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What’s Inside 2 | On the Cover Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Lovely lasses Clara Magalona and Verniece Enciso get ready for the holidays.

4 | Blogger Challenge Bringing Good Cheer Bloggers Yuki Tansengco and Christine Cordero show us how to throw a fun party!

6 | Spotted! The TriNoma Shopping Guide

Let’s Party! You are going to love this issue! It’s not only loaded with a great selection of gift ideas and fashion finds, it’s also filled with party planning tips to make those holiday celebrations a whole lot of fun! The fact that we have two lovely lasses on our cover may have something to do with this bubbly vibe. Clara Magalona and Verniece Enciso, both of whom have been called Junior It Girls, have this joyous exuberance that just radiates towards everyone around them. It was a pleasure

We’ve got the perfect gift idea for every budget.

8 | Want to Wear Ready to Rock!

to have them strolling the halls of TriNoma. And because we know that you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining this season, we rounded up the various restaurants in TriNoma offering delicious group meals fit for holiday get-togethers. We came up with great-looking outfits too! Happy holidays!

Be at your best dressed behavior with our cool picks.

9 | Want to Wear All Glammed Up! Dazzle them with these glistening ensembles.

10 | Want to Eat Awesome Celebrations Feast on festive platters of flavorful food.

12 | Want to Watch Fantastic Journeys:

The TriNoma Team

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Free Birds, Ender’s Game, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.



13 | Want to Do Christmas Spirit TriNoma shoppers share their holiday plans.

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14 | Events Here’s a rundown of the concerts, fashion shows, and celebrity appearances at TriNoma.

16 | Behind the Scenes At Your Service Meet the women of TriNoma’s Concierge Team.

cover story

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice! Lovely lasses Clara Magalona and Verniece Enciso share their holiday wishes and memories. Clothes by Bauhaus Footwear by Michael Antonio Hair and Make-up by Benefit Cosmetics

Whimsically Feminine If there’s one thing that we absolutely love about blogging, it’s that it has brought to our attention all these interesting personalities that we would not have otherwise known. One of our cover girls, Verniece Enciso, is a fashion blogger who captured the imagination of

2 vibe

thousands of online surfers with the blog that she shares with her sister Vern, V♥V. Whimsically feminine in her outfit posts, Vernie is always on-trend, keeping her readers updated on the latest and the cutest. Plus, she’s movie star pretty and has in fact, starred in an indie flick. Most recently, she was named brand ambassador of Pinkbox, a line of fashion accessories for young girls.

Verniece says, “I’m very thankful for all the projects I got this year. But most of all, having a new baby brother is such a blessing to our family!” Indeed, we have no doubt that we’ll be seeing more of her pretty face in the future. But for now, Verniece is gearing up for the holidays. Not one to go shopping just a few days before Christmas, Verniece

cover story says, “I always prepare a list a month before, then plan a Christmas shopping day with my sister.” And she might just do some of her shopping errands at TriNoma. Verniece says, “Even if I’m from the south, my family and I visit TriNoma at least once a month because it’s like a one stop mall. Everything is there! My favorite shop would be Topshop and my family loves Taco Bell!” Verniece herself got her Christmas present quite early this year. She says, “It will sound cheesy but I already got my Christmas present as early as August, my baby brother.” And so, of course, she is looking forward to the holidays with the slew of family reunions that she’s bound to attend. She loves going to these gettogethers because, she says, “You get to see family relatives you don’t see often and get to bond with them.” She is also looking forward to more intimate bonding moments with her family, where the season usually finds them out of town or out of the country. She shares, “I can’t forget the Christmas we spent in Hong Kong with my whole family three years ago. It was a new experience for us since we always celebrate it here. I hope we can do this again especially now that I have a new baby brother... 2013 has been a good year for me and I’m looking forward to a better 2014!”

