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Have You Heard???

Dear Golden Violet Sisters: I just finished reading a book that contained inspirational insights and the following quote was a part of the book and I thought I would share it with you. “For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life, but there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way! So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one.” -Souza For some reason, this really resonated with me. Maybe it is because summer is coming to a close and fall is upon us and this time of year always seems so busy. Or maybe it is because as I write this I am already thinking about the upcoming holidays and all that I need to do. I don’t know if you are like me, but sometimes I simply forget to cherish each and every moment of every day and I am so busy thinking about what is next that I forget to enjoy what is happening now. So I urge you – enjoy the now! I am pleased to report that the recruitment numbers from our collegiate

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chapters are awesome this fall. Most of our chapters have taken quota and are doing quite well. Our colonization efforts have begun at Drexel University and we are so excited to be a part of this wonderful Greek community. We are thrilled for our Alpha Delta Alumnae. If everything goes as planned, our colony at Lindenwood University in St. Louis will be installed in early November. Tri Sigma is growing not only on the collegiate side but our alumnae chapters are doing quite well too. Aimee Jensen Boland has assumed the role of Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services and under her supervision; we are seeing some remarkable things with alumnae chapters. You all should feel very proud to know that Tri Sigma is doing quite well and our legacy continues. I had the opportunity this summer to attend a Grand Rapids, Michigan Alumnae Chapter meeting. What an honor it was to be a part of this exciting event that was held at the downtown campus of Grand Valley State University. I just love being able to spend time with Sigma sisters from across the country. What made this event particularly special was the time I spent with the SIX! Golden Violet alumnae chapter members that were present that evening. Listening to their stories and hearing about the importance of Tri Sigma in their lives reminded me of just how blessed we

are to be a part of this amazing organization. I am sure you will agree that the relationships and memories that we have as Tri Sigmas are some of the most important ones in our lives. Have a wonderful fall and take the time to cherish every day! Sigma Love, Kaye Schendel, ΓΦ National President

Message from Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services…

Dear Wonderful Golden Violets, Although I am new to working with alumnae life, my years volunteering and working with collegians has introduced me to many amazing Tri Sigma traditions. One which provides the greatest impact on celebrating and preserving our legacy is the Golden Violet program. During the last three months I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most influential, ambitious, and motivating alumnae, all of who aspire to reach the pinnacle of their Tri Sigma experience – receive their Golden Violet. This speaks fathoms of the women who make up our Golden Violet family and the devotion you have for Tri Sigma. Your story moves; your dedication inspires; your love supports. Thank you for all you do. I am honored to be working with such a strong network of friends.

PHOTO ID: Golden Violets from the Grand Rapids Alumnae chapter with National President Kaye Schendel. In back are Kaye Schendel, ΓΦ, Patricia Dalton Wood, ΑΦ (1948), Marilyn Schlutt Leese, ΑΦ (1952), Sharren Roche Anderson, ΒΡ (1958), and Marcia Yaw Marsh, ΒΡ (1957), the two Sigmas in front founded the Grand Rapids Alumnae Chapter in 1949. They are Maxine “Mitzi” Mitchell Hertel, Μ (1944) and Marion Coward Vanderveen, Ο (1942).

Message from Golden Violet Coordinator…

Sigma Love, Aimee Jensen Boland, ΗΙ Director of Alumnae and Volunteer Services

I am delighted to be writing to you during this fall season, 2011. We have had many successes as the Golden Violets have nominated numerous new Golden Violets into their ranks. This past 2011 Founders Day season found many outstanding Golden Violets being surprised as they were presented with their coveted, well deserved Golden Violet, signifying 50 or more years of commitment and dedication to Sigma Sigma Sigma. As we read about the interesting stories these women have to tell, we are inspired by the achievements, and impact that these Sigma women have made upon their professions, careers, families, and communities. The testimonials to quality, daily living that each and every Tri Sigma brings to her circles of influence has many common elements. The legacy of leadership that each of our Golden Violets have left is truly amazing as we see how each of our Golden Violets have lived the values of Tri Sigma and are impacting our world. I want to thank you for your steadfast work of helping us find eligible Golden Violets who are deserving of their Golden Violet. Please continue to help us in this way as you review the list we have published again in this fall issue of the Golden Glimpses. Many of you saw the names of your pledge (now New Member) sisters, and other alumnae

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that you have known appear on the list and have been able to nominate them.

Message from Foundation Board chairman…

discovered the field of recreational therapy. She worked for two years in both clinical and community-based programs, and then saw the Tri Sigma Foundation Fellowship availability. She applied, received the fellowship and began her work in July.

Please contact National Headquarters (540-459-4212), the National Sigma Website (www., or myself if you need to obtain a nomination form.

N E W S from the Foundation, especially for Golden Violets

We are in the middle of planning a trip for all Golden Violets to visit Walton House as a group during the fall of 2012. We know the


Gabby says, “To you, the Sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma, thank you for this opportunity and for all your

Hukill is the new Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation Robbie Page Recreational Therapy Clinical Fellow in pediatrics at UNC hospital. She’s already begun her work and says, “During these first couple of weeks I have seen firsthand what a difference our profession makes in the lives of the children we serve.”


Shenandoah Valley will be in its glory of fall colors and will contribute to a beautiful trip. As we gather at Walton House, we will be updated on the incredible sisters who have followed us and have given us our Sigma legacy. We also will be able to add to the rich heritage of Tri Sigma as we each share our own memories and stories of being a Tri Sigma for life and for the 50+ years we have experienced. Some fun tours will be included and more information and details are to follow. Keep looking forward to this wonderful event. In Our Bonds,

Gabby graduated with a Master of Science degree from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, after earning her Bachelor’s at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. She worked for two years as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) with children who had incarcerated parents and then

Carolyn Wallisch, I Golden Violet Coordinator

efforts toward bettering the hospital experiences of the children we serve.”

The Foundation received a bequest of $149,000 from the Estate of Emma Claire Shiffer Webster, who joined Tri Sigma’s Alpha Delta Chapter at Drexel in 1942. Claire was an accountant and lived in Tampa. The Foundation Board is considering ways to honor Claire’s generosity to the Foundation. Thinking of remembering the Foundation in your will or trust? The official name is Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, Woodstock, VA. Leaving a gift to the Foundation might have tax advantages for your heirs. Please contact Nancy Craig,, if you have questions or would like a visit from a Foundation staff member to talk about your estate plans.

SPEAKING OF THE BOARD… Gabby Hukill in the RPM playroom at UNC

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The Newly-elected Foundation Chairman is Marie Schrag Beck from ΒΥ Chapter at Penn State.

