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o o o Test Your Mates Test your crew with this maritime and geographical quiz. n There are several ways to define the world’s ports and each list is different, but name some of the oldest, most beautiful and busiest ports. ANSWERS on page 2.

Thursday • March 21, 2013

Sun & Moon Sunset: 7:32 pm; Sunrise (Friday): 7:21 am Moonrise: 2:26 pm High tides: 4:37 pm; 5:20 am (Friday) Low tides: 11:14 pm; 11:44 am (Friday)

Weather Today: Clear, breezy, wind N 10-20 mph, chance of rain10%, high 84 Tonight: Clear, low 55, wind ESE 5-19 Friday AM: Clear, then partly cloudy, high 72

Things to See / Do Today, 1-4 p.m. Events with Ward’s Marine Electric (booth 926A, near the Clematis Street entrance). Today it’s cigars, music, and bartenders with flair.

Today, 5-7 p.m. Cocktails at the U.S. Superyacht pavilion. Casual networking, light fare.

Tomorrow, 6-10 p.m. Boatyard Ball at Rybovich. Live music by South Florida female vocalist of the year, Amber Leigh, food and drinks. Complimentary shuttle to the shipyard starts at 6 p.m. Look for it on the NW corner of Clematis and Olive (across from Don Ramon).

Tomorrow, 7 p.m. Pig Roast in Palm Beach, hosted by AIM Marine Group, at the Pavilion Hospitality Lounge, just north of Bradleys on the waterfront. Live entertainment. RSVP required.

DID YOU SEE THAT?: The 223-foot (68m) Lurssen M/Y Kismet is the largest yacht the Palm Beach show has ever featured. Find her at the main dock in the heart of the show. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Kismet moves water, sand to show By Lucy Chabot Reed

Getting the yacht in this prime location, though, was a bit hectic, he As the Palm Beach International said. The yacht draws 12 feet, but there Boat Show opens today, visitors can’t was only about 8 feet of water outside help but notice the the ICW channel. grey-hulled M/Y Kismet So they called Geno The yacht draws 12 feet, front and center. At 223 Gargiulo and his team but there was only about feet (68m), the Lurssen at Commercial Diver 8 feet of water outside the is the largest yacht to Services to make some ICW channel. appear in the 28-yearroom. It took them a old show. week, but when they “We couldn’t ask for a better place to were done, they had vacuumed out the be,” said Chief Officer Casey Giesler as soft sandy bottom and made a groove he oversaw a doubling of his deck crew See KISMET, page 3 finishing up prep work yesterday.

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Get a pen to mark sights at the show


Test Your Mates Answers to the quiz on page 1: n According to www.marineinsight. com and, the following ports rank (in no order) highest in cargo and traffic: Singapore, Busan (also known as Pusan) in South Korea, Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Port of Kobe in Japan and Port of Dover in the United Kingdom. As well as Ningbo-Zhoushan, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao Port and Hong Kong all in China. And this subjective list describes the following list (in no order) as the oldest and most beautiful ports: Dubrovnik in Croatia, Venice in Italy, Lisbon in Portugal, Istanbul and Kusadasi in Turkey, Beijing (also known as Tianjin) in China, Athens (also known as Piraeus) in

Greece, Stockholm in Sweden, Quebec City in Canada, St. Petersburg in Russia, Alexandria in Egypt, Haifa in Israel, Bizerta in Tunisia, Miami in Florida and Nassau, Bahamas.

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HANGING ON: The normal deck crew on M/Y Kismet was doubled in the days leading up to the show to get the yacht ready for showing. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Puzzle pieces fall into place at docks KISMET, from page 1 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep between the slip and the channel. They used an air lift, first invented 40 years ago by treasure hunter Mel Fisher , with whom Gargiulo once worked. It’s basically a 6-foot length of 8-inch PVC pipe with pressurized air piped in through a commercial compressor. As piped-in air goes in the pipe, it expands and rises, creating a vacuum at one end that sucks sand, rocks and whatever else is in its way out the other end. “It’s basically an underwater ShopVac,” he said. While his divers were underwater, yachts were lined up outside the whow, waiting to stage in. At one point, Gargiulo said he counted 36 yachts waiting. And yet they still all made it into place. “They moved 800 boats into this show.,” said Gargiulo, who opened a new office for his company at Rybovich recently. “What a puzzle. It always amazes me how they do this, create a city of boats out of nothing.” Perhaps mayor of the city is M/Y Kismet, which has been listed for sale since at least the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show in October. In that show, its slip was tucked behind other large yachts accessible by a separate dock. The yacht couldn’t make it to the

