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FROM HEAD OF SCHOOL JOHN I hope this letter finds you and your family well. Tattnall was recently recognized as the Telegraph's “Best of the Best” for the sixth consecutive year. This recognition is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to excellence and consistent partnership the Academy maintains with our families. My challenge to all within the Tattnall family is to seek ways to make the BEST BETTER. The 2018-19 school year marks Tattnall’s 50th year of providing academic excellence for the Middle Georgia area. This standard is grounded in Christian faith, and we strive constantly to provide our students with support to meet the ever present challenges they face every day. Be on the lookout for many exciting events to commemorate our golden anniversary. The Class of 2018 is a shining example of what our school produces. These graduates have been prepared academically, spiritually, and socially to be leaders at their respective colleges and universities. I have no doubt that they will be successful in this phase and all subsequent ones. Presenting diplomas to our graduating seniors is always a special moment for me. I look forward to seeing their continued growth and hope they will keep in touch. During the summer, we performed many maintenance tasks and continue to implement upgrades on our campus. A few examples of upgrades include expanding our security camera system to include parts of our elementary campus, adding an elementary STEM lab, renovating our bandroom, repaving the parking lot, and erecting new signage at the entrance to Trojan Trail. We have hired new faculty and know you will welcome them to our family in the fall. Additionally, in a continuing effort to improve our challenging curriculum, we have expanded our course offerings in preparation for our upper school students to transition into college. Also, we have implemented a new reading curriculum for our elementary students. I hope your family found some time to rest, relax, and enjoy time together over the summer. I want to thank you again for your ongoing support of our faculty and staff. Tattnall Square Academy will continue to thrive because of the partnership between families like yours and our beloved institution. Our goal is that the service we provide far exceeds your expectations. I look forward to a great school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.

John Hankinson

Proverbs 22:6- Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.


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MISSION: Our mission is to provide an exceptional college preparatory education, grounded in Christian faith. We partner with families to develop the disciplines for lifelong success, while inspiring a passion to glorify God in all that we do. EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY: A Tattnall Square Academy education is based on the conviction that each young person has inherent, God-given talents and interests of great worth. We foster those gifts and interests and grow them into passionate and meaningful pursuits in the classroom, on the field, on the stage and throughout the local and global community. INSIDE THE SQUARE: Published annually for families and friends of Tattnall Square Academy DESIGNER: Abby Clay EDITORS: Abby Clay, Brandi Fountain, Lucy Peavy CONTRIBUTORS: Abby Clay, Brandi Fountain PHOTOGRAPHERS: Abby Clay, Vince Blasingame, Lee McDavid


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Can you imagine your life without the Tattnall traditions you cherish, lifelong friendships you made, and teachers who made a difference in your life? What about the friendships forged with other parents you made here at TSA and being a part of the Tattnall family? On February 17, 1969, a small group of dedicated parents from Tattnall Square Baptist Church made sure you would never be without what has become your extended family. They dreamed of providing an exceptional source of Christian education to our community, and in September 1969, their long held vision became a reality when Tattnall Square Academy opened with 98 students reporting to class in a building downtown on Mercer University’s campus, which bordered Tattnall Square Park. Without the dedication and personal sacrifice of those parents, we would not enjoy the beloved place we now call home. Our founders would be pleased to see how little Tattnall has changed in spirit. The school’s size perpetuates the family environment and the student centered atmosphere that continues to transform young lives. It is difficult to imagine what Tattnall Square Academy would look like without the generous contributions of time, talent and treasures that many have made throughout the years. What once consisted of only one building has now become a beautiful campus. But it is what lies within the buildings that makes Tattnall so special. Tattnall is committed to discovering


students’ strengths and God-given talents and nurturing them into who God created them to be. This means small class sizes and personalized attention. Today, as Tattnall’s second 50 years begins to unfold, the student-teacher relationship continues to be the foundation of our school. Every day across campus, faculty members encourage students to broaden their thinking, heighten their awareness of others, deepen their understanding of the difference they can make in the world, while preparing them not only to thrive academically and otherwise in college, but also to live a life that honors God and is full of purpose and meaning in all the years to come. Every fall at Tattnall, new relationships form, and old friendships are renewed and enriched. Every spring, another graduating class prepares to face new challenges, empowered by the strength of the Tattnall experience and the support of the school community. Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” As we plan for our next 50 years, we do not rest on the laurels of our first, but rather recommit our institution to the goal of providing an exemplary educational experience. The demands that goal will place on the Tattnall Square Academy of tomorrow are great, so we ask your support.


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Durwood R. Souther

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In general, personal property will not be accepted, but feel free to submit your idea if you believe there are special circumstances. Items must be small enough to fit into the capsule, so keep in mind that larger items might need to take the form of a photo or certificate. No perishable items will be included.



larry collins

Think big! What message would you like to send into the year 2069? Which memories represent TSA as a whole? How do we want future Trojans to remember the TSA of 2019? Include details about the meaning behind your idea. You do not need to provide the items that you propose.

dr. Joe b. hill


should be preserved in the 50th anniversary time capsule?

You may submit as many ideas as you’d like. TSA may contact you for more information about your idea. Submissions will be accepted through March 1, 2019.

Dr. Michael drake (2016-present)


dr. brenda shuman-riley

john hankinson

Use the form at bit.ly/tsatimecapsule to make your suggestions.





state championship titles in

20 years


I'm so proud of this team and the strong desire they had to be champions. It is an honor and privilege to be associated with this school, baseball program, team, fan base and coaching staff. - coach joey hiller


The Tattnall Square Academy Trojans (34-4) swept their series with Prince Avenue Christian (11-0, 5-2) to win the GHSA Private A State Championship. This is the Trojans 2nd title since joining the GHSA and 10th state championship title in 20 years.


What was your biggest surprise this season? There weren’t really any real surprises. The players came into this season with a single goal and mission: win a state championship. I figured they would be a little bit hungry for it after winning it in 2016 and losing it in 20I7. The biggest surprise was how we started the season. Our coaches assumed we would be very strong offensively, but we sputtered for about half the season; the pitching and defense carried us. This team really came together over spring break and started executing in all phases of the game.


What is your greatest teaching moment?


You earned your 500th victory in baseball this season. Describe that feeling?


In one word, sum up this season.

