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S O C I E T Y | FA S H I O N | H O M E | D I N I N G | A R T 40TH ANNIVERSARY Established in 1982




Ca t heri n e J aco b so n | 6 0 2 .7 9 0 .1 9 9 2

7620 North Red Ledge Drive 202,205 | Paradise Valley 11.46 Acres $2,500,000 | MLS # 6318540

C hr is ty D ean | 6 0 2 .3 2 7 .0 6 9 7

6223 North 51st Place 34 | Paradise Valley . 7 5 A c r e s | 33,077 Apx SQ FT $1,950,000 | M L S # 6 3 4 9 2 3 3



Ji l l Bren en stu h l | 6 0 2 .5 2 4 .1 6 7 7

6480 East Arroyo Verde Drive | Paradise Valley 9 BR | 10 BA | 17,322 SQ FT $13,700,000 | MLS# 6289000


K aren P r atte | 6 0 2 .2 2 8 .4 3 7 7

3138 East San Juan Avenue | Phoenix 3 B R | 3 . 5 B A | 3, 3 1 0 S Q F T $1,310,000 | MLS# 6315059

EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE DESIRABLE Natural Dark Green Yellow Diamond G.I.A. Certified 6.41 cts. VS 2 Platinum - $ 280,000.00


Judy Bowe By Bill Dougherty

To know Judy Bowe was to love her. Her beautiful silver hair, soft Floridian accent, beautiful singing voice and love of piano; something she mastered early in life; made her a true renaissance woman. I prefer to remember Judy as one of the funniest people on the social scene and a true action figure. She passed away last month after a series of health setbacks. She was a true Southern woman in every aspect of the term. Judy and her beloved husband, Clarence Bowe, set up shop in Arizona early in 1960. They met with tremendous success in vast real estate holdings and various ventures that would also bring them great fortune. Yet throughout everything they had and did, they were perhaps one of the most down-to-earth couples in the community and the philanthropic world. They donated and supported heavily in the Valley as it rose in great population. Judy was instrumental in the development of Arizona Women’s Cancer Society. She also found time for Maricopa County Hospital Auxiliary, Diggers Garden Group, ARC, Honor Health and would later gain emeritus status on the Board of Trustees from Honor Health Care Foundation. Her philanthropic work was to be admired. She was a true stand-alone in the social community. Her dynamite smile could aluminate the darkest of nights. Many did not know that Judy Bowe was a professional water skier in her native Florida. So successful was she, that she joined the worldfamous Cypress Gardens ski team; dazzling millions who flocked to the amusement park each year. She was also a licensed ship’s captain and a member of the California Maritime Association. During the sizzling summer months, she and her family vacationed in Coronado with Judy at the helm of their massive vessel. Judy had one of the greatest senses of humor imaginable. I loved her storytelling and the occasional off-color joke that went along with her captivating personality. To me, my favorite Judy moment was in 2004 when she and daughter Julie, a Trendsetter of the same year, took to the massive stage at our gala and walked the runway together. It was a brilliant night. They are the only mother-daughter to date that were named Trendsetters in the same year. Her support of the Trends Charitable Fund would continue until her untimely passing. It was always such a pleasure to run into Judy at Randy’s Restaurant in Scottsdale, where she moved after the passing of her beloved husband. Dressed always to the nines even on a weekend, Judy would join us in our favorite booth, make us laugh until our heads spun; then quietly pick up our check as she departed. We will miss you Judy Bowe, but you are finally reunited with your dear husband Clarence. Besides, who else is going to keep God in stiches with all those witty jokes. She had an extraordinary life!



Remembering Judy Bowe


Remembering Bob Machiz


Remembering Troy Murray


Publisher La Dolce Vita


Society AHS Golf Tournament


Society Make A Wish Golf Tournament


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Wedding Bells Littleton/Cochran

ON THE COVER Celebrity chefs Marc Lupino, Vincent Guerithault, Chris Bianco and Mark Tarbell together with philanthropist Jimmy Valley. The five men gathered at Saint Vincent de Paul to feed steaks to the homeless.



Bob Machiz By Bill Dougherty

Few if any people get to live until they’re ninety-eight. Well, 2008 Fabulous Phoenician Bob Machiz did and up until his death, he was eating at Ocean 44 and attending Phoenix Sun’s games on a constant basis. But that was just one facet of a man who had such a zest for life. It’s no wonder that he led one of the most extraordinary lives imaginable. Bob Machiz was a poster child for the American dream. The son of Russian immigrants, he only spoke Yiddish upon entering kindergarten. By the time he graduated from college, he held the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Key. But rather than going into business, he quickly became an officer in the United States Army. His division would be one of the early arrivals on the HMRS Queen Mary at Normandy. He would be instrumental along with his regiment in building a pipeline which would fuel General Patton’s tanks and eventually stop Nazi Germany from destroying the rest of the world. Following the war, Bob dabbled in his parents’ highly successful candy store, the New York garment industry, and the insurance business. However, he said he never felt quit satisfied. In 1967, he and his family moved to Phoenix. His wife, Iris, started attending Weight Watcher’s meetings and Bob was quite taken with the operation. In the winter of 1967, the family opened the Arizona franchise of Weight Watchers. While things did not get off to a great start; by the 1980s, Bob was one of the most successful businesspeople in the state and everything he touched turned to gold. Iris died in 1989 leaving Bob reclusive and devastated. In 1991, a friend suggested that he attend a New Year’s Eve party. There he met a vivacious and witty brunet named “Carole.” The two would go on to ignite the fires of the philanthropic world for the next two decades. In 1978, the late Julia Brophy and I met Carole at the Nutty Candy Store in Town & Country Mall. Julia’s mother Diane, together with Brandy Fishman, had just opened ‘Arrival’ in the same space. Tired of watching our mothers try on clothes, we walked to the sweet shop and there we met Carole. At the time, Carole owned Green Apple, the hugely successful ladies clothing store at the front of the mall. We became fast friends, but over the years we moved in different directions. In January of 1994 while reporting for this publication, I reconnected with Carole at a Sun’s benefit. She told me she had met the most marvelous man. She introduced me to Bob Machiz. Six degrees of separation! The Machiz’s would lend huge support to Phoenix Sun’s Charities, Phoenix Heart Ball, the JCC, Celebrity Fight Night, Childhelp, Sandra Day O’Connor Institute, Trends Charitable Fund, Body Positive and so many more. Although we lost the much-adored Carole in 2013, Bob continued to lend his name and support to the philanthropic community. He was a man among men and one of the greatest people I’ve known. Arizona is a far better place because of Bob Machiz! He will be missed.


