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Browse this booklet for a taste of what each society aims to do, meet them during Freasher Fair 20th, 21st and 23rd September 2022 and the final step, go to trinitysoci to sign up!

This A-Z of Student Societies in TCD is produced by the Central Societies Committee. We wish to welcome you to TCD and introduce you to the 120+ student groups that you, as a member of the Trinity College Community can join all year round.

120+ opportunities to meet new people, try new things or master current ones, learn skills, share your talents, have adventures and make the best of your college experience. The possibilities ahead of you are are endless if you take the plunge.


Alternative Music Soc (DUAMS) is Trinity’s society for modern and alternative music, including indie, electronic and hip-hop. The society organises open mics, jam sessions, listening parties and of course our weekly coffee hours. DUAMS aims to promote new music and help new bands form between members, while also bringing you the best tunes to get you through the college week.

D.U. Amnesty is Trin ity’s branch of the world’s largest global movement against human rights’ abuses. The society works with the Irish division of the organisation as well as independently to highlight human rights’ exploitations worldwide through educating the college community and creating positive action. Members can become actively involved in organising events, choosing awareness campaigns, fundraising, letter writing to prisoners of conscience and inviting guest speakers.

The Trinity Afro-Caribbean Society is a cultural society that is dedicated to encouraging and embracing the celebration of the rich and diverse Afro-Caribbe an culture within Trinity, Dublin and Ireland. Our aim is to promote the Afro-Caribbean culture not only to African and Caribbean students of the college but to all those who are interested in our heritage. We also promise to entertain and engage you with fun events that explore the depth of the culture through vari ous art forms such as dance, mu sic and film. Our society is open to everyone so don’t be shy to join. - Z of student led societies in TCD 2022 -23


Archaeological Society (ArchSoc) looks to inform its members on all the latest in archaeological develop ments, in Ireland and beyond. Our primary goal is to further understanding of the human condition from Athens to the Amazon. Aside from hosting a broad range of renowned professionals throughout the year, the highlights of membership have been the opportunities for trips and the black-tie Imperial Ball. Can you dig it?

TCD is a local committee of AMSI Ireland, which is a student-led organisation based in Ireland and formed in 2013. The aims of the Society are to increase collaboration between students of 3rd level institutions regarding medical and healthcare issues. Throughout the year AMSI runs various awareness campaigns and events promoting public health issues. AMSI also has the privilege of managing student exchange programmes in conjunction with IFMSA.

Biochemical: the aims of the society are to stimulate interest in Bio chemistry, and related disciplines and also to promote closer contact and co-operation between all students and staff who share that interest. The main activity of the society is the organisation of a series of quality talks throughout theAMSIyear.

The Arabesque society is a vibrant society that aims to provide a tolerant and accepting environment, that respects and incorporates the wishes of the individuals within it, for the purpose of promoting/fostering Arab multinational unity and understanding the history and culture of the individual Arab nations between students in TCD

Cancer Society (a branch of the Irish Cancer Society) run by TCD students. We aim to promote awareness of cancer, provide support to those affected by it and raise money for those who need it. With events ranging from charity skydiving to making men grow moustaches, we put the fun in fun-draising! Also distributor of Trinity’s naked calendar.

Biological Society – Established in 1874, Biosoc is one of TCD’s oldest societies. We cater for everybody who has an interest in biological sciences, medicine and healthcare. Annual events usually include MedBall, trips, book sales and seminars. This year we aim to host a series of seminars/ talks/events with leading figures in the medical sphere and to highlight the theme of diversity and inclusion in medicine in Ireland. We also organise MedDay, a huge fundraiser for local hospitals. So whether you’re after Grey’s Anatomy drama, House M.D.’s brains or just some Scrubs-style laughs, Biosoc has the prescription for you

Caledonian Cal Soc prides itself on proving that ‘craic,’ is a word as Scots Gaelic as it is Irish. Come taste a Scotch at our tastings; don a kilt and spin through our St Andrew’s Ball or be challenged by our speakers and see why Scotland saw the first Enlightenment? And, of course, raise a toast to Rab at Burns Supper, our celebration of Scotland’s national bard.

Botanical Society is the place to be for all things plants. Plants are all around us. The aim of the Botanical So ciety is to promote awareness of the botanical beauty of the natural world, the role of plants in our society today, and the power of plants in securing a sustainable future. We are a small but active society that is always growing! Weekly events include field trips, nature walks, growing workshops, and excit ing speakers. Are you a houseplant enthusiast? A tree hugger? Or do you just want to learn how to keep your potted plant alive? Then join BotSoc!

TCD Chapel Choir performs a broad range of Anglican Church music at two services per week in the College Chapel. The society is not a religious one and membership is open to all students. As well as singing biweekly in the Chapel, the choir performs at high profile college events including Carol and Trinity Monday services, and also goes on two trips each year; one national, and one international. Choral scholarships are available. Like our facebook page for updates about our rehearsal and event schedule or drop us an email for more

Chess Society is for all things chess. Club nights are held weekly. Play against others, analyse games, play other chess variants and learn from stronger players. We also run numerous events throughout the year, such as tournaments, classes for beginners, simultaneous exhibi tions and course versus course competitions. Beginners, even if you don’t know the rules, are always welcome!

is the home of Poker, Bridge and other card games in College. We aim to provide new and experienced players a relaxed environment where they can play and make new friends.

