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HOUSING Tri Delta Housing is committed to the success of all Tri Delta properties. To assist in providing premier living environments, Tri Delta Housing offers a suite of services for our local house corporations, including property maintenance and management support, risk management guidance, communications and capital campaign support. These services and resources are specifically designed to empower and support our housing volunteers at the local level as they help Tri Delta members live, learn and lead. For more information on all the services and resources Tri Delta Housing offers, log in to My Tri Delta and select Housing Services under the Resources tab.

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What does Kindness mean to you? See our photo essay on p 27


Angela Braly, Texas Tech, is helping women find their voices as leaders through her organization, The Policy Circle. See page 24. Photo by Scogin Mayo

Winter/Spring 2019

volume 128, number 2

ON THE COVER The Mental Health Crisis

Mental health has become one of the most critical topics college students are facing today. Learn what Tri Delta is doing to support our sisters.

Full Circle



Angela Braly led one of the largest health insurance companies in the U.S. Now she's taking her leadership experience "full circle" by helping women find their voices as policy leaders.


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Historically Speaking


Practical life advice for our newest alumnae.

Celebrating the passionate service of Tri Delta's volunteers.

DEPARTMENTS Letter from the CEO


Tri Delta Today


Read the latest news and updates on Tri Delta Today.

Kind Alike to All

The latest from Tri Delta's three areas of philanthropy: the Foundation, childhood cancer and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Photo, top left: Linda Bradley

The Trident of Delta Delta Delta, the official publication of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, has been published continuously since 1891. Its mission is to reflect the Tri Delta experience; to bring the Purpose and shared values of Tri Delta to life; to instill and sustain pride in the Fraternity; to educate and entertain the undergraduate members, alumnae, parents and others interested in the Fraternity and to contribute to the historical record of the Fraternity.

HOW TO RECEIVE THE TRIDENT Collegiate members receive The Trident through payment of Fraternity dues to their chapters. Individual copies are mailed to each undergraduate member’s permanent address, and four copies are sent to each collegiate chapter president.

Winter/Spring 2019 Volume 128 Number 2 EDITORIAL CEO Editor-In-Chief Karen Hughes White, Georgia Managing Editor Mindy Tucker, Southern Methodist Content Manager Amanda Milford, Texas/Arlington Director of Public Relations Jason Paul Gomez Content Specialist Lindsay Mackey, Auburn Archivist Beth Applebaum, Texas Christian DESIGN Art Director Liz Tindall, Texas Design Specialists Tori Riesselman, Creighton Lori Massey The Trident of Delta Delta Delta (USPS 640380) is published October, March, June and August of each year and is $10 by Delta Delta Delta, 14951 North Dallas Parkway, Ste. 500, Dallas, Texas 75254. Copyright ©2019 by Delta Delta Delta. All rights reserved. Periodicals postage paid at Dallas, Texas, and additional mailing offices. MAILING POLICY: The Fraternity respects the privacy of its members. Mailing lists are shared only with vendors of Executive Boardapproved Fraternity programs. These vendors sign an agreement prohibiting the sale of the mailing list. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Delta Delta Delta at above address or by email to

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National Panhellenic Conference Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


From the CEO

Dear Tri Delta Sisters, Notice anything different? We on the Tri Delta staff have worked diligently over the last few months to redesign, revamp and refresh The Trident! We are so excited to bring you a new look, new feel, and especially new content designed to reflect and engage an assembly of women who are brave, bold and kind, passionate about serving others and committed to becoming the very best versions of themselves. Inside you’ll find several new sections... • Kind Alike to All (page 14): Dedicated to the three aspects of philanthropy in Tri Delta — childhood cancer initiatives at the local/regional level; our national partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; and sisters helping sisters through the Tri Delta Foundation. • With Purpose (page 52): Celebrating Tri Delta’s dedicated volunteers! Learn about how they passionately serve our members and how you can get involved. • Life After College (page 44): Featuring resources and guidance for our newest alumnae and offering meaningful connections for all Tri Deltas. Additionally, you’ll find: • More features – like this issue’s story on The Mental Health Crisis (p. 28). • More member profiles – like this issue’s sit-down with former Fortune 50 CEO Angela Braly (p. 24).

Why these changes? Because you asked, and we listened! And because, as a wise alumna told me recently, “If you don’t keep moving, you’ll get stuck.” This alumna, Mildred (Milly) Bland Miller, Maryland, will celebrate her 102nd birthday in July. Milly has become a friend and mentor to me over the last five years. A resident of the Grand Oaks Assisted Living Facility at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., Milly enjoys everything about her life, except for being surrounded by “old people” – her words, not mine. “They have a setback and become immovable,” Milly shared. “And that just can’t happen. You have to keep moving. You have to keep up. I suspect it’s the same in business, and for fraternities and sororities, too.” Of course, Milly is spot on! Over the next year, you’ll be seeing new opportunities to engage with Tri Delta – opportunities aligned with our Boards’ visionary goal of elevating Tri Delta’s brand as a premier women’s organization. Please know that your feedback is always welcome – and in fact, encouraged – as we work to meet the needs of our ever-growing, ever-changing membership. I invite you to share your ideas and suggestions with me at I can’t wait to hear from you! In the meantime, enjoy The Trident... And keep moving!


• Special infographics – designed to keep you up-to-date, at-a-glance (p. 6). And that’s not all! The Trident is now available online... In its entirety! Visit to view this issue on your computer, tablet or mobile device.


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Karen Hughes White, Georgia (and Brenau, too!) CEO

Tri Talk Beta Mu’s New Home To the Editorial Team: It was with true pleasure that I read Trident articles (Spring 2015 and Summer 2017) telling of plans for and results of an extensive remodeling at the Mississippi State Beta Mu chapter house. In 1972, my first chapter visit as a field secretary (chapter development consultant in today’s parlance) was to Beta Mu Chapter where I helped guide them through their first new member recruitment period from Aug. 25 - Sept. 2. In those days, it was a smaller chapter; members lived in dormitory rooms and the Chapter Room was a lounge in the basement of a dorm building. They didn’t have a guest room, and the Chapter Room was so new that the odor from carpet adhesive prevented me from staying there. In a strong display of sisterhood, two senior members kindly shared their dorm room. Recruitment was good and yielded a first pledge class that included a future field secretary. It warms my heart to learn how beautifully this chapter has grown and thrived and to know that in my own small way, I helped lay its foundation for success. Their house, a far cry from that basement Chapter Room, is absolutely gorgeous! M. Elizabeth Ware, Idaho

that was in effect when she attended Florida State. Women were not allowed to wear slacks or shorts and that it was truly a “big deal” when that restriction was lifted for Saturday classes. (I remember the same rule at my college, Beloit in Wisconsin.) Sincerely, Dianne Kowal Kirtley, Beloit

Remembering Gloria Hoffman Snyder Tri Deltas were saddened by the loss of Gloria Hoffman Snyder, Texas, who passed away on Dec. 21, 2018. Tri Delta’s social media was overwhelmed by our members sharing personal stories of Gloria. She was a steadfast friend and dedicated leader, having served on the Executive Board and the Foundation Board of Trustees. Gloria also served as the head of the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas, for 29 years before retiring in 2009.

Recruitment from Years Past Dear Trident Staff,

Memories from Northwestern

Thank you very much for one of the most beautiful, both artistically and content-wise, issues of The Trident that I have ever received. Your focus on kindness at all levels of the Delta Delta Delta experience reaffirmed my own collegiate and alumnae relationships with our sorority.

Dear Tri Delta sisters,

I also would like you to be aware of our Founders’ Day celebration at my alumnae chapter, Southwest Suburban of Chicago. Utilizing the rushing experiences of three of our own members, whose experiences recalled distinctly different time periods, our group was treated to a candid evening of the uncertainties of going through rush and then life as a sorority sister.

As a transfer from Whitman college I knew no one, so I was especially grateful for my Tri Delta connection. The first year there I lived in an old house — the Annex, which was quite a long walk from the chapter house. Many days the weather was under zero! The next year made up for it when my roommate, Mary McHenry, and I shared a room on the second floor, front, in the Tri Delta house. It had a window out to a sortof balcony overlooking an extension of the first floor. After the football team won the Rose Bowl they returned to N.U. as great heroes. To greet their adoring crowd they came out the window of our room and stood on the rooftop to respond to great cheering from the crowd below.

As Carol Johnson Fletcher, Idaho, our alumnae chapter president, questioned our panel, three of our members recalled their sorority collegiate years. Chris Fisher Minnella, ’61, Florida State; Karen Ruzic Klein, ’90, Wisconsin; and Rebecca (Becky) Gilbert Gonzalez, 2012, Illinois State, related their sometimes intense but often humorous and candid looks at their experiences. Chris recalled the skits that were used as part of her sorority rush process, Karen related that she was elected president of her pledge class and that for rush her chapter also utilized skits and songs while covering sorority history including how the original founders had established the motto, symbols and rituals of Tri Delta. Becky recalled recruitment, a five-day process, through the steps of welcome rounds, house tours, a philanthropy round and then preference round for the final bid night. During her time at Illinois State she was rec chair and also president. In addition, her chapter also traveled to Memphis one or two times a year to visit St. Jude and in her words, “create a stronger passion for our philanthropy.” In addition to the sorority information, the trio related some thoughts on the change in attitudes throughout the nearly 50 years of their experiences. Perhaps the most salient difference to the younger members of our group was Chris’s reminding us all of the dress code

I have many happy memories of the two years I spent at Northwestern University, graduated in 1949.

While that was one memorable day at Northwestern, there were many more. I loved and appreciated the classes and events and many fine new friends — mostly Tri Deltas. As a bride from Spokane, Washington, I moved to a completely foreign part of our country — Alabama. Tri Delta alumnae soon welcomed me — and have been a big part of my life ever since. By the way, two Tri Delta Presidents came from the Montgomery alumnae group — Helen Martin and Gwenn Wynn. I wish each of you Tri Delta sisters happy days at Upsilon Chapter — and in the future. Elisabeth Palmer Thompson (Mimi) P.S. I’m sending a contribution to Northwestern for the Tri Delta Building Fund. Editor's Note: As referenced in Elisabeth's letter, the Tri Delta Building Fund at Northwestern will fund much-needed infrastructure updates to the chapter house as the house nears its 100-year anniversary. For more information, visit

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


TriDeltaToday celebrating 130 years 1888


1 Collegiate Chapter

141 Collegiate Chapters

18 initiated members (1889)

310,000 total initiated members

Tri Delta holds its first Convention in Galesburg, Illinois (1893)

Tri Delta holds its 58th Convention in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (2018)

Iota Chapter is first to secure entire chapter house (1895)

119 chapters have a common living or meeting space

Tri Delta's original Stars & Crescent badge design

The Stars & Crescent badge today


130 Years of Kindness

The Trident of Tri Delta


Volume 128 Fall 2018 The Trident of Delta Delta Delta

kindness Founders’ Day 2o18

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10/10/18 3:47 PM


The Trident Magazine FONT: BELOVED SANS & SCRIPT

Wichita, Kansas Alumnae Chapter

San Francisco

Wake Forest

Charlotte Alumnae Chapter

San Antonio Alumnae Chapter

Boston Alumnae Chapter

At left is the first issue of The Trident, published Fall 1891. At right is the Fall 2018 issue, celebrating 130 years of kindness.

Tri Delta Housing

At left is the chapter house at Simpson College around 1907. Delta Chapter at Simpson first rented rooms for chapter use in 1896. In 1905, the chapter secured its first house. At right is the current chapter house at the University of South Carolina.

Tri Delta Today

Showing the World Our Kind Of Kind Tri Delta Hosts its 2019 Collegiate Leadership Conference ri Delta held its Collegiate Leadership Conference on March 1-3, in Dallas, Texas, where more than 600 collegiate chapter officers gathered for Tri Delta learning, officer-specific learning and personal development. Throughout the weekend, officers attended tracks specific to their positions where they received training on being a brand ambassador for Tri Delta, enhancing their officer position and developing an action plan to take back to their chapter. This year, CLC also focused on wellness for our members and our chapters, and on showing the world Our Kind Of Kind. On Friday evening, attendees heard from mental health expert and advocate, Ross Szabo, who shared his profound personal story to help members reframe the concepts of mental health and mental illness through the lens of physical health. “Mental health is not having a problem,” Ross said. “Mental health is how you address all of the challenges in your life. Your mental health is as important as your physical health.” Tri Delta also announced that, thanks to generous funding from donors through the Tri Delta Foundation, it would be piloting its Mental Health Initiative in spring 2019 at 23 collegiate chapters in partnership with the Human Power Project. (Read more on pages 14 and 28). Following Ross’ keynote, collegiate chapters participated in the Innovation


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Showcase, which gave chapters the opportunity to share their innovative programming ideas and learn from one another. (Read more on page 36). Collegiate leaders started their Saturday by celebrating our Ritual, as Tri Delta honor initiated three new sisters: Krystee Fuller Edwards, Auburn; Jillian Grembowicz, Boston; and Alicia Schortgen, Texas A&M. (Read more about the history of the Honor Initiate Program on page 63). Saturday’s focus was on kindness. At the Live Kind, Lead Kind Luncheon, Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine, provided an update on Tri Delta’s commitment to kindness and shared how our chapters and members have answered the call to kindness over the past year. “These opportunities to show kindness are our moments of light,” said Kimberlee. “And our lights are many. Let’s continue to light the way through Our Kind of Kind.” In her speech, she also addressed the recent incident of racism involving a former Tri Delta member at the University of Oklahoma. Denouncing racism and intolerance, Kimberlee said, “Let me be clear – racism and intolerance has no place in Tri Delta. It is the antithesis of kindness and we will not stand for it.” The luncheon also featured a panel of five collegiate leaders who participated in a powerful dialogue on diversity and inclusion. Serving on the panel were Aly Luckett, William & Mary; Amaris Gonzalez, Syracuse; Michaela Johnson, Stockton; London Moore, Oklahoma; and Wynter Daggs, California/Berkeley, who served as moderator. The panel discussed ways their chapters promote

inclusivity and the importance of educating members and engaging in conversations on implicit bias. “It’s ok to feel like you don’t know everything — it’s a constant education,” said Michaela. “But it’s no longer ok, especially as a Tri Delta, to ignore this conversation.” Aly encouraged members to “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Have an open mind, and be ready to listen and learn.” Saturday evening was devoted to self-kindness and self-care. “Self-care Saturday” kicked off with a keynote from women’s empowerment ambassador Stacy Nadeau, Creighton, on selfcompassion, self-love and resiliency. Stacy shared the importance of befriending your inner critic to combat negative self-talk and become your best self. Following Stacy’s keynote, was an evening of sisterhood fun with activities like yoga, a movie night, a study room and a special Q&A with Stacy. CLC wrapped up on Sunday with a celebration of our collegiate chapter successes and Tri Delta’s 20-year partnership with St. Jude. At the breakfast awards celebration, our 2019 collegiate chapter award winners—including the Sarah Ida Shaw Award winner and runners-up—were announced. (Read about the Sarah Ida Shaw Award winner and nominees on page 10 and see all the award winners on page 43). Dr. Mari Ann Callais, Tri Delta’s senior director of strategic initiatives, closed out the conference, inspiring our collegiate leaders to take their CLC experience back to their campuses and

Photos: Denny Medley/GreekYearbook

chapters. Addressing the question “Where do we go now?” Mari Ann urged attendees to use their leadership positions to create change on their campuses. “You need to go back and tell your Tri Delta story,” she said. “Your Tri Delta story matters, your Tri Delta story can change the world.” Before attendees departed Dallas after a weekend full of learning and leading, Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan left them with these parting words: “My hope for you is that you take the opportunity to be brave, you take the opportunity to be bold and take the opportunity to be kind. I truly believe Tri Delta can change the world, but first you have to take back to your chapters, communities and university what it means to live, learn and lead for a lifetime. It is our time to show the world what it means to be a part of this amazing organization. It’s our time to show the world Our Kind Of Kind.”

Photos, clockwise from top: Attendees enjoyed a photo op with the CLC letters; Mental health expert and advocate Ross Szabo spoke Friday evening; Members from Boston University's Alpha Chapter; During the Live Kind, Lead Kind Luncheon attendees shared ways they could show #OurKindofKind by writing ideas on Post-it notes.

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


Tri Delta Today

Sarah Ida Shaw Award Winner: Baily Martin, Alabama ongratulations to our 2019 Sarah Ida Shaw Award recipient, Baily Martin, Alabama. As a senior member in Delta Mu Chapter at the University of Alabama, Baily’s loyalty to Tri Delta is evident in the numerous officer positions she has held to lead her chapter, including collegiate chapter president, academic development chair, recruitment preference day chair and collegiate alumnae relations chair. “I want to use the skills I have honed as a member to give back to the sorority, the campus, the community, the nation and the world,” said Baily. Baily has maintained a 4.037 GPA with a triple major in international studies, political science and Spanish—all while participating in several academic organizations, associations, programs and committees on and around her campus. This includes serving as an official student ambassador for Capstone Men and Women where she was one of 36 students chosen to assist the University President’s Office during numerous functions, and being a member of the Blackburn Institute, a leadership development and civic engagement program focused on improving the state of Alabama. One of the faculty members from the University of Alabama spoke of Baily’s character. “On a daily basis, Baily exhibits a passion for serving others and for making positive changes in the mindsets and habits of the students, faculty and staff at this university. She works selflessly to bring others together for good, and her strong character and civic spirit are visible to all who meet her. She truly models the ideals of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship for her Delta Mu sisters and everyone she encounters at UA and beyond.”

Sarah Ida Shaw Award Winner Baily Martin, Alabama

Sarah Ida Shaw Award Runners-Up First Runner-up, Amanda Carver, Oregon As a senior member of Theta Delta Chapter at the University of Oregon, Amanda Carver is a double major in communication disorders and sciences and psychology. She has been on the University of Oregon’s Dean’s List seven times. She is involved in numerous academic and campus organizations, including Order of Omega, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association and Psychology Peer Advising and has served as vice president of recruitment for the university’s Panhellenic Council. Amanda has served her chapter in numerous positions, including vice president of chapter development, vice president of finance, and as a member of the internal philanthropy committee, Bid Day committee, nominating committee and the biennium Ritual Committee. “The values of Tri Delta will continue to guide my life beyond my collegiate years,” said Amanda. “I have been deeply impacted by the Rituals and Purpose of this organization, as well as the women who surround me.”

Second Runner-up, Faith Wolfard, Oklahoma Faith Wolfard is a senior member of Theta Gamma Chapter at the University of Oklahoma and is a biology pre-med major. Faith was one of 12 upperclassmen to receive the Big Woman on Campus Award for her academic excellence, campus involvement and community service. She was also one of 10 seniors to be selected for the University of Oklahoma’s oldest honorary society, PE-ET Top 10

The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

10 Honor Society, for exhibiting the highest ability in scholarship, leadership and original work among the men and women on her campus. Faith has served her chapter in numerous officer positions including collegiate chapter president and director of ceremonies and Rituals. She spoke of her experience in Tri Delta: “I will graduate as a confident woman who has been empowered to step boldly into my next chapter of life because I have been forever changed by this particular stop in my journey and the friendships I have gained along the way.”

Third Runner-up, Beth Cunningham, Southern Mississippi

As a senior member of Phi Epsilon Chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi, Beth Cunningham is a double major in media production and advertising. She is involved in a number of academic and campus organizations, including: Order of Omega where she served as vice president in 2018, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and College Panhellenic Council. Beth has also served her chapter as collegiate chapter president, new member educator and risk management chair. When asked what her favorite Tri Delta symbol is, Beth shared that it was the three stars in our badge – that stand for Truth, Self-Sacrifice and Friendship – summing up her Tri Delta experience.