Sweet and Bubbly One look at her, and you’ll find yourself asking, “Wait, I know her!” Following the footsteps of sisters Saab and Maxene, Clara Magalona, the youngest daughter of Francis M, is bound to make

A Dose of

Edgy Luxe Bauhaus keeps things sharp and classy this Fall with another round of unique collections from global brands. Characterized by an experimental and creative energy, Bauhaus is a concept store that houses a selection of edgy and dynamic casual apparel from brands all over the globe. This season, fashion patrons will be thrilled to find out what Bauhaus has in store as it launches its Fall/Winter 2013 collection. For its men’s collection, Tough Jeansmith carries the theme of “Style it Out,” which combines fashion and function. Premium denim and

waves soon enough. Last year, teenybopper glossy Candy handed her the Junior Style Award. This year, she became one of Goody’s style ambassadors. Christmas is a special time for Clara, if not the most favored of all. More than the cool and cozy weather, she says, “The Christmas holiday every year is my favorite just because you get to see the whole family and you get to pray together. It’s just the most fun for me!” The Magalonas spend the holidays together at home or at a restaurant, catching up on each other’s crazy busy lives. Clara says, “I don’t really have a specific and favorite holiday memory, but I do love Christmas!” Indeed, there is nothing else she wants to receive more as a gift, aside from a Polaroid camera, than to be with her loved ones this season. She says, “I love spending time with the whole family because they’re basically the people that I grew up with and I barely get to see them anymore!”

leather with unique finishes and patchwork are present, along with contrasting colors utilized for stylish looks and versatility. The ladies’ collection gives traditional military style an update with punk rock elements. Leather, studs, tartan, and animal prints are rolled into one for a glam rocker look. Its jeans collection bears the signature wash, given an edgy touch with colorful and trendy embellishments. Salad explores the majestic royalty of White Russia to convey an aura of power and nobility. Dubbed as “The New Opulence,” Salad utilizes graphic prints of classic Russian imagery, luxurious furs, and animal prints reminiscent of the Russian wilderness. Expect refined elegance and effortless style in 80/20’s Fall collection as it carries the theme, “Midnight in Paris.” For the White Label, asymmetric silhouettes and drapery exude a casual but elegant look. For the Black Label, French romanticism takes center stage through

While school takes up most of Clara’s time, she also pencils in meet-ups with friends. Like most girls her age, she says, “Sometimes I’d really want to stay home, but other times I just really really want to go outside and have fun.” Going to the mall is one such activity, and TriNoma is one of the malls she visits. Clara says, “I think that TriNoma is such a modern mall! It looks so amazing and cozy to me... I’d love to go around it and explore more often! My favorite store in TriNoma is a’postrophe. It’s such a cute place and you can basically find everything in there!” And as much as the season is about being grateful for the past year, it is also about moving towards the next. Clara says, “I’m thankful for everything and I’m happy that I have survived a year full of events and happenings. I’m looking forward to the challenges that I will have to face next year!”

the use of iconic Parisian imageries. For the men’s line, shirts possess exaggerated pockets as well as checkers or scenic prints. As for the leather jacket line for both men and women, sheepskin leather is used to create slim-cut varieties with metal buttons and studs. Since its foray into the local style scene, Bauhaus has gained a strong following from sartorial enthusiasts and style aesthetes. This season, every fashion lover will enjoy a variety of designs and influences ranging from iconic countries, memorable eras, and highlycoveted lifestyles. Bauhaus, Level 3

vibe 3

bloggers challenge

Bringing Good

YUKI Tansengco

Cheer! Bloggers Yuki Tansengco and Christine Cordero show us how to throw a hopping party! All items available at Gourdo’s, Lobby Level

Yuki’s PICKS

Social entrepreneur Yuki Tansengco is one busy lady. Apart from running White Elephant Garage, a clothing line made by women from Gawad Kalinga, Yuki would soon become a personal shopper for one of the country’s most luxurious labels. When throwing a party, she says, “Serve nothing but the best food

Cookie jar: “I am the real cookie monster! Even Mrs. Claus loved serving a warm batch of cookies. Keep them fresh by sealing them in an airtight container just like this one from Gourdo’s!” P270 each

Chocolate fountain: “No holiday party is complete without a chocolate fountain! A guilty sweet tooth, I love indulging on chocolate desserts no matter what time of the day.” P5325

4 vibe

Chips and beverages: “It’s good to have your guests munching on something while waiting for more company to arrive. Gourdo’s offer imported snacks and drinks that you won’t easily find.” P47

and drinks since you want them to be leaving with a good taste on their palate. Most of all, be a good host and make sure everyone’s comfortable! Make it more fun by adding a theme to your holiday parties such as ‘all white’ or a costume party.” Catch Yuki at

Penguin mugs: “It’ll be fun to serve your guests with cute designed cups! Perfect for a good rootbeer float with vanilla ice cream on top!” P165 each