Marie, who lives in Sarasota, FL, is a Golden Violet and first served on the Foundation from 2002-2008. She’s back on the Board now, replacing Jan Stroker Horner, ΒΞ, whose term expired. Cj Havlik Donovan, ΒΛ, also completed her Board term this June. Cj’s a Golden Violet who lives in California. Eighteen Tri Sigmas serve on the Foundation Board. New this year, in addition to Marie, is JeanMarie Komyathy, ΓΚ, from

of $1,000 or more: Mary Crumpton Brown, Ρ Sheryl White Dahm, Ι Cj Havlik Donovan, ΒΛ Allene Hanna Hazeltine, ΑΞ Phyllis Seidler McIntyre, ΒΖ Shirley Mowles McKinley, ΑΥ Margaret L. Moore, ΑΥ Margaret Parker Munger, ΑΤ Mary Sue Nelson, ΑΥ Doris Diefenbach Powell, ΑΒ M. Eileen Schafer, ΑΞ Dixie Cremeans Shelton, ΑΑ

Manassas, VA, and Tracy Maurer Sary, ΓΒ, from Wake Forest, NC.

Carol Gregory Swango, ΑΨ

Foundation Board members represent all areas of the country and many different alumnae/collegiate chapters. New Board members are elected annually. If you would like to suggest a prospective Foundation Board candidate to the Foundation’s Nominating Committee, please contact Marie Beck (marieb511@ or 941-914-0283).

At its annual meeting the Foundation voted to award 15 scholarships to members, 14 local RPM grants, two national fellowship grants to UNC and Dallas Children’s Hospitals, and over $90,000 in grants for funding leadership programs of the National Organization.

THANK YOU, GOLDEN VIOLETS… for your support this past year. The Foundation had one of its best fundraising years, even in the midst of this tricky economic climate. Sigma support allows the Foundation to continue to expand its mission: funding innovative leadership training for women, awarding scholarships, and investing in life-enhancing children’s therapy programs. We particularly thank these Golden Violets who this year became part of the 76 “Pillars of Sigma” – those who support the Foundation with gifts


Tri Sigma is well-known among Greek groups for its innovative leadership programming. Last year, more than 400 young women attended three Officer Academies in January. This is an opportunity for chapter officers to attend and learn how they can become effective leaders.

TRAVEL SCHEDULES… A Foundation staff member might be in your neighborhood this fall. GOLD Development Officer Cindy Harms plans to visit Philadelphia, Charlotte, Milwaukee and Madison,

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Boston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Little Rock/Central Arkansas. Foundation Executive Director Nancy Craig will be in Charleston, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, and Orlando this fall. Do let them know if you’d like them to drop it to visit your alumnae chapter or to visit you and say hello! QUESTIONS? Do you have questions about your giving record to the Foundation? Interested in contributing? Director of Philanthropic Programs Nancy Benedict is in the Foundation office in Woodstock. Call her at 540.459.4219 if you need help.

Special Golden Violet Moments… Sky Diving by 70 year old Golden Violet, Rusty Hayden, Sigma

Golden Violet, Rusty Hayden, Σ , Sky Diving for her 70th Birthday

Rusty Hayden, Σ and Golden Violet was talking to her youngest daughter Erin, who was celebrating her 40th birthday, and said that Erin was going to go sky diving. At that moment, Rusty decided that she also would celebrate her 70th year

with her daughter Erin and said, “I’ll go with you”. Erin was very surprised and asked her older sister, Heather if she’d like to go along as well. Heather’s response was an immediate “No Way!” Erin said, “Mom is going to do it.” Heather’s reply was “Get-out!” Next, Rusty asked her husband, Larry, if he wanted to do it since he used to fly small planes. He said, “Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly good operating plane?” So it was Rusty and her daughter, Erin that actually jumped. On September, 18, 2010, Rusty, her youngest daughter Erin, her husband Larry, her oldest daughter, Heather and Erin’s two boys, ages two and four all traveled to Mile High Skydiving, in Longmont, CO. Rusty said that she wasn’t nervous and had slept fine the night before. After filling out the paper work, watching a short video on how to jump, Rusty and her daughter were each assigned a “jump buddy” and two photographers. That’s how the photos were taken. After getting into her jump suit and harness, her jump buddy, Eric told Rusty to have her hands crossed over her chest when she jumped out of the plane and then open up her arms during free fall. The free fall would last one minute which Rusty said was “pretty intense”. The photographers jumped first and then her buddy walked her to the door and out they went. There was no “one, two, three or anything – we just

jumped”, said Rusty. After the free fall was completed, her jump buddy, Eric, pulled the cord on their parachute. After the chute was open, Rusty had five minutes of wonderful peaceful drifting. They were able to view Long’s Peak of the Front Range of the majestic Rocky Mountains. “The views of the peaks and surrounding areas were spectacularly beautiful!” said Rusty. During the drifting time, Rusty’s jump partner kept asking her if she was okay. As Rusty got close to the ground, her jump buddy told her to put her legs straight out and then he landed on his feet. He then directed Rusty to stand up. IT WAS A PERFECT LANDING!!!! Rusty’s husband, Larry, her oldest daughter Heather, her youngest daughter Erin and her two grandsons were right there. Rusty had been the first out of the plane, but her youngest daughter, Erin was already on the ground before her. Her daughter’s jump buddy had done lots of spiral turns with Erin, and Rusty’s, jump buddy, Eric had taken Rusty on a slow scenic descent. Just the right journey for Rusty’s 70th birthday year! When Rusty landed she briefly felt a little light-headed but was also so excited that she had really done this! What an accomplishment for both mother and daughter!!!!

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Rusty Hayden, Σ, and her daughter Erin celebrating after completing their joint, birthday sky diving adventure, September 2010

Rusty says that since the sky dive, she has received “unusual comments from friends”! Some people think she was crazy to do it, others think she was very brave. Rusty says that she is so glad that she did it once and would not do it again. Rusty says her next goal in life may be to try hang gliding. This is done from Lookout Mountain, Golden, CO, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, not far from her home. As a Golden Violet, Rusty encourages all our wonderful Sigmas to do whatever you want to do and are able to do. We never know what tomorrow will bring. “I like the words in the song, “I Hope you Dance”, if you have a choice to sit it out or to dance, I will chose to dance!!” says Rusty. Rusty is indeed an inspiration as a Golden Violet to other Sigmas! She encourages all Sigmas to “strive to arrive at each Sigma’s highest potential”.

Past National Treasurer Receives Golden Violet

Sarasota/Manatee Counties Alumnae Chapter Honor Golden Violets Spring, 2011

Three Members of Nu Chapter 1961 Pledge Class Receive Golden Violets Together

Left to Right, Lee Goldstrom Rapach, ΑΔ, Barbara Stoe Stone, ΒΤ

On April 9, 2011, Barbara Stoe Stone, ΒΤ was presented her Golden Violet by Lee Goldstrom Rapach, ΑΔ along with balloons, a flower basket and bouquet of flowers. This wonderful occasion occurred at the Founders Day Celebration with the Beta Alpha Chapter at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. Barbara served as National Treasurer for the period 2004 to 2010. Previous to that in 2000 she served as Alumnae Coordinator for the Midwest region, the National Alumnae Chairman, (1998-2001), and Director of Volunteer Services (2001-2004). Among her additional achievements, she received the Alumnae Recognition Award, and the National Officer Service award. The Beta Alpha Chapter was most privileged to have Barbara Stoe Stone present for their Founders Day Celebration and to be presented with her Golden Violet. Congratulations are in order for our beloved Past National Treasurer, Barbara Stoe Stone, ΒΤ.

