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Royal roundtable reimagines future parks and green spaces

HRH The Prince of Wales hosted industry leaders at a Fields in Trust roundtable to discuss how green spaces can help to tackle some of the key challenges facing communities now and in the future.

Charity Fields in Trust convened planners, designers, developers, and house builders for the conversation focussing on how green spaces should be championing health and wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, climate change and nature recovery. The event held at Kensington Palace yesterday

provided an opportunity for HRH

The Prince of Wales, President of Fields in Trust, to listen to the current challenges and discuss how the charity plans to transform the approach to delivering future green spaces through practical tools and guidance.

The Prince of Wales was joined at the roundtable event by Adrian Brown from Berkeley Strategic Land Limited, Ian Anderson from ICENI Projects, Ian Houlston from LDA Design, Victoria Hills from the Royal Town Planning Institute, a representative from The Royal Foundation, Mark Skilbeck from

Mental health campaign launched

The British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) has launched a campaign that will see the membership organisation combat a recognised rise in mental health struggles among golf club staff.

BIGGA has pledged to create 100 mental health first aiders during 2023, who will receive training that will give them the skills to support golf greenkeepers and other clubhouse staff through

any difficulties they may be experiencing.

The cost of the course is being met by BIGGA with support from The R&A and participants will receive a certifi cate from Mental Health England. In addition, participants will receive three years’ ongoing training and support from Mental Health England.

Taylor Wimpey, and Dinah Bornat from ZCD Architects.

Following meaningful discussion all attendees agreed the time to act is now and they committed their expertise and experience to work with Fields in Trust to codesign the future guidance and encourage more industry leaders to get involved.

Founded in 1925, Fields in Trust has used its respected position to advocate benchmark standards for parks and green spaces since the 1930s. The “Six Acre Standard” came to be

widely accepted and a derivation of the standard is adopted by around 75% of local authorities.

Building on this legacy the initial discovery work with LDA Design will lead to the creation of more holistic guidance to support the industry to optimise the quality, functionality, and long-term sustainability of green spaces.

Jo Barnett, Chair of Trustees at Fields in Trust said: “For nearly a century we have used our voice to advocate for the provision of the right quantity of future proofed green space in towns

and cities but we recognise that we need to go further. The covid19 pandemic reinforced the value of shared green space to community, health and wellbeing and with increasing recognition of the role of these spaces in local climate action plans now is the time to act.

“With the support of key players in the industry, we are delighted to have a real opportunity to create guidance that can inspire the green spaces of the future that will support both people and nature.”

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of our extensive machinery range are available at our facility or at your own site, call 01260 223273 King Feeders UK
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Hello to 2023 and hello to Harrogate once again and the return of BTME to its regular slot in the exhibition year planner.

The end of January is the ideal time for BIGGA’s flagship exhibition and conference programme and although it was good to see the event’s return in March of 2022, the move back to the traditional week is very welcome.

An impressive seminar programme has once again been put together by BIGGA, whilst the exhibitors are kickstarting the year with a raft of major new product launches and unveiling a host of new services for the wider industry.

It promises to be a busy week in Harrogate once again and the start of what promises to be an interesting year as regards the exhibition scene.

With SAGE confirming it will return in July to the showground at Malvern, organisers of the new GroundsFest event have revealed details of some of the big-name exhibitors it has attracted to Stoneleigh in Warwickshire in September along with plans to introduce a Landscape Zone to the two-day event.

With 2023 looking like it will be the year of exhibitions and events, we have a preview of BTME 2023 as part of our regular Professional Groundscare supplement.

We also look at aeration, artificial turf maintenance and battery power as part of the supplement.

Elsewhere we look at hard and soft landscaping, brushcutters, forestry products and the usual mix of industry news, product lau nches and case studies.

If it is not too late to wish you all a Happy New Year, then we look forward to seeing many of you in Harrogate this month, as well as other events and exhibitions throughout the rest of 2023.

As the seasons and weather changesAmazone have it covered.

Wet or dry grass, long or short, collect or mulch, the PH 1250 and PH 1500 models take it all in their stride.

The sharpened wing blades on the horizontal SmartCut rotor cleanly cut and shred the grass before conveying it via the cross auger on to that unique second vertical auger to be packed into the collection hopper - meaning less time emptying and more time mowing.

The more than adequate power is provided by engines that are already Stage V Exhaust emission compliant and require no AdBlue.

The IceTiger is the NEW generation of winter salt spreaders - with a 800 litres to 1900 litres hopper space and the precise working width can be set from 2 m to 8 m - both symmetrically and asymmetrically, via the EasySet 2 in-cab control box, the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS control terminal or any other ISOBUS compatible terminal.

Contact the Amazone Team: 01302 755 725.

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GroundsFest launches the Landscape Zone

Organisers of GroundsFest have launched a new zone at the event dedicated to all those involved in the planning, design, and construction of outdoor environments in the landscaping sector.

The Landscape Zone is set to spotlight the latest landscaping technologies, solutions, and innovations, and will be a mustattend feature for landscape architects, local authority landscaping professionals, garden designers, landscape contractors, interior designers, facility managers and many more.

The Landscape Zone will be headed by Jess McCabe, an award-winning event specialist who previously worked on the landscaping event FutureScape.

“For visitors, it will have everything a landscaping

professional needs to help them in their designs and projects,” explained Jess. “Additionally, it enables them to see all the other leading groundscare brands on display and products in action; and then there is the festival element which will be a great networking opportunity

“From an exhibitor point of view, stand prices at landscaping events are becoming more expensive every year and as a result, are pricing many companies out of exhibiting.

“The competitive pricing for The Landscape Zone at GroundsFest allows companies of all shapes and sizes to get involved. It will provide these companies with an ideal platform to showcase their products and services to a dedicated audience.”

New powers to crack down on illegal tree felling

Unlimited fines and prison sentences are amongst a package of new powers to be introduced as part of a crackdown on illegal tree felling in England, Defra and the Forestry Commission have announced. Delivered as part of the world-leading Environment Act, changes to the Forestry Act 1967 will deliver more proportionate, impactful and enduring enforcement options.

Landowners have been known to fell trees without a licence in place, in readiness to accept the fine if they are caught and penalised, to repurpose the previously wooded land for commercial reasons. These new powers will curb this illegal practice, streamline and strengthen forestry enforcement administration, and serve to protect our trees, woodlands and forests.

The largest fine issued in recent years following a report of illegal tree felling to the Forestry Commission took place in Hailsham, East Sussex, in January 2020. Hastings Magistrates Court issued a fine of almost £15,000 for the felling of 12 oak trees, all approximately 150 years old.

Forestry Minister Trudy Harrison said: “Felling trees without a licence is illegal and can cause irreparable harm - scarring landscapes, damaging habitats for wildlife, and causing distress for local communities. These robust measures, implemented as part of our world-leading Environment Act, empower the Forestry Commission to tackle the issue head-on with unlimited fines and custodial sentences for the worst offenders.”

Forestry Commission Chief Executive Richard Stanford said: “The Forestry Commission will not hesitate to investigate allegations of illegal tree felling. Once reported, our top priority is to make sure the harm caused by the felling is put right by ensuring trees are replanted wherever possible. In cases which merit it, we will always seek prosecution.

“These new powers will hit people where it hurts – in their wallets. By guaranteeing that illegal felling is no longer a financially viable option for offenders, these measures are a significant step forward in the fight against this offence and will help in our endeavours to fight the climate emergency and nature crisis.”

Forestry Commission Enquiry 6

The key changes are:

• Felling trees without a felling licence, where one was required, will carry the penalty of an unlimited fine – up from the current limit of £2,500 or twice the value of the trees felled;

• Failure to comply with a Forestry Commission Enforcement Notice and a subsequent courtordered Restocking Order (meaning any trees felled must be replanted) will put offenders at risk of imprisonment, in addition to an unlimited fine;

• Restocking Notices and Enforcement Notices will be listed on the Local Land Charges Register, making them visible to prospective buyers of the land –potentially reducing the land’s value.

Greenest city centres in Great Britain revealed

Researchers from the University of Sheffi eld analysed the green attributes of urban city centres such as tree cover, vegetation, and the presence of parks, to compile a comprehensive ranking of city centres in England, Scotland and Wales.

The team found Exeter’s urban centre is the greenest, followed by Islington, Bristol, Bournemouth and Cambridge. Meanwhile, Glasgow was ranked the least green city centre according to the study’s criteria, with Middlesbrough, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Leeds, making up the bottom fi ve.

The findings, published in PLOS ONE, reveal a clear divide between the city centres with the most green attributes all located in the South of England, whilst the lowest scoring cities are ex-industrial areas in the North of Great Britain.

Dr Paul Brindley, Senior Author of the study from the University

of Sheffi eld’s Department of Landscape Architecture, said: “By 2050 nearly 70 per cent of the world’s population are projected to be living in towns and cities.

“Green spaces have been proven time and again to boost people’s wellbeing and are essential to biodiversity, but nobody has ever looked at how green our city centres are, despite the amount of time individuals spend in them on a daily basis.

“The fact that all fi ve of the greenest city centres are in the South of England, whilst the fi ve city centres with the least green attributes are in the North of Great Britain, clearly highlights the need to urgently improve the greenness of city centres at the bottom of the list, and to ensure that action is taken by local authorities to close the gap.”

University of Sheffi eld Enquiry 7

Give turf a kick start with the Cold Start

range for optimum cold temperature growth

Cold Start is a range of conventional release, mini-granular fertiliser with nitrogen for growth in cooler conditions. Perfect for fine turf and winter sports turf applications.

It is ideal for the first application of the season to kick start turf in colder weather.

• Conventional release (6 – 8 weeks)

• Mineral compound mini-granule

• Excellent colour

• Supports surface recovery in the early spring months and improves sward density

Cold Start Boost R 11.5.5 +8Fe+7CaO+0.8Mg0

Contains nitrate and ammonium nitrogen for quick response. Contains iron and magnesium for rapid colour boost.