docks at the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami so this week’s show is its first chance for front-and-center boat show exposure. “The boat’s actively for sale, so we wanted to get as much exposure as possible,” Chief Officer Giesler said. “There is a great clientele here,” said Kevin Callahan, Kismet’s broker with Moran Yacht & Ship. “It’s got one of the best atmospheres of any show.” Lucy Reed is editor of The Triton. Comments on this story are welcome at

CLEANING UP: Commercial Diver Services President Geno Gargiulo shows the rudimentary air lift that his team used to create a deeper channel for M/ Y Kismet. PHOTO/LUCY REED

4 | Thursday • M a rc h 2 1 , 2 0 1 3



rew, captains and even a few brokers were BUSY cleaning and polishing yachts yesterday as everyone got ready for today’s opening of the 28th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show. PHOTOS/LUCY and DAVID REED

Th u r s d ay • M a rc h 2 1 , 2013 | 5

6 | Thursday • M a r. 2 1 , 2 0 1 3

Th u r s d ay • M a rc h 2 1 , 2 0 1 3 | 7

CHECKING THE TIDE: Triton Today’s Question of the Day

Do you smoke? Go to any crew hangout on a Saturday night and you’d think all yachties smoked. Yet when we asked crew at the show yesterday if they smoked, most said they didn’t. We tried this survey at the Monaco show a couple years ago and learned that yacht crew are programmed to say they don’t smoke because they don’t smoke at work. So we asked about this very personal of habits in a different way. We asked if the yacht had a policy about smoking. Most do, and it’s mostly against smoking. Smokers were not allowed to light up onboard, even on deck, even on a crossing. Several crew noted that the yacht doesn’t make hiring decisions based on smoking; just one said it did. We’d hoped this would produce a more precise survey, but this exchange shows just how elusive that proved to be. “There’s no smoking on the boat,” said the captain of a 100-foot yacht. Even at anchor? “At anchor, they can smoke on deck, as long as they make sure the ashes don’t land on the yacht.” So they can smoke on the yacht? “Sometimes you can’t tell if they smoke,” he said. “I had one guy who smoked and I didn’t know it for months. He carried a little bottle of Febreeze around with him.” We’re giving up on this survey. I don’t think we’ll ever get the goods on crew and smoking. – Data compiled by Lucy Reed Mate/Eng. Sebastien Lafaille M/Y Star Sapphire 117-foot Bilgin “There’s no policy but there’s no smoking onboard. When I’m on watch, I can smoke on the flybridge over the sink. European boats smoke, but there’s a different attitude here in North America.”

Do you smoke? No – 80%

Yes – 20%

What is the yacht’s policy about smoking?

Smoking OK outside – 20%

No smoking allowed – 80%

Freelancer Tyler Payne M/Y Obrigado 100-foot MCP Yachts “I used to [smoke], but I gave it up. Who wants to hang around with a smoker if you don’t smoke?” Mate Jacques Payne M/Y Perseverance II 125-foot Oceanfast “I can’t smoke on the boat, even on crossings. That’s when Nicorette works. I respect their rules.”

Lia Usilton M/Y Sea Bowld 174-foot Oceanfast “This is a nonsmoking boat. We don’t like the smell. It’s been like that on every boat I’ve worked on. I see them [yachties who smoke] in bars, but not on my boat.”

Triton Today PBIBS 2013 Day 1  

daily paper handed out to crew at the Palm Beach International Boat Show

Triton Today PBIBS 2013 Day 1  

daily paper handed out to crew at the Palm Beach International Boat Show