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GoldenGlimpses We’re breaking ground for the Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority and Foundation National Headquarters November 21, 2013

Groundbreaking Ceremony On-Site at Tri Sigma National Headquarters 207 N. Muhlenberg Street Woodstock, VA 22664 • 1000 sq. ft. Training & Conference Center • Board Room • Founders Garden

On November 21 at 10:30 a.m. a ground-breaking ceremony will mark the beginning of the renovation of the 207 N. Muhlenberg St. property in Woodstock (right next door to the Mabel Lee Walton House). The ceremony will be held on the site of the new National Headquarters, which will provide offices for the Sorority as well as the Foundation, plus a training and conference center, Board room, and special Founders Garden. Anticipated occupancy date is summer, 2014. The Sorority acquired the property earlier this year, and since then Council and staff members have met with architects and planners to plan effective working and training spaces. After offices move to the renovated building, the Walton House property will be preserved as a showplace for Sigma Sigma Sigma archives and museum displays. Sleeping rooms will still be available on the second and third floors. The new projects are exciting and will provide up-to-date office space within a gracious space. Both Walton House and the National Headquarters building will be linked by gardens, walks, and landscaping to make this Tri Sigma landmark a beautiful place to visit and see Tri Sigma memorabilia. If you’re in the Woodstock area in the next few months, be sure to stop by and see the renovations.

New Playroom in Denver Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, Denver Alumnae Chapter and Eta Pi (Metro State) Chapter members are cooperating on a pilot program to fund a playroom for children in the new Denver Children’s Hospital, South Campus, in Highlands Ranch, CO. The Foundation Board voted to match gifts from alumnae and chapter fundraising efforts for the hospital during the next three years, up to $7,500. The first check, for $6,000, was presented to the hospital by alumnae, collegians, and staff members in August. Attendees had a chance to see the new hospital, now under construction with anticipated opening in December 2013.

This Summer

Kaye Schendel, ΓΦ Sigma Sigma Sigma National President

What a grand summer this has been! Convention years always seem extra special, but this one for me was the most magical of all. Maybe it was because Convention was at Disney, the most magical place on earth, or perhaps because when we gather with our sisters magical things happen! We have opportunities to renew friendship, share stories, laugh and cry and, most precious of all, spend time with one another.

Emily Lewis Lee, ΑΨ In late August, National Treasurer Bonnie Rainey, ΑΣ, and I paid a special visit to Emily Lewis Lee, ΑΨ, at her home in Columbia, South Carolina. Miss Emily also was unable to attend Convention, so we brought Convention to her. This is the first Convention she missed since 1940! We shared with her the Convention program, banquet programs and favors, the Convention t-shirt and the promotional piece for the 2016 Convention in Chicago. In return, she entertained us for hours with stories about meeting three of the Founders, her days as a collegian at James Madison University and as a member of Alpha Upsilon Chapter, and her time on Executive Council. We looked at old scrapbooks and shared lots of past Convention memories. Of course, Miss Emily wanted updates on each and every one of our collegiate chapters. We had lunch with her granddaughter, Ginger, a proud member of Kappa Delta at the University of South Carolina. Special thanks go to her caregiver, Miss Martha, and Jennifer Holtsclaw, ΔΠ, for arranging this wonderful afternoon.

Visiting Two Special Sigma Sisters I spent time this summer with two very special Sigma sisters. In late July, I visited with Norma Beuter Larson, ΒΑ, at her home in Rockford, Illinois. Norma received the prestigious Triennial Founders Award at Convention, but was unable to attend. Rather than mail the award to her, I decided to present it in person. What a great afternoon we had visiting with one another! Norma told stories of her work on our history book and The Triangle. She said that she literally wore out a typewriter or two because she would have to push the keys so hard to get through all the carbon paper. Congratulations, Norma – Tri Sigma is honored to call you a Sister. Your contributions to our organization are many, and I am sure this recognition is just but a piece of what you have done to move our organization ever forward. Norma Beuter Larson, BA

A Convention Highlight One of the most popular educational sessions at Convention was the one presented by the Golden Violets. The room was packed with young and old, eager to hear the stories from our very special Golden Violets.

Your story What is your Sigma story? Recently, Sorority Executive Director Marcia Cutter, ΒΓ, gave every Council member a beautiful blank book and asked us to write our Sigma story to share with others. What a beautiful way to capture our history and learn about other Sigma experiences. Perhaps this quote by Richard Kearney in his publication On Stories, sums it up best. He states, “Telling stories is as basic to human beings as eating. More so, in fact, for while food makes us live, stories are what make our lives worth living.” I couldn’t agree more! Each of us has a wonderful Sigma story just waiting to be shared. Won’t you share yours with me?


