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Joyous holiday wishes to you and your family … \

from your good neighbor. May all your wishes come true this wondrous season. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL ME TODAY.

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GWENIVERE SNYDER HAS AN EDGE ABOVE THE REST G l o b a l Pro p e r t y Sp e c i a l i st



EriE Uplink Stocking StUffEr projEct November 23rd - December 3rd Just in time to organize the Tiger Packs for the Christmas break.

STOCKING LOCATIONS Erie UpLink is a charitable (501c3) organization committed to connecting Erie families with resources to fulfill their basic life needs, including connecting Erie families with opportunities to be of service to one another.

Sweets Ice Cream & Coffee 502 S. Briggs Street, Erie

Cristos Coffee 89 S. Briggs Street, Erie

DONATION ITEM IDEAS: Trail mix Granola, Cereal Protein Bars Instant Oatmeal Packs Mini Cereal Boxes Fruit cups Apple Sauce Fruit Snacks Pop-top Soups - Ramen Mac-n-cheese Peanut Butter Crackers *, * PO Box 1424 Erie, CO 80516-1424

Give the gift that counts‌ protecting the things you LOVE is what insurance is all about‌

500 BRIGGS ST. , SUITE 200, ERIE 303.834.1001


photo by Mary Pantier

RWR West Insurance is an independent insurance agency for local families and businesses. Working with an independent agent not only gives you more choices but it also gives you someone whose reputation is part of the service. Living and working in Erie, we are always right next door, We work with scores of carriers allowing us to customize the right insurance solutions for health, life, home, auto and business needs.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Getting Married? A†ú°¨†êЕê­Е­ÐÈЕ’ïā°É¨ЕÜßГããЕêШê­ßϗЕZÐÐÉЕāÐïЍÂÂЕ’Еߝ†™āЕêÐЕÉïĆĆÂЕ°ÉêÐЕ†Е“ÐĆāЕ­ÐȝЕêШê­ßϗЕ wÐïЕȆāЕ­†úЕÞïãê°ÐÉãЕ†’ÐïêЕê­Е™°§§ßÉêЕđɆɓ°É¨ЕÐÜê°ÐÉãЕ†ú†°Â†’ϗЕ6аÉêЕ­ÐȝЕÐûɝßã­°ÜЕ°ãЕ†Е “ÐÈÈ°êȝÉêϒЕã°È°Â†ßЕêÐЕꭝЕÐɝЕāÐïЕ†ßЕ†’ÐïêЕêÐЕȆ¿ЕêÐЕ†“­ЕÐꭝßϗЕêЕ†Â°’ßЕ(ÐȝЕ:ІÉãϒЕ+ɓϗЕÐïßЕ :ІÉЕÐÉãïÂê†ÉêãЕ†ßЕ“ÐÈÈ°êꝙЕêÐЕ¨ï°™°É¨ЕāÐïЕãÈÐÐê­ÂāЕê­ßÐ鶴Еê­Е­ÐÈЕ’ïā°É¨ЕÜßГããϗЕ†Â°’ßЕ Ð§§ßãЕĒĀ°’ЕÈÐßꨆ¨ЕÐÜê°ÐÉãЕêÐЕ­ÂÜЕ­†ÜÜāЕ“ÐïܝãЕ°ÉêÐЕê­Е­ÐȝЕЧЕꭝ°ßЕ™ß†ÈãϗЕãЕāÐïßЕÂГ†ÂЕ †Â°’ßЕ:ІÉЕÐÉãïÂê†ÉêϒЕ+Еû°ÂÂЕߝú°ûЕāÐïßЕ“ÐȒ°É™ЕđɆɓ°†ÂãЕ†É™ЕȆꓭЕāÐïЕêÐЕꭝЕÂІÉЕÜßЙï“êЕꭆêЕ đêãЕāÐïßЕɝ™ãϗЕ :êЕÈЕ¨ï°™ЕāÐïЕ­ÐȝϗЕÐÉꆓêЕȝЕêЙ†āЕêÐЕ†ßÉЕÈÐßЕ†’ÐïêЕû­†êЕ†Â°’ßЕ“†ÉЕ™ÐЕ§ÐßЕāÐïϗЕ ß†É™ÐÉЕ@ϗЕV†ß°“¿Е

:ІÉЕÐÉãïÂê†ÉêЕ A@:ZЕ+ЕͪͯͱͬͬͯЕZê†êЕ:°“ϗЕͩͨͨͨͩͭͮͪͰЕ ͩͨͱͨͩЕqϗЕͩͪͨê­ЕúЕ Zï°êЕͫͨͨЕ ßÐÐÈđÂ™ϒЕGͰͨͨͪͩЕ @В°ÂЕͱͯͨϼͮͱͩϼͨͩͪͪЕ ’߆əÐÉϗߝ†ß°“¿Ҽ“†Â°’ß­ÐȝÂІÉãϗ“ÐÈЕ ûûûϗ ߆əÐÉV†ß°“¿ϗ“ÐÈЕ †Â°’ßЕ(ÐȝЕ:ІÉãϒЕ+ɓϗϒЕͫͯͨͩЕV¨ÉêЕ Âú™Е+ßú°É¨ϒЕ`vЕͯͭͨͮͫЕA@:ZЕ+ЕϖͩͭͮͪͪЕϨ­êêÜϑϝϝûûûϗÉÈÂã“ÐÉãïȝ߆““ããϗÐߨϝÉê°êāê†°Âãϗ†ãÜĀϝG@SAwϝͩͭͮͪͪϫϗЕͩϼͰͨͨϼͬͨͩϼͮͭͰͯϗЕÐÜāß°¨­êЕҿЕͪͨͩͯϗЕÂÂЕV°¨­êãЕVãßú™ϗЕ`­°ãЕ°ãЕÉÐêЕ †ÉЕЧ§ßЕêÐЕÉêßЕ°ÉêÐЕ†ÉЕ†¨ßÈÉêϗЕAÐêЕ†ÂÂЕ“ïãêÐȝßãЕû°ÂÂЕÞï†Â°§āϗЕ+ɧÐßȆê°ÐÉϒЕ߆êãϒЕ†É™ЕÜßШ߆ÈãЕ†ßЕã“êЕêÐЕ“­†É¨Еû°ê­ÐïêЕÜß°ÐßЕÉÐ갓ϗЕÂÂЕÜßЙï“êãЕ†ßЕã“êЕêÐЕ“ß™°êЕ†É™ЕÜßÐܝßêāЕ†ÜÜßÐú†ÂϗЕAÐêЕ†ÂÂЕÜßЙï“êãЕ †ßЕ†ú†°Â†’ÂЕ°ÉЕ†ÂÂЕãê†êãЕÐßЕ§ÐßЕ†ÂÂЕ™Ð†ßЕ†ÈÐïÉêãϗЕ+§ЕāÐïЕ†ßЕߝđɆɓ°É¨ЕāÐïßЕĀ°ãê°É¨ЕÂІÉϒЕāÐïßЕêÐê†ÂЕđɆɓЕ“­†ß¨ãЕȆāЕ’Е­°¨­ßЕÐúßЕꭝЕ°§ЕЧЕꭝЕÂІÉϗЕGꭝßЕߝãêß°“ê°ÐÉãЕ†É™Е°Ȱê†ê°ÐÉãЕ†ÜÜÂāϗЕV¨ïÂ†ê™Е’āЕ ê­Е°ú°ã°ÐÉЕЧЕV†ÂЕãê†êϗЕЕ

Receive a $1,000 Gift This Holiday Season! Wants you to know that gifts aren’t limited to store bought trinkets … Now you can add $1,000 toward closing costs to your list. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling. This is my gift to you! “Happiness doesen’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” – Ben Carson

CALL Brie for all your real estate needs | 303.882.8672 |

At the successful closing of the property, Brie Fowler with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage will credit the buyer or seller in the amount of the commission received by the agent as follows: $1,000 toward closing costs. This amount is due to the buyer or seller only upon the successful closing of the property mentioned in the contract to buy and sell. (If client is a buyer, this offer is subject to the lender, of the amount stipulated. This amount may be modified or completely eliminated if the lender does not allow for such commission credit payable to the buyer by the agent. Buyer needs to be aware that the agent is not responsible for any monies that this agreement may imply that are over and above lender requirements that will be determined prior to closing. Any and all amounts approved by lender, or in the event of a cash transaction, the entire agree amount detailed above, will be disclosed on the HUD document signed by all parties at closing). This offer expires on 4/30/2018.



