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Afro Caribbean Society aims to promote diversity on campus and facilitate a forum for education about African and Caribbean cultures, through the hosting of visiting speakers, debates and social events. During the year we organise drumming and dancing classes, as well as many musical events.

afrocarib@csc.tcd.ie Agricultural Society Trinity’s newest society! AgSoc aims to promote agriculture, develop an understanding for those interested in agri-business, provide a platform for those who wish to participate in fun, educational agricultural activities and to encourage an appreciation of agriculture both in Ireland and internationally, helping to further build one of Ireland’s largest industries. So come on in and sign up, ‘tis friesian outside! agsoc@csc.tcd.ie AIESEC is the world’s largest studentled organisation that seeks to facilitate the development of leadership skills of its members and help them to gain practical business experience. At Trinity, our society aims to promote the international exchange programmes as well as conferences and other events. Moreover, AIESEC members have a unique opportunity to access our live internship system. There they can find internships in the management, technical, volunteering or teaching sectors. Join AIESEC and you’ll have an unforgettable life experience! AIESEC@csc.tcd.ie D.U. Amnesty is Trinity’s branch of the world’s largest global movement against human rights’ abuses. The society works with the Irish division of the organisation as well as independently to highlight human rights’ exploitations worldwide through educating the college community and creating positive action. Members can become actively involved in organising events, choosing awareness campaigns, fundraising, letter writing to prisoners of conscience and inviting guest speakers. amnesty@csc.tcd.ie

Animation is a society made by and for animation lovers. The society aims to promote animation and the variety of animation techniques through regular screenings of animated films, talks and workshops. We show animated movies from around the world as well as some well known classics from the likes of Disney, Dreamworks and Studio Ghibli. animation@csc.tcd.ie

Arabesque society is a vibrant society that aims to provide a tolerant and accepting environment, that respects and incorporates the wishes of the individuals within it, for the purpose of promoting/fostering Arab multinational unity, understanding the history and culture of the individual Arab nations between students in TCD. arabesque@csc.tcd.ie Archaeological ArchSoc aims to provide its members with a broad and exciting range of events both social and academic. From lectures delivered by world famous archaeologists on topics ranging from gladiators to the Aztecs, to trips abroad and around Ireland, historical reenactments and demonstrations. Our Black Tie Imperial Ball held in conjunction with our friends at DU Classical Society is always a highlight of the year and in the past we’ve travelled across Europe, to Rome, Prague, Budapest and beyond! In addition to this we aim to keep our members informed on the latest news happening in the archaeological world as well as dig and volunteering opportunities. archsoc@csc.tcd.ie Architectural Society is Trinity’s arena for all those interested in anything architectural, whether that means reading Vitruvius or just sitting indoors with a cup of tea. Arcsoc makes the most of TCD’s eclectic collection of buildings by fostering a deeper understanding and affection towards all things architectural. We have guest lectures, tours, paper readings and nights out, so basically if you just want architecture@csc.tcd.ie to have fun in nice buildings, give us a go! Alternative Music Soc (DUAMS) is Trinity’s society for modern, alternative and rock music. The society is involved in running concerts, jamming, specialist music nights, karaoke, club nights and of course living the rock‘n’roll lifestyle. The society room located in House 6 offers the ideal location to relax at lunchtime and enjoy some quality tunes. The society aims to promote new music, especially new Irish and Trinity acts. If you have any interest in music then the Al- DUAMS@csc.tcd.ie ternative Music Society is most definitely the place for you.


Biochemical: the aims of the society are to stimulate interest in Biochemistry, and related disciplines and also to promote closer contact and co-operation between all students and staff who share that interest. The main activity of the society is the organisation of a series of quality talks throughout the year.

biochem@csc.tcd.ie Biological: Established in 1874, Biosoc is one Trinity’s oldest societies and caters for everyone with an interest in healthcare and medicine. Throughout the year we run events like our book sale, Christmas Trip, Med Ball and numerous seminars and medical-themed entertainment. We also organise Med Day, a huge fundraiser for local hospitals and this year our first ever Surf Trip! So whether you’re after Grey’s Anatomy’s drama, House M.D’s brains or just some Scrubs-style laughs, Biosoc has the prescription for you!



Society was set up to promote botanical awareness among society members and the greater college environ through talks, field trips, and other events.


Dublin University Business and Economics Society (DUBES) wants to help you make the most of your college experience. We are one of the most varied societies on campus with social events including BESS Ball, Europe’s largest student society ran black tie ball. Our academic events offer excellent opportunities to advance your knowledge in a range of business and economic fields but whatever your course or background we have plenty to offer for the coming year. dubes@csc.tcd.ie Cancer Society is a branch of the Irish Cancer Society run by your fellow students. We aim to promote awareness of cancer, provide support to those affected by it and raise money for those who need it. With diverse events ranging from charity skydiving to making men grow hilariously pathetic moustaches for a month, some say we put the fun in fun-draising! Also distributor of Trinity’s only (official) naked calendar. cancer@csc.tcd.ie

Caledonian (Cal Soc) prides itself on proving that ‘craic,’ is a word as Scots Gaelic as it is Irish. Come taste a Scotch at our tastings; don a kilt and spin through our St Andrew’s Ball or be challenged by our speakers and see why Scotland saw the first Enlightenment? And, of course, raise a toast to Rab at Burns calsoc@csc.tcd.ie Supper, our celebration of Scotland’s national bard. Card & Bridge Society is the home of Poker, Bridge and other card games in College. We aim to provide new and experienced players a relaxed environment where they can play and make new friends.