Glassware: “Now, the party begins! On the rocks? Or maybe a mojito? These glasses are perfect when whipping out cocktail drinks. Bottoms up!” P275 per set of six

bloggers challenge



CHRISTINE Cordero Cupcake stands and dessert trays: “Make your own dessert table for your holiday parties. These trays and stands will make your sweets stand out.” 2 tier: P1050, 3 tier: P2015

A work-at-home mom, Christine Cordero’s creative streak finds fulfillment in the children’s parties that she orchestrates and the dessert buffets that she designs. Her blog, Kids Party Hub (kidspartyhub., is chockfull of party themes, kiddie activities and DIY tutorials that inspire readers to make

party planning a whole lot of fun! Her advice to merrymakers: “Consider practical ways on how to celebrate and throw a party. Get crafty and creative. There are things that you can perhaps do on your own instead of buying or hiring someone to do it for you like party decors and party favors.”

Cake decorating products: “These products make decorating your cake and cupcakes so easy.” Color Mist: P220, Cupcake Deco Kit: P175

Table linens and placemats: “When hosting brunch or dinner parties, make your table setting more presentable than usual by using holiday- or colorthemed table linens, placemats, napkins, and tablewares.” Placemats at P125 to P175

Tea set: “They are so lovely to use for afternoon tea parties or get-togethers with family and friends at home. It can be a perfect gift as well to your loved ones this holiday season.” Bowl: P80 Plate: P120 to P175

Cookie sheets and molders, and cake, cupcake, and muffin pans: “Holidays are the best time to show off your baking skills. These basic essential items will help you get started. Also instead of buying, why not try and do something homemade.” Puzzle Cake: P810, Mini Cake Pan: P865, Mini Fluted Mold: P1045

vibe 5

spotted: the TriNoma shopping guide Journal with Divider, Sleepcare, P220

Tablet and iPad Cases, Egg, P500 up

Gwiyomi Dolls, Gift Factory, P450

Bracelets, Simplejoys, P395 each


Suede Pen Case, Dimensione, P179.75 Coloring Set, Toys “R” Us, P199.75

PICKS Gifts for friends and colleagues from P100 to P500.

CD Holder Princess 10 inches, Sleepcare, P340

Monster VH Red and Green, Sleepcare, P375 Quick Directory Lobby: Sleepcare Level 3: Dimensione, Egg, Gift Factory, Regalong Pambahay, Simplejoys, Toys “R” Us

Coasters, Regalong Pambahay, Four for P450 Black Cloche Felt Hat, Simplejoys, P900 Foresta Ceramic Containers, Dimensione, P750 each

Schleich Dinosaurs, Build City, P1000 up



Cloche Felt Hat, Simplejoys, P900

Glasia Bathroom Accessories, Dimensione, P750 up

Gift your circle of friends with these fine selections from P500 to P1000.

The Society Portrait, Powerbooks, P995

Quick Directory Level 2: Purebeauty Level 3: Build City, Dimensione, Powerbooks, Simplejoys, Toys “R” Us

6 vibe

MUD Eye Color, Purebeauty, P750 each

Nerf N Strike Elite Strong, Toys “R” Us, P749.75

spotted: the TriNoma shopping guide Jewelry Stand, Dimensione, P1500

Vintage Touch Clock, Regalong Pambahay, P1950

Moleskin Passion Series, Powerbooks, P1299 each


Laugh With Me Eau de Toilette, 30 ml, Benefit Cosmetics, P2000 Jenga Tetris, Hobbes and Landes, P1399.75

Looking for presents for your loved ones? Take a peek at these goodies from P1000 to P2500.

Katamino, Hobbes and Landes, P2199.75 High Flyin’ Glosses, Benefit Cosmetics, Two for P1400

Sweet Purple Watch, Swatch, P2500

Before Watchmen Series, Powerbooks, P1219 each Quick Directory Level 1: Swatch Level 3: Benefit Cosmetics, Dimensione, Hobbes and Landes, Powerbooks, Regalong Pambahay

Bronze of Champions Total Bronze Kit, Benefit Cosmetics, P1700

Playmobil My Take Along Princess, Build City, P4529.75 Precision Watch, Swatch, P9500

Hora Blanca Watch, Swatch, P3000

Star Wars Palpatine’s Arrest, Build City, P9499



Silver Precision Watch, Swatch, P9500

Great finds when budget ain’t a problem.