VOLUME 40, NO. 2

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With the most expressive face, it is a true wonder how Gladiolus was abandoned by his previous owners in a park before being rescued by the Arizona Humane Society on Thanksgiving of this year. The adorable four-year-old American Bulldog sure has a lot to be thankful for now that he is safe and looking for a new forever home to call his own.

Scottsdale Maverick Troy Murray

Energetic, loving and playful, this moo-cow of a pup would enjoy a home that helps teach him new tricks and allows him to get his wiggles out in a productive manner by keeping his body and mind stimulated. With lots of puzzle toys, plenty of walks and positive reinforcement, Gladiolus will be sure to make anybody glad to call him their new best friend. Because of his excitement for life, this cute pup would do best in a home with older children who are at least eight years old. Meet Gladiolus at AHS’ South Mountain location off of 15th Ave. and Dobbins Rd. in Phoenix by scheduling a Virtual Adoption by Appointment at His adoption fee is $150 and includes his neuter surgery, current vaccinations, a microchip and a free follow-up wellness exam with a VCA Animal Hospital.

Antoinette One of the last of 40 pets transferred to the Arizona Humane Society in September after being saved from Hurricane Ida, Antoinette is patiently waiting for her happy forever after in Arizona after her long trek across country. Now that she is enjoying life in the desert, this beautiful eight-year-old domestic shorthair calico is hoping that she can also find a home to call her own like the rest of the Louisiana pets saved through AHS’ Emergency Response Team from this disaster. Although she can be very loving after getting to know you, this royal cat needs some time to warm up to people and to be allowed to be her independent self. Antoinette is a great cuddle bug who will even nudge you when she wants more pets and loves to bird watch when she is not nestled between her favorite people. Meet Antoinette at AHS’ South Mountain location off of 15th Ave. and Dobbins Rd. in Phoenix by scheduling a Virtual Adoption by Appointment at Her adoption fee is $50 and includes her spay surgery, current vaccinations, a microchip and a free follow-up wellness exam with a VCA Animal Hospital.

By Jinger Richardson

Troy Murray, a native Arizonian born in 1935 in Clarkdale, had 5 siblings. He regarded Prescott as his hometown. After High School, he studied to be a pastor at Grand Canyon College and married Marilyn Reh (1956-1984). They had two daughters, Jinger Murray Richardson and Missy Murray Anderson. In 1961, Troy worked at Porter’s Western Wear and pastored a small church in Walnut Grove for five years. Troy and Marilyn opened Troy’s Western Store, a clothing and tack store on Main Street in Scottsdale and added a small art gallery. They opened Scottsdale’s first major art gallery, Troy’s Cowboy Art Gallery in 1970. Troy became well-known in the realm of western art and represented many outstanding western artists, including Howard Terpning and Olaf Wieghorst. They were responsible for encouraging many of the Cowboy Artists of America artists. Troy was very active in helping build Old Town Scottsdale and the western character that remains today. He was involved with Scottsdale Board of Adjustments, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Scottsdale Mounted Sheriff’s Posse, Scottsdale Charros and the Scottsdale Bible Church Board. He was one of the original founders and board members of Scottsdale Christian Academy. Troy raised money for our Scottsdale Museum of the West. He also co-sponsored a large city-wide men’s Bible study called Master’s Men. Giving back to many causes and generously giving of his time to family and friends was his passion. Troy was a true cowboy at heart, an avid trader and collector of western art and memorabilia. As a great storyteller, he loved sharing stories about the old west. In 2004, Troy married artist, Bernadette Hughes. They shared a deep passion for art, history, and the west. Troy touched many lives in profound ways. His huge heart, warm smile, kindness and constant love for his family and friends will be missed by all.


LA DOLCE VITA The Season October to May By Bill Dougherty

The last days of winter have been quite the boon for the charity world.

month we are celebrating our 40th

While some organizations backed out and canceled, fearing the worst,

anniversary. We are the fourth oldest

others persevered and were sold out the moment their invitations

publication in the state. We are also

dropped. Those who decided to wait, will inevitably regret their hasty

the first publication to create an award


developed specifically to honor women for their outstanding civic and

Our Best Dressed List returned last month to quite the unexpected flurry. Our offices received countless inquiries regarding those selected. Since we narrowed it down to only two a year, the competition has become fierce. As you know from last month, Betsey Moore of the Board of Visitors world and Douglas McKinney of all things Childhelp made the final cut. This decision would send a plethora of nominations for next year our way. Stay tuned, there’s always more. By the time you read our next issue in March, we will have selected our Fabulous Phoenician and 10 new Trendsetters. It’s interesting to see that several Valley periodicals are now using the name “Trendsetters,” to describe what they deem powerful women in our community. This

charitable contributions to the community. We are still the first and still the most prestigious. Sorry to disappoint. Remember, imitation is the best form of flattery. GOTCHA! Use extreme caution with a husband and wife who pose as the heirs apparent for a local charity. While they may do some good, their methods and motives are highly questionable. Funny, they have no idea that those around them are secretly hoping to oust them. It reminds us of Operation Valkyrie when Nazis inside the party Continued on page 12 tried to assassinate Adolph Hitler from within. Stay tuned, there’s always more ...

