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Editor’s Note It’s Fall! Yeah! Cooler Weather! Beautiful Colors! Great soups! Fall Festivals! School has started! And we are heading into the last quarter of the year! Are you ready? Have you met your goals? Are you on track? Will you meet your sales goals? Your personal goals? Have you given up? Well Don’t! You still have time! You can make it happen! Here’s some tips to help you get on track! Make a list of all you want to accomplish in the last quarter of 2017. Set up a plan by months Break it down into weeks Now break it down into days! You have 168 hours in the week you them intentionally! Plan your weeks out. I do them on Friday afternoon. Plan the next week. Be intentional! Also, schedule your personal time too! You find time for what is important! So, write it on your calendar! Teresa Hawley Howard is a best-selling author, blogger, empowerment coach, and radio host. She lives in Murchison Texas with her husband Rickey. She is a mom and a Mimi.




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Dana Blake One Girl’s Journey

by Robbie Brown


My Journey with Mental and Physical Illness Cycles I am thrilled to say I have conquered my battle between my mental and physical illnesses. Most people don’t understand that when you have a mental illness, it also plays into our physical symptoms. When I attempted suicide in 2014 it was because I didn’t have a healthy life. While hospitalized, I was interviewed in a class of 15 psychiatric students. I was a perfect example of how we are a whole package, NOT just mental or physical. I have several diagnoses of illnesses; many related to my Thyroid Disorder where the immune system turns against the body's own tissues. Mental Illnesses: *Major Depressive Disorder/ *OCD / *Anxiety / *S.A.D. / *Bipolar Disorder Prevalent Physical Illnesses WERE: *Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I only have 10" of Colon after surgical removal, resulting in CONSTANT Diarrhea!! *Interstitial Cystitis which feels like a constant Urinary Infection. I have an Interstim Device implanted to cancel the pain sensations. When my physical symptoms were so bad I got very depressed because I was “Living” in the bathroom. I would sit there crying often. I would come out and almost right away have to go back in. I often had accidents which made me even more upset. There was hardly any relief.

When my mental state of mind was off balance, it caused my physical symptoms to flare once again. If I got anxious, I had to run right to the bathroom. If I got depressed my body ached from my Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy. The pain prevented me from achieving anything physical so I would just sit and watch TV or sleep the day away. It was a vicious cycle. I found a holistic practitioner who steered me on the road to recovery, and my psychiatric team prescribed the correct medications after many trials and errors. I ate better and avoided the real irritants for my “Disposal System” health. I followed up with therapy weekly and eventually once every month. My major diagnoses are Depression and Anxiety, which it seems almost everyone suffers with at some time. If you can relate, I recommend you pay attention to the occurrences in your life. If it is a temporary upset, you can spend time relaxing and do something you enjoy as a distraction. If it seems long term, I highly endorse seeking support. Support can be just talking to friend to let them know how you feel. They can become your go to person when you are extra stressed. If you feel like this can’t help, I propose you look for professional counseling and if necessary, medication to help you gain better ground and have a positive direction for your future. If you suffer as I do with both physical and mental illnesses, I suggest you follow up with your health practitioners and create a healing team as I did. I am so much more stable now and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Catherine M Laub, ACM Radio Show Host, Author Speaker, Psychic-Medium




The Work From Anywhere Tour KeeKee Cornelious Have you ever had a wandering soul? The idea to travel the world? Just you and your laptop and a dream! Well that’s exactly what this tour is all about! Making that happen! KeeKee Cornelious is doing just that! She made up her mind to take flight and live her dream now! To stop waiting for someday, one day, and tomorrow! She said my time is NOW! And then she took steps toward it! Not just dreaming, but doing! Made a plan and made it happen now. How you ask by being determined. And not letting anyone deter her. No one can stop you but you! So, take a note from KeeKee’s playbook and do it now! She had her first stop in Denver, Colorado! And now she is headed to Spain! And she has Dallas, Texas lined out for 2018! She is a woman on a mission! A woman with a plan! And a woman with a passport! So, keep your eyes open she may be headed your way! She has secured sponsors for her tour and teaching other entrepreneurs on each of her stops! So be sure if she comes your way to get your ticket and learn how to live your life! We are so excited at WOM Enterprises to be a part of this amazing journey and story! So we will surely keep you posted! The Denver Stop was a Complete Success! Spain here we come!


