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6 BR | 8 BA | 11,878 SQ FT $12,500,000 | MLS# 6172920

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Ju lie Roh r | 602.317. 5667 Libby Cohen | 602.291.1446

2402 East Esplanade Way #902 | Scottsdale 2 BR | 2.5 BA | 3,550 SQ FT $2,395,000 | MLS# 6193859


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VOLUME 39, NO. 2


Publisher La Dolce Vita


Society A Toast To Barrow 2021


Protocol and Etiquette Heather Wagenhals


Fashion Samantha’s Favorite Finds


Health and Wellness Laurene Hayden


Design and Style Patsy Lowry


Charity Spotlight O’Connor Institute


Design and Style Christopher Coffin


Charity Spotlight Childhelp


Design and Style Barbara Kaplan


Introducing Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala 2021


Trends in Dining Ocean 44


Exhibition Phoenix Art Museum


Wedding Bells


Checking In with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation


Inner-View Kim McWaters


Arizona Humane Society Pets of the Month


Guide to Entertaining By Patsy Lowry

ON THE COVER Richard and Dr. Stacie Stephenson Childhelp Woman of the World 2021 Award Recipient – Dr. Stacie Stephenson Childhelp Drive the Dream May 15th, 2021 • 5:30 pm Arizona Biltmore Resort Black Tie Ticket information –



A GRAND TOAST TO BARROW Diane Might and Michael Lawton with Sandy Hecomovich

VOLUME 39, NO. 2

Publisher: BILL DOUGHERTY Editor-in-Chief: BETTY McRAE Travel Editors: LAUREN AND IAN WRIGHT Food Writer: LAURIE FLORENCE-MANUCCI Advertising Manager: PATRICE METZLER 480.276.2282 | Executive Consultants: TRISHA ANTHONY | SUZANNE EDER | HEATHER MORRISON Art Direction: STEPHANIE SWEET, SWEET DESIGNS Fashion Photographers: SCOTT FOUST | JOHN HALL Senior Society Photographers: SALLY AND PETER KRZYKOS Trends Makeup and Hair Stylist: LAURA FLAGLER | KAREN HALL | MARY BETH YORK Design and Style Editors: CHRISTOPHER COFFIN | RICHARD DORIA BARBARA KAPLAN | PATSY LOWRY Fashion Editors: SAMANTHA DEROSE | HILLARY LITTLETON Health and Wellness Editors: LAURENE HAYDEN | JOHN SPEAD Protocol Editor: HEATHER WAGENHALS Society Editors: CAROL BENNETT | GEORGE BENNETT | J.J. BREWER GRACE CARPENTER | VERONICA COOK | MAYA FOX GAIL LITTLETON | MICHELLE ROONEY | KATHY SCHEIB FRANK SCHMUCK | BOB STEARNS | NICOLE STEARNS CONNIE SUNDAY | SHEREE TWITTY Certified Public Accountants: THOMAS S. HOLLY, CPA, PLLC Printing: INTERACTIVE PRINT SOLUTIONS Information Technology: BEN AMES Music Production: CHRIS BECKLEY/THE PRODUCTION GROUP Fashion Coordinator: MARGARET MERRITT Trends Charitable Fund Board members are Marilyn Alexander, Nikki Balich, Charlene Berge-Blum, Lee Courtney, Kathryn Petsas, Molly Stockley and Susie Wesley SUBSCRIPTIONS: To guarantee receiving every issue of TRENDS, send a check for $25 (one year), $45 (two years) or $70 (three years) to Trends executive office (address below). Subscription will start the next month of publication. No refunds. Please send checks and address changes to: TRENDS Publishing 5150 E. Orchid Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 Phone: (480) 990-9007 Website: Trends Magazine is also distributed at AJ’s Fine Foods locations including: Central Ave., Camelback Rd., Lincoln Dr., Pinnacle Peak Rd. and The Paper Place, Marshall Way, Scottsdale Published monthly October – May by Trends Publishing. Editorial E-mail: Advertising E-mail: © 2021 ISSN 0742-034X


LA DOLCE VITA The Season October to May By Bill Dougherty

Welcome back! With the entire world edging toward a vaccination for Covid-19, we can only hope that the world will return to normal after a year of living in the Twilight Zone. It’s no secret to anyone that the world and especially the charitable world has lost a great deal of money. We hope these winds of change are about to blow thru our community and the world and restore things to the way they once were. You get the picture? Elsewhere this month, we tap into the rarified world of the rich and famous and look at the very unreported and overlooked passing of the once high and mighty Texas socialite Anne Bass. She was once at the top of the social heap, only to have the rug pulled out from under her. There is much more to this story. We hope you enjoy the new addition of “Social Crimes” to the publication. The good news is that the Board of Visitors, the oldest charity in our state and the most important one, is moving forward. Yes, ladies and gentlemen they have decided to hold their annual charity ball on Saturday, April 10th, 2021, at the Camelback Inn. While the debutant ball the oldest in the state, will be restricted to very small allotments of family members, we are delighted that they have decided to do this! They are taking all the necessary precautions


and steps to give the flower girls of not only 2021 a place in the sun, but also the ladies of 2020. They have been invited back since their ball was entirely canceled last spring. The social community is not dead. Bravo!!! We wish we had more to tell you, but with the social world at a virtual standstill until perhaps late spring, all-things social are on hold for a little while longer. Do not lose faith. The social and civic communities will bounce back bigger than ever! Stay tuned. There is always more … GOTCHA! Friendships, secrets and lies are about to come full circle for a woman who so desperately wanted a place in the sun. Unfortunately, she stayed too long and got burned and then burned everyone around her including her much-respected husband. Hidden autos, perpetual lies, and imaginary illness have all come together and have exploded in her face. Remember ladies and gentlemen, it’s always better to tell the truth. Sooner or later the truth will always come out.



