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Respecting your time 25 years with TimePlan

Respecting your time 25 years with TimePlan

Respecting your time 25 years with TimePlan

Published 2020 © TimePlan Software, authors and photographers TimePlan Software A/S Vandmanden 10C, 9200 Aalborg SV Denmark www.timeplan-software.com Editorial staff: Louise Rønn Svane Jakob Krøjgaard Foldager Cover and graphic design: JEPSEN - graphic design Print: Mercoprint ISBN: 978-87-998073-3-8


Contents Seize the coincidence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Foreword by Founder Henrik Baasch


Timeline 1995 - 2020. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 1. Created by customer needs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 He who started it all. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 TimePlan was a revolution. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Safe and extremely easy workforce management . . . . . . . . . . . 14 For me, TimePlan is like a family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Aleris-Hamlet saves time at the hospital. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Customer meetings with heart and soul. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 2. From floppy disk to cloud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 A technological time travel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Let Autoplan generate your roster. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Integration with other systems. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 The world shaping TimePlan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 1 Clouding provides multi layered security. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 3. Out in the world. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 TimePlan international map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 With JYSK in Europe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Data is gold for Nordic hotels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Meet the TimePlan team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 4. Growing pains and lifeblood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 A tech company arises. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1 The journey of the Time Elves. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 We enjoy our time together . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Lilian loves her customers and colleagues. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Gazelles and platinum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Support for the next generation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Spend your time wisely. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 We create the future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Vision by CEO Rex A. Clausager



Seize the coincidence It is the coincidences that have the greatest impact on our lives - if we seize them when they appear. TimePlan was created by coincidence. Back in 1995, my good friend Preben Bjerregaard came to the office. He was store manager of the city's leading hardware store, and he had a challenge. The new collective agreements provided an opportunity to schedule the employees' weekly working hours up to 45 hours and in return, the number of hours in other weeks was reduced. At that time, Erhvervsservice Nord was a small computer company providing hardware, networks, and financial solutions. We did not develop software. We knew nothing about work hour rules or collective agreements. We were young, full of energy and saw no restrictions. After a dialogue with the Danish Chamber of Commerce, I made the decision to try to develop a software solution that could fulfil Preben's wishes and at the same time give employees reassurance that all rules and pay conditions were adhered to. That decision formed the basis for TimePlan Software A/S and my career covering the past 25 years. Throughout the years, we have focused on our employees and customers. It has always been important to me that all employees enjoy their tasks and working with colleagues. It has always been, and still is, our foundation that allows us to provide the best service to our customers. A BIG THANK YOU to past and current employees for their efforts. You are the ones who have created our history and the fertile soil for TimePlan's further development.

I have worked a lot over the years because my job has been challenging and exciting. I have enjoyed getting up in the morning and embraced the day. Now, the demand for market adaptation and growth is greater than ever before. I have recognized that my competences have been adequate for the first 25 years of TimePlan's development, but are no longer sufficient for our future journey. I am therefore very pleased to have passed on the baton to Rex A. Clausager, who became our new CEO in 2019. He brings fresh energy, thoughts, ideas and the skills needed to lead TimePlan into the future. I hope you as a reader will find this book interesting. Maybe it will evoke memories, maybe it will create the foundation for a collaboration. Remember to spend your time wisely — you can't save it. Henrik Baasch Founder and Chairman of the Board TimePlan Software






First version of TimePlan Retail is launched on a floppy disk by Henrik Baasch in collaboration with trade unions, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and leading retail businesses.

TimePlan 32 is launched on a CD-ROM.

Erhvervsservice Nord changes its name to Simplex A/S.


mePlan side om side

Preben Bjerregaard, Director for Inspiration in Aalborg, contacts Henrik Baasch at dvikle et nyt, unikt setup for iKeA. Erhvervsservice Nord. egge parter kom stærkere ud på den anden side.

il kn

å n. n av ng i

ye n. at

– TimePlan opfylder nogle helt basale behov. Nemlig at kunne udregne, hvor mange timer jeg som afdelingschef behøver i min afdeling på en given dag. Og derefter at give navnene på de rigtige kompetencer, forklarer Poul Fausing og peger på systemets tre vigtigste specifikationer: – For os var det vigtigt, at systemet kunne håndtere det antal overenskomster, der var brug for. At vi ved hjælp af systemet kunne decentralisere arbejdet med ar6 bejdsplanlægning så langt ud i organisationen, som det var muligt. Og at vi kunne lave arbejdsplanerne på en fleksibel måde, uddyber han.




IKEA Denmark becomes a TimePlan customer.

SILVAN becomes a TimePlan customer.

Netto becomes a TimePlan customer.






First TimePlan Customer Group is established – ERFA Retail 1.

JYSK is expanding with TimePlan into a series of European countries in several languages.

TimePlan is awarded Gazelle business in Børsen for the first time.

First employee at TimePlan Software celebrates 10-year anniversary: Kenn Sandbeck.




First edition of the customer magazine Time & Resources is published.

PA Kompetens becomes TimePlan reseller in Sweden

Fazer Food Services in Finland becomes a TimePlan customer.








TimePlan version 6.0 is released. The program goes from a file-based database to an SQL-database server.

TimePlan Software GmbH is founded in Germany.

Simplex A/S changes name to TimePlan Software A/S.

New TimePlan companies in Holland and Finland.





Datatjenesten becomes TimePlan reseller in Norway.

TimePlan welcomes the Time Elves.

MediaMarkt in Holland becomes a TimePlan customer.

Nordic Choice Hotels becomes a TimePlan customer.





TimePlan version 7.0 is released with the WebApp, Digital Signature and Autoplan.

TimePlan Software is number 17 on Computerworld's overall TOP 100 list and number 7 on the software list.

Founder Henrik Baasch assigns the post as CEO to Rex A. Clausager.