KeeKee is known as being a serial entrepreneur and lifestyle freedom seeker. As a single mother of two, she quit her corporate job in 2003 to go into business for herself. Her goal - to own a business she loves and live the life of her dreams on her terms - resulted in launching six other businesses before B.O.S.S. Lady Consulting was launched in 2013. KeeKee believes Entrepreneurship isn’t just about the money. She believes Entrepreneurship is about doing what you love to change lives - Starting with Yours! KeeKee says she is determined to help other women become digital nomads and work from anywhere. Through consulting she helps clients create plans to build location independent businesses while exploring the globe. Stay connected and up to date with KeeKee at



Touching Lives With Your Story By Teresa Hawley Howard You have a power. A super-power if you will. A light inside of you. A chance to be a spark. A match to ignite the flame. A sound in a sea of darkness. Will you take the chance? Will you step into your purpose? Will be the brave and courageous one? If so get ready for the whirlwind. Ready for your life to change and become a wonderful, amazing journey. Sometimes scary but always beautiful. Once you step up and share your story; your life will be forever changed. Your will be forever altered. You will look at it differently and wondrously. You will have begun your beautiful journey and on the road to helping others. You will be a flicker in the darkness. A guide and hope for others to follow and hold onto! Once you begin to share your words; you feel your cocoon fall away. You will emerge as the beautiful butterfly you were meant to become. So pick up your pen and paper and let’s begin! It will have some pain and heartache. That is all part of life. Nothing great comes from work, effort and a little pain. It’s a process, a method and a metamorphous. As we write, share and tell our stories, we will be affected others. We will be pouring into, speaking into, and giving life to others. This the never-ending ebb and flow of life. Come and be a part of the beautiful plan and process. Share your story now! Your beautiful and unique words are needed! Someone is waiting on them! Stop waiting, Stop procrastinating and starting writing! Upcoming stops for the Tour: Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Orlando and North Carolina


Spotlight Kim Hutt Kim Hutt is the heart and soul of Souly Reconnected. She has been offering her services for just over 5 years operating from her home studio. She likes the welcoming feeling it provides her clients. Kim’s clients become a part of her spiritual family. While there, you may meet Kim's husband Bill of almost 30 years or one of her adult children Bryan or Kaitlynn. She has been practicing spiritual awareness all her life. As a life long learner, she would explore the world around her and question what she found. Through experiencing what she didn't want, she looked deep into her soul and discovered what truly made her happy. Leaving her prosperous self owned Interior Design and Staging company, she created Souly Reconnected in 2012. As a Relaxation Therapist, Holistic Oriental and Natural Health Care Consultant, as well as an Intuitive Counsellor of Energy Therapies, Kim travels across Canada as a Guest Speaker, Facilitator and Instructor, and Published Author promoting customized programs and workshops for individual clients/groups and Professionals in the Corporate sector including Wellness Centres, Women’s Shelters, Hospitals, Hospices and Educational Institutions. When asked What inspired her; Kim told us! I enjoy helping co-create sacred space where the essence of the soul and authentic voice of the spirit can be seen and heard, being the observer of souls understanding themselves, maybe for the first time in forever, and seeing the self love finally flow to the surface of there being gives me chills and bursts my heart wide open – as well as my tear ducts!


Books or Projects H.A.L.O – Lighting Up Heaven on Earth was released in May – it is a compiled book of inspiration and love with 33 co-authors. I am very pleased to be part of that project. Goodness Abounds is an upcoming release scheduled in mid November with over 250 contributors – I have several contributing entries of inspiration and gratitude included in it! Kim’s 2017 Accomplishments. We are just in the process of relocating and expanding the business so many updated and interesting things are coming! I intend to expand and connect globally on a larger scale – we will be offering some amazing Retreats and workshops coming up and attending many Wellness and Holistic Fairs promoting and collaborating workshops and events. I will be featured in a few more releases in early 2018 and have 1-2 collaboration projects coming throughout the year. Kim’s Advice for all other Women Entrepreneurs I think it is vital to remain true to the Soul of your Business – only you know what resonates with your vibration and frequency and only you know what your heart wants to create. So many times, I have been told that I needed a niche and focus in my business – Pidgeon hole – I may have been stubborn and it may have taken a bit longer but I am so glad that I listened to my authentic self and chose to continue in my own rhythm and time with my spirit and soul dancing, creating and playing! Obstacles Kim has overcome! Wow, great question – I have overcome extreme shyness, nausea and fear – in high school I stood at the back of the class to do presentations – fear of being seen – heard and understood. My own limiting beliefs and conditioning of who I thought I was and perceptions of what I thought other people’s opinions were of me. I was extremely wrong on all counts.