Frank Aazami MLS 6194684



Making a Skillful Introduction Isn’t Easy By Heather Wagenhals In fact, an awkward introduction can doom the possibility of a meaningful connection. To avoid awkward initial meetings, and to celebrate new interactions, here are some guidelines for introducing yourself and others that will spark connections, expand your network, and make memorable first impressions. Avoid clammy handshakes. Carry beverages in your left hand so the right hand is clean, dry, and ready to make a warm first impression. Be professional and use first and last names when making introductions, there is more than one “Mike” in the world. Make yourself memorable. Assume people forget you and re-introduce yourself to newer acquaintances. “Hello again, Heather Wagenhals, we met at the last event.” Avoid nicknames or monikers. It is annoying to a “Susan” to endure “Susie.” Have reverence for ranking. Introduce younger people to older people, employees to customers, junior staff to senior staff, guests to hosts, your significant other to more formal relationships you have. Make it flow. Establish the introduction using the higher-ranking person’s name first, then the introduced, e.g., “Jim, I would like to introduce my nephew, Justin Roberts. Justin, meet Jim Woods.” Lay the foundation. Create curiosity by sharing a few details as appropriate, a common or unique interest, then stop there. Let them explore the connection. Save face. When names escape someone during introductions, offer yours quickly or ask for theirs and then repeat it for everyone.


EnsureYour Divorce Grass Is Greener

Family Law Leaders Since 2000 How divorce treats you can come down to whether you have a most innovative law firm on your side. Started by one woman more than 20 years ago. It has grown to nearly 50 team members today. Google us.We know you will like what you see. And the difference we make. Especially when it comes to our Family Law Department headed by Kaine Fisher. 480.505.3936 | 7144 E Stetson Drive, Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | Administrative Law • Cannabis • Corporate • Cyberbullying • DUI • Elections • Employment • Equine • Family / Parenting Rights • Government Relations / Lobbying • Homeowners Associations • Immigration • Internet fraud • Land Use • Litigation • Medical Cannabis • Online Defamation / Cyber-Reputation Management • Real Estate Transactions • Real Property Appeals • Renewable Energy • Sports Law • Tax/Tax Liens • Water / Environmental • Zoning


Self-Love: Nourishing Yourself How to Use the Ayurvedic Blueprint for Holistic Health By Laurene Hayden When considering the question “What feeds you?” it is helpful to consider

to enjoy creative pursuits? Do you prioritize time to cultivate and

the multi-kosha model from Yoga and Ayurveda, which conceptualizes the

nurture meaningful relationships? Are you giving/receiving loving,

5 aspects of our body-mind system:

healing touch?

1. Physical (Anamaya)

3. When it comes to energetic enrichment, we can look to therapies

2. Mental/Emotional (Manamaya)

such as marma therapy and Reiki, as well as food, sleep, meditation,

3. Energy (Pranamaya)

pranayama (breathing exercises), and uplifting interactions with the

4. Wisdom/Causal (Jnanamaya)

world around us as well as our yoga practice.

5. Spirit (Anandamaya)

Energy Self Check-in: Did you know that our 3 primary sources of

Using this order, you can observe yourself, from the superficial to the deep

prana, or life-force energy, are food, sleep, and meditation? Are you eating

aspects, or from the gross to the most subtle. Use this great approach for

foods that are energizing and balancing for your constitution and for the

getting familiar with the various parts of you from a needs-based perspective.

season? Are you getting enough rest? Do you have regular yoga, meditation

Read on for self-inventory guidance for each kosha!

and pranayama practices?

1. When you think of physical nourishment, consider not only food and

4. To nourish the wisdom body, we can practice forms of self-reflection

drink, but sensuous experience as well, using the senses of tasting,

like mindfulness, journaling, meditation, and time in nature. There is a

smelling, hearing, seeing and touching along with movement.

meditative yogic practice called Tatrak, or candle gazing, that sharpens the physical eyes and perception.

Physical Self Check-in: Are you eating healthy, organic, freshly-prepared food most of the time? Do you make mealtimes a ritual, avoiding reading or looking at phone/computer/TV? Do you use mindfulness to observe and integrate all the senses? 2. For mental nourishment, consider not just thinking-type pursuits, like

Wisdom Self Check-in: How mindfully do you organize your schedule to include “me time”? Do you spend time regularly outdoors in nature?

5. The ultimate nurturance of our spirit results from the satisfying effects experienced in the other four bodies combined with the fulfillment of our

puzzles, games and reading; but also foods and experiences. Everything

heart. Time in nature helps us harmonize and realign with our own true

we take in, in every form, needs to be digested and contributes to our

nature. Meditation cultivates that connection and the ability to identify

overall mind-body wellness.

with spirit.

Mental Self Check-in: What kinds of things are you taking in visually? Are you glued to the news channel most of the time, or do you give yourself technology and screen breaks in generous amounts? Do you actively pursue learning new things? How are you engaged with the arts and creativity?

In considering emotional nourishment,

Spirit Self Check-in: Do you make a point of getting outside in nature on a regular basis? Do you have a spiritual practice? Can you check in with your heart and discern its wisdom beyond the thinking mind? In order to achieve vibrant health, we must foster balance in every area of life; starting with the physical foundations and attending to each of the subtler

look at the rewards of both ­receiving and

aspects of ourselves. For more personalized

giving, and the interplay of relationships.

suggestions about how to maximize your life

Consider a steady diet of touch, through

and routines to fit your unique mind-body

hugs and intimacy as well as professional

system, reach out to an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

healing touch (as best you can while

You can find a list of local practitioners on FB:

staying COVID-safe), and self-nurturance

Arizona Association of Ayurveda.

through Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic art of self-massage. This area is part of the mental/emotional body, where spending time with arts and culture enhances the nervous system and the right brain where creativity is born. Emotional Self Check-in: Do you make it a priority to give yourself down time


Laurene Hayden is a Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Yoga & Ayurvedic Healer specializing in Mental & Emotional Wellness, and the Founder of, an online counseling service for healing from stress, anxiety, and depression. Reach out for a free 15-minute Clarity Call!


Supporting Philanthropy in a Pandemic World When it comes to philanthropy, Phoenix is second to none. Never was that more obvious than in 2020 when countless generous Phoenicians stepped up to support nonprofits in the face of COVID-19. At the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute For American Democracy, 2020 was no exception during an onslaught of change. Like many nonprofits, when COVID-19 reared its head, the impact was overwhelming and significant. Lockdowns and cancellations of traditional fundraisers ruled the day and a new word was added to our vocabulary, Zoom. For our Institute, “pivot or perish” was the call to action. With the guidance of our Board of Directors, we transitioned to a digital platform, creating O’Connor U to swiftly mobilize our programs for online delivery to multiple generations. For middle schoolers, the O’Connor Civics Challenge, an online video competition drew thousands of 6th-9th graders creating videos with their phones, earning Apple electronic products for school and home. For Millennials and Gen Z, online interactive programming in collaboration with Pew Research Center presented the impact of COVID-19, economically, professionally and personally on these significant generations.