WHY CHOOSE THE GARAGE DOCTOR The Garage Doctor is a small, growing business focused on customer satisfaction. Standing by our motto of “FRIENDLY, HONEST, and AFFORDABLE”, we will go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive excellent service and products at a competitive rate. We pride ourselves on educating our customers, providing resolutions and products to best fit their individual circumstances. We approach each project on a case-by-case scenario and put the customer’s best interest ahead of our own to uphold our outstanding customer service record and, in return, earn a customer for life. Thank you so much for choosing THE GARAGE DOCTOR, we value your business. FREE ESTIMATES | RESIDENTIAL | LIGHT COMMERCIAL

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Garage Door Sales, Service & Installation 10 Years in Business Solutions for our Customers Dedication to Customer Service Educate the Customer Passionate about Garage Doors

A WORD FROM THE OWNER If given the opportunity to earn your business I will promise you the best customer experience. We want to show you why we are the best, not the biggest, but the best. We care about all of our customers and want to earn a customer for life by educating you on products, service, and replacement equipment. We want what is best for you, our customer. Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you with all of your garage door questions or concerns, big or small. –

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REcolorado SOLDS and UNDER CONTRACT Month of October 2017 Neighborhood Arapahoe Ridge Blue Sky at VR Blue Sky at VR Blue Sky at VR Blue Sky at VR Blue Sky at VR Blue Sky at VR Blue Sky at VR Brennan by Lake Candlelight Ridge Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Creek Colliers Hill Colliers Hill Colliers Hill Colliers Hill Creekside Creekside Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Airport Erie Commons Erie Commons Erie Commons Erie Highlands Erie Highlands Erie Highlands Erie Village Erie Village

Style 2 Story Condo Condo Condo Condo Condo Condo Condo TH 2 Story Multi 2 Story Multi Ranch 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story TH Bi-Level Condo 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story Condo 2 Story 2 Story TH Ranch Ranch Ranch Ranch 2 Story Ranch 2 Story Condo Ranch Ranch

Sold Status List Price Sold Price Address Date 10/19 10/31

10/03 10/05 10/05 10/06 10/27 10/30 10/30

10/05 10/05 10/06 10/10 10/13 10/25 10/27 10/27 10/27 10/30 10/30 10/31


2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 10/13 Ranch 2 Story 10/30 2 Story


$399,000 $255,000 $250,000 $242,000 $243,000 $319,900 $249,500 $249,000 $235,000 $259,900 $257,500 $381,624 $421,949 $1,099,000 $1,099,000 $377,500 $381,500 $435,000 $432,000 $414,900 $405,000 $410,000 $410,000 $445,000 $429,000 $425,000 $379,900 $830,000 $819,000 $640,000 $544,866 $439,900 $339,900 $400,000 $400,000 $259,700 $259,700 $450,000 $450,000 $425,000 $415,000 $675,000 $655,000 $237,500 $237,500 $615,456 $618,883 $398,500 $385,000 $375,000 $375,000 $460,000 $455,000 $375,000 $375,000 $461,500 $485,000 $735,000 $519,000 $459,000 $389,500 $249,000 $300,000 $575,000 $530,750 $474,900 $450,000 $445,000 $513,378 $572,919 $560,428 $535,000 $615,000 $597,000 $490,000

Above Finished Total Garage Basement

3240 Billington Dr 3100 Blue Sky Cir, #14-306 1465 Blue Sky Cir, #17-105 3035 Blue Sky Circle, #10-208 1450 Blue Sky Way, #12-104 3100 Blue Sky Circle, #14-302 1465 Blue Sky Circle, #17-203 2800 Blue Sky Cir, #2-302 513 Brennan Cir 2311 Shortridge Ct 1632 Bain Dr 1728 Clark Dr 186 Mcdonald Ct 1654 Westin Dr 1352 Graham Cir 1764 Drinkwater Ct 164 Kolar Court 1973 Gordon Court 69 Sunshine Cir 102 Sunshine Circle 341 Dusk Place 215 Horizon Ave 240 Mcgregor Circle 170 Jackson Drive 1256 Tyler Pl 2855 Blue Sky Cir, #3-102 3940 County Rd 921 Koss St 788 Gilpin Cir 3000 Blue Sky Cir, #11-103 958 Dinosaur Dr 311 Conrad Dr 684 Mason St 2783 Dundee Pl 1963 Fairway Pointe Dr 2679 Jason Ct 2509 County Road 933 Zodo Avenue 4457 County Rd 3 2079 Alpine Drive 3100 Blue Sky Cir, #14-202 490 Kattell Street 155 Commander Dr

1602 1156 1002 1607 1156 1271 1003 1271 2320 3864 1430 2011 1558 1240 2082 1568 1568 1568 4512 4512 2774 2743 2238 1383 1086 1271 1628 2556 3539 1002 2845 2219 1994 1248 1091 0 1778 2702 1716 2034 1271 1127 2423

1602 1156 1002 1607 1156 1271 1003 1271 2320 3916 1430 2649 1558 2393 3042 2304 2304 2004 6302 5702 2774 2743 2238 1383 2094 1271 1628 2556 3539 1002 2845 2219 1994 2313 2049 2400 3100 2702 1716 2856 1271 1127 2423

1116 Eichhorn Drive 912 Mircos St 108 Alva Ct

2092 2078 2606

2796 2078 2606

199 Piney Creek Lane 176 Piney Creek Ln 101 Pipit Lake Way 1259 Brennan Ct 1229 Nonaham Lane

2229 2229 2668 2952 2320

2229 2229 2668 2952 3461

2370 1156 1002 1607 1156 1271 1003 1271 2320 5606 1821 2649 1954 2393 3150 2304 2304 2304 6892 6892 4109 3957 3289 1383 2094 1271 1628 3186 5352 1002 4267 3209 1994 2313 2171 2400 3468 3946 3432 2856 1271 1127 2423 3090 3686 3963 3174 3174 4154 4887 3635

2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 0 2 2 3 0 3 2 0 2 2 2 2 3 8 2 0 0 4 3 2 3 3 3 3 2 2

UF - Standard None None None None None None None None UF - Garden UF - Cellar F - Standard UF - Standard F - Walk-Out F - Standard F - Standard F - Standard F - Standard PF - Walk-Out PF - Standard UF - Walk-Out UF - Standard UF - Cellar None None None None PF - Garden UF - Standard None UF - Walk-Out UF - Walk-Out None F - Standard F - Standard F - Standard F- Walk Out UF - Standard UF - Standard F- Standard None None None F - Standard UF - Standard UF - Standard UF - Standard UF - Walk-Out UF - Standard UF - Standard F - Standard

If your home is currently listed by another agent, this is not intended as a solicitation of that listing. The active, sold, and under contract listings shown are compiled with data from the Ires and REColorado MLS systems. These are the listings of all the agents working in the area. The David Hakimi Team make no assertion to be the listing agent 1 on all of the properties shown. The data shown is assumed to be

REcolorado SOLDS and UNDER CONTRACT Month of October 2017 Neighborhood Flatiron Meadows Flatiron Meadows Flatiron Meadows Flatiron Meadows Flatiron Meadows Flatiron Meadows Grandview Grandview Grandview Kenosha Farm Kenosha Farm Kenosha Farm Kenosha Farm Kenosha Farm Northridge Parkland Estates Sunwest Sunwest North Vista Pointe Vista Pointe Vista Pointe Vista Pointe Vista Pointe Vista Pointe Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge


Sold Status List Price Sold Price Address Date

Ranch 10/21 2 Story 10/30 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story TH TH TH Ranch 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story Ranch 2 Story 2 Story Ranch 2 Story

10/05 10/25 10/17 10/27 10/30

10/01 10/20 10/10 10/03 10/04

Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge

Ranch 2 Story 2 Story Ranch 2 Story Condo 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story Ranch 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story Ranch

Vista Ridge Wyndham Hill

2 Story Ranch 10/10

Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge Vista Ridge

10/09 10/16 10/17 10/20 10/20 10/20 10/24 10/26 10/31 10/31


$499,850 $559,000 $674,900 $674,900 $579,900 $576,050 $259,000 $275,000 $287,000 $465,000 $409,000 $485,000 $470,000 $435,000 $519,000 $629,000 $429,000 $425,000 $499,000 $559,900 $599,000 $549,900 $525,000 $499,900 $489,000 $434,900 $379,000 $645,000 $509,950 $448,000 $439,750 $375,000 $535,000 $399,000 $591,000 $575,000 $575,000 $574,950 $539,900 $539,000 $525,000 $479,900 $414,900 $410,000 $400,000 $399,900 $389,000 $379,900 $415,186