4001 N. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016 ph: 602.957.0186 ♦ fax: 602.956.0463 See additional designs on Instagram: @whitehousedesignstudio



ARIZONA HUMANE SOCIETY The Arizona Humane Society’s second annual Home in One Golf Tournament will take place Friday, April 29 at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club. This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better as Arizona golfers, and animal lovers alike, take over not one, but two courses in their support of the Valley’s homeless pets. Co-chaired by Jamie Middleton and Susan Yannitelli, the event will feature breakfast, lunch, an online auction, 50/50 raffle and chance to win one-of-a-kind prizes with a hole in one! Adoptable pets will

Adrian Gonzalez, Richard Martin, Scott Pasmore and Andre Roberts

Patrick Peterson

Scott Pasmore


line the fairways for a chance to get a home-in-one and proceeds will benefit the 15,000 sick, injured and abused homeless pets that AHS cares for each year. Last year’s sold-out event raised more than $83,000 for AHS’ rescue efforts, trauma hospital, intensive care units and spay/neuter initiatives. Guests can reserve their spot or sponsorship package today by visiting

Jamie Middleton and Susan Yannitelli

Keith and Patty Withycombe, Steven Hansen with Chip and Daryl Weil

Gar Heard, Brad Perry, Diana Douglass and Rohit Tripathi

Coverage courtesy of Arizona Humane Society

EnsureYour Divorce Grass Is Greener

Family Law Leaders Since 2000 How divorce treats you can come down to whether you have a most innovative law firm on your side. Started by one woman more than 20 years ago. It has grown to nearly 50 team members today. Google us.We know you will like what you see. And the difference we make. Especially when it comes to our Family Law Department headed by Kaine Fisher. 480.505.3936 | 7144 E Stetson Drive, Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | Administrative Law • Cannabis • Corporate • Cyberbullying • DUI • Elections • Employment • Equine • Family / Parenting Rights • Government Relations / Lobbying • Homeowners Associations • Immigration • Internet fraud • Land Use • Litigation • Medical Cannabis • Online Defamation / Cyber-Reputation Management • Real Estate Transactions • Real Property Appeals • Renewable Energy • Sports Law • Tax/Tax Liens • Water / Environmental • Zoning


ANNUAL HOLIDAY CLASSIC Sunshine, golf with celebrities, outstanding entertainment and LIVE auctions all to support a great cause, what more could you ask for? On December 1-2, 2021, High Point Events in partnership with 21st Century HealthCare, Avnet and a host of other sponsors produced the annual Holiday Classic golf event at the striking Mountain Shadows Resort. The special event featured

Marcus Allen, Andrew McGee, Jonathon Thomas and Bill Bidwell, Jr

Mountain Shadows Resort

John Horsefield with Logan France and Kyle Wiederspan


an exclusive group of celebrities, professional athletes and entertainers in a two-day special experience benefiting Make-A-Wish Arizona and St. Joseph the Worker. Due to the incredible support from sponsors and the community, the charitable event raised a record-breaking $185,000 for the two highly respected non-profit organizations.

Johnny Bench and Karie Dozer

Simon Beltran and Althea Beltran

Greg Horsefield, Johnny Bench, Susie Snyder and Alejandrina Vostrejs

Paul Konerko, Scott Whicker, Phil Gallagher and Alex Luorio

Coverage courtesy of Make-a-Wish Arizona and St. Joseph the Worker

MOON RIVER BEEF “We have the best meat – period.”



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GOLDEN ANGUS PACK 20-25 lbs of Prime Cuts; 4 Tenderloins or T-Bones, 4 NY Strips, 6 lbs Ground Beef, 1 Brisket, 4 Short Ribs $350

Additional package sizes available.

ORGANIC ARIZONA BEEF AT ITS BEST Moon River Beef’s cattle are raised using centuries-old, traditional ranching methods. Our free-range cattle graze in the open mountains and gentle banks of the Verde River Valley. They are NEVER fed hormones or antibiotics. Grass-fed, and finished with the finest grains, our beef has exquisite marbling, and is the best beef you will ever taste – period. (602) 684-5517 | All products are available for pickup at 4971 East Rockridge Road | Phoenix, AZ 85018 Please call if delivery is required | @MoonRiverBeef


Phoenix Art Museum pARTy How did you ladies meet? S: We met through the Board of the Fresh Start Womens’ Foundation. A: In the crib. T: LOL that is so funny and so true. Ann was walking, I was in the crib. What made you decide to chair the pARTy? S: I have served the last couple years as a Trustee for the Phoenix Art Museumwhich I have loved; and embraced the chance to make a meaningful contribution through its annual gala. A: We lost our minds. T: My love of art and creating a memorable event. Could you tell us a little about this year’s theme? S: It’s centered around artist Phillip Curtis’ work. He was one of the outstanding founders of the Phoenix Art Museum. As you know, many of his pieces have a circus theme. A: Circus. Clowns. Fun. T: The Show Must Go On ... Double Entendre from Covid. An experience under the big top. What type of art do you like? S: I love contemporary art, and personally collect mostly mid-career contemporary art, although I started many years ago collecting Russian art. A: Animals. T: Clothing. Impressionist. Modern. Do each one of you have a favorite artist? S: No, but I do think that Mark Rothko’s work “takes my breath away”. A: Trevor Mikula and Jim Nelson T: Warhol. Frida. Pablo.


Tess Loo, Sally Odegard and Ann Siner

What challenges if any do you see for the gala this year? S: To put on a large scale, elegant and joyous event in this age of COVID, where people can feel safe and festive. A: Covid fears. T: Convincing people that change is good. Trust creativity. How are you attracting a new generation merrymakers to your gala? A: We have a reputation for a gala that is anything but boring. No boring speeches or auction. Just fun, fun, fun. And really good food and libations. T: Showing them the importance of supporting community and things one believes in.





WE’VE BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK, SO WE KNOW THE NEIGHBORHOOD. With over $100 Million sold in 2021, the truly impressive women of Team Roco are industry experts, with decades of experience providing top notch service for their clients. This year, they were recognized as the Top 1% of Real Estate Agents in Arizona based on Sales Volume.