Connect with Kim Hutt and soon on the rebranded and revamped website –


Transition Let me tell you a story. When I was a child, I never thought about transition as a thing. Once I was in high school, I knew about slide transitions in PowerPoint, but never thought about transition in life. Now at the age of 32, I understand transition on a level that I never knew that I needed too. The normal transitions happened without much fanfare-high school to college, college to single living, single living back to college-all went off without a hitch. I learned so much about myself during those transitions but I didn’t even think about what I learned until this year. Going from single to married was a terribly hard transition, but I figured it out, with my husband’s help. Let me tell you, the transition from one to two kids was difficult, but I have finally figured it out, most days. Motherhood has taught me more about myself than most other times in my life. I am yet again in a time of transition. I have decided to go back to college yet again. I also started homeschooling my children and got a part time job after being a stay at home mom for almost four years. I have no idea what I am going to learn from it, but I expect to learn. I say all of this to say that this new season of transition is not necessarily a piece of cake, but all of the life I have experienced up to this point has been to prepare me for this. It is like an Olympic swimmer practicing each day to perfect the butterfly stroke so that she can win that gold medal. She learns how to do the butterfly stroke. Now I don’t know anything about practicing for sports, having never been in sports myself, but this is what I imagine it to be like. I have been practicing all my life just for this incredibly busy transition period in my life. Are you currently in a time of transition? Or are you coming out of a season of transition? Did you learn anything from that season? Take a moment to think about what you have learned about yourself after a time of transition, no matter how small the transition it is a chance to learn something about yourself. For example, motherhood taught me that I am no longer a night owl. I have to have a minimum of seven hours of sleep to function, which by the way, I learned during the sleepless nights of screaming babies. Now what have you learned about yourself? Did you learn that you prefer a tidy house? Or did you learn that a little bit of mess in your house helps you to think better? Or are you learning that the quiet of an empty nest is something you cannot live with? You can use this knowledge to make changes to bring joy to your life. If it is as simple as you need a tidy house, come up with a plan to keep the house tidy. If you cannot handle the quiet of an empty nest, find someone to mentor, to share your knowledge with. I know that my generation desperately needs mentors who have lived life and can show us tips and tricks for household management amongst other things.


The next time you are in a transition, realize you will learn something about yourself. It could change the way you see transition. I could be dreading this transition, but I am not. I know that there is definitely something I will learn. You can learn something from anything in your life, but transition is a specific time used to teach you something. Use transition as a chance to learn, and a chance to bring more joy to your life. I know that I am. I fully expect that after this transition, I will have even more joy than I did before.

Crystal Awsum I grew up in Kaufman, TX. My husband and I live in Ennis, TX. We have been married five years. We have two beautiful children, one girl and one boy. As a homemaker and homeschooling mom, I have a passion for seeing women live to their full potential and not let fear or comparison hold them back. Another passion is to help women see that God has created them with a unique purpose that does not include being overwhelmed, but to trust in Him in the day to day, minute to minute of their lives.


Spotlight Dr. LaTarsha D. Holden She does not look like what she has been through; that statement is so true for Dr. LaTarsha D. Holden. When you look at her you see a smart, beautiful, wellinformed, discerning, Woman of God! If you ask Dr. Holden, she will tell you “I only had God at that time,” when she is speaking of her amazing comeback story. As she now is running for a seat on the Atlanta City Council District 11. She is ready to help others. She made a vow to herself if she ever got her life together she would go back and help others. Dr. LaTarsha D. Holden is well known for her passion for Education. She has made valuable contribution to the Atlanta community. She is a truly a beautiful asset and shining examples for others. From a High School dropout, having four children by age 22, and being homeless; she has rebounded to reach her destiny. And she wants each of you to know that you can do it too! You just need faith and determination. “Being homeless, I found myself at a crossroads,” Dr. Holden explained, “I had to fight for my children while staying in a boarded-up house, as squatters, I decided to enroll in college.” “The last time I had been in school I was 15 years old.”


This is a lesson for each of us. Your past, your detours, your mistakes and your setbacks do not define you! It is your wiliness to continue to fight, to get back up, to start again, and work for your dream that does. So, follow Dr. Holden’s example and a light in the world. You are important and your life can make a difference in this world!

Dr. LaTarsha D. Holden is a 10-time author and a beautiful, amazing light in this world. She personally has gone from GED to a Woman who has positioned herself to receive an honorary doctorate in the foreseeable future. You can connect with her at .