Looking to meet new people and make internation al friends ? Do you miss home or want to experience some Chinese culture? Want to know what China is really like in this new modern era? Look no further, join us on a journey of exciting virtual events and experience what it is really like to be in a Chi nese society. Enjoy our exclusive cultural events (including language lessons)and the benefits around being in a society! Experience Chinese food and culture in Dublin using our exclusive discounts with our partnered local authentic Asian businesses!


Our aim as the classical Society of Trinity College Dublin is to encourage interest and study in classics, that is, the ancient worlds of Greek and Roman Civilization! We combine academic events such as guest speakers with inclusive fun filled events for any one who wants to wear a toga and celebrate like a Roman, whether it be testing your knowledge in our pub quizzes or singing along to Hercules! Annual traditions include our toga party, classical play, trip abroad, and our black tie imperial ball! All are welcome whether you study classics or not, so come along and enjoy all the exciting things that we have to offer!

Founded in 1837, the University of Dublin Choral Society is the oldest, and largest choir in Trinity College. We are a four-part, mixed voice choir consisting of students, and staff. We perform large-scale Choral works with a full orchestral accompaniment. This year involves performances of Han del’s Messiah, and Mozart’s Requiem. We welcome all levels of singing experienceno audition


is a non-denominational, Gospel-cen tred community that equips members to proclaim the good news of Jesus on campus. We aim to be transformed by God’s love and to show it to others, as we engage with the Bible and partner with local churches. Everyone is welcome to our events, talks and discussion groups, re gardless of belief or


Clinical therapy: our goal is to create a community among health science students. We aim to promote the fields of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiation Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy, Nutri tion & Dietetics and Social work within the college. Keeping you active and informed we organise many events which cater to both the academic and social aspects of college. DUCTS strive to create a campus identity and build a community for students studying health therapies.

DUCSS is Trinity’s leading society for Computer Science, interactive media and eSports. Our weekly events range from social nights, to tech showcases and tutorials as well as talks from industry leaders such as Microsoft or Google.

We also have weekly gaming tournaments with a different game each week. Our society room is open to all members and offers a place to chill on our couches and meet new people or play games on our PCs and consoles.

Comedy Society is dedicated to bringing students the best comedy from Trinity, Dublin and beyond. We also cultivate students’ interest in performance, whether it be in our stand-up classes, sketch groups or just as an enthusiastic audience member! Previous events include Comedy Intervarsities, Ed inburgh Fringe preview shows, and gigs at the Pav!

Consulting Group is Trinity’s branch of the premier stu dent consulting organization which spans all across Ireland, founded with the belief that the consulting in dustry should be accessible to all students of all backgrounds.

Dance Society - Are you interested in having fun? Getting fit? Making friends? Or maybe you want to audition for our competitive teams and compete at the highest level? Then dance is the society for you; running weekly classes from HipHop to Jazz, from Contemporary to Irish and everything in between, we have it all. If that’s too mainstream for you, we’ve got Pole Dancing, waack ing, KPOP and many other once off workshops for you to enjoy. Make sure to follow us on FB and IG for all the latest dance related info!

Cumann Gaelach: Is é an Cumann Gaelach ceann de na cumainn is mó ar champas. Le beagnach 1000 baill a labhraíonn Gaeilge chuile lá, eagraítear imeachtaí seachtainiúla ar nós céilithe, ceolchoirmeacha, cain teoirí, imeachtaí cultúrtha, díospóireachtaí, drámaíocht srl. srl.! Más maith leat an Ghaeilge a labhairt, is cuma cén leibhéil atá agat, tar agus bí linn! Táimid ag súil go mór le bliain eile den scoth. Tá níos mó eolais ar fáil ar ár leathanach Facebook Cumann Gaelach TCD, insta @cumanngaelachtcd agus Twitter @cumanngaelach. Tar agus bí linn don chraic agus don chomhluadar!

DUBES was created to provide our members with ac cess to academic, social, and professional opportunities to help them prepare for the professional world and advance the scope of their knowledge beyond what they learn in class. DUBES unites the students of Trinity together in a social capacity through our annu al events that have acted as a rite of passage for BESS students as well as students from other disciplines over the last 90 years. These include the unique DUBES mystery tour and, of course, the institution that is BESS Ball – one of the most renowned high points of the academic year for students across a variety of courses.

Eastern Europen Society: Aims to celebrate the di verse heritage of countries in Eastern Europe while also encouraging people to learn from each other’s customs and traditions. Eastern Europe is comprised of many ethnicities and nationalities and our society aims to provide appropriate representation for all.

Digital Arts Society (aka DUDJ). We host mixing tu torials, tailored to all levels, exclusively for our members. We run niche nights, as well as collaborate with other societies on some of the best events of the year- such as Trinity Ball. We strive to provide a means for both aspiring and established student DJs and Produc ers to get their work into the public eye, we look forward to welcoming new members this year.

Engineering Society is one of Trinity’s oldest societies, established in 1866. Our aim is to promote engineering in a refreshing way, for Engineering students and any other students that would like to get involved. We organise informative events within Engineering, such as practical workshops and talks with guest speakers, as well as social events such as quizzes, coffee mornings and the well-anticipated Engineering Ball. Our events provide an opportunity for members to get to know other students outside of their classes. We also encourage students from various different courses and areas in college life to joinEntrepreneurial

Society - T.E.S. is the largest Entrepreneurial Society in Europe. We focus on advancing our member’s career opportunities as well as fostering their entrepreneurial passion through an array of programmes and events. TES Talks, live speaker events with experienced entrepre neurs and motivational speakers. TES Incubator, student start-ups are given funding, mentoring and workspace to research and grow. TES Dragon’s Den, student start-ups are selected to pitch in front of experienced investors Student Start-up Weekend, 54-hour event bringing together designers, developers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts to share ideas, form teams, and launch start-ups.

