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When people can stay in their homes, everybody wins. — 2020 TAA President Kelli Lea Page 12

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We Provide the Following Services to Property  Managers and Owners: Purchase and Sale of Communities Lease Preparation and Negotiation Policy Review  Defense of Property Claims


Eviction Appeals Fair Housing Compliance Instruction on Legal & Lease Issues, Fair Housing or any other legal topics.

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Triangle Apartment Association 7920 ACC Blvd., Suite 220 Raleigh, NC 27617 919.782.1165 • 919.782.1169 FAX www.triangleaptassn.org TAA Office Hours Monday through Friday TAA Staff are currently working remotely. The fastest way to reach us is email. TAA Mission Statement The leading resource committed to the advancement of the rental housing industry through advocacy, engagement, and innovation.



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TAA Snapshot as of 9/23/2020 the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 3

President’s Pen Hello again from home! Who would have thought that we’d make it to the tail end of summer and still be meeting virtually, homeschooling, and not eating out? As much as 2020 has been frustrating, odd, and disappointing for the last six months, there has been much good that has come with it. Personally, I try to continue to focus on that each and every day! Our Association has worked on several initiatives to assist with rent relief at a local level. You’ve heard us use our voices and raise concern to local leaders. So many people, including many of our members, are affected by this Pandemic professionally and personally. Maybe it wasn’t a job loss, but a reduction in hours? Or perhaps you, or someone you know, is one of the many families that are now paying for childcare or camp to assist with virtual schooling? Actually, we’ve compiled many resources for you and your residents, all in one place you can find on our blog named “Resident Resources”. TAA is doing everything we can to help. Our TAA Board of Directors unanimously voted to partner with the “Resident Relief Foundation”

(RRF) in efforts to provide financial rental assistance for anyone that needs it! Literally, the foundation’s single goal is to help responsible residents stay in their apartments during an unexpected financial emergency. What I am even prouder of is that the TAA is MATCHING DONATIONS MADE TO OUR FUNDRAISER UP TO $15,000! I am beyond proud of our latest efforts to help those in need! Let me be clear when I say “our” – it’s a team effort. The fabulous staff here at TAA that saw an opportunity to help and approached the Board immediately with a plan to get involved. I want to personally thank each of you that have seen this initiative and already approached your companies for their support. These can be corporate or individual contributions and they are 100% tax-deductible. Every cent of your donation goes directly to help someone in need within our state. We’ve created flyers to provide to your residents or friends you may know experiencing financial trouble. By the time this article is published, I will have charged our Board of Directors for 100% participation in a donation – big or small – it all helps, and I look

the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 4

forward to providing the results of that charge. When we commit to something, we really commit and want to see it succeed. Landlords helping renters? It really is a thing and I’m so proud we get to be a part of it! If you have any questions about this or RRF in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or a member of the TAA staff. Looking forward to a jam-packed end of the year with so many opportunities for us to connect as an Association! See you soon.

Kelli Lea CAM, NAAEI Faculty TAA President Greystar taapresident@triangleaptassn.org


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LED + Exterior Lighting Retrofitting Swimming Pool Electrical Services Electrical Panel Upgrades Aluminum Wiring Repairs Outlet Repairs Breakers + Panels Indoor + Outdoor Lighting Electrical Building Maintenance

Contact us today to save your time and budget with Tidal Electrical Services at 919.734.3300 or TidalElectricalServices.com.

TRIANGLE AREA: 919.743.3300 • GREENSBORO: 336.855.3300 • HIGH POINT: 336.841.3300 WINSTON-SALEM: 336.725.3300 • FAYETTEVILLE: 910.678.0800 • CHARLOTTE: 844.277.3599 the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 5

