inputs, especially if they persist, will increase the incentives for manufacturers and retailers to bring peat-containing compost into England from elsewhere in the UK. Northern Ireland is the most likely source of peat-containing compost to be brought into England after the ban is implemented.

The use of horticultural peat across the UK has been in decline for the last 10 years.

Jennifer Pheasey, the HTA’s Director of Public Affairs, said the horticulture sector has been working hard to develop

Kubota LX 351 proves to be a real workhorse

Lifting, mowing and manoeuvring within confined areas are proving no problem for an estate in the heart of Lincolnshire following the delivery of a Kubota LX 351 –which the owner describes as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of compact tractors.

Complete with a range of attachments, the LX 351 was installed by Irelands Farm Machinery in Spring 2022 and has gone on to be fundamental to the expanding orchard operation, making light work of the year-round estate management and reducing the reliance on external contractors.

The 400-acre family-run estate comprises arable land, run by a tenant farmer, with 34 acres of woodland a further 6 acres of grassland in the final stages of being converted into a fullyoperational orchard – with close to 1000 apple trees planted come the end of February 2023.

Ticking every box, with a competitive price tag and excellent back-up support from the team at Irelands, the LX 351 complete with mixed service tyres, front-end loader and counterweight, front forks,

log grapple, 60” mid-mounted mower deck and 2-tonne Kubota tipping trailer was installed in April last year.

“It’s proven itself to be a real workhorse, from lifting pallets on and off delivery vehicles, assisting with pruning trees, felling and planting jobs throughout the winter and spring and assisting with the apple harvest in September and October,” said a trust spokesperson. “Attachments are easy to switch with the ‘quick attach’ mechanism and all of the controls and features are designed for comfort, making for a very pleasant operator experience. The cut quality with the mid-mounted deck has also been superb, navigating around the newly planted saplings where the gap is no more than 4m.”

The LX 351 has also enabled the team to conduct more operations in-house, saving money otherwise spent on bringing in contractors, to the point where the estate are now considering offering contracting services themselves to those in the surrounding area.

alternative professional solutions to using peat in growing media and is committed to becoming 100% peat free. “Our members have already made great strides in transitioning away from the use of peat and the proportion of peat used in growing media is at an historic low for the industry (30% in bagged compost at retail and 51.7% in professional use),” she added.

“We therefore reiterate that any government considering legislation to ban peat use should ensure they are ready to support the horticultural sector to develop and access responsibly-sourced alternatives which do not jeopardise the sustainability or price of the growing media,

nor affect the quality of the crop produced. Facilitating research and development and knowledge exchange on best practice for growing peatfree is an absolutely essential part of this process. We need the Government’s support to ensure the transition away from

peat enables the horticulture sector to play its vital role in contributing to environmental ambitions, while remaining competitive and sustainable as a business sector.”

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of Valdor® Flex keeps soil weed-free for up to 4 months, making it a for our customers.


• Combines trusted

oad spectrum weed control ombines new iodosulfuron with ed DFF

• Works for residual

• Ideal t

• Can b

• Availa and 200m

orks in combina with glyphosate knock down followed by esidual control tool in resistance management be applied year round ailable in 500g to cover 1ha handy 10x10g sachets which cover 200m2 each



Industry News EMAIL: 03 READER ENQUIRY 7
02/2 Contains iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium and diflufenican.
esidual herbicide
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New climate change hub launched for forestry sector

Plants for Perennial launches as tickets go on sale for 2023 party

Plants for Perennial will be widely available to buy from garden centres and stores across the UK from March.

The Climate Change Hub - which centralises the latest resources, information and guidance on climate change adaptation to support landowners, woodland managers and forestry practitioners in addressing climate change threats – has been launched by Defra, Forest Research, Scottish Forestry and the Welsh Government.

The projected rate of climate change is unprecedented, from warmer summers to more frequent extreme conditions such as drought periods and heavy rainfall events.

Action is needed now to improve the resilience of forests and woodlands, and to protect the benefits that they provide, including carbon sequestration.

The Climate Change Hub, managed by Forest Research, centralises and distils the latest information and UKFS (United Kingdom Forestry Standard) guidance on climate change adaptation to encourage uptake of adaptive practice by forest and woodland owners and managers. It provides concise information about risks from the changing climate, how to identify suitable adaptation measures and examples of how other managers are implementing adaptive practice. There is no

single recommended approach to climate change adaptation, as each woodland has different objectives and conditions.

To enable managers to make informed decisions for their own woodlands, the Climate Change Hub also includes detailed guidance through the decision-making process, stepby-step, including information about the online tools available to support risk management and species choice.

Forestry Minister Trudy Harrison said: “Trees and tree management are crucial parts of our plan to reach Net Zero by 2050, and resources such as the Climate Change Hub support the forest industry to make better, more informed and ultimately more sustainable decisions when it comes to tree planting and woodland management.”

Forestry Commission Chief Executive Richard Stanford said: “Climate change will affect our trees, wood and forests. We need to ensure that our management practices ensure they thrive for the long term to ensure all the benefits they provide are maximised. Trees are a critical part of our endeavours to tackle climate change; trees are the most efficient and cost-effective

method of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The Climate Change Hub will allow all of us to see this critical information in one place for the first time, enabling land managers and foresters to make the best decisions for our planet on tree and forest management.”

Woodland owners are encouraged to plant and manage more diverse and resilient woodlands of varying ages and species in the face of climate change. To counter future extreme weather risks from severe storms to drought, forests and woodlands should have a broad range of trees at different ages, from seedlings to trees to vary the size of our trees. Larger, more mature trees are more susceptible to severe winds than younger trees, so promoting the growth of trees of varying ages helps to strengthen their collective resilience.

The Climate Change Hub supports the government’s wider Net Zero strategy and follows commitments set out within the recently published Environmental Improvement Plan to improve our mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Defra Enquiry 8

The collaborative scheme between Perennial, the charity for people in horticulture and four major wholesale nurseries in Hereford and Worcester is raising awareness and funds to support all those who work with plants, flowers, grass, and trees.

Supporting retailers include select Waitrose stores and many leading garden centres.

The collaboration is an example of how businesses can work together to support the charity to build better futures for

people in horticulture. An onlabel charity message will appear on all the plants and a proportion of all sales will be donated to Perennial.

Perennial Corporate Partnership Manager Phil Swainston comments: “Plants for Perennial is an exciting and worthy collaboration between four renowned nurseries to highlight the services we provide to the commercial horticultural sector and spread the message that we’re here for all those working in horticulture who need help. It’s a great example of how businesses can come together in support.” Meanwhile, tickets are now on sale for Party for Perennial 2023, which takes place on Thursday

16 March at Core Bar in the heart of the City of London.

The ticket price of £30 includes a glass of bubbles on arrival and some delicious nibbles, plus the chance to win some amazing prizes in the Party for Perennial raffle.

All proceeds from ticket sales and the raffle help Perennial support people in horticulture. The Charity’s primary purpose is to build better futures for all those working with plants, trees, flowers and grass. Providing free confidential support, advice and information through their dedicated team based around the country.

Perennial Enquiry 9

04 MARCH 2023 Industry News
READER ENQUIRY 11 Demonstrations of our extensive machinery range are available at our facility or at your own site, call 01260 223273 for more information King Feeders UK Eco Green Composting Equipment


Our industry-leading 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries with KeepCool Technology™ and intelligent power, deliver petrol matching power and are compatible with all EGO Power+ tools for ultimate flexibility. Simply select your tool, click in the battery and go.

To find out more visit


New stretch trousers work as hard as you do

STIHL launches ProCOM X-VENT

ADVANCE ProCOM is also available as an ear defender set, or as an accessory for the ADVANCE X-CLIMB and other 3M compatible helmets for a wide range of choice.

Fixed to the X-VENT for optimum comfort and safety, the ADVANCE ProCOM headset offers seamless on-site communication with up to 16 other ADVANCE ProCOM users.

It’s the innovative design and sustainable fabric technology in the newest Work Trousers for men and women from Snickers Workwear that really set them apart from other brands.

Delivering comfort and safety features when they’re needed most, these slim-fit Trousers are Class 1 and Class 2 certified and made from innovative Sorona sustainable performance fibre.

They also come with the patented KneeGuard system and CORDURA reinforcement in the knees and pockets.

Sorona delivers both environmental benefits and longlasting performance.

This recyclable, bio-based fibre offers exceptional softness and stretchability for maximum comfort as well as excellent

durability to help extend the lifetime of a garment.

It’s also quick-drying, breathable and soft to the touch for optimal performance that will last through wash after wash, retaining shape, comfort and protection levels throughout the life of the garments.

Snickers Workwear

Enquiry 13

STIHL has launched ADVANCE ProCOM X-VENT which sees the popular ADVANCE ProCOM headset fitted as standard to its X-VENT safety helmet.

This new product offers forestry and landscaping professionals clear, high-quality communications and top-of-therange ear and head protection all-in-one.

It also boasts a range of up to 600m between two users, dependent on terrain; with each headset acting as a repeater to extend the range should more than two headsets be in use at once.

STIHL Enquiry 14

CS100 proves perfect for work in confined spaces

Satisfying the increasing demand from domestic customers for retaining wood chip, a CS100 from GreenMech has been non-stop since its delivery, according to Max Bishop, Owner of MJB Group.

Installed by local dealers GA Groundcare in December 2022, the CS100 sits alongside a GreenMech Arborist 150P which now gives the landscape, arb and grounds team the versatility to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes.