Chapel Choir performs a broad range of Church music from tudor to contemporary at two services each week in College Chapel during term. As well as singing biweekly in the Chapel, the choir performs at high profile college events including the Carol Service and Trinity Monday. We also go on two trips each year, one national and one international. Choral scholarships www.tcdchapelchoir.ie are available.

chapel@csc.tcd.ie Chess Society is for all things chess. Club nights are held weekly. Play against others, analyse games, play other chess variants and learn from stronger players. We also run numerous events throughout the year, such as tournaments, classes for beginners, simultaneous exhibitions and course versus course competitions. Beginners, even if you chess@csc.tcd.ie don’t know the rules, are always welcome! Chinese Students Society hosts events for all students to discover new cultures and experiences. Calligraphy, Kung Fu, Food tasting, Music, Painting, Nights out and the very special Chinese New Year Festival are some of the activities held throughout the year. We also offer professionally taught Chinese Mandarin lessons and organise day-trips to landmarks in Ireland.


Choral Society Founded in 1837, is Trinity’s oldest and largest choir, specialising in the performance of large-scale choral works accompanied by a full orchestra. We rehearse weekly, and welcome students of all vocal ranges and levels of singing experience. The year ahead will involve performances of Mozart’s dramatic Requiem, the ever popular Messiah by Handel, and Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle.


Christian Union is a Gospel-based, non-denominational fellowship whose members live to proclaim the Good News of Jesus on campus. Our vision is to be outward looking and inward searching both illustrating God’s love to others, while also seeking its application in our own lives on a day-to-day basis. All are welcome to our events and meetings, regardless of faith or viewpoint. Come cunion@csc.tcd.ie and See!

Classical Society: Founded in 1906 and Best Small Society 2011/12, is the place for all those interested in the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome, whether that means reading Homer or wearing a toga. With members from all over campus, we mix talks from world renowned classicists with nights out and the best in classical cinema. Highlights include our trips abroad (Rome, Pompeii and Barcelona have all been visited in recent years) and our legendary black-tie Imperial Ball. From philosophy to drama, poetry to history, there’s something for everyone! classical@csc.tcd.ie

Clinical Therapy: Founded in 2015, the society aims to promote the fields Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Radiation Therapy within the college. The society’s events cater to both the academic and social aspects of college life. DUCTS strives to create a campus identity and build a community for students studying the health therapies.

clinicaltherapies@csc.tcd.ie Comedy Society is dedicated to bringing students the best comedy from Trinity, Dublin and beyond. We also cultivate students’ interest in performance, whether it be in our standup classes, sketch groups or just as an enthusiastic audience member! Previous events include Comedy Intervarsities, Edinburgh Fringe preview shows, and regular gigs at the Pav! comedy@csc.tcd.ie

www.trinityevents.ie facebook.com/trinitysocieties Computer Science. DUCSS is Trinity’s leading society for Computer Science, interactive media and eSports. While directly associated with Computer Science courses, DUCSS promotes Computer Science to the wider college community through talks from industry leaders (Riot, Google), tech showcases, tutorials and more. We actively host gaming tournaments, social nights and our room, with couches and gaming computers, is open to all members.


Cumann Gaelach Is é an Cumann Gaelach ceann dos na Cumainn is mó ar Champas Choláiste na Tríonóide. Le breis ‘s 1,000 baill a labhraíonn an Ghaeilge chuile lá eagraítear imeachtaí seachtainiúla ar nós céilithe, ceolchoirmeacha, cainteoirí, imeachtaí cultúrtha srl. srl.! Más maith leat an Ghaeilge a labhairt, cibé leibhéal atá agat, tar agus bí i do bhall den Chumann. I mbliana beidh an-chuid ag tarlúint ar nós ‘Turas chun na Gaeltachta, Turas ag an Oireachtas’ agus cainteoirí de gach saghas. Bíonn bia saor in aisce againn chuile Céadaoin ins an Seomra na Gaeilge (Thuas staighre taobh thiar den Bhutrach (Buttery Restaurant)) So dá mbeadh grá agus suim agat ins an Ghaeilge tar trasna chugainn i rith Seachtain na bhFreisir! Tar don Ghaeilge, fan don chraic! Táimid ar FB cumann@csc.tcd.ie ar: Cumann Gaelach TCD agus trí r-phoist ar

Dance: Are you interested in having fun, getting fit, making friends and/ or competing at the highest level? Then dance is the society for you; running weekly classes from HipHop to Contemporary and everything in between. If thats too mainstream for you, we’ve got Pole Dancing, Beyoncé and many other once off workshops for you to enjoy. See you on the dance floor


Digital Arts Society (aka DUDJ). Throughout the year we host mixing tutorials, tailored to all levels, exclusively for our members. We run niche nights, as well as collaborate with other societies on some of the best events of the year- such as Trinity Ball. We strive to provide a means for both aspiring and established student DJs and Producers to get their work into the public eye, we look forward to welcoming new members this year. digiarts@csc.tcd.ie ELSA is the largest network of law students in the world. Being part of this network by being a member of ELSA Trinity offers law students a perfect platform to develop their existing skills acquire new skills and meet fellow students and legal professionals throughout Europe. ELSA has given Trinity students the opportunity to undertake internships in the Council of Europe, to participate in ELSA Training days in Cagliari, Italy, to be a delegate to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, to attend international Council meetings across Europe and much more. elsa@csc.tcd.ie Enactus is the society for social entrepreneurship. Come join us to learn real-life skills and make a positive impact, all while having the craic! Homelessness, poverty, injustice - we create projects to tackle these social issues, with each member joining one, or creating their own. If you are imaginative, curious, determined - join and enactus@csc.tcd.ie become a leader of tomorrow today! Engineering Society is one of Trinity’s oldest societies. Our aim is to organise events which promote the engineering profession in new and refreshing ways: such as workshops, quizzes, trips and organising Trinity’s Engineering, Maths and Science (EMS) day. We also organise an annual Internship Fair, which provides students a chance to network with companies. The society is open to all students, whether studying engineering or simply wanting to meet new people.


