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Issue 3; the 16 bit issue. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cover? Yes, finally. A girl! I know right... ladies this one is for you. Gents, this is one for you to dribble over lol. For this issue we’ve got the amazing Sasha Keable as our cover girl and watching her shoot as well as interviewing her was really enjoyable – she’s a complete natural. We got to know the down to earth youngster in depth and talked everything from walking the streets barefoot so as not to ruin our new, Year of the Horse vans to messy nights out and everything in between – if not the former, then certainly the latter is something we can all relate to! We’ve really switched up the visuals this issue to tie in with the theme so I hope you all like our new look. In addition to this, we’ve amped up our content to another level. As always, we have our trusty brand features, this issue featuring Represent and Shade London. Now however, there are three separate editorial lookbooks, so when I say there is something for everybody then I mean, there is something for everybody. We have now got four times as many spotlight features; all the better for getting you in the know and tonnes of other additional pages with things to do and places to go. Honestly, this is my favourite mag to date. Is it just me or are we finally experiencing some sun?! Last Friday marked the first day of spring and England... I must say that you’re not doing too bad at all. Can we all just cross our fingers that it stays? On that note, we’ve got some fabulous spring picks for you (especially for our budding female fashionistas – ugh i’m almost dying thinking of all the candy coloured goodness). Fellas, of course you can also always reply on TrendsetUK to keep you looking fresh, whatever the weather. Enough from me, read and enjoy. See you in two months time, be ready ;) Aniah Boakye - Smith, Editor In Chief

Aniah Boakye-Smith

trend news --------------------------------------------Words By Eddie Fiasco

#TRENDNEWS bring to you an amalgamation of the popular happenings of late. This is a collective of things ranging from events to new collection releases and music; all the different aspects of TrendsetUK lifestyle. For more up to date information, follow PAT TA .............................................................................. the hashtag on Earlier this year we took a trip across the seas to one of our our Instagram neighbouring countries, the Netherlands to visit the Patta store. and blog. We were greeted with open arms and finally got to see and pick up some pieces we had been craving for.



Supreme unveil their newest collection with some visually stunning pieces. Carrying on their 2011 playboy collection we are blessed with jerseys and leather jackets. We are super excited to get our hands on some pieces. Check it out at

ROnnie fieg

.............................................................................. ALL HAIL Ronnie Fieg. Why? Because he has done it again! His latest collaboration comes from Amsterdam footwear brand, Filling Pieces. The new quilted RF-Mid pack comes in black, red and white with a gum sole. The hype for these trainers was so crazy, that they sold out within an hour.

s c h o o l b oy q

Y ung lean ..............................................................................


If you’re not familiar with Yung Lean have a little read. The 17-year-old rapper from the Södermalm district of Stockholm has been creating a buzz all over the internet with his song “Ginseng Strip 2002” alongside other features. He finally decided to visit his fans in the UK and performed @ Birthdays alongside Piff gang and others on the 26th March.

h a n n a h fa i t h

.............................................................................. London’s talent seems to be getting recognised day by day and one person not to be missed has to be Hannah Faith aka DJ FAITH. Recently signed by Soulection, her selection of soul, trap & rnb is a great fusion of ever-meaning music. Her most recent mix FOURTEEN is host to a few bangers and also wild cards that will have your playlist questioning itself. Check out her music on

Schoolboy Q recently released his latest album entitled “Oxymoron”. There is one song in particular we have fallen in love with and that song is STUDIO. Although the whole album is extremely capturing, we feel like STUDIO is one of those songs that relates to a mass audience and something we would love to see visuals for after being blessed with MAN OF THE YEAR.



YG has been causing crazy heat in the streets after going to jail and signing his record deal with CTE (Young Jeezys Camp). The young artist finally released his new album MY KRAZY LIFE with features from Drake, Young Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan. With a few tracks produced by DJ Mustard (Mustard On the Beat) this album is due to have your iTunes back in action.



3. Can you tell us the idea be’ hind your Nike Air Max Assault Weapons, what is the story or message behind them? '

1. Your artwork is very differ’ ent, I guess, from the con’ ventional idea of art. What inspires you to create such abstract, unique pieces?

My expression is a product of my surroundings, so moving countries, meeting new people, new cultures and traditions has greatly shaped how I see the world. I’m currently living in Amsterdam, having recently moved from Sydney, but looking to return to London later this year. I’m inspired by my UK youth, my interests in music and fashion but to be honest with you I’m just having fun. My pieces are very personal, I love bold colours, graphic forms. I enjoy the process of taking objects and twisting the perception of them… the mash-up result just intrigues me to create more, what else can I get away with...

2. You seem to be fascinated with trainers, especially Nike Air Max’s, what is it about them that you love and how do you incorporate the trainer into your work?