BRAINIAC BASH Hundreds flocked to Chateau Luxe for Brainiac Bash 2022. The event showcased the talents of local community leaders turned extraordinary ballroom dancers. Barry Goldwater Jr, Dina Shacknai, Carrie Martz, La Shawn Jenkins and others did an amazing job dancing for cures to brain health and for wellness. Special awards for the evening went to Kathy Colace Laurinaitis Kelly Sample, Jonathan Hancock, and Jeremy

Maya Laurinaitis and Olivia Carlson with Madison Colace

Jen and Adam Archuleta

Holly and Dom Ruggiero


Roenick. Bob Lavinia, James Grogan and several others served as judges for the night. Letitia Frye did a marvelous job with the live auction. Kyle Kettleson lent emcee talents too. The evening proved to be a smashing success for not only the people dancing, but also for needed funds raised for the support and wellness of brain health.

Markus Ford

Freddie Thornton and Katrina Kunz with Justin Miranda

Carrie Martz and Lannie Sater with Stacey Horton

Tiffany Hancock and Angie Halliday

Roy and Mary Miller

Barry Goldwater Jr. and Amber Barto

Scott and Emily Palumbo

Coverage courtesy of Veronica Cook and Kathy Sheib

Authentic Château in need of 3+ acre lot We welcome your recommendation; Frank Aazami 480.266.0240

FRANK AAZAMI 480-266-0240

Samantha’s Favorite Finds By Samantha DeRose

Swoon! You can’t help but fall in love with this just-in arrival from Maria Lucia Hohan. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

A statement piece, this mixed cut diamond necklace will have you dazzling this season and beyond. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

A loving twist on a vintage classic. This Gabriel & Co. concave heart ring is great for everyday wear. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Dial up your glamour with these can’tmiss Stuart Weitzman “Stardust” sandals with cascading crystal accents. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Playful and feminine, this Cynthia Rowley cocktail dress is perfect for a date with your #1 or your besties. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Classic and chic, there is no better way to tell time than with this stunning Panthère de Cartier watch. Available at Oliver Smith Jeweler located at 8787 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 116.



Scottsdale Arts Gala Preview Tell us a little bit about this event? A: The ARTrageous Gala has pivoted from a winter gala to a spring gala! This event will now open a series of outdoor events for Scottsdale Arts! This year’s ARTrageous Gala, called Luminescence, will bring a multi-dimensional, cinematic, and dynamic black-tie event to Scottsdale Stadium due to exciting campus renovations at Scottsdale Civic Center. O: Guests will walk into imaginary portals that will help to transcend into fanciful multidimensional spaces. Filled with living art installations and performances similar to a cirque-nouveau, there will also be a dance finale not to be missed. What makes it different for anything people attend? O: The gala can be described as immersive arts experience. The combined art installation and art-performance group for the night, Quixotic, will transform Scottsdale Stadium into a field of dreams, art installations and explosive experience moments throughout the evening as we raise funds – all as we celebrate Scottsdale Arts and their contributions to the city. Have you both worked together on an event in the past? A: Yes! And we worked on an event through the pandemic. We were already announced as the chairs for the gala in 2020, then the pandemic happened. The gala date got changed for spring and went virtual in April of 2021 with a livestream gala by the name of The ARTrageous Gala | A Love Story. Now, in accordance with CDC guidelines and regulations — to help keep all guests, staff and performers safe — we are having the Luminescence gala in person. What do you both hope to accomplish? O: We hope to raise copious funds, so Scottsdale Arts can continue their dynamic and diverse mission of curating the world of art – performance, public and applied – for the citizens of Scottsdale. Scottsdale Arts education programs serve children and adults with their multiple programs such as art residences and masterclasses for public schools. Their exciting public art pieces beautify our city streets. Their efforts create dream-like moments in time, like Canal Convergence, and by offering other spontaneous or themed performances around the city. This organization has a gargantuan art effort, which reverberates across metro-Phoenix, the Southwest region, and the country. A: I love the power of art. My greatest goal of this event is to connect members of our community to each other through the love of art. The power art has allows people to connect on a deep level, knowing we have common human experiences. It allows us to open our eyes and heart to diverse journeys, experiences and views. Art gives us the ability to express ourselves, and it can lift our spirit in a time of need. Supporting Scottsdale Arts ensures that the arts remain essential in Scottsdale and beyond. Where is ARTrageous being held this year? A: Due to the exciting construction project at Scottsdale Civic Center, the annual ARTrageous Gala had to change locations to


a location off the Scottsdale Arts campus. The synergies between the Scottsdale Stadium and Scottsdale Arts relationship brought the potential of hosting the event at the stadium, and as a team, we envisioned an event around it. Are there any special nuances that will set this event apart? O: The event will have three parts. A red carpet livestream arrival hosted by Carey Peña will be accompanied by living art installations created by the art troupe Quixotic, then a beautiful, seated dinner inside the Field House, where surprises filled with light, reflection and acrobatic movement will swirl all around. To close, Luminescence will host a finale of music and dance with large-scale props and light projections. It will be remarkable. What organization does it benefit? O: The ARTrageous Gala benefits dynamic and diverse performances, exhibitions, art education and outreach programs that are part of the multiprong Scottsdale Arts institution: Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA), Scottsdale Public Art, Scottsdale Arts Learning and Innovation, Canal Convergence and Scottsdale Arts Festival. Scottsdale Arts serves the citizens of Scottsdale and has regional and national recognition, with well-attended events like the annual Canal Convergence. Is there any type of theme or costume guests are expected to adhere to? A: Go as fabulously magical as you can. Don’t be afraid … share your sparkle!! O: The ARTrageous Gala is always an anticipated elegant black-tie event for Scottsdale Arts, and this year will be no different. We are urging guests to be creative and dress with nuances of anything that glows, reflects or sparkles in the dark – the perfect attire for stepping through a portal into a new dimension!

