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TRUE GRIP True Grip is the official magazine of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club


P26 BLACK AND BLUE True Grip’s new regular feature Reader’s Rides... in err, black and... well, blue!

P30 SCOTTISH INVASION The Scottish Scoobies vist to M Sport.

P36 HELP FOR HEROES Scooby Princess joins Prodive at their fundraising day at Tidworth Barracks.





TRUE GRIP THE BLACK ISSUE ANXIETY! Sound familiar? Of course it does. Everyone gets anxious at times but I’ll tell you what, I’m absolutely papping it right now and here’s why... As I’m sure the majority of you have already noticed (and almost as many again have commented), True Grip as you all know it ceased to exist towards the end of last year and I’m not wanting to cover old ground repeating what’s already been said but, due to various issues including escalating printing costs, the tough decision was taken by the SIDC Committee not to proceed with the magazine until a solution to the problem was found. Well folks, here it is, the solution - in all it’s digitally enhanced, plasma fueled glory: True Grip - The Black Issue Over the last six weeks we’ve been steadily rolling out a new design and format for True Grip. The new design was initially planned as a refinement more than a big change but with lots of little improvements all stacking up, we decided to bite the bullet and start from the ground up, looking at typography, grids, the use of imagery and spatial composition amongst many other sleep inducing niceties! After all, if we’re going to do it, lets get it right from day one!

Now, the last thing we wanted to do was redesign for design’s sake but the move to a digital format almost decided for us that we should take a different approach and give the magazine a real infusion of fresh energy. As Designer of the new True Grip, I’m responsible for every visual aspect of the magazine, but alongside the designer, the Editor has an identical level of responsibility for the choice of story and tone of writing but in this case, that’s me... both counts, double the trouble if you will! Redesigning a magazine is a daunting enough task at the best of times and if you try to please everyone, you lose every time, as we all well know. Hopefully though I’ve succeeded in turning a budget induced format change into a successful and wellexecuted redesign that you’ll all enjoy! So, once you’ve taken a look through I really would love to hear your thoughts. Just email me at and if you’ve any suggestions, features or articles you would like to see in future issues, please do send them over as well! So, on behalf of the SIDC Committee and myself as Editor, I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding whilst we busied ourselves in the background to make this happen.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Club ROs who stood up to be counted when it really mattered, got involved and really drove things forward, not just for True Grip but for the club as a whole. Thanks guys! Finally, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that Paul Cowland, True Grip’s Editor for the past couple of years has decided not to continue in the role. Paul has been an outstanding editor of the magazine and has brought so much to both the club and True Grip so I hope you’ll join me in wishing him all the very best for the future. Now whilst I go and attempt to sleep off the fatigue that comes from a couple of months on three hours sleep a night [that’s no exaggeration either!] please take a look at our latest offering which, amongst all the black, includes a number of features that you’ll recognise from previous issues of True Grip but also quite a few new ones too! Have a look around, enjoy it and we’ll be back in July with the next issue!


Stu Mason



TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF THREE PAIRS OF TICKETS WITH A TRACK PASS, JUST ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: For how many of the previous years has the event been sold out? 1. Two 2. Nine

3. Three 4. Oranges

To enter just send your answer, name and address in an email with the subject title TRUE GRIP PCAD to before 16th April 2010 - winners will be drawn at random after this date and notified via email. Please note that Standard Action Day conditions apply. You must hold a full and valid UK Drivers Licence, vehicle noise must not exceed 100d(b)A and must be in road-going condition with current MOT. See for further Action Day details.

The Action Day season opens on Saturday 24th April at the Castle Combe Circuit with the Performance Car Action Day. This opening event has sold out for the last 3 years with well over 100 Clubs representing just about every type of performance car applying for stand space and track passes seeing enthusiasts taking advantage of some of the most cost effective track time to explore the performance limits of their cars. Back for 2010 and with more cars will be a drifting display plus special sessions for high performance cars and new to track drivers.

TRUE GRIP True Grip is the official magazine of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club


P26 BLACK AND BLUE True Grip’s new regular feature Reader’s Rides... in err, black and... well, blue!


P30 SCOTTISH INVASION The Scottish Scoobies vist to M Sport.


P36 HELP FOR HEROES Scooby Princess joins Prodive at their fundraising day at Tidworth Barracks.

TRUE GRIP: BACK IN BLACK Okay, so we’ve gone digital but what does that mean for you? Well, we hope to provide a very fluid and fast experience that is the next best thing to a ‘real’ magazine (or better than the real thing in our opinion). We wanted to create a hybrid that has something of each but also offers something totally new and there’s only one way to put it to the test... feet up, cup of coffee, flipping through the pages!

4 WIN PCAD Tickets 7 Chairman’s Intro 8 Regional Organisers 8 SIDC Photo Competition 9 RO Feature 10 News 13 Best of the Web 14 Hottest Products 16 Brands Hatch Trackday 17 Trackday Calendar 17 National Events Calendar 18 FEATURE: Detailing Special 24 FEATURE: 20 Q’s - 4hero 26 Reader’s Rides: Black and Blue 30 FEATURE: M Sport Factory Tour 32 Technical: ECU Fault Codes 36 FEATURE: Help For Heroes 41 Members’ Discounts


TRUE GRIP True Grip is the official magazine of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club

Cover Image: 4hero Editor: Stu Mason (stum450n) Advertising Sales: Kay Scott, KJS Advertising. T: 01943 461679 E:



It’s been a difficult six months for me seeing the demise of the printed True Grip but plain and simple, the cost had unfortunately grown beyond the club and in truth we probably should have pulled the plug earlier... However, it seems every cloud really does have a silver lining as I never dreamed we could replace it with something so good! I seriously hope you are as impressed as I am! We have already had three hugely successful days at Brands Hatch, Anglesey and Knockhill so check out the forums [Ed: or page 17 of the magazine] for details of the next event.

Designed & produced by: Stu Mason E: Published by: SIDC, PO Box 5673, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6WU Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without prior permission of the Editor. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not the SIDC. All contributions, whether they bear the names, initials or pseudonyms, are accepted on the understanding that the author is responsible for the opinions expressed and that they do not necessarily reflect or comply with those of the publisher or editor. Although every care is taken, the publisher, designer and editor cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to material submitted. Whilst every care is taken to ensure contents are accurate, the publisher and editor assume no responsibility for any effects arising from errors or omissions. Acceptance of material is not a guarantee of publication in any particular issue, since space is often at a premium. The publisher and editor cannot guarantee to return original material and photographs.