Compiled by Rebecca Hall Gruyter

International Best Selling Author



Learning to live Intentional

One of the hardest things to learn is to be intentional with your thoughts and actions. You must know exactly what you want out of life! You must be able to envision what you want in life. You must be clear and concise on your dream! You must decide for yourself what you want out of life. You must be the one who is making the decisions in your life. You must be in the driver’s seat in your life. Once you know what you want it’s easier to live intentional! You must be exacting in your plans and your goals as you move forward. I am going to give you some questions and tips to get you started on the path of living intentional. First ask yourself the following questions: ·

What do you want your life to look like?


What are your goals?


What are your dreams?


What do you want to accomplish?


What do you need to make it happen?

When you have your answers, you will be ready to start on your journey. Every journey starts with the first step and answering these questions honestly, is a great way to begin your journey! I start each of my journeys, plans, and day with prayer. I ask God to show me what He wants for me. Where He wants to send me. How He wants to use me and then I am silent so I can I hear His Answer! Start each month with a list of things you want to accomplish. Break it down into weeks and then into days. Now you have a 30-day plan on living intentional; as you move through your intentions, take easy steps as you move into your ultimate goal; working on a plan and a way to make it happen. A way we can be intentional, daily in our busy lives!


As you get into a routine of living intentional it will become a habit. It will become a way of life for you. It will be how you live. How you are! Who you are! It will just be your normal! Your life and you will see results immediately and a beautiful confidence from within, shining out to the world! So start today and live Intentional and Change your Tomorrows for the Better!

Sharon Gulley – of Beautiful Expectations of Faith Sharon Gulley is an Author, Co-Author, Editor, and Creative Writer, Article Writer, Spiritual Healer & Coach, Motivational Speaker, Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate. Sharon Gulley spiritually counsels Women whose lives have been touched by Domestic Violence to help them to move on from the past in a healthy and productive way. She has also had a secret love for the field of Ancient Medicine; so she is studying in the fields of: Medicine vs. Science, Metaphysical Healing, Ancient Medicine and Spiritualism. She wants to bring back to the world, the Traditional but Ancient ways of healing for those who have been told they are terminally ill. Sharon’s Books & Co-Authored Books: From Fear to Freedom, Echo’s in the Darkness, Sisterhood of Stories, The Beauty of Color-Poetry & Prose, I am Beautiful, Resilient, and The Butterfly Flutters By - Poetry. Books can be found on

Connect with Sharon Gulley at: – Sharon Gulley – website Twitter- @greenilygulley – Sharon Gulley – Sharon Gulley – Sharon Gulley


Turn Basic into Fashionable In my years of fashion, I have been told by customers and clients that they felt their closet was blah, because they had so many basic items and they didn’t think their clothing were stylish or fashionable unless they had expensive, items…well I am here to say “That is not true” First and foremost, never purchase any item that is over your budget. Never and I mean never shop above your means (Debt is big NO NO!). There is always an affordable way to look FABU!!!! You can turn any basic item in your wardrobe into the most fashionable, stylish and TRENDY outfit. Don’t be fooled by the lies of society and the fashion world. Let’s start with defining the word basic. See, I like to define words because it gives me a much better understanding….so, let’s look at the word basic. Most of the time when we think of something basic especially clothing; we think of boring, simple and just kind of blah. But if you actually search the word basic in Google you will find as the first definition: “forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental.” This definition is what I prefer when describing basic items in our wardrobe. Every basic item that you must have in your closet provides exactly what is described in the definition above – a foundation for clothing, a starting point when creating outfits, and yes they are fundamental!! Okay, Tonya so what can I do with my basic items? Glad you asked…Continue reading and I will share with you 5 Basic Items That Can Be Fashionable: Let’s start with my favorite…. The Basic T-Shirt

The basic t-shirt…it doesn’t matter what color; the outfits are endless. We all own a t-shirt or two or three or four or five, so you can create some of the most fashionable and stylish outfits that fit your personality. My rule of thumb to choosing the right t-shirt is that it fits your body type (that’s a whole new post right there). Without talking about each style personality, here are some suggestions to wearing a basic tee:


With Jeans – duh, we know this right, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, colorful jeans…but have you ever thought about tucking in the front and wearing a light cardigan with it? What about some big funky jewelry (if that’s your style)? Or even wearing it just as it is with a cute pair of colorful heels, or some cute sandals…and then adding a small handbag, or backpack bag.

With a Cardigan – a long vest or cardigan will turn your outfit into a celebrity-style outfit…even paired with wedges or heels or your sneakers. With a Skirt – Have fun, no rules…just go with it!