2019 Sarah Ida Shaw Award Nominees Recognized as the stars of our collegiate chapters, Sarah Ida Shaw Award nominees are known for their personal integrity and devotion to Tri Delta. These women are outstanding scholars and brave, bold and kind leaders who are living Tri Delta’s values and Purpose. This year, all 141 of Tri Delta’s collegiate chapters honored a member by submitting a nomination!

Marisa Marseille, Illinois State Honorable Mention

Darby McAllaster, Texas Nominee

Katiana O’Dowd, CA/San Diego Nominee


Jillian Doyle, Maine Riley Drewes, Wisconsin Elise Duldner, Ohio Wesleyan Emily Dunn, Texas/Arlington Shelby Edwards, Texas A&M Anna Faber, Lake Forest Kate Farrell, Towson Caroline Fenton, Louisiana State Bobbi Foote, Florida Gulf Coast Leigh Forsyth, Emory Ashley Frantz, Kansas Emily Frizzell, Elon Sara Ganas, Michigan Alex Garcia, Florida Southern Brenna Garro, Idaho Gillian Glover, Southwestern Allison Gonzalez, William & Mary Amaris Gonzalez, Syracuse Lucy Green, South Carolina Hannah Greulich, Miami/Ohio Anna Kathryn Groom, Texas Christian Maddy Grunzke, Boise State Chandler Harris, Louisiana/Lafayette Rachel Hegab, Louisiana Tech Gwyneth Helm, Missouri Carolyn Hoffman, Boston Rachel Hollingsworth, Simpson Rachael Holsteen, Nebraska Bridget Howard, Kansas State Laurel Jaffe, Pennsylvania Shannon Jones, Adelphi Olivia Keomoungkhoun, Texas/Dallas Cory Klapacz, Illinois Megan Krynen, Mississippi Elizabeth Lipscomb, Wake Forest Alexa Llodra, Florida Landra Lockwood, Oklahoma State Alexis Marini, Central Florida Mary Massarelli, Denison Krystyna Matsuda, Cal State/Northridge Darby McAllaster, Texas Jordyn McDaniel, Texas A&M/ Corpus Christi Olivia McGrath, Southern Methodist Caroline Mead, Ohio State Stephanie Merten, Allegheny Jameson Miller, Millsaps Caroline Minor, Arkansas

Abby Moe, Purdue Candace Mullins, Eastern Illinois Ariana Mungia, Loyola Marymount Samantha Neargarder, Mississippi State Gillian Oakley, Delta State Sophia Obregon, San Francisco Katiana O’Dowd, California/San Diego Maria Ordonez, Tulsa Giulianne Pate, Pacific Cara Pearson, Toledo Sofia Poulos, Stetson Tessa Pulido, California/Irvine Ellie Quinlan, Washington Sandra Rae, Maryland Patricia Razo, California/Merced Savannah Ridgley, Nevada Mariela Rodriguez, Delaware Sophie Rose, Stanford Kathryn Rothstein, Northwestern Lucy Russel, North Carolina Sierra Schopmeyer, Miami/Florida Hibah Siddiqui, Centre Abi Smith, Saint Lawrence Erin Sorady, Richmond Alexia Spanos, Rhodes Ali Stahr, Pittsburgh Emma Stenz, Pepperdine Jillian Stoewer, Puget Sound Lauren Suggs, Florida State Maddie Swall, Colorado State Katie Swift, Vanderbilt Brooke Talbott, Wichita State Olivia Thomas, Iowa State Kaitlin Timmons, Ottawa Valarie Varanese, Knox Emily Vaughan, Southern California Samantha Wakitsch, Southeast Missouri Jessica Waters, Kentucky Shelby Wells, Georgia Logan White, Virginia Tech Donielle Whitecotton, Cincinnati Annie Williams, Duke Simone Wilson, Oregon State Mary Kate Wolken, Creighton Gabrielle Wollert, Wyoming Madison Wright, Virginia Nan Zhang, Carnegie Mellon

Caelyn Gessler, Jacksonville Brielle Kolpin, Coe


Almarie Brennan, Clemson Ashleigh Brill, Iowa Wynter Daggs, California/Berkeley Megan Farny, Butler Lauren Hood, Furman Marisa Marseille, Illinois State Hailey Nelson, Vermont Megan Powell, Franklin Elaine Renberg, Baylor



Shelby Ackerman, Tennessee Apefa Adjivon, Toronto Lauren Algyer, North Dakota State Stephanie Argent, Cal State/Long Beach Bree Ask, Washington State Paige Atkinson, California/Santa Barbara Patricia Bales, Millikin Maggie Barry, Auburn Isa Basche, Chapman Emily Baxter, Brenau Gabrielle Benedetti, James Madison Jenna Black, Baker Abbey Brasington, Wofford Sarah Brewer, Drury Allyson Brutscher, Transylvania Nia Burrell, Lafayette Kathleen Bynon, Colgate Jenna Cambias, Spring Hill Stephanie Chandler, Denver Haley Chapman, Stephen F. Austin Carlie Christenson, Charleston Daisy Corona, California/Davis Sarah Cottle, South Florida Bailey Cross, Texas Tech Libby Cummings, Northern Arizona Maya Cutforth, Cornell Alyssa Dalton, Villanova Amber Davies, Stockton Jennifer Deschner, Colorado Sidrah Din, Rose-Hulman Megan Donnelly, Quinnipiac Katherine Dotson, Samford

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


Tri Delta Today

Advancing Sorority: National Panhellenic Conference restructures to meet the needs of today's women In October 2018, during the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) annual meeting, the NPC Board of Directors approved a new organizational and governance structure designed to make the Conference more nimble and responsive to the most pressing challenges facing our members, campus partners and the greater Greek community. The existing structure currently operates with a delegate from each member organization, supported by a team of alternate delegates. NPC leadership is appointed on a rotational basis of the 26-member groups. The new governance structure will include: • A Council of Delegates, consisting of one representative from each of NPC’s 26-member organizations and having primary responsibility for Conference membership and Panhellenic policies. • A new seven-member Board of Directors consisting of five members elected to service by the Council of Delegates and two directors appointed by their member organization (on a rotational basis). The Board of Directors will lead NPC and have

authority and responsibility for establishing corporate policy, setting the strategic direction, overseeing and securing resources, and monitoring organizational performance. The Council of Delegates will also elect the NPC chairman. The first Board of Directors in the new structure will be appointed and elected by the Council of Delegates in May 2019 and will assume office on July 1. The new NPC chairman will be elected by the Council from the seven members who comprise the Board of Directors. This historic change in governance will equip NPC to be a stronger, more strategic ally to collegiate chapters and campusbased professionals on topics such has hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault, diversity and inclusion, and other challenges sorority members face on campuses today. The new structure is also intended to provide additional staff and resources for NPC to support specific priorities for its member organizations, ranging from recruitment and membership growth, enhanced research and data collection, and communications efforts designed to advance the sorority experience.

Introducing… a new look, fresh content and a new digital platform! The redesigned, refreshed Trident includes: New sections for easy reading Updated graphics and design More collegiate and alumnae content More individual member highlights Infographics NEW online version of the magazine! Visit to see the latest issue.






Kind Alike to All

The Tri Delta Foundation provides grant funding to support new mental health pilot. At the 2019 Collegiate Leadership Conference, Tri Delta announced that, thanks to a generous grant from the Tri Delta Foundation, it would be piloting its Mental Health Initiative in spring 2019 at 23 collegiate chapters in partnership with the Human Power Project. The program addresses an urgent need for Tri Delta’s collegiate members. According to the National College Heath Assessment conducted by the American College Heath Association, in Spring 2018, 42.9 percent of undergraduate students surveyed said that in the last 12 months they had felt so depressed that it was difficult to function. And 64.3 percent reported that they had felt overwhelming anxiety in the last 12 months. The numbers are staggering and indicate a mental health crisis among today’s college students (You can read more about this mental health crisis in our feature on page 28). 14

The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Additionally, during their collegiate years, our members are expected to adjust to multiple personal, social and academic demands while trying to establish a healthy lifestyle and behaviors. This can be extremely challenging and can often result in depression, anxiety, anger management issues, lack of sleep and substance abuse—issues which are greatly impacting our members and chapters. The Tri Delta Foundation is committed to addressing this need in its continual effort to assist our members in every possible way. Thanks to the support of the Foundation, and the generosity of its donors, Tri Delta’s mental health pilot will use a world-class mental health curriculum. This powerful program uses short, highly creative videos to engage members. Additionally, two members from the Illustration: Karolin Schnoor/Friend & Johnson

Innovative and Impactful Programming Thanks to our generous donors, 2017-18 saw a significant increase in educational grants to the Fraternity, from $77,250 in 2016-17 to $374,000 this year. Because of the generosity of our donors who believe in the power of sisters helping sisters, the Foundation is able to enhance the Tri Delta member experience through innovative and impactful programming, designed to empower women. These programs include Not Anymore, a sexual assault awareness program, educational tracks at our annual leadership conferences—including LEADDD, Tri Delta’s premier leadership development conference, healthy body image programming and our new Senior Seminar Program, which empowers our members in their transition from college to career.

chapter will serve as peer-facilitators who will lead their chapters through an informative presentation and interactive group activities. The lesson plans are designed to improve our members’ relationships with themselves and others. Ross Szabo is the CEO of the Human Power Project and spoke to chapter officers at CLC. He explains, “Many college students are developing or deepening coping mechanisms that will last for a long time. Young women's brains fully mature between the ages of 22-25, and the patterns that they establish before this are critical to their development. Focusing on their mental health can help them be more prepared to face the challenges in life as well as be more empathetic and understanding of their sisters. Mental health truly is a part of sisterhood. When chapters are communicating effectively it increases their sense of belonging and contributes heavily to membership development.”

show the members that Tri Delta and the Foundation are investing in their future. Because if they are happy and healthy collegiate members they, in turn, will be happy and healthy alumnae members.” This newest initiative wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our Foundation donors, women who, through their gifts, are making a positive and lasting impact on their sisters’ lives. Lucy Morlan, Simpson, is Tri Delta’s senior director of chapter operations and a Foundation donor. In her work at Tri Delta, Lucy sees firsthand how Foundationfunded programs—such as this Mental Health Initiative—help empower Tri Delta’s members.

“Mental health truly is a part of sisterhood.”

Collegiate member Swati Bhandari, San Francisco, says, “I think talking about mental health is so important. Tri Delta providing and offering these resources for members is a huge step toward destigmatizing the negative connotations about mental health in organizations where traditionally people believe that you have to be perfect and so put together all the time. It also is a way to

“We know from our collegiate members that mental health is an area they want help with,” says Lucy. “Campuses are struggling to provide support in terms of counseling services, and our members are turning to sisters for help. This program will give them a baseline of information of how to get the help they need and how to recognize when someone else needs help.” As an alumna, Lucy is inspired to give back to the Foundation, knowing the impact of Tri Delta’s educational programs on its members. Adorned in head-to-toe pansies, Lucy inspired many at Convention 2018, where event fundraising exceeded $150,000!

Tri Delta Foundation IMPACT 2017 - 2018


sisters & friends donated to the Foundation



in the amount of grants awarded for educational & leadership programming


sisters were impacted by Tri Delta’s educational & leadership programming


in needs-based assistance for sisters We Love Lucy LUCY MORLAN, Simpson, made a splash at Convention 2018 when she agreed to dress up in head-to-toe pansies in exchange for donations to the Foundation!

It’s because of all of our donors, like Lucy, that the Foundation is able to fund lifelong opportunities that help Tri Delta members become the best versions

of themselves. For more information about the Foundation or to make a donation, visit



assisting our members in every possible way

The Spirit of Service

Los Angeles.



I truly feel this job was a calling for me and I am blessed it’s what I get to wake up and do every day at Children’s Hospital Catherine Butler

On Friday, Nov. 9, the Southern California Sleighbell Committee hosted its second annual movie screening, benefitting oncology and hematology research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). Tri Deltas from Ventura to San Diego gathered at the historic Raleigh Studios for an evening of old Hollywood glamour and fun. Dr. Alan Wayne presented to guests about the improvements CHLA has made in leukemia and other cancer treatments thanks to funds raised by Tri Delta. The event then featured a screening of “White Christmas.” Since the first Sleighbell event was held in 1947, Tri Deltas in Southern California have raised more than $2 million for CHLA’s Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, the largest pediatric hematology, oncology and blood and marrow transplant program in the western United States. Tri Delta has strong connections to the hospital, with one of our own sisters, Catherine Butler, Arizona, working at CHLA as a child life specialist. In her role, Catherine helps children and families cope with the challenges of hospitalization and chronic illness. “It gives me immense pride that the Southern California Tri Delta family is so supportive of CHLA and its Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases,” says Catherine. “I am so blessed that the spirit of giving back and being of service to those in need was instilled in me early on in my life and continued to grow and guide me during my time as a Tri Delta sister in college, and now in my professional career.” Catherine’s inspiration for working with children in her career came early on in life. As a child, she experienced many medical challenges and knew that she wanted to pursue a profession that would involve both children and healthcare. She credits Tri Delta with not only inspiring her to serve others, but also with providing her the support, leadership skills and academic preparation she needed to succeed. “I would not be the leader or 'go getter' I am today without the coaching and support my Tri Delta leadership gave to me so early on.” Catherine, pictured left, with two of her patients. Photo: Linda Bradley

St. Jude Memphis Marathon


Tri Deltas ran the St. Jude marathon

$40,659 was raised by Team Tri Delta

On Saturday, Dec. 1, 102 Tri Delta collegiate and alumnae members represented Team Tri Delta at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon at On Saturday, Dec. 1, 102 Tri Delta collegiate members represented Tri Delta at the St.7,Jude AutoZone Park in Memphis, Tennessee. Be sure toand markalumnae your calendars for the 2019 St. JudeTeam Memphis Marathon: Dec. 2019!Memphis

Cookies & Castles The Dallas Alumnae Chapter hosted its 11th annual Cookies and Castles philanthropy event benefitting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and the Tri Delta Foundation. The Cookies & Castles Committee was thrilled to present a check to Texas Scottish Rite for $150,000 and $5,000 to the Tri Delta Foundation. Dallas Alumnae Chapter members are pictured at Executive Office when they presented the check to the Tri Delta Foundation.

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


Kind Alike to All

Heritage Society: Remembering Tri Delta More than 150 generous members have remembered Tri Delta in their wills or estate plans. They are recognized as members of our prestigious Heritage Society, sustaining our sisterhood for generations to come. Join us in celebrating these loyal and steadfast sisters. Elizabeth Gowans Ahrens, Michigan State June Rickard Aldridge, William & Mary Mary Estelle Kanning Amberg, Minnesota Gail Anderson, Iowa State Marilyn Muldoon Arendt, New Mexico Gael Salter Baggett, Louisiana State Dorothy Coseboom Baker, Maryland Evalyn Torppa Baker, Idaho Roxanne Barnes, Southwestern Judith Barth, Cornell Erika Loen Beatty, Minnesota Maureen Laffey Bills, Cornell Bethany Blakey, Pittsburgh Mary Gray Bolin, Louisiana State Lynne Cellio Brown, Transylvania Beth Burkes, Wake Forest Harryette Campbell, Missouri Tori Campbell, Wyoming Jeanne Carlson, Oregon Barbara Schutt Castano, Texas/Arlington Camille Clark, Michigan State Marilyn Kotter Clauder, Nevada Gayle Knight Colman, Auburn Joan Meland Dana, Minnesota LuAnn Riegl Daniel, Villanova Kelly Hyde Delattre, Florida State Athina Eslick Dever, Butler Nancy Devine, Minnesota Isabelle Harner Donahey, Ohio State Angela Hackett Driver, California/Berkeley Diana Druley, Texas/El Paso Vivian Wilkinson Dunnaway, Arkansas Susan Pert Earley, Cincinnati Carolyn Mullenax Edwards, Tulsa Molly Maloney Evangelisti, Nevada Roberta Messic Faigle, Syracuse Jan Griffin Farrington, Mississippi Georgianna Schuyler Fernandes, Cornell Adelaide Gonzalez Few, Randolph-Macon Angela Ficht, Cal State/Long Beach Leslie Eisen Fort, Colorado State Ellen Quarterman Friedman, Pacific Jan Purdy Futhey, Ohio Wesleyan Jean Hunt Gaines, California/Los Angeles Polly McWherter Gast, Ohio State Mary Bayless Greenlee, Denison Nancy McDonald Griggs, Florida State


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Emily Bourne Grigsby, Vanderbilt Barbara Bock Guerra, Florida Tricia Halamandaris, California/Berkeley Susanna Currie Harper, Texas Carol Knoche Helmus, Millikin Debbie Wahl Hembree, Georgia Pam Herring Hicks, Franklin Barbara Snyder Nelson Hinds, Texas Tamara Marinkovic Hines, Southern Methodist Cora Peters Horger, Cal State/Long Beach Paula White Huffman, Pennsylvania State Andi Hughes, Vanderbilt Nicole Hughes, Washington State Chrys Grafrath Hyde, Coe Rebecca Jackson, Stephen F. Austin Jeanne Jamell, Arkansas Deborah Johnson, Nevada Darlene Dahl Jones, Washington Jennifer Ritter Kelly, Cornell Joyce Gottschalk Koehler, Cincinnati Tasha Kostantacos, Arizona State Sandra Williams Young Krieger, Mississippi Marian Hummel Kurz, Miami/Ohio SueBeth Crockett Lain, Texas Tech Dawnell Dean Lamb, Washington Neilanne Parker Lange, Louisiana State Mary Ann Shriner Lillie, Iowa State Mary White Lott, Oklahoma State Kelly Clarkson Loy, Oklahoma State Amie Young Lundquist, Maine Sue Malmberg, Simpson Mary Lynn Manning, Kansas State Deborah Daley Martin, Iowa Kathy Salisbury Massie, Minnesota Rhone Moore McCall, Southern Methodist Ann Marie McGee, Idaho Michele Stephens McGeeney, Texas Tech Kathryn Miller McKee, Kansas State Linda Wolf McLinden, Pittsburgh Mary Haley McWhorter, Tennessee Anne Parsons Michael, Minnesota Milly Bland Miller, Maryland Meredith Nye Moran, Kentucky Yvonne Gardner Newhouse, Ohio State Ginny Nicklas, Michigan Sherry Shrout Norton, West Virginia Linda Glascock O'Bryant, Missouri Joan Kalmanek Overbeek, Illinois Mary Kay Linzell Palmer, Ohio State Karen Metzger Parry, Colorado Peggy Marshall Payne, Miami/Ohio Debbie Lawton Pickens, Florida State Judith McCutcheon Pownall, Toronto Penny Purviance, Mount Union Kathy Ragan, Wyoming Becky Haas Ramsey, Syracuse Cathleen Snider Raymer, Texas Christian Janice Kent Reish, Oregon

Eve Woods Riley, Southern Methodist Jane Chaffee Ripp, Wisconsin Jean Wiggin Roach, Texas Christian Patricia Arthur Rouse, Colorado State Susan Abrahamson Routh, North Carolina Brooke Pearson Sanders, Arkansas J Kim Scholes, Tennessee Jeri Sedlar, Michigan State Kelly Shacklett, California/Los Angeles Michelle Popp Shimberg, Florida Laura Simic, Oregon Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory Lynn Zoll Smith, Michigan State Robyn Rever Smith, Mississippi State Jean Smith Snodgrass, Southern Methodist Sandie Wood Spain, Mississippi Jane DeWald Spikes, Texas Tech Kathy Hamilton Steinwedell, William & Mary Jackie Thurber Stenger, Puget Sound Laura Stenovec, Denver Judy Hutchison Stevenson, Florida Mary Martha Gibson Stinnett, Southern Methodist Christine Wilson Strom, Ohio State Margaret Sulkowski, Pennsylvania State Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine Ann Michele Shaffer Sweeney, Richmond Shirley Shull Tart, Texas Nancy Teich, DePauw Joyce McEwen Therkildsen, Iowa State Donna Burger Thoelecke, Colorado State Barbara Derr Thomas, Texas A&M Janet Tomlinson, Beloit Laura Shapiro Torrey, Florida Brenda Hester Towe, Oklahoma State Joyce Krogen Ursin, Wisconsin Linda Vedane, Simpson Dr. Nancy Guinn Vitola, Texas Charlene Rulifson Voge, Pennsylvania State Nancie Clouser Waldron, Miami/Ohio Barbara Walters, Stetson Elizabeth Ware, Idaho Sally Watkins Ware, Louisiana/Lafayette Ann Clark Webb, Georgia Rebecca Wynn Weiler, Rhodes Elizabeth Hankins Wendorff, Baker Karen Hughes White, Georgia Dr. Linda Garrett Whitson, Duke Karen Williams, Virginia Tech Martha Toler Williams, Texas Kathy Kruger Wilson, Ball State Mary Ann Heyser Wright, William & Mary Lois Cone Wtulich, Syracuse Karla Yale, Northwestern

Creating a Legacy for our Sisters Judith joined Tri Delta at the University of Toronto where she received both a BA and BEd degree. As an educator, she has previously held teaching and administrative positions in both the public and private school sector, and today she operates a tutoring practice. Teaching is a family affair: her husband, John, is also a teacher. Tri Delta is also part of her family. Judith’s daughter, Alyson, followed in her mother’s footsteps, joining Canada Alpha Chapter at the University of Toronto. Judith’s sister, Barb McCutcheon, and sister-in-law, Janet Pownall Lefebvre, are also Canada Alpha Tri Deltas. Giving back to Tri Delta is important for Judith, who has served as a financial specialist and currently serves on the Toronto Alumnae Chapter executive committee, in addition to being a member of Tri Psi, Tri Delta’s mothers’ sorority.