Some serious Thank You’s are due, over and above the acknowledgments Stu has made in his Editorial: Firstly Stu himself, who has taken this project on and turned it into reality whilst also taking on the Editor’s role. He has also rounded up a fresh impetus among the Committee and Regional Organisers - no small task. The IT Team have also been working hard with improvements to the website which you will see coming online over the coming months so Thank You to them. I must also thank our team of Regional Organisers who have picked up the mantle this year. The club is only as good as its members and these guys really do go that extra mile. Thank You all! Working with our very own John Stewart, Track-masters, Mark Stevens (aka Stormy) and MLR’s Darin Frow, we have created SIDC’s Trackday Calendar for 2010, offering a stunning number of venue options...

To keep the committee focused on what the members actually want from the club, a questionnaire will soon be appearing on the forum I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this as honestly as you can. All completed forms will be entered into a draw for a years free membership! Finally, on a more sombre note, for our younger members and those with children fast approaching 17, please take a moment to look at the video on this site http://www.graceevents. It details the story of a tragic accident which happened locally to me and affected my son, daughter and their school friends. It shows how potentially dangerous a car can be in the hands of excitable, inexperienced drivers and the devastating effect it can have on their lives as well as the lives of their family and friends.

Phil Stephens Club Chairman

© SIDC 2010


REGIONAL ORGANISERS Bedfordshire Kip Chris Kirby 07921 909 989 Assisted by: Little Green Goblin Rachel Kier 07766 002293

Oxfordshire BigD Iain Duncan 07961 614452 Assisted by: stum450n Stu Mason 07515 258947

Berkshire smiley kylie Kylie Symes

Somerset/Whiltshire Scooby Princess Jacqui Bunnett 07765 101 651 Assisted by: Edmondo Ed Bunnett 07765 101 651

Devon JD Steve Forrest 07825502294 Essex BRI4N Brian Stott 07828 164669 Hampshire amahrap Andy Parham 07795 296902 London Black Wing Mark French 07961 929874 Midlands I8gtmf Dave Riley 0780 894 3795 North West Diablo Blaze Andy Gill 07768 595756

Surrey Jason751 Jason Williams 07743727409 Sussex Subarman Keith Rudrum 07815 096862 Wales Kjdmk1 Kevin Davies 07876 441507 Channel Islands tiny gsy James Warren 079117 27977 Isle of Man CupraDave Dave Mason 07624 484584

Aberdeenshire thefastone Dale Walker 07711 379632

Scottish Borders cruz104 John McBay 07721 433848

Edinburgh/Lothian’s Gus the Bus Angus Duncan 07725 840363

Lanarkshire badbaz Barry McGowan 07831 638 482

Glasgow/Strathclyde STI Pretender Robert Allan 07870 188090

Fife Irish Al Alan Shaw 07843 606 577

Central Scotland rallye 6 Brian Smith 07979708118 brian. Joint: tommytcut Tam Mellon 07837728010

Morayshire ScoUK Alan Addison 07764 939 604

Ayrshire Scoobay Derek Robertson 07836 252209 Dundee BalliSTIc Glyn McCrickard 07739036929 Inverness/Highlands Scooby222 Dave Shanks 07768 230461

National & International Events Organiser DaveT Dave Townsend 07846 846520 ============================= No local group in your area? Interested in starting one? Enjoy a challenge and meeting people? Contact Kim French, Regional Organiser Co-ordinator & Web Site Editor, SIDC, PO BOX 5673, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS2 6WU or email =============================


competitio sidc photo

LATEST WINNERS The latest winners from November to February in our monthly photo competition. To take part or view any of the entries, visit the SIDC Monthly Photo Competition section of the forums.





I was happy to help when asked to write a few words for the first new digital edition of True Grip as we have something in common – I have only officially been Regional Organiser for Berkshire for a few weeks now so I’m still feeling quite new too!

I discovered SIDC when I got my first Impreza in 2007, but became much more involved upon the establishment of the Berkshire region a little while ago. Those who know me will know I like nothing more than heading out in the car to meet up with fellow like-minded owners and enthusiasts, so it was important to me to see the founding of a local SIDC meet. Eight months later and we now have a good regular attendance from both existing members and also local owners who have heard about us and came along to see what SIDC are about... many good new frienships have been made along the way.

re –

pictu e ropey 3 yr old (Apologies for th ) !!! g in dg o do I’m a pro at phot

As well as our monthly SIDC meet we can be found representing the club at the monthly Reading Jap meet, Subaru nights at the Ace Café in London, on visits out to our neighbouring regions, attending SIDC national events whenever possible, and anything else which catches our collective eyes!

to one of our meets and say hello – we are a friendly, civilised bunch who would be delighted to see you and whatever you drive. You will find me there with one of my two Sports, yup I love them that much that I own two. Both classics, both DBM, one pretty much standard, one pretty much not!

We are all keen to see our region grow, so have a look in the Berkshire section of the forum to see what we are up to and if you ever find that you can then please feel very welcome come along

I’d like to finish by sending my very best wishes to Stu and all the other contributors for the future success of True Grip, and also to everyone in SIDC - all the good friends I have made, and the ones I have yet to meet. Drive safe everyone and catch you soon!

Smiley kylie RO Berkshire region



JCSCOOB (again!)

December: Water/Wet

January: Technology

February: Night/low light (long exposures) TRUE GRIP 9


The result of one of the most eagerly anticipated automotive collaborations in recent times is heading fast towards Subaru dealerships. The Cosworth Impreza STI CS400 officially goes on sale in June, and is set to offer performance-car fans the thrill of a lifetime.

Subaru has confirmed the car will boast an impressive 400PS (395bhp) at 5,750rpm, sufficient to dispatch the 0-62mph sprint in just 3.7 seconds (compared to 300PS / 296bhp at 6,000rpm, and 5.2 seconds for the standard Impreza WRX STI). This ensures the Cosworth-tuned car will be one of the most accelerative all-wheeldrive hatchbacks ever.

Racing is a leading supplier of brake and clutch components to teams in the Formula One Championship and the World Rally Championship, as well as to leading supercar brands including Bugatti.

Subaru also reports that the Cosworth Impreza STI CS400 will feature a bespoke brake package – with sixpot callipers and 355mm discs at the front – developed in partnership with AP Racing, giving the car prodigious stopping power. Coventry-based AP A wide range of further upgrades have been made to the suspension, exhaust and to the donor Impreza’s exterior and interior styling. An exclusive, limited edition run of 75 Cosworth Impreza STI CS400s will be produced, and full details of pricing and technical specification will be announced closer to the on-sale date.