Left to Right Back: Lois Acre Kurtz, ΑΓ, Golden Violet, Jacque Devine Lewis, ΒΓ, Far Krebs Donaldson, ΑΔ, Golden Violet Left to Right Front: Marie Schrag Beck, ΒΥ, Golden Violet, Donna Ricchiardi Johnson, ΑΨ, Golden Violet, Jeanne Allender Moore, ΑΕ, Golden Violet, Allene Hanna Hazeltine, ΑΞ, Golden Violet

These lovely Sigma ladies are gathered to hear a wonderful presentation given by Cindy Heimann Harms, ΑΕ, Tri Sigma Foundation GOLD Program Development Officer and National Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator this May, 2011. She also was there when Marie Beck received her Golden Violet. We are so proud of the outstanding ladies who are active Golden Violet Sigma Sisters, having a great time together. This picture demonstrates our Sigma Sisterhood continuing their legacy to support the Tri Sigma Foundation GOLD Program as it continues to sustain our Sigma Sisterhood of Friendship, Character, and Conduct.

Left to Right, Brenda Riley Smith, Ν, Carol Crank Phillips, Ν, Donna Jones Clark, Ν

On Founders Day, at the Southeast Jackson County Alumnae chapter in Kansas City, MO metro area three pledge sisters from 1961 all received their Golden Violets on the same day. Here you see Brenda Riley Smith, Carol Crank Phillips and Donna Jones Clark each holding a memento given on the occasion. Each Golden Violet received her certificate, her Golden Violet pin, a special made memento pillow and a beautiful violet flowerpot. How wonderful for three pledge sisters to be together for 50+ years and all receive their Golden Violet from the same Alumnae Chapter. Congratulations are indeed in order.

Golden Violets…

Donna Jones Clark, Ν

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Donna Jones Clark, Nu, receives her Golden Violet at Southeast Jackson County, Missouri Alumnae Chapter’s Founders Day April 2011 Donna Jones Clark was initiated into the Nu Chapter of Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO. She served as Vice President of her collegiate chapter. Donna is a member of the Southeast Jackson County, Missouri Alumnae Chapter. The Most Memorable Sigma moment for Donna was being a Page at the 1962 Convention. Donna is a retired Reading Specialist. She serves as a Church Elder and Food Pantry Volunteer in her community. Donna makes many fine contributions to her community. She is a volunteer and Board Member of the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary. She volunteers at Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, and is a docent at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Congratulations to Donna Jones Clark, Ν for receiving her Golden Violet.

Carol Crank Phillips, Ν

Carol Crank Phillips was initiated

in 1961 to the Nu chapter at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO. During her collegiate years, Carol served as Keeper of the Grades. Carol graduated in November 1963. Carol is a member of the South East Jackson County, MO Alumnae Chapter. She has served as Alumnae Chapter President several times, Vice President, was the first Treasurer, and served as Program Chairman. She presently is the current President and Treasurer. She also has served on the NU Chapter Alumnae Advisor Board in 1985-1987 when she worked as the Chapter Treasurer. In 1988-1989 Carol received the Alumna Recognition Award and the Outstanding Alumna Award. Her fondest memories of Tri Sigma are that Donna Jones Clark, and Brenda Riley Smith were all in the same pledge class, were initiated at the same time, and have now received the Golden Violets together. Carol comments that her Alumnae Chapter has often had five to six people from that pledge class in the Alumnae Chapter at the same time. What an outstanding pledge class was the 1961 Nu Chapter!!! Carol is a retired Math teacher as well as a substitute teacher for many years. She is a Sunday school teacher for adults and children, a leader for adult and children’s Bible studies. She rode in the MS 150 mile bicycle event in 1991. She enjoys reading, duplicate bridge, bicycling, traveling and book clubs.

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Carol and her husband Ev Phillips have been married since January 11, 2003. She has a daughter Andrea Hall Allen, married to John Allen and two grad daughters, Sydney (9) and Natalie (7). She has a son, Jay Hall, and married to Susan. She has a stepson Brent Phillips married to Stephanie and four grandchildren, William (11), Emilee (9), TJ (2 1/2), and Savannah. She has a stepdaughter, Kim married to Mike Webb. Congratulations to Carol Crank Phillips, Ν for receiving her Golden Violet.

Brenda Riley Smith, Ν

Brenda Riley Smith, Ν receives her Golden Violet at South East Jackson County, MO Alumnae Chapter’s Founders Day Brenda Riley Smith was initiated in 1961 to the Nu Chapter at University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO. She served as treasurer and chairman of various committees of her Collegiate Chapter. She graduated in 1962 with a BS in Education with a major in English and a minor in Business Education. She taught Junior High 8th Grade English in Ragtown, MO. In 1963

she married Maurice Smith. In 1966 she began her family and has two sons, Matthew and Andres and two grandchildren, Riley and Dominic. Brenda returned to her career in the mid 1970’s as an accountant for a Freight System Overland Business, Secretary for Humana Hospital and then filled part time teaching positions for a period of 30 years in the Kansas City area. She retired from education in 2000. Holding several offices in her South East Jackson County Alumnae Chapter has kept Brenda busy. She has served as President, Panhellenic Representative, Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer and served on various committees. Brenda attended the National Convention in 1975. She says that it is always a pleasure to meet with the many national and regional office holders who have visited Kansas City during the past 50 years. She also has attended and participated in regional meetings on several occasions. Brenda served on the Kansas City Sigma Council that was established by the three alumnae chapters in the city to achieve a single Sigma representation to the Greater Kansas City Panhellenic. It was particularly useful as Tri Sigma moved through the primary officer leadership positions in Panhellenic. Brenda’s interests are singing, traveling, gardening, grand parenting, needlepoint, genealogy,

bridge, reading, and organization development. The most memorable Sigma moments for Brenda are those concerning preparation for and participation in the National Convention of 1975. Her chapter made favors with purple gingham cloth. She shares her sense of humor when she notes that many of those who helped make the favors will never again touch a piece of purple gingham cloth. Congratulations to Brenda Riley Smith, Ν for receiving the Golden Violet.