TimePlan is AAA Goldaccredited for the highest credit worthiness 10 years in a row.

TimePlan gets a new logo and a new visual identity.

Merlin Entertainments becomes a customer and implements TimePlan at LEGOLAND Windsor.

TimePlan celebrates 25 years anniversary.



1 Created by customer needs TimePlan was created and developed in collaboration with our customers. Initially, the solution targeted the retail sector, but was quickly in demand by other industries such as hotel & hospitality, catering, leisure, production, care, finance, industry, transport and service. Many of our customers today have used TimePlan for several years, some even for decades. Our customers are making TimePlan what the software is today and will be in the future.


He who started it all In 1995, Preben Bjerregaard had enough. Enough of messy Excel spreadsheets and complicated rulesets. He felt there had to be an easier way to plan shifts for 60 employees in five departments. Therefore, he contacted his friend Henrik Baasch and, as it turns out, as it turns out, he was right. "It was extremely time consuming to create schedules for 60 employees in Excel. The overview was non-existent, the sources of error countless, and the administration load very heavy around the monthly payroll," says Preben Bjerregaard, who was the Director of Inspiration in Aalborg back then. That is why he contacted his friend Henrik Baasch, who ran the IT company Erhvervsservice Nord. Henrik Baasch was onboard with the idea of developing an IT system for workforce management. Together with software developer Knud Riishøjgaard they started creating what we now know as TimePlan. TimePlan made everyday life easier "We worked non-stop for two months. We sat in front of the computer 18 hours a day," recalls Preben Bjerregaard. The finished product TimePlan revolutionized the stores' work day. The program gave the employer a visual overview and the employee a clear work schedule 16 weeks ahead. "We saved costs in our budget and had happier employees. TimePlan made our everyday life so much easier," says Preben Bjerregaard, who continues to use TimePlan today as Centre Manager at Aalborg Storcenter shopping centre.


“We worked non-stop for two months. We sat in front of the computer 18 hours a day.” Preben Bjerregaard Shopping Centre Manager Aalborg Storcenter

arbejde arbejdsplaner for 60 forskellige medarbejdere. Overblikket var ikke eksisterende, fejlkilderne utallige og administrationen stor ved den månedlige lønbehandling, husker Preben Bjerregaard. Arbejdstidsplanlægning måtte kunne gøres på en smartere måde, mente han. Så han kontaktede sine gode ven Henrik Baasch, som dengang drev IT-firmaet Erhvervsservice Nord. Henrik var med på idéen, og sammen med programmør Knud Riishøjgaard gik de i gang med at skabe det, vi i dag kender som TimePlan.

fagre nye verden Det færdige produkt revolutionerede butikkernes hverdag. Gav arbejdsgiveren et visuelt overblik og medarbejderen en overskuelig arbejdsplan 16 uger frem. – TimePlan var som forventet med til at gøre tingene meget nemmere. Det gav både besparelser på lønbudgettet og tilfredshed hos medarbejderne, forklarer Preben Bjerregaard.

PrebeN bjerregAArd • Direktør i Inspiration i Aalborg fra 1992-2008. • Fra 2008 centerchef i Aalborg Storcenter. • Fortsat leder af en Inspiration i Aalborg Storcenter. • Bruger i dag TimePlan på kontoret i Storcentret.

TimePlan was a revolution

The first version of TimePlan was launched in 1995 in close collaboration with trade unions, the Danish Chamber Commerce and leading retail companies. Intersport was one of the TimePlan varofen revolution test companies while IKEA joined in 1998.

en tung byrde blev løftet af tidligere forretningsbestyrer i intersport Finn Raagaards skuldre, da TimePlan kom og afløste Excel regneark.

TimePlan var dog ikke kun en gevinst for – Vores forhold har altid været gnidnings“TimePlan was a revolution - for me, for Intersport and for our employees. Before medarbejderne. Det var også en gevinst frit. Når jeg har ringet, har jeg oplevet for firmaet og for forretningsbestyreren meget fin service og fået den jeg roster was ready. With TimePlan, employees always came and asked when thesupport, next selv. skulle bruge. Og det er bare en af grunTimePlan, suddenly could seeder,their shifts weeks ahead. From a management – Vi they kunne jo ligge arbejdstiden hvor dende til, at16 vi er blevet hængende i så vi havde brug for den og spare en hel del mange år, fortæller Finn Raagaard. perspective, we could schedule shifts when needed and save a great deal of overoverarbejdspenge. Og for the mig personligt betød det, at jeg fik et godt arbejdsredtime pay. For me, TimePlan became a tool that eased my everyday life and gave me skab, som lettede min hverdag og gav mig mere tid til andre gøremål, uddyber Finn more time for otherRaagaard, important matters." fiNN rAAgAArd der gik på efterløn sidste år ef-

– TimePlan var en revolution – for mig, for firmaet og for medarbejderne, fortæller Finn Raagaard, tidligere forretningsbestyrer i Intersport i Lyngby Storcenter og Amager Centret. – Medarbejderne blev rigtig glade for systemet, fordi de lige pludselig kunne se, hvornår de skulle arbejde 16 uger frem. De kom altid og spurgte, hvornår den næste plan var klar, forklarer han.

ter 46 års tro tjeneste i Intersport.

Finn Raagaard med fra starten Raagaard var repræsentant for BusinessFinn Manager sportsbranchen, da TimePlan i sin tid blev Intersport in Lyngby Storcenter udviklet i tæt samarbejde med detailbranand Amager chen. Center Intersport Lyngby Storcenter agerede testvirksomhed, og det skulle vise sig at føre til et nært samarbejde, som stadig varer ved den dag i dag.

• Gik på efterløn i 2012. • Ansat i Intersport fra 1966-2012 – altså i 46 år. • Forretningsbestyrer i Intersport Lyngby Storcenter og Amager Centret. • Butikkerne havde sammenlagt 30 medarbejdere.