Our Constitution Series provided insight and knowledge on the history of equality and justice from our nation’s founding to the present with scholars from the Smithsonian, Monticello, and more. In 2020, The Chronicle of Philanthropy wrote, “After all, foundations can’t advance their missions without a strong democracy. But less than two percent of philanthropic dollars spent in the past decade have been dedicated to efforts to advance voting, promote civic participation, strengthen government, support the news media, and pursue other work that ensures our democracy is functioning well.” The Sandra Day O’Connor Institute For American Democracy thanks everyone who supported us in these difficult times – to help ensure that the never-ending work “to form a more perfect union” will transpire in the name of an American icon who strove so fiercely in that worthy project. O’Connor U is now an important aspect of the Institute’s programming.

Your Partner in Luxury Real Estate Since 2001 JUST LISTED: 7,400 SF | 5 beds 6.5 baths Lee Courtney PLLC 480.296.5922

Scottsdale Native

| $2,525,000


Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala 2021 Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala: Join us on Saturday, May 15, 2021, 5:30 p.m. for the 17th Annual Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. This fun-filled evening will feature cocktails, dinner, live entertainment and dancing. Proceeds benefit the Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona dedicated to Linda Pope. Since 1998, CCCAZ has served over 140,000 abused and neglected children by providing treatment, intervention and investigation services. Recognized as a best practice agency, it continues to serve as a model for advocacy centers nationwide. Your support of The Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala will help Childhelp meet the needs of the 8,500 children we serve annually. Our programs, which directly serve abused children and their families, focus on meeting the children’s physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. For more information please contact Eileen Morang at or 602-527-0571 or visit Childhelp Wings Virtual Fashion Show:

events such as The Wings Fashion Show, to directly support programs serving children and their families in our communities. Our focus is to meet the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of all children who enter our doors. This year’s Virtual Wings Fashion show will be chaired by Lisa Barnes and Ashlyn Rowe, in partnership with the Founding Mother of Wings, Carol Hebets. We are excited to bring you a, “Night in Havana”!

Join us on Thursday, April 15, 2021, for the 14th

For more information please contact Leah Digirolamo at or 480-881-5012

Annual Childhelp WINGS Fashion Show. This

Message from Childhelp Chairs:

fashion show will be held virtually on Thursday, April 15, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. PST. Visit to watch or donate.

Childhelp is a dream come true in our eyes and our desire is for every child’s dreams to come true! There are so many children who are living the nightmare of abuse and neglect. It is difficult for us to even imagine the children who live in fear and experience the unthinkable. Childhelp’s lifesaving services include their

Founded in 1959 by Sara O’Meara and Yvonne

advocacy centers, residential treatment villages, hotline, prevention education, foster care, group homes

Fedderson, Childhelp is one of the largest and

and adoption services. They not only save these children, they help their bodies, minds and spirits heal.

oldest national non-profit organizations in the

Our wish is that every child in crisis finds their way to Childhelp. Above the door of each Childhelp facility,

United States. Dedicated to the treatment and

it reads “All Who Enter Here Will Find Love”. We believe that once these children feel safe and loved, they

prevention of child abuse and neglect, Childhelp

can achieve those dreams of brighter futures.

depends on funds raised from programs and

– Ivy Ciolli & Tracy Katz Woman of the World Award – Dr. Stacie J. Stephenson When Dr. Stacie Stephenson walks into a room, people say, “WOW!” Those letters are the acronym for our Woman of the World award, Childhelp’s highest honor bestowed upon such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Nancy Reagan, Kathie Lee Gifford, First Lady Betty Ford, First Lady Barbara Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Julie Andrews, Betty White and most recently, Melani Walton. From chairing our biggest events to her personal dedication in visiting our programs and services, Stacie epitomizes the essence of this award by sharing her talent on the big stage and her heart behind the scenes with the children in our care. A Childhelp Woman of the World is charitable, compassionate, worldchanging and heart-centered with a spirit of boundless generosity. When you see Stacie and say, “WOW!” remember that there is so much more than her glamour and grace, there is her dynamic vision of a world where Childhelp’s intervention, treatment and prevention makes the nation safer for today’s brave little survivors and looks globally towards tomorrow’s children.


When we reflect on this past year, we are struck by the breadth of our impact. From our healing work caring for children who have directly experienced the horrors of abuse and neglect, to our efforts advocating for change and reform to child safety legislation, to the professional intervention we offer to parents and children who are at risk for abuse ... Childhelp is fighting the war on child abuse from every angle. Childhelp comes in and changes the nightmare of abuse in a child’s life, into an achievable dream for a brighter, safer, and happier childhood. Our staff, volunteers, donors and constituents can all be proud of our relentless pursuit of our mission to save children’s lives. The impact of Childhelp can be felt in every facility that bears over its doorway “All Who Enter Will Find Love.” – Michael Medoro Chief Development Officer In every foster home, residential cottage, and every advocacy center, there is a special bond at the foundation of Childhelp efforts. It is something we nurture throughout schools and communities learning to keep children safe with Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe prevention education curriculum. It is in every word exchanged between a counselor and someone who contacts the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline – over phone, text or chat. Donors and volunteers stand with Childhelp to nurture the love in the heart of every survivor. It’s at the heart of our mission, and we cherish that commitment. By sharing in our work, you share in the powerful Man of the World Award – Mr. Foster Friess The inaugural Childhelp Man of the World Award was inspired by a single supporter who embodied the definition of decades of devotion to children:

impact Childhelp makes in lives every single day. In our work, we measure impact in many ways. We count individuals reached – more than a quartermillion in 2019. We look to clients – overwhelmingly satisfied by our services – with consistently positive outcomes across Childhelp. We partner with licensing agencies, accreditation bodies, and auditing firms

Foster Friess. As benevolent as he is brilliant,

to ensure the successful systems we shape for children align with best practice models of care.

