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The events of the last few years have brought into focus many important realities of life — who we are as individuals and the legacies we plan to leave behind.

Being with our families and having the ability to connect with them and share our significant milestones has taken on a new meaning. As many Ontarians confront their own mortality, the value in appropriate estate planning and the creation of a Will is apparent. If an individual dies without a valid Will, their estate will pass in accordance with the laws of intestacy, which are set out in the Succession Law Reform Act. This article will not explore that process; suffice it to say that allowing the legislature and courts to determine your wishes rather than clearly setting them out is not ideal. When planning your Will, there are several key questions to consider. Who do you want carrying out your wishes and ensuring that your goals are met? This individual is called the executor of your Will and it is crucial to select the right person for you, as well as an alternate.

This person would have to agree to assume legal guardianship, standing in for you in your role as a parent. Again, this is also an appointment who must have an alternate. Other questions may arise with the distribution of your assets and making sure there is money left over to take care of your families needs. All these questions, and more, should be discussed and assessed with your lawyer when planning your Will. Sutherland Marshall provides a free, initial 30-minute consultation to begin this process. Sutherland Marshall Professional Corporation is an award-winning law firm that offers a personalized approach to each client. Founder John David Sutherland and his team provide specialized services in Wills and Estates, Real Estate Law, Family Law and Corporate Law. Other questions may arise with the distribution of your assets and making sure there is money left over to take care of your family’s needs.




We are thrilled to invite you to join us for an enlightening and transformational 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program, beginning September 6th, 2024!


• Start Date: September 6th, 2024

• Duration: 200 hours (180 in-person + 20 teaching hours)

• Instructors: Barb Leese and esteemed faculty

• Experience: 15 years of successfully running the 200-hour program


• Transform Your Life: Jump onto your mat and into your life! Deepen your understanding of who you are and gain a new perspective on the world.

• Comprehensive Training: Our program o ers in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in yoga practice and teaching.

• Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced instructors who are dedicated to supporting your journey.


• Personal Growth: Discover more about yourself through immersive yoga practice and study.

• New Perspectives: Expand your view of the world and how you relate to it.

• Community: Connect with like-minded individuals and build lasting relationships.

Embrace this opportunity to transform your practice and your life. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!


Introducing Our 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program. We are excited to present our unique and advanced 300-hour Teacher Training program!


• Instructors: Lead by Barb Leese + other top educators from across Canada

• Experience: A new and innovative approach to advanced yoga training

• Flexibility: You can begin the 300-hour YTT program at any time and with any module that is currently available and interests you.


• Elevate Your Practice: Dive deeper into advanced techniques and practices.

• Expert Instruction: Learn from some of the most respected educators in the yoga community.

• Innovative Curriculum: Experience a unique blend of traditional and contemporary yoga education.


• Advanced Techniques: Enhance your knowledge and skills with comprehensive, advanced-level training.

• Global Expertise: Gain insights from educators who bring a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives.

• Community and Connection: Join a network of advanced practitioners and build lasting professional relationships.


• Certification Required: A 200-hour YTT certification with Yoga Alliance or an equivalent designation within the healthcare field (e.g., RMT, PT).

• Continuing Education: Modules can be taken individually for Continuing Education Credits

Take the next step in your yoga journey with our 300-hour advanced Teacher Training program. We look forward to guiding you on this exciting path!


RBG’s signature Rose Collection offers a stunning garden experience from June to September. Come and smell the roses while exploring their rich history in Hendrie Park.

Don’t miss out on unforgettable evenings of outdoor live music surrounded by the natural beauty of RBG’s Hendrie Park.

July 10

Aug 1

Aug 14

Aug 25

Sept 19

Basia Bulat

The East Pointers

Great Lake Swimmers

Sarah Harmer Bry Webb



International Backyard Ovens and Grills

Tips for Restoring Wood Furniture


Sun-Safe Fashion Trends


Local Kid-Friendly Summer Adventures


Learn Rowing or Dragon Boating This Summer


Community Events

New Business Profiles FOOD & DRINK

Multicultural Picnic Ideas

Local Recipe: Prawn Cocktail with Marie Rose


Welcome to the 2024 Summer Issue of Look Local! This is a “double issue” and it will be distributed for 8 weeks until the end of August. I am so proud of our small team, and all the hard work they have done to get this magazine into your hands!