“I really liked the idea of developing an IT system the way TimePlan did. To gather all the ideas that arise in collaboration with a new customer, integrate them into a system and offer the solution to other customers. TimePlan met some very basic needs, in particular, to calculate how many hours I as head of a department need in my de om side department on any given day. And then naming the right skills. TimePlan ensured p for iKeA. re ud på den anden side. that customers were met with sufficient and competent staff in the stores and that costs did not get out of control.”

ogle helt basale bedregne, hvor mange schef behøver i min ag. Og derefter at gtige kompetencer, og peger på systefikationer: , at systemet kunne erenskomster, der d hjælp af systemet arbejdet med argt ud i organisatiogt. Og at vi kunne å en fleksibel måde,

4 I iNformATioN og Nyheder om TimePlAN®

Poul Fausing (1953 - 2019) Former head of IT and Administration IKEA Denmark


– Målet med at lave de rigtige arbejdspla-

Safe and extremely easy workforce management “We save a lot of administration costs by having a system that goes 360 degrees. Rosters, employment agreements, and work hours are sensitive issues, and TimePlan keeps track of all of that.”

These are the words of Michael B. Nielsen, one of the directors of Djurs Sommerland in Nimtofte, Denmark. In 1996, he took over the largest amusement park in the Nordic countries with his brother Henrik after their father, and at that point, all the work schedules for the approximately 200 employees were created in Excel. “We could not control that. We needed a visual image of who was at work and the cost associated with each shift throughout the day,” says Michael B. Nielsen. Designed according to our needs In 2001, Djurs Sommerland selected TimePlan and since then, the software has kept track of employees, work schedules and data for the theme park's current 650 employees. “I experienced great flexibility and excellent service from TimePlan. The setup was designed according to our needs, and the integration to our payroll system worked from day one,” says Michael B Nielsen. Michael B. Nielsen is known for his commitment and hands-on approach to the day-to-day operations and staff 14

management. In 2010, he was named Denmark’s Best Boss by TV2’s panel of judges. Overview of everyday operations “TimePlan optimizes our management and gives us an overview of our everyday operations. We have one employee who manages the payroll for 650 employees, and we can create wage budgets in TimePlan and compare them to the actual numbers,” says Michael B. Nielsen. He emphasizes that the digitalization and automation of TimePlan over the years has made workforce management safe and “extremely easy”. “We use the same shift planning templates year after year in TimePlan and adjust them based on holidays and number of visitors. 85% of our employees return every season, and we can renew their employment contracts in seconds with Digital Signature in TimePlan,” says Michael B. Nielsen.

“We use the same shift planning templates year after year in TimePlan and adjust them based on holidays and number of visitors.� Michael B. Nielsen Director Djurs Sommerland 15

“We have used TimePlan since 2004 because the program meets our need for flexible staff management. We have had a say in developing new features and the fact that TimePlan can be set up to meet our specific needs is essential for us. At the same time, we have seen a significant increase in employee satisfaction because our employees can access their work schedule on their mobile devices, swap shifts, etc.� Jesper Paarup HR Coordinator jem & fix Customer since 2004



For me, TimePlan is like a family Julie Thomasen is not just the TimePlan coordinator for the supermarket chain Netto in the fifth year. She is also part of the special unity that grows between TimePlan Software employees and TimePlan customers who work together to ensure that the software runs smoothly — for all user. "For me, TimePlan is like a family," says Julie Thomasen from her office at Netto in Køge, Denmark. " I always feel welcome when I call about calendar management and reports. The support staff takes the time to explain things to me so I don't feel stupid but accommodated." In 2015, Julie Thomasen joined Netto's in-house support department after working with TimePlan at ComputerCity. "I took TimePlan in like a baby. Today, I work 37 hours per week exclusively with support of TimePlan to our own users."


Excellent service Netto has been a TimePlan customer since 2000 and today the supermarket chain has more than 14,000 employees at over 500 stores in Denmark. TimePlan ensures that store managers can schedule shifts, employees can record their working hours and view rosters on their mobile, and the payroll department can get the data necessary for correct payroll. Julie Thomasen trains store managers and district managers in TimePlan, delivers reports to Netto's head office and creates her own training videos for new users. Therefore, she often contacts TimePlan Software.

“The response time from the development department and support is incredibly fast. I'll call the support or write an email to Flemming or Finn and then TimePlan is up and running again within minutes. Excellent service - also at odd hours." Suggestion was implemented in TimePlan Netto is a member of TimePlan's oldest customer group, Retail 1, which has met once per year since 2001. At the meetings, Julie Thomasen has an experience of being able to influence the development of TimePlan. "A couple of years ago, I came up with a proposal for a new feature. Henrik, the founder of TimePlan, looked at me and said: That sounds clever. Two versions later my suggestion was part of TimePlan." Last time Julie Thomasen attended the customer meeting at the headquarters in Aalborg, she also met in person with the TimePlan Support and development department. “I have so much love for TimePlan, so of course I will attend the 25th anniversary and then we just have to continue our great collaboration," says Julie Thomasen.