Exquisite European Antiques


7001 N Scottsdale Rd. At the Seville Shopping Center Mon - Sat 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sun 12 – 5 p.m. 480.368.5720

Animal print is always in style. My Sister’s Closet and its family of brands has given over $1 million to the Arizona Humane Society to help save homeless pets last year. Where would you rather consign and shop?

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Reputation is Everything




ARCHITECTURALLY SIGNIFICANT CHARACTER HOMES Paradise Valley | Scottsdale | Arcadia | Biltmore

Juvederm Voluma

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Health Innovation Spotlight REPAIRING HEARTS; IMPROVING LIVES More than 23 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure – the number one cause of morbidity and mortality in the developed world. In the United States, heart failure is projected to result in over $70B in treatment costs annually.

Avery Therapeutics, Inc. is a company dedicated to developing tissue engineered therapeutics to treat diseases and injuries to human muscle. Avery’s lead product, MyCardia™, is being developed to address and treat heart failure. MyCardia is a stable and robust allogeneic engineered tissue graft that can be manufactured at scale, cryopreserved, and shipped at 4C. In pre-clinical studies of heart failure, MyCardia resulted in improved left ventricular volume (systole and diastole) and myocardial mass, in addition to improved quality of life metrics such as daily activity and exercise tolerance, compared to untreated cohorts.

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AZAdvances, part of the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation, is working to create a lasting solution to the challenge of early-stage funding for Arizona-based health innovations and to support the development of life saving and life changing innovations that are discovered and developed here. Throughout 2022, Trends readers will have the opportunity to learn about the Arizona life science innovators who are working to make life better for all of us.

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O’Connor Institute’s Legacy Luncheon 2022 Welcomes White House Florist What background led you to become a florist? With an academic background in political science and public administration – and a long-time career in communications strategy and public policy analysis in Washington, D.C., a floral career was not an obvious next step in my professional trajectory. But the turning point came in 2000 when I went to Paris for the first time and became absolutely enamored with the history and beauty of the French floral style. After that initial introduction, I returned to Paris at least once or twice a year to study the special secrets and techniques of the uniquely beautiful French floral style. I pursued classes at L’Ecole des Fleurs at the Crillon Hotel in Paris under the artistic of world-renowned French florist Christian Tortu. Who decides who becomes an official florist to the White House? In my case, the application process involved a 7-8 month national competition. I sent an initial application letter into the Chief Usher of the White House who is in charge of the approximately 100 employees of the residence staff in April, 2009. Somehow my resume made it into the hands of Desiree Rogers, the White House Social Secretary, who said my flowers caught her eye. This launched several rounds of cuts and interviews, culminating in a final floral competition at the White House with 3 finalists. Under the cover of darkness, starting around 6:00 a.m., the 3 of us arrived at the White House, were ushered into separate rooms and embarked on a fourhour timed floral competition. We each were tasked with creating a state dinner tableau (with a table decorated with flowers, linens, candles, china, flatware, etc.), a large Blue Room centerpiece and an Oval Office arrangement. The competition culminated with an interview with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Shortly after the competition, I learned that she had selected me for the position of Chief Floral designer. What was your most challenging event or gala at the White House? Planning and executing White House events were always incredibly challenging – they required absolute precision and managing and coordinating a myriad of moving parts with no margin for error. While State Dinners included extra layers of protocol and required extensive background research to identify the special stories and narratives we could create to honor the visiting dignitaries – I found the annual White House Christmas installation to be a year-round project and the most complex of all of the White House events I worked on. It was also my favorite project. Did you have a lot of interaction with the First Family? As a member of the Executive Residence staff, I had special access to the private residence (as well as to every other area of the

White House complex), including the Oval Office – which included interaction with the First Family. Of course, as staff we honored and guarded the First Family’s privacy, doing our best to work quietly behind the scenes. On major events, the First Lady provided guidance on design choices, color schemes and flowers, etc. What was your greatest accomplishment while working at the White House? It’s difficult to pick one thing, since there were so many amazing moments – but I would say now, upon reflection, that perhaps my greatest accomplishment was creating a much larger and more open volunteer program in the flower shop than had ever existed before. I expanded the role of volunteers from assisting primarily with holiday decorating to helping year-round with day-to-day events, special craft projects and even event planning and architectural rendering. One of my most memorable projects involved inviting Gold Star family members to assist me in creating Memorial Day wreaths, including making the wreath that the President lays at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I’ll never forget that day and the people I met whose loved ones sacrificed their lives in support of our country. What made you decide to author a book? For me, working at the White House as Chief Floral Designer was the honor of a lifetime. I wanted to share my experience and my story with a broad audience – and demonstrate the power of pursuing a passion (in my case, flowers) to achieve great things. So far, I’ve written two books about my White House experience (Floral Diplomacy at the White House and A White House Christmas) as well as two books focusing on how to create floral designs: Bouquets and Wreaths.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS ... It’s because of you that Paradise Valley Estate Sales, Auctions and Consignment is celebrating it’s 18th year! We are well known among the valley’s most savvy shoppers for always having a stunning collection of home furnishings, accessories, and artwork from the finest estates and local designers. Working with trust attorneys doing household inventories, appraisals, and liquidations. PVESA enjoys customers from all over the United States and Europe. Always innovative, another PVESA exclusive is our special pricing. Some call it a “Dutch Auction” ... we call it Brilliant!

