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Last Will and Testament

May 17, 2018

Tattnall Square Academy | Class of 2018

Class of 2018 Senior Superlatives Most Spirited- Lindsey Whitesides & Brock Baggarley Most Christlike- Ashlyn Alligood & Perry Hamlin Most Talented- Savannah Brown & Hayden Odum Friendliest- Carley Ingle & Austin Marchman Most Athletic- Allie Gordon & Destin Mack Best Citizens- Ivey Whetsel & Jacob Bridgeman Most Intellectual- Ivey Whetsel & Dalton Ford Most Likely to Succeed- Brooke Reno & Dalton Ford

Volume 49 Issue 1

Last will: - To Jody- I leave lots of coffee for the late nights on the field and early mornings in the clinic - To Kirston- I leave 2 more years of Friday nights and someone else to share a bus seat with - To my small group girls- I leave a great high school experience and a small group as awesome as y’all for each one of you to teach - To Cade Burnett- I leave another “Alligood” for you to hug at lunch - To Bridges- I leave another editor to get you off topic in yearbook - To Coach Way- I leave a student that makes all A’s in physics and never misses a single day of school

Ashlyn Alligood

"I will miss how Tattnall felt like a family."

My favorite high school memories: - Friday night football - Star Wars with Ms. Dykes - Lighting our hands on fire with Mrs. Bridges - Packet parties for Mrs. Stuart’s class - Dancing in Faculty Follies and Talent Show - Powderpuff junior and senior year - Prom workshops - Going to Passion with Mrs. Dingmore and the seniors - Greece trip with Walker, Madison, Emma and Chandler

- McKinley Anderson

Last will: - I leave Elmo my favorite locker in the locker room - I leave Jody my football brace to remind him I was his best ACL recovery

My favorite high school memory: - Playing football for Tattnall

McKinley Anderson

Last will: - I leave Coach Dresden a new person to annoy her in the weight room - I leave Coach Burns a new Waffle House partner after football games - I leave Ashton Chambers a new person to drive him around when he has his keys taken - I leave Gavin Whitfield another teammate to get destroyed by during practice - I leave Coach Bowker a new assistant coach

My favorite high school memories:

Brock Baggarley

- Skipping Coach Oxford’s class one day and him searching the entire school to find us - Roasting Lindsey Whitesides in Mrs. Dingmore’s class - Mike Wilson sneaking out of the cabin at football camp and jumping in the lake - McKinley Anderson pulling the fire alarm at football camp and putting us under house arrest for the rest of the day - Beating FPD and Stratford junior year in football

“I will miss all the teachers and underclassmen that I have gotten so close with over the last few years.” - Brock Baggarley

Last will: - I leave Adam Musolf my rocking chair in the soccer locker room - I leave Paul Kelley my lucky shin guards

My favorite high school memories: - Beating Stratford in soccer my senior year - Making it to the State Cross Country Meet - Getting 3rd place at the Luella Math Meet

Ben Barwick

Last will: - Hannah Graham - Have a great senior year - Ashton Bennett - My #6 jersey in soccer - Coach Robert - Another center back and a playoff run - Miles Morris - An offensive line to protect you - Garrett Earls - Some weight

My favorite high school memories:

Tyler Bennett

- Going to the Final Four in football - Beating Stratford at Stratford 2-1 in overtime in soccer - Coach “Luscious” Burns

“ I will miss my friends, the teachers, and playing sports with my best friends.” -Tyler Bennett Last will: - Jacob Boone- a happy four more years of high school - Conner Boone- a happy six more years of high school

My favorite high school memories: - 10th grade football camp - Going to the playoffs

Peyton Boone

Last will: - I leave my parking space to Carleigh Rebecca Barrett

My favorite high school memories: - My friends - The teachers - Senior lunch

Claire Bowen

“I will miss my friends and the awesome teachers.� - Claire Bowen

Last will: - Gavin Whitfield and Jamal Marshall- The first rack in the weight room - Asa Hankinson- Soccer chair - Chan Hill- Straight pipes - Jody- Curls and Bench

My favorite high school memories: - Football days - Beating Stratford in soccer

Peyton Braddy

Last will: - I leave Walker Bryant #19. Wear it proud, my man. - I leave Bridges Sanders and Paul Kelley the ability to wear whatever jacket you please on math meets. - I leave Coach Burns a very special computer background. May you always be surprised. - I leave good luck to Julia Bridgeman on making it through high school.

