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15497 Mountain View Circle, Broomfield, CO Sold for $3,500,000



enver Country Club was the venue when Meredith Coors hosted the annual membership drive for A Precious Child that raised more than $14,000 to help children in the community. The annual event was sponsored by Gwenivere Snyder, Maura Johnson, Ann Cutler and Kris Foulk. In addition, the hygiene drive garnered 280 pounds of items. Officers of A Precious Child CEO and Founder Carina Martin, Guild VP Maura Johnson and Guild President A Precious Child’s Women’s Guild are: President Gwenivere Snyder Gwenivere Snyder, VP Maura Johnson, Treasurer Brittne Gowdy and Secretary Dayle McDaniel. Honorary members are Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera and Jill Anschutz. The over 100 membership base consists of influential women who are change makers in the Denver Metro area. Featured speaker was A Precious Child client Jenifer Castillo, a single mom and victim of domestic abuse, who had the audience in tears as she shared her testimonial of how A Precious Child served her with warm, welcoming arms supplying everything from necessities for her and her two sons, to gifts and even a connecting her with agency partners to assist with job placement. “A Precious Child was there for me and what they gave me most was the chance to be the best mom I could be. My kids wouldn’t have had Christmas without A Precious Child that has given me memories I will never forget. Six months ago, I felt like a victim, now I feel empowered.” A Precious Child is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization that provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential. In 2019, A Precious Child served 57,497 disadvantaged and displaced children. Since 2008, it has provided services and resources to over 240,000 children and their caregivers and serves eight counties surrounding the Denver Metro area: Arapahoe, Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson and Weld. For further information: or Brittne Gowdy, Negha Connelly, Gina Karnisovas and 303-466-4272. Gwenivere Snyder


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Home Covid-19 and the Luxury Real Estate Market

Fashion Marie Margot: Couture Bridal Designs Dolce & Gabbana


Noise & Toys Leadership Through Service Getting Married...Not So Fast


Marvelous Milan

Finance 5 Ways You Can Make More Money in this New Decade

Beauty Michael Moore: Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Day


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Trisha Ventker is an author, photographic artist, branding expert, social media influencer, publisher of ELIFE magazine, NoCo magazine and Denver, Colorado Luxury magazine.

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the Denver, Colorado Luxury magazine being nationwide. She is best known for her first book Internet Dates From Hell which had the movie rights optioned by Paula Wagner. Trisha is also one of the first Indie Book authors to have a book optioned for the big screen. Ventker is originally from New York City, presently residing in Colorado for the last 12+ years, with her husband and son.



Cheryl Maguire “Love American Style 2020”

David Hakimi “Covid-19 and the Luxury Real Estate Market”

Chris Natke “Leadership Through Service During Challenging Times”

Michael Moore “Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Day”


Michelle Mras “Noise & Toys ”

April Renee “5 Ways You Can Make More Money in this New Decade”

Kirk Samuels “Getting Married?...Not So Fast: 5 Dealbreakers Before Saying ‘I Do’ ”

Richard Carroll “Dolce Gabbana Milano Mode” “Marvelous Milan”



Love American Style 2020

By Cheryl Maguire

If you were single when the Coronavirus was spreading throughout the world you may be wondering how am I going to be able to date? Or if you had planned to get married you may be wondering if you will still be able to get married. Since the virus is passed throughout human contact a traditional wedding or a date at a restaurant or the movies is no longer an option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find ways to connect with others—it just takes some creativity and technology to continue dating or get married.

Cheryl Maguire holds a Master of Counseling Psychology degree. She married and is the mother of twins and a daughter. Her writing has been published in The New York Times, Parents Magazine, AARP, Upworthy, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings, Your Teen Magazine and many other publications. You can find her at Twitter @CherylMaguire05

Use A Dating App

Visit a Virtual Museum

Quarantine Together is a new dating app created to

You don’t have to travel hours on an airplane to im-

help people date while social isolating during the

press your date with by seeing the romantic city of

Coronavirus After you sign up all users will receive a

Paris because now you can see a virtual tour of the

message at 6 p.m. asking if they washed their hands.

Mona Lisa and other famous works of art at the Lou-

If they answer yes then they are introduced other us-

vre. Many other museums are offering virtual tours so

ers by text. If the matched users are still chatting after

search your favorite one and go on a virtual tour with

15 minutes they will be offered a link to video chat.

your date.

Virtually Eat Dinner Together

Visit Virtual Disneyworld

Marcus Anwar and his girlfriend are self-isolating in

If your date is a Disney fan then go on virtual Disney

two different states. Every day they try to have a reg-

rides by searching the ride on YouTube. There is even

ular “date night” by cooking their favorite foods at the

a YouTube channel called Virtual Disney World that

same time. They Skype and eat dinner together. De-

lists all the rides by kingdom and offers a 360 degree

spite the fact it’s virtual, Marcus says that it still feels


like they were together “in real life”.

Getting Married

Virtually Watch A Show Together

Some people are having Zoom weddings where they

Erin Ipsen and her boyfriend and have been separat-

live stream the ceremony using the Zoom platform.

ed due to the social distancing orders. Her boyfriend

This allows the couple to see all their guests as squares

has an essential job managing a pharmacy. They usu-

on the screen similar to the Brady Bunch while the

ally live together, but they decided it is safest to live

guests get to see the happy couple exchange their

apart during this time. Technology has made it man-


ageable for them. They FaceTime in the evenings to hear about each other’s day and to connect with one

Other examples of having a creative wedding cere-

another. They even tried watching tv shows or mov-

mony is that one couple in New York City got married

ies on Netflix by pressing play simultaneously so that

in the street while people watched from their apart-

they can follow it at the same time. But they never

ments. Another couple in Israel got married in a gro-

seem to hit the play button at the exact same time,

cery store since 100 people were allowed to gather

despite many attempts, which results in a slightly out


of sync viewing experience that they end up laughing about. Netflix must have heard of similar conun-

Dating or Married Coronastyle

drums since they created Netflix Party so that every-

By the time your date or wedding is over, hopefully

one is watching the show at the same time. There is

it will be such a fun experience you will forget about

even a chat box for comments.

the fact it was not IRL (in real life). And the best part is you will save a whole lot of money not eating at a

Play an Online Game Together

restaurant, traveling to Paris or paying for guests to

If you like play board games with your date there are

be at your wedding.

many ways to do so online. Through Zoom you can play Heads Up a game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show. The app Game Pigeon allows you to play games like Uno or 8 ball.



Covid-19 and the Luxury Real Estate Market by David Hakimi

David is proud to belong to one of the nation’s most prestigious real estate firms, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Because of his lending background, he is also extremely comfortable discussing loan options, credit repair, and what it takes in general for new home buyers to get qualified. He actively works with buyers and sellers, but his other specialty is assisting sellers with all of the steps necessary to prepare a house for a fast, top-dollar sale.

