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2021 VENDOR SHOWCASE FREE Drive-thru Tuesday, April 20 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Southridge Sports & Events Complex 2901 Southridge Blvd., Kennewick

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BTMed offers free medical screening program to former Hanford construction workers The Building Trades National Medical Screening Program (BTMed) offers free medical screening exams to construction workers previously employed at Hanford, who may be at increased risk for occupational illnesses as a result of their work on a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) site. Since, 1996 BTMed has completed: • 6,495 occupational medical exams for former Hanford workers. • 1,685 early lung cancer CT scans for former Hanford workers. BTMed screens workers from 35 different DOE sites through a network of more than 225 credentialed health clinics across the county. Workers at these sites may have

been exposed to hazardous conditions which can cause cancer, chronic lung diseases and other serious, even fatal, health problems. Here are what two BTMed participants had to say about the program: “BTMed will be well worth the time. It is to a person’s advantage to know about their health,” said Courtland Smith, UA Local 598, former Hanford worker, BTMed participant. “Thank you BTMed for looking after us,” said Mark Parsons, cement finisher, former Hanford worker, BTMed participant. When you enroll in BTMed, you will complete a work history interview and a medical screening exam to identify work-related health

(509) 737-8778 8524 W. Gage Blvd., #A1-300 Kennewick, WA 99336

STAFF Melanie Hair CEO 509-737-8778 ext. 5

Kristina Lord Publisher 509-737-8778 ext. 3

Wendy Culverwell Editor 509-737-8778 ext. 6

Tiffany Lundstrom Advertising Director 509-737-8778 ext. 2

Chad Utecht Advertising Account Manager 509-737-8778 ext. 1

Vanessa Guzmán Graphic Designer 509-737-8778 ext. 4

Senior Times, a publication of TriComp Inc., is published monthly. Subscriptions are $21.67 per year, prepayment required, no refunds. Contents of this publication are the sole property of TriComp Inc. and can not be reproduced in any form without expressed written consent. Opinions expressed by guest columnists and advertisers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Senior Times staff, other guest columnists or other advertisers, nor do they imply endorsement by Senior Times staff, other guest columnists or advertisers. Every effort will be made to assure information published is correct; however, we are not liable for any errors or omissions made despite these efforts.

conditions at an early, more treatable stage. The screening consists of a comprehensive physical exam, blood work, spirometry and audiometry tests, and a chest X-ray. Participation in the program is voluntary, free and confidential. Free rescreening exams are available every three years. For more information about BTMed, go to, call 1-800-866-9663, or email btmed@

If you have any questions and are in the Hanford area, please contact Sherry Gosseen at 509-946-1036 or

PO Box 900960 Seattle, WA 98109 1-800-866-9663



WHY CHOOSE ATOMIC HOME HEALTH? Based in the Tri-Cities region, Atomic Home Health is your LOCAL Department of Labor home health provider for the “White Card” program. Who better to serve your needs than the people in your community who understand firsthand the importance of obtaining these benefits? If you do not require home health services at this time, we strive to ensure that you are maximizing all your other EEOICPA benefits.

If you have been denied for benefits or particular illnesses in the past, please reach out to our benefits specialist, so they can re-evaluate your claim at no charge to you. Please call today!