Cold Start 10-2-20 +1.6Mg0

High Potassium formulation containing nitrate and ammonium nitrogen sources for release in cooler conditions. Ideal for pitches and outfield.

Cold Start 6-0-18 +3.3Mg0+2Fe

Reduced nitrogen formulation, containing nitrate and ammonium for cooler season growth response.

call 0800 138 7222 or email

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Our brands: To find
VisitusatBTME Stand254

Ripon Farm Services enters professional turf market LI Skills and Workforce Research 2022 published

The Landscape Institute has launched Skills for Greener Places – the result of an industrywide assessment of skills and workforce issues in the wider landscape economy.

This research includes evidence to help the landscape sector grow and overcome challenges, including: regional skills gaps; equality and diversity data; salary benchmarking; business challenges; and policy and practice priorities.

As well as the report itself, launched at the Jellicoe Lecture in London, the LI is publishing the data in an online dashboard, for local areas to explore the issues that matter most to them –and so that others

can collaborate on building the evidence base needed to overcome these challenges.

Ben Brown, Head of Policy and Research at the Landscape Institute said: “Landscape can make places that are more resilient to climate change; it can support nature recovery, improve public health, and make places more beautiful and more prosperous.

“But the UK won’t unlock all of these benefits unless it considers the supply-side challenges which hold this sector back. Our assessment is that the main supply-side challenge in this case is skills shortages.”

Wayne Grills, CEO – British Association of Landscape

Industries (Project partner) said: “This sector is at the coal face of delivering solutions to international environmental challenges.

“Whether it’s understanding skills shortages, barriers to innovation, public sector crunch points, or other market failures which hold back the landscape industry, this research makes a case for renewed focus on landscape by national policymakers.”

As well as a data dashboard, the LI has access to the full underpinning data and the technical methodologies, and will be publishing further findings over time.

The Landscape Institute Enquiry 9

HTA announces 2023 Ornamental Grower of the Year Awards date

The Horticultural Trades Association is pleased to confirm Thursday 5th October 2023 as the upcoming date for the Ornamental Grower of the Year Awards. This will also be the date for the annual HTA Autumn Conference in Birmingham.

In 2022, Horticulture, The Conference, had speaker’s from industry and outside, providing insights and perspective on challenges and opportunities for the sector, economy and technology.

This also saw HTA launch the Ornamental Grower of the Year Awards to recognise and celebrate

Some of the main findings of the research are that:

• The UK has major green skills gaps, which are inhibiting its ability to deliver on its plans for local climate adaptation and nature recovery

• Over 50% of businesses in this sector have a hard-to-fi ll vacancy, and businesses are having to turn down contracts to make places greener

• Market demand for landscape skills is extremely high –particularly driven by biodiversity and nature recovery

• Skills gaps exist across all parts of the UK, but are particularly acute in the public sector and outside of the large cities – which will be exacerbating regional inequalities, particularly around well designed places

• The workforce is older and whiter than the UK average. An aging workforce will make skills shortages worse in the medium term

John Deere agricultural dealer Ripon Farm Services (RFS) is to acquire F G Adamson & Son to offer professional turfcare machinery and servicing to its customers for the first time.

F G Adamson & Son, which serves customers across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, was established more than 75 years ago and has been selling and servicing John Deere machines for more than 25 years.

It has two depots – at Swanland, near Hull, and at Langworth, near Lincoln – which will be taken over by RFS, with all staff being transferred as part of the process.

Geoff Brown, RFS Managing Director, said: “This is really good news for RFS, its staff, customers, and the John

Deere brand. This will be the next stage in the evolution of our business as we offer our services to the professional turf market for the first time.

“F G Adamson & Son is a hugely-respected business with a strong reputation for excellent customer service, and we know that the high standards set by the staff for more than seven decades will need to be continued.

“With its staff, we are privileged to be taking on experts in their field, and they will be instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition.”

Both parties are working towards a completion date of 31 January 2023.

Deere Enquiry 11

best practices in sustainable ornamental production. Further details on the conference and how to enter the 2023 awards will be announced shortly.

HTA congratulates Allensmore Nurseries Ltd, for reaching the finals of the International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards 2023. Organised by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) the IGOTY Awards champion outstanding achievement and celebrate the expertise the best growers give to the industry.

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23 ClearWater’s Unique Advantages: Two years In House Interest Free Credit Now Available Making compliance that much easier A geniune biological water recycling system Not all washpad solutions recycle Low operating temperature Well below 20°C and allays fears of Legionella developing Large 5000 litre water capacity More than most offer and allows time for full treatment Only two moving parts Less to go wrong and minimal maintenance Installed safely below ground Away from vandals and it looks good Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) Available Means great tax advantages available for more savings Self-install option The only bio-system offering this; means huge savings! Available Across Europe and other Countries Get in touch for Distributor details Call now 01977 529580
100% Electric. Flatbed, Tipper or Box Van. Road Homologated. Contact Phil Self today to book a demonstration, 07790 803477 or THE BEST CHOICE FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN YOUR SECTOR: LANDSCAPING,TOWNS & CITIES or HOTELS & VENUES Our vehicles are completely made in Belgium,100% electric with a 5 year battery warranty and are fully N1 road homologated.The Addax MTN is the solution of choice for your company‘s transportation and delivery needs in urban environments. Available with tipper,combo tipper and flatbed options,it is extremely popular due to its durability and comfort.Payload of up to 1000 kg (or 6m³). DistributedbyISEKIUK&IrelandacrosstheUK READER ENQUIRY 14

Suit up with new Winter Jackets

If you’re working outside in cold, wet, or windy weather for long periods, work gets tough.

That’s when you’ll need to keep safe from the elements with your own protective shell. A weatherproof outer-layer with one of Snickers Workwear’s Winter Jackets.

This kind of protective shell will deliver effective wind and water protection to keep you warm, dry and ensure the effectiveness of the clothing underneath. You’ll want to avoid getting too warm, so insultation combined with ventilation features in your Jackets are absolutely vital.

Check out the new FlexiWork Quilted Jacket, which is windproof, water-repellent and designed to be durable and weatherproof for great technical functionality.

Like all Snickers Workwear’s Work Jackets, it’s built to be weatherproof enough to keep the elements at bay and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of hard day’s work but still delivering the level of breathability and ventilation you need for a comfortable and effective day at work.

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ISEKI dealer opens new depot

ABA Groundcare, based in the South West of England, have expanded once again with another new depot opened recently in Tiverton.

Following the closure of MST, former Devon Agricultural dealership, in 2022 due to cash flow issues, Jamie Hutchings, the owner of ABA Groundcare seized the opportunity to expand his business and opened up a branch in Tiverton.

Jamie Hutchings said: “We established the business in 2014 in Dorchester. We built up in that region and then looked to expand. I got to know Scott Struthers from MST and dealt and traded with him regularly. I offered him a job many times,

but he always said no. Then we heard what was happening with MST and stepped in and offered five former members of the staff including Scott, a job at our new premises in Tiverton, totalling over 200 years experience.”

The Tiverton branch offers servicing and parts, supply garden machinery, agricultural vehicles, and quad bikes from the likes of STIHL, Yamaha, Husqvarna and Stiga to name a few, alongside the specialist ISEKI ground care unit.

David Withers, managing director of ISEKI, added: “It’s exciting for us. We’ve been trading with Jamie, ABA Groundcare for many years

and have a great relationship, which makes it easier. We know Jamie; we know he is really customer focused and dedicated to the service side of the business, which is what customers really want.

“As well as that, you’ve got a group of people who we would’ve lost all of that industry

Birkdale promotes Vento and installer scheme

waste rice husk material and recycled plastic. Designed for the creation of ‘Hit and Miss’ style fencing, Vento has been tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph and has a 15-year guarantee as standard.

A durable and practical option, Vento will not rot, split, warp or crack. What’s more, Vento is incredibly light weight and easy to install; a pack of eight boards weighs less than 25kg and each panel can be fixed using just six screws.

knowledge if Jamie hadn’t stepped in to do what he’s done. It’s great for the customers in the area who will get great backup support, and we’ll get more exposure going forward. It’s excellent for Jamie to be able to expand his business.”

Enquiry 16

Indoor living walls boost return to the office

A study by Finnish scientists shows that air-circulating indoor green walls can improve employees’ health.

Conducted as part of the ADELE 2 (Immune Defence and Living Environment) project between Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and two major Finnish universities, the study is the first of its kind linking exposure to living green walls with improved skin integrity and enhanced immunity against pathogens and allergens.

The study’s results, published in the journal Scientific Reports,

are based on 28 office workers divided into two groups in urban office environments in the Finnish cities of Tampere and Lahti.

The green walls for the study were provided by Naava, a Finnish company specialized in green walls that produce outdoor air for indoor environments.

Providing healthier workspaces with good ventilation has been a priority for companies after the pandemic. However, excessive sanitization of spaces and surfaces can also have an adverse effect.


Part of the DuraPost range, Vento is made from a blend of

It can also help to meet sustainability requirements, with every composite board featuring a minimum of 60% recycled plastic.

Made from the same rice husk and recycled plastic combination as Vento, the Urban Slatted composite panel boasts the same strength and

resistance capabilities. It has been created with a focus on style and aesthetics, mimicking the beauty and character of timber.

The system consists of six boards and two horizontal u-shaped rails at the top and base of the panel and requires six screws per panel to install.

The Trained Installer Scheme is free to join, it provides trade professionals with training to further their knowledge of the DuraPost range, as well as best practice installation techniques.

Members will also receive guidance on how best to use the FENCEBUILDER app, which helps to plan installations, produce quick, professional quotes for customers and place product orders.