“Covid-19 Creates both Repercussions and Opportunities in the Denver Luxury Real Estate Market” by David Hakimi

Luxury Home sales tend to be a leading indicator for predicting downturns in the real estate market, as affluent buyers and sellers are typically the first to exhibit skittish tendencies at the first signs of serious stock market volatility. However, judging strictly from the March and April sales statistics of homes $1,000,000+ in the Denver Metro; you wouldn’t necessarily know there was cause for alarm. Perhaps the government’s fairly rapid implementation of a the CARES ACT that included forgivable “Paycheck Protection Program” SBA loans for small businesses and a stimulus check for families earning less than six figures, may have worked to derail an otherwise disastrous economic outcome. Or perhaps it’s just still too soon to tell, and the long-term repercussions will have a delayed onset. Regardless, the Luxury numbers for the short-term are actually quite surprising. According to stats provided in the April 2020 Market Trends Report (from The Denver Metro Association of Realtors), the Luxury segment of Denver’s Real Estate Market hasn’t suffered quite as much as we might have anticipated. This is due in part to the fact that early spring sales were off to a remarkably robust start, just prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. Early spring sales were so fast in fact, it initially appeared that 2020 was shaping up to be a record year for the Denver Real Estate Market. In fact DMAR stated that the averaged closed price for 2020 hit a remarkable $513,526 average (which was the first time ever for our market average to top the half-million dollar mark). However, on April 02 the Colorado Attorney General issued a directive that halted the surge by removing Real Estate Agents from the list of “essential workers” that had been initially released a week earlier on March 25, 2020. Then to make matters even worse, several major banks indicated that they would stop purchasing Jumbo loans on the secondary market from smaller wholesale mortgage bankers immediately. Fortunately for the Luxury Real Estate market, a few major banks (Wells Fargo and Citi) announced that they would continue to offer Jumbo loans (but only directly through their own retail branches). Surprisingly, this barrage of factors still came nowhere close to stopping the Denver Real Estate market “dead in its tracks” as many assumed it might. The most obvious repercussion to the market manifested in the form of a record 761 sellers simply withdrawing their listings completely in March, due to the obvious health concerns of allowing live showings. However, this mass reduction of inventory came simultaneously with a rapid drop in Mortgage interest rates (brought on by the volatility induced flow of investment capital into the bond markets). Apparently when homes are in short supply and mortgage rates are low, buyers react by snapping up Luxury Homes only slightly slower than toilet paper during this pandemic. Data obtained from the Denver Metrolist MLS indicates that the Luxury market over $1m only saw a 22.4% decrease in the average number of homes put “under contract” per day in the month of April, compared to the month of March (2.4 per day vs 3.09 per day).

The numbers for closed transactions were even closer with a month-over-month reduction of only 7.9% from March to April. Of course the consensus among much of the public is that the worst of the repercussions are still ahead of us, and the bigger picture won’t start to unfold until late May. As a Realtor, I’m hearing lots of speculation amongst consumers that the housing market will begin a cyclical decline this year. However, some highly respected experts like Kipplinger’s staff economists David Payne and Rodrigo Sermeno, seem to disagree and have predicted as recently as April 10th, that home prices will actually continue to increase in 2020 as falling mortgage rates and low housing inventory will continue to drive bidding wars. Jill Schafer (Chair of the DMAR Market Trends Committee) is also quick to point out that unlike the last recession, “Homeowners now have record amounts of equity, and Denver is still one of the country’s most desirable places to live.”

In addition to that surplus of equity, the vast majority of those homeowners are almost 10

years into their stable, 30 year fixed loans with extremely low interest rates in the upper 3% range. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that many affluent and/or upper middle-class Coloradans will be threatened with the foreclosures that crashed our housing market back in 2008. Clearly, the verdict for the long term is still debatable at this point as its simply still too early for anyone to predict with absolute certainty which way the market will go. However, as a highly productive agent myself, I am seeing a few clear trends present themselves in the short-term.


instance, homebuilders were still considered a “critical industry” and have remained open through this situation. However traffic in their sales offices is extremely low, and many of them have builtup fairly high levels of inventory “spec homes’ right now. This has prompted many of them to offer incentives like I haven’t seen in the last 7 years. At least until the order lifts; there are fantastic deals to be had on New-Construction. Anyone who has been considering a brand-new home might be wise to take advantage of this before pent-up buyer demand rushes in to dry up that inventory.

Another similar repercussion is that “Ibuyers” such as Open Door and Zillow “Instant

Offers” have suspended their operations in light of the pandemic. That combined with the fact that hard-money lenders have suddenly become far more conservative in their lending, means that many “fix and flippers” are having hard time obtaining financing to procure new rehab projects. This means that those with cash may have a better than normal opportunity to snap up investment properties, with less competition than the market has seen in years.





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luxury vinyl plank

tile & stone

carpet Floors Free Inc. is a third generation family owned and operated flooring company with over 60 years of experience in the industry, who specializes in providing quality craftsmanship in flooring of all types such as hardwood restoration, carpet, tile, waterproof luxury vinyl plank and hardwood flooring. Our company policy demands the complete satisfaction of every customer while providing an expediant install.

At Floors Free Inc. we aim to provide you with: • A mobile showroom that meets at your convience with a myriad of quality samples • Financing options backed by national creditors • Customer service #1 in the industry • Expertise in flooring sales as well as expert installation



555 Clover Lane Boulder, CO $1,395,000





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Why choose The Garage Doctor? The Garage Doctor is an established small business committed to customer satisfaction. Standing by our motto of “Friendly, Honest, Professional”, we will go the extra mile to ensure our customers recieve the best service and products in the industry. We pride ourselves on educating our customers, providing resolutions and products that best fit their individual lifestyles. We approach each project on a case-bycase scenario and put the customers best interest ahead of our own to uphold our outstanding customer service record and, in return, earn a customer for life.


”If given the opportunity to earn your business I will promise you the best customer experience. We want to show you why we are the best, not the biggest, but the best. We care about all of our customers and want to earn a customer for life by educating you on products, service, and replacement equipment. We want what is best for you, our customer. Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you with all of your garage door questions or concerns, big or small.” Trapper Searles | Owner DENVER’S BEST CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR GARAGE DOOR AND OPENER SOLUTIONS 303-345-4707 |

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Denver Magazine is the premiere luxury magazine of the Centennial State celebrating travel, events, fashion and culture ‌ A publication focused on highlighting the luxurious amenities and lifestyles that make the capital city of Colorado such a magnificent place to live, love and play! Visit to feature your business.



Home is where your story begins I’m here to help you write yours. Katie Kettle Home Mortgage Consultant 303-792-4769 NMLSR ID 442597 Information is accurate as of date of printing and is subject to change without notice. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. © 2019 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. NMLSR ID 399801. AS5076583 Expires 09/2020 IHA-6669011


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Dolce & Gabbana: Milano Mode by Richard Carroll

“Fashion takes its inspiration from society and everyday life, which is the same for everyone, and this is perhaps the reason why certain elements recur..� Stefano Gabbana

“Dolce & Gabbana Milano Mode” by Richard Carroll It all began in 1980 with a momentous encounter in a Milan Club when Domenic Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, both with an unfaltering edge, determined to combine fashion design concepts. At the time, both were working for fashion designer Giorgio Correggiari at a nearby atelier or workshop. Throughout that historic meeting, they fused their feelings and passions and dreams into thoughts of a hefty cotton spool of colorful thread to be woven into vibrant prints with great flair, all while realizing it would be a daunting task. However, despite the challenge, they were exceedingly eager to share their designs with the world, which for them at the time meant facing the demanding setting of the classic rags to riches scenario, a steep hill and a towering wall to climb. Italian fashion was wildly spiraling about the two of them in a kaleidoscope of brilliant color as they discussed a strategy to somehow carve out their niche in the competitive and unforgiving world of fashion, to make a life for themselves, and in some way to inch forward and upward in the artistic Milan locale where original creativity from the design pad to fabric is a daily undertaking. The atmosphere and dramatic history of this distinguished Northern Italian city in fashion-step with Paris, New York, and London, make it the natural homebase of Armani, Missoni, Valentino, Versace and other notable fashion houses, all of them whirling about Dolce and Gabbana in a taunt ribbon twirl, daring them to enhance their touch where so many others have miserably failed. The intense focus during that significant club meeting was centered on success, not disappointment and collapse. Their dreams of action, backed by admirable expertise and an apparent vision of how the world needs to dress, ultimately moved the two unknowns, with little money but a satchel full of ideas, to world-wide recognition and assets beyond imagination.

