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C o ur tney Van C o tt | 4 8 0 .3 9 9 .7 0 4 8

13371 North 137th Street | Scottsdale 6 BR | 9 BA | 8,507 SQ FT $4,150,000 | M L S # 6 3 0 8 5 2 4


Jarro d Smi th | 6 0 2 .4 3 2 .4 7 4 3

6958 East Joshua Tree Lane | Paradise Valley 3 BR | 4 BA | 4,368 SQ FT $4,550,000 | MLS# 6321566


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6480 East Arroyo Verde Drive | Paradise Valley 9 BR | 10 BA | 17,322 SQ FT $13,700,000 | MLS# 6289000

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ON THE COVER Trends Magazine and The Trends Charitable Fund present a large check to Dr. Jeff Trent and TGen. Funds raised were made possible from An Evening of Trends 2021. The Event was chaired by Beth McRae and Oscar De Las salas last October.

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Self-Love: Healing Therapies How to Use the Ayurvedic Blueprint for Holistic Health By Laurene Hayden Hi, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m excited to share about kicheri, a traditional Ayurvedic dish most commonly used in the gentle cleansing regimen PanchaKarma, which translates from Sanskrit as “five healing therapies”. This type of cleanse is best undertaken with the support and customization from an Ayurvedic practitioner, but Spring is a perfect time to do a simple at-home kicheri cleanse on your own. This easy-to-prepare one-pot meal is also a delicious, nourishing and versatile dish for any time – you are going to love it! There are many variations for making kicheri, depending on when you are eating it and on your Dual Health Timestamp, which consists of the following: 1. Prakruti – your base constitution, or the ratio of fundamental elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth - you were born with! Ayurveda categorizes these elements as 3 functional energies called doshas that make us alive: Vata (Air/Space/Movement), Pitta (Fire/Water/Transformation), Kapha (Earth/Water/Structure).

Basic Kicheri Recipe From Laurene’s Ayurvedic Kitchen 20 minutes active, 55 minutes cook time Serves 2 • Place about 1 Tbls Oil in pot on medium heat with • 1 tsp Spices, for a few minutes, until the spices are fragrant, being careful not to burn. • Add a few Tbls of water, and aromatics like onion, garlic, fresh ginger, if you are using. • Chop and add as you go 3-4 Cups Veggies, adding a bit more water as needed to keep oil from overheating and oxidizing. Choose different veggies each time for variety! • Add ¼ Cup each (rinsed) Pulses and Grains (you can use a combo). • Add Liquid – Water or Broth of your choosing, about 32 oz (it should cover contents) • Bring to a boil, then reduce to gentle simmer. Cover and cook 30 minutes. • Check liquid and add more if needed or if you want a more soupy consistency. • Cook another 25 minutes until everything is soft and cooked through. • Add Salt to taste at end (only for Vata) You can vary your kicheri recipe based on your current health goals, your own tastes and according to the seasons.

2. Vikriti – the current ratio of these doshas, which could be the same as Prakruti if you are in healthy balance, or could reflect which areas might be out of balance and in need of healing support. An Ayurvedic Health Practitioner could assess your Vikriti and develop a customized healing plan with you.

Kicheri should be made fresh daily. Cilantro is a great addition for everyone – it is tasty and supports digestion.

Dosha – Season


Veggies (partial list, to get you started)



Vata – Fall/Early Winter

Ghee or Sesame Oil, Fennel, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Basil, Ginger, Asafetida, Salt at the end

Roots like Carrot, Parsnip, Sweet Potato; Asparagus, Green Beans, Leek, Zucchini, Garlic

Split Yellow Mung Dal

Brown or White Basmati Rice, Quinoa

Pitta – Late Spring/Summer

Ghee or Coconut Oil, Fennel, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Mint, Cardamom

Asparagus, Potato (Sweet, White), Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Onion, Peas, Leafy Greens, Bell Pepper

Split Yellow Mung Dal or Lentils (brown, red)

White Basmati Rice, Barley, Quinoa

Kapha – Winter/Early Spring

Ghee or Corn Oil, Fennel, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Ginger, Cinnamon, Sage, Clove, Cayenne

Asparagus, Beets and Beet Greens, Broccoli, Carrot, Corn, Radish, Eggplant, Garlic, Onion, White Potato, Spinach, Turnip

Lentils (brown, red) Barley


LA DOLCE VITA The Season October to June By Bill Dougherty

People are talking about Freida Rothman. Just a few weeks ago

have big plans for next fall. They have

Susie Muzzy and Natalie Gaylord opened a private home in the

partnered with Scottsdale Fashion

Valley to showcase the extraordinary jeweler’s amazing collection. The

Square now 60 years old, Neiman

ladies donated 10% of their proceeds to TGen and Mrs. Rothman

Marcus, Scottsdale, now 30 years old

donated another 10% to TGen as well. This was just the tip of the iceberg

and TGen now 20 years old. We have

for the genomics research company. Vicki Vaughn and Bijen Dyrek

a lot of anniversaries to celebrate. The much-anticipated Runway for Research will be held in the luxury wing of Scottsdale Fashion Square in front of Neiman Marcus. The event is open to the public. This is one of the coolest fashion shows and mornings imaginable. We hope to see you on October 14, 2022. The benefit will fund needed research for cancer in women. GOTCHA! Use caution when approached by a motley dressed designer from another state. He has done a great job of inserting himself into the social scene and very fast. Our offices have received countless telephone calls, emails and text messages telling us to stay away. If Continued on page 12 you’re so successful in another state, why did you suddenly move to the Valley. Beware. You’ve been warned and so have we.