Our greatest teaching moment is always the value and importance of the team. When you place the team at the top and focus on doing everything to make the team successful, everyone benefits. Individual performances start getting better, and with great individual performances, the team does better. But it has to start with a “Team First” attitude. We call it WETEAMUS.

Bittersweet. We started this year at 499, so every time I think about it, I will wish we had gotten to 501 last season because that would have meant we were state champions in 2017. To win 500 games is great, but it’s really about the many players and coaches who were involved. Five hundred is just a number. It’s the memories that are special. TEN. The team talked a lot about that number this year, so we will use that … TEN. Ten state championships in twenty years is amazing. After winning the championship, we were flooded with texts from former players and parents. The baseball culture created here over the last twenty years is incredible, and its foundation was built by our first three state championship teams in 2000, 2001 and 2005. What we have been able to do from 2008 to 2018 is just unheard of: seven state championships, two runners up, and two final four appearances in those eleven years.



GOING GREEN Ecology Action Club

Members of Tattnall's Ecology Action Club participate not only in river clean-ups and recycling, but also in raising money to make TSA a more sustainable school. Through solar eclipse and Earth Day t-shirt sales, the Ecology Action Club raised money to purchase three water bottle filling stations, two located in the upper school building and one in the athletic complex. A local business also donated two stations in the lower school. These bottle filling stations reduce plastic waste and present a safe way to consume tap water. The stations also increase student awareness of sustainability by refilling reusable bottles and encouraging students to stop wasteful habits.

TSA's ECA Club "adopted a spot" on Northside Drive from Wesleyan to Forest Hill.


Brooke Reno Vice President Tattnall Square Academy’s Ecology Action Club received the Litter Prevention Award presented by the Keep MaconBibb Beautiful Commission. The award is given to the business that sets a high standard in the prevention and control of litter in the community. Ecology Action Club president Jacob Bridgeman, vice-president Brooke Reno and sponsor Mrs. Candace Bridges accepted the award at the annual Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission Volunteer Appreciation and Awards Luncheon held in March. Bridges stated, “I am so proud of these students for giving back to the community with such enthusiasm. These experiences have already impacted how they view litter in the community and made them want to strive to be better local and global citizens.”

Spotlight Arts on the

Mrs. Amanda Morris is known around Macon for her creative imagination and community outreach. Since joining the Tattnall family in 2015, Morris has shown her students how they, too, can impact others in the community by sharing their artwork. The talented educator feels that “art is the life giving force to our homes, theaters, advertising, entertainment, businesses and even sports. Without the visual arts, nothing functions. This is how the students share and appreciate others with their artwork.” Morris designs her scripture-based lessons to show students the relationships between art, the Bible and other disciplines. “I use art integration by combining science, art and God's word by including devotionals that surround God's creation. The students not only create art, but also memorize scripture,” stated Morris. Budding artists also receive instruction in the areas of graphic and stage design. Morris teaches these specific techniques as students paint logos on Tattnall’s athletic playing fields and work to create backdrops for special events and programs at TSA. “The process of controlling paint and providing professional lines is necessary when working for logo companies. In stage design, students learn how to create professional backdrops while thinking critically as a team. Learning these processes also exposes students to career possibilities in the visual arts,” expressed Morris. Tattnall students have exhibited their artwork at the Georgia State Capitol and at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Additionally, student art has been displayed at Coliseum Northside Hospital, the Macon-Bibb Sheriff's Office, Buffalo’s restaurant and in the windows of downtown businesses during the Cherry Blossom Festival. According to Morris, seeing their artwork in the community gives “students a passion for the world of art and shows them how to use that passion to express themselves.” Under Morris’s tutelage, a number of Tattnall’s young artists have received awards for their outstanding work. Joyanna Reitnauer and Kayla Palmateer were the only representatives from Bibb County featured at the Capitol art exhibit in Atlanta. Gracen Field (first place), Kiley Kate Hodgin (second place) and Sawyer Grant (third place) also received accolades in the Cherry Blossom Festival “Think Pink” Art Contest for Macon-Bibb County students.





Why I'll Miss Tattnall Square Academy

Brooke Reno

Tattnall has created a comfortable and flourishing environment since the first day I attended. Not only will I truly miss that, but also the teachers who show their compassion and mercy day in and day out. Each teacher goes beyond measure to ensure a student's success and understanding! It is a constant effort from every staff member that makes Tattnall such a successful family environment. I’ve enjoyed my years as a Trojan, and I thank Tattnall for the passion, ambition, and determination they have instilled in me as a student and person. It is a community filled with constant encouragement and a daily reminder that Christ is who we are living for, and we shall do everything in his name.

Jacob Bridgeman

The thing I will miss most about Tattnall is the family-like atmosphere and the teachers who are always willing to help. No matter what problem you may have, school related or not, there is always somebody there to help you.




Allie Gordon

I will miss all the friendships I have gained. I will especially miss playing sports with the best teammates and feeling comfortable enough to try out a new sport. The family atmosphere cannot be found anywhere else. I will miss how I am comfortable enough with the teachers to come to them with anything. I will miss everything about Tattnall.

Savannah Brown

What I’ll miss most about Tattnall is the staff. I never once felt like I couldn’t ask for help with my schoolwork, personal life, or faith. Most of all, I’ll miss my family. Tattnall has been my home for the past fourteen years, and I can’t thank the school enough for giving me my Tattnall family!


MEMORIES TSA is collecting stories and memories from alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, and we want to hear from YOU! email ABBY.CLAY@TATTNALL.ORG. Include a photo if you wish! Here's a few to get you started on yours! "I started Tattnall in kindergarten when it was on Adams Street over by Mercer across from Tattnall Square Park!” - Ranae Harper Mitchell ‘83

Hey Trojans...


TSA's colors were originally purple and gold and the logo was a triangle.

“Once a Trojan, Always a Trojan! I’m so proud of the years I spent at TSA - both as a parent and as a teacher. I miss all my friends from those days.”

- Gloria Trahan Boy

"I remember when the whole school was housed in one building. Back then, Trojan Hall was the gym. The high school was on one side, and the elementary was on the the other. Beloved English teachers Doe Watson and Pat Jenkins welcomed me, mentored me, helped me and inspired me to try to be the best teacher I could be." - Shirley Kitchings “It is so surreal to see my children walking the same halls I did, to be brought up by some of the same faculty, to learn what it means to be a Tattnall Trojan. I am happy to be a part of the same community that taught me so much and prepared me to follow my passions throughout life!”

