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About the Editor Trisha Ventker

EDITOR IN CHIEF Trisha Ventker CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER Trisha Ventker CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Richard Carroll Michelle Mras Sara Khoudary Tiaja Pierre Trisha Ventker

Trisha Ventker is an author, photographic artist, branding expert, social media influencer, publisher of ELIFE magazine, NoCo magazine and Denver, Colorado Luxury magazine.

PHOTOGRAPHY Chad Chisholm Hardy Klahold Trisha Ventker

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have surpassed 8 million for the magazines, with the Denver, Colorado Luxury magazine leading readership, being nationwide. She is best known for her first book Internet Dates From Hell which had the movie rights optioned by Paula Wagner. Trisha is also one of the first Indie Book authors to have a book optioned for the big screen. Ventker is originally from New York City, presently residing in Colorado for the last 12+ years, with her husband and son. Cover: Photography: Chad Chisholm Hair & Fashion Styling: Charlie Price Makeup: Tiaja Pierre Model: Daryan Massey Fashion: Brooks LTD Fur & Leather: A Tsagas Jewelry: Andrea LI Headshot Above & Feature Photography: Hardy Klahold Esther Lee Leach & Amy Dickerson’s images: Caroline Miller


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No one is more cherished than those who inspire and empower



Women of Influence features business women who devote their lifetime giving back to others.

These women are

celebrated for their suppport and love.



What do you do to empower women?

I want women to feel relevant, confident, and seen, whether that means having the polish needed to present themselves in a

business meeting, feeling 10 pounds lighter in a wardrobe that compliments their figure, or simply knowing they have a supportive community at their fingertips. Our team does this work daily in our stores and I shared the same goal in publishing my memoir, Learning to Fly, which is available in stores and on our website. It is all about reminding women what we are all born knowing but so often lose sight of throughout life — that we are beautiful exactly as we are and that we are enough.

Karmen Berentsen


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:

My Instagram bio accurately reads “momnext-door, fashion collector, globetrotter, and author.” After a career of building and

selling companies in the tech industry, I retired at a young age and paused to ask myself what was next. For me, it was doing the difficult work of reflecting on relationships past, finally processing and mourning my mother’s death from years earlier, and taking steps to redefine what success and happiness looked like. It was through this process that I moved into a new stage, embraced motherhood, made the decision to acquire A Line, and to finally begin to write my story to share with others. On a personal level, as in business, I am constantly challenging myself to live more authentically and fully and to take each day as an opportunity to seek out the magic in the universe.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

I acquired A Line with the goal of meeting cool women. In growing to four stores across Denver, I’ve gotten to expand our

community throughout the metro area and now, with the brand equity that we’ve built in town and the strong following we have, we get to watch the magic that results. From our clients trips to New York and Paris to our A Line 14er Summit on Quandary Peak this summer, it has been incredible to see our loyal clients, many of which had never met, form new friendships and connections through A Line events. Our sense of community and connection just keeps growing stronger and that only reinforces our mission of being a service and a platform first, before a product or a sale.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

It can be hard to distinguish between my work and personal life, as they are so often mutualistic and harmonious. Outside

of geeking out reading my Harvard Business Review monthly, I focus on being a more conscious parent, and pushing myself to new extremes physically in the great outdoors. When hiking 44 miles through the Grand Canyon in under 22 hours just last month, I had to constantly remember to listen to my body and respond consciously to keep going, versus reacting to temporary and short term pain and fatigue. The beauty is that I consider the same lesson when keeping our doors open through a pandemic and continually adapting to better serve our clients as the world changes. It’s humbling and empowering at the same time.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

From an industry perspective, walking into showrooms in Paris and overhearing that A Line has put Denver on the internation-

al fashion map is such an incredible compliment. What really keeps me waking up excited each day, however, are the compliments I get from our clients. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing that our team made someone’s entire week by dropping off the perfect accessory just in time for date night or getting a text from a client who felt edgy and cool again for the first time since college, while still being put together and age-appropriate. I always say that we are a hospitality company with inventory and we haven’t done our job until we get that. It’s a visible difference and it’s the best complement to see that “glow” when someone leaves the dressing room transformed.

Karmen Berentsen



What do you do to empower women?

I allow them to make mistakes and speak their mind. Many women have been talked over for so long that when

you show them that you are actually listening to them, they really focus down on what they want out of life. Listening to women has been the greatest way I could empower them.

Janine Bolon



Tell us about yourself on a personal level:



Why are you so passionate about your work?

It is part of my Divine dispensation that I was given when I went on a Vision Quest over 10 years ago. After I

saw what I was supposed to do in my work, I never looked back. How this translates into a passion is by me consistently writing content. I have myself on a Write-a-Book-a-Year

I’ve always known what I wanted out of life, the biggest challenge was learning the skills and finding the appropriate

mentors to help me achieve what I needed in my personal growth. Once that happened, life took off for me. Now, I’m able to give back and be the philanthropist I always imagined for myself. It is wonderful to finally be in a position where I can give back to the communities that have been there for me and supported me. I look back over the last 20 years and I stand in awe at the diversity of life experience and projects I’ve been a part of. My favorite being the growth and maturity of my 4 children.

program and I train other authors how to do the same. I live a debt-free lifestyle and teach others how to get out of debt and live debtfree as well. Lastly, meditation has been the foundation that allows me to continually live an invigorating life, I share with others the tips and techniques that I use to manage the speed bumps in the road of life.



How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

I am a voracious reader that reads 122 books a week and is constantly learning from others. I’m always buying yet, an-

other, online course to get tips and strategies from the amazingly brilliant people around me. but by far the best way that I developed myself outside of my work is through my art. I have more of a cartoon based art style that involves a lot of color and bold lines. I’ve been commissioned several times to come up with art pieces clients birthdays, anniversaries, and project launches. It has become a major part of my relaxation and reconnection to the joys of childhood as I create and color in new humors styles and shadings.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

“Wow! You’re direct. Do you always know what you want?”

This comment was

made to me after I decided on a new car.

The salesperson had never seen anyone make a decision so quickly. I seem to get that a lot in my life. I know what I want, I find out where it’s being sold, and I go purchase it. I think people aren’t used to dealing with individuals who know exactly what they want. I encourage many of my students and clients to become equally as efficient in their decision-making. It’s amazing what Freedom you have from doubt when you live your life according to these principles of visionary goal setting and strategic planning!

Janine Bolon

making gowns for friends and family through my adult life on the weekends and in the evenings, I took the leap in 2010 and founded Marie Margot. I haven’t looked back since.


What do you do to empower women?


Maggie Burns


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:


Born and raised in Colorado, I developed a deep love for fashion when my mother taught me to sew. She created beautiful dresses and gowns for me and my three sisters for prom and our weddings. Coming from a small farming town in Colorado, I could not imagine what it would be like to be a fashion designer... expectations for women in that time in history were that we’d graduate from high school and become secretaries, nurses, or farm wives. I had no mentors or role models that pushed me to do anything different, so I ended up floundering with my love for design and no where to apply it to support myself. There were no fashion jobs in Denver at the time, no fashion industry here. So what do you do? You become a teacher. It wasn’t until I had gone through a failed marriage and many years in a corporate career that I finally decided to pursue my love of designing bridal gowns. The fashion scene started to open up in Denver after all. As I had been

What woman doesn’t feel powerful when she looks amazing? I design bridal and social occasion dresses that express their individual personality and style so they can relax and just be themselves. In the design process, we consider the occasion, the time of year, the venue, the woman’s body type and areas she wants to accentuate, along with any perceived figure flaws she’d like to minimize. Once we have the design, we shop for the perfect fabric and embellishments to complete the look. When the gown is finished, they know they look fabulous! Given my story, I encourage women to “Do what they love”, no matter their age. I reminded my friend when she was thinking about getting an MS in Counseling that in 4 years, she’d be 42. She might as well be 42 with a degree. It isn’t always easy, and one makes mistakes along the way, but it feels right when you know that you’re doing what you were born to do. There are a lot of ways to make that happen, even if it’s just taking 15 minutes a day to sketch a garment or write a sentence...just anything that speaks to your soul in a way nothing else does. It makes life special again. You gain a “knowing” that you’re on your way. That’s building confidence.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

I know that I’m providing a valuable service to women. By designing beautiful gowns, I’m offering my gift to make their lives better. Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Each gown is a work of art and I work very hard to do my best work possible on each project. If I can make them feel extraordinarily beautiful on that day, I feel I have done my job. I’m incredibly lucky to do the work that stirs my heart. Honestly, at the risk of sounding trite, I confess that I really have nothing to do with the process, I’m just the instrument. I often feel my hand is being guided by God to trans-

form a piece of fabric into a beautiful garment and that I had nothing at all to do with the outcome...I couldn’t have imagined it would turn out the way it did.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?


I attend as many fashion functions as possible; I view videos and movies about designers and study fashion history. As a people watcher, I observe street fashion to notice latest local fashions, colors, and accessory trends. I love art shows and participate in live drawing sessions whenever possible to develop my own sketching ability. With the COVID challenges, I’m struggling just like everyone else to maintain a balanced social and personal life. I find it’s the little things that make a big difference in my sanity like eating right, getting a good night’s sleep, and appreciating the people in my life. Thankfully, we can instantly connect with the important people in our lives through technology, as onerous as it can be sometimes. Being able to FaceTime or message people really makes a difference when you need to talk. My very best love is traveling, and it hurts that we are prevented from going anywhere during this pandemic. I like to go places I’ve never been before that are totally outside my comfort zone because it forces me to get outside myself. I find my best inspirations come from sights and experiences I’ve had while traveling.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

I’ve been so blessed to receive so many compliments. People validating my craft by buying my designs is a beautiful gift. I’m so honored to have been invited to participate in Fashion weeks from all over the world, including Denver, Paris, Milan, London, Thailand, Dubai, Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego, and New York. I’ve designed garments for the Red Carpets at the Oscars and Grammys. But the very best compliment is from my happy brides who say they appreciate me for making their gowns to perfectly convey their vision and give me a big hug because I did that one little extra that meant so much!