READER ENQUIRY 13 06 JANUARY 2023 Product News
The UK’s leading supplier of fencing and gate accessories, Birkdale, returned to the exhibition scene last month with a selection of products, including the recently launched composite fence panels – Vento Urban Slatted. The Birkdale team also promoted the benefi ts of signing up to its popular Trained Installer Scheme.
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Back with another industry-first, EGO’s new Z6 steering wheel model drives like a car and turns like a zero-turn simultaneously for ultimate steering control and confidence. Featuring new e-Steer™ Technology, a precision steering wheel and the latest in digital steering technology – it also offers the same world-first battery platform-compatibility as all EGO ride-on models.

To find out more visit


Agrovista Amenity launches biodegradable tree guards

Agrovista Amenity has announced the launch of Tree Hugger Biodegradable Shelters - a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tree shelters or guards.

Made from organic cotton encapsulated in renewable pine tree rosin, the Tree Hugger Biodegradable Shelters have a minimum 5-year lifespan giving the tree valuable protection during its critical establishment period.

They will completely biodegrade at the end of their lifespan meaning that the removal of single use plastic shelters is no longer required, saving time and money, and ultimately reducing the amount of plastic waste that is left in the environment.

The woven material structure provides strong protection against damage from grazing animals but is gentle on the plant offering little friction which could cause damage to the newly planted whip.

Agrovista Amenity has partnered with BMP Europe, the inventor and manufacturer of the Tree Hugger, and will be exclusively distributing the product.

Tree Hugger Biodegradable Shelters are available in two different heights: 0.6m which protect against small browsing animals such as rabbits and 1.2m which protect against larger grazing animals such as deer. There is a choice of two ties – a releasable tie, which is nylon and can be recycled and reused, and a metal tie which will biodegrade. Furthermore, unique laser etching is available for company / customer logos.

Agrovista Amenity also distributes WhiptecBio tree and hedge guards which offer a smaller alternative to the Tree Hugger Biodegradable Shelters. The WhiptecBio guards are made from recycled material, are 100% sustainable, have an estimated lifespan of 2-4 growing seasons and do not require clips or ties.

Agrovista Amenity Enquiry 20

New website makes light work of garden spaces

Birkdale, a leading fencing and gate manufacturer, has launched a new website for its easy to install Ellumière lighting range.

Professional landscapers will find it a valuable resource when looking to plan alongside the homeowner – as it offers them a good combination of inspiration as well as practical tips.

What’s more, after they have been purchased from the website, the Ellumière products have a delivery time of just 1-3 days.

The Ellumière product range includes deck lights, spotlights and illuminated bollards. A plug and play solution, a qualified electrician is not required to install any of the products, making them an ideal solution for landscapers wishing to offer customers an

additional finishing touch for a garden or exterior space.

Simply plug the transformer into a waterproof socket and it will convert mains 240V to just 12V, ensuring a safe, easy and reliable mains powered lighting system.

Furthermore, the range offers optimal design flexibility, as the technology used in the design of all Ellumière lighting systems allows up to 18 LED lights per transformer in any configuration.

Thanks to the range’s ease of installation, Ellumière lighting products offer landscapers the chance to enhance their schemes and take any outdoor space to the next level in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Birkdale Enquiry 21

Living Hoarding fronts up development

Grosvenor in London has commissioned a green living hoarding from Biotecture to surround the Cundy Street Quarter development in Belgravia, Westminster.

The new low carbon development was master planned by DSDHA and will include a mix of homes, amenities and green spaces.

It is being built to the highest sustainability credentials and the client wanted to demonstrate this commitment from the start, as well as show consideration to the local community.

For the duration of the build, the Biotecture PlantBox living hoarding will help to improve the appearance of the construction site, reduce noise and dust, and improve biodiversity.

The 2.8m high living hoarding was installed in phases and wraps around the development, covering 115 linear metres.

A total of 2,688 PlantBoxes and 10,752 plants were supplied by Biotecture to create the living hoarding. Plants were selected for their ability to add biodiversity, foliage interest as well as their physical attributes in trapping dust and airborne particulates, and attenuating noise from site.

PlantBox living wall system is a free-standing system so only required restraint fixing back to the plywood hoarding.

Biotecture delivered the modules to site pre-planted and, being stackable, it meant they could easily be put into position.

As part of a circulatory economy, the PlantBox living hoarding can be quickly dismantled at the end of the construction project and reinstalled onto the next site, reducing waste and delivering excellent value for money.

Biotecture Enquiry 22

READER ENQUIRY 23 READER ENQUIRY 24 08 JANUARY 2023 Hard & Soft Landscaping & Street Furniture
BIOCHAR TREE SOIL IMPROVER FROM CG LandAmenity Feb23 14 box AW.pdf 1 03/01/2023 18:57:12
G.S & P.A Reeves Ltd New House Farm, The Lowe, Wem, Shropshire, United Kingdom. SY4 5UN Phone: 01939 232 440 SHROPSHIRE’S LEADING INDEPENDENT TIMBER MERCHANT • Railway sleepers treated and untreated • Oak untreated sleepers now available New Oak Beams • Fencing materials and accessories Wooden Gates • Quality decking Stocks of sawn timber & plywood • Trellis Posts Roofing materials & crash barriers • Eco Wood Pellets Available Railway Sleepers Garden Fencing Firewood Farm Gates
GftK Paving Joint Mortars Get the Right Jointing for Every Type of Paving & Paved Areas - Designed specifically for domestic patio paving & pedestrian areas, with highest polymer content, supplied in a range of colours, ready to use, in handy 12.5 and 25kg vacuum-sealed ‘bag-in-pails’ for easy wet-slurry application by squeegee. Ideal for DIY. - Unique, self-compacting epoxy-coated sand + hardener, can be applied in wet weather, has no shrinkage cracks, is fast curing with a sheen finish, and is fully resistant to traffic, de-icing salts, and direct jet-washing – The way forward for ease of application with no delays or waiting, and for the highest durability in all types of domestic, commercial & public paving! - The original epoxy-coated sand + hardener, dust free paving jointing product for trafficked domestic, commercial, and public areas of small format natural stone paving. This type of product leaves a colour enhancing sheen that disappears by normal weathering. - Designed for narrow joints from 3mm wide in larger format natural paving, and absolutely ideal for external porcelain grouting without delay - No waiting required. Supplied in smaller 10kg units for fast and residue-free, wet-slurry grouting of porcelain paving. Visit: | Email: | Call: 01257 266696 GftK vdw 840+ the best entry level, 1-part brush-in on the UK market GftK vdw 800 the original professional 2-part, epoxy paving joint mortar GftK vdw 850+ the unique & unrivalled “state-of-the-art” paving jointing GftK vdw 815+ the narrow joint version of 850+ with the same benefits Paving Joint Mortars Exclusively supplied in the UK by READER ENQUIRY 25

Resort trusts Otterbine with its water again

Etesia launches new Hydro 100

Etesia UK has announced the launch of the new Hydro 100 MK124 ride-on mower.

The new Etesia Hydro 124 boasts all the features of the popular Hydro 100 but has a larger 124cm cutting deck.

The new Hydro 124 boasts a modern hydrostatic drive transmission with differential lock for better driveability and greater safety. Its 18 HP twincylinder Kawasaki engine and its larger 16-litre tank give it more power and range. The cutting deck with rear central ejection combined with two counter-rotating blades, the high clearance bridge and the large box make it an undisputed

standard-setter for mowing and collection in all weathers.

Furthermore, it has a large 500-litre grassbox that can be emptied in seconds thanks to its hydraulic pump.

Its ergonomic design, low noise emission and supple new drive give the user the best working conditions for professional applications. All the controls are accessible without leaving the driving seat.

The hydrostatic drive makes gradual movement extremely smooth, and the absence of a turbine considerably reduces the noise emission, for greater user comfort. Also, it is designed

to offer maximum safety. The 18 HP Kawasaki engine offers unparalleled power and optimum work efficiency.

The chassis is fully treated for corrosion protection and can withstand the effects of the weather in harsh working conditions. The cutting deck is cast in a single piece of onecentimeter-thick aluminium, for extreme strength.

The Hydro 124 has a wide range of accessories for winter work and for cutting long grass. All Etesia machines come with a 2-year professional warranty as standard.

After 20 years with the same fountain, the venue decided to not only replace it with an updated model but also acquire a second to further enhance the beauty of two of its prominent lakes.

Louisa Watson, who has been at the helm of the resort’s marketing for nine years, said: “Otterbine has certainly helped us achieve the aesthetics we want to present to all our guests while being environmentallyfriendly meaning we don’t need to use chemicals to keep the water clean.”

Otterbine, exclusively distributed by Reesink Turfcare in the UK, replaced the resort’s old unit with a 15HP Polaris giant fountain, which combines fucntionality with a striking geyser-type water pattern.

With the option of adding a High Voltage or LED Fountain Glo Light system, it creates beautiful displays at night too.

In addition, Wyboston Lakes purchased a 5HP Gemini fountain for the first time to install as a centre piece in the East Lake opposite the Gravel Pit Brasserie.

Part of the Otterbine’s Concept 3 range, it offers incredible aeration strength and an attractive display.

With high oxygen transfer rates and pumping ability of up to 242m3/hr, customers can be guaranteed with clear and healthy water when the Concept 3 range is in charge, as Louisa confirms: “The water is crystal clear and the impressive sprays compliment the lakes’ natural beauty so we’ve got the full package now.”

Both the Gemini and the Polaris are energy-efficient, manufactured from corrosionresistant, durable high grade stainless steel and provide a natural control for algae, aquatic weeds and odours without the use of chemicals.

Inadequate paving jointing is the primary cause for most of the problems with natural stone paving setts or cobbles, as well as many of the issues with larger slabs.

This is true in all different areas, from domestic patios to market squares, and includes problems with application due to weather restrictions, staining and difficulty

in cleaning, followed by the joint materials cracking and allowing water ingress, through to the point of the joints breaking-down and coming-out, especially under cleaning, such as by jet-washing domestic paving, or mechanical street cleaning machines used in public areas.