The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is the worlds’ largest independent law students’ association. Join our international network of over 50,000 members worldwide from 375 law faculties and avail of the unique opportunity to expand your prospects on a global platform with international moot court competitions, internships abroad, summer & winter law schools across the world and much much more. Meet like-minded people, develop new skills and travel the world. Launch your international career today with ELSA Trinity.

Not your average bunch of world savers, Enviro-Soc is one of the friendliest societies on campus. Whether you want to go on fun trips away, learn more about sustainability and environmental is sues, get involved in formal policy making in the university, get careers advice, attend our great range of talks and events (we love giving you lunch), or just make new friends; EnviroSoc is the place for you. Like all of our members, you are free to be as active in the society as you want! We can’t wait to meet you and hear what you want to do with us this year!

Trinity’s Fashion Society is a welcoming commu nity celebrating all the fashion industry has to offer! We aim to encourage everything creative, everyone’s style, art, ex pression, values and individualism. This year will see the Fashion Society incorporating events that mirror every aspect of the industry, with panels hosting guests from every aspect of the industry, to pop up shops with Nine Crows and popular small businesses, exhibitions showcasing students work the highly anticipated Fashion Week trip and perhaps even a new large scale added to Trinity Fashion Society’s annual calendar. Join the Fashion Society as we encompass all aspects within the industry in line with our core values sustainability, inclusivity and diversity in a fun and fashionable way.

Europa strives to promote cultural and political diversity, dialogues and connections between Europeans (and all others interested in Europe) at Trinity. No matter what country we come from, our shared European identities allow us to get involved with other Europeans and cele brate what brings us together. This society encourages uniting Europeans to embrace our various heritages, cultures and languages, as well as to discuss topical issues. Our members will enjoy a range of events including language evenings, foreign film nights, for eign food nights and Environmentexcursions.Society:

Cumann Wolfe Tone is the Trinity branch of Fianna Fáil, The Republican Party. Established in 1967, we hold a multitude of events during the year. These range from workshops and discussion panels with political guest speakers, to visits to the Dáil and Mansion House. Our events provide a vibrant atmosphere for members to debate the challenges facing Ireland and gives them the opportunity to meet other young Fianna Fáil members from across the 32 counties. Named in honour of Trinity’s finest patriot, the Cumann seeks to promote Irish unity, social and economic equality, and the revival of the Irish language.

Fine Gael: Trinity YFG is basically an ideas vehicle for young people and a platform for meaningful political engagement. Whether you want to become a better public speaker, social justice campaigner, socialite or the next Taoiseach, then we have the platform for you to get started. While supporting the leading govern ment party, we are an autonomous organization with our own leadership that pushes policies important to young people.

Film Society caters to film enthusiasts and filmmak ers across campus. Whether you’re interested in making films or you’re just excited about the free movie nights, we offer the best opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded individuals interested in all aspects of film. We perform a range of functions from hosting workshops, screenings, competitions, network ing events to supplying equipment and funding to make your film

From breakfast mornings to cocktail parties, and enough cheese and wine to satisfy all your Trinity notions, there’s always fun people and amazing nibbles. This year will bring new ways to enjoy the wonders of food and drink so be sure to keep an eye on our socials!

The French Society is a vibrant forum where students from all over the world who share a passion and enthu siasm for the French language and culture can meet and socialise! You will find like-minded people in this society, and perhaps even make lifelong friends. We host a variety of fun French-themed events including our infamous wine & cheese soirées, coffee & croissant mornings, film screenings, a trip to France and many other events for Francophones and Franco philes alike! Join us to discover more about French culture, to practice and improve your French, and also to meet new people!

DU Food & Drink unites foodies from across campus through the means of free food and flowing drinks!

FLAC - Are you interested in human rights and social justice issues? Then FLAC is the society for you! As well as organising for qualified solicitors and barristers to give free legal advice to students, we campaign on issues such as homelessness, the refugee crisis, child poverty and women’s rights. You don’t have to study law to be a member and there are loads of ways to get involved: come along to hear our guest speakers, join us in our annual sleep-out fundraiser, take part in our research projects, or enter our moot court competi tions for a chance to win an internship!

Genetical - GenSoc is for anyone interested in new scien tific discoveries and their social impact. With issues such as gene editing, therapies and genetic privacy making headlines in recent years, genetics is more relevant than ever. If you’ve ever wondered about the science behind these stories, or their consequences, GenSoc’s debates and speaker events might be for you. GenSoc is also closely linked to the Genetics Department, providing a supportive environment for students considering a career in research. So if you want to learn more about a fast-evolving science, or about academic research in general, GenSoc is a great place to start!

SciSoc is the society to join if you’re in a science course, love hearing about all the new and saucy scientific findings or just want to feel inspired by the great research ers in the Trinity community and beyond. We host many different events like panel talks, debates, pub quizzes and even run our own podcast! Our main goal is to make science accessible for anyone regardless of their background, while also catering to students studying in the science streams by providing them with tips from former students and career advice

Gender Equality Society (DUGES) aims to raise aware ness of and continue the on-campus conversation on all gender related issues. We aspire to foster and encourage social change, and to achieve this through a wide range of social and educational events which contribute to the life of the university and its members.