Freida Rothman with Susie Muzzy and Natalie Glaylord

Best Qualit y Best Selec tion Best Price

Princess 10.01ct SI1 GIA Official Retailer

Oval 5.39ct VS2 GIA

OPEN TUES-SAT 10am-5pm 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd (Just South of Shea) Scottsdale, AZ 85253 (480) 922-1968 •


Expert Watch Repair

Over 400 GIA Certified

Custom Jewelry Design

Diamonds 1.00-10.00 Cts

Jewelry Repair

In Our Vast Inventory


Trends Gala Impacts Rare Disease and Helps Change the Cancer Paradigm Nearly ten years ago, TGen sequenced the entire genome of five families with rare childhood disorders in hopes of providing a genetic diagnosis and answers. Based on the success of this endeavor, the Center for Rare Childhood Disorders opened their doors for families from all over the country. Today, the Center has enrolled over 750 families in research studies. At the 2018 and 2019 Trends Galas, Keri Ramsey, the Center’s Clinical Co-Director, shared the story of Alex, a young man with a devastating neurological disorder who was one of the first children to have his genome sequenced at TGen. For years Alex re­mained undiagnosed until a reanalysis of his genomic DNA at TGen was finally able to provide him with a diagnosis. His family has now connected with others around the world and is working with scientists to develop treatments. With the help Trends funding, TGen has been able to reanalyze the genome of over 200 unsolved “cold cases”. The impact of this endeavor has been monumental on hundreds of families, like Alex’s. Picture your 8-year old daughter complaining of a stomach ache that won’t go away. After weeks of trying standard remedies and multiple doctors’ visits, a scan is done, testing is completed and you get the diagnosis of ovarian cancer (OVCA)! In an 8-year-old? While the average age of diagnosis of OVCA in the U.S, is 63 years of age, a subset OVCA occurs in young girls, and it is this “subtype” of OVCA research that Trends supports. Trends is also helping to change the current cancer paradigm to drastically reduce mortality. We are near to a future where a simple blood test will detect cancers early in their development at a time when they can be cured. The Trends 2021 Gala is supporting this work, based on the key recruitment to TGen of a world leader in cancer early detection, Dr. Cristian Tomasetti.



Sharing Your World and Your Guest Room By Barbara Kaplan, It’s fun to create a temporary environment for someone visiting in your home. Even though this room may not be used often, it is a luxury to offer people and an opportunity to make them feel special, giving them a fun and different experience while sharing in your world. In this hectic world, we often don’t take time to visit with people we care about. When they come to stay with us, it is an opportunity to have a happy and quality time. How can you go about making this adventure as pleasing as possible? Begin by giving careful attention to the room where your guests will experience your hospitality. Remember it is always a privilege and a joy to invite family or friends into your home so they can experience your lifestyle. It’s nice to have a space where people feel comfortable and have privacy. So, get inspired with your decor as you begin designing their time with you. Although it may be hard to do, look at your guest room through your guest’s eyes. Decorate the room as you would your own “get away” room with attention to personal design and detail. The bed is the heart of any visit. Make sure it’s comfortable and big enough with beautiful sheets. The bedding tells the story of how much you care about your visitor. Be sure to have soft bedding with choice of pillow size and blanket weights. If the sleeping accommodations are comfortable you will have happier guests knowing that they are important to you.

Here are some thoughtful touches: • Provide high-quality blankets and pillows; keep toiletries, towels, and wash cloths available. • Offer a (mini library with a good) selection of interesting books and current magazines. If you have an extra iPad leave it in the room. If you know your guests have special interests, surprise them, and be sure to have enough outlets to charge their electronics.

Not only should a guest room be attractive and stylish it should also be efficient. You can use furniture you already have, as long as it looks like it was intended for the room. Furniture that isn’t too delicate and easy to handle makes the visitor feel more at ease.

• Provide fresh flowers, seasonal fruit, delicious snacks, or special chocolates.

Using colors is the easiest way to add personality to a space. Decide if you want the guest experience to be soothing with calmer colors, exciting with bolder colors or blend in with the rest of your home. Since the room isn’t used as much, consider giving it, its own personality. One thought could be to introduce color with pillows on a beautiful neutral bedspread and the colors can be changed with the seasons. This can also be achieved by draping a quilt or an afghan at the foot of the bed.

• Have a place to put away clothes in drawers and hang in a closet. Also, take empty luggage out of sight.

Headboards are a great way to create a design detail and add color. If you choose an upholstered one, you can match the fabric to the bedspread or the dust ruffle and add those accent pillows. Consider a sheer canopy over the bed for the unexpected. Your guests will feel like they are sleeping in a fantasy setting. Guests don’t often ask for something that they need, so anticipating their needs is thoughtful. Not only do we want to provide our guests with what they are used to, it is fun to think of new experiences you can offer them.


• Include an alarm clock and reading lamp and make sure there is enough space on the nightstand to put things on.

• Consider window treatments and how light enters the room for individual sleep and temperature control needs. • Privacy is a thought too. Provide a lock on the door. Have a large lightweight sheet to through over the bed when not in use, because dust accumulates in rooms that aren’t used. This way, your bedding is always fresh and clean for your guests without you having to change anything. It’s not possible to decorate for the style of different guests, so keep the décor to your liking since it is in your home, and your guests will enjoy living in and feeling your environment. The human factor of comfort is universal no matter what the design is. As considerate as you may want to be, your guests will always be comfortable in your home if you are happy there. So, remember rooms have no feelings, you and your guests do! |

MOON RIVER BEEF “We have the best meat – period.”

CALL IN OR ORDER ONLINE AMERICAN GRILL PACK 10 lbs includes: 6 lbs of Ground Beef and 4 T-Bones – $150.00 (substitute w/Porterhouses $200)

ARIZONA SAMPLER 25 lbs includes: 2 T-Bones or Porterhouse, 2 Sirloin Steaks, 1 Brisket, 8 lbs Ground Beef, 1 pk Stew Meat, 4 Short Ribs, 1 Chuck or Round Roast – $250

GOLDEN ANGUS PACK 20-25 lbs of Prime Cuts; 4 Tenderloins or T-Bones, 4 NY Strips, 6 lbs Ground Beef, 1 Brisket, 4 Short Ribs $350

Additional package sizes available.

ORGANIC ARIZONA BEEF AT ITS BEST Moon River Beef’s cattle are raised using centuries-old, traditional ranching methods. Our free-range cattle graze in the open mountains and gentle banks of the Verde River Valley. They are NEVER fed hormones or antibiotics. Grass-fed, and finished with the finest grains, our beef has exquisite marbling, and is the best beef you will ever taste – period. (602) 684-5517 | All products are available for pickup at 4971 East Rockridge Road | Phoenix, AZ 85018 Please call if delivery is required | @MoonRiverBeef


Savoir Faire International Adventurer By Heather Wagenhals Foreign travel is back, and many of us are going to be heading overseas this summer. And if we want to avoid the “Ugly American” moniker, we need to be aware of a few simple guidelines. 1) Be a humble guest. Consider your destination and its peoples as your host and operate from a place of grace and style. As a guest, it’s incumbent upon you to conduct yourself appropriately. 2) Getting there. Avoid assumptions that your TSA pre-check affords you the same luxuries as you enjoy stateside. Instead, familiarize yourself with aviation and immigration policies of your destination before departure. Know the COVID vaccine requirements and leave extra time before scheduled activities in the event of required onsite COVID testing.