sincere as he is successful and giving as he is

Like we teach the children in our care to reach toward their full potential, we improve as a matter of

bountifully blessed, we honor the lifelong journey

course too. Beyond that, we team with universities, researchers, and government agencies to continue

that brings a man of great power the humility to

refining and improving our programs, and to share with others the successful innovations donors like

reach at-risk populations of great need.

you help us pioneer. There are many ways to express the impact Childhelp has – many ways to see the

God guides his global planning to accomplish

work we do in action. The measure most precious to me is found in the joy of a survivor’s smile and

important acts of goodness so that a new generation can reach their ultimate dreams. His legacy of love has provided life-giving drinking water in Malawi, disaster relief throughout the world, scholarships to uplift communities in the wake of school shootings, and precious gifts to the littlest Childhelp child needing a chance at a brighter future. From supporting us compassionately during the

hope of a healing heart. – Denise Biben Chief Programs Officer Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-Child Text and Chat Capability Staffed 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week by degreed professional counselors, this confidential service offers crisis intervention, information, literature, and referrals to emergency, social service, and support resources. The Hotline recently received a federal award to offer texting and chat capabilities launching the texting platform in February 2019 and live chat in April 2019. Through translators, the hotline can communicate in over 170 languages and serves the United States, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam.

recession, to surprising us in Washington DC, to

Childhelp Children’s Advocacy Centers

offering holy invocations at events, Foster Friess

As models of community collaboration, the Children’s Advocacy Centers provide a child friendly facility

captures the giving spirit of what Childhelp has

where members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) interview victims, conduct medical exams, provide

been about for over 60 years; he is a true Man of

specialized mental health treatment, and provide family members with referrals to other community

the World and man of our hearts.

resources while law enforcement agencies and county attorneys pursue the prosecution of offenders.



Yvonne Fedderson, Co-Founder, Vice Chairman & President Sara O’Meara, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO


Photos by Scott Foust Studios


Carol Hebets, Childhelp National Board Secretary and Founder of Childhelp Wings Jim Hebets, Executive Vice President Childhelp National Board Photos by Scott Foust Studios



Tracy Katz, 2021 Gala Co-Chairman Ivy Ciolli, 2021 Gala Chairman


Photos by Scott Foust Studios




37200 N Cave Creek Rd 1031 Scottsdale, AZ 85262

6817 N 46th Pl Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

6344 N Lost Dutchman Dr Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Offered at $6,995,000

Offered at $5,285,000

Offered at $3,895,000




6525 N 37th St Phoenix, AZ 85018

6650 N 39th Way Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

6650 N 39th Pl Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Sold for $3,450,000

Sold for $2,175,000

Sold for $2,910,000

Scott Grigg

Kevin Petruska

Andrew Speedling

Caren Pereira

Joel Chacko

Adrianna Baum

Cathy Speach

Sal Shkreli

480.540.5479 | | The Grigg's Group | Realty Executives As Seen On: Disclaimer: Builder/Developer reserves the right to change the above without notice. Prices are subject to change. See Purchase Agreement for details. Square Footage and dimensions are estimates and may vary in actual construction. A signed and executed Purchase Agreement will be the final instrument of agreement between the builder, and the Home Buyer. Sales and Marketing provided by The Grigg’s Group of Realty Executives. Subdivision report has been received and will be provided upon request. All photos/renderings are copyrighted.


Geoffrey Beene Phoenix Art Museum has officially established its new Geoffrey Beene Archive, now the third archive in its renowned fashion-design collection. Spanning the 1980s through the 1990s, the archive features more than 400 custom-made jumpsuits, trousers, vests, boleros, gowns, collars, and more by the late designer, over 350 of which were donated in 2019 to the Museum by Patsy Tarr, president of the 2wice Arts Foundation and founder and publisher of 2wice magazines and books. With this new archive, Phoenix Art Museum is now one of the nation’s leading institutions with holdings of Beene’s designs. While these newly acquired garments by the acclaimed designer are not currently on exhibit for the public, the Geoffrey Beene Archive will serve as the foundation for a future exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum to be announced at a later date. Stay tuned into Trends and sign up for the Museum’s e-newsletter to ensure you’re among the first to find out about an upcoming Beene

Behind the scenes of “Geoffrey Beene: A Duet of Fashion and Movement.” Manley Films production and photograph. Courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum.

exhibition. Geoffrey Beene, Jacket, Black lace bolero with white and purple twill tape stitched into floral and swirl shapes. Gift of Patsy Tarr.

Geoffrey Beene, Jacket, Pink satin bolero with multicolored embroidered, beaded, and trimmed flowers down sleeves. Gift of Patsy Tarr.


Behind the scenes of “Geoffrey Beene: A Duet of Fashion and Movement.” Manley Films production and photograph. Courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum.

Geoffrey Beene, Jacket, Red bolero with white chainstitched palm tree appliques on back of jacket. Gift of Patsy Tarr.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and before you think you’re not old enough to need a colonoscopy, it’s actually recommended for those younger than you might think. Those 45 years old or older should begin receiving regular screening colonoscopies, and it may be even younger for those with a family history of not only cancer, but potentially high-risk polyps.


By Marissa Ochoa

Valley medical experts say patients are often unprepared to ask important questions during an appointment, which may lead them to miss important information to make the most informed decision. This is especially true when preparing for a colonoscopy, during which the patient is sedated, often heightening anxiety and the need to be assured of high quality care. Here are four important questions Dr. Toufic Kachaamy, Interventional Program Specialist and Gastroenterologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Phoenix wishes every patient would ask before their colonoscopies:

Can I schedule a meeting with the gastroenterologist ahead of my procedure?

First and foremost, it is important that you are comfortable with the people performing your colonoscopy. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any other questions you should have about your examination.

How do you measure the quality of the colonoscopy and can you share these quality measures?

Quality comes in two parts when considering a colonoscopy. One important measure of quality is adenoma (a type of polyp) detection rate; the more detected, the lower your risk of cancer in the long term. The goal of colonoscopy is to detect the most polyps and remove them all completely. An indirect measure of quality is the length of the procedure. The more time the gastroenterologist spends in the examination (called withdrawal), the more likely they are to find polyps. Six to eight minutes is the minimum amount of time the procedure is expected to last (excluding the time to get to the beginning of the colon and the time spent removing polyps).