It has been a pleasure to work with the members of the Bronte Village BIA again this year to produce the Summer Guide to Bronte. You will find the guide in the centre of this issue. There is always so much to see and do in Bronte, but the waterfront and the harbour are especially fun in the summer. Please make sure you visit often. Enjoy the summer!

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I’ll never forget the day I hiked with my gregarious friend Larissa (blonde child of Ukrainian parents) near Webster’s Falls, Ancaster. Heavenly scents from nearby hibachis made our mouths water. Larissa, in her outgoing way, walked right up to a group of Chinese students and asked what they were cooking. The students hardly spoke English but invited us to join their circle in the grass. We feasted on skewers – some with marinated beef, and others with thinly-sliced, elaborately arranged Chinese eggplant sprinkled with oil and hot chili powder.

Every generation of new Canadians enriches us. If it weren’t for music from African roots, we might all still be singing Oh!Susanna . And without immigration, well… you and I wouldn’t even be living on this continent.

Food is an important area of influence from other cultures. I knew an Irish grandmother who described how weird spaghetti once seemed to her – long, slippery noodles don’t stay put on a fork like meat and potatoes do. Today, spaghetti is a Canadian staple, not exotic in the least. With every generation we adapt, learn, and diversify.

In this summer issue of Look Local, we are excited to share some not-sosecret picnic recipes from two local families of Columbian and Pakistani backgrounds, respectively. We also explore outdoor grilling methods from India, Argentina, Italy and Japan. Furthermore, as you’ll see in our Events listings, festival season is in full gear and just happens to feature music, crafts and food inspired by ethnic groups that continue to enhance our collective experience.

This issue is packed with other valuable summer insights. In case you’re up for a physical challenge, you’ll learn about rowing and dragon boat racing. You’ll gain pointers on how to refinish wood furniture, look stylish while sun protected, and keep the kids entertained in the heat.

And there’s a special insert! Check out our Bronte Summer Guide and keep it handy. As someone who grew up in Bronte, I marvel at how it has grown while maintaining its charm. The gorgeous harbourside village is brimming with patios, shops and events to welcome visitors.

Wherever you and yours are from, I invite you to enjoy local attractions and sink your teeth into summer.



Mankind has been obsessed with outdoor grilling ever since our ancestors first discovered fire a million years ago. Cooking over wood and charcoal imparts a smoky flavour that is the secret ingredient to so many favourite ethnic dishes. If you’re an adventurous epicurean who loves playing host, you can turn your backyard into a gourmet oasis with specialty ovens and grills that bring to life age-old traditions from around the globe.

A Gateway to Heat

The tandoor oven, a cylindrical vessel made of clay, is an integral part of India’s culinary heritage and the secret behind the smoky tang of your beloved Indian dishes. Cooking food over wood/ charcoal in the belly of a tandoor oven at scorching high temperatures results in fast cooking times.

If you love the interactive experience of fondue parties, you’ll love these ovens that are designed for vertical barbecuing. Picture marinating meats, vegetables and cheeses in yogurt and spices, skewering them on metal rods and inserting them into the vessel vertically. As the food cooks with the lid closed, the juices spill down onto the charcoal, creating a flavourful, smoky convection-style cooking chamber. And brace yourself – slapping dough on the inner walls of the oven makes fluffy naans with a crispy exterior!



Typically standing waist-high, tandoor ovens are portable and easy to integrate into any patio. There are stainless steel or beautifully handcrafted clay versions carved and painted in intricate geometric patterns and Eastern motifs.

Italians have perfected the fine art of pizza with their iconic brick wood-fired ovens. The tradition dates back centuries, notably in Naples, the birthplace of Napolitano pizza. The brick construction allows for intense heat as high as 500 degrees Celsius, and the dome shape allows heat to circulate effectively for consistent, even distribution. It makes mouth-watering pizza with an airy, crispy crust in a recordbreaking 90 seconds, while adding a hint of smoky delight.

But the magic doesn’t stop at pizzas! Many regions in Italy, like Tuscany and Campania, roast meats in the same ovens, including whole lambs or goats for special celebrations. Even distribution of high heat locks in the juices. Upscale brands like Forno Bravo offer pizza ovens that can be customized with stucco exteriors or decorative tile and mosaics, for a traditional look with a personal touch.