Furby, Toys “R” Us, P4499.75 Quick Directory Level 1: Swatch Level 2: Digital Walker Level 3: Build City, Dimensione, Powerbooks, Toys “R” Us

Digital Photography Boxed Set, Powerbooks, P2785

Elevate Carousel Set, Dimensione, P4100

Urban Ears Headset, Digital Walker, P2950

vibe 7

want to wear Dark Wash Denim, Topman, P2245




t’s time to loosen up. Be at your best dressed behavior with our cool picks.

Burgundy Plaid Polo, Topman, P2395 Fashion Polo, Original Penguin, P3450

Leo Gray Shoes, Hush Puppies, P4099.75

Earl Dotted Polo Shirt, Original Penguin, P3350

Daddy Purple Polo Shirt, Original Penguin, P2850

Taupe Venetian Wedge, Hush Puppies, P4299.75

Acid Wash Jeans, Topman, P2695

Gray Blazer, Topman, P6795

Roadside Slip-on Navy, Hush Puppies, P3799.75 Kent Black, Sebago, P8500 Quick Directory Level 2: Hush Puppies, Sebago Level 3: Original Penguin, Topman

8 vibe

want to wear



he season calls for glitter and gold! Show off some dazzle with these glistening ensembles.

Belt Lapa, Mango, P1950

White Cross Earrings, The Ramp: Crossings, P350

Libra Heels, Michael Antonio, P2399

Gold Coat, Mango, P3950

Necklace Corda, Mango, P1450 Lace Dress, Topshop, P2595 Shoulder Bag, Rabeanco P9500,

Karl Lagerfeld Heels, Geleia, P5999 Red Neon Skirt, TThe Ramp: Crossings, P1550 Ratu Wedges, Michael Antonio, P5500

Blue Bejeweled Earrings, The Ramp: Crossings, P480

Liandra Pumps, Michael Antonio, P2399

Bag Sequins, Mango, 2450 Black Houndstooth Dress, Dorothy Perkins, P2095

Blue Dress, The Ramp, P1550

Clutch, Rabeanco, P12500

Blue Black Clutch, Dorothy Perkins, P1495 Quick Directory Level 1: The Ramp: Crossings Level 2: Geleia Level 3: Dorothy Perkins, Mango, Michael Antonio, Rabeanco, Topshop

vibe 9

want to eat


CELEBRATIONS Feast with your family and friends on these flavorful platters!

T.G.I. Friday’s Of course, everybody knows T.G.I. Friday’s for its humongously delicious servings of American dishes. A favorite among TriNoma shoppers, regulars usually go for its juicy seven-ounce Jack Daniels Burger, hand-battered Chicken Fingers, and super tender Baby Back Ribs. T.G.I. Friday’s also serves a a sumptuous medley of Filipino favorites for your balikbayan family and friends. This very filling platter has got the ever popular Pork Liempo cooked in T.G.I. Friday’s sweet

and sour sauce, some melt-in-your-mouth Pork Adobo, and a slow-roasted half chicken. Complement it with T.G.I. Friday’s Free for All, which is a trio of its renowned appetizers including Loaded Potato Skins, Fried Mozzarella, and Buffalo Wings. Don’t be too greedy now as you have to leave room for dessert. T.G.I. Friday’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake is so amazingly delicious that you might have to order more than a slice. It’s three layers of ultra moist chocolate cake covered with chocolate frosting that’s the perfect ending to a wonderful meal. T.G.I. Friday’s, Level 4 Garden Restaurants, 943-2163

TEMPURA JAPANESE GRILL One of the cuisines closest to the Filipino’s heart is that of Japan’s. Perhaps it’s the fact that the Japanese respect the integrity of seafood, which Pinoys are very fond of, or perhaps it’s the fact that a light batter can make any kind of ingredient, including eggplant and okra, crisply delicious. Well, the folks over at Tempura Japanese Grill have been serving plate after plate of yummy Japanese dishes since 2009, and they’re just getting better at their offerings. This holiday season, bring your family and friends for their group meals offering a selection of your favorite Japanese dishes at reasonable price points. The Tsukiji meal, for instance, is good for four at only P1399. Apart from eight pieces of perfectly cooked tempura, it also features plates of beef tenderloin with teriyaki sauce, bacon chicken skewers, tuna sashimi, California maki, and green tea ice cream. You and your loved ones will be belly happy indeed! Tempura Japanese Grill, Level 2 Garden Restaurants, 567-2447