From the Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services

Dearest Golden Violets, Aimee Jensen Boland, ΗΙ Sigma Sigma Sigma Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services

I write with much excitement and anticipation as we start the 2013-2014 academic year. What a blur last year was! With all the Convention preparation, I sometimes forgot what the date was. Although bittersweet that Convention is behind us, I’m happy to return to a more regular schedule. A special thank you to all the Golden Violets who attended Convention. The highlight of my Convention time was the program we had with the Golden Violets Saturday afternoon. About 10 Golden Violets sat around the table and more than 50 collegians and alumnae filled the room to hear Golden Violet stories and celebrate their legacy. A truly special moment came when two women from the Rho Chapter at Florida State University reunited after not being connected with one another for 50 years. The whole room was in tears.

About the “Think Tank” The Alumnae and Volunteer Services Department has been busy. You may have read about the “Think Tank” in previous issues of Golden Glimpses, and we’re excited to report that this advanced to the next level of planning called the “Alumnae Engagement Blueprint.” A team of 10 members and non-members met for two days in early May to discuss Tri Sigma’s engagement with alumnae and how we could improve. From these meetings, a philosophy of engagement was proposed. Once accepted by the Council, we will begin the strategic planning (including assessing our alumnae membership experience and redesigning programs to meet the needs of our members). Watch for updates!

Get Connected, Stay Connected! Tri Sigma will host the Alumnae Roadshow again this year. If you’ll recall, this is a fun and interactive program in cities throughout the United States designed to connect alumnae to Tri Sigma. Not only do we offer updates on National program initiatives during the presentation, but we also offer some very important social time for alumnae. We are thrilled to host these again in spring 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina, New York City, and Columbus, Ohio. Watch for dates and details. We look forward to seeing you at our next Alumnae Roadshow: Get Connected, Stay Connected! As always, your stories, photographs, and memories keep the legacy of Tri Sigma alive. Thank you for remaining steadfast and encouraging others to follow in your footsteps. In our bonds,


From your Golden Violet Coordinator

Convention Memories Marilyn McGraw Beiter, ΒΞ Sigma Sigma Sigma Golden Violet Coordinator It is an honor to be your new Golden Violet Coordinator. I have spent almost 30 years in national work, and this position is a good fit for my 50+ years in Tri Sigma. The coordinator position also comes with a wonderful perk: the opportunity to become better acquainted with so many sisters of my generation. At the end of summer, I spent a few days at our lake house at the Lake of the Ozarks. Just sitting on our deck was quiet and very peaceful and gave me time to reflect on these past busy months. It seems as if I was just getting ready for Convention. Now many months later, I remember all the wonderful events that took place while we were in Orlando – especially our 32 Golden Violets who attended. We had a great time getting to know each other. At our meeting on Saturday morning, I was overwhelmed when I walked into the room. There sat over 50 collegians, so many the hotel staff had to bring in extra chairs! Never did I imagine they would want to hear from our 50-year members, but they did. Each Golden Violet introduced herself and told something


about her collegiate chapter, alumnae chapter, about her career, life as a Sigma, and many other noteworthy experiences. It was truly inspiring to watch our younger sisters so eager to hear our stories. It’s times like this that make me so proud to be a part of this Sorority. In this issue of the Golden Glimpses, you will enjoy reading articles about our newest Golden Violets. You will find a common thread running through them. These women loved being a part of a great Sisterhood and the bond of friendship that encompasses their 50 years of membership in Sigma Sigma Sigma. Also, note how many are active as volunteers at various charities and church functions. They are truly giving back and helping others. It makes you proud to know we are all Sigmas. Violets to all of you,

From the Foundation Chairman

News from the Foundation Marie Schrag Beck, ΒΨ Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation Chairman What is the Foundation funding this year? I want to bring you up-to-date on the Foundation scholarships and grants that were approved by our Board during its annual meeting at Convention.


This year the Board awarded $35,000 for the 2013-2014 school year to 28 members. The Scholarship Committee was impressed this year with the high caliber of all applicants. The committee moved the deadline for scholarship applications for next year to January 31, 2014.

Grants to the Sorority

We voted to give $116,100 in educational and leadership grants to the Sorority. In addition, the Foundation will provide a $500 scholarship grant at every campus where the Sorority colonizes this year. Collegiate chapters that had 100% of members participating in the Foundation’s collegiate giving program will receive a $250 grant for a leadership program. Programs funded this year include Officer Academy - $80,000, Dunham Institute - $15,000, UIFI - $4,600, Labyrinth $15,000, State Days - $1,500.

RPM Local and National Grants

From our RPM Fund, the Board awarded $14,999 in grants to local hospitals and organizations offering child life/play therapy programs. National RPM grants totaled $38,864 and were given to Dallas Children’s and North Carolina Children’s hospitals for fellowships. The Denver Alumnae proposed a new idea to the Board: to match their individual gifts and fundraising for a new playroom at Denver Children’s Hospital, South Campus. At the end of this year Sigma Sigma Sigma playrooms will exist at three hospitals. North Carolina Children’s playroom is being remodeled to allow for a special room for seriously ill children who must be kept in isolation but want to experience the joy of play.