The Social Art of Grilling

In Argentina, asado is not just a grilling method; it’s a social event. The tradition dates back to the early 19th century and has its roots in the gaucho (Argentine cowboy) lifestyle. Gauchos would gather around an open fire, grilling large cuts of meat while sharing stories and songs.

Asado barbecuing is a slow, measured process using a parrilla – a special grill, typically a two-part design featuring an iron grate and a firebox (brasero) by the side to ensure food doesn’t absorb acrid flavours that are produced when wood/charcoal is fired up. Parrillas often come with a crank that makes the grill easy to raise and lower for quick temperature adjustments, allowing popular dishes like costillas (beef ribs), chorizo sausages and morcilla (blood sausage) to be cooked to perfection.

Since the meat is cooked over an open fire, these grills don’t imbue as much smoke flavour as an enclosed smoker. But guess what? With asado, the meat is never marinated – all you need is a good quality salt. If you’re not ready to go big with freestanding units, a built-in unit can be easily dropped into an outside kitchen island.

For a more interactive social experience, consider a Korean barbecue grill. These tabletop grills, whether built into the table or portable, encourage communal cooking and dining and allow you to cook marinated meats and vegetables right at the table. Side dishes, known as banchan, like kimchi, pickled radishes, and various sauces, will elevate your grilling experience, making every meal both a feast and a festive event!

Into the Wood


Bringing new life to an older piece of furniture gives DIY (do it yourself) thrill-seekers a fulfilling and creative hobby. Whether you’re an avid antique hunter, love to bargain hunt online, or have inherited a family heirloom, restoration is a cost-effective way to personalize and modernize the pieces you’ve collected over the years.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the potential of a piece of furniture under layers of dust, paint, or veneer, but that can be half the fun. No task offers quite as much satisfaction as returning a weathered wooden gem to its former splendour.

“Most solid wood furniture is worth refinishing,” says Umar Ahmed, Owner of Howard’s Second Generation. “Look for things like dovetail drawers, finger joints, solid wood frames, maker’s marks, or unique designs and shapes to know if a piece is worthwhile.”

“Dressers, end tables, and sideboards are always popular pieces to refinish,” explains Rose Khara, Owner of Griffin Vintage Furniture & Gifts. “We find sixty percent of our customers are working on a DIY project and 40 percent are looking for help with professional furniture painting.”




Take time to prep

Preparation is key to restoring wood furniture yourself. The better you plan your setup, the smoother your project will go. The first step is to ensure you have the right personal protective equipment for the job so you’re working in a safe environment. Next, start your prep by removing the existing hardware, cleaning the piece, and using 220 grit sandpaper to prepare the wood.

“Properly tape off areas that you don’t want to touch and sand thoroughly and evenly,” says Ahmed. “Keep your work area tidy because that can be the difference between a good looking piece of furniture and a stunning piece of furniture!” When you’ve finished sanding, wipe your piece with a cloth before priming and painting or staining.

Enjoy the transformation

As for selecting a paint colour, Ahmed and Khara agree the grey tones that dominated home décor over the past few years are no longer trending. “This year, the most popular dark colours selling in the Fusion Mineral Paint line are Coal Black and Cast Iron,” says Khara. “In the lighter range, Victorian Lace and the warmer tone of Raw Silk are popular. We’ve moved to painting in a satin or pearl finish and away from a high gloss finish.”



If you’re opting for a natural stain, you’re in luck. “The feeling of the wood grain is very popular,” explains Ahmed. “For natural wood finishes, people are choosing zero VOC and natural oils.” VOC stands for volatile organic compounds – chemicals that are released into the air during application. Zero VOC wood stains help maintain healthy indoor air quality while giving your project the desired finish.

Complete your project with some revamped hardware. You can entirely change the look by spraying handles and knobs a new colour or purchasing new hardware in a different style.

Consider hiring a pro

If you’re not in your element with sandpaper, stains and paints, a professional furniture refinisher in your neighbourhood would be pleased to handle the job. They’ll know what kind of wood you’re dealing with and can offer suggestions or make your own vision come to life.

Many benefits factor into the wood furniture restoration industry, including the joy it brings to DIY enthusiasts. “I love the interpersonal interaction with clients and working on unique pieces,” says Ahmed. “Every time we show the finished piece, the oohs and aahs, and sometimes hugs and tears, are priceless.”