At just 760mm wide, the GreenMech CS100 is ideal for jobs in confined spaces, fitting through standard gates and doorways making it the perfect partner for work in domestic

environments. The 18hp electric-start petrol engine and twin, reversible chipping blades make light work of timber, wood waste and vegetation while the adjustable discharge chute makes chip disposable convenient and simple.

STIHL’s cutting head makes light work of weeds

STIHL range of cordless brushcutters includes the RGA 140, the first tool in the STIHL AP System dedicated for use with the STIHL RG cutting head, enabling maintenance workers, landscapers and groundskeepers to cut weeds and grass with ease in sensitive areas.

Taking inspiration from the popular FSA 135 brushcutter and RG gearbox, the new RGA 140 features oscillating disc blades with low rotational energy, enabling low-spin mowing on hard surfaces and around fragile obstacles such as cars or greenhouses.

Not only does this reduce the risk of flicking stones but, due to its low spin mowing and tailored RPM, the new brushcutter also reduces the safety distances to 3m from objects and 5m from people, making the tool ideal for use in built-up areas. The RGA 140 also boasts a 230mm cutting diameter and ergonomic controls. Featuring

a quiet EC motor with three-speed settings and a clear LED display, users can continuously regulate the speed in order to work as efficiently as possible. In addition, the new brushcutter utilises a bike handle for well-balanced operation, offering comfortable use for professionals, particularly over long periods of time.

Part of the AP System, the RGA 140 is compatible with STIHL’s Smart Connector 2 A and features a mounting point on the tool housing, facilitating effective and timely maintenance, as well as increased productivity and reduced downtime.

This model provides professionals with a long service life thanks to its sturdy motor housing, mesh air filter, and robust gearbox. Working time with the recommended AP 300 S battery is up to 100 minutes.

STIHL Enquiry 16

Delighted with the performance of his CS100, Max has also been impressed with the back up support and service from GreenMech and his regional dealer GA Groundcare.

GreenMech Enquiry 15

06 MARCH 2023 Product News





backpack blower in the STIHL AP System. It has exceptional power, offering petrol performance on a battery powered tool, making it ideal for clearing large areas of wet leaves. It’s especially quiet too, thanks to the STIHL Noise Reduction System, which reduces the high-pitched sound output that is usually associated with cordless leaf blowers.

And what’s more, the BGA 300 is prepared for STIHL Connected - a new way of managing the maintenance and tracking the working time of your professional fleet of tools.

BGA 300 the first battery

Skyline Planters from Alumasc help keep the built environment green

Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS) is synonymous with the efficient use, retention, recycling and disposal of rainwater.

With almost 90 years in the industry, a fully comprehensive product offer, and unrivalled

nationwide technical support, it is also proud of its environmental credentials.

Skyline Architectural Aluminium is one of the showcase brands in the AWMS product portfolio, and in addition to the highly specified fascias, soffits and

Environmentally conscious products from MEDITE SMARTPLY

copings, architectural planters have now been introduced to the Skyline range in a bid to help keep our built-up areas greener.

Skyline Architectural planters are ideal for use in any area of the built environment where land is unavailable or limited for natural planting.

Manufactured in the UK from 100% recyclable aluminium, the planters feature a fully folded top edge detail to provide strength and stiffness. They can be installed individually, or in combination to create a dramatic effect in larger spaces.

The raised feet give 20mm clearance at the base for drainage and can be adjusted on uneven surfaces. An integral base

plate ensures that soil weight is distributed evenly at low level whilst acting as an anchor.

The range comprises 400, 500 and 600mm deep options, in varying heights up to 700mm and lengths of either 1m or 1.5m. They are easy to handle, weatherproof, maintenance free and are BBA approved powder coated in a wide range of standard colours, with any BS or RAL colour available to special order.

Skyline Aluminium planters have a life expectancy of up to 40 years in rural/suburban areas and up 25 years in marine/industrial environments. They are delivered to site, ready for installation and use.

Alumasc Water Management Solutions Enquiry 18

With sustainability being a top priority, landscapers and garden designers need to make a conscious effort to choose sustainable building materials from sustainable businesses.

As a market leading manufacturer of environmentally conscious engineered wood panels, MEDITE SMARTPLY continuously develops innovative, versatile and sustainable products, ideal for landscapers to express their creativity.

MEDITE SMARTPLY products ensure a sustainable building material, storing carbon throughout their lifetime. Sourced from sustainably managed forests in Ireland, MEDITE SMARTPLY’s range of MDF and OSB products demonstrate the company’s commitment to create products that contribute to sustainable and healthier environments.

One such product is MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX).

MTX is a lightweight panel with outstanding durability and dimensional stability and is guaranteed up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground. It is especially beneficial in

environments where humidity and varying weather are usually concerns.

This innovative panel retains all the design, fixing, and machining flexibility of regular MDF panels, but can be used in places where regular MDF cannot. It is resistant to rot and fungal decay, making it suitable for a wide range of external applications, whether it’s for fencing or garden furniture.

An example of its use was demonstrated at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022. It was the main material used for the centrepiece of the MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future Garden designed by multi-awardwinning landscape architect and garden designer Sarah Eberle. The use of MTX demonstrated the panel throughout its life cycle and highlighted the versatility of engineered wood panels.

MTX is FSC certified just like the rest of MEDITE MDF range, giving landscapers great peace of mind when it comes to making sustainable choices.


08 MARCH 2023 Hard & Soft Landscaping & Street Furniture G.S & P.A Reeves Ltd New House Farm, The Lowe, Wem, Shropshire, United Kingdom. SY4 5UN Phone: 01939 232 440 SHROPSHIRE’S LEADING INDEPENDENT TIMBER MERCHANT • Railway sleepers treated and untreated • Oak untreated sleepers now available New Oak Beams • Fencing materials and accessories Wooden Gates • Quality decking Stocks of sawn timber & plywood • Trellis Posts Roofing materials & crash barriers • Eco Wood Pellets Available
Railway Sleepers Garden Fencing
Firewood Farm Gates

Professional performance

No downtime

Powerful performance

Lower operating costs

Lower maintenance costs

Long service life of batteries, backed by 8-year warranty

Long service life of tools, backed by 5-year warranty

Zero emissions

Low noise

to your local garden machinery dealer today to learn more.
and long-lasting, the Kress 60V Commercial Range of outdoor power equipment for new levels of power for all types of landscaping professionals. An impressive line of commercial gardening equipment, with a performance battery platform that stands
- all without the high
strong in
delivers unparalleled reliability
hassles of petrol.

Soil improver helps green roofs to thrive

Transforming rooftops into green havens is a growing trend in urban areas across the globe, and it’s no secret why.

Green roofs provide numerous benefits, including reducing air pollution, absorbing rainwater, and providing a natural habitat for wildlife. But for a green roof to thrive, it needs the right foundation, and that’s where Carbon Gold’s Biochar Soil Improver comes in.

Crafted using carbonsequestering biochar, natural biology, and trace minerals, Carbon Gold’s Soil Improver is Soil Association certified and sustainably sourced from the UK. This innovative product is a game-changer for those looking

to take their green roof to the next level.

By adding Carbon Gold’s Soil Improver to green roof substrate, it will reap the rewards of improved soil structure, water retention, and increased soil fertility. These benefits translate into stronger root systems and healthier plant growth, creating a lush and vibrant green roof that is sure to impress.

What’s more, by incorporating this organic soil improver, you’ll be helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Biochar is a form of charcoal that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, preventing it from contributing to climate change. But the benefits of Carbon

Gold’s Soil Improver don’t stop there. By adding just 10% by volume of this product to your green roof, you’ll make it more resilient against extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or drought. This added durability means you’ll save money in the long run by reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

If you’re committed to creating a greener future for your customers and want to install a new green roof or maintain an existing one, Carbon Gold’s Soil Improver is the ideal solution. As a BALI Accredited Supplier, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product on the market.

Carbon Gold Enquiry 22

Transform your project with a Superbloom

It’s Spring sowing season!

Sow Euroflor flower seed mixes now for stunning displays and enriched habitats

Euroflor flower seed mixes deliver beautiful, vibrant flower displays that enrich any environment and serve as an invaluable habitat for insects, birds and small mammals.

• 24 mixes available that are recommended for Spring sowing

• Just 1kg covers up to 333m2

• A choice of annual and perennial mixes

• Recommended for a variety of settings including roadside verges, roundabouts, flowering green roof projects, golf courses, country estates, flower beds, parks and meadows

Why choose Euroflor?

• Stunning displays that add value to any landscape

• Minimal maintenance required

• Encourages and conserves biodiversity

• A bountiful source of nectar and pollen

To find out more, call 0800 138 7222 or email

Our brands:

Following the success of our Superbloom project at the Tower of London last year to celebrate the Queens’s Jubilee, Pictorial Meadows is on a mission to make Superblooms a common occurrence nationwide.

The idea for the project came from Professor Nigel Dunnett, Professor of Planting Design and Urban Horticulture at the University of Sheffield and a founder of Pictorial Meadows, designed the project.

His inspiration came from his transformative experience of being in the real ‘Superbloom’ of 2019 in Southern California, where whole mountain ranges changed colour with millions of flowers.

Since the very beginning, Pictorial Meadows has been at the forefront of researching

and developing new approaches and products for naturalistic landscape management, focused on bringing benefits both to our environment and the people who live in it.

Today, Pictorial Meadows is part of the not-for-profit Green Estate Community Interest Company. This has allowed it to combine our wonderful designer meadow mixes with all the skills of an organisation that excels in horticulture and landscape management.