Maggie Burns


What do you do to empower women?

This is a subject that I am incredibly passionate about. I believe the continual growth and education of women plays a

huge part in the trajectory of our world as we know it today. I believe education in all of its various forms are imperative for grow. I teach and encourage any woman that works with us or for us the following values. Once you learn it, teach it! hoarding information or opportunities benefits no one and will become lonely fast. Celebrate each other’s wins and learn from each other’s loses. When you are around me its not a competition it is a collaboration. You are never a manager you are a mentor. When you

Amy Dickerson


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:

I am a wife, sister, friend, entrepreneur, and am sometimes consumed by wanderlust. I spent my younger years traveling the world

and working on cruise ships. Currently I have been in the beauty, wellness, and education space of small business for over 15 years. Colorado is the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life; I am so proud to have settled here but still always looking for my next trip. You can only imagine what this lock down has done to my travel itch.

photos by Caroline Miller

get to the next level never forget to look back and pull the next person up, make them stronger than you ever were and praise them for it. If it does not work, pivot and create something new.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

Because it’s fun! It’s exciting to build things and watch them and the people around them grow. I might own small business-

es, but I consider myself in the business of growing great teams and encouraging people to be the best and strongest they can possibly be for themselves and those around them.



How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

Surrounding myself with nature, people that inspire me, and trying to do things I have never done before as often as I can.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

“It seems like every time I’m around you all you are doing is encouraging other people.”

Amy Dickerson

artist and master in porcelain vessel throwing.


What do you do to empower women?

I’m on a mission to make the greatest impact I can to empower and inspire women entrepreneurs across the nation. I find so

many allow the excuse of our past circumstances and experiences to define our future. When I work with women individually as a Coach or in our RisePod Masterminds, women discover and embrace their purpose while breaking through those self-imposed barriers so they can step boldly and powerfully forward as entrepreneurs and leaders in

Sara Khoudary


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:

I was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. The 4th of six children. When I graduated college, I took a risk and ventured to

New Mexico after waiting on a couple from El Paso that saw something in me and offered to assist with organizing an opportunity for me to attend my desired Graduate program with classes starting just 10-day always from meeting them. In New Mexico I began my journey into Entrepreneurship while holding a position as the Director for Marketing for a Land Development Organization and Waterpark. At that time my boss sat myself and a colleague down and ignited the vision of entrepreneurship encouraging us both to start our own businesses on the side while working for the organization. Today I am happily married to my husband Tony of 22 years, the proud mother of three amazing leaders-in-training, and rescue-dog lover. I have a passion for creativity and am an award-winning visual

their communities.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

I see the gift in every woman, the vulnerability, the compassionate hearts and the ways of being many women possess that holds

many back from being the powerful forces they are. I believe together, women get to come forward, embrace their wisdom and brilliance and share it with the world at their true value. For years I played small, behind the curtain. I thought my talents were best served supporting others, while deep inside, I desired to shine and to be seen, but felt it was selfish for me to do so. I was confronted by a mentor who said, why are you keeping yourself such a secret? Don’t you know there are so many out there waiting for you, that need you? This hit me hard. My stomach dropped. I was not aligned with my purpose in sharing my gifts openly. My clients love me, see my value, stay with me year after year as the rise to the top. My career had been spent guiding others to step out and be in the spotlight. I thought “I didn’t need to be seen”, “I didn’t need the recognition”, while the truth was, I was choosing to snuff

out my own light.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

One of the best things I have ever done for myself is my commitment to invest each year in self-development. I challenge my-

self each year; to step out in faith seeking the tools to improve my ways of being, stretch myself, challenge myself to face my fears all while nourishing my mindset. Intentionally choose to surround myself with high integrity individuals that I strive to aspire to, that raise my vibration to be better. I am an avid reader, always learning and expanding from reading books that feed my mindset and transformational tools that challenge me to stretch myself beyond my own self-imposed limitations.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Often my clients and those I meet share “Sara, I love working with you. You’re the real deal, transparent, direct, authentic and so

much fun to work with. You get me!” For me, there is no greater compliment than having the ability to make that innate connection with someone who feels heard, supported and who entrusts me to support them in the journey to manifesting their dreams.

Sara Khoudary


What do you do to empower women?

As the author of the book and exhibition project, ‘100 Women of Jewelry, I believe that honoring and telling the stories of

other women in the jewelry business is a way to lift other designers up and empower them. In my interviews I ask each artist what wisdom she has to offer, to pass on to the next generation of women designers just starting out in the f ield. I ask them how to problem solve and navigate a very dynamic industry. I am curating the largest women’s jewelry exhibition in history, and am being considered by Sotheby’s to develop an exhibition /sale for the artists,

Linda Kozloff Turner


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:

I am a Fine Art Jewelry Professional who has been making jewelry on Pearl Street in Boulder for nearly 50 years. I am the

mother of 4 children and now have full custody of my 3 year old grandson who is the joy of our lives. I work day and night with my husband to support my family and to keep all my projects going. I am a feminist, activist, and philanthropist in my efforts. I am a writer and family woman, married for 25 years and a Fine Arts scholar f rom CU Boulder, graduating in 1992 f rom the Fine Art Photography department with honors. I believe in passing my knowledge and skill on to the next generation, and work tirelessly to support other women in the jewelry business.

and have a standing offer by Fashion Institute of Technology for their new museum space and a book signing in November 2022 during NYC jewelry week.

I will be developing pan-

els for this event to address many of the issues that women in the jewelry design business encounter. I offer problem solving and solutions and I intend to create grants funds for women working in the industry for FIT and possibly for women attending the Gemological Institute of America.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

Jewelry has always been my passion, but I realized I was not alone in encountering some of the obstacles that I had experienced. Writing this book not only helps me to understand what other women are going through, but also helps me to facilitate others. That is a feeling that cannot be described. This inspirational information is like a river that flows between women. Each woman is a treasure and her story the result of her experience in the industry. My focus is not on the dollar amount of the jewelry, but rather the value each woman’s voice brings to the table.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

My development is to continue to run my custom jewelry business, and step by step learn more and more about what it

entails. I am a Graduate Gemologist student at the Gemological Institute of America. This is an exceedingly diff icult program that I have been working on for nearly 32 years. My degree is in sight, and will add to my skills in my business, and allow me to become not only a designer, gem specialist, diamond expert, but also become an appraiser which will support my family into the future. We have kept up incredibly well with how this industry has changed, moving f rom being a bench jeweler myself to working with Computer Aided Drawing programs and 3-D printing. I am a certif ied Iyengar based Yoga Instructor and have been teaching consistently since 1988, and I love to swim, go to the gym, and walk with my family.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

The best compliment I have ever gotten is f rom my husband, who calls me ‘The Gold Standard’ something I live up to

and live by. To always do the right thing to be impeccable in my word, and to develop trustworthiness in my business, and personal life. It is what I am known for.

Linda Kozloff-Turner


What do you do to empower women?

I am a cheerleader for other female entrepreneurs. I am so lucky to be able to know and collaborate with some incredible

women who are also growing their companies and brands. I use Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine as a way of promoting many women who have started companies, boutiques and brands. Everyone has a story that we can learn from and be inspired by.

Esther Lee Leach


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:


Why are you so passionate about your work?

My work is my childhood dream come true! I remember making my own magazines by cutting and pasting old magazines and

colored paper, and writing ‘articles’ and ‘books’ be-

I am the Publisher & Editor in Chief of Cherry

fore I was ten years old. I have always loved start-

Creek Fashion, a monthly online magazine

ing with a blank sheet/space/screen and creating

covering style, beauty, culture, and living.

something that other people can enjoy.

I have been involved in content creation and the media industry for most of my life. I started a television production company as a teenager growing up in Saint Lucia, an island in the Caribbean, and have worked in radio, television, film, newspapers, magazines, and with online media. Cherry Creek is home now and it’s the perfect location to run my magazine and work on expanding its reach to more national and international markets.

photos by Caroline Miller


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

When I am not working, I am spending time with my family and my wonderful group of friends. I gain so much inspiration, en-

couragement and business advice from my circle of friends. I am constantly developing and learning so much about life and business by spending time with uplifting people.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

That I am a kind person! That means more to me than any other compliment!

Esther Lee Leach


What do you do to empower women?

I guide women to realize they are born empowered.



and keynote talks are based around

understanding yourself, stepping into who you are and being the best version of you ... Unapologetically.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

Michelle Mras


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:

I am passionate about my work because of my past. I learned diff icult lessons to become the woman I am

today. I survive because it is my calling to guide others to stop apologizing for what they aren’t and embrace the best version of who they really are. Life is short. Tomorrow is not promised.

I’m a military child, the 4th of 6 children. Spent my childhood at Clark Air Base, Philippines. I’ve experienced

many life trials and I’ve seen very diff icult times. My power is resiliency through positive attitude and action.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

I develop myself outside of work by caring for my mind and body. I block time every morning for self-care to in-

clude meditation, exercise, music and self-reflection. I believe truly understanding oneself (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) is a key component to joy and success. I’m a voracious reader of multiple genres at once.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

The best compliment I have ever gotten is, “I don’t need you in my life. I want you in my life”. I see the journey

of life as a series of choices. When someone sincerely chooses to have me in their life, I am honored.

Michelle Mras


What do you do to empower women?


