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o o o Test Your Mates Sample question from the U.S. Coast Guard Deck exam: n When a hurricane passes over colder water or land and loses its tropical characteristics, the storm becomes a(n) ___________. A) high-pressure area B) extra tropical low-pressure system C) tropical storm D) easterly wave ANSWERS on page 2.


S u n d ay • M a rc h 25, 2012

Sun & Moon


Sunset: 7:34 pm; Sunrise (Monday): 7:17 am Moonrise (Mon.): 9:29 am; 4% illuminated High tides: 11:21 pm; (Monday) 11:27 am Low tides: 5:11 pm; (Monday) 5:32 am

Today: Scattered thunderstorms, winds WSW 15 mph, high 82, 40% chance of rain Tonight: Isolated thunderstorms, low 63 Tomorrow AM: Partly cloudy, 82

Triton Expo Springtime brings the Triton Expo on Wednesday, April 11, at Lauderdale Marine Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Boat shows are a great place to see old friends, but the upcoming Triton Expo will help enhance careers, facilitate jobs and educate. The half-day event will feature 30 exhibitors in the west lot of LMC from 5-8 p.m. Triton Expos are an opportunity for captains and crew to meet with top providers of goods and services. Crew will find ways to get ahead including schools and professional connections with yacht services, including provisioners. There will be food and beverages from Slackers Bar and Grill and Newsworthy Cafe. Music will be provided by Yacht Entertainment Systems. Join us on April 11 at LMC, 2001 SW 20th St., in Ft. Lauderdale.

EYES ON THE SHOW: From left, Mate Nick Sinclaire, Capt. Peter Murphy, and Adam Langley of Nova Scotia can tell you all about their town. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Theodore is not what you think By Lucy Chabot Reed You’d be surprised how many misconceptions there are over the cutest boat in the show. Most importantly, they don’t drive on the top deck where the character’s eyes are, but in the wood-paneled pilot house on the main deck. “Everyone thinks we drive in the eyes,” said Nick Sinclaire, mate of the M/V Theodore Too, the 65-foot tugboat docked among the megayachts at the north end of the show.

Even the Ft. Lauderdale harbor pilot boarded and went right up the stairs to what he thought was the wheelhouse. Secondly, the boat isn’t made of steel, but of wood, then covered in fiberglass. And perhaps the biggest assumption people make about the cute little tugboat is that it’s actually a tugboat. It’s not, and it never was. The bollards are just for show; and it’s powered by a single Caterpillar, 400hp engine. Yeah, we’re not pulling anything,” Nick said. See TUGBOAT, page 2

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Theo’s presence all about Halifax TUGBOAT, from page 1

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placing yacht crew for 30 years 408 S.E. 17TH STREET FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33316 (954) 522-2739 WWW.CREWFINDERS.COM

on one of several maps on Theo’s dining table. Its southern coast is zigzaged What M/V Theodore Too is, though, with bays, its northern coast covered in is an effective marketing tool for beaches. the city of Halifax and the Canadian “That’s why we’re here,” he said. province of Nova Scotia. It was built in “People don’t know about it. A lot of 2000 in the style of the area’s traditional yachts do New England and stop. We harbor tugs by the production company want to help them carry on.” for a children’s television show. In the The boat appeared in show, a tugboat named Ft. Lauderdale’s Winterfest Theodore scoots around Boat Parade in early Halifax Harbor making December and has been friends with the bridge, docked on the New River buoy and cargo ships in its downtown. path. At the boat show this When the production week, it’s hosted hundreds company went out of of guests on tours and business in 2002, the handed out scores of little boat went on the market. Theo is not really Halifax flags, mostly to Government and tourism watching. PHOTO/LUCY REED children. Captains on officials wanted it to stay, neighboring boats are but it was being wooed happy with the traffic the tugboat has by other cities. In 2004, Peter Murphy generated and don’t even mind being , president of Murphy’s on The Cable stared at. Wharf, bought it. “We moved the eyes for them and “We just decided to step up and they went crazy,” Sinclaire said. “They keep it in Halifax,” he said. His family loved it.” business includes a restaurant and a Unfortunately, though, Theo’s simple day charter fleet of about eight boats, smile doesn’t move so the tugboat can’t including the 75-foot ketch S/Y Mar. show concern or surprise like it used to Until this year, Theo – as the crew on the television show. call it – had a comfortable life giving Despite all its misconceptions, Theo harbor tours to guests and locals in represents some of the best Halifax has Halifax. But in November, Murphy and to offer: a fun and vibrant waterfront a crew brought the tugboat for a winter and super-nice people. in South Florida where it started a new But the question of the day remains: life as a marketing tool for the city of Is a 65-foot tugboat a him or a her? Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia. “I go back and forth, ” Sinclaire said. Adam Langley of Waterfront “I can’t really call Theo a girl. I don’t Development Corp., a governmental think he’ d like that too much.” corporation formed to redevelop the Lucy Chabot Reed is editor of The Halifax waterfront, points out Halifax Triton. Comments:

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Answers to the quiz on page 1: n B) When cold air intrudes, the winds gradually abate as the concentrated storm disintegrates. The storm’s warm core will survive for a few more days before completing the transformation into an extra tropical low-pressure system. Reference: Bowditch; The American Practical Navigator. See more at and

Triton Today Palm Beach is published by Triton Publishing Group. Copyright 2012, all rights reserved. Publisher: David Reed Editorial: Lucy Chabot Reed, Dorie Cox Advertising: Mike Price Production: Patty Weinert Vol. 2, No. 4. Copyright 2012, all rights reserved.

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DOING THE CREW THING: Weekend at the show


elcome to the final day of the show. Yacht crew continue to run on high energy with smiles and dockside antics.


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Palm Beach Boat Show  
Palm Beach Boat Show  

The Triton - Palm Beach Boat Show Day 4.