Entrepreneurial (TES) fosters innovation and aids students on all stages of their entrepreneurial journey through an array of programmes and events. We run an Incubator programme, a Dragon’s Den competition, a Startup Fair, the TES Talks series, a Hack Day, and a series of Insight Events. Looking forward to seeing you in Front Square!


Environment Society: Not your average bunch of world savers, Enviro-Soc is one of the friendliest societies on campus. Whether you want to go on fun trips away, learn more about sustainability and environmental issues, get involved in formal policy making in the university, get careers advice, attend our great range of talks and events (we love giving you lunch), or just make new friends; EnviroSoc is the place for you. Like all of our members, you are free to be as active in the society as you want! We can’t wait to meet you and environment@csc.tcd.ie hear what you want to do with us this year! Europa aims to promote European diversity both cultural and political in Trinity. Being European is now a part of our identity and it’s important to engage with this by getting involved in European affairs and events. The society is about enjoying what it means to be European by learning together about European cultures and topical issues. Our members will enjoy a range of events including nights out, language evenings, foreign film nights and excursions.


Fashion Society is the most vibrant society on campus. From swap shops, to LFW, to trend-setting social events, the eclectic mix of passions from the society members will provide that irresistible fashion fix. Each year talented teams of stylists, models, runway production and PR, enable the society to play host to the annual Fashion Show. Fashion Soc promises to showcase the spectrum of fashion all year, front and centre.


Fianna Fail Cumann Wolfe Tone is the Trinity branch of Fianna Fáil. Our meetings provide a vibrant atmosphere to debate the challenges facing Ireland and to form practical solutions through effective campaigning. Dedicated in memory of Trinity’s finest patriot, the Cumann seeks to promote the aims of the Irish republican tradition—in particular; Irish unity, social and economic equality, and the revival of the Irish language. fiannafail@csc.tcd.ie Sinne Fianna Fáil atá faoi gheall ag Éirinn.

www.trinityevents.ie facebook.com/trinitysocieties Film Society caters to film enthusiasts and filmmakers across campus. Whether you’re interested in making films or you’re just excited about the free movie nights, we offer the best opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded individuals interested in all aspects of film. We perform a range of functions from hosting workshops, screenings, competitions, networking events to supplying equipment and funding to make your film film@csc.tcd.ie Fine Gael: Trinity YFG is basically an ideas vehicle for young people and a platform for meaningful political engagement. Whether you want to become a better public speaker, social justice campaigner, socialite or the next Taoiseach, then we have the platform for you to get started. While supporting the leading government party, we are an autonomous organization with our own leadership that pushes policies important to young people. finegael@csc.tcd.ie

FLAC - Are you interested in human rights and social justice issues? Then FLAC is the society for you! As well as organising for qualified solicitors and barristers to give free legal advice to students, we Free Legal campaign on issues such as homelessness, the refugee crisis, Advice Centre child poverty and women’s rights. You don’t have to study law to be a member and there are loads of ways to get involved: come along to hear our guest speakers, join us in our annual sleep-out fundraiser, take part in our research projects, or enter our moot court competitions for a chance to win an internship! FLAC@csc.tcd.ie fighting for social justice.

flac@csc.tcd.ie trinityflac.wordpress.com

Food & Drink society is without a doubt the tastiest, sauciest student organisation in Trinity. We pride ourselves on indulgence and gluttony, because there is no more universal language than good grub and grog. Some past events include burrito making/eating nights, whiskey appreciation, cooking classes and enough wine and cheese events to really feel at home in Trinity haw haw. If you love fooddrnk@csc.tcd.ie your belly then join us in Freshers’ week. French Society TCD is devoted to spreading appreciation for French language and culture throughout Trinity. We host coffee mornings, language exchange evenings, wine tastings, and much more, so no matter what you’re into, there’ll be something for you! frenchsociety@csc.tcd.ie

www.trinityevents.ie facebook.com/trinitysocieties Gamers celebrate all forms of gaming. We challenge each other through any kind of game you can imagine; boardgames, wargames, card games, RPGs and more. Our society room in Goldsmith Hall is a social hub where gamers of all stripes gather to talk and play. We run weekly gaming events and two annual conventions: Freshycon, especially for Freshers, and Leprecon, Ireland’s oldest gaming convention with attendees from all over Europe. So come gamers@csc.tcd.ie in, grab a die, and start playing. General Science Society is an inclusive society that serves as a one stop shop for students from all backgrounds who have an interest in science and technology. We provide interactive events and talks which are accessible to all students of Trinity as well working to be the perfect companion society to the General Science course. genscience@csc.tcd.ie GenSoc (Genetical ) is for people interested in new and exciting developments in genetics that have either a scientific or social significance. Along with the double-edged swords of cloning and genetic engineering, GenSoc has a lot to think about and a lot of fun doing it. Talks with experts, trips away, heated debates and high profile speakers means that if you are interested in what it is going to be like to be human in 20 years, you need to join GenSoc

gensoc@csc.tcd.ie Gender Equality Society (DUGES) aims to raise awareness of and continue the on-campus conversation on feminism and gender related issues. We aspire to foster and encourage social change and student activism, and to achieve this through a wide range of social and educational events which contribute to the life of the university and its members. duges@csc.tcd.ie