Aleris-Hamlet saves time at the hospital Operating a nationwide private hospital with approximately 1,000 employees requires effective systems to deal with everyday life and the increasing demands within the health sector. At Denmark's largest private hospital Aleris-Hamlet, the staff has taken the consequence and since 2011 they have used TimePlan for employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration. Lillian Moberg Pedersen is Accounting Assistant at AlerisHamlet in Herning, Denmark and has worked with TimePlan since the software was implemented. She has felt a huge difference: “In the past, we had a lot of manual administration handling the nurses’ timesheets. What hours did they work? What night allowances were they entitled to? We made calculations on paper and it was a lot of work as we have a vast number of hourly-workers,” she says. Correct hours result in correct payment Today, the paperwork has been replaced by TimePlan, which keeps track of Aleris-Hamlet's many employees when they sign in and out via terminal screens. There are many benefits to this, Lillian says: “Correct time recording is crucial to us because it creates the foundation for correct payroll. TimePlan automatically calcu-

lates all allowances and also keeps track of our collective agreements and labour rules. It also considers the functions and pay level of each employee.” Reduces the risk of errors Following the introduction of TimePlan, Lillian Moberg Pedersen points out that the risk of manual errors has been significantly reduced. TimePlan has been a unique tool for absence registration, vacation, sickness and reimbursement. With TimePlan, it is possible to have the whole history and all data stored in one place, and the program also ensures correct storage of personal data and compliance with GDPR.

Lillian Moberg Pedersen Accounting Assistant Aleris-Hamlet


Customer meetings with heart and soul The first TimePlan Customer Group started in 2001. Since then, five other groups have been established. Today, participants typically meet once a year in Denmark, Sweden and Finland to exchange experiences about using TimePlan and to make requests for new features. TimePlan Customer Groups:

Retail 1

Retail 2

Restaurant and Hotel (RH)

Forlystelser, Transport and Service (FTS)


Group Finland (SV)

Group Finland (FI)

"The Customer Meetings are an important part of TimePlan's heart and soul. Participants meet face-to-face with other TimePlan users and find new solutions together. The social aspect makes the collaboration with our customers even better," explains Anna Friborg, Senior Consultant at TimePlan Software. She has participated in TimePlan Customer Meetings for the past 14 years, first as a customer and since 2010 as a TimePlan consultant and coordinator for the Swedish Customer Group. At the meetings, participants have the opportunity to present how they use TimePlan and make requests for new functions and modules. Anna Friborg and her colleagues present the latest news in TimePlan. The Customer Meetings are also visited by guest speakers from employers' organizations and trade unions, who talk about data security, collective agreements, holiday rules, and labour market trends.

“The Customer Meetings are an important part of TimePlan's heart and soul. Participants meet face-to-face with other TimePlan users and find new solutions together. The social aspect makes the collaboration with our customers even better.� Anna Friborg Senior Consultant TimePlan Software



2 From floppy disk to cloud The first 25 years of TimePlan's technological development has been driven by customer needs for flexible, efficient and secure employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration. But other factors have also played a role and continue to shape TimePlan: Local legislation, EU rules, agreements, trends in society, a growing focus on employee satisfaction, automation, digitization, data security and much more. TimePlan continues to evolve in the interaction with these players. 25

A technological time travel When the first version of TimePlan was launched in 1995, hardly anyone could imagine what the next 25 years of technological development would look like. Ejnar Dahl Jensen and Flemming Larsen have worked as TimePlan software developers since 2005 and look back at what has happened technologically over the past three decades.




First version of TimePlan Retail is launched on a floppy disk. TimePlan is developed in Delphi.

TimePlan Design Day, where customers like Bauhaus, Intersport, SILVAN, JYSK, TP Musikmarked and Scandic Hotels present requests for features, setup and appearance.




TimePlan Detail is renamed TimePlan 32, because the program can also be used by other industries. 32 comes from 32 bits in Windows 95. Distributed on CD-ROM.

Hosting of TimePlan is now offered to TimePlan customers. So far, the Internet has not been fast enough.

TimePlan 5.0 is released with brand new, fresh design, including an intuitive and easy Windows menu structure as requested by the customers.

Flemming Larsen Software Developer TimePlan Software



TimePlan 6.0 is released. The program goes from a file-based database to an SQL database server.

TimePlan 7.0 is released with TimePlan WebApp, Autoplan (automatic shift planning) and Digital Signature for electronic signature of documents. Tid&ressource

Ejnar Dahl Jensen Software Developer TimePlan Software

2018 From version 7.12 TimePlan complies with GDPR. TimePlan receives its ISAE 3402 statement.


Timeplan med på louis Nielsens årsmøde

Ny udviklingschef hos simplex A/s

Hvad siger Timeplans kunder?

Kis – 10 år som sammenhængskraft

Ny ferielov: erstatnings­ ferie ved sygdom

Jagten på simplex – nu med hollandske rødder



The first TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones is released.

Customers hosted by TimePlan Software can open TimePlan in a browser via Thinfinity.

Nye kunder siden sidst Nr. 22


Timeplan i skyen

information og nyheder om planlægning - siMPLeX A/s - November 2011

Ny programmør til Timeplan version 6.0 direktørens Klumme

Nr. 24


information og nyheder om planlægning – simplex A/s – maj 2012


Let AutoPlan generate your roster

Rune Mosbæk Softwareudvikler TimePlan Software

Rune Mosbæk is one of the main architects behind AutoPlan. He explains how AutoPlan generates the most optimal schedule – automatically. “Autoplan ensures the correct level of staffing for TimePlan planners and that the work hours are distributed ideally across employees, departments and collective agreement periods. You avoid paying unnecessary overtime and you also save time because you no longer have to create the first version of the roster from scratch,” says Rune Mosbæk. The user can adjust Based on the data entered by a TimePlan planner, Autoplan generates a proposal for an optimal roster for a given period.


“There are still other solutions and suggestions available in the system, and you can of course adjust the plan and run Autoplan again. This way, you can see more options and have full control over your roster,” explains Rune Mosbæk. Autoplan takes all necessary factors into account in order to ensure an optimal work schedule. This includes staffing requirements, length of work hours, rules, collective agreements, etc. All the factors that TimePlan always considers when you create rosters manually in the program.

Integration with other systems Creating innovative workforce management solutions that makes the users' working day easier can only happen in collaboration with other systems and partners in payroll, HR, ERP, and more. Payroll

Digital signature






The world shaping TimePlan TimePlan is not an island. The software is influenced and shaped by customers, technology, EU regulations, legislation and other players and authorities. The interaction varies from industry to industry and from country to country.