The necessary restrictions and limitations for any form of

cement or brush-in jointing, are also the reason for countless delays and waiting for the weather, to be able to apply in dry conditions and with no rain in the forecast –Seriously in Britain….?

These limitations are not the only an issue, as failure to comply with them due to time pressure is frequently the root cause of a lack of durability and failure.

All over the UK there is an abundance of premature paving joint breakdown and paved surfaces are failing, at home in our patios and driveways, on retail developments, and in our town centre pavements and market squares.

The first visible signs are cracking, which is soon followed by further break-up

of the joint materials, then complete breakdown of the paved surfaces.

However, ALL these issues and potential issues for jointing and/or repointing, can be solved using the right GftK vdw paving joint mortar from NCC Streetscape, the exclusive UK Distributers of GftK jointing systems, the global leaders in paving jointing technology.

The GftK range includes paving jointing products that are specifically designed for all the different types of paving, joint sizes, and types of paved areas, as contrary to popular belief, there is no universal panacea in paving jointing.

NCC Streetscape Enquiry 28


GftK is state-of-the-art in all types of paving jointing

10 JANUARY 2023 Hard & Soft Landscaping & Street Furniture
Hotel, spa and golf resort Wyboston Lakes in Cambridgeshire has once again trusted Otterbine with its prized possession: its lakes.

Continued commitment to protecting playing fields

New figures show that Sport England protected more than 900 playing fields between April 2020 and March 2021.

Its role as a statutory consultee on planning applications means work to protect playing fields is a key part of the organisation’s remit.

Across this time period, 95% of all concluded planning applications involving a playing field resulted in the protection, or improvement of, facilities.

As part of planning processes, councils are required to refer cases to Sport England when any proposed development would affect or lead to the loss of a sports playing field.

Sport England objects to all applications unless the developer can prove it will improve or protect community sports provision.

The new data shows how it continues to act to protect and enhance playing fields across the country:

• 95% (930 out of 978) of concluded planning applications affecting playing fields resulted in improved or safeguarded sports provision

• Of the 109 applications where Sport England maintained its objection, 61 (56%) were either withdrawn by the applicants or refused planning permission

• In 58% of the cases where Sport England originally objected to an application, further negotiations led to an overall improvement in sports provision

Head of planning, Nick Evans, said: “The figures released today again highlight Sport England’s unwavering commitment to protecting and enhancing playing fields across England.

This is pivotal given community playing fields help people of all ages and abilities to get active, connecting our communities and bringing people together through the joy of movement.

“However, our commitment doesn’t start and end with our statutory role.

“Earlier this year we announced an investment of over £15m into the Football Foundation,

with this funding targeted at helping to further improve pitches in places where they can have the biggest impact.”

Sport England Enquiry 29

Preview A look ahead to Harrogate 2023 Pages 14-15
January 2023 A busy year ahead
READER ENQUIRY 30 Battery-powered E-Series range without compromise. Built for professionals to meet your carbon neutral goals. ES-860 Cassette ES-34R Rotar y ES-510 Cassette ES-36 Dedicated For more information or a no obligation demonstration call 01332 824777 or visit

ISEKI record year ready for restructure

ISEKI UK & Ireland has reported continuous growth and is set for another successful year in 2022 with huge and consistent headway made in the market place year on year.

David Withers the Managing Director commented: “We estimate that at year end the market size for our products will be slightly down compared to last year in terms of units shipped whereas we will have shipped around 10% more units than we did in 2021, which was at that time our best year ever.

“We would like to thank our dealers and customers for your help in growing our market share and being part of our success.”

As the business continues to expand it has been necessary

to look at the organisation structures and make sure that the business is strong and ready for the bright future ahead. As such ISEKI UK & Ireland are creating a new position of Sales Director within the ISEKI business, the Sales Managers Phil Self, John Clifford and Andrew Donnachie will report in to this position as will Graham Hooper the Commercial Manager and our new demonstrator.

Additionally, the Sales Director will be directly responsible for export business outside of UK and Ireland, giving more support and focus to dealer partners in these important regions.

David Withers explains further: “Alan Prickett will take up the new position of Sales Director, reporting to me. A lot of people

within the turf industry will know Alan, be aware of his long history within the sector and will no doubt welcome working with him again.

“Phil Self who was focused on the ADDAX and Raymo electric range will now sell all products including ISEKI and will take over Alan’s Dealership area covering North Wales, Midlands, East and North England. John and Andrew will continue with their roles but adding responsibility for Raymo and ADDAX to their sales portfolios in their areas.

“We believe that this will strengthen our position, allow for further growth and expansion and look forward to what 2023 brings.”

Aspen helps to fuel a cleaner way of working

As one of the largest associations of its kind, Orwell Housing provides housing for more than 7,500 residents by managing over 4000 properties across East Anglia.

Powering the maintenance services, as well as helping to lower the associations carbon footprint, is 2 and 4-stroke petrol from Aspen Fuel – a switch made by Repairs and Estates Manager Simon Bennett three years ago, and one that’s delivering improvements on a daily basis

to the workforce, the residents and the machinery alike.

Being ethanol-free and virtually free from sulphur, benzene and other hazardous hydrocarbons, Aspen alkylate petrol burns cleaner than regular petrol making it safer and greener for operators, machinery and the environment.

“The operators like using it – they notice the reduction in noxious fumes and don’t go home smelling of petrol come the end of the day,” said Simon.

“This is also a major plus for those tasks where we’re in close proximity to the residents.

“Three years in, we’re also seeing a big reduction in the number of machinery breakdowns we’re experiencing with is a further cost saving. I’ve recently done another cost analysis, which has shown that purchasing Aspen has actually decreased our annual fuel bill by approximately 10-15%.”

Contact your local dealer to book a demo on your site today! “We have had ISEKI machinery for the last 8 years at Haileybury School and currently run three TG tractors within our fleet of machinery. The tractors are predominately used for vertidraining, mowing, seeding and scarifying with its high lift capacity of 1,600kg and low ground pressure. The SXG mower is used for cutting some of the pitches and lawned areas but also collecting up all the scarifying and fallen leaves as the collection system is so good. I would recommend ISEKI
within the
ISEKI UK Enquiry 31
DEMAND QUALITY, WHY COMPROMISE? ISEKI Haileybury LAPU Half page.indd 1 09/11/2022 12:19:59 STAMA 3 or 4 multi-functional wheeled electric vehicles Swivel platforms to offload 180 degrees Load capacity from 350kg on the Micro to 1500kg on the Maxi EL 4wd • Various battery options available across the range Simon Richard Ltd, Crown Tailrig, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, TD9 8RA Tel: 01450 860 774 Fax: 01450 860 772
Andy Richards,Grounds Manager,Haileybury School Aspen Fuel Enquiry

Two new attachments from Ventrac

Ventrac has launched two new attachments for their 4520 allterrain compact tractor to help turf managers with the important task of seedbed preparation.

The first is the DC520 Soil Cultivator which prepares bare soil by cultivating a soft and uniform seedbed for the best possible direct-seeding results. This attachment reconditions hard, compacted soil into a fine surface for more successful and consistent germination rates.

The Soil Cultivator consists of four main components that work simultaneously to process high volumes of soil and provide the ultimate seedbed. Cultivator Tines pulverize the soil and separate the debris, then Separator Tines sift and bury rock and other large debris below

the prep surface. The Distribution Blade carries the sifted soil and distributes it evenly across the working surface before the Perforated Roller creates a pocketed surface for seed and presses small debris below the graded soil.

Complementing the Soil Cultivator is the EG520 Primary Seeder, which plants grass seed directly into bare soil with a consistent and accurate drop rate for perfect seed placement. With precise application adjustment and a removable calibration tray, easy adjustment for different grass seed types is possible.

The Primary Seeder features five main components for improved direct-seeding capability. The Calibration Tray is a built-in tray that catches material during

the calibration process. The Front Packer Roller crushes the material to provide a smooth surface for the seed to drop. The Rear Packer Roller is an offset roller that places a fine layer of dirt over the seed.

The Seed Box has a 142-litre capacity to accommodate a signifi cant amount of seed and the Precision Seed Funnels allow an accurate flow for a variety of turf seeds. This ground-driven application is consistent at variable speeds, and the offset cultipacker discs are designed to create optimal seed-to-soil contact. Finally, the 142-litre hopper capacity provides the efficiency expected from Ventrac attachments.

Turf grower challenges industry to become truly green

A UK turf grower is calling for the end of the use of plastic netting in turf – something he says is causing unseen environmental damage.

Stephen Fell, who owns Yorkshire-based business Lindum Turf, describes the plastic netting – which is in the majority of turf sold in the UK – as a completely avoidable source of pollution, adding few British consumers even know that most turf sold in the UK contains plastic.

The call is being supported by industry body the Turf Growers Association, which is encouraging its members to go plastic free by 2025.

Stephen made the call after Lindum Turf reported a threefold increase in sales of its plasticfree wildflower turf product over the past two years as the trend for replacing manicured lawns with wildfl ower meadows has gathered pace.

People buy wildflower turf to increase biodiversity and attract pollinators to their gardens, Stephen said, but are often appalled when they discover the product they are laying could cause significant damage to the environment.

“The trouble is, over time the plastic netting breaks down into microplastics and pollutes the soil and can leach off into watercourses,” Stephen said.

“But because the net is hidden within the turf and people can’t see it, they don’t know it is there. So, despite people having the best intentions of doing the right thing for the environment, they often don’t realise the damage choosing the wrong product can cause.

“It’s a throwback to earlier production methods the industry likes to keep quiet about. But technology has moved on. We have worked hard for many years to eliminate plastic from our turf, including our wildflower turf, and we believe it is now time for the rest of the industry to catch up.”