Geographical Society: established in 1952, provides both a social and educational role by which students, from all fields of study, can come together to share their interest in geography and the wider world. The annual international trip to a European city is the society’s biggest event, last year visiting Bucharest. The society also traditionally hosts the famous Earth Ball, many guest speakers, pub quizzes, and film nights along with more great events. Sign up to trinity Geog Soc on Freshers week to have an incredible experience and make friends for life. geogsoc@csc.tcd.ie Germanic Society: we promote German language and culture. Many of our events involve practising your German skills. Of course we are also very welcoming to those who do not speak German. This year we plan to hold an exchange trip between Trinity College and a German university, which should be of interest to any students studying German. Bis Bald! germanic@csc.tcd.ie Global Development Society: promotes awareness of issues relating to international development and social justice. We organise regular on-campus events including interactive talks and panel discussions. Because of these events we won the CSC award of “Best New Society� in 2016. In the coming year we will shine a light on challenges and opportunities of our future lives. globaldev@csc.tcd.ie Greens (Trinity Greens) aims to create awareness of environmental, social and political issues. Events include debates and discussions on topics ranging from current affairs and politics to youth issues and animal rights. We also greens@csc.tcd.ie have speakers throughout the year.

www.trinitysocieties.ie www.trinityevents.ie

Hiking Society affords students the opportunity of experiencing some of Ireland’s fantastic mountains at weekends. We pass on some mountaineering skills on an informal basis and are affiliated with Mountaineering Ireland. Not only this, but hillwalking is a great way to meet and get to know people: we run social events throughout the year. hiking@csc.tcd.ie Hispanic Society: Whether you’re a fan of the humble sombrero, tapas and public tomato fights or are simply looking to improve your language skills and meet some new amigos in college, Trinity Hispanic society offers all of the above. We aim to promote awareness and appreciation of all things Spanish and Latin-American through tapas evenings, language exchanges, film screenings, salsa classes, reggaeton club nights and mucho más. Hasta pronto amigos! hispanic@csc.tcd.ie Historical (The Hist) has been at the heart of discourse and exchange of ideas in Ireland since 1770. The society exists as a stage for Nobel Laureates, heads of state, political activists, artists and students to address the issues of our times at our renowned Wednesday night debates. Last year’s guests included Patti Smith, Nick Clegg, Deirdre McCloskey and David O’Sullivan! Find us in the GMB for details on upcoming debates, guests and events. hist@csc.tcd.ie auditor@thehist.com

History Society: Join us to be part of a society dedicated to those who have a passion for history. Our trips abroad, and regular social events such as the Apollo Ball are highlights of the college calendar while our historical talks and debates are guaranteed to engage your inner history buff. If you’re looking for variety and for the chance to make new friends, then DU History is the society for you! history@csc.tcd.ie

Horse Racing Society is a celebration of stamina, skill and quality breeding. Whether you’re new to all this or as experienced as the mighty Galileo, we encourage any and all to ‘Get the Ride’ with Horse Racing Soc, founders of the Spin 103.8 Student Raceday. With trips to Paris, Cheltenham and stud farms including Coolmore and the Irish National Stud. horseracing@csc.tcd.ie

Indian Society aims to provide students at TCD a gateway into the rich culture and tradition of the South Asian Subcontinent. We regularly organise events ranging from the celebration of festivals to Indian food nights, movie screenings, henna painting and even Bollywood-themed parties. So come join us, surround yourself with all things Indian and let us welcome you into our large and loving family! trindiansoc@csc.tcd.ie International Students Society (DUISS) aims to bring people together— whether you’re from Patagonia or... Ireland!—to share past experiences and create new ones. We bring you around Ireland from the north of Donegal to the south of Cork while also having regular movie nights and celebrating various holidays in style. iss@csc.tcd.ie Internet (netsoc) - We offer website hosting where you can host your own website that anyone can access. We run weekly tutorials on everything from how to make simple or complex webpages to using code versioning tools or typesetting a professional looking document with LaTeX. We also offer private remote file storage you can access from anywhere. Apart from all this we also organise talks from big-name speakers, trips, intervarsity socials and, for the gamers among you, all-night LAN gaming sessions. Lastly, we host an IRC network which connects several universities across Ireland! To join call netsoc@csc.tcd.ie down to our room in Goldsmith Hall secretary@netsoc.tcd.ie

Italian Society: Do you love anything Italian from Pavarotti to Pizza? Then we’re the society for you! We promote all things Italian: food, cinema, music and current political and social issues. Embrace your inner linguist and come along to our language exchanges. Indulge at our pizza and vino nights, meet our important guest speakers and attend our music evenings. Simply enjoy La Dolce Vita with us! italiansoc@csc.tcd.ie Japanese Society celebrates and enjoys all things of the Japanese culture. If you want to learn to make sushi, try out Japanese food or drinks, watch Japanese films or anime, learn to speak Japanese, or just try out a little of the whole culture in general then come join us and enjoy a little bit of the east right here in Trinity. japanese@csc.tcd.ie Jazz: Whether it’s playing or listening to Jazz that you love, your needs will be catered for by the Jazz Society. The society provides its members with access to their practice space and with plentiful opportunities to soak up live Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul at regular gigs both on campus and around the city. Jazz soc kickstarts the year with a trip to the Cork Jazz Festival. The society serves as a platform for musicians. jazz@csc.tcd.ie Jewish Students Society serves as a voice of the Jewish community at TCD and contributes to a greater understanding of Jewish life, tradition and culture on campus. We welcome all members of the college to join us for weekly Shabbat, the Jewish holidays, and our other events relating to Jewish culture.