Marcella Nevermann


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:

I have lived in Colorado since 1997. I moved here because I went to field school for Geology here and fell in love with the magic that is Colorado. I moved to Denver in 2001 after living in the Eagle/Vail Valley for 4 years. Now I live in Bennett with my husband Matt of nearly 12 years, my 11 year old daughter Francesca, my 6 year old son Orion and our plethora of animals on nearly 40 acres. We previously lived in the Reunion area for 11 years but relocated so that my husband had room to pursue his passions of building things with woodworking, metalworking and making all sorts of fishing lures. Although I live in a rural area I commute almost daily to various parts of the Denver Metro area to the 3 optometric practices I have ownership interest in to fulfill my passion for helping people see more clearly and feel beautiful. Our flagship location is a beautiful practice in Westminster located at the Orchard Town Center, with other locations in the Cherry Creek Mall and Flatiron Crossing Mall. When I am not at work, not wrestling and wrangling my kids or animals, helping my husband with creating beautiful fixtures...and I have the time I enjoy painting, photography and looking for interesting rocks!

Empowering other women is amazing. It truly makes every opportunity to do it a better day! One can empower another woman in so many various ways, all of which I love to do. Listen - truly listen to concerns or issues of others and give respectful and constructive feedback when warranted or just a mindful ear, but also listen to celebrate in their victories and gains with them! Help when possible - helping a new woman entrepreneur understand their target market, or find funding, even pick out products, or better yet share their information with any potential clients. Being an advocate, a reference, an ear, a friend, a connector, a problem solver - all these things add up to empower them to find the best version of themselves. I like to do this through networking, through fundraisers, through tagging them on posts that pertain to them, through inviting them to groups whether in person or online that will also foster their growth. Giving truthful and well deserved compliments also goes a long way in building up other women or people in general.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

I LOVE the gift of sight. I LOVE helping people understand, appreciate and care for this truly amazing visual processing system we have. I love educating anyone who will listen about all the various aspects of how the eye works, how our eye is a window to our overall health for early detection of other health issues (diabetes, brain tumors, potential strokes, high blood pressure and so much more) but also I truly love helping find eyewear that makes them feel and look amazing, see as clearly as possible and about the science behind the lenses. I love helping a small child that knows no difference see clearly for the first time and truly see what leaves on trees look like. Or a struggling student at school that may have been wrongly diagnosed as learning challenged or dyslexic when they just needed a comprehensive eye examination and glasses and within months they are up a whole reading level or more, because their brain and eyes are finally working together properly. I love being able to serve the under privileged get glasses that they could not otherwise afford through various outreach programs like Project Homeless Connect. Often times people when experiencing homelessness are unable to see properly and therefore this affects their mental health, their ability to apply for jobs or retain them. When you can help someone really make a step toward gaining back a part of them that was lost it is a truly remarkably fulfilling sensation. I love helping people understand that all lenses, all frames and all glasses are not created equally, partially due to material quality but also very much due

to properly trained opticians, and skimping on glasses, contact lenses and/or sunglasses may seem frugal or wise but often times can cause lasting damage. When you have a trained and knowledgeable optician assisting you and not just a sales person, they are going to ensure that your measurements are accurate, they are going to ensure proper fit of the eyewear you are selecting, they are going to suggest products and materials that are best suited to you and then when they arrive they will verify your prescription was made properly and precisely.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?


I truly have a passion for all things eyes. Technology and styles as we know are ever-changing and that holds true daily in optical advancements, new lens technologies, lens designs, lens materials, lens coatings, exam diagnostic equipment, eye health treatments, frame trends, new collections, new fabrication techniques, etc. I read industry blogs, journals, magazines, attend webinars, conferences and participate in industry studies to keep apprised of new offerings for our customers, patients and clients. We work diligently to ensure that we offer you the best and explain all of your options with as many details as you desire to know. I also continuously look for the most innovative, unique and stylish frames offered around the globe to make you able to stand out from the crowd if you so choose. I also love to participate in and/or sponsor various charity and outreach events, when they are able to b held, for groups such as the American Cancer Society, Project Homeless Connect, Impact Humanity, Von’s Vision, local schools and more. Going to various community events and small business networking socials is also very important to me as I try very hard to shop small whenever possible and in brick and mortar locations as opposed to online when a small business is not readily available in the “space” of what I am shopping for. Building personal relationships with people in our community is extremely important to me for a multitude of reasons.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

In all honesty I take every compliment to heart with gratitude, no matter how small it may seem. Each referral f rom a former client that tells a f riend, family member or stranger that they had a great experience with me is genuinely appreciated. Every time someone comes back to me year after year because they love their glasses and my honest opinion about f it and style is immeasurably cherished. When people have faith in me even on the days that I feel like I am failing and they lift me up, this is an inspiration and compliment that I will remember and cherish forever.

Marcella Nevermann


What do you do to empower women?

I am a Mindset Expert & Speaker with a mission to help women create happy, abundant lives from the inside out. I of-

fer online programs including a free workshop and a self-paced mindset bootcamp. Most people think I’m a coach, but in reality I only accept about 10 individual clients per year. What I’m most excited about for empowering women is The Ascension Collective, which is a virtual gathering of women twice per month.

Alison Repp


I co-host it with Jen Stack, who is an intuitive tarot card reader, astrology nerd, and ritual witch. We combine Jen’s intuitive messages with my practical “how-to’s” for the human experience. And the best part is we get to spend

Tell us about yourself on a personal

time working with participants directly. It’s so


powerful and magical… my favorite combo!

I am a mother of 2 daughters (ages 2 and 6) and proud goofball! I consider myself to be a “mystic,” meaning I am

always developing my gifts that are beyond intellect. I am committed to strengthening my intuitive abilities and connection with the energetic world. I hid that part of myself for a long time, as I used to primarily work with executive men as a psychotherapist, and fell into a pattern of “proving” my worth through scientifically backed approaches. But now I am out of the spiritual closet and I openly integrate it with my practical approaches to life!


Why are you so passionate about your work?

I used to struggle with anxiety, low self-worth, imposter syndrome, and so much more as a result of child-

hood trauma. I lived life with a victim mindset and drifted through life feeling powerless, constantly looking outside of myself for internal fulf illment. When I applied the skills I now teach others to myself, my entire life transformed for the better. I can’t stand to see women needlessly suffer, especially when I know simple (albeit

counterintuitive) and powerful ways that they can take charge of their life fulf illment. Every woman has an internal force that can change the world, they sometimes just need the tools to unlock it. I happen to have found those tools, and I believe it’s my duty to share them with the world.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?








my pod-

casts, courses, etc. I will never be

done learning and evolving! I apply what I learn to myself and if it improves my life, I share it with others, with the intention of helping them f ind what resonates for their particular circumstances.

Currently I’m

learning more about tuning into intuition and healing trauma stored in the body.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Recently I spoke on an international stage and was told by an audience member that my “soul radiated”

and I had “magnetic yet comforting energy.” When I was young I was always told I was “beautiful,” which led to me relying on looks and seeking external validation. But as I have evolved, I have come to understand that external beauty is inconsequential compared to internal beauty. So the best compliment I can get is one that has to do with who I am on the inside.

Alison Repp

Business Excecutives and Incredible Families! From investment properties to new development to ranches to the f irst time home buyer, every home and client is important to me.


What do you do to empower women?

Supporting other women and their business has always been a top priority for me. I also have a personal

passion for supporting organizations that

Gwenivere Snyder


empower women and benef it children. I have the privilege of being the President of the Women’s Guild for A Precious Child which strives to bring effective and meaningful change for disadvantaged and dis-

Tell us about yourself on a personal

placed Colorado children and their families.


I give back 10% of each deal to different charities/organizations. Giving back is an important part of my mission, one that I

Born and raised in Colorado, I have always had a love for nature, beauty and the importance of home. I

f irst started my career in Los Angeles and transitioned to luxury residential real estate with the best f irms in Beverly Hills. I quickly earned the respect and trust of prominent celebrities, top executives and professional athletes. As I began my own family, we moved back home to Colorado

have learned f rom my grandmother.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

I absolutely love being the conduit to f inding the perfect home for families living in or coming to Colo-

rado. I am 100% referral based so I also get

with our 3 children. I am known for Luxury

to help different family generations. Work-

Homes, investment properties and being

ing with major sport teams, players and

a real estate expert. It has been an incred-

coaches has been a true highlight for me

bile 17 years in real estate and I have loved

and lifelong f riendships have been made!


During that time I have worked with

The most important part of work for me

High Prof ile Clients, Athletes, Celebrities,

has been developing relationships and be-

ing a trustworthy person, people want to feel important and be authentically loved, it has been so fulf illing meeting such incredible people!


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

Outside of work my priority is my family. I have twins that are 17 and another child that is 21. My husband

and I focus a lot on sports, being together and helping our kids turn into wonderful adults! A bath each night for me is a must LOL!


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

The best compliment I have ever gotten is that I care about people on a deep-hearted level and that I

am a treasured f riend! That’s the best feeling and compliment! I really do love getting to know people!

Gwenivere Snyder


ne of my books, Internet Dates From Hell was movie optioned by Paula Wagner, producer of “Mission:Impossi-

ble” l, ll, lll, “Vanilla Sky” “The Last Samurai” etc. I’m currently on a radio and tv tour throughout the US. I’ve been seen in the November issue of Vanity Fair:Italia. In addition, an article in an issue of MORE magazine (circulation 3.5 million) was devoted to Internet Dates From Hell, and I’ve appeared with the Legendary f irst VJ Adam Curry’s BIG APP SHOW,, New Living Magazine, Brian Greenberg Show, Fox News, Warner Brothers News, Dr. Keith

Tr isha Ventker


Tell us about yourself on a personal level:

I was born and raised in New York in a family of f ive. Being the youngest and only girl I was taught to be

strong and independent. Thirteen years ago I moved to Colorado with my hus-

Ablow Show, Lakeland Times, Colorado Hometown




MANCOW, Denver Post, Hudson Valley’s Bob Cudmore Show, MANCOW, Ed Tyll Show, Jiggy Jaguar Show, The Edge, and featured in Yellowscene Magazine.