As rolling shop windows go, Roger Clark Motorsport’s original GC8 Subaru Impreza has been something of a success. The ‘Gobstopper’, as it is affectionately known, has not only taken the Leicestershire-based tuner to multiple Time Attack and Ten Of The Best titles, but it has also starred in a multi-platform advertising campaign for sponsors Autoglym, capturing the hearts and minds of petrol heads around the globe in the process. It’s even available as a paint scheme in the popular ‘Forza Motorsport’ game! Like all true superstars however, Roger’s sons, Matt and Olly Clark have decided to retire the old girl whilst she’s still at the top of her game. Although they’re not ruling out a few ‘demo’ runs at this year’s events, the 2010 season will be the Gobstoppers last official outing, as its replacement is already under construction.

The latest car is to be based on the MY2010 Impreza STi and promises to exploit many of the numerous tricks learned from the evolution of the first car, combined with several new cutting-edge developments that the team have been secretly trialling throughout the winter. Matt Clark, the technical force behind RCM’s unrivalled success, had mixed feelings about the young upstart. ‘It’s very hard to retire a car that has been so reliable and so successful,’ he noted. ‘But you can’t move forward by standing still. We’ve really reached a pinnacle with the GC8 chassis, and it’s time to see what we can make the latest car do. We’ve already had a 14 month development programme on a road-going version, so that’s highlighted many of the areas we need to address. I love a new challenge and this will really give us something to sink our teeth into.’

With Time Attack achieving true motorsport credibility with its MSA accreditation this year, press, audiences and competitors look set to rise sharply, making the new car the perfect showcase for the team’s talents. ‘That’s a bonus for sure,’ smiles Matt. ‘But the main reason we go racing is to develop new road car products particularly on the engine side. If we can’t break a 890 bhp 2.0 litre engine, I think it’s safe to say that our customers won’t!’ Follow the progress of the new car at


RCM INDUCTION KITS IMPREZA TURBO MY01 ONWARDS Roger Clark Motorsport, the UK’s leading Subaru Impreza specialist has released details of its superbly made induction kits for turbo models from MY2001 on. Drawing from their extensive knowledge of the flat four engine – and of course, an enviable competition record, the latest induction kits use a high-grade aluminium trumpet and highflow K&N filter element to allow unrestricted airflow and a vastly improve engine response. Fitting to the standard induction hose, the RCM kit is a direct replacement for the OEM airbox, using the original mass airflow meter for ease of fitment and functionality. A new, stainless steel clamping ring is also supplied.

It can be ordered in either Sti-style red crackle finish, or flawless silver powder coat. Priced at just £175.00 plus VAT, it may not make your car as quick as RCM’s own Impreza, but it’s the perfect first step in that direction! For more details on the team and their extensive Subaru range, please visit or call them on 01455 828610.

EIBACH RELEASE NEW 2010 CATALOGUE Respected German suspension manufacturer Eibach has released its 2010 trade catalogue. At a whopping 250 pages thick, the brochure is interspersed with fully illustrated fitment and measurement guides to assist in choosing the correct product. Yes, in true Germanic fashion, even the brochure is over-engineered! Eibach UK have also pledged to hold all 2009 prices for the foreseeable future, making the range an even more attractive proposition for both retailers and end-users alike. For more info, visit or call the team on 01455 285851.

UNICHIP EUROPE LAUNCHES PLUG & PLAY ECU CHIP FOR IMPREZA DIESEL Unichip Europe is delighted to announce the launch of a new performance enhancing plug and play ‘U-Connect’ piggy back Unichip upgrade for the AWD 148bhp Subaru Impreza 2.0 Diesel. Consisting of a specially premapped version of the renowned piggy back ECU, the Unichip enables subtle electronic tweaks to the Impreza’s fuelling and boost settings to enhance all round performance without compromising on economy or reliability. Designed as a DIY fitment thanks to its high quality plug and play ‘U-Connect’ wiring loom, the Unichip can be fitted (and removed) in minutes. It is electronically ‘invisible’ to main dealers during servicing and can only be remapped by a Unichip agent. Extensive rolling road testing has proven that the ‘Unichipped’ 2.0 Impreza Diesel gains an impressive 17bhp and 36lb.ft of torque over the standard car, producing a total of 168bhp allied to a mighty 292lb.ft of torque at just 2500rpm. For more details log onto




Potholes on Britain’s roads could be much easier to spot in future, thanks to a design idea created by students in Italy. The initiative was uncovered by road maintenance campaign website,, as it continues its efforts to improve the state of the UK’s roads. Domenico Diego and Cristina Corradini have designed the “Street Safe Initiative,” which comprises a brightly-coloured layer of asphalt a few inches beneath the surface

of the road, which becomes visible when the road surface breaks up, making potholes easier to see and avoid. The unique design will be trialled later this year in Rho, a small town close to Milan, to determine if the project is viable and cost effective, after which Diego plans to market the product across Europe. offers motorists the chance to report pothole locations, seek advice about claiming compensation and has contact details for councils across England, Scotland and Wales.


Mythbusters Rocket-Sled Car Video Just how compact can a compact car get? Ably assisted by a bloody great rocket, the guys at Mythbusters find out!

WRC Onboards Sweden 2010 A whole host of onboard videos from Rally Sweden 2010... watching these really does make us wonder why over here, everything seems to grind to a halt after a slight smattering of snow!


Bum Rap

iPhone Speed Camera Warning App using PocketGPSWorld’s Acclaimed Camera Location Database

If you are offended by the use of bad language and the sight of near naked bottoms dressed as faces, then DON’T WATCH THIS VIDEO

iPhone users now have access to the best speed camera location data available. CamerAlert is a self-contained Speed and Red Light Camera warning system based on the world renowned Speed Camera Database. CamerAlert overlays this data on a map display which shows the location, type and distance to the camera. With full coverage of fixed (Gatso, Truvelo etc), mobile (Safety Camera partnership vans & handheld laser), red-light, redspeed (combined red-light & speed

A rather, err, ‘odd’ music video

Stelvio Pass the dark, with no lights!

cameras) as well as SPECS Average Speed zones. CamerAlert is available direct from the iTunes Appstore for £0.59 and includes one free database update to ensure you get the very latest database.

Guy Bird took on the hairpins of the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps, in the dark, with no lights!





pro test

BC Racing Coilovers Br Series The BR series coilovers use a large 44mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body to maximise oil capacity. As the damper unit operates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristic of the unit. BC Racing only use a very high quality oil with their coilovers but go that extra mile to maximise performance and build their BR range with a large 53mm diameter damper body. TRUE GRIP 14

Black Diamond Drilled and Grooved discs Award winning ‘combination’ range of phosphate coated motorsport quality drilled and grooved discs. Unique compound and extra heat treatment for awesome braking performance. Sold in pairs for Impreza Turbo 2000/ WRX/STI 1993-2007.