Thank You

Your gifts make possible the Foundation’s work. I want to thank all of you who supported our recent “Board Challenge” mailing. During the months of October and November, any gifts to the Foundation will be matched by special gifts from the Foundation Board and Executive Council, up to $50,000.

Planned Giving

New this year is the Foundation’s emphasis on encouraging Tri Sigmas to remember the Foundation in their will. Along with many Greek women’s board chairs and their foundation executive directors, I attended a conference on giving this month and heard the speaker suggest that we ask every member to consider putting the Foundation as a 1% beneficiary on their IRAs, 401(k) plans, or insurance policies. What a fabulous idea!


A Reunion Story

Rho Chapter Golden Violets Meet After 50 Years At the Golden Violet Session during Convention, our Golden Violet Sisters took the opportunity to introduce themselves. When Mary Crumpton Brown spoke about being a member of Rho Chapter at Florida State University, serving as corresponding secretary and majoring in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, the story had a familiar ring for Frances D’Alessandro. When it was time for Frances to introduce herself, she said, “Do you remember me, Mary? I am Frances D’Alessandro!” Both had pledged together and graduated in 1963. The two women met at Convention for the first time in 50 years! Frances doesn’t remember any offices she held in college, but she did confess to loving those college years and sorority life. She was a junior counselor to freshmen in Mary Crumpton Brown and Frances D’Alessandro their dorm. While Frances lived on campus, Mary was a Collegians always met during the summer to go over day student but was able to eat lunch and dinner recommendations which were required for everyone going at the sorority house. The house was so small two through recruitment.. dinner hours were scheduled. “Mom Fitz” was the One important event happened to Mary while she was housemother, and the house only had room for at Florida State. She became engaged and announced the 16 seniors. engagement during a “ring ceremony” the Sorority held. Mary remembers “pledges” had to carry a box full It was hard to keep it a secret, but she did, and everyone of chewing gum for any member of the sorority who was surprised when she blew out the candle, the sign for a wanted a piece of gum. The women also remembered new engagement. Charm School where you were taught how to sit, how Both Mary and Frances have remained active in to smoke, and if you were wearing slacks or shorts you Tri Sigma throughout the years. Both are involved in had to wear a trench coat to cover them. If an alumna alumnae chapters: Frances in the Southwest Florida came into the house, you had to stand up and offer Alumnae Chapter and Mary in the Tallahassee Alumnae her a seat; but you were also told to call alumnae by Chapter. Both have been members of Panhellenic in their their first names because they were Sisters. respective cities, Mary having been the president while Campus activities included the big campus sing she lived in Miami. every year, mixers with fraternities, and decorating Mary has attended six conventions and has been the floats with chicken wire and crepe paper. Sisters delegate four times. Frances has been to two conventions. were always singing songs, and each new member This was the first Convention they attended as Golden had to write a song. One of their sisters (Rose Marie Violets. It was truly magical to watch this reunion. Who Weidemeyer Tanner) actually wrote a song included in knows who will be reunited at our next Convention! our Tri Sigma’s early edition of Songs Sigmas Sing.


Meet Our Newest


JoAnn Odum Aldrich,Ψ

JoAnn Odum Aldrich made her commitment to Tri Sigma in March, 1963, at the Psi Chapter at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, where she served as chapter Vice President and President. Thanks to that commitment, another life-long commitment followed: Tri Sigma was responsible for JoAnn meeting her future husband, Jerry. According to JoAnn, a Sister arranged for Jerry to visit the campus. Jerry, being a gentleman, called JoAnn’s mother to introduce himself and get his prospective date’s telephone number. JoAnn recalls that he first got the third degree inquisition and then the phone number. They met for coffee in March, became engaged in May, and married in September. She said she would not recommend that, but it worked for them. This year marks their 49th wedding anniversary. Today, JoAnn is the mother of two sons: Tom, who is a computer tech in Las Vegas, and David, a TV meteorologist in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has four precious grandchildren.

JoAnn was a part-time professional model and a graduate of the Barbizon School of Modeling in New York City. She has taught charm classes for Sears and John Wanamaker’s. (Do you remember Tri Sigma’s Charm School when you were in college?) When she was 19, JoAnn, representing West Virginia, won the title of Miss USA-World in Carnegie Hall and went on to London, England, to compete in the Miss World contest where she placed fifth. JoAnn was the first national beauty winner to get to meet a president, who at the time was John F. Kennedy. Also in the Oval Office was Vice President Lyndon Johnson who took her and her group in a private limo to tour the Capitol Building. JoAnn said they were impressed and felt privileged to be so warmly treated. JoAnn is now a member of the First State Alumnae Chapter in Delaware and represented her chapter as delegate to our 2013 Convention. Her advice for Sigma Sisters: “Build a strong relationship with Jesus, for He is the rock I am building my life on, stay true to Tri Sigma’s values, and love and serve others.” Activities and Accomplishments: Taught Sunday school in many different churches. She is a volunteer for MOPS (Mothers of Pre-School children) which gives moms a morning to share in learning how God can be a part of their families’ lives. She also is a guest speaker for MOPS in Delaware and Pennsylvania. JoAnn has been a member of Christian Women’s Club and was the first female National Care Committee person for Chuck Colsen’s Prison Fellowship for the State of Delaware, DE. She stays very active with Prison Ministries, Inc. of Delaware and serves on its Board. She has taught Bible studies in prisons for 11 years. She is a docent volunteer for the Rockwood Museum in Wilmington, DE, and for fun she loves her involvement in a group of ladies who call themselves, “Somewhere in Time Tea Society.”