I’ve worn Airmax since I can remember, 1992 to be exact… It’s all about the bubble… The textural pieces of my favourite kicks are so recognisable it’s fun creating new forms with them. I think very graphically, I love symmetry and clean lines. The idea with the sneaker-mash-ups was to immortalise my favourite pieces of my collection, in a graphical way.

grew up in the “ I90s, so America, action films, com’ ics, cartoons, my soda can collec’ tion, the NBA and a love of running shoes.

I grew up in the 90s, so America, action films, comics, cartoons, my soda can collection, the NBA and a love of running shoes shaped me… Quite simply the idea of fusing two 90s icons made me want to experiment. So I chose to mash-up a Beretta gun with an Infrared Air Max 90. Both objects you’d see throughout Hollywood films and shows in that decade. The weapon-art pieces were my first to get exposure. Sneaker Freaker actually labelled them ‘assault weapons’ not my wording… I think that gives the pieces a negative perspective. Make Art The Weapon, is the title I run with now. This has actually lead to me starting up workshops in schools where I encourage kids to find a better path for themselves through creativity. If you are interested in finding out more about the workshops check out www.




4. You use the Nike Air Max 93 and Nike Air Huarache to cre’ ate animal skulls that resem’ ble those seen in old Western movies; can you tell us a little bit about these?

The animal skull heads were commissioned pieces by the UK retailer Size? for their November 2013 Nike pack release. This was the classic Huarache and 93 remixed in new colour-ways. I took inspiration from the idea of something being once extinct, so had fun crafting skull form with photographs of the trainers. 7. What is the first piece of artwork you created?

I’ve been told I was tagging my name on things since I was 2 years old, on the paper sheets in my parent’s Fish and chip shop… Since then my art has ranged from winning Dandy comic drawing competitions to getting into a lot of trouble making fake IDs, to the digital art I make today. 8. If you were not an artist, what else do you think you would enjoy doing?

I miss the outdoors; I wish my work didn’t keep me next to a desk… so perhaps landscape gardening would have been a better option; although, saying that I am in the process of launching my own barber shop, Fury’s. Getting my hair cut is one of my favourite things in life. So perhaps that route could have been fun to explore earlier as a career. 10. Finally, what is your go to item of clothing as of late?

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately so comfort is priority, Mayfly Woven’s and my black Nike Destroyer jacket are winning daily.

Connect with Fil Fury



5. Since your artwork is digital, what do you think digital art provides that hand sketched art does not?

I still draw, doodle and tag most days with biro and pencil over my note books… but I guess digital expression for me gives quick polished results, that are precise and perfect. I find it easy to convey ideas and make marks that bend the art of perception. Although I say quick, my process still involves early rough biro sketches, photographing the shoes, digital manipulation to create the new form… For me though it’s all about precision.

“ I’m inspired

by music definitely; I listen to music 24/7 so it’s got to be doing some’ thing… I’m a massive UK head, so any old school grime and garage gets me in the mood to create, but I also love epic sounds like the Back To The Fu’ ture movie soundtrack.

6. Are there any artists or musicians that inspire you or influence your work?

I’m inspired by music definitely; I listen to music 24/7 so it’s got to be doing something… I’m a massive UK head, so any old school grime and garage gets me in the mood to create, but I also love epic sounds like the Back To The Future movie soundtrack… If I were to be specific there would be a good range of names from The Streets, to Pusha T, The Weeknd to Heartless Crew, Clams Casino to Hawk House and everything in between In terms of art, I have a passion for graphic design, branding and logo typography, street art to film production, so not necessary any specific artists or designers but the mediums themselves. Saying that I remember seeing Dave White painting live in Nike Town when I was living in London back in 2003 and I always thought to myself how could I turn my passion for footwear into art… 9. Is your fashion sense as interesting as your artwork, what do you like to wear?

Well I’m guessing you know I wear trainers everyday… I love street wear. I’m in my 30s now though, so I had to lose the louder prints for some slicker cuts and finer detailing. Good denim and a clean white tee pretty much sum me up for weekends but when meeting clients a good shirt does the job. I’m a big fan of supporting my friends and family when it comes to brands, having spent 7 years in Sydney I became good friends with many independent brands - you should check them out, For the Homies, Noir, Capsule, Halfsleeve, Dannika Zen, Dapper, Zoologie, Grand Scheme and ATG.






Words By Aniah Boakye-Smith


“ Before

the brand came to Mega the co-owner was initi a shoe collector; travelling over the world to collect sh