The result is that Pictorial Meadows is able to offer a complete meadow service, from bespoke seed mixes and consultation through to installation and meadow care.

Pictorial Meadows Enquiry 24

10 MARCH 2023 Grass Seeds & Wild Flowers

Resort opts for attractive indoor greenery

succeeded in this with a special mix of plants.”

The two walls were greened with Mobilane’s patented LivePanel system. The modular, fully recyclable vertical greening system includes substrate-filled, replaceable plant cassettes.

Installation and attachment of the LivePanel system is quick and easy. The row of cassettes is placed in a gutter profile, which also serves as a water reservoir.

The newly opened hotel “The Grand Green” in Oberhof is part of the world’s first and only premium hotel chain that explicitly targets families with children.

For the greenery, the hotel chose a striking mix that creates an

attractive, three-dimensional look. Achim Eilingsfeld was responsible for the planning and realisation of the project and explained: “The aim was to transfer the beautiful woods of the Thuringian Forest into the interior of the hotel. I think we

The plants supply themselves with water from the profile via capillary action. In the first step, the technical components were installed.

The pre-cultivated cassettes were only installed before the project was handed over.

Mobilane Enquiry 26

Improving air quality with a living wall

ANS Global designed small rectangular sections of living wall to be interspersed amongst three other façade panel types, which allows for better ventilation –key in a car park like this.

Split across the façade, the living wall design presented a challenge for irrigation.

Carbon Gold benefits living wall development

car park where pipes then run to each section of living wall.

The installation of these living wall sections was carried out by our in-house install team using a scissor lift, cherry picker and a delta deck (inside).

In recent years, the concept of living walls has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Both indoor and outdoor living walls offer a multitude of benefits, including improved air quality, reduced noise pollution, and increased aesthetic appeal.

chemicals and has been produced in a way that is environmentally sustainable. When added to soil, biochar increases the soil’s ability to store carbon, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere.

shield against erosion and excessive flooding due to its high-capacity retention of both nutrients and water - supplying plants with adequate sustenance during inclement weather conditions!

The new Chester market is the cornerstone of a £72m development in Northgate, which includes not just a new shopping centre, but development of an arcade, new shopping streets, a square, a multi-storey cark park and indoor cycle hub.

To allow the compamy to monitor and irrigate each section evenly, the system was designed so a header pipe runs from the plant room (where the tank and main irrigation system is kept), to various boxes on the inside of the



This car park boasts 59,616 plants across its façade, over more than 600 square metres, and is visible from the three surrounding roads, bringing this unique piece of architecture to the public eye.

ANS Global Enquiry 27

However, the success of any living wall ultimately depends on the quality of the soil used. That’s where Carbon Gold’s Biochar Soil Improver comes in.

Carbon Gold’s Biochar Soil Improver is manufactured in the UK and is Soil Association certified organic. This means that the product is free from synthetic

Carbon Gold’s Biochar Soil Improver offers a plethora of benefits for living walls; indoors and outdoors. In interior settings, it helps to retain moisture in the soil with great efficiencydramatically reducing plant water requirements. Additionally, its unique composition enhances soil structure creating an ideal environment for roots to flourish. Outdoors this resourceful improver can be used as nature’s

Overall, Carbon Gold’s Biochar Soil Improver is an excellent choice to add into the substrate being used to create a living wall. Its Soil Association certification ensures that it is a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly option, while its ability to retain moisture and improve soil structure makes it an ideal choice for living walls.

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Living Hoarding fronts up development

Grosvenor in London has commissioned a green living hoarding from Biotecture to surround the Cundy Street Quarter development in Belgravia, Westminster.

The new low carbon development was master planned by DSDHA and will include a mix of homes, amenities and green spaces.

It is being built to the highest sustainability credentials and the client wanted to demonstrate this commitment from the start, as well as show consideration to the local community.

For the duration of the build, the Biotecture PlantBox living hoarding will help to improve the appearance of the construction site, reduce noise and dust, and improve biodiversity. The 2.8m high living hoarding was installed in phases and wraps around the development,

covering 115 linear metres.

A total of 2,688 PlantBoxes and 10,752 plants were supplied by Biotecture to create the living hoarding.

Plants were selected for their ability to add biodiversity, foliage interest as well as their physical attributes in trapping dust and airborne particulates, and attenuating noise from site.

PlantBox living wall system is a free-standing system so only required restraint fixing back to the plywood hoarding.

Biotecture delivered the modules to site pre-planted and, being stackable, it meant they could easily be put into position.

As part of a circulatory economy, the PlantBox living hoarding can be quickly dismantled at the end of the construction project and

12 MARCH 2023 Green Roofs & Living Walls
reinstalled onto the next site, reducing waste and delivering excellent value for money. PlantBox living hoardings offer a far more sustainable choice
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than signage, artificial plastic greenery, or photographic panels of foliage, whilst avoiding issues with graffiti. Biotecture

Becx weed control equipment

Fentons of Bourne Ltd is the sole UK distributor for Becx Machines, the Netherlandsbased manufacturer of high-end mechanical weed control and hedge cutting equipment for tool carriers and excavators.

Becx weed control implements feature weeding heads with diameters of 50 cm or 90 cm and are available with edging blades to complete two jobs in a single pass.

They are compatible with almost all tool carriers, tractors or loaders providing a cost-effective solution for weeding applications

The standard OBKS50-35 has a brush diameter of 50 cm and a trimming blade diameter of 35 cm. On the standard machine the working width to be mechanically adjusted, as well as the height of the edge cutting blades in relation to the brush.

The angle of the brush can also be mechanically adjusted. The working width and the height of the blade can also be adjusted hydraulically and can easily be retro-fitted at a later date.

The fully hydraulic OBKS90-45 is a larger, more productive machine giving the operator control of all rotation and swivel functions from the cabin.

This improves the number of metres that can be brushed and cut each day. Because the brush and blade can be configured from inside the cabin, this machine is able to trim most grass verges and brush most surfaces.

It is also possible to fully withdraw the blade, thus allowing only brushing activities to be carried out. The extra-large weed brush has been developed to prevent damage to brushed surfaces. This brush offers excellent results at low engine revs.

Intelligent design keeps production costs to a minimum, which pays off in the initial purchase price! Without making concessions in quality or functionality, Becx offers you a very efficient and competent machine: great performance for a great price.

Fentons of Bourne Ltd

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Any sprayer can be ordinary, but it takes a Smithco sprayer to be legendary.

For over 50 years, Smithco has been leading the industry with state-of-the-art equipment that makes other golf courses brown with envy. With products that are built to last and customer service you won’t find anywhere else, there’s a reason why Smithco makes your best even better.

Weed & Pest Control EMAIL: 13 READER ENQUIRY 10 READER ENQUIRY 33 SPRAYING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1895 HOZELOCK-EXEL - 891 route des Frênes - ZI Nord Arnas - BP 30424 - 69653 Villefranche Cedex France SAS au capital de 2 600 000 euros - SIRET 77965877200024 - APE 2830 Z - RC Villefranche B N° TVA intra-communautaire : FR 02 779 658 772 - Photos et images non contractuelles. POWERFUL ● ERGONOMIC ● PRECISE The
reliable and comfortable
Spray Star 1200 Make your course legendary: call John Moore on 07512 909792 WE TAKE YOUR TURF SERIOUSLY SmithcoLegends LAPU 183x130mm.indd 1 05/02/2023 10:33 READER ENQUIRY 32 23

Targeted spraying from Smithco

When spraying large amenity areas, precision and consistency when applying liquid fertilisers and chemicals are the key attributes of GPS-enabled sprayers.

With regard to precision, individual nozzle control means sprayer operators will only spray inside designated boundaries, without wasting chemicals on non-targeted areas and negating the need for the operator to manually turn on and off boom sections when spraying.

Smithco were one of the first companies to introduce GPS technology when the Star Command system debuted in 2012. The ability to correct over spraying/over application brings additional environmental benefits, including reducing the usage of chemical inputs and more accurate distribution.

The Spray Star range features four self-propelled sprayers with control options such as the TeeJet Radion Rate Controller, Radion with

Weed removal without chemicals

Bema’s latest sweeper - the Groby Light – which allows easy and effective weed removal without using chemicals, is proving extremely popular with local authorities, municipalities and their contractors.

The Groby Light can be fitted to a range of small carrier vehicles and offers a broad choice of brushes, from steel flat wire to PPN.

The machine also features plastic-coated, steel flat wire tufts to remove weeds from gutters, joints and other hard-toreach places.

“There is growing pressure to remove weeds from the public realm without using chemicals, as they can pose of health risk to people, flora and fauna,” says Philip Bryant of Bema Sweepers UK.

People who have attended recent demonstrations have all been impressed with the Bema Groby Light’s excellent features, its reliable and easy operation, and how it removes stubborn dirt and weeds.”

Bema Enquiry 35

Dyna-Jet Pulse Width Modulation, or Smithco’s Star Command 2 providing minimal corrections, turn compensation, and the industryleading 25cm nozzle spacing offering a 100% greater accuracy than competitors. Hydrostatic drive allows a constant engine RPM providing constant flow and pressure to the spray system for a consistent spray application. As the largest capacity dedicated sprayer in its class, the Spray Star 1200 ensures that efficiency is optimised with a 757-litre low profile elliptical polypropylene tank, warrantied for life. The high performance, cost-efficient pumping system features a selfpriming and corrosion resistant, stainless steel centrifugal pump generating 341 litres/minute and providing the capability for high flow applications with superior agitation. The cab-forward design provides superior visibility, handling, and operator comfort.