Or just keep it simple – Layered over a colorful Tank – Again have fun, no rules…mix and match and just go with it!

Any pair of your favorite pants

The Tank Top Next is the tank top…these have become another one of my favorite basic tops. They can be worn every season during every occasion. Worn layered or alone, the tank top will be your go-to must-have item every day. Just like the basic t-shirt, the tank top can create some of the most fashionable outfits. 29

With Jeans – Yes, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, colorful jeans… Don’t throw out those cute jeans you have! Tucked in the front, long in the back…get that hi-low affect without having to spend extra money on a hi-low top.   

 

Layered – Wear in layers with other tanks, tees, sleeveless tops; be comfy and cute With a Cardigan – worn with your best jeans, you have created a celebrity-styled outfit again! With Dress Pants – wear with any dress pants you have, black, blue, gray…they will look fabu on you! Paired with a blazer and you are in business! With a skirt – have fun and just go with it! With any pair of pants – you pick and pair it!

The Cardigan I have fallen in love with the cardigans… especially the long, duster, floor length cardigans. No matter the length, style or color there is a cardigan for every personality and body type. You can wear it with anything. NO rules here!

Jeans Next, we have everyone’s favorite… Jeans!! Never will they ever go out of style, they are here to stay forever…but now they have become so versatile that you can dress them up, dress them down, wear different colors, roll them up, roll them down. They have become a way of life! We all have them in our closets, so what is the problem? As I have been asked by clients, What can I wear them with besides t-shirts? But the real question that should be asked is What can I NOT wear with jeans? Because the outfits are endless:


You can even add the items above to your jeans…I hope you are noticing the pattern here.

The Black Pants The Classic Black Pants…every woman should have a pair of these in her wardrobe. Again the outfits are endless. Dress them up or go casual… no matter your personality style, you can make them work for you. Wear with cardigan, tank, t-shirt, blouse, sweater…you have these items already just make it work, get creative and be YOU.


And to add even more fierceness to these items – ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE.

The best thing about accessories is that they are the most inexpensive way to create new outfits every day. Adding a pendant necklace with diamond stud earrings and a diamond ring can turn a casual day-of-running-errands outfit into a business lunch meeting outfit. Accessories allow you to be creative and have fun, without the commitment of spending a lot of money. If you noticed the pattern, each of these basic items can be paired with each other. That’s how you create multiple outfits and save $$$$. So don’t overlook those basic items in your closet, they are the starting point of each outfit you create, they are the foundation of your clothing. So before you think about throwing them away try putting some fashionable outfits together, and remember to have fun. Don’t think about what fashion trend is in…but focus on your personal style.

Remember to always stay true to who YOU are.

Outfit Pictures courtesy of LaTonya Knox Style Strategist Follow Me: FB: @imageandstylebylatonya Instagram: @latonya.knox


Sunday’s at 5:30 PM CST join host Katrina Lokko on DfW channel 47.2 or 27 if Verizon is your provider / Birmingham, AL & Northeast Mississippi 16.4. If you are not in any of those viewing areas, not to worry because you can watch online from anywhere in the world on any device at click watch live at the time the show is on.


Be Empowered Mumma! I wonder: whose opinion has the biggest influence over your decisions… The truth as I have found it to be is that our lives are the direct result of our personal decisions. Would you agree? If so, why, oh why, do most of the decisions we make stem from the beliefs, opinions and wants of others? It’s often that or out of fear of the judgements, rejection or abandonment from others… What the Messiah has freed us for is freedom! (Galatians 5:1)