Tattnall Square Baptist Church was originally on Mercer's campus. The Academy was located on Adams Street across from Tattnall Square Park.

Tattnall Square Academy moved to our current location in 1972.

- Ashlee Gowder Hammonds ('98) I have been with Tattnall since 1984-my 5th grade year. I'm am so proud to be an alumna of this great school! I fell so in love with Tattnall, I knew there was no other place I would send my children. I can honestly say now I see the same smiles, Christian character, curriculum, and family through my children's eyes-I know they are at a great place and I am so thankful to call Tattnall my home!!

- Ginny Ivey Dopson ('92)

The front entrance used to be on Lakecrest Drive, which is our current middle school entrance.


Lower school adopts new motto Our lower school staff has adopted the motto REACH & TEACH. First, our desire is to REACH students with the love and understanding of Jesus. We take seriously our responsibility to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We embrace this task with a strong understanding that knowing Christ will not only affect their lives, but also, and more importantly, change where they will spend eternity. The second portion of our motto is to TEACH. Of course it is; we are teachers! But our goal is to teach in a way that will make the greatest impact in all areas of their academic development. We want to inspire our students to reach their fullest potential, and we understand that by teaching with excellence, we have an opportunity to equip them with skills for a successful future. What an awesome responsibility and opportunity God has given us! By REACHing and TEACHing each and every day, we are confident that we will impact our students both spiritually and academically. At Tattnall, we are honored to be able to serve your family in this way.

SUSANNAH ALLEN Assistant Head of School Lower School Director

KURT DZWONKOWSKI WINS TEACHER EXCELLENCE AWARD Kurt Dzwonkowski has come full circle. In 2007, he was a Golden Eagle winner in Mathematics, and now, 11 years later, after only three years at Tattnall, is a Teacher Excellence Award winner. Kurt teaches five different math classes, three of which are Advanced Placement, and treats each class as if it’s his only one. “Mr. D” as he’s known around Tattnall, is renowned for his creative and engaging teaching style, zeal for calculations, and consummate devotion to students. AP participation and scores have soared because of the rigorous preparation and support he provides to inspire confidence and help his students succeed. Committed to helping every student gain the critical thinking skills essential to success on standardized tests and Advanced Placement exams, Kurt’s after-school tutoring and early morning practice sessions for AP classes at Chick-Fil-A are routine – and he’s known to pick up the breakfast tab. Kurt Dzwonkowski connects reallife experiences to mathematic and is adored for devising test questions incorporating the name of every pupil in his class. How many students do you know who have their own personal math problem? A STAR Teacher this year, Tattnall students describe Mr. D as astounding, enthusiastic, and passionate – with a love of teaching that extends to extracurricular activities like Math Team and the Ecology Action Club, where he rolls up his sleeves and joins students for road and river cleanups. - Telegraph Staff


BRIDGING THE GAP Casual dining meets upscale service at Oliver's Corner Bistro Chef Matthew Hammock (‘09), along with his wife Nikki, opened Oliver’s Corner Bistro on Poplar and Second in downtown Macon in late 2017. Located in the space that was once Ginger Stir-Fry & Grill, the American-style bistro, named for the couple's three year old son, Oliver, has become a popular spot. Prior to opening Oliver’s, Hammock studied Culinary/Pastry at the Culinary Institute of Savannah. Returning home to Macon, Matthew served as the executive chef at Tic Toc Room for three years, and Nikki worked as a manager at Bearfoot Tavern. Success has come quickly for the savvy entrepreneurs, built as much on guests’ warm connection with Matthew and Nikki as their appreciation of the food. Oliver’s Corner Bistro was voted Best New Restaurant of 2018 by readers in the Telegraph’s Best of the Best. The couple’s goal has been to offer a fine dining experience without fine dining prices and describe their restaurant concept as “an American-style bistro with a lot of European influences.” As a native Maconite, Matthew has a great appreciation for the community of “great people who love this town so much that they work nonstop to make it better.” They also praise downtown Macon’s significant “growth over the past decade” and join those involved in “the constant preservation of the city’s history.” The bistro’s decor features interesting details like vintage photographs of the area surrounding the restaurant. "We wanted to pay homage to what was here before us," said Nikki Hammock. Matthew noted, “I really don’t think people who haven’t been to downtown Macon understand what awesome things are happening. And we want more people to come and enjoy Macon!” A Tattnall Traveler, Hammock followed in the footsteps of his brother Michael (‘03) and sister Meredith (‘06) who also attended TSA from kindergarten through graduation, but Hammock made his own mark during his time as a Tattnall Trojan. He was frequently seen on the stage acting in One Act plays and performing in talent shows. A Senior Superlative, Hammock was named “Most Talented” by his classmates, and he was also Homecoming King. “One thing I loved most about my years at Tattnall was the overwhelming love and genuineness of the teachers. My number one was Mrs. Peavy (Ms. Dykes) and Mr. Sherwood. They believed in me the most, and I have so much love and respect for them. We still talk to this day. I also met my life long friends at Tattnall. Tattnall is my family!”



LEADING THE WAY WITH Care Dr. Rebecca Wells (‘06), University of Georgia

Clinical Assistant Professor, was named the new coordinator for the Master of Social Work (MSW)/ Master of Public Health (MPH) Program at the university. Dr. Wells holds MSW and MPH degrees from the University of South Carolina and a doctorate in public health, health services and policy research from Georgia State University. She most recently worked at the Georgia State University Center for Leadership and Disability, providing research and project support to community-based projects at the local and state levels. She also was a major contributor to the Georgia Leadership, Education and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) evaluation team. Her research interests include the medical home model for children with special healthcare needs and the use of e-portfolios to enhance social work education.

“I really love teaching and the opportunity to make an impact to help students to see things in new ways and potentially change their career trajectories,” said Dr. Wells, who also holds Georgia State University’s Certificate of Excellence in Teaching and Learning. This fall, she will be teaching the graduate course “Social Work in Healthcare Settings.” She holds a 50/50 appointment with the College of Public Health.