Shops Act Technological evolution

Labour rules

Customers wishes

Expectations from end users

Collective agreements Social trends

GDPR Competitor solutions

ISAE 3402

Holiday Act


Clouding provides multi layered security

Nikolaj Bergmann System Administrator TimePlan Software

When TimePlan was launched in 1995, the trend for companies was to host IT software locally. The Internet was in its early stages and could not accommodate big data yet. But as a result of technological developments and customer wishes over recent years, clouding has become the preferred choice for the majority of TimePlan's customers.

"Today, it is not so important for our customers to host and own everything around their TimePlan environment — as long as they have easy access to it," says Nikolaj Bergmann, System Administrator at TimePlan Software. That's why most of today's customers choose to let TimePlan Software host their installation in the cloud. "Customers benefit from removing the need to invest in server licenses and you avoid having to keep track of updates and general maintenance. You are guaranteed availability and get hard disk space for a 5-year period and secure the backup of data," says Nikolaj Bergmann.


TimePlan Software hosts solutions in the cloud via private cloud and two hosting centres, both located in Denmark. "As a customer, you get multi layered security, because the servers are configured for high availability — if one server goes down, the other takes over," says Nicholas Bergmann. All servers are operated in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which ensures that customers do not have to worry about data security, data storage, etc.



3 Out in the world Since its launch in 1995, TimePlan has spread from Denmark to more than 25 countries. Our customers have opened stores and departments internationally and have brought TimePlan along as part of their daily setup. Our international network of resellers, departments and representatives has also grown over the years. Today, TimePlan is translated into 19 languages.


TimePlan international map Today, TimePlan is used by more than 700 companies in over 25 countries in 19 languages. TimePlan Software has branches in Denmark, Finland and Germany, resellers in Norway, Sweden and Singapore and representation in Holland and the UK. Countries where TimePlan is used: 1. Belgium 2. Bosnia and Herzegovina 3. Bulgaria 4. Croatia 5. Czech Republic 6. Denmark 7. The Faroe Islands 8. Finland 9. Germany 10. Greece 11. Greenland 12. Holland 13. Hungary 14. Iceland 15. Ireland


16. Italy 17. Norway 18. Poland 19. Romania 20. Russia 21. Serbia 22. Singapore 23. Slovakia 24. Slovenia 25. Sweden 26. Ukraine 27. United Kingdom

Departments: Denmark Finland Germany Resellers: Norway Sweden Singapore Representation: Holland United Kingdom



With JYSK in Europe In just under 20 years, the Danish retail chain JYSK has partnered with TimePlan in 19 European countries. Next stop is Russia. Henrik Naundrup and Keld Marott has led the journey and explains why TimePlan is an important tool in JYSK's international expansion. It all began with Henrik Naundrup. In 1998, he worked as the CFO of IKEA Denmark and was one of the driving forces for selecting TimePlan as a replacement for manual handling of work hours.

"TimePlan ensures that we adhere to the applicable rules and agreements. That our employees get the hours and the salary they are entitled to. This is not necessarily the case in all the countries where we operate," says Henrik Naundrup.

"When I joined JYSK in 2000, we were facing a similar challenge. We needed to find a system that could handle shift planning and time registration not only in Denmark, but in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland. Luckily, TimePlan proved to be evolving in the direction of embracing all these countries," says Henrik Naundrup, who today is Executive Vice President of Finance & IT at JYSK.

Never rest on your laurels Today, JYSK has over 15,000 employees in TimePlan in more than 1,300 stores in 19 countries. In the spring of 2020, the retail chain is opening the doors in Russia, where TimePlan will also be launched. But although TimePlan may

Key ratios across countries For almost 20 years, TimePlan has been an integrated part of the European process that JYSK uses as a standard setup. "For us, having the same IT systems and platforms in all markets has been paramount," says Keld Marott, who joined JYSK in 2003 and today is the CIO. "TimePlan enables us to compare key ratios across countries. How many hours we spend at each store, what our staff turnover and sick leave has been. TimePlan allows us to manage our staffing and payroll expenses." For JYSK, TimePlan has also been a tool to secure best practice in working conditions.


“TimePlan enables us to compare key ratios across countries, like the number of hours spent at each store.� Keld Marott CIO JYSK

Henrik Naundrup Executive Vice President for Finance & IT JYSK

soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary at JYSK, there is no time to rest on your laurels. "We have remained with TimePlan because the software does what it needs to do. But just like our other IT systems TimePlan also needs to evolve, because consumers demand fast and intuitive apps. Therefore, our employees and planners expect TimePlan to evolve. With regards to TimePlan's user interface there is still room for improvement," says Keld Marott.


Data is gold for Nordic hotels "As you grow, accurate data becomes paramount," says Jørgen Holst, responsible for TimePlan at Nordic Choice Hotels. He is currently working on two IT projects across the chain's 200 hotels in the Nordic countries, where TimePlan plays a crucial role in data collection, system integration and performance management.

"One of my favourite features in TimePlan is the data collection and everything we can do with the data," says Jørgen Holst, People & Culture Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels. The Nordic hotel chain has used TimePlan for workforce management since 2013 and has recently implemented


the forecasting system PMI, which, through fresh data from TimePlan, gives department managers a precise overview of how their department is doing. The cockpit lights red "The forecasting system is important to our hotels because we run large banquets and an F&B manager can easily spend 1,000 hours a day. If a department spends more work hours than planned, the cockpit in the PMI system lights red. If the department is following the plan, the light is green. We don't have to wait for the quarterly reports to find out if we are under or over budget. We can see it right away thanks to the recorded work hours from TimePlan," Jørgen Holst says. Nordic Choice Hotels is growing and has spent time creating databases of customers and suppliers. Now, the time has come to focus on the chain's over 14,000 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. "When we hire a new employee, they are 'born' into our database. From here, we transfer them to TimePlan where we can assign them shifts and send their recorded work hours

for payroll. Therefore, the integration between TimePlan and our other IT systems is crucial," says Jørgen Holst. Fair and equal pay Jørgen Holst adds that before Nordic Choice Hotels introduced TimePlan, they did not necessarily know how many employees a hotel or the entire chain had. "TimePlan streamlines our organization across hotels and countries. By introducing TimePlan, we have ensured that our workflows are the same and our employees are paid fairly and equally — wherever and whenever they work."