(509) 728-9594 YEARS


March 2021 3 | Issue Volume 20

s Guard dig National nd M Richla in on $15 center readiness By Wendy


planning, meticulous is takyears of It took 10 military armory take on a but a modern north Richland. Guard is in National ing shape gton Army -square-foot The Washin million, 40,000 Industrial a $15 Horn Rapids Infantry building ell center at Wendy Culverw mber Stryker readiness company Photo by a 150-me Party supply of Tri-City Park to serve ers of Local flows by sees ebbs, summer 2022, y for customagriculture, run y sector spring or hospitalit Unit. d by Page A13 for deliver ready rooms availe is ready nity-supporte It will be conference First St. box of produc roots in commu n County. oms and packed with d Frankli with classro use as well at 2655 in the A custom grocery service to being a unincorporate of able for public forward Pumpkin, John Franklin in director “We’re lookingAdam Iwaszuk, Cathy and ment’s conCol. y Depart in area,” said Militar office gton ment the Washin facilities manage and struction d an almost funchune fears triggere serves a similarnal faOlympia. ss center Food shortag Local Pumpkin. Two The readine s, but has more commu Within for ng a fitness the next day. about instant surge rer, includi tion to armorie signed up to Culverwell its forebea dred people base doubled By Wendy CELEBRAT cilities than customer Wine kitchen. ING n- a week, its editor@tcjourna Food & eeds rolls center and crap,’ ” g s Tumblew n were vacatio cenRichland’ turbulent year and 1,200. going, ‘Oh figure e in makin readiness John Frankli Arizona through Page A23 bring the to A decad one year ago nt Cathy and began in “We’re in decade to . “We had in Arizona The process It took a Febrformer n recalled The quite ramp ing with family on when uary Preside starting line. John Frankli list. We couldn’t ed the need. to avoid televisiVolu citizens 202 1 ter to the guard identifi through the Nawatching waiting a the me advised 20 | Issue 2 out fast enough.” 2011 when to be shepherded Donald Trump than 10. ed for federal and up d more concept had Bureau and approv president to deman groups of , adding a watched the Covid-19 Respondingns adapted quickly tional Guard terday to As the couple address the coming and U.S. funding. The Frankli third packing more y Fauci and state of the the 54 states for projects day and a d Dr. Anthon the weight Every year, e for approval third delivery e. They delivererevenue the go they felt get schedul 16 threat, By compet saw Wend weekly ns ran their n 12 and ritories 2020 and editor@ y Culve the Frankli boxes out. Betwee shutdowns. rwellin . The com25, in Pasco, in 10 years support- thantcjourn $1 million k said. approved Back home in, a community more than employees. ahead, Iwaszu d project was double to delivering There Pumpk part-time one of 16 full- and business the Local is no 20 A26 The Richlan ction bid in 2020, and way ure (CSA) vid-19pany has KIN Page Real Estate a constru pandemic to dress ed agricult of locally-grown produce AL PUMP uction 2012 for LOC to batter battered it up: The Con the U.S. & Constrteacher opens in the greater that year. – the weekly boxes Healt % betwee – and contin eurial customers in approved in Richland Entrepren Its years- Tri-Cities Airpo Protect600 h Care split 75%-25 $11.4 million ues cookie shop Page B1 your heart food to about with Funding is gourmet rt’s busine of long growth even health, ss. governments,the U.S. Department gcollapsed record of Tri-City area. in a pandemic and state passen 188,959 in 2020, through the Washin Page A13 board which recordger by federal funds $3.8 million from The news ings, 57% fewer THY approved ed and s budget, was bad, than 2019. Defense NOTEWOR Buck Taft but Airpo capital project said state a ed he felt duty ton rt Direct the numb “Yes, it’s in 2019. or was identifi ers, bound to lawmakers Tri-Cities in April was as he does each report but g popula said the its growin year. the Benton-Frankl Iwaszuk franchise, fewer passen the darkest near based on Pasco. The in ” ago land Drive in month, gers armory , on bare a decade with 95% on Canal did travel than that, norma it’s still local.owner Center as its aging replace the armory l. The e Justice not hall, first weeks tion as well new pandemic in the Juvenil few who center will g is retired, the nts in -Susan Menden ick.of the Culverwell restaura readiness parking were greete Kennew of IHOP d by a vast Covid -19 By Wendy Pasco older buildin lot, shutte efforts ick and presence. but if the people center orativeand red restau Kennew empty Hospital District editor@tcjourna Collab in the termin ins a local Page A34 rants ick Public R, Page A4 Leah its birthing one mainta $1.6 million te In real numb al.The Kennew andto few S CENTE is moving fund its husbaMays NESS , a Hanfo DINES l from could accelera Retire READI Trios Health move thatflew REA hospitand Group ickers, an out of Pasco raisinge money the formerHome are buildi rd worker is averag launche ment dge, a of buy s hotline ng at The who lives seniors Southri to 58 from aKennew toregister peoplecurrent owner.building to help m the former in Pasco day ent daily and each agreem Heights in April, for helped drive transfor the Photo , inspe detoxificationaverag applied Health, plans tofor vaccine l into a April. e nt down of by Kristin cts the drug LifePoi the local at Red Moun 1,100 the Page A25 Benton County from the a Lord ans facing constructio tain Ranch home she previo General Hospita Tri-CitiTraffi us appropriation Additionally, and her c has rs. revive in West n econo center for for disorde missio recovery my in 2020. Richland. health d, $2.5 million directsupport design work tobirthing and mental istogethenr,isthe for Taft, to survive a but involve turethe half addiction Legisla Cen- 2021 County’s 2021 normal. ing comesbudge of itation while . Benton plan is busine If everyth Rehabil The t is just ss the old hospital eithert’slocation Two Rivers over $6 airpor operatmean adminBy Wend It got22. center and mid-20 millio ing deputy doesn’t by a sen, n. ment open payou million boost investRasmus editor@ y Culverwell thanks ter both will Health’ s $22 t from tcjourn said Matt dge to dead, a $5.9 Southri federal rus Aidat Triosthe million LifePoint CARE center Relief ands pursue R, Page A4 istrator. S (Coro birthingThe a Leah Tri-Ci official in CENTE Econo naviMays and grant is ment ty constr Tri-City at the oldmic Security)BIRTHING workers, uction topped coveri mark in her comes as debt, a y center ng the 2020, no Hospital are buying husband, both cost norma a recover the $1 failing airport’s Act. a custom thanks to stoppages, bond hospital or,lly borne A secon funds to developfees. ick -built singletheir first home Hanford the Covid billion Heigh slowd by d Kennew payment owns and shroud together, Real Estate passenger -19 work not been -family ts at Red of smoke downtown is expec annou model & Cons that bedev even a lingering division from Mountain Ranch tion indust at The Cargo traffic nced in mid-F ted but had truction Speck building iled the ry. Aho Const , a new ebruary. a 38% increa increased construc- land. new home electric-friendly Overall subruction by 9%, for Buick, in West GMC dealers The first driven by port receiv se posted by homebuildin construction RichUPS Inc. dipped hip of 10 phases g was but it is es landing fees 13%, but Keene Road The airfigures Page B1 is taking a minor compiled a bright spot, for cargo 103 of 105 and West Van off near source uptick by the Home according flights, ciation Giesen of will lots under of Tri-Ci to it is Street. With Builders was a positivnot affect the revenue and the one of ties. contra ing agenc NOTEWO budge ies issued Collectively, local Asso- Aho, based the busiest work ct in late Januar It shelve e trend, Taft noted. t. Still, it family RTHY y, permi sites build- second in Vanco homes “People uver, expec in the region. including d all capital worth aboutts for 1,722 single phase more than are creatin projects ts to begin $500 millio g Sales have in the spring. for ing tired Taft's longtime busine the volume. in 2019 for both sses. dream of 2021, landscaping exceeded value and n, 5% six-week The entrep trance. replac expec halt to at the termin “It was tations permit demic reneurial a bug is , it said. construction early despite a Those and al ention across good year for everyw in the panresidential other cuts here.” On a sunny to break dent. “Ever the board,” said construc- ed set the even in -Rana airpor 2021 if 438,000 Jeff their way January day, the could be.” ybody was as busy Losey, presi- check it sees 55% t up boardings co-ow e Pearce, Mayses past constr ner of the pande thread it as they of the Poppe uction possibly make on the progress d mic. The tallied in 2019, vehicles said, is of their Page A39 frequently. before financial to “fine. They chose home, a trip they The 55% ” Not great, but picture, he a home “fine.” goal is site on the HOMEB believes. a reason UILDING, able one, Page A35 Taft editor@tcjourna