Dolce Domenic Dolce was born in 1958 in Polizzi Generosa, a small medieval Sicilian village in the Municipality of Palermo, and entered the world of fashion with a design pad in one hand and a pen in the other. At an early age, Dolce was introduced to his family’s small clothing factory. His father, a skilled tailor, coached his dexterous and capable son how to sew, while from his mother Dolce learned the beauty of fabrics; at age six, with great assurance, he created his first wearable garment. Dolce, whose ambition in life was to be a top designer, attended the Italian School of Fashion, Art & Design. With an artist’s eye and trusted observational powers, he observed the everyday Milanese, the trendy fashionistas, the ongoing designs of the haute couture labels, and the world-renowned Milan Houses via window browsing, which is a refined, urbanized, Milanese art. Gabbana Stefano Gabbana, the other half of the dynamic duo, was born in Lombardy/Milano in November 1962 to hard-working parents and was captured by the fashion bug in his mid-teens. He enrolled in Rome’s Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, majoring in Graphic Design, and soon after moved to fashion, enamored with the art of dressing people. With Dolce at his side, they gave notice to Correggiari, and with acute thoughts of creating a new label, the two took on some freelancing assignments while planning their future.

Dolce & Gabbana Unrevealed

With their label reaching throughout the world with

perfume and accessories, they opened their first

The two designers, with little recognition or money

stand-alone store on Bond Street in London offer-

but with high expectations, were creating the lore

ing a less-expensive collection. In 2005, after 19 years,

of Milano’s fashion history, although discovering re-

they announced a split from their personal relation-

spect and approval proved a huge undertaking. With

ship but explained that they would still be working

friends as models, Dolce’s brother and sister as assis-

together professionally.

tants, a large bed sheet as the stage background, and a petite Milan apartment as the venue, they held their

Controversy Tempest

first show which was not well received. Unrelenting,

Rated as among the two wealthiest billionaires in

they continued their efforts with spontaneous shows

Europe, with professional success beyond imagina-

in fast food restaurants and other venues.

tion, they were once acquitted of tax evasion, and are noted for controversial fashion ads including a

Their designs were finally recognized when the pair

colossal tiff with China. Their contentious comments

was awarded a slot in Milan’s 1984 Fashion Week.

about racism, sexism, and homophobia earned harsh

Their fresh creations were a smash, particularly

reactions from Elton John, Madonna, Victoria Beck-

among the young Milanese who fell in love with the

ham, Martina Navratilova and thousands of others,

multihued animal patterns and inspired bohemi-

all choosing to boycott the label - an apology was of-

an-style designs, which they found both wearable


and streetwise. From their first days in Milan, the two have weathIn 1985, a year the two will forever have engrained in

ered the sometimes-stormy life of design while their

their hearts, they received world-wide acclaim in their

house of fashion continues to expand.

debut at the “New Talent” fashion shows at the Milan Collections. Dolce & Gabbana became a label the following year with a women’s collection, and in 1989 opened a boutique in Japan. Their popularity rising, in 1990 they opened their first Milan boutique with fashion awards to share. Both widely quoted, the two agree they are greatly influenced by their love for Italy and particularly the style, the people, passion, ethnicity, and customs of Southern Italy. It is surely no coincidence that it is the region where Dolce was born and raised. In 1993, Madonna, a great fan of the label at the time, commissioned the duo to design 1,500 costumes for “The Girlie Show” world tour, which was a huge success for the three of them.

Richard Carroll is a nationally known travel writer honored with eight international writing awards. Richard has covered all seven continents, and with family heritage dating to early Colorado.

Designer Spotlight: Marie Margot

model @Masharoni

To view Marie Margot’s couture please visit or @mariemargotcouture

“Unbeknownst to Me” by Marie Margot Unbeknownst to me, I was raised in the lap of luxury! Our mother made prom and bridal gowns for my three sisters and me growing up. I didn’t realize that every gown she made was created from love and how she saw each daughter as the most beautiful girl in the room. I didn’t realize her making a couture gown just for me would instill a desire in me to design gowns that would pass along the ``luxurious experience” to other young women who would be the most beautiful girl in the room. I thought a mom making a bridal dress for their daughters was normal. Now, I know that was far from the truth... most brides have to settle for what retail offered. Given that background, it was natural for me to design bridal and evening gowns as my life passion. After a corporate business career and designing gowns for friends and family on weekends and evenings all my adult life since graduating college, I knew I had to focus my creative energies to design bridal gowns. Thus, in 2010 Marie Margot was born. All was well until the COVID-19 suddenly became our reality. This unprecedented pandemic created such an urgent need for Personal Protective Equipment in so many care organizations. Marie Margot joined many in the Denver Fashion Community who are making masks, gowns and scrub hats for our medical personnel. This is a war of gigantic proportions with no known history, so we’re all pitching in to do what we can. I’m so proud of our community! Once this crisis recedes, my goal is to produce an off the rack bridal gown collection as well... Feminine, flirty and sophisticated describe the bridal gown collection featuring silk charmeuse, tulle, and the finest in floral laces with just a touch of color. Detachable overskirts offer versatility while silk gazaar and chiffons complete the looks today’s bride covets. Available now for presale.

Marie Margot

Gowns transformed by nature... Bringing wedding gowns outside of the box because

OUT is


Dorotka’s dress (left) the Miss Dorotka is made of silk gazaar Germany’s dress (middle) the Miss Emily is made of silk charmeuse with a French lace train Stacia’s dress right) the Miss Victoria dress is made of crepe with lace sleeves. Sangya’s dress (sitting) the Miss Karen made of silk dupianiSteve with horsehair braid and lace trim Designer: Sells Mychole Silk Cocktail Dress. $1,735, to order. @hardykwedding Photo: Photos: Jonny Edwards @jonnycreative @dorotka777 @themodelgg @staciamartin @ Model: Models Stephanie Maner @stephaniemanermodel HMUA: thesoulofsangya Sara Brentano @sarabrentano Hair @slvrchrmr MUA @faceffects Designer @MarieMargotCouture

Germany’s dress, (left) the Miss Emily is made of silk charmeuse with a French lace train Dorotka’s dress, the Miss Dorotka is made of silk gazaar Photos: @hardykwedding Models @themodelgg @dorotka777 Hair @slvrchrmr MUA @faceffects Designer @MarieMargotCouture

Germany’s dress, (right) the Miss Emily is made of silk charmeuse with a French lace train Stacia’s dress, the Miss Victoria dress is made of crepe with lace sleeves. Sangya’s dress, the Miss Karen made of silk dupiani with horsehair braid and lace trim Photos: @hardykwedding Models @staciamartin @thesoulofsangya @themodelgg Hair @slvrchrmr MUA @faceffects Designer @MarieMargotCouture

Marie Jo Daisy Bra (Avero) $106.25 Marie Jo Daisy Panty (Avero) $43.35

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Noise & Toys

By Michelle Mras

“Noise & Toys through “Trying Times” by Michelle Mras

Do you find yourself seeking distractions from noise, toys or both? Are you curious what constitutes noise or toys? Allow me to explain. Noise is all the clutter that invades our thoughts: news, gossip, social media, podcasts, television, other people’s problems, and let’s not forget the one we can’t avoid, our inner-critic. Toys are the material objects which we believe we must have to complete our lives: cell phones, computers, gadgets, clothes, adornments, acrylic nails, motor vehicles, fancy coffees and any object we seek to obtain in order to feel good. Noise and Toys occupy every moment of our waking lives. Many of us were living our everyday lives, when overnight, all of our distractions came to an abrupt halt. No real preparation; no “let me think about this”; no let me weigh all my decisions on this matter; no vision boards… quarantined. It was as if the universe pulled the proverbial plug on each our lives. Now what? Months have passed since the order to quarantine. Have you discovered surprising personality traits, coping mechanisms and what are high priorities within your reduced world. The media declares that we are experiencing “trying times”. Are you, or are you realizing what you don’t miss dealing with? Recall how often you used to say, “I wish I had time to, but I’m too busy”. The universe has granted your wish. Use it wisely. Have you spent time evaluating how your post-quarantine life will be like? Does it look like your life pre-quarantine? Has the universal unplugging provided you opportunity to self evaluate? Embrace the absence of excess noise and toys from your life. Recognize how your life has improved without them. Find the positives within the situation. Here is an idea for you to consider. Mindset Coaches have been telling us for years that we manifest what we concentrate upon. So, what do you want? Refuse to accept the term, “trying times”. Shift the inflection to a positive tone: Time to explore new activities. Challenge your brain, body and up-leveling relationships. Embrace this time to discover gifts you posses. Uncover the best version of you.