Minx Damron Fite (‘12) was named the Navicent Health Surgical Services Nurse of the Year in May 2018. Fite loves her job because she loves people. She’s passionate about protecting their feelings and dignity during scary and vulnerable times. She often rearranges her late day to help with a surgery that will run into the evening and even stays late because she has promised a patient she would be there. Fite works full time in the operating room at the Medical Center, Navicent Health, while also working to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

18 | Inside the square - tat-

Internal medicine resident at massachusetts general hospital

dr. Justin belk ('10) After graduating from Tattnall in 2010, Dr. Justin Belk (‘10) began his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. With dreams of becoming a medical doctor, he then attended the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, where he graduated in 2018. On February 24, 2018, Belk married the love of his life and high school sweetheart, Taylor Treen Belk. They currently reside in Boston, where he is completing an internal medicine residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, and she is a veterinarian completing an internship at Angell Animal Medical Center. Belk has also accepted a teaching position as a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School. While the couple has enjoyed their adventure in New England, they do plan to return to the South and settle down in a few years. 19 | Inside the square - tat-


Alumni Updates Steve Ford’s (’86) son Dalton Ford (‘18) was named 2018 STAR student and salutatorian thirty-two years after Steve earned the same titles in 1986. Ford received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech and currently works as a senior hardware design engineer at Northrop Grumman, where he creates specialized electronics for military aircraft. Dalton plans to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech, but will begin at Mercer University for his core courses.

Katy Thompson Carr (’96) and her husband Adam welcomed a baby girl via adoption in November. Caroline Elizabeth Carr was born November 6, 2017, and they are thrilled. Carr currently works for the hospitality company Landry’s Inc., where she has served as director of training for seven years.

Bryan D. Scott (’91) publicly launched Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC in June 2018. The company sells Find Me Funzy the Fox™, a seven-day interactive hide and seek game that can be played between children and their parents or other loved ones. The game comes with a stuffed animal and book. For seven days, guided by clues in the book, parents or other loved ones hide Funzy, and children seek to find him while having fun, building relationships and making memories. Visit worthwhilepursuits.com to see Scott’s new venture. Scott is married to Julie Daniel Scott (’93) who currently teaches at TSA, and the couple has three children, Avery (’22), Brynn (’24), and Asa (’26). "Tattnall has a special place in our lives, and the Tattnall family has been supportive of the new endeavor. It is our hope that Find Me Funzy the Fox is a blessing to kids and their loved ones, that relationships are made strong, that laughs are had, and that fun memories are made.”

Want to include your update in our Alumni Notes section? Email your information to abby.clay@tattnall.org with a high resolution photo! 20 | Inside the square - tat-

Molly Stevens (‘01) was featured on NBC's 14th season of The Voice, which aired in February 2018. During the blind auditions, celebrity judges Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson each vied for the role of Stevens’ vocal coach, and in the end, Stevens chose Team Clarkson. She started her successful musical career in Macon, singing in church and in TSA’s One-Act plays and talent shows. Stevens recently signed a recording contract with Marrow MP Records in New Market, Alabama.

Ashlee Gowder Hammonds (‘98), Tattnall honor graduate, received a Bachelors of Business Administration from Mercer University in 2002. Hammonds was the nation’s youngest senior director for The United Way from 2002 to 2007. She then worked as a genetics educator for ten years, teaching physicians to identify individuals at high risk for carrying the breast cancer gene. In 2010, she helped found The Best of the Best physical therapy practice, The Hammonds Centre, and served as its chief operating officer. In 2015, she founded Family Makers Surrogacy, which assists families who no longer have the ability to carry a baby locate and work with a gestational carrier to grow their family. The organization helps families in the United States and abroad. She married Matthew Hammonds in 2007, and they have twins, Hannah (‘32) and Collin (‘32), who are K4 students at TSA. They welcomed a third child, Hadley, in January 2017.

“So many families struggle to have children, to feel and to experience all of the joy and special moments that a child can bring to our lives. It is an honor every day to help those who want to be parents overcome such extraordinary challenges. They fight infertility, cancer, illness or disability with an unwavering goal to have their family. They are the heroes, and it is so amazing to witness the happiness a long-awaited baby brings.” Kyle Redmond (‘08) married Audrey Ruark Redmond in June 2014. Redmond graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry and a Master of Arts in teaching. He went on to teach high school and middle school science and was named STAR teacher in 2016. Redmond also enjoys coaching football, basketball and soccer. Audrey works at Georgia College and is completing her Ph.D. at Kennesaw State University. The couple lives in Milledgeville and welcomed their first child, Caroline, in October 2017.

Tattnall alums Caroline Adams (09), Merry Bridgeman (09), Bethany Oxford Sheffield (09), Rachel Oxford Smyth (07), and Sarah Oxford Knapp (14) attended a baby shower for Bethany, who welcomed son Cason August 25, 2018.

Kyle Garrett (‘04) was named Tattnall’s 2018 Joe Magnan Alumnus of the Year, designating him as the commencement speaker for the Class of 2018. Dr. Garrett is building a career in the field of dentistry and currently serves as a Periodontal Resident at the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University. Garrett credits Dr. Shawn Scott ('90) with mentoring and encouraging him in his journey to become a dental professional. He is married to Ashley Cerame Garrett, and the couple welcomed baby girl Stella Grace in May 2017.

“I will always look back at my time at TSA fondly. I feel Tattnall gave me, and my fellow alumni, a tremendous foundation to build any life that we desire."

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Hunter Price (‘10) made it through his America’s Got Talent audition with an original song “Left Behind.” Price wowed Tattnall audiences with his musical performances in TSA talent shows, and now he is wowing others on the big stage. Price’s song “Left Behind” is downloadable on iTunes and Spotify.

download hunter's song "left behind" on itunes and spotify.

Blake Garrison ('10) and Alana Brownlee Garrison ('10) were married September 28, 2013, after meeting at Tattnall in 2005. Alana graduated from Central Georgia Technical College in Milledgeville with a Masters in Cosmetology. She currently works as the Small Groups Ministry Assistant at Northway Church in Macon. Blake is a sales professional at Geico. The Garrisons welcomed their son Weston Blake Garrison in February 2018.