Marilyn Salie Arnett, ΒΚ Marilyn Salie Arnett was initiated into her Sigma chapter at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ in 1954. Marilyn majored in Elementary Education and upon graduation married and moved to California where her husband, Tom, attended Stanford Graduate School of Business – Palo Alto, California. She found a job teaching in an elementary school while he was a student. Marilyn counts her initiation into Tri Sigma as her most memorable Sigma moment. Being an only child, she truly enjoyed being a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma with a whole group of Sisters. This was very special for her, and she was there for every activity from service projects to campouts. In 1964, the Arnetts were transferred to Houston, Texas, and to another new adventure. She didn’t work at that point and soon joined the Houston Alumnae Chapter, enjoying all the Sisters and the activities offered. She lived in Houston for a while before moving to Seabrooke where NASA and the Space Program were located. It was an exciting time in history with the astronauts and the space shuttle. Marilyn still maintained her membership with the Houston chapter and carpooled to meetings with other Sigmas. She soon became more involved and represented Tri Sigma in the Houston City Panhellenic and was the president-elect when her family transferred to the Northeast. How sad she was to leave this wonderful group of Sisters! For a year they lived in New Jersey, and she became a member of the Northern New Jersey Alumnae Chapter and the next year moved to Pennsylvania where she joined the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter. By this time, Marilyn had become a National Officer, serving as National Membership Chairman for the Northeast. She assisted collegiate chapters, made many chapter visits, and organized the very first ever “Pennsylvania State Day” for both collegians and alumnae. In 1969, the family returned to the California Bay Area. Because it was more than an hour’s drive to attend Oakland or San Francisco Alumnae Chapter meetings, her only solution was to form a new chapter. After getting names of alumnae in the area and having many phone calls and meetings, the San Jose/Peninsula Alumnae Chapter was formed where she has been active ever since. She has held various chapter offices and represented Tri Sigma at the San Jose Panhellenic. Her national work continued as she was the second alternate to NPC in the early ‘70s


and represented the Executive Board as a National Inspector on several collegiate chapter visits in Colorado. After Marilyn’s family had grown with three sons, she took a break from teaching and concentrated on school activities and community service. Later she joined the local school district in Los Altos as an elementary school Administrative Secretary and held that position for 31 years, retiring just four years ago. All of her sons live nearby and she now has five grandchildren ranging in age from eight to 28 – three girls and two boys. Through the years she has attended conventions in Denver, Dallas, Tyson’s Corner (Virginia) and Nashville. She appreciates watching the younger women get involved and take over the leadership roles in Tri Sigma. Her Sigma advice: “With all our moves through the years, the one ‘constant’ was the Sigma alumnae chapters! Once I connected with Sigmas, I no longer felt like a newcomer. It was a wonderful feeling to know that when I first walked through the door there would be a warm, accepting group of Sisters to welcome me. So wherever life takes you, make the effort to connect with the local Sigma Sigma Sigma Alumnae Chapter. If there isn’t a chapter, get a list of Sigmas in the area from the national office and start your own chapter. It’s fun and rewarding.” (Marilyn may hold the record for being a member of so many alumnae chapters all over the U.S.!) Activities and Accomplishments: Received the Sigma Sigma Sigma Alumnae Recognition Award; listed in “Outstanding Young Women of America;” is a member of Bridge Community Church; Federated Women’s Club; AAUW; and the Los Altos Tennis Club. She loves traveling, entertaining, cooking for friends, reading, and yard work. She plays a lot of tennis and enjoys snow skiing. She has always been active in community/church/service groups.