10 vibe

FISH & CO. At Fish & Co., the vibe is absolutely homey with the staff greeting their regular customers like old friends, children laughing heartily as they chomp down their chips, and couples sharing a serving of its moist chocolate cake. Since opening its doors in 2007, Fish & Co. has been serving its delicious Fish and Chips laced with parmesan cheese, Caesar Salad with smoked salmon, and New England Clam Chowder with

chunks and chunks of clams to scores of eager diners. Reservations are advised on weekends, specially when there are major mall events scheduled. This holiday season, celebrate a bountiful year with Fish & Co.’s platter of grilled calamari, seared fish and prawns, seafood rice and chips. Want more? Get the fish and ribs combo for a definitively hearty meal! Fish & Co, Level 4 Garden Restaurants, 916-2028

want to eat

RED CHINA Super Bowl virtually redefined the Chinese dining experience by offering modern takes on traditional favorites in a contemporary setting. Red China by Super Bowl is destined to make waves in the restaurant scene by serving up blockbuster Chinese entrees from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan to the Filipino audience. Among its signature dishes are Roast Pork Belly, which has been marinated in Asian Five Spice; Roast Chicken with Mala Sauce, a spicy, tickleyour-tongue sauce from Singapore; and Bacon Wrapped Shrimps from Hong Kong, that’s sinfully filling. The Minced Meat Asado Lao Mian, which is a Singaporean comfort food, is definitely a must-try. The stirring warm soup is served separately from the sticky noodles and juicy asado; take a spoonful of the noodle-and-meat combo, and finish it off with some soup--a refreshing way of savoring soup! Don’t go home without having an order of fresh taho. They make it as you order, so it takes some time to get it done. But the wait is worth it; their taho is just mighty fine. Red China, Level 1 Garden Restaurants, 747-2125



RAMEN SANTOUKA Level 4 Garden Restaurants Originating from Hokkaido, Japan and after gaining popularity in several international cities, the legendary ramen brand opens its third Philippine branch in TriNoma. Offering the same family recipe since 1988, Ramen Santouka takes pride in the exceptional taste and flavor of its special Tonkatsu soup, a signature dish enjoyed by many.

For more than 26 years, Cabalen has been serving its delicious brand of Kapampangan cuisine to families and balikbayans across the country. Its TriNoma branch, which opened in 2007, is a crowd pleaser, what with its formidable buffet selection of Filipino flavors. Kare-kare, kaldereta, dinuguan, crispy kangkong, and crispy crablets are but some of the bestsellers. But there are plenty of other dishes to suit everybody’s inclination including Pancit na Puti, Ginataang Labong with Chicken and Sili Leaves, Bringhe, and Tokwa’t Baboy. On the grill, there’s Lechon de Leche, Inihaw na Hito, and Pork Sisig. If you’ve got a hankering for the unusual, go for Tapang Kalabaw. Of course, there’s halo-halo and leche flan for dessert. No wonder Cabalen is a favorite among families celebrating special occasions; it feels like there’s a fiesta here every single day! Cabalen, Level 2 Garden Restaurants, 901-3602

Q-DADDY Level 2 Food Choices Q-Daddy offers quality barbecue and more in just a few easy steps! Choose from five delicious cuts of meat, then top that off with one of seven signature home-made sauces. Don’t forget to take your pick from special rice, potatoes or pasta to complete your meal! At Q-Daddy, mix and match and enjoy your meal any which way you like.

MANAM EXPRESS Level 2 Food Choices Manam Express is premium restaurant quality comfort Filipino fare served fresh and quick every day. Whether on-the-go, value-driven or on the hunt to satisfy one’s food cravings, customers can choose from an array of Manam’s signature dishes that will surely hit the spot and have them coming back for more.

CUPCAKES BY SONJA Level 2 Cupcakes by Sonja (CBS) pioneered gourmet cupcakes in the Philippines and redefined the category through innovation, expanding the cupcake range with new flavors and varieties. From its 8 original flavors, CBS now has more than 30 deliciously heavenly creations that cupcake aficionados just cannot get enough of.

vibe 11

want to watch

Fantastic Journeys Go off on great adventures with these exciting movies. Watch the return of Orlando Bloom in The Hobbit series, the film adaptation of the bestselling titles Hunger Games and Ender’s Game, and the latest animated feature destined to win everybody’s heart!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire November 20

Director Francis Lawrence brings you the second installment of Suzanne Collins’ popular trilogy, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. The film follows Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) as they take part in the Victor’s Tour after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Triggered by a renewed sense of hope, rebellions begin to

surface in the districts of Panem, leading to the pivotal and ultimately defining 75th Annual Hunger Games.