“TimePlan streamlines our organization across hotels and countries. By introducing TimePlan, we have ensured that our workflows are the same and our employees are paid fairly and equally — wherever and whenever they work.” Jørgen Holst People & Culture Manager Nordic Choice Hotels



“The best thing about being a TimePlan consultant is to help and service our customers. To move something for them. Touch their everyday lives. TimePlan is employee scheduling and time registration, but it is also change management at the highest level. You never know what you will arrive at when you go out to teach TimePlan. I feel, that I'm part of making a difference.� Henrik Larsen Senior Consultant Employee since 2009 TimePlan Software


Meet the TimePlan team Supporting customers in more than 25 countries in 19 languages requires close collaboration with local resellers and departments. Our colleagues in Sweden, Norway and Finland are an indispensable part of TimePlan's international expansion in collaboration with our Danish headquarters.


12 years of Swedish collaboration

Taking Finnish needs into account

In 2008, PA Kompetens in Sweden became one of the first TimePlan resellers outside Denmark. Founder Tomas Holm was leading the collaboration with Magnus Borjesson, and they continue to do so today, now with consultant Philip Lantz.

In 2014, our Finnish branch of TimePlan Software opened in Helsinki. Today, Karoliina Toikka, Arja Ahonkivi and Eija Partanen support the Finnish TimePlan customers and also run our Finnish Customer Meetings.

"TimePlan is a great match for the Swedish market because the software handles collective agreements across many different sectors. At the same time, it is an advantage for our customers that they are able to use the same system in all Nordic countries."

"We have holiday rules in Finland, which are significantly different from the other Nordic countries. TimePlan is very flexible and with small adjustments, you can set the program up to take the different needs into account. TimePlan is particularly suitable for retail stores, restaurants, and private hospitals in Finland."

Tomas Holm Founder PA Kompetens

Karoliina Toikka Support Manager TimePlan Software Oy

Complies with Norwegian agreements

The rest of the world

Datatjenesten in Norway initially heard about TimePlan through Siba and Bauhaus, who Datatjenesten provided payroll services to.

In addition to the Nordic region, TimePlan Software also has representation in Germany, Holland, England and Singapore.

In 2011, Datatjenesten became a TimePlan reseller and today Frode Zeylon, Christine Gjersøe and Jørn Fjeldvik handle sales and support to Norwegian customers. "In Norway, companies and employees are required to comply with labour market rules and agreements. TimePlan is ideal for embracing that complexity. TimePlan can be tailored to the needs of the customer and the software has tremendous flexibility."

Since 2015, International Manager Kieran Ambrose has managed sales and contact to new TimePlan resellers as well as a greater number of international customers. Kieran Ambrose is the man behind contracts with the DFDS ferries and British amusement giant Merlin Entertainments PLC, which has implemented TimePlan in LEGOLAND Windsor and a number of other European theme parks.

Jørn Fjeldvik CEO Datatjenesten


TimePlan Software Aalborg, Denmark




4 Growing pains and lifeblood TimePlan is created by people for people. Our wish is to make working life easier, fun, productive and create added value to management and employees. We have grown rapidly over the years. Larger offices, more staff, new departments, an increasing number of customers, more functions in TimePlan in multiple languages and multiple countries. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved to date. For us, TimePlan is close to our hearts.



A tech company arises TimePlan Software has gone from being a small local computer business to an international tech company. We have changed our name and office space a few times. But essentially, we do the same today as we did 25 years ago: TimePlan.

1995 Erhvervsservice Nord has four employees in the office at Kastetvej 36 in Aalborg. Henrik Baasch is the founder and director. First version of TimePlan is launched.

2009 2000 Erhvervsservice Nord moves to Nibevej 48, Aalborg SV with seven employees and changes its name to Simplex A/S. The new name pays tribute to the company’s efforts in making simple IT solutions.

Simplex A/S has grown to 17 employees and moves to Indkildevej 6, Aalborg SĂ˜ due to lack of space.

2013 2020 TimePlan Software A/S is still headquartered at Vandmanden 10C, Aalborg SV with 39 employees in the Danish company. Rex A. Clausager has taken over the post as CEO, while Henrik Baasch is Chairman of the Board.


Simplex A/S changes its name to TimePlan Software A/S to emphasize that TimePlan is our sole focus.

In eight years, the number of Danish employees has doubled again and the space at Indkildevej is tight. TimePlan Software A/S moves to Vandmanden 10C, Aalborg SV.


The journey of the Time Elves

Lena Brammer Klokmose

Kis Flindt

In collaboration with ceramic artist Lena Brammer Klokmose, TimePlan Software has developed the company’s mascot, 'The Time Elf'. Since 2012, these mysterious figures in raku ceramics have travelled to clients' offices as a work anniversary gift, to employees' desks as a welcome present and to other friends of TimePlan.

“Kis from TimePlan came across one of my elves at the Old Square in Aalborg. One day, she brought Henrik along to my workshop in Brønderslev and the elves touched something in both of them,” says Lena Brammer Klokmose, the ceramic artist behind the Time Elves.

“We wanted to create a special gift item, which was longer lasting than a bottle of wine. It needed to be of such quality and beauty that the beneficiary and the family would want to have the Time Elf on display,” says Kis Flindt, former CFO at TimePlan Software.