“I love to discover the history of a vintage piece because every piece of furniture can tell a story,” says Khara. “Focusing on the idea of reduce, reuse, recycle and showing people you can have beautiful furniture and save money at the same time is an important message.”

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Too many women are suffering in silence.

Are you someone who has used the oak tree as a restroom when you just couldn’t make it in time? It’s common for people to use nature as a substitute to a bathroom when they’re struggling with bladder urgency. But while it may be common, it’s not normal.

Here’s the truth. Our bodies should not leak urine. If they do, it can be a sign of dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles. Once these problems start, they tend to get worse and sadly, too many women simply suffer in silence.

Take Wendy, for example. Wendy is a member at a private golf club and enjoys playing a few times a week. Problem is, Wendy can’t get through even 9 holes without needing to pee.

Wendy heard about UROSPOT, a private pelvic health and urology clinic disrupting this condition, and six sessions later, Wendy’s no longer looking for a tree when she has to pee.

At UROSPOT, you sit fully-clothed on a Health Canada approved chair that uses high intensity electromagnetic energy to contract your pelvic floor muscles 11,000 times in 28 minutes. No one is touching you and nothing is going inside your body. You simply sit while the chair restores your pelvic floor. It’s pelvic health done differently. Treatment is eligible for partial benefit coverage.

Made in the Shade

Summer’s here and with it, the sunkissed days we’ve been dreaming of all winter. But while you’re soaking up those golden rays, it’s crucial to keep your skin protected. The good news is you can shield yourself from the sun and look fabulous at the same time.

Here’s how to protect your skin in style.


Hats aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re your first line of defence against sunburn and premature aging. Wide-brimmed hats are as trendy as they are functional. Think oversized, floppy brims that scream glamour while also providing shade for your face, neck, and shoulders. Choose natural fibres like straw and cotton for breathability and comfort.

I love a visor but my scalp does not. And while a trendy baseball cap offers some protection, it leaves much of your face and neck exposed. Instead, opt for a trendy bucket hat if you’re looking for a sportier vibe. These provide 360-degree protection and come in a variety of fun patterns and colours.


When it comes to sunglasses, bigger is better. Large, oversized styles not only make you look like a movie star but also offer more coverage to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them. Look for sunglasses with UV400 protection, which blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays.


Local Links

1 Jus B Gauze, 4019 New Street, Burlington jusbgauze.com

2 Linea Intima, 196 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville lineaintima.ca

Aviators and wayfarers remain timeless classics, but the latest trend includes bold, geometric shapes and coloured lenses. Mirrored lenses are also in, reflecting away even more sunlight. Ditch the small, narrow frames—they may be trendy, but they don’t do much in the way of sun protection. Or, channel your inner Cory Hart and only wear those at night.



Lightweight wraps and scarves are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your sun-safe outfit. Vicky and Ruza at Jus B Gauze Burlington suggest draping them over your shoulders or using them to cover your legs when the sun gets too intense. “Think breathable fabrics like linen and cotton in bright, summery prints or classic neutrals.”

“Sarongs are also making a stylish return, versatile enough to be used as skirts, dresses, or even headscarves. Heavy, dark-coloured fabrics can make you overheat, so go for light and airy.”


“For swimwear, opt for maximum coverage with classic one-piece suits or tankinis,” advises Karen Capocci from Linea Intima in Oakville. “This season’s modern designs along with playful prints and colour blocking are trending. If a bikini is more your style it can be paired with pretty cover-ups, tunics, and sarongs that will add a fun and functional layer to your beachy or poolside look.”


Synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon offer better protection than natural fibres because they are less likely to let UV rays through. However, natural fibres like tightly woven cotton and linen can also be effective.

Some fabrics are now being treated with special UV-blocking agents. Check for labels indicating UPF ratings, and consider investing in these high-tech textiles.

Sun shirts, or rash guards, are no longer just for surfers. These stylish pieces are perfect for beach days or any outdoor activity. A UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50+ is ideal, meaning the fabric blocks 98% of the sun’s rays.


Don’t forget your sunscreen! No matter how covered up you are, sunscreen is essential for any exposed skin. Choose a broadspectrum SPF 30 or higher, and reapply every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating.