Rota Tarmac 2 GRA Alloy wheels We’ve been swamped with requests for the Rota Tarmac 2 wheels, and so are now very pleased to be able to offer this wheel in 17” and 18” wheel formats, either wheel only or fitted and balanced with Toyo Proxes tyres! These wheels are visually the same as the Rota Tarmac wheels, but have been slightly modified to allow for fitment to STI’s with the Brembo calipers.

Vi Monitor VI Monitor is the leading engine monitoring, diagnostic and performance data correlation device available. VI Monitor will allow you to not only monitor and analyse data and engine functions from the ECU, normally reserved for garages with expensive diagnostic equipment, but it will also check vehicle fault codes and resets them when applicable.

All featured products are available from:




IMAGES Phil Stephens/Extreme Photography

Brands Hatch has kicked off the SIDC trackday season over the past couple of years and 2010 was no exception with a chilly but bright day in February. Although the day is run by Trackmasters for the SIDC, it as one the Triple Club dates (the Triple Club being the MLR, SIDC and GTROC) which not only makes life easier for the clubs, but means the cars on the day are comparable making life on track a little easier too...

We’re just one big happy family! Brands Hatch Indy circuit is great for the spectator as you can see the whole mile of black stuff and with everyone driving to an impeccable standard there were only a very small number of stoppages for a couple of breakdowns and excursions into the kitty litter – mostly by our guys which is unusual! Everyone I spoke to had a great day, made all the better by the fantastic weather for February, and with the free tuition from Mark Ahlin, Mike Wilds and Co., tyre support from Protyre (who were busy all day)


and Xtreme Photography giving people the opportunity to take home proof of their driving prowess from the day we have a great formula for trackdays. If you haven’t taken your car on track yet but fancy getting ‘out there’, all SIDC trackdays offer first time Novices a discount on the normal booking price of only £109 throughout 2010, which comes with a scheduled instructor session, extended briefing and feedback card, so you’ll get as much guidance as possible to make your introduction as enjoyable as possible.

With the ‘open pit lane’ format they’re all very relaxed days as you can come and go as you please, and drive as much or as little as you want. And with other Subarus, Evos and GTRs on track you’ll be in good company. Have a look at the 2010 Trackday Calendar for all the forthcoming SIDC / Triple Club trackdays – and see which one(s) you’re tempted by!

Oh, and if you don’t want to drive spectating is free!!

ays sidc trackd SIDC, working with our very own John Stewart, Track-masters, Mark Stevens (aka Stormy) and MLR’s Darin Frow have created 2010’s Trackday Calendar offering a stunning number of venue options. Fri 23rd April Fri 7th May Mon 31st May Sat 31st July* Sat 21st Aug Sat 9th Oct* Fri 18th Nov

Oulton Park Silverstone Spa Cadwell Park Castle Combe Snetterton Oulton park

For full details, please visit the 2010 Trackday Calendar for all the forthcoming SIDC / Triple Club trackdays at index.php?act=announce&f=10&id=39 *Precedes Time Attack Round at the same circuit

sidc national ndar events cale Sat 15th May

Japfest Castle Combe Circuit

Sun 23rd May

JTS Silverstone Circuit

Sun 5th Sept

Trax Silverstone Circuit

Sat 18th Sept

Rallyday Castle Combe Circuit

Show & Shine will take place at Japfest, JTS & Trax.

For full details please check in the National Events Section on the forum at php?showforum=10

Who says hunting should be banned!?!



Sadly, cars theses days rarely have perfect paintwork and even the most pampered of them need a little extra TLC to really be at their best. With all shapes, sizes and colours of product on the market, Gazb takes his MY05 WRX to Ultimate Shine and finds out that what’s actually needed is an attention to detail to rival a brain surgeon!

BEFORE: Gazb’s MY05 WRX with 28k on the clock: to be honest, it’s already a very level car... I would have been happy with this purchase if it was mine!


PRE WASH: Onto the first of many foaming procedures this was done with Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Diluted in the foam lance with the hot washer set at 60OC

Respray anyone?

Next stage is the wheels for this the list includes: • Gloss It wheel gel diluted 4:1 • Meguiars Super Degreaser 4:1 • Ultimate wheel face brush • EZ Detail Small Wheel Brush • EZ Detail Large Wheel Brush • Wheel Arch Brush • Small inner wheel brush for stubborn marks

ENGINE BAY: Next stop, engine bay! Now knowing that Subarus are all about the flat4 and the driving, we made sure we got this mega clean! Now like most jap cars the engine bays take a fair amount of scrubbing and this one was no different! Once we had spent 30 mins getting all the small bits done, we needed a bigger, more efficient tool for the job... bring on the Autosmart Tornador Cleaning Tool & 2.5hp 50L Compressor! To assist us here we gave a gentle APC foam at 60OC BUT DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!


THE DETAILS: Now this is a very important stage in the cleaning process - making sure your rubbers are clean as green tree sap and general grime can build up. This car wasn’t too bad but you would be amazed how dirty even the rubber can get! This was done again with Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner 6:1 by brush and trigger bottle.

...AND ANOTHER WASH! Now wash time (remembering that we have foamed the car 3/4 times with APC and rinsed) we need to hand wash with minimal chance of damaging paint with contact. For the washing we usually foam the car up with Meguiars Hyper Wash at 60OC and one bucket full off warm water with Meguiars Shampoo Plus - the other bucket filled with Dom Perignon champagne, first for washing and the second for drinking!

No that isn’t right, the second one is for rinsing the wash mitt out after each panel. The reason for this is to not contaminate the shampoo with dirty water as you can see...

Even after 3/4 washes, the colour of the water coming off the car is disguisting!

DRYING Car then rinsed again and taken inside for drying. This done with the Black Baron vehicle dryer and various super plush drying towels. This stops those nasty water runs and also reduces the brakes from rusting .


CLAYING We used Meg’s mild clay with water and once done the car was taken back outside again to be rinsed down and dried. The reason we use clay is due to surface contamination embedding its self on the surface. If the contamination is bad we opt for more aggressive clay that will in turn mark the surface slightly but the machine polishing would remove that. Next was the job of taking paint depth readings. This is a stage that I do to get a feel for how deep the paint is and also how much I have to play with. I can do it by eye usually but this is a must just to make sure.

Maximum depth

...and, err, the minimum!?!