Do you like games without a screen? DU Gamers is your community for tabletop gaming of all kinds, in Roleplayingcluding: games, like Dungeons & Dragons Card games, like Magic the Gathering Wargames, like AndWarhammerclassic board games! We run plenty of small events every week, but also have big spotlight events like Dungeon & Dragons campaigns with 30+ people and Leprecon, our annual convention! There’s always space at our table.

Hiking Society is a great way for outdoorsy students to explore some of Ireland’s beautiful mountains and get to know other hillwalking enthusiasts at Trinity. We are a very active society, with regular weekend hikes and additional social events throughout the year. Sea soned mountaineers and nature-loving newbies are all welcome. HappyTrinityhiking!Young

The Germanic Society promotes all things German in Trin ity. Our events aim to create opportunities for students to enhance their German language skills and to immerse themselves in the German culture. The annual Oktoberfest is a highlight in Trinity. JoiN us for our weekly Kaffee and Kuchen and let’s have a bit of Klatsch! Prior German knowledge is not essen tial!

Are you passionate about our world, geography and travel? Geogsoc provides a social and educational opportunity for all students to share their interest in all things geographical and not. We’ll be organising lots of adventures alongside BINGEO and quizzes, both in per son and online. Later we also hope to host the famous Earth Ball, National Fieldtrip and hopefully International Fieldtrip too. Join GeogSoc during Freshers’ Week by popping along to any of our events, emailing or messaging us on social media, you’re sure to have an incredible experience.

Global Development Society: Our aims are best described by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a blueprint for build ing a better future for humanity. We educate and inform our members on issues of international development and global justice. We host lectures and interviews with world-renowned experts on these issues, and forums where members can discuss how best to solve them.

Greens are a group of dedicated and pas sionate activists who campaign for social, economic and environmental justice in Trinity, and in a nationwide and global context. Expect talks, fun trips away, unique social events as well as involvement in important campaigns. We the youth branch of the Green Party

The Hist is the world’s oldest student society and has been both a forum for discourse and a cornerstone of college life since 1770. Continuing the legacy of past members such as Wolfe Tone, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde, the Hist attracts a variety of prominent guest speakers. Hist members and public figures alike come together at our Wednesday night chamber debates, where students can make their voice heard on current issues from climate justice to the future of feminism, and each week we hold a variety of events from panel discussions to debating workshops to coffee mornings.

Founded in 1932, DU History is Trinity’s leading soci ety of all things historical. Our aim is to encourage an appreciation and enjoyment of history as well as meet new people and get a break from the books! We welcome any and all members, whether you’re a history or not, a fresher or a returning student looking to get more involved. Our weekly events range from exciting academic talks and debates, to pub quizzes and game nights. We also produce our pod cast ‘Many Moons Ago’ and ‘The Historian,’ our society magazine.

Hispanic Society: We aim to promote awareness and appreciation of all things Spanish and Latin-American through tapas evenings, language exchanges, film screen ings, salsa classes, reggaeton club nights and mucho más. Hasta pronto amigos!

Horse Racing Society is a celebration of stamina, skill and quality breeding. Whether you’re new to all this or as experienced as the mighty Galileo, we encour age any and all to ‘Get the Ride’ with Horse Racing Soc. With trips to Paris, Cheltenham and stud farms including Coolmore and the Irish National Stud.

Indian Society aims to provide students at TCD a gateway into the rich culture and showcase the tra ditions of the Indian sub-continent. We aspire to create a home away from home! Our events range from the celebration of Indian festivals like Holi and Diwali to Bollywood Nights, Indian food nights, movie screenings and much more. We welcome you all to become a part of our desi family and surround yourself with all things Indian!

Internet (netsoc) - We offer website hosting where you can host your own website.. We run tutorials on everything from how to make simple or com plex webpages to using code versioning tools or typesetting a professional looking document with LaTeX. We offer private remote file storage you can access from anywhere. Apart from all this we also organise talks from big-name speakers, trips, intervarsi ty socials and, for the gamers among you, LAN gaming sessions.

DU International Students Society is a society aimed primarily at international students; however, we also encourage Irish students to join our fun and adventurous group! We organize weekend trips around Ireland or nights out in the City Center, as well as celebrate a variety of multi cultural events. If you’re interested in meeting people far and wide while creating long-lasting memories, come join us!

Japanese Society celebrates and enjoys all things of the Japanese culture. If you want to make sushi, try out Japanese food and drinks, watch Japanese films or anime, learn to speak the language, or you’re just a little curious about the culture, we encourage you to come join us!

Italian Society: Do you love anything Italian from Pavarotti to Pizza? Then we’re the society for you! We pro mote all things Italian: food, cinema, music and current political and social issues. Embrace your inner linguist and come along to our language exchanges. Indulge at our pizza and vino nights, meet our important guest speakers and attend our music evenings. Simply enjoy La Dolce Vita with us!

Do you like rocks? Do you have an interest in geo science? If so, then you’ve come to the right society! The Joly Geological Society, named after one of the founding fathers of geology, hosts many rock-themed events including but not limited to pub quizzes, game nights over Zoom, tours, public speakers and (hopefully) a trip abroad! Here, you will meet many friendly people who share a common interest in the foundations upon which our planet was formed, and we hope to see you there!”

Jewish Students Society serves as a voice of the Jewish community at TCD and contributes to a greater understanding of Jewish life, tradition and culture on campus. We welcome all members of the col lege to join us for weekly Shabbat, the Jewish holi days, and our other events relating to Jewish culture.

Jazz: The society provides its members with access to their practice space and with plentiful opportunities to soak up live Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul at regular gigs both on campus and around the city. Jazz soc kick-starts the year with a trip to the Cork Jazz Festival. The society serves as a platform for musicians.