K e y attrib u tes : · Path/cycle ways · Kerb edges · Block paving · Gravel hard standings · Targeted weed control · Highly productive · Environmentally friendly · Adaptable technology · Minimal herbicide use · Automised application · No blanket spraying · All terrain Suitable f o r treatment o n : On-site demo available on request, please email or call us on: 01353 862044 DRIVE DOWN HERBICIDE USAGE READER ENQUIRY 36 READER ENQUIRY 37 Essential work equipment for the eco-friendly removal of weeds! WEED REMOVAL WITHOUT CHEMICALS W: T: 07436272292 A clean product line SIMPLY EFFECTIVE BEMA SWEEPERS UK & IRELAND Weed Brush Bema Groby Groby Light Weed & Pest Control 14 MARCH 2023
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A New-Way for total weed and moss control

Based on naturally occurring ingredients, Headland Amenity’s New-Way Weedspray provides a fast-acting alternative to glyphosate when it comes to grass, broad-leaved weed and moss control.

Ideal for use on hard surfaces and artificial sports pitches, its nonselective formulation provides total control against most softtissue it encounters, negating the need for separate applications when spraying for weeds and moss.

The active ingredient in NewWay Weedspray (MAPP No. 15319) – acetic acid – is formulated from high food-grade product and is developed with a naturally occurring protein

ingredient. This combination doubles the herbicidal properties of acetic acid compared to standard products.

As one of only two foliar acting herbicides approved for the control of moss on hard ground in the UK, New-Way Weedspray can be used in a variety of amenity situations such as footpaths and pavements, parks, and in industrial areas such as railways and fence lines etc. In addition to hard surfaces, NewWay Weedspray can also be used to control moss on synthetic sports turf.

Unlike many moss treatments, New-Way Weedspray will also control a range of weeds and grasses. While perennial weeds

may require more than a single application for total control, annual weeds can usually be controlled in a single application - with browning of foliage occurring within a few hours of treatment and death of the weed in one to two days depending on weather conditions. As there are no residual effects with the product in the soil, new sowing and planting may then be undertaken as soon as the weeds have died.

Headland Amenity also have a comprehensive range of selective herbicides, offering the safe, efficient and targeted control of weeds in grassed areas.

Headland Amenity Enquiry 38

New Weed Wizard raises the bar on targeted weed control

Technological advances in intelligent weed spraying are moving forward rapidly and now offer grounds-staff and maintenance personnel working in the amenity sector the ability to target weeds in often neglected areas such as: kerb edges, pathways or cycle lanes, and in gravel car parks.

The new Weed Wizard, from Cambridgeshire based designer and manufacturer Techneat Engineering, is an ATV mounted spraying system that identifies weeds through digital imagery and applies a direct application onto the weeds via multi-pencil jet nozzles.

Each individually controlled nozzle treats a specific target area of 100mm (or 4“band) across the machines width, targeting weeds with a high degree of accuracy using ultra-low drift nozzles combined with computer aided spot spray technology to minimise overspray and reduce environmental impact. The intelligent application system is automatic, allowing the operator to focus solely on controlling the vehicle and observing their surroundings in safety and comfort.

The Weed Wizard can be fitted to any type of ATV or Quad bike and comes complete with a 60L

tank offering a spray width of up to 1.2M. Machine specifications include a 12v diaphragm pump, tank agitation, glycerine fi lled pressure gauge and a dual filtration system. For operators there is an optional hand lance with a 4m auto retractable reel and (for additional user safety) a flashing beacon that can be front or rear mounted.

The Weed Wizard is CE marked and typical working speeds can be set between 1-6kph depending on working conditions.


Weed & Pest Control EMAIL: 15 +44(0)192 680 0789 Chemical free Kills weed + root Electrical weed control Low running costs RootWave Pro kills all weeds, including invasives, fast Book your free demo at your site quoting "Spring23" Better weed control Free demo READER ENQUIRY 41 READER ENQUIRY 40
you ready for Spring? All surfaces ✓ All weather ✓ All year round ✓ in
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Padded straps now available on Cooper Pegler knapsacks

Professional knapsack specialists

Cooper Pegler have introduced cushioned straps on more of its models to heighten operator comfort and limit body strain for operators.

Many of the go-to knapsacks across the popular brand include ergonomically tailored harnesses to channel loading forces in a way that limits stresses on the body.

The latest advance from manufacturer Hozelock-Exel, which follows extensive trialling, further enhances operator safety and protection to include cushioned strapping on Cooper Pegler’s Classic and Series 2000 knapsack models.

“This is a global initiative,” says Allan Wainwright, HozelockExel’s UK Sales Manager, “which aims to make our knapsack brands fully inclusive

for all spray operatives.”

The cushioned strapping is introduced at a time when more sports venues and amenity sites are reducing the quantity of treatment liquids they apply in a bid to improve their green credentials. Golf course greens teams report they are using knapsacks increasingly for spotspray weed control, a practice that cuts the quantity of liquid applied significantly.

More knapsack hand spraying raises the importance of operator comfort to new levels, therefore.

“Those who spend a full day knapsack spraying will find the new cushioned straps more comfortable,” Allan adds, “reducing the stresses and strains possible on the body during extensive sessions in the field.”

Hozelock-Exel Enquiry 42

Westermann bounce back after fire disaster

Following a catastrophic fire back in November which saw the entirety of Westermann’s stock and assembly hall reduced to ashes, the German manufacturing company have managed an almost impossible turnaround to get back up and running.

UK importers, SPA Power Machinery, tells us the “fast action of the team at Westermann enabled them to begin rebuilding and shipping new machines by January, an incredible achievement.

“They found a temporary warehouse and got straight to work contacting all their suppliers to arrange replacement parts and materials. Over 200 firefighters sought to put out the blaze, in

which fortunately nobody was injured.” Westermann supplies hard surface cleaning equipment to 54 countries across the world, in both landscaping and agricultural sectors.

The range was first introduced to the UK in 2018, with the WR870 Moss Brush. This machine offered an alternative to pressure washing for clearing moss from surfaces such as block paving, concrete, and tarmac.

The results were much more effective, and less messy, with many commercial contractors and Councils getting on board straight away.

SPA Power Machinery Enquiry 44

16 MARCH 2023 Weed & Pest Control Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise Brush Rotation to get to all the cracks & corners Low Hand Arm Vibrations (HAV) 2.36 m/s² GXV engine 4.61 m/s² GCV engine 870mm Brush Diameter Engine Options: 4-Stroke Honda GXV160 or GCVx170 Height Adjustable Brush to vary the brushing pressure Handle Bars Fold Down for easy transport & storage Call today on 0114 3830 598 The Westermann Moss Brush READER ENQUIRY 43

Retail area announced at GroundsFest

Organisers of GroundsFest have announced a retail area – the largest ever seen at a groundscare event. This will allow visitors to purchase a wide range of products, tools, clothing, and accessories at a discounted rate.

The retail area is being organised by FR Jones and Son, a family run business that offers over 10,000 groundscare and arboriculture products from over 100 leading brands. Commenting on the retail area, GroundsFest’s Sales Director Charles Neale said: “We know from our research that this retail area will be very popular with attendees. FR Jones and Son have an extremely large following and the area will attract thousands of groundscare professionals to GroundsFest. They have a wide range of products suitable for budgets of all sizes and it will be a fantastic opportunity for visitors to walk away with some incredible discounts which will only be available at GroundsFest.”

FR Jones and Son have been trading in the industry since

1963 and have expanded significantly in the last few years. It is now one of the leading suppliers of professional grounds maintenance and arboriculture equipment in the UK.

Manging Director Justin Jones is excited to be a part of the event.

“GroundsFest is a really exciting concept,” he said. “The industry

has been crying out for a national event in the summer which features outdoor demonstrations and GroundsFest ticks every box.

“Many of our customers are already looking forward to it and I think the event is going to be very well attended. As a company, we are delighted to be involved. We are going to have

a fantastic line-up of products on display at GroundsFest, and we will be offering exclusive discounts on selected items which will only be available for visitors throughout the two days.

“Our large team has plenty of experience and product knowledge and they will be out in force at GroundsFest to help

visitors make the right decisions. We look forward to meeting thousands of existing and new customers in September.”

GroundsFest is taking place at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on 20 and 21 September 2023.


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Product News

The latest industry product launches

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Ride-on Mowers

Jane Carley highlights new advances

Pages 20-25

Battery-powered E-Series range without compromise. Built for professionals to meet your carbon neutral goals. ES-860 Cassette ES-34R Rotar y ES-510 Cassette ES-36 Dedicated For more information or a no obligation demonstration call 01332 824777 or visit
March 2023 Innovation and technology shape industry

Etesia’s Bahia recharged with battery upgrade

Etesia’s Bahia M2E – the world’s first 100% electric professional ride-on-mower with grass collection, is now available with a lithium battery option.

The Etesia Bahia M2EL is powered by a 51.2V, 100Ah lithium battery which enables users to get up to 3hrs 30 mins of action before it needs recharging. The new lithium option is also 85kgs lighter compared to the older lead acid battery version.

Delivery of Ventrac in less than six weeks

With many manufacturers and importers experiencing long delays with delivery and relying on customers to be endlessly patient, Price Turfcare, the UK distributor of the Ventrac allterrain, multi-purpose compact tractor, has no such issues.