$499,850 705 Dakota Ct $545,000 788 Dinosaur Dr 2326 Dinosaur Dr

$259,000 $275,000 $472,000 $409,000 $480,000

$480,000 $610,000 $425,000 $470,000 $540,000

$489,900 $433,500 $384,000 $610,000 $499,950 $445,000 $435,000 $365,000 $522,000 $399,999


Above Finished Total Garage Basement 2014 2698 3740

2014 3734 3740

933 Carbonate Lane 694 Sundance Circle 669 Sundance Circle 444 Montgomery Dr 235 Montgomery Dr 424 Montgomery Dr 1451 Lombardi St 1316 Kanemoto Way 1338 Banner Cir 1386 Flannagan Court 1372 Lombardi St 343 Baker Ln 3052 County Road 16 362 Conrad Dr 111 Stewart Way 1866 Parkdale Cir 1201 Serene Dr

4175 2790 2790 1240 1240 1240 2665 2596 2057 2580 1876 2451 1845 2446 1953 2077 2660

4175 2790 2790 1240 1240 1240 3362 2596 2765 2580 1876 2451 3335 2946 2030 2077 2660

1455 Serene Drive 879 Taylor Lane 1513 Lawson Avenue 1778 Parkdale Cir 2124 Indian Paintbrush Way 2060 Cedarwood Pl 2324 Dogwood Cir 2069 Pinon Pl 2573 Skyline Ct 2331 Alpine Dr 2285 Alpine Dr 1942 Windemere Ln 2319 Dogwood Dr 2222 Lupine Pl 1559 Vale Pl 2143 Remuda Place 1606 Hickory Drive 1315 Skyline Drive 2570 Skyline Court 1781 Primrose Pl 1885 Lodgepole Dr 2115 Primrose Lane 2183 Pinon Cir 2109 Mountain Iris Drive 2324 Ponderosa Pl 2040 Tundra Cir 2745 Windemere Ln

2483 3050 3939 2093 2362 1500 2184 2411 2481 2341 2015 2254 2653 2034 3352 2771 3480 1949 2432 2991 3239 2395 2497 2054 2079 2448 1259

4733 3992 3939 2093 3360 3000 2184 2411 2481 2341 2015 2254 3507 3039 3352 2771 3480 1949 2432 2991 4600 3571 2497 2054 2079 2448 2314

2187 Lupine Place 6515 Telluride St

1894 1900

1894 1900

3850 3850 5612 6160 3922 3922 1240 1240 1240 3980 3509 2765 3493 2478 3579 3673 3041 2898 3283 4592 4966 3992 5911 4154 3599 3000 3202 3648 3581 3578 3271 3098 3763 3290 5081 4275 5285 3800 4074 4483 4667 3660 3356 3310 2816 3456 2513 2914 3700

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UF - Standard F - Walk-Out UF - Standard UF - Standard UF - Walk-Out UF - Standard None None None UF - Standard UF - Standard F - Standard UF - Standard UF - Garden UF - Garden F- Standard F - Standard UF - Standard UF - Garden UF - Walk-Out F - Standard F - Standard UF - Standard UF - Standard F - Walk-Out F - Standard UF - Standard UF - Walk-Out UF - Standard UF - Standard F - Standard UF - Standard F - Standard F - Walk-Out UF - Walk-Out UF - Standard UF - Garden UF - Garden UF - Walk-Out UF - Standard F - Standard F- Standard UF - Standard UF - Standard UF - Standard UF - Standard F - Standard UF - Cellar UF - Standard

If your home is currently listed by another agent, this is not intended as a solicitation of that listing. The active, sold, and under contract listings shown are compiled with data from the Ires and REColorado MLS systems. These are the listings of all the agents working in the area. The David Hakimi Team make no assertion to be the listing agent on all of the properties shown. The data shown is assumed to be accurate, but not 2 guaranteed.

FREE DELIVERY! *within 10 miles of store.

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This holiday season remember we provide regular AND compounded medications. We are the #1 choice in serving your family (both human and pets).

We take pride in keeping Colorado Healthy.

Stop in and find out why Beattie’s is known as the “White Glove” Pharmacy.

https:// www.facebook. com/BeattiesPharmacy-177 541142308151/

3140 Village Vista Dr. Ste 100 Erie, CO 80516 p: (720) 890-5095 f: (720) 890-4343


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Sherri Bond

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COVERAGE FOR YOUR MOST PRECIOUS ASSETS Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15 – December 7. Get your FREE policy review. Helping you select the Medicare plan option that is right for you. ACA Open Enrollment is November 1 – December 15.




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Julia Wiswell | | 2205 W. 136th Ave Suite 106 -113, Broomfiled, CO. 80023



303.450.3033 14694 Orchard Pkwy Suite 900 The Orchard Town Center Buy 2 gift cards at regular price, get a third gift card free. Limit is 2 purchases per customer during sale offer. May not be combined with any other offer. Exclusions and other limitations may apply. Offer ends December 31, 2017. ©2017 Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Massage session includes time for consultation and dressing. Each Elements Massage® studio is independently owned and operated.

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escape u p t o w n salon & spa

Professional Services Include: Cuts | Color | Styling | Perms | Extensions | Tinting | Facials | Waxing


Holiday Gift Set With Your Purchase of $100 Holiday Gift Certificate.


Editor's Note Well, the wait is over! If you are like me, counting the months off like a second grade school kid for the most exciting perennial holiday - Christmas - then, the wait is finally over! Sure, Halloween and Thanksgiving are two incredibly wonderful events, celebrating the scary possibilities of the "wrong side" of a hereafter and the positive aspects of offering appreciation for the year's bounty to that point, there's truly nothing quite like Christmas when holidays are compared. I can almost hear the bells jingling as we speak! Or perhaps the sounds of cash registers and credit card machines tallying and totaling the receipts for the gleeful gift givers among us, young and old alike! Therefore, before the shopping, gift-wrapping, decorating and party-planning commences, we here at ELIFE would like to "kick off" the Yuletide with an equally wonderful edition of our beloved magazine. Here's what's inside: *Our great local businesses that love our town of Erie and their philanthropic gift giving to our schools, charities and multiple non-profit organizations around the Front Range. Even a small "pat on the back" for ELIFE magazine, giving at least 20% of our profits to charities as well! Please consider doing likewise, for nothing compares to altruistic activity during the Christmas Season or otherwise. * Speaking of the holiday's "M.C." or Mr. Claus, our copy editor, John Small has offered a historical view of the "big boy" and how he's happily evolved over time to the jolly guy, his trusty reindeer and his elfen minions have to the present day. * Activism concerning local fracking, protection for your lovable pets against the roam of the coyote, "Fur Babies" - a commemorative piece for those lovable pets, some valuable food articles for those holiday parties like the "Memories of a Swiss Christmas", a thoughtful poetry piece and some interesting gift suggestions like a Christmas blow-dart gun? Oh, well; that's not all - our "holiday moves" article for Erie may inspire the area to reconsider relocating to a bigger home (or smaller one for some of us), and much, much more!! So as the temperature plummets and the snows begin to fly around here, listen carefully for those jingling bells and get your mistletoe in order, for the Yuletide is near and every day matters before that big morning in December, when we all turn into that second grader, for at least a few hours or more! Happy Holidays to all from the 2017 ELIFE staff. And don't forget to have a terrific New Year as well!



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what's inside ERIE Word From Mayor Tina Harris Why I am an Activist Coyote Smart

HISTORY Who is that Guy Called Santa?



Dianna Goodfellow




A Perfect Venue for Your Next Holiday Event

Vista Ridge Community Center has an atmosphere and many amenities to make your event everything you've imagined. Our venue overlooks a world class golf course and has one of Colorado's most beautiful mountain views.  Not only does our views "wow" all that see it, it truly takes the cake.

Ensure your gathering has the character and space it deserves. Our space possesses rich wood trimming and elegant stonework that will impress, while putting your guests at ease. For your culinary preparation, use our spacious kitchen,  A beautiful deck , lawn and pavilion are perfect for your outdoor needs.