Margaret Hobson Smith, Ι Margaret Hobson Smith was initiated in 1949 to the Iota Chapter at Colorado State College of Education in Greeley, CO. She served as Chapter President in 1951. This was when the College selected Sigma Sigma Sigma as the second sorority to have a house purchased for them. The sorority was in charge of furnishing the house. Therefore, all the sorority girls contacted their parents and asked for any furniture that they could spare to furnish the house. Margaret was in charge of hiring the House Manager and

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the Cook. She said this was quite a responsibility for a college junior to take on. One of her fondest memories was the way all the sorority sisters shared and worked together to go through the joys and struggles of obtaining, running, and maintaining a house. Margaret followed her one year older sister Pat King, Ι, a member of the Denver Area Alumnae in the sorority. Margaret still remembers the wonderful friendships she made in college. She still keeps in touch with her sisters and last fall made a trip to see one of them in Vancouver, Washington. Elementary Education was Margaret’s major. She was hired in Portland, Oregon for her first teaching job. She married Merrill Smith who was an Engineer with Boeing and a graduate of Purdue and served in the U.S. Navy. Margaret became a military wife. Her husband went to Officer Candidate School in Newport and then to the Sea Bee School. Pat taught in Salt Lake City, Utah while her husband was in the service. She also taught in Alaska when her husband was serving at Adak, AK in the Aleutian Islands. When Margaret’s husband retired from the Navy they moved to Toledo, OH where he worked with a consulting firm. Margaret taught for 20 years in the Toledo area and in Michigan. Margaret has one son and one grandson. The Toledo Alumnae Chapter is proud to have Margaret as a member

and she always hosts the Founders Day Luncheon. She and her sister, Pat King, I, attended the Sigma Convention in Minnesota in 2010. Margaret and her husband enjoy traveling. They have been to Europe several times and visited relatives in Sweden. They stay at Elder Hostels. This fall, they are planning a trip to New York, the Hudson River to Lake Erie, and going on the St. Lawrence River to Quebec. Exercising and workout training is one of Margaret’s interests. She is involved in Body recall activities and participates three times a week. Congratulations to Margaret Hobson Smith, Ι in receiving her Golden Violet.

Mary Crumpton Brown, Ρ Mary Crumpton Brown was initiated in 1961 into the Rho chapter at Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. Mary states that she was a pledge for one semester before she could be initiated and needed to make good grades to become a member. Mary received a Bachelor of Science degree in April 1963 and a Master’s of Science in April 1964. Her bachelor’s degree was

in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education. Her Master’s degree was in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Art Education. Teaching was her career of choice for 28 years. During that time, she also ran two private schools, one in Miami and one in Tallahassee. During college Mary held several offices with the chapter particularly Corresponding Secretary. After college, she lived in Ohio for two years, and then moved to Miami, FL. Mary said that when she moved to a location that “I didn’t know anyone, I looked up a name in The Triangle, called her and had instant friends in the alumnae chapter.” During that time she held offices in the Miami Panhellenic, progressing to President. It was an open organization with as many as 100 people in attendance at monthly meetings. She was president around 1973 - 1974. In 1978 Mary moved to Tallahassee where she helped Rho Chapter with recruitment and also served as Financial Advisor to the chapter. She served as Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter president for years and is slated to serve again this year. “We now operate on a rotating basis with everyone taking a turn to be President.”

school year, 2011. She is the Senior Volunteer of the Year for Hawks Rise Elementary School. She is going to volunteer four mornings a week this coming school year at Hawks Rise Elementary. She helps with the children in the Pre-K class. They are three, four, and five year old children. She receives many hugs each day and really enjoys all eighteen children. On Monday mornings, she can be found at her church doing volunteer work, which is also very rewarding. She keeps the baby nursery on Sunday mornings, which she says is such a joy. Mary says, “Sigmas are everywhere and you can connect anywhere in the world. I met a Sister from North Canton, OH, once on a cruise. We were talking about sororities, and she asked me which one I belonged to. When I said Tri Sigma, she said so did she! We were amazed that we had that instant connection.” Congratulations to a vivacious, active, and involved Sigma Golden Violet.

Sandy Ramsden, ΒΓ and Ree Tanner,

Mary received the Alumnae Recognition Award in 1973. She has received various awards during the years but nothing that she considers major except for the one she received at the end of this past

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Ρ both receive their Golden Violets this spring at the Pinellas County, Alumnae Chapter

Rose Marie “Ree” Weidemeyer Tanner joined Tri Sigma in 1961 in

the Rho Chapter of Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. She served her collegiate Chapter as Treasurer. One of her favorite memories is singing “Royal Gates” (which she co-authored) with her Rho chapter sisters at the 1962 Convention. “Royal Gates” was the song of the Triennium. She received the Outstanding Rho Senior Award in April of 1964. She says she thinks she got it because she single handedly painted the chapter room of the new Tri Sigma house

co-workers collect toiletries to help the homeless families, especially those who have been abused by providing them with the pleasantries of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, brushes, lotions, etc.

on campus in order to get rid of the plain concrete type décor. She has fond memories of her sisters and the wonderful, fun time they had living in their new house. She stated that once they got their new house the Chapter could compete with the other larger sororities on campus and were able to have larger new member classes.

styles over the years and still gives Sigmas meaningful connections and relationships. She can’t believe that she has been a member for 50+ years. It has been a wonderful experience.

She met her husband Glenn E. Tanner and they were married in 1978. She met him as he put together a State Insurance Plan for teachers that included Health plans and Employee Benefits. She still works for the firm as a Field Office Manager and Benefits Enrollments. She handles paperwork for Annual Open Enrollments. She travels four to six months of the year with her job. Ree has been President of her Alumnae Chapter in Pinellas County. Presently she supports her Alumnae Chapter by helping with the sorority project of working with the Homeless Coalition Group in Pinellas County to keep homeless children in the school system and on track. She and her

Becoming a Tri Sigma was the most important thing that happened in her lifetime. It gave her the confidence and skills to be successful in life. She felt like she belonged and loved her Sigma Sisters. She finds that Tri Sigma fits member’s life

Congratulations are in order for Ree Tanner, Ρ as a Golden Violet.

Jeanne Ann Allender Moore, ΑΕ

Jeanne Ann Allender Moore was initiated in 1940 to the Alpha Epsilon Chapter in Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. She transferred to the University of Missouri in 1941. In December 1944, she married John Moore who was a lieutenant in Field Artillery. She graduated with her Bachelor of

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Science in Nursing in 1945 and went to Ft. Bragg to join her husband. Jeanne and her husband were assigned to many places and moved to several areas. In 1946, her son John was born. When her husband finished his service, he returned to Columbia, MO to finish his degree in Engineering and Business. Jeanne worked nights at a hospital to help put her husband through school. Upon his graduation he was hired by John Deere and they moved to Des Moines, IA. They lived there 16 years. There her two daughters, Peggy and Sara were born. When Jeanne lived in Des Moines, IA there was a National movement to colonize a chapter at Drake University. The group of about eight Sigmas realized that they didn’t have the skills to colonize a chapter, but started their own Des Moines, IA Alumnae Chapter. She served as the Panhellenic Representative to the Des Moines Panhellenic. Jeanne is now an active member with Sarasota/Manatee Counties Alumnae Chapter and has been a member since 1983. In 1991 she and her husband bought a home in the mountains in North Carolina for a summer residence. In 2005, she and her husband moved full time to Florida. After 63 years of marriage, her husband John passed away in 2007. Jeanne stays very active with her 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. She still lives in her condo, drives and gets around to many activities. She says, “I’m an active 88 year old.” Matter of fact

she was going to lunch the week I interviewed her with the Sarasota/ Manatee Counties Alumnae Chapter the next day. Jeanne has always been an active volunteer every place that she has lived. She says, “You name it, and I’ve been a volunteer with most organizations.” Her memorable volunteer work is with AAUW, in the 1970’s she and four other women were asked to serve on the Executive Council Board of Boy Scouts so that women could be involved. She said that we were “Trailblazers” in our day to be women on an all men’s board. She volunteered with a mental hospital, and is on the Board of an Art Gallery. She also is on the Service League Board of a Sarasota Florida Museum. One of Jeanne’s most memorable Sigma Moments was at an Installation Ceremony, with Mabel Lee Walton as an Installing Officer. Congratulations are in order to Jeanne Ann Allender Moore, ΑΕ for her Golden Violet.