3) Cultural respectability. “Learn the lingo” even if it’s an Englishspeaking country. Lines, cues, and not all “bums” are the same! Simple greetings, please and thank you specifically, in the local’s language, can warm up a stranger and garner help easily. 4) Dress the part. International and local attire may be a bit more formal than your current place of residence. Confirm attire requirements for locations, events, and pack appropriately. Have a small shopping reserve set aside for flexibility once there. 5) The art of the deal. Some cultures thrive on bargaining, others are offended at the notion. Find out the preference before you begin negotiating for that commemorative travel treasure.

How divorce treats you can come down to whether you have a most innovative law firm on your side. Started by one woman 22 years ago. It has grown to 57 team members today. Google us. We know you will like what you see. And the difference we make. Especially when it comes to our Family Law Department headed by Kaine Fisher. 480.505.3936 | 7144 E. Stetson Drive. Suite 300. Scottsdale. AZ 85251 | Administrative Law • Cannabis • Corporate • Cyberbullying • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations • Digital Asset Protection • Elections • Employment • Equine • Estate Planning • Family / Parenting Rights • Government Relations / Lobbying • Homeowners Associations • Immigration • Internet fraud • Land Use • Litigation • Medical Cannabis • Metaverse • NFT’s • Online Defamation / Cyber-Reputation Management • Real Estate Transactions • Real Property Appeals • Renewable Energy • Sports Law • Tax / Tax Liens • Water / Environmental • Web3 • Zoning


You Are Invited, Plus One By Patsy Lowry

“I’d like to thank everyone I’ve ever met in my life.” – Maureen Stapleton

Entertaining feeds your soul, rejuvenates your spirit! It provides an opportunity for a magical experience that gives you a happier, more joyous life. Create interesting, shared moments and experiences. Entertaining is a matter of taking something very appealing to you – and making it bigger to include others. I created a new ritual. I invited half the number of friends for lunch that I wished to attend. For example, if you want to have a luncheon for ten guests, invite five friends. Each friend is then asked to bring one friend that you do

ENTERTAINING IDEAS: 1. Plan the occasion with confidence and attention to details a couple of days in advance. 2. Always reflect your own style and ways of doing things. Share your wonderful, creative gifts. For example, set the table, purchase the food, and fresh flowers.

not know. Someone they think would like you and who you would enjoy meeting. A perfect way to meet new people and to introduce new friends to each other. Let each guest know (in advance) that they will

3. This occasion worked for me. What type of occasion would work for you?

be asked to introduce themselves and their guest. Each person at the start is then acknowledged. You can then quickly learn about your guests’ interests and lives. After gathering everyone together,

4. Focus on your energies, abilities and interests. 5. Create an intimate, fun and convivial atmosphere.

always begin first by introducing yourself and your guest. This will set the tone for the occasion. It is important that each person feels welcomed, comfortable and happy to have been included. An opportunity to cultivate new friendships!


6. Give guests an arrival and ending time. They will appreciate that! 7. Remember, the expression of our unique selves is what people want to share.

480-951-2506 10805 N 71st Way | Scottsdale, AZ


New Artist Director of Southwest Shakespeare Tell us a little bit about your background? I am an Afro-Latina mother of two from Spanish Harlem. I have been a professional actress for 30 years and a producer and arts administrator for the past twenty. I have been both an appointed and elected official in NYC, holding an honorable title for the better part of 10 years. In 2002, I founded, Take Wing And Soar Productions and later the Harlem Shakespeare Festival, giving center-stage opportunities to women, youth and especially classically trained actors of color. When I’m not working on theatre projects or serving my community in other ways, I enjoy swimming, art & design, scenic walks, and photography. Did you study Shakespeare prior to accepting this position? Yes, I studied Shakespeare at Marymount Manhattan College, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting. I continued my Shakespeare studies completing two Shakespeare intensive workshops at The Public Theater’s Shakespeare Lab in New York and Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. I have also enrolled in and completed several Professional Development Workshops at Shakespeare & Company and continue to take those workshops on a regular basis. As a Shakespeare scholar, I have served several turns as a research fellow, having been named Writer-in-Residence at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Artist- in-Residence Fellow at the Folger Institute, an A’Lelia Bundles Community Scholar at Columbia University. What enticed you about accepting this position? Accepting the position of Artistic Director at Southwest Shakespeare Company was a no brainer. I fell in love with Arizona and its environs when I first arrived here in 2019, as Artistin-Residence at Southwest Shakespeare, and continued that love affair through 2020, when I found myself hold up here during the pandemic. I was already a Shakespearean and a lover of the classics and that’s what Southwest Shakespeare was all about. I thoroughly enjoyed attending their performances. There I found great people and an all-around professionalism that I appreciated and could see myself attached to. I had also been looking to professionally challenge myself, wondering if I had what it takes to lead an arts organization that I had not founded. So, when invited as artistic leadership, I happily accepted. Where do you hope to take in company in the next several years? In the next several years I hope to continue to partner with my teammates and the company’s leadership to take the company to its highest potential as one of the finest and inclusive Shakespeare and Classical Theatre entertainment and education companies in the Southwest, America and across the globe. We will continue to build relationships with our local communities, patrons and partners through various community engagement efforts. In the next several years, I look forward to a period of growth as we invest in continuing to train our artists and production teams, while building the company’s resources and its capacity to deliver fine classical works to the communities in which we live, work and serve. Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play? My favorite Shakespeare play is Antony & Cleopatra. I think it has a great balance of comedy, tragedy, history and drama. Its language is fun and lyrical, dramatic and bawdy. The imagery is full of excitement with sounds of parties and battles and beautiful costumes that transport me back in time. I’m a history girl who loves to have fun. This play is tops for me. Tell us a little about your immediate plans? Well, I hit the ground running when I arrived here at the beginning of January, working to get reacquainted with some, meeting others and attending executive planning meetings. The company is deep in the throes of producing its annual Spring season. I’m planning on jumping right in and helping to support all season efforts. It’s always great working with Mary Way and the Southwest Shakespeare team to bring exciting, entertaining and educational


theatre to our Arizona audiences. The plan is to support the current season’s efforts while planning my first season as Artistic Director. Announcement soon to come! How do you hope to attract a new generation of attendees to the company? We trust that continuing our efforts in bringing our Shakespeare touring shows to the students of Arizona and providing the State’s teachers, students and families with opportunities to attend our professional student matinees will result in cultivating audiences, inspiring new artists and encouraging new Shakespeare scholarship and attendance. In addition, we will continue our several training opportunities for all ages. We also hope to build on our efforts of attracting a new generation of attendees to the company by creating new creative programming that resonates with all of the cultural communities of Arizona. What 7 living or dead people would you invite to your dinner party? I really think I would need a table for 12, but since I can only invite seven to this dinner party, here is my list: Martin Luther King, Jr., Ira Aldridge, Henrietta Vinton Davis, Tina Packer, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Mark Ringer and my best friend in the whole wide world, Tom Martin.