Judith McCutcheon Pownall, Toronto

Giving back to Tri Delta extends to planned giving. After making a planned gift to the Tri Delta Foundation, Judith became a member of the Heritage Society. Here, she shares more about why she chose to give back.


Why is giving to the Foundation important? Giving to the Foundation allows me to provide financial support for young women to experience the sisterhood which I have enjoyed. As a financial specialist, I saw firsthand the power of a grant from the Crescent Fund to help make life easier for a collegiate member.

3. What drew you specifically to planned giving and becoming a member of the Heritage Society?

Planning ahead is the greatest gift you can give your family, and I wanted to be sure to remember my Tri Delta family in my will.


What legacy would you like to leave for future generations of Tri Deltas? Tri Delta has given me so much during my life and I would like to be able to help other young women to experience the same. That takes money as well as time.


Why would you encourage other Tri Deltas to consider planned giving? As a Canadian, there aren’t tax advantages to giving to the Foundation, but there is the satisfaction of knowing that I have contributed to the ongoing financial health of Tri Delta. I chose to make an unrestricted gift as I want my gift to go to the area of greatest need. By including my wishes in my will, my family will know what I want. Members who designate the Foundation in their wills or estate plans are recognized as members of our prestigious Heritage Society. For information on giving to Tri Delta through your will or estate plan, please contact Tawnya Braeutigam at 817.471.1908 or

. What encouraged you to become a Foundation donor?

I have been a regular donor every month to support a variety of programs. It is a logical continuation of my commitment as a Life Loyal member. Photo: Timothy Fadek

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident



Fiona Byrne, Vermont, would never have described herself as “touchy-feely.” However, her earliest passions have led her to a career in medicine, allowing her to have an impact on women on a global scale. Through courage and a desire to better the world, Fiona empowers and inspires through her unselfish service to women. Fiona always knew that health care was an area she would be drawn to. Upon entering the University of Vermont, she embarked as a nursing major. But soon, other areas of health and medicine would become prominent not just in her field of study, but her co-curricular involvements. “As an undergrad, Tri Delta helped in teaching me so much about the challenges women face both here, at home, and abroad in developing nations. My collegiate experiences are part of the reason I became a nurse and why I am invested in supporting women’s health and human rights,” she said. “Through our chapter service projects, I gained exposure to women’s health organizations, which broadened my understanding of what it means to be a feminist and how to be impactful in the world.” Fiona became increasingly aware of women’s health around the world. She closely followed the bombing tragedies in Aleppo, a city in Syria, and felt disappointed by the lack of


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

global outrage. Hospitals and health care providers were specific targets of bombings. The destruction of the last standing pediatric hospital ignited Fiona's courage to make a difference in the world and for women. She then began her journey to volunteer for the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), a medical relief organization that works on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria and neighboring countries. Fluent in English and French, Fiona was unsure if she would be needed since she did not speak Arabic. She applied and was denied three times. She knew the language barrier would be difficult, but the situations were becoming much more critical. Finally, in 2018, SAMS found a place for Fiona in Lebanon, where many speak French. She was chosen to be a part of a medical mission providing OB/GYN and women’s health care to the Beqaa Valley on the Lebanese-Syrian border. It involved well-woman checks, pre- and postnatal checks for refugee women and general women’s health needs. Because of her extensive surgical training, Fiona was able to provide back up to the general and OB/GYN surgeons, spending 16 hours a day in an operating room. Fiona's operating room situation at the hospital was very different from her experience in the

I am proud to be part of an organization that inspires members to find their passion and then pursue it, from the board room to the operating room. U.S. There was no housekeeping staff, no techs for assistance and a general lack of equipment. So, in addition to her nursing and surgical duties, Fiona found herself mopping floors, autoclaving her instruments and providing pre-op patients care. In February 2019, Fiona returned to Syria on a second mission for SAMS and hopes to continue her work with SAMS in the future. As a former advisor for Eta Chapter at Vermont, the chapter has supported her cause. Chapter members helped provide supplies to build “dignity kits,” which Fiona helped distribute to women in the refugee settlements. The kits contained undergarments, menstrual pads, hand sanitizer, soap, and deodorant to keep women and girls healthy, restore dignity, and maintain mobility, while meeting basic human needs. “I am proud to be part of an organization that inspires members to find their passion and then pursue it, from the board room to the operating room,” she said. “Thank you, Tri Delta, for setting our members up to be brave and bold for teaching us to be steadfast in our dedication to showing kindness and love to others.” Photo: Jan Sonnenmair

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


Tri Delta Life Loyal Thank you to these Life Loyal Tri Deltas who pledged their support to Tri Delta by making an unrestricted gift of $300 or more to the Tri Delta Foundation from Sept. 16, 2018, through Dec. 31, 2018. Alabama Nancy Harper Hockemier

Franklin Patricia Branstetter West

Arizona Rosanne Karlebach

Idaho Patricia Stroschein Myers

Auburn Tanzy Valderrama Wallace

Illinois Julie VanMeenen Atwell

Baylor Sharon Montgomery Muschalik

Indiana State Carol Sloan

Boise State Rachel Arneson

Jacksonville Marianne Zimmermann Palmer

Boston Regis Lux Central Florida Myla Schumers Outlaw

Kansas State Christy Lassman Fearn Deanne Watson Burris Jo Sheets Hunt

Cincinnati Lynn Krombholz Buckley

Miami/Ohio Laura Keegan Ellingwood

Coe Megan Frohlich Dutta

Millikin Helen Rush Hutchison

DePauw Alison Frost

Mississippi State Jessica Johnson Stowe Ohio State Justine Emig


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Oklahoma Helen Douthit Duckett Valeria Mauck Jones Oregon State Audrey Pupke Berry Ottawa Simi Wilhelm Shah Pacific Amy Larner Schoen Jennifer Kretz Hancock Lisa Luna Smith

Texas Tech Deborah Duncan Petree Toledo Sarah Giessler Burden Toronto Giuliana Sframeli Tulsa Marilyn Rae Girouard Valparaiso Elizabeth Moritz

Pennsylvania Laura Savage Parker

Vanderbilt Valerie Hunt Lankford

Rhode Island Daria Iacono Delillo

Villanova Susan Tronolone Davies

Richmond Michele DiMauro Van Slooten

Wichita State Ashlyn Joy Dold

Saint Lawrence Brenna Baringer Texas Debbie Shure Collins

Wisconsin Cheryl Going Harris Wyoming Tomi Ann Green Hammond

Hawaii Alumnae Chapter

f Agnes Sapa Foos believes in a cause, she is thoroughly committed to its success. As a Life Loyal Tri Delta, she is committed to our sisterhood and the principles on which it was built. “Since I have been active in Tri Delta, my understanding, respect and love for the Fraternity has deeply strengthened and grown through my experiences,” she says. “I am looking forward to my 50th year of membership upcoming in 2021. (How did that happen?) I feel that Tri Delta is growing and changing with the times to continue its vibrancy. It is as relevant today as it was in 1888 when it was founded.” Agnes’ lifetime experience began as a junior in college. But it was as an alumna that she gained the most from her membership, finding a supportive and loving group of sisters in her alumnae chapter and then serving as alumna advisor for Beta Beta Chapter at California State, Northridge. “I think my passion for Tri Delta continues to grow because of all the dynamic members I have met in this amazing organization. I am inspired by my sisters, whether they are collegians or alumnae members. I have learned so much from them and love working alongside them.”

With a donation of $300, Life Loyal donors help support the Tri Delta Foundation’s commitment to providing opportunities for our members to become the best versions of themselves by funding initiatives to Live, Learn and Lead.


Agnes Sapa Foos, Cal State/Northridge Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Committee

Life Loyal Tri Deltas receive a subscription to The Trident, an exemption from national alumnae dues and exclusive Life Loyal updates. To learn more about becoming a Life Loyal Tri Delta, call (817) 633-8001 or go to Photo, opposite: Patrick Jordon

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by Content Manager Amanda Milford, Texas/Arlington

Angela raly

Angela Braly led one of the largest health insurance companies in the U. S. Now she's taking her leadership experience “full circle” by helping women find their voices as policy leaders.


cross the country, groups of women are meeting to have substantive conversations about policy — on issues ranging from economics, education and healthcare to immigration and poverty. These women — more than 2,600 of them across 36 states — are part of The Policy Circle, an organization that equips women to share their views and take leadership roles in public policy dialogue. The Policy Circle is the brainchild of 2008 Woman of Achievement Angela Braly, Texas Tech, and co-founders, Kathryn Hubbard and Sylvie Legere. The three met at a public policy forum and came up with the idea of The Policy Circle after noticing that women weren’t well-represented in leadership roles and policy discussions. As the CEO of WellPoint (now Anthem) during the debate around the Affordable Care Act, Angela was involved in many public policy discussions and forums. At one public policy conference


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019 Photo: Scogin Mayo

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


More than 100 women gathered in Chicago for The Policy Circle Leadership Summit.

in particular, Angela remembers looking around the room and wondering, “Where are the women?” Often, Angela was one of only a few women at the table. “When we began The Policy Circle, we asked a few foundational questions," says Angela. "Are women being invited? And when they're invited, are they attending? We quickly realized that one of the reasons women may say no to these opportunities is that they don’t feel confident talking about public policy.” So Angela and her co-founders set out to help women prepare for getting involved in the public policy space. The idea of The Policy Circle is to give women a place to have thoughtful conversations about policy and to practice voicing their insights and opinions.

The Path to Leadership

joined Tri Delta at Texas Tech and graduated early with her sights set on law school. After graduating from law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Angela moved to St. Louis and began practicing law. One of her clients was a company that was acquired by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri, and Angela was approached about becoming General Counsel. At first she hesitated because she had just become a partner at her law firm. But, she accepted the offer, leaned in and earned opportunities to take on new and different leadership roles. Eventually, she became President of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri. After the company was acquired by WellPoint, Angela relocated to Indianapolis with her family and served as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Public Affairs Officer, and then, in 2007, she was asked to take on the role of Chief Executive Officer of WellPoint.

“Women are wonderful leaders, but they don’t always think of themselves as leaders,” says Angela. In fact, early on, Angela didn't view herself as a leader. For her entire life, she'd planned on being a lawyer. She


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

At the time, Angela was the only woman serving as the CEO of a Fortune 50 company. There were only 13 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and only 26 leading Fortune 1000 companies. And while the Fortune 500

"I'm optimistic that women will continue to forge a path into leadership. There are more women than ever before in the senior ranks of companies, nonprofits and community organizations."

reached an all-time high of CEOs who were women in 2017, it dipped back down in 2018 to only 24. Says Angela, “This is why organizations like The Policy Circle are so important. The Policy Circle is more than just group discussions on policy. It helps women build their confidence and develop their leadership skills, in addition to offering women a way to connect with others interested in learning about and engaging in policy.” It only takes two women to start a circle. From there, each of the two people can invite their friends, and those friends can invite friends, to build the circle. Before each meeting, the group is assigned a policy brief provided by The Policy Circle. The meeting itself is designed in a way that all members are offered the opportunity to practice voicing their opinions in the group discussion. Frequently, after meeting and discussing issues, many are inspired to take action by directly engaging in their communities to inspire change. In one instance, a Policy Circle from Chicago chartered a bus to Springfield, Illinois, to visit the State House of Representatives. Members of the Indianapolis Policy Circle met with the Governor of Indiana at his residence.

other women, there’s some ease and safety in the experience. When we talk about public policy in Policy Circles, it’s a safe place for women to express their opinions. We respectfully facilitate the conversation so that everyone gets called upon to practice their voice. Those are the things you learn subconsciously in a sorority.”

Looking to the Future In addition to The Policy Circle, which Angela describes as her “passion project,” she also serves on several Boards and believes strongly in bringing more women and more women of color into these roles. “A move toward greater inclusion at the Board level will help improve businesses, strategies and Board oversight and decisions.” When asked what leadership advice she would offer to other women, Angela says: “Be yourself. Take action with confidence. Push yourself to be a leader in whatever context you’re in. You can be exactly who you are and be a leader.”

Angela draws many parallels between her Tri Delta experience and the concept for The Policy Circle. As a member of Tri Delta, Angela remembers coming together with her sisters, not just socially, but to collaborate on projects and to work together to make sure everyone had a voice.

As for the future of women in leadership, she says, “I’m optimistic that women will continue to forge a path into leadership. There are more women than ever before in the senior ranks of companies, nonprofits and community organizations. I hope my daughter's generation will have the opportunity to bring their perspective to leadership positions with greater ease.”

“Women love the opportunity to come together around conversation,” she says. “When women are only with

If you’re interested in starting a Policy Circle with your friends or sisters, visit

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


Mental health has quickly become one of the most critical topics facing college students today. Along with their peers, Tri Delta members bravely face anxiety, depression and other mental health issues in increasing numbers, yet access to support and treatment is a major challenge. In an effort to combat this growing crisis, Tri Delta is piloting a mental health initiative to reduce the stigma around mental illness and to provide members with tools and resources to help a sister in need. “Starting college and being independent for the first time definitely was a shock to me. Through the years, there were definitely ups and downs, but when the downs hit, I compartmentalized and didn't talk about things. It had gotten to a point where it made me physically sick; I wouldn’t eat, I slept all day, I lost weight, I stopped talking to my friends and my roommates. I made excuses when people asked me what was wrong, like I was just tired or feeling under the weather. My unwillingness to open up led to people not even asking anymore. I felt alone, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t work up the courage to tell anyone what was going on.”


Amber’s account of her struggle with mental health is not unlike that of other college students. According a 2016 survey from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 18- to 25-year-olds had the highest rate of mental illness compared to other age groups. Specifically, the spring 2018 National College Health Assessment found that


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Photo: Scogin Mayo

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


in the past year, 22.3% of college students were diagnosed or treated for anxiety; and 18.4% were diagnosed or treated for depression—a huge increase in the last decade. For comparison, the Fall 2009 National College Health Assessment found that 9.4% of college students had been diagnosed or treated for anxiety, while 9.2% had been diagnosed or treated for depression. Alanna Carrasco, Texas A&M/Corpus Christi, is a licensed psychologist who works for the University of Texas at Dallas. She explains that while symptoms related to anxiety and depression may be related to past trauma, many are related to the stressors that college students face. “Many students are away from home for the first time, and they are experiencing a shift in a lot of perspectives of how they and their peers see the world. They may be coming to terms with their identities and beliefs, and they may just be shifting into the world of ‘adulting’ in general. So college comes with a lot of inherent transitions, complications and growth which can be fulfilling, yet stressful and painful at the same time.” n addition to her own personal experiences, Amber has also witnessed how mental health issues can manifest themselves on campus: “Being in a college setting, this is most students’ first time being completely independent, which is a very big adjustment and is something that no college prep course can prepare you for. You get immersed in an environment that, for all intents and purposes, is completely foreign. In most cases you don’t have the same support network you’ve had for 18 years. The friends you’ve had for years are at different schools, so this change in and of itself can be very anxiety inducing. Adding these factors to the increased level of college school work and the pressure to do well, trying to make and maintain a social network and life, and trying to develop a sense of self, and you end up with a multitude of contributing factors that affect a college student’s mental health.” Simply put, there is a lot of pressure on today’s college student. And students—including Tri Delta’s members—are struggling to deal with it. Senior Swati Bhandari, San Francisco, has noticed how anxiety and depression affects sisters in her chapter. “We have many high-achieving women in our chapter that excel at not only being involved in Tri Delta, but also in school which tends to pull a person in many directions—especially if you are a leader.” Many high-achieving women struggle with the concept of “effortless perfection,” believing they have to be the “perfect” version of what a college student should be, both inside and outside of the classroom.


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Social media, with its carefully curated images of women having it “all together,” adds to this idea, Alanna explains. “We see that most Tweets, posts, and Snaps highlight the fun, positive, and exciting aspects of life, while no one is capturing the moments of sadness, pain or fear. There has been a rise of young people, on college campuses specifically, seeking out mental health services because they feel alone or they are not experiencing constant and immediate happiness as their peers ‘seem’ to be doing. Women may feel that pressure even more strongly to ‘appear’ successful and put together, especially with regard to physical appearance, weight, fashion, career, etc. Trying to live up to these expectations (and of course falling short because we are humans!) can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety.” Additional research suggests that by the age of 25, 75 percent of those who will have a mental health disorder have had their first onset. Compounding the problem is the fact that colleges and universities across North America are struggling to provide effective therapy to the rising number of students seeking help through on-campus counseling. This not only affects our collegiate members, but it also affects our volunteers who support them and our alumnae who may be watching their own children face the same challenges. One Tri Delta alumna witnessed her daughter’s struggles with depression while attending an out-of-state university. “During her freshman year, she was working on a tough degree that required a lot of studying. It was a lot of pressure, and she never felt prepared enough for the tests she had coming up. This led to a downward spiral where she would miss the test—she just wouldn’t take it. After that she would stay in bed and wouldn’t go to class. That’s when we knew something was really wrong.” She recalls one Skype call with her daughter: “All I could see were just two eyes peering out from beneath a blanket. It was so dark in the room and she was just buried under the covers in bed. She said, ‘I’m so sad.’ She was 900 miles away, and we just felt helpless.” While she was able to see a psychiatrist in her hometown, the university itself didn’t have many resources to offer. “There are so many students needing to see the counselors at the health center. She would try to make an appointment with a therapist there, but then she’d miss the appointment or be 5-10 minutes late and she’d go to the end of the list again.” Then, one day the alumna received a concerned text from one of her daughter’s friends. “It said, I think she’s talking about suicide, and I think you should know.” She spoke with her daughter at length to make sure she was ok, but



Mental health has quickly become one of the most critical topics facing college students today. Tri Delta chapters and volunteers report that depression and anxiety, in particular, are greatly impacting our members. Here’s a look at the scope of the mental health crisis.