What can I do to improve the quality of my colonoscopy?

If you haven’t properly prepared for your colonoscopy, more time will need to be spent cleaning instead of looking for polyps during the procedure. Worse still, your appointment may be rescheduled to allow for a better preparation. Preparation procedures can vary depending on a patient’s health and the time of day. If, for example, your colonoscopy is scheduled for 3 p.m., and you did your preparations the night before, there is a chance your colon has refilled itself and the preparations will have to be redone. Or, if you’ve been constipated, you may need to take a modified regimen to increase the chance of having a good prep. It is also important to talk with your health care provider about a backup plan if the preparation wasn’t effective.

Will you carefully review my family’s colonoscopy history?

Dr. Toufic Kachaamy

Interventional Program Specialist and Gastroenterologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Phoenix

Colonoscopy has changed the natural history of colon cancers. Health outcomes are much better than what they once were, but one of the areas where we could see even more dramatic improvements is through a better understanding of our family’s medical history – and adjusted the timing of colonoscopy accordingly. Your first colonoscopy should start 10 years before a cancer occurred in any first-degree relative (mother, father, full sibling). The same applies to what is considered a high-risk polyp (larger than one cm or with special characteristics on microscopic examination). For example, if a 50-year-old patient has a polyp that measures over 1 cm (0.4 inches), their child(ren) should receive a colonoscopy at age 40. Once you’ve learned your family history, have a discussion with your doctor to determine if your colonoscopy schedule should change. As much as 50 percent of cancers in young adults may be prevented by knowing a detailed family history of polyps. Whether planning for a colonoscopy or any other health care procedure, remember to be curious and ask questions. If you don’t understand an answer or an instruction, ask for clarification. You can – and should – be your own wellinformed advocate. Comprehensive Cancer Care Network Call 602-883-1463 today to schedule a screening. © 2021 IPB

WHERE EXPERT CANCER CARE MEETS COMPASSION At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® we have dedicated teams of experts that work together to provide a personalized, cancer care plan designed to meet your unique needs.

Dr. Toufic Kachaamy Medical Director of Interventional Gastroenterology and Gastroenterologist Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Phoenix





Comprehensive Care and Research Center 14200 W. Celebrate Life Way

Outpatient Care Center 3530 S. Val Vista Drive Suite C204

Outpatient Care Center 2915 W. Rose Garden Lane

Outpatient Care Center 9755 N. 90th Street Suite A100 & B130

Learn more at 480.939.3327 To schedule your screening call 602.883.1463

Comprehensive Cancer Care Network ©2021 IPB

WHAT ’S TO COME for 2 0 2 1 From the historic estates of North Central Phoenix, to the stunning mountain foothills of North Scottsdale, and front-yard living at its finest living in Gilbert, come see why Camelot Homes has been handcrafting award-winning luxury neighborhoods for more than 50 years.


North Scottsdale

North Scottsdale

Central Phoenix


North Phoenix

ROC# B-067408

We've Got This Zoom Thing Down

wanted: one night stand

Quick and easy furniture pick-up and delivery available from My Sister’s Attic. Whether you’re looking to consign a piece of gently-used furniture, or buy something new at up to 90% off retail, our movers are standing by to help.

Flourish. It means to grow abundantly. For 25 years, the Fresh Start Gala has planted seeds of positive change. While our Gala is taking a year off, our resolve to make a powerful and lasting impact in women’s lives remains the same. Today, the need is greater than ever to help women build a better future. Please give women the fresh start they need. Because we know when women flourish, there’s nothing stronger or more beautiful. Make a gift today and help them grow. Join us at: #wherewomenflourish


Fresh Start Welcomes its New CEO Kim McWaters What is your background? I have been in the business of changing peoples lives for more than three decades. I recently retired as President and CEO of Universal Technical Institute (UTI), the nation’s leading provider of transportation technician training. I dedicated my professional life to helping students get the education and training needed to pursue a career as a technician working for world class brands such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche to name a few. During my tenure, we graduated more than 200,000 skilled technicians.

What made you decide to switch careers and move to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation? After 35 years at UTI, it was time for a fresh start. After a few months of retirement during the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt compelled to get back to changing peoples’ lives for the better. Fresh Start was the perfect place to do it. Having served on the Board of Directors for nearly 20 years, and as Chair of the Board for this past year, I already knew and loved the mission of the organization. I was happy to follow Susan Berman, who recently retired after serving a decade as Fresh Start’s CEO. Working for this organization makes my heart happy.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time at Fresh Start? We are on a mission to help women achieve self-sufficiency. Our work is especially important now given the pandemic’s impact on women and children. Our team; together with community leaders, employers, educators and other direct service providers; will help more women overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency. We will provide programs and services that help women stabilize their families, rebuild self-confidence, learn life and financial skills as well as gain access to career training and employment services.

When people hear the words “Fresh Start Women’s Foundation,”after you have been CEO for a while, what do you hope they will say? Fresh Start’s impact in this community is impressive by any measure. I love the way Fresh Start has brought our entire community together to help women on their path to self-sufficiency.


I am so proud to support this organization! You should get involved! What a force for good!

What are your hobbies? Music, art, theater and dance.

What 7 people living, or dead would you invite to your dinner party? It’s a 6-Gen girl’s night! Magically, all six generations of us are in our mid-thirties for this fabulous night together. Everyone brings their favorite dish. On the guest list: my sister Staci, my deceased mother Cheryl and grandmothers Jean and Della who I miss terribly. My great grand grandmothers Edith and Ulla and my future granddaughter, all of whom I have never met. No doubt we will have a blast together, but more importantly, I would love for prior generations to understand that their lives mattered and for my granddaughter to validate such by example. Can you imagine? Fun!

Lexi Lexi is a gorgeous one-year-old German Shepherd who is as sweet as she is pretty. Her favorite toys to play with are tennis balls and anything that has a squeaker inside it! This sweet girl was surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society by her owner when they were no longer able to care for her, so she will need her new family to be gentle, patient and consistent as she adjusts to her new life and learns more about her new family.