Authentic Château in need of 3+ acre lot We welcome your recommendation; Frank Aazami 480.266.0240

FRANK AAZAMI 480-266-0240


BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF ARIZONA A festive group of dedicated philanthropists gathered at the Camelback Inn just the other night. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona hosted a truly amazing night for more the 700 people. Oscar De Las Salas did a magnificent job as the televised host of the program. He stressed that more charities should take advantage of this excellent way to promote the event and donate while

Gina Cramp and Kado Stewart

Heidi and Nelson Surovetz

Kimberly Guimarin, Carol Warstler, January O’Connor


Salim Zeitoun and Tia Wee

watching the event on live television. The bash was chaired by Krystal and Nick Boggs along with Eric Bottolfsen. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides mentoring and guidance for our local Arizona youth. This needed agency assists more than 1,500 teens each year. Everything from start to finish was perfect. The organization did a magnificent job! Everyone had a blast!

Troy and Kristen Hayden

Michael and Monica Samuals with Dede and Tom Drozr

Tanya Keats and Erich Hess

Don and Christine Wilkinson

Rommel and Latresha McKinner with EzellG

Rigo Lopez, Regan Iker-Lopez, Kristine Kassel, Jon Dolgaard

Coverage courtesy of Veronica Cook and Kathy Scheib


5212 E. Palo Verde Place | PV | AZ | 85253 Floated on 1.8 Acres with views of Mummy Mountain & the entire north profile of the iconic Camelback Mountain. Just minutes from Paradise Valley Country Club. ~ Call for Price Cionne McCarthy | 602.619.4550 | |


Steve Beuerlein and Esther Kim

Ed and Laura Madden with Sarah and Matt Hasselbeck

Josh Booty and Lauren McHenry


Wilma and Sam McNabb

Ashley Schmitt and Andrew Schmitt


The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch proved the perfect late winter setting for a marvelous and especially important night. The National Quarterback Hall of Fame Club inducted three tremendous football players and for a very worthy cause too. Steve Beuerlein, Matt Hasselbeck and Donovan McNabb were inducted for 2022. While these fine gentlemen are certainly worthy of this great honor, their mission is even better. This year proceeds from the gala serve to help fund research and discoveries in the cure for ALS. Lisa Henry-Homes and Tina Huber produced the spectacular event, and they did a fantastic job. Not only did they help to induct three amazing players into the Hall of Fame but raised awareness for ALS. It was brilliant!

Conner Weigman and Darius Willis

Lori Henry, Lisa Henry-Holmes and Tina Huber

Pat Bondurant and Jennifer Cobb

Coverage courtesy of Jacci Dixon and Kirk Jarrett

Exquisite European Antiques


7001 N Scottsdale Rd. At the Seville Shopping Center Mon - Sat 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sun 12 – 5 p.m. 480.368.5720


HOUSE OF REFUGE 25TH ANNIVERSARY Every family deserves a home. For 25 years, that has been the slogan of this very worthy East Valley charity. The other night, they gathered a festive crowd of people to raise their respective glasses. Now in its 25th year, House of Refuge provides temporary housing and basic needs for families that have been displaced or become homeless. The sold-out evening took place at Gila River Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino, which proved the perfect

Charlie Alfano

Kelly Harding

venue for the indoor-outdoor gala. Xavier Gutierrez served as Honorary Spokesperson for the event and Jay Feely lent vocal talents as the night’s master-of-ceremony. The gala also highlighted some fabulous cakes in a truly amazing cake raffle which brought even more needed funds to the night. It was a superb tribute to a fantastic organization! Lee Courtney stole the show in a smashing evening black pant suit and sleek ponytail.

Susan Gartner, Traci Jewett and Regina Young

Rob Young and James Gartner

Mitchell and Darcey Blackham

Rebecca and Jay Feely with John and Deana Haas

Mike and Maggie Valdes-Fauli

Coverage courtesy of Beth McRae and Bill Dougherty


8100 N. 68TH STREET, PARADISE VALLEY | OFFERED AT $20 MILLION 2.1 acres Privately Gated / 5 Bedrooms / 11 Bathrooms / 17,912 s.f. / 8 Car Garage



Reputation is Everything®


ARCHITECTURALLY SIGNIFICANT CHARACTER HOMES Paradise Valley | Scottsdale | Arcadia | Biltmore


SAWYER AVIATION GIVES BACK BIG Wings of Humanity, Donate Life AZ, Kettey’s Exchange and Sol Dog Lodge all benefited in a big way the other evening at Sawyer Aviation. Bountiful food and liquor stations were mixed with great music. Guests dressed in all kinds of brilliant cocktail attire made the rounds. They stopped to admire high

David Barnett

Jan Elizabeth and Ben Minchner

Carissa and Rene Espinoza


fashion and fine art along the way. The massive hanger featured everything imaginable under the stars and roof too, as late winter temperatures can often be a bit tricky. This was an amazing night, and the proceeds gave the abovementioned charities a lot for which to be thankful. What a wonderful event!

D and Audra Diaz-Infante

Teri Virga Trievwasser and Clebe Best

Ken Burns with Wendi and Markee Lyons

Marie Baker and Chad Verdaglio

James Caldwell

Audry and Parker Houston

Coverage courtesy of Carol and George Bennett


Health Innovation Spotlight Working Towards a World Without Cancer 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime according to the American Cancer Society. April is National Cancer Control Month, when we focus on five goals: cancer prevention, early detection, improving treatments, increasing survival rates, and improving quality of life. The team at Calviri, an ASU spinout company on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, is focused on a bigger question. Can we eradicate cancer like we have done with small pox and polio?

Calviri’s mission is to provide affordable products worldwide that will end deaths from cancer by combining a unique, highly immunogenic source of neoantigens with a peptide array platform. As they work to eradicate cancer Calviri will develop new diagnostic and therapeutic products, and then preventative vaccines that will stop cancer from starting. They are working on solutions for people and for the pets we love, too.

Learn more about their work at

AZAdvances, part of the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation, is working to create a lasting solution to the challenge of early-stage funding for Arizona-based health innovations and to support the development of life saving and life changing innovations that are discovered and developed here. Throughout 2022, Trends readers have the opportunity to learn about the Arizona life science innovators who are working to make life better for all of us.