Marylyn Koger Wilcox, ΑΕ

Marylyn Koger Wilcox was initiated on February 19, 1961 into the Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Northwest

Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. She was on the Committee for the Homecoming Parade. She graduated in August of 1964 with a degree in Elementary Education. In May, 1963 she married John Wilcox. She taught 3rd grade and then began to raise a family. She has three children and one grandchild. Sara Iobst McMillen, ΑΡ

In 1976, Marylyn returned to teaching and taught 2nd grade for 18 years and then taught for 24 years in Tarkio, MO. She is now retired. She is a member of the Maryville Alumnae Chapter. Her community activities include raising funds for the Resource Center for the Library in Tarkio, MO. She also is the scheduler for events at the library. In addition she attends the United Methodist church and is chairman of the “Meals on Wheels” program. She received the Citizen of the Year Award for her volunteer work. Marylyn loves to read, knit, crochet and make quilts. She singlehandedly makes quilts for all the newborn babies of the Methodist Church. Her favorite Sigma memories are the wonderful time she and her Sigma Sisters had getting ready for the homecoming parades. Her sisters are like her family. They always give her a feeling of belonging. She is very happy that she is a Sigma. Congratulations are in order for Marylyn Koger Wilcox, ΑΕ for her 50+ years as a Sigma.

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Sara Iobst McMillen was initiated in April 1961 to the Alpha Rho Chapter at Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, PA. She served her chapter as Treasurer in her junior year. In 1964, Sara graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in History. During her collegiate years she was Treasurer of the Dorm Council. She remembers her wonderful sisters and her Sigma Sigma Sigma housemother whom all Tri Sigma sisters adored. Some of her favorite memories are working on the Homecoming floats. There were only three sororities and 1400 students. She remembers winning at least two years while she was in college. Another favorite memory was preparing for the Greek Sing Event. She remembers how the Sigma Sigma Sigmas “sang their hearts out”. She remembers that they won two years in a row. Her mother came for the performance and said, “Sara, you really knew what you all were doing. The Tri Sigmas were wonderful.” She obtained her Master’s Degree in Education from Shippensburg

University in Shippensburg, PA in 1969. After graduation Sara taught Kindergarten and 3rd grade for three years in Susquehanna Township District in Harrisburg, PA. She married Clair McMillen. She then substituted in West Perry County School District. She has a daughter Brenda and granddaughter Kay. Sara helps with the Family Business in farm equipment. Sara has been a member of the Harrisburg Alumnae Chapter for 25 years. She has received her Circle Degree and attended Penn State Day in 2005. Sara lives on a farm and raises steers. She takes care of 11 cats of assorted breed. If a stray cat stops by, she feeds it and has found each and every one have a special personality. She has one cat in the house, a part Siamese and Russian Blue. The other cats are spayed and neutered and she enjoys them very much. Her hobbies are reading, politics, and watching travel programs on TV. She is a member of the Centre Presbyterian Church in Loysville, PA. She also is a member of the auxiliary for the Blair Fire Company. She helps the Fire Company raise funds for the fire protection district. They are very proud to have recently bought a new fire truck. Congratulations are in order for Sara Iobst McMillen, ΑΡ in receiving her Golden Violet.

she was a Sigma.”

Donna Ruth Grogan Herndon, ΑΧ receiving her Woman of Distinction Award, Nashville Convention 2007

Donna Ruth Grogan Herndon was initiated on May 12, 1961 into the Alpha Chi Chapter at Murray State University in Murray, KY. She was Vice President in the 1962-63 school years. She graduated in 1964 with a degree in Biology with her teaching area in Science. She later attained her Master’s degree from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY in counseling. After graduation, Donna became a Biology teacher at Calloway County High School. She married her husband Woody Herndon in January 1963. Her husband went into the military and served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. They lived in several locations during this time. She says, “My daughter lived in 3 states before she was born”. Donna says, “You can find your Sigma Sisters everywhere. When we were at Ft. Bragg, I had met a lovely wife of one of the military men. I was sitting together with her one Sunday in the Chapel. I looked over and saw that she had on a Tri Sigma ring. Then we were endeared together as friends. No wonder I liked her so much and I didn’t even know

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Another incident occurred when Donna and her husband were in Berlin for 3 years after Vietnam. It was a small world when she discovered one of her Sigma sisters from her Alpha Chi chapter that she knew in college was living just down the street from her. She says, “You can actually meet Sigmas all over the world.” She served as the Alpha Chi Alumnae Advisor in 1968-69 while her husband was in the service. When she and her husband moved back to Murray, KY in 1978 where she became employed as the Callaway County School District Family Resource Coordinator. Donna is currently the Alpha Chi Alumnae Relations Advisor on the Chapter Advisory Board at Murray State University. Donna has really enjoyed her 11 years of serving as the Director of Alumnae Relations as she is on campus and works with all the sororities. She has developed a Panhellenic outlook. She says “Definitely the best time to build lifetime alumnae relations in the Greek lives of the university students is when the students are on campus. These relationships last a lifetime”. Donna attended the National Convention in 2007 in Nashville, TN, when she received the Woman of Distinction Award. Donna received her Golden Violet recognition at the Founders Day Celebration this April, 2011 coordinated by Alpha Chi, her collegiate chapter. In conjunction

with Founders Day, Donna organized a 50 year reunion of her pledge class. She says, “It was an amazing experience! So much fun!! Of our 14 survivors, nine whose health and family responsibilities permitted were in attendance. We plan to make this a new tradition!” Other awards that Donna has received are the United Way Kathy Gentry Lifetime Achievement Award for 2010, the Humanitarian of the Year Award for the Murray Rotary Club, and the Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award. Donna has served as the Founding Board Chairman of the Calloway County Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention. In addition, she has served as Founding Board Chairman of the Court Appointed Special Advocates – CASA of Calloway County. She has served as the Founding Board Chairman of the Calloway United Benevolent Services – CUBS and on the Founding Board of the Calloway Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. Her hobby is poetry. Congratulations are in order for Donna Ruth Grogan Herndon, ΑΧ and now a Golden Violet.

a member of the Fort Wayne, IN Chapter serving in different capacities.