Juggling - We promote the learning and development of juggling/circus skills: welcoming everyone from com plete beginners to experts! We run regular workshops in poi, ball and club juggling, diabolo, staff, hula-hoop, and devil sticks. We also have facilities for pole dance, acrobatics, slackline, and unicycling. Highlights of our year are fire performances and juggling conventions, which are hosted in conjunction with other juggling societies in Ireland. If any of these interests you, or you’ve always wanted to learn to juggle, make sure to come and check us out!

Priding ourselves in our diverse member base and strong inclusion ethos, the Korean Society is the onestop shop for all things Korean! Taste the cuisine, groove to the music, make new friends, and immerse yourself into a culture that will surely take your breath away (no prior knowledge necessary). We can’t wait to meet you!

Knitting Society: promotes all needlecrafts and aims to teach anyone who wants to learn, from complete beginners to experts. Whatever you choose to make, knitting is a fantastic life skill (and you’ll be happy come the collapse of civilisation that you have it!). Our weekly knitting circle is a great way to meet new friends.

Trinity Labour. Since 1969, we have hosted meetings, political events, debates and protests on the direction of left-wing politics and progressive policy. This year we will also focus on climate change, direct provision and drug decriminalisation. Past members include Senator Ivana Bacik, Neil Warner of Young European Socialists and peace activist Roger Cole. Activists, socialists, all are welcome.

DU Laurentian Society contributes to the cultural and social enrichment of our diverse college community. We provide a forum for discussing historical and con temporary issues from a Catholic perspective. This society welcomes all students who wish to engage intellectually with the Catholic faith

The LawSociety is one of the largest societies on campus and all students - law and non law - should sign up if they want a chance to attend the biggest social events, compete in the most prestigious competitions and hear from the most inspiring speakers. Check out @tcdlawsoc if you need any further convincing ! Law Society is one of the biggest societies on campus,. The society runs the most exciting competitions with prizes. Law Soc has a very prestigious guest lineups - sign up and let Law Soc make your time at Trinity the best of your life.

Literary Society (LitSoc) is Trinity’s foremost socie ty for the creation and celebration of literature - a ha ven for all aspiring writers and fervent readers. We host weekly events including writing workshops, open readings, book clubs, and fascinating writer panels. We have assauged literary hunger since 1985. If you like curling up with good books, you’re going to love us!

LGBT (QSoc)is open to students of any sexual orientation who are interested in socialising with LGBT students or others that are interested in queer society and/or queer politics. Trinity LGBT is Ireland’s old est LGBT Society and runs a variety of events for its members including workshops, book clubs, socials, trips away, gigs, drama events, themed parties, and much more. Trinity LGBT has something for everyone.

The Metaphysical Society is all about being. In short, the Metafizz is. It is the Trinity society of philosophy, no debat ing that. But what is a Metafizz, really? What does it even do? Certainly not philosophy, not just; nor only critical theory, psychoanalysis, sociology, gender studies, avant-gar de aesthetics, digital humanities, mysticism, no, not at all. Metafizz talks rather, by Erwin Schrodinger, A. C. Grayling, J.L. Austin, Alenka Zupan, Jacqueline Rose, and Raymond Geuss, and what’s more, the Metafizz listens. Weekly you’ll find the society muttering to itself as a book club; talking of the Frankfurt School, Situationists, Deleuze, the Classics, What It Had For Lunch, and So On. Having its own library, which any member can access for business or pleasure, helps the conversation.

Mature Student Society aims to provide a support network for mature students to meet, socialise and engage with other students who experience the same challenges that come with returning to education. Be cause our members come from all age groups and backgrounds, we endeavour to reflect that in the wide-ranging scope of events that we run. We have gradually increased our membership in the last few years and our motto remains ‘old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway.


Society (DUMSS) offers more than its name suggests. If you’re studying management science, business, computers, maths, statistics or just want a great society to have fun and get to know new people, then DUMSS is for you! We’re the society that can work and play!

Mathematical Society: caters to those in any way interested in Maths, hosting weekly events for members during the term. Events we have run include talks by lecturers, social evenings, film showings and casual quizzes to national

Move - Are you interested in volunteering? MOVE is the charity for you! The Medical Overseas Voluntary Elective charity is run by medical students and aims to raise money for under-privileged hospitals in the developing world. We host social events throughout the year such as quizzes, raffles, and our legendary MOVE Ball! MOVE is a fantastic way to meet new friends, while also rais ing much needed funds for equipment and supplies for hospitals that really need it. MOVE members also get the opportunity to travel to and directly assist these hospitals during the summer months. So what are you waiting for, get a MOVE on and sign up today

The DU Microbiological Society is a postgradu ate-run society. Our aim is to keep people up-todate on the current research in the field and expose our members to a variety of different research areas. Members are undergraduates, postgraduates, postdocs, and PIs in microbiology and other related fields which provides a great chance to meet your peers, along with other people having similar interests. Throughout the year, we hold a seminar series, professional development workshops and other events to help expand our knowledge on different microbial areas and provide a great chance to network. Topics and guest speakers are chosen for their ability to provide topi cal, factual, and novel information on state-of-the-art research as well as illustrate important principles of the natural sciences. Our academic event calendar also includes student-run conferences and focused meetings, while our social calendar includes parties, coffee mornings, pub quizzes, and more!