Accessorize with a chic beach tote to carry all your sun-safe essentials and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. It’s easy to protect your skin without sacrificing style.


Always a

Elizabeth (Liz) Lewis

Mortgage Broker M#13000714

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• Purchases / Refinances

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With More Than 11+ Years of Mortgage Brokering Experience, Liz Understands Difficult Files and Makes Zero Judgement. With Liz’s Experienced TEAM,  You Can Be Assured To Get Personalized Care. Let Us Assist You With Your Mortgage Needs!


* Louise Smith, Executive Assistant

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Host your Next Intimate Business Gatherings for up to 25 People in this Unique, Picturesque Space in our 1836 Heritage House located in the beautiful, Bronte Village of West Oakville!

Welcome to Bronte Village !

We’re so happy you’re here.

Bronte is a vibrant slice of lakeside living and a celebrated destination for shopping, dining, culture and entertainment. With gorgeous harbour views, one-of-a-kind boutiques and cafés and events that will delight people ages 1 to 100, the neighbourhood is the perfect canvas for making summer memories.

We hope you’ll join us on Sundays at The Bronte Farmers’ Market where you’ll find the bounty of the season as you connect with local growers and artisans.

Speaking of supporting local, stroll through our shopping district and discover high fashion boutiques, unique gifts and services, or a new restaurant to try. There’s truly something for everyone in Bronte.

Pack your lawn chair (and your dancing shoes!) and enjoy our free lakeside concerts and cultural festivals. The music and warm vibes will take you back to a simpler time of enjoying beautiful weather with friends and family.

Our 2024 Summer Guide is a celebration of everything Bronte has to offer. Read it from cover-to-cover and then spend your summer with us. We can’t wait to welcome you!

SUMMER’S bounty

Introducing the NEW Bronte Farmers' Market

Just in time for summer harvest, Oakville’s quaintest neighbourhood is thrilled to welcome the Bronte Farmers’ Market this summer. Every Sunday in July and August, Bronte Market Square will be brimming with local farmers, artisans, and makers of prepared foods, baked goods, preserves, wines and other delights.

A Farmers' Market is the heart of a community, and this one’s in the heart of Bronte on Lakeshore Road. Enjoy live music while you explore the market and connect with local growers. Anytime you crave pizza, need charcuterie essentials for a dinner party, or want to gorge on fresh berries, you’ll find these and so much more. Vendors will also feature empanadas, gourmet donuts, meats, baked goods, soaps, prepared meals, crafts, clothing, tea… come see (and taste) for yourself!

Open every Sunday in July & August from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Bronte Market Square

2445 Lakeshore Road West

Here’s a small sampling of vendors you’ll find at the Bronte Farmers' Market:

BACKED BY BEES is a Burlingtonbased producer of honey, brewed soda and sustainable honey wine. They not only keep bees but grow and curate local food for your table to support biodiversity through the pollination of 32,000 acres of land. Come explore new tastes and bee part of it. backedbybees.com

THAMES RIVER MELONS LTD. sells farm produce and preserves from their 500-acre farm in Innerkip, ranging from rhubarb and asparagus in the spring, to strawberries and melons in the summer, to squash and pumpkins in the fall. This familyowned venture also offers a Market Box home delivery program, which runs from May to November each season. thamesrivermelons.com

THE EINKORN SHOPPE by Food Haven will entice you with the flavour of ancient grain. Oakville's Einkorn Shoppe uses pure, wholegrain einkorn that is naturally gluten-safe, retaining all the wholesome nutrition of fresh-milled grain. Savour soft sourdough loaves, crusty baguettes, and scrumptious donuts and muffins. foodhaven.ca

HARBOURSIDE ON THE GO offers soups, pastas, one pot wonders and more. Bronte residents will be delighted to see former local restaurant owners, Frank & Wilma, at their booth this summer selling some of their beloved products for you to enjoy at home.


• OF •

Bask in Culture and Music throughout Bronte Village

Bronte Lake Notes


There’s nothing like live outdoor music on a summer’s eve! Bronte Lake Notes is returning to the Sails Stage Thursdays at 7pm and will feature contemporary music from great local bands all summer long. These FREE concerts are for everyone – ages 1 to 100 – and invite audiences to sing, dance and celebrate together while enjoying gorgeous harbour views.