21.1% PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED BY DEPRESSION GLOBALLY. of 18-25 year-olds in the U.S. have been diagnosed with mental illness.






3/4 of those who will have a mental health disorder, will have their first onset.






Since 2009, the number of college students diagnosed or treated for a mental health disorder has increased significantly.


MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health, the following are several resources where you can find more information. Suicide Prevention: National Network of Depression Centers: Anxiety and Depression Association of America: National Sexual Assault Hotline: CoDependents Anonymous: National Alliance on Mental Illness:

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


getting her in to see a psychiatrist in the area was a challenge. Many weren’t accepting new patients, and the ones that were had months-long waiting lists—likely overburdened with area students seeking help. Eventually, after dozens of phone calls, she was able to find a local psychiatrist for her daughter to help treat her while she was away from home.

people know what is going on in my life. On campus, I am known as one of those people that anyone can depend on and will listen to and try to fix problems. I was president of my chapter, a student coordinator of our orientation program, an intern for an on-campus office, someone who had 'everything together.' This was the driving reasons for my fear — the fear of being seen differently and being seen as someone who needs counseling.”

Jeannette Sznajderman, Syracuse, is a licensed clinical social worker based in Manhattan who has volunteered with Tri Delta as an alumna advisor and a BodyImage3D facilitator. As an advisor, Jeannette witnessed the campus struggle in dealing with the mental health issues of its students. When one Tri Delta member was facing mental health challenges, Jeannette recalls the campus not being able to offer much in terms of support, other than campus security conducting a well visit to make sure she was ok. But, as Jeannette points out, having campus security visit your dorm room can be mistaken as punishment rather than concern.

The pressures placed on college students combined with the lack of campus resources and the stigma surrounding mental illness all contribute to what has become a mental health crisis on college campuses.

“There weren’t a lot of options for how to support members struggling with mental illness. The options all felt punitive, which makes women less likely to say, ‘Hey, my roommate or friend is struggling with this issue' because they don’t want to get them ‘in trouble.’”

COMBATING THE STIGMA Another barrier to students receiving help is the stigma surrounding mental health. “I think in general the greatest barrier is stigma surrounding mental health and how people view it,” shares Swati. “Many people I’ve seen still believe that having mental health issues just means that you’re weak-minded and cannot handle what you’re doing in life. I think that sort of mindset is really damaging because it undermines a person’s problems and what that problem means to them.” While Amber initially began seeing a therapist at the counseling center on campus, the stigma associated with mental health was one of the reasons why she stopped scheduling appointments. “It was the fear of walking to the office — of somebody seeing me. I am not one who talks about my own problems or lets


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

ASSISTING OUR MEMBERS IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY This crisis directly affects Tri Delta’s members, chapters and volunteers. In conversations with Tri Delta’s collegiate chapter officers, they express feeling overwhelmed with not knowing how to help their chapter members and sisters who are experiencing mental health issues. Our collegiate chapters and volunteers also report that depression, anxiety, anger issues, lack of sleep and substance abuse are greatly impacting our members. In spring 2018, Tri Delta collegiate chapters participated in our Member Experience Survey, which included questions designed to gather insight and data on the member experience. In one question, collegians were asked to review a list of topics facing college women (e.g., body image, personal development, mental health) and rank, in order, which topics Tri Delta should address through programming efforts. The number one topic our collegians identified through the survey was mental health.

Our members are asking for help in this area. That’s why this spring—thanks to a generous grant from the Tri Delta Foundation (read more on page 14)—Tri Delta is piloting a Mental Health Initiative in partnership with the Human Power Project. This partnership will provide multi-dimensional mental health programming using educational videos and engaging peer-led lessons. The Mental Health Initiative pilot will give a chapter—its members, officers and advisors—the tools to discuss mental health and to support one other. By participating in the program, our chapters will receive training that is designed to: • Reduce the stigma around seeking help for mental health challenges • Teach members how to approach a friend or sister who needs help • Provide members with the tools and resources to refer a sister or friend to a mental health professional • Increase problem solving skills and the ability to seek social support

The lessons cover several topics such as understanding your mental health, how to talk to a sister, how to identify warning signs of severe mental health breakdowns, self-compassion and healthy coping skills. “This curriculum has the ability to start conversations that aren’t happening in chapters,” says Ross Szabo, CEO of the Human Power Project. “It allows young women to connect in meaningful ways about a topic that can often cause shame, isolation and fear. The exercises help women open up to each other and begin to understand their own personal journeys. Sixty-seven percent of college students first disclose their mental health challenges to a friend and most of them will never seek help from the counseling center. Giving members the ability to manage their mental health and help their sisters is a necessary step in addressing the epidemic of mental health crises we are seeing.” Assisting our members in terms of mental health all ties back to Tri Delta’s Purpose. Jeannette says, “It’s part of Tri Delta’s mission to support our members in every possible way. We have to be current in what college women are facing today; they aren’t facing same things our Founders faced…We have to meet the women where they are. Not doing so would be turning a blind eye to what they really need.” For the Tri Delta alumna who sought treatment for her daughter, after finding the right medication, her daughter is doing much better. Even still, she says, “I don’t go to bed without my phone next to me in case she needs to call me in the middle of the night. There have been a lot of sleepless nights. How can you sleep when your daughter is so sick and you can’t fix it?” Meanwhile, Amber credits her Tri Delta sisters with providing her the support she needed during her struggle with mental health: “I have found alternative methods to check in with myself and have opened up to several people about what I have experienced this past year in dealing with my mental health…I have found people who check in on me and I on them. I have found that some days are incredible, and others are horrible. But there is something to be said about having a group of women in your life who love you for who you are. The support I receive from women in my chapter is something that cannot be measured by any scale. It’s the small things like getting a funny post texted to you by a sister, a random shout-out at chapter, or just seeing people in the food court and being invited to sit down and eat. I am beyond lucky to have found a sisterhood founded on the precept of kindness, because at the end of the day, kindness can save lives.”

Depression Does Not Discriminate hile mental health issues like depression and anxiety may manifest during college, anyone at any age can face mental health challenges. According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people are affected by depression globally. Alumna Kim Newsom Ray, Oklahoma, has experienced depression since high school. In college she found that living in

the Tri Delta house surrounded by 106 sisters helped her cope with the challenges of college. However, graduating and going out into the “real world” was a rough transition for her. “I moved out on my own, my sisters all went in different directions, and I didn’t have that support. It was rough for me to transition into adulthood. I thought I was abnormal. Everyone else seemed to be doing fine but me.” That was when she began seeing a psychiatrist and developing coping mechanisms—in addition to taking medication—to help her with her depression. “I realized how much I play a part in my treatment. It’s not just the doctor giving me a pill. I have to eat right, exercise, meditate and reach out to be with friends.” Then, five-and-a-half years ago, her husband took his life...on Father’s Day. He had recently lost his job, and Kim had done all she could to support him, including encouraging him to see a therapist. In dealing with the grief of losing her husband, Kim began seeing a trauma therapist. She also joined a Facebook grief recovery group where she connected with others who had been through similar experiences. “Grief comes in waves,” explains Kim. “At first it comes very often, and you feel like crying, breaking down or laying on the floor in a puddle. I have found those times get further apart as the years go on. But they can still hit at any time.” Through it all, she found support from her Tri Delta sisters who rallied around her. “My sisters have been rock stars all through it,” says Kim. “I couldn’t have done it without them.” For anyone struggling with mental health, Kim recommends finding support groups that can help you through whatever you’re experiencing—whether it’s grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse or co-dependency. She also recommends finding coping mechanisms that work for you in caring for your mental health. That can include anything from meditation, exercising, spending time with friends, finding comfort in religion and prayer, even treatments like neurofeedback which helps retrain the brain to think a different way. Most importantly, Kim stresses, “When dealing with depression, all of us need to realize that not wanting to be alive is not normal. You may feel like you want to be left alone; that others won't understand you; that family would be better if you were not around; or that you are just a bother to them…That is not true,” she stresses. “Those words are lies. The last thing you need to do is isolate yourself.” For Kim, sharing her challenges and feelings on social media has helped her be able to connect with friends rather than isolating. This openness also lets others who might be dealing with similar issues know they’re not alone. If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health, see page 31 for a list of resources.

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


Tri Delta Living

More Than a Chapter House by Content Specialist Lindsay Mackey, Auburn

Tri Delta’s Delta Iota and Chi Chapters celebrate their newly renovated homes at the University of Arkansas and the University of Mississippi.

oday, 119 Tri Delta chapters enjoy a common living or meeting space as part of their membership experience. Recently, two of our chapters – Delta Iota at the University of Arkansas and Chi at the University of Mississippi – have undertaken major renovation and reconstruction projects to increase living capacity, remain competitive with other sororities on their campuses, and provide a premier place for our members to live, learn and lead. Construction on the Delta Iota chapter house began in May 2017. The original house was built in 1933 and only housed up to 85 live-in members. Two additions were added to the house in 1954 and 1965, providing the members with an additional 26,000 square feet. With total membership now reaching 325, and new member classes ranging from 100-150, the Delta Iota House Corporation explored options for expanding and renovating the iconic house on 920 West Maple Street.

Just one week before she passed away, Donna Axum Whitworth, Arkansas, (right) pictured with her daughter, Lisa Mikus, Arkansas, celebrated the dedication of the new Delta Iota chapter house. Donna served as honorary co-chair for the capital campaign that raised more than $4 million. 34

The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

The renovations include an expanded dining space, more meeting areas and study rooms, and living quarters for up to 98 members. With the house now at 41,000 square feet, it has allowed for our members’ strong friendships to grow even stronger as they have more opportunities to enjoy activities together.

“Since the renovation, our members have enjoyed incredible sisterhood,” said Connie Bracy, Delta Iota House Corporation President. “There’s adequate study rooms, places to meet and have lunch and dinner together. There’s definite pride in how lovely the house is!” Delta Iota’s house dedication took place Oct. 26-27, 2018. Loyal alumna and 1964 Miss America Donna Axum Whitworth, Arkansas, was in town for the festivities. Donna took the time to speak with chapter members throughout the week. She shared many stories of her time at Arkansas, her role as Miss America and most importantly, her time at 920 West Maple. It’s no surprise that laughs and sentimental tears filled everyone’s eyes as Donna spoke of her cherished Delta Iota Chapter. The dedication weekend was packed full of events including a donor luncheon, room dedications in memory of special sisters, a cocktail party Friday evening for all members, and of course, the grand opening with tours on Saturday morning. As the honorary co-chair of the capital campaign, Donna was especially pleased as she toured the new house. Donna passed away on Nov. 4, just seven days after the dedication of her beloved chapter house. Her steadfast loyalty to Tri Delta began the minute she joined Delta Iota in 1961 and lasted her entire life. (Read more about Donna on page 61). “Mother would not have considered missing the dedication as Delta Iota was, and always has been, her home away from home,” said Lisa Mikus, Arkansas. “She knew this new house would bring many memories for the generations of Tri Deltas to come.” “Having 98 members be able to do life together and have plenty of room for the other members who are not living in the house to join in the business, as well as

the fun, makes life so much more manageable from a logistics standpoint,” said Connie. “More importantly, it allows our members to focus on each other and continue forming lifelong bonds of friendship.” Meanwhile, in Mississippi, Chi House Corporation at the University of Mississippi began renovation plans four years ago as the chapter had grown to the extent that they felt they could no longer house as many members as they would like. The growth of the chapter made it difficult to hold chapter meetings and provide meals for everyone. Renovations to the original portion of the house included new flooring, lighting, a new house director living space, study areas, offices, chapter room and furnishings. In the back of the house, a new addition was constructed to include new bedrooms to sleep 109 members with study areas and a living space. “Our members are thrilled with the house as it's been updated,” said Beth Kakales, Chi House Corporation President. “Each time I've walked through the house, it makes me so happy to see so many young women enjoying every inch of the house.” Chi Chapter had a house dedication ceremony on Saturday, March 2. The day included house tours, brunch and a gathering that evening for members, alumnae and their spouses. Several new member classes scheduled individual parties on Friday, March 1, to share in the excitement of their new home. “I have always agreed with the idea that bonds of sisterhood grow deeper as the members live together,” said Beth. “When sisters are there for one another on a daily basis, they learn more and more about each other and friendships grow.” See the amazing Chi house renovation in a special feature in the Southern Culture section at

Meet Rebecca Whitney Rebecca Whitney is a dedicated Tri Delta house director at the University of Georgia. She is also a devoted blood, platelets and plasma donor to the American Red Cross. Her passion for donating began 30 years ago while she was in the car and heard an announcement on the radio for the Red Cross’ 12 Days of Christmas Blood Drive. In August 2018, Rebecca donated her 100th unit for the Red Cross and was motivated to do even more. Rebecca spoke at a chapter meeting to share her story about how she became involved with donating to the Red Cross. She instantly saw excitement on the members’ faces and knew the chapter room would be the perfect place for hosting a blood drive. In August 2018, Rebecca and Alpha Rho Chapter hosted a Red Cross blood drive at the chapter house. There was a total of 35 donations with many being first-time donors who plan to continue giving back and supporting the Red Cross. “I hoped that the younger men and women would see how enthusiastic I am about giving this special gift and how easy it is for most people to donate. Blood donations are vitally important to patients at St. Jude, and so many Tri Delta women are passionate about helping these children.”


DOLPHIN TANK By Content Specialist Lindsay Mackey, Auburn

Tri Delta hosted the second annual Innovation Showcase at its 2019 Collegiate Leadership Conference (CLC). This event was designed to highlight the creative successes of our collegiate chapters and provide an opportunity for chapters to offer ideas to enhance the Tri Delta member experience. This year’s Innovation Showcase introduced Delta Demos and Dolphin Tank – two exciting new ways to share best practices, brainstorm new strategies and address challenges faced by college women. Delta Demos was a science-fair style event, providing 15 of our chapters a venue to showcase examples of their current programming, operations, recruitment, public relations and marketing, and much more. Attendees were encouraged to visit each booth and learn about as many innovative ideas as they could throughout the event. Photos, top to bottom: Attendees speak with presenter Ross Szabo during Delta Demos; Miranda Yannon and Courtney King, both Southwestern, present during Dolphin Tank; During Delta Demos, attendees visited tables to share ideas and learn more about Tri Delta programs and initiatives; at one Delta Demos table attendees learned how to make the most of their volunteer relationships; Katherine Kessel and Kiara Mens, both North Dakota State, pitch their idea to the "dolphins" during Dolphin Tank. 36

The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Dolphin Tank challenged our members to explore turning their ideas into impactful endeavors designed to enhance the collegiate experience. This year, five chapters were invited to share their structured pitches to a panel of five dolphin judges (not to be confused with sharks!) — Tri Delta's Executive Board.

“Hosting DHOP during Family Weekend has been extremely successful,” said Alyson. “By utilizing our philanthropy committee and having a passionate and motivated chapter, we were able to raise over $6,000 for St. Jude last year and be named the top fundraising chapter on our campus.”

Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine, and Executive Board members Megan Shaw James, Millsaps, Lenora Oeters, Cincinnati, Jenni Stork Oaks, Baylor, and Sandy Beach Lin, Toledo, served as our dolphins for the evening as they listened to each pitch and decided which one would be the most beneficial to Tri Delta and its members.

Collegiate Chapter President Miranda Yannon and Vice President of Membership Courtney King from Theta Epsilon Chapter at Southwestern University made a big splash in the Dolphin Tank when they described their plan to integrate a Chatbot in Tri Delta’s website.

Collegiate Chapter President Caroline Babin from Delta Omega Chapter at Louisiana State University stepped into the Dolphin Tank first where she described her chapter’s Adopt-a-Pearl program. This program consists of Baton Rouge alumnae volunteering to “adopt” a new member to help ensure this member makes connections in the community, on campus and in Tri Delta. “We wanted to make sure this wasn’t an obligation for our new members, but rather a way to enhance their membership experience,” said Caroline. “Working with alumnae has allowed our members to fully understand what lifetime membership means, and as a result, all 88 of our new members that received a bid were initiated into our chapter.”

Dolphin Tank challenged our members to explore turning their ideas into impactful endeavors designed to enhance the collegiate experience.

Next into the tank was Collegiate Chapter President Katherine Kessel and Vice President of Membership Experience Kiara Mens from Epsilon Omicron Chapter at North Dakota State University. This chapter is in the early stages of implementing their program, Delta Dates, which was created to help all members develop relationships and interact with members outside of their closest friends. “This program intentionally fosters new relationships between our chapter members,” said Katherine. “It has been successful in integrating new members into our chapter, especially since we are the only chapter on campus without a house.” Delta Beta Chapter’s Collegiate Chapter President Shelby Deakyne and Philanthropy Chair Alyson Wohlleber at Miami/Ohio, shared their successful fundraising idea. This chapter hosts DHOP in the Park every year during Family Weekend on their campus. With over 500 people in attendance – from families to students and local business owners to even the president of the university – everyone looks forward to this event each year.

Chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence that helps you communicate and engage with customers across a wide range of different sites, applications and social media websites. The chapter believes integrating a Chatbot will enhance the membership experience for all of our members. “I feel websites truly represent an organization,” said Miranda. “As Tri Deltas, we want to be the front runner in innovation, and we have noticed no other organization has implemented this on their sites.”

Last to pitch in the tank was Collegiate Chapter President Sally Boswell and Vice President of Membership Abby Bailey from Chi Chapter at the University of Mississippi. The chapter created a way to promote Greek unity and serve their community all in one fun event, Service Swaps: A Different Take on Swaps. The chapter completed their first Service Swap last semester as they partnered with Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Gamma to service seven different project sites around the Oxford, Mississippi, community. “Our hope in creating service swaps was that it would create a tradition on our campus and create a mindset to focus on service that is needed right in our backyards” said Sally. “These swaps allow the Greek community to come together and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.” With the conclusion of Dolphin Tank, our dedicated judges took time to review our chapters’ impactful ideas. After much deliberation, Southwestern’s plan to integrate a Chatbot into Tri Delta’s website proved to be the most beneficial to not only our collegians, but also our alumnae members. The officers of Theta Epsilon Chapter took home first place and won a snack break of their choosing, sponsored by OmegaFi, for the entire chapter. The success of Delta Demos and Dolphin Tank showcased just how passionate our members are about elevating Tri Delta's brand as a premier women's organization. Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident


Live Learn Lead

PURPOSE AND PASSION or one Tri Delta member at the University of Oklahoma, living, learning and leading according to

our Purpose, means discovering her true passions. Christine Murrain, Oklahoma, has excelled in many aspects of her personal, academic and professional life. “With so many outstanding young women in one chapter, it can be intimidating to find your individual passion and pursue it,” said Christine. “However, we simply insist that each of our members strive to be our best and to make that version of ourselves better every day.” As of the end of the fall 2018 semester, Christine’s involvement on Oklahoma’s campus includes, but is not limited to: President of PE-ET – Oklahoma’s oldest


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Honorary Society composed of 10 students who exhibit the highest ability in scholarship, leadership and original work; Burr Scholar, recognized for outstanding leadership and service, of the President’s Leadership Class; Henderson Scholars Program selected for academic promise, leadership ability, exhibition of local and community human relations and community development involvement. Christine’s professional development also includes serving as the publicity intern for the Television Academy Foundation and being hosted at Cartoon Network Studios in Los Angeles, California. From this opportunity, she was able to complete a work assignment at the Primetime Emmy Awards. Upon graduation, Christine will follow her passion and continue her work with the television industry.