Modern Language Society allows students to participate in language-oriented events including weekly classes. French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Japanese classes have been run in the past. Its library is available to members, containing literary classics from various countries. We have social evenings where members can practice their linguistic abilities, film screenings and guest speakers.

Muslim Student Society: Whether you’re a Muslim or not, this society caters to both! We are a lively soci ety made of students hoping to help further enrich the college through cultural, and social events. Some of the things we do include holding calligra phy workshops, having a discover Islam week, hosting fundraisers for charity, and also helping clear up any misconceptions students may have regarding Islam.

Music is Trinity’s largest and most inclusive music society. Whether you play, sing, or just love listening to music of any genre, we cater to you! Our fa cilities include an extensive library and an on-cam pus piano practice room available for our members to book. DU Music provides performance opportunities for student artists, showcases, competitions, guest speakers, and other events.

Trinity Musical Theatre’s (TMT) aim is to provide a creative and social outlet for like-minded students, here on campus. It offers members the opportunity to ex plore their love of musical theatre in a practical, inter active, and non-academic environment. Whether you love to be on stage, work behind the scenes or simply enjoy musicals, you get to be a part of something unforgettable. TMT offers performance and production workshops, showcases, trips, intervarsity and social events, throughout the year, as well as a large-scale produc tion.

Neuroscience Society aims to bring together stu dents and staff who are interested in how the brain works. We organise a variety of seminars throughout the year presented by both local and international ly renowned speakers. These seminars span a wide range of neuroscience-related topics from both pop ular science and academia.

Nursing and Midwifery Society is a newly funded community established for students who share a unique college experience. Our aim is to organise events around busy schedules and placements. We hope to ease the transition of new students into third level as well as create opportunities for current students to make new like-minded friends.

DU Pagan Society is Trinity’s first ever student society dedicated to all things pagan. Our aim is to raise awareness of modern Paganism (in all its forms) on campus through discussion events and hosted speak ers, as well as, to provide spaces for Pagan students to network, socialise, and explore their faith. Whether you’re an aspiring adherent of Ásatrú, an experienced Eclectic Wiccan, or just someone with a passing interest in the many religious traditions and movements that fall under our umbrella, we are the society for you.

Orchestral (Trinity Orchestra) is Ireland’s only entirely student run orchestra, made up of over 100 students. We perform two classical concerts during the academic year but have also covered a number of modern artists such as Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend and David Bowie. The aim of the orchestra is to give students who have a passion and talent for music the opportunity to play with others and explore their musicality in a nonacademic environment. We welcome both playing and non-playing members. Non-playing members can avail of discounted and priority tickets to our concerts.

Physical (DU Physoc) provides a space for those interested in physics to meet and get to know oth er like-minded people at a variety of physics-relat ed events. We organise social events such as Hal loween and Christmas parties, telescope tours, quiz nights, and, with MathSoc, the annual MathsPhys Ball. Every second week we hold talks by well-known physicists, and most weeks we also run informal lunch time talks with free tea and coffee, where you can bring and eat your own lunch. We also organise beginner tutorials in Latex, a careers fair and an annual trip abroad to places like CERN and DESY.

People Before Profit is a 32 county socialist party ded icated to fighting austerity, oppression, imperialism and environmental catastrophe. We organize meetings, reading groups, film screenings and activism in support of a wide range of progressive causes. We’re committed to building a fighting radical left on campus and across Ireland.

Photographic (DUPA): Since 1948 DUPA has been of fering its members the opportunity to both improve their photography skills and exhibit their work. The association holds classes on a range of topics suitable for all levels, while special guests give talks and master classes for more experienced members. Digital SLRs, film SLRs, lenses, tripods and books are available for rent. Exhibitions are held throughout the year, along with various day outings and our yearly trip .

Philosophical (The Phil) has been at the centre of stu dent life in Trinity for over three centuries. Primarily concerned with oratory and public speaking. The Phil meets every Thursday evening in the GMB to debate a motion and to be addressed by world renowned experts in their field. The Phil has played host to world class speakers such as Angela Merkel, Joe Biden, John Mc Cain, Al Pacino, Hugh Laurie, Martin Scorsese, Ice Cube and Whoopi Goldberg. Debating and incredible opportunities are all on offer!

Players - is Europe’s largest and most active drama society. Heading into it’s 88th year, Players is one of the most active societies on campus with over 60 productions a year, weekly Wednesday night events, theatre training programmes and Festivals and pan els all held throughout the year. DU Players is a must for anyone with a passion for theatre, partying, liter ature and dancing. Whether you want to act, direct, design or just be a part of the madness and have somewhere to come and make a cup of tea between lectures, there’s something for everyone with DU Players.

The Pirate Party is a technology-oriented political society, driven by the belief that civil liberties and personal freedoms should take precedence over private and corporate interests. We embrace the ideals of free culture and unrestricted access to in formation. The society strives to preserve person al privacy and oppose censorship and surveillance. We manage the Trinity VPN, which helps students overcome internet censorship. The Pirate Party also organises regular Hackathons, CTFs (Capture the Flag), and seminars on Ethical Hacking, Privacy, and Cyber-Security

Pool Society: The official Pool and Snooker society of Trinity. We cater for every skill level, whether you’re the next Ronnie O’ Sullivan, or a complete novice. Our events include weekly cash prize tournaments every, as well as free weekly Pool and Snooker practice, all taking place on the top floor of the GMB. Pool Soc members can avail of free coaching, free pool, take part in doubles tournaments, try out for teams and accompany us on plentiful of nights out, full of craic.