Michelle’s infectious presentations inspire her audiences to rise above negative self-talk and reclaim their inner strength to achieve life-altering transformation. She is a powerful survivor, an award winning International TEDx Speaker, Coach, Trainer and the host of the Podcast, MentalShift. Michelle co-leads a 2-Day Breakthrough Speaker Mastery Bootcamp. The Author of two published books: Eat, Drink and Be Mary: A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived (also on Audible) and It’s Not Luck: Overcoming You. Michelle has been seen on National Public Radio, International Movie Database (IMDB), and PBS. She was awarded top coach out of 8 thousand coaches world-wide for the John Maxwell Culture Award and received the Women’s Economic Forum’s Women of Excellence Award for Inspiration.

Leadership Through Service During Challenging Times By Chris Natke

Leadership Through Service During Challenging Times by Chris Natke

“We must be silent before we can listen; we must listen before we can learn; we must learn before can prepare; we must prepare before we can serve; and we must serve before we can lead.” -William Arthur Ward

The quote above is one I use in every keynote talk I deliver regarding leadership. I believe that leadership which is fueled by a heart dedicated to serve is one of the most powerful forces on our planet, and one that is most definitely needed during our current state of national emergency in dealing with the coronavirus. When we think of our recent history’s most acclaimed leaders; Lincoln, Mandela, King and Mother Teresa, those who made the most profound impact on how we view ourselves and our world, the force behind their missions was always service. The service to unity, equality and compassion was the focus of their causes, which is why I believe it connects with us on such a deep level and why these past leaders are so revered today. In recent times, many of our leaders have led through conflict, divisiveness and vitriol as a means of self-preservation, and use fear as a means of motivation. With this being the case, one may ask is it even possible to be focused on serving to be an effective leader?

I would argue that given the challenging times we find ourselves in today, focusing on service beyond our entrenched world views and need for self-preservation, is the only way we can show true leadership. While it may be right to expect leadership through service from our current leaders and elected officials, like anything, a change we wish to see always begins with US and the mindset shifts and the actions (even the small ones) WE are willing to take. In his book, The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about the positive impact of doing, receiving and observing acts of service/kindness on our brains? He writes, “Serotonin is the drug that makes you feel good. It’s what all the pharmaceutical companies pump into those wonderful little anti-depressants. ….. When you do something kind for someone else, the person you’re helping has serotonin released in his brain - he/she feels happier. And so do you….. But the most incredible thing is this; studies show that someone observing the act, has an equal release of serotonin.” During this time of social distancing and physical isolation, many feel alone and depressed. Doing acts of service or kindness is not only a great way to make others feel better, but it is a powerful way of showing leadership that positively impacts us and those that are in our immediate sphere.

If we are going to be contagious about anything, why not do so by leading through service and kindness? I invite all of us to initiate three practices to enhance our ability to lead through service.

Set an Intention As we set clear intentions, opportunities become visible to us. The Reticular Activating System of the brain magnetizes our awareness on the things we chose to place our attention on (ever want a new car, and after you set that intention, began seeing them all over the road?) The same holds true for setting the intention to serve, we then begin seeing opportunities all around us.

Slow Down During our times of home quarantines, slowing down is something all of us may be finding ourselves doing. How many times have you told yourself that you will begin an activity and/or begin a service project or join a service organization, when things “slow down”. Well, here’s your

1. Reaching an organization to see how you may serve, even if it is done remotely? 2. Writing a positive blog or filming a video and posting it on social media that may assist others during this time? 3. Making your business expertise experience and wisdom available to a small business owner that may be struggling? 4. Reaching out to a friend or family member just to check in an see how they are doing? This week, I challenge all of us to experiment integrating these and other service practices and intentions in the areas where you can serve as a leader. I can guarantee that this will not only be transformational for those you serve, but to you, as well. In doing so, you can come to truly realize what so many other great leaders came to fully understand…….

“It is through service that we truly lead.”

chance. How can you use this time to not only take care of yourself and your families, but also provide kindness or service to others?

Take Action It takes courage to take the action necessary to lead through service. Many times, it means getting out of our comfort zones and doing things differently than we have before. Where is there an opportunity to act and up-level our ability to serve? Could it be one of the following?

Chris Natzke is not only a champion himself, but he has been training others to find their own Inner Champion for over four decades. As an 8th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor and former national Taekwondo champion, Chris ranks in the top 1% of all martial artists in the world. Now as a life-leadership coach, keynote speaker and author, his passion is sharing his unique brand of Black Belt Leadership so others may discover the most empowered version of themselves. Contact Chris at .

Getting Married?... Not So Fast: 5 Dealbreakers Before Saying ‘I Do’ By Kirk M. Samuels

Kirk M Samuels is “The Intimacy Incubator”. He is a gifted speaker and an award-winning member of Toastmaster’s International. At his lowest point, Kirk was ready to end his life. Then, after the most significant of breakthroughs, he created classes for men, young and old, called Free Indeed and UpliftHim MLI. His book For Your Eyes Only: The Inside Scoop About Men, Porn, and Marriage peels back the layers of addictions and relationships. Kirk is a featured radio personality on The Real Traci Rock Show and The Corner Café Radio. Kirk is a board member of Step Seven and Advisory Council of BeMen.

Getting Married?...Not So Fast: 5 Dealbreakers Before Saying ‘I Do’ By Kirk Samuels

It’s the time of year when couples young and old will plan on putting a ring on it. Unfortunately, every year in America there are roughly 900,000 divorces. For perspective, there are approximately 800,000 married residents of Denver and Boulder combined. Each divorce involves the two people listed on the court docket, as well as kids, families and communities. In Colorado, the average cost of divorce ranges from $14,000 to $37,000, depending on the variety of extenuating circumstances. I’m not trying to be a “buzz kill”, though it certainly is a reality check. I have been divorced twice, yet I still believe in marriage. Based on my experience, as well as many other divorcees that I know with whomI have worked, I would say the best way not to get divorced is to not marry the wrong person. Here are 5 deal-breakers against getting married: ADDICTIONS/BAD HABITS: I’ve encountered many couples where obsessive interest in pornography is ending the marriage. In nearly all cases, the spouse knew of the issue before the wedding. Both tend to think it will get better or go away after marriage. You might “luck up” which does happen but expect any type of bad habit to likely get worse over time. SEXUAL ATTRACTION: It may sound selfish or shallow, but sexual attraction is important. It is not just looks, as much as it is sexual polarity. Holistic intimacy and unconditional connection without the sexual expression can become more of a business arrangement than relationship. SUBMISSION: Yup, I said the S-word. Healthy submission is putting their needs above yours as you serve them from your heart. If both of you cannot submit your heart to each other, is there true vulnerability, open transparency, and full trust in your spouse? HIS PURPOSE: If there is a man involved in the marriage, his purpose is vital. Without a ‘why’ he is not fully living up to his potential. Whether his spouse is a highly purpose-driven person or not, his purpose indicates whether the spouse can come along-side him or whether he even lives for something greater than himself. HEALED WOUNDS: It’s one thing to offer a person your scar, but if both have not healed their individual wounds outside of the relationship, they will “bleed” on the other person inside the relationship. It is very difficult to practice healthy self-love when wounds from the past are not healed. These deal-breakers don’t ALL need to be present in order to consider the timing of getting married. If you ask any number of divorced people why their marriage ended, one or more of these is likely in the mix.