Beta Beta–California State University/Northridge Beta Beta Chapter had an extremely successful philanthropy event during the fall semester. The chapter put on a silent disco called Deltas at the Disco and invited collegians, alumnae and community members to join them. The event had two DJs and guests could switch between the two, or just listen to the throwback playlist playing aloud. The chapter also had a silent auction and plenty of food for guests. Overall, chapter members sold over 400 tickets and raised more than $8,000 for childhood cancer research. The chapter is extremely proud of the hard work of their philanthropy chair, Jessica Shumate, and all of their sisters for putting on such a special event.


Beta Mu–Mississippi State University - Beta Mu Chapter at Mississippi State University excelled in academics and philanthropic efforts during the fall semester. For philanthropy, the chapter committed to raising $15,000 in one day for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Through their passionate service and dedication to ending childhood cancer, the chapter surpassed the goal and raised $17,823 in just 24 hours. For academics, the chapter received recognition as the third highest GPA out of all the Panhellenic groups on campus. Beta Mu members are also extremely proud of one of their sisters, Shelby Patti. Shelby is a junior chemistry major and an MSU Air Force ROTC cadet. She recently became one of three recipients in the United States to receive an Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association ROTC Medal of Honor Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes outstanding ROTC students who are committed to serving in the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps, and who best exemplify the qualities of service and dedication to academic and military excellence. This scholarship requires a minimum 3.5 GPA; however, Shelby maintains a 3.93 GPA.

“The love and support I receive from my fellow cadets, sorority sisters, fellow chemistry majors and professors is what constantly pushes me to perform to the best of my ability,” said Shelby.


Kappa–University of Nebraska - Kappa Chapter at the University of Nebraska conducted its annual Pine Party. This year, instead of hosting a chapter meeting, the members took part in a member development activity. Members were encouraged to dress in holiday attire to decorate the house and listen to holiday music. Seniors had the honor of decorating the tree with special ornaments, and the chapter’s chef volunteered her time to provide a hot chocolate bar, chocolate fountain and a sugar cookie decorating station. Members also had the opportunity to make their own ornaments. This event is something the chapter looks forward to every year and helps members get in the holiday spirit. It is one of Kappa Chapter’s favorite traditions! Throughout the semester, Kappa Chapter also hosted philanthropic events to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They held three different events, including Balloon Bash, Flapjack and Mac Attack. For balloon bash, the chapter paired up with Alpha Gamma Sigma, filling up water balloons all day in preparation for Nebraska's Largest Balloon Fight in the afternoon. For Mac Attack, the chapter joined with Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), whose philanthropy is also St. Jude, to make a giant mac and cheese dinner, selling tickets for $5. Flapjack was the most successful event of the semester, with the chapter making an all-out breakfast feast at the chapter house, charging $5 per ticket. All three of these philanthropy events were great ways for the members to bond with each other, all while learning how important St. Jude is to our organization and making a difference for St. Jude patients in the process.


Zeta–University of Cincinnati - The new member

“I will graduate

class of Zeta Chapter at the University of Cincinnati led with kindness as they volunteered at Matthew 25: Ministries. Matthew 25: Ministries is an international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization. In just two hours, the new member class was able to help 11,400 people just by mixing paints! Zeta Chapter members were thrilled to work for this cause and learned a lot in the process as they showed their community Our Kind of Kind. Theta Delta–University of Oregon - As a chapter committed to being “kind alike to all,” Theta Delta participated in a community service project where the members created 226 uplifting cards for those battling cancer. Card stock, supplies and postage were sponsored by Send A Smile TodayTM whose mission is to let cancer patients know they are never alone by regularly mailing greeting cards.

as a confident woman who has been empowered to step boldly into my next chapter of life because I have been forever changed by this particular stop in my journey and SOUTH CAROLINA the friendships Alpha Lambda–University of South Carolina - In I have gained November, the University of South along the way. Carolina celebrated Homecoming 2018. Each year, the Homecoming Commission -Faith Wolfard, works hard to present a week of tradition Oklahoma

and fun for participants. Three members of Alpha Lambda served 11 months on the Homecoming Commission. Delaney Ruth lead the team as Executive Commissioner, Vaida Shelley spearheaded marketing campaigns as Marketing Chair, and Megan Edgemond captured fantastic video and photo content as Content Lead. This year's theme was "Sweet Home Carolina.” Members of Alpha Lambda Chapter paired with Kappa Sigma Fraternity for the Homecoming events. The events included a dance competi-

tion called "Spurs & Struts,” canned food drive and creation called "Cocky's Canned Creations" and a huge float display built from scratch. The members worked hard together and won Homecoming 2018! They had the highest member attendance at all eight Homecoming events and placed first in many of the competitions. The award was presented on the football field of Williams Brice Stadium before the Gamecocks beat Tennessee in the Homecoming matchup.


Beta Xi–Stephen F. Austin State University - On Monday, Sept. 17, the first ever Christine Crain Delta Delta Delta Scholarship was presented to Beta Xi collegiate member and nursing student Grace Krull at the chapter house. The scholarship honors Christine Zethraeus Crain, Texas, who served as the first alumna advisor when Beta Xi Chapter was chartered in 1972. Christine was a dedicated and beloved alumna advisor for 15 years. The chapter would like to extend a huge thank you to Rebecca Jackson, Stephen F. Austin, for her tireless effort in getting the scholarship awarded! This was such a special milestone evening for Beta Xi!  Beta Epsilon–University of Texas at Arlington Beta Epsilon Chapter held an event on Oct. 17 for their alumnae members called Alumnae and Appetizers where the members brought homemade appetizers for alumnae to enjoy at the chapter house. The collegiate members learned about the alumnae members’ majors, career and how they got there. They asked for advice and learned what they wish they would have known while they were in school. All of the women really enjoyed the event, and it was a great way to engage with the alumnae members.


Sophomore Camilla Samuelsson, Lafayette, studied abroad during the fall semester in Nantes, France. While in France, Camilla completed a program that included a homestay where she intensively spoke French, interacted with local students, and studied regional and European culture, history and society. Camilla described her most memorable experience: “I interacted with a French social service agency and interviewed and engaged with refugee women as part of a semester-long research project on immigrant challenges, transitions and motivations in French society. No matter our language or background, I am a firm believer that we can all share laughter and be there for one another.”


Sophomore Hadley Biggs, Pepperdine, is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy, with 54 other classmates from Pepperdine and a few of her Gamma Rho Chapter sisters. Hadley left for Italy on Sept. 6 and will arrive back in the United States on April 17. So far, she has had the opportunity to visit 10 different countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Romania, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria and Finland. Hadley said: “Each country and the people in it have beauty unlike any other place I've been to before. There is a profound sense of understanding that comes with each new place; it's like discovering a new piece of a puzzle.”

ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY Sophomore Mia Pasley, St. Lawrence, studied abroad during the fall semester with six of her Tri Delta sisters in Prague, Czech Republic. She also traveled to Munich, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Budapest and Vienna. Mia participated in a partner program, CIEE, that is connected with her university. “I loved being able to experience a new culture every weekend and explore all over Europe. I loved trying new foods, seeing famous historical sights and spending time with my friends. I would absolutely go back if I have the chance, and I feel so lucky that I got to have an experience like this one.”

Live Learn Lead

Chapter members from Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of South Florida visited Tri Delta Place at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

Baylor chapter members Courtney Babitt, Lauren Mrok and Sarah Steiger participated in Delta Night Live 2018! The annual spring fundraising concert event hosted by Beta Tau Chapter featured Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors and included several food trucks. All proceeds from ticket sales were donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Tri Delta sisters from Jacksonville University's Beta Gamma Chapter.

Iowa State University's Omega Delta Chapter held a celebration for Bid Day

after informal recruitment. Potential new members were greeted with music, balloons and donuts as they officially received their bid to join Tri Delta!


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

2019 chapter officers for Epsilon Theta. Pictured is Collegiate Chapter President Sabur Woldu (center) and the chapter's vice presidents: Arnella Salimova, Averie Kozlowski, Miranda Pizer, Carly Raskin and Allison Manchee, all Texas/Dallas.

Congratulations to our Collegiate Chapter Award winners! The chapter winners were recognized at our 2019 Collegiate Leadership Conference. LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE Outstanding personal growth opportunities for members Winner: Virginia Tech Runner-Up: Louisiana State University

BRAND AMBASSADOR Excellence in communication and public relations Winner: Oklahoma State University Runner-Up: Baylor University

PHILANTHROPY EXCELLENCE Excellence in programming with philanthropic focus

Stars and Crescent

Winner: University of Arkansas Runner-Up: Baylor University

BRAVE, BOLD & KIND Excellence in programming for health, safety and risk reduction Winner: Louisiana State University Runner-Up: University of California, Berkeley

KIND ALIKE TO ALL Excellence in community service Winner: University of Denver Runner-Up: University of Mississippi


Kathleen Davis Nye Panhellenic Award

Academic achievement and programming excellence Winner: Southwestern University Runner-Up: Louisiana State University

STARS AND CRESCENT Excellence in elevating significance of Rituals and Purpose Winner: Oklahoma State University Runner-Up: University of Mississippi

KATHLEEN DAVIS NYE PANHELLENIC AWARD Excellence in Panhellenic spirit Winner: University of Oregon Runner-Up: University of Arkansas Philanthropy Excellence

Life After College


By Carrie Caton, Southern Methodist During recruitment in the late ‘80s, Theta Kappas at Southern Methodist University spent Tuesday evenings each fall memorizing “pic cards” created by the reference chair. Using an actual projector (as I said, this was late ‘80s), an image of the prospective member flashed on the wall, accompanied by her high school, hometown and three facts to provide context and conversation starters. “She plays the trombone, was homecoming queen and speaks three languages!” In hindsight, this offered a terribly myopic view of


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

someone’s potential as a “sister in the bonds.” (I can say this, because I WAS the reference chair who made the pic cards and ran the projector.) Women offer the world more than three things; we are more than a list of accomplishments. Does your resume reflect that? Every resume lists professional credentials, but you are much more than that; you also bring to work environments your personality, character and life experiences. For example, I am the director of communications for a nonprofit organization. Anyone with whom I’m compared professionally is also adept at writing, editing, social media and public relations strategy. However, my competition might not be the breast cancer surviving, older-than-average graduate student and single mom that I am. Positioning oneself as a multifaceted brand, rather than simply a businessperson, can distinguish your resume from a stack of 8 1/2 x 11, black and white, blah, blah, blah.

For example: For example:

• Are you a runner? List how many miles you ran last year. thisacandidate is disciplined.”) •(“Wow, Are you runner? List how many miles you ran last year. • Do you enjoy reading? Include your favorite authors. wellenjoy read, reading? informed and aware.” ) favorite authors. •(“She’s Do you Include your • Does the Enneagram personality system help you Provide your number.system help you •navigate Does thelife? Enneagram personality be a life? great Provide fit with this team of 8’s.”) (“She’d navigate your number. • Do you help your Tri Delta alumnae chapter support Hospital or your local •St. DoJude youChildren’s help your Research Tri Delta alumnae chapter support children’s hospital? Categorize the waysorinyour which you St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital local participate. children’s hospital? Categorize the ways in which you can raise money for a charity AND organize a fun run?”) (“She participate. • Are there readily-identifiable individuals who inspire a section with the individuals heading “Role •you? Are Create there readily-identifiable whoModels.” inspire Brenewith Brown? her!”) (“She you?resonates Create awith section theI LOVE heading “Role Models.”

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SARAH IDA SHAW PROFILE CONTACT DELTA DELTA DELTA 14951 N. Dallas Pkwy. Suite 500 Dallas, Texas 75254 817.633.8001 PROFILE The Purpose of Delta Delta Delta shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way. EXPERTISE Relationship Management Writing/Research SocialMedia Project Management Media Relations Public Speaking BLOGS

SARAH IDA SHAW CONTACT DELTA DELTA DELTA 14951 N. Dallas Pkwy. Suite 500 Dallas, Texas 75254 817.633.8001 PROFILE The Purpose of Delta Delta Delta shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way. EXPERTISE Relationship Management Writing/Research Social Media Project Management Media Relations Public Speaking

1888-Present Delta Delta Delta | Founder and President • Promotes and develops mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and universities where the Fraternity has established chapters. • Develops qualities of unselfish leadership among its members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women. • Created a perpetual bond of friendship that promises lifelong sisterhood and a network of support. EDUCATION Boston University 1884-1888 B/A in Sorority Founding REFRENCES Eleanor Dorcas Pond 817.633.8001

PROFILE 1888-Present Delta Delta Delta | Founder and President • Promotes and develops mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and universities where the Fraternity has established chapters. • Develops qualities of unselfish leadership among its members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women. • Created a perpetual bond of friendship that promises lifelong sisterhood and a network of support. EDUCATION Boston University 1884-1888 B/A in Sorority Founding REFRENCES Eleanor Dorcas Pond 817.633.8001


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Membership in Tri Delta is for a lifetime‌ are you making the most of your alumnae membership?

I am because they were…

When you pay alumnae dues, you are doing more than simply receiving great benefits. You are helping to sustain and grow Tri Delta so those members who come after you can experience the same wonderful Tri Delta that you did. Are you a dues-paying alumnae member? Do you want to make sure Tri Delta is able to offer today’s collegiate women a premier experience? Pay your national dues now at

I am Tri Delta As a dues-paying alumnae member you receive unique benefits such as: Special social events, networking opportunities and professional and personal growth and development • Regular updates and communications from Tri Delta Executive Office • Annual subscription to The Trident (three issues per year delivered to your home) and new Trident Live Webinars (coming Spring 2019) • Fall and spring Tri Delta Town Hall Webinars with Fraternity President Kimberlee Sullivan • Fun and engaging events with Tri Deltas in your area (local alumnae chapters)

Exciting New Offerings Coming Soon... Trident Live Tri Delta’s podcast LEADDD On Demand Special access to LEADDD-quality online professional growth and development opportunities LEADDD Reads Special access to Tri Delta authors for a virtual book club discussion

For a Lifetime ALPHA THETA

30-Year Reunion Alumnae from Alpha Theta Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh gathered for their 30th reunion in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, on Sept. 7-10, 2018. During the weekend stay, the group rode bikes, shopped, did yoga on the beach, watched the Pittsburgh Steelers’ game and ate at great restaurants. This reunion was a special time for the women to laugh until they cried as they discussed their journeys after college. Staying together in Heidi Grever Modaro’s cottage reminded them of hanging out in their college suite over 20 years ago. “Tri Delta is forever,” said Stephanie Gilman Phillips. “Social media makes it easy to stay connected, but when you physically get together as a group, the friendships we made back in the 1980s are as strong today as they were back then.” Pictured above are, top row: Kristen Puntureri Calarco, Claudia Schott Burchstead, Trisha Puntureri Coates, Erin Feeney, Courtney Painter Halle and Vicki Trout O’Connor. Bottom row: Heidi Grever Modaro, Stephanie Gilman Phillips, Cherie Hoinkes Rullo and Jody Elyse Jackman.


The Trident Winter/Spring 2019


Twenty-five-year-old Tara Campbell, Southern California, was voted in as Mayor of the City of Yorba Linda, California, on Dec. 4, 2018. This accomplishment makes Tara the youngest female Mayor in United States history for a city with a population of 30,000 or more. According to Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics, of the 1,362 mayors of U.S. cities with populations 30,000 and above, 286 (or 21.0 percent) are women. This is a huge accomplishment! Prior to being elected Mayor, Tara served as Chairwoman of Yorba Linda’s Parks and Recreation Commission. She was then elected to the Yorba Linda City Council in November 2016 at the age of 23 – making her the youngest ever elected to the council. She received the fourth highest amount of votes in the city’s history, and is currently the youngest elected official in Orange County. Congratulations, Tara!


Fall 2018 brought a lot of excitement for the Hawaii Alumnae Chapter. Tri Delta’s “ohana on O’ahu” participated in a number of exciting events, including a sisterhood pool party, local happy hours and the Honolulu St. Jude Walk/ Run to End Childhood Cancer. The highlight of the season was Tri Delta’s 130th Founders’ Day, celebrated with a beautiful meal at the home of Cindy Pintcke Sutherland, South Florida. The day was filled with laughter, networking and sharing as well as a very special celebration to honor 12 members with their Silver Circle pin. Members collected canned food to donate to the University of Hawaii’s food drive to help create one million meals for locals in need. The Hawaii Alumnae Chapter continues to show leadership within the Honolulu Alumnae Panhellenic Association (HAPA), with Jennifer Jacildo Metrose,

Cal State/Long Beach, serving as HAPA President. There are a number of exciting events scheduled for spring 2019 with continuous support for the Panhellenic groups at the University of Hawaii – Alpha Gamma Delta and Phi Mu – at the forefront of their efforts.


A group of alumnae members from Delta Omega Chapter at Louisiana State University fully embrace Tri Delta’s Purpose by continuing to strengthen their lifelong bonds of friendship. These 14 members were initiated in 1973 and 1974, and love any opportunity to get together and take a trip down memory lane. This year, the women decided it had been too long since they had seen each other last and decided to take a four-night cruise that sailed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the Bahamas. They all had a wonderful time playing trivia games based on Tri Delta history, taking Cha Cha dance lessons, eating excellent meals and relaxing in the sun. This trip was a reminder to all of them that Tri Delta is for a lifetime and so much more than four years in college.


On Sept. 9, 25 sisters gathered from the Metro Detroit Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter’s Fall Kick-off at Vinotecca in Birmingham, Michigan.

Betty Lawrence Gadue, Vermont, with Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine.

Alumnae from Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties came to socialize and learn about the group and the activities they have scheduled for the upcoming year. They heard about leadership opportunities, how to get involved and how to join alumnae chapter interest groups: Tri Delta Cares (volunteer/philanthropy group), Book Club, Delta Drinks (post-work networking/cocktails), Delta Chorus (singing/ musical group) and Out & About with Tri Delta (arts and culture group). The day’s theme was “Be in the know about what you can do with your Metro CONTINUED ON P. 51

Anne Bartlett Motsenbocker and Jill Bunker Magnuson, both Texas.

Beth Burkes, Wake Forest; Linda Smith, Rhodes; and Janet Timmerman Miller, Toledo.