Joly Geological Society: founded after John Joly, is for rock lovers everywhere. We celebrate our love of rocks by organising geology themed table quizzes, guest speakers and many other activities that appropriately describes our love of rocks. A geological and fun trip away is a great opportunity to make friends, have a lot of fun and extend your knowledge on your favourite subject. We’re spicing up our image this year so don’t forget to check us out at fresher’s week. joly@csc.tcd.ie

Juggling and Circus: We promote the development of various juggling skills: facilitating everyone from complete beginners to experts, we run regular workshops in poi, ball and club juggling, diablo, staff and devil sticks, and occasional ones promoting such skills as unicycle riding. The highlight is the annual juggling convention, which is hosted in conjunction jugsoc@csc.tcd.ie with juggling societies in Ireland. Knitting Society: promotes all needlecrafts and aims to teach anyone who wants to learn, from complete beginners to experts. Whatever you choose to make, knitting is a fantastic life skill (and you’ll be happy come the collapse of civilisation that you have it!). Our weekly knitting circle is a great way to meet new friends. knittingsoc@csc.tcd.ie Korean Society: For anyone interested in Korea’s unique and fascinating culture. Members can take part in a range of cultural activities, such as cooking classes, restaurant outings, film screenings and more. Prior knowledge of Korean language, culture or society is not necessary. We warmly welcome anyone who wants to learn more about the beautiful culture of Korea.


Labour: is a political society and branch of Labour Youth. We stand for equality, inclusion, social justice and tolerance. These values are expressed through branch meetings, events and campaigns held throughout the year. In recent times, we have run an on-campus campaign as part of Labour Youth’s campaign against pay discrimination in Ireland. labour@csc.tcd.ie


Laurentian Society seeks to contribute to the cultural and social enrichment of the diverse college communities. It provides a forum for the exposition and discussion of historical and contemporary issues, while bringing a Catholic perspective into play. We offer to educate interested members on aspects of Catholicism. It is a society for anybody who wants to be intellectually challenged, engage in great discussions and have a great time! laurentian@csc.tcd.ie Law Society is one of the biggest societies on campus, renowned for its balls and parties, including campus favourites Swing Ball and the infamous Masquerave. The society runs the most exciting competitions with prizes. Law Soc has a very prestigious guest lineups - sign up and let Law Soc make your time at Trinity the best of your life. lawsoc@csc.tcd.ie

secretary@tcdlawsoc.com LGBT (QSoc)is open to students of any sexual orientation who are interested in socialising with LGBT students or others that are interested in queer society and/or queer politics. Trinity LGBT is Ireland’s oldest LGBT Society and runs a variety of events for its members including workshops, book clubs, socials, trips away, gigs, drama events, themed parties, and much more. Trinity LGBT has something for everyone so come along and LGBT@csc.tcd.ie do something different! QSoc@csc.tcd.ie Literary Society (LitSoc) is Trinity’s foremost society for the creation and celebration of literature, a haven for all aspiring writers and fervent readers. We host weekly events and daily coffee hours. With writing workshops, open readings, book clubs, an extensive lending library and fascinating speakers [past guests include John Boyne, David Levithan and Ali Smith], The Trinity Literary Society has assuaged literary hunger since 1985. If you like curling up with good books, you’re going to love curling up with us!


Management Science Society (DUMSS) offers more than its name suggests. If you’re studying management science, business, computers, maths, statistics or just want a great society to have fun and get to know new people, then DUMSS is for you! We’re the society that can work and play! dumss@csc.tcd.ie Mathematical Society: We’re looking forward to another great year jampacked with Mathsoc traditions such as our Freshers’ Doughnut Reception, the annual Mario Kart tournament, the Maths Intervarsities, and many more, in addition to maths-related talks. Mathsoc also boasts an impressive society room complete with an extensive library of maths, physics, engineering, and commaths@csc.tcd.ie puter programming books. Mature Students Society provides opportunities for mature students to meet, socialise and network with others who are encountering, or have already experienced, the academic and social challenges that meet them on their entry into third level education. We encourage members to suggest and organise new events that mature@csc.tcd.ie will interest others. Meditation Society aims to assist with the emotional and spiritual development of College students and staff by teaching the ‘mindfulness’ of breathing’ and ‘cultivation of loving kindness’ meditation practices. Experienced meditation teachers lead weekly classes, as well as retreats. meditate@csc.tcd.ie Metaphysical Society, (Metafizz) is Trinity’s philosophical society, committed to bringing philosophical problems, questions, and answers to the attention of the wider college community. We meet once or twice a week to listen to papers/talks given by guest lecturers, student speakers, and the occasional famous philosopher. Past guests include Erwin Schrodinger, Daniel Dennett, A.C. Grayling, Helen Beebee, J.L. Austin, Gilbert Ryle, and David Chalmers. We also have a book club for members of all disciplinary backgrounds who are interested in reading philosophical texts as well as a lending library of philosophy books available both for research and for personal use. metafizz@csc.tcd.ie