What do you do to empower women?

I’ve always been a huge advocate for women by chairing non-prof its and running the Empowering Erie Busi-

ness Women Group. Coaching other wom-

band and son (who is now 14). We moved

en throughout the country to be their best

f rom Manhattan to provide a better quali-

and most successful is also very close to

ty of life for our son. I feel like I have lived

my heart.

many lifetimes being a nurse, a professional dancer, teacher for twenty years, and now a photographer, graphic designer, author, business coach and a publisher / Editor-in-chief of several viral magazines.


Why are you so passionate about your work?

I love f inding beauty in people, places and things. It f ills my heart to see others shine and become success-

ful because of my efforts.

I am passion-

ate about anythign creative, whether it is graphic design, photography or writing.


How do you develop yourself outside of your work?

My family is my priority. On the weekends we get together and haunt out new restaurants and locales. We en-

joy watching funny movies and traveling. I delvelop myself by unwinding f rom work.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

The best compliment I have ever gotten is f rom my 14 year-old son. He told me that I am a great mother

and that he is fortunate to have me as a mom. For over 25 years I have been developing solutions and implementing methods that make things happen. People refer to me as a “Mover and Shaker” and that is also a big compliment.

Tr isha Ventker

Karmen Berentsen

Janine Bolon

Maggie Burns

Amy Dickerson

Sara Khoudary

Linda Kozloff Turner

Esther Lee Leach

Michelle Mras

Marcella Nevermann

Alison Repp

Gwenivere Snyder

Tr isha Ventker



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meet KIM CLANCY Originating Mortgage Broker/Owner | NMLS:47572

FHA • VA • CONVENTIONAL • USDA • JUMBO • ASSET DEPLETION • BANK STATEMENT Kim has been helping individuals and families buy and refinance homes since 2000. She has extensive mortgage knowledge and is mindful in designing the loan that bests fits each person’s needs. Kim believes in doing what’s best for her clients and in turn this develops into a lifelong relationship that is based on experience and trust. • Top 1% Broker for CO • Top 1% Broker Nationally • 2020 Fastest Speed to Close



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720-585-7600 Office: 720-768-6384 cell:

I believe in educating individuals and families in the home buying and refinancing process. Asking the right questions upfront to understand their unique financial situation is key. I want to make sure my clients feel 100% confident when they are working with me.

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Why choose The Garage Doctor? The Garage Doctor is an established small business committed to customer satisfaction. Standing by our motto of “Friendly, Honest, Professional”, we will go the extra mile to ensure our customers recieve the best service and products in the industry. We pride ourselves on educating our customers, providing resolutions and products that best fit their individual lifestyles. We approach each project on a case-bycase scenario and put the customers best interest ahead of our own to uphold our outstanding customer service record and, in return, earn a customer for life.


”If given the opportunity to earn your business I will promise you the best customer experience. We want to show you why we are the best, not the biggest, but the best. We care about all of our customers and want to earn a customer for life by educating you on products, service, and replacement equipment. We want what is best for you, our customer. Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you with all of your garage door questions or concerns, big or small.” Trapper Searles | Owner DENVER’S BEST CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR GARAGE DOOR AND OPENER SOLUTIONS 303-345-4707 |



Red Valentino by Richard Carroll

Women want to be beautiful and I’m helping them.” -Valentino

“Red Valentino” by Richard Carroll Valentino in his youth first revealed his compel-

Voghera Lombardy in Northern Italy announced

ling creative powers in his home town of Voghera

the birth of Valentino Clemente Ludovico Gara-

Italy and with rigorous skill and determination

vani May 11, 1932, his mother naming him after

further created designs that took root and blos-

Rudolph Valentino the wildly dashing popular

somed into a thriving fashion empire that en-

Italian actor of the day. Similar to Versace who

thralled fashionistas as did his gifted gregarious

had brilliant backing from his mother, Valenti-

personality and demeanor that was larger than

no equally had significant family support. Dur-

all of fashion. His attire was elegant and dapper

ing his youthful days in Voghera the world of

with a sharp ear for languages, and an ongoing

fashion and design wrapped a large red ribbon

love affair with a gaggle of Pugs who were travel

around him with enticing and passionate per-

companions on private jets.

ception. His aunt Rosa and resident Voghera designer Ernestina Salvadeo both greatly appreci-

His creative thoughts were often unpredictable

ating Valentino’s natural talent and innate skills

and intriguing, and strangely mysterious as he

shared with him the basic tools of tailoring and

created garments from sketches on any avail-

design. Parents, Mauro Garavani and Teresa de

able paper at hand which would unfold at any

Biaggi likewise with shrewd and observant fore-

time throughout the day or evenings. Moreover,

thought sent their teenager off to Paris to the

he was stubborn at times, fascinating and force-

core of the fashion world, to further his maturing

ful, but with complete control when working, all


of which were the wide-ranging vigor and genius directing Maison Valentino. An extraordinary dreamer, Valentino produced an enormous body of work, distinguishing the woman’s body to perfection which involved the complex details of merging rudimentary elements and the dramatic placement of bright tones with a shimmering Valentino crispness. His designs illustrated the shape and substance created by a glorification and celebration of design, form, and decoration. He mastered his vision of color and harmony and was leading the way in glamour while incessantly searching for sophistication. Designing for a host of notables as well as Jacqueline Kenney who was enamored with Valentino and in turn he dressed her for years including her entire wardrobe. She was also wearing Valentino during that faithful day in Houston.


Parisian Panache

Two years later Valentino’s international debut took

The young Italian swept into Paris eager to ab-

place in Florence at the Pitti Palace propelling him

sorb everything French enrolling in the Ecole

skyward with incredible reviews He insisted on hand-

des Beaux-Arts on the left bank of the Seine,

made workmanship meaning one sewing machine for

founded in 1648, and following in the footsteps

a hundred seamstress’ and was deeply involved in the

of Renoir, Givenchy, and Degas. He also stud-

process with perfection of primary importance. With

ied at the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la

Giammetti at his side Valentino developed into an

Couture Parisienne, dating to 1927, where nota-

international personality spending time in New York

bles like Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, and

and presenting an historic landmark collection

Nicole Miller were students. Browsing among

at a charity event at the Waldorf-Astoria with cli-

the French fashion houses and boutiques he was

ents ranging from Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hep-

gathering and storing essential and crucial de-

burn, Jacqueline Kennedy to European Royalty.

tails as well as networking with designers from

Valentino and Giammetti developed The House of

throughout Europe. His Paris days involved apprenticing for five years with Jean Desses, who at the time was world-renowned featuring draped evening gowns. With an additional two years of further apprenticeship and guidance from friend and fashion designer Guy Laroche, Valentino, after discussions with his parents decided to return to his roots with abundant concepts and countless strategies in place. The city of Paris a vivid accolade. Valentino’s Rome Paris was engraved in Valentino’s memory and with imaginative sketches on the drawing board in 1960 with financial help from his father and a business associate he opened a lavish “maison de haute couture” on stylish Rome’s Via Condotti. Greatly swayed by his days in France he featured French models arriving direct from Paris for his first extravagance, which along with his leaning to the festive shades of red which vary from pale red pink to dark red burgundy, were quickly recognized by fashionistas as “Valentino Red.” The same year he met Giancario Giammetti at the Café de Paris on the Via Veneto in Rome. From this initial meeting they later became effective partners and lovers, Giammetti possessing a sharp business mind became the dynamic force behind Valentino’s success.

Valentino into the essence and embodiment of Italian elegance with world-wide acclaim. Constantly striving to be a step ahead of the pack, Valentino designed an astonishing all-white collection with the classic “V” logo, the runway models featuring several shades of pearl, linen, lace, and ivory. Valentino in 2007 decided to retire his sketch pad and lead a life of ease with time to enjoy his New York penthouse, and villa’s in London, Rome, France, Switzerland, and Giammetti’s assemblage of homes. In January 2008, his final haute couture collection was presented at the Musee Rodin in Paris with standing applause and recognition from celebrities and notables as well as models who had worked with him throughout the years. Valentino and Giammetti led a flamboyant and grandiose life, though their love relationship ended in 1972 after 50 creative years of companionship and camaraderie in a demanding and competitive profession. Valentino was honored with numerous awards one being from Paris for “services to fashion in the city where he was educated”, an award that should equally be shared with his family. Valentino’s inspired and imaginative heritage was passed to







rector who is fulfilling the Valentino challenge.

Richard Carroll is a nationally known travel writer honored with eight international writing awards. Richard has covered all seven continents, and with family heritage dating to early Colorado.

Over twenty-five years ago, Hedgren was born in the hub of innovative design that is Antwerp, Belgium. Since then, we have prided ourselves on creating long-lasting bags that embody the energy of our origins with clever functionality, stylish structures, and a casual European flair. Our latest styles are made from sustainable materials. Check out our eco-friendly collections at

A Natural Talent ... Artisan crafted and inspired by the spaces in which we live, love, work and play. Explore the finest collection of handmade leather products and accessories. Old world craftsmanship lives at Hyde Leather Company.