vid-19 ves as Co ry pkin thri ive Local Pum and for food del dem propels

Tri-Cities holds line Airport falls by as traffic more tha n half

ter thing cen ter Trios bir cen New $22M ns for recovery pla speeds up



of Business Area Journal Tri-Cities Gage Blvd., #A1-300 99336 8524 W. ck, WA Kennewi

AIRPORT , Page A11






Tri-Citi es Area Journa 8524 l of Busines W. Gage Blvd., s Kennew ick, WA #A1-300 99336





Delivering comprehensive business news coverage to Mid-Columbians since 2002.

Homebu ild as comm ing pushes cons ercial wo rk lags truction

Old Spo rts to reopen Authority nea r Co as vetera n-focused lumbia Cente y Culve rwell tcjourn r thrift sho p

By Wend


in late March The forme Kennewick’ r Sports Autho begin leavin or early April. Supporters g rity store this spring s Columbia The new donations in can at Center will retail space store brings mid-February. Store, the as Veterans life to a Warehouse reopen that sat prominent nonprofit second outpost empty Thrift five years. It for for focused occup and strugg on suppo a Wenatchee at North Colum ies a high-p more than rofile addre ling rting home bia Cente boulevards, Operation veterans. ss less r prime retail in the heart and Grandridge itarian Aid Veterans Assist of Kenne corridor. ance is conve Sports wick’s & Huma foot retail rting the 40,000-squ n- the same Authority closed store that space into a full-service are- That left time as its neigh in 2016, about household will sell furnit Lowe’s bor, thrift main occupant Home Impro OfficeMax. computer items and offer ure, clothing, of the buildi vement as repair electronics Lawson the ng. said it The nonpr . and enoug was the ofit is led h to “Thadd” only space by direct erans Warehaccommodate Lawson big or Thelb the spraw Jr., who ert the origin ouse Thrift ling Vetsaid it Store al in Wena will open tchee, the concept. Like store will THRIFT sell STORE, Page A4

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WindSong offers Montessori-style dementia care in Kennewick WindSong at Southridge is a memory care community that has adopted the Montessori-inspired lifestyle as its signature method for delivering exceptionally high quality of life for residents. The programs focus on activities and everyday interactions to reconnect persons with dementia to the outside world. The components of the Montessori environment include signage and cue cards that display schedules and directions. The goal is to create an environment that supports independence and functioning at the highest possible level. The staff at WindSong at Southridge in Kennewick provides purposeful experiences where these individuals are able to use their hands and their five senses to engage and stimulate their minds. This community has been created in a manner that is reflective of the people who live within it. This is done through group activities that residents design, plan and implement. This is also done through individualized, resident-specific self-care activities. Residents receive the opportunity to actively participate in what happens in their own lives. It is often assumed that a person with a dementia diagnosis is unable to have new experiences, maintain relationships, or to care for themselves at all. This is simply untrue. They have been told that they “can’t” and have been defined by their limitations. The staff at WindSong at Southridge work to defy these misconceptions by enabling their

residents, rather than further disabling them. They ensure the person with dementia is able to actively participate in experiences and enjoy their successes, so their self-esteem increases and they enjoy a sense of accomplishment. This allows residents to reconnect with a world they’re losing access to and is a source of comfort to them and their loved ones. Please follow WindSong at Southridge on Facebook for information on virtual learning experiences to learn more about this innovative and exciting approach to caring for those with dementia. Sessions will be held via Zoom. We also are happy to provide virtual tours of our community, in keeping with social distancing guidelines. For more information and to RSVP for our “Montessori is our Why Virtual Lunch and Learns,” please contact Becky Lepinski or Drew Percival at 509-202-4327 or email at WindSong at Southridge is located at 4000 W 24th Ave. in Kennewick. Additional information can be found on our website:

4000 W. 24th Ave. Kennewick, WA 99338 509-202-4327




We are honored to care for those who have sacrificed their health for our country.

Join Dr. Brian Lawenda in a free Zoom Webinar

We provide care to the following patient groups:

Tuesday, April 27th at 5:30-6:30pm PDT

• Uranium Miners, Millers and Transporters • Nuclear Weapons Plant Employees or Contractors • Workers’ Compensation Claims • Veterans of the United States Armed Services

Do you qualify for this card? Former Hanford Workers may be eligible for benefits and FREE in-home care. Call for more information.