Lin Sue Cooney Director of Community Engagement

Lexi is a little nervous and could use some help with building her confidence, it is recommended that she receives professional guidance training and luckily AHS’ dedicated staff has many behavior resources they can provide her new family. Additionally, Lexi is a formal girl who would like to meet all of her new family members prior to adoption. This includes any other dogs that would be living with her to ensure a good match, though she would also be happy being the only dog in her new home. Meet Lexi at AHS’ Campus for Compassion location off 15th Ave. and Dobbins Rd. in Phoenix by scheduling a Virtual Adoption Appointment at Her adoption fee is $350 and includes her spay surgery, current vaccinations, a microchip and a free follow-up wellness exam with a VCA Animal Hospital.

Ninja Ninja is a majestic and handsome five-year-old domestic longhair, and with his long orange coat and mane, he could easily fit in with his lion relatives. Ninja was brought to the Arizona Humane Society as a stray when a Good Samaritan noticed that his hind paw was injured. He was treated in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ for some mild wounds and also needed a few dental extractions. After spending some time recovering in a Foster Hero home, this retired stray is looking for a forever home where he can relax comfortably.

A legacy of caring Hospice, dementia and chronic illness care Music, massage and pet therapy Military veteran and first responder tributes Grief support Volunteer opportunities Call 24/7 to speak with a nurse As a not-for-profit, we never turn anyone away

Ninja is a big, friendly boy, weighing in at 11 pounds! While his current dental issues are resolved, his new family needs to make sure they keep up with his dental hygiene to prevent any issues in the future. He would love a family that shares his passion of looking dapper, by helping him keep his coat soft and fluffy. Ninja may need some time adjusting to his new luxurious lifestyle, but he is sure to make a great addition to any home as the king of the castle. Meet Ninja at AHS’ Campus for Compassion location off 15th Ave. and Dobbins Rd. in Phoenix by scheduling a Virtual Adoption Appointment at He does have a medical release for recent extractions. His adoption fee is $50 and includes his neuter surgery, current vaccinations, a microchip and a free follow-up wellness exam with a VCA Animal Hospital.

(602) 530-6900 33


A GRAND TOAST TO BARROW CDC guidelines were properly observed prior to several watch parties that started around the Valley on behalf of Barrow Women’s Board. The bash was chaired by Diane Might and Kolby Moffatt. Once everyone received an all-clear on negative COVID tests, masks were removed and the festivities began. Some arrived in ballgowns and black tie while others dressed in fine evening attire. Women’s Board Chair Sandy Hecomovich presided over

the evening and great thanks was given to her and the entire board for their tireless fund-raising efforts. The organization continues to raise awareness in many areas including stroke, headaches, epilepsy, and various neurological conditions. The evening’s proceeds and other vast donations raised a considerable amount of needed funds for the Institute. This alone should make Dr. Michael Lawton, Chief Neurovascular Surgeon, very pleased.

Tom and Diane Might, Michael and Suzanne Lawton; Sandy and Michael Hecomovich; Kolby and Kenny Moffatt

Bruce Ward and Sara Dial, George and Dyan Getz, Bonsal and Alexis Glascock, Bill and Sandy Metzler

Mary Ellen and Bob McKee


Diane Might with Sandy Hecomovich and Kolby Moffatt

Christopher Stalberg and Judy Hewson

Robert Spetzler with Nan and C.A. Howlett

Dionne and Francis Najafi

Jan and Christopher Cacheris

Photos courtesy of Jared Platt

Brian and Carrie Hall

David and Christine Watson

Rick Zimmerman with Diane and Tom Might

Photos courtesy of Jared Platt

Diane Might and Michael Lawton with Sandy Hecomovich

Jack and Harriet Friedland

Amy and Ray Thurston and Katie Cobb

Budd and Laurie Florkiewicz with Nancy Spetzler

David Larcher and Jenny Cushing


Samantha’s Favorite Finds By Samantha DeRose

It’s time to ditch the sweatpants and opt for some chic, wide-leg pants. Try out the new trend with these stylish pants by THE ROW. Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

This 18kt yellow-gold medallion necklace by Roberto Coin is a perfect go-to piece. Wear this necklace solo or try layering it with your other favorite pieces. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Timeless and irresistibly elegant, treat yourself to these beautiful, 18kt white-gold diamond drop earrings. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Truly stunning, this 18kt yellow-gold drop necklace combines Oliver’s classic diamond elements with a stunning emerald and blue cabochon sapphire for a perfect pop of color. Available at Oliver Smith Jewelers located at 8787 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 116.

Ground your look with these perfect mood-lifting, candy-colored Bottega Veneta mule sandals. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Sun-soaked days call for fun floral patterns. Embrace the warmer weather with this Oscar de la Renta day dress. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Swoon! This high-polish, green tourmaline, pink sapphire and diamond pave bypass ring in 18k rose-gold is the perfect statement ring. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.



Guide to Entertaining By Patsy Lowry

“I believe in the nobility of entertaining people and I take great pride that people are willing to give me two or three hours of their busy lives.” – John Lasseter ENTERTAIN!!!!! ENTERTAINing family and friends in your home is a celebration. Friendship magic! Creative magic! Happiness magic! Delicious magic! Memorable magic! My husband, Ed, and I have happily been ENTERTAINing family and friends for over 58 years. We have created and shared occasions of joy, quality-bonding and festive camaraderie. I encourage you to invite people to your home for lunch or dinner. Start with four to six friends. They will be thrilled and delighted to be invited. Continually update your own personal sense of style. Get dressed up, set a fabulous table, share stories and have fun. Create an intimate and convivial atmosphere. It is well worth the time and effort. Consider festive occasions to ENTERTAIN: afternoon tea, brunch, cocktails or themed parties for life’s special celebrations. ENTERTAIN!!!!!!!!! A few helpful tips: 1. Set the table and prepare as much food as possible several days in advance. Plan what you are going to wear. Preparation is key! 2. Send an email reminder the day before with the day, date, time (address and directions, if needed)! 3. Be dressed and ready with all the lights on, candles lit, music playing, the bar set up at least fifteen minutes before arrival time. 4. Greet guests at the front door with a warm smile, a sincere compliment, and a gracious welcome. Smile and continue smiling and sparkling all evening. 5. Learn to trust your instincts and intuition. Use your strengths. Get help in the areas you are weakest. If you don’t cook, buy prepared food or consider a catering service. 6. Put place cards and helium balloons at each place setting. Write names in large letters on the front and back of the place cards. This adds a celebratory touch. 7. Use your best tableware. What are you saving it for? 8. Let your guests know in advance what time the gathering will end. I make sure that they leave around the designated time. They are always most appreciative. ENTERTAIN!!!!!!!!!