Lindum Turf Enquiry 36

Product News EMAIL: 13 READER ENQUIRY 37 READER ENQUIRY 38 K e y attrib u tes : · Path/cycle ways · Kerb edges · Block paving · Gravel hard standings · Targeted weed control · Highly productive · Environmentally friendly · Adaptable technology · Minimal herbicide use · Automised application · No blanket spraying · All terrain Suitable f o r treatment o n : On-site demo available on request, please email or call us on: 01353 862044 DRIVE DOWN HERBICIDE USAGE CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON The SCH
is an all-in-one system for towing behind a garden tractor / ride on lawnmower. Choose any of the interchangeable attachments to fit the cost-saving frame; roller, aerator, slitter, moss rake, de-thatcher, levelling lute, (all shown) and more. Available in 36”, 40”, 48” and 60” versions. 01473 LAPU Grass Care V2_Layout 1 21/10/2022 13:13 Page 1 23

New location and a bespoke stand

Price Turfcare, the UK and Ireland distributor of the Ventrac multi-implement, allterrain compact tractor, returns to BTME with a new location and a bespoke stand for this year’s event.

For the past three events, we have occupied a space at the top of the stairway leading to Hall 3, but for this year’s event we have moved to Hall 1, where you will find us on a new, bespoke stand with an impressive display of the new Ventrac 4520 compact tractor and attachments.

For some visitors it will be the first opportunity to see the new machine. It’s not a radical change, but there’s a whole series of improvements ‘under the bonnet’ resulting in 30% more available power, giving the best mix of

machine performance, operator experience and durability.

At its core, the 4520 is a compact tractor, but it is very different to what most greenkeepers are used to seeing. The purpose of a tractor is to perform tasks more effi ciently than manual tasks.

The Ventrac 4520 plays on these advantages, then takes it to the next level. When coupled with the extensive line of over 25 Ventrac attachments, this tractor is a versatile machine for a variety of professional users.

The 4520 retains all the features of its predecessor, including its 30-degree slope climbing ability, but has been enhanced with an all-new hydraulic system featuring larger bore piping, more powerful auxiliary hydraulics and more resilient hoses and fi ttings resulting in faster and stronger operation.

That means 30% more available power, improving performance and productivity while providing the operator with a quieter working platform.

Ventrac has become the number one choice for versatility in the greenkeeping sector.

Combining a blend of peak power and agility with frontmounted attachments for superior visibility, a pivoting frame for manoeuvrability, and excellent weight distribution for balance and stability, the new 4520 elevates the Ventrac experience to a whole new level.

To understand why the industry has embraced the Ventrac product come along and visit stand 122 in Hall 1.

Price Turfcare Enquiry 39

Origin Amenity Solutions at BTME

It’s going to be a busy week for the Origin Amenity Solutions (OAS) team as they return to BTME in 2023.

Not only will members of the technical team be delivering six classes and seminars in the ‘Continue to Learn’ programme, innovative solutions to fine turf seed selection, nutritional

treatments and data management systems from across the OAS brands will be showcased on not one but three stands in the main exhibition halls.

Comprised of Headland Amenity, Rigby Taylor, Symbio and Turfkeeper – and with their own Turf Science & Technology Centre – OAS has

become the leading force in the amenity sector. Research conducted in-house and with selected partners around the globe are shaping the products of the future, such as the Carbon4Grass mixtures available from Rigby Taylor.

Origin Amenity Solutions Enquiry 40

Mansfield Sand unveils solutions

Mansfield Sand will feature a wide range of innovative products for sports, landscaping and equestrian uses on Stand 242 at BTME 2023.

Pioneers in the development and production of premium quality silica sand-based products for over 170 years, Mansfield Sand is the market leader in supplying to some of the most prestigious

sporting venues across the UK and Europe.

Head to the Mansfield Sand stand at BTME where the experienced team will be able to explain how the products could make a significant improvement to your turf.

Mansfield Sand Enquiry 42

23 KIOTI Compact Tractors 21-25hp 01480 401512 Run ahead of the pack... • 5 year’s 3,000 hrs warranty • Mechanical or HST drive • ROPS or factory a/c cabin • Low ground pressure CS CX CK DK 25hp 25-50hp 45-58hp SCAN FOR MORE INFO See us at BTME Stand 600

Turfco built the first mechanised topdresser in 1961 and continues as the first choice of professional turf managers worldwide.

Turfco designs and manufactures products that help do jobs more efficiently and effectively in topdressing, seeding, debris blowing, application and renovation. Turfco is driven by a passion for improving the health and playability of turf, and this unwavering commitment has yielded a continuous series of breakthroughs; that’s quality innovations rewarded by 16 patents.

In the UK, Turfco is primarily known for the high-quality range of trailed and truckmounted 1550 series top dressers, powerful Torrent 2 debris blowers and the TriWave overseeders.

However, it also manufactures the CR-15, a combined material handler and top dresser for fairway maintenance, the Mete-R-Matic range of drop-style top dressers and pedestrian edgers and turf cutters.

Turfco Enquiry 43

New smart and versatile controllers

At BTME 2023 (Stand 132), Rain Bird Landscape and Sports Turf irrigation will be displaying a number of new products including the new RC2 Smart Irrigation controller and the modular ESPLXME 2 traditionally wired models. Used in conjunction with and accessed through the Rain Bird Mobile App, the RC2 enables users to manage remotely residential and light commercial installations. Contractors and site managers have full WiFi control of irrigation scheduling for multiple sites and zones.

Through alerts, users can monitor and manage all irrigation events and warnings in real-time, ensuring the landscape will receive only the water it needs while potentially saving up to 50% in water.

Compatible with Rain Bird’s IQ4 Cloud irrigation management system, the ESP-LXME 2 traditionally wired modular models focus on water conservation, flexibility and simplicity in use.

Turf management made easy Kubota’s innovative

No trip to BTME would be complete without a stop by the Kubota stand to see the latest innovations in their golf and groundcare portfolio.

Visitors to stand 624 will be able to see a number of units from their RTV range, including the topselling RTV-X1110 equipped with a dedicated golf cage kit, alongside a new, wider Centre Collect Front

Dennis & SISIS reveal line-up

Dennis & SISIS have revealed which products they will be showcasing at BTME, on stand 104 at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

With a particular focus on golf course maintenance, visitors to the joint stand can look forward to finding out more about the market leading products.

Dennis and SISIS’ experienced staff will be available throughout

the two days to answer any queries and offer valuable advice.

Also, Lloyds Mowers and Hunter Grinders will be making their first BTME appearance since being acquired by the Howardson Group, manufacturers of the Dennis and SISIS brands. This strategic alliance signals exciting times for the two well respected brands.

Kubota Enquiry 46

Rain Bird Enquiry 45
solutions showcased
Dennis Enquiry 44
With new products launching across the portfolio, the Kubota technical team will be on hand across the three days to discuss the complete tractor, ride-on mower and side-by-side vehicle ranges.
Mower (CCFM) from the Kubota Gianni Ferrari S.R.L division.
Come and visit us at stand 220 Call +44 (0)1260 224568 visit WE’RE LAUNCHING SOME INNOVATIVE NEW MACHINERY AT BTME 24-26 JANUARY 2023

STIHL updates cordless hedge trimmer range

STIHL has updated its HSA 94 R and HSA 94 T hedge trimmers, now offering professional users reduced vibration and sound levels, as well as a new EC motor and the ability to connect to STIHL’s new Smart Connector 2 A.

STIHL’s most powerful cordless hedge trimmers available for professional users, both models boast a new EC motor featuring embedded magnets, leading to improved durability. The new motor also has an automatic motor rotation reversal feature, meaning the blades can be released if they become jammed in an extreme application, preventing blade damage and downtime.

The HSA 94 R delivers a lower blade speed for cutting thicker growth and managing tougher

hedges, while the HSA 94 T offers a faster blade speed more suited to trimming ornamental hedges neatly and efficiently to leave a fine finish. Both tools feature 3 blade speed settings, allowing users to choose the ideal blade speed for any task; up to 3,200 rpm on the R version and 5,000 rpm on the T version.

As well as the tool’s impressive performance, the hedge trimmers also provide high levels of operator comfort, as both models include rotating multi-function control handles for side and top cutting that are quick and easy to adjust, allowing for improved user comfort and reduced wrist strain when working for long durations.

With a low weight of just 3.9kg for the T version and 4.1kg for the R version, the hedge

trimmer is perfectly balanced, allowing for easy handling and operation. In addition, both hedge trimmers have a loop handle with an inner switch that prevents one handed operation and improves safety levels.

STIHL’s AP batteries and AR backpack batteries can power both tools - and for optimal performance, both trimmers will be ready for use with STIHL’s Smart Connector 2 A, plugging directly into the machines control unit where valuable data can be transmitted to any smartphone or tablet within range via Bluetooth.

More information on STIHL’s Smart Connector 2 A coming soon.

STIHL Enquiry 48

All-electric tractor on show

Acknowledged for leading the low carbon technology way when it comes to tractors, Reesink Agriculture is bringing the industry’s fi rst all-electric tractor from Farmtrac to the Low Carbon Agriculture Show.

This will be joined by BigToolRack’s Ultimate Rack for the ultimate in tractor cargo space.

Farmtrac’s FT25G is critically acclaimed for bringing zero emissions, minimal noise and vibration, high energy efficiency, and low operating and maintenance costs to the UK’s farming sector.

It has led the way with the growing industry focus on moving away from fossil fuels to low or zero emission products since it launched two years ago and in that time has proven itself as more than capable of equalling the performance of its diesel counterparts, something Fully Charged’s presenter Robert Llewellyn and farmer Adam Henson discovered when they reviewed it and put it through its paces around the farm for BBC’s Countryfile and Fully Charged YouTube channel.

