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Nagel Middle School

Nagel Middle School | 1500 Nagel Road | Cincinnati | Ohio | 45255 Phone 513.474.5407 | fax 513.474.5584

To the Parent of: The Forest Hills School District uses two online programs, ProgressBook and Schoology. These applications facilitate communication between parents and the school by allowing parents and students to access classroom information using the Internet. As a parent, you will be able to view homework assignments, course content, view messages from your child’s teachers, view your child’s progress, and maintain your login account. What is the difference between ProgressBook & Schoology? ProgressBook is an online grade book where you will find the following information: • Course Schedules • Course Averages • Report Card • Individual Assignment Grades • Missing Assignments Schoology is an online learning management system for students, parents, and teachers that is aimed to promote student engagement, communication, collaboration, and increased access to course materials. On Schoology you will find the following information: • Upcoming Classroom Events & • Homework Assignments Assignments • Electronic Dropbox for Homework • Course files and handouts Assignments • Classroom Discussions • Team Information & Events In summary, ProgressBook is used to check your child’s grades, whereas Schoology will be accessed to see team information and homework assignments, handouts, and other resources that pertain to individual classes. To Register for ProgressBook: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Using any Web Browser, go to the Nagel Homepage: Locate and click on the ProgressBook link under “Quick Links” to the left. Locate and click on the icon associated with the Forest Hills School District. Click the “Sign Up” icon to the right. Click the “I am a Parent” icon. Fill out the parent information on the next two screens and click “Continue”. On the final screen you will be prompted to enter your student information and registration code. PARENT PROGRESSBOOK REGISTRATION CODE: *Please see reverse side for additional login Instructions.

8. Once you have successfully entered your ProgressBook registration code, you will be prompted to return to the login screen. *For detailed ProgressBook registration instructions, including how to add a second student to your account, please visit . To register for SCHOOLOGY: PARENT Login Instructions 1. Using any Web Browser, go to 2. Click “SIGN UP” in the upper right corner. 3. A window will pop up. Click “PARENT”. 4. Enter the following Access Code in the window provided: PARENT SCHOOLOGY ACCESS CODE: 5. 6. 7. 8.

Click CONTINUE. You will be asked to enter identification information and select a Username and Password. Click REGISTER You will automatically be associated with your child(ren). Click on the “My Children” tab to the left to view your student(s) activity. 9. Note: You may not see all information/activity after your initial login. Students will enroll in some courses the first few weeks of school. *For detailed instructions on using Schoology as a parent please visit .

*If you have limited access to technology and need paper copies of anything, please contact Debbie Reardon or 513-474-5407 x.2201. Please let us know if you have any difficulty with the ProgressBook or Schoology programs. If you have any problems, send an e-mail including the parent name & student name to We know you will find ProgressBook & Schoology to be a benefit to you and your student.

News from Nagel Be certain to check your e-mail for weekly messages from Nagel. These e-mails contain important information to keep you “in the know”. If you are not receiving these e-mails, be certain to check your trash or spam folders and change your settings to allow messages from Nagel. If at any time you change your e-mail address it is important that you notify the school.

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Parent letter progressbook 13 14