What does that really mean to you? To me it means that in any area of life where we feel shackled, we are not free. What kinds of things hold us in shackles you ask? Well as I mentioned above. Often we are so worried about what is considered appropriate by others that we live a lifetime of conformity. Always asking: what ‘should’ I do? What ‘should’ I wear? What ‘should’ I eat? When we live like this, we are often unstable, often looking for validation from others to ‘approve’ our choices. It can lead to a life of never-ending people-pleasing. How sad. So if you find that this is the case, what can you do? Many of us have not been taught that in fact we have been born with an internal compass designed for our own unique journey through this life here on Earth. So, instead w e m ake decisions based on exter nal pressures. For the first step of making a change, like the late Michael Jackson sang, it starts by taking a look at the (wo)man in the mirror. Yes, first you would need to look at yourself from the perspective of being in choice at all times meaning that it is up to you and only you to choose to be released from such shackles. Yes, we are creatures who desire connection. So no, I am not advising you to burn all your bridges, run and live all alone. There is in need for that. Especially in this age of the internet, the world is so much more connected. I have the most loving connection with gorgeous women in my online community. The space is always filled with such loving support. It is very different to many of my earlier experiences of being in groups of females because the tenderness, loving support and respect can literally be felt – it is amazing!!! It is with their support that I have been able to unfold at my own pace into more of the divine woman that I am. Take mothering for example. Mothers are awesome!! (I’m specifically referring to a biological mother and child here as that is the dynamic I am qualified to talk on.) The mysteries of nature have aligned to enable the miracle of the creation of an embryo, the development of the foetus into a child then the safe delivery of a living baby into the world. You Mumma have been entrusted to feel an inner knowing about what is best for you and your baby. This knowing does not come from your head. It is not made up of intellectual knowledge but from somewhere much deeper. Just like you cannot describe the love that fills your heart and your whole being when you become a mother (for me that was the moment I realised I was pregnant), I encourage you to trust that there are some things to do with your baby that you just ‘know’ is best for you and your child. In these instances, other people (no matter how strong their opinion is) just will not understand. So at moments like that, your baby is trusting you to speak your truth in love.

Today I encourage you to stand in your power precious Mumma; your baby is depending on you to. Love me; Love you! Donnamaree Daodu


Donnamaree Daodu is an Accredited Mastercoach. She assists women by asking questions in a conversational style to get to the bottom of any issue ensuring decisions made are long lasting. This transformational way of serving women is something this married mother of 2 does from her heart space. With a desire to serve globally at a high level without compromising her home responsibilities, she moved from a senior Accountant’s role to becoming self-employed which so far has resulted in her founding Wealthy Wives Club (an intimate inner circle group of women passionate about success in money & marriage), Co-hosting Awaken & Revive Events in the UK, collaborating to co-author an Internationally best-selling book (Women on a Mission - Sisterhood of Stories). She continues to invest in UK property and digital currency. Client after client have commended her on her loving ability to ask the questions they do not ask themselves and to share philosophies which have facilitated their move forward in life. With a vision to facilitate strong unified families globally, this lady is on fire with devotion to her mission of sharing her message to touch the lives of 1 million children by December 2017. Donnamaree absolutely loves children and believes they all deserve THE best so she is affectionately impacting children through inspiring women. If this article has had a positive impact on you, please get in touch to let her know and note how many children’s lives you have an influence on. “All ships rise with the tide” so let’s collaborate! Donnamaree Daodu

Website: Instagram: Marriage_coach_for_accountants Facebook Profile: Donnamaree Daodu Facebook Pages: Coaching Property UK Women only events




Wellness, a Dime and the Season If I had a dime for every time I heard “I don’t have time”, I really would be rich! I think I may have even coined this phrase - I know that I have even said that phrase myself quite a few times; okay, probably more than I would like to admit! Let’s be honest here. As the season in the Northeast starts its transition from summer to autumn, I am reminded that the clocks will soon fall back one hour. On a Sunday morning to be exact, that’s one hour of extra sleep! Who doesn't like an extra hour of sleep!

Energy speaking, it’s all the same time - just a slight deviation of one hour in the midst of one day so this is the only day of the year you will have that extra hour - that extra wonderful hour! We can’t make up time or reinvent the wheel to have more time, but what if you could tweak your morning routine and see an energy difference in your overall wellness? Would you tweak your time, or add that dime to the pile of “I don’t have time”? Your overall wellness depends on you to take care of you but time is always getting in the way. Starting at the right time, or waiting for next Monday or the next time you decide you have had enough is exhausting, not only physically but emotionally and does take a toll on your overall wellness. I know firsthand as I just described myself in a nutshell before I got serious about my health. Yes, I have been on a lot of diets and personally, I didn't have the time to go on another diet. Initially, I would be successful for a few weeks and then just one day, maybe have an off day; maybe I didn't make time to prepare myself and then well fell into the funnel of no time for anything category. I knew deep down there had to be a better way. How could I possibly find the way? A fad diet - NO!! Going on a fad diet is much like a merry-go-round. You are standing in the muck of the same place yet you go round and round and never seem to get anywhere (As I am typing this, I am getting nauseous just thinking about being on a merry-go-round!). Stop for a moment - when you get off of the merry-go-round, do you have time to be sick? The cycle must be broken! Why do you think that is? If you don't have the time to take care of your health, sooner or later you will have to find time for illness. Wellness, although a somewhat boring word, encompasses so much more than going on a diet. Wellness is about honoring and respecting your time. There are some amazing things you can accomplish if you take the time and work on a new approach to your wellness. The first place to start is to calibrate your intentions of wellness and think of it as an investment; not a diet. To get started, here are a few suggestions. Please keep in mind that these may be hard when you initially start, but as you gain insight each day to what triggers your thoughts and emotions about time, they will get easier! Get up ½ hour earlier than you normally do. Go to your favorite room in the house. Journal for 5-10 minutes and write down your intentions for the day. Journaling and Affirmations area setting you up for a great day!