Having recently released their Bloodbath x Black Scale capsule collection, the established street wear brand are gearing us up for summer, all the way from San Francisco, California. With a crescent moon and star print raglan style tee and matching bucket hat in the options of black or white, Black Scale are channeling the resurgence of the 90’s trend to full effect. Before the brand came to be, Mega the co-owner was initially a shoe collector; travelling all over the world to collect shoes. Finally, a HUF opened up in his city. He become a regular customer and friend to the brand owner Keith Hufnagel, eventually becoming store manager himself. He met his partner, co - owner Andrew and they started off with the premise of making printed tees. Between them, they had no goal or game plan. Their only focus was to produce real dark graphics and make tees solely for their friends. Noticing a real lack of dark imagery in urban street wear at the time, the pair saw this as a gap in the market. Mega speaks of himself as a dark being and this was something he wished to convey through his designs. At the current time, the idea of death, destruction and darkness sided more with the punk and metal culture although these were universal issues. The team possess spiritualistic ideals of the present; they celebrate the idea of war and destruction as they see these as the necessary paths for the life we live today. Black Scale is more than just a clothing brand in more ways than one. Aesthetically, they are also extremely big on accessories; they stock hats, belts and spiritual emblems in the form of jewellery and pins. Mentally, the way in which the brand (in terms of name and logo) came about is equally profound. Mega speaks on the colour black to represent darkness but not that with negative connotations. A spiritual being himself, Mega is not overtly religious but instead finds solace in meditating; this allows the mind to fall into the deepest black and from there, one can be taken anywhere. The scales, represent the balance of life. If you were to ask what the vision of the brand were, now that it is established - you would be met with this answer - the vision cannot be expressed. It is everyday life and we are still living it; until it is over, the purpose will not be certain. Pain is inevitable, suffering is an option. - Mega

a real lack o “ Noticing dark imagery in urban

street wear at the time


Connect with Blvck scvle



At the frontline of the 90’s resurgence,this vintage collector is taking the London scene by storm and TrendsetUK caught up with her love for Moschino, Versace and the classic fashion collectables.

Interview By Sian Tia Gallimore

Photography By Ruben Gomes



1) We can see when it comes to fashion that you’re very much an individual. At what age would say that you developed you’re own sense of style? I got my first pair of Moschino jeans at 13 because I used to see my older cousins wearing them; there used to be a shop in Bromley called peppermint that sold kid designers so every birthday/ Christmas I’d save up and go there. Because my cousins used to be into garage they used to wear Burberry and Moschino so a lot of my taste back then was influenced by them, I’ve loved it from a young age but I didn’t actually start collecting clothes until I was 18.

2) It's no secret that you love 90's fashion .... Obviously! So what is it about the way people dressed in the 90's that appeals to you so much? I’m not sure really ... I think it’s just probably because I’m a 90’s child.



3 ) Who in the fashion industry do you find particularly inspiring and why? Ummmm I hate questions like these.. I’m not really into designers except for Versace and Moschino not really even their recent stuff, only their really old stuff that I like.

4 ) Who to you is the best dressed celeb out there at the moment and if you had the opportunity to dress any celeb who would it be? Ummm I really like MIA, she’s the only one I can think of... There probably is other people but I can’t think ...I don’t really follow celeb fashion ... Maybe Rihanna as well.



5 ) Vintage clothing is extreme’ ly popular at the moment, my question to you is ... Do you think everyone can pull off this look ... Or do you some’

6 ) I've been looking at your Instagram and tumblr and you absolutely love Moschino and Versace , what other design’ ers are you also into?

7 ) You're a vintage clothes collector and you're female .. Roughly how big is your wardrobe !? And how often do you shop?

Yh it’s very popular, especially because of that drake song at the moment. In a way, but at the same time I see it as being a circle of life. There’s always something that was cool and nobody knew about it, but if it wasn’t for the people making it so popular I wouldn’t have been able to start off Ninety-fly .

I’m also really into Burberry and I like Iceberg History they’re quite old school; they used to do like tweety bird and loony tune jumpers, I’m also into Escada.

Yeah my room at the moment is filled with clothes, but at the I’m trying to downsize it because now I know exactly what I like , because I used to do window dressing in HnM and Topshop, I had a lot of high street stuff, but now I know what I like I’m downsizing. As for shopping and that I pretty much get deliveries everyday.

8 ) You're style is unique and vintage clothes can be some’ times be a pain to get hold of .. So for those that love and are inspired by your style ... What places would you direct them to?

All the stuff I sell I source myself, all the stuff I post I either sell or it can be hired once my websites ready everything will be available from there. I also hire out for photoshoots a lot of the time, I’ve hired some of my collection to both Chase and Status and Stooshe in the past.

Connect with Ninety fly

......................................................... Ninety_Fly

10 ) You're young fresh and dare I use the word 'trendy' and full of potential .. those that follow you will know that your websites coming soon ... What else can we expect to see from you and what's the end goal for nine’ ty-fly?

I don’t really know, on the website I’ll be selling and hiring out; I published my first zeen in Berlin whilst I was living there, I want to do a London one that I’m going to start shooting for soon and I want to do a New York one too. I also want to do pop up stores in each city ... So that’s pretty much the dream.

9 ) lastly, what are the items you cannot live without in your wardrobe?

I couldn’t live without any of my collection really, I’d never get rid of any of my Versace or Moschino.