Frances D’Alessandro, Ρ Frances D’Alessandro was a founding member of her chapter at Florida State University and was initiated in 1962. Graduating in 1963, she was only able to live in her sorority house one year, and she has remained a true Sigma throughout her life as a faithful alumna. She absolutely loved college and sorority life. Fran majored in interior design and owned her own business for 49 years. She thought she would retire, but clientele kept coming back. She re-opened her business out of her home, and now sales representatives come to the house and she serves them lunch! Not having married, she is involved with her extended family, a brother, three nieces, one nephew, one great-niece, and one great-nephew. While at our recent Convention, she was getting ready to visit them in Orlando. Being a loyal member of the Southwest Florida Alumnae Chapter, Fran served seven years as its President. She has been the Panhellenic Alumnae delegate representing Tri Sigma in Fort Myers. She stays active with the alumnae chapter and continues to help them with their fundraising activities every year. One project is delivering flowers on

special occasions where the chapter receives $5 per delivery. Asked if she had something to mention that few people knew about her, Fran revealed she had been involved in a cattle and ostrich ranch! Her advice for Sigma Sisters: “Stay involved with your college Sisters and your community – this is the best way to network. Join Panhellenic in your community.” Activities and Accomplishments: In addition to her Sigma Alumnae Chapter, she belongs to Pilot International where she has been President twice. She is a director and helped to build a house for women at Florida Gulf Coast University where residents pay no rent but have to buy everything else and keep up the house. She is also a member of the Southern Scholarship Foundation where she oversees applications for girls going to college. She also belongs to the following organizations: The Children’s Network, Project Lifesaver, and the Gresham Kite House in Ft. Myers.

Joanne Ronnfeldt Detary, Ι Joanne Ronnfeldt Detary, who began her Sigma journey at the University of North Colorado in Greeley with her initiation in 1963, just can’t leave the classroom. A retired elementary teacher, Joanne continues to get her “kid fix” by volunteering two or three times a week at school and currently enjoys a bonus of having three of her grandchildren in the classrooms. Likewise, Joanne’s commitment to Tri Sigma has never wavered. In college she was Collegiate Vice President and celebrated Iota Chapter’s 50th anniversary on campus where President Margaret Freeman Dixon and Elsa Von Ruecau Jones, Collegiate Secretary, attended their celebration. As an alumna, she has served as a National Alumnae Chairman, Vice President and President in the Denver Area Alumnae Chapter, and chaired Founders Day for the last three years. Joanne has attended seven national conventions and is already looking forward to the next one in Chicago. Joanne is married to Dave, and they have a son and daughter. Each child has two children, and they all live close so they get together often. Her youngest grandchild is three, and she enjoys spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, watching wild bunnies in their yard and eating popsicles on the patio. Last year, Joanne and Dave drove to Alaska, enjoying magnificent scenery as they traveled through British Columbia and on the Alaska/Canada Highway. She can now say she has checked a visit to Denali National Park off her bucket list! She plans to do more traveling when her husband retires in 2014. Another activity Joanne and Dave enjoy is square dancing once a week from September through May. They have done this for 20 years. She says the wonderful friendships and mental and physical exercise are the reasons they enjoy it so much. Joanne’s advice to new Sigmas: “Reach out to those of us who are older. We share many of the same experiences so try not to think of age and wrinkles as a barrier. Tri Sigma is a great place to grow and become self-confident, a sounding board for other areas of your life.” Activities and Accomplishments: Joanne received the Alumna Recognition Award and the Outstanding Alumna of the Region in Tri Sigma. In addition to volunteering at school, she enjoys amateur photography, scrapbooking, reading, and traveling. She recently undertook the task of chairman of her 50th high school reunion with 700 graduates. She said it took five years of preparation, but it was worth reconnecting with former friends. The committee now meets for lunch on a regular basis every other month. 9

Carole Ruf Gurley, Ν Carole Ruf Gurley was initiated into Sigma Sigma Sigma in April, 1963. She remembers that she had gone to a junior college and after graduating went on to Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO. Being a junior, she was anxious to be a part of the Greek system and didn’t hesitate when she had to make known her preferences during recruitment. She wanted to be a Sigma and that was #1. She didn’t list any other preferences! Since Carole was a junior, she wasn’t involved with the campus chapter very long but does remember performing in a Homecoming skit. She quickly became certain of her part in sorority life. Tri Sigma sisters gave her the confidence to do this because she never would have done it without their encouragement and support. She has maintained her allegiance to Tri Sigma by meeting with two alumnae chapters, Greater Kansas City and S.E. Jackson County. She has been a Vice President of the Kansas City chapter and a secretary in the S.E. Jackson County chapter.

Carole has been a kindergarten teacher but is retired now. Her husband passed away eight years ago, but she is blessed with two sons and five grandchildren living nearby. One son (Daniel) is an orthopedic surgeon and loves to coach his children’s sports teams. He is also the team doctor for a high school in Leawood, KS, and for the University of Kansas City. Her son, Greg, works for the University of Kansas and is in the Sports Department (Development) and helps Bill Self, the basketball coach at KU. Her advice to Sigma Sisters: “It’s a wonderful Sisterhood, having two sisters of my own, my Sigma Sisters are the best.” Activities and Accomplishments: Carole is a 30-year breast cancer survivor, recovering from Lyme’s disease, volunteers in Reach for Recovery, tutors at Charter School, Den mother coach, and Carnival Chairman. Her hobbies include party planning, cooking, sewing, reading, watching grandchildren’s games and recitals and enjoying a book club through the K.C. alumnae chapters.