New and Unique Items are Arriving Daily TUESDAY – SATURDAY 10AM TO 4PM Mary Merkel & Anne Sarvas Visit our website 7655 E. Redfield Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | Phone: (480) 949-2096 | E-mail:


O’Connor Institute’s Legacy Luncheon 2022 Welcomes White House Chef What background did you have before coming to the White House? I had been a Chef for over a decade by then, but it was my work experience in France from 1984 through 1986 that made me stand out to the chef at the White House that was looking for a Sous Chef in 1992 How were you selected to become one of the premier chefs at the White House? I had met then Chef Pierre who had been working in a Washington restaurant as the head chef and became friends. In 1990 Chef Pierre had become a Sous Chef at the White House and in 1992 when he moved into the Chef position, he was searching for someone to replace him as Sous Chef. He was looking for an American who had some French background to help him. Did you interact with the First Family on menus? I was primarily the Family chef and would write and prepare the menu and meals for the First Family including President George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush. The first 3 months I would watch and listen to the First family about likes & dislikes! As time goes by I would have the occasional discussion mainly with the First Lady on anything special that they would like to have for a daily menu or a Holiday menu. We were responsible for the First Family for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along with any guest that they might have for dinner or overnight. Also, we would provide all the meals for the official functions at the White House which also would include all the menu writing for these. We would have an open communication with them on anything that they would like to see happen. Was there a particular administration that was easy to cook for? They were all great to cook for. When they ate in the private quarters it was a truly great time to get to know all of them in a personal way.

Was there an administration that only wanted simple fare? At first The Clintons did not want to overwhelm Chelsea with all of the fancy things that we could have done for them. They wanted to have as normal of a time as they could when they were up on the second floor just trying to relax at the end of the day. So, we kept things simple at first, but their taste did change over time.

Did you ever have challenges at White House gala or feel you didn’t succeed? When we plan an event, we take a lot of time to make sure that it will all go out without a hitch. We would also work with the office of the First Lady to make sure that we are covering all the protocols that are needed. I have to say that we always felt like that we succeeded with all of the events that we had done!

As for George W Bush, I turned to more comfort foods after 9/11. This was a very trying time and they were exhausted at the end of the day. I wanted to keep things simple it was the best thing to do considering what had just occurred

What administration did you have the most sophisticated tastes? If I had to pick one, I would say that President George HW Bush and Barbara had great taste. They were very well traveled and had experienced many types of cuisines before becoming President.

Was it easy for you to pin your memoirs in a book? When I started to write the book, I found that this time in my life came back to me as it had just happened yesterday! I was very proud and honored to be able to cook for three first families.


In the Heart of Phoenix is Your One Stop Shop for: TAILORING • CUSTOM DESIGNING • ALTERATIONS • FABRIC • BRA NEEDS JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SEWING FOR MEN & WOMEN! “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion” You deserve to look great! Our extensive collection of beautiful fabrics and trims are perfect for dressing you in suits, tuxedos, formals, MoB, MoG, Bridal, Bridesmaids gowns and casual wear made specifically for you and your style. –Owner and Designer Scylvia-Elvira Danese

Scylvia-Elvira Danese 'The Fairy Godmother of Fashion' and 'The Boob Whisperer'

‘The Boob Whisperer’ 9 out of 10 women are wearing the WRONG size bra. 8 out of 10 don’t know how to put it on. • • • • • •

This creates pain in your neck muscles Puts pressure on your organs Makes your back hurt Gives you bad posture makes your clothes not fit properly and the worst part as if that isn’t enough …

IT MAKES YOU LOOK FAT!!!! I do a FREE BRA FITTING, and in 5 minutes I make you look as if you lost 10 pounds. I’ll show you how to put it on, how to wear it, and if we don’t have your size we order it. We don’t give you “the sister size” as they call it.

If you are tired of having your boobs everywhere except where they should be on your body, call the ‘The Boob Whisperer’.

MEN, we are NOT afraid of your suit alterations! We do it ALL and do it BEST!

Owned and operated in Arizona since 1971

Yes we can… just say when!

Find out why people from all over the world come to Danese Creations!

602.955.1313 | | 3902 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018


The Linen Tree, A Bold New Look Since 1988, The Linen Tree has served Scottsdale and surrounding communities with the finest of decor for the bed, bath and home. Last year we were given the opportunity to expand our space, and a remodel was completed earlier this year. We have used the added space to showcase an expanded selection of finely curated bath decor, towels, rugs and robes, leaving more room on our main floor for display beds, mattresses, and more. The result is a more spacious sales floor, with more merchandise on display, and ready to take home, than ever before. It is yet another step we have taken in our quest to create an exquisite shopping experience for our customer. For more information, visit the website at




BARRETT-JACKSON BREAKS THE BANK Barrett-Jackson raised a ton of money for local and national charities in January at their much-anticipated collector car auction. Shortly before the festivities began, a select group in the social swim received coveted invitations to the Jackson’s person skybox at the Opening Night Gala. A small group of merrymakers gather in the latest fashions and all things auto related.

Craig Jackson and David D. Ortega

Bethany Lorentzen

They raised their glassed to Carolyn and Craig Jackson for not only their triumphant success, but also their amazing style, generosity and commitment to the community. It was a magnificent evening up in the skybox and an even better week down on the floor of the auction. Bravo!

Carolyn Jackson and Pamala Wright

Craig Jackson and Pitbull

McKenna Wesley, Jean Marley, Tim Wesley, Susie Wesley, Michael Nicholas and Mac Magruder


Richard Gray, Craig Jackson, Aric Almirola , and Aaron Shelby

Jennifer and Brent Moser with Beth McRae

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

Coverage courtesy of Barrett Jackson


Barrett-Jackson’s Opening Night Gala

Neal McDonough

Ed Brown, Ashley Brown, Pitbull, Eloise DeJoria and John Paul DeJoria

Michael T. Lawton, Craig Jackson, Bret Michaels, Donna Johnson, Katie Cobb and Bob Lavinia