Microbiology was founded in 1976 to review conceptual and technological advances in diverse areas of microbiology, mycology, virology and biotechnology. Topics & guests speakers are chosen for their ability to provide topical, factual and up-to-date info on state of the art developments as well as illustrate important principles of the natural sciences. microsoc@csc.tcd.ie Modern Language Society allows students to participate in language-oriented events including weekly classes. French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Japanese classes have been run in the past. Its library is available to members, containing literary classics from various countries. We have social evenings where members can practice their linguistic abilities, film screenings and guest speakers. modlang@csc.tcd.ie Music Society: Founded in 1953, DU Music Soc is Trinity’s premier society for musicians of all genres, providing members with performance opportunities, a practice place and a platform for academic discussion. We hold regular open mic nights and recitals, along with a variety of harmonious events to suit all tastes. Our practice room in House 6 has a piano and music stands available for members, and our extensive library of sheet music & books provides further resources for musical exploration. music@csc.tcd.ie Musical Theatre: After the success of last year’s West Side Story, Musical Theatre is back! This is the only society of its kind in Trinity, with the sole objective producing and staging musical theatre productions on campus. Whether you’re interested in being a performer, musician, technical officer or production team member, TMTS offers you the best opportunity to socialise with like minded individuals and be part of something unforgettable.


Muslim Student Society: Whether you’re a Muslim or not, this society caters to both! We are a lively society made of students hoping to help further enrich the college through cultural, and social events. Some of the things we do include holding calligraphy workshops, having a discover Islam week, hosting fundraisers for charity, and also helping clear up any misconceptions students may have regarding Islam. If you are looking for diversity, you’ve found it!


Neuroscience Society aims to bring together students and staff who are interested in how the brain works. We organise a variety of seminars throughout the year presented by both local and internationally renowned speakers. These seminars span a wide range of neuroscience-related topics from both popular science and academia. We also regularly host social events throughout the year, including Summer BBQs, film nights, table quizzes and our annual neuroscience@csc.tcd.ie NeuroSoc ball Orchestral (Trinity Orchestra) is Ireland’s only entirely student run orchestra, made up of over 100 students. We perform two classical concerts during the academic year but have also covered a number of modern artists such as Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend and David Bowie. The aim of the orchestra is to give students who have a passion and talent for music the opportunity to play with others and explore their musicality in a nonacademic environment. We welcome both playing and non-playing members. Non-playing members can avail of discounted and priority tickets to our concerts. orchsoc@csc.tcd.ie People Before Profit is a 32 county socialist party dedicated to fighting austerity, oppression, imperialism and environmental catastrophe. We organize meetings, reading groups, film screenings and activism in support of a wide range of progressive causes. We’re committed to building a fighting radical left on campus and across Ireland. pbp@csc.tcd.ie Philosophical (The Phil) has been at the centre of student life in Trinity for over three centuries. Primarily concerned with oratory and public speaking. The Phil meets every Thursday evening in the GMB to debate a motion and to be addressed by world renowned experts in their field. The Phil has played host to world class speakers such as Angela Merkel, Joe Biden, John McCain, Al Pacino, Hugh Laurie, Martin Scorsese, Ice Cube and Whoopi Goldberg. Debating and phil@csc.tcd.ie incredible opportunities are all on offer!


Photographic (DUPA): Since 1948 DUPA has been offering its members the opportunity to both improve their photography skills and exhibit their work. The association holds classes on a range of topics suitable for all levels, while special guests give talks and master classes for more experienced members. Digital SLRs, film SLRs, lenses, tripods and books are available for rent, and discounts are available from two Dublin camera shops. Exhibitions are held throughout the year, along with various day outings and our yearly trip abroad. Our 2 darkrooms on campus are available to use by DUPA@csc.tcd.ie our members. Physical (DU Physoc) aims to provide a space for people interested in physics. We host talks on a fortnightly basis, as well as organise social events such as quizzes, board game nights and of course our Halloween and Christmas parties.We are introducing Physoc Lunch Time Chats, informal talks given during lunch with free tea and coffee and a place to eat your own packed/bought lunch. We also provide beginner tutorials in Latex, Inkscape and Mathematica, and for the first time ever will organise the MathsPhys Ball (in conjunction with Mathsoc). We organise trips abroad to CERN, DESY and JET


Pirate Party is a society political in nature, driven by the belief that civil liberties and personal freedoms should take precedence over private and corporate interests. We embrace the ideals of free culture and information, and oppose censorship and surveillance. As a society we aim to raise awareness of these and other issues, while educating people about their rights and striving for change.


www.trinityevents.ie facebook.com/trinitysocieties

Players is Trinity’s Drama and Theatre society. We produce almost 60 student productions a year in our on campus, entirely student run Players Theatre. If you’re not an actor don’t worry, we also run student led courses in all aspects of technical theatre and theatre production and also host a variety of social events every Wednesday night, as well as larger events throughout the year like our Mystery Tour and the infamous Players Ball. We aim to encourage all types of creativity and players@csc.tcd.ie are always looking for new writers, directors, actors, info@duplayers.com designers and all round legends.

Pool Society: We cater for every skill level, whether you’re the next Ronnie O’Sullivan, or a complete novice. Our events include cash-prize tournaments, as well as free weekly pool practice. Poolsoc members are also able to join our snooker league, doubles tournaments, pool teams and accompany us on our mixed bag of nights out, all for free! With a lot of laughs and a boat load of free poolsoc@csc.tcd.ie pool available, you’d be fool not to join.