Free Birds December 11

Ender’s Game December 4

When on the brink of human extinction, heroes arise to save the world. “Ender’s Game,” an adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s acclaimed books, features a hero named Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), a young boy with an unparalleled mind. A master of formulating undisputable strategies but a newbie in the battlefield, Ender joins the military to lead an army to defeat the aliens and retake what was once human land.

From the Academy Award-winning producers that brought you “Shrek” comes another action-packed animated movie for all ages. “Free Birds” tells the story of two turkeys, Reggie (voiced by Owen Wilson) and Jake (voiced by Woody Harrelson), as they team up to travel back to the year 1621 to change history and save all turkeys from becoming the main course every Thanksgiving.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug December 11

After successfully crossing the Misty Mountains, Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), Gandalf (Ian McKellen), and the thirteen Dwarves embark on another

journey to retake the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the mighty dragon in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” The sequel also sees the much-awaited return of Orlando Bloom as he reprises his well-loved role from the original “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, Legolas.

Get the Best Seats of the House! Don’t miss out on the week’s hottest movies by checking out the daily movie schedules of Ayala Malls Cinemas at Just by clicking the appropriate buttons, you get to reserve tickets in advance!

12 vibe

want to do

Christmas Spirit TriNoma shoppers reveal their holiday plans.

Christmas will find Ateneo Communication Arts junior Arianna del Rosario in California where her brother and parents now live. Though she grew up in the United States, she wanted to study in the Philippines in order to rediscover her heritage. At first, she found it difficult to live on her own, but connecting with her family and friends through Viber, video calls, and other forms of communication made the adjustment phase more bearable. TriNoma is one of the places she likes going to because it’s here where some of her favorite stores are, like Topshop and Benefit. She also finds the service real good.

Bridal Registry Made Easy with A-Weddings See how A-Weddings revolutionizes the bridal registry experience

With her sister working in Singapore, Regina Romelo became a member of VIPinoy giving her instant access to TriNoma’s well-appointed VIPinoy Lounge. There, she can communicate to her sister online in comfortable surroundings. As she works in TriNoma, she sometimes goes to the Lounge to take coffee breaks or just relax. With her family in Bacolod, Regina looks forward to a holiday full of delicious native delicacies--but not before she does some serious shopping at TriNoma, whose stores and staff she loves. These days, a lot of couples turn to online resources to help them plan their wedding. The Internet has provided a wealth of tools and services to facilitate increased convenience, which is why it’s unsurprising that online bridal registry provider,, is gaining momentum. With A-Weddings, you and your guests can participate in the bridal registry despite your packed schedules. It was put together to create a seamless user experience for the couple as well as for their families and friends. Here’s how A-Weddings is changing the traditional registry: YOU HAVE A WIDE VARIETY OF CHOICES. A-Weddings is the largest online bridal registry and is powered by Ayala Malls. You can include items from Ayala Malls merchants – which means you have thousands of choices from a myriad of shops for your registry list. You can have a nice mix of affordable and luxury items to accommodate a variety of price points, so guests with different budgets can easily pick from your list. SHOPPING IS EASY FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS. Choosing items for your bridal registry list can

Aaron Tabangay, a college student from the Ateneo de Manila University, is so looking forward to the holidays because it’s the time when he can get some rest from the everyday grind of college life. That’s also when their family gets to spend some real bonding time as they shop and dine together. Though his father works in Spain, he and his siblings never fail to keep in touch with him. Whether it’s an ordinary day or a special occasion, they connect through Skype or phone calls. For sure, Aaron will be going to TriNoma for some of his shopping needs. He likes the diverse selection of shops that TriNoma offers, whether he wants to scrimp or splurge! entail hours of walking around the mall – but not if you complete the bridal registry process from the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks, you can add items to your list. Your list will be saved in the system until two weeks after your wedding day. Your guests will also enjoy the same convenience when they purchase the items online. Because your guests can buy online, your friends and relatives from out-of-town – or even abroad – can participate, too. The gifts will then be collected to be delivered to your chosen venue. PAYMENT IS CONVENIENT. For a hassle-free experience, your guests can pay for their purchases online via a credit card facility, PayPal or the traditional over-the-counter bank deposit system. Moreover, your guests can even split the expenses on a particular gift by pledging a specific amount per item. This means they don’t have to meet up in person to pool money in case they want to share the cost of a high-ticket gift on your list. With A-Weddings, creating a wedding registry has never been more exciting and convenient. Source:

vibe 13

vibe events

“Pee Mak” Premiere August 3, 2013

Sarah Geronimo August 2, 2013 The Popstar Princess treated her avid supporters to a delightful night of music to mark the launch of her tenth studio album, “Expressions,” and to celebrate her tenth year in the industry.