My favorite high school memories:

Jacob Bridgeman

- Grad Bash - Overnight Math Meets - Passion - Ecology Action Club Outings - Football freshman and junior year

“Tattnall has been my home for the past fourteen years, and I can’t thank the school enough for giving me my Tattnall family!” - Savannah Brown Last will: - To Jenna Kelley, TortiLLAS, and a flawlessly organized meme collection - To Coach McMichael, a new favorite - To Baylor Scott, the coolest pregame handshake ever - To Anisha Goswami, The best small group ever and a fantastic senior year - To Benjamin Stubbs, all of my hugs - To my small group girls, an awesome high school experience - To Ms.Neufeld, a new bloodhound - To Mr.D, a new fun fact of the day and trivia prodigy

My favorite high school memories: - Faculty Follies Junior Dance - Homecoming week festivities - Senior Powder Puff - Senior Prom - GRAD BASH!!!! - Mr.D and Sav’s fun fact of the day - Mrs.Clay always being there to help with college problems or just to chat - Mrs.Sonia in the lunchroom always saying “have a blessed day” - Mrs.Cheek’s morning devotions and intercom Christmas music

Savannah Brown

Last will: - I leave my shirts to my brothers and sisters - I leave books for underclassmen to use as examples - I leave my personality - I leave the impact I made when I first arrived at Tattnall

My favorite high school memories: - My first year at Tattnall - Everyone being so nice - Being the class clown in some classes - Star Wars in Mrs. Peavy’s Class - Powder Puff junior and senior year

Kevin Clark

“I will miss the family atmosphere and great teachers and friends.”- Justin Cortes

Last will: - Wes Allen: a new striker - Chan Hill: a dry shirt - Coach Robert: a new left footed soccer player - Adam Musolf: my soccer position and my tears

My favorite high school memories: - Sitting in the locker room before soccer - McKinley Anderson games - All the conversations at the lunch table

Justin Cortes

Last will: - To Chan Hill- sweatpants - To Paul Kelley- speed

My favorite high school memories: -Beating Stratford in overtime

Alex Endreson

“I am going to miss the baseball and basketball teams because of all the great wins and memories we made along the way.” -Logan Fink

Last will: - Carter: Enjoy your years in Macon and remember what I’ve taught you. Love you, brother - Taylor: I’m leaving you another brother to make you late to school everyday. Luh you tay tay - Terry: Jeep Key... and I’m glad new Terry is here to stay - Elmo: da digi - Miles: Pouch and the shooter stretch - Gray: All those trill nights in the spaceship - Hunter: Someone else’s car to sit in everyday after school - Mrs. Dingmore: More free days for the seniors next year

My favorite high school memories: - Dog piling at Tattnall for the State Championship in 10th grade - Lake days with some of my best friends - Saint Simons - Senior Year Prom

Logan Fink

Last will: - To Camden- I leave a reputation to uphold - To Mrs. Dykes- I leave my King Arthur paper - To Mrs. Smothers- I leave many more math team trophies - To Mr. Dzwonkowski- I leave many more STAR students - To Mrs. Kitchings- I leave my numerous papers (thanks) - To Pate- I leave “just something” because he requested it. - To Mr. Reitnauer- I leave unum laetissumus discipulum (check this please). - To Coach Robert- I leave a thunderstorm warning - To Coach Oxford- I leave a medley relay team.

My favorite high school memories:

Dalton Ford

- The student section freshman year; it was wild - First prom - Second prom - Kenny Epps, then Coach Robert - All the Friday night football games - All the math meets and trophies

Last will: - Softball Team: another great trip to Columbus and someone else to give the pregame speeches!! ;) - Breonna Glover: someone to yell “yeaaah Breonna” everyday and give you hugs...and rub their cheeks against your soft face - Every guy at school: a fortnite dub - Coach Hankinson and Coach Absher: someone to yell at for not wearing the right shirt on chapel dress and never being on time - Grace Hiller: someone to hit bombs in practice with - Mr. D: another senior class to hold them like hostages by not letting them go to lunch early - Coach Cannon: someone to tell you when your “colleague” is in a bad mood - Trey Ham: another crazy story to laugh about....and a Chinese baby - Keith Hartness: a cooler for your mom to pack you with the necessities in it - Austin Marchman: church boy ;)