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For a Lifetime

Vermont, Oregon State, & Washington State Anniversaries OREGON STATE • Theta Mu Chapter at Oregon State University celebrated its 100th anniversary on Nov. 10, 2018, with 230 members in attendance. Alumnae and collegiate members attended a dinner at the Toyota Club Room in the Reser Football Stadium on Oregon State’s campus. Members heard from several guest speakers, including Tri Delta Director of Development and Philanthropy Carol Helmus, Millikin, who shared that the Tracey Boydston Clark Scholarship had been established. In addition, two Theta Mu members, Tatiana Swenson and Angela Tran, received a Susan E. Riley Scholarship. VERMONT • Eta Chapter at the University of Vermont celebrated its 125th anniversary on Oct. 19-21, 2018. On Saturday evening, many gathered for a banquet where Tina Silvestri Stokes presented an oil painting of the chapter house that her mother-in-law, Harriet Stokes, had created. The annual Alumna Award was presented to Julie Greene Haskell and Susan Higgins for their work on the 125th anniversary celebration and scholarship. The inaugural Eta Chapter 125th Anniversary Memorial Scholarship was also awarded to Jamie Simon. WASHINGTON STATE • Theta Nu Chapter collegians and alumnae had a wonderful time celebrating their 100th anniversary at Washington State University on Oct. 12-14, 2018. Theta Nu alumna and National House Corporation Board Director Nicole Hughes was in attendance. Tri Delta Chief Executive Officer Karen Hughes White, Georgia, also joined the celebration and reminded members of what it means to be Tri Delta women who truly live out Tri Delta’s Purpose. The chapter was also honored to receive a beautiful 100-year certificate. 50

The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Detroit Delta sisters!” Representatives from St. Jude and ChadTough were on hand to talk about their charities, and they also had information about the Tri Delta Foundation. The alumnae celebrated their rich history as the Birmingham/Bloomfield Alumnae Chapter, as they look with excitement toward the future to grow and expand as the Metro Detroit Alumnae Chapter – who just had their 66th anniversary on Sept. 1. It was an awesome start to the 20182019 year! The Metro Detroit Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter also had the special opportunity to participate in two wonderful local Panhellenic celebrations this fall in their area. The Detroit Area Panhellenic Association (DAPA) honored its centennial year at a 100th Anniversary & Scholarship Awards Celebration Tea, which Metro Detroit’s alumnae chapter president, Amy Zimmer, Southern Methodist, attended. The tea recognizes DAPA’s 2018 collegiate scholarship recipient, and proceeds from the tea support future scholarships. Amy serves on the DAPA Scholarship and Philanthropy committees. The Birmingham (Michigan) Area Alumnae Panhellenic Association (BAAPA) also hosted its annual Enrichment luncheon, for which Metro Detroit Tri Delta was a patron, and they had a wonderful table of Tri Delta alumnae there to support the current BAAPA president and Tri Delta sister Mary Law Baumgarten, Michigan. Proceeds from the luncheon supported the Birmingham Area Panhellenic Alumnae Association Enrichment Awards presented in the spring to local high school women to participate in a summer fine arts, athletic or STEM program. Both of these events were great opportunities to interact with an engaging and fun mix of alumnae in the area from other sororities! NEW MEXICO Congratulations to 2016 Woman of Achievement Michelle Lujan Grisham,

New Mexico, for becoming the 32nd Governor of New Mexico. In her inaugural address on Jan. 1, Gov. Lujan Grisham shared her enthusiasm to bring change to New Mexico. She values the opinions and ideas on how to bring this change from the residents of the state and plans to take on challenging issues such as high poverty rates and low education rankings. She is the state’s first female Hispanic Democratic Governor, and it is also the first time in United States history that a woman has replaced another woman in the Governor’s office.


Congratulations to Tri Delta Executive Board Director Sandy Beach Lin, Toledo, for being named the Outstanding Alumna for the College of Business & Innovation at the University of Toledo. Sandy graduated from the University of Toledo in 1980, and received her MBA from the University of Michigan. She has built her career through the sales and marketing functions, leading to general management roles, the most recent of which was Chief Executive Officer of Calisolar Inc. (now Silicor Materials) a provider of raw materials for the solar industry. She is co-chair of the Paradigm for Parity Coalition, which is focused on achieving gender parity in corporate leadership.


Fraternity President Kimberlee Sullivan, Pepperdine, is pictured with Teri Wenglein, Texas, at the San Antonio Alumnae Chapter's Champagne & Chandeliers Spring Luncheon on March 7. The event raised money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio, which provides safe temporary living accommodations for critically ill children and their families while receiving medical treatment in the San Antonio area.

A FAMILY AFFAIR Laurie Halladay, Missouri, experienced a special Tri Delta moment when she participated in the Initiation of her granddaughter, Sarah Anne Lavelle, into Epsilon Xi Chapter at Samford University. Laurie was thrilled to see her become a member of this new chapter founded in 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama. She loved meeting the founding members of the chapter who treated all guests and new members with reverence and respect. “The members all know how special it is to be building a new chapter and making their mark with Tri Delta and the Samford University Greek community,” said Laurie. “Sharing Tri Delta with my granddaughter has always been a dream. I can now relate to all of the many legacies who have experienced this same special feeling and bond.” When Sarah was a toddler, Laurie would stroll her around her neighborhood in Johns Creek, Georgia, and would point out all of the pansies in bloom. Laurie even recalls telling Sarah’s mother that when she named her “Sarah” she was meant to be a Tri Delta!

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Tori Sones, Nebraska Alumna Advisor for Kappa Chapter

ori Sones has served as the alumna advisor for Kappa Chapter for the past nine years. After graduating from the University of NebraskaLincoln in 2008 with a degree in business administration and emphasis in marketing and advertising, Tori wanted to find a way to give back to the organization that had shaped her college experience. “During my time in the chapter I made some of my best friends and was able to take on numerous leadership positions which really helped me grow as a person. With such a wonderful collegiate experience, I wanted to be sure that I gave back to the organization that had shaped those four years of my life.” One factor she says that influenced her decision was the relationship she had built with her own chapter advisors. “Because of the connection I had made with them, I had the courage and desire to learn from them and hopefully influence and assist younger members in the same way.” As alumna advisor, Tori enjoys the opportunity to build relationships with college women, mentoring them and helping them navigate the challenges that come with being a modern-day college student. “Watching young women step into leadership roles and grow in confidence and understanding of what is expected of not only themselves but the chapter as a whole is a very rewarding experience.” Tori says she also enjoys the relationships she's been able to foster with her fellow advisors and volunteer support team. “The advisors and support team that I work with have become a strong sounding board and great confidants, and my time spent as a volunteer for this chapter would not be the same without them.”

Keeping Our Purpose Alive By Volunteer Engagement Manager Rachel Lamey, Creighton

Since Tri Delta’s founding in 1888, our members have been called by our Purpose to “assist members in every possible way.” This commitment shines especially bright through the dedication of our 3,000+ volunteers who render willing service to Tri Delta each and every day. This spring, Tri Delta has dedicated a special week to celebrating our beloved volunteers for all they do to make a difference in the lives of our members and the future of our organization. We invite you to celebrate with us this April 7-13, 2019, for #NationalVolunteerWeek! Send a heartfelt note, make a call or show your gratitude in person for the volunteers who have made a difference in your Tri Delta experience. The 2018 Volunteer Engagement Survey illustrated that Tri Delta volunteers give a staggering $19,000,000 worth of annual volunteer hours to our organization. The value of this gift, however, is priceless as our volunteers use their time to empower our members to be brave, bold and kind as they develop their unique talents and make their communities and our world a better place. As part of the volunteer experience in Tri Delta, our volunteers’ ability

to make a difference in the lives of Tri Delta members is what’s most meaningful. When asked what their favorite part of volunteering is, one volunteer shared, “knowing that I am giving back in a meaningful way and watching the progress of the collegians I serve and the innovation I contribute to the national organization.” And another raved, “energizing an active alumnae chapter. We started the year with 41 dues-paying members and we now have 61. I love to see the chapter grow and involve more alumnae members who have never been actively involved.” The ability of our volunteers to evoke such passion and investment for Tri Delta in our more than 236,000 members is astounding, and we know that their support and professionalism in turn inspires member confidence in Tri Delta. Volunteer appreciation continues to be an area of focus for Tri Delta. Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine, shares “Our volunteers are invaluable in helping keep our Purpose alive for generations to come.” We are excited to have launched our new Volunteer Appreciation Plan, an annual roadmap to ensure our volunteers receive intentional Delta Love throughout the year. Additional volunteer initiatives and trainings are also on the horizon to ensure a volunteer environment that attracts,

1,667 local volunteers serve as alumnae chapter

officers, collegiate advisors & house corporation officers. Photo: Opposite page, Terry A. Ratzlaff

retains and recognizes our volunteers’ selfless service. To our current volunteers, thank you for the time and talent you continue to offer Tri Delta. It is because of you that we continue to see such positive growth and development in Tri Delta's chapters and members. Know today and always that you are the heart of our organization. If you are interested in joining Tri Delta’s stellar volunteer force, “Bring You” by filling out your Volunteer Profile on My Tri Delta. If you have any questions about volunteerism in Tri Delta, feel free to contact


is the number of years in one volunteer term. Volunteers can serve up to three consecutive terms in the same volunteer position.

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident 53






Lila Banks Cockrell, Southern Methodist, received her Diamond Circle pin at the San Antonio Alumnae Chapter’s Founders’ Day event held on Nov. 15, 2018. In 1975, Lila was elected mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and was one of the first women to hold the position of mayor in a major city. She served as mayor for three consecutive terms until 1981. At the Founders’ Day event, she shared a story about hosting Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during the Royal couple’s visit to San Antonio, and sharing the experience with her Tri Delta sister, who provided the catering for the special event.


Seventy-five years ago, these women pledged loyalty and devotion to Tri Delta, and today they have held true to that promise. Join us in celebrating our Diamond Circle members! The Fraternity has made a donation to the Tri Delta Foundation in their honor. ADELPHI Georgia Britton, Doris Severe Dugan, Muriel Muzzy Dykema, Joan Wagner Jones, June Rudewick Newman, Jean Nelson Oderwald, Helen Paull, Sally Semlear Varley, Maralyn Hadaway Westermeyer, Nedra Rantsch Wilson ADRIAN Sally Scott McDougall, Iris Benner Stout ALABAMA Mary Gunn Christian, Elizabeth Dent, Mary Smith Dillon, Miriam Doggett, Mary Eatman Inge, Margaret Ensign Jones, Elizabeth Carter Kahlmus, Wilna Winn Kelly, Katherine Runnels Powell, Marjorie Moreland Quina, Elise Ayers Sanquinetti, Sara Cox Thigpen, Peggy Green Tilly, Recilia Turner ALBERTA Muriel Oxland Brown, Muriel Macdonald Brown, Betty Mason Cawley, Doris Drummond, Irvine Stewart Duncan, Lucille Cote Noble, Gwyneth Jones Peele, Helen Klasen Ridout, Maria Ossendoth Roy, Jean Black Smith, Lucy Gainer Weeks ARIZONA Grechen Lindenau Sprecco ARKANSAS Mary Nickelson Bailey, Mary Goodwin Bowling, Janie Brainerd Bracy, Helen Bohe Crouch, Mary Terry Day, Jane Adams Dougherty, Ester Shilling Gammill, Shirley Gibson Hulse, June Harlan Pennington, Barbara Pettit Pinney, Pat Poindexter Pittman, Dojelo Crabaugh Russell, Shirley Gilbert Smith, Sue Robbins Smith, Joyce Bullard Tainter, Nina Weems, Mary Jo Carter Withrow BAKER Harriett Marquis Dunn, Martha Spradlin Keil, Arlene Schooley Kulp, Mary Boyett Lundahl, Marilyn Brubaker Moore, Shirley Pray Otis, Patricia Pray Riley, Jean Powell Sprinkle BELOIT Lorraine Dettman, Barbara Hewes Haffner, Betty Wolf Huber, Joyce Sandeen Johnson, Mary McLean Kastner, Carol Wills Leyshon, Norma Durner McCombs, Dorothy Krohl Moore, Elita Glesecke Riess, Evelyn Schwanke, Eliza Fairfield Shaw BOSTON Patricia Steele Karki, Eleanor Riddell Page, Norene Cunningham Spelman BRENAU Janet Whitehead Alderice, Jean Mohead Dunlap, Lillian Jacobs Estes, Shirle Farris Hall, Bond Moore Harris, Martha Roddy Heuer, Ann Nelson Hightower, Agnes Martin Kennelly, Mary Breedlove Kingsbery, Mary Cornwell Knowles, Arline McArdle Mosby, Mildred Taylor Mullhall, Marjorie Perry Oloughlin, Joanne Bohn Reese, Lula Crozier Shaw, Doris Smith, Patricia Stockstill, Rhetta Thompson, Mary Trotter Vail, Nelda Hollis Walker, Juliette Willke, June Benton Woods, Patricia Schachtili Wright BUCKNELL Norma White Baird, Marjorie 54 The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Reflecting on her Tri Delta membership in college, Lila shares, “I think that one of the important things we all learned was that our achievements were important because collectively they all contributed to Tri Delta’s reputation and standing on campus…I was always so happy that I was a Tri Delta, and that our chapter had so many active and contributing members.”

Geils Bancel, Velma Boege Brindley, Jacqueline Georgens Clain, Jane Hartman Frampton, Anna Horrocks, Gertrude Jackson Keyser, Elizabeth Wortley Kingsbury, Dorace Miller, Martha Sargent Reinhart, Dorothy Danenhower Roop BUTLER Jeannette Walker Bradford, Marian Stone Crimans, Betty Hearne Ezell, Barbara Andrews Foust, Betty Morrison Hopkins, Emma Lou Steinbach Koch, Dorothy Ziegler Pletcher, Barbara Patterson Smith, Ruth Duncan Whittaker, Dorothy Wilson Yoder CALIFORNIA/BERKELEY Rita Blohm Anderson, Mary Jo Anderson Broderick, Margaret Hamilton Burke, Constance De Roche Davis, June Klingborg Dutton, Patricia Mills Gedestad, Edith Mixter Hastrup, Kate Sebastian Hemphill, Janet Ralphs Pope, Elizabeth Reed, Lusia Walker Ries, Dorothy Barker Rouse, Delane Corgiat Sherman, Joan Mape Walsh CALIFORNIA/LOS ANGELES Joan Phebus Biles, Helen Harper Bourgaize, Jo White Chalfant, Aurelie Kenrick Christiansen, Suzanne Somker Clark, Allyn Jones Devillier, Patricia Farnsworth Empey, Heloise Fichter, Eleanor Brown Harder, Geraldine Reich Hobson, Mary Wright Hoxsey, Dorothy Jones Hubbs, Shirley Richards Klakeg, Geraldine McMahan Marr, Shirley Vencill Peyton, Suzanne Caddle Read, Mary Finch Sanders, Marjorie Field Sevitz, Jane Bennett Shaw CARNEGIE MELLON Eileen Hilf Allshouse, Mary Proellochs Arguello, Winifred Brozda Bobula, Betty Robb Bricker, Christine Lachimia Burch, Doris Shupp Cavanaugh, Alwilda Dewey Christiansen, Isabelle Romain Coltman, Ruth Smith Crick, Ruth Hogg Crowe, Louise Deemer Depp, Margaret Johnston Ferguson, Helen McKean Formanek, Jane Musser Frederickson, Helen Stable Hasler, Patricia Spooner Hass, Ruth Davis Hazeltine, Christine Bullard Henry, Pauline Lamp Hornickel, Emma Reynolds Huff, Rhoda Mears Hussey, Zureta Timerlake Jones, Delberta Holtzhauer Kerr, Mary Ferguson Klein, Mildred Murrer Klindworth, Martha Sant Martinez, Helen Weise Matthews, Helen Biesecker Moe, Myrle Bates Murphy, Ann Andraso Reid, Marjorie Dyck Savin, Eloise Nettleton Schendel, Jane Hussey Sciullo, Lillian Simpson Smith, Doris Musser Stahly, June Hawk Stewart, Evelyn Sorg Stiefel, Madelin Bechtle Thomas, Ruth Ott Thomas, Theresa Dumont Tumpane, Mary Vincent, Evelyn Rosendahl Walker, Eleanor Squitieri Williams, Jean Boush Woolley, Marian Wright Wuslick

CHARLESTON Helen Ingle Ball, Lydia Sands Barnwell, Emily McDuffie Ferrara, Ada Bailey Glen, Margaret Roempke Hammett, Mary Gervais Hills, Polly Black Terrell, Jane Lucas Thornhill CINCINNATI Gloria Fullerton Champion, Marilyn Herbert Edwards, Virginia Kreimer Faught, Susanne Ernst Geier, Margaret Coursey Hummel, Helene Wilson Jackson, Jean Mitchell Lahman, Jane Franklin Lindgren, Janet Mitchell Nunn, Mona Castellini Poynter, Phyllis Woellner Ratcliff, Elizabeth Postle Richter, Mildred Lillard Schneider, Marjorie Shreve Walmsley, Dorothy Cooper Wrisley COE Joan Savage Campbell, Nettie Newland Clime, Kiki Cullman, Mary Franklin, Nancy Swearingen Hacke, Genevieve Moulds Lee, Jeanne Wallace Nelson, Shirley Hintz Theobald COLBY Ruth Lewin Emerson, Jean Rhodenizer Fontaine, Kathleen McQuillan Lord, Dorothy Reeves Moyer, Elvira Worthington Taylor COLORADO Madge Darby Bliss, Cleo Frisbie Cobb, Catharine Whittenberg Collum, Shirley Levoe Crennen, Marjorie Grund Henderson, Donna Carlson Jones, Phyllis Cooper McGregor, Betty Dick Ridge, Frances Smith Steen, Sara Davis Sullivan, Crete Steen Willson COLORADO STATE Lois Baker Anderson, Shirley Denter, Jane Dyer, Dixie Weddle Frisk, Elizabeth Vondetten Keating, Evelyn McArthur, Virginia Brown Pettibone, Earlene Dalton Roberts, Ruth Lauer Short CORNELL Helen Allmuth Ayer, Nancy Rhynedance Baird, Janet Kennedy Brinkman, Muriel Welch Brown, Barbara Toan Denk, Barbara Dodenhoff, Constance Foley Ferris, Dr. Fay Kirby, Lois Haigh Mann, Mary Snell Martin, Sally Gibson Noel, Doris Swart Pansius, Barbara Vandewater Porter, Shirley Renard, Dolores Keyes Schloss, Jeanne Schmidt, Barbara Hume Steele DENISON Margaret Higgins Ballentine, Nancy Rhoads Croft, Winifred Smith Dahlquist, Marjorie Brenkert Fuller, Mary Carlisle Groves, Ann Fager Kennard, Barbara Armstrong McDonald, Barbara Thompson Parker, Gloria Weber Powell, Charlotte Jackson Prass, Doris Gerstner Pridmore, Jean Scott Whelan, Noreen Severance White, Patricia Johnson Wiegand DEPAUW Marilyn Burnett Antenen, Barbara Vandellen Bere, Margaret Ross Black, Jean McArthur Coffey, Neel Hercules Doyle, Barbara Forse Hamilton, Martha Yelton Hanpeter, Betty Helmers, Jo Anne Kastrup, Patricia Johnson Martin, Patricia Randall Ross, Betty