5 Ways You Can Make More Money in this New Decade By April Renee

Whether it’s working toward your financial goals,

Bring Solutions to Problems

reducing personal debt, or building wealth, here

are five ideas to consider in your pursuit of each.

Problem solving is the cornerstone of wealth and success. Small, medium, and large prob-

When the world clock turned over to 2020, it

lems- choose the size. Whichever you choose,

wasn’t just a new year, it was a new decade. And

simply create a solution that will help others on

so began the Roaring 20’s. Or so we thought.

their journey, and you have succeeded. Start

The environment quickly changed with the tu-

with what you are good at. What is the biggest

multuous onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Giv-

problem that you see now? What struggles do

en what we have seen in securities markets over

you see people dealing with? Do you have the

the last several weeks, now is a great time to

solution or know someone that does? Most peo-

revisit your financial goals. If you are not com-

ple believe making money is hard and that there

fortable with the volatility in asset prices, now

is some underground secret to making money.

may be the time to consider other investment

Money flows from ideas. Ideas are the business

choices. If you are a long-term investor and be-

champion’s primary asset. They have the power

lieve that stocks are the right choice for you, it

to shift the world for the better. The more val-

is important to stay the course. Trying to time

ue you bring to the marketplace, the wealthier

the market is also a bad choice as the markets

you could become. Creating financial wealth

largest gains (and losses) are concentrated in a

in a free market economy is merely a matter of

relatively small number of days. Given what we

using your mind to capture and cultivate great

have seen with job losses, establishing an ade-

ideas that can be traded for money.

quate emergency fund is critical. Whether it’s

working toward your financial goals, reducing

Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

personal debt, or building wealth, here are five

ideas to consider in your pursuit of each:

The majority of people want to stay comfortable, whether is be physical, psychological, or emo-


tional. Comfort, above all else, is the primary

goal of the middle-class mindset. Becoming a

Believe what is possible! The beginning of im-

millionaire isn’t easy and the need for comfort

possible is IM. I’M POSSIBLE. It starts with this

can be addictive. If you want to be a magnet

single belief that you can do it. Unfortunate-

for more money, you must learn to be comfort-

ly, when it comes to money and success, the

able with perpetuating uncertainty. The great

masses will scorn out of their own frustration

ones know there is a price to be paid for being

and even laugh at you. You may hear people in

rich, and that if they engage mental toughness

your ear saying that you are working too hard

to embrace the pain, they have a shot at reaping

and to stop wasting your time. Don’t listen to

the harvest of abundant wealth. If you do the

those messages. Listen to your own voice and

things today that most would never choose to

believe. Believe that you were made for more

do, you can live tomorrow and forever like most

and can do more. Once you believe you can, you

never will. What can you write on your list of five

have catapulted yourself forward. Say goodbye

things you must do that are uncomfortable yet

to the naysayers and place yourself in a position

will support you in building your financial fu-

around folks who believe in your vision.

ture? Perhaps get a plan, review the plan, and

implement the plan?

relationship with money every day. Get into a relationship of gratitude with money every day

Healthy Obsession With Success

by telling yourself it is your friend and a positive

force in your life, and your mind will go to work

The average person believes obsession is a neg-

for you- in the pursuit to acquire more.

ative word. On the other hand, wealthy people have a healthy obsession with getting what they

The views and opinions expressed thereon are

want, including money. Business and life is a

those of the individual author and do not nec-

fun game the wealthy enjoy winning. Why do

essarily represent the views and opinions of

millionaires continue their work and chase new

Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc

successes? That’s why- they love squeezing the

Securities offered through Transamerica Finan-

juice out of life. Money to these people is more

cial Advisors, Inc. (TFA), Member FINRA, SIPC.

than a gauge that tells them when they have

Insurance products offered through World Fi-

achieved their latest mile-marker. For the ul-

nancial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. (WFGIA),

tra-wealthy, the desire shifts from money to be-

World Financial Group Insurance Agency of

ing about success and accomplishment. They

Hawaii, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance

always think they have more in the tank. There

Agency of Massachusetts, Inc., World Financial

is nothing wrong with being obsessed with

Insurance Agency, Inc. and/or WFG Insurance

wealth. Winners love to win and the elation they

Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc. – collectively WFGIA.

experience after each victory produces an insa-

TFA and WFGIA are affiliated companies.

tiable craving for more.

Think of Money As A Relationship Most people have a dysfunctional, adversarial relationship with money. Think about it. What were you taught or what did you hear your parents, teachers, neighbors, and friends say about money? Money is scarce, hard to earn and harder to keep. Sound familiar? If you want to intrigue someone into a relationship with you, would you come from the paradigm of seeing them as your enemy? Of course not! It would make sense to stop seeing money as your enemy and think of it as one of your dearest friends and most cherished family members in the new decade. Money is a friend that has the power to eradicate sleepless nights of worry, physical

April Renee has been an entrepreneur in the financial services

pain, and can even save your life. The rich see

industry since 2008. Her strength is to teach families, business

money as that special friend that can help them

owners, and individuals on how money works and how to better

in ways no other friend can, and these positive

manage their money in simple common sense terms. April is a vi-

feelings lead them to build on a stronger >>>

sionary and believes in working towards “seeing people’s future”.



Milano – Northern Italian Fashion Flaunt by Richard Carrol Photography by Halina Kubalski

Torn scattered clouds drift over a spirited and scrupulously sophisticated Milano--as it is known in Italy--casting long imaginative shadows over a massive cathedral, ancient stone churches, and meandering streets lined with dazzling multicolored display windows draped with the fashion of the day, the fickle Northern Italian sky vague and unresolved. The city, with a personality and demeanor unlike any other in Italy, is home to some of the world’s top fashion designers whose original and inspired thoughts have come together forming a powerhouse of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and vision. A number of the designers were born and raised in Milano while others moved in and are proud to call Milano their own. Today’s implausible collection of creativity in Milano is like the gathering of Lost Generation authors, including Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, and others, on the Left Bank of Paris during the early 20’s. In Milano, the style and cut of a hand-tooled briefcase becomes a status symbol and, observing the Milanese on their way to work, it’s easy to see that dressing with style is far from an anomaly. In the mold of Italian tourism, Milano has quietly played a distant fourth fiddle to Rome, Florence, and the canals of Venice despite its rich history to share. “We don’t promote ourselves,” remarked an attractive Milanese stockbroker, who looked as if she might once have paced the runways in a local fashion show. “Our

city is like the decanting of a fine bottle of Chianti. It takes a little time for the wine to become truly sensuous, but it’s well worth your patience.” Smiling, “Milano is similar to Madrid – when you edge through the façade and beyond first impressions, a city is waiting to capture your heart. Make the commitment and you’ll see,” she added. While the fashion houses set this splendid city’s style and send rich colors blazing skyward, the Piazza del Duomo, dating to the 14th century is home to a towering cathedral, historic buildings, and possibly the world’s first shopping mall, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, built from 1865 to 1867. On a sunny day, the expansive area that surrounds the cathedral teems with European students on holiday and young Milanese couples fired with passion who lounge on the steps of the piazza practicing their playfully refined art of fondling each other while fully clothed.