The Philippine red carpet premiere of Thailand’s highest grossing movie to date was attended by none other than Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer and film director Banjong Pisanthanakun.

Gwiyomi September 7, 2013

“Muling Buksan ang Puso” Mall Show

August 11, 2013

In her first time in the Philippines, Korean artist Hari arrived at the Ayala Malls to meet and greet mall patrons who have jumped into the viral “Gwiyomi” craze.

Thousands of fans were more than excited to witness the launch of the wellreceived teleserye’s official soundtrack with performances by young starlets Julia Montes, Enrique Gil and Enchong Dee.

Fall “Out Boy

August 8, 2013

Save rock and roll! Screaming fans trooped to the Activity Center to meet and greet Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy of the recently reunited American rock band Fall Out Boy.

upcoming events

Relient K September 29, 2013

Merry Musical Lights

Green Light Sale

November 9, 2013 to January 5, 2014

November 15 - 17, 2013

14 vibe

The audience rocked out to Christian alternative rock band Relient K as they performed old and new hits in their much anticipated Ayala Malls tour.

behind the scenes

At Your Service The women of TriNoma’s Concierge Team tell us why they love their job.

“I love the idea of a workplace which is a 20-minute drive from home and very accessible to MRT. Whenever I have meetings in Makati City, I just park in TriNoma and take the MRT. I personally feel that TriNoma is just an extension of my home,” says Zaida Marielle Yap. Since she started working at TriNoma, Marielle reveals that her family has come to the mall more often as well. It is here where they watch movies, celebrate special occasions, and hear Sunday Mass. Marielle believes in going beyond the extra mile in order to satisfy client requests, whether it’s arranging a proposal dinner or a family vacation. A memorable trip which she helped arrange was for a balikbayan who wanted to take his family somewhere special. Rather than booking them in a traditional resort, Marielle suggested that his family spend their downtime in a Greek-inspired villa in Tagaytay. The trip was a success, and Marielle was happy to be of service to her kababayan.

16 vibe

“Working in TriNoma gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for a whole day’s work,” says Charie Mae Guamos.

of the guest’s awaiting flight is really a fulfillment. There is a sense of feeling that you did it for your family member, not just for a customer!”

Charie likes making restaurant reservations and confirming flight bookings. She says, “The thought of being a Concierge representative who coordinates with the restaurant receptionist to make the customer’s special occasion possible and to call the airline agent to know the status

It especially makes Charie proud when she manages to make extraordinary experiences for their customers. She once arranged a special dinner where guests were treated to a bonfire next to their private table, and went stargazing to their heart’s desire. It was a memorable night.

Sharmaine Alamin exclaims, “TriNoma is a gift to us, Northerners! I was really amazed how this mall has a very high traffic count. It is a challenging job to be a Concierge representative and serve customers in this mall because of the number of people coming in.” Accessibility is one of the many factors that Aiko Ebardone loves about TriNoma as it allows her to work and spend time with her loved ones. As a member of the Concierge team, Aiko says, “I always feel great whenever I make successful cinema reservations for the guests. It seems like I am a hero for saving the customers from the long queues of a blockbuster movie.” One incident she would never forget is when she helped a family acquire tickets to a highly coveted children’s show. She says, “After the event, a child handed me a piece of paper. On it was an illustration of a little girl carrying a bag, walking in a park with a fountain... The note says, ‘Thank you Ate Aiko!’ Every time she goes to TriNoma, she never fails to drop by at the Concierge booth to say hi.”

She says, “I always love how the customers feel that they are our priority like every time I inform the nursing moms, pregnant women, PWDs as well as the Senior Citizens that they have free access at the Family Lounge, a Priority Lane when taking a cab, and designated parking slots. Customers always said that they feel more at home and valued here in TriNoma.” Let’s

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