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TATTNALL SQUARE ACADEMY Golden Anniversary Campaign

Transforming Lives, One Child at a Time Tattnall Square Academy’s Mission At Tattnall Square Academy... Together an exceptional college WE provide preparatory education, grounded in Christian faith.

partner with families to develop the

WE disciplines for lifelong success.

a passion to glorify God in all WE inspire that we do.

Golden Anniversary Campaign Can you imagine your life without your Tattnall family…without the friendships forged with other parents you made…the life-long friendships your children made…the teacher that made such a difference in the life of your child…or the many Tattnall traditions you cherish? On February 17, 1969, a small group of dedicated parents from Tattnall Square Baptist church made sure you would never be without your extended family. They dreamed of providing an exceptional Christian education to our community, and in September of 1969, their long-held vision became a reality when Tattnall Square Academy opened with 98 students on Mercer University’s campus bordering Tattnall Square Park. Without the dedication and personal sacrifice of those parents, we would not enjoy the beloved place we now call home. It is difficult to imagine what Tattnall Square Academy would look like without the generous contributions provided over the last 50 years. What once consisted of only one building is now a beautiful campus. But, it is what happens within the buildings that makes Tattnall so special. Tattnall is committed to

discovering students’ God-given talents and nurturing them into the leaders of tomorrow. As Tattnall’s second 50 years begins to unfold, the student-teacher relationship continues to be the foundation of our school. Every day across campus, faculty members encourage students to broaden their thinking, heighten their awareness of others, and deepen their understanding of the difference they can make in the world all while preparing them to thrive academically and live a life honoring God. To celebrate and strengthen the legacy that began in 1969, Tattnall Square Academy is embarking on a Golden Anniversary Campaign that will enhance and facilitate learning for many years to come. With the support of all those who bleed Blue & Gold, these efforts will transform the future of our beloved institution. As we plan for our next 50 years, we recommit our institution to the goal of providing an exemplary educational experience. The demands that this goal will place on the Tattnall Square Academy of tomorrow are great, so we ask for your prayers and commitment to join our efforts.

Facility Improvements Tattnall Square Academy is committed to understanding the changing needs of its students as well as improving facilities and programs to reflect those needs. Throughout the history of the school, parents, friends and partners have deeply invested to make the school a better place to learn and grow. Since the school was originally built in 1972, these renovations are critical due to age of the existing facilities, and some of the areas identified for renovation have not been updated since the early 90s. By refurbishing these areas, we will ensure our students have positive and safe experiences during their Tattnall years.

Trojan Hall Trojan Hall is TSA’s auditorium and is affectionately known to some as “the old gym” as it was the original gym when the school was built in 1972. Some of the lighting is original to the previous use of this facility. Theater lighting was added when the gym was transformed into an auditorium and performing arts center in 2005. Although we have recently updated the sound equipment, the areas containing 47 year old lighting need to be refurbished which will not only enhance our performances, but will eliminate the expense of utilizing outdated and expensive equipment as well as remove the sound that emits from the fixtures when they are in use. By updating the 15-year old theater lights, audiences will be able to better enjoy Trojan performances that range from weekly chapel, grandparent’s day productions, elementary musicals, Blessing of the Graduates, Faculty Follies, talent shows and much more.


Student Furniture When TSA moved to the current campus on Trojan Trail in 1972, the original blueprints did not include a cafeteria. The first year in the new building, students ate sack lunches in the gym that is now Trojan Hall. Accommodations where later made to include an eating facility, which is half of the existing main dining hall. Over the years, we have expanded and refurbished the location. The most critical need for the cafeteria are new tables and chairs. The current furniture is extremely heavy for maintenance staff making it difficult to relocate for events around the campus. More importantly, the condition of the pieces has deteriorated greatly over the last 20 years and, as the safety of our students is our top priority, new furniture is essential. We would love to replace all the furniture in this facility.

CAFETERIA INVESTMENT: $35,000 Understandably, classroom furniture receives a great deal of wear and tear throughout the year. To ensure the safety of our students, we plan to replace all the desks in middle and upper school classrooms. Desks have already been replaced in the upper elementary grades, and future plans for the lower school include purchasing all new chairs for those classrooms.