Columbine Roofing LLC

EXCELLENCE IS OUR STANDARD FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS to ensure your roof is Winter Ready. In addition to new roof installation, Columbine Roofing LLC, also specializes in roof repair for properties of all sizes. $250 CASH BACK on any roofing project with mention of this ad. We’ll work with you to achieve the quality final product you expect. Columbine Roofing LLC will work with your insurance to achieve the quality roof you deserve.

TESTIMONIALS Stevan A. at Columbine Roofing LLC did a fantastic job. The roof looks great along with the new gutters. Very professional and very reliable. Excellent job. This company is really top notch. From submitting the claim to clean-up. The roof is beautiful and there wasn’t any debris left over. Very professional and I would recommend them to my neighbors.

WELL KNOWN IN THE COMMUNITY Over 60 roofing projects completed in Vista Ridge/ Vista Point. Columbine Roofing LLC is proud to provide only the best quality roofing materials for your home.





Either way it's time for some pampering! Concierge Mobile Grooming Facility

Our mobile salon unit is equipped with a

Warm Water Wash & Shampoo

generator, water heater, air conditioner,

Moisturizing Treatments

fresh and grey water tanks . We provide a

Style or Puppy Cut

safe and clean environment to keep your pet

Blow Drying

calm with one on one attention while being

Nail Trimming

at home. We also offer gift certificates as

High Quality Natural Products

Holiday gifts for your pet lover friends!


ice   N y t gh Nau p  Chi       s   x    Boot Ma   x   t    Re Spo l       e Jew


We LOVE to pamper our guests all year around! Only for the holiday season... schedule a chocolate mousse facial and benefit from the amazing antioxidants as you relax your stress away. A peppermint vanilla steam towel will enhance the healing benefits of any Aveda conditioner protecting your hair from the harsh elements. Shop Aveda gift sets for everyone on your holiday list!

Halcyon Salon and Spa . 3140 Village Vista Drive . Suite 103 . Erie CO . 80516 720.449.6228 *We do not test on animals and never ask others to do so on our behalf. Learn more at









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We’re here to help Low rates, great service, no surprises Lisa Sinner Vice President of Mortgage Lending O: 303.335.1965 C: 720.329.7101 12110 N Pecos St, Ste 100, Westminster, CO 80234

About Lisa With 15+ years as a mortgage expert, Lisa Sinner knows how to make the loan process stress-free for her valued clients. Locally, she provides elite customer service and unique mortgage solutions for anyone looking to purchase a new home or refinance to lower their current interest rate. She also specializes in home equity lines of credit, and FHA and conventional loans. Supplementing her customer-first approach is her vast network of referral partners including builders, realtors and attorneys. Lisa strives to be constantly available to clients, knowing that proactive and responsive communication is the key to a smooth, streamlined closing. Raised in Minnesota with a “can do” attitude, Lisa worked her grandfather’s vegetable farm and took the harvest to the local market from an early age. There she learned the lessons of hard work and teamwork, and the importance of a strong community. Helping homebuyers become homeowners is her way of making that vision a reality, and she is extremely proud of what she’s been able to accomplish on their behalf. If you want a loan officer who truly cares, call Lisa today for all your home-financing needs!

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PARISI Youth Jump Start II Speed

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TFW – Total Body Strength




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Seeing a Specialist

Can Save Your Smile. NOW IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. Let us find out what is causing:


Ringing in the ears

Migranes NECK clicking JAW PAIN PAIN HEADACHES SLEEP ISSUES popping Dr. Mark J. Barnes has been dedicated to helping individuals find relief from facial, neck, and head pain and from the disruption caused by snoring, along with the potentially life threatening health risks associated with Sleep Apnea. He focuses on identifying the root cause of pain and treats the source to seek a lasting solution. Dr. Barnes has been practicing Dentistry with an emphasis treating TMJ pain patients, and providing solutions for Sleep Apnea sufferers or snorers, who don’t tolerate CPAP, for over 30 years. He has extensive postgraduate training in TMD and holds prestigious membership and certifications.


T M J S L E E P S O L U T I O N S . C O M

It starts with a plan... Industrial Rev

As we see another year close, we begin to slow down and enjoy holidays with friends and family. This gives us a time to reflect over the ups and downs of the last year not just personally but professionally.  Each year we work with with many companies and organizations in their strategic planning for the upcoming year.  Taking time to think through the concepts below can help your business grow in a strategic direction.  First, review your business and how it performed for 2017.  Did you hit your goals? Financially, professionally, personally?  Why or why not?  Are those goals something you should continue striving towards or do they no longer fit within your business structure.  Were you able to also accomplish some professional goals like continuing education or did you find that got pushed to the side each month?  Another item to focus on at the end of the year is reviewing your mission, vision, values, and business plan.  We advise doing this on a yearly basis so you can stay in touch with what you and your business' purpose is.   Second, it's time to plan.  After reviewing everything you need to ask yourself if you are headed in the right direction or do you need to correct and make big changes in 2018.  If you are headed in the right directionAWESOME!  But what are some big ideas you can implement in the year ahead to get to the next level.  If you find yourself in uncharted territory and not sure how you got there, that's ok too.  The purpose of this exercise is to redirect and find the right plan.   Third, what is your business going to need this year?  Is it staff, equipment, a bigger office, an updated marketing plan?  Thinking about this early on can save you time and money.  Figure out what those areas of focus are for you and keep them in front of you as much as you can.  And do not be afraid to think BIG!   Finally, I urge you to consider the question- how can my business make a difference for others?  Is it volunteering in the community, taking care of a family in need, or partnering with a non-profit?  Find what your personal passion is and get your business involved in it.  Not sure where to start on giving back?  Contact us at Tallent Co. as we have an entire list of organizations that are looking for business partners and we will help you find the best fit for your business.  

The Tallent Co Company Efficient, strategic planning & delivery of solutions for businesses, government entities & organizations. Like this article? Visit our website for project management, marketing, and business development tips.






TINA HARRIS Mayor Town of Erie MONEY Magazine Names Erie #13 of the Best 50 Places to Live

As I write this letter, the Board of Trustees is in the middle of a months-long budgeting process in which we identify our priorities for the coming year. We are engaged in a fiscally responsible approach – one that preserves the public health and safety of our town; allows us to maintain quality service delivery and gives us the ability to fund one-time capital projects. I am happy to report that not only are the Town’s finances sound - they have been for some time. We have run surpluses in the General Fund for the past 2 years and are budgeting to do so again in 2018. Our reserves are more than adequate with unrestricted General Fund balance representing approximately 70% of operating expenses – well above minimum recommended levels. There are many reasons Erie’s financial trend lines continue to move in a positive direction, not the least of which is increased local shopping opportunities. The addition of the King Soopers Marketplace at Vista Ridge one year ago is paying dividends for all of us. In fact, year to date sales tax revenues from all Erie Economic Zones are projected to increase approximately 25% when compared to all of 2016. And the even better news is that budget projections for 2018 forecast an 8% increase over 2017 totals. The annually renewable sales tax revenues generated by the King Soopers Marketplace represent a perfect example of how the Town is working towards our goal of diversifying the local economy. Stay tuned for additional retail opportunities coming soon to Highway 7 west of Sheridan Boulevard. Erie is continuously recognized as one of the safest communities in Colorado and one of the greatest places to live and raise a family. This recognition has a decidedly positive impact on home sales and property value. Through September of this year, the average sales price of a single family home in Erie has increased by 3.5% and the median sales price has increased by 4.6% when compared to the same time in 2016. During this same 12 month period, the number of days single family homes were on market decreased by almost 20%. The average price of condominiums and townhomes increased by almost 22% and the median price increased by over 19%. Another impressive run for home values in Erie! (Source: Boulder Area Realtors Association) It is no wonder why every day we have the good fortune to welcome more and more people who are choosing Erie as a place to raise their families, grow their businesses and build their lives. Our challenge is to ensure the Town continues to provide the quality service delivery rated so favorably by our residents. And I assure you, given the talent and resources available we are more than able to meet this challenge.

Happy Holidays! It is an honor to serve as your Mayor.

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BE A PART OF ERIE'S ECONOMIC ENGINE BY JOINING THE ERIE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL! The EEDC is a catalyst for building relationships and businesses because our members are the community and regional leaders.