We can advise the best finish for your vehicle, we can also supply you with the after care products that you will need to maintain the vehicle until the next protection detail service. Maintenance Packages are available please ask for further information. TEL: 07951938177 EMAIL:


PAINT CORRECTION: For correction we decided to use Gloss It correction products. These products are slightly different from others as the way they work requires a different procedure so Gloss It evolution cut. The tool choice is a Festool Shinex Rotary using a 3m backing plate and a selection of Gloss It pads.

THE FINAL PASS! What you have to understand about LSP products are they all give a slightly different look: Carnauba Wax makes the car look wet but will dull down the flake slightly and the lines of the car will not be as defined. Sealants (depending on make) will give flake pop and will give major gloss look like this Gloss It product or sharp defined lines like Jeff Werkstatt.


We opted for the base coat to the sealant of Gloss It Finish applied with Meguiars G220 DA with a Gloss It Finishing Red pad at speed 4 then topped with Gloss It Concorso, again the G220 with a different Gloss It Red pad at speed 3. This is a Show Car finish. It doesn’t have the greatest durability but is ideal as a maintenance product for my customers as it always brings bling to the party!




Three, two, one... GURN, no sorry, turn!



Name: 4hero Age: 39 Occupation: Web Developer Why photography? Photography was the only subject I enjoyed at high school, and got my first film SLR back then (an old Practica). It was probably the smell of the darkroom that attracted me most [...] I shoot digital nowadays, but do plan on going back to film this year. “Dear Mrs Hero, that spare room we have would make the perfect darkroom!!” Where now? Where now? Sitting drinking a lemsip suffering from man-flu Who’s your biggest influence? Didn’t/don’t really have any to be honest, I like to do my own thing. What’s it like to be you? Better now than when I was 5 years old, with no money and no inside toilet (was at the bottom of the garden). Got three indoor toilets now and am pretty happy (and very easily pleased)! TRUE GRIP 24

Name one thing about yourself that most people don’t know: I once made a music video which was on MTV. Greatest driving road: The road up to Glenshee from Perth. Had a trip up there with SIDC a few years back, a day that will never be forgotten. I only had my STi a matter of weeks and it was just run in, what an experience... I didn’t realise it was possible to spend £200 on fuel in such a short journey! What is SIDC to you? It has been a great journey over the last 5 years. Met so many friends through here, you really are a great bunch. The way SIDC gets together when required, for example, Santa Cruises and the McRae Gathering always amazes me.

Keep up the fantastic work!

What song do you get stuck in your head the most often? Zero 7 - Simple Things Tell us something interesting: If you are interested in photography, learn the Manual dial and always shoot in RAW!

Greatest Driving Tune: The sound of a flat four! Lottery win car: Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV






m ith so w t u sue, b raphic! s i k c g la the b on porno s ’ t i h w g e kno lay, it’s ni w o s p , Okay tal on dis e hot m

Marmite anyone?



d enry an diane_h er's p le _ x e the_ RB320

Bockett's b ugeye STi

The VERY special RB320 created in memory of Richard Burns came only in one colour - Black Pearl! Easily one of the hottest imprezas ever and all the sweeter for being so immaculate - and standard - exactly the way it should be with Ltd models!

Prodrive front bumper with JDM number plate bracket, Datum1 rear tow hook, BC Coilovers. Some rather special 18x9.5 Rota Grids on stretched 225/40/18 tyres makes this American inspired Impreza stand out from the crowd giving it a solid but somewhat controversial look for the UK scene!





Bad Baz's 'wrc' sti

400+bhp MY05 STi Impreza, full WRC graphics with a ‘moving’ Saltire on the roof. The car currently has most of the interior removed, OMP race seats and harnesses and is still in the process of being made lighter. Whiteline springs, arbs, links, ALK, RCA kit and uprated bushes. Engine has GT Spec headers, MD321T, APS 70mm CAI, 800cc injectors, high capacity fuel pump, 3” Kakumei exhaust.


Kloon's pp p wrx

Sat alongside IainC’s hawkeye STi and a host of flying metal, Kloon’s MY03 252bhp PPP WRX looks genuinely stunning yet, at the same time scarily intimidating too..! atalunya DuncATR's C

We like scary, scary’s good!

Already boasting 390bhp and a spec list long enough to make grown men weep wasn’t near enough for Duncatr - his beautiful Catalunya has now been stripped ready to be built into a +500bhp monster using a Closed Deck Block, Lateral Performance parts and MD321V Turbo as well as newage AVCS heads and a solaris ECU!!! Expect to see a LOT more of this beautiful Cat in the future!


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IMAGES John McBay/M Sport

The Scottish Section of SIDC recently visited the M Sport Factory, the nerve centre of Ford’s World Rally operation in Dovenby Hall, a former hospital in the heart of the Cumbrian countryside. The site has been extensively renovated and the old manor house now sits next to a state-of-the-art workshop. It contains everything the team needs to function, with the vast majority of components produced in-house.


The tour started off in the main reception area where the 18 SIDC members, a sea of bright blue Subaru World Rally Team Jackets attracted quite a few sideways glances from the M Sport staff! [I think Subaru can rest assured that none of the members were tempted to convert to the Focus RS, the World Rally car yes, road car no.]

Still in the main reception, a number of the Trophies could be seen from M Sports’ lengthy involvement in World Rally. The Group then moved to the Museum area where a number of famous Fords were housed [many of them belonging to M Sports Managing Director Malcolm Wilson] then on through the factory which demonstrated their in-house production facilities.

The cars all start with the roll cage and then the car is built around the cage with safety as top priority. The fabrication and welding crews were hard at work preparing both Fiestas and Focus’. The group were also shown how the engine blocks, gearboxes and clutches are prepared for the carsit was hard to comprehend the cost, the attention to detail and the sheer cleanliness of the preparation areas!

THE WORKSHOP AREA The Group then moved onto the workshop area where the WRC cars were in the final stages of preparation, ready for the start of the 2010 WRC Championship in Sweden. In full view was the new Super 2000 Ford Fiesta that had a victorious debut at the IRC opening round in Monte Carlo. The 5,575m2 workshop [or final assembly area] is linked to the hall by a glazed walkway - it is the size of a football pitch and the number of cars was breathtaking with a total 15 rally cars all in the final stages of preparation. Engineering and design staff work closely with the technical teams building the Focus RS WRC cars, the close proximity encouraging creative thinking and innovative responses to the team’s challenges.

During the visit to the Workshop area all photography was banned to safeguard Fords latest WRC secrets. Access to the workshop area was restricted

Colin McRae’s 1999 Safari winning car - it was restored by M Sport after the tragic death of the rallying legend. as the crews were busy working on the cars but keeping the group safe was paramount - needless to say the group did get up close and personal with a privateers WRC Ford focus, the attention to detail was astounding and the group really did see why each of the cars costs a cool £500,000.