Learn more and donate at

Opportunity through Entrepreneurship Foundation


BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF THE VALLEY 2022 GALA Today’s Kids, Tomorrows Stars were clearly evident to anyone who happened to be at the Westin Kierland Resort the other night. 10 truly amazing young women and men took to the stage to be commended and thanked for their extraordinary accomplishments. Insight of Tempe was honored for their tire-

KarenWeinberg, Eduardo Venegas, Ellen Stanley Cook, Greg Rentilla

Sean Gibson and Patty Jacobs

Patrick and Megan Epum

Kendra Fowler and Lauren Webb

Steve and Tracy Ryan with Ann and Tim Willenborg


less efforts in helping this worthy charity. With 300 active agencies across the country, the clubs mentor, motivate and guide the youth of our country culminating in great success stories. It was a brilliant evening filled with heartwarming stories and tremendous accomplishments.

Susan and Jerome Grant

Lisa Pagel and Richard Sanderson

Amy and Richard Harp

Megan and Chad Pozzebon

Robert Shippy with Felicia Phanke and Jacque Metcalf

Coverage courtesy of Veronica Cook and Kathy Scheib

In the Heart of Phoenix is Your One Stop Shop for: TAILORING • CUSTOM DESIGNING • ALTERATIONS • FABRIC • BRA NEEDS JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SEWING FOR MEN & WOMEN! “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion” You deserve to look great! Our extensive collection of beautiful fabrics and trims are perfect for dressing you in suits, tuxedos, formals, MoB, MoG, Bridal, Bridesmaids gowns and casual wear made specifically for you and your style. –Owner and Designer Scylvia-Elvira Danese

Scylvia-Elvira Danese 'The Fairy Godmother of Fashion' and 'The Boob Whisperer'

‘The Boob Whisperer’ 9 out of 10 women are wearing the WRONG size bra. 8 out of 10 don’t know how to put it on. • • • • • •

This creates pain in your neck muscles Puts pressure on your organs Makes your back hurt Gives you bad posture makes your clothes not fit properly and the worst part as if that isn’t enough …

IT MAKES YOU LOOK FAT!!!! I do a FREE BRA FITTING, and in 5 minutes I make you look as if you lost 10 pounds. I’ll show you how to put it on, how to wear it, and if we don’t have your size we order it. We don’t give you “the sister size” as they call it.

If you are tired of having your boobs everywhere except where they should be on your body, call the ‘The Boob Whisperer’.

MEN, we are NOT afraid of your suit alterations! We do it ALL and do it BEST!

Owned and operated in Arizona since 1971

Yes we can… just say when!

Find out why people from all over the world come to Danese Creations!

602.955.1313 | | 3902 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018

Samantha’s Favorite Finds By Samantha DeRose Peter Do’s sliced wrap skirt is an elegant yet functional piece to add to your wardrobe. Pair it with a matching silk top for a futuristic and chic look. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Sparkle like the summer sun with this spectacular fancy yellow round brilliant cut diamond solitaire ring. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Daring, lightweight and stackable, Pomellato’s Iconica bracelet is the ideal all-occasion piece. Available at Oliver Smith Jeweler located at 8787 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 116.

Color has reentered the picture. Lead the charge with this standout, Jimmy Choo “Bon Bon” bucket bag in lime. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Warmer weather is upon us. Stand out this season with matching skirt and cropped top combos like these fashionable A.L.C. pieces. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

It’s during a new moon that the stars sparkle brightest and so will you with this stunning Lika Behar new moon diamond necklace. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.


THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS ... It’s because of you that Paradise Valley Estate Sales, Auctions and Consignment is celebrating it’s 18th year! We are well known among the valley’s most savvy shoppers for always having a stunning collection of home furnishings, accessories, and artwork from the finest estates and local designers. Working with trust attorneys doing household inventories, appraisals, and liquidations. PVESA enjoys customers from all over the United States and Europe. Always innovative, another PVESA exclusive is our special pricing. Some call it a “Dutch Auction” ... we call it Brilliant!

New and Unique Items are Arriving Daily TUESDAY – SATURDAY 10AM TO 4PM Mary Merkel & Anne Sarvas Visit our website 7655 E. Redfield Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | Phone: (480) 949-2096 | E-mail:


Benefitting Worldwide Survivors of all Traumas through Art A new form of interactive artwork continues being created right here in our Phoenix area neighborhoods. It’s attracted artists from a variety of backgrounds; including some young Hollywood singers and Arizona filmmakers, to share how they’ve been influenced by this art and the unusual medium used…social interaction. The Gary, Indiana born artist Ron Blake has been creating social practice artwork by meeting complete strangers for countless hours every day for six years in his herculean, charismatic efforts to reach a symbolic goal at 53rd and Broadway in New York. This challenging cross-continental odyssey also assists him in an extensive, ongoing recovery from a brutal rape he experienced after three men entered his downtown Phoenix loft while he was asleep and sick one evening. Blake struggled badly after that. Then a simple unexpected moment of laughter on a suicidal night changed everything for this former high school physics teacher. That spark of hope was the muse for what’s turned out to become one heck of an exhilarating artistic adventure. Which has subsequently allowed him through art to bring much needed awareness to issues of rape, domestic violence, and PTSD. Especially letting people see that guys too experience sexual and domestic abuse. The artist has engaged 32,077 strangers one by one during his travels throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Those individuals contributed vibrant stories of hope and support for Blake’s efforts to reach the goal. They contributed stories on 494 giant foam boards. They’re written in 94 languages with 27 Sharpie marker colors. Stories including among other things poetry, jokes, Bible verses, motivational quotes, caricatures and one charming invitation for El Artista Blake to be a dinner guest in Spain. Que maravillosa es la vida! Many of the Valley of the Sun’s movers and shakers met Blake and added their colorful support and messages to the artwork. Our local mayors, professional athletes, members of Congress, esteemed musicians, and business leaders have played a beautiful part of guiding and encouraging the artist. So that one day he will indeed succeed in delivering the massive display of hope to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ... the symbolic goal. Blake was nominated for and gave a TEDx talk at Grand Canyon University. Explaining this innovative artistic path to overcoming trauma. And sharing the significance of the healing power of laughter he experienced from that late night comedy show and host. The avant-garde work is getting plenty of attention from creatives in other disciplines. A large group of singers from America’s Got Talent fame heard of Blake’s story of determination and art. They contacted him and are now producing an original uplifting song about it all. It will be used to inspire survivors across Arizona and the globe to see what’s possible beyond rape and trauma. Three ASU journalism students produced an Emmy nominated documentary about the evolution of