March in place, walk around the house, go for a walk outside - do this for 20 minutes without ch3cking your email or going on Social Media! Yes, no email or Social Media for this first ½ hour! Disclaimer: I did say above that this would be hard! Get ready for the day and do the rest of your morning routine. Make your bed before you leave the house! Keep a food journal and keep a track of everything you eat and drink - investing in your wellness is 90% in the kitchen and 30% in our movement or as sow people like to call it exercise. Also, list your emotions and how you are feeling. Are there certain triggers that happen throughout the day that spark a different type of reaction. Do this for a week. After a week, sit down for about 15 minutes and write in your journal how doing this type of exercise made you feel. Now open your journal to the first day that you started this process and read all of your entries. Do you see and patterns or behaviors that lead you to a good day or bad day? My guess is there may be a little of good and bad throughout the week and that’s okay. This is normal. Wellness is NOT about going on a diet - it’s about taking care of yourself in good times and in bad times. It takes a lot of work and dedication, resolve to make time and you have just proved that it can be done. You have just tweaked your time, hmmmm. Wellness, a dime and the season! Janis Melillo lives in North Haven, Connecticut with her husband, Gary. She is a Transformation/Wellness Coach who works with women on their transformation path towards wellness through fitness and nutrition by implementing small changes leading to a healthier lifestyle overall. She is a certified health coach having received her training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is a former licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer and brings a different perspective on living a nutritious life. Janis brings her love of wellness to reach as many people as possible on social media. She is the host of a few Facebook groups: Circle of Hope, FitnessByDesign-411, GlutenFreeByDesign-411, and Busy Entrepreneurs Wellness Hub with Janis Melillo. She is the owner of her health coaching business WellnessByDesign. Her Facebook business account is: @WellnessByDesign411. You can also find Janis on Twitter: Instagram: Along with fitness and nutrition, Janis is an International Best Selling Co-Author and has co-published 6 books so far this year! She obviously loves to write and five of the books she co-authored hit the International Best Seller List - 2 claimed the #1 spot! Her other co-authored book recently hit #1 Amazon Best Seller in its category. She has also written a couple of articles for different on-line publications and will now be a featured monthly contributor with Tribute Magazine. If you are in need of Janis' assistance and are ready to embark on your wellness journey, you may contact Janis through her website at:, (386) 717-0914 or email:




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Inner Passion Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening, What's happening in your world? As a child, I did things differently, on second thought, probably not but I had my mischievous moments like most children and like most children, the seeds to my future passion were being planted with me realizing it. Unlike many children, I have the support of great people around me to show me, push me and sometimes pull me kicking and screaming to where I need to be. Did I know that the seeds were being planted at age 8, of course I didn’t!! (hold on to that piece for later.) Here’s what’s funny, the seeds of my future passion were being planted at Barbie parties. YES, you read correctly, I was hosting underground BARBIE PARTIES!! I was brought up in a time where kids in the neighborhood truly played. When a boy would pick on a girl when he liked her, instead of saying it… The age when there were handwritten letters which said, “Do you like me YES ___ or NO___.” This was a time where we had to be in the house before the street lights came on. In those days, when playing in the street you yelled, “CAAAAR!!!!” and we all got out the way (those were the good ol’days) … In those days, we had Barbie parties. I would host Barbie parties and they consisted of me orchestrating the potluck menu, my friends would bring chips, cookies, snacks out the wazoo and/or bring Kool-Aid. I was the main cook and would recreate what was brought home from my grandmother’s job the Dallas ISD school system. I was a beast at remaking the pizzas, chicken fingers and burritos, yeah, I made the school food even better (remember when school food used to be good?). The seeds were being planted for my future passion and I just didn’t know it. We fast forward into 2015... I was having a conversation with a friend and we were trying to tap into my inner “thing”, you know, that “thing” that you would love to do no matter what? Today we call it our “inner passion”. We knew cooking was something I could do sitting down, in another room… well not really cooking in another room because that will bring disaster fast but you know what I mean [actually laughing out loud now]. I would do it on a whim if asked!! We were trying to get me to tap into my inner passion and we continued to return to me and cooking!!