Investor Benefits Include: Networking with key contacts at bimonthly meetings and other great state and regional events Site selection assistance Prospect referrals and investor promotion Resources for your growing business And more!

To learn more, please visit

mayor note

Where Tradition Dares to Innovate At BCD, students are encouraged to learn curiously, lead boldly, and uncover their true potential. We believe in the power of balance— blending today’s tradition with tomorrow’s innovation.

Preschool through IB Middle School


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Jeff Crase: Your Local Real Estate Specialist Jeff Buying? Selling? Crase, Your transition should be stress-free and run smoothly. Jeff has been voted a 5-STAR realtor by 5280 from 2010-2015. Your Jeff has also been featured on many episodes of HGTV. Realtor 720-217-5789 Friend

A Place Inside Us All A time to remember why a rhyme for the years gone by a toast to the season and the new year Sometime in December when a reason to love again a look back on how we all arrived here Why can't we learn from our mistakes I'll say it again if that's what it takes the spirit is now, the message is simple here my friend there's hope for tomorrow in today a feeling that never will go away peace on earth and good will toward men A smile goes a long, long way from now until New Years Day lets hope that this feeling lasts forever The choirs will sing along old words and a brand new song moved by the harmony there together Why can't we learn from our mistakes I'll say it again if that's what it takes the spirit is now, the message is simple here my friend there's hope for tomorrow in today a feeling that never will go away peace on earth and good will toward men There is a place inside us all memories stay for us to recall the spirit is now, the message is simple here my friend why can't we learn from our mistakes I'll say it again if that's what it takes peace on earth and good will toward men. J. Small

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why I am an activist by Christiaan van Woudenberg

ac·tiv·ist noun /ˈæk.tə.vɪst/a person who believes strongly in political or social change and takes part in activities such as public protests to try to make this happen.

When Crestone Peak Resources resumed drilling operations at the Waste Connections and Pratt sites earlier this year, they used an electric rig to

As I sit down in my family room to write this

reduce noise, but chose to use a petroleum-

column, the sound wall from the Pratt site

based drilling mud called Gibson D822. Noxious

dominates my former mountain view, and the

odors wafting through adjacent neighborhoods

constant drone of the hydraulic pumps at the

prompted residents to file over 1,000 complaints

temporary completion site ring in my ears. My

with the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation

windows have been closed all summer; I

Commission (COGCC). The COGCC dismissed

haven’t spent a single evening on my deck. My

every complaint, indicating that on at least 19

neighbors are reporting respiratory issues,

occasions, an inspector did not detect any odors

headaches and nose bleeds. This is the story of

or “abnormal drilling conditions.”

how I became a self-professed anti-fracking activist.

After the drilling phase completed, noise became the next onslaught faced by residents as millions of gallons of water, sand, and chemicals were pumped into the wells by noisy hydraulic pumps. Hundreds of residents have complained about the incessant noise, often reaching 70 dB(A). COGCC regulations, however, allow noise to reach 75 dB(A) at night with a 10 dB(A) increase allowed for 15 minutes in any one hour period. Did I mention the COGCC has yet to deny a single drilling permit?

Given fracking operators are exempt from many federal laws, we live in a state that sues localities for trying to ban fracking; the COGCC exists only to rubber-stamp O&G activities, and our town officials insist their “hands are tied,” what can we do?

We can acknowledge that the system isn’t broken. It’s working exactly as it was intended: for the benefit of corporations, at the expense of the people. We can acknowledge that our actions thus far have achieved little; it’s time to use other methods such as public protest to tell these corporations that they’re not welcome in our neighborhoods.

We are the Erie Protectors. By residents, for residents. To find out more, visit our web site at https:// , or find us on Facebook at https:// and Twitter at @ErieProtectors. But odds are good that you’ll just see us around your neighborhood.

Christiaan van Woudenberg has lived in Erie for over 10 years. When he's not working as a software architect, he enjoys time with his fiancee and two daughters, photography, and collecting pop surrealist art. Often, he's skating in circles, yelling at girls as a roller derby referee.


Based in Erie, CO we are the local company you can trust.

Offering FREE seamless gutters and down spouts with any full roof installation. Call us today for details!



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CREATIVE CONCEPTS FOR OUTDOOR LIVINGÂŽ Providing Exceptional Landscaping Services for Boulder, Colorado Area Communities Visit, learn, and call me to help you realize your dream outdoor space!

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Landscape Services We Provide Soils | Mulches | Trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers Hardscape Specialties | Water Features | Irrigation Systems Sod and Edging | Renovations | Edible Landscapes Seasonal Maintenance

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Why Do You Think The 3 Kings Were Called "Wisemen"?

Learn the ancient secrets of the power of essential oils Frankincense







KELLY UHING is a resident of Erie and is the City Naturalist for the City and

County of Denver. She oversees vegetation and wildlife management with Denver Parks and Denver Mountain Parks.


oyotes are not new to residential communities and the Town of Erie is no exception. They are residents of Colorado and have always been here. However, because of their ease to adapt to urban environments, they have expanded their home range around people as open space as habitat has become more developed. Cities have created a unique habitat for coyotes (intentional or not) rich in resources that includes food, water, shelter and space with no natural predators. Our unintentional efforts have allowed them to settle in and adapt to city life. Coyotes have become more visible and comfortable in urban areas and around people because they have nowhere else to go and the reality is there is no such thing as a “perfect or more natural place” for coyotes. This is their home, as much as it is ours, and it’s up to us to make them feel uncomfortable and instill a natural fear of humans in them by consistent hazing and creating undesirable areas for them in which to live. Coyote behavior changes as they “habituate” or get used to living with people. They can be seen more frequently during the day in neighborhoods and even in busy parks. Some coyotes learnto beg or scavenge for food in people’s yards looking for an easy meal or place to rest. It’s important to make urban and residential areas undesirable for coyotes and other urban wildlife such as foxes, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc. When coyotes associate people with food, it reduces their wariness in interacting with people and pets. There are many attractants that could lure coyotes and other wildlife to hop neighborhood fences and go into people’s yards. It could be because of a food source (pet food left outside, water bowls, piles of debris or wood, bird seed, places where they can burrow under, uncovered trash

cans, compost piles, gardens, fruit trees, etc. etc.). We have the advantage over wildlife because we already know that they live here, and we can adjust our habits and behavior to avoid an interaction with them, unlike wildlife, who don’t have boundaries or know where they are welcome or not welcome. It’s up to each of us to make their urban existence uncomfortable, and scary for them so they continue to have a natural fear of people. Research has proven that eradication of coyotes or any other wildlife species for that matter, is not an effective approach for getting rid of wildlife. No doubt, concern over increasing populations of coyotes and other wildlife species (such as geese) is common in the metro area. The way nature works isn’t always convenient for people. The number of animals found in an area is directly related to the amount of resources available to them. If resource availability does not change and animals are removed, populations rapidly return to original size and vacating an area is simply creating more space for more coyotes to fill. Behavioral conditioning, aka hazing, is an effective management tool for scaring away coyotes and other wildlife. But how and when it’s used makes a difference in its effectiveness. Hazing MUST be used consistently and frequently by every person who sees a coyote as that negative reinforcement is important for making coyotes feel uncomfortable around people. The most common response observed from people when they see coyotes either close up or at a distance is to ignore them. If hazing is not being used on coyotes by everyone who sees one at the appropriate times, then it’s not going to be as effective, which is why education is an important element of wildlife management as well. Consistency over time is the most effective means to establishing appropriate human/coyote interactions.