Politics (PolSoc) is a politically neutral society which seeks to advance political discourse throughout College. This is mainly done through our weekly informal gathering, ‘Caffeinated Conversations’, but also through talks from guest speakers, debates on current affairs and more. Whether you’re a political genius or you’re just looking to discuss politics in a social setting, be sure to get involved! polsoc@csc.tcd.ie Pharmaceutical (DUPSA): is a student-run society with fun, entertainment and above all the pharmacy students at it’s nucleus. From our mystery tours to our reception gatherings to the annual Pharmacy Ball, every pharmacy event is meticulously planned by DUPSA and great pride is taken in providing this networking hub for our fellow students. dupsa@csc.tcd.ie

Psychological Society (PsychSoc) promotes the field of psychology and promises to bring students the best psychologically themed events around. Our guest speakers give talks on topical issues within the field of psychology and our regular Psychbanter sessions give students the opportunity to discuss topics from a psychological perspective.


Quiz Society: We’re dedicated to hosting fun table quizzes, themed gameshow nights like Trinity University Challenge, and our flagship event, the Irish Quiz Intervarsity. Come along to one of our events and test your knowledge of Disney and Harry Potter, or find out if you’re Smarter Than A Junior Cert Student! We have something for everyone to enjoy, and plenty of prizes to win along the way.


Russian Society introduces students to the culture of Russia and promotes Russian traditions and language in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We provide Russian classes and organise many events throughout the year for our members, Russian, Irish and from all around the world. All our events are bilingual, so don’t feel pressured into believing you have to be a fluent Russian speaker to join. Everyone is welcome! russian@csc.tcd.ie Science Fiction since 1983, SFSOC has evolved into college’s foremost refuge from the monotony of reality… and from lectures. Relax in our fantastically comfy society room. Watch films, read books, play videogames. Chill with likeminded people. We encompass not only science fiction but also fantasy, anime, manga, action films and anything we enjoy a lot! Besides regular film screenings and playing lots of videogames, we also run bigger events. Favourites include the Iron Stomach contest, Assassin, the Halloween Ball and the Space Ball. sfsoc@csc.tcd.ie Sign Language Society actively promotes Deaf awareness, culture, and Sign Language. We offer beginners and advanced sign language classes, as well as social events and lectures throughout the year, which help our members to socialise and practise sign language in a relaxed environment, as well as learn about the rich history of the Deaf in Ireland. sign@csc.tcd.ie

Singers has a reputation for promoting choral music of a high standard. The society consists of four choirs: Trinity Singers, the mixed choir; Boydell Singers, the female choir; Trinitones and Trinity Belles, the male and female a cappella pop ensembles. We stage concerts throughout the year, take part in competitions and collaborate with other societies. We always socialise after rehearsals, and organise a fantastic society tour in November. Pop by our stand during Freshers’ week to audition. singers@csc.tcd.ie Sinn Féin, Cumann Uí Chadhain/Tone, endeavours to generate debate about the future of Ireland, Europe and the wider world. Our vision is the Republican vision of Tone’s generation and successive generations of patriots. We seek the creation of an All-Ireland, democratic-socialist republic based on advancing the welfare of the Irish people, ensuring community empowerment and putting an end to damaging mé féin shortsightedness. We believe that a genuine, fresh approach to politics is needed nationally and internationally. Bígí linn. Tá obair le déanamh ann, tá craic le fáil. sinnfein@csc.tcd.ie SMF - Trinity Student Managed Fund is Europe’s first investment fund that is run entirely by students. The SMF is open to all students, regardless of their degree or starting knowledge of financial markets. Becoming involved in the SMF allows students to boost their research, analytical, presentation and teamwork skills while smf@csc.tcd.ie fostering relationships with the business community.


Southeast Asian Society (SEAS): join to celebrate various traditional festivals, indulge in delicious food and meet Southeast Asians. We also organize a yearly trip to unique and exciting places in Ireland. With great food, company and exciting events lined up, what are you waiting for? duseas@csc.tcd.ie Social Democrats - Supporting the ‘Nordic Model’ of Social Democracy, our aim for a more equal society with a robust economy and strong public services at its heart. If you want to make an impact on society, are interested in politics or just want to meet some new people, then we’re here for you! Come find us in freshers week or check us out online. socialdemocrats@csc.tcd.ie

Sociology (SocSoc) is open to everyone with an interest in Sociology and how we are all affected by the big and small things in society. SocSoc aims to promote student awareness and interest in the area of sociology, through holding an array of events.


Space - From current NASA missions to private space companies to exoplanets, the TSS promotes the discussion of all things space. We host a number of highly interactive panel discussions throughout the year as well as weekly screenings of Cosmos. You might even get the chance to build and launch your own rocket! spacesoc@csc.tcd.ie S2S (Student to Student) runs the Peer Support and Peer Mentoring programmes for the student body. They assign incoming students with two volunteer mentors to guide them through their first year of college; providing fun events or simply someone to talk to. Peer Supporters are student volunteers trained in listening and support skills, available on request. The society is also supported by the Senior Tutor’s Office and the Student Counselling Service, and is here to help. s2s@csc.tcd.ie Society for International Affairs (SoFIA) gives students an opportunity to cultivate an interest in international affairs and hear about diplomatic life and international issues from professionals in the field through our weekly speaker series. We also host the renowned Ambassador’s Ball, which gives students a chance to brush shoulders with diplomats, and organise Dublin’s only third level MUN conference, TrinMUN SoFIA@csc.tcd.ie SUAS is passionate about education for all. With a massive range of ways to get involved, we’re your one-stop shop for volunteering and global activism in college. Whether you’d prefer to teach in India over the summer, or you’re more up for volunteering in DEIS schools in Dublin, we’ve got you covered. On the activism side, have your voice heard by helping out with our 8x8 film festival, writing for Suas Magazine or joining in on one of our protest actions. We can help you find your way to make a difference. SUAS@csc.tcd.ie

TED X Created for TCD students who believe in ideas worth spreading, our society hosts an annual independently organised TED conference and also some fun TEDx-themed events for our members during the year. Set up only last year, our team organised the first ever TEDxTrinityCollegeDublin conference, with one of our videos reaching as high as 277,500 views!