It is powered by a 22kwh battery pack, has a lift capacity of 450kg and boasts world class components including transmissions designed and produced by Carraro and hydraulic systems from MITA, to deliver a superior performance

whatever the task. Visit Reesink Agriculture on stand LEV6 at the Low Carbon Agriculture Show 2022 from 7-8 February at NAEC, Stoneleigh.

Reesink Turfcare Enquiry 49

Makita mower makes light work

A new addition to the Makita range of outdoor power equipment is the latest selfpropelled motor mower.

To ensure a clean and efficient cut every time, the LM001CX3 includes variable speed control, 10-stage height adjustment (from 20-100mm) and three operation modes. It also includes a 70L cloth catcher that allows for effi cient grass

collection – with a useful grass level indicator to let the user know when it needs emptying.

To ensure optimal operation, the LM001CX3 has four swing back blades that work to keep the machine working efficiently, even if it encounters a solid object in the lawn.


As alkylate petrol pioneers since 1988, you can be assured of highquality fuel in every can. Aspen alkylate petrol burns cleaner –resulting in equipment that starts easily, engines that won’t clog and fuel that doesn’t deteriorate over time.

Count on your machine to do its job so you can focus on yours.


New electric EU street legal UTV

Club Car, a world-leading manufacturer of small-wheel, zeroemissions electric vehicles, today unveiled its new homologated vehicle, the Club Car Urban N1.

The new Urban N1 expands Club Car’s leading electric vehicle portfolio, which has been prominent in commercial

markets for decades. Featuring an ergonomic design, superior handling, 1-ton load capacity and quick acceleration with a top speed of 55 kilometers per hour, the new Club Car Urban N1 is the perfect utility vehicle solution.

Club Car Enquiry 52

Battery Power 16 JANUARY 2023 READER ENQUIRY 51

The best choice for electric vehicles

Whether you are working in cities and towns, parks and gardens, running last mile delivery or moving items around hotels and resorts the Addax 100% electric vehicle is fully customisable to your specific needs.

From delivering parcels in busy city centres to collecting waste on a university campus with the option of tipper, box van or combo tipper bodies to suit

the required use, the Addax is adaptable and versatile.

A payload of up to 1000 kg (or 6m³) allows the van to carry a wide range of goods with minimal effort.

Fully N1 road homologated with a speed of up to 42kmph the Addax vehicle is ideal for travelling between sites or through towns where zero

emissions are required. Good for your wallet and the environment the commercial vehicles boast one of the lowest running costs in the market. Each model can be adapted to your specific needs.

Addax Motors are designed and manufactured in Belgium, distributed in the UK by ISEKI UK & Ireland.

Dennis ES-860 is unrivalled at VFL Wolfsburg

After comparing various batterypowered cylinder mowers, Head Groundsman of Bundesliga football club VfL Wolfsburg Peter Sauer has chosen the new Dennis ES-860.

“Technology in this industry is evolving faster and faster and electric equipment is at the forefront,” said Peter. “It is important to speak to all the manufacturers to identify any new and upcoming products.

“I want to be involved and am always asking to test products, so if there is something I like, I can then plan accordingly to put it into my budget.

“Dennis Mowers is a company that really listens to their customers. They then put those ideas into their machines.”

Peter, who has also been a greenkeeper and worked at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, admitted to being excited when he fi rst heard that Dennis was developing a range of batterypowered equipment.

The ES-860 is a 34” battery powered turf management system which delivers maximum versatility and the range of 13 interchangeable cassette options provide a solution to many dayto-day maintenance tasks such as cutting, scarifying, brushing and verticutting.

Furthermore, traditional G860 cassettes will also fit into the ES860, meaning that customers will not have to purchase additional cassettes, something which Peter was impressed with. The aim with the Dennis E-Series is to help

Pellenc stands out above the rest

market recognition by offering a unique range of ‘zero emission’ battery-powered tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high-performance batteries.

professionals meet sustainability and environmental initiatives, reduce carbon footprint emissions, running costs and noise without any range anxiety. Peter believes the ES-860 certainly ticks all the boxes.

“For anyone that is considering changing to electric equipment I would certainly recommend Pellenc,” said Tony. “The products have been 100% in every single way. Over the past six months we’ve been looking for alternatives to our machinery which was using fossil fuels. It is important to us as a company to be able to promote zero emissions, and there are so many other benefits to using electric equipment.” Over recent years, Pellenc has gained

INFINICUTs mark the start of the ‘Electric Era’

Marking the start of a shift over to more battery-powered equipment, the University of Nottingham are now the proud owners of three 26” INFINICUT FX mowers.

Along with completing the daily mowing on the campuses two cricket squares and bowling green, the purchase of additional UltraGroomer and ThatchMaster cassettes from the TMSystem means that the grounds team can now undertake multiple maintenance tasks – all with reduced hand-arm vibration and fuel costs. In charge of the maintenance is Interim Grounds Manager Greg Smith, who specified the investment in the INFINICUTs, delivered by George Browns in March 2022.

To get even more return from the three 26” Fixed Head machines,

the University also purchased a set of cassettes from the renowned TMSystem collection. Featuring over 80 tungsten carbide tipped blades, the UltraGroomer improves the plants immediate environment by removing Poa ingress, lateral growth and organic matter to enhance the movement of oxygen, moisture and nutrients.

The extensive Pellenc product range features an impressive portfolio – from chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters, blowers and mowers and Tony claims that the benefits are huge.

Tony’s Pellenc fleet features Rasion mowers, Helion hedgecutters, Excelion strimmers and Airion blowers – and he can’t imagine ever switching back to petrol-based machinery.

Pellenc offers an industry leading four-year commercial warranty for all batteries and a three-year warranty for all tools. Pellenc is distributed exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

Battery Power EMAIL: 17 READER ENQUIRY 57 40/80V NOW OVER 45 XGT PRODUCTS TO CHOOSE FROM. Chainsaws, Hedge Trimmers, Bush Cutters, Linetrimmers, Blowers, and much more.... LAPU Half.indd 1 23/12/2022 13:42
Dennis Enquiry 54
INFINICUT Enquiry 56
Tony Chalkley, General Manager of D. Horne Services, has explained why he chose Pellenc above other brands of batterypowered equipment.
UK Enquiry

Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi8 HD boosts college grounds

Myreside Stadium in Edinburgh is home to George Watson’s College and Watsonian rugby club.

Regular fixtures held there include Tennent’s National League Division 1, FOSROC Super Six Championship and Tennent’s Women’s Premier League matches.

Beside the main pitch, Head of Grounds, Craig Eccleston, and his team of five, have eight other full size rugby pitches, two large training areas and three cricket squares to maintain, as well as the school’s estate.

In September, they took delivery of a Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi8 HD deep aerator from Wiedenmann UK’s Scottish dealer, Fairways GM.

Craig Eccleston said: “Aeration is a massive part of pitch playability and it’s important that we give all our surfaces best care. In summer I went to a demo at Dollar Academy, where the Wiedenmann team answered my questions.

“I thought the GXi 8 pricewise would be out my range, and we’d go for a smaller one, but I was pleasantly surprised when it came in under my budget.

“The long life of the Wiedenmann was a big consideration. The school plays so much rugby, and if you factor the FPs’ activity too, all pitches are busy right through until the summer term, when focus switches to athletics and cricket. We’ve relied on contractors to

come in on a pre-booked day which can bring limitations. Sometimes the conditions don’t suit, or fixtures change, and it doesn’t get done.

“I made a financial case that if we owned our own machine, we could go out as often as necessary, making use of any windows of opportunity, especially as a full pitch can be done in just over 2.5 hrs. Having as many pitches, the numbers stacked up. As soon as the GXi8

DTA means club goes into winter clear of compaction

from GKB Machines has been delivered and put straight to work by the team at Spalding Golf Club, as part of their prewinter maintenance programme.

Delivering impressive aeration down to 12”, the DTA 160 has already completed passes on both the greens and the fairways since its arrival in October 2022

course clear of compaction as the wetter months approach.

Head Greenkeeper Kevin Goude took charge just three months ago, and together with the greens team of five, was delighted to learn he’d inherited an order for a new GKB DTA 160 placed by his predecessor and due for delivery from local distributor Russells Groundcare. “We’ve

shed which is ideal for summer work at depths of 4” but we needed something to replace an ageing machine that could penetrate much deeper to really help drainage and root growth” explains Kevin.

The GKB DTA is deep by name and deep by nature, offering easily adjustable depth and heave angle of up to 25o for effective compaction relief. At 1.6m wide,

arrived in September we did all, rugby pitches with 20 mm tines at once,” he added. “A few had a second aeration in November. During January or February, we will go again once, leaving them until renovations time, which for us is the end of July.

“Our cricket wickets only need to be done annually so ours were aerated at the end of October with 8 mm tines.”

Redexim combo gets club ready for winter

For the first time in four years, the players at Warrenpoint Golf Club are going into the winter on main greens, thanks to an extensive aeration programme introduced by Head Greenkeeper Matt Purcell.

It’s also no coincidence that this year, Matt purchased a Redexim Carrier and VertiDrain 1513 allowing the team to effectively aerate all 18 greens in as little as a day –keeping them bone dry and proving themselves as fit for year-round play.

Since the combination was purchased and delivered in March this year, Matt and the team have aerated all greens

once a month, along with the tees twice and specific problem areas on some of the fairways.

The Redexim Carrier is powered by a 31hp engine and hydrostatic transmission which lends itself to high output and ease of operation.

It can work with a variety of implements such as seeders, verti-cutters and in this instance the Verti-Drain 1513 – a lightweight 1.3m model, working with 15o of heave and to a maximum depth of 6” making it ideal for use on sensitive turf areas.

Redexim Enquiry 59

the DTA 160 at Spalding GC is well suited for tasks around the golf course – from fairways, tees and aprons to intensive aeration on the clubs 18 greens.