Coverage courtesy of Barrett Jackson

Neal and Ruve McDonough with Carolyn and Craig Jackson

Greg Holmes and Pamala Wright

Karyn McClintock and Tim Braun



Sharing Steaks and Inspiration

How Four Valley Chefs and One Valley Man Gave Back One January Day On the day set aside to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and also what would have been Muhammad Ali’s 80th birthday, four of the Valley’s most well-known chefs turned out to do what they do best, cook amazing cuisine. But this day it was not in their usual dining rooms instead the Chefs which included, Marc Lupino of Steak 44, Ocean 44 and Dominick’s Steakhouse, Vincent Guerithault of Vincent on Camelback, Mark Tarbell of Tarbell’s and Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco, cooked and served 848 steak meals to the homeless in a dining room at St. Vincent De Paul in Phoenix. At the request of Steak 44, Ocean 44 and Dominick’s Steakhouse, which is well known for its steaks and the quality of its meat, the steaks were provided at a large discount and then the chefs went to work cooking them just as though they were doing it in their own restaurants. “Our celebrity chefs -- Vincent, Chris, Marc and Mark, you are simply amazing. You work more than full-time running your businesses, yet you make time to be with us, not for a few minutes or an hour or two, but for the better part of a holiday. You graced us with your presence, and for a few hours our guests were not homeless, they were regular people, enjoying wonderful filet mignon and lunch, because of you,” said Steve Zabilski of St. Vincent de Paul. The special meal also included entertainment organized by Jimmy Walker, as part of the 13th anniversary of the “Never Give Up” program. Walker launched this program, which has offered weekly words every Monday morning of encouragement and inspiration to many homeless men and women at St. Vincent De Paul since 2008. Walker also got his celebrity friends David Foster and Katharine McPhee to perform remotely and send taped messages of support to the people attending. The festivities also included special cakes donated by Chateau Luxe in honor of Ali’s birthday. “This was one of those rare days where we got to witness something profoundly special. Thank you to everyone who made it possible, and no one more so than Jimmy Walker, a man who’s faith and passion and vision for the possible is literally second-to-none. God bless you all. What a great gift you are to St. Vincent de Paul and this community,” Zabilski added.




The Wonders of Wallpaper By Christopher Coffin

When I was growing up, my mother loved wallpaper in rooms. I had the benefit of being surrounded by walls dressed-up with beautiful European scenes because she was especially fond of French inspired toile. Fast forward, here I’m showing clients wallpapers reminiscent of the same timeless toile prints like I grew up with but revised and updated colorways! Wallpaper is back and it’s wowing clients who are looking for the latest way to update their home while bringing in more warmth and interest. While it is hot now, for a while, wallpaper went out of fashion – considered to be the kiss of death because it seemed old fashioned, reminding one of the faded floral prints they saw at their grandma’s house. Wallpaper was popular until about the mid-1980’s when people began preferring painted walls. In the 1990’s faux finishes became all the rage and then it shifted back to painted walls in the early 2000’s. But like many trends of a bygone era, wallpaper has come back. The variety of what is available today is endless, from bold geometric prints to amazing murals and cool architectural scenes. To say it has returned bigger and better is a total understatement. There are specialty companies that have spent a lot of time upping the game of what a wallpaper can be. One example is the Phillip Jefferies Company out of Chicago. They have come up with not only some interesting designs but the flexibility to design the paper of your dreams. With their PJ Mashup feature, homeowners can work together with their designer to alter papers by making changes resulting in the perfect color

or texture that fits their preference. They have so many texture options ranging from grass cloth to wallpaper that’s wood veneer. Schumacher is another company that is doing amazing things with wallcovering options. They’re offering scenic wallpapers, leafy tropical prints and murals that will take your breath away. We’re seeing whole rooms or single accent walls with wallpaper along with papered ceilings! I just finished papering the dining room ceiling for my client who lives in the Hamptons. We selected a blue grass cloth which turned out lovely – creating as we call it in the industry, the 5th wall.


Flocking is coming back but it’s totally not the same. In the past, it usually consisted of a big geometric or floral damask print. Flocking now is smaller, not so overpowering and the result is beautiful. I’m always excited to show clients the newer papers that will put their walls centerstage. When I show them the way companies are taking something old and making it new by recoloring it or adding textures, they end up wanting to spend hours discussing options for various rooms throughout their home.



BARROW GRAND BALL 2022 The Barrow Grand Ball raised a vast amount of much-needed money for the field of neurological research, surgery, and wellness. This year, the bash was chaired by the ever-lovely Jacquie Dorrance and Katie Mueller. The understated affair moved this year to the Gold Room of the Arizona Biltmore. Since 1965 the ball had been held in the Grand Ballroom, with

Carrie Hall, Michael Lawton, Jacquie Dorrance, Katie Mueller

Beverly Stewart, Pat Petznick Wick, Mike Wick, Olen Petznick

Kenny and Kolby Moffatt


the exception of an experimental year in the hotel’s conference center more than a decade ago. The White House Design Studio did a fantastic job with flora and wonderment abounding. The intimate group of less than 400 people mixed and mingled throughout the opulent evening. Belle of the ball: Sally Odegard in evening black.

Sally Odegard and Bill Pope

Chris and Jan Cacheris

Ed and Karrin Robson

Catherine Biggers and Jim Tuton

George and Dyan Getz with Michael Lawton

Jessie and Nader Sanai with Francis and Dionne Najafi

Coverage courtesy of Barrow Neurological


Michael Lawton with Sandy and Mike Hecomovich

Diane and Tom Might

Nita and Phil Francis

Kristine Thompson and Harriet Friedland

Mary Ellen McKee and Carrie Hall with Stevie Eller

Bob Lavinia and Budd Florkiewicz

Dave Mullard, Dr. Nader Sanai, Melissa Mullard, Nate Nathan with Michael Lawton

Coverage courtesy of Barrow Neurological

Nicole and Mike Hazen

Zaman Mirzadeh with Nancy Hanley Eriksson and Ron Eriksson



Thierry Mugler By Bill Dougherty

French fashion designer Thierry Mugler passed away last month at his home just outside of Paris. He leaves behind one of the most vivid and flamboyant design houses imaginable. Many think of his fragrance line, due to the smashing success of Angel. The scent is considered one of the best-selling perfumes of the 20th century. But he has also earned his place in fashion history. Mr. Mugler launched his line in the 1970s but would become tremendously famous in the roaring 80s for his use of color, shoulder pads, structured suits and daring cut-outs. His line would reach an empyrean level in 1993 when the designer known for his theatrics created a simple black dress for the film Indecent Proposal. The dress reached iconic status and sealed Mr. Mugler’s fate in the annals of fashion film history. His fashion shows were some of the very first to include an element of theater and his often-over-thetop flair could cause a tame audience to gasp! He is also responsible for returning silver-haired, mature model Carmen Dell”Orefice to the runway and giving the great beauty international supermodel status late in her life. He made his mark.