My favorite high school memories: - Being apart of such an awesome softball team every year and always having the best teammates - Listening to Austin Marchman, Logan Simmons, Logan Fink and Tyler Bennett get the “dub” in fortnite during 4th period everyday - Luke Laskey twerking 24/7 in every class - #weteamus - Dissecting a pig with the best partner ever aka Hayden Odum - Being the clumsiest/worst elf at KYL with Carley Ingle - Ellie and Carley hiding drinks from Coach Absher in my bookbag - Eating lunch with the chunks everyday <3 - Mrs. Stuart’s math packets that never seemed to end - Dying from 5 n 30’s in basketball - Reading Mrs. Dykes’ mind before she even has to say anything - Going to Passion and growing closer to God - Playing tennis with Brock Baggarley for the first time and hitting just about every ball over the fence - Datway #neverforget - Senior year with the best grade that never failed to make me laugh

Allie Gordon

Last will: - Thanks to all of my teachers who helped me get through my high school career. - To the rising seniors, do everything you can do with your class because you will miss those times when you graduate.

My favorite high school memories: - Our final four appearance during football season - Junior year - Senior night of football - The baseball team winning state my sophomore year

Auston Grinstead

“I will miss the close family-like relationships that everyone has with each other.” - Auston Grinstead

Last will: - I leave Camden Ford the headband - I leave Pate Smith “something” - I leave Coach Burns a lifetime supply of history teachers and Tom Richey videos

My favorite high school memories: - Beating Stratford at Stratford my senior year - Senior lunch - Getting to leave school during my study halls - Grad Bash

“I will miss playing soccer and swimming for Tattnall. I will also miss 4th period AP European History.” - Perry Hamlin

Perry Hamlin

Last will: - To Lydia Warnock- a 1 bounce 1 volley win - To Trey Ham- a smarter math partner - To Baylor Scott- defense (goodluck) - To Carter Fink- a 72 hour prom notice - To Jody- a squat day - To Hunter Alexander- my number - To Coach D- Pre-wrap. Lots of Pre-wrap

My favorite high school memories: - Dancing to Footloose at BOTH proms

Klein Hopkins

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I will miss the emphasis teachers and parents put on being a family and not just a school.â&#x20AC;?- Klein Hopkins

Last will: - To Lindsey Everidge and Addie Kelley- I leave someone else to talk to at football practice and get ready with before the games - To Chase McClure- I leave a new bestie to never be able to coordinate lunch plans with

My favorite high school memories: - All of the dances - Cheering for football games in 10th and 11th grade - Chalking our parking spots for the last day of school

McCaleigh Har


Last will: - Ethan Matthews- A new band buddy who will take you to lunch - Julia Bridgeman- Someone to yell BULIA everytime they see you - Maggie Watson- A new cousin - Cohen Ingle- Someone who will tell you how cute you look at school everyday - Mrs.Chambers-someone to vent to about Ashton - Mrs.Kitchings-A new grandchild - Logan Oller- A new big sister, and a person literally the exact same as you - Mr.D- Someone else to roast everyday

My favorite high school memories:

Carley Ingle

â&#x20AC;&#x153; I will miss the familylike atmosphere and the teachers. I will also miss all the friendships I have made with the under classmen.â&#x20AC;? - Carley Ingle

- Softball region championship - When bean fell in the hallway - When Coach Hiller threw a ball at me - My first band concert - Powderpuff even though we could not play (thanks Coach Hiller) - Winning Homecoming Queen - Signing Day - Everytime Luke gets roasted by Mrs. Kitchings -Allie laughing at everything anyone says

Last will: - Chan- The Chevron - Bridges- The Chair - Miles and Gavin- Target Scout Team Receiver

My favorite high school memories: - Mr.James hanging from ceiling - Peyton Braddy jumping into the trash truck - Random dogs roaming through the parking lot

Landon Jones

Last will: - Chloe Kahley: a great junior and senior year - Maggie Watson: a new best friend - Janie Harrison: your pool and hugs - Addie Kelley: a few more tears - Paul Kelley: taking up two parking spots - Brant: another group of senior girls to think you’re the cutest thing - Girls Basketball: one more 5&30 - Trey Ham: another love/hate relationship - Breonna Glover: hugs and hellos - Mrs. Peavy: someone who can be a teachers aid as good as me ;)

My favorite high school memories:

Ellie Kahley

- Junior year homecoming week - Basketball season - Pep rallies - Senior lunch - Passion 2018 - Freshman year student sections for football games - Junior Dance - Talent Show - Faculty Follies - Junior/Senior Prom

“I will miss the family atmosphere the most about Tattnall. Tattnall has been the best second home for me the past eight years and is somewhere I will always come back to. ” - Ellie Kahley Last will: - I leave William Stubbs the role of Producer of TNN - I leave Pate Smith 15 v-bucks and the ability to be That Duck - I leave Adam Musolf a chicken nugget - I leave Bejun Desai an Overwatch coach so he can git gud. - I leave Coach Burns my vast knowledge of all things sports and my extreme athleticism - I leave Mr. D a parachute for when he jumps off the cliff of questions into a sea of answers

My favorite high school memories: - Spending time with my friends at Grad Bash at Universal. - Putting in work at swim practice and achieving faster times at the meets - Running cross-country my senior year.

Larry Keen

Last will: - Carter Fink and Gray Talton- Another Papa - Chase McClure- another campaign partner - Elmo “Albert” Daniels- the Digi - Miles- coins - The Baseball Team- Stupidity Rankings - Christain Arnett- Willie Nelson tickets - Brayden Floyd- another Father - Vince Kimball- A hug - Coach Burns- Marcia Brady

My favorite high school memories:

Luke Laskey

- Winning the Baseball State Championship Junior Year - Football Season

"I will miss all the friends and teachers and the great family atmosphere." - Andrew Long

Last will: - To Coach Burns- watch “That 70’s Show” more next year - To Chan- quit flinching in the hallway

My favorite high school memories:

Andrew Long

- When Coach Burns got mad and called Landon “Donovan” - When we all skipped Coach Oxford’s class - When we beat Stratford in basketball my freshman year

Last will: - To Jamal- I leave my football cleats even though we got the same ones, - To Jaybird- I leave some hands so he can catch the football - To Smooth- I leave my visor - To Carleigh and Kenna- I leave some Chick-fil-a - To Lance- I leave a basketball - To Kirston- I leave a Citadel wristband

My favorite high school memories:

Destin Mack

- Winning the GHSA baseball championship game in 2016 - Beating Stratford on the basketball court in 2016 - When coach O caught us walking around the school

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I will miss playing under the lights on Friday night and also the wonderful people at Tattnall Square.â&#x20AC;? - Destin Mack Last will: - To Chan hill- $3

My favorite high school memories: -Soccer - Clay Target Shooting - Football

William Manning

Last will: - To Trey Ham- I leave the “C” word and the boat - To Miles Morris- I leave a new spot (amstar) - To Kaden and Konnor Toth- I leave someone else to call y’all Steve and Stuart - To Brooks Gorman- I leave a new locker buddy in baseball - To Mrs. Dykes- I leave another boy to put in yearbook to run errands for you - To Coach Burns- I leave “nicknames” - To Gray, Carter and Hunter- I leave another group of seniors to drive y’all around and to hangout with

Austin Marchman

“I will miss the family atmosphere of Tattnall and all of the relationships that have been made with my teachers and friends.”

My favorite high school memories: - Winning the State Championship in baseball sophomore year - Senior prom and the party bus - Lake days with my friends - Basketball student sections - Junior and Senior Spring Break in Saint Simons

- Austin Marchman

Last will: - To Pate Smith, I leave my shoulder pads - To Coach Robbie Burns, I leave the hope that less earthquakes will hit his room next year

My favorite high school memories: - Going to Grad Bash - Making it to the semifinals in football junior year

William Morgan

Last will:

Ashleigh Morton

"Tattnall is my family. I have been here fourteen years; they are all I know."

- To Colleen - a great senior year, a new bestie and someone else to yell your name down the hall and act crazy when they see you! I love you! - To Maggie - a great senior year and someone else to obsess over boyfriends to - To Hannah - the Morgan’s and an awesome senior year! Love you! - To the softball team - a great season and a lot of yelling from the coaches especially Coach Gorman;) Love y’all! - To the cheerleaders - an awesome football and basketball season and someone else to cheer as loud as me - To Kenna Epps - the pitcher’s mound! Good luck these last two years of high school! - To Mary Banks and Ramsey - a new pitching coach but no worries I’ll always come back! - To Sophie Grace - a new “older sister” / pitching buddy - To Kelly Collins - someone else to always yell KELL BELL and an awesome senior year! - Mrs. Gorman’s class - a great school year in 1st grade!