Photography by Eddie Fiasco Styling by AlizĂŠ Demange Hair & Make Up by Pernille Nadine Model: Kheri @ Oxygen

Jacket - Quicksilver

Nike Tracksuit Tech Pack




Shirt - Brutus Jacket - Schott -------------------------

Hat - Supreme Being Jacket - Supreme Being Trousers - Edwin Trainers - Saucony -------------------------



Jacket - Trapstar Shirt - Trapstar -------------------------


Jacket - Barbour -------------------------




Hat - Known Jumper - LESS Tracksuit - Bartman Seigel Trainers - Nike Air Max 90 Ice ---------------------------------


Jacket - Supreme Being Shirt - Samsoe Samsoe -------------------------


Sasha Keable words & interview by aniah Boakye - Smith Photography by Michael Stuart Daley Styling by Alizé Demange Make up by Lois Moorcroft assisted by Alex Chalk Hair by Lady-Yvonne Coleman

“OMG I spent like ages running up and down my road looking for my cab without any shoes on!” ...One of the first sentences that came out of the 20 year old singer’s mouth; I knew this interview was going to be funny. After a proper explanation, we understood that these were new trainers that Sasha didn’t want to ruin, as she had yet had the chance to lace them up in her rush to find her cab and make her 54 minute journey to the TrendsetUK cover shoot. If that’s not dedication then I don’t know what is. Nickenamed “Sash”, “Keabs” or “Smasher” (… yeah, I don’t know either) is Sasha Keable; a singer from London signed to Disturbing London. The bubbly blonde, complete with a blunt, edgy fringe kindly took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us here at TSUK. In the run up to releasing her new EP - which will be free, we spoke everything from touring with Katy B to deciding who will be the backbone of her also upcoming album, oh yeah and also the fact that she is a single pringle. Read on for the full interview;

Top – This Is The Uniform Dungarees – Beyond Retro Socks – This Is The Uniform Earrings – Atelier Mayer Bracelet – Stylists Own



What's your story?'

Who has been your favourite person to work with?

Who would be your dream collab?

When my parents divorced and my dad moved out, we didn’t have much money to buy a TV or anything like that so he would print off these tabs; I would sing and he would play guitar - that was like how we bonded. My sister then got me into R’n’B and I was raised on Hip Hop. As I got older I started to develop my own taste and I really realised I had a passion for it. I was one of those kids that had like a million hobbies and I never stuck to any one - except music. That was the thing I consistently enjoyed and didn’t drop, so I though that must mean something! When I was about 12 or 13 I realised this was what I really wanted to do. I started writing songs, moved to Brit school, made friends with these two MC’s and I just started working with them. We would go and write tunes after school and stuff and we ended up doing this showcase for Represent radio station. Tinie Tempah happened to be there and my friend who was talking to him called me over and was like “Sash, come and sing to him!”... so I just sung to him. He got my number later – this was when “Tears” and “Wifey” were the jams! We eventually did a show together, I was just singing the hooks. I’m stubborn. I don’t like other people writing for me. I write most of my stuff myself. If I work with someone, it’s for a collaboration. I then did a tune with Zinc, did a tune with Disclosure, now I’m just doing me.

This group called All About She. That was the first studio session I ever did. I’ve worked with them since I was like 14. They know me. They’re like my brothers and sister. They’re always really good to work with; they know what I like. Dev Hynes was also insane to work with, I’m such a massive fan of his. Working with him meant my first time going over to the States. It was sick! I was like this little girl in the big city *laughs* The way that he works is like so efficient but still so creative so you just get sh*t done. I was there for like three or four days and we came out with like 5 tunes.

There’s like a ton of people but for different reasons. I guess if I were to collab with another artist... maybe Erykah Badu? Or Lauryn Hill.

If it were a rapper?

...then someone like Kendrick (Lamar). Production-wise; Little Dragon.

Growing up with a bunch of different influences, how would you describe your style?

My influences are Hip Hop and Soul based. When I’m writing, the rhythm and the lyrics of the song are quite important to me. I reckon that’s because of the music that I’ve been brought up listening to. As a rapper you’d need to think about the rhythm and the flow and that’s what I think about alongside the melody, then I think about lyrics. My style is just like a mash up of things, I’m never going to stick to one style. And your fashion sense?

I’d like to say that I’m really wacky, but i’m not. *laughs* I’m just really boyish with the way I dress. I don’t care, well I do care *laughs* only when I have to make an effort... but day to day, I dress for comfort. Very dark. Always in trainers. And I like the exclusive sh*t.

How does this influence the music that you make?

The past year I’ve really got into 80s disco and soul music. The next EP is going to be very different from Blackbook; a lot more up-tempo. My mood constantly changes with my music but Hip Hop and Soul are what I always refer back to. I never consistently listen to one thing but no matter what, I can always listen to Wu Tang or Slum Village or Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder and be inspired. Have you got a favourite pair?

I just bought these navy pony skin sk8 hi’s (gestures down at feet) and I got them in pink. They’re for the Chinese new year, you know the year of the horse? I also really like my white leather converse, just bought another pair of black sk8 hi’s. I buy a lot of skate shoes because I like the shape.I ruined my shelltoes on NYE.