Prior to that talk with her, I already branded myself not knowing what the future had to offer... I had been “Miss Lady” since forever and then about 2014/2015 “Miss Lady Cooks” (MLC) was born…and what a birth it was! I’m still learning MLC and like a young child, it’s fearless, it’s inquisitive and bold and it loves to take risks. Unlike a child, I take calculated risks because risks come with consequences, good and bad. I am realizing that cooking gives me solace and an inner happiness. I can watch those infamous cooking shows all day, collecting mental images, thoughts and contemplating the “how this would taste with this?” and “what if I mixed it over this?”. I can ponder these and other questions all day, every day and this is what I did!! This is what I do… What has truly helped me in getting to this point… the “NO!” people in my life. Let me explain the “No!” people… I will start by explaining who they aren’t, “Yes!” people. “Yes!” people will have me cooking things only my family can stomach. “YES!” people would have me “looking a mess” when in public. “YES!” people can be the ‘all the time’ ego boosters but that isn’t always good and for me because I need the balance of being put back in a place of humility. “NO!” people can be honest, brutally honest, to the degree I need as a person to grow. They will comfort me and they give me tidbits of reality but on a brighter side, “NO!” people are my best supporters…well, my supporters are the best and they believe in me when I don’t and I need that at times. We all need that! Too much of one thing isn’t good for you and it most definitely isn’t good for me! So today I want to say “HELLO!” to you all!! My goal is to inspire you through food and food stories as well as be an inspiration because my journey is just that, a journey based on constant self-evaluation, prayer and surrounding myself with “NO!” people. Now that the formal introduction has been given, let’s move forward to the fun stuff… the food! its back-to-school and I want to share a quick back-to-school meal for dinner and/or morning “grab and go” goodies: BREAKFAST BURRITOS (recipe on page 46) Hope you guys Enjoy! Follow me on all social media: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter 45

Breakfast Burritos 18 count eggs will make 18 plus burritos Ingredients: 20ct Tortillas 18 Eggs 1 Pack Cheese Slices (cheddar, Monterrey Jack, Provolone etc.) 1 Pack Breakfast Meat of your choice (bacon, sausage, ham turkey etc.) 1 Bag Frozen shredded hash brown or diced potatoes Mixed vegetables of your choice (1 onion, 1 bell pepper, 3 handfuls of spinach, mushroom etc.) Large pot Cookie sheet or Baking Pan Saran Wrap/ 1-gallon storage bags Preparation: Note: The entire cooking process will occur using the same pot. Chop up the vegetables except the whole/ bagged spinach, will add the spinach at the end. Use the pot add a little oil to sauté the vegetables, once sautéed set aside. If adding meat, place it in the pot and allow It to brown, afterwards, set it aside. Next, add some oil and heat until hot then add hash browns or diced potatoes. Allow the contents to cook until the bottom develops a good, crispy brown. Season the uncooked side, using salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder or your favorite seasonings. Once browned, flip over the contents so the other side can brown. 5 minutes into browning, add more seasonings, then incorporate the sautéed vegetables and the meat. Taste as you go to make sure its seasoned to your(and your family’s liking). While the other side of the hash brown cooks and the veggies and/or meat are marinating together, crack the eggs into a separate bowl season then mix well. Add to the potato mix. By this time the hash brown/ veggie meat mix should be slightly browned and smelling GREAT! Add eggs, then mix. Once mixed, add the spinach. You will want to allow the mix to be a little bit undercooked. Why? If you’re making these for future breakfast on-the-go, you will be microwaving them so the eggs will cook more. You don’t want them runny; you want them to be at the point where you feel safe to taste. Turn off the heat and sit it to the side as you prepare your workstation. Note: If cooking for breakfast the same day, yes, cook them all the way through. Get a cookie sheet, or a baking pan. Line the pan with the tortilla and follow with the cheese(s). Get a large spoon you know, one of those you get that come with the spatula bundles), use that spoon to scoop the egg mix into each cheese-filled tortilla. depending on how much you place in each tortilla, the completed cooked meal should give you at least 18 burritos. Once you have filled all the tortillas, use Saran Wrap to wrap the burritos individually then store them in the storage bags. In the morning, You can microwave in the plastic no more than 2 minutes. Voilà! Your breakfast burritos are completed!