With stocks of Ventrac 4520 tractor units and numerous implements in their significant

warehouse facility, Managing Director Rupert Price is promising delivery within six weeks of order placement.

“We can do this because we have a great relationship with the manufacturer as can be witnessed by our recent International Dealer of the Year award. We are receiving containers on a regular basis

and with prudent stocking levels at our warehouse, we are in an enviable position to support our customers,” he said.

“Whereas many other manufacturers are experiencing long lead times, if a customer requires a mower, blower, trencher, stump grinder or any other of the 20-plus attachments we have in stock, then we are

only a phone call away (01284 827540) and will deliver in less than six weeks.

“So not only can they purchase the most versatile turf and facility maintenance machine in the sector, but have it delivered in a very timely manner.”

Price Turfcare Enquiry 47

A pocket-size ride-on mower, just 0.82 m wide and 1.98 m long, the Etesia M2EL features an incredibly tight turning circle. It nips into every nook and cranny and can be easily transported.

With its low centre of gravity, the Etesia M2EL 33/67 weight distribution on the front/rear axles make it a highly stable mower that masterfully copes with slopes.

Furthermore, its 240-litre collection box is fed by a wide discharge chute ensuring very good filling of the material. It is also highly economical – the running costs are £0.35 against £3.57 for the petrol version and there are the obvious reduced maintenance costs – such as no engine belt, no filters, and no engine oil.

Etesia Enquiry 48

The SCH Lawn Care System is an all-in-one system for towing behind a garden tractor / ride on lawnmower. Choose any of the interchangeable attachments to fit the cost-saving frame; roller, aerator, slitter, moss rake, de-thatcher, levelling lute, (all shown) and more. Available in 36”, 40”, 48” and 60” versions.

01473 328272

Product News 18 MARCH 2023
you buy an 82V product and one 82V battery, you receive an additional 82V battery for free Promotion period: 1st March – 30th April 2023 READER ENQUIRY 49 READER ENQUIRY 50
LAPU Grass Care V2_Layout 1 21/10/2022 13:13 Page 1

Kress keeps powering forward for professionals

Until recently, despite a growing environmental awareness, commercial landscape professionals have been forced to accept high-emission, petrolpowered outdoor equipment as the only economical option that provides them with the performance and runtime required to complete a full day’s work.

Battery-powered equipment simply has not been a viable alternative due to the expense of multiple battery packs, the hassle of overnight charging and the high cost to replace dead battery packs after only a few months of daily re-charging. Recent innovations have changed

Made for every slope - zeroturns from Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet, the proven innovator of zero-turn technology, has created their strongest line up of zero-turn riders – whether you are a landscape professional looking for a machine that can handle any terrain or a small business owner looking for a machine for your customers large lawn maintenance.

The models in the XZ6 range, give you great steering capabilities on challenging terrains.

The innovative SyncroSteer technology for full control of the front wheels, combined with powerful Cub Cadet and Kawasaki engines makes the XZ6

series the ideal machines for large lawn maintenance if you prefer the ease of a steering wheel.

With 3 cutting widths available from 107cm / 42” through to 127cm / 50” and a maximum mowing area of 11,500 m2h and speed of 7 mph these machines will provide the ideal solution for your large mowing jobs.

You’ll be able to mow in comfort for hours due to the high back premium seat and mow slopes up to 20° / 36%.

The award winning continuous lightweight tubular steel frame is designed for strength and

Wiedenmann Mega Twister helps maintain tourist trails

all of that: now commercial landscapers can even save money by switching from petrol to battery power, making the change not only the right thing to do for the environment but a viable business model.

Based on the current high prices of fuel, a typical landscaping business can recoup their investment in battery-powered equipment in a short space of less than three years.

Companies like Kress are offering lawncare professionals the opportunity not only to save the planet, but to save money as well. But

Kress is leading the transition from petrol-powered lawn and garden equipment with the introduction of the industry’s first true game-changing innovation in battery-powered equipment, the Cybersystem revolutionary ultra-fast charger which allows eight-minute charge times and batteries which last 10 times longer than the average lithium battery.

Combined with an unprecedented eight-year commercial warranty which removes the risk, the business case really does stack up.

Kress Enquiry 51

Wiedenmann UK’s premier leaf and debris blower, the Mega Twister, is helping keep the tidy appearance of tourist trails across Cornwall.

Family-owned contractor, Sandoe & Sons, which comprises a three-way partnership of brothers Glyn and John, with father, Roger, are involved with hedge trimming and path

clearance on each of The Camel Trail at Wadebridge, The Clay Trails of St Austell and Tolgus Mining Trails at Redruth.

Projects include work with Cormac Solutions and Cornwall Council, as well as some for the Wildlife Trust. They have established a really reliable, loyal team of staff which allows them to maintain a high standard across

the board. The Mega Twister has 230 degrees of swivel and 390 m³ per minute worth of blow. It’s turning action allows efficient all-round work from left to right without turning.

A goose neck nozzle is operated from the cab of Glyn’s compact John Deere 4066R with the outlet spout lifting up and down and directed to different angles, depending on conditions.

“It’s only been in operation for us a few months, so clients are only just aware we have it; I’ve no doubt it will help win us more work,” he said. “I’m seeing firsthand how it fits year-round with what we do.”

Wiedenmann Enquiry 53

• Swivel platforms to offload 180 degrees

Load capacity from 350kg on the Micro to 1500kg on the Maxi EL 4wd

Product News EMAIL: 19 READER ENQUIRY 54
3 or 4 multi-functional wheeled electric vehicles
Ltd, Crown Tailrig, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, TD9 8RA Tel: 01450 860 774 Fax: 01450 860 772 READER ENQUIRY 55
• Various battery options available across the range Simon Richard
Professional groundcare equipment - for
Pedestrian Stand-on Electric Ride-on
durability. A fabricated mowing deck ensures unsurpassed mowing performance. EP Barrus Enquiry 52

Fuelling the discussion

Ride on mower developments continue apace whether that is moving to electric power or increasing efficiency, reports Jane Carley.

Fuelling dilemmas are the talking point of the industry, but while battery developments continue apace, they are not yet the answer for every groundcare operation.

Increased machine efficiency which meets the requirements of grounds managers who need to cut costs or have reduced labour forces is one option, while alternative fuels may also offer solutions. Machines which are versatile enough to do more than just cut grass can also help balance the books.

Developments to Amazone’s Profihopper range have focused on economy and efficiency.

The zero-turn ride-on mowers utilise a tool-less blade change system which means they can mow, scarify, mulch, collect and roll. They can tip into a skip or trailer to clear a site using the high-lift collection hopper.

There are two models: the 1.25m, PH 1250 and the newer 1.5m, PH 1500, now available with a cab.

The debate over running costs and environmental impact is an interesting one, suggests Amazone UK managing director Simon Brown. “With the shift towards less cuts per year to reduce mowing costs, mowers need to handle longer grass –the Profihopper’s horizontal flail rotor and rear auger collection system shreds the grass to a short chop length and then utilises the PowerCompactor system to pack in a full hopper capacity – in wet or dry conditions.

“This means that the mowing frequency can be reduced even further if needed.”

Profihopper mowers feature 45.6hp Stage V diesel engines which are used without AdBlue, and Simon comments: “The mechanical collection system is quieter and requires less power than an air-powered collector.

“The engine management system on the PH 1500 means that the engine revs are automatically set in either road mode or work mode to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.”

Latest PH 1500 models have an ECO-mode for mowing in lighter conditions which sets the rotor to 2,500 revs, instead of the usual 3,400 rpm, reducing fuel consumption, cutting noise and reducing emissions. Grass flow through the mower has also been

streamlined to increase output by 30% with less fuel consumed.

Amazone is researching alternative power sources including bio-oils and biodiesel, Simon explains.

“When it comes to switching away from diesel, this brings challenges due to the power requirement of the unit and the running time required. One option that we have is to go away from a hydrostatic to electric

drive but still run the cutting system via a diesel engine. This would mean greener travelling between jobs and less power needed for the cutting deck and so a smaller engine could be used, with lower emissions, fuel and noise and also reduced use of oil within the drive system.”

With the drive to cut down diesel engine use, consider the impact on the environment and encourage wildlife in open spaces, many parks and gardens now have Toro

“The reason we bought the TG tractor was because we have used ISEKI machines in the past and they have always been reliable. The lifting of the PTO has been a massive benefit, the IQ transmission and automatic clutch shut off is good for when we are turning on the sports fields with ground engaging implements, making it easier for the operator. “The weight and the size of it is much better on our fields for compaction. All-round visibility of the tractor is very much improved compared to our last tractor. It has performed exceptionally well in all weather conditions. We have been very impressed with the tractor - it does everything we ask of it.”

Ride-on Mowers 20 MARCH 2023 READER ENQUIRY 56
Contact your Local Dealer to book a demonstration on your site today!

dedicated wildflower areas. With this comes less frequent cutting requirement, but it necessitates a different type of machine to cope with the workload and collect the vegetation at the end of the season, points out Iseki.

The Iseki SF range offers a variety of finishes - cut and drop, cut and collect, or cut, mulch and drop. It can also be specified with rotary or flail decks at varying widths to suit the application. Scarifying blades can be added to certain units.

It features Stage V compliant diesel engines that run at low revs, producing high torque and ensuring the machines are as economical as possible. Noise is also reduced as the engine is not working so hard to power the machine.