Vintage Feelings Collection

Voted Denver’s “Best Designer Jeweler” 250 Columbine St. Suite 130 Denver, CO 80206 303.355.5050

Custom Handmade Designs Exclusive International Designers GIA Certified Diamonds



Become an Entrepreneur of Success by Sara Khoudary

“Become an Entrepreneur of Success” by Sara Khoudary The entrepreneurship journey can be lonely. After a year of quarantining and social distancing, so many of us are craving human connection more than ever. Being a business owner shouldn’t mean you’re a lone explorer navigating uncharted terrain. That’s why joining a community of like-minded people who provide mentorship, unparalleled educational opportunities, and support is really the best path to take. Whenever I’ve tried to go it alone, I’ve encountered some of the biggest challenges of my career. But as soon as I discovered the right community and sought the right mentors, I got back on track and persevered. Now, as a successful business owner for over 20 years, a marketing and prosperity coach, and the founder of Entrepreneurs of Success – a community dedicated to inspire, empower, and advance entrepreneurship – I’ve personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make their first six figures and even created millionaires along the way. The No. 1 concern I hear most often from entrepreneurs is that they can’t seem to find “my people”, the right community of mentors and support. They often feel that the people who are in their inner circle just don’t “get it”, don’t seem to align with their vision for success. Entrepreneurs of Success was created with the mission to serve men and women entrepreneurs alike. Through coaching, masterminds, leadership programs, mentorship, and accelerated trainings that support and challenge growth in all areas personally and professionally. Our goal is to be the game-changer for entrepreneurial success. Since conception in 2019, members of Entrepreneurs of Success, have gained access to more than 50 mentors from our community. Each year providing opportunities for advancing insight, strategy, motivation, and proven methods to supercharge your business. We’ve knocked down the invisible walls that exist between newer business owners and world changing entrepreneurs. Many of our contributors are multi-millionaires who share their expertise with the community because learning from top level business owners can only elevate your mindset and ultimately your business. It’s important to underscore the impact that mentors have on our lives. These people, who may at first seem untouchable, become powerfully instrumental to our success because they help propel our business forward. I invite you to join the Entrepreneurs of Success community today. Become our newest member and claim a private mentoring session to support your vision for success.

Sara Khoudary is known as The Entrepreneur’s Authority Builder™, positioning leading entrepreneurs to be seen, heard, and dominate their industry in the top 1%. With over 25 years in marketing, Sara is a highly sought-after trusted advisor, authority-building mastermind, automation specialist, and certified digital marketing professional. As the founder of Entrepreneurs of Success and the Mentor Momentum Community, Sara is on a mission to inspire, empower, and advance entrepreneurship.

F O O D &

& W I N E

“ The Ultimate Craft Beer Bar Family Experience” Blake’s Taphouse is an upscale Beer emporium that offers at least 40 different craft beers on tap, wide varieties of imports, local craft beers and a selection of wine. Blake’s Taphouse’s will compliment the dining experience with fresh non fried food options and daily specials. In addition to the premium craft beer experience, music and sports are an essential part of Blake’s Taphouse model. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to provide outstanding service by delivering the best in quality craft beer, wine and a wonderful fresh food menu to provide a memorable dining experience.

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16860 Sheridan Parkway, Broomfield

Grilled Bison Skewers with Wojape This recipe is from The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, a James Beard Award-winning cooking by Chef Sean Sherman. It is also included in an additional James Beard Book Award winner and Denver resident Adrian Miller ‘s newest book Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue, celebrating the stories of the Black men and women who have shaped American barbecue, on April 27. Chef Sherman is a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe. Chef Sherman writes: “Everyone loves these kebobs, the recipe of Mikee Willard and his son Darius Willard, of the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana, and members of the Tatanka Truck team. They skewer chunks of fresh sweet corn (on the cob), turnips, summer squash, or partially roasted winter squash in between the bison. The skewers are then garnished with wojape or a sauce of stewed wild plums.” As Chef Sherman writes: “The scent of this traditional sauce simmering on the stove takes me back to my freewheeling six-year-old self. Our family relied on the local chokecherries that I gathered as a kid. We’d spread a blanket under the trees and gather buckets full. There’s no need to pit them because the pits drop to the bottom of the pot as the sauce becomes thick and lush. We’d sweeten it for a dessert or serve it as a tangy sauce for meat and game and vegetables, and as a dressing.”

Chef Sean Sherman, T he Sioux Chef

Adrian Miller


Grilled Bison Skewers with Wojape courte INGREDIENTS: Grilled Bison Skewers • 1 to 1 ½ pounds bison sirloin, cut into 1-2-inch cubes • 2 tablespoons sunflower oil • A pinch of sumac • A pinch of smoked salt • 2-3 ears of sweet corn, shucked and cut into 2-inch chunks • 2-4 young turnips, cut into 2-inch chunks • 3 summer squash, cut into 2-inch chunks • Serves 4-6

INGREDIENTS: Wojape • 6 cups fresh berries—chokecherries or a mix of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, elderberries, cranberries, blackberries. • 1 to 1 ½ cups water • Honey or maple syrup to taste • Makes 4-6 cups

esy of Chef Sean Sherman, The Sioux Chef INSTRUCTIONS: Grilled Bison Skewers 1. Heat coals or a gas grill for direct heat. 2. Brush the bison with 1 tablespoon of the sunflower oil, and sprinkle with the sumac and smoked salt. 3. Brush the corn, turnips, and squash with the remaining sunflower oil. 4. Thread the meat, sweet corn, turnips, and squash, alternately, on 4-6 skewers. 5. Sprinkle the meat and vegetables with additional sumac and smoked salt. 6. Grill the skewers about 4-6 inches from the heat, turning frequently, until the bison is no longer pink in the center, about 15-20 minutes. 7. Drizzle with the wojape and serve.

INSTRUCTIONS: Wojape 1. Put berries and water into a saucepan and set over low heat. 2. Bring to a simmer and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mix ture is thick. 3. Taste and season with honey or maple syrup as desired.


J. Brady's seasonings offers proprietary seasoning blends that draw from traditional American and international flavors and puts a personal, craft spin into each signature seasoning blend to give a unique and delicious experience every time. All flavors have been developed and perfected in Brady's own kitchen and has the perfect balance of flavors. Each offering is based off a cuisine style or cuisine "genre" that allows the home cook or chef to include the traditional flavors indicative to each cuisine without the hassle (or cost) of purchasing an array of spice ingredients.




Barbies to Boyfriends By Michelle Mras

Barbies to Boyfriends by Michelle Mras

Early in life, women are indoctrinated into the mindset of placating our desires and to seek validation from outside ourselves. Instinctively, we create our truths from within. Children are sheltered and protected equally in infancy. Then our treatment shifts. Boys are excused to be rough and fight for their male dominance. While girls are encouraged to play nice, cooperate and find acceptance. Our toys are even starkly opposing from cars, guns and sports to tea sets, dress-up clothes and dolls. This division further sets the sexes apart. Young girls spend endless hours imagining the lives of their dolls and creating entire backstories. In the created scenarios, the mother figure is a “Multitasking-M Boyfriendsaven” who does everything. She cares for the children, home and works hard. Our imaginations create strong women who are admired by all who meet her. Eventually young girls evolve into teenagers and toss their dolls aside to spend their time attempting to look like a doll in order to attract boys. Teenage girls dote upon their potential love interest. The extent of mental work a teen girl goes through is remarkable. Think back to all you did to get what you want as a teenager. You put more effort into hair, makeup, clothes and the attention of others than any other task in your young life. We grow into young adults and slowly lose the intensity to pursue our passions. We compare ourselves to others and seek answers outside ourselves. We forget that everything we imagined, dreamed, wanted, manifested and achieved as children began as a thought. Empowerment and direction in our lives lie dormant within our hearts and minds. Nurture your inner child. Set her free to: 1. Know your truth and worth. 2. Believe fearlessly. 3. Be the best version of you… unapologetically!

Michelle Mras is a powerful survivor, an award winning International TEDx Speaker, Coach, Trainer and the host of the Podcast, MentalShift. Michelle is also the author of two published books: Eat, Drink and Be Mary: A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived (also on Audible) and It’s Not Luck: Overcoming You.



Immersed in the Florida Keys By Trisha Ventker Hammock Beach at Baker’s Cay Resort, Key Largo

The Florida Keys are simply love-at-first-sight with an overpowering imprint of nature and, as I quickly discovered, the all-embracing destination rapidly reboots a welcome sensation of inner peace and calm. The highway to reach them is itself quite a sight, like a long satin ribbon stretching into the mist of the ocean. Chalk-white beaches and fresh ocean breezes rippling the turquoise-tinted water help me to find my Florida Keys rhythm. Flocks of sea birds flutter in the stark blue sky while beneath the cresting white caps another world awaits.

Immersed in the Florida Keys by Trisha Ventker

Key West My husband Tom, and son Tristan, 14, are both splendid travelers with a wonderful sense of discovery, and following extensive discussions, we decided with great excitement to explore the vast Florida Keys, rendezvous with friends along the way, and launch the journey with five days at the Waldorf Astoria in Key West, a charming property, beautifully landscaped. The town is a blast and North America’s most eclectic destination for sure. Called “the end of the road” by longtime residents, it’s a gathering place for those with an artistic bent, musicians with talent, millionaires, and middle class, middle-aged singles who take a stab at the town for a few months. Located 130 miles off the coast of Florida, closer to Cuba than to Miami, and the southernmost town in the United States, I found Key West has a mind-boggling sense of love, live, and let live. Although it was recently noted among the ten friendliest cities in the U.S., to me Key West is more like a town than a city. Regardless, it’s a dream fulfilled for the burned-out New York stockbroker who dabbles in oil paints on weekends, and, in contrast, a sustainable way of life for the street person who sells one-of-a-kind jewelry, handmade in the back of his van. It’s a second beginning for many who never dreamed they would be walking around Key West in sandals and shorts, sipping rum coolers in sidewalk cafes while living off a pension check. The character of the town stretches my imagination. Where else in the United States will you find taxis dodging bicycles and local dogs chewing on coconuts as if they are large chops du Francais and using their own exercise beach, too? I noticed Keywesters also walk on red lights (no cop, no stop), and love to disagree with the authorities. The high school sporting teams are called the “Fighting Conchs” (pronounced “conks”), while the female cheerleaders are Conchetts. During the 1970s, Key West offered the sea and, after the highway paved the way, an influx of East Coast gay men and women moved in, reversing the character of a badly faded town by opening quality restaurants with creative cuisine, art galleries, boutiques, and meticulously restoring historic buildings. Key West also became the first city in the country to elect an openly gay mayor. The town’s pride can be seen in the architecture and the unusual “eyebrow cottages” named for the overhanging roof which shades part of the windows. Reportedly, there are only 18 two-story eyebrows in the world, all in Key West.