Trinity Economic Forum (TEF), is Ireland’s premiere student-run economic forum. The Forum aims to increase student engagement with the most pressing policy issues of today, to provide a platform for discourse and the sharing of knowledge between professionals and students, and to bridge the gap between student leaders and those in office. It takes place over 2 days in Feb and combines a mix of workshops, panel discussions and individual talks and caters both to economics newbies and seasoned sophisters. You’ll meet like-minded people and have great opportunities to network, as well as hearing about possible internships and graduate positions with our sponsors. All in all, TEF is an event like no other. Come along this year - we promise you’ll leave with a fresh perspective on the burning issues of today. “TEF does not accept the conditions as they exist; TEF accepts the responsibility for change.”

TEF@csc.tcd.ie coordinator@trinityeconomicforum.ie

Theological Society (Theo) focuses on topical issues with guests ranging from prestigious academics to celebrated authors to successful politicians speaking on a wide range of subjects, such as Human Rights, Current Affairs and Social and Environmental Responsibility, including the role religion has played in helping or hindering the development of our society. Each event is followed by a relaxed reception. Theo also provides core and supplementary course materials, which can be found in Theo’s own library, for students of the School of Religions and Theology.


Traditional Irish Music (TradSoc) invites members to play and listen to Irish traditional music in a friendly and welcoming environment. It seeks to promote the traditional arts within college and provide top class musicians for regular recitals and workshops.


Trinity Arts Festival - TAF is a weeklong celebration of the arts on campus and beyond! Showcasing the best of Trinity’s talent through collaborations with societies and individuals, TAF is the most diverse college week on campus. Whether you’re an art lover or just looking for something different TAF is the society for you! artsfest@csc.tcd.ie Trinity Arts Workshop (TAW) is a society that aims to promote arts and crafts and the message that creativity can blossom in anyone. We provide weekly drop-in classes in life-drawing and painting, and workshops in screen printing and a variety of other crafts. Even if you’ve never lifted a paintbrush, you’ll create something worth showing off at our end-of-year exhibition!


Trinity TV is the university’s student-run television network. We’re looking for creativity. We want writers, actors, camera-folk, presenters, editors - the works. If you’ve got an idea or are already making content yourself, get in touch. We’re always on the lookout to encourage and promote the huge amount of talent here in Trinity. ‘Nuff said.


Trinity FM: Ever dreamt of being a radio star? Or even a hard hitting journalist or kickass sound engineer? Then Trinity FM is for you! Streaming at www.trinityfm.com, during the week, Trinity FM presents a huge variety of shows as well as podcasts and live streams of events around college. Whether you fancy taking to the airwaves or working behind the scenes there’s something for everyone. trinityfm@csc.tcd.ie

Vincent de Paul (TrinityVDP) is Trinity’s largest society and home to some of the friendliest faces you’ll have the pleasure to meet in your college experience. We aim to improve the lives of others by running over twenty charitable activities each week. If you’re interested in working with kids in disadvantaged areas, adults with intellectual disabilities or Dublin’s homeless community, there’s an activivdepaul@csc.tcd.ie ty for you, as well as a variety of fundraising Ents, trips away, and more! VDP – Get Involved. president@trinityvdp.com Visual Arts Society (VisArts) - Got a flare for art, a passion for fashion, or just like to funk things up in terms of film and photography? Here at VisArts we do all these and more, between our tie-dye and pumpkin carving workshops, to gallery trips and an End of Year Exhibition for all students and staff. Join us for piles of fun and glitter! visarts@csc.tcd.ie Voluntary Tuition Programme. We provide free one to one tuition to primary and secondary school students from local disadvantaged areas.

vtp@csc.tcd.ie Werner Chemical Society has been instrumental in encouraging and maintaining interest in the Chemical Sciences within College. Whether your interest is study-oriented or professional, or just a natural curiosity, we cater for you. The society works closely with the Chemistry Department in order to promote this science and make it as enjoyable, exciting and social a field as possible. Educational and social events are organised throughout the year, fostering a good relationship between staff and students.


Yoga Society is the society for all things yoga-related. We love providing fitness and relaxation for stressed-out students in a way that is inclusive, fun and affordable. We run multiple weekly classes lead by fully-qualified yoga teachers. All levels are welcome, so whether you know your Chakras from your Shavasana, please come join us and make some fun yogi-friends


Zoological (ZooSoc) is the go-to society for animal lovers. We host talks from a wide range of zoologists and other professionals, make expeditions to observe wildlife, and organise renowned trips away. We also bring animals to campus so you can get up and close and personal with the cuddly, the crawly and the scaly. Our society room is the perfect habitat, with a library of nature books and DVDs. We’re a sociable bunch - you could say we’re party animals!




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CSC Freshers Guide 2017  

Welcome to Trinity and welcome back to all returning students. This publication has been produced by the Central Societies Committee as a gu...

CSC Freshers Guide 2017  

Welcome to Trinity and welcome back to all returning students. This publication has been produced by the Central Societies Committee as a gu...