photo credit: Halina Kubalski An era image, circa 1984, of the renowed House of Gucci in the Fashion Quadrilateral in the heart of Milano

photo credit: Halina Kubalski The Milano Duomo Cathedral dating to 1386 designed with Italina Gothic architecture

photo credit: Halina Kubalski The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, 1865-67, in the Piazza del Duomo, regarded as the world’s first shopping mall

Duomo Bravura The cathedral is ranked among the most ambitious and original architectural creations of the later middle ages. When the Duomo was built in 1386, it was designed to hold more than 20,000 worshipers, Milan’s entire population at the time. It is an impressive example of Italian Gothic architecture and features flying buttresses, 135 spires and 2,245 statues. It is considered the second largest church in the world after St. Peter’s in Rome. Climb 370 steps or so to the cathedral’s roof for a marvelous view.

photo credit: Halina Kubalski Via Della Spiga, a fashion shopping street in Milan’s fashion Quadrilateral

photo credit: Halina Kubalski The Piazza Duomo or Milano’s central plaza and the heart of the city

A Milano surprise is the nearby La Scala museum, adjacent to the famed palace-like Teatro alla Scala opera house inaugurated in 1778. Walk up a flight of stairs to the first floor and browse through the musical heritage of Italy and Europe. Busts of Verdi and Bellini are on display, as are large oil paintings of the great opera singers, costumes, the death masks of Wagner and Puccini, a blond curl of Mozart’s hair, Franz Liszt’s Steinway piano, and a rare plaster cast of Chopin’s hands that were donated by Liszt. You can also peek into La Scala from a balcony box and pop off a photo of the world’s most illustrious opera house.

Leonardo da Vinci Steps away is the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, 1463, and its adjoining museum that includes a former Dominican monastery dining room. Leonardo da Vinci who lived in Milano for nearly 20 years, painted his “Last Supper” on the room’s rear refectory wall between 1495 and 1497. Stay on course by walking to the massive Castello Sforzesco, 1450, to view Michelangelo’s final sculpture, “Pieta Rondanini.” The old master, age 89, and nearly blind, was working on the sculpture four days before he died in 1564.

and Corso Venezia. Together they are an esteemed European shopping destination, and the hallowed roaming grounds of fashionistas from around the globe. Energy, imagination, and trade expertise are alive throughout the Fashion Quadrilateral where the large concentration of haute couture labels, ready to wear garments, jewelry shops, boutiques, showrooms, a fashion museum, cafes, and bookstores, are lined up wall-to-wall. The fashion houses of Versace, Fendi, Armani, Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Valentino, Bulgari, Cartier, are only the beginning of a stroll through the Quadrilateral. When the sun drops, the walkways become an Italian movie set of street entertainers, couples at small sidewalk café tables pledging never-ending love, well- dressed college students, arm-in-arm, devouring gelato cones, while others check the tower clock in eager anticipation of the 9 p.m. dinner hour. Like the Milanese proudly say, “Milano is the crowned queen of Italy.”

Fashion Quadrilateral The city and her glorious sacred treasures demand an official guide that is not necessary for shoppers with deep pockets and an eye for expressive fashion. Via Monte Napoleone is reportedly Europe’s most expensive street per square foot and makes up one side of the famed Fashion Quadrilateral, which also includes Via Alessandro Manzoni, Via della Spiga

Richard Carroll is a nationally known travel writer honored with eight international writing awards. Richard has covered all seven continents, and with family heritage dating to early Colorado.

Iconic Luxury in Downtown Denver

321 17th Street | T +1 303 297 3111 | |


dine with us. stay with us





Margaryta Danilova Schwery Pro f e s s i o n a l M a ke u p A r t i s t




Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Day By Michael Moore

“Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Day” by Michael Moore

I do an average of 200 weddings a year, and I LOVE TO DO WEDDINGS. So, with the experience of thousands of weddings, I think these tips are sure to make you the most beautiful bride ever. Start with your skin. If you are feeling your skin on your face and body are looking less than perfect, as soon as you say “YES,” start saying “YES” to your skin. The years of abuse and neglect WILL NOT be corrected with one facial or buying a moisturizer. So, find a good esthetician, and make sure they become your best friend. Please do not neglect the body, with the style of dresses right now, there is a lot of skin being shown. Try the new Lira Clinical “Spa Line” brightening cleanser which is sure to get the body bridal ready. Schedule a makeup and hair trial. Most wedding hair and makeup artist will be booking at least 6 months out. The makeup and hair have to be picture perfect, so hire the best professional for you! Arrive at your trial run ready! Wear a top close to the color of your dress, bring pictures of your dress, bridesmaids dresses, center pieces, as well the hair and make-up you have found that you like. I find Pinterest is the go-to resource for this. Make it last. The last thing you want to be is a bride melting on her special day due to the heat and not prepping the skin properly. Even if you have drier skin, make sure you use a mattifying primer. I recommend Sheer Porfection from Moore For Life or the “OC8.” Either of these are sure to keep your face looking its best all day long. The MAC Paint Pots are sure to keep your shadows lasting well into the night and that is a must for your wedding day. Look for some great colored long-lasting lip colors. To keep my brides looking their best all day, I use LCN Permanent Lipliner Pens from Moore For Life. They are kiss proof all day long.

Michael Moore has worked in the cosmetics industry since 1988 with brand leaders such as Bobbi Brown Essentials, Chanel, and Estée Lauder. In New York City, he was often seen backstage during fashion week, supporting major designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Bob Mackie, and Vera Wang. Michael’s client list includes Oscar winners, First Ladies of the United States, and royalty.

Eventually, the quality of the Colorado lifestyle—the healthy, natural atmosphere that inspires his technique—drew him out west, where he opened Moore For Life in Denver’s own center of chic, Cherry Creek North.

Conceal what you do not want to see and show what you do. Light soft makeup foundation that hides any imperfections is what you are looking for. I like to use a lightweight airbrush foundation; this will be just water and pigment to give a totally complete look to the face. The product I suggest using is the ERA Classified Cosmetics spray on foundation. It is sure to give you the perfect look you are wanting on your special day. It is great for the sudden dark circles as well the stress breakouts. Stay Classic. This is not the day and time for you to try something you have never tried before. Keep it classic, fresh and healthy; NOT the shocking blue eye shadow or bright tangerine lipstick you’ve had your eyes on. The wedding photos on your 25th wedding anniversary should be timeless, not trendy. Make the skin glow. We are not going for a greasy, strobe light effect at your wedding. Softly mattify your face with a skin tone correct powder, but high light with a shimmering crème on the cheekbones. Dew Drops Luminizer from Moore For Life is perfect for this clean and simple glow. Waterproof it! The eyeliner and mascara are sure to melt if they are not waterproof; has anyone ever seen a bride not cry? Bobbi Brown Gel liner is the go-to, to prevent the black tears, along with the L’Oreal Voluminous waterproof mascara in Carbon black. Leave enough time for you on that day. Simplify your day so you can cherish every moment with your friends and family, but even so you can just enjoy you. Pack an emergency makeup kit. The Maid of Honor is supposed to be the keeper of the kit. The kit should include touch up powder, blush, cotton swabs, tissues, your lipstick and gloss. Last and most important.... Bring you, your smile, and all of the love around you. Please do not sweat the small things, don’t sweat at all.... It will be your most beautiful day thus far!



Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones by Trisha Ventker

A few months ago on Christmas Eve our family lost our beloved pet, Max. Max was a 15 year-old Yorkshire Terrier or “Yorkie” who passed away from kidney failure. We weren’t prepared to lose this sweet little 3 pound soul. From the time his health started to show signs of decline to the day he died was only a few weeks. We were devastated! Our son took Max’s death the worst. In search of how to deal with this horrible grief, I reached out to a veterinarian friend. She recommended several books that deal with the loss of a pet and also she suggested to research a company called “Cuddle Clones”.