Ernest Hemingway Before the health scare hit, a Key West tradition was the do-it-yourself walking and cycling tours of the significant homes on the museum trail, most of which are registered historic landmarks, including Ernest Hemingway’s two-story Spanish colonial-style Home and Museum in Old Town where he wrote some of his most famous novels and short stories. He lived here from 1931 to 1941 with his second wife, Pauline, two sons, and a large number of polydactyl cats who have six toes on each paw. There are 40 or so living on the grounds, many descendants of the original cat named Snow White given to Hemingway by a ship’s captain. Our hotel, Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Restort was near Duval, a main street that stretches from the Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean, jammed with museums, historic buildings, restaurants, bars, and enough T-shirt shops to dress an army. Duval is always crowded with pedestrians, open-air trolleys, bus tours, and folks walking around with everything from parrots to lizards perched on their tanned shoulders, but on this trip, life was a bit subdued. We noticed that some were not wearing masks, so we opted to drive Duval and explore the 4-mile long, 1.5-mile wide island by car before heading up the Keys on U.S. Highway 1, known as the Overseas Highway by the residents, to Marathon where we joined the Mowery family complete with their older daughter, Hannah and Ellie who, like Tristan, is 14. Marathon With a bit of luck when planning the excursion, via, we found a lovely home on a canal with a sparkling pool which was ideal for the kids. We rented boats and snorkeled the Keys, played Mexican Train Dominoes, did a little cooking, adored the fresh ocean breeze, and gloried in the striking night sky sparkling with stars. At first glance, I recognized that the 10-mile long town is a family-oriented island community in the middle of the Keys island chain with scads of waterfront homes and hotels, and a large marina, making it a perfect retirement destination for snowbirds and those who love the sea. We were also excited to discover that Marathon has a Dolphin Research Center which is a not-for-profit education and research center, opened in 1984, and a Turtle Hospital, the world’s first licensed veterinary hospital for sea turtles.

Baker’s Cay Resort Curio Collection by Hilton - Key Largo Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall helped to place Key Largo solidly on the Florida Keys map in their classic film Key Largo, 1948, but unfortunately, they missed Baker’s Cay Resort, in my eyes a marvelous fivestar beauty. After the Mowery’s headed back to Denver, we extended our Florida Keys excursion reserving a two-night stay at Baker’s Cay but looking back I wish it could have been for a solid week. We were so impressed by the hospitality and staff. Property Manager, Joy Michelle Boyd, was perfectly named, welcoming, and kind. Our accommodation was a gorgeous beachfront suite with a private balcony, meticulously clean, modern, spacious, and relaxing. The landscape was lush and tropical filled with black bamboo, banana trees, and flowering plants. The boutique 200-room property, only an hour and 15 minutes from Miami, is 13-acres of casual barefoot luxury, with a swimming pool for kids, another for adults with a waterfall grotto, all the water sports imaginable available from a private dock, and the celebrated underwater John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park just off-shore. The hotel is pet friendly; a furry Husky named Maya serves as a roaming ambassador. The hotel was named after Captain Ben Baker, an historic Keys character who was a Master Wrecker involved in 41 salvage operations, the culprit often being the coral reef. Baker later settled on land, importing 6,000 pineapple slips from Cuba and opening the Upper Keys first major pineapple farm. Baker’s Cay, aptly named, is located in the old pineapple plantation. Knowing we were surrounded by the best in nature, we had dinner as a blaze of sun was slowly setting. My menu selection was Cajon cuisine, and Conch soup, a Keys specialty. A blend of Bahamian, New Orleans, and Cuban cuisine, made with the local pink shrimp and catch of the day, it can be prepared 27 different ways, according to the Keywesters. The finale was a slice of tangy key lime pie for dessert. When Joy asked us if we were celebrating anything special, we told her December 1st was Tristan’s 14th birthday. Later that evening, we were sent an invitation to celebrate his birthday with a platter of desserts. Baker’s Cay is a surprising gem and awaits 2021 with open arms as do the Florida Keys. 97000 Overseas Highway Key Largo, Florida, 33037

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Real, honest luxury.

Nestled in the Elk River Valley, just up the road from the popular ski resort town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, awaits a magical escape at Vista Verde Ranch. Our luxury guest ranch offers spectacular scenery, private log cabins, a diverse offering of guided activities, fine dining prepared by talented chefs, and friendly, down-to-earth Western hospitality. Check out our all-inclusive vacation packages at and start dreaming of sleigh bells ringing and gently falling snow.

S t e a m b o at S p rin gs, C o lo r a d o | 9 7 0 .8 79. 3858 | reser vati ons@vi staverde. com | www. vi staverde. c om

Iconic Luxury in Downtown Denver

321 17th Street | T +1 303 297 3111 | |


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The KASA Hotel Collection: Defining New Level of Luxury Designed to provide incredible privacy and the ultimate in comfort, the KASA Hotel Collection has an exclusive feel and personalized service, with extraordinary attention to detail that creates a relaxed yet upscale ambiance. All of our tropically-inspired properties give guests the feeling of being in a “home away from home,” with each hotel committed to providing laid-back yet professional service to highlight the unique concepts and innovative ideas that make each property so unique. The KASA Hotel Collection offer a luxurious lifestyle, unique guest experiences and phenomenal food and beverage options in a high design concept. No two hotels are the same, with each property thoughtfully designed and locally inspired, so guests can Instagram to their heart’s content! Each locale has unique attributes guests can discover with our carefully-curated local activities and hand-selected tours, which simply can’t be found anywhere else in the worlds. Each of our excursions are designed to create unforgettable, lifelong memories for discerning and refined travelers who are used to elite vacation experiences in the world’s best destinations. At the KASA Hotel Collection, we believe that world-class service with high-end finishes and the best accessories can make the difference between a nice stay and a fantastic getaway you can’t wait to have again. Come, let us show you what the KASA experience is all about! I Reservations: + 52 (998) 980-0341 Prol. Sayil, Lote 4, Aldea Zamá, Tulum 77780, México










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You Are What You Eat

By Tiaja Pierre

“You Are What You Eat” by Tiaja Pierre

The old adage goes…”You are what you eat”. Today this holds true to a certain extent. But more importantly, the largest organ of the body…the skin, reflects what we put into our bodies. As we age; collagen and elastin break down hence it is paramount to constantly stimulate and replenish those nutrients that we are deficient in. I am happy to share a few professional tips to take your skin to the next level, from the inside out. 1. Hydration is key to not only great skin but to filtering out toxins. Water is essential for life and at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water should be consumed daily. To get a little extra glow for your skin, warm water with a little fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning will give you not only a dose of vitamin C, but will stimulate collagen (which in turn reduces wrinkles) and fights bacteria that can cause breakouts. 2. They say everything in moderation, right?! Many people covet having good skin. Individuals who experience breakouts (including adult acne) often notice a reduction in the breakouts once they limit their sugar intake. Substituting natural sweeteners is highly encouraged. Limiting ones intake of iodized salt and particular types of trans fats is important as consumption of these can slow the blood circulation which will present itself as dry skin, puffy eyes and facial bloating. 3. What else do I recommend, you ask? As we are in 2021 with a fresh perspective I also recommend incorporating more fresh berries, as they are high in antioxidants. In turn you will lower your blood pressure, have lower cholesterol and reduce oxidative stress. Eating more leafy green vegetables as they are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Also calories are low. Going meatless at least once a week, as well as incorporating salmon into your diet, if you have not already will help with your skin goals. Salmon is high in vitamin B, is a good source of potassium, is loaded with Selenium, contains the antioxidant Astaxanthin and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. 4. Supplementation is also key to healthy skin, hair and nails. Taking a multi-vitamin ensures that you are receiving all the nutrients your body needs in addition to eating healthily. Check ingredients to ensure there are no fillers.

Denver native Tiaja Pierre, is an award winning makeup artist and skincare specialist. Her studio is located on Olde South Gaylord Street in Denver. Private appointments available (303) 349-3001 @tiajamaisondebeaute



MUST HAVES Valentine Ideas

HALCYON Treat your sweetheart to an unforgettable night at Halcyon. The perfect staycation for the adventure-seeking couple. Plus, Halcyon has one of the only year-round heated pools overlooking the Rocky Mountains and Denver skyline. Book our Love at FIRST BITE PACKAGE that includes: • A Romantic Four-Course In-Room Dining Experience from Local Jones ($125 value) • 15% Off Our Best Available Rate • A Bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne, Upon Arrival • Complimentary Valet Parking • A Selection of Romantic Vinyls to Enjoy in Your Room • Complimentary Late Checkout • Plus, enjoy exclusive access to Denver Botanic Gardens, Gear Garage, Scooters, etc. Local Jones sweetens the evening with the same special four-course menu as above at the restaurant or in one of Local Jones’ new Greenhouses, a one-of-a-kind outdoor dining experience (menu available February 13 &14, priced at $95 per person).


HALCYON Atop their rooftop are new glistening winterized cabanas! The private rooftop dining experience, APRÈS IN THE CLOUDS, features private luxury cabanas uniquely designed to bring the essence of Aspen and Vail to the rooftop of HALCYON – each equipped with a fireplace, cozy seating and plush blankets. Step outside the cabana and enjoy winter games like curling and table hockey. Reservations are available weekly Thursday-Saturday from 3-8 PM Pricing: $85++/person (four people per cabana, all from the same household) pricing includes cabana and four-course meal. Or, delight in a delicious meal inside one of Local Jones’ Greenhouses, a beautiful outdoor dining experience.