To maintain large areas of grass Iseki offers the top of the range SF551 centre collect mower which is now also available with a Muthing flail deck. The turbine-driven straight through chute offers the ability to cut and collect without blocking in all weather conditions and the wide deck and 1300 litre hopper handles thick grass. To scarify and collect in one pass, the Muthing flail deck blades can be swapped to scarifying blades.

Powered by a 22.5 hp engine, the SF551 is designed to be fuel efficient and only requires simple maintenance. For increased power there is SF237 35hp mower. There is a clear

desire in the market for the introduction of greener outdoor power equipment, but budget constraints allied to the high unit price of electric mowers, plus the associated requirement for re-thinking working patterns – charging times, increased frequency of cutting to reduce power requirement, for example - means they are not making inroads into the amenity mowing world yet, suggests STM, which represents SCAG machinery.

The company has introduced an electric machine into its range, the EVZ. “Excellent and welldeveloped machine though it is, it isn’t yet ready to supersede the heavy use machinery required by STM’s parks, sportsgrounds and amenities customers,” says STM’s spokesman.

Where fossil fuels are concerned, the restrictions on the use of red diesel have highlighted that white diesel does not present the competitive savings against petrol once traditionally associated with it, STM points out.

“In fact SCAG’s EFi petrol engines are not just showing increased and impressive efficiency compared with diesel models but offer an associated cost saving.

“Consider this example: top of the range, like-for-like SCAG TurfTiger mowers: the petrol EFi costs £3000 less than the diesel version.”

Ride-on Mowers EMAIL: 21 READER ENQUIRY 57 Tackle more with a Toro. World-class machinery for every job. Toro brings you unparalleled productivity, durability and all-season versatility with its range of grounds machinery. With the Groundsmaster 3300 out-front rotary and LT-F3000 triple flail mowers, the Workman GTX Lithium-Ion utility vehicle and the compact and lightweight LT2240 triple mower, we’ve got you covered. Get MORE from your turfcare partner this year: More products . More advice . More training . More finance Reesink UK LTD is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Images shown for illustration only. TG2326 LAPU May CS Range_ 183mm x 250mm.indd 1 22/04/2022 09:25
SCAG Iseki

SCAG machines are available through the STM dealership network.

Reesink Turfcare is exploring how it can offer its customers improvements to efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

Jon Cole, divisional business manager. says: “Reesink has one machine from Toro which, thanks to its smaller engine and lower price point particularly appeals to contractors tending parks and sportsgrounds, as well as one which helps with different ways of cutting.

“We’ve noticed an increased awareness in running costs and environmental impact in new machinery choices and the LT2240 goes a long way in addressing those two specific things.

“Toro is always conscious of customer concerns when it comes to product design and that was especially evident in the redesign of the CT2240. The resulting LT2240 cylinder mower weighs less which has in turn reduces the machine’s fuel consumption by 41%.

“In addition, the redesign includes an engine adjustment to bring it below 25.5hp meaning it does not need a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This simple adjustment keeps the purchase price lower and with the option of upgrading from 20cm to 25cm cutting units, ensures its performance remains high.

“The Groundsmaster 3200 out-front rotary mower brings different, but equally as welcome, advantages to customers in these sectors with its versatility to

cope with the upshot of reduced mowing cycles and give yearround productivity.

“Running costs and sustainability will be constant customer concerns for some time. But Toro, as it always has done, is always looking at further ways to solve those challenges.”

Latest addition to the range of ride-ons from Kubota is the Centre Collect Front Mower (CCFM). The CCFM is the inaugural unit from the Kubota Gianni Ferrari S.R.L division, created in July 2022 following the announcement of the incorporation of Officine BIEFFEBI (BFB), and its subsidiary Gianni Ferrari (GF), into Kubota Holdings B.V.

At the heart of the CCFM is a 25 or 50hp three-cylinder diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission. The patented HTC hydrostatic traction control device minimises surface damage, eliminates skidding traditionally caused by the hauling effect and guarantees permanent four-wheel traction, even when working on slopes or rough ground.

The ‘floating’ out-front mower deck conforms to undulations in the ground and features twin, retractable anti-collision blades to deliver a precision cut at all times.

Available with 1.26 or 1.30m cutting widths, the height of cut can be quickly and easily adjusted via a spring lever located on the upper part of the deck. A high-capacity turbine then ensures efficient collection of the clippings into the 600 or 800 litre collector with hydraulic high-tip function.

An easy-access platform, adjustable suspension seat and steering column, power steering and an easy-to-read dashboard enhance usability and performance, while LED front lights and guards come as standard for optimal safety.

Ride-on Mowers 22 MARCH 2023 INTRODUCING THE READY TO BE AMAZED? BOOK A FREE DEMO TODAY! CALL US on +44 (0)1933 652 235 // READER ENQUIRY 58 READER ENQUIRY 59 METRAC H75 • Stage 5 Perkins engine • Four steering modes for soil protection & stability • Super quiet comfort cab • All round versatility Simon Richard Ltd, Crown Tailrig, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, TD9 8RA Tel: 01450 860774 Fax: 01450 860772 The universal machine for all seasons
Kubota Etesia

Commenting on its debut, Kubota’s Ground Care Product Manager Phil Catley, said “The CCFM market has been growing steadily in the UK for the last few years and this new CCFM from Kubota will work well alongside our very successful F Series range of out-front rear discharge mowers.

Etesia UK has recently added two new mowers to its ride-on rotary range.

The new Etesia Hydro 124 boasts all the features of the popular Hydro 100 but has a larger 124cm cutting deck.

An 18hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine and larger 16-litre tank give more power and range and its modern hydrostatic drive

transmission has a differential lock for better driveability and greater safety. The cutting deck with rear central ejection combined with two counterrotating blades, the high clearance bridge and the large box allow mowing and collection in all weathers.

A 500-litre grassbox can be emptied in seconds thanks to its hydraulic pump.

The chassis is fully treated for corrosion protection and can withstand the effects of the weather in harsh working conditions. The cutting deck is cast in a single piece of 1cm thick aluminium, for extreme strength.

A range of accessories can be specified for winter work and

for cutting long grass. For long, rough grass areas, the Hydro 80 MKHPF ride-on mower combines the working comfort of a Hydro 80 with the mowing power of the ATTILA SKD brushcutter.

The MKHPF can mow in any weather and any terrain. It boasts four cutting heights from 50 to 92 mm, while its short turning radius makes it ideal for small areas or heavily wooded fields.

Built with the operator in mind the MKHPF is powered by a 16hp Kawasaki engine and features hydrostatic transmission with differential lock

Proven itself in the Hydro 80 models, the chassis features a bumper which has been

reinforced and adapted for mowing through even the tallest grass.

This robustness is also apparent in the Hydro’s mastershock impact resistant mowing deck. Steel reinforcements on both sides allow for a side opening for easy cleaning of the interior of the housing and for sharpening the blades. It is also corrosion resistant.

The MKHPF offers the possibility to add accessories for spreading, scarifying, and clearing snow.

Going electric Electric and hybrid mowers are big news in the golf and fine turf market, with the benefits of zero emissions and quiet running

encouraging many turf managers to at least consider them in their future plans. For commercial mowing, the applications where manoeuvrability and nimbleness are the most important quality show the greatest promise so far, with battery zero turns filling an important niche.

EGO Power Plus has added two new ride-on battery mowers to its range, following the introduction of the Z6 in 2022.

The ZT4200E-S – is designed to drive like a car and turn like a zero-turn ride-on mower with its innovative steering wheel system whilst the ZT5200E-L offers a larger three-blade option.

Vince Brauns, Group Product Manager at EGO, sys: “We are so delighted with the success of our first zero-turn ride-on mower that we are now introducing two more to the range. While the two mowers share many of the same features as the first Z6, including the option of three driving modes and versatile blade speeds, we wanted to ensure that the range was more accessible to a wider demographic of operators.

“By introducing a steering wheel model, we are opening up the zero-turn ride-on platform to users who would prefer that mechanism to a lap bar. We have also added some usability features such as putting the battery level gauge in a better line of sight and improved comfort through an air-ride seat, USB connection, and cruise control.”

Primarily a side discharge mower, the ZT4200E-S can also mulch and collect with the aid of additional kits. It also features four blade speeds and three driving modes for fast cutting efficiency, whilst maintaining a run time of up to 2.5 acres on a single charge.

It is compatible with all EGO batteries and uses the company’s Peak Power technology which combines the power of up to six EGO batteries for longer run

German-engineered for that perfect cut

Mow Scarify Collect Mulch Roll

time and efficient power draw to offer the equivalent of a 22hp petrol engine.

The 1.32m cut ZT5200E-L is a three-blade mower featuring a fabricated deck and larger wheels to support the additional weight. The zero-turn lap bar steering system is designed to provide easy access to the machine as well as unobstructed views of the working area.

Both mowers are sold as a kit with the CHV1600E 1600W Charger, capable of charging six 10Ah batteries in as little as three hours.

Cramer specialises in battery powered outdoor power equipment and is targeting the commercial mowing sector with the 82ZT132 zero turn mower.

Using an 82V 16kWh lithiumion battery pack, the ZT132 can cover up to four hectares (five hours of mowing) on one charge. Charge time to 100% is 10-12 hours.

The mower also features an electrical/mechanical attachment point for use with a range of implements.

Twin drive levers control separate wheel motors for the ability to turn on the spot, and there are two variable speeds up to 16kph for high productivity.

Triple 1.5kw motors power the 1.32m heavy duty fabricated three-blade steel cutting deck; foot pedal adjustment gives cutting heights from 25-150mm. Mulching is standard, with optional side discharge kit.