Enquiry 60

Aeration 18 JANUARY 2023 READER ENQUIRY 62
A Deep Tine Aerator (DTA)
The soil is opened up
and a
We have been
turf, bowling
GKB Machines Terrain Aeration’s long-term treatment reaches one metre deep where
air blasts the compaction.
healthy sward with minimum disruption.
successfully aerating sports
greens, golf courses, parks, trees
gardens for
twenty-five years.

Robust solution for regular maintenance

The HSTS98 Artificial Surface Sweeper is robust in construction to withstand prolonged heavy use.

A differential mechanism allows the sweeper to be manoeuvred in tight corners without the wheels “scuffing”.

The machine benefits from the differential mechanism by having both wheels able to drive the pick-up brushes, giving it superior sweeping power

over competitors. The height adjustment is simple, and gives the sweeper versatility on many different surfaces.

The main drive is transmitted via strong metal gears. The large capacity solid plastic catcher is rot and tear-proof, and simple to empty. Reversing onto the tipping heap can be difficult for some, but it is made easier with the HSTS98 as it only has two wheels in contact with the ground.

This sweeper benefits with a sprung floor, which lets the sand or rubber crumb fill to flow back through the base of the hopper, at the same time collecting debris such as leaves, and twigs.

A cover plate is supplied with each machine, to cover the mesh floor in sweeping operations where all debris is required to be collected.

SCH Supplies Enquiry 63

Tackle deep surface compaction with the GKB Aerator

The benefits of regular brushing on synthetic surfaces are well documented – keeping fibres upright and retaining the durability, safety and longevity of your artificial pitch.

For surface managers, this could be further enhanced with a pass by the GKB Aerator.

SISIS is marvellous for club

A range of SISIS synthetic turf maintenance equipment is helping to keep the Merthyr Town FC’s pitch in excellent condition.

Specially designed for synthetic surfaces, the Brush-Pro is a ride-on brushing system consisting of a pair of mid mounted oscillating brush units

and three rear mounted brushes. The oscillating brushes are ideal for periodic aggressive brushing to keep infill mobile, prevent algae accumulation, surface compaction and loss of porosity.

Equally impressive is the SISIS SSS1000 - a tractor mounted sweeper that can be pulled by

Fast clearance of surface debris

any machine. The rotary brush has been designed for use on synthetic surfaces to remove surface debris, lift the carpet pile and redistribute sand or rubber crumb infill giving the surface maximum performance and extended life.

Considered by a leading carpet manufacturer to be even more effective at decompacting sand and rubber infill, the Aerators ability to tackle compaction regenerates a surfaces’ technical, play and drainage characteristics.

Compacted pitches processed with a brush could be considered a ‘quick fix’, with often just the top few millimetres of infill being agitated.

The GKB Aerator by comparison is equipped with twin spiked rollers which penetrate down to the bottom of the fibres. Linked together with a chain drive, the

spiked rollers generate a slight ‘heave’ effect, similar to that achieved with tines on natural playing surfaces, to open up the surface, return infill to the

upper layers of the system and lever debris up to the surface for convenient collection.

For the fast removal and collection of leaves and other debris, the Speed-Clean from Redexim is a land-driven surface sweeper which efficiently lifts and separates infill and contaminants in a single pass.

It is important that surface cleaning takes place as soon as any material is present on the top of the carpet.

If left, allowing the debris to be broken down and trodden into the carpet, bigger problems with

drainage and compromised play performance and safety are likely to follow. The paddle brush system of the Speed-Clean effectively lifts the infill from the surface, where detritus is separated via an oscillating sieve and collected in bins on the rear of the unit. The cleaned infill is then returned to the surface, restoring a carpets permeability and playability.

Redexim Enquiry 66

Artificial Turf Maintenance EMAIL: 19
GKB Machines Enquiry 65
READER ENQUIRY 67 passion for the profession Using our knowledge of contracting to supply professionals with the ultimate turf maintenance solutions. l l 07495 883617 For all types of synthetic sports pitch - we have a machine to suit your needs

The latest 36v outdoor power equipment from Makita

Makita UK has expanded its leading LXT outdoor power equipment range with the launch of various models, including the UR101CX1 LXT 36V Brush Cutter, and UR101CX1 and UR201CX1 LXT 36V Linetrimmers.

Now supplied complete with Makita’s PDC1200A02 backpack battery pack, these newly listed CX1, CX2 and CX3 models enable users to work for longer in comfort, without having to recharge or change batteries frequently.

These 1kW high-power machines are a must in any landscaper’s

toolkit. Powered by Makita’s 36V portable power pack, these tools feature three electronic speeds and a reverse switch to ensure easy removal of grass clippings. The UR101CX1 and UR201CX1 also feature Makita’s Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT) that automatically adjusts the cutting speed according to the load conditions.

To protect the machine during use and ensure optimal performance, these machines have a high cooling capacity that suppresses heat generation of the controller and motor.

Makita UK Enquiry 68

STIHL expands cordless brushcutter range


STIHL has extended its range of cordless brushcutters with the launch of the RGA 140, the first tool in the STIHL AP System dedicated for use with the STIHL RG cutting head, enabling maintenance workers, landscapers and groundskeepers to cut weeds and grass with ease in sensitive areas.

Taking inspiration from the popular FSA 135 brushcutter and RG gearbox, the new RGA 140 features oscillating disc blades with low rotational energy, enabling low-spin mowing on hard surfaces and around fragile obstacles such as cars or greenhouses.

Not only does this reduce the risk of flicking stones but, due to its low spin mowing and tailored RPM, the new

brushcutter also reduces the safety distances to 3m from objects and 5m from people, making the tool ideal for use in built-up areas.

The RGA 140 also boasts a 230mm cutting diameter and ergonomic controls.

Featuring a quiet EC motor with three-speed settings and a clear LED display, users can continuously regulate the speed in order to work as efficiently as possible.

In addition, the new brushcutter utilises a bike handle for well-balanced operation, offering comfortable use for professionals, particularly over long periods of time.

BOOK YOUR DEMONSTRATION NOW! Regent Yard, Whitewalls Industrial Estate, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 8LJ Tel. 01282 856819 • Email. Web.
• Powerful & Efficient - AWD • Long grass mowing specialists • Reliable, robust, high performing • Designed to work in the toughest conditions • Masters of steep slopes MADE IN JAPAN FUKUOKA 4 Wheel Drive Brush Cutter “MASAO” Gradeability Angle Stability Angle
2 Year Commercial Warranty as standard Etesia UK @EtesiaUK EtesiaUK @EtesiaUK THE ETESIA RANGE OF RIDE-ON AND PEDESTRIAN BRUSHCUTTERS Full product details at Contact us to arrange a free onsite demonstration on 01295 680 120 or With built-in rugged reliability, Etesia Brushcutters are designed to work in the toughest of conditions. The Etesia range of brushcutters sets the industry standard. Cuts up rough. Attila 95 Kawasaki 18hp 95cm cutting w dth Attila 98 Kawasak 22hp 98cm cutting wid h Attila 88 Kawasak 16hp 88cm cutting w dth Attila 98X Kawasak 24hp 98cm cutting w dth 4WD mode Attila SKD Kawasaki 16hp 85cm cutting w dth Attila AH 75 Honda GXV 390 75cm cutting w d h 23

New attachments from Bobcat

Bobcat has expanded the company’s attachment range with the launch of two new BrushcatTM rotary cutter models and a new log grapple attachment for the company’s range of small articulated loaders (SALs).

The new Brushcat attachments offer cutting widths of 1118 and 1372 mm, respectively, and are the smallest models in the full line-up of Brushcat rotary cutters, which offers larger models with cutting widths of 1676, 1829 or 2032 mm.

Like the new smaller Brushcat attachments, the log grapple is compatible with both the Bobcat L23 and L28 SAL models. The log grapple meets the challenging demands of landscaping and site clearing jobs and is ideal for customers seeking maximum productivity by increasing the versatility of their machines.

The log grapple can also be used on the new MT100 mini track loader.

Superior service seals the deal for GreenMech

The combination of an Arborist 130 and SAFE-Trak 19-28 from GreenMech are proving the perfect pair for Heartwood Tree Care, providing owner Gavin Coles the versatility he needs on his fleet to undertake both small domestic work and larger-scale commercial projects.

Gavin made the switch to GreenMech earlier this year following reliability and support issues with another manufacturer, both of which are now a thing of the past with his GreenMech pair delivering quality performance, backed-up with first class dealer support. Gavin and his team of two undertake tree-works

for customers and a number of large estates across Kent and the South East.

The GreenMech Arborist 130 is powered by a 23hp petrol engine and features a generous in-feed hopper and no-stress feed system to process bushy brash or timber of up to 6” with ease.

Gavin said: “The large infeed is brilliant at pulling in awkward shapes and as a road-tow unit, is super portable for jobs in residential areas or those further away where you don’t want to take a trailer.”

Complementing his Arborist 130 is a GA Groundcare refurbished

19-28 SAFE-Trak, featuring a 7.5” chipping capacity and GreenMech’s patented SAFETrak system which, with impressive ground clearance of 550mm, allows for safe traversing of uneven ground of embankments of up to 35o.

“This SAFE-Trak is proving to be a ‘go anywhere’ machine,

which saves us so much time and labour by being able to take the chipper exactly where we want to use it,” he added. “The flywheel drive belt tensioning system and engine bay layout is also better and more accessible on these two GreenMech chippers compared to previous models I’ve used.”

STIHL’s most powerful cordless top handle chainsaw

STIHL has launched the MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O, the manufacturers most powerful and durable cordless top handled chainsaws to date, designed for tree care professionals to remove larger branches or perform crown maintenance with ease.

Recommended with a lightweight 14” guide bar, both MSA 220 T models use a high performing PS3 full-chisel saw chain to achieve a fast, highquality cut. The recommended AP 300 S battery delivers 2.1 kW of electrical power, providing up to 29 minutes of working time and plenty of power for cutting larger sized branches.