Serjio Hernandez, Ron Blake, and Kris Pickel

the art and how it’s helping Blake and others in healing from the bad stuff. How cool is it that even Pope Francis, Super Bowl Coach Jim Harbaugh, and Martin Luther King Jr’s niece Alveda King became active in this journey of hope and art. All three of these dynamic leaders mailed personal (handwritten) letters to Blake, recognizing his value as a person and showing their heartfelt appreciation for his inspiring work. Quite possibly the most wonderful aspect of all of this is that it took place during the past six years. In the most divided time in our nation’s history. Since the Civil War. But the artwork doesn’t demonstrate that divisiveness. It shows a powerful spirit of unity. Individuals from all walks of life. Joining together. As one impressive display of optimism, expression, passion, and resilience. These people. Their stories. Their amazing support. Their kindness and compassion. This artwork. It’s motivated Blake to do more than only yearn for a symbolic goal. He’s used that art to nudge himself to testify before a Senate Judiciary Committee to successfully pass a bill that expands protection for Arizona’s rape survivors. He’s used that art to give him the courage to stand in front of 43,000 fans at a Diamondbacks game. Where he threw out the ceremonial first pitch and brought attention to sexual abuse victims. Especially men and boys. Blake’s used that art to channel his frustrations into confidently speaking out for social justice for rape survivors as he’s appeared on dozens of TV and radio interviews from San Francisco to Boston. Blake’s two wishes. Get the boards to The Late Show. Then get the 494 giant boards of artwork finally framed and placed in a permanent Valley exhibit. A magical place where worldwide survivors of all traumas can visit. To see the epic collective odyssey of hope. An extraordinary radiant legacy for us all to leave behind. No one ever walks the path alone!

Change the Chanel


PHOENIX HEART BALL KICK OFF 2022 Alarm clocks went off early as some of the most beautiful and hardworking ladies in the charity community slipped into beautiful clothing and high heels. The morning toasted the 63rd annual Phoenix Heart Ball. The muchanticipated evening is one of the very oldest in the state and steeped with lasting traditions. This year, Amanda Garmany will chair the big bash. Vice-chairs Raquel Miller and Denise Voss will be on hand as well along with ball Sweetheart Jennifer Carmer. Charlene Berge-Blum will chair

Lee Courtney, Charlene Berge-Blum, Molly Stockley and Marilyn Alexander

Robert Richter

Carolyn Ross and Jean Marley


the ball in 2023. Saks Fifth Avenue showcased a plethora of fashions coordinated by iconic fashion mavin Margaret Merritt. Robert’s Catering did a tremendous job with a splendid breakfast. Mimosas were poured freely, and guests shopped away the morning. Famed Chef Mark Tarbell will serve as the ball’s honorary chair, and he looks better than everyone else! Eileen Yeung stole the show in a magnificent two-piece ensemble and smashing stacks of fine jewels to match! You should have been there!!!

Beth McRae and Sasha Clements

Nan Howlett and Jamie Lendrum with Julie Prusak

Lisa Portigal and Dee Dee Vecchione

Mark Tarbell

Eileen Yeung and Susie Wesley

Sylvia Shoen and Carol Dries with Bea Rocklin

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty


Priscilla Nicholas with Sylvia Shoen and Carolyn Jackson

Vicki Vaughn and Donna Hicks

Lisa Pegal and Darlene Keller-Price with Alexis Glascock

Charlene Berge-Blum, Racquel Miller, Amanda Garmany, Denise Voss and Jennifer Carmer

Amanda and Dana Garmany

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty

Cay Cowie and Victoria Granberry with Cheryl Nocifera

Gee Gee Entz and Susie Wesley with Jane Christensen



CHILDHELP DRIVE THE DREAM 2022 GALA A massive crowd of people gathered at The Phoenician Resort the other evening for the much-anticipated Childhelp Drive The Dream gala. This year chairs Laurie and Budd Florkiewicz along with Shelia and Mike Ingram created a festive 1940s USO tribute to our troops. Everyone was there! From celebrities to politicians and movers and sharker in the social community. The ball room filled to capacity. Jerry Colangelo took home

Shelia Ingram, Carol Cook, Jerry Colangelo and Rebecca Cook

Larry and Lori Heath

Cookie and Cedric Ceballos


top honors as The Childhelp Man of the Year. Ed Robson was presented with The Childhelp Nellie Jackson Award as well. Top notch entertainment kept the crowd moving and grooving. A very special tribute was paid to our nation’s military service for keeping us safe. The organization was founded in 1959 by Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson to aid neglected and abused children. Belle of the Ball Dur Hammer in camouflage.

Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara

Mike Spagnola with Carolyn and Craig Jackson

Dan and Cindy Ketcherside

Budd and Laurie Florkiewicz

John Hopkins and Chris Stephenson

Jill Babb, Kathy Lee Gifford, Ryan Smith, Dru Hammer, Stacey Weber

Coverage courtesy of Veronica Cook and Kathy Scheib


Jenna and Remus Repta

Bob and Molly Stockley

Shannon and Jason Edwards

Coverage courtesy of Veronica Cook and Kathy Scheib

Dick and Stacey Stephenson

Metal Head and Brooklyn of Bikers Against Child Abuse

Talisha and Chris Hunt with Risa and Ian Flashner

Lori and Bill Bell

Dru Hammer

Lese Gaudreau and Brian McGee

Kathy Harris and Ed Lewis


relaxed, refined, a n d e xc lu s i v e .