“ My sister

then got me into R’n’B and I was raised on Hip Hop. As I got old’ er I started to develop my own taste and i really realised I had a passion for it.

Jumper – Motel Rocks Skirt – Beyond Retro Socks – This Is The Uniform Shoes - Vagabond

Top – Motel Rocks Trousers – This Is The Uniform Bag – Beyond Retro Bracelet - MAWI



Where is your favourite place to shop?

Oh wow! On a brighter note... best career moment?

I don’t shop that much, I just buy trainers. I spend all my money on trainers. Clothing-wise... I did just do a big shop in Opening Ceremony just because it’s really simple. Apart from that, Zara is like the favourite of my life. Literally. All of us in the Disturbing London office LOVE Zara. Apart t from that, I shop in the boutique section of Topshop and random charity shops.

Playing Brixton Academy with Disclosure was pretty mad... the local area... mad. The amount of times I’ve walked past it, actually performing there was sick. Other than that, working with Dev Hynes and then releasing my own EP. I couldn’t see it happening up until the day it actually got released.

Tell us what's on your cloth’ ing wish list.

This AH-MAZING YSL leather jacket. I’ve tried to convince my mum to go halves with me, i’m trying to convince her it’s an investment for both of us; that’s what I want more than anything in the world right now but I don’t know how likely that is. I also want a really nice pastel coat. They’ve got some in topshop but they’re not long enough for me... On my shopping wish list, like my main thing would just be a really good body, that anything looks good on ‘cos if you’ve got a good body, then its calm! Tell us what's on your cloth’ ing wish list.

Ahhhh *laughs* there was this one session that I had with someone that wont be named. They had some random people in the session and *pauses* they were banging Ket (Ketamine – general anesthetic) at like four o’clock in the afternoon. All of them went into “k-holes” and this other song writer and I who were there were like “OMG! We need to leave!” It was the first time I’d really been exposed to drugs in the music industry.

What are your aspirations?

To win a Grammy for best album... Create a lot of stuff with really amazing people – my idols... just to have a sick back catalogue of music... be a sick song writer... write for other people... have a number one, loads! How is the prep going for the next EP?

Good. It should be coming out at the end of March/beginning of April.

And who is your competition?

I’m so anti girls getting turned against each other. People are so quick to compare people. I’ve had people say I’m the British Jhene Aiko... and i’m like “why compare?!” I know I’m not doing what she’s doing and then I think it’s so easy for girls to feel like they’re in competition with other people... so i’m always extra nice to people. However... there are a lot of girls trying to do the same thing. People will look at people like Elli Ingram and Purple Ferdinand and be like oh, they’re all the same age, all making cool music but I’m friends with these girls. It must be annoying for people not to see you as an individual...

My aim is to create a girls super group and have mad collabs on one album like what Kanye did... otherwise I’m just gonna end up in beef with people! *laughs* Katy B is someone else people compare me to...

Has it got a name yet?

Do you know what? I just came up with the name the other day and i’m still trying to live with it... it’s there but it’s not there. What does an average day look like for you?

If I’m in the studio then I might have gym or something. I’m meeting up with Angel Haze later. Some days I’m shooting, some days I might have meetings or I’m writing; a lot of my work happens when I’m on my own. I’m just mostly working on my EP and album, doing research... checking out the competition ha!

You're supporting Katy B on her March tour.. how did this come about?

I met her on a night out, she local, from Peckham I think and we just got chatting. I’m already cool with the Rinse lot and my manager just kind of said do you want Sasha to support you and thats how it happened!

“ Playing Brixton Academy with Disclosure was pretty mad... the local area... mad.

Connect with sasha



Top – Motel Rocks Shorts – Motel Rocks Necklace – MAWI Earrings – MAWI Bracelet – Stylists Own Ring – Stylists Own

Whats In Your Wardrobe

W h a t s

i n

m y

w a r d r o b e



TrendsetUK asked Sasha Keable to show us some of her favourite pieces in her wardrobe.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trousers - Topshop Boutique Bralette - Topshop Shirt - Kenzo Tshirt - Long Live Southbank Trainers - Vans limited edition Year of the Horse Bucket hat - Silverspoon Attire Purse - Miu Miu




N U M B E R Words By Aniah Boakye-Smith


Photography By Eddie Fiasco

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Number Six – a little hidden gem in East London’s back streets; Brick Lane to be precise. An area once famed for the Jack the Ripper murders but now home to London’s artistic types; perfect for this extraordinary menswear store. Situated in part of an old brewery tavern, the store – founded in 2007 but under the guise of We Were Casuals opened its doors as Number Six in 2010. Number Six stocks handpicked menswear, sourced from across the globe as well as more underground, local produce coming out of London. Number Six is known to house a wide range of brands such as the likes of Adidas, Barbour, New Balance, Penfield, Saucony and more importantly, the lesser known brands from across the world - a service quite hard to come by. Having such a plethora of choice is not just limited to the brands but also the style of the stock. You can get your hands on everything from your tailored shirts, to slogan tees, parka jackets, Nike Air Huaraches, leather belts and even funky socks - all under one roof.