Joyce Thomas Briner, ΒΓ

Joyce Thomas Briner was initiated into Beta Gamma Chapter May 8, 1960 at Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, IN. She states,”Wow! 50 years being a Sigma. Time does fly! What wonderful memories of costumed Rush Parties, having a Little Sis, and deciding as a group on Homecoming outfits as we rode on convertibles in the Parade following our much worked on float, those sisters are dear to my heart!” In 1961, she represented Tri Sigma in the Miss Ball State Pageant, the first step in the Miss America Pageant. She says, “I was surprised as anyone to win, allowing me to compete in the Miss Indiana Pageant, July 1961”. Joyce also was voted Orient Queen, in the college yearbook, the same year. In her senior year when sororities and fraternities are paired up for the Spring Sing, Joyce was sprayed gold over her bathing suit to look like a statue at a fountain in Rome. (James Bond-Goldfinger). Joyce says, “How funny is that?” Upon Jerry’s return, they lived in St. Joe, MO where Joyce helped start a Tri Sigma Alumnae Chapter. For the last 30 years she has been

13 13 PAGE

After early retirement from teaching she and Jerry bought a GNC store, in Fort Wayne, IN, which she managed for 10 years until they sold the store in 2006 and retired again! She says, “Traveling throughout Europe holds many great memories for her and her husband. Joyce says “I especially enjoy acting in local plays, most recently as Mrs. Martini in It’s A Wonderful Life (Indeed it is!) I also volunteer at our Botanical Gardens and the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, one of the top 10 in the nation. I exhibit in art shows with my oils and watercolors.” She and Jerry have two children who live in Fort Wayne and they can’t get enough of their two little granddaughters, Lydia and Abigail. Joyce says, “Tri Sigma has instilled in me the words of 1 Corinthians 13. God has blessed me indeed.”

Linda Ewing Wright, ΒΜ

Linda Ewing Wright was initiated into the Beta Mu chapter on March 5, 1961, at what was known then as Central State College in

Edmond, Oklahoma. She served as secretary of her pledge class and later as Recording Secretary of Beta Mu. While at Central State College (now known as University of Central Oklahoma), she was elected Treasurer of the freshman class, Miss April of the Central State Calendar Girls of 1962, and on the Dean’s Honor Roll.

as Secretary, Vice President and President. She has received the Alumnae Recognition Award. Linda says, “The sisterhood and activities of our Edmond Alumnae group have been an important part of my life.” Congratulations to Linda Ewing Wright, ΒΜ for receiving her Golden Violet.

Her favorite memories of college were of the times and activities enjoyed at her sorority house. Linda feels fortunate to have maintained lifelong friendships with many of her sorority sisters from those college days.

mother, and being innovative in her career as working from her home.

Barbara Stoe Stone, ΒΤ

Linda and her husband have two children and three grandchildren. Her hobbies are reading, playing the piano, and historical and genealogical research. Linda and her husband have traveled to all fifty states and have done genealogical research in many states on numerous occasions. She loves to travel and has been to over 55 countries on six continents. Some of her favorite travels have been to Machu Picchu in Peru, Tasmania, Morocco, Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan, cruising the Nile River, and walking on the Great Wall of China. She is active in various clubs in Edmond and in the Good Shepherd Traditional Episcopal Church. She is a Board Member of HOA of Huntwick Addition, and a Cambridge Club Member. The Edmond Alumnae Chapter claims Linda as an active member since the 1970s as she has served

After Barbara graduated in 3½ years, she went on to work as a computer programmer for Ford Motor Company where she met her husband. She soon started a family. She is the wonderful mother of six lovely children and was able to continue to work as a contract programmer. Barbara worked mainly from home and eventually telecommuting before that was the norm. Again Barbara shows her incredible ability to balance many roles as a busy

Barbara Stoe Stone was initiated in January 1961 to the Beta Tau Chapter at the University of Detroit. When Barbara was in the second semester of her freshman year at the University of Detroit, she was encouraged by a newly initiated member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, whom she partnered with on a Student Directory for the university, to consider going through recruitment in the fall. Because she had this woman as a friend, she found it very easy to become a new member of the Beta Tau chapter. Barbara was a commuter student and the Sorority provided meaningful relationships that she would not have had if she did not join. She served as the Triangle Correspondent for her chapter. This began the wonderful experience for Barbara and Sigma Sigma Sigma to form a fabulous relationship that would benefit both through 50+ years.

14 14 PAGE

Barbara always attended alumnae chapter meetings, serving as President for two terms and Treasurer of the Northern Illinois Lakes alumnae chapter. When Barbara attended her first convention in Chicago in 1977 attending as an alumnae delegate, she had her “wake-up call” to what Tri Sigma was all about. She was a busy mother of five children and did computer work in her home. She realized what her national sisterhood meant to her that summer. This began her involvement on a local and then a national level. At this convention, she met Mandy Chocheles, ΓΗ, President of the New Orleans alumnae chapter there and they became close friends, continuing to attend conventions every three years. This friendship has lasted over 30 years as both women took on leadership roles serving Sigma Sigma Sigma. In their service to Sigma, they developed a

friendship that neither could have imagined would take them in their Sigma journey. Since attending her first convention in 1977, she also has attended Conventions in 1980, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010. At the Nashville Convention in 2007, her wonderful friend Mandy Chocheles was elected Alumnae Vice President and Barb returned as National Treasurer. In this special friendship bond, both National Officers experienced one of the ultimate sisterhood experiences by serving on Executive Council together for the years 2007 to 2010. Before that in 2000 Barb was asked to serve as an Alumnae Coordinator for the Midwest region. Barbara served as the National Alumnae Chairman, (1998-2001), Director of Volunteer Services (2001-2004), National Treasurer (2004-2010). Among her additional achievements, she received the Alumnae Recognition Award, and the National Officer Service award. It is very inspiring to learn of Barbara Stoe Stone’s commitment to 50+ years as a Sigma Sigma Sigma.

Marie Schrag Beck, ΒΥ

Marie Schrag Beck was initiated in February 1961 to the Beta Upsilon Chapter at Penn State in University Park, PA. While a member in the Beta Upsilon chapter, she held the office of Housing Chairman. The sorority had suites and she was in charge of redecorating the suite and replacing all the drapes. She also served on the Administrative Council for Penn State as a student representative. She found this to be a great opportunity to learn all about the issues of operating a large University. In 1963, Marie graduated with a degree in Business Administration and went to New York University to work on her Master’s Degree. She received her Master’s Degree in 1964 in Business and Marketing. She moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL and worked as a Department Manager at Jordan Marsh Department Store. She participated in the Ft. Lauderdale Alumnae Chapter.

As a Sigma alumna, Marie has served as President of the Dallas Alumnae Chapter. She has been Vice President, Founders Day Chairman, and Communications Chairman and served as the Committee Chairwoman for the Dallas Convention. She is presently a member of the Sarasota/Manatee Counties Alumnae Chapter. Her service as a Sigma National Officer has been to serve on the Search Committee for the Foundation Executive Director, a Foundation Board Member from 2002 to 2008, and Human Resources Chairman for the Foundation Board, and Foundation Nominations Committee. She is on the Foundation Board for another 3-year term from 2011-2014 as the Board Chairman. She already is involved in planning for the next Convention in Orlando.

She became married in 1979 and moved to other areas with her husband’s career. She worked for Target Stores as a manager of Executive Development in Detroit and Minnesota. Her husband’s career took them to Dallas, Texas where she also worked for Target.