Taylor Story (‘12) and Cail Brinson (‘12) were married May 5, 2018, after having met in 6th grade at Tattnall and dated since 10th grade. Taylor graduated from nursing school at Middle Georgia State University and now works as a labor and delivery nurse at Navicent Health in Macon. Cail owns a contracting company for the chalk mines in Wilkinson County, where he was raised. The happy couple plans to buy a house and settle down in Twiggs County.

Shelley Green Jakiel (‘10) married Andrew James Jakiel on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2018, at White Oaks Barn in Dahlonega. Her sister, Whitley Green Denney (‘08), served as matron of honor. Shelley graduated from the University of North Georgia with a degree in athletic training in 2015 and received her master’s degree from Shorter University in 2016. She is employed with Emory Orthopaedics and Spine Center in Atlanta. Andrew graduated from the University of Mount Union in 2008 with a degree in athletic training and received his master’s degree from California University of Pennsylvania in 2013. He is employed with the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega. The couple lives in Buford.

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Jeffery Mark Shepherd (‘09) married Ansley

Ryan Knapp (‘12) and Sarah Oxford (‘14) were

Sohaski Shepherd January 2, 2018. He is the successful owner of Shepherd Brothers Paving, LLC in Macon.


married December 31, 2017 at Southern Bridle Farms. Sarah’s father the Reverend Andy Oxford officiated. Among her bridesmaids were Tattnall alumnae Rachel Oxford Smyth (‘07), Bethany Oxford Sheffield (‘09), Blair Bazemore (‘13), Annie Vogel (‘14), Andie Hamlin Greene (‘14), Morgan Knapp (‘16) and Katie Sanders (‘17). The couple lives in Macon, where Sarah works with Hope Foster Care at the Methodist Home of Macon, and Ryan serves as a student pastor at Musella Baptist Church. They recently added a very active puppy named Maggie to their family!

Shawver Adams (‘14) graduated with magna cum laude honors from the University of South Carolina in December 2017 with a major in political science and a minor in criminal justice. In August he will attend Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, North Carolina as the recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship. Adams is engaged to Hannah Clark, and their wedding will be held December 29 in High Point, North Carolina.

"I can't wait to start this next chapter of my life."

Coleman Rumney (‘17) graduated from Parris Island Marine Boot Camp in June 2018.

Shelby Johnson (‘14) graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and a minor in child and family development in May 2018. During nursing school, she worked as a nurse extern in Navicent Health’s Post Anesthesia Care Unit and Emergency Department. Following graduation, she traveled to Italy to participate in a healthcare study abroad program. Upon her return, Johnson accepted a position in Navicent Health’s Level 1 Trauma Center, Emergency Department and currently works as an RN while studying to become certified in trauma nursing at Critical Care Academy. "I am so excited to finally have my dream job!"

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friday, september 28

alumni picnic

5:30 - 7:30 p.m. tattnall baseball field


watch different generations of our school's teams play!


september 22, 2018 11:00 a.m.

september 22, 2018 2:00 p.m.



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Impact Report


ecause of our faithful and generous donors like you, 2017-2018 was a great year for Tattnall Square Academy. Your contributions to the school last year, which are critical to the annual budget and strategic plans for the future of TSA, totaled $347,237.98 (including Annual Fund, restricted giving, and GOAL). The TSA Annual Fund remains the top giving priority of the school, and we are grateful for the 47 percent participation our parents achieved, gaining us access to more foundation dollars for the school. Your extraordinary responses to the Annual Fund will significantly enhance the programs and facilities at Tattnall Square Academy.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it: Proverbs 22:6

impact report Legacy Society 10,000 & over Kevin and Candace Brown Anonymous Michael Deason Golden Circle $5,000-$9,999 Bo and Tina Brindley Delta Air Lines Foundation Tom Harrington Tom and Mary Hinson Dwight Jones

Visionaries Circle $2,500-$4,999 Robert and Alicia David Jae and Christine Epps

Headmaster’s Circle $1,000-$2,499 Rodney and Linda Anderson Armstrong Foundation Andy and Michelle Bacchus BB&T Bank Robert and Jessica Betzel Ronnie and Cherie Bland Brad and Alyson Bryant Greg and MeLisa Clay JH Cockfield Brent and Holly Collins Gary and Colleen Dunagan Jonas and Mildred Endreson Brad and Gina Fink Georgia Farm Bureau Federation Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia Gene and Shirley Kitchings Kroger

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It is an honor to take this opportunity to recognize the many donors which include parents, alumni, faculty, grandparents, corporate partners, and friends of the school in the impact report. Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we seek to provide our students with the best programs and facilities. Brandi Fountain, Director of Development

2017-2018 Annual Fund Giving James Lambert Jeff and Tonya McClure Joey and Sandra McHugh Middle Georgia Concert Band George and Lynn Monk Ortho Georgia Mark Pitts Raytheon Matt and Joy Reno Shawn and Ashley Scott State Farm Foundation Lee and Karen Swann The Corner Market Wells Fargo

True Blue $500-$999 Kevin and Connie Baggarley Justin and Susan Bankston Tom and Mardi Bass Benevity Community Impact Fund & American Endowment Federation Darren and Stacy Berkner Cintas Rette and Julie Collins Glenn and Jennifer Cook Roy and Carol Etheridge Mike Foster Gordon and Sylvia Greenwood Grant and Gina Greenwood John and Katie Hankinson Industrial Steel & Macinery, Inc Jacks Saw Shop Sheri Jacobs Windle and Patricia Johnson Macon Bibb County Industrial Authority

Gifts dated: 6.1.17 - 5.31.18

Larry Mason Mark Morgan Rhonda and Wayne Perry Publix Partners Program Rampage Solutions, LLC Brian and Melissa Stanley State Bank Michael and Jenny Stubbs Sysco Atlanta Waites and Foshee Insurance Mike and Barbara Winget

Blue and Gold $250-$499 ACS Computer Systems Amazon Smile Bank of the Ozarks Benefit Analysts, Inc J.O. and Lisa Benson Jim and Anya Bloodworth Stephan and Pat Cheek Harriette Drescher Joe Ethridge Robby and Brandi Fountain Garry and Patti Garretson Wes and Tiffany Herndon Jamie and Susan Hulett Infinity Network Solutions Paul and Beth McKnight Frank Morris Dave and Brandy Neubauer Billy and Donna Paul Shawn and Amanda Pope Steve Romine Mark and Christy Rowland Shanna Stone