When Disaster Hits, Remember Compassion By Les Shaver It’s hard to cover every base when disaster strikes, but there are things you can do to help your residents and staff through the turmoil. Here are some tips from professionals who’ve lived through it. When a disaster strikes your apartment community, people often assume things will return to normal quickly afterward. But after having lived through Hurricanes Katrina and Michael, Wendy Werner, Regional Manager for Arbor Properties, says that’s not the case. “It really takes a long, long time,” Werner said at the “Deep Dive: Don’t Let Your (No) Disaster Plan Be a Failed Plan!” session at Apartmentalize this past June in Denver. “It took nine months after the storm before we opened even one building. We still have two properties that are shut down.” While post-disaster recovery can be a long, arduous process, proper preparation can help apartment operators assist their residents in a time of need. “I see people constantly who aren’t prepared,” says Chris Wharton, Founder of Basecamp Expeditions. “People think it won’t happen to them.” Wharton says operators must develop a disaster plan and share it with their residents. “The best thing you can do is train and role-


play for natural disasters,” he says. “Train [your team] more than once a year. It builds muscle memory and confidence.” When a disaster does hit, realize that information that was once easily accessible may be hard to get at. “Your emergency contact information needs to be printed out at your home,” says Vanessa Siebern, a Vice President at FPI Management. “You’re going to need it.” Hurricanes and fire destroy cell towers and phone lines, making communication nearly impossible. Because of that, it’s important to have someone out of harm’s way who can connect with displaced residents. “You need someone who’s remote to answer residents’ questions at 2 a.m. when they don’t know what to do,” Werner says. Preparation is important, but so is compassion. “Your residents are devastated after a disaster,” Werner says. “In four hours, their life has changed completely. They need to see you when something happens. Sometimes, they just need a hug.” Siebern also says it’s important to be there for residents and their questions even if your answer is, “I don’t know.” “The residents expect you to have the answers, and sometimes you don’t,” she says.

MAY 24-26, 2021 RALEIGH, NC


A calm voice can also help in these times. “It’s important to stay calm, because you’re helping people who want answers,” Werner says. Some residents may want to pitch in to help with the recovery. When they do, accept their help but also capture their ID and have them sign a waiver. “Residents who volunteer are indispensable,” Wharton says. “Treat them well.” This article was originally posted on the National Apartment Assocation’s website. (https://www.naahq.org/news-publications/ when-disaster-hits-remember-compassion)

the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 6


Legallegal Issues Issues

By Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC

The first and most honest thing we can say about COVID-19 related liability is that this is a moving target, and can vary by state and even county or city depending on local ordinance. The Basics Usually liability for your community is based on claims of negligence. Meaning you may be liable to a resident if you failed to do something you should have and they suffered sometime injury, either physical or loss of property. Your duty to do something is based on a term called foreseeability. Foreseeability essentially means that you should have known something was likely to happen. This is not to say that it could possibly happen but that there was a good chance that it would happen. Also, liability can arise if there is a law or order that required a community to do something that they did not do, and someone was injured. As an example, a new piece of equipment you added to the fitness center malfunctions and injures a resident. If it was proper equipment for a fitness center and properly installed, you will not likely be liable. However, if you were told by a resident that the equipment was not working properly and you did nothing about it and another resident was injured, you may be found liable. Taking this a step further, if the government had specific guidelines for this piece of equipment and you failed to follow them, you may be found liable for damages as well if someone is injured. In terms of illness caused by COVID-19 both the Governor and the legislature has issued rules on how you should conduct your property, and the legislature has provided you some protections as well.

COVID-19 Rules The North Carolina legislature passed a COVID-19 Limited Immunity Law, under NCGS Sec. 99E-70, et seq., which excepts businesses, including multifamily communities from “negligence” liability related to people contracting COVID-19, and

provides that they are only liable if the business showed gross negligence, willful or wanton conduct, or intentional wrongdoing that caused the injury. Willful, wanton, or intentional conduct are pretty easy to define in that they are either something done deliberately, or you ignored an almost absolute certainty that something would happen. The difference between negligence and gross negligence is a little harder to define. “Gross negligence” falls somewhere between regular negligence and intentional. Essentially, you knew you should be doing something/or not do something, and you didn’t even try to do/not do that thing. Unfortunately, this will largely be a question for the courts but it will always be safer to follow the guidelines of from the legislature and Governor. In addition to the COVID-19 Limited Immunity Law provided that businesses shall provide reasonable notice of actions taken by the business for the purpose of reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to individuals present on the premises. If the business provides this notice then it shall not be liable for the failure of any individual to comply with rules, policies, or guidelines contained in the notice required. So, you are less likely to be found liable for your residents or visitors to As stated earlier, the Governor has placed his own requirements of businesses and most recently Governor Cooper signed Executive Order 163. This law provides that businesses must adhere to the following ‘”Core Signage, Screening. and Sanitation Requirements”: (i) Post the Emergency Maximum Occupancy in a noticeable place. (ii) Post signage reminding Guests and workers about social distancing (staying at least six (6) feet away from others) and the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 7