MOZZAFIATO SPA PACKAGE FOR HER The ultimate Italian spa experience comes to your home in this luxurious curated bundle of the scents and sensations from seven distinctive heritage Italian brands hailing from Toscana, Sicilia, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, and Lazio. From silky bath salts to masks for eye, face, and body, to the most gorgeous body water, lotion, oil, and hand cream, you will feel rejuvenated and inspired from head to toe. DETAILS This bundle includes the following products, all packaged in a beautiful Mozzafiato gift box: Acqua di Bolgheri Oro Bath Foam Terra Biocare by BeC Elesilk Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate Borghese Advanced Fango Active Purifying Mud Mask Carthusia Fiori di Capri Hand Cream Tuttotondo Chinotto Body Lotion Rudy Profumi Nature & Arome Body Water (Apothecary) - Bergamot Perlier Bath & Shower Cream or Gel (may vary) Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561 Bath Salts (Scent may vary) $311 * Products within the bundle may vary slightly from what’s pictured in photo.

BOCA JAVA Boca Java is the original roast-to-order gourmet coffee club, and the perfect gift for foodies. Purchase one of two subscription types—the Gourmet Coffee Club or the Coffee of the Month Club: Gourmet Coffee Club: Hand tailored and customized by you, subscribe to more than 150 different coffees. Specify how many bags, caffeine, grind type and the frequency of delivery. Update any time. Coffee of the Month Club: Hand selected for you by Boca Java’s roastmaster, discover coffees and flavors from around the world without stepping foot outside your door. Each month, you receive two coffees of differing origins and flavors. Treat yourself, or surprise someone with a three, six or 12-month coffee subscription gift. Subscription link here:

MUST HAVE Valentine Gifts

MUST HAVES Valentine Gifts SORREL SKY GALLERY AMOR HEART EARRINGS by Doug Magnus Silver $185 828 Main Ave. Durango, CO 125 W. Palace Ave. Sante Fe, NM 970.247.3555

AMERISLEEP With two Denver locations, Amerisleep offers a high-tech, hands-on shopping experience to help customers find the perfect mattress, complete with access to “Dream Suite” nap pods, where they can test Amerisleep’s five technologically-advanced mattress models first-hand. Each made-in-the USA mattress comes with a risk-free, 100-night trial, 20-year warranty and free shipping & returns.


Valentine's Dinner Amore Cost: $199

EAT: Camembert kit, Mushroom Risotto and Macaroons

DO: Virtual Cooking lesson

KEEP: Love Fern (delivery) or Let Our Love Grow kit (delivery)

OPTIONAL DRINK: Wander & Ivy Wine Flight +$65

ADELSKA When COVID-19 hit, Denver Date Nite had to adapt its model of providing nights out on the town for couples. Now, Denver-based Adelska provides high-quality experiential virtual kits for corporate groups, wedding showers, nonprofits, etc. that support local small businesses and fosters meaningful connections. Each kit contains something to eat, something to drink, something to doand, in the second tier, something to keep. Adelska, which means “to love” in Icelandic where Bartek is a dual citizen, began in 2016 as Denver Date Nite, which created elevated intimate experiences for couples for date nights, overnight adventures and weekend trips. In 2020 Bartek, seeing a need for virtual events for bigger groups, transitioned to serving corporations, not for profits, networking events, and other groups of 10 or more.

THE ART HOTEL The Art Hotel Denver, Curio Collection by Hilton has their ROSES ARE FOR ROMANCE package special for Valentine’s Day, offering: • private three-course in-room dinner from The ART’s signature FIRE Restaurant • a bottle of ART Cuvée bubbly • late check-out of 1 p.m. • complimentary parking • a waived urban amenity fee (available for stays from Feb. 12-15) Couples can also indulge in FIRE’s three-course “Spark of Romance” dinner, plus wine pairings. Menu highlights include house-made torchon with grilled crostini, kumquat gelée and candied almond; petite beet salad with sun choke purée, pine nut, watercress and moro orange vinaigrette; lobster fettuccini with cherry tomatoes, spinach and newberg sauce; and flourless chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse and resh berries to end the Valentine’s night on the sweetest note. Dinner is priced at $65 and $95 with wine pairing

HOTEL JEROME, ASPEN Hotel Jerome, Auberge Resorts Collection is bringing “Jerome Domes” to the courtyard – new bungalows will keep guests covered from the snowfall in style with chic cowhide rugs, leather chairs and couches, and a whole lot of luxury. offering guests the best of Hotel Jerome with highlights from the legendary J-Bar menu but in a dreamy winter atmosphere.

To further elevate the experience, Hotel Jerome, Auberge Resorts Collection has partnered with Casa Dragones for a customized tequila menu featuring exotic tequila-based cocktails for guests to sip & be seen. Make sure to try the Giddy Up Toddy, the space’s signature cocktail. The main culinary attraction will be interactive outdoor hibachi and use of Japanese charcoal for guests to cook up their own pu-pu platters on personalized handheld grills.

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D enver’s leading guide to highly-rated hotels, restaurants and culture

The Brown Palace The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa is aptly named with its palatial atrium aweing guests of all ages. The hotel first opened in 1892 and has kept its historical charm while providing modern and luxurious amenities. A walking tour of the hotel is available to enlighten visitors of the heart and soul that went into its design and highlights special details only visible to a knowledgeable eye. Despite the close proximity to a bustling downtown, guests enjoy the many restaurant options on-site, including afternoon tea time in the stunning atrium, complete with devonshire cream shipped in directly from England, and the culinary mastery offered at the Palace Arms restaurant, served in a room with hand painted wallpaper and surrounded by ancient relics. 321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 297-3111

HOTELS The Crawford Hotel The Crawford is a truly unique hotel, located in Denver’s Union Station. Designed within the original walls of this historical landmark, which dates back to 1881, guests find themselves enjoying a new room experience at each visit, as no two rooms are the same. The hotel boasts historical yet modern design features, with rooms that feel cozy yet luxurious. Guests looking for a peaceful atmosphere can curl up with a good book in one of the reading nooks while those looking for more excitement need only walk downstairs to The Great Hall. Also known as Denver’s Living Room, The Great Hall features a vibrant array of shops and restaurants with award winning chefs. Whether patrons are enjoying a craft beer from the Terminal Bar or competing in a friendly game of shuffleboard, The Great Hall brings people together, a perfect reflection of the building’s original intention. 1701 Wynkoop Street Denver, CO 80202 (720) 460-3700

D Four Seasons Four Seasons hotels are known for their luxurious accommodations and unmatched customer service, and the Four Seasons Denver is no exception. From the moment guests enter the hotel, they are treated to an experience like no other. Large suites with stunning mountain views, unforgettable meals at the famed EDGE Restaurant & Bar, relaxing treatments at the full-service spa, and delicious cocktails served poolside at the rooftop pool oasis, are just a few of the unique amenities awaiting Four Seasons guests. Its convenient location across from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex and just steps away from Larimer Square and the 16th Street Mall, allows guests easy access to shows, shopping, restaurants, sporting activities, and exciting nightlife offered in downtown Denver. 1111 14th Street

Denver, CO 80202 (303) 389-3000


The Gaylord of the Rockies Located minutes from Denver International Airport in the idyllic All American City of Aurora, Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center will feature over 1,500 guest rooms including 114 well-appointed suites and over 485,000 square feet of extraordinary meeting and convention space. As a gateway to the Rockies, Gaylord Rockies will offer memorable experiences to its guests with first-class restaurants, a luxurious spa and salon, diverse shops, winding waterways and picture perfect sunset views. Rustic alpine charm and exciting “open-air” activity make this Rocky Mountain Front Range retreat an adventure in itself.

6700 North Gaylord Rockies Blvd. Aurora, Colorado 80019 (720) 452-6900

The Oxford Hotel The Oxford Hotel, in addition to being one of the most popular luxury hotels in downtown Denver, is the oldest operating hotel. It has seen many enhancements through the years, perfecting the art that is a luxury hotel, while preserving the character and integrity of its history. As a registered landmark on the National Register for Historic Places, and boasting a stunning display of art and historical architecture, it’s no wonder the hotel receives guests from across the globe. 1600 17th Street Denver, CO 80202 (303) 628-5400

HOTELS The Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton Denver, located in the heart of downtown, lives up to its name with quality and modern sophistication incorporated into every inch of the hotel. Special attention to detail is evident throughout and provides guests with a tranquil setting to enjoy a luxurious home away from home. Even the youngest of guests are considered VIP’s and eligible to take part in the Ritz Kids program. A myriad of dining options are available within walking distance of the hotel but many guests enjoy paying tribute to famed Broncos quarterback John Elway, by indulging in the fine dining offered on site at ELWAY’S steakhouse. 1881 Curtis Street Denver, CO 80202 (303) 312-3800

Acova Owned and operated by restaurant veterans, Sean and Betsy Workman, Acova debuted in the Lower Highlands area of Denver in June of 2018 and was designed to be the neighborhood joint for friends and family. The kitchen creates an eclectic menu for all lifestyles and dietary restrictions and serves lunch, happy hour, dinner and weekend brunch.

www.acovarestaurantcom 3651 Navajo Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 736.2718 Mon - Fri

11 am - 12 am


10 am - 12 am


10 am- 11 pm

R E S TA U R AN T S Barolo Grill One of Colorado’s best northern Italian restaurants, Barolo Grill has also been recognized as one of the world’s best restaurants for wine. In 2018 Barolo was honored with both Wine Spectator’s Grand Award and Wine Enthusiasts’ Best 100 Wine Restaurants award. Known for hand crafted modern Piemontese cuisine and knowledgeable, attentive staff, Barolo is the perfect choice for special occasions or a great night out. Their seasonally changing menus highlight items from the staff’s annual pilgrimage to Northern Italy and features locally sourced ingredients from regional farms and artisans. 3030 East Sixth Avenue, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 393.1040 Dinner