Despite being home to a jumble of unique finds, the layout of Number Six is very open plan and spread out very generously over two over looking levels. The décor is very minimalist, with a hint of an English Heritage vibe going on. There are pieces of canvas art on the walls and random touches of genius (such as cactus’) displayed around the store. You have modern, retro coloured kicks juxtaposed against antique wooden shoe forms in the same display and colourful snapbacks displayed on old polished wood bookcases. The contrast of eras makes the scenery all the more eye catching. Alongside menswear, Number Six also stock unique lifestyle products displayed on what appears to be a large antique dining table. This includes things like scented candles, phone cases, shoe and denim cleaner and a bunch of other random stuff such as the “Clarks in Jamaica” book I stumbled across on my visit - something everybody needs of course.


If you’re looking for trendy but unique pieces, Number Six is definitely the place for you. Pop in and see for yourself; Find Number Six at: The Old Truman Brewery, 6 Dray Walk, London E1 6QL


s p o t l i g h t Words By Aniah Boakye-Smith



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coming from a hip-hop background, “coolest nail girl in town” - London town that is; Sophy Robson is making big waves right now. Being the nail artist of choice for many – Sophy has done nails for heaps of magazine publications such as the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Grazia and Elle. Over the years she has worked her manicure magic on a plethora of stars; the list includes Victoria Beckham, Eliza Dolittle and more recently Angel Haze for her new video. Sophy is a backstage regular at the big fashion runways, recently having worked at both London and Paris Fashion Week doing manicures for the likes of Ungaro and such. She has previously designed talons for both Jimmy Choo and Tom Ford campaigns, oh yeah and she’s the one that first did that rainbow manicure that is still replicated everywhere, even today.

Less typically, last summer Sophy teamed up with the England Netball team to promote not only the credibility but also the femininity of the sport, with her nail designs. Being a big nail lettering enthusiast at the moment, we can see Sophy’s personal style emulated here. When asked what she would have done if it were not nails, we are met with the answer of hip-hop. Influenced heavily by hip-hop culture, Sophy is a fan of Rihanna and Cassie’s Hi-Street (high end brands mixed effortlessly with high street wear) look and favours this style herself. She mixes classic hip-hop style jewellery with high end sportswear to create her look. With Kate Moss as one of her most regular clients and her boundary pushing designs – almost where manicure meets art; Sophy Robson has certainly put London on the map for sick nail art.

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s p o t l i g h t R A I N Y



On the eve of her debut album TrendsetUK caught up with the extremely talented Rainy Milo. An 18-year-old from South London who has gone from writing songs to free jazz in’ strumentals she found on You’ tube to recording in vintage studios in California all in the space of two years. Leav’ ing Brit School at just 16, Rainy has been eager to differentiate herself from the school’s well known alumni. Get to know a little about her under the spot’ light. Words By Drew Mark




I make songs for myself, writing songs is my form of self-healing so it’s not for anyone else or for hits or for radio.


For somebody who has never heard of Rainy Milo how to describe your sound, story so far and what can they expect from your album?

I’m Rainy Milo, I’m 18 years old and I’m singer/songwriter from South East London. I would say my music is some kind of new age hybrid of R&B with lots of other influences from other genres too. What kind of artist would you like to become in the next few years?

Someone quite like MIA or Sade. People who have gone off and done their own thing created records and their own sound that they wanted to make and they just don’t seem to have been influenced by radio and what it is that radio wants. Because at the end of the day I make songs for myself, writing songs is my form of self-healing so it’s not for anyone else or for hits or for radio. Despite the fact that you’re still 18, you’ve accomplished so much you are really mature in your songwriting ability. Do you ever feel like you get underestimated due to your age?

Definitely and those are the sort of people that I ended up turning down deals with because I felt like they didn’t understand me and didn’t trust me enough to call my own shots. Hence why I stayed away from that and went away and created my mixtape ‘Limey’ so that I could come through the door with music and myself strong and say listen this is quite clearly the artist that I am, I know what I’m doing. I just wanted a label and team around me that would be just let me do my own thing and would trust me enough to do that.


Being an ex-Brit School student do you ever feel like you get put in a box or con’ stantly compared to other former Brit school students?

You get compared to all the other artists that went there and can get super annoying. It gets mentioned in every article about me and I wasn’t even training to be a songwriter at Brit School its totally irrelevant to what I’ve written about. To Its really just a school that I went to it has nothing to do with what I’ve created. So it get frustrating when people think perhaps that because you’ve gone to this performing arts school you’re some kind of pampered performer when really it was until recently the other free performing arts school in the country so everyone that went there went there because they couldn’t afford to go to a performing arts school you have to pay for. So sometimes people are calling you out from a place of ignorance. *laughs ok rant over. Are you into fashion at all?