Once the Group left the workshop area they headed through into a small annex just off the workshop area where a very special car was housed, Colin McRae’s 1999 Safari winning car, it was restored by M Sport after the tragic death of the rallying legend and hero to all present on the tour and millions of fans worldwide. The tour then passed through the administration part of M Sport where the logistics department are based, their role should not be underestimated as getting a world rally team round the world to is a rally in itself, the walls were covered in nothing but memories of Colin McRae, many of the pictures featured him in the former Rally XS Magazine. The Tour then came to an end and our informative guide Rodger was thanked by the group as we departed back up the road to Scotland. The Flat Fours echoed round Dovenby Hall on departure and was a sound as always, to be admired by every motorsport fan - the one wish of the day was for Subaru to return to their rallying in the WRC.


ection Technical s


ECU FAULT CODES (and exactly what they mean...) WORDS Big ‘D’/Scoobypedia


If you are having engine running issues or have had the ‘Check Engine Light’ (CEL) come on whilst driving, you can use these easy to follow instructions to find out what the problem is. • Reading ECU Codes Via OBDII - For all Impreza’s, both current and historical ECU fault codes can be displayed using diagnostics software connected to your OBDII connector.* • Manually Reading ECU Codes - One of the most useful and often under-used functions on the Classic Impreza is the ECU Fault Code reading function.

Reading ECU Codes Via OBDII* A number different tools, both commercial and open source, are available to read ECU fault codes via the ODBII diagnostics connector. What follows is a description of reading ECU fault codes for Newage Impreza’s using ecuExplorer which, at the time of writing, is distributed free by TARI Racing. This software is described in more detail in the ECU diagnostics and data logging technical article. • Download and install the latest release of ecuExplorer. • Connect up to the OBDII diagnostics port with reference to the connecting to your ECU technical article. • Turn on your ignition • Invoke ecuExplorer and select the Trouble Code Reader option from the left-hand tree view. • Current and historic fault codes will be displayed. * Information kindly supplied by the legendary Scoobypedia (


black 1 pin connectors

Manually Reading ECU Codes Most of the time the fault code that you see will be the cause of the problem but on occasion, the failure of certain systems/sensors will cause an extra, non-related fault code to be stored. This can be misleading - a good example of this is the ‘Neutral Position’ Switch in the gearbox if this fails it shows as a ‘Cylinder Misfire’ fault. How to read your ECU Fault Codes.

If you look under the dash on the driver’s side you should find a pair of BLACK (1 pin) connectors and a pair of GREEN (2 pin) connectors situated very close together.

(Classic Impreza’s only)

The black (1 pin) connectors are for reading the ECU Fault codes, the green (2 pin) connectors are for a system self test function that runs the rad fans, fuel pump and the wastegate solenoid valve. For reading the ECU Fault Codes we are only interested in the BLACK (1 pin) connectors, with the ignition ‘OFF’ connect the BLACK (1 pin) connectors together and turn the ignition to the ‘ON’ position (Dash lights on engine off), now look at the ‘Check Engine Light’ it should How to read the flashing CEL

• A steady even spaced flash = no stored faults. • A slow flash = x10 • A fast flash = x1 So for example if you see 2 slow flashes and 6 fast flashes your fault code is ‘26’, the function can show you multiple codes too so it is handy to have a notepad and pen handy to write the codes down as you read them, if there are multiple codes they will be shown in a looped sequence with a pause between codes i.e. 2 slow - 6 fast PAUSE - 3 slow 4 fast - PAUSE.

Once the last code in the sequence has been flashed the sequence repeats so don’t panic if you did not catch the code the first time round. It’s always worth watching the sequence for a few loops to ensure you have taken down the correct codes. Once you have finished reading the Fault Codes, simply turn off the ignition and disconnect the BLACK (1 pin) connectors. Once you have dealt with the fault you can reset your stored ECU faults by disconnecting the battery for an hour. PLEASE only do this is you are 100% certain that you know codes for your stereo etc. See over for a complete list of Subaru specific fault codes...




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7th/8th August 2010 Location: Elvington Airfield, near York


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ical echn




Subaru specific fault codes 1 11 12 13 14

Engine Speed Signal Circuit Crankshaft Position Sensor Starter Signal Camshaft Position Sensor Fuel Injector No. 1 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)

15 Fuel Injector No. 2 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)

16 Fuel Injector No. 3 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)

17 Fuel Inject Flow Sensor Circuit 24 Idle Control System Malfunction 24 ISC Valve (Stick) 24 Open/Short in ISC Valve Circuit 26 Intake Air Temperature Sensor 27 ATF Temperature Sensor Circuit 28 Knock Sensor #2 29 Crankshaft Position Sensor 2 31 Throttle Position Sensor Circuit 32 A/F Sensor #1 System 32 A/F Sensor #2 System 32 Oxygen Sensor 33 Vehicle Speed Sensor 35 CPC System 36 Turbine Speed Signal 37 Rear O2 Sensor Circuit / A/F Sensor Circuit Malfunction 38 Torque Control Signal #1 38 Torque Control Signal #2 38 Torque Control Signal System 38 Torque Permission Signal 39 Traction Control System 41 Air/Fuel Adaptive Control 42 Idle Switch 43 Accelerator Pedal Switch 44 Turbocharging Pressure Control Signal 45 Pressure Sensor 46 Neutral or Parking Switch or Circuit 47 Fuel Injector 48 Lean Burn System 49 CO Resistor 51 Neutral Position Switch 52 Parking Brake Switch (Exc. Justy) 53 Antenna 53 Anti-Quick Operation Mode 53 Communication Error (Time Over) 53 EGI Control Module EEPROM 53 IMM Circuit Failure (Except Antenna Circuit)

53 IMM Control Module EEPROM 53 Key Communication Failure

53 53 54 55 56 57 58 61 62

64 64 65 66 66 66 66 67

68 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 81 85 86 87 88 89 89 91 92 93 94