(509) 735-6440 295 Bradley Blvd. Suite 101 Richland, WA 99352

“Wellness and Patient Advocacy”



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Columbia Basin Denture Care’s digital dentures offer many advantages There is nothing worse than going without your smile. It’s uncomfortable in social settings and difficult to eat. We would never think of only having one set of shoes because the cost of shoes is affordable. With dentures, the cost of handmade dentures has prevented people from having a backup denture or a second set. To make a second denture using today’s process, it would cost just as much as the first set. So it’s no surprise that very few patients have a backup denture. If you lose your denture today,

we basically have to start from scratch with new impressions and new records. But all of this is about to change. With advanced technology, we can now scan existing dentures and design dentures digitally. Industrial-grade milling machines then create dentures using the exact material we use today, just in a faster and more accurate way. We can create multiple copies of dentures for an affordable price. With a scan of your denture, we can ship you a denture anywhere in the world, anytime, without a single appointment.

This is something that was previously impossible without digital records. Many of our patients are now choosing to get a backup denture because they work in the public eye or travel frequently. We’ve also made second dentures in brighter shades if patients want a smile that stands out a little more for certain events like weddings. We also can scan existing teeth and perfectly match them in a digital environment. The possibilities are endless. Come in for a free consultation to learn more about digital dentures

and see the impact that advanced digital technology can have on your smile. Now more than ever, we can truly deliver the smile patients have always wanted.

7233 W. Deschutes Ave., Suite E, Kennewick 509-586-4350


Vendor Directory Atomic Health 509-728-9594 / Locally-owned DOL home health provider to Hanford workers that ensures maximization of “white card” benefits. Offering free consultations for denied claims.


Ben Franklin Transit 1000 Columbia Park Trail Richland, WA 99352 509-735-5100 / Ben Franklin Transit offers a variety of public transportation services throughout the Tri-Cities area including bus, Dial-A-Ride paratransit, BFT CONNECT on-demand service and more. Benton PUD 2721 W. 10th Ave. Kennewick, WA 99336 509-582-2175 / Benton PUD is a local public power utility that takes pride in being “your trusted energy partner” and providing customers with low-cost service, reliable electricity, low-income payment assistance programs and excellent customer service.

SPONSOR Building Trades National Medical Screening Program PO Box 900960 Seattle, WA 98109 1-800-866-9663 / The Building Trades National Medical Screening Program provides free medical screening exams to construction workers previously employed at Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear weapons sites. Callaway Gardens 5505 W. Skagit Court Kennewick, WA 99336 509-783-5433 / Callaway Gardens: specialized memory care serving the Tri-Cities for over 20 years. We focus on giving our residents purpose and creating meaningful moments every day.

Chaplaincy Health Care 1480 Fowler St. Richland, WA 99352 509-783-7416 / Chaplaincy Health Care focuses on the entire person—their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We offer hospice care, grief care for adults and children, behavioral health and spiritual care.


Columbia Basin Denture Care 7233 W. Deschutes Ave., Ste. E Kennewick, WA 99336 509-586-4350 / We’ve gone digital! All our dentures are designed digitally then printed or milled to your custom smile with our in-office laboratory. Critical Nurse Staffing LLC 295 Bradley Blvd., Ste. 101 Richland, WA 99352 509-735-6440 / Providing free in-home healthcare for current and former nuclear workers, uranium millers, haulers, EEOICPA/RECA beneficiaries, U.S. Armed Forces veterans and current workers compensation claimants. Energy Employees Home Health Services 5219 W. Clearwater Ave., #C7 Kennewick, WA 99336 509-800-0300 / We offer no out-of-pocket cost for in-home care and offer help getting compensated for working out at the area.

Guardian Angel Homes 245 Van Giesen St. Richland, WA 99354 509-943-2100 / Our award-winning community has a solution for every senior to thrive—from independent living to memory care. Come talk to us today! HAPO Community Credit Union 601 Williams Blvd. Richland, WA 99354 509-943-5676 / With eight locations in the Tri-Cities to serve you, we make it easy to access your accounts! We also offer financial coaching to help you navigate through all stages of your life. Hawthorne Court 524 N. Ely St. Kennewick, WA 99336 509-783-8313 When it comes to senior living, no one does it like Hawthorne Court. Now, Kennewick’s best senior living community just got even more beautiful. Home Care Solutions 7401 W. Hood Place, Ste. 204 Kennewick, WA 99336 509-627-8575 / Home Care Solutions is “the premier home-care agency” in Tri-Cities, providing in-home services to residents in Benton and Franklin counties.


Fieldstone Memory Care 7255 W. Grandridge Blvd. Kennewick, WA 99336 509-491-3946 / We offer independent/assisted living and memory care. We believe that vibrant living is all about options. With a variety of activities, events and amenities at Fieldstone, you decide how you’d like to spend your day. This is a place where family gathers and new friendships are formed.

Legends Casino & Hotel 580 Fort Road Toppenish, WA 98948 (509) 865-8800 / We offer 1,500 slot machines, 19 table games, Keno, poker room and over 200 guest rooms so you can play and stay in an alcohol-free environment!


2021 We look forward to seeing you at our Drive-thru Expo!


Life Care Center of Kennewick 1508 W. Seventh Ave. Kennewick, WA 99336 509-586-9185 / Providing optimal skilled nursing services and excellent therapy services. Genuine, caring staff able to provide long-term care or short-term rehabilitation.