The National Conventions that Marie has attended are: Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa, Nashville, and Minneapolis. She states that her most memorable Sigma moment was a successful Convention in Dallas, due to an awesome local Dallas Convention team.

Marie says, “Every time I moved, I would call the president of the Alumnae Chapter in the area and I would have instant connections with my sisters and feel as if I belonged.” She participated in the Detroit Alumnae Chapter and the Dallas Alumnae Chapter.

Tri Sigma Awards that Marie has received was the Outstanding Alumna of the Region, 2002-2003. She also has received her Master’s Degree from New York University, and her PhD from Michigan State University.

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Community involvement and activities for Marie are The Gulf Coast Penn State Alumnae Chapter Board Member, Usher for several theatres in the Sarasota area, Treasurer of the Condo Association Board, Greater Sarasota Coaches Alliance Board Member, Past-Board Member of the Association of Executive Women (Dallas), and Board Member of the American Society for Training and Development, Dallas Chapter.

known as Dottie was initiated into Tri Sigma’s Beta Phi Chapter in April of 1961. Dottie says, “Although I was raised in Indiana. I attended Florida Southern College in Lakeland, joined Tri Sigma’s Beta Phi Chapter in April of 1961, and graduated in December of 1962. The only Sigma collegiate position I ever had was Parliamentarian.” Dottie graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Dottie and her husband Paul were

Marie enjoys skiing, tennis, Mahjongg, book club, aerobics classes, and traveling both in the U.S. and Internationally. She presently is an Independent Consultant/Executive Coach. Marie says that she is excited for the leadership opportunities that Tri Sigma provides for our Sigmas from Collegiate to Alumnae. These skills that are developed with Sigma opportunities lead to enhancing one’s career and lifetime experiences. Sigma Sigma Sigma is honored to have Marie Schrag Beck, ΒΥ as a Golden Violet.

Dorothy Anspach Wewe, ΒΦ

Dorothy Anspach Wewe, also

married on June 2, 1962 and look forward to celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this next year. Dottie has been an active member in the Lakeland-Winter Haven Alumnae Chapter. She says she has more than made up for that fact that the only position she had as a collegiate was Parliamentarian. She has served her Alumnae Chapter as President, Treasurer, Secretary, Panhellenic President, and Chapter Advisor for Epsilon Tau at St. Leo University. Dottie’s Sigma awards include Alumnae Recognition, Alumnae of the Region, Steadfast Sigma Award, CAB for 17 years of service and now a Golden Violet. Dottie says, “as a young alumna, my favorite memory was sitting in the backseat of a car that was taking Mabel Lee Walton to her summer home near the Clermont/Leesburg area in Florida.” Another memorable Sigma moment was when the Epsilon Tau Chapter became accredited with honors. Dottie has been on the Chapter Advisory Board for Epsilon Tau for 20

16 16 PAGE

years. Presently, Dottie is a school volunteer and works in a genealogy library. Her hobbies include genealogy, post card collecting, puzzles, and gardening. Dottie has taken several trips, and of all the trips she has taken, her last trip to Germany was the most memorable. She says, “Because our cruise ship was docked for a day, we rented a car and headed for the areas of Germany where our families came from. Believe it or not, my husband’s family town was only a 30-minute drive from the area where my family lived.” Dottie mentions, “Just as it was meant for Paul and me to be together, so it was also meant for me to be a Tri Sigma for life - that was my destiny.” Congratulations to Dorothy Anspach Wewe, ΒΦ for her Golden Violet.

Charlene French Loth, ΓΖ

Charlene French Loth was initiated in October 1961 to the Gamma Zeta Chapter at Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, PA where she

served as a charter member (#5C) and Treasurer. Her treasured memories are the many hours her chapter spent stuffing crepe paper into chicken wire to decorate the Homecoming float in the fall of 1962. Charlene says, “Being the first Chapter Treasurer required interface between the local chapter and headquarters on all things financial. It also was a challenge to collect all the monies owed by our members and pledges. However, through pure tenacity and love, our books

to meet our younger daughter’s exchange host family. Since then we have had two children from that first family in our home for three summers. We will be visiting that family again and another one in France in September/October this year. Since that first trip we have traveled internationally regularly.” She is presently a member of the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter and received her award at the Founders Day Celebration this April 2011. One of the most memorable memories

have been doing medical research on pediatric cardiology, Down’s syndrome babies, and stem cell research. The youngest student I have coached was 3½ years and English was his third language. Perhaps my favorite success story is the 53-year-old woman who had been in this country for over 15 years and still couldn’t speak English. After five group sessions at her company’s office she quit coming to class. I wouldn’t allow her to quit. Today, she can speak English confidently

always balanced and the members were in good standing. I don’t ever remember having to discipline a member for money owed or poor grades.”

that Charlene has is accepting her Tri Sigma bid, going through the beautiful initiation ceremony and the strong sisterhood within the chapter. She says, “Forever in my memory will be the solemnity of the initiation rites: the candlelight, the white dresses, the robes, the regalness, etc. I was young and very impressed and deeply honored to be chosen to belong to such a great group of women who welcomed me in with their sincere caring and friendship. Along with that, I have carried the memory of Marie Santee Dunham and Barbara Lyon of the initiation team.”

with excellent pronunciation and grammar, including on the phone.”

Charlene enjoys opening her home up to traveling family and friends, foreign visitors and even strangers stranded at the Atlanta airport. For fun she likes beading, crafts, raising houseplants, reading, and volunteering. One of my most fulfilling pastimes has been volunteering at a charity thrift store preparing the donations for purchase by customers. At her house, she calls it “playing in the dirt”. She says, “I always did the jobs no other volunteers liked to do.” Charlene says, “My family loves to travel. Being a typical and average American, I had never traveled outside the country until the age of 47 when we took both of our daughters to France in celebration of their graduations from their respective universities. Thinking this may be the last ‘family’ vacation together we decided to make it special and chose to go to France

“One never knows where life will lead if we can only recognize and are open to opportunities that come before us” says Charlene. “Two of my ESOL students have worked on the staffs of their country’s president (Honduras and Korea). The President of South Korea assigned my student to be the Team Leader for negotiating the release of 22 Koreans taking hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan in the summer of 2007. Some of my others

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Congratulations to Charlene French Loth, ΓΖ for receiving her Golden Violet.