Reference Code Incompatibility Use of Unregistered Key Air Intake System EGR Valve Lift Sensor EGR System Canister Control System Air Control System Air Suction Control Solenoid Valve Exhaust Manifold Valve Negative Pressure Control Solenoid Relief Valve Control Solenoid Valve 1 Relief Valve Control Solenoid Valve 2 Differential Pressure Sensor Twin Turbocharger System(H) Twin Turbocharger System(S) Twin Turbocharger System(T) Two Stage Twin Turbocharger System Exhaust Manifold Valve Positive Pressure Control Solenoid Turbocharging Pressure Control Output Signal #2 Shift Solenoid Valve Shift Solenoid #2 Circuit Low Clutch Timing Solenoid Circuit Brake Clutch Timing Solenoid Circuit Malfunction Line Pressure Duty Solenoid Circuit Brake Clutch Pressure Duty Solenoid Circuit Malfunction Lock-Up Duty Solenoid Circuit Tiptronic Solenoid System Transfer Clutch Duty Solenoid Circuit Torque Up Control Valve Charger System Circuit Malfunction CAN (Communication System) Variable Induction Solenoid Valve Circuit Malfunction Fuel Pump Circuit Malfunction VVT Systems (L) VVT Systems ® TCS Relief Valve Electrical Generation Control Signal Circuit Malfunction Vehicle Speed Sensor #1 Circuit Lateral G Sensor Signal Circuit Malfunction

Need to know more? Why not ask Big ‘D’! Starting next issue, we’ll be publishing the guru’s solutions to some of the most common technical help requests from the forum and via True Grip in a new feature ‘Dear Big D’ If you’ve an issue you really need some help with, why not ask... just send an email to including the subject title ‘Dear Big D’

You can also try... ...the legendary Scoobypedia! In partnership with SIDC, Scoobypedia is widely recognised as one of the resources of information of all things Subaru related. It’s the world-renowned Wiki knowledge base for anything Subaru, maintained by experts - you the community!

In the next issue’s Technical Section... The Complete Engine Bay Guide What goes where and what, exactly, does what..! Dear Big D The guru answers your technical questions


elpHelp for Heroes

for Heroes

fundraising day at Tidworth Barracks WORDS & IMAGES SCOOBY PRINCESS


Help for Heroes

On a cool and misty Saturday morning in September, Edmondo, S.I.D.C Mum and I were on our way to a Help for Hero’s fundraising day at Tidworth Barracks - organised by Sgt Paul Jarrett (PHM) and Prodrive. The event saw little interest from club members but what they missed was a wonderful, friendly day full of fun and some amazing opportunities...

On arrival at the gates [of what we thought was the entrance to the barracks] we were surprised to see nobody around to get us on base so I called Sgt Jarrett he informed us that we had actually taken a wrong turn and guided us in to the main gate where we were greeted by a very friendly solder who took are details and ticked us off the list of attendees. He then gave us direction’s to [what we again thought was the display area] but again we found ourselves lost and after a second call to the Sergeant, we made our way to the display area... but not until we had given a few revs for the solders standing outside the mess hall which was definitely appreciated!

Once in place we patiently waited for others to arrive and it was not long before our fellow regional member Pezza turned up and nearly gave us a heart attack!!! We always knew he had a wild streak but what stood before us was Pezza with his hair dyed in red, yellow and blue stripes!!! Members from other clubs arrived soon after and we all got chatting and introduced ourselves. It wasn’t long before Sgt Jarrett, Jacqui and Ray (from Prodrive) arrived, seemingly having had a very ‘jolly’ evening the night before - for which some were now paying the price!

We were then told how they wanted our cars organised but not before they got the Prodrive display cars into position. The unit doors opened to reveal an outstanding collection of cars ranging from the P2 to a stunning Aston Martin! Ray had the enviable task of driving each car into place - the care and attention as he drove each one out into the morning sunshine was second to none. With the Prodrive cars neatly lined up, it was our turn - oldest by the Prodrive cars (which made Edmondo very happy as his was the oldest!) and newest at the far end.

Soon the army lads were getting the stands ready including a raffle, a tank display and the sign up stand for rides in a tank or a Prodrive Rally Prepared Subaru with one of Prodrive’s Drivers. I have to commend them for making us civilians feel extremely welcome. I made sure I had my lucky number for the raffle (555) it just had to be done! There was also the regional Help for Hero’s representative who had official merchandise for sale.

Help forHelp f Heroes Hero The day was going really well with a buzzing atmosphere, friendly banter and a lot of laughing and joking. Pezza and I had booked times to go out over Salisbury plain training grounds in the rally car and at only £10 for a 10 minute blast it was well worth the money!

As we made our way to the mini bus that would take us up to the training grounds we got ready for the experience of our lives! Well all I will say is WOW, I will NEVER forget that experience!!!


Well all I will say is WOW, forget I will that experience!!!


So much so, I got back to the main display area with the biggest smile and begged Edmondo for a further £10 for another go - thankfully he was kind enough to hand over his cash! After booking my second session Edmondo announced he was thirsty and so we all went to get a drink but ended up with some wonderful burgers and side salad cooked by the army chef’s as well. Sat in the bar eating our food, we reflected on the day so far... Everything seemed so perfect. Just sitting and listening to the army lads relaxing really makes you appreciate what hard work they do for the country and how nice it was to see them and their families really enjoying a great day. The afternoon went so quickly. I had my second ride in a rally car that was a completely different experience to the first time and purchased an official picture of me sat strapped into the car with the biggest smile possible. Edmondo and I also headed down to the display of army vehicles from past to present . It was quite a selection including tanks, armoured vehicles and even the army rally land rover.


The time came for the raffle to be called which saw both S.I.D.C Mum and I winning prizes and the winner announced for the opportunity to squash a car using an army tank. Things were not to go to plan though..! With the winner on the tank was a member of the army personnel giving instructions on how to move the tank. Making sure that all civilians and army families were well back out of the way, they started the tank up and slowly moved towards the old Ford Fiesta. As the tank hit the car it started to move and instead of being crushed it got pushed along the concrete! They backed the tank up and the army lads were called to turn the car the other way but yet again the same thing happened so the army lads pushed the car onto its roof, but again to no luck!

This was to be the finale of the day and after a quick chat to Sgt Jarrett, Jacqui, Ray and the Rally drivers, Edmondo, S.I.D.C Mum and I made our way home, with a lot of wonderful memories from an excellent day out!

The crowd were finding it very funny that the Fiesta was putting up such a resistance! The lads once more turned it back over and put blocks behind it to stop it moving, then the instructor on It has since been announced that they the tank got in and decided to squash raised over £6600 - Congratulations! the front end so they would be able to just drive over it. After a lot of hard work it did finally pay off and the winner cruised straight over the little Fiesta much to the delight and applause of the crowd.

Help for Heroes


Available from 1st July 2010 IMPREZA COSWORTH STi Subaru whet the appetite many an Impreza aficionado with their annoyingly restricted teaser shot of the STI wearing a Cossie badge... we’ll be bringing you all the news and [hopefully] reviews of this much anticipated special edition!