Gifts dated: 6.1.17 - 5.31.18 Kevin and Debbie Tanner Tattnall Square Baptist Church Caleb and Gaylyn Vinson Brandon and Jessie Winget Misty Ziglar

Trojan Circle $100-$249 Travis and Courtney Absher Chuck and Lynne Adams Donnie and Susannah Allen Teresa Arnold Chuck and Kim Bankston Patsy Bridgeman Scott and Beth Brown Trice Burger Robert and Stacy Chambers Jerry and Jana Dingmore Tucker Dunaway Robert and Deborah Dunn Fazolis Scott and Angel Field Charles and Joy Floyd Steve and Laura Ford Steve and Melia Foxworth Jim and Holly Gay Jim and Angie Gillis Gottwals Books John and Tracy Gray Frank and Laura Green Matthew Griffin Warren and Joan Griffin Kevin and Stephanie Grinstead Jeffery and Christy Hallman Terry and Kim Ham Keith and Rhonda Hardy Tom Harrington Jay and Melanie Hawthorne Prestley and Barbara Hayslip Joey and Cristy Hiller Bryan and Stacy Hinson Ted and Lynn Hinson Bill Ivey Jimmy and Maebelle Joyner Larry and Kathy Keen Eddie and Deborah Kelley Glenn and Lanier Kelley Jon and Misty Kitchens Michael and Karmen Knapp Dale Lester Ronald Moore Van and Ginger Murphy Julie Rankin Faye Sappe SBC Nonprofit Consulting LLC ServPro of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley Wayne and Fran Shaw Vaughan and Courtney Silvernail Brannen and Jenny Smith Jarvis and Shandolyn Smith Tom and Carolyn Smothers Barry and Carolyn Stuart Rob and Tey Warnock Kenneth and Linda Waters

Bryan Way R.G. Welmering Todd and Daphne Whetsel Theresa Wright

Friends $1-$99

2017-2018 Annual Fund Giving

Kevin and Debbie Ball James and Sarah Banter Joseph and Laura Bartow Brad and April Beasley Miles Benson Brian and Christina Bowker Joshua and Deana Brewer in honor of Camden Brewer Ross and Candace Bridges Alexander Burgand Jody and Emily Burnett Robbie and Dawn Burns Lamar and Linda Bush Neal and Barbara Chapman Abby Clay Bonnie Dopson Terry and Paula Douthit Michael and Mardi Drake Stephanie English Craig and Tammy Everidge Tom and Melanie Gorman Clay and Amy Hicks Clint and Tara Johnson Dan Johnson Rick and Sandy Kahley Dean and Jan Laskey Tony and Julie Long Stacey Lumley Leslie Maruri James and Marty Massey Callie McMichael Shonta Mincey Dewey and Amanda Morris Peter and Dresden Muncy Nicki Leigh Neufeld John and Lori Oakes Robert Ochieng Andy and Anne Oxford Mike and Lucy Peavy Otto and Sharla Reitnauer Bryan and Julie Scott Will and Sue Shoemaker Tracy and Melissa Stille Olivia Stroud Lew and Leslie Watson

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Impact Report Sustaining Society (3+ years Consecutive Giving)

Travis and Courtney Absher Chuck and Lynne Adams Donnie and Susannah Allen Rodney and Linda Anderson Andy and Michelle Bacchus Kevin and Connie Baggarley Kevin and Debbie Ball Justin and Susan Bankston Sarah Banter Mrs. Laura Bartow Tom and Mardi Bass Tom and Cathy Baugh Brad and April Beasley Miles Benson Robert and Jessica Betzel Ronnie and Cherie Bland Jim and Anya Bloodworth Joshua and Deana Brewer Patsy Bridgeman Ross and Candace Bridges Bo and Tina Brindley Kevin and Candace Brown Scott and Beth Brown Wesley and Amy Brown Linda and Lamar Bush Scott and Stacy Chambers Neal and Barbara Chapman Steve and Pat Cheek Ron and Sue Chipman Greg and MeLisa Clay J.H. Cockfield Brent and Holly Collins Rette and Julie Collins Glenn and Jennifer Cook Robert and Alicia David Jerry and Jana Dingmore Terry and Paula Douthit Michael and Mardi Drake

28 | Inside the square - tattnall.

Gifts dated: 6.1.17 - 5.31.18

2017-2018 Annual Fund Giving

Gary and Colleen Dunagan E.J. Grassman Trust Jonas and Mildred Endreson Stephanie English Jae and Christine Epps Roy and Carol Etheridge Charles and Joy Floyd Steve and Laura Ford Robby and Brandi Fountain Steve and Melia Foxworth Daniel and Patricia Fussell John and Andrea Fyke Garry and Patti Garretson Jay and Angelia Gillis Tom and Melanie Gorman John and Tracy Gray Frank and Laura Green Grant and Gina Greenwood John and Katie Hankinson Keith and Rhonda Hardy Tom Harrington Jay and Melanie Hawthorne Prestley and Barbara Hayslip Wes and Tiffany Herndon Clay and Amy Hicks Joey and Cristy Hiller Lance and Elizabeth Hilliard Bryan and Stacy Hinson Ted and Lynn Hinson Jamie and Susan Hulett Sheri Jacobs Clint and Tara Johnson Jimmy and Maebelle Joyner Rick and Sandy Kahley Larry and Kathy Keen Eddie and Deborah Kelley Glenn and Lanier Kelley Jon and Misty Kitchens Gene and Shirley Kitchings Kroger James Lambert Dean and Jan Laskey Amy McAlpin

Ethan and Phelicia McCallum Jeff and Tonya McClure Paul and Beth McKnight Callie McMichael Middle Georgia Concert Band Jan Miller George and Lynn Monk Mark Morgan Tate and Stephanie Morris Dewey and Amanda Morris Van and Ginger Murphy Nicki Leigh Neufeld John and Lori Oakes Andy and Anne Oxford Lucy Peavy Rhonda and Wayne Perry Pharmaceutical Dimensions Mark Pitts Shawn and Amanda Pope Publix Partners Program Otto and Sharla Reitnauer Matt and Joy Reno Mark and Christy Rowland Shawn and Ashley Scott Bryan and Julie Scott Fran and Wayne Shaw Vaughn and Courtney Silvernail Brannen and Jenny Smith Jarvis and Shandolyn Smith Tom and Carolyn Smothers State Bank Deborah and Mark Stevens Tracy and Melissa Stille Olivia Stroud Barry and Carolyn Stuart Michael and Jenny Stubbs Lee and Karen Swann Kevin and Debbie Tanner Rob and Tey Warnock Lew and Leslie Watson Todd and Daphne Whetsel Brandon and Jessie Winget Misty Ziglar