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Microneeding Meets Radiofrequency Tightening

MICRONEEDLING SYSTEM INCLUDES: Deeper penetration of RF energy Delivering its skin tightening benefits to three layers of skin: epidermis, dermis, and sub-dermis. Anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits are more dramatic than with RF or microneedling alone.


Over 100,000 procedures performed by our practice to date

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Open Saturdays for your convenience Lisa Williams, Nurse Practitioner, ANP-C, is one of the top injectors in Arizona earning Black Diamond status as a single solo practice. Find us on





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A House by the Sea By Christopher Coffin A peaceful blend of soft ocean blue and sea glass green shades echo the colors viewed through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The colors were selected for the interior of the lovely Montecito costal home by the team at Christopher K. Coffin Design. Our top priority was to take in the breathtaking ocean views and make someone inside feel like they are surrounded by nature. The furnishings and art, complement the stunning setting without competing with it. Montecito is a beautiful southern California town with ideal temperatures and fresh breezes. The house is used primarily by its owner as either a personal retreat or dwelling for visiting guests. It now has a sophisticated seaside style that has a classic yet contemporary take on coastal living. Before the transformation, it did not have the relaxed vibe needed for a getaway sanctuary. It was stark and had a sterile look with white carpeting and white modern leather furnishings from Italy. The design materials were not durable in the way they needed to be to withstand the homes location, where someone may track in sand from a beach walk or walk in with wet clothing after enjoying the waves.


To get it in ship shape, the carpet was traded for medium-toned wood flooring. Indoor/ outdoor rugs and fabrics have replaced high maintenance materials, including the leather. Motorized drop-down shades were selected instead of draperies in order to provide privacy when needed but keep the windows as open as possible. Adding warmth and character are items such as a traditional grandfather clock and a stunning Afritaco bookcase cabinet. Commissioned in Paris by Christian Astuguevieille, the cabinet has the great natural, organic texture of rope, providing a beachy feel in a very cool way. It is a special conversation piece that is a purposeful counterpoint to the clean, contemporary design of the home. When some people think of beach décor, they picture what some might call kitschy vacation souvenir style items like oars on the walls or signs that say, “Welcome to the Beach.” This home’s beachy interiors are free of a lot of decoration clutter. It has an open, airy and bright style of beachy, but it still has personality. We took the view and added enough styling to give the home a “wow” factor! It really came to life as a place someone would now love to hang out, re-charge and enjoy the scenery that comes with it.



Change for the Season and for Life Today By Barbara Kaplan, People ask me how they can spruce up their homes easily and comfortably to give them a feeling of both emotion and physical support during this time of change. “Change” seems to be a key word also in design these days. Previously we left our homes to fulfill the many functions we now look to our homes to provide, such as additional rooms for telecon­ ferencing for work and with family, space for privacy and hobbies.It seems downsizing is no longer necessary. We now are expanding our requirements and desires and looking to our homes to fulfill them. By spending more time at home, our personal environment has become a complexity of purpose and meaning for our new and old lifestyle. As I began creating design and lifestyle ideas for this fall, the list became endless There are many different improvements you can make because the need for your home to support you is bigger in ways we never thought before. And they must be personalized for you. Before starting to make changes in your personal spaces however, you must consider the two fundamental parts of creating a home environment – DESIGN & LIFESTYLE. First, you must consider Lifestyle, and ask yourself, how am I living in my personal spaces, why is something in my environment, which leads to what is this doing for me? Then comes the Design. Everything in the world is de­signed!!! Have you ever thought about that? From the chair you are sitting in to your toothbrush. Everything!!! Design must look beautiful and function as well. So, with this information what choices are you considering to bring the best design and lifestyle into your world ... your most personal spaces? A FEW SUGGESTIONS: To make a bold statement of change bring in big bold patterns as accents on your upholstery with pillows, throws or even lamp shades. Using solids as a base is wonderful for longevity reasons ... but spice up your style with some outstanding patterns that speak to you. Possibly an accent wall covered in fabric or wallpaper?

tion and interest. If your walls have the popular grey cast, bring in an accent green, yellow or blue or your own surprise color. And don’t forget the ceiling for color accent too! Leather is back. Try incorporating some fun and practicality with colorful and textured leathers into your interior plan. There are many synthetic looking leathers too…you will never know the difference! Mirrored furniture creates sparkle. And hanging mirrors will open your space. But, always be sure to hang a mirror where you will want to see the reflection.

Mixing up styles and finishes. Be daring!! Combine a French style armoire with a contemporary chair for an updated eclectic look. Mixing these also is an opportunity for two people living in the same space to have a design voice.

Avoid matching all of your furniture pieces. To create that designer look – make sure to mix and match both finishes and styles. If you are daring … combine shapes and unexpected color combinations, too.

Painting walls and ceilings can be an easy and inexpensive way to bring in color and brightness. Sticking with all neutrals may be safe, but you are missing an opportunity to add some excitement to your décor. Try introducing your favorite color into the room. You can accent a fireplace or art wall or define an area in the room for defini-

And remember, rooms have no feelings, you do!