Roedel Soelter, Florence McClelland Walker DRURY Jeanne Ferbrache Baker, Susannah Davis Cornell, Nancy Upshaw McSweeney, Patsy Witherspoon Poulos DUKE Virginia Brown Allen, Mary Taylor Gilbert, Jane Brackney Kendrick, Marjorie Clute Larmett, Marjorie White Lohwater, Shirley Whitlock Lucy, Margaret Lehman McCarthy, Elaine Stride Pool, Shirley Davie Powers, Doris Todd Stuart, Edith Helmbold Wallick FLORIDA STATE Marilyn Michel Callahan, Martha Jean Adams Kenney, Barbara Keene Meadows, Mary Delany Mixson, Ann Allison Rutland, Mary Evans Shea, Elizabeth Shiver Staton, Virginia Quigg Talkington, Billie Shell Ward, Kathryn Benton Wheeler, Marjorie Philyaw Wright FRANKLIN Jean Bogard Graham, Barbara Wheatcraft Long, Betty Mills Williams GEORGIA Nancy Thomason Alford, Angie Luck Cook, Betty Smith Crawford, Frances Jenkins Delaperriere, Frances Caldwell Harter, Amye Lott Hawthorne, Lucille Keehan, Esther Barnes Mulling, Frances Martin Quattlebaum, Martha Newsome Tanner, Rosemary Wynn White, Patricia Cunningham Williams IDAHO Gladys Batt Andres, Marilyn Heller Barinaga, Ralphine Strub Greaves, Beverly Ford Hunt, Katherine Anderberg Johnson, Naedene Carlson Machacek, Margaret Sutton Neville, Marion Kittleson Richards, Emmaline Berry Roberts, Ruth Smith, Phyllis Swayne Thomas, Ethel Kopelman Whaley ILLINOIS Adelaide Gest, Gloria Dana Netherton, Helen Devine Parro, Annabelle Fonger Peterson, Priscilla Gates Powell, Shirley Anderson Riley, Phyllis Mockert Sharff, Mary Coll Young INDIANA Anna Mercer Charbonneaux, Jean Taylor Edwards, Mary Margaret Finot, Joanne Mott Huffine, Suzanne Stewart Ingalls, Maxine McGovern Lorch, Esther Bailey Salisbury, Betty Todd IOWA Dorothy Bean Barker, Yvonne Livingston Fischer, Ellen Larson Gray, Margie Allen Haroff, Shirley Austin Marshall, Marjorie Knapp Marten, Audrey Ross Matula, Anne Byrne Meggesin, Norma Metz Peterson, Louise Johnston Roalson, Barbara Clinton Robison, Jean Stamy Sobek, Mary Turner Streeter, Frances Little Woods IOWA STATE Margaret Ralston Drossel, Cecilia Grask Hansen, Marilyn Normington Jorgensen, Frances Williams Mason, Helen McElhinney Miller, Joan Fitzpatrick Moore, Helen Stevesson Schultz, Sheila Dunagan Sidles KANSAS STATE Phyllis Gfeller Daniels, Nancy Branwell Goetsch, Pauline Waln Greenhaw, Dorothy Ruckel Griffith, Mary Broberg Herres, Jo Ann Stoecker Jorgenson, Carol Colson Kellogg, Virginia Larson Kjolhede, Sarah Mohler Lewis, Norma Bryan Pearce, Virginia Bramwell Pierce, Patricia Collister Warburton, Alice Dillard Whitney KENTUCKY Frances Keller Barr, Marjean Wenstrup Davis, Thelma Barnett Elam, Joan Kloecker Griffin, Elizabeth Street Hodge, Bernice Lewis Hudson, Jane Miller Kettering, Hazel Cottingham Lambert, Margaret McCorkle, Wilma Morris Moore, Betty Shelley Patrick, Marion Douglas Snyder, Elizabeth Dorsey Sullivan KNOX Marjorie Philips Andersen, Elizabeth Reeves Bacus, Charlotte Anderson Clough, Alice Heimerdinger Cullu, Martha Eastman Feagin, Jeanne Keller Handlin, Marilyn Holloway Horton, Beverly Ladd Krucek, Rosemary Swanson Leinbaugh, Shirley Hills Press, Dorothy Stambaugh, Joan Blaeser Westerdahl LOUISIANA STATE Billy Garmany Averett, Barbara Becker Bailey, Emily Stafford Brome, Ruth Coons Chenault, Yvonne English Crawford, Yvonne Stafford Crawford, Jean Junot Dixon, Beverly Alfred Dodson, Margot Phillips Fee, Dorothea Girault Garrett, Joan Yarbrough

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The Diamond Circle Pin Awarded on your 75th Tri Delta Initiation anniversary. The first Diamond Circle pin was presented to Mary K. Wise Jensen, Butler, Past Fraternity President. MICHIGAN Vivian Muskatt Crane, Shirlee Keddie Kalbfleisch, Mavis Kennedy, Virginia Kilchenman Kodelman, Mary Anderson Masri, Suzanne Sedgwick Molthop, Mariette Fletcher Potvin, Harriet Shinnick Siples, Anna Skillern Smith, Jean Nagle Sumi MIDDLEBURY Alice Bull, Mary Hamilton Dutcher, Joyce Walsh Heath, Louise Vonthurn Kava, Laura Hopkins Pike, Lois Brigham Selnau, Nancy Peel Speers MILLIKIN Dorothy Wohlhueter Bratton, Janet Sibthorp Brewer, Grace Bence Febus, Madeline Sprunger Gidel, Evelyn Meriweather Hubble, Marilyn Spence Kmetz, Mary Alice Launtz Lane, Oral May Woltmann Rice MINNESOTA Audrey Swensen Guttersen, Marlys Dahle Hawthorne, Joann Dytert Irvine, Enid Erickson Marlink, Margaret Reisdorf Martin, Fayette Weyand Marzolf, Mary Palmer Mitchell, Barbara Tosdal Nourse, Barbara Nordstrom Smith, Patricia Gimmestad Wadleigh, Shirley Rynda Woodward MISSISSIPPI Mary McCoy Bonds, Peggy McDearmon Bowen, Martha Wilkins Chandler, Dorothy Dowell, Carolyn Donavan Eure, Jean

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Hill Steele, Barbara Shirley Wagner OREGON Jane Kern Allen, Elizabeth Corkran Bunnett, Gloria Cartozian, Frances Rakow Crowell, Frances Bennett Hoag, Patricia Percival, Mary Fitzgerald Pierson, Marjory Allingham Ramey, Patricia Tague Storm, Barbara Taylor Wood, Mary Minor Worl OREGON STATE Lois Akers, Louise Lawrence Brogan, Donna Upjohn Brown, Marguerite Wright Campbell, Alice Gerber Cushman, Beryl Eckley, Cleta Crabtree Jennings, Betty Brown Lichtenthaler, Phyllis Counsell Parrish, Joan Watt Ross-Macky, Patricia Cain Schnier, Audrey Durham Shibley, Betty McCall Sweeney, Delores McCall West PENNSYLVANIA Patricia Lawless Baker, Barbara Shindel Garland, Mary Shimer Grazier, Barbara Houseman Grider, Margaret McCleary Keeler, Shirley Henninger Maize, Barbara Chalk Mekanik, Helen Pratt Nemir, Emmy Butler Penfield, Margaret Thomson Reiley, Genevieve Comber Yandell PITTSBURGH Gloria Ressler Armstrong, Barbara Rush Benko, Nancy Clarke Carroll, Laura Follansbee Clark, Marjorie Hamilton Coburn, Vivienne Bartholy Verklin, Dorothy Jamison Williams RANDOLPH-MACONShirley Austin Gilpin, Frances Wickliffe Johnson, Mary Greenlaw Judd, Margaret Cobb Kemp, Martha Moore Sykes, Elizabeth Rickert Thomas RHODES Kathryn Lynch Broderick, Bettie Roe Clouse, Mary Catching Davis, Warrene Buford Ivy, Betty Lay Kirby, Alice Scott Marchisio, Garnet Field Miller, Katherine Glenn Miller, Katherine Hargrave Nelson, Martha Hunter Romer, Jane Williams Sides, Nancy Alexander Wilds SAINT LAWRENCE Flora Howell Bloedel, Betty Lillie Child, Ruth Clark Cook, Jane Griffis Heppard, Patricia Mitchell Infantine, Marjorie Jenkins SIMPSON Elaine Delon Butler, Dorothy May Hagemann, Marjorie Meads, Mary VanVliet Whinery, Leona Reich Wilkin SOUTH CAROLINA Alice Forbes Boyle, Anne Burns, Barbara Lee Gurley, Mildred Belser Holmes, Margaret McLeod Hunter, Susanne Lyles, Rosalind Spong Payson, Lee Lorick Prina, Berry Childs Simpson, Margaret Pinckney Smith, Sarah Nash Wilson SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Mary Kay Damson Arbuthnot, Julia Martin Astle, Nancy Brooks Bowman, Jane Shockley Cameron, Suzanne Hight Campbell, Dorothy Smith Carl, Iris Register Chipman, Lois Stephenson Dechant, Laura Hanson, Gwendoline Shaw Humphry, Barbara Curtis Isaacson, Mary Ellen Heinz King, Ruth Creswick King, Patricia Ulery Latimer, Rosemary Dolan Limotti, Vivian Alguire Loudon, Betty McLaughlin MacCoon, Florence Glassco Mackenzie, Ruth Belcher Murchison, Patricia Patterson Murphy, Martha Kaems Pierson, Ethel Stevenson Severson, Nancy Calhoun Tracy, Marilyn Brick Twitchell, Jeanne Hellekson Uzelac, Lucille Beaudine Warden SOUTHERN METHODIST Laura Baker Blalack, Betty Hudgins Brashier, Ruth Sowell Clark, Claire Greaves Evans, Betty Slicker Greaves, Edna Hawthorne, Marilyn Rudolph Hunter, Patricia Bay Jones, Julianne Murray King, Mary Ward King, Patricia Goar LaGrange, Lottie Barnett Larson, Lucille Lawler Monroe, Mary Mattison Phillips, Grace Williams Russell, Marion Jordan Williamson SOUTHWESTERN Dorothy Smith Allport, Jessie Griffin Bankhead, Martha Burr Bankhead, Paula Petmecky Brown, Gertrude Evans Carriker, Jim Charlton, Martha Easley Crabb, Marilyn Cooper Fischer, Glenna Gardiner Grimmer, Elizabeth Knox Hardy, Vernon Slover Logan, Betty Barkley Rolke, Margaret Storm

56 The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Schorre, Roselee Loykasek Self, Lucille Meier Stark, Dorothy Little Sterner, Rosemary Holmes Wagner, Ella Rogers Wilson, Barbara Woessner STANFORD Alleine Bubb Clark, Jane Horrall Coldiron, Betty Davies, Robin Oulton Decius, Lois Chapman Fishel, Margaret Reid Fogel, Muriel Hopkins, Ethel Mintzer Lichtman, Carol Newton, Joan Wonder Rice, Suzanne Wright Scott, Elizabeth Kell Steer, Barbara Parker Stewart, Betty Santi Stewart STETSON Mary Scott Adair, Joyce Watts Miller SYRACUSE Catherine Warren Claman, Dorothy Davison, Shirley Williams Dodd, Barbara Weldon Geiss, Suzanne Nichols Griffiths, Theresa Russell Murphy, Barbara Floyd Osterman, June Paul Ritchie, Olive Nitschke Sherman, Barbara Crocker Smith, Marion Stacy, Shirley Johannis Vermouth, Merlyn Simson Yoke TENNESSEE Helen Armitage Allen, Carolyn McConnell Barnum, Kathryn Ryan Blank, Frances Hamblen Foster, Nell Fisher Ginn, Martha McAdoo Goodner, Carrie Morris Herd, Jacquelin Fowler Oakes, Jane Brown Rhodes, Elizabeth Stamps, Mary Prater Stout, Mary Thompson Walker TEXAS Betty Jean Nessly Berkey, Barbara Keenan Berry, Elizabeth Sames Brown, Rosemary Leahy Brunner, Alice Taggart Chiles, Lois McKay Cone, Betty Neel Dudley, Barbara Brown Egbert, Patricia Selkirk Godwin, Patricia McAlmon Hutson, Nancy Nall Innis, Mae Buckner Loehr, Jeanne Ruth Mann, Betty Mathis McCallick, Georgia Barnes Norwood, Lucile Starnes O'Connell, Mary Blanchard Organick, Mary Ann Glass Poletti, Virginia Pipkin Schneider, Martha Pickens Sharpe, Emily Conner Slade, Louise Smyth Stewart, Martha Cox Thaddeus, Patricia Mills Whitworth, Susan Phillips Wilkinson, Charlotte Wolfe, Jean Dodd Wyman TEXAS/EL PASO Ruth Jennings Bilodeau, Scotty Stevens Black, Betty Buhler, Irene Drummond Casner, Betty Luyster Divers, Patricia Fagan Ford, Virginia Ford, Emilie Morrow Hardie, Gretchen Munzinger Hartley, Patricia Keller Jones, Rita Kircher, Dorothy Reinhardt Lantow, Mary Wilcox Leslie, Robin Ferlet McBride, Mary McClelland, Thelma Clemons Mercer, Jean Heininger Milculka, Bertha Lange Myers, Helen Fager Ring, Angie Ares Rye, Dorothy Kennedy Schumann, Betty Olds Shell, Reva Percival Shiner, Virginia Millar Taylor, Dorothy Page Turner TOLEDO Elizabeth Hansen Beerman, Ruth Bartelheim Bisch, Catherine Milne Blank, Barbara Witt Brewer, Mary Merrill Brock, Katherine Lehman Buettner, Ruth Sturdevant Bush, Margery Wenner Butler, Ruth Crane, Genevieve Sell Cullen, Virginia Schuster Cupp, Phyllis Catlan Davis, Janeann Schmidlin Dick, Rada Folger Ducket, Marthasue Bauer Gilbert, Mary Genac Goetz, Gayle Smith Green, Lois Carter Haselwood, Barbara Scharfer Henry, Mary Frisbie Heywood, Vada Fleck Justin, Rose Betts Locke, Ruth Merrill McClurg, Virginia Hinde McDonough, Barbara McKinnon, Agnes Botek McNaull, Bette Galliers Mell, Dorothy Mell, Gladys Meyer Mens, Neva Mouen, Alice Brown Nunn, Kathryn Renz Pelton, Peggy Dale Percival, Caroline Gassan Plochman, Shirley Kasch Pochadt, Patricia Winters Poll, Martha Chambers Raggon, Betty Krecker Redmann, Erma Shultz Seyfang, Martha Merrill Sheets, Mary Barrett Surface, Phyllis Lanz Thornburgh, Martha Sisson Tracy, Marjorie Neal Wilson, Louise Rowan Witherell TORONTO Helen Pepino Ferraro, Elizabeth Pretty Fleming, Hazel Campbell Tomlinson, Dr. Joan Kitchen Turnbull TRANSYLVANIA Pauline Beeding, Sarah

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Tri Delta Book Club

Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog Marnie Schneider shares sports with children

arnie Schneider, Pennsylvania State, grew up with football. Her grandfather, Leonard Tose, owned the Philadelphia Eagles, and Marnie remembers attending NFL games across the country. “Growing up, I had this incredible opportunity to travel and learn not only about football, but about all these great cities that had professional football teams,” says Marnie. It was her childhood that inspired Marnie to write a series of children’s books teaching children about sports. The series, “Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog,” explores different cities across the country through their football teams. So far, Marnie has published “Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Philadelphia,” “Gameday in the Carolinas” and, most recently, “Gameday in Atlanta,” which was co-authored with her son, Jonathan Witten. The books take readers through historic sites, iconic landmarks and — of course — share the excitement of the football game. For Marnie, sports is the universal language because it brings people together. “Football and sports are a huge part of people coming together,” she says. “These books are a way to share my love for football and traveling, and to encourage families to read together.”

diagnosed with neu robl a s tom a cancer before he was even a year old. Marnie shares, “If you’re not diagnosed in the first 13 months, it becomes a much harder disease to cure. Luckily, he got diagnosed early, had surgery immediately to remove the tumor and underwent chemotherapy.” Unable to walk or talk until he was five years old, Jonathan would go on to play varsity high school football and is now a thriving college freshman. In addition to supporting Ronald McDonald House, Marnie continues to carry on her family’s philanthropic legacy as the founder of the Keep On Playing Foundation. The organization gives underprivileged children the opportunity to learn confidence, leadership and the importance of teamwork through sports. Marnie has found a wonderful network and support system in her Tri Delta sisters, having joined Alpha Phi Chapter at Pennsylvania State University.

The books are also a way for Marnie to share a cause that is close to her heart: raising money for the Ronald McDonald House. A portion of the proceeds of her books are donated to Ronald McDonald House.

“I already knew how to be a good friend, but Tri Delta showed me how to be a great friend — how to be a good listener, empathetic and supportive of other women.” Marnie says she still maintains those friendships she formed in college, even texting or talking to her big sister in the chapter almost every day. “I’m still in touch with those Tri Delta sisters on a daily basis, and I graduated in 1990.”

Marnie’s connections to this philanthropy are again traced back to her grandfather who helped establish the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia in 1974. She also has a deeply personal connection to supporting parents and children with cancer and other serious illnesses. Marnie’s son, Jonathan, was

She adds, “They’ve been so supportive of the books I’m writing. We’ve always been a great network for cheering for one another. And as we’ve gotten older and have had things go on in our lives, being able to suport one another is a nice thing.” .

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident 57

Tri Delta Book Club importantly, how to start loving your body before, during and after the process.

Catch Me When I Fall

By Bonnie Graves, Cal State/ Long Beach

Annamarie and Molly are juniors at the University of Pittsburgh and members of Alpha Theta Chapter. Annamarie serves as the vice president of chapter development and Molly serves as the body image chair. They created this e-book entirely on their own after they both received numerous questions from other women wanting their advice. Their passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle inspired them to share their tips and tricks with the world in an effort to empower those that want to take back their health.

Set in Racine, Wisconsin, during the Great Depression, “Catch Me When I Fall” is the story of one gutsy 12-year-old girl’s quest to learn the identity of her father, the father her mother refuses to talk about. What’s the big secret? When Emma finds a photograph hidden in her mother's bureau AND spots a circus poster featuring Filippo the Flying Wonder, she believes she's stumbled on the truth. The aerialist’s resemblance to the man in the secret photo is too close to be coincidence. Rebelling against her mother’s warning not to go near the circus, Emma disguises herself as a boy and lands a job with the circus, determined to unravel the dark mystery that haunts her. It is here, amidst the sawdust and illusions of circus life, that Emma makes discoveries about her past that ultimately help her accept herself for who she truly is. Author of dozens of children’s books, both fiction and non-fiction, and professional books on teaching reading, Bonnie spent her growing-up years in Wisconsin and Southern California. Here she romped through childhood with her boy cousins and their pals and in her preteen years wrote and produced plays for family and neighbors. A former elementary school teacher, Bonnie’s work has been honored with Work-in-Progress grants from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Minnesota Arts Board, first place in literary contests sponsored by the Loft Literary Center and also the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. Her chapter book, “Taking Care of Trouble,” received a South Carolina Children’s Choice Award. She currently lives in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Create Your Aura: Activate, Understand. Recreate. Achieve By Annamarie Galante and Molly Hughes, both Pittsburgh

Have you tried every fad diet out there? Every 12week workout guide? Yet, nothing seems to stick? So have the authors, Annamarie Galante and Molly Hughes, of “Create Your Aura.” Through both of their trial and errors, they have created an e-book compiled of 120 workouts and 40 recipes to help you attain a lifestyle of health and balance. This e-book (at will teach you how to start and maintain a healthy and successful lifestyle, and most

58 The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

When the Truth Unravels By RuthAnne Snow, Utah Last month, Elin tried to kill herself. She knows she’s lucky she was found in time. Lucky to be going to prom with her three best friends, like any other teen. Like it never happened. And if she has anything to say about it, no one but her best friends will ever know it did.

Authors Annamarie Galante and Molly Hughes are collegiate members from Alpha Theta Chapter who wrote this book together. They hope to empower others to pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Jenna, Rosie and Ket will do anything to keep Elin’s secret–and to make sure it never happens again. That’s why they’re determined to make prom night feel just like it would have if this past spring hadn’t been as eventful. This could be the night that convinces Elin that life can go back to what it was. Except, at prom, Elin goes missing. Now it’s up to her friends to find her. But each of the girls has her own demons to face. Ket is being blackmailed by an ex. Rosie is falling in love for the first time. And Jenna is falling apart. And no one, not even her best friends, knows why. Heart-wrenching and utterly impossible to put down, "When the Truth Unravels" follows four friends as they confront their greatest hopes and darkest secrets during one life-changing night. RuthAnne is an alumna of Theta Phi Chapter at the University of Utah. "When the Truth Unravels" was her first young adult novel published in January 2019. The strong female friendship depicted in this novel was directly inspired by RuthAnne’s experience in Tri Delta. “Too frequently, women and girls are depicted in pop culture as competitors or as toxic to each other,” RuthAnne explains. “My goal with the book was to do the exact opposite of that—to show how girls can support, validate and protect each other.”

Losing My Reflection

By Kim Owen Mazur, Indiana State “Losing My Reflection” is a grief coloring book. Grief is a personal journey unique to you, and this journal is for you to use as you see fit as you move through the emotional ups and downs of this "new" you. There are no page numbers, no order, no right or wrong way to use this book. Find an illustration that speaks to you, color it if you like, then use the blank space on the page to write your feelings. Come back another day and write more if you choose as you move through grief. “Losing My Reflection” was created and illustrated by Kim after her family lost their middle daughter in a car accident. The illustrations show some of the emotions she experienced since Bethany's death. Some of the illustrations are original ideas of hers, some are influenced by other artists whose drawings captured what she was feeling and wanted to express. Kim’s hope is this journal will help others as they struggle and face that new reflection in the mirror. This self-published journal coloring book received a bronze medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards for 2018.