SPONSOR Life Care Center of Richland 44 Goethals Drive Richland, WA 99352 509-943-1117 / Providing optimal skilled nursing services and excellent therapy services. Genuine, caring staff able to provide long-term care or short-term rehabilitation.


Lourdes Health 520 N. Fourth Ave. Pasco, WA 99301 509-547-7704 / Lourdes and Trios are making communities healthier with services at Trios Southridge Hospital, Trios Family Birthing Center, Lourdes Medical Center, Lourdes Counseling Center and several community practices. Mueller’s Funeral Homes 1401 S. Union St. Kennewick, WA 99338 509-783-9532 / We take great pride in our service to our community and in the level of personalized attention we are able to offer all of our families. Northwest Cancer Clinic, part of GenesisCare Network 7379 W. Deschutes Ave., Ste. 100 Kennewick, WA 99336 509-987-1800 / At GenesisCare our goal is to deliver exceptional treatment and care in a way that enhances every aspect of your cancer journey.


Nuclear Care Partners 660 Jadwin Ave., Ste. E Richland, WA 99352 509-380-1147 / Nuclear Care Partners is a nationally accredited Department of Labor provider for in-home health care services for former and retired nuclear workers. Protran East 7 N. 11th Ave. Yakima, WA 98902 509-426-2190 / Protran East provides long distance, non-emergent medical transportation to elderly, disabled and/or low-income clients who have no access to important medical appointments. Senior Times Mailing: 8524 W. Gage Blvd., #A1-300 Kennewick, WA 99336 509-737-8778 / Monthly publication providing news and information to active and retired seniors. Fall ’21 Expo tentatively scheduled for Oct. 19 at Southridge Sports and Events complex, Kennewick. Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business Mailing: 8524 W. Gage Blvd., #A1-300 Kennewick, WA 99336 509-737-8778 / Monthly publication providing comprehensive coverage of Mid-Columbia business news. No paywall at, or sign up for paid subscription to be mailed to your home or business. Tri-Cities Cancer Center 7350 W. Deschutes Ave. Kennewick, WA 99336 509-737-3422 / Providing the Tri-Cities region with world-class cancer care, prevention education and survivorship services.

SPONSOR Trios Health 810 W. Plaza Way Kennewick, WA 99338 Lourdes and Trios are making communities healthier with services at Trios Southridge Hospital, Trios Family Birthing Center, Lourdes Medical Center, Lourdes Counseling Center and several community practices. Tri-Cities Community Health PO Box 1452 Pasco, WA 99301 509-547-2204 / Tri-Cities Community Health provides quality medical, dental, behavioral health, eye care and pharmacy services with free prescription delivery. Call for an appointment. United Healthcare Community 901 Crystal Ave. Moxee, WA 98936 509-866-5188 TTY 771 / United Healthcare Dual Complete Plan—designed for those who are Medicaid and Medicare eligible. Our plan offers additional benefits not covered by traditional Medicare.

SPONSOR WindSong at Southridge 4000 W. 24th Ave. Kennewick, WA 99338 509-202-4327 / Memory care community dedicated to providing a meaningful, purposeful life to those with Alzheimer’s and other age-related dementias through a Montessori-inspired lifestyle model of care.



Do you have this card?

You’ve loved them like family in life, let us help you care for them like family in passing. Call (509) 627-7297 (PAWS) for more information.

Former Nuclear Hanford and Uranium workers may be eligible for FREE assistance in their homes. Services include: medication management, in home nursing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, mobility and grooming. Your voice matters call (509) 800-0300 to check your eligibility.

Energy Employee Home Health Services



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Find care you can count on at Life Care Center of Kennewick and Life Care Center Richland As skilled nursing care facilities, Life Care Center of Kennewick and Life Care Center of Richland offer skilled nursing, long-term care and short-term therapy services designed to improve and enhance the lives of seniors and their families. The skilled nursing and therapy staff at these facilities attend to patients and residents with an understanding that each person’s needs are unique. The care centers serve as not only a residence for those who can no longer care for themselves, but also a bridge between hospital and home for those recovering from illness or injury. The services Life Care Centers of Kennewick and Richland offer are broad, going beyond standard skilled nursing and short-term therapy—from post-surgical care to medication management and social services. Along with personalized care and rehabilitation, the care facilities boast amenities intended to give residents

and visitors a pleasant experience. These features help foster an environment that is caring and supportive but also fun, relaxing and homelike. On each Life Care campus, you can enjoy nutritious and savory meals in a lovely dining room, scenic and tasteful surroundings, a library, a beauty salon and much more. Private and semiprivate suites are available during short-stay rehabilitation for anyone who wants to maximize their comfort during recovery. Life Care Centers of Kennewick and Richland are where comfort and community are central. With their flexible visiting hours, the campus’ pleasing attributes are available to friends and families, lending the campuses a community atmosphere. And the facilities often put on many exciting events that are open to the public. Though the current health climate temporarily has put a hold on visita-

tion and events, families and friends always will be welcome once conditions are right! During these unique and challenging times, the associates at Life Care Center of Kennewick and Life Care Center of Richland are taking careful and proactive precaution to protect the health and safety of residents and patients. It’s another extension of their devotion to quality care, but when these difficult times are past that devotion will remain strong. Life Care Centers of Kennewick and Richland have been and continue to be premier providers of quality skilled care and rehabilitation for Kennewick, Richland and the surrounding

communities. Their goal is to help others reach and maintain a higher quality of life. To learn more, call 509-586-9185 for Life Care Center of Kennewick, and 509-943-1117 for Life Care Center of Richland.