requesting that people who have been symptomatic with fever and/or cough not enter. (iii) Conduct daily symptom screening of workers, using a standard interview questionnaire of symptoms before workers enter the workplace. (iv) Immediately isolate and remove sick workers. v. Perform frequent and routine environmental cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas with an EPA-approved disinfectant for SARS-Co V-2 (the virus that causes COVI0-19). To assist with the signage requirements, the North Carolina Division of Health and Human Services has prepared sample signs and a sample screening checklist questionnaire, available at https://covid 19.ncdhhs. gov/guidance, that may be used to meet some of the requirements above. The order provides that businesses or operations do not need to use the NCDHHS sample signs and questionnaires to meet the requirements of this Executive Order. It is unclear whether failing to follow all of the legislature and Governor’s requirements, or if failing to follow a certain number of them will move you from negligence (where you have immunity) to gross negligence (where you do not). Adopting policies and enforcement measures to try to follow these requirements as closely as possible and documenting and communicating these policies, should help in reducing any potential COVID-19 related liability. Nothing will insulate you from all law suits, but following the COVID-19 requirements will put you in a much better position should you be sued. This is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. You should contact your legal counsel with your specific facts if you seek legal advice.

education classes Please visit TAA’s website for full details about each class and to register online for courses and seminars: www.TriangleAptAssn.org

Microsoft Excel (Advanced Course) October 13, 2020 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Interactive Webinar $209 Members 6 CECs

This interactive webinar sets you on the road to creating more advanced Excel workbooks and worksheets. You will learn to work in Excel more efficiently through mastering advanced formulas, performing timely data manipulation and analysis, and creating impressive charts and graphs. You will create spreadsheets and workbooks that you can use to store, manipulate, and share your data more effectively.

Instructor: Ken Carmack, NCSU Instructor

National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) Virtual Program Thursday, October 15, 2020 | 10am to 11am | NALP Orientation Friday, October 23, 2020 | 10am to 2:30pm | Program Day 1 Friday, October 30, 2020 | 10am to 2:30pm | Program Day 2 Friday, November 6, 2020 | 10am to 2:30pm | Program Day 3 Interactive Virtual Program $469 Members

The NALP (National Apartment Leasing Professional) Credential Program curriculum is designed for leasing professionals. They are the first people prospective residents meet, and often their only gauge of the property staff. This course is designed to teach these professionals skills to help them become top producers. Launch your career by earning your NALP credential!

Facilitators: Terry Ragland. CPM, CAPS, CAM, NAAEI Faculty & Rebecca Rosario-Bueno, NALP, CAM, NAAEI Faculty, ApartMentor

CFC/EPA Certification & Testing October 20, 2020 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM In-Person at TAA’s Office $259 Members Instructor: Mark Cukro, CAPS, CAMT I, and CAMT II, NAAEI Faculty

This certification course will include 5 hours of instruction followed by testing for certification in one or all of the following: Type I, Type II, Type III and Universal certification in the use of EPA regulated refrigerant gases. Attendees will be instructed in the rules and regulations that meet compliance with the EPA refrigerant recycle rules. All instruction materials will be provided.

Legal Issues 2 Part Seminar: October 21 & 22, 2020 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Interactive Webinar $169 Members 6 CECs Instructor: Todd Whitlow, Partner with Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC

Join us for this informative two-part webinar to learn all the legalities of operating your property within the law in the state of NC. Get up to speed on the NC landlord-tenant law changes. In addition to learning about the laws, you will learn the legal aspects of property management as well as the eviction process and how to avoid pitfalls.

NAA Lease Review & Training Seminar 2 Part Seminar: October 28 & 29, 2020 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Interactive Webinar $129 Members 6 CECs Instructor: Todd Whitlow, Partner with Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC

This two-part interactive webinar will cover changes/updates made to the NAA Lease and Addenda specific to the laws of the State of North Carolina. In addition, we will take a deep dive into the rights and obligations provided by the NAA Lease. We will walk through several interactive hypothetical situations beginning with the application process through the end of the lease. the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 8

Debt Collection Seminar

You know all about Fair Housing, but how much do you know about Fair Debt Collection? Join Chris Loebsack for a seminar to learn about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