Both models have an adjustable oil pump, an ergonomic trigger system and a 180° LED display, ensuring the operator always has a clear overview of key information such as the operating status of the saw and the chain brake position.

In addition to these features, the MSA 220 TC-O also has an oil sensor that will notify the user when the chain oil tank is empty, helping to reduce potential downtime, premature wear to the cutting attachment and the risk of overheating.

The MSA 220 T and TC-O top handle chainsaws are built with durability in mind and are suitable for use in the toughest conditions thanks to the hardwearing components.

Maintenance of the machine is kept simple via the MSA 220 T’s modular design, allowing housing parts to be removed and replaced quickly and simply.

Other features include sidemounted chain tensioning, captive nut on the sprocket cover and tool-free oil tank cap as standard.

READER ENQUIRY 75 21 Forestry Equipment EMAIL:
GreenMech Enquiry 73 Bobcat Enquiry 72
Enquiry 74

Simon Richard Ltd take on STAMA range

range consists of the Micro EL, Mini EL, Multi EL, Maxi EL, EVO EL, Parker EL and Multi vacuum models.

“All of the trucks have a large range of accessories and the majority are available with hydraulic turntable, extra sides, truck bed extension and open cabs.

“Some models are available with servo control, adjustable seats with suspension, 2-speed drive and handbrake.

“The STAMA product line includes numerous variations of 3 and 4 - wheeled vehicles for a variety of purposes. They are fully electric, emission-free and equipped with AC motors that need no maintenance.”

There is a wide range of batteries, including Lithium.

based grounds maintenance machinery company.

Commenting on the agreement Simon said: “The STAMA

“All the trucks are highly manoeuvrable, have a small turning radius to reach small passages and paths but they have large carrying capacities up to 1.5 tonne.

Simon concluded: “The range is designed for use by professional customers with high expectations for driving characteristics, robustness and operational reliability, while also offering user comfort, safety and a solution to most grounds maintenance issues.”

Kioti enters the rotary screening market

Kioti UK have entered the rotary screening market by teaming up with German manufacturer Zemmler to offer a range of mobile and stationary machines in the UK.

Founded back in 2000, Zemmler have grown to become a leading global supplier of trommel (drum) rotary screens, offering a total of 11 models with capacities from 5m3/hr to 180m3/hr; capable of screening and separating a wide range of materials from 2mm to 80mm in to two or three fractions.

Whilst capable of handling general waste, metal recycling and biomass, Kioti UK will initially concentrate on screening soil, rubble and woodchip used in landscaping applications with the smaller MS1000 and MS1600 mobile screeners, with capacities of up to 20m3/hr and 30m3/hr respectively.

Both can be comfortably towed with a mid-sized commercial vehicle, set up ready to work in

minutes and electrically driven. The MS1000 separates material into two fractions, whereas the MS1600 can be fitted with a slip-on ring to sperate into three fractions.

“The environmental and commercial impact of disposing of waste material in landfill has led companies to find ways to reuse and recycle material which would once have been classified as waste”. Says Patrick Desmond, General Manager of Kioti UK.

“Take landscaping on building sites for example, traditionally ground works spoil would have been transported away and fresh topsoil introduced.

“A mobile rotary screener changes that, as the spoil can be separated on site in to two or three fractions, creating quality topsoil, eliminating the cost of transporting in fresh material”.

Machinery, Plant & Vehicles 22 JANUARY 2023
Simon Richard Ltd have been appointed UK Importer for the STAMA, electric truck range, from GMR the Denmark
SERIOUS ABOUT WORK WWW.BOSSORV.CO.UK 01597 810188 • SALES@BOSSORV.CO.UK The 100% electric corvus terrain ex4 utv From the ground up, an electric 4x4 utv designed for the toughest working days. Silent running on road or rough terrain. High load capacity, low maintenance, precise power. No fuel costs, environmentally friendly, packed with creature comforts. Everything you are looking for in a serious 4x4 off-road utility vehicle. And 100% electric.
23 Product News EMAIL: READER ENQUIRY 84 READER ENQUIRY 81 READER ENQUIRY 82 READER ENQUIRY 79 READER ENQUIRY 83 READER ENQUIRY 80 Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete A range of pre formed headwalls and pipe inlets for pipes up to 900mm diameter T: 01948 665321 F: 01948 666381 E: W: Lightweight Durable Easy to Transport ONGAR, ESSEX T: 01277 890274 W: Established 62 years Sports Turf Drainage. Sand Slitting & Banding. Construction. Maintenance. Renovation. Speed... Versatility... Efficiency... t 01257 255321 e SPECIALIST SPORTSTURF CONTRACTOR Pitch Construction : Piped Drainage Systems : Sand Slitting Blec Vibro Sand Banding : Koro Surfacing : Vertidraining : Topdressing Overseeding : Koro Scarify : Weed Control : Landscaping DESIGN : CONSTRUCTION : RENOVATION DR 50x90 141015.qxp_ark 15/10/2015 10:43 Page 1 READER ENQUIRY 89 READER ENQUIRY 90 READER ENQUIRY 88 0113 267 7000 • Slit, Roll, Rake,and Brush –all in one pass! • 1.8m and 2.4m widths • Fast work rate • Highly efficient and durable WATCH THE VIDEO DOUBLE-QUICK 0113 267 7000 • 3.6m cost-effective dethatching – fast! • Lifts nap for a cleaner cut • Improves air circulation • Disperses wormcasts WATCH THE VIDEO TURF-CONDITIONER 12 READER ENQUIRY 87 Buy online at Tel 0345 230 9697 • For all your golf, sportsturf and landscape irrigation needs. Classifieds Introducing our new wide range of colourful & amazing 3D graphic animals. Aimed at 2-10 year olds, Star Buddies are ideal for schools, nurseries, public parks & open spaces. Detailed 3D graphic life-like creatures encourage imaginative play! With our new APP creating your own bespoke Buddy for us to create for you is just a click away! READER ENQUIRY 86 READER ENQUIRY 85 READER ENQUIRY 13 Star Kerb has been designed to create the perfect edge for laying wet pour surfacing onto a hard surface. It provides a firm, vandal resistant edge. The exclusive design makes the kerb virtually impossible to pull up. Cap Kerb has been designed to fit over a timber gravel board, providing easy installation. We offer a complete upvc edging, this flexible edging allows for easy installation and unlike wooden edges it will not rot or erode with time. Cap Kerb Star Kerb | 01458 253 377 • Remote control • Suitable for slopes up to 55° • Powerful in every situation The most powerful remote controlled mulcher for the professional BOOK YOUR DEMONSTRATION NOW! NEW Regent Yard, Whitewalls Industrial Estate, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 8LJ Tel. 01282 856819 Email. Web. Call: 01282 856819 ALL MATERIALS... ALL YEAR • Powerful & efficient shredder for green material up to 10cm diameter • Suitable for all seasons • 280o Rotatable discharge chute all: PROF 6 WHEELED Self-propelled on wheels PROF 6 CROSS COUNTRY on tracks NEW PROF 6 ON ROAD Towed Prof 6

Stay warm this winter with Makita

Makita has released its latest heated jacket, helping to protect wearers against the elements.

Powered by the reliable 18V LXT battery, this new warm and stylish jacket is a must-have for cold, harsh jobsite environments, or for outdoor leisure in the cold winter months.

The latest DCJ205 heated jacket is here to offer maximum comfort and durability.

Thanks to the five heating zones, users benefit from continuous warmth in the chest and back areas whilst also having control over the three heat level settings.

The powerful 18V LXT battery offers even longer continuous runtimes, with a fully charged battery lasting seven hours on the highest setting, 11 hours on medium, and 29 hours on low (when powered by the BL1850B 5.0Ah battery).


The jacket’s olive coloured, polyester outer lining makes it waterproof and windproof, whilst the inner fleece lining helps keep the user warm and comfortable even with the power off.

Additionally, it is fully washable and dryable, so cleaning is easy and hassle-free without damaging its heating capabilities.

It is also equipped with a twoway zip, offering more flexibility when wearing a tool belt, as well as six pockets. And last but not least, this lightweight product is available in a range of sizes, catering to sizes M to 2XL.

Partnership provides easy access to soil health products

Two companies; one offering over 100 years of established reputation and experience, the other, a newer concern, bringing innovation and the latest ideas, are coming together to provide easy access to a range of complimentary products for turf health, root growth and enabling total soil moisture control, throughout Europe.

Consolidate Turf has a combined experience of over 100 years in the Amenity sector.

It provides a perfect blend of first-hand practical experience with a vast knowledge in plant physiology.

Products are manufactured at a new state of the art premises along with a 10,000sq ft warehouse that has enabled the company to expand and meet all client’s present turf needs and those in the future.

Aqua Aid Europe is a young company that has established itself worldwide in the professional sports turf and horticulture industry.

In just a brief time it has built a reputation for providing industry leading products for soil health which are now used

at many of Europe’s leading sports venues. By establishing a partnership of mutual cooperation, Aqua-Aid Europe is now the exclusive distributor for growing solutions for the whole of the EU Continent.

Aqua Aid Europe Enquiry 92 Landscape & Amenity Follow us on Social Media /landscapeandamenity @LAPUMagazine READER ENQUIRY 93
T: 01206 589555 E: W: ATE (UK) Ltd, Anglia House, Haven Road, Colchester, Essex CO2 8HT SEE OUR FULL TRAILER RANGE AT WWW.TOWMATE.CO.UK THE ANSWER TO YOUR VAN SHORTAGE SCAN AND BOOK YOUR FREE DEMO! COMES WITH A 3-YEAR WARRANTY With van and driver shortages continuing to disrupt industries, the Ram TXGD trailer is the ultimate solution! With its versatility and strength, this general duty trailer is ready to take on any heavy load project. Book your free on-site demo today!
batteries or purchase
as a kit.
use existing
one with