Try placing your furniture away from a wall. Your room will be much more interesting if you can find another way to arrange your furniture. If you “float” your seating, your space will appear larger as well. And always make sure you are facing something beautiful! |

WE ARE OPEN WITH REGULAR GALLERY HOURS TUESDAY – SATURDAY 10 A M TO 4 PM We Continue to Fill the Gallery with New and Unique Items Paradise Valley Estate Sales, Auctions and Consignment is well known among the valley’s most Savvy shoppers for always having a stunning collection of home furnishings, accessories and artwork from the finest estates and local designers. Working with trust attorneys doing household inventory appraisals and liquidations. Always innovative, another PVESA exclusive is its special pricing. Some call it a “Dutch Auction” We call it Brilliant! Anne Sarvas and Mary Cantrell

Visit our website 7655 E. Redfield Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | Phone: (480) 949-2096 | E-mail:



Seafood and Other Culinary Creations at Their Finest Hour The Verve When Streak 44 opened several years ago, it met with great success and a lot of hullabaloo. But for the more discriminating diner, there is Ocean 44. This masterful restaurant opened to rave reviews and quiet elegance. Unlike its predecessor, the verve is far lower key and very opulent. Even the establishment’s enormous bar is so soundproof that you simply cannot hear talking from the table next to you. Quiet water features welcome and soft music plays above. If you are a first-time diner at this terrific eatery, might we recommend Christine or Gilbert as your servers for the evening? Their professional approach from the most seasoned diner to the first timer is always the same. They are two of the most gracious servers in the Valley. Both are kind and accommodating to even the most astute diner. Starters Dear God, they are going to recommend the calamari! Yes, we are. As you know, we like this starter very much. Ocean 44 is perhaps one of the very best places for this dish. It is large, crisp and mixed with a little shrimp. It does not taste fishy. Do not pass on the lobster rolls either. Since this starter is not usually found on most menus, make sure you order this delectable hors d’ oeuvre. Your dinner guest will think they have died and gone to heaven and so will you! The seafood tower is a must and can be customized to fit your dietary needs. It’s enormous and the quality of the shellfish is top notch. Do not pass up the lobster escargot or crispy shrimp deviled eggs. There are also vast selections of oysters, mussels and clams too. Keep in mind there are also countless other appetizers on the menu. The salad selections are


unique and generous. Our favorites are the wedge and super foods, but all are marvelous! Mains The fresh fish at Ocean 44 is not to be believed. Everything from Branzino to Chilian Sea Bass is mouth-watering and the portions are large. The Ahi Tuna is an absolute must and chef will not mind at all if you choose to have it cooked all the way thru. The shellfish is extraordinary. Their king crab is the very best we have sampled in town. Remember that you can request that it be shucked or “deshelled” as the restaurant prefers to call it. You will not find a bigger portion of the twin lobster tails in the Valley either. The main-dish oysters and shrimp prepared in several different ways are not to be overlooked. But do not forget Ocean 44 offers all the famous chops its sister restaurant Steak 44 has. Might we suggest you place your chop order “Oscar Style,” This way you get both of surf & turf worlds. There are also all types of imaginable sauces and fish combinations to make each steak memorable and delicious.

Sides We suggest a potato offering of either mashed, baked, scalloped, Kennebec fires or a cream cheese and chive stuffed hash brown. Try the sautéed sweet corn and the cream corn Brule. The wild mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and asparagus are fine accompaniments to either fish or chops. All are cooked in Italian olive oil and served with shredded parmesan cheese. These are fresh, fantastic and large enough to split with a large party. Dessert Just when you thought the festivities had ended, your fabulous servers suggest an array of simply amazing confections. Chocolate is available in several shades of toasted with marshmallow, chocolate bombe and a very chocolate cake offering. Pies are huge and beautifully presented. They are available in coconut cream, Key lime and peanut butter. Sorbet and gelato are light and refreshing and so are the mixed berries. Aperitifs and After Dinner Drinks After-dinner drinks cap off a fine and tremendous dining experience. There are abundant signature cocktails, whiskey, bourbon, tequila, fine wines and a vast selection of cognac. Several of these have their own extensive menus. This brings a touch of class and refinement to the liquor selections and all around evening. Ocean 44 4744 N. Goldwater Boulevard • Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Tel. 480.867.0044 Dress code



C hef Robert Richter established

Robert’s Catering, Inc. and Cakes in 1980, creating traditional comfort foods, French cuisine, cutting edge contemporary cuisine, and simply the best cakes for the most discriminating palette, yours.

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We all experience changes in life. Sometimes it’s with much joy and anticipation when you are up-sizing or down-sizing your estate. Sometimes the changes are unexpected and challenging. The changes may cause a tidal wave of happiness, or a riptide of unexpected adjustments, including emotional, legal or financial complexities. In 2009, I experienced a life-altering change. Selling my luxury estate was just one challenge. I searched for guidance through every phase, and was lucky to find the professionals I needed. I then created a Concierge business designed to help others going through similar events. My process helps to streamline efforts, reduce time, stress and expense.


Your Transition Concierge Luxury Realtor

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Angiolo Livi Chef, Owner

Angiolo Livi — Youngest recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

Inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame • Gourmet Magazine • Wine Spectator • Zagat Survey

It would be our pleasure to cater your next family and corporate event.”

— Angiolo


EST. 1974

Fresh Pasta & Pasteries made fresh daily in our exhibition kitchen!

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Since 1997 49

WEDDING BELLS COUPLE Aimee Josette David Dwyer

WEDDING CEREMONY L’Auberge de Sedona, on the beautiful creek side lawn.

MUSIC Got you Covered Entertainment. For the ceremony a classical flair, the Groom entered to the traditional Irish Wedding Song, the bride entered to a modern rendition of Canon in D. Reception & dinner, lounge and jazz music filled the air. For dancing under the stars, the playlist was full of the bride and grooms favorites.

WEDDING PLANNER Sloane Hansen of Events by Sloane


DECORE Table Tops Etc. By Melissa Lewis. Feature flower – Juliet Garden Roses


THE DRESS Pronovias Barcelona, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

THE TUX Calvin Klein, Accessories Tom Ford

HONEYMOON Nesting in newly purchased historic modern home in the Phoenix Coronado neighborhood. Future destination: Tulum Mexico


• Intimate wedding for the current times, 24 guests attended with many more family & friends watching live on ZOOM! • Keeping with the Grooms heritage ... Irish wedding bells rang out as the couple was pronounced to bring the couple good luck. • The Bride’s something blue was her mother’s sapphire ring tied into her bouquet & her something borrowed was her girlfriend’s eucalyptus tree ... branches draped the staircase railing for a dramatic entrance to the creek side lawn.


Sponsored by:


BREATHTAKING VIEWS. IMPECCABLE SERVICE. Framed by Camelback and Mummy Mountains, El Chorro offers a scenic desert setting to savor fresh seasonal cuisine. Gather with friends for happy hour, dinner or enjoy a relaxed Sunday brunch. Experience Arizona destination dining at its best!

5550 East Lincoln Dr.

Paradise Valley, AZ