November 10, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Interactive Webinar $39 Members 2 CECs Instructor: Chris Loebsack, Partner with Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC

Fair Housing 101 November 11, 2020 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Interactive Webinar $59 Members 2 CECs Instructor: Kathelene Williams, Fair Housing Attorney & Trainer This session is designed for leasing consultants and maintenance professionals with less than five years’ experience. This session

Fair Housing 201 November 12, 2020 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Interactive Webinar $59 Members 2 CECs Instructor: Kathelene Williams, Fair Housing Attorney & Trainer This session is designed for managers and leasing consultants with more than five years of experience in housing management, and those who have attended numerous fair housing training sessions.

will describe the protected categories and a list of housing providers’ most common fair housing mistakes including those resulting from testing, failure to properly address and document requests for reasonable accommodations, and the fair housing ramifications of not properly training and supervising maintenance employees. Reasonable accommodations procedures and best practices will be covered, including lots of real-life examples. This promises to be a fast paced, interactive, and entertaining program.

Attendees will be expected to have a working knowledge of the fair housing requirements of housing providers. This session will focus on detailed information concerning various fair housing hot topics including COVID-19 related fair housing issues, how to safely question assistance animal requests; the absolutely necessary reasonable accommodation procedures and forms; domestic violence as sex discrimination; avoiding sexual harassment claims; and disparate impact issues including criminal history screening and occupancy standards. This session will be loaded with real-life examples and recommendations for best practices. Bring your questions as this session will be interactive and entertaining.

Marketing Tips and Tricks December 11, 2020 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Interactive Webinar $29 Members 2 CECs

ever-changing in today’s world, grassroots marketing and oldschool visits are nonetheless vital in terms of how we attract renters to our apartment communities. Let’s explore the steps to set up a plan that will effectively market your community through outreach relationships, scheduling, and follow-up. You will learn how to conduct outreach marketing for established communities and lease-ups whether you have a marketing budget or not!

Instructor: Stephanie Loyd, NAAEI, CAM, CAS Outreach marketing is still a “must do” for all apartment communities in order to be competitive. While technology is

the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 9


Congrats to the following individual who has earned the Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) credential from the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI). Natasha Fryar – Homewood Property Management

Congrats to the following individuals who have earned the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) credential from the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI). Ana Garcia – The Arbors at East Village Sammy Neighbors – 3 Points Properties Danielle Parker – Beachwood Park Townhomes

Griselda Valera – Triple E Apartment Management, Inc. Tryphene Vasconcellos – Berkshire Main Street

This year’s elections will be one of the most consequential of our lifetimes and TAA-PAC needs your help to ensure the right candidates win in November! During these extraordinary times, we have been working hard with leaders in government to support the industry with critical rental assistance funding and working to blunt the impact of damaging policies like eviction moratoriums. However, we need your help to elect more leaders who will stand with the industry. Join the effort by making a personal donation to TAA-PAC today! TAA-PAC is a North Carolina state-registered Political Action Committee. Investments made to the TAA-PAC support local and state candidates who represent good government and understand the needs and concerns of the rental housing industry.

Contribute Today!

Thank you to our 2020 TAA-PAC Club Level Members! President’s Club Amy Timocko Chris Loebsack Cliff Rogers Craig Nardi Dena Daniels Kellie Falk Kelly Goehl Norm Praet Todd Whitlow

Vice President’s Club April Vasta Becki Hale Berry Craven Bonnie Moser Chris Smith Cindy Nitschke Curtis Stevens Dustin Engelken Elizabeth Riley

Gary Triplett Kathy Woodard Katy Boone Kelli Lea Paula Kotarakos Rebecca Kalishek Rita Zepeda Rob Boggs Seth Wolfman Stephen Kenney Steve Hayworth William MacRae

Senator’s Club

Bobby High Chris Fortune Franklin Rodriguez Gordon Grubb Jason Montgomery Justin Kempe Kay Shortridge the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 10

Natalie Hart Rachel Garavito Young Rebecca Rosario-Bueno Scott Marczewski Terry Ragland Todd Harris Vicki Franciosi

Representative’s Club David Spiler Ed Harris Ethan Smith Hope Joyner Joe Mitchell Kimberly Caldwell Michelle Mitchell As of 9/18/2020

TAA-PAC Endorsed Candidates TAA-PAC is proud to endorse a number of candidates across the Triangle in their elections this November. These candidates share our Association’s vision on issues ranging from smart growth and housing affordability to workforce and economic development. Learn more about each of these great candidates by visiting our blog and please consider giving them your vote on November 3!

Endorsed for Senate:

Endorsed for House:

J Jim Burgin Senate 12 | Republican contact@burginforsenate.com www.burginforsenate.com

Endorsed for Wake:

J Zack Hawkins House 31 | Democrat connect@zackhawkinsnc.com www.zackhawkinsnc.com

Sig Hutchinson Wake 1 | Democrat Sig@SigHutchinson.com www.sig4wake.com

Abraham (Abe) Jones House 38 | Democrat abe@abejonesfornchouse.com www.abejonesfornchouse.com

Maria Cervania Wake 3 | Democrat mariaforwake@gmail.com www.mariaforwake.com

J Wiley Nickel Senate 16 | Democrat wiley@wileynickelfornc.com www.wileynickelfornc.com

J Shinica Thomas Wake 6 | Democrat vote4shinica@gmail.com www.vote4shinica.com

Sarah Crawford Senate 18 | Democrat info@sarahfornc.com www.sarahfornc.com

the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 11

Vickie Adamson Wake 7 | Democrat vickieforwakecounty@gmail.com www.vickieforwakecounty.com

Resident Relief Foundation Partnership

The Triangle Apartment Association has part-

renters around the country facing financial

nered with the Resident Relief Foundation (RRF)

hardship due to COVID-19.

to provide emergency rental assistance for qual-

Donations to our fundraiser are earmarked for

ified renters who need help paying their rent.

any resident in North Carolina who qualifies.

RRF is a 501(c)(3) California-based non-profit

The funds will be used to help renters pay their

specializing in providing emergency rental

rent to North Carolina housing providers, which

assistance. Earlier this year they launched a $10

supports the North Carolina rental housing

million fundraising drive to focus on assisting

community as a whole.

the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 12

Two Ways to Support


Spread the word!

Every donation is 100% taxdeductible. RRF’s co-founders cover 100% of the overhead so every cent of your donation goes to help someone or a family at risk of eviction in North Carolina. TAA is supporting RRF by matching donations made to our fundraiser up to $15,000.

If someone you know or one of your residents needs help paying rent, encourage them to check out RRF. Qualifications are outlined on RRF’s website. We recommend reviewing the qualifications on their website to make sure you are receiving the most up-todate information.

A message from TAA’s 2020 President Kelli Lea As you know, a very important task the apartment association has been working on is finding relief for our renters that are going through financial trouble that they've never experienced before. I’m excited to share Kelli Lea some information about our new partnership with the Resident Relief Foundation. Some of you may have seen this come across your inboxes, but I want to share a little more and just how excited we are to be a partner with this foundation. What this partnership means is that we can come together to collection donations to support North Carolina renters. It's a nonprofit, so donations are tax-deductible and can be corporate donations as well as individual donations. You know, when people can stay in their homes, everybody wins. We're so confident in the abilities of our membership, and how

much we want to help those in need, that the TAA and our Board of Directors has approved matching your donations up to $15,000. You guys I'm so proud to be a part of this movement and these collections, and this is our way to help. Our philanthropy as an association is really helping those in need and we are helping each other by doing this. So again, everybody wins when renters can stay in their homes. We are beyond thrilled about this partnership with the Resident Relief Foundation. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly. There's also an entire page with links and details on our website. I'm really excited to see what we can do as a membership, to bring relief to our renters in this area.

Learn more: www.TriangleAptAssn.org/RRF the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 13

Donate Now!

Benefiting the Resident Relief Foundation

Show us your skills! Send in photos of you golfing with your team & we will share them!

All golfers will receive a T-Shirt and be entered to win prizes!

For more info & to register or donate, visit: www.triangleaptassn.org/events/2020-golf the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 14

Scheduled Scheduled Events Events Moving Moving to to 2021 2021

Golf Outing at Drive Shack

Trade Show

After Work Networking

new 2020 Event offerings





the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 15


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2333 Ponce de Leon Boulevard Coral Gables, FL 33134 Contact: Colleen Yeager info@live-quinn.com (786)838-3643

COMMUNITIES 9200 Exchange

9240 Bruckhaus Street Raleigh, NC 27617 Contact: Staci Chappell 9200exchange@graycoprop.com (919)806-0860 Units: 108

Bradford Place

200 Lowman Circle Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 Contact: Amber Laird GPMCtraining@greyco.com (919)552-7900 Units: 64

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5824 McCrimmon Parkway Morrisville, NC 27560 Contact: Davon Moody broadstonetrailside@allresco.com (919)439-1126 Units: 263

Cateland Place

380 West 11th Street Siler City, NC 27344 Contact: Amber Laird GPMCtraining@greyco.com (919)663-2295 Units: 64

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411 Flemington Road Chapel Hill, NC 27517 Contact: Trisha Selby linklinden@grubbproperties.com (919)914-9114 Units: 215

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2534 Noble Road Raleigh, NC 27608 Contact: Langdon Clay langdon.clay@clayrealtyco.com (919)441-2509 Units: 50

Foursquare Property Management

4509 Creedmoor Road Suite 201 Raleigh, NC 27612 Contact: Ahmad Zein ahmad@foursquarenc.com (919)977-6508 Units: 200

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1300 Fordham Boulevard Chapel Hill, NC 27517 Contact: Karen Fuerst theelliott@bellpartnersinc.com (919)727-6999 Units: 272

PO Box 80517 Raleigh, NC 27623 Contact: Michael Gabson mgabson@nc.rr.com (919)861-2415 Units: 15

Trilogy Chapel Hill

Urban Oasis Rentals

1000 Novus Lane Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Contact: Macy Van Gorp trilogychapelhill@rkwresidential. com (919)908-3076 Units: 328

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SUPPLIERS AJet Plumbing and Services

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Mitigate Risk with NAA Click & Comply

RISK MITIGATION Automate and trust that your properties NAA’s newest performance management and compliance software allows property management companies to consolidate processes and systems into one place for ease of use, transparency and communication for your teams.

are remaining compliant. Benefits: RISK MITIGATION


• Mitigate risk across your entire portfolio • Extend the list of costly equipment INSPECTIONS


• Achieve consistency and compliance • Save time and avoid costly violations • Build accountability and trust through real time visibility




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the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 comply.naahq.org. Learn more or request a demo at 17

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Apartment Association of North Carolina ____________6 Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC ___________________2 Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC _______________________20

Executive/Board of Directors Meeting & Year End Reception

Tidal Electrical Services, Inc. ________________________5 the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4

18 Contact Meg Palumbo for Advertising space available! availability and pricing at mpalumbo@triangleaptassn.org or 919.782.1165 ext 1.

the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 18

Strategic Spotlight

Apartments.com is the premier rental home resource

You probably already know that Apartments.com is

for renters, property managers and owners, offering

known for their expertise in advertising, but you may

the most advanced search tools and neighborhood

be surprised to learn they can also help with your so-

level data for renters, with maximum customer ex-

cial marketing, reputation management, and custom

posure for its advertisers. They offer an unsurpassed

website design and management.

selection of rental properties spanning apartment buildings, single-family homes, condos and townho-

In addition to working with property management

mes. The Apartments.com Network includes Apart-

companies and rental homes, Apartments.com

mentFinder, Apartment Home Living, ForRent.com;

gives back to the residents of the communities they

Apartamantos.com and the Move.com family of

serve. This year, partnering with Virginia Common-

websites – Realtor.com , Doorsteps.com and

wealth University and Communities in Schools,


CoStar Group is donating a total of 180,000 masks


to be included in personal protective equipment While Apartments.com was founded in 1998, their

(PPE) kits for Richmond Public School students. The

parent company, CoStar Group, was founded in

coolest part? The first 90,000 masks were designed

1987 and Apartments.com was acquired by CoStar

by CoStar Group’s Marketing Design team and the

Group in 2014. No matter where your properties

second 90,000 masks will feature designs created

are located, Apartments.com can help! They

by Richmond Public School students during the first

cover the entire nation and serve rental homes in

part of the school year!

every market.

TAA Member Since: 1998 Areas Served: Nationwide Hashtags: #multifamily #apartments #apartmentmarketing #apartmentscom

Want more info? Contact: Whitney Nye, Sales Associate wnye@costar.com | 919-717-0078

the ApartMentor 2020 | Issue 4 19

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2020 Issue 4 the ApartMentor  

2020 Issue 4 the ApartMentor