“Kis had ideas about the colours and the clock face in the middle, that create a familiarity and a connection to the TimePlan brand. I suggested that the clocks on the hat and the front of the Time Elves could vary to express that time passes and is ever-changing,” says Lena Brammer Klokmose.

Thoughts and effort The Time Elf reminds the recipient that time must be spent wisely, and that it cannot be saved. Each Time Elf has a small card attached, that explains the ideas behind its meaning.

Beautiful gift Each Time Elf is numbered and a logbook is kept of when and where the Time Elves venture out. To date, 143 Time Elves have been sent packing from TimePlan Software's office in Aalborg, Denmark since 2012.


“A lot of work, thought and effort has gone into creating the Time Elves. It has been an amazing project to be a part of with Kis and Henrik,” says Lena Brammer Klokmose, who continues to create more Time Elves for the TimePlan family as the others venture out.


We enjoy our time together Job satisfaction and quality time with colleagues has always been important in TimePlan Software. We enjoy spending time together at holiday parties, going abroad on trips and for annual meetings, and meeting each other's family at weekend getaways. So far, 14 employees have celebrated their 10th work anniversary.

31 % of our staff are women


5.8 years

is the average tenure for employees

10 year jubilarians TimePlan Software

43 years


is the average age at TimePlan Software

Kenn Sandbeck Software Developer

2011 Peter Naldal Software Developer Svend Holm Consultant

2012 Kis Flindt CFO

2.5 %


is our employee turnover rate

Flemming Larsen Software Developer Ejnar Dahl Jensen Software Developer

2016 Chien Van Tran Software Developer Marianne Lolholm Møller Consultant

2017 Lilian Jensen Head of Department Implementation and Support Rune MosbĂŚk Software Developer

253 years is our joint experience with TimePlan as employees

2019 Henrik Larsen Senior Consultant Prakasa Visvanathan Sales Consultant

2020 Anna Friborg Senior Consultant Peter Knudsen Software Developer


Lilian loves her customers and colleagues In 2018, Head of Department Lilian Jensen celebrated her 10th anniversary at TimePlan Software. She has a special relationship with TimePlan's customers and her colleagues, and she is passionate about making a difference to the everyday life of everyone she is in contact with. “I love my customers. It gives me something very special when I go out and visit them. I have a great feeling driving home from a customer visit, knowing that TimePlan is setup exactly how they need it to work," says Lilian Jensen,

“It is an honour to work so closely and make a difference in terms of their workflows and personnel management. You are consulted as a sounding board We enjoy our time together TimePlan, but also in many other situations."

Head of Department for Implementation and Support at TimePlan Software. She was originally employed as a consultant in 2008 after a career with Telenor, and in 2018 she celebrated her 10th anniversary at TimePlan with colleague Rune Mosbæk (photo).

Close to each other Many of Lilian Jensen's colleagues at the TimePlan Support, the development department, the consulting department and the sales department have been with the company for several years. Thanks to the annual family events, Christmas lunches and summer parties, Lilian Jensen has come to know her colleagues' partners, spouses, and children and vice versa.

"It doesn't feel like 10 years," says Lilian Jensen with a smile. "But it's probably because no two days are alike, and there is a constant development in what we do." Private relationship with customers Lilian Jensen's work consists of management, co-ordination, support of customers, and implementation of TimePlan at businesses in Denmark and abroad. Over the years, she has developed a close relationship with many customers. When the CFO of a customer retired, the two maintained a friendship. Lilian Jensen has also gotten under the skin of Nordic Choice Hotels, Bauhaus, Netto and Aleris-Hamlet.


“The working life in TimePlan brings us all closer together both professionally and personally. We are incredibly busy at times and face many challenges. But we have a flat structure that enables us to consult each other. That kind of teamwork makes the busy days easier,” she says. Lilian Jensen Head of Department Implementation and Support TimePlan Software


Gazelles and platinum Over the years, TimePlan Software has received a number of awards and recognitions. First as a Gazelle company in exceptional growth in the Børsen newspaper in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Then as the seventh most talented IT company in Denmark within software development on Computerworld's Top 100 list in 2017 and number 17 on the main list.

For the past 15 years, TimePlan Software A/S has been AAA-accredited for its credit worthiness and is among only 120 companies in Denmark that can call itself AAA Platinum accredited.


Support for the next generation In 2001, for the first time, TimePlan Software sent Christmas cards from the SOS Children's Villages to our customers. In 2004, the support was transformed into an annual donation of customer Christmas presents for SOS Children's Villages, which has been a dear tradition ever since. Whereas a private individual you typically support a single child through the so-called sponsorship scheme, TimePlan Software supports the main organization SOS Children's Villages, which helps orphans and vulnerable children in Africa, amongst other places. “We want to support the children’s schools and villages, so they get the chance to grow up within a safe environment. In the cities, the children have an SOS mother, who takes care of them and ensures they get an education," says Henrik Baasch, Founder and Chairman of the Board, TimePlan Software. In 2008, Henrik Baasch visited one of the SOS Children's Villages in Gambia with his partner Kis Flindt and experienced working first-hand with the children and the local team.