Jacqueline Devine Lewis, ΒΓ Jacqueline Devine Lewis, better known as Jacque, became a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma in 1963 at Ball State University. She graduated with B.A. and M.A. degrees in elementary education and went on to teach kindergarten for three years. After that, she started her family of five sons – Rick, Greg, Jeff, Matt and Jason. She now has four daughters-in-law and nine grandchildren and another on the way – three girls, six boys and a girl scheduled to arrive this month. Jacque somehow found time to work for 25 years in marketing and as a sales manager for Independent Living Communities in Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, and Florida. She and her husband, Howard, are now retired and find time to cruise at least two times a year. When we talked, they had just returned from Alaska where they toured by bus, train, and ship. They even tried white water rafting in the Denali National Park which she said was lots of fun. Jacque looks after her 93-year-old mother, who still lives on her own. Her memory of sorority life was the enjoyment of sisterhood with other Sigmas. Jacque says her advice to other Sigma Sisters is to surround yourself with positive people – people who build you up not tear you down. Her alumnae connection is with the Muncie Alumnae and Sarasota/Manatee Counties Alumnae chapters. To quote Jacque, “I love my Sigma Sisters – especially my wonderful alumnae Sisters who are so positive and caring.” Activities and Interests: Jacque and her husband golf at least three times a week; she reads any book by James Patterson; has started playing mahjong; and belongs to a Shapes Fitness Center. In addition, she entertains grandchildren whenever possible.


Charlotte Maureen Moore, ΑΕ Charlotte Maureen Moore is a proud member of Tri Sigma and was initiated in 1958 at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. Upon graduating with a degree in elementary education, she taught fourth and sixth graders in the California bay area, Sunnyvale, and in Menlo Park. She later specialized in science, and in 1996 she retired after teaching 37 years. As an early member of the San Jose Peninsula Alumnae chapter, she held leadership positions as Secretary, Treasurer, and President at various times. The chapter meets several times a year. Founders Day has always been the highlight of the year for San Jose Peninsula Chapter members. Charlotte attended our national convention when it was held in San Francisco. A memorable Sigma moment for her happened when her alumnae chapter collected and distributed toys at holiday time in a Red Flyer wagon for the children at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. Upon retirement, she is honing her golf game and sets goals for regular exercise classes. She enjoys the company of friends. Another goal she had was to line up all the books she hasn’t had time to read and read all of them. In 2004 she sold her condo and moved to Palm Desert to a house in the Sun City community. Here she was finally able to hang all her southwestern/native American pictures and a

place to house the pots she had collected over the years. This is a passion she pursues by visiting the various fairs for the Native American Arts. She also visits Los Angeles for excursions since it is so close. Charlotte confesses to trying to keep up-to-date in the technological world. Her iPhone and mini iPad keep challenging her to learn how to use them efficiently. She also confesses to being a constant Starbucks customer. After her early morning walks, this is her treat. To quote Charlotte: “My Sigma experience both in my college years and in my alumnae group have given me a sense of confidence and caring that has helped set the direction that my life has taken. I continue to enjoy the friends I have made and hopefully have been able to share that feeling with others.” Activities and Accomplishments: Menlo Park PTA Service Award, Salvation Army – volunteer in support “Smile Saver” which collects and distributes school supplies to needy elementary schools in the Coachella Valley. Exercises with the local Curves, Kindle reading, movies, Sun City emergency preparedness group that practices and continues to educate themselves on how to best prepare for “the big one.”

Margie Schmerbauch Murphy, ΒΞ Margie Schmerbauch Murphy was welcomed into the chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma at Southeast Missouri State University in 1959. She graduated with a major in history and a minor in social studies in 1962. Upon graduation she taught two years in New Bloomfield, Missouri, and then completed her master’s in guidance and counseling from the University of Missouri. In 1964 she married Stan, and they moved to Sikeston, Missouri, where she was a school counselor for grades seven through nine. In 1968 the Murphys moved to Farmington where Stan went into practice as an attorney and Margie took a break from school counseling to be with her two young children, Brian and Marla. In 1976, Stan ran for Circuit Judge, a position he held for 24 years with Margie helping during reelection campaigns. Also in 1976, Margie returned to school counseling in the Farmington School District. Both retired in 2000 and they are enjoying retirement and visiting their daughter and son-in-law in Seattle and keeping in touch with relatives, especially an aunt in California who recently celebrated her 101st birthday. Their son, Brian, and grandson, Brendan, live nearby and visit often. A memory of her college days was every night after she got in from a date with Stan, she and her roommate would get the coffee brewing and somehow have some treats to eat in their dorm room before lights out. (That roommate is Marilyn Beiter,