A Second Blooming: Becoming the Women We Are Meant to Be By Susan Cushman, Mississippi

“A Second Blooming” is a collection of essays by 21 authors who are emerging from the chrysalis they built for their younger selves and transforming into the women they are meant to be. These women of all ages have made it over a wall to find their true selves. This transformation—this blooming—doesn’t happen organically, without the application of a tremendous amount of creative energy and action on our part. As E.E. Cummings said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” Susan is author of “Tangles and Plaques: A Mother and Daughter Face Alzheimer’s.” She was co-director of the 2013 and 2010 Creative Nonfiction Conferences in Oxford, Mississippi, and director of the 2011 Memphis Creative Nonfiction Workshop. Her novel, “Cherry Bomb,” was published in October 2017.

Paradise: Memories of Hilton Head in the Early Days By Nelle and Ora Smith, South Carolina

What was Hilton Head like in the early days? Was it Paradise…Camelot…Utopia…or the Days of Wine and Roses? It was all of those things. It was a quiet, simpler time with mostly dirt roads, surrounded by incredible natural beauty.

Being a part of the growing Island was a chance of a lifetime…witnessing the first Heritage Golf Tournament… feeling the joy as people began to discover this oceanfront treasure nestled in the tall pines. Nelle and Ora Smith’s family was there to help plant the seeds that have grown Hilton Head into the beloved destination it is today. This dynamic mother-daughter duo were true pioneers, arriving on the Island in 1963. Nelle helped to start the first Sunday school at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, a Cub Scout Troop, the PTA and the library. Ora worked side Kim Owen Mazur's selfby side with her mother at Nell’s Harbour Shop, evenpublished journal and coloring book received a bronze medal tually managing a second shop, Nell’s at Wexford. Now in the Independent Publishers in Beaufort, South Carolina, Nelle and Ora continue to Book Awards. Kim created exemplify modern Southern women. Ora founded and the book to help those who operates “Beck and Call,” providing errand services for are struggling with grief. busy people, while local celebrity Nelle co-stars in “Filmtasic Friday” YouTube videos for Lulu Burgess gift shop.

Promoting Biodiversity in Food Systems

By Irana Hawkins, Oregon State Biodiversity of the food system is crucial for food production and loss of biodiversity is a pressing issue. This book focuses on biodiversity’s crucial role in food systems, health and well-being, and fate of the natural environment. It provides practical recommendations on how proper food systems can sustain a healthier planet and protect biodiversity. Sections provide a comprehensive understanding of the urgent need for promoting biodiversity-promoting food systems that help maintain planetary boundaries that are at risk; mimic the natural processes of highly integrated ecosystems; and improve human/planetary health while providing a wholesome and sufficient food supply. Dr. Irana Hawkins uses an interdisciplinary and whole systems approach to her scholarly work that focuses on the merits of an organic, whole foods, plant-based diet that is good for both human health and the health of the planet. Dr. Hawkins has authored several peer-reviewed publications related to pro-environmental behaviors, and is a Review Editor in Nutrition and Sustainability for the academic journal "Frontiers in Nutrition." She is a faculty member in public health at Walden University; an instructor at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of California Riverside; and a member of the Clinician Champions in Comprehensive Antibiotic Stewardship Collaborative, a national working group dedicated to saving the therapeutic value of antibiotics.

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident 59

In Memoriam

In Sisterhood and in Memory

Tri Delta mourns the loss of two collegiate sisters Sisters also described her as a naturalborn leader and role model, who led by example—with honesty, integrity and kindness.

Katherine Groggett, Idaho On Sept. 14, Theta Tau Chapter at the University of Idaho lost a beloved sister and leader, Collegiate Chapter President Katherine Groggett. Katherine, who was a junior studying nutrition and food science, was killed in a car accident. Katherine was described as a “Dream Delta,” a shining example of a selfless sister who always thought of others.

“I remember Katherine’s presence the most,” says Brenna Garro, Idaho, who has known Katherine since the two were in high school. “There were so many great qualities about her that I cannot quite pinpoint one thing I miss the most. She was a vibrant person. You knew when she was in the room even if you couldn’t see her. She was always there to lighten the mood. She was Theta Tau’s soul. If I had to describe her in five words they would be radiant, gregarious, kind, thoughtful and confident. Many of our members have made comments about how fantastic of a leader she was. She led with compassion, confidence and poise.”

Maura Binkley, Florida State Our sisterhood was devastated by the loss of Maura Binkley, 21, a victim of the tragic shooting at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida, on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018. A senior who was serving Alpha Eta Chapter as vice president/chapter development, Maura embodied the Tri Delta woman – brave, bold and kind. Maura was a role model for her Tri Delta sisters, embodying care and concern for her chapter members and fellow students. She was a champion of self-care and taking precious time to be kind to yourself. Maura received an academic scholarship and attended Florida State University, where she was a fourth-generation legacy. A double major in journalism and German, Maura was the recipient of the Winthrop King scholarship, from

60 The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

On Monday, Sept. 17, everyone in the chapter wore purple — Katherine’s favorite color — in her honor. According to Brenna, “The word got out to campus and it seemed like everyone was wearing purple.” “Katherine was an exceptional example of a Tri Delta woman,” says Brenna. “She exhibited every single one of our values: truth, self sacrifice and friendship. She impacted every single member in a unique way.” To honor Katherine’s memory, the chapter has established the Katherine Groggett Memorial Scholarship through the Tri Delta Foundation.

Maura had a kind and gentle spirit, was endlessly loyal, fearless and profoundly devoted to those she loved. “She just wanted to help other people, that's all she ever wanted to do,” said her dad Jeff Binkley. “I want people to know that she loved everyone. She believed in living her life for others. One of her greatest wishes was simply for peace, that the senseless violence would stop.”

the Department of Modern Languages at Florida State, which allowed her to study at the University of Wuppertal in Germany for four months. At the time of her death, she was participating in ongoing interviews for a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship or to work for Teach for America.

As family and friends celebrated Maura’s birthday in March, Maura’s parents announced the establishment of Maura’s Voice, in collaboration with the FSU College of Social Work, to focus on researching and responding to the complex causes and effects of violence against women.


Jamison, Martha Tyler '50 d. 08/18 Jordan, Carolyn Carter '45 d. 08/18 Potts, Nedaye Gray '55 d. 09/18


Whitworth, Donna Axum '61 d. 11/18


Gooding, Darlene Heberling '50 d. 09/18 Mordy, Marjory Nelson '44 d. 03/18


Law, Mary Richards '47 d. 07/18


Self, Sara Jane Anderson '53 d. 01/18

Donna Axum Whitworth, Arkansas


Lewis, Joyce Bradley '44 d. 09/18

Tri Delta was saddened by the loss of devoted volunteer and generous donor Donna Axum Whitworth on Nov. 4, 2018. Donna was initiated into Delta Iota Chapter in 1961, the beginning of a lifetime of steadfast support of our sisterhood. As an alumna, she served Tri Delta in numerous volunteer roles, including as a Foundation Board Trustee. Donna served as co-chair of the capital campaign for Tri Delta’s former Executive Office building in Arlington, Texas, and most recently, was an honorary chair of the “Building the Bonds” capital campaign for the Delta Iota chapter house. (Read more on page 34).


Donna was crowned Miss America in 1964, and went on to earn both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from the University of Arkansas. Following graduation, she had a diverse professional career as a television personality, professional speaker, author and university professor. A true brave, bold and kind Tri Delta, Donna also devoted much of her life to fundraising and philanthropy, including receiving a Presidential appointment to serve on the President's Advisory Committee for the Arts at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. She was also the first Miss America elected to the Miss America Board of Directors. Her beautiful and generous spirit will be greatly missed.

Andrew, Pamela Hill '61 d. 07/18 Hicks, Margaret Gothard '33 d. 08/18 Jensen, Betty Kinyon '53 d. 06/18 Kaley, Prue '70 d. 06/18

Shellworth, Lois Queirolo '48 d. 08/18 Totman, Drusilla Toepelman '43 d. 04/18


Green, Capitola Roberts '47 d. 10/18


Happell, Dana Gray '08 d. 08/18


Leatherberry, Sara Kempton '50 d. 10/17


Bailey, Dorothy Forsyth '40 d. 10/10 Ward, Carole Hadland '56 d. 08/17


Creaghe, Norma Stanton '45 d. 07/18



Liddell, Linda Carr '73 d. 07/18


Holstein, Georgina Harper '35 d. 10/11


Couch, Elizabeth Tilton '51 d. 02/04 Orme, Jill Kirchner '97 d. 6/18 Shatto, Carolyn Griffin '43 d. 03/03


Turner, Trudie '61 d. 08/18


Anderson, Barbara Timmons '59 d. 11/03 Galecki, Kristin Misner '82 d. 08/05 Guernsey, Lorraine Christensen '44 d. 02/17 McIntosh, Norma Thompson '41 d. 08/09 Wood, Katherine Horn '59 d. 5/18


Manella, Kathleen '75 d. 12/17 Prather, Ruth Porterfield '43 d. 10/09


Benjamin, Jeanne Sorden '37 d. 09/18


Siddall, Mary Grogan '51 d. 05/18


Salome, Mary Galloway '49 d. 10/15


Dodder, Jayne Wiley '44 d. 08/18 Jorns, Edith Schmid '51 d. 08/18 Leach, Jane Riddell '40 d. 08/18 Shivers, Jeannene Sampson '53 d. 08/18


Baumgartner, Heather '17 07/18


Cawthon, Lola Caileff '53 d. 10/10


McLeary, Gladys Clark '40 d. 08/17


Harland, Joan '36 d. 07/16


Boyle, Ellen Michalski '72 d. 10/18 Fellows, Virginia Amadon '38 d. 05/02


DeLong, Nancy '74 d. 07/18

Santavicca, Janice Stevenson '62 d. 07/18



Law, Eleanor Foshee '47 d. 07/14 Shealy, Mary Bailey '43 d. 01/17 Townsend, Catherine Brittain '49 d. 03/16 Wadkins, Edith Foshee '42 d. 01/10

Slade, Judith Littleton '57 d. 10/18


Morrison, Mary Miller '42 d. 06/18 Toler, Helen Burnside '48 d. 09/18


Andrews, Kathleen Burton '28 d. 01/09

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident 61

In Memoriam







Morris, Sharon Kerkhoff '76 d. 03/18 Anthony, Melissa Vaughn '81 d. 08/18 Hussey, Anne Huck '59 d. 12/09 Robinson, Betty Ohnemus '36 d. 09/18 Strevy, Linda Bitting '65 d. 05/18 Van Der Veen, Marian Linn '40 d. 07/18 West, Jane McCarter '44 d. 01/18


Kershner, Eleanor Beaty '43 d. 11/07 Lagergren, Gloria Mitchell '44 d. 04/18 Bailey, Erwin Hollingsworth '49 d. 03/18 Hawkins, Linda Hauk '57 d. 08/18 McWhirter, Anne Dean '46 d. 08/18



Arnold, Beatrice Kretschmar '46 d. 07/18 Jones, Alice Powell '38 d. 3/11



Sturgeon, Ann Hoins '56 d. 07/18


Crenwelge, Jane Joyce '58 d. 07/18 Davis, Sharla Jones '84 d. 05/18

Boulineau, Helen Rockwell '43 d. 02/13 Brentlinger, Marjorie Jewell '41 d. 10/18 Cain, Lynn Ryder '66 d. 4/18 Hackett, Phyllis Bruce '43 d. 09/18 Holeton, Suzanne '43 d. 06/18




Earnest, Barbara Coleman '60 d. 06/18 Newhouse, Emma McAvoy '55 d. 5/16 Ryerson, Johnece Houghlin '57 d. 05/18


Fretwell, Lorraine Kennedy '46 d. 09/18


Cross, Jean Ritchie '40 d. 05/16


Smith, Mary Cummins '64 d. 6/18


Henrich, Cynthia West '54 d. 03/17 Hook, Marilyn Badger '47 d. 07/18


Fisk, Marty Weishaupl '56 d. 06/18 Smith, Joanne Sheehan '51 d. 09/18


Amis, Helen Hoye '49 d. 11/16


Kirkpatrick, Patricia Lott '57 d. 11/16


Boyce, Margaret Wright '62 d. 09/18 Christman, Lois Sibley '44 d. 02/16


Costabell, Volindah Johnson '58 d. 10/18 Howard, Martha Montgomery '39 d. 08/18


Helander, Jane McCoy '53 d. 08/18 Hodgson, Susan Hoot '60 d. 08/18


Thomson, Katherine Kohler '85 d. 08/17


Glover, Jean Harlin '51 d. 01/17


Boyden, Pauline White '43 d. 04/06 Downs, Virginia Campbell '43 d. 10/17 McGrath, Jane Cellar '44 d. 05/15 Munk, Frances Juliano '43 d. 11/17 Reed, Jacquelyn Hansen '44 d. 11/09

Lohr, Jane Sanders '59 d. 01/17 Shinn, Barbara '57 d. 07/18 Smith, Dianne Morrison '62 d. 03/16




Clark, Ilva Bothamley '50 d. 08/18 Winn, Jane Pfaffenberger '37 d. 07/18


Shaver, Suzanne Butler '60 d. 09/17

62 The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

Buratti, Hildegarde Singles '42 d. 05/18


Lewis, Peggy Wolff '51 d. 10/17 Munn, Sue Flippen '53 d. 08/18 Pratt, Kathleen Christenberry '39 d. 08/18 Sealy, Marty Coyle '49 d. 08/17

Keith, Emeline Elmore '59 d. 08/17

Jackson, Nellie '44 d. 08/18

Benny, Suzanne Boone '46 d. 09/18 Morris, Mary Root '44 d. 09/05 Bennett, Jacqueline Rhizor '55 d. 05/12 Sleeth, Nellie Strouss '55 d. 12/00

This list represents deceased members reported to Executive Office from August 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. To report a deceased member, send name, date deceased, chapter, married name and name and address of closest living relative to The Trident at Executive Office. See contact information on page 3.

Historically Speaking

Growing Our Sisterhood

Since 1956, Tri Delta has been able to initiate post-college women who share the ideals and interests of Tri Delta. These sisters are known as honor initiates. ne of the ways Tri Delta is able to share and grow our treasured sisterhood is by welcoming post-collegiate women through Honor Initiation. These women are fully initiated members who enjoy the same privileges and obligations as their collegiate initiated sisters, but begin their Tri Delta journey as alumnae. Many have gone on to serve as advisors, commitee members or in other volunteer roles in Tri Delta.

There are a variety of circumstances under which the Executive Board considers inviting these women to membership.

In the Fraternity’s early days, there was briefly a provision for honorary membership, usually reserved for women associated with the university with the idea that these members could be helpful to young growing chapters. However, these honorary members would lose their memberships if they moved, and they were not eligible for the Stars and Crescent degree of Initiation. In 1910, these honorary memberships were discontinued.

Relationship to a New Chapter

Since 1956 the Bylaws have stated that the Executive Board has the power of initiating into membership any woman. By this authority, the Board may offer membership to post-college women who were not able to pursue fraternity membership in college. These women share the ideals and interests of Tri Delta and are eager to give their time, talents and leadership to the Fraternity as alumnae members. Honor Initiation is a mutual process between the candidate and the Fraternity, but usually there is already a connection in place when candidates are identified and nominated.

Relationship to a Tri Delta Member Honor initiates often already have personal ties to Tri Delta through their relationships with Tri Delta members. These women may have sisters, mothers, friends or daughters who have joined Tri Delta and who want to share that experience.

Another opportunity for Honor Initiation is in connection to the installation of new collegiate chapters. These honor initiates often have a relationship to the university and provide the new chapter with a strong team of advisors and other supportive alumnae. A candidate in this category may be proposed by area Tri Delta alumnae as well as by collegians from the new chapter, with preference given to a woman with a relationship to the new chapter, the host institution or local alumnae members. Relationship to an Established Chapter A candidate for Honor Initiation may also be considered because of her relationship to an established collegiate or alumnae chapter. The candidate might be proposed to the Executive Board by a collegiate or alumnae chapter or by a Tri Delta member, usually because she has already given service to Tri Delta outside of membership and wants to continue supporting the Fraternity. Honor Initiation recognizes her past contributions and provides her with

One of our earliest honor initiates, Treva Hedrick Richardson, was initiated at Alpha Sigma/North Carolina and served Tri Delta in numerous capacities. She was Associate Director/House Directors, and Social Standards from 1952-56 and Alumnae Vice President from 1956-58, Treva also was the chairman of the parents’ organizations from 1986-88 and was a member of the Delta Century Fund committee from 1982-88. As a member of the Delta Century Fund committee, Treva was instrumental in expediting the Fraternity’s introduction to the National Humanities Center. Also, she helped plan the festivities for the Center’s dedication of the Tri Delta garden in 1985. Besides being a loyal Tri Delta, she was infamous for both her hat collection and her beautiful antique pansy china. Treva enjoyed sharing both collections with collegiate and alumnae members when they visited her home, maintaining a close relationship with Alpha Sigma throughout her life.

By Fraternity Archivist Beth Dees Applebaum, Texas Christian

Winter/Spring 2019 The Trident 63

Ann Mercedes Postell Ohlmeyer, Louisiana State, (center) was honor initiated at Tri Delta's 1978 Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is pictured surrounded by her seven Tri Delta daughters, all from Delta Omega Chapter at Louisiana State University.

lifetime membership and the opportunity for continued service to Tri Delta. Pledged But Never Initiated The Executive Board may also offer membership to a woman who pledged Tri Delta as a collegian who, although in good standing, was unable to complete her new member program and was never initiated. A candidate in this category must be proposed by one or more Tri Delta members and have her good standing verified by Fraternity records. This honor initiate is initiated at the chapter where she originally pledged. Outstanding Accomplishments Honor initiates may be community leaders who have achieved outstanding personal or professional accomplishments that align with Tri Delta's ideals and interests. No matter, the reason in each case of Honor Initiation, the Executive Board

64 The Trident Winter/Spring 2019

believes this woman will cherish her membership in Tri Delta and will honor our sisterhood through dedication and commitment. When a member sponsors an honor initiate for membership, she is making a commitment and accepting the responsibility to assist the member in every possible way—helping her connect with a local alumnae chapter or other Tri Deltas, sharing her knowledge and love for the Fraternity and helping her develop a deeper understanding of Tri Delta lifetime membership and service. As Tri Deltas, we receive so many wonderful benefits from membership— close friendships, leadership growth, volunteer opportunities and being an important part of Tri Delta’s future. Membership offers honor initiates the same benefits and the same rights and privileges as members initiated during college. Additionally, Tri Delta’s Honor Initiation process

welcomes dedicated women who treasure the benefits and joys of membership and actively work to fulfill Tri Delta’s Purpose. For the honor initiates, Initiation is the fulfillment of a special dream, whether it be old or new. For Tri Delta, it is another opportunity to build membership and provide vital support to collegiate and alumnae chapters and the Fraternity. To nominate a woman for Honor Initiation, a member may contact Ann Marie McGee, honor initiate chair, at Tri Delta will honor initiate new sisters at our upcoming Volunteer Leadership Conference in July. Thanks to Sarah Coons Lindsay, Miami/Ohio; Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory; and Carol Winters Baldwin, California/Los Angeles, for their contributions with this article.

Join us for the

Sign up as a St Jude Hero® and run the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon® Weekend. Registration is from May 1-30. All money raised will help fulfill Tri Delta’s $60 million, 10-year commitment, as we live out our Purpose, support the St. Jude mission and lead the way to a world without childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

St. Jude patient Hannah, age 11, rhabdomyosarcoma

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H. J.


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