Max & family

I visited the website and learned the company creates a plush clone of your pet, and with every order they provide 3 meals and a toy to a shelter pet. This was a perfect gift to give Tristan, our son. With great satisfaction, several weeks later we received our replica of Max in the mail. Although it doesn’t fulfill the emptiness that we experience, it does make us smile each time we see our Cuddle Clone. So, you too should contact this company if indeed you find yourself in the dire scenario that we did. Until you meet with your deceased pet in the next life - give it and them a try! You won’t be disappointed guaranteed!

Max clone




D enver’s leading guide to highly-rated hotels, restaurants and culture

The Brown Palace The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa is aptly named with its palatial atrium aweing guests of all ages. The hotel first opened in 1892 and has kept its historical charm while providing modern and luxurious amenities. A walking tour of the hotel is available to enlighten visitors of the heart and soul that went into its design and highlights special details only visible to a knowledgeable eye. Despite the close proximity to a bustling downtown, guests enjoy the many restaurant options on-site, including afternoon tea time in the stunning atrium, complete with devonshire cream shipped in directly from England, and the culinary mastery offered at the Palace Arms restaurant, served in a room with hand painted wallpaper and surrounded by ancient relics. 321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 297-3111

HOTELS The Crawford Hotel The Crawford is a truly unique hotel, located in Denver’s Union Station. Designed within the original walls of this historical landmark, which dates back to 1881, guests find themselves enjoying a new room experience at each visit, as no two rooms are the same. The hotel boasts historical yet modern design features, with rooms that feel cozy yet luxurious. Guests looking for a peaceful atmosphere can curl up with a good book in one of the reading nooks while those looking for more excitement need only walk downstairs to The Great Hall. Also known as Denver’s Living Room, The Great Hall features a vibrant array of shops and restaurants with award winning chefs. Whether patrons are enjoying a craft beer from the Terminal Bar or competing in a friendly game of shuffleboard, The Great Hall brings people together, a perfect reflection of the building’s original intention. 1701 Wynkoop Street Denver, CO 80202 (720) 460-3700

D Four Seasons Four Seasons hotels are known for their luxurious accommodations and unmatched customer service, and the Four Seasons Denver is no exception. From the moment guests enter the hotel, they are treated to an experience like no other. Large suites with stunning mountain views, unforgettable meals at the famed EDGE Restaurant & Bar, relaxing treatments at the full-service spa, and delicious cocktails served poolside at the rooftop pool oasis, are just a few of the unique amenities awaiting Four Seasons guests. Its convenient location across from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex and just steps away from Larimer Square and the 16th Street Mall, allows guests easy access to shows, shopping, restaurants, sporting activities, and exciting nightlife offered in downtown Denver. 1111 14th Street

Denver, CO 80202 (303) 389-3000


The Gaylord of the Rockies Located minutes from Denver International Airport in the idyllic All American City of Aurora, Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center will feature over 1,500 guest rooms including 114 well-appointed suites and over 485,000 square feet of extraordinary meeting and convention space. As a gateway to the Rockies, Gaylord Rockies will offer memorable experiences to its guests with first-class restaurants, a luxurious spa and salon, diverse shops, winding waterways and picture perfect sunset views. Rustic alpine charm and exciting “open-air� activity make this Rocky Mountain Front Range retreat an adventure in itself.

6700 North Gaylord Rockies Blvd. Aurora, Colorado 80019 (720) 452-6900

The Oxford Hotel The Oxford Hotel, in addition to being one of the most popular luxury hotels in downtown Denver, is the oldest operating hotel. It has seen many enhancements through the years, perfecting the art that is a luxury hotel, while preserving the character and integrity of its history. As a registered landmark on the National Register for Historic Places, and boasting a stunning display of art and historical architecture, it’s no wonder the hotel receives guests from across the globe. 1600 17th Street Denver, CO 80202 (303) 628-5400

HOTELS The Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton Denver, located in the heart of downtown, lives up to its name with quality and modern sophistication incorporated into every inch of the hotel. Special attention to detail is evident throughout and provides guests with a tranquil setting to enjoy a luxurious home away from home. Even the youngest of guests are considered VIP’s and eligible to take part in the Ritz Kids program. A myriad of dining options are available within walking distance of the hotel but many guests enjoy paying tribute to famed Broncos quarterback John Elway, by indulging in the fine dining offered on site at ELWAY’S steakhouse. 1881 Curtis Street Denver, CO 80202 (303) 312-3800

Acova Owned and operated by restaurant veterans, Sean and Betsy Workman, Acova debuted in the Lower Highlands area of Denver in June of 2018 and was designed to be the neighborhood joint for friends and family. The kitchen creates an eclectic menu for all lifestyles and dietary restrictions and serves lunch, happy hour, dinner and weekend brunch.

www.acovarestaurantcom 3651 Navajo Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 736.2718 Mon - Fri

11 am - 12 am


10 am - 12 am


10 am- 11 pm

R E S TA U R AN T S Barolo Grill One of Colorado’s best northern Italian restaurants, Barolo Grill has also been recognized as one of the world’s best restaurants for wine. In 2018 Barolo was honored with both Wine Spectator’s Grand Award and Wine Enthusiasts’ Best 100 Wine Restaurants award. Known for hand crafted modern Piemontese cuisine and knowledgeable, attentive staff, Barolo is the perfect choice for special occasions or a great night out. Their seasonally changing menus highlight items from the staff’s annual pilgrimage to Northern Italy and features locally sourced ingredients from regional farms and artisans. 3030 East Sixth Avenue, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 393.1040 Dinner

Tues - Thurs

5:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Fri - Sat

5:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Sun - Mon


Ash’kara Ash’Kara, a globally inspired restaurant with influences from Israel, the Middle East and Mesopotamia, is a collaborative partnership with the restaurateur team of chef Daniel Asher and Josh Dinar (River and Woods, the forthcoming Tributary Food Hall in Golden and Mother Tongue at Broadway Market) and Culinary Creative Group (Bar Dough, Senor Bear, Morin and the forthcoming Maine Shack). Ash’Kara is located in Denver’s Lower Highlands neighborhood. 2005 W 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 537-4407 Mon - Thurs

4 pm - 11 pm

Fri - Sat

4 pm - 12 am


10 am- 11 pm photo courtesy of Eater Denver

R E S TA U R AN T S Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse The restaurant features warm dining spaces, with local stone and classic mahogany throughout to create an unparalleled ambiance. Enjoy Denver’s premiere smoking lounge with more than 65 cigars to choose from in our humidor. Located in the prestigious Greenwood Village area, it’s the perfect place to reconnect over an intimate dinner and is one of the best steakhouses in Denver. 8100 E Orchard Road, Denver, CO 80111 (303) 796-0100 Lunch


11 am - 2 pm


Mon - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri- Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


5 pm - 9 pm


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Guard and Grace There’s a reason that Guard and Grace is the first name on people’s lips when asked for a steakhouse recommendation in Denver. Chef and owner Troy Guard wows his patrons with a fine dining experience featuring mouth watering steaks and a delicious raw bar, turning any social gathering into a celebration. 1801 California Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 293-8500


