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Sun & Moon


Sunset: 6:15 pm; Sunrise (Tuesday): 6:53 am Moonrise: 8:46 pm; 96% illuminated Low tides: 5:29 pm; 5:45 am (Tuesday) High tides: 11:35 pm; 11:50 am (Tuesday)

Today: Sunny and clear, wind ENE 10-20 mph, high 79 Tonight: Clear, E 10-15 mph, low 66 Tuesday AM: Sunny, E 10-15 mph, high 79

Where to be Triton networking This Wednesday, Feb 19, The Triton hosts networking (the first and third Wednesday of every month, 6-8 p.m.) with Yacht-Mate Products in Ft. Lauderdale.

Palm Beach Show March 20-23, 29th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show.

WHAT’S OLD IS NEW AGAIN: All hands (and paws) on deck of M/Y Gravitas during the 26th annual Yacht & Brokerage Show yesterday. Previously M/Y Battered Bull, the 171-foot Feadship, is showing at Miami Beach Marina. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Triton Expo

Weather in north stalls show start

The Triton turns 10 years old in April and we’re having a party during the spring Triton Expo. There will be 30 vendors, speakers and seminars from some of The Triton’s most beloved columnists, and a resume clinic with yacht captains to help crew get feedback on their CVs. And there will be food, drinks, music, and birthday cake. Join us on the first Wednesday in April from 5-8 p.m. at National Marine Suppliers, 2800 S.W. Second Ave. in Ft. Lauderdale (33315). No RSVP necessary, just bring business cards, you never know who you’ll meet.

By Lucy Chabot Reed It’s hard to know just what bit of magic works when it comes to a boat show. Sometimes, how we measure a show’s success is impacted by the weather here; other times, it’s impacted by the weather someplace else. Sometimes, it matters what the stock markets are doing; other times, it doesn’t matter a bit. Each of those magical conditions was credited or cursed for creating thin crowds on the docks during the 26th annual Yacht & Brokerage Shows.

Tens of thousands of airline flights were cancelled in the northeastern U.S. as the show opened, which undoubtedly impacted showings and attendance. One broker heard from a client who had left his New England home 48 hours before but had only made it as far as Washington D.C. and unsure when he would arrive, if at all. Toss in our own dicey weather on Thursday, whose thunder and rain kept some local attendees away, and it’s hard to see what magic was working in the show’s favor. See SHOW, page 3

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It was ‘all in the family’ onboard yachts this weekend.


Show outgrows a cold, slow start SHOW, from page 1 But then the weekend started, and by the time it finished, the docks had filled in with lots of conversation from Eastern and Western Europe as well as dialects from South America. One common sight on Sunday were families. While it’s not unusual to see baby strollers, young kids and big kids on the docks on weekends, these all accompanied their young parents onboard for tours, indicating they aren’t just tourists, but prequalified at least a little bit. Captains and crew, too, felt the slow pace as the show opened but then grew busy as more people walked the docks. One captain said although he gave only a handful of tours, he talked to “some serious buyers and brokers with serious

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clients.” “If they aren’t buying this one, they are going to buy something,” this captain said. “We only need 11,” joked broker Cromwell Littlejohn with Merle Wood & Associates, which has 11 yachts in the show. “When someone says they can’t make it, we take pictures of people here enjoying the sun. It drives them back.” A couple yachts rang their bells this weekend, signalling a signed contract. Time will tell as those yachts go through sea trials and final negotiations, but even with all that weather up north, the temperatures at the Miami show were better than tepid. Lucy Chabot Reed is editor of The Triton. Comments are welcome at

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DOING THE CREW THING: On the job and having fun


lways professional but not above a bit of fun, crew are all smiles for the camera yesterday at the 26th annual Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach. PHOTOS/TOM SERIO, LUCY REED

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CHECKING THE TIDE: Triton Today’s Question of the Day:

Are you watching the Olympics? Every bit of media is filled with coverage from the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, so it’s easy to understand how it’s permeated even life onboard during the show. In fact, early Saturday morning, we heard shouts coming from M/Y Amitie as brokers and crew came together to watch the U.S. hockey team beat Russia in the first round of play. Most of the crew we talked to yesterday said they have found time to catch a little of the action. Some said they are too busy and a few said the television on their yachts isn’t working during the show. The best story, though, comes from the Filipino crew on M/Y Gravitas whose pride beamed as they talked about their sole Olympian, 17-year-old figure skater Michael Christian Martinez, the first figure skater to represent the Philippines at an Olympic Winter Games. – Lucy Chabot Reed Mate Justin Roberts M/Y Sherri Lynn 101’ Hargrave Not really. I’ve been working too much; I’m too tired.

Chief Stew Ashley Cameron Westport My favorite is the downhill. I grew up in Jackson Hole so going around those turns at 70 mph scares me to death. Chef Aaron Hurley M/Y Lady Janet 157’ Christensen Some of it. It’s a case of whatever’s been on when you get a break to watch.

Dayworker Kelly Olej M/Y Northlander 125’ Moonen We are watching, snowboarding, curling -- are you kidding? I’m Canadian -- skiing, skating, anything. Eng. Greg Schuler M/Y BB3 123’ Palmer Johnson Yes, we watched the hockey team beat Russia yesterday. But for a lot of it, we watch at lunchtime and catch the highlights. Bosun Erjo Junatas M/Y Gravitas 171’ Feadship He [Michael Christian Martinez] is the first to qualify in skating. We are so proud of that. He’s a star now in the Philippines.

Eng. Albert Galychanivsky M/Y Gravitas 171’ Feadship I’ve been watching the biathlon. Ukraine got the bronze (in the women’s 7.5km sprint). Deckhand Joel Tanudra M/Y Gravitas 171’ Feadship He’s making history. He was always practicing in the mall because there’s a skating rink there.

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