I have a lot of love for fashion it’s another creative outlet for people to be able express who they are.

I’m always in my Air Force Ones at the moment but its always raining so I can’t keep them fresh and white because the rains dirtying them up.

How did you first get into fashion?

My mum actually sews and makes clothes she makes dresses out of carrier bags and paper bags and weird things like that so she’s really cool and inspired and so there were a lot of Vogue magazines and all sorts around the house so definitely via my Mum. She was the kind of the parent that I was a bit ‘oh my gosh’ I’m really embarrassed for her to pick me up from school but I love my Mum she’s awesome I really appreciate her style. How did you first get into fashion?

I’m always in my Air Force Ones at the moment but its always raining so I can’t keep them fresh and white because the rains dirtying them up. In terms of designers, I don’t have much of it at all but I think Karl Langerfeld’s designs for Chanel are always genius. I was recently watching the new Haute couture fashion show and it was incredible. I just think he’s amazing like what he’s done with the brand, he’s kept it Chanel but still so post modern its great. This Thing Of Ours OUT NOW!

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Photographer: Anna Fearon Grooming: Ruth Campbell Stylist: Sean Azeez Styling Assistant: Rochelle Smart

---------------------------------Jacket- Baartman and Siegel Jumper- Uniform For The Dedicated Trouser- Edwin

--------------------------Shirt- Scotch and Soda Trouser- Edwin Shoe- Saucony

----------------------------Shirt - Samsoe and Samsoe Trouser - Uniform for the dedicated

------------------------------------Jacket- Uniform For The Dedicated Shirt-Penfield Short- Baartman and Siegel

---------------------------------Shirt- Samsoe and Samsoe Trouser- Uniform For The Dedicated Shoe- Supremebeing

WHO’S THAT GIRL Photography by Nadine Ijewere Styling by Pippa Alice Evans Make Up by Pernille Nadine Hair by Rebekah Calo

-------------------------------Pink Trouser Suit - Beyond Retro Polo Neck - Asos Shoes - Stylists Own


Suit - Beyond Retro Sunglasses - Quay, Dixi



---------------------------------Coat - Beyond Retro Jeans - Vintage Levi Waistcoat - Beyond Retro Scarf - Zara Earrings – Vintage



---------------------------------Dress - Beyond Retro Gloves - Beyond Retro

----------------------------Jumper - Beyond Retro Trousers - Beyond Retro Juju Jellies - Juju



s t y l e guide

Photography by Eddie Fiasco Styling by AlizĂŠ Demange Assisted by Clarissa Henry Make Up by Nora Belovai

Sunglasses - Moo Eyewear / Necklace - The War Paint / Bralet - AQ by AQ / Trousers - AQ by AQ / Shoes - Topshop

top - white pepper / skirt - The White pepper / shoes - white pepper



style guide

jacket - schott nyc / necklace - mawi / dress - the white pepper / Trainers - nike air max 2014



style guide

jumper - haaning & htoon / skirt - aq by aq / Bracelet - mawi / socks - topshop / sandals - topshop bag - fedorami

Stella and Bow

american apparel

house of holland


nike international

silver spoon attire

Oh my love

zara jovonista

adidas stan smith


& other stories

won hundred



Motel rocks vagabond

Motel rocks


juju jellies



sophia webster The white pepper


motel rocks

the war paint

ray ban zara

T h e s e ar e s o me o f t h e s mo k i n ' m u s t h av e i t e m s t o h av e i n yo u r wa r d r o b e

h ot pi cks by A liz e D emange



ph i li p li m MARN I

D elfi na D elettrez



FI LLI N G Pi eces

Larsso n & J en n i n gs

B r a n d

f e a t u r e

t n e s e r p e R Words By Khloe Obazee


brand feature Variable 1 BRAND FEATURE

With Ian Connor starring in the latest lookbook and the likes of Hypebeast promoting the brand, as well asLookBook styling being complete with Balenciaga and Giuseppe Zanotti footwear, Represent London has done well to align itself as a luxury street menswear brand. With founder and Creative Director George Heaton at the helm, the brand which started out with 50 screen printed t-shirts quickly picked up momentum and sales went from being via word of mouth, to the development of an online site with regional and worldwide distribution.



Naturally this has allowed for the increased quality of their pieces, as well as even more attention to detail. We managed to speak with George Heaton to tell us more about the brand and its development. He describes the brand’s transition from the more ‘street wear standards’ to one with a higher end look. A transition that serves to make the wearer feel like even street wear garments should have an air of class and luxury about them. They focus on the fits and flows, the custom shapes and the fabrics to help add that high end look. One particularly unique aspect of Represent are their overlong but not at all oversized tees and jumpers, definitely appreciated and very much on trend.

“ George was a one-man

team till graphic designer Mike joined and more recently Imtayaz came in as their menswear design’ er, allowing for all sam’ ples to be made in-house and in Britain. ”

Represents fixation on creating the best in quality and design has definitely attracted plenty of traffic and allowed for its expansion. George was a one-man team till graphic designer Mike joined and more recently Imtayaz came in as their menswear designer, allowing for all samples to be made in-house and in Britain.

