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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 Collections


Sean Couey– the man behind the lens for UCSD’s street style

Girls Run the World Stilettos trump a “man’s, man’s world”


the editor

This issue has probably been one of the most exciting to work on with the contributors and the staff of Trend. Trend magazine was always focused on women’s fashion and design, and every launch party, I’d always get similar feedback from our smaller male audience saying, “Your magazine looks great and I can’t believe students put these together! I wish I could show up at your launch party and all, but I honestly would feel extremely singled out as a guy showing up to a fashion event”, “I wish you guys did a segment on menswear cause it could definitely come in handy for a lot of us, guys.” Taking this into account, the ladies at Trend and I have been hit with a recent menswear-fever. Winter just calls for LAYERS, LAYERS, AND MORE LAYERS, so after gawking over countless men’s boots, shawl collars, patterned button-downs and bow ties that were taking the runways by a storm, we decided to try


something new and have a menswear issue for the first time. Needless to say, this issue was extremely exciting to work on, as our ladies began bringing our A-game into this work. In the end, our collaborative work towards a new menswear issue with a spin off of a women’s power issue ended up, reflecting our own staff as a powerful team with an edge for fashion. We hope you all enjoy our fruits of labor and get to share the same rush of passion and excitement we all got at our pride and joy! Share with us what you thought of the issue and what else you’d love to see in our upcoming issues at Stay classy, San Diego! xoxo,

Sarah Chung

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behind the scenes THE W HOTEL SAN DIEGO, SAN DIEGO



Fashion &Silicon Valley Marissa Meyer, the present CEO of Yahoo! is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company and she was also the first female engineer at Google. She graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B.S. in symbolic systems and a M.S. in Computer Science. Often compared to as the female Mark Zuckerberg of Silicon Valley, Marissa Meyer could not be any different. Ms. Meyer’s sartorial choices are just as watched as the daily stock value of her company. The newest fans of the multi-billion Fashion industry is Silicon Valley, breaking the geek stereotype in Northern California. While the fashion industry has long been scorned and criticized by skeptics for being superficial, the tables are turned in the hoodiedominated tech society. According to tech entrepreneur Leila Janah, “ the perception in Silicon Valley is that if you dress well, you couldn’t possibly


be smart”. Many women even describe a pressure to blend in, in order to look smart. It is no question that women are already a minority in science and math majors, and they stand out simply for being a woman. In Silicon Valley, women represent only 5% of founders and executives of tech-startups, a quarter of professionals, and 11% of tech investors. Marissa Meyer believes that the key to encouraging more women into pursuing science and technology fields is to promote their femininity: “You can be into fashion and you don’t have to be the pasty white programmer with a pocket protector staying up all night.” To all the ladies working nights away in the Computer Science dungeon or representing the minority in Fluid Mechanics with 60 guys; just remember, your berry lipstick doesn’t diminish your coding skills. WRITTEN BY PRIYANKA Upadhyay PHOTO BY BRIGITTE LACOMBE FOR GLAMOUR

Norman Jean Roy, Vogue, August 2009

Paint it RED

Make up artist, Bronwyn LeAnn gives us her top brands to help us achieve the timeless look of siren lips with the perfect shade of red for every skin tone. Bronwyn has been in the cosmetics industry for 5 years, working for Christian Dior, Bobbi Brown, and freelanced using MAC, Makeup Forever, and Urban Decay. She now works for “A Style Concierge� in downtown San Diego, taking her from photo shoot sets to runways.

Fair skin tone

For fair skin tone you want to stick with a matte red with an orange tone. e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in Rich Red $3

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Red Lacquer $7.99

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Psycho $16

NARS Semi-matte Lipstick in Red Lizard $24

Beige or Golden Skin Tone

Bronze or Olive Skin Tone

For a bronze or olive skin tone you want to stick with a pink red tone.

For a beige or golden skin tone you want to stick with a dark, deep lip with a golden undertone. NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Chaos $4

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Cherry $7.50 MAC Lipstick in Russian Red $15

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Adora $19

Deep Skin Tone

For a deep skin tone you want to stick with a blue-based shade of red.


Sean Couey I

Founder of n the midst of a bustling campus like UCSD,

where everyone is busy trying to rush to their next lecture on the other side of our immense school grounds, or weaving through student traffic to escape the mass marketing taking place on Library Walk, it’s hard to notice the diverse culture around us. Transfer student, Sean Couey, decided to do us a favor by taking the time to look up at the diversity on campus in the form of fashion through his camera lens. La Jolla may definitely not be the fast-paced city full of culture conspicuously apparent at every corner like the fashion central cities of New York City or Los Angeles, as we imagine, but Sean turned our peaceful college town into his own personal LOOKBOOK in his street style blog–SHOWMEUCSD.COM


Photos: Robert Asami MUA: Bronwyn LeAnn Hair: Justine Frye LOCATION: W HOTEL, SD

Button down: G-Star RAW Bracelets: PuraVida



Sarah: So, right off the bat: What inspired you to start SHOWMEUCSD? Sean: I really wanted some experience; I wanted something to show for myself. I was interested in fashion as a possible career path and knew that experience would increase my chances for future employment. I was having a hard time finding ways to get fashion related experience in San Diego, so I decided to make my own experience. As the website evolved, it became clear that my website could also be a resource for current and future UCSD students. Sarah: That’s awesome and it’s true-most people would glamorize NYC or LA as being the fashion hosts of the US, and San Diego isn’t exactly the first city to pop into mind when you think of “fashion”. I know you’re currently an economics major but what career path in fashion were you interested in pursuing? Sean: When I started the website, I envisioned myself working in marketing or trend spotting for menswear. Now, I am more interested in the business and operations side of the industry. Sarah: “SHOWMEUCSD” is all about trend spotting and as the photographer, what kind of style are you drawn to? Is there a certain “criteria” you follow in order for someone to stand out as a pick for your page? Sean: It’s funny you ask that. It’s actually more of a gut feeling when I’m out shooting. If there is one “criteria” in the back of my mind, it’s that I want to get a good representation of what campus is like. I don’t want to focus on one certain style, I would rather include as many different styles as possible. I am personally drawn to layering and subtle flashes of unique patterns and colors, but I try not to let my bias influence the website. Sarah: Speaking of bias-What would you define as your own personal style? Sean: I am definitely a minimalist. I have a few high quality pieces that lean towards function rather than form.





Sarah: I heard you studied abroad in Milan, which happened to be a key to your inspiration in trend spotting. From your time in Italy’s fashion capitol, how do you think US street style compares to street style in Milan? Sean: The people and their styles vary widely in Milan, just as they do in the US. The difference is that a larger percentage Milanese take time and think about the way they present themselves to the world compared to Americans. I would describe the style in Milan as slightly more refined and calculated. Most of the Milanese take the way that they present themselves to the world very seriously. I would say on average, that you see more of the population expressing a style that is calculated and thoughtful in Milan than you do in the US. It’s really more a part of the culture there than it is here. To me it looked like most of the Milanese woke up with an idea of how they wanted to look that day and made the effort to make that vision a reality. It was rare to see someone, besides myself, who looked like they just “threw on whatever” which is what I see most Americans do everyday. So when I say fashion in Milan is calculated, I mean that thought and effort go into making one’s style. Sarah: What’s your Trend Report, as in the top accessories, designs, style, and clothes for the upcoming winter season for men? Sean: I’ve never been good at predicting the future, but I would love to see an explosion of “ugly” Christmas sweaters! Sarah: Where do you see the future of fashion blogging? Sean: Fashion blogging will continue to grow as long as bloggers continue to monetize their sites by leveraging viewership to market for established brands. If there is money to be made, people will follow. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just the nature of the industry. The nice thing about it is that anyone can log-on and create a website, virtually free of cost. This means that content will never be limited to the opinion of a few at the “top”. I think blogging will continue to provide a wonderful open resource of inspiration for people. Sean will be graduating this Winter, and so, to continue the legacy of trend spotting at UCSD-Trend Magazine has agreed to carrying on with his blog. Be on the look out for our renovation of SHOWMEUCSD.COM as we pull it back up from it’s long hiatus!

grey suit pant: Vocabulary Boutique navy suit jacket: Hunt and Gather




is still young 14

Green cardigan: g-star raw Blue Henley, striped blue button-up: Vocabulary Boutique orange printed tights, sheer white button up, grey overcoat: hunt and gather Yellow cardigan: G-Star RAW Scarf: Crow Thief denim, tank button up: cotton on black leather skirt, free people: the fabulous rag navy Coat: G-Star RAW charcoal grey sweater, orange button-up: Vocabulary Boutique

Button down: G-Star RAW Blazer: Crow Thief

Photos: Robert Asami MUA: Bronwyn LeAnn Hair: Justine Frye LOCATION: W HOTEL, SD 15

black spiked biker leather jacket, sheer studded tank, black skinny pants: Bubbles Boutique


Photos: Robert Asami MUA: Bronwyn LeAnn Hair: Justine Frye LOCATION: W HOTEL, SD

Damsels Distress in



Shirt: Love Culture Leopard fur: Bubbles Boutique leather skirt: hunt and gather Bracelets: PuraVida


sequin fur dress: Bubbles boutique Gold lace top: the fabulous rag black skirt: forever21 red clutch: Bubbles boutique




Black fringe vest: Bubbles Boutique Red sweater dress, hype: the fabulous rag


PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD Chukka Boots, also known as Desert Shoes, are the hottest trend in menswear this season



Suede Wingtip Chukka Boot | $340 DARK STONE Originals ‘Desert’ Boot | $120

Thomas Dean

Originals ‘Desert’ Boot | CLARKS blue suede call store COLE HAAN ‘Air Colton’ Winterized Chukka Boot | $228 DARK BROWN



J.D. Fisk



‘Pete’ Chukka Boot | $179


‘Paul’ Winter Chukka Boot | $129.90

bURGUNDY suede

Originals ‘Desert’ Boot | $120 TAUPE DISTRESSED

Mane of Steel San Diego’s humidity and marine layer can tend to be the bane of existence for our hair. To help us tame our locks and prevent us from looking a hot mess, Justine Frye of “A Style Concierge” located in Downtown San Diego gives us a list of her favorite brands we just can’t go wrong with.

Paul Mitchell Super Clean Extra $18.49

Justine Werline got into hair styling three years ago when a friend asked to style her for a boudoir pin-up shoot. The studio offered her a job on the spot after immediately acknowledging her as a natural talent. Justine’s favorite look has to be retro hairstyles from the 1940’s to 1960’s. Since then, she has traveled all over Southern California, styling for various events such as runways and photo shoots.

Paul Mitchell Smooth Super Skinny Relaxing Balm $22.49

“Provides a firm weather resistant hold, while maintaining a healthy shine.”

Paul Mitchell Firm Style Super Clean Sculpting Gel $11.99

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Gloss Drops $23.69 Layrite Original Pomade $14.99 (Fragrance-free)

Suavecito Pomade Firme/ Strong Hold $11.99 For Men (Fragranced) “Use with straight hair for lightweight but strong hold.”

Paul Mitchell Dry Wax $19.59 “Use with any hair type to define and control any texture.”

Bumble and bumble. Defrizz $27 Big Sexy Hair Weatherproof Humidity Restraint Spray $18.95

Layrite Super Hold Pomade $15.99) For Men (Fragrance-free) “You could dunk your head in water and it wont budge!”


FASHION WEEK What’s beyond the horizon? We took a look into Fashion Week and picked the top looks that blazed the runway in Paris, London, and Milan for the Spring 2013 Haute Couture Collection. Armani Privé


Armani Privé

Bouchra Jarra


Christian Dior

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Maison Martin Margiela

Armani PrivĂŠ

K 2013

Photographs by Marcus Tondo/ InDigitalteam/


Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli


Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie

Jean Paul Gaultie








Upcoming Events

Local eventsyours to enjoy.

February 1-28, 2013 San Diego’s 24th Annual Museum Month 42 members of the San Diego Museum Council offer half-off their regular admission fees all month! This includes the California Surf Museum, the San Diego Botanic Garden, and many more. museum_month/

Opening night: February 9, 2013 Visual Art Supply presents “Nasty City Approved” San Diego’s local contemporary art store hosts an opening show for artists Unique, Keemowerks, and E.vil. Think art from the streets to canvas. 3524 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92116 (619) 501-5585

February 9, 2013, runs through March 22, 2013 Spike and Mike Festival of Animation From our heartwarming films like “Toy Story” to our raunchy TV shows like “South Park”, we’ve all got our animations to thank for the greater part of our childhoods. The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla celebrates Animation’s 30th Anniversary in our pop culture with discussion panels and special guest appearances from Disney Pixar and the Simpsons. Admission fees are $13-15. Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego 700 Prospect St. San Diego, CA 92037 La Jolla


February 9, 2013, Also every second Saturday of each month Ray at Night North Park opens up it’s neighborhood for San Diego’s largest and longestrunning monthly art walk. Galleries hosting both local and nationally renowned artworks open especially late to invite the curious and the creatives to explore. Best part? the live music and the vendors that take over the streets. 3803 Ray St. San Diego, CA 92104 North Park

South Bay Drive-In Want the feel of the retro drive-in movies without the old films? The South Bay Drive-In is a bit pricier at $7 per person, but worth the money compared to a theater ticket when you get to lay back in your car to see new movies like “Django Unchained”. Aside from the awesome fact that they play movies on the daily, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, they have an outdoor Swap Meet during the day. 2170 Coronado Ave. San Diego, CA 92154 Coronado Beach (619) 423-2727 directions/

Full Moon Drive-In Enjoy a weekend, Friday-Sunday, in a retro drive-in movie with some classic throwback films! Some upcoming films for February include “A Clockwork Orange”, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. $20 per carDecent priced if you can manage to stuff your car and split the fee! 1500 Felspar St. San Diego, CA 92109 Pacific Beach

Forty Foot Films at Reading CineMAs The Reading Cinemas at Clairemont pays homage to some great timeless black and white films. For February, they’re dedicating a good portion of their program to the most gorgeous woman of HollywoodAudrey Hepburn. Catch films like “Sabrina”, “Roman Holiday”, and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Students get in for $6.50 each and get this, FREE popcorn on Mondays! Town Square 14 4665 Clairemont Drive San Diego, CA 92117 Clairemont (858) 274-9994


EDITOR: Sarah Chung GRAPHICS: Tanya Zhang Rachel Kim STYLISTS: Michele Nguyen Christine Kim MARKETING: Maggie Li Priyanka Upadhyay SOCIAL MEDIA: Stephanie Tsao

Trend Magazine Winter 2013  
Trend Magazine Winter 2013  

Trend Magazine Winter 2013