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Who Can  Beat  The  Heat?   By:  Chris  Barongan  and  Laderrick  Mcmanus   With  all  of  the  recent  trades  and  injuries   during  the  NBA  postseason,  a  few  teams  now  have   a  better  chance  to  beat  the  Heat.  The  preseason  is   finished  and  many  of  the  teams  showed  some  star   potential,  but  now  that  the  regular  season  is   underway,  will  it  be  enough  to  beat  the  reigning   champions?  Below  is  a  preview  of  the  two  teams   who  have  the  most  potential  to  win  the  2014  NBA   championship.         The  Brooklyn  Nets  made  quite  a  big  move  in   the  postseason.  They  were  able  to  trade  away  Kris   Humphries  and  Gerald  Wallace  for  the  Celtic  veterans,  Paul   Pierce,  Kevin  Garnett,  and  Jason  Terry.    

Pierce, Garnett,  and  Terry  are  seen  here   showing  off  their  newest  jerseys.    

With that  trade,  the  Nets  were  able  to  complete  their  starting   lineup  and  add  more  depth  to  their  bench.  Their  lineup  now   consists  of  Deron  Williams  at  point,  Joe  Johnson  at  shooting   guard,  Paul  Pierce  at  small  forward,  Kevin  Garnett  at  power  forward,  and  Brook  Lopez  at  center.  This   new  starting  lineup  could  possibly  give  the  Nets  the  edge  and  allow  them  to  take  the  championships  this   year.           The  Oklahoma  City  Thunder  also  look  like  they  have   a  good  chance  to  beat  the  Heat.  Their  lineup  consists  of   Russell  Westbrook  at  point,  Thabo  Sefolosha  at  shooting,   Kevin  Durant  at  small,  Serge  Ibaka  at  power  forward,  and   Kendrick  Perkins  at  center.  They  added  more  talent  during   the  draft  by  adding  Steve  Adams  to  their  bench.  In  the  last   game  against  the  New  Orleans  Pelicans,  Adams  had  10   points  and  15  boards.  With  Westbrook  out  with  an  injury,   Reggie  Jackson  has  had  more  playing  time  and  has  now   begun  to  get  better  form  in  his  game.  Kevin  Durant  also   began  taking  a  heavier  duty  in  scoring  more  points  and   filling  the  void  Westbrook  left.      

James and  Durant  will  face  each  other  for  the  first   time  this  season  on  January  29,  2014.    

Who can beat the Heat?  

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