Variable 1

The latest collection ‘Ghost’ is made with all the above in mind; clothing that’s created to accommodate the bodies natural movements with 100% high grade cotton sourced from London’s Soho. The collection encourages layering with its elongated cuts and a range of different products that according to the LookBook are best worn together. The collection also features Denim, with a range of super soft, mid-skinny fits and waxed denim. You can also buy Represent accessories too; duffle bags and backpacks, python skin pouches, gold plated lanyards and rings.

The creative flare of this team of three that goes beyond imagination is successfully coining the luxury street wear element to the Represent brand, whilst it still remains grounded in its ‘street’ roots and as George tells us ‘this is only the start of Represent’.

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......................................................... @representclo RepresentClo


Words By Aniah Boakye-Smith





Kanye west & Kim kardashian It seems the mercurial talents of Yeezus has no boundaries, setting trends since his entrance into the game with pink Ralph Lauren polo tops, the Chicago rapper has made huge strides into the fashion world via his work with Louis Vuitton, APC and the highly rated Yeezy collection with Nike. The impact Kim Kardashian has on female fashion is unprecedented, the It Girl’s It Girl, the front row is her mainstay, and with a recent Vogue cover under the duo’s belt their status as fashion symbols remains unrivaled.

Big sean & naya rivera Another Chicago rapper who tends to set trends is Good Music star Big Sean, the rapper is fresh from doing collaborations with Adidas and the rapper could be last seen in the lookbook for his brand Aura Gold. Engaged to Glee star Naya Rivera the couple have been taking red carpets by storm.

Miguel & Nazanin Mandi Miguel’s style is pretty straight forward; oversized T, straight legged bottoms and typically boots.. however, he is rarely ever without his best accessory; Nazanin. One of Hollywood’s hottest WAGs, Nazanin has literally taken the media (and Instagram) by storm! With a body to die for and effortless style, she just exudes sex appeal. There is rarely ever an occasion where she hash’ t got some skin on show but who can blame her?!

Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian Of course Lord Disick had to worm his way in here somehow. As pompous and arrogant as he is, his sense of style is undeniable and this influence clearly translates onto his better half and son Maddison. Undoubtably lord of a good suit, annoyingly Scott also does casual so well. Kourtney is very relaxed with her dress sense but her love of simple, key pieces really sets off her look as well as complimenting her partener’s.

millie mackintosh & professor green Newly weds Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green recently rocked up to court in matching all black attire. Pro Green received a 12 month ban and an additional ÂŁ525 fine for drink-driving offences. Sporting a mix of noir casual chic, the couple donned large sunnies and for Millie, an large trilby hat was added to the mix to conceal their faces from the public.

Future & ciara Mum to be and her boo Future are definitely key icons within Hip Hop culture, typically donning an abundance of leather and longline baseball style tops with timberlands or couture trainers. Perfect for her pregnancy, Ciara is sticking to her lax style but creating statement looks and as always, experimenting with her bleach blonde locks.

f a s h i o n

f a u x

p a s ?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The past 2 years has seen contemporary fashion dominated by the monochrome, all black get up, which the fashion crowd has permanently adopted as a fixture in their wardrobes somewhat like the goths in the 90’s. The trend shows no signs of burning out, so we asked our followers what they thought about the look to see if they considered it a style to love or loathe.

love the look but monochrome all “year round is monotonous. i also hate that ppl think monochrome, leather and zipper details = street style now a days. There is so much more to street than that smh… “ I wouldn’t actually its a trend in my opinion but its simple, flattering and easy to pull off. it’s timeless and a combination that i guess everyone can pull off. ” @allthingsmonica

“ it’s neat but spring/summer you gotta lighten up!. ” @rho2thedellex






“ Everything has a time limit but it’s cool for now. Fashion is just a big circle. ” @cwt




This issue we Luci Ellis, fashion stylist


caught up with 26 year old from Liverpool.

S t y l i s t Words By Aniah Smith-Boayke

f i x L U C I



Having worked for the likes of GQ styling, Fantastic Man and Adidas Originals, it is hard to believe that she has only been freelancing for just over a year. Being a tall lady herself, naturally Luci has also styled for TTYA. Originally having an interest in photog’ raphy, Luci studied fashion photography and image making back in Liverpool be’ fore coming to London in 2010. It was during her time at uni that she be’ came fashion assistant for the fashion editor of GQ style so it was almost by accident that she fell into styling, finding it easy. There is much to come from Luci in the near future, with links to JD, November mag and Hunger TV. She also has a month’ ly set up with Wonderland where she shoots new faces and new brands each month. Most recently, she managed the BFC show space backstage at LFW as she has done for the past four years. Connect with luci

............................................ @lucilellis

s t r e e t

l o o k

Photography by Alred Bronson


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TrendsetUK Magazine - Issue III  

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