Nepal Cup and other sponsorships Since 2015, TimePlan Software has also supported the football tournament Nepal Cup and the rebuilding of schools in Nepal after the earthquake. We also sponsor ad-hoc projects, most recently Spar Nord's bike race for the Children's Cancer Foundation and a walk on the Camino in Spain in favour of The Lion Club Gug's anti-bullying campaign. As a Christmas gift in 2019, an amount was donated to Wish Land, that works with vulnerable children and young people in northern Denmark. 59

Spend your time wisely At TimePlan Software, we care about time. How we plan and spend it in the best way, how we think and talk about it. Over the years, our passion has resulted in not only TimePlan, but also a poster collection, a customer magazine, proverbs on the walls and our payoff. Customer magazine In 2003, we published the first issue of the customer magazine Time & Resource. Until 2017, our customers could learn about new features in TimePlan, new customers, tips and ideas, holiday rules, with more. Today, Time & Resource has been replaced by our email newsletter and stories on our website and social media. TID & RESSouRcE


Toldfrie fornøjelser med TimePlan Simplex A/S får nyt hovedkontor Ny kunde i Finland Bølgerne gik højt i Djurs Sommerland TimePlan på Roskilde Festival På vej mod version 6.0


Hattefabrik på årsmødet

Timeplan med på louis Nielsens årsmøde

Ny udviklingschef hos simplex A/s

Hvad siger Timeplans kunder?

Kis – 10 år som sammenhængskraft

Ny ferielov: erstatnings­ ferie ved sygdom

Jagten på simplex – nu med hollandske rødder

Nye kunder siden sidst

Ny programmør til Timeplan version 6.0


Timeplan i skyen


SÆRUDGAVE: TimePlan 7 lancering Nye funktionerInformation - nyt look og nyheder om planlægning - SIMPLEX A/S - September 2009 Nr. 15

Nr. 24



direktørens Klumme

information og nyheder om planlægning – simplex A/s – maj 2012

TimePlan 7 lancering - nye funktioner - nyt look

• TimePlan 7 – værd at vente på • Ny TimePlan Webapp til smartphones og tablets


• Lad Autoplan lægge vagtplanen for dig • Den måske største nyhed i TimePlans historie

Helt ny meda

• Underskriv dokumenter med digital signatur • Nyt logo og nye ikoner • TimePlan udvider på sociale medier • 10 år med Marianne og Chien

Poster collection When you arrive at TimePlan Software's head offices, you are greeted by 25 posters at the reception area. Each poster shows highlights year by year in TimePlan's history and reminds us that there is still room for many more accomplishments on the walls.

• Interview med direktøren


ource Tid&ress

husk roserne meD tImeplan når tImeplan og lean leger meD på røD og blå stue

HR - administration

hvaD toyota lærte verDen om tID

er Følg os på asserne Fra dyrep er og til restaurant Zoo butikker i b plan selska Nyt Time i Tyskland på jagt simplex A/s plan efter en Time ger test mana and plan, Thail Time Information og nyheder omifølge TimePlan ® – juli 2016 og tilværelsen el micha Timeplan Nyheder i version 6 til dansk Tidsalf 25 eds 25 års supermark jubilar Nye kund

Nr. 34


grævlIng satte hobItten uD af spIl hIlton holDer ferIe meD tImeplan

nr. 11

InformatIon og nyheDer om planlægnIng - sImpleX a/s - maj 2008

Få et gratis i orkursus administrat version 6 Timeplan s Klum direktøren om Til minde eck Kenn sandb


60 Nr. 26



og nyheder

om planlæ

ex A/s – gning – simpl

marts 2013

Nr. 20


danmarks størst e planlægnings rbejderporta system er på l kommer samm vej en med timeP lan version 6.0 thiele ser fordel e i timePlan Med JYsK til Kroatien en mulighed for at erobr e Finland samm en et ønske fra kunderne i Norge 2.000 kvadr atmeter med timePlan spar Nord vil lære af simpl ex A/s’ succes direktørens klumme Ny medarbejde r: Lars vende r tilbage information

og nyheder

om planlæg

ning – siMPLe

X A/s – Maj


Proverbs on the walls Over the years, we have come up with proverbs about time for our Time Elves. When we moved into our current head offices in 2017, Henrik Baasch suggested that we put the 12 best proverbs on the walls as a reminder of how precious time is.

Our payoff The latest addition to our work with time is our payoff - Respecting your time.

respecting your time

Our CEO Rex A. Clausager came up with this payoff a month into his employment because this is why we go to work every day: We respect your time and want to give you the best possible tool to plan and spend it wisely.


We create the future As TimePlan moves towards the future, it is important that we understand how to use the short and long headlights. That we have a clear direction for where we want to go and that we are able to manoeuvre quickly as new challenges and opportunities arise.

We have set five strategic guiding principles to guide us safely over the next 25 years: • •  •  •  • 

An innovative, intuitive and simple solution Market leader in workforce management Focus on employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration Seamless integration An attractive workplace - a strong team

With the dipped headlights on, we must ensure a stable solution here and now - and constantly work on making present and future improvements in TimePlan simple and intuitive.

characterized real innovation. The new thing, of course, is that technology makes everything happen faster. Therefore, the winds of change not only blow, but storm. When the focus is on employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration, we take responsibility for keeping the balance, as we swirl around in the digital tornado of the future with automation, data, AI, deep learning, IoT, connected cloud, and forecasted predictions. Together with my talented colleagues, we want to ensure that TimePlan continue to help our customers and combines the common sense of the past with the ideas of the future. We can't wait to take on the next 25 years.

Our payoff “Respecting your time” must ensure our focus on freeing up time for the employer and employee which can be used for something valuable - and at the same time ensure that work hours are valued correctly.

Rex A. Clausager CEO TimePlan Software

With the long headlights on, innovation is one of the essentials aspects. Radical change and rethinking have always



TimePlan is an innovative software solution for Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and HR Administration. More than 700 companies in over 25 countries use TimePlan, saving work hours and wage costs every day. The first version of TimePlan was launched in Denmark in 1995 by founder Henrik Baasch in close collaboration with unions, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and leading retail businesses. Today, many of TimePlan’s customers are large international companies in retail, hotel and catering, leisure, transport, production, care, finance, industry and service. This book celebrates the first 25 years with TimePlan, paying tribute to the people behind delivering the solution to where we see it today: Customers, employees and partners.

Profile for Trykpartner

25 years with TimePlan