44 Goethals Drive, Richland 509-943-1117 1508 W. Seventh Ave., Kennewick 509-586-9185

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Speech Therapy Life Care facilities are designed with the patient in mind. Each Life Care facility maintains a unique personality and offers amenities that represent the needs and interests of the local population.

Life Care Center of Richland 44 Goethals Drive, Richland (509) 943-1117

Life Care Center of Kennewick 1508 W. 7th Ave., Kennewick (509) 586-9185



Senior living, health, finance and local interest stories geared specifically toward those 60+, their families and caregivers. ORS MBIA SENI

SINCE 1982


es eration tak A new gen buys Pharmacy to ber, t can remem long as she known Pasco restauran erm For asVerMu lm has und and g-t Justine her playgro lon both as ser ve Golfland me ace. her workpl was pregnant with ilities balls out “My mom care fac selling golf she they were DELI VERI


1 Vol. 9 | Issue

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MID -CO LUMBIA Kennew SENIOR S SINC ick senio E 198 2 FEBRUA rs celeb RY 2021 rate Co vid-19 vaccine ’s arriv al

By Kristin

By Jeff Morrow for Senior

Non-Emergent Medical Transportation Service

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munities Seniors in the Vol. 9 | Tri-Cities staff also cine arriveat home on the Issue 2 received and their day vaccines. “Our Lakes readil d at Brookdale the vacy rolled Canyon weeks goal was to receive up their be ready ahead of it. sleeves two time to most comp The Kenn letely readyso we were alewick senior were munity . Lucki ell had living com- place, organized to when ks stand,” ly, we Culverw have residents 18 hours’ notice a firewor By Wendy ” as a kid. and staff there from to line up rector said Joe Green everything in out there editor@tcjourna esCovid-19 for 200 ted , execu of Brook doses of vaccine tive diunusual real said. “I worked always celebra dale Canyo the is not relate in mid-J the more we’ve They were y, a Chigathern Lakes anuary. d to Joyce In one of As a family, . He ready – had family recent memor is beGinge ceive in Green there, were and it two weeks r Vertra wick . happy to arents Jeff Morrow tate moves birthdays no, a Photo by re- practitioner ant in Kenneindependent, earlier than My grandp weekends “I retired e was elated, an nese restaur ings there. nurse and I think planned. went so smoowho lives there, g on the fortun nd ter, Justin g to oned into Golflaate to said “It ing refashi pharmacy caterin we are thly.” granddaugh always workin so to be here and get with his children at Pasco homes It was Bill and stands closed-door homes, nursing there.” the vac- Keeping resid and their the longtime busine from left, had paper all set up for arents are ents safe Brookdale, us. … They s ready Her grandp have owned Bill McInt yre, her husband Nick adult family ly sold to sign re, who facilities. and at which yre recent than 700 and Dawn our name for us. We just VerMulm and similar 40. McInt Donna McInty and driving range Randy senior living operates more re’s facilhad ,” said reside RX, Green 1993. at 2901 N. Road . Pharmacists Tri-Cities W. communitie became McInty . nt Joyce 43 states, has been the golf course40 in Pasco since of couple When it owners of More a couple s in Bill, the young in protec at s at 8021 than 125 value Johnson, ago, it had 2901 N. Road y passed away. ting senior the leading edge o Garden the dose of residents has a tax and “our ity 27 years s from the Pfizer August as bought Bambo receiv three holes. Donna recentl the business to Jus- but the 29-acre site ing to the Covid-19, Joyce Green Blvd. in side sell nine vaccine from ed a Joe Green community e greens and staff to 00 accord and play , a resid practic the $500,0 Grandr idge the long-term care decided to in rest over, 79, Nick. particular,” munity in Kenn CVS ent at went to of about for took it caregivers husband, Assessor. population, said. “Over 7% Brook staff, privat ewick, “When I new home 8 tine and her of talked about selling Franklin County Courtesy of the U.S. elated,” she said. Pagehealth ss. to both Mcreceives dale Cany D, and at least, Brookdale ndent e Joe Green important has had the Covid on Lakes of their busine owns the indepe on uGOLFLAN has three home agencies. and we’ve not “I had kind They decided they’d the busiCovid-19, work But what’s senior also -19 vacci other sister had one lm is that in 11 month living here,” he The duo pharmacy ne on resident it for a while. he said. “So they’re Intyre and VerMu comsaid. Jan. 14. comRX retail Center case it,” family. fantastic. s. Brookdale Vertrano “I was Medical Tri-Cities has just stays in the like to buy We’re so was quick Regional d by the been family price.” is saying, ness blessed to agree “They’ve the Kadlec Brookdale not affecte getting the to live and . which is By Kristin is, no one staff has do the things also kept us campus, residents a Lord cannaWhat that been keepi motivated publish Aug. informed using er@tcj to ng from spread we have to do were expansion. shut down s – and safe. who prior Garden to keep ing. We’re people workday Bamboo it 00 deal closed. of the adults and 2020. some endKathi the $870,0 e and Darel g reoff the to June 30, none bis after themon 27, the day tell him to turn are now workin l “Bud” ic will uVACCIN SeattleJuly 1, 2019, tly Weath And, of Johnto pandem celebr covers frequen had “I to the ES, Page e, owner g,” Randy eranniversarymore ate their 56th importantly most “You alway 8 Jim MacRa industry data com- motely and are using stop cookin wedd later this , for is grill and Times staff won’t be told s questi Bud. a sions, but month in but ing By Senior up on your based cannabt Line Analytics, hout the day. able to get ant into County to once throug they son joked. restaur share that deciwants hug, hold Bud got the “It was I haven dy d up a kiss. and hands sales in Benton in fis- pany StraighJournal of Business to Wind ’t questi “If somebo Conver ting pharmacy wrappe and bake, t Cannabis e or the only really ten or Song oned the Kathi $34 million care g and e, wake the Spokan where he’s care he’s seeking comfor 75, day from their more than as. long-term the mornin sion we deci- send,” hour and for theplans users are gotreached been. is Christm to to e make It’s been she said. do that,”the one fiscal cannab go to work 15 can minut shortly before ns expect to relocat now make for could a gode drive cal year 2020.nearly 43% over dealing then Walla tothey drug. have State-mand from Walla Bud Weath office, Kennewick The Johnso nearly in the y, once they fedthis is people“It would homeband safety. But Bud’s tions ated pande That’s up ermon to visit in Januar on their “I figure sales reached said. and mean total wick it he mic a still when her state specia Kenne time,” a windo is hard,” restricmakes aboutstate collect al from l edIt’s ana husg them- he said. year 2019, By Wend w Kathie couple when with a rough gton twice day.mariju are availin . a trip she secured approv said. Washin they visit separates the deal a week. editor@ y Culverwell $24 million sales increased nearly appear that people to use an Bud lives in legal ors. to the a great tcjourn and they $1 interc at Wind eral regulat pharmacy caters $395.5 million in fiscal year intoxicants She cared ofridge have Statewide, from about fees Song The physi om to talk. inand selves of license Kenn to.” for billion, up rm care pharThe retail it from Southewick, an of at him as cal The all-vo in- income they used sales made senior comm 21% to $1.3 the long-te “They love separation is long as . that the assiste County’s more than $5.2 million lunteer veloped public while institutional clients she could all but unity living speculated due who 8 each other tough. catering , dPage 2019, need just billion. Benton the statewide total. resithe popul group that deMacRae most likely to reside so much careuCAN on Badge 3% of his memo , but othercan’t wait until macy serves prescriptions for es, highest ar hiking usage is becauNABIS . I up about ing larger loss. Kathi es r they ry se of memonts boasted the crease in faciliti e and It compil $600,000 and Candy moun trails personality and Halka in real life again can hug each that decid g users consum 70 local care King County ies to ed to move her two adult childr ry ,” said , life enrich bemillion. g- to existin He said it’s likely magic on away from repea tains is gan to dents of about from the Tri-Cit Bud, 77, QUIZ en Song in a. ies. the Washin ment coord Tiffinni Little Badge sales at $340 change WindSong area ting its early HLY into Wind released by too much at serving an Walla Walla to Yakim Friends inator at Board quantit right move July.MONT The data They say - Kathie Weath “There’s Southridge. , and Cannabis of Badge r Mountain. Oregon ermon she turning it was the for their Moses Lake, is licensed in lots of Liquor and r Moun E could State to separa ISSU family ss tears ton Tri-City tain is him safe no ted by when they’r . was other 6 longer When The busine in the a windo INSIDE THIS S RX, Page e $1.5 supporters to businesses and w. They nd shared for 18 Walla Walla home keep each other ... it’s help it uTRI-CITIE millio need years. West Richla close a they hard on Kathi hard on Bud 20 acres n agreement to and it’s e to not buy nearly below the be able Badger incorporated to hug Mountain. summit of Little uWEATHE was It has RMONS, and who raised Page 5 about $900, ? 000 to uLITTLE its first mayor INSI BADG 9 DE THIS ER, Page R, PAGE has been ANSWE 3 ISSU Sporthaus