Tues - Thurs

5:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Fri - Sat

5:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Sun - Mon


Ash’kara Ash’Kara, a globally inspired restaurant with influences from Israel, the Middle East and Mesopotamia, is a collaborative partnership with the restaurateur team of chef Daniel Asher and Josh Dinar (River and Woods, the forthcoming Tributary Food Hall in Golden and Mother Tongue at Broadway Market) and Culinary Creative Group (Bar Dough, Senor Bear, Morin and the forthcoming Maine Shack). Ash’Kara is located in Denver’s Lower Highlands neighborhood. 2005 W 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 537-4407 Mon - Thurs

4 pm - 11 pm

Fri - Sat

4 pm - 12 am


10 am- 11 pm photo courtesy of Eater Denver

R E S TA U R AN T S Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse The restaurant features warm dining spaces, with local stone and classic mahogany throughout to create an unparalleled ambiance. Enjoy Denver’s premiere smoking lounge with more than 65 cigars to choose from in our humidor. Located in the prestigious Greenwood Village area, it’s the perfect place to reconnect over an intimate dinner and is one of the best steakhouses in Denver. 8100 E Orchard Road, Denver, CO 80111 (303) 796-0100 Lunch


11 am - 2 pm


Mon - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri- Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


5 pm - 9 pm


check website

Guard and Grace There’s a reason that Guard and Grace is the first name on people’s lips when asked for a steakhouse recommendation in Denver. Chef and owner Troy Guard wows his patrons with a fine dining experience featuring mouth watering steaks and a delicious raw bar, turning any social gathering into a celebration. 1801 California Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 293-8500


Mon - Fri

11 am - 3 pm


Mon - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


3 pm - 6 pm

Social Hour

R E S TA U R AN T S Le French Founded by Senegalese French sisters Aminata and Rougui Dia, Le French is a gourmet, casual-chic French bakery and bistro. Le French specializes in high-end pastries and elevated modern Parisian cuisine with global influences, a nod to the sisters’ heritage. 4901 S. Newport St. Denver, CO 80237 (720) 710-8963

photo credit Rachel Adams

Tues - Thurs

7 am - 9 pm

Fri - Sat

7 am - 10 pm

Brunch Sat-Sun

7:30 am- 2:30 pm

Le Bilboquet Reminiscent of a charming French bistro, Le Bilboquet Denver is located in Cherry Creek North within the St. Paul Collection. The restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere paired with simple, classic French cooking - bringing a slice of Parisian café culture to the neighborhood. Le Bilboquet is a natural gathering spot to enjoy a chilled bottle of rosé alfresco or classic bistro fare like croque monsieur paired with a local draft beer. 299 St. Paul Street, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 835-9999 Lunch

Mon - Fri

11 am - 5 pm


Sun - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


10 am - 3 pm


photo credit Emily Teater Photography

R E S TA U R AN T S Spuntino Spuntino Food & Wine claims a “Global Mind, Colorado Body, and Italian Soul” and the statement could not be more true. The owners, a husband and wife team, bring their passion for Italian food and culture to the Highlands region of Denver. Fresh, house-made focaccia, gnocchi, and gelato are enhanced by an extensive wine list and intimate setting. 2639 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 433-0949


Happy Hour

Tues - Thurs, Sun

5 pm - 9 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 10 pm

Tues- Sun

5 pm - 6:30 pm

Tamayo Patterned after Tequileiras in Mexico, Tamayo invites patrons in for delicious small plates and specialty margaritas designed to perfection, inciting conversation and community. This modern take on Mexican cuisine is not found at a typical Mexican restaurant. Served on the terrace while watching a spectacular sunset over the Rocky Mountains, first time visitors are sure to return again and again. 1400 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202 (720) 946-1433 Lunch

Mon - Fri

11 am - 2 pm


Sun - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


Sat - Sun

10:30am - 2:30pm

Happy Hour

Daily at the tequila bar & lounge

2 pm - 6 pm

R E S TA U R AN T S The Fort The Fort, an award-winning Denver western restaurant located just southwest of Denver, is one of the nation’s most recognized establishments and sells more buffalo steaks than any other independently owned restaurant in the country. Featuring fine beef, buffalo, game and seafood, The Fort’s menu offers a tantalizing selection of old and new foods from the Early West. The Fort 19192 Highway 8 Morrison, CO 80465 (303) 697-4771 Mon -Sun

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Corner Office The Corner Office, located in downtown Denver, opened in 2008 by restaurateur Peter Karpinski of Sage Restaurant Group. The Corner Office is where enjoying great food and cocktails is your only assignment Loosen up, kick back and slide into prime time with colleagues, friends or someone special. Designed with a modern eye for comfort and good times, The Corner Office features a bustling bar, energetic dining rooms, communal table and private event rooms. 1401 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 825-6500 Mon - Thurs

6 am - 11 pm


6 am - 12 am


7 am - 12 am


7 am-11 pm


LIVE LOVE LASH Serving Denver and surrounding areas, LIVE LOVE LASH Denver provides personalized and professional beauty treatments to a local and worldwide clientele. LIVE LOVE LASH Denver specializes in day spa services including: Xtreme Eyelash Extensions, custom facials, spray tanning, waxing and professional make-up artistry. All services are performed by certified lash stylists and award winning make-up artists and aestheticians in a relaxing studio atmosphere, or ... we will travel to you! 2717 E 3rd Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 388-5274

L U X E FAV S Gnat Jewelers Today, father and son create a beautiful array of custom jewelry ranging from classic to contemporary. While Gnat Original Design is well known for our exquisite engagement rings, we also craft one-of-a-kind pieces in the entire range of jewelry using precious metals, fine gemstones and certified diamonds. 250 Columbine Street Suite 130 Denver, CO 80206 (303) 355-5050 Monday

11:00 am- 5:00 pm

Tues - Fri

11:00 am - 6:00 pm


10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Moore For Life Michael Moore has worked in the cosmetics industry since 1988 with brand leaders such as Bobbi Brown Essentials, Chanel, and Estée Lauder. In New York City, he was often seen backstage during fashion week, supporting major designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Bob Mackie, and Vera Wang. Michael’s client list included Oscar winners, First Ladies of the United States, and royalty. Eventually, the quality of the Colorado lifestyle—the healthy, natural atmosphere that inspires his technique— drew him out west, where he opened Moore For Life in Denver’s own center of chic, Cherry Creek North. 3035 East 3rd Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 484-1857 Tues- Saturday

10 am - 6 pm

L U X E FAV S Hermes A family company whose craftspeople make, often by hand and always with love , bags and belts, diaries and dishes, scarves and shoes, perfumes and purses, ties and travelling furniture, as well as gloves, hats, watches, jewelery and clothes. 3000 E. 1st Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 388-0700


11:00 am- 7:00 pm



D Denver Art Museum The Denver Art Museum continues to wow visitors daily with its extensive display of world-class art, featuring painting and sculpture disciplines, modern and contemporary art, photography, textile art, and other representations from around the world. Temporary exhibitions provide a constant source of new art to view and appreciate. Special activities and games for kids are incorporated into the museum, allowing for an engaging and enlightening experience for all ages.

100 W. 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO 80204 (720) 865-5000

Mon - Thurs

10am - 5pm


10am - 8pm

Sat- Sun

10am - 5pm


Denver Center for the Performing Arts The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is the largest non-profit theatre organization in the country. From Broadway tours including performances such as Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Les Miserables, and Wicked, to more intimate theatres featuring comedy shows and other events, and education for all levels of thespian talent, the DCPA offers something for everyone.

1101 13th Street, Denver, CO 80204

Administrative offices: (303) 893-4100 Main Box Office: (303) 893-4100 Mon - Sun

Closed major holidays

10am - 8pm

Denver Botanic Gardens The Denver Botanic Gardens offers visitors an escape to a tranquil, 24-acre floral oasis. It features endless trails to meander while surrounded by a stunning display of natural beauty, showcasing local plants as well as plants from around the world. Many enjoy stopping in at the Offshoots Cafe for a coffee and croissant before continuing their journey. Families enjoy the Mordecai Children’s Garden, a rooftop garden designed for kids, providing them with a safe space to explore and connect with nature. 1007 York Street, Denver, CO 80206 (720) 865-3500 Mon - Sun

9am - 5pm

C U LT U R E Downtown Aquarium The Downtown Aquarium is truly an underwater adventure with exhibits featuring creatures in multiple habitats across the globe. From the desert to the rainforest and everything in between, visitors of all ages will marvel at the beauty of this underwater life. Aquarium visits are enhanced by dining at the aquarium restaurant where delicious meals are served with a view of a 50,000 gallon aquarium containing tropical fish, sharks, and even a mermaid or two. 700 Water Street, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 561-4450 Sun-Thurs

10am - 9pm


10am - 9:30pm

Denver Museum of Nature & Science The DMNS provides visitors with multiple exhibits to explore and perform hands-on activities. Visit the Health exhibit to test your strength and view your self-portrait from 50 years in the future. Explore the Space Odyssey exhibit and experiment with the impacts of water, air, and magnets. Walk through the Wildlife dioramas to experience the magnificent size of a bear. The Discovery Zone was specially designed for small children and gives them the opportunity to expand the use of their fives senses within a safe environment. Museum visitors also enjoy the many shows offered at the IMAX and Planetarium. 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80205 (303) 370-6000 Museum Mon - Sun 9am - 5pm except Dec 25) Shop Dock Hours

Mon - Sun

9am - 5pm 8am - 2:30pm


photo courtesy of The Ritz Carlton

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