OPL Under the Sails



Join the Oakville Public Library on Thursday mornings for story time fun! Get moving and grooving with stories and songs (ages 6 months to 5 years) and stick around for all-ages play. Families will enjoy intergenerational games, the Bronte ON THE GO Book Bike and OPL activities in the park. We like to think of it as lakeside literacy!

Walk & Talk History with The Bronte Historical Society



Get your walking shoes and join host and historian, Maryanne Mason, as she guides you on a tour of Bronte Village and shares stories of the people and places that have shaped the neighbourhood. Email historian@brontehistoricalsociety.ca to register in advance.

Oakville Wind Orchestra Sounds of Summer

TUESDAY EVENINGS, 7 – 8 P.M., JULY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 & AUGUST 6


The Oakville Wind Orchestra, Canada’s oldest community concert band (founded in 1866), invites you to join them for six FREE family-friendly lakeside concerts. Pack a picnic – or grab some take-out, bring a chair and take a musical journey through the ages!

Oakville Latino Festival


Celebrate the vibrancy and richness of Latin culture at the 3rd  Annual Oakville Latino Festival! Spend a day (or the entire weekend!) enjoying food, dance, music and art in Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park.

Art in the Park


10 A.M – 5 P.M.



Known as the best run art show in Ontario, Art in the Park features more than 180 artists and artisans from across Canada. Every medium will be represented, including traditional oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings to glass, ceramics, photography, mixed media, sculptures and fine jewellery. Admission is $10 (cash only), children 12 and under are free. Dogs are welcome!

CRAFT Live AfroCaribbean Canadian Waterfront Fete




Mind• Body• Soul

Mind• Body• Soul

Mind• Body• Soul 2395 Lakeshore Rd W Bronte Oakville (Jones & Lakeshore, Across from Firehall)

Mind• Body• Soul

Come together to dance, sing and celebrate the vast contributions and influences of African, Caribbean and Black Canadians in shaping our community, culture and economy.

Produced by BLing Events International, the event features amazing music (Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Steelpan, R&B, Afro Beats, Disco, Jazz, Blues, and Funk & Soul), vendors and a live DJ. Free and fun for all ages, this celebration of culture is not to be missed.

2395 Lakeshore Rd W Bronte Oakville (Jones & Lakeshore, Across from Firehall)

2395 Lakeshore Rd W Bronte Oakville (Jones & Lakeshore, Across from Firehall)

2395 Lakeshore Rd W Bronte Oakville (Jones & Lakeshore, Across from Firehall)

2395 Lakeshore Rd W Bronte Oakville (Jones & Lakeshore, Across from Firehall)



• Acupuncture




•Acupuncture •Reflexology

• Reflexology




•Ionic Foot Bath


•Ionic Foot Bath

• Ionic Foot Bath



•Thai Massage

•Ionic Foot Bath

•Ionic Foot Bath

•Thai Massage

•Ionic Foot Bath

• Thai Massage

•Thai Massage

•Thai Massage

•Ionic Foot Bath

•Oracle Readings

•Oracle Readings

• Oracle Readings

•Energy Therapy

•Thai Massage

•Oracle Readings

•Thai Massage

•Oracle Readings

•Energy Therapy

•Life Coaching

• Energy Therapy

•Energy Therapy

•Energy Therapy

•Life Coaching


•Oracle Readings

•Oracle Readings

•Energy Therapy

•Life Coaching

•Life Coaching

• Life Coaching


•Energy Therapy

•Life Coaching



• Microneedling

•Life Coaching



2395 Lakeshore Rd W Bronte Oakville (Jones & Lakeshore, Across from Firehall) www.quartzluxwellnessltd.com

• Laser Hair Removal

•Laser Hair Removal

•Laser Hair Removal

• Skin Rejuvenation

•Laser Hair Removal

•Skin Rejuvenation

•Laser Hair Removal

•Laser Hair Removal

•Body & Face Contouring

•Body & Face Contouring

@Quartzluxwellness_Oakville Services

•Skin Rejuvenation

•Skin Rejuvenation

• Body & Face Contouring (Radio Frequency, Lymphatic Drainage)

• Astrology Services

•Laser Hair Removal

•Body & Face Contouring (Radio Frequency, Lymphatic drainage)

•Body & Face Contouring

•Light Therapy

• Light Therapy

•Skin Rejuvenation

•Skin Rejuvenation

•Astrology Services

(Radio Frequency, Lymphatic drainage)