P.E. Gym In 1988, TSA underwent another expansion and added classrooms and a new gym. This gym is currently known as the P.E. gym as a result of the addition of the athletic complex in the early 2000s. Over the years the P.E. gym has been the home for basketball games and pep rallies. Currently, it is used for all of elementary P.E. classes as well as serves as the home court for the middle school, JV, and varsity volleyball teams. This gym is in a high traffic area and requires refurbishment to showcase its history. Renovation needs include paint, insulation, and flooring. To ensure the safety of our Trojans, we have added these upgrades to our Golden Anniversary Campaign efforts.


Football Complex In the fall of 1998, TSA hosted its first game on Trojan Trail, the same year the Trojans earned the school’s first GISA State Championship. On this 30th anniversary of that season, we intend to focus resources on refurbishing several areas of the football complex that include overhauling the track and renovating the press box. Due to circumstances outside TSA’s control, the condition of the track has deteriorated much earlier than expected resulting in the inability to use the track for competitive meets. As safety remains in the forefront of our efforts, overhauling the track is a priority. The project includes foundational work to the surface, striping and other similar processes. Currently there are no plans to rubberize the track.


The press box is the hub of activity for the media, announcers and film crews during football season. Currently, the press box is in need of renovations that include window, siding and roofing repairs.


Technology and Equipment Twenty-first century students thrive in a fastpaced, technology-driven world. Children learn more effectively when the tools of technology are incorporated into their lessons, and educational institutions now require robust systems to support every aspect of operations. Our goal is to implement a comprehensive technology program that enhances the learning process and facilitates school-wide administrative functions. Staying current with rapidly changing technologies is an ongoing challenge, and we must devote considerable resources to maintaining and upgrading our systems as well as add new technologies when appropriate. Funding from the Golden Anniversary Campaign will provide iPads for each faculty member, interactive boards in all classrooms, a Chromebook Cart (30), Adobe Creative Cloud, and wireless network and infrastructure enhancements.

iPads for Faculty


With Interactive Whiteboards enabling movement about the classroom, teachers should have similar mobility for instruction. While the MacBook Pro laptops currently provided to each teacher can project to the class via interactive whiteboards, movement around the classroom is restricted due to tethered cables. Providing each teacher with an iPad would allow the teacher to have a device that mirrors the computer or interactive panel allowing the teacher the ability to share instruction from anywhere in the room while maintaining student visibility. By using educational apps, teachers can write math problems, annotate a file, and/or use the internet to show an animation of a process from anywhere in the classroom. Furthermore, the teacher can have students show their responses and/or demonstrate their work while the iPad is mirrored to the screen. The ability of the teacher to effectively instruct from any area of the classroom enhances the learning experience of the student.

Interactive Whiteboards Interactive Whiteboards in each classroom would completely transform TSA. Each classroom would have an Interactive Whiteboard, independently powered by a computer or paired with an Apple TV, mounted on a trolley with wheels. The Interactive Whiteboards are touch-sensitive screens that supporting up to ten simultaneous touches allowing for student interaction.


Chromebooks and Cart Carts equipped with up to 30 Chromebook devices would be great additions to the entire school. Two carts would be assigned to the lower school while two additional carts would be assigned to the upper school (shared by grades 7-12). Teachers could check out these carts on a daily basis so that all students may use the same device for a given task.

INVESTMENT: $11,700 Adobe Creative Cloud Software While the art of photography has progressed to the digital format, TSA’s art program requires additional software to stay in the forefront of technology. New software upgrades provide a great opportunity for our students to learn to implement the modern version of Adobe’s creative cloud projects, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and others.


Unrestricted Unrestricted gifts are important in ensuring yearto-year excellence at TSA. These gifts go towards academic and scholarship initiatives that ensure each student’s educational experience is unique and powerful.

True Blue gifts, large and small, make possible the enhanced resources and programs that ensure each student’s education is unique and powerful.

Envision the Future The Anniversary Campaign Committee and school leaders have worked diligently to create a plan focused on investing in TSA’s talented faculty and student body while enhancing institutional and mission effectiveness to solidify future growth. With your help, this campaign will transform the lives of thousands of students who will travel Trojan Trail over the next 50 years. We look forward to sharing this opportunity with you demonstrating our dedication to TSA as we make our vision a reality.

Transforming Lives, One Child at a Time

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Tattnall Golden Anniversary Campaign  

To celebrate and strengthen the legacy that began in 1969, Tattnall Square Academy is embarking on a Golden Anniversary Campaign that will e...

Tattnall Golden Anniversary Campaign  

To celebrate and strengthen the legacy that began in 1969, Tattnall Square Academy is embarking on a Golden Anniversary Campaign that will e...