Politics (PolSoc) is a politically neutral society which seeks to advance political discourse throughout College. This is mainly done through our weekly informal gathering, ‘Caffeinated Conversations’, but also through talks from guest speakers, debates on cur rent affairs and more. Whether you’re a political genius or you’re just looking to discuss politics in a social setting, be sure to get involved!

TCD Russian Society offers students a Russian cul tural experience that is available to all. Our aim is to introduce and promote students to the Russian cul ture and language. From cosy movie nights, to wine tasting, to pub crawls, to meeting the Russian ambassador -we’ve got a wide range of events to offer! Find out more by following us on our social media for regular updates and sneak peeks to our future events which you won’t want to miss!

Psychology Soc is committed to promoting the field of psychology within College. Hosting regular social and educational events for psych students and any one else with an interest, we’re one of the most active, welcoming societies on campus. And of course, our annual European trip and ball are not to be missed! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for event info.

Pharmaceutical (DUPSA): is a student-run socie ty with fun, entertainment and above all the pharmacy students at it’s nucleus. From our mystery tours to our reception gatherings to the annual Pharmacy Ball, every pharmacy event is me ticulously planned by DUPSA and great pride is taken in providing this networking hub for our fellow students.

Public Affairs Soc: The Trinity Public Health Society (PHS) aims to engage the TCD community in public health discourse in order to foster an interest in pub lic health, provide tools, resources, and a platform for discussions around public health in all its forms.

Quiz Society is a place for all things trivia! Whether you have a competitive spirit or you just want to spend some quality time with your friends while testing the breadth of your knowl edge, this is the place for you! We are super new, so get in on the ground floor. Questions: you have them. Answers: we got ‘em!

Ógra Shinn Féin TCD is the youth wing of Sinn Féin in Trinity College Dublin. We are a political organisation committed to establishing a 32 County democratic socialist republic based on the princi ples outlined in the Proclamation of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil

Science Fiction since 1983, SFSOC has evolved into college’s foremost refuge from the monotony of re ality and from lectures. Relax in our society room. Watch films, read books, play videogames. Chill with likeminded people. We encompass not only science fiction but also fantasy, anime, manga, action films and anything we enjoy a lot! Besides regular film screenings and playing lots of videogames, we also run bigger events. Fa vourites include the Iron Stomach contest, Assassin, society balls.

Sign Language Society actively promotes Deaf awareness, culture, and Sign Language. We offer beginners and advanced sign language classes, as well as social events and lectures throughout the year, which help our members to socialise and practise sign language in a relaxed environment, as well as learn about the rich history of the Deaf in Ireland.

Trinity College Singers consists of four choirs: Trinity Singers, the mixed choir; Boydell Sing ers, the female choir; Trinitones and Trinity Belles, the a capella male and female pop ensembles. Our aim is to promote choral music to a high standard both within and outside the college. This involves concerts and competitions as well as a socie ty tour every year. Each choir rehearses on a weekly evening basis and social events take place regularly throughout the year. Please follow the choirs’ social media pages to find more information and to get the latest updates on re hearsals and plans for the coming year!

SMF - Trinity Student Managed Fund is Europe’s first investment fund that is run entirely by students. The SMF is open to all students, regard less of their degree or starting knowledge of fi nancial markets. Becoming involved in the SMF allows students to boost their research, analytical, presentation and teamwork skills while fostering relationships with the business community.

Space Soc: We are a place for like-minded individuals to come together and wonder about our place in the stars. We provide social events such as nights out, pub quizzes and our Social Space. You might also want to join us for frequent stargazing nights and exciting rocket launch! We warmly welcome students from every background, space is huge and for everyone!

Trinity Social Democrats are the TCD branch of the Social Democrats party in Ireland. The Social Demo crats are a young party promoting a Nordic model of social democracy in Ireland. We are passionate about promoting evidence-based policy in all aspects of government, such as climate and healthcare. Within College, we organise guest speakers and facilitate political discussions

Southeast Asian Society (SEAS): join to celebrate var ious traditional festivals, indulge in delicious food and meet Southeast Asians. We also organize a yearly trip to unique and exciting places in Ireland. With great food, company and exciting events lined up, what are you waiting for?

Society for International Affairs gives students with an interest in international affairs and diplomacy an opportunity to explore these inter ests. We strive to create a forum where students can learn from experts in these fields, from Ambassadors and Journalists to human-rights Lawyers. To this end, SOFIA regularly hosts speakers who talk about all aspects of foreign affairs and diplomacy, as well as the annual Ambassadors’ Ball, which provides students the opportunity to talk all things international relations over dinner with over thirty diplomats. SOFIA also hosts regular Model United Nations workshops, and sends members to MUN conferences across Europe.

Student 2 Student Society: or better known as S2S Society, is the student wing of S2S here at Trinity! Our committee is largely made up of students who have completed S2S training as a mentor, head mentor or peer supporter. However, all students are welcome to join our society (we serve mentors and mentees alike!). We operate separate from the S2S Office (the fabulous people who create your mentor groups) but we have a close working relationship. We are dedicated to our society members and create opportunities for our members to socialise through quizzes, game nights, speaker events and more! Everyone is welcome here at S2S Soc – we want to help you all meet and mingle with fellow students through fun events (with some great prizes to be won!) Be sure to reach out if you have any Qs for us (through email, Facebook, Insta or Twitter)

STAND Trinity (Formerly: SUAS Trinity) is for people interested in social development through education and activism. We are your one-stop shop for volunteering and global activism in college. Our flagship programme, SUAS ar Scoil offers volunteer programmes in schools across Dublin. We also have talks from guest speakers on social issues, filmscreenings, a student magazine and many social events!The

Trinity Trad Soc- invites members to play and lis ten to Irish traditional music in a warm and wel coming environment. It seeks to give musicians the opportunity to play and socialise, and beginners the chance to learn, listen, make friends, and fully immerse themselves in traditional Irish culture. Our aim is to promote the tra dition on campus and to provide regular work shops and recitals from top class musicians. Whether you’re an All-Ireland medallist or you’ve never even held a tin whistle, this lively and friendly society is worth checking out!