your Golden Violet Coordinator!) Back then they never worried about caffeine! Beta Xi was a fairly new chapter on campus, and there were no sorority houses. Each sorority had a meeting room with a nearby closet in the Student Union, and they had assigned meeting times. Perhaps, because it was not easy to get everyone together, they appreciated each other, and many strong friendships were formed. Looking forward to the day when the Sigma Sisters who came after them could live together in one place, they put what little money they had in a housing fund. That fund helped the chapter buy furniture when sorority housing eventually became available. Her advice for Sigma Sisters: “Treasure your Sigma Sisters because mine have been taking care of me for 54 years.” Activities and Interests: Formerly worked with both the Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs, is active in the Memorial United Methodist Church in Farmington, is the Ways and Means chairperson for the UMC Women’s Group, is a member of the Missouri Retired Teachers Association, Missouri State Teachers Association, is a caregiver for a 93-year-old friend, loves to read and work puzzles, and is an avid Cardinals Baseball fan. 11

Vera Joan Macklin Scott, X Vera Joan Macklin Scott, better known as Joan, is an initiate of Chi Chapter at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. In the school year ’63-’64, she was honored by being elected into Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges. What Joan remembers most about her years as a Sigma is the bond of Sisterhood and the close relationship she enjoyed with her “big sister,” JoNell Doyle Tolle, for nearly 50 years. Last spring Joan made a final farewell trip to Kansas City from California to say goodbye to JoNell, as her battle with cancer was coming to an end. They laughed together as they reminisced over the years, and tears were flowing as they hugged each other knowing that this would be their last visit together. Joan had a special purple ribbonhandled basket filled with purple African Violets and butterflies sent to JoNell’s memorial service in memory of their special years together as Tri Sigmas. They were truly special Sisters to each other! Her bond of Sisterhood extends to the San Jose Peninsula Alumnae Chapter. Joan has been corresponding secretary for 20 years (that has to be a record) and recording secretary for four years. In April 2013, she and two other Sisters received their Golden Violet and to mark

the occasion each received a Lenox porcelain box for storing badges and pins. Joan’s family includes husband, Doug, two children and five grandchildren. She and Doug will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in June, 2014. Joan’s career was with the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a leader in health care, located in Menlo Park, California. Her title was Program Assistant, and she retired in 1998. Her most memorable Sigma moment was her initiation into Tri Sigma. That was the beginning of a lifetime bond with her sisters. Activities and Accomplishments: Tri Sigma Alumnae Recognition Award-1998; National Public Relations Award from the American Lung Association in Denver, Colorado; 15-year volunteer service with Filoli Gardens, a National Trust Garden in Woodside, California; founding member of the Turner Art Museum, Denver, Colorado; hostess for Jr. Symphony Guild Show Houses, Denver, Colorado; started Family to Family Program in Columbia, Missouri to help support and offer guidance to a family on welfare; Christian Women’s Advisory Board for the Peninsula region in Palo Alto, California; served as Marriage Enrichment Retreat Leader in Menlo Park, California; served as elder of congregational care with her local church for three years; and a deacon for 12 years. Hobbies include gardening, travel, and yes – volunteering!

Susan Thompson Taylor, ΑΖ Susan Thompson Taylor began her Sigma career in 1963 as a member at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA. While at NSU, she served her chapter as Rush Chairman (now Recruitment), Corresponding Secretary and President. She graduated with both a B.S. and M.S.Ed. degrees from NSU. Susan is very proud of her heritage and writes that Natchitoches has the distinction of being the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase and more recently as the home of the movie, Steel Magnolias, which was based on a true story. NSU was founded in 1884, and Alpha Zeta is the oldest Greek organization (1928) on campus and still going strong! Susan was a member of the Natchitoches Alumnae Chapter (now closed) and assisted with planning for the new Alpha Zeta lodge. Every year she helps with their Bid Day Party and Thanksgiving dinner for the collegians as well as writing recommendations for recruitment. She participates in Founders Day with the

Alpha Zeta Chapter and was involved in the sale of Tri Sigma “bling” pins and donated the profits to the chapter housing fund. Susan is married to Griffin Taylor, Jr., and they are the parents of three and the grandparents of nine. Her career has revolved around opening the first balloon delivery business in Natchitoches in 1982, and for 14 years has owned the local Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio. Being a small business owner, she has provided employment for many Alpha Zeta collegiate members for over 15 years, offering help to our young collegiate Sisters when they needed employment while in college. Susan makes good use of her sewing talent and embroidery machines to create one-of-a-kind garments for her grandchildren. Her creativity has led to a Facebook page, 12

Oh Sew Taylored!, where her work is featured and where unique custom items can be ordered. She is a very busy lady.

and Natchitoches Jaycee Jaynes and for nine years served as chairman of the Miss Merry Christmas Program as part of the Christmas Festival. She supports the activities of her children and grandchildren relating to St. Mary’s School, St. Mary’s Athletics, and Natchitoches Parish 4-H. Member of the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Activities and Accomplishments: Former member of the Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches as well as a former board member of the Northwestern State University Alumni Association. Past President of Les Amies