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Tri-City serving enthusiasts outdoor years 11 for 40 PRESOR TED STAND ARD U.S. POSTAG E PAID PASCO , WA PERMIT NO. 8778






Senior W. Gage Times Blvd., Kennew ick, WA #A1-300 99336


Q&A with Personge 5 Dr. Amy Page




Senior group Valentine plans gala

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Senior Times#A1-300 Gage Blvd., 8524 W. k, WA 99336 Kennewic



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MONTHLY QUIZ What 1999 movie about a small basketball town starring team Peter Coyote and Allen was Karen in Frank filmed lin using the County Fishhook historic School? ANSW



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Do you enjoy driving long distance and meeting new people? We are looking for volunteer drivers in Benton, Franklin, Walla-Walla, Yakima and Kittitas Counties to take clients to medical appointments. Must have Washington State driver’s license and been driving for at least 5 years. Drivers receive .58 per mile, plus meals with receipt.

Call (509) 426-2190 for more information | 7 N. 11th Ave. | Yakima, WA



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Riding Ben Franklin Transit is more convenient than ever Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) delivers safe, exceptional and cost-effective public transportation services in Benton and Franklin counties. We are proud to offer a variety of services that provide connectivity throughout our community including in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Benton City, Prosser and Finley. BFT operates a network of 18 bus routes serving Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Benton City and Prosser. To improve connectivity and meet rider demand, BFT plans to increase frequency on select routes in June 2021 and add Sunday services in August 2021. Riding BFT buses is becoming more convenient than ever. Dial-A-Ride (DAR) is a specialized door-to-door transportation service for people whose disabilities limit their ability to use the bus system. Riders must meet the eligibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to qualify for Dial-A-Ride service. All Dial-A-Ride vehicles are equipped with a lift to accommodate the boarding of disabled individuals using wheelchairs or ambulatory riders

unable to use the stairs, and those using Dial-A-Ride may be accompanied by a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) if needed. BFT CONNECT is our new on-demand ride service, operated by service partner Via, which connects riders to the BFT bus network within a designated zone. For riders not beginning or ending their bus trip within convenient walking distance to bus stops, BFT CONNECT allows you to request a ride when you need it and be picked up just minutes later, to connect you to designated Transit Connections within the BFT bus network. Vanpools can reduce the cost, stress and environmental impacts of commuting alone. Ben Franklin Transit owns, maintains, manages, insures and licenses 6-, 12-, and 15-passenger vans. If your commute starts or ends within BFT’s service area, Vanpooling could work for you. Locations currently being served by the Vanpool program include Pendleton, Walla Walla, Connell, Paterson and the Hanford site. The Vanpool team can help match interested participants with existing groups or

assist in starting a new Vanpool group. The safety of our employees and riders remains BFT’s top priority. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, BFT has implemented and maintained various safety measures across all services and operations to protect our front-line employees and passengers. As a service provider in the community and member of the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) “Health and Safety Commitments Program,” BFT will continue taking all necessary measures to operate safely as our community recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. BFT is offering our community additional transportation options for increased connectivity to local Covid-19 vaccination sites, including expanded access to reserved rides for seniors and those with mobility challenges regardless of ADA eligibility, shortened wait times on return trips and additional connectivity options using BFT CONNECT. More details at BFT services are currently fare-free until further notice. Our system has re-

mained a safe way to travel throughout our community during the pandemic, and we will continue diligently upholding our enhanced protective measures to ensure that holds true. More information about BFT and services can be found on our website at or by calling Customer Service at 509-735-5100.

1000 Columbia Park Trail Richland, WA 99352 509-735-5100



Guardian Angel Homes is an award-winning assisted living and memory care community where senior residents can thrive in a home-like environment. • Assisted Living

• Respite Care

• Independent Living

• Memory Care

Schedule a tour

509.943.2100 245 Van Giesen St. • Richland


2021 FREE Drive-thru



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Nuclear Care Partners serves former Hanford workers For nearly a decade, Nuclear Care Partners has helped former Hanford workers obtain their EEOICPA benefits and receive the highest level of specialized in-home care.

Benefits guidance

Your local Community Outreach Manager Ricki Pederson can help you wherever you’re at in your journey of applying for, receiving, or maximizing your EEOICPA benefits. As a former Hanford worker, you may qualify for the following through the U.S. Department of Labor’s EEOICPA, which stands for Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act: • Up to $400,000 in financial compensation. • No-cost medical benefits. We can help you determine if you

qualify and get the most out of your benefits!

Managing your benefits

Our teams can help you get the most out of your EEOICPA benefits, from home delivery for prescriptions to durable medical equipment. Your benefits cover a variety of services. Consequential illnesses: We can help you understand if you have a qualifying consequential illness that can be added to your card and can help you navigate the process of adding it. Impairment ratings: You could qualify for additional compensation through the EEOICPA with impairment ratings. Our clinical teams can help schedule doctor’s appointments and guide you through the process of receiving an impairment rating.

In-home care

Our skilled care teams create a custom plan of care, unique to your needs, and provide the highest quality in-home care. We provide a variety of in-home care services including: • Skilled nursing • Medication management • Meal preparation • And much more As a commitment to quality care, Nuclear Care Partners was the first licensed medical provider—exclusively serving former atomic workers — to receive accreditation from Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

We can help you manage your chronic illness and receive the quality care you deserve. Call 509-420-5330 or visit www. to learn more.

660 Jadwin Ave., Ste. E Richland, WA 99352 509-380-1147



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Head to Legends Casino Hotel and stay for games, food, fun Legends Casino Hotel is owned and operated by the Yakama Nation. Legends Casino opened in May 1998 where it originally offered Class III table games and Keno, along with Class II gaming such as poker, pull tabs and Class II machines. The hotel and expanded gaming floor opened in March 2017. Currently, we offer over 1,500 slot machines, 19 table games, Keno, a poker room and over 200 guest rooms so you can play and stay in an alcohol-free environment! In addition to all the entertainment, Legends Casino Hotel also has delicious food options to offer our

guests. With four venues open, there is a variety to choose from. Even though our Legends Buffet isn’t serving up the traditional buffet-style menu, they do offer a “to-go” menu that will delight any appetite. Our famous “Seafood Thursdays” carries on the tradition of great taste in the “crab boil to-go,” available from 11 a.m. to closing Thursday through Sunday. Packed with Dungeness crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, potatoes and corn on the cob, it’s sure to please the heartiest appetite. Legends Casino Hotel offers spacious, comfortable rooms, including 18 luxurious suites. Our Deluxe

Mountain View rooms, weather permitting, offer a full view of our local gem, Mt. Adams. With more than 450 square feet, there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy your stay. Our Huckleberry, Cedar and Celilo two-room suites offer elegant dining areas, seating areas, relaxing soaking tubs, walk-in showers and plush bathrobes and slippers. We offer indoor pool and hot tub during your stay; pool reservations are required for your safety and enjoyment.

Come visit us at 580 Fort Road in Toppenish, Washington. Legends Casino Hotel, welcome to luxury.

580 Fort Road Toppenish, WA 98948 509-865-8800

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