East Anglian Scoobies RR DAY AT ZEN

Performance Car action day - Castle combe

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Fully installed for power runs, mapping and club rolling road days. Contact us for booking information.

At Scoobyworks we are able to provide all your Subaru service, fitting and tuning requirements to an exceedingly high standard, without breaking the bank. Whether your Subaru needs a minor service or an engine rebuild, a suspension upgrade or an exhaust system, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

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The following Subaru dealers offer discount to Members on the production of a valid Membership card. Always confirm the level of discount on parts, (some Prodrive parts may not be discounted at all dealers) labour or accessories with the dealer prior to work commencing, or ordering parts.

A F Noble & Son Penicuik 01968 678002 Adams Brothers Ltd Aylesbury 01296 434343 Aird Motors* Invernesshire 01463 782266 AMC (Chelmsford) Ltd Essex 01245 235030 Ashburton Motor Works Ltd Ashburton 01364 652302 Barry Curran Ltd Isle Of Man 01624 817050 Beechdale Derby Derby 01332 372555 Bell & Colvill (Horsley) Ltd West Horsley 01483 281000 Bramley Kensington* London 0208 838 3113 Bramley Kensington (Sales) Kensington 0207 937 8487 Bulldog Twyford Twyford 0118 932 1331 Carstins Ltd Coventry 01676 533145 Chandlers Grantham Grantham 01476 590077 Chandlers Horncastle* Horncastle 01507 527211 Cheam Motors (Ewell) Ltd Ewell 0208 394 2266 Christopher Neil Cheshire 01606 41481 Concept* Birmingham 0121 313 6100 Conders Subaru Cambridgeshire 01733 893704 Constitution Motors Ltd Norwich 01603 411111 Cotswolds* Witney 01993 776622 Cross Roads Garage (Tredington) Ltd Shipston-on-Stour 01608 661544 Culverwell Cars Robertsbridge 01580 880567 Cutlers Of Streetly* West Midlands 01 922 472250 Cvc (Cardiff) Cardiff 02920 222100 Davies Motors (Cardigan) Cardigan 01239 621222 Dennis Common Morpeth 01665 570542 Desmond Eastwood Motors Ltd Lisburn 02892 621293 Dicksons Of Inverness* Inverness 01463 712800 Donnelly Belfast 02890 375000 Eaglesham Garage Ltd* Eaglesham 01355 302685 Emg Bury St Edmunds Suffolk 01284 775900 Emg Spalding Spalding 01775 767651 Evans Halshaw Newcastle-upon-Tyne 0191 266 4055 F R Pulleyn Wigginton Garage Ltd* York 01904 690742 Fiskens Of Forfar Forfar 01307 462980 G C Stanbury & Son* Dulverton 01398 323545 Gatwick Crawley 01293 429800 Gilesgate Ltd Hexham 01434 605825 Gmd Car Sales Durham 01913 840070 Greenwood Manchester 0161 301 5000 H Robinson & Sons (Rochdale) Ltd Rochdale 01706 716655 Haddocks Colchester 01206 230331

Halleys Garage Ltd Milngavie 0141 956 1126 Heritage (Leicester) Ltd Leicester 0116 283 1052 Holdcroft (Staffordshire) Newcastle-under-Lyme 01782 617321 Hylton Of Shrewsbury Shrewsbury 01743 450 450 Hylton Of Worcester Worcester 01905 748414 Ian Grieve Falkirk 01324 605100 J N Royle & Son Ltd (Parts Only) Oswestry 01691 610216 James Haugh (Dumfries) Ltd Dumfrieshire 01387 255291 Jennings Middlesbrough 01642 209100 John Grose Suffolk 01394 383456 John R Weir Ltd Perth 01738 477700 Jordans* Hull 01482 222500 K T Green Ltd Nr Leeds 0113 284 3535 Keith Price Garages Ltd Abergavenny 01873 811555 Kendal Motor Village LA9 6DU 01539 736666 Kenneth Melville (Errol) Ltd* Errol 01821 670242 Le Mont Saint Garage Ltd 01481 264811 Lifestyle Tunbridge Wells 01892 510005 Listers Of Worcester* Worcester 01905 640512 Lucas Of Mansfield Ltd Mansfield 01623 624244 M & R Gair Shetland 01595 693246 Mantle’s (Trefeglwys) Ltd* Caersws 01686 430202 Marlborough Isleworth Motors Ltd* Isleworth 0208 568 1414 Maugers Garage Ltd Channel Islands 01534 861388 Mckeary Motors* Coleraine 02870 351081 Mkg 3000 Middlesex 0208 894 7504 Monks Heath Motors Ltd Macclesfield 01625 861544 Monty’s Of Sheffield Sheffield 0114 221 4333 Oaken Garage Wolverhampton 01902 844441 Pewsham Garage Wiltshire 01249 654429 Prosport Ltd* Stockport 0161 432 9999 Proven Motor Company Ltd Haslemere 01428 652554 Quenby Bros Ltd Baldock 01462 499930 R N Golden Ltd Huddersfield 01484 608060 Research Garage Group Ltd Nuneaton 02476 377170 Robert Bowett Motoring Leeds 0113 277 6099 S & S Services Heathfield 01292 880080 S G Petch (Richmond) Richmond 01748 825757 Sgt Select Maidenhead 01628 605353 Showells (Garages) Ltd Nr Stourbridge 01384 422488 Simpsons Of Swindon Swindon 01793 762234

Slip End Garage Ltd Bedfordshire 01582 456888 Soul Garages Limited Buckinghamshire 01234 244300 Sparshatts Of Botley Ltd Southampton 01489 785111 St Leger Doncaster 01302 571420 Stan Palmer Ltd Carlisle 01228 525051 T H White Ltd Cirencester 01285 653354 Threeways Garage Ltd Clwyd 01745 825847 Tiley Bristol Ltd Bristol 0117 923 1231 Town & County Motors Ltd Aberdeen 01224 874333 Triangle Of Chesterfield Ltd Chesterfield 01246 454545 Vale Motors Wincanton 01963 34034 Vospers Exeter Exeter 01392 203800 Vospers Of Truro Ltd Truro 01872 226226 Walldonway Ltd Larkfield 01732 870386 Webbers Hampshire 01256 300653 Welch Group Garages Ltd Cambridge 01223 843015 Westaway Motors Ltd Spratton 01604 847245 Williams Lancing 01903 753535 Willoughby Group Nottingham 0115 925 8282 *(Authorised Repairer Only)

A large number of specialist suppliers also offer discounts to Members on the production of a valid Membership card. These include The AA, Black Circles, Scoobyworld and many, many more. Check out the Membership /Club Enquiries section of the forums for a complete list.



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