Mon - Fri

11 am - 3 pm


Mon - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


3 pm - 6 pm

Social Hour

R E S TA U R AN T S Le French Founded by Senegalese French sisters Aminata and Rougui Dia, Le French is a gourmet, casual-chic French bakery and bistro. Le French specializes in high-end pastries and elevated modern Parisian cuisine with global influences, a nod to the sisters’ heritage. 4901 S. Newport St. Denver, CO 80237 (720) 710-8963

photo credit Rachel Adams

Tues - Thurs

7 am - 9 pm

Fri - Sat

7 am - 10 pm

Brunch Sat-Sun

7:30 am- 2:30 pm

Le Bilboquet Reminiscent of a charming French bistro, Le Bilboquet Denver is located in Cherry Creek North within the St. Paul Collection. The restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere paired with simple, classic French cooking - bringing a slice of Parisian café culture to the neighborhood. Le Bilboquet is a natural gathering spot to enjoy a chilled bottle of rosé alfresco or classic bistro fare like croque monsieur paired with a local draft beer. 299 St. Paul Street, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 835-9999 Lunch

Mon - Fri

11 am - 5 pm


Sun - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


10 am - 3 pm


photo credit Emily Teater Photography

R E S TA U R AN T S Spuntino Spuntino Food & Wine claims a “Global Mind, Colorado Body, and Italian Soul” and the statement could not be more true. The owners, a husband and wife team, bring their passion for Italian food and culture to the Highlands region of Denver. Fresh, house-made focaccia, gnocchi, and gelato are enhanced by an extensive wine list and intimate setting. 2639 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 433-0949


Happy Hour

Tues - Thurs, Sun

5 pm - 9 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 10 pm

Tues- Sun

5 pm - 6:30 pm

Tamayo Patterned after Tequileiras in Mexico, Tamayo invites patrons in for delicious small plates and specialty margaritas designed to perfection, inciting conversation and community. This modern take on Mexican cuisine is not found at a typical Mexican restaurant. Served on the terrace while watching a spectacular sunset over the Rocky Mountains, first time visitors are sure to return again and again. 1400 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202 (720) 946-1433 Lunch

Mon - Fri

11 am - 2 pm


Sun - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


Sat - Sun

10:30am - 2:30pm

Happy Hour

Daily at the tequila bar & lounge

2 pm - 6 pm

R E S TA U R AN T S The Fort The Fort, an award-winning Denver western restaurant located just southwest of Denver, is one of the nation’s most recognized establishments and sells more buffalo steaks than any other independently owned restaurant in the country. Featuring fine beef, buffalo, game and seafood, The Fort’s menu offers a tantalizing selection of old and new foods from the Early West. The Fort 19192 Highway 8 Morrison, CO 80465 (303) 697-4771 Mon -Sun

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Corner Office The Corner Office, located in downtown Denver, opened in 2008 by restaurateur Peter Karpinski of Sage Restaurant Group. The Corner Office is where enjoying great food and cocktails is your only assignment Loosen up, kick back and slide into prime time with colleagues, friends or someone special. Designed with a modern eye for comfort and good times, The Corner Office features a bustling bar, energetic dining rooms, communal table and private event rooms. 1401 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 825-6500 Mon - Thurs

6 am - 11 pm


6 am - 12 am


7 am - 12 am


7 am-11 pm


LIVE LOVE LASH Serving Denver and surrounding areas, LIVE LOVE LASH Denver provides personalized and professional beauty treatments to a local and worldwide clientele. LIVE LOVE LASH Denver specializes in day spa services including: Xtreme Eyelash Extensions, custom facials, spray tanning, waxing and professional make-up artistry. All services are performed by certified lash stylists and award winning make-up artists and aestheticians in a relaxing studio atmosphere, or ... we will travel to you! 2717 E 3rd Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 388-5274

L U X E FAV S Gnat Jewelers Today, father and son create a beautiful array of custom jewelry ranging from classic to contemporary. While Gnat Original Design is well known for our exquisite engagement rings, we also craft one-of-a-kind pieces in the entire range of jewelry using precious metals, fine gemstones and certified diamonds. 250 Columbine Street Suite 130 Denver, CO 80206 (303) 355-5050 Monday

11:00 am- 5:00 pm

Tues - Fri

11:00 am - 6:00 pm


10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Moore For Life Michael Moore has worked in the cosmetics industry since 1988 with brand leaders such as Bobbi Brown Essentials, Chanel, and Estée Lauder. In New York City, he was often seen backstage during fashion week, supporting major designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Bob Mackie, and Vera Wang. Michael’s client list included Oscar winners, First Ladies of the United States, and royalty. Eventually, the quality of the Colorado lifestyle—the healthy, natural atmosphere that inspires his technique— drew him out west, where he opened Moore For Life in Denver’s own center of chic, Cherry Creek North. 3035 East 3rd Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 484-1857 Tues- Saturday

10 am - 6 pm

L U X E FAV S Hermes A family company whose craftspeople make, often by hand and always with love , bags and belts, diaries and dishes, scarves and shoes, perfumes and purses, ties and travelling furniture, as well as gloves, hats, watches, jewelery and clothes. 105 Fillmore Street The Shops at NorthCreek Denver, CO 80206 (303) 388-0700




10:00 am- 5:30 pm



D Denver Art Museum The Denver Art Museum continues to wow visitors daily with its extensive display of world-class art, featuring painting and sculpture disciplines, modern and contemporary art, photography, textile art, and other representations from around the world. Temporary exhibitions provide a constant source of new art to view and appreciate. Special activities and games for kids are incorporated into the museum, allowing for an engaging and enlightening experience for all ages.

100 W. 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO 80204 (720) 865-5000

Mon - Thurs

10am - 5pm


10am - 8pm

Sat- Sun

10am - 5pm


Denver Center for the Performing Arts The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is the largest non-profit theatre organization in the country. From Broadway tours including performances such as Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Les Miserables, and Wicked, to more intimate theatres featuring comedy shows and other events, and education for all levels of thespian talent, the DCPA offers something for everyone.

1101 13th Street, Denver, CO 80204

Administrative offices: (303) 893-4100 Main Box Office: (303) 893-4100 Mon - Sun

Closed major holidays

10am - 8pm

Denver Botanic Gardens The Denver Botanic Gardens offers visitors an escape to a tranquil, 24-acre floral oasis. It features endless trails to meander while surrounded by a stunning display of natural beauty, showcasing local plants as well as plants from around the world. Many enjoy stopping in at the Offshoots Cafe for a coffee and croissant before continuing their journey. Families enjoy the Mordecai Children’s Garden, a rooftop garden designed for kids, providing them with a safe space to explore and connect with nature. 1007 York Street, Denver, CO 80206 (720) 865-3500 Mon - Sun

9am - 5pm

C U LT U R E Downtown Aquarium The Downtown Aquarium is truly an underwater adventure with exhibits featuring creatures in multiple habitats across the globe. From the desert to the rainforest and everything in between, visitors of all ages will marvel at the beauty of this underwater life. Aquarium visits are enhanced by dining at the aquarium restaurant where delicious meals are served with a view of a 50,000 gallon aquarium containing tropical fish, sharks, and even a mermaid or two. 700 Water Street, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 561-4450 Sun-Thurs

10am - 9pm


10am - 9:30pm

Denver Museum of Nature & Science The DMNS provides visitors with multiple exhibits to explore and perform hands-on activities. Visit the Health exhibit to test your strength and view your self-portrait from 50 years in the future. Explore the Space Odyssey exhibit and experiment with the impacts of water, air, and magnets. Walk through the Wildlife dioramas to experience the magnificent size of a bear. The Discovery Zone was specially designed for small children and gives them the opportunity to expand the use of their fives senses within a safe environment. Museum visitors also enjoy the many shows offered at the IMAX and Planetarium. 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80205 (303) 370-6000 Museum Mon - Sun 9am - 5pm except Dec 25) Shop Dock Hours

Mon - Sun

9am - 5pm 8am - 2:30pm


photo courtesy of The Ritz Carlton

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