Coyote near Ferril Lake at City Park in Denver – credit Wendell Smith

Important meassure you can take to avoid conflicts with coyotes: • Remove sources of food from your yard – this includes pet food as well as bird feeders (seed can be a food source for coyotes) • Don’t allow your cats to run free outside – even if they ‘beg’ you to go out; • Keep small dogs in close proximity to you and on a leash; Keep pets in at night, when coyotes are more active; • Try motion activated lights in back yard, and keep lights on when pets are outside at night, • Keep vegetation trimmed in your yard; • Most importantly, please do not purposely feed coyotes as this will reduce their fear of people and associate us as a food source. Human Safety: Injuries to people and children are big concerns but in reality are extremely rare. Many bites from coyotes have been attributed to human behavior such as attempting to feed or pet a coyote, or a person intervening in a pet attack. For perspective, In Denver, there are more dog bites on people than coyote bites or attacks. If approached by a coyote: • • • •

Yell, wave your arms or clap your hands Never ignore or turn your back on, or run from a coyote Carry a walking stick when out walking Haze or harass a coyote until it leaves

• Let others in the neighborhood know that coyotes have been seen in the area and instruct them to do that same Teach your children “SMART” • S – Stop, do not run or turn your back to it • • • •


– – – –

Coyote by the second hole of the Vista Ridge Golf Course – credit William Peck

Make yourself look bigger by lifting your arms or pulling your jacket over your head Announce your presence loudly and firmly such as “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Retreat by backing away slowly Tell an adult of your encounter

Any aggressive coyote behavior toward people should be reported to local law enforcement or to the CPW office by calling 303-291-7227. Information on minimizing encounters can also be found on the CPW website at A great resource for learning how to haze coyotes can be found at: Also, please be aware that coyote breeding season is fast- approaching and lasts from January through March. During this time, like any other wildlife species, coyotes become very territorial and can be seen during daylight hours. They might see pets as competition or a threat so please implement hazing techniques if you happen to encounter a coyote.

Santa Article 

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Bring home the mortgage. From traditional home loans and refinancing, to government programs for veterans and first-time buyers, I’m here to help you find a mortgage that makes the most sense for your life and your budget. CALL ME TODAY.

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State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL NMLS ID 139716


Who Is This Guy Called Santa? Written by John Small

very Yuletide Season inevitably brings a rather portly yet charitable old man to the forefront of our collective attention. We take for granted that he’ll visit, and with him good cheer and gifts do follow. His long white beard, big black boots, belt, red and white clothing along with some flying forest animals accompany him and his good humor. He’s never failed us, for some reason. Kind of like death and taxes, Santa is a certainty and no one’s complaining. However, do we truly know who he is and from where he comes? Since the North Pole has little to no natural resources from which the big guy can generate his gift construction, one may need to do more than just ponder. So let’s dig a little deeper for a clearer view of the big guy’s history. Who is the mysterious and most welcomed man each Christmas called Santa Claus? From the Dutch, “Sinter Klaas” or Saint Nicholas, their favorite saint was not even from their homeland, Holland; he was from Patras, Lycia, a Northern Territory of Greece (which in time would become southern Turkey) in the late third to the early fourth century! Born circa 280 A.D. to well-to-do parents, Nick rose through the church’s ranks due to living with his Greek Orthodox uncle priest’s influence. His parents died of a sweeping virulent plague leaving the child an orphan. After years of Theological training, Nicholas became a bishop at the youngest age to date. As a 5 year-old, Nicholas was chosen by the Bishop of Myra due to his prophetic dreams, joining the monastery as the youngest monk of the church. By 317 A.D. he would be referred to as “The Boy Bishop”. Nicholas was soon to be remembered for his extreme intelligence, kindness, compassion and generosity. The gift-giving legacy can be traced to three girls at

a nearby inn in the city of Myra. The three daughters could not be married, for their father lost all of the family’s money and could no longer offer his girls the necessary dowry that was customary for a suitable Turkish wedding. Considering “selling” the daughters into the oldest profession, the father reached out to the church for help. Hearing of the dilemma, Nick travelled to the site with quite the little bag of gold for the oldest girl, assuring her wedding day and the happy years to follow. When the second girl reached the right age for her nuptials, the jolly old man did it again! All of this was delivered in secret, stealing into the residence and placing the small leather bag of gold in the girls’ stockings, hanging from the hearth’s mantle and drying overnight. When the third girl was “ready” for her big day, the father sat up all night to identify the benefactor and thank him. Sure enough was Old Bishop Nick discovered by the grateful dad, and from that point onward did the old bishop make clandestine appearances when multiple townspeople needed various funding, so to speak. As the years transpired, anyone in the region, for miles around who would receive unexpected gifts during the night would travel to the bishop’s residence to thank the old priest for his generosity and thoughtfulness. Nicholas’ episcopate at Myra would become one of the most profound of the Catholic Church’s early history! His recorded attendance at The First Ecumenical Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. is also quite commendable. The legacy continued. This “feel-good” story reached the pagan North Sea Celtic regions of what would be Scotland, called Pictland and Hibernia, which in time would be called Ireland. Although Christianity was slowly spreading in these Norse lands and the Germanic Saxonic Tribal

areas to the south, which would be called Wales, Cornwall and Britain, people began to identify with the Asia Minor stories of Saint Nicholas, blending them with their own gods and their sagas, including the Norse, Woden, Herne/Pan and the little dark helper(s) that Woden and Pan appeared with on many occasions. Thus the fur-clad “Santa Klaus” story and his associate, “ever-helping elves” manifested and the rest is history! As for the Christian portrayals of Saint Nicholas, no other saint is historically memorialized in image more except The Virgin Mary. By the time the Vikings bring the story to what would be called Holland, the Dutch people craved the concept and “adopted” The Saint as their own favorite “giver” to good children. Christian “Sinterklaas” would become associated with the Dutch Christian rites and prayerfulness. Those who consistently prayed and stayed close to their faith throughout the previous year were rewarded by the old saint as a gesture of good will or what the birth of Christ represented to us as our gift

from the Father. It was only a matter of time before Russia and Greece would adopt the old priest as their own patron saint as well! Because the successful bishop expired on December 6, 343 A.D., many countries like The Netherlands celebrate their “Christmas” gift-giving then and not on the 25th of December. Whether we recognize the “old man” as just an ancient legendary philanthropist or a symbol of Christianity for the modern masses, St. Nick is a “global fan favorite” to be certain. His yearly visits are as important to the young, as to the not so young and the old among us. Let us leave a sock or a stocking on Christmas Eve for his usage and perhaps a cookie or two with some cold milk to sustain his strength, for after all he’s got places to go and people to satisfy - here - there - and everywhere! Merry Christmas, Old Nick!

NEW RELEASES Black Friday, 11/24 | Imperial Blonde Stout Aged in Private Select Markers Mark Burbon Barrels Dec. Bottle Release, 12/1 | Holiday Spiced Ale and two artisian crafted soaps made with IRBC Brew • New England IPA Soap • Blonde Stout Soap 285 CHEESMAN ST. ERIE, CO. 80516 | 303.828.1200 | INDUSTRIALREVOLUTIONBREWINGCOMPANY.COM


ERIE REAL ESTATE Santa article 

I live, love and know Erie. 18 years in real estate and going strong. I’m more passionate about finding people their next dream home. Whether it’s your bottom line, or just the perfect home for you ... Let’s work together to position your property for a speedy sale at top dollar and find your next dream home. I can take care of all your real estate needs!



etting to know Kathryn ... Tell us about yourself: I have two friendly Chihuahua-Poodles named Butch and Cassidy. They are the love of my life. I believe that you have to give back to the community in which you live and work and feel passionate about that. I am a past Vice-President of the Arts Coalition of Erie and currently working on my encaustic art developing different techniques for wax art. I am a member of the International Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, NM.

Tell us about your experience as a realtor: I have been a 5280 Magazine Award recipient for Outstanding Realtors for the past 4 years for the Denver and surrounding areas. I also carry 4 designations, CRS (Certified Residential Specialist which only 3-4% of the Realtors in the USA have this designation), GRI (Graduate Real Estate Institute), SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) and most recently completed a MCNE (Masters Certified Negotiation Expert which only 1% of the Realtors in the USA carry). I also hold a BSBA in Marketing, MBA in Information Systems and post graduate work in International Marketing. I have written about Real Estate for several local newspapers and known for getting down to the nitty gritty of what it means to venture in that business for investment or searching for the perfect house. I practice Residential, Investment, some Commercial Real Estate. I’m excellent at staging with my Art background. How long have you been in the area? This year I celebrated 41 years in beautiful Colorado and now 14 years in Erie. I’ve always been in this area and have lived in Erie, Lafayette, Boulder and Longmont. How have you been involved in Erie? I am an Erie Chamber member and Ambassador for the last 6 years. I volunteer all our local events. I was nominated and accepted the prestigious Ambassador of the Year from my fellow Ambassadors for 2016. I am also a Leads Group Facilitator for the Erie Chamber of Commerce.