A high driving position and suspension seat offers operator comfort, and there is an integrated LED light for use when cutting under trees or in low light conditions; a folding ROPS frame increases safety on sloping land.

Cramer is available in the UK through Handy Distribution.

Wet or dry grass, long or short, collect or mulch, the PH 1250 and PH 1500 models take it all in their stride. And it’s that flexibility that sets the Profihopper apart from the crowd.

The sharpened wing blades on the horizontal SmartCut rotor cleanly cut and shred the grass before conveying it via the cross auger on to that unique second vertical auger to be packed into the collection hopper - meaning less time emptying and more time mowing. To add to that versatility, the sward is rolled after cutting and scarifying comes as standard.

The more than adequate power is provided by engines that are already Stage V Exhaust emission compliant and require no AdBlue.

Don’t compromise - choose the machine that comes with more compaction built-in for maximum work rates and less emptying.

Contact the Amazone Team on: 01302 755 725.

Ride-on Mowers EMAIL: 23 READER ENQUIRY 60 Profihopper 1500
Groundkeeper HorseHopper Salt spreader Profihopper 1250
The two augers provide blockagefree collection and maximum compaction Cramer

The Ariens Zenith E is a fully commercial electric zero turn, which features four FusionCore lithium-ion batteries offering 5.5 hours of continuous cutting on one charge, with a ‘charge to full’ time of five to 12 hours.

It uses a brushless electric drive motor coupled with dual reduction planetary gearbox to offer the same driving experience as a petrol commercial zero turn.

A 10-gauge steel deck with 14cm depth offers improved airflow for high cutting performance; it is available in

a choice of withs from 1.221.52m, with rear and side discharge options.

When Continental Landscapes was awarded the Cemetery Maintenance Contract for Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council, there was a commitment made to reduce carbon emissions, supporting the Council’s aim to provide sustainable services.

The contractor took this opportunity to introduce a fully battery-operated inventory, which included the Ariens Zenith E zero turn ride on mower.

As well as reducing emissions the Zenith E was a perfect choice to suit the surroundings, says the company; the reduced noise levels allow grass cutting operations to take place with minimal disturbance for visitors, a key consideration when working in this environment.

“As well as being less intrusive, the Zenith E is also easy to use.

“Our operator has remarked that the machine has superior manoeuvrability, essential when working around the gravestones and memorials.

“This means that the machine can be operated in areas that were inaccessible for our previous ride-on machine, improving efficiencies,” explains Continental Landscapes Estelle Munroe.

“Our operative also noted that the machine was very comfortable to ride and observed that cutting standards achieved were excellent; it produces a high-quality fi nish, even during the Autumn.”

Ventrac offers ultimate versatility

The Ventrac all-terrain compact tractor offers a high level of mowing versatility with its range of attachments, allowing use on fine turf, golf course rough, intermediate length grass, motorway embankments or really tough areas such as woodland margins or scrub.

There’s a choice of nine mowing heads: four different rotary decks, four fl ail decks and a triple cylinder reel mower.

The rotary decks include the 1.83m MU720 rear discharge roller deck, the MK960 2.41m wide area rear discharge roller deck, the MJ840 2.11m Contour deck ideal for undulations on golf courses and the HQ682 1.73m

Tough Cut deck for removing brush, gorse, brambles and

small saplings in overgrown areas. The two flail mowers, the Fine Cut and Fast Cut are both available in two cutting widths: 1.42 and 1.83m.

The Fine Cut flails are equipped with scoop knives and will achieve a quality cut with a more fi nished look on grassy material that gets mowed three to eight times per year.

The Fast Cut Flail features Y-shaped knives and is for a dense or brush- type material application.

The Fast Cut is a good choice for areas of overgrown brush that do not require regular mowing, but where you still want a better finish result than a typical rotary rough-cut mower. The fi nal mowing head is the MR740 1.88m triple reel mower, designed to be the ultimate trim and surround mower.

With variable speed hydraulics, standard back lapping valves and offset capability, the MR740 includes many features to ensure superior, lowmaintenance powered by the all-wheel performance.

The 25hp Ventrac can climb slopes of 30deg safely and the attachments can be changed in less than a minute due to its mount system.

• Strong, robust, performs on difficult terrain

• 2wd & 4wd models

• 95cm & 110cm cutting widths

• A superior alternative to conventional rotary mowers


Ride-on Mowers 24 MARCH 2023
Regent Yard, Whitewalls Industrial Estate, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 8LJ Tel. 01282 856819 Email. Web. Option of Y-Flails or Hammer Flails Scan to watch video Stella Racoon advert.indd 1 28/02/2023 15:08 READER ENQUIRY 61 READER ENQUIRY 62 LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS: WHY WOULDN’T YOU? Free-up time and accomplish more. Tel: +44 (0) 1284 827540 email: web: RATED FOR OVERTHIRTY DIFFERENT VENTRAC ATTACHMENTS THIRTYDEGREESLOPES @ FACEBOOK.COM/PRICETURFCARE INSTAGRAM.COM/PRICETURFCARE @PRICETURFCARE.COM FACEBOOK.COM/PRICETURFCARE INSTAGRAM.COM/PRICETURFCARE @PRICETURFCARE.COM FACEBOOK.COM/PRICETURFCARE INSTAGRAM.COM/PRICETURFCARE IT’S A NO-BRAINER; see for yourself and call us today on 01284 827540 for a demonstration Over 25 attachments, the ability to work in the wet and safely on 300 slopes, a light footprint, and superb manoeuvrability, so why wouldn’t you purchase the NEW Ventrac 4520 compact tractor? LAPU quarter 89x130mm.indd 1 24/02/2022 14:26

KIOTI Zero-turns are built for high performance

With many years’ experience in producing agricultural and horticultural equipment, South Korean manufacturer KIOTI have expanded their product offering with the addition of ZX Zero-turn ride-on mowers.

Offering a cutting width of either 122cm or 137cm, the ZX mower is available in two versions, the 24hp ZXR for domestic use and the 25hp ZXC for commercial use. Both are powered by a Briggs and Stratton petrol engine with keyless numeric start, keeping the mower safe but

removing the hassle of handing over keys.

The ZXR has a maximum forward speed of 12.9 km/h with a fuel tank capacity of 28.4l, sufficient for domestic applications. In contrast the ZXC has a maximum forward speed of 16.1km/h and a fuel tank capacity of 47.3l, allowing operators to cover more ground quickly. To support this higher use, the ZXC is also equipped with a premium suspended seat with a higher back rest and an uprated drive system.

The comfortable seating position combines well with the front castering wheels and zero-turn steering to make the mower highly manoeuvrable, especially in tight spaces.

The cutting height can be adjusted on the move by a conveniently located dial, with numerical indication, from 38 to 127mm and the side discharge deck can be fitted with an optional mulch kit.


Enquiry 63

Engineered for mowing

long grass and on slopes

For over 60 years, Canycom have been listening to the needs of their customers and producing highly efficient solutions.

The Canycom range of Ride-On Brushcutters are loved by customers due to their simple design yet impressively high level of performance.

All Canycom Ride-On Brushcutters are 4WD and can easily switch from 2WD to 4WD depending on the ground conditions. Canycom Brushcutters are designed to work

in the toughest conditions, these machines effectively clear long grass, bushes, weeds, bracken & brambles in a variety of sites such as woodland trails and orchards. The 4WD enables ease in operation and maneuverability to ensure high energy efficiency and great results on steep slopes up to 25°

There are 5 models available in the Canycom ride-on brushcutter range powered by either a reliable Honda or Yamaha engine. The toolless blade change is available on all models (except CM1402)

and makes this process quick and easy to complete.There are no cutter deck belts to adjust or replace making the maintenance and cleaning of the mower easier and quicker and more power is delivered direct to the blades for extra efficiency.

With Canycom ride-on brushcutters, steep slopes can be mown conveniently and economically and offer the operator comfort with an adjustable steering wheel and seat.

PSD Groundscare Enquiry 64

Ride-on Mowers EMAIL: 25 READER ENQUIRY 65 Simon Richard Ltd, Crown Tailrig, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, TD9 8RA Tel: 01450 860774 Fax: 01450 860772 The No.1 choice for the professional • More E ective & E cient • Cuts Longer & Wetter Grass • Saves on Maintenance Costs • O ers Rough Fine or Smooth Finish • Enables Longer Intervals between Cuts • Unrivalled Stone Safety Certification With a Muthing Flail THE REFORM METRAC SERIES 44hp - 91hp rated for safe working at up to 45° READER ENQUIRY 66 Unrivalled Cut and Collect in any weather. 2 Year Commercial Warranty as standard Unrivalled Cut and Collect in any weather. Etesia UK @EtesiaUK EtesiaUK @EtesiaUK THE ETESIA RANGE OF RIDE-ON MOWERS Full product details at Contact us to arrange a free onsite demonstration on 01295 680 120 or Buffalo 100 Briggs & Stratton petrol or Perkins diesel 100cm cutting width 2WD or 4WD models Buffalo 124 Briggs & Stratton 23hp 124cm cutting width 2WD or 4WD models Hydro 100 III Kawasaki – Twin Cylinder 100cm cutting width The best cut and collect ride-on mowers on the market. The Etesia range of ride-on rotary mowers sets the industry standard. Hydro 124 124cm cutting width Electric or hydraulic lift options 2WD or 4WD models Hydro 80 Kawasaki 16hp 80cm cutting width Optional differential lock Bahia Kawasaki, Honda or Briggs & Stratton 80cm cutting width Electric version also available

New Greenworks 60v batterypowered ride-on lawnmower

New from Greenworks, one of the UK’s leading brands of cordless gardening and power tools, is the batterypowered Crossover range of ride-on lawnmowers, which offer a powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to mowing larger lawns.