Gifts dated: 6.1.17 - 5.31.18 Legacy Society 10,000 & over Kevin and Candace Brown Ronnie and Cherie Bland Epps Brothers, Inc. Cutting Edge Landscaping

Golden Circle $5,000-$9,999 Macon Orthopaedic and Hand Center, PA-OrthoGeorgia Visionaries Circle $2,500-$4,999 El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant Georgia Farm Bureau Tate and Stephanie Morris Panaprint Primary Pediatrics, LLC Shawn and Ashley Scott Headmaster’s Circle $1,000-$2,499 313 Investments, LLC Alex Thigpin Agency, Inc. Bank of Early Tom and Kathy Baugh Beacon Sales Acquisition Best Distributing Co. Robert Betzel Bryant Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. Butler Automotive Group, Inc. Cherokee Brick Chick-fil-A at Tom Hill Coliseum Health System Collins Orthodontist GIGA Terry and Kim Ham James and Jessica Hatcher Industrial Steel & Machinery, Inc. Jackson Automotive Jacobs Sheet Metal Marlon and Julie Marchman Moccasin Creek Farms Phillips Chiropractic Sheri Jacobs Michael and Felicia Simmons Smaha Orthodontics Sonny's BBQ Three Oaks Construction & Development, Inc. Three Ten Partners Stephen Turner Vincor, LLC Waites and Foshee Insurance True Blue $500-$999 Atlanta Sand & Supply Diversfield Recycling FastenersPlus Supply Co., Inc. Fazoli's Geico Jack's Saw Shop Law Offices of Connie L. Williford McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks John Morgan, Sr. William Paul The Cottages on Wesleyan Assisted Living The Gables on Forsyth, LLC Truth Be Told Art, LLC Unique Auto Sales Zoner's Pizza Joint Blue and Gold $250-$499 Ag and Land Finance

Ambrose Pediatric Dentistry Apparel Authority Atlanta Dental Supply Kevin and Debbie Ball BCI Insulation Believers Cleaning Darren and Stacy Berkner Norman Bostic Bright Claim Critter Fixer II Corp Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters Don's Towing Service, Inc. Jimmy and Dee Ann Dooley Dozier Law Firm, LLC Drives Plus Dykes Foods Elite Environmental Services First Environmental Nationwide Five Star Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mazda, Hyundai G.A. Faulkner, Jr. Company, Inc. Gilbert Trucking Ginny Marie's Grant's Tire and Auto, LLC Griffin's Pool Supply Thomas Keith Hartness Irwin Services Jars of Clay, LLC Kala Kunard, MD, LLC James Massey Deborah McMichael MGC Roofing & Construction, Inc. Mikado Baptist Church Mike Adams Towing Mike Martinek State Farm Mark Morgan Morris Bank Omni Health Solutions, LLC Out of the Park.Info, LLC Paces Contracting Services Pet Stop of Central Georgia, LLC PJC Restoration Powercon Realty Unlimited, LLC REBCAL, LLC - 5 Star National ServPro of Thomaston, Forsyth & Fort Valley Smith Brown & Groover, Inc. Southern Commercial Tire Spotless Cleaning Service, Inc. State Bank & Trust Company Sysco Rick and Penny Talton The ENT Center of Central GA, P.C. Thompson Cove, Inc. Darren and Sharon Willis Zaxby's of Middle Georgia

Trojan Circle $100-$249 551 Circa, LLC Alston Howard Agency, LLC Amos CPA Andora Boutique Angels of Mercy Private Home Care Service Billy and Kay Ashley Bankston Lumber Company, Inc. Beverly B. Sanders, MD Bibb County Sheriff Scott and Beth Brown Lamar and Linda Bush Buxton Construction

2017-2018 booster Giving Casteel Taxidermy Greg and MeLisa Clay Dezoort Agency, LLC Elite Land Services Erthal Chiropractic Center Lisa Evans Express Sunrooms of Macon First Baptist Church Forsyth Five Star Nissan Christopher and Christy Fiveash Haywood and Carolyn Fouraker Freedom Fireworks, LLC Game on Training, LLC Gary Dunagan Agency, Inc.- State Farm Georgia Environmental Global Parts Distribution Granitz Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Harrison's Body Shop Hays Service, LLC Prestley and Barbara Hayslip Healthy Living Partners, LLC Image Ink J Don Spillers, Jr. DMD James L. Gibson, CPA Mrs. Randy Jones, Sr. Jimmy and Maebelle Joyner KHS, Inc. - Middle GA Realty Lancaster Tire, LLC Layson Advisory Group Lighting Associates, Inc. Lunsford Tree Service, Inc. M&M Pools Michael and Emily Mathews McCallum Hauling, LLC MGTS Lawn Service Middle GA Propane Midsouth Community Federal Credit Union George and Lynn Monk New Atlantic Realty Group, Inc. North Dallas Honey Co. - Nature Nate's Northside Tire Payne Mill Antiques, Inc. Primary Eyecare Associates R&S Bart, Inc. Raffield Tire Masters, Inc. Rutherford Trophies Gregory and Nicole Sapp Scarborough Family Medicine Something Special, DM Spinen Sweet Dreams Nurse Anethesiology Taylor Family Companies Team Sports, Inc. The Dent Guys, Inc. The Grey Goose, LLC The Sanford Company Wesleyan Ace Hardware, Inc. Whitley Holdings Furniture Clinic Wild Wing Cafe Youmans Chevrolet

Friends $1-$99 Randy and Chris Collins Rod and Lois Oleson Ray Pippin Mary Walke

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Impact Report

Gifts dated: 6.1.17 - 5.31.18

The TSA Annual Report is provided in this issue of Inside the Square to inform families about the financial success and responsibilty of our school. Information reported here is from the 2017-2018 fiscal year beginning June 1, 2017 and ending May 31, 2018.