C hef Robert Richter established

Robert’s Catering, Inc. and Cakes in 1980, creating traditional comfort foods, French cuisine, cutting edge contemporary cuisine, and simply the best cakes for the most discriminating palette, yours.

480.963.4040 E:


Casa Mia and CM 2 Pizzeria and Bake Shop Just before you get to Fountain Hills on the North side of Shea Blvd. and 136th Street, you will discover Casa Mia and CM 2 Pizzeria Bake Shop. Started more than twenty-five years ago, the Sodano family brings charm, coziness and amazing Italian favorites from their native Naples, Italy to Scottsdale. The Verve: Located in an upscale shopping center in the foothills of 136th Street, Casa Mia is sure to delight. The decor element is tasteful and simplistic in the design of Italian modernity. It reminds anyone, familiar with Italy’s design elements, of the famous Mediterranean country. Make sure to arrive by 6 pm, as the restaurant fills to capacity the moment it opens its doors. Located next to the famed Italian

eatery is CM 2. More casual than its sister ship, the pizzeria offers a fabulous section of handcrafted and made-to-order-pies created from organic produce, heirloom grain flour and other non-gemo products. Again, place your phone orders early as this little gem gets swamped. The pizzeria offers more than twenty different pies and has gluten-free and vegan options as well. Currently CM 2 is open for take-aways only. Antipasti Try the saffron cream scallops with zucchini, yellow squash, and mixed greens. The combination of flavors here is truly incredible. Might we also suggest the calamari fritti - the spicey tomato sauce. One bite and you will swear you are tableside on a warm Naples afternoon. The fresh flavors are great. La Pasta Oder the gnocchi: Porcini mushrooms smothered in mozzarella, cream, and cherry tomatoes. Might we also suggest the Strascinati homemade sausage with broccoli cream sauce and montasio cheese. But there’s more! The tagliatelle is tremendous: ground beef, pork tomato sauce, nutmeg. You won’t find this sauce anywhere else in the Valley. It’s a Sodano family creation! La Carne The pollo al prosciutto is a fine dinner option. It is a hardy chicken breast prepared with a brilliant cream sauce, mushrooms and prosciutto and served with delectable, mashed potatoes. The grass-fed,


boneless ribeye is another homestyle favorite for those not on the pasta train. A green pepper corn sauce, arugula and potato fries accompany this magnificent piece of meat. Afterwards Both Casa Mia and CM 2 offer a bountiful array of sweets and confections to end the perfect meal. House-made tiramisu, cannoli, cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, lemon sorbetto and all kinds of Italian gelato are available. Their gluten-free cookies have become all the rage in ratified circles too. These delights may be paired with a vast selection of after-dinner drinks and wines. Both restaurants have a full bar. Casa Mia Restaurant 11675 N. 136th Street, #110 Scottsdale, AZ 85259 Reservations: 480.314.0365

CM 2 Pizzeria and Bake Shop 11485 N. 136th Street, #107 Scottsdale, AZ 85259 Tel. 480.314.365




Established in 1994


Expertise in-house tailoring and alterations Open Daily: 480.998.9069



NEW ADDRESS 7353 Via Paseo Del Sur, #44 | Scottsdale





Angiolo Livi — Youngest recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

Angiolo Livi Chef, Owner

Inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame • Gourmet Magazine • Wine Spectator • Zagat Survey

It would be our pleasure to cater your next family and corporate event.”

— Angiolo


EST. 1974

Fresh Pasta & Pasteries made fresh daily in our exhibition kitchen!

602-956-0900 EASY! – Make reservations online or call for your intimate dinner, or group get-together.

www. 48



BESTSKEPT ecret Our professionals at the spas offer tailor-made treatments and packages based on your individual needs, whether you are a first-time guest or a regular visitor. Beyond pampering, expert technicians work to improve tissue health, therapeutic recovery and optimal body spa services. We offer full services from massages, body care, facials, salon services, nails and so much more.

Come and get Pampered Today!


Since 1996



WEDDING BELLS COUPLE Jillian Littleton Trevor Cochran

MEET THE PARENTS Bill and Gail Littleton (Scottsdale, AZ) Trey and Aimee Cochran (Poway, CA)

WEDDING CEREMONY Surf and Sand Resort, Laguna Beach

MUSIC Ceremony & Cocktail Hour – Strings by Reiko Dinner & Reception – Bouquet Sound

WEDDING PLANNER Wedding Planner – Gaby Rose Events Wedding Coordinator – Jessica Lynn Weddings

INVITATIONS Invitations - Fawn Lettering Day Of Paper – She’s Cloudy Calligraphy

DECORE Florals – Flower’s By Laurel Décor – Borrowed Blu & Baker Party Rentals

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Bibbins Photography Pixster Photobooths Darcy Bly Videography

BRIDES GOWN Louvienne from Lovely Bride Phoenix

GROOMS TUX Generation Tux

HONEYMOON Safari: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Beach: Zanzibar, Tanzania

SOMETHING DIFFERENT • The unique seating chart assigned people “beaches” that Jillian and Trevor had visited throughout their relationship. • The couple included their rescue dog Stevie on their cocktail napkins, bar sign deemed “Stevie’s Spirits”, and a fun printout prop of Stevie’s face to use in the photo booth. • The newlyweds surprised their guests with a self-taught merengue routine to Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente”, while the crowd went wild. Sponsored by:






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