My favorite school memories: - Wahsega in 5th grade - Cumberland Island trip in 6th grade - Florida trip in 8th grade - Winning the state championship in softball my 8th grade year - Making it to the state championship game my senior year - Winning region my senior year - Pitching a no hitter my junior year in the Elite Eight against Christian Heritage

- Hayden Odum

Last will: - I leave my legacy to the Marching Band and Mr. Benson - I leave the Trumpet Bible (old and new testament) to Avery Dunn

My favorite high school memories: - Savannah being my 3rd grade valentine - Savannah being my elementary girlfriend - Taking Savannah to Natalia’s - Taking Savannah to Homecoming - Savannah already having a date to prom - Breaking up with Savannah TWICE

Hayden Odum

Last will: - To Mr. Dzwonkowski- The ability to make puns - To Pate Smith- My meme page and a proper funeral for his - To Johnny Chrabuszcz- My spots at outside back in soccer and defensive back in football - To Ms. McMichael- An apology for 7th period anatomy - To Adam Musolf- My first touch in soccer - To Coach Robert- A water balloon so he can hit another member of the Bridgeman family - To Beijun Desai- The advice to never say “Lit” again - To Jacob Boone- The realization that you don’t need to carry a hat around all day at school

My favorite high school memories:

Byrce Pruitt

- The four Tattnall proms I attended - Faculty Follies and Talent Show - Having to come to school early wasn’t fun at all, but it was all worth it. I can still remember the dance routines to this day. - Being a part of Mrs. Kitching’s first class of all boys; She knows she loves us though. - Senior lunch was full of countless memories, like the time we fit six people in Perry’s Tacoma and when William almost wrecked around 12 times. - All four years of football camp were memorable. There’s nothing like watching Tyler Bennett and Brock Baggarley fight because Tyler wouldn’t get out of Brock’s bed.

Last will: - To Mrs.Bridges- a nature buddy, small group snack provider, and forever friend - To Logan Oller- another back ground dancer in band & to no longer be co-co captain - To Janie Harrison- someone else to take home after successful volleyball games - To Chloe Kahley- a teammate who never messes up the rotation - To Kennedy Kitchens- an awesome babysitter who takes you to Starbucks, Burger King, and the Pet Store - To Mr. D - a secret valentine who actually gets you gifts everyday - To Lily and Lucy Robertson- the best years left as Tattnall Trojans - To Coach Way- another student to bribe early morning help for chicken biscuits - To Anisha Goswami- someone else to struggle with when everyone else understands what’s going on - To Jody Burnett- an injured athlete who wants the blue tape over the black tape

My favorite high school memories: - McCaleigh’s scary movie bonfires - Being on the inaugural volleyball team - Late night fun after Friday night lights - Cramming into William Morgan’s car after the freshmen Valentines dance - Watching Mr.D search for artifacts at our Ecology Action Club cleanups - Going with Carley Ingle to numerous basketball games to forever cheer on the Lady Trojans - Watching mine and Ivey Whetsel’s garden grow - Step competitions, passing food, and laughing so hard we cry at lunch - Spring breaks with the chunks at a place of unpopular opinion - Panama City Beach - Going to the Bahamas with the rest of the Band of Gold - Dancing with Mrs. Stuart for one last performance in Faculty Follies

Brooke Reno

- Learning about Thug Notes in Mrs.Adam’s class - Learning from Logan Oller’s dance moves in the locker room and band room - Winning Junior year powder puff even though the c/o 2017 won’t admit it - The senior prom party

Last will: - To Trey Ham I leave my barber shop - To Carter Fink I leave my house - To Hunter Alexander I leave my brains - To Gray Talton I leave frat parties - To Brett McHugh I leave the dark side - To Kenna Epps I leave my advice - To Bo Hatcher I leave short stop - To Brooke’s Gorman I leave “two for flinching”

My favorite high school memories:

Logan Simmons

- Having Addison Klein Hopkins as my partner in crime - Fortnite games with Austin Marchman and Logan Fink

“I will miss my crazy classmates! ”

- Logan Simmons

Last will: - To my class of 2021 basketball babies, always remember you matter on and off the basketball floor and I will miss you all so much. - Finish strong Pashonaaaaa!!!!! - To Brionna, continue to succeeed in everything you do

My favorite high school memories: - Eating lunch with my sophomores and with Brionna and Abigail

"I will miss my Tattnall family and Mrs. Dingmore."