Part of the Nôble House Hotels and Resorts Collections, Little Palm Island is one of very few private island resorts in the United States and the ultimate romantic getaway. With 30 individual thatched-roof bungalows and a maximum cap of 60 persons, this adult-only boutique spread out over 4 acres is a pandemic safe-haven, tropical distancing style! Situated in the lower Florida keys, Little Palm Island is inviting from the get go. Make it extra special and arrive via sea plane, or sail in from Miami. If a car is the mode of transportation, you will be welcomed at the chic on-shore reception and dock on Little Torch key. Toss the keys to WKH YDOHW DQG EH RõHUHG D Ù*XPE\ 6OXPEHUÚ D GHOLFLRXV rum and coconut libation). You will then be ushered DERDUG WKH DQWLTXH ZRRGHQ \DFKW 7UXPDQ QDPHG LQ honor of President Harry S. Truman. He and his wife Bess, frequented the island as a winter guests). After a quick scenic boat ride over to the Little Palm, surrounded by mangroves and sandbars, you are given an introduction to this charming resort with a twist on British West Indies HOHJDQFH 7KH YLEH LV UHOD[HG UHöQHG DQG H[FOXVLYH There are several spectacular dining venues. A favorite was white table cloth dining on the beach with a 180 GHJUHH YLVWD RI WKH VHD DQG VXUURXQGHG E\ öUH OLW WRUFKHV The dining room and patios also have panoramic views of the water. Tables are purposefully positioned for space and privacy. The food is most delicious and Chef Danny *DQHP KDV D JUHDW WDOHQW LQ FUHDWLQJ ZRQGHUIXO GLVKHV XVLQJ ORFDOO\ VRXUFHG öVK :KHQ P\ KXVEDQG VR SURXGO\ FDXJKW D VQDSSHU GXULQJ KLV SULYDWH öVKLQJ FKDUWHU FKHI worked his magic with this catch and prepared incredible tacos and sliders. /LWWOH 3DOP LV D ÙJHWDZD\Ú IURP LW DOO PHDQLQJ QR WHOHYLVLRQ QR FRPSXWHUV DQG OLPLWHG ZLö 7KH GHQVH WURSLFDO IROLDJH is creatively placed to give the upmost privacy and crushed


seashells line the paths. Each bungalow is thoughtfully appointed with private decks, water view, and a bonus outdoor shower. If you are ready to splurge on top of \RXU VSOXUJH WKH 5RPDQFH VXLWH RõHUV DQ RXWGRRU FRSSHU WXE KDPPRFN SULYDWH EHDFK DQG öUH SLW 7KHUH VHYHUDO GLõHUHQW WXUQ GRZQ VHUYLFHV DQG WKH EXWWHU÷\ QHWWLQJ WKDW is drawn around the four post bed is magical. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, exercise in the well appointed gym, take a kayak out to explore, try a paddle board yoga class, or just be deservedly lazy by the pool. Adventure also looms with several excursions options: /RRH .H\ D QHDUE\ UHHI RõHULQJ ERWK VQRUNHOLQJ DQG GLYLQJ 'U\ 7RUWXJDV GD\ WULS YLD VHDSODQH SULYDWH öVKLQJ FKDUWHUV wake boarding, dolphin encounters, and even skydiving. Small but spectacular, Spa Terre must be mentioned. 2õHULQJ PDQ\ IDEXORXV VHUYLFHV WKH VSD×V 2FHDQ :DYH Four Hands Massage is unique with two massage therapists synchronizing the motion of four hands was a highlight. With many interesting scrubs on the menu, the Organic Slimming Seaweed Leaf Wrap was a favorite.

We hope to inspire and reassure you that exploring - near or far - is an investment in your friends, family and yourself. Book with us today!

50 Resorts in The World — 2020 and most recently

julie b ow e

dya n getz

on the 2022 Best Private Island Resort list, Little Palm

is a most memorable experience and worth the trip.






THE HONOR BALL 45TH ANNIVERSARY Honor Health Foundation presented the Honor Ball at the Camelback Inn to a glittering array of people from the healthcare and philanthropic worlds alike. Christine Watson returned to chair the ball again this year and was joined by Sally Tryhus. Both ladies did a monumental job with every detail of the famed event. The White House Design Studio did a brilliant job transforming the ballroom with soft shades of gold, blue and silver and candelabras and flora abounded. This year’s honoree, Howard Katz, gave a magnificent and very moving speech and thanked everyone in attendance.

Heather and Michael Greenbaum

Impulse returned to spin sounds yet again. Even with the dance floor doubled, they could have tripled the parquet floors. It was that much fun! This ball never disappoints, and this year brought with it everything that makes it so very smashing. The organization paid special tribute to Laura Grafman for her tireless dedication of more than 40 years to the organization. That was the very best part of a perfect night. elle of the Ball Harriet Friedland in shades of cream and salmon.

Kathy and Ken Player

Vicki and Vernon Vaughn

Margie and Rex Porter

Jack and Harrriet Friedland


Sandy Cowen and Darlene Keller-Price

Mykl and Lisa Garrett

Coverage courtesy of Sally and Peter Krzykos



Tara and Nikhil Iyengar

Sally and Gregg Tryhus

Mytia McNeal and Andrew Lowe

Jill Chait and Jami Hagler with Molly McElroy

Maria and Frank Aazami

Coverage courtesy of Sally and Peter Krzykos

Maulik and Nina Shah

Christine and David Watson



It’s Time To Upgrade! By Christopher Coffin

There are exciting trends in the hardware and plumbing industry that designers are using in the most modern-looking estates. The great news is, they can easily breathe new life into an existing home for anyone looking to simply refresh an existing area. Galley workstations have become the new favorite to feature on a large center island or bar area. They can also be installed outdoors, for poolside entertaining. These stations are the ultimate culinary system where food can be prepared and served all at one place. They make cooking and cleanup easier and are offered in cool finishes; including stainless steel, matte gold, matte brass and black stainless steel. Wall-hung toilets, which have been used around the world for decades, are now available in America. Architects and designers are finding they not only look attractive, they make the best use of a small space and consume less water. They can even have a bidet feature. According to Clyde Hardware company, they’re one of the strongest trends this decade. Wall-hung vanities, which for years have been a popular European design, are now trending in the US market. Glass, wood and solid surface vanity tops are available in a variety of colors and material combinations. Streamlined, minimalist-designed door & cabinet hardware is all the rage. Levers and the return of knob applications without rosettes provides a cleaner feeling. Lighter finishes are now offered in white bronze, satin brass, satin gold, satin nickel and stainless steel. These finishes can also have a hard-durable coating applied to them called physical vapor deposition (PVD) which allows the base metals to maintain their original finish with little to no wear. Modern Metal Designs out of California has caught the design world by storm. They offer incredibly cool looking laser-cut doors, sliders, grills and panels that can be used for various applications ranging from gates to closets. Each design is custom to the size and offered in a variety of metals and finishes. These hot new items can not only add beauty and functionality to a dwelling, they can make both daily living and entertaining even more enjoyable.