(Radio Frequency, Lymphatic drainage)

•Astrology Services

•Astrology Services

*Follow for Future Events & New Services* 905-582-1761

•Skin Rejuvenation •Body & Face Contouring (Radio Frequency, Lymphatic drainage) •Astrology Services •Light Therapy

(Radio Frequency, Lymphatic drainage)

•Light Therapy

•Light Therapy

•Body & Face Contouring (Radio Frequency, Lymphatic drainage)

•Astrology Services

•Astrology Services

•Light Therapy

•Light Therapy


@Quartzluxwellness_Oakville Services

*Follow for Future Events & New Services* 905-582-1761

*Follow for Future Events & New Services* 905-582-1761

@Quartzluxwellness_Oakville Services

@Quartzluxwellness_Oakville Services



*Follow for Future Events & New Services* 905-582-1761



*Follow for Future Events & New Services* 905-582-1761

@Quartzluxwellness_Oakville Services


12.5_Bronte_Quartzlux_suppliedrevisedQP.indd 1 2024-06-22 3:25

The Bronte Block Party


Join the businesses of the Bronte BIA as we party in the street and kick-off Culture Days in Oakville. It’s free, it’s family-friendly and it’s going to be so much fun: bouncy castles, live-performances, games, art, crafts, music, dancing and more!




There’s a different vibe when you support locally owned and run businesses. You can’t help but notice the passion, the enthusiasm, and the dedication to a superior customer experience that these businesses offer their customers. Here is a sample of what you will find when you support the 175 businesses who are members of the Bronte BIA.

Good things come to those who Support Local!



Find freshly roasted, organic and fair trade coffee beans, as well as 100% Colombian Cacao Bars made with only 2 ingredients; cacao and biodynamic sugar. Available exclusively at Taste of Colombia in Bronte Village! tasteofcolombia.ca



It's the smell of summer and you can find it in many forms, with help from Thymes and Lakeside Livin'. Pick up a Eucalyptus reed diffuser, candle or a room spray, and your house is sure to smell great all summer long! lakesidelivin.com



Find an incredible selection of swimsuits and bras, with sizing from petite to full figure, at Goodnight Goodmorning. Perfect for summer days lying by the pool!




Find these stylish glasses by Blackfin Eyewear at Bronte Village Eye Care. Made of lightweight titanium they weigh only 2.4 grams. Each pair is painstakingly crafted in their Italian manufacturing facility. bvec.ca


100 BRONTE RD #5

A good sun hat can elevate your whole outfit! Not to mention provide outstanding sun protection from harmful UV rays. Find this hat and others at Lana's Boutique! lanasbronte.com



Find exquisite antique watches and traditional dolls at this super unique boutique in Bronte Village. Try one of their doll making courses - register online traditiondolls.com



Find amazing deals on super stylish clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories at My Girlfriend's Closet. This is a well curated consignment store you're going to want to visit! mygirlfriendsclosetoakville.com

BRONTE Ventures

Friendly businesses are the pulse of our town

The shops lining the streets of Bronte are more than just charming. They are businesses run by creative, enterprising, hard-working entrepreneurs who are the cornerstone of our community. The more than 175 businesses in the Bronte BIA provide quality products and services and are dedicated to providing a positive experience for every customer. Step into any one of these shops and you’ll see, first-hand, the extent of their passion and community spirit.

Every time you patronize a Bronte BIA business, you contribute not only to the local economy, but to the area’s beauty, vibrancy and welcoming feel. Your support is what brings Bronte’s distinctive character to life!

From ordering ice cream to buying sunglasses, getting a haircut to stocking up on books for the beach, when you shop local, your dollars help fund the BIA’s efforts to create the unique experience that Bronte is known for. Every time you visit an eatery, café or shop, more of your money stays in the community. Not only does this help our local businesses thrive, it helps fund the neighbourhood beautification we all appreciate – fresh flowers, public art, bright banners, and more. And don’t forget the concerts, festivals, and other events that celebrate lakeside living in style.

Shopping is an easy and powerful way to make a positive impact. Thank you for supporting local!