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by David Hakimi

IS IT POINTLESS TO LIST YOUR HOME DURING THE HOLIDAYS? BY DAVID HAKIMI For many families the Holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, filled with family gatherings, parties, travel, and visits from relatives. It’s no wonder that most people view this as the absolute last time of the year that they want to sell their home. Very few people are willing to endure the stress of having to keep their home spotless for showings and be prepared to vacate for showings at a moment’s notice, during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It would only reason that homebuyers suspend their house hunting efforts during the Holidays for the exact set same set of reasons, right?   If you make this assumption, you’re certainly not alone. Most people would probably agree; however, the MLS statistics clearly indicate that this simply isn’t the case.    This doesn’t mean much, since no one is looking for homes during the holidays anyway… right?   Well, not exactly…  The number of families busy house hunting during the holidays is much higher than most of us would assume.   The semester break at mid-term makes the Holidays an attractive time for families with kids to move without disrupting their school schedule.  The fact that many workers and students have a few weeks off during this time also makes the holidays a perfect time to schedule the daunting task of packing up and moving.   Additionally, the aggressive nature of the Peak Summer market, also means that many buyers can’t win bidding wars to buy a home in the Summer.  As a result, many of those buyers resume their home-search once the “back to school” market-lull passes, and their schedules return to normal. These factors all combine, and lead to a tremendous amount of pent-up market demand around the holidays.   Problem is, there’s 38% less inventory to choose from during the holidays than in the peak Summer months. 

How can sellers work the seasons to their advantage?

A seller sitting on a highly desirable home, will always be able to get a relatively fast sale, regardless of seasonal timing. However, a bit more strategy is required if that same seller also wants to set a record high sales number.  Simply selling an unusually nice house fast is typically easy.  However, also commanding a record high price generally won’t happen without a bidding war.   When bidding wars break out, competing sellers are often forced to bid above the amount the home will likely appraise for.  They’re usually required to back those stratospheric bids with a guarantee of additional cash, to make up for any appraisal deficiency.  The key component required to maximize the odds of a bidding war is an agent’s ability to drive lots of buyers through the home during the first weekend the home comes to market.  It’s obviously easiest to do this, during the Early Spring, or the peak Summer season when the absolute highest volume of buyers is active in the market.   Therefore, Summer is still the season of choice, for selling a truly incredible home. If you have a house that’s capable of standing out in an inventory-rich market, it makes the most sense to offer it up when the absolute highest exposure to buyers is possible. The strategy for selling a mediocre or distressed home, takes an entirely different approach.   When a home’s lack of upgrades, poor lot, or layout put it at a competitive disadvantage… the best strategy for getting it sold, is to avoid as much direct competition as possible. The key to selling a lackluster home, lies in finding the point in the market with the best ratio of “high demand to low inventory”.   When inventory choices are limited and people need to move, they are the most likely to compromise their standards and take what’s available.    l

I can personally attest to this, because it happened to my own family. When we moved here to Erie, it was at the beginning of December and inventory was “slim pickings”.   In fact, there was only one home in our price range that met our minimum criteria.  I was a relatively new agent, with a little under 2 years in the business.  Therefore, the mortgage underwriting guidelines wouldn’t allow us to add my income to the qualifying ratios. As a result, our home options were limited to the ones we could qualify for on my wife’s teacher salary. The only home in our budget, had been used as a former rental. It had brokendown appliances, an ugly kitchen and was full of cheap carpet and fixtures. Unfortunately, we needed to move. The low Holiday inventory caused us to lower our standards and take it.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, 20 to 30 far superior homes came up for grabs (at the same price point) just a few months later in the Spring.  Had any of those choices been available to us, we never would have picked our present home. We were proof of the concept that rougher homes sell better, when there isn’t as much competition. For sellers of less than perfect homes, the Holidays may just be the perfect time to list them!

David Hakimi lives in Vista Ridge with his wife, son and daughter .He loves all that is Erie. Because of the volume of homes he sells and finds for his clients, his team, The Hakimi Team are the highest reviewed and one of the top producing realty groups in Colorado .David’s negotiation skills are second to none, as he has been in sales and finance for the last 25 years.

Infants, Children Young Adults and Special Needs

Located in the Orchard Town Center

(303) 650-0310 14697 Delaware Street, Suite 210 Westminster Applies to new patients only. Offer may not be valid with insurance benefit.

Dr. Cara Mudd Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

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That time of year has arrived. Family and friends gather to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. Neighbors go outside to hang lights delicately on their homes to bring spirit to those around them. BUT, as with every holiday, there is always one person who ruins it for the rest. Yes, I’m talking about that neighbor with the inflatable lawn ornaments… It just makes you want to go on a "drive by" rampage with a blow dart gun. Who knows; you may end up in the Daily Camera as the front-page story with some tongue-in-cheek title like “Overnight Rampage Leaves Neighbors Deflated”. I’d frame that and put it on my wall, so that years down the road I could show my grandkids what I did for the greater good.

What happened to the days of building decorations, putting up string lights and hanging decorations in the window? Sure, now we have things like lasers and projectors, but those look cool at night and don’t stand out during the day. Whereas inflatables just automatically give off “parfum de WalMart”. At night they sound like hoards of mini vacuums, and during the day, they revert to deflated balloons all over the lawn. All I ask this season is one thing. If a friend tells you he or she is thinking of getting some inflatable ornaments for their lawn, just give them a good smack and say “NO!”. Remember, that’s what friends are for- to keep each other from doing stupid things. Enjoy the season!

Dedication for Pets 

ABOUT DAN Dan is a local who understands real estate is a serious industry, but also an entertaining one when viewed in a different light. 720.971.7139 powered by Brokers Guild

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A TRIBUTE TO 25 YEARS OF OPTIMIST SERVICE Whereas, the strengUI and vitality of the Erie, Colorado community depends on the efforts and dedication of voMVnteers; and Whereas, Optimist Clubs worldwide reach and serve as a Friend of Youth to more than 6,000,000 children each year through youth-oriented service projects: and Whereas, the mission of Optimist Clubs is to provide hope and positive vision to bring out the best in kids, thereby contributing to the betterment of communities; Therefore, the Optimist Club of Erie, Colorado is recognized and honored for its 25 years of dedicated service to its community and the children and is encouraged to continue to serve for many years. Very truly yours,

Jim Kondrasuk 2016-17 Optimist International President

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Rescue Dog priceless Lightshine Canine Rescue


Sometimes when you think you've rescued a dog, it turns out that they have rescued you.

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We rescue unwanted and stray dogs and cats from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and other Reservations in South Dakota. We are a 501c3


We make it happen. Georgez has extensive experience in the event planning industry. Anything from parties, business meetings, fashion shows, charity events to weddings, Georgez offers his expertise. He also offers his services as an ordained minister of all faiths.





Georgez Dabit




Compassionate Care for Your Pet Full Service Veterinary Hospital • Traditional & Alternative Medicine • Pain Management • Established 2001


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Discover Visit and enjoy an “at your fingertips” Erie specific directory featuring local businesses, an upcoming events calendar, e-pons for great savings with your favorite vendors, blogs, full company profiles and more. also contains links to view all of our previously published ELIFE issues. So take the time to visit and enjoy the opportunity to catch-up on anything you might have either missed or didn’t even know was right around the proverbial corner. And don’t miss the perks of becoming a directory member ... Businesses that join the directory enjoy the luxury of attending all networking events for FREE via ELIFEmastermind FB page. Also be sure to follow the ELIFE magazine Facebook page for your opportunity to WIN a variety of contests and local swag!

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B o y s



G i r l s , A g e s 5 a n d A n y S p o r t !

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U p . . .

Youth Total Conditioning – Focused on youth of all ages, this program is designed to get youth physically fit and create a foundation for a life-long healthy life style, all while having fun! Jump Start – Focused on young athletes from ages 7 – 12, this small group program sets the foundation for success in any sport by focusing on speed, agility and overall coordination. Total Performance – Focused on athletes from ages 13 – 18, this small group program focuses on the techniques used in speed, agility and strength to maximize improvements in athletic performance. PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) – Focused on the elite athlete of all ages, this individualized coaching program focuses on individual needs, goals and improvements needed to complete in his/her specific sport at a competitive level.