Eligible Golden Violets… Eligible Golden Violets 2011 The following ladies are eligible however, have not been nominated for a Golden Violet. Please review the list and if you would like to nominate one or more deserving ladies, please complete a nomination form. Forms can be found online under Sigma Connect or contact Jessica Jett Lafollette, National Headquarters Alumnae Membership Coordinator at 540-459-4212 or e-mail Ann Nesbit Stinson, Γ Georgia Greene Cook, Λ Nancy Kincaid Fairfield, Μ Patricia Pawelak Terranova, Ο Margaret Shira Bond-Poole, Ψ Darlene Ruth Miller, ΑΨ Donna Smith Snediker, ΒΑ Karen Ferguson Wilson, ΒΓ Cynthia Kladis Zenick, ΒΓ Carol Tacher Van Evera, ΒΔ Sandra Fath Dietrich, ΒΛ Judith Reinsma Arenz, ΒΡ Norma Krapp Flickinger, ΒΡ Bonnie Cueny Burgum, ΒΤ Kelly Anderson Hicks, ΒΦ Judy Weber Foster, ΓΒ Eleanor Helmbold Holdsworth, ΓΔ Margaret Burns Huff, ΓΔ Susan Aldrich Huntley, ΓΔ Barbara Swaney Malinowski, ΓΔ Mary Sherwood Wise, ΓΖ Eligible Golden Violets 2012… Marilyn Bratton Kaes, Ι Marilyn Nelson Sherman, Ι Marilyn Loutzenhiser Boyer, Λ Molly Ciora Resch, Λ

Barbara Gleason Fletcher, Ο Marjorie Thomas Skalski, Ο Madeline McGraw Worzniak, Ο Judith Jones Wells, Ν Frances D’Alessandro, Ρ Carol Dixon Field, Σ Barbara Woods Mack, Σ Vera Macklin Scott, Χ Janet Alvis Wilhite-Smith, Χ Gloria McFarland Battin, ΑΓ Carol Lipp Strauss, ΑΓ Judith Hullman Kearns, ΑΕ B.J. Masingill Mork, ΑΖ Karen Songber Stevens, ΑΞ

New Golden Violets and Omega Golden Violets…

Marilyn Potts Carson, ΑΝ Charlotte Thompson Suhler, ΑΝ Barbara Hayes Needham, ΑΝ Nancy Rebecca Frantz, ΑΠ Betty Young Rocke, ΑΤ Jean Allen Morse, ΑΦ Janice Hamal Mosesso, ΑΦ Sharon Poore Story, ΑΧ Barbara Sorlie Houpt, ΒΑ Joan Brashes Evans, ΒΓ Roberta Hunter Jackson, ΒΓ Sandra Peyton Thayer, ΒΓ Anne Collins King, ΒΛ Sharol Hesselink Stessman, ΒΛ Elizabeth Halama Hedrington, ΒΠ Kathleen Duebner Lyndahl, ΒΠ Gail Radcliffe Brown, ΒΥ Rose Ann Harris Leavesley, ΒΥ Nancy Wainer Berger, ΒΦ Carol Smith Gohari, ΒΧ Barbara Whyel Carson, ΓΓ Charlene Weaver Baur, ΓΔ Martha Curtis Chaloner, ΓΔ Donna Pontius McIntyre, ΓΔ Ella Love Sprung, ΓΔ Maryilyn Kremer Whitman, ΓΔ Gwen Hardouin Maniscalco, ΓΗ Elizabeth Downes Van Loo, ΓΗ Ann Buchler Williams, ΓΗ Judith Baldwin Viogt, ΓΘ

Earlyne Dunn Albright, ΑΖ Rose Alley Voge, ΑΖ Patricia Allen Windham, ΑΖ Judy Lynch Collier, ΑΛ Sandra Newbrough Cole, ΑΝ Roberta Lacy Montross, ΑΝ Georgeann Heath Mullally, ΑΞ Sara Iobst McMillen, ΑΡ Brenda Hogston Henderson, ΑΤ Virginia “Ginny” Peterson Houser, ΒΑ Joyce Thomas Briner, ΒΓ Sandra Ford Ramsden, ΒΓ Constance Sejnost Geldbach, ΒΞ Patricia Dable Jochemsen, ΒΠ Margaret Ogar Draper, ΒΡ Joyce Janus Schmidt, ΒΤ Marie Schrag Beck, ΒΥ Dorothy Anspach Wewe, ΒΦ Patricia Quaranto Jones, ΒΨ

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New Golden Violets since spring 2011 Golden Glimpses Margaret Hobson Smith, Ι Karen Snyder Early, Μ Mary Crumpton Brown, Ρ Rose Marie Weidemeyer Tanner, Ρ Patricia Patchin Tippin, Χ Patricia McCall Bullock, ΑΓ Carolyn Sunderman Drake, ΑΕ Marylyn Koger Wilcox, ΑΕ

Omega Golden Violets since spring 2011 Golden Glimpses Louise Moore Jordan, Ι Fraces McIntyre Sowers, Ο Esther Seaman Murphy, ΑΔ Elizabeth Mills Monk, ΑΕ Patty Walker Harrison, ΑΨ


Nutrition Facts per serving. Calories 180 Calories from Fat 50, Total Fat 6g. Cholesterol 20mg. Carbohydrates 28g. Fiber 2g. Protein 4g.

Garnish with reserved pineapple and additional apple slices just before serving. Makes 14 (½ cup) servings

Have you heard????? Sigma Sigma Sigma Golden Violets are planning a short 3-day weekend trip for Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning to Walton House in the fall of 2012. Be prepared to

Fall Apple Oatmeal Quick Bread Ingredients: 1 C. Plain Greek Yogurt 2/3 C. whole-wheat flour or white flour 1 C. Quick-cooking oats 1 tsp. baking soda 1 egg 1 tsp. ground cinnamon ¼ C. canola oil ¼ tsp. salt ½ C. packed brown sugar 1 C. diced apples (peeled or not) 2/3 C. all-purpose flour Directions: Spray a loaf pan with cooking spray. In a small bowl, mix together yogurt and set aside. In a large bowl, mix together egg, oil and brown sugar. Stir in flours baking soda, cinnamon, salt and yogurt mixture (batter will be lumpy). Fold in apples. Pour into greased pan. Heat oven to 350° F. Bake 45 min. or until golden brown or a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Remove from pan immediately. Once cooled, cut bread into 12 slices. Makes 12 servings.

Festive Cranberry Pineapple Salad Ingredients: 1 can (20oz.) crushed pineapple, undrained 2 small pkg. or 1 large pkg. raspberry jello 1 can (16oz.) whole berry cranberry sauce 1 med. apple, chopped 2/3 cup chopped walnuts Directions: Drain pineapple, reserving liquid in 1 qt. measuring cup. Remove 1 T. pineapple for garnish. Add enough cold water to the reserved pineapple juice to make 3 cups; pour into large saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add jello. Stir at least 2 min. until completely dissolved. Add cranberry sauce; stir until well blended. (It will not be smooth because of whole berries.) Pour into large bowl and refrigerate 1-1/2 hours or until slightly thickened. Stir in remaining pineapple, apple & walnuts; stir gently until well blended. Pour into medium serving bowl. Refrigerate 4 hours or until firm.

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have fun visiting Walton House, reminiscing, sharing stories and historical information, touring the many attractions in the Shenandoah Valley, battle fields, national parks, and Mabel Lee Walton’s grave site. In addition there will be time for photographs, shopping, meeting other Golden Violets, and learning about Sigma today, update on current programming, and many other wonderful activities. More details are soon to be announced. Be thinking about saving the end of September 2012 or early October 2012 for an outstanding Sigma get-away for Golden Violets. Mabel Lee Walton House Sigma Sigma Sigma National Headquarters Woodstock, VA

Golden Glimpses - October 11  

This is the Golden Glimpses newsletter for Golden Violets.