Available from Handy’s, the mowers feature 24hp equivalent brushless motor technology and powered by lightweight 60V batteries which can be charged in as little as 90 minutes, the new Crossover ride-on lawnmowers can cut up to 8,000m² on a single charge or equivalent to 2 acres.

The batteries are also interchangeable with other 60V tools from Greenworks, such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers.

There are two models to select from Crossover T with steering wheel control, and Crossover Z adjustable lap bars which have the added benefit of individually powered rear wheels for a true zero-radius turning circle, making it ideal for mowing around trees, bushes, and other obstacles.

Greenworks Crossover ride-on lawnmowers are equipped with two dual-action steel blades

Positive feedback for Stama

Simon Richard Ltd report an excellent response to the addition of the Stama electric truck to their product range following recent demonstrations to both dealers and end users.

For Henderson Grass Machinery, Alan Wright said: “An impressive product, ideal for maintaining school grounds, playing fields and public parks.”

Peter Bagguley, for dealers Russels Ltd, added: “We are getting positive feedback from end users with regard to maintenance of council parks, cemetaries and even stately homes.”

For R C Boreham Matt Boreham added, “a very well built comfortable and unique machine for operation particularly in

confined spaces”. The Stama range is designed for use by professional customers with high expectations for driving characteristics, robustness and operational reliability, while also offering user comfort, safety and a solution to most grounds maintenance issues.

Simon Richard Ltd Enquiry 67

Keeping it genuine keeps costs down

increased time between services and an improvement in the total cost of ownership of their machines.

To provide customers with value added improvements, Toro changed its standard fill hydraulic fluid to an extended life hydraulic fluid called Toro PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid.

PX fluid allows for increased hydraulic fluid and filter change intervals, eliminates the initial low hour hydraulic fluid change, allows for common change intervals across product offerings reducing confusion during maintenance servicing, as well as reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Since Toro started filling its machines with its new PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid, customers have been enjoying a reduction in downtime,

Since 2019 every machine out of production has been factoryfilled with this new PX fluid, and customers and distributor Reesink Turfcare have noticed that by sticking with this genuine hydraulic fluid brings big benefits. Sticking with the new

Toro PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid is suitable for all Toro machines apart from the GP1260, Groundsmaster 7210, Groundsmaster 360 and Outcross.

Reesink Turfcare

Enquiry 69

that have a wide cutting width of 106cm (42”) and seven adjustable cutting heights of 38mm-105mm. Grass cuttings are conveniently discharged to the side or mulched. For added convenience, they have a rear carry tray and tow-hitch for a garden trailer.

Ergonomically designed, the Greenworks Crossover lawnmowers include a highback padded seat with back support and foldable armrests for comfort and safety.

Safety is further enhanced with the addition of high-intensity LED lights for extra visibility

whilst mowing in low light conditions. A robust steel chassis makes for a durable, long-lasting lawnmower that can be across a range of lawn terrains.

Mark Moseley, Handy Sales & Marketing Director said: “Greenworks Crossover lawnmowers are not only good for your lawn and for your comfort, but also the environment due to them being emissions-free and much quieter than a regular petrol-powered ride-on lawnmower. Plus, they’re competitively priced.”

Handy Distribution Enquiry 68

Cobra celebrates 10th anniversary

Ten years ago this spring, a new brand entered the garden machinery market and fast became established as one of the leading players, rapidly becoming the go-to brand of choice for many gardeners across the UK.

The brand was launched by Nottingham-based, Henton & Chattell, one of the largest distributors of garden machinery in the UK with more than 1,500 dealerships across the country.

Founded in 1931, the Henton & Chattell team used its unique market insight garnered from more than 80 years of being

in the industry and knowing customer demands, to launch its own brand: Cobra.

Now, to celebrate the brand’s 10th birthday, Cobra is launching perhaps its biggest innovation yet with the introduction of its new ride-on lawn mowers this spring. This significant investment for Cobra really marks the next chapter for the brand. The ride-on mower range features eight models, aimed at helping those with larger lawns to mow with ease and comfort, at an affordable price.

Managing director of Cobra, Peter Chaloner commented: “We

are so thrilled with the success of Cobra over the past 10 years, the response and demand from customers has been incredible. We’re really excited about the next chapter with the new ride-on tractors and have lots more product development in the pipeline for the future too.”

“We’ve seen across our nationwide dealer network of Cobra stockists that the demand is very positive and we’re committed to bringing even more products to our dealers. We are 100% focused on supporting our dealers.”

Cobra Enquiry 70

Machinery, Plant & Vehicles 26 MARCH 2023

Star Kerb has been designed to create the perfect edge for laying wet pour surfacing onto a hard surface. It provides a firm, vandal resistant edge. The exclusive design makes the kerb virtually impossible to pull up.

Cap Kerb has been designed to fit over a timber gravel board, providing easy installation. We offer a complete upvc edging, this flexible edging allows for easy installation and unlike wooden edges it will not rot or erode with time.

Speed... Versatility... Efficiency...

Sports Turf Drainage. Sand Slitting & Banding. Construction.

Maintenance. Renovation.


T: 01277 890274


Established 62 years

Prof 6

Lightweight Durable Easy to Transport


For all your golf, sportsturf and landscape irrigation needs.

27 Product News EMAIL: READER ENQUIRY 76 READER ENQUIRY 73 READER ENQUIRY 74 READER ENQUIRY 71 READER ENQUIRY 75 READER ENQUIRY 72 WATCH THE VIDEO to see the Mega-Mix in action FAST, ECONOMICAL WAY TO MIX YOUR OWN FEED 0113 267 7000 • Save time by spraying whilst the next load mixes • Save thousands of pounds • Mix up to 1,200 litres using cold water MEGA-MIX t 01257 255321 e SPECIALIST SPORTSTURF CONTRACTOR Pitch Construction : Piped Drainage Systems : Sand Slitting Blec Vibro Sand Banding : Koro Surfacing : Vertidraining : Topdressing Overseeding : Koro Scarify : Weed Control : Landscaping DESIGN : CONSTRUCTION : RENOVATION DR 50x90 141015.qxp_ark 15/10/2015 10:43 Page 1 READER ENQUIRY 82 READER ENQUIRY 80 READER ENQUIRY 81 23 Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete A range of pre formed headwalls and pipe inlets for pipes up to 900mm diameter T: 01948 665321 F: 01948 666381 E:
Buy online Tel 0345 230 9697 •
Cap Kerb Star Kerb | 01458 253 377 Introducing our new wide range of colourful & amazing 3D graphic animals. Aimed at 2-10 year olds, Star Buddies are ideal for schools, nurseries, public parks & open spaces. Detailed 3D graphic life-like creatures encourage imaginative play! With our new APP creating your own bespoke Buddy for us to create for you is just a click away! • Remote control • Suitable for slopes up to 55° • Powerful in every situation The most powerful remote controlled mulcher for the professional BOOK YOUR DEMONSTRATION NOW! NEW Regent Yard, Whitewalls Industrial Estate, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 8LJ Tel. 01282 856819 Email. Web. WATCH THE VIDEO to see the Double-Quick in action AERATE, ROLL, RAKE & BRUSH IN ONE GO • Mix and match attachments to suit your needs • 4 operations in a single pass • Choice of slitters and corers • 2.4m and 1.8m working widths 0113 267 7000 DOUBLE-QUICK Call: 01282 856819 www psdgroundscare com ALL MATERIALS... ALL YEAR • Powerful & efficient shredder for green material up to 10cm diameter • Suitable for all seasons • 280o Rotatable discharge chute all: PROF 6 WHEELED Self-propelled on wheels PROF 6 CROSS COUNTRY on tracks NEW PROF 6 ON ROAD Towed

STIGA brings AI to gardens

March 1st 2023 saw the dawn of a new innovative mowing age with STIGA’s new autonomous robotic lawn mowers.

At the heart of these machines are the ease of use, benefits both to lawns and nature, and the energy efficiency of the design.

The three fully autonomous, cable free, robot mowers, the first to bring predictive AGS technology to the garden, are: A 1500; A 3000; and A 500.

The patented STIGA Active Guidance System (AGS) enhances the GPS RTK signal reliability by using 4G to transmit the vital course correction data.

This means the link between robot and base remains reliable, no matter what obstacles or

distance lies between the base and robot.

The system learns satellite blind spots throughout the garden at various times of the day, ensuring that the robot has an unbroken link to the infrastructure that allows it to navigate with the high accuracy required.

At the heart of every STIGA robot mower is an ePower battery built on premium lithium-ion batteries, which contain chemistry optimised for reliability and durability.

The new STIGA robots optimises the battery usage as they work within organised cutting patterns ensuring that there is no chance of over mowing.

STIGA Enquiry 84 Landscape & Amenity Follow us on Social Media /landscapeandamenity @LAPUMagazine READER ENQUIRY 85 OUTDOOR DEMOS See it in action over 2 days RETAIL AREA Exclusive discounts for GroundsFest visitors FREE EDUCATION LANTRA approved practical sessions MUSIC FESTIVAL Live DJs and bands GROUNDSFEST.COM FREE TO ATTEND ● FREE PARKING in partnership with: