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IT is bittersweet to say this is my last issue as editor-in-chief. In just one mere academic year, this amazing staff has accomplished so much and I couldn’t be any prouder. Both the publication and the staff have grown and accomplished so much more than I could have ever imagined. WE HAVE ACHIEVED ABOVE AND BEYOND WHAT MY GOALS WERE WHEN I FIRST JOINED THIS CREATIVE TEAM AND I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL ON THIS STAFF. This outstanding issue is bringing street wear to the college campus, just in time for spring/summer 2014. For this issue, forget the red carpet and the couture and Bring in the street. From snapbacks to bomber jackets, trend’s creative team has styled looks that cover a whole spectrum of what street wear is. I am proud to say we have made a couple of new friends on the way to success. Enjoy!

stay trendy,

Tanya Zhang editor-in-chief


Behind Scenes the




irst and foremost, I want to acknowledge all the vivacious and extraordinary people that I have had the pleasure to work with. As an artist, it is exhilarating to be surrounded by such talented individuals that possess the same passion as myself. Working behind the scenes, the atmosphere is always relaxed, comfortable, and pleasant. We hold a strong dynamic,in which we are able to bounce ideas off one another, creating an overall cohesive result. Trend’s creative team is the embodiment of hard work and natural talent. Working with Trend has been nothing short of an eye opening and positive experience.

Richelle K Professional Makeup Artist


Model: Vanessaaameow

MUA: Richelle Kolda

Photographer: Jack Millen

Film & productions: M12 Productions

Hair stylist: Justine Werline


Two Piece: Dolcetti Jacket: Dolcetti Shoes: Staff

@vanessaaameow UCSD’s Instagram fashionista expresses herself and inspires others

Dress: Dolcetti Jacket: Dolcetti Shoes: Staff



the days of print fashion dwindle and modern technology comes into play, the fashion world is making room for new, young, celebrities to take stage. Instragram, Lookbook, Polyvore, and other websites offer a platform for individuals to express their own fashions, and fall into celebrate status for the posts they make. UCSD’s very own Vanessa C. and TREND Magazines cover girl is one of these up and coming stars. A sophomore in college, Vanessa has approximately 50,000 followers on her Instagram fashion account, “Vanessaaameow”, and the numbers keep growing every day! She is the icon of a new age of individual fashion. An example of the media, and the strength of hard work. With her amazing style, delightful personality, and wisdom about fashion blogging, we at TREND simply had to learn her secrets to blogging, and how her celebrate status affects her UCSD days. One look and it is easy to see that Vanessaaameow’s Instragram account is something any fashion blogger can admire. But does she manage her newfound fame? With hard work, energy, and calm modesty. When mentioning her celebrity status, she hurriedly responded, “It just blew up really quick! It’s really hard to process all of this for me.” But none of it would have been possible if not for her dedication to new media, and her work ethic regarding her Instagram posts. Starting to post fashion just a little over a year ago, she dedicates two hours a week for taking photos, and hours on top of that for hair and makeup, emails, connecting with sponsors, and posting photos; not to even mention her school life and midterms. However, for her, it is not all work and no play. Outside of marketing and

posting, Vanessa also prowls the Internet for the latest styles and inspirations. “I follow a lot of people whose styles are across the spectrum. They go from grungy and edgy to pretty and feminine, and I just get inspiration from people that I follow. They inspire me every day!” But how does one exactly get into being a fashionista in this age of new technology? For many, it is a complicated process of finding time, inspiration, and your own creativity. For Vanessa, it seemed to come in a more natural form: “I didn’t start posting so I could get famous” she said “I started just so I could explore my fashion creativity and push myself to try new things and dress better for school.” But she has stuck with it, posting a new outfit every day, and inspiring those around her to do the same. “If it is something that you love, or even if it is just a hobby like it was for me, just go for it! Start posting photos, follow people who inspire you, just push yourself to take photos every day!” With modern technology, and a good sense of fashion, it is becoming more possible for those like Vanessa, who are driven by passion, to become members of the fashion world. Her inspiration is simple. Her taste is unique. But it is her energy towards her hobby that is inspiring, and how it has changed her outlook on life. “I heard this quote that if you go into a test, and you dress really well, you are going to feel really good and do really well on the test, and so I try to do that.” Then she added “Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t” with a shrug. Either way, her fashion Instagramming has opened her up to new experiences, and it is clear that through the stress and hard work she truly loves what she does. Written by Kelsey Peden


Blouse: Bubbles Jacket: Dolcetti Shorts: Staff Shoes: Vanessaaameow



Jacket: Dolcetti Top: Bubbles Jeans: Staff

Top: Bubbles Leggings: Staff


Dress: Dolcetti Jacket: Dolcetti Shoes: Staff


Fashion For A Cause: Combating Human Trafficking A

s I open the door to Peet’s Coffee Shop, I spot Natalie Rameh sitting near the entrance, legs crossed, completely poised as she delicately peels the skin off of her tangerine. She notices me and a smile brightens her face as she waves me over. Immediately, the energy between us is magnetic as we introduce ourselves and make our way to a quiet corner upstairs in which we settle ourselves at a small table and conduct the interview. Natalie Rameh, a 4th-year Communications major with a minor in International Studies at UCSD, enjoys the simple things in life: the beach, one of the reasons she transferred to UCSD, hiking, fashion design, and any hobby that keeps her active. But the one thing that stands out above all else is her active role as the president of the organization, Combating Human Trafficking at UCSD. For those of you who may not know, human trafficking is the violation of human rights through trade, most frequently for (but not limited to) sexual slavery, forced labor, slavery or practices similar to it, and/or the extraction of organs. A common misconception is that human trafficking occurs most often abroad in other countries but the truth of the matter is that human trafficking can happen anywhere, any time and is in fact still a very prevalent issue even in the U.S. Just last month, a couple was charged with the crime of exploiting a young 11-year old El Salvadorian girl in a Los Angeles neighborhood. Human trafficking is very, very real and must be stopped. Founded by Natalie Rameh just this school year, Combating Human Trafficking at UCSD had a pretty rough start at the end of Spring quarter last year, when only a handful of people showed up to its first unofficial meeting. Despite this obstacle, those few who had shown up to the org’s unofficial meeting were all passionate enough, determined enough, and supportive enough to give Natalie hope of taking further steps with this coalition. “It’s so mind-blowing that so many people

Photographer by Blia Thao

aren’t aware of this prevalent issue happening everyday. I was looking to join an org like this but after searching through different things on campus and not really finding anything like it, I just thought, well, I’ll just make my own org then.” And she immediately took the steps to create Combatting Human Trafficking at UCSD in order to expose as many people as possible and hopefully inspire them to be just as passionate about putting an end to it. CHT at UCSD also works closely with Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition through volunteer work such as helping with info sessions, fundraisers and sponsorships, and are currently in the process of being trained on how to answer and handle BISCC’s emergency hot lines for victims and recovering victims to call. When asked about her greatest challenges working with CHT at UCSD and BISCC, Natalie sorrowfully answers that it’s always a challenge hearing about victims’ stories. “I cry every time I hear a story. It’s just absolutely heartbreaking.” But speaking with these victims and listening to their stories only make Natalie even more determined to fight for their cause. In order to fundraise money and donate the proceeds to BISCC to help victims, Combating Human Trafficking at UCSD decided to make T-shirts with the words “I Am Not For Sale” on them at a very reasonable price of $10 in order to spread awareness. And what better way to spread the word than through fashion, the individual’s way of expressionism? Trend Magazine has gotten an exclusive scoop into the world of fashion and style and we’re here to show you how to look and feel amazing while supporting a great cause! Here are some simple ways to spruce up this T-shirt and rock an awesome outfit. Also, don’t forget to check out Combating Human Trafficking at UCSD on Facebook and help put an end to human trafficking.


Triton Outfitters A TREND Magazine and A.S. Enterprises colaboration


has been a joy working with Triton Outfitters this past year. Founded in 2010 as a venue for Associated Students to merchandise apparel, promotional and specialty items, Triton Outfitters truly embodies campus culture. It was a no-brainer to collaborate on this photo shoot with them. Trend styled each of their model to exemplify a few of many styles we see on campus. We decided to style Triton Outfitter’s new college tank line because UC San Diego students love representing their college pride. Whether you are a sporty athlete, creative artist or trendy hipster, these college tanks are one-of-a-kind designs that you can style with, no matter what your story is, no matter who you are. Check out your outlet to campus culture at!

Tanya Z Editor-In-Chief

Models: Daniel Kang Shazzy Gustafson Thao Nguyen


Photographer: Tanya Zhang Apparel courtesy of Triton Outfitters


Muir Warren

Roosevelt 20


Marshall Sixth


top off it

Felt Porkpie Urban Outfitters | $34.00 Although a bit more unconventional than your normal snapback, a porkpie (or even a fedora) is a great addition to any outfit. It adds just a touch of sophistication but still allows you room to alter into a more casual outfit

Vibrant Floral Fitted Hat Forever 21 | $8.80 Why this item works: Not only is this hat appropriate for casual "everyday" wear, it also adds a pop of fun and color to enhance any Spring/Summer outfit. This bright and vibrant hat also encompasses Spring's trending pastel look


Obey Wharf Geo Strap-Back Hat Urban Outfitters | $36.00 Tribal print has become more and more popular lately and looks like it will continue to trend this coming Spring. This would be a great hat to sport going out with friends and chilling while still maintaining a unique and interesting look

Patterned Summer Straw Hat J. Crew | $39.50 This wide-brimmed hat is a must-have staple for the spring and summer seasons. The paper straw material is perfect for blocking the face from the bright sun and keeping you cool all day!

From snapbacks to fedoras, hats truly are the icing on one’s sartorial cake. This new season is the perfect opportunity to mix up any outfit by adding some trendy statement head pieces.

Profound Aesthetic Portland 5-Panel Hat Urban Outfitters | $42.00 Despite the floral pattern, the design of this hat still allows for masculinity to take place. This snapback is good for any day and the floral brings out impending Spring traits

Ombre Beanie American Eagle Outfitters | $15.95 A beanie in the spring and summer? May sound a little too cozy, but the bright color options makes it completely hot-weather appropriate. This fun ombre-shaded beanie will jazz up any plain outfit, whether it is worn tight or slouchy!

Profound Aesthetic Portland 5-Panel Hat Urban Outfitters | $42.00 Despite the floral pattern, the design of this hat still allows for masculinity to take place. This snapback is good for any day and the floral brings out impending Spring traits

Groisgrain Panama Hat Urban Outfitters | $39.00 This hat is subtle with its crimson color but yet can worn around on a lovely spring day with your friends. Will protect you from the son and add a little edge to your spring day outfit


Siempre Golden Bikini’s

new designer bikini brand, started by UCSD’s own alumni Sophia Kim, is redefining the style of the Brazilian bikini, in a fresh powerful way. Drawing inspiration for her world travels, as well as and environmentally friendly outlook, Sophia Kim recently started “Siempre Golden” bikinis, which has skyrocketed to fame. As the company grows, TREND got the scope on the new start up, and the keys that have made Siempre Golden such a success. When Sophia Kim first got the idea to create a designer bikini brand, she had affordability and style in her mind. As she told us, “I started having this bikini obsession and I always wanted to find Brazilian bottoms. They were really tough to find-and whenever I did find a pair of bottoms, it was a ridiculous amount, always over $100.” However, instead of just accepting this fact, Sophia Kim took action and created her own designs, using Kickstarter, Instagram, and other forms of social media to boost the company’s success. Recently, their Kickstarter went over its goal, giving a huge boost to the start up company. Surely other people see the unique designs Siempre Golden is promoting, which have so many “different styles for that range from the "active girl" to the "feminine girl" that just wants to get her tan on.” But what makes Siempre Golden such a unique company? Firstly, the designs for the bikinis are a new style completely. Drawing influence from her world travels Sophia Kim created bikinis inspired by Bali’s

Written by Kelsey Peden “everlasting sunsets” and Thailand’s “Emerald green waters”. One of the most popular bikini’s offered, the Tres Amigos set, according to Sophia Kim, was inspired by the friendship bracelets that all the Balinese people wore. These “Friendship Bikinis” as she affectionately calls them use interwoven fabrics to create the appearance of the woven bracelets, with the colors and feel of Bali woven in. Secondly, Siempre Golden is a bikini line that gives back. Not only is the design and style drawn from the beauty in the world around us, but also proceeds of every purchase give back the environment itself through UCSD’s own Surfrider Foundation. When attending UCSD Sophia interned for SurfRider foundation, helping protect the local ecosystems for pollution – through this she developed an environmentally conscious attitude that she still holds in the standards of her company, creating environmentally friendly bikinis, which are fashionable and fun. As she explains, “the company’s infinity sign logo symbolizes what goes around comes around, because it is our responsibility to give back to nature”. It’s this unique mix of nature as inspiration and motivation, which makes Siempre Golden such promising new company! With hopes of expanding in the future, Sophia’s design skills are only improving and creating fun and fashionable bikinis for the modern girl.



Versatility Summery floral shirts dressed up and down


Night Night

Professional Top: Express Blazer: Staff Trousers: Staff Shoes: Tory Burch flats Bag: Bubbles Boutique Night Leather Jacket: Staff Top: Express Leather Skirt: Fabulous Rag Jewelry: H&M and Fabulous Rag Casual Top: Express Jeans: AE Beachy Top/coverup: Express Bikini top: AE Denim shorts: AE Floppy Hat: Bubbles Boutique



Models: Gian Ranon Dalton Thornsberry MUA: Richelle Kolda Photographer; Dan Novakovich


Professional Cardigan: H&M Shirt: Staff Trousers: H&M Tie: H&M Night Shirt: Staff Short suit: H&M Bowtie: H&M Casual Shirt: Staff Cargo shorts: AE Beachy Shirt: Staff Boardshorts:AE





floral shirt is the perfect key piece to dress up or down during the spring/summer season. Whether it is a vivid, tropical print or a subtle, ditsy print, floral pieces are a great way to pair with basic wardrobe stables, as well as to mix and match with other fun patterns. For this versatility shoot, I centered four completely different looks around one floral shirt. My main intention was to demonstrate that a floral pattern can be worn both casually during the day and with a bit of edge during the evening. For example, the girl’s outfits featured the floral shirt with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans for a school day and with an all leather ensemble for a glamorous night out. On the other hand, the guy’s outfits featured the key piece with cargo pants for a comfortable day look and a slim fit short suit for a sophisticated evening look. Though floral shirts are often only considered as a casual summer piece, it can indeed be transformed into many different looks with the right wardrobe staples and a handful of must-have accessories.



Julie W Trend Stylist


Confessions of a: Youtube Guru W

Written by Megan Ong

ith over 850,000 views between her main channel and her secondary channel, Katie Itow, better known by her channel name as thekatizzzle, has somehow managed to balance a YouTube life along with her schoolwork. After graduating from high school and finding herself with a whole summer and nothing to do, Katie decided to start a channel of her own. “I had been watching other people’s videos for a while”, says the YouTuber. Katie’s videos focus mostly on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. ”I would describe my style as bohemian and edgy but comfortable”, says Katie. However balancing class work and a

YouTube channel is no small task. When asked when she finds time to manage both, she stated that, “the channel takes the place of having a job.” Pulling most of her inspiration from her subscribers and their request she mainly films and edits before and after class.” But the balance of class and work isn’t the only thing she has perfected. Her favorite places to shop are Forever 21, Cotton On, and Urban Outfitters because they’re budget friendly but still on trend. This street-smart shopping is one of the reasons why we’ve asked the YouTube guru to give us her Top 10 Summer Break Essentials:

3 1 28

Printed shorts/bottoms: I’m a big fan of tribal and floral prints... preferably separate, but mixing prints works if done right


Graphic tees & tanks: Comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down.

Ring sets and midi rings: I love jewelry, but rings are a definite favorite. Wearing a bunch of delicate rings can both make a statement and be very subtle


Swimsuit/trunks: An obvious necessity for the beach or pool!


Hats: Anything from a floppy sun hat to a snapback!


Sunglasses: I love the Ray Ban Wayfarers. They’re classic and go with anything and everything


Sandals: Whether it's a strappy heel or a simple flip flop, sandals are essential for summer break



Sunscreen: Protect your skin with at least SPF 30!

Dresses: Particularly a lightweight, breezy dress


Flannels: Perfect to throw on over anything


Are Areyou youTREND TRENDingingatatUCSD? UCSD?



his season, we are seeing plenty of daring choices--we love it! The Trend apprentices and I are so excited to head into the warmer seasons because Tritons are surely stepping it up with all things fashion. Around campus, they are wearing plenty of bold street wear. From funky bright prints to contrasting colors to statement jewelry, Tritons are on their A-game. Students are proving that comfort can also be chic. Check out their interviews and how to get their looks by visiting our blog at

Keili F

Staff Photographer

Photos taken by Trend Apprentices & Keili



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