Barbara Smith Thompson, N Barbara Smith Thompson began her journey with Tri Sigma at Nu Chapter at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO. She did not go through formal recruitment but rather chose Tri Sigma in “Open Rush.” Barbara came to the campus in the summer of 1962 as a sophomore, but because she had taken some advanced placement classes at the University of Missouri/Columbia, she was qualified as a junior. Having met some Tri Sigmas that summer who made her feel comfortable and welcome, she knew that was the sorority for her. Barbara graduated early in 1964 with a B.S. in elementary education. In 1967 she completed her master’s degree work in elementary counseling. Having taught as an elementary teacher and counselor, she then went on to get her Ed.S. in 1976 in counseling and in 1979 completed course work for her Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Missouri/Kansas City. She became a licensed psychologist and worked in that career for 26 years before retiring in 2003. When she was in graduate school, Tri Sigma awarded her a grant for study. Her family includes two daughters, Jonna and Jennifer. Her husband passed away in 2000 after 36 years of marriage. Both daughters are married: Jonna, married to Joe Brandel, has three children( Jordan, and twins, John and Jessica); Jennifer, married to Darren Good, has two children (Lauren and Kara.) They all live in the same vicinity. One of her most memorable times with her collegiate chapter was participating in activities planned for children at a local abuse shelter. As a founder of the Southeast Jackson County Alumnae Chapter, she has kept busy all these years as President, Philanthropic Chairman, and Panhellenic Representative. While a member of the book club in her alumnae chapter, she also belongs to two more book clubs. Barbara likes to travel, and in 2003 she went on a mission trip to Africa for two weeks with the Blue Ridge Boulevard United Methodist Church. Since then she has helped to support a mission in Africa through her church. She was chairman of an auction that raised over $20,000 for this purpose. Also, she is a Stephen Minister and supervises a GriefShare group and grief care for her church. Her advice to new Sigmas: Get involved! Activities and Accomplishments: She does volunteer work and is a board member of the Truman Heartland Community Foundation and president of the Raytown Advisory Board of the foundation, whose motto is private giving for public good. She co-chaired the Christmas Holiday Tour to raise funds for the mental health center, Re-Discover. In 2011 she was selected an outstanding alumna of the Raytown High School. She chaired her 50th anniversary of her high school class (over 500 students) and since then has met with many of her classmates every other month for dinner. Barbara enjoys playing bridge, doing water aerobics, boating, and reading.

New Golden Violets Since Spring 2013 *Featured in this issue *Jo Ann Odum Aldrich, Ψ *Marilyn Salie Arnett, ΒΚ *Frances D’Alessandro, Ρ *Joanne Ronnfeldt Detary, Ι *Carole Ruf Gurley, Ν *Jacqueline Devine Lewis, ΒΓ *Charlotte Maureen Moore, ΑΕ

Jean Allen Morse, ΑΦ *Margie Schmerbauch Murphy, ΒΞ *Joan Macklin Scott, Χ Lillian Harrington Taggart, ΑΧ *Susan Thompson Taylor, ΑΖ *Barbara Smith Thompson, Ν Judith Baldwin Voigt, ΓΘ


Golden Violets Entering Omega Chapter Since Spring 2013 Mary Margaret O’Bryan Brodnax, ΑΟ Louise Fraser Hutt, Ζ Suzanne Swann Middleton, ΑΖ Virginia Boyd Parish, Ζ Doris Hiles Schroeder, ΑΕ

Five-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake (Chocoholics beware!) This is the most dangerous cake recipe in the world because you are only five minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night! 1 Coffee Mug 4 Tablespoons flour (not self-rising) 4 Tablespoons sugar 2 Tablespoons cocoa 1 egg 3 Tablespoons milk 3 Tablespoons oil 3 Tablespoons chocolate chips (optional) Small splash of vanilla Add dry ingredients to mug and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla and mix again. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for three minutes at 1000 watts. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don’t be alarmed. Allow to cool a little and tip out onto a plate if desired. EAT! (This can serve two, if you want to share.)

Here is a Cryptoquote puzzle for you to decipher. You have to figure out what letter stands for another letter. If x equals o then all x’s will be o’s. Be the first to let Marilyn McGraw Beiter at know what the puzzle says.


Prospective Golden Violets Did you know Golden Violets who are nominated automatically receive their Golden Violet? It’s just that easy! You can access the two page form one of two ways. You can contact National Headquarters by phone, 540-459-4212, or by email,, to ask a nomination form be sent or emailed to you. You can also log into the Member’s Only section of the National Website called

Sigma Connect and find the form under Alumnae Resources, Forms. The Golden Violet honor is given only to those special Sigmas who have proven their vow of lifetime commitment through their friendship and steadfast love of our Sorority for 50 years. Ensure another loyal and steadfast member is cherished the same way you are and nominate an eligible Golden Violet today!










































































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