SPITZBUEBEN AND SCHMUETZLI - MEMORIES OF SWISS CHRISTMAS BY CONNIE RUEL What is it about European traditions that seem so much more memorable? Each of the continent’s countries have such deep and meaningful yuletide customs. Take, as an example, the tradition of what we know as a fat and jolly elfin-type man named Santa Claus. In Italy he is called Bobbo Natale, Spain names him Papa Noel and the French look up to their Pere Noel. These Kris Kringles are presented as “men of God” with strong father figure characters, not like our red nosed full-figured fellow of no denomination in a goofy suit. But, to me, nowhere are European holiday traditions held as dear as those of my beloved Switzerland. Perhaps it’s because I resided there throughout my 20’s as I was building my own family or maybe the customs were accentuated by the magical winter wonderland scenes of the alps around me. Or...just maybe… it could have been the crazy Holiday character known as Schmuetzli! Schmuetzli is a small, black robed man who accompanies Sami Klaus (the Germanic Santa Claus) who shows up on Christmas eve when most of the gift giving and celebration happens, rather than on the next day. Schmuetzli is the “bad cop” to the Sami Klaus “good cop;” Sort of creepy sidekick. Roughly translated, Schmuetzli means ‘little dirty’. So, while Sami Klaus, like our Santa Claus, is benevolent, light and kind, Schmuetzli is menacing, dark and downright scary. He carries a burlap sack and a handful of long twigs with which, as the old story goes, he will beat bad children, stuff them into his bag and carry them off into the forest never to be seen again. I found Schmuetzli to be such a bizarre holiday personality, that I couldn’t help but embrace him wholeheartedly. I mean, what proclaims ‘Merry Christmas’ more than threatening unruly children with a good beating, followed by kidnapping with no hopes of return? Negative reinforcement versus the “be good and Santa will bring you gifts” ploy. It’s kind of taking the ol’ “you’ll get coal in your stocking” to a whole new level. Sounds harsh but it brings some reality into the meaning of Christmas. Swiss kids are sincerely and rightfully afraid of Schmuetzli. But Swiss traditions are not just about “the Man”. Everything about Christmas in Switzerland is rich in history. The holiday food, beverage, decorations and gift exchange have been passed down for, not just generations, but centuries, giving the traditions deeper and more meaningful roots. My own memories of strolling through open-air Swiss Christmas markets still linger. An amazing, sensory experience, never to be forgotten. The seasonal foods that are only found in the winter months, I quickly learned to treasure. I can still detect the scent of roasting chestnuts (heisse maroni) that drifted from virtually every street corner in the city. I used to buy them by the bags full, to not only munch on, but lined my pockets to keep my hands warm. I loved the delicious holiday treats with funny names like Mailänderli, Basler Brunzli, Chräberli and Zimtsterne which adorned every bakery window in December. I remember counting down the days until my personal all time favorite dessert “Maroni vermicelli” finally came into season. Spitzbueben…lebkueken…the list of “weihnachtsguetzli” goes on and on. Every year, while living in Switzerland, I experimented with the local holiday sweets and would send care packets to all my friends and family. I made virtually thousands of cookies, caramels, chocolates and candies-a tradition that stopped on my return to the USA. I suppose that part of my holiday spirit was left behind in the true place of my heart, Helvetia. This year I would like to rekindle that spirit by sharing some of the “weihnachtsguetzli” recipes with my Elife readers so that you can bring some European tradition into your own kitchen. Watch out for schmuetzli! I wish you all …”Frohe Weihnachten und guten rutsch!

BASLER BRUNSLI (believe it or not, these are gluten and lactose free) Makes about 5 dozen cookies ¾ cup brown sugar ¾ cup granulated sugar
 1.5 cups whole almonds
 6 ounces semisweet chocolate chips
 1.5 teaspoons ground cinnamon
 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
 2 egg whites
 coarse ground white sugar for rolling dough on
 2 cookie sheets lined with parchment 1. Combine the sugars and almond in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade. Pulse until the mixture is finely ground, but not pasty. 2. Add the chocolate and spices and pulse again until the chocolate is finely ground. Add the egg whites and pulse repeatedly until the dough starts to form a ball. 3. Dump the dough onto to a work surface covered with coarse sugar. Press the dough out to an even 1/4-inch thickness. 4. Use a cookie cutter (heart shape is common-stars are great for the holidays)) to cut and place them an inch apart, sugar side up, on the prepared pans. 5. Allow the cookies to dry for 2 hours at room temperature. 6. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. 7. Place the pans in the oven and lower the heat to 300 degrees. Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes, or until they become matte in appearance and only slightly firm – they become firmer as they cool. 8. Cool on the cookie sheets set on pans on racks. 9. Store them in well sealable plastic container between sheets of wax paper, they can dry out easily, especially in dry climates.


Makes 4 dozen cookies 3 cups unsalted butter, softened 2 cups granulated sugar 2 teaspoons almond extract 2 eggs 7 cups flour 1 teaspoon salt ½ cup raspberry jam Powdered sugar for dusting Heat oven to 325°. Beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Add extract and egg, beat until well blended. Add flour and salt mix until just blended. Transfer dough to a floured surface and form into a disk and roll to ¼ inch thick Using a 2" round cookie cutter (fluted gives the traditional look), cut out two dozen cookies and transfer to parchment paper-lined baking sheets, spaced 2" apart. Chill for 30 minutes. Using a 1 1⁄4" plain round cutter (or holiday shapes are fun too) cut out centers of 12 of the cookies; reserve centers to re-roll and make more cookies. Bake base cookies on one sheet until lightly browned, 10-12 minutes. Bake top cookies (the ones with a hole in the middle) on another prepared cookie sheet 8-10 minutes, remove slightly under baked. Move cookies to a rack and let cool. Dust top cookie with powdered sugar. Place 1 tsp. jam in center of each whole cookie; spread to within 1⁄3″ of edge. Top each with a cookie ring being careful not to touch sugared top. Continue steps 2 through 4 until all dough is exhausted.


Connie Ruel is a restaurateur, wine instructor and private chef as well as author of the recently released "Passions of a Restaurateur- three generations of restaurant stories and the recipes they inspire�

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Sweet Woods

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#dancespaceonthemove #dancespaceistheplace

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“Chances are, you already own everything you need to look great at any holiday gathering. ”


HOLIDAY INSPIRATION Tis the season for office holiday parties, get-togethers and holiday celebrations. Maybe you think you need to buy some of the hottest trends to look festive. Yes, this year’s holiday hot trends are really fun and tempting for sure; such as metallic, faux fur, velvet and patent leather are. But let’s be “real” for a second. Unless you plan to wear your outfit or new purchase again and again, then it’s not worth it.

Chances are, you already own everything you need to look great at any holiday gathering. A little black dress will go a long way, as will some red lipstick and a pair of great heels. How about black leggings and a structured blazer and heels? How about a white button down with “statement” earrings or a statement necklace and black pants? If you are happy with what you already have, then my suggestion is to focus on your hair style, nails, make-up and your accessories. Don’t hold back! Take it up a notch and have fun! Okay, so you’ve looked your wardrobe over and your outfit needs some pizzazz. Perhaps you need a pair of statement earrings, a new pair

of shoes, a clutch handbag or scarf to “bring it” into this season. Shopping for budget-friendly items is easy; try shopping at Charming Charlie, H&M, Target, DSW, Amazon, or Loft (online), and Forever 21. I do most of my shopping online, for there is usually bigger selections online and you can search the items that you’re interested in. Forget your budget! You want to go big this holiday season and really make a statement! How about sequin skirt or dress pants with sequin trim? How about a fake fur coat to wear over your LBD (think Hollywood glamour)? Or a jewel toned velvet wrap dress? Evening gowns have fallen to the wayside in the last few years; they’ve been replaced with unexpected combinations such as a velvet tuxedo suit or a sparkly dress with a fake fur stole. It’s important to buy something that you see yourself wearing over and over. Think cost per wear. The more you wear an item, the less it costs overall.

Cindy Scurry is a local Human Resources professional that enjoys sharing her OOTD inspiration on Facebook and Instagram. Fashion is her passion! Cindy follows other fashion bloggers and gets inspiration via Instagram and online. Cindy is part of The Fierce 50 Revolution that is actively changing the perception of women and their style when over 50 years old. Cindy’s style is easy going and affordable. Dressing up jeans is a favorite look for her. You’ll find Cindy often wears a statement necklace or earrings, but not usually both together. When it comes to jewelry, Cindy’s motto is less is more. Cindy follows fashion trends and then has fun shopping and incorporating these trends at affordable prices. You’ll find Cindy shopping at H&M, Old Navy, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Forever 21, and Target.

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