- I’Uana Slaughter

I’Uana Slaughter

Last will: - I leave Austin Whetsel a new bestie and morning car ride partner - I leave Chase McClure a new wife - I leave Chandler Gay a life time supply of skittles - I leave Pashon Jackson all my love - I leave Benjamin Stubbs a new person to hug in the hallways

My favorite high school memories:

Ivey Whetsel

- Coach Woodard’s World History class - Playing basketball with the class of 2015 - 2015 Valentines Dance - The fight against Montgomery County - Tommy Sherwood’s AP Gov. Class - Junior Powder Puff Game - Scarlett Fade at Refuge - Dancing to Footloose in Faculty Follies - When we won region in football in 2016 - Lip Sync - Jay Rozay’s chapel appearances - Mr. D’s Korner Market - Being an elf in Kids Yule Love

Last will: - To Colleen Molton- a new Hartley Bridge carpool buddy to have Disney jam sessions with, someone who will always randomly call you to come over, and someone to be your second sister and go to GAC and WAHO. - To Anna Russ- a new best friend to rant to, make car videos with and keep you sane. Also, I leave a new Moe’s date and someone who will always eat a Buffalo Chip with you. - To the Cheerleaders- a new dance that will never be used again along with a cheer, years full of spirit and memories that will last forever - To the Addy White, Maggie Hankinson and Cannen Tuckersomeone to always hug you at lunch and take pictures with - To my Small Group Girls- 4+ years of high school to enjoy and someone to always bring you snacks - To Carleigh Barrett- a new ranting buddy - To Mrs. Peavy- a new person to replace the Whitesides’ kids - To Ms. Neufeld- someone new to randomly text you, stop by your room, bring you breakfast and Starbucks and watch Finding Nemo/Dory with

My favorite high school memories: -Freshman year, when we took a trip to see the Romeo and Juliet play at Shakespeare’s Tavern -Lighting our hands on fire with Mrs. Bridges -Watching Star Wars with Mrs. Peavy our sophomore year -Playing the the Powderpuff football game -Prom workshops junior year -Valentine’s Dances -Beating up the car during football season -Pig Dissections in Anatomy -Senior Halloween Party -Grad Bash -Junior Dance - Senior Prom

Lindsey Whitesides

Last will: - To Chan Hill- my football position - To Chandler Gay- a new golf buddy - To Chase Cook- the football number 58 - To Miles Morris- a new center - To Gavin Whitfield- Stone Edge

My favorite high school memories: - Playing whiffle ball during weight training - Football Camp and football games

Chandler Whittington

“I will miss seeing my best friends everyday.”

2 Powder Puff

0 Valentine’s Dance

1 Soccer Days

- Chandler Whittington

8 iforms

n Last Day in U

Bon Voyage! Auston Grinstead

Allie Gordon Carley Ingle

Ashlyn Alligood Peyton Braddy Savannah Brown Klein Hopkins Austin Marchman Hayden Odum Bryce Pruitt

Logan Simmons

Brock Baggarley Tyler Bennett Alex Endreson Will Manning

Peyton Boone Justin Cortes Landon Jones Luke Laskey Andrew Long Ashleigh Morton Lindsey Whitesides Chandler Whittington

Logan Fink McCaleigh Harris Larry Keen

Perry Hamlin William Morgan Brooke Reno

Jacob Bridgeman Dalton Ford

Claire Bowen

McKinley Anderson

Ellie Kahley Ivey Whetsel

I’Uana Slaughter

Ben Barwick Kevin Clark

Destin Mack

“ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11


Angie Shipp Barwick (1987)

Ben Barwick (2018)

Deana Goodrich Boone (1994)

Peyton Boone (2018)

Michelle Murray Bridgeman (1993)

Jacob Bridgeman (2018)

Wendy West (1992)

Savannah Brown (2018)

Steve Ford (1986)

Dalton Ford (2018)

Mike Hopkins (1982)

Klein Hopkins (2018)

Danny Morton (1981) Ashleigh Morton (2018)

Scott Whitesides (1984) Lindsey Whitesides (2018)

TSA Last Will & Testament 2018  
TSA Last Will & Testament 2018