financial summary for fiscal year 2017-2018 income Tuition K3-12 (81%) Class & Club (8%) Miscellaneous Fees (2%) Annual Giving (2%) Athletic Income (1%) Daycare/Summer Daycare (1%) Other Income (2%)

2017-2018 Annual Fund Giving



attnall Square Academy is grateful to the 85 individuals (including 11 business owners) who applied for a 2018 Education Tax Credit on behalf of TSA for $235,675. Incredibly, all $58 million of the total available 2018 credits were completely consumed in one day on January 1, 2018 and as a result, all applicants were pro-rated and TSA received $129,611. These important tax credit dollars provided opportunities for 51 students to attend Tattnall Square Academy as GOAL recipients this year. Thank you for taking the education tax credit and changing students’ lives! - 2018 Tax Year - $235,675 raised tax credit - 2017 Tax Year - $199,880 raised tax credit - 2016 Tax Year - $211,336.00 raised tax credit - 2015 Tax Year- $177,766.44 raised tax credit - 2014 Tax Year- $112,098.62 raised tax credit

Cafeteria (3%)

expenses Salaries, Taxes, & Benefits (53%) Tuition Assistance (19%) Physical Location & Utilities (8%) Academic (8%) Administrative (6%) Financing (3%) Athletic (1%) Cafeteria (2%)

30 | Inside the square - tattnall.

For more information regarding the Georgia GOAL tax credit program, please visit our website at www.tattnall.org/georgia-goal/ or contact Brandi Fountain in the development office at 478-477-6760 ext. 183.

thank you 2018 goal donors

Travis and Courtney Absher Charles and Lynne Adams Donnie and Susannah Allen Mike Avery Charles and Kimberly Bankston James and Sarah Banter Laura Bartow Tom and Kathy Baugh Miles Benson Robert and Jessica Betzel Ronnie and Cherie Bland Brian and Christina Bowker Joe and Tina Bowker Larry and Bettina Brindley Scott and Beth Brown Bryant Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Brad and Alyson Bryant Jody and Emily Burnett Robert and Stacy Chambers Steve and Pat Cheek Ron and Sue Chipman Abby Clay Greg and MeLisa Clay Brent and Holly Collins Glenn and Jennifer Cook Larry and Cathy Crumbley Jerry and Jana Dingmore Lester and Brenda Dozier

Gary and Dolleen Dunagan Lucas and Tucker Dunaway Steve and Laura Ford Robby and Brandi Fountain Steven and Melia Foxworth Garry and Patty Garretson Amanda Gaskins-Morris Tom and Melanie Gorman James and Laura Green Shirley Greenway Grant and Gina Greenwood Terry and Kimberley Ham John and Katie Hankinson Keith and Rhonda Hardy William and Jackie Hartley Wes and Tiffany Herndon Joey and Cristy Hiller Lance and Elizabeth Hilliard Bryan and Stacy Hinson Lynn and Melinda Hooven Clint and Tara Johnson Chance Jones Eddie and Deborah Kelley Emory and Shirley Kitchings Tony and Julie Long Paul and Beth McKnight Callie McMichael Scott and Erica McNally Jan Miller

Walter and Connie Miller George and Lynn Monk John and Donna Morgan Mark Morgan Tate and Stephanie Morris Peter and Dresden Muncy Nicki Leigh Neufeld John and Lori Oakes Andy and Anne Oxford Louis and Mary Philhower Otto and Sharla Reitnauer Matt and Joy Reno Matt and Brandy Rogers Mark Christy Rowland Shawn and Ashley Scott Michael Sharkey William and Sue Shoemaker Brannen and Jenny Smith Dennis and Tina Smith Jarvis and Shandolyn Smith Mark and Deborah Stevens Barry and Carolyn Stuart Thomas and Mary Ellen Stuart Kevin and Debbie Tanner Lew and Leslie Watson Bryan and Robin Way Todd and Daphne Whetsel John and Amanda Wood Chad and Cecilia Yats

Note: It is our intent to be as accurate as possible in reporting donors. We realize, however, that errors may inadvertantly be made, and we apologize in advance for any innaccuracies that may occur in this report. If you do notice an error, please notify the development office immediately so that we may correct the information in our database and for future reports.

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Highlights 1. The team of Kenna Epps, Kyle Johnson, and Kaden Toth were honored at a luncheon in the Fox Theatre Egyptian Ballroom for finishing 1st place in the Georgia Council of Economic Education Stock Market Game for the 8th Congressional District. 2. Junior Beijun Desai was selected as a finalist in the Governor’s Honors Program (GHP). Beijun spent four weeks this summer at Berry College working with the mathematics program at GHP. He was selected based on his essay responses and interview. 3. Dalton Ford received Honorable Mention in Mathematics and teacher Kurt Dzwonkowski received the Teacher Excellence Award at the Golden Eagle Awards Ceremony. 4. After winning numerous math meets across the Southeast, JV team one placed second and team two placed third in the state competition. TSA’s varsity and middle school math teams both placed third in state.


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8 5. Sxth grader Lawson Sappe became a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy’s Class of 2018. The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) program was launched by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce in 2017 and became the first Georgia-based program for young entrepreneurs.



6. Seventeen Tattnall family members traveled to Greece over spring break to explore Athens and the Islands. 7. After winning the region championship and making it to the Elite 8, Tattnall Square Academy's Lady Trojans varsity softball team finished as GHSA State Runner Up.


8. Brooke Reno was awarded the 2017 Chip Davidson Scholarship. This scholarship is funded by 1991 TSA alumnus, Michael Deason, who started the scholarship fund in honor of Chip Davidson, longtime faculty member and coach who inspired him throughout his school career.


I am so proud of these girls and everything they have accomplished together this year. I was inspired by how our team competed, and I can honestly say that our girls gave everything they had to give. They are champions in my book!" - coach Joey hiller

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Trojans... Come out to play!


TROY THE TROJAN wants to hit the road with you. Throughout the year, take Troy with you and snap a pic!

It's simple: 1. Cut out Flat Troy and take it with you. Show Troy your favorite places in your hometown, on vacation, or on campus! 2. Take a picture and tag @tattnalltrojans on social media. Be sure to include #TrojanTrails, your name, and where Flat Troy traveled. You can also email the picture to abby.clay@tattnall.org.

@tattnalltrojans #TrojanTrails

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