Iron Chef Asian Fusion Don’t be surprised if you happen to see a string of socialites standing in line for take aways or seating. Chances are, you will always run into someone you know at Iron Chef. For the past 15 years, this magnificent fusion of Japanese and Chinese fare has catered to everyone from teenagers on a budget to the most affluent circles of the Valley. Their incomparable service, food quality and Hong Kong flair makes this the go to spot for all things Pacific Rim. You won’t find better Asian cuisine and boundless amounts of sushi anywhere, and for about half of what the competition charges. Starters Order the famed Pupu Platter. There are so many different Asian inspired hors d’ oeuvres on this massive platter that you might skip dinner all together. Vegetarian egg rolls, spring rolls, massive amounts of Japan­ ese tempura and so on. A perfect antidote to a large gathering or appetizer to appease hungry children. Try all five of the fine Asian soups, Edamame and seven different house made salads. All are tremendous! Mains We suggest the Shrimp with Garlic Sauce and Mixed Vegetables. Then try the Broccoli Beef, Szechuan Chicken, Beef Yaki and the Kung Pao Chicken. Each dish is made to order. You might select extra vegetables or more beef or poultry. At Iron Chef they aim to please and there are no upcharges for your special requests. The General Tso’s Chicken is served with a fantastic orange sauce and may also be ordered to any epicurean’s discriminating tastes. The chicken pieces are huge and tender, too. There are also various Lo Mein and Stir Fry options. This menu is huge! Sushi There are more than two pages of excellent sushi on this menu. We suggest The Phoenix Roll, the Spider Roll , the Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll, the Sunset roll and the Fuji Mountain Roll. Each one of these truly unbelievable creations comes with a vivid description. There are both raw and cooked options for everyone. The rolls look more like a work of fine Asian art than eatable fare.


Vegetarian, Weight Watchers, Vegan, Family Meals and Catering Everything on the menu can be cooked to a vegan or vegetarian request. The vast amount of vegetables make any entrée on the menu a true delight. Don’t miss the AAC sushi roll. Made with asparagus, avocado and cucumber, this roll is to die for! The entire menu, which again is huge, may also be made into custom party platters, economic family meals and may be catered as well. Iron Chef Paradise Valley Marketplace/Whole Foods Shopping Center 10810 N. Tatum Blvd, #106, Phoenix, AZ 85028 Tel. 602.765.6888


C hef Robert Richter established

Robert’s Catering, Inc. and Cakes in 1980, creating traditional comfort foods, French cuisine, cutting edge contemporary cuisine, and simply the best cakes for the most discriminating palette, yours.

480.963.4040 E:


Build Me A City By Nancy Joaquim Set in nineteenth century Paris, this book is rich with glamour, magic and smashing nightlife. Build Me A City, hooks you from the moment you read the first chapter. Nancy Joaquim is not only a Valley philanthropist, but a truly gifted writer. Her dive into all things France during one of the country’s finest hours, is great. There are rich references to Napoleon Bonaparte and Louis Napoleon’s vision of a Paris for not only the rich, but also the masses. This novel is abundant with countless side stories, nuances and little known information on some of the finest sites and iconic places now visited everyday by tourists. Nancy Joaquim paints a vivid picture of a dark Paris, just before it is about to turn into the world class city we know today. Her research into so much, we now take for granted. Combined with twists and turns in a plot so delicious, is marvelous. Anyone interested in historical fiction should read this book. With everything going on in our world today, Build Me A City serves as a clever and fastly moving escape of a truly remarkable era rich with amazing characters. Brilliant!

4001 N. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016 ph: 602.957.0186 ♦ fax: 602.956.0463 See additional designs on Instagram: @whitehousedesignstudio


There’s no place like

Susie Wesley & McKenna Wesley REALTORS®

602.469.0227 | 602.721.5795 |


Already Gone By Joe Roth Lets face it, if you survived 2009 you and the rest of the world are all better for it. The world crumbled around most Americans. The real estate and banking industries crashed, and the country fell apart financially. People closed businesses and many moved out of their homes in the middle of the night. Joe Roth was not exception. Yet despite what happened to him he decided to document his losses and turn lemons into lemon aid. Already Gone serves as a modern version of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, but with an unequally different twist. In On the Road, Mr. Kerouac is simply analyzing life and the people around him. In Already Gone, the author is picking up the pieces of his once opulent life and heading west with a new vision. While both books are similar, the later proves far more realistic and comedic. This is an easy and great read, written in first person from a man who has done it and seen it by the time he has decided he must reinvent the ways of his life. With his K-9 sidekick Miles the two set out on not only the journey of a new life but a spiritual journey of healing and reinvention. A great read for anyone who when through that horrific few years.




Established in 1994


Expertise in-house tailoring and alterations Open Daily: 480.998.9069



NEW ADDRESS 7353 Via Paseo Del Sur, #44 | Scottsdale





Try a new Sport at the Village! You can play all day at the Village. Grab your racquet, golf club, basketball, or swimsuit. Play with friends or make new ones. We offer lessons, leagues, clinics, and more around all your favorite sports, even pickleball and fencing. Not to mention all the social events tied to sports like Nine and Wine, Wimbledon Whiteout, pub runs, and more. Visit or Scan QR Code for

7-day VIP Membership

CAMELBACK VILLAGE Phoenix, AZ 85018 602.840.6412

DC RANCH VILLAGE Scottsdale, AZ 85255 480.502.8844

GAINEY VILLAGE Scottsdale, AZ 85258 480.609.6979

OCOTILLO VILLAGE Chandler, AZ 85248 480.656.0045


Angiolo Livi Chef, Owner

Angiolo Livi — Youngest recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

Inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame • Gourmet Magazine • Wine Spectator • Zagat Survey

It would be our pleasure to cater your next family and corporate event.”

— Angiolo


EST. 1974

Fresh Pasta & Pasteries made fresh daily in our exhibition kitchen!

602-956-0900 EASY! – Make reservations online or call for your intimate dinner, or group get-together.




WEDDING BELLS COUPLE Lindsey Peyton Anderson Mark Robert Yost

MEET THE PARENTS Cheryl and Jeff Anderson, Scottsdale, AZ Cindy and Jim Yost, Chicago IL

WEDDING CEREMONY The Royal Palms, Phoenix, AZ

MUSIC Ceremony – Sweetwater Strings Dinner & Reception – Groove Mobile DJ

WEDDING PLANNER Caitlin Caval, Outstanding Occasions


DECOR Sarah’s Garden

PHOTOGRAPHY Rachael Koscica Photography LifeWorks Cinema – Videographer

BRIDES GOWN Lazaro – Bella Bianca, Chicago

GROOMS TUX Francesco Vitale Barberis

HONEYMOON “Minimoon” – driving the California coast Honeymoon Planning – Sea to City Travels Rome & Florence, Italy in June, 2022

SOMETHING DIFFERENT • The Bride’s Flower Girl was the daughter of her parents’ Flower Girl at their wedding • Wedding guests attended from 17 different states • Fireworks were planned as a secret surprise!

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