TED X Created for TCD students who believe in ideas worth spreading, our society hosts an annual independently organised TED conference and also some fun TEDx-themed events for our members during the year.

Theological Society (Theo) focuses on topical issues with guests ranging from prestigious academics to cel ebrated authors to successful politicians speaking on a wide range of subjects, such as Human Rights, Current Affairs and Social and Environmental Responsibility, including the role religion has played in helping or hindering the development of our society. Theo also pro vides core and supplementary course materials, which can be found in Theo’s own library, for students of the School of Religions and The ology.

Trinity TV creates videos watched by hundreds of stu dents, perfect for those experienced or even slightly interested in writing, acting, filming, presenting and editing. We host camera and editing workshops, guest speakers, social events, filming sessions and weekly discussions. You can learn many interesting skills at Trinity TV that will set you apart. Check out our videos on our Facebook and Youtube page.

Whether you’re interested in hosting, learning the technical aspects, or even just making new friends, Trinity FM is the place for you!

Trinity Arts Festival is a celebration of all forms of art in Trinity. We are a society that aims to bring together Dublin-based creatives, stu dents and societies from across campus under the mutual celebration for the love of creative expression. With our highlight of the year being the largest student-run arts festival in Ireland, occurring during week 4 in Hilary term, we have established our festi val as one of the most diverse events on the college calendar.

Trinity FM is Trinity’s student radio society, and is the only 100% student-run radio station in the country. Members of TFM can expect a variety of music, radio and social related events, not to mention the opportunity to broadcast your own radio show! The society will be offering members the chance to broadcast their shows both online from home and from our professional studio on campus. We broadcast every weekday from 3pm - 12am on

Trinity Arts Workshop (TAW) is a society that aims to promote arts and crafts and the message that creativity can blossom in anyone. We provide weekly classes in life-drawing and painting, and workshops in screen printing and a variety of other crafts. Even if you’ve never lifted a paintbrush, you’ll create something worth showing off at our end-of-year exhibition!

Visual Arts Society (VisArts) - Promoting Visual Arts on campus and beyond through arts’n’crafts workshops, gallery tours, talks from artists of all back grounds/disciplines, film screenings and more! We run weekly coffee hours for members to meet other members, our famed Paint’n’Sips, our widely attend ed End-Of-Year VeganExhibition.Society is Trinity’s community for vegans, veg etarians and anyone interested in our lifestyle. With events ranging from fun debates, discussions and guest speakers to nights out and food tastings, we have something for everyone - devoted plant people and curious omnivores alike. We aim to create a wel coming, positive space for anyone and everyone to make new friends!!

Vincent de Paul (TrinityVDP) is Trinity’s largest society and home to some of the friendliest faces you’ll have the pleasure to meet in your college experience. We aim to improve the lives of others by running over forty charitable activities each week. If you’re interested in working with kids in disadvantaged areas, adults with intellectual disabilities or Dublin’s homeless community, there’s an activity for you, as well as a vari ety of fundraising Ents, trips away, and more! VDP – Get Involved.

Voluntary Tuition Programme (VTP) aims to promote education as an enjoyable learning experience for young people in the inner-city area. We match stu dents with a pupil from a local disadvantaged school, and each pair meets for an hour a week to help the children with homework, provide tutoring in a specific subject, or take part in one of our clubs!

Werner Chemical Society has been instrumental in encouraging and maintaining interest in the Chemi cal Sciences within College. Whether your interest is study-oriented or professional, or just a natural curios ity, we cater for you. The society works closely with the Chemistry Department in order to promote this science and make it as enjoyable, exciting and social a field as possible. Educational and social events are organised throughout the year, fostering a good re lationship between staff and students.

Zoological Society (ZooSoc) is the go-to society for all an imal lovers. We host talks from a wide range of zoologists and other professionals, make expeditions to observe wildlife, and organise legendary trips away. We also bring animals on to campus so you can get up close and personal with the cuddly, the crawly and the scaly. We are passionate about animal welfare and conservation. Our society room is the per fect habitat, with our own special ‘wildlife’ in a library full of nature books and DVDs. We’re a sociable bunch – you could even say we’re party animals!

is an all-Ireland party that promotes Marxism–Leninism and the prospect of a dem ocratic, secular, socialist Republic of Ireland. As the Trinity Branch, we are committed to cultivating un derstanding of these aims on campus through weekly guest talks, debates, film screenings, discussions, coffee hours, pub nights and more. All comrades are welcome!”;


Yoga Society provides affordable asana and pranay ama classes taught by qualified yoga teachers. Our teachers offer diverse styles of asana practice such as Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa. As well, we run workshops throughout the year commonly on Acroyoga, inversions, and arm-balancing. Our yoga classes are the perfect addi tion to your weekly workout routine, whether looking to build strength, flexibility, or simply destress. All levels are welcome. We strongly ad vise purchasing your own yoga mat for the year, however we can provide free long term rentals for those in need (with a deposit). Pop over to our instagram


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