119 Jones Street | cucci.ca

Whether you’re out for a romantic meal or celebrating something special, make Cucci Ristorante in Bronte your destination. This elegant venue for modern Italian cuisine has received several notable accolades since opening its doors. Fine dining, live music, a beautiful intimate dining room and exceptional service, Cucci promises you the best in hospitality.



2416 Lakeshore Road West | happyfoodhub.com

Serving up premium quality smash burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, kathi rolls, milkshakes and more! The menu offers something for everyone, from healthy options to over-the-top desserts like cotton candy ice cream burritos and funnel cakes. Make Happy Food Hub your Happy Place!


133 Bronte Road | pursimple.com

Start your day on the sunny side. By reinventing the daytime dining experience one delicious dish at a time, Pür & Simple offers stellar hospitality and nutritious twists on breakfast, brunch and lunch classics served in an upscale setting. The staff at Pür & Simple are breakfast specialists who craft dishes, experiences, and moments with unmatched passion and expertise. And it's by providing this space where joy and good food reign that they help build vibrant communities.


103 Jones Street #201 artventuresstudios.com

There's much to see at Artventures, so take your time and look around. The studio offers many art activities (pottery wheel throwing, paint nite, ceramics, pottery painting, glass fusing) by appointment. Make a charcuterie board, a mug, a mosaic or other fabulous work of art. Ask about their couple’s workshops or book a session for a bridal or baby shower, bachelorette, or ladies’ night.

Porcelain doll or vintage watch?

Seminars coming up to make underwear, wig, roly-poly, straw hat

Summer Dolly Bootcamp and classes for making your own porcelain doll.



100 Bronte Road #9 | plumleafpress.com

Maggie Goh, Publisher, Plumleaf Press Inc., came up with the name Plumleaf Press by combining her father’s surname, Lee, which means plum, and her mother’s surname, Ye, which means leaf. In Chinese tradition, the plum, which blossoms even in the deepest winter, is a symbol of integrity, fortitude, tenacity, and blessing. A green leaf is a symbol of renewal and hope. Specializing in books geared to women and children, Plumleaf Press publishes thoughtful, beautifully designed literary books for readers young and old, that offer enchantment and inspiration and stir the imagination and reflection.


80 Nelson Street | mctavish.com

A full-service travel management company serving corporate, nonprofit, leisure and group travel, McTavish Travel is Oakville’s most awardwinning travel agency. They take pride in building long-term partnerships with clients and are privileged to work with some of Canada's most recognizable organizations. McTavish Travel has over 50 Years of Business Excellence, with 28 Million Annual Sales Through Controlled Growth. The company has 17 Professional, Accredited Associates and has won 4 World Travel Awards, as well as the Canadian Agency of the Year 2013, and Oakville’s Platinum and Diamond Award Winning Agency 2023.



2418 Lakeshore Road West | wellnessforthebody.com

Achieve a healthy, stress-free and pain-free lifestyle through therapeutic treatment from their team. Proudly serving the Bronte Village community since 2005, the practitioners at Wellness for the Body build positive, long-term, therapeutic relationships with their clients. They offer chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, counselling, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Oakville’s Professional Services Provider of the Year 2023!


2342 Lakeshore Road West | zentattoostudio.com

Specializing in the art of Black and Grey Realism tattoos, this team of world-class artists brings a diverse range of talents and influences to every project, ensuring that each piece is a unique work of art. From intricate, finely detailed designs to bold graphic statement pieces, Zen Tattoo artists possess the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life in the most captivating way. The studio stands as the prime destination for those in search of cutting-edge tattoo design that seamlessly fuses innovation with timeless craftsmanship.




100 Bronte Road #4 | mygirlfriendsclosetoakville.com

Pre-loved is best! If you’ve ever set foot into My Girlfriend’s Closet, you know it’s the epitome of one-of-a-kind. This chic, charming, upscale consignment boutique is owned by Heather Aris, a self-described purse fanatic who lives for a high-quality fashion bargain. Her store offers the finest in women’s gently-worn, designer and quality brand name clothing and accessories. Visit this charming boutique to check out the gorgeous clothing and meet Heather’s awesome team.

LOAD OFF take a

With every new Muskoka chair, Bronte feels more like home

For a taste of cottage country right here at home, relax in one of Bronte’s Muskoka chairs and be transported. Sixty new chairs custom painted by members of our community, young and old, are now on display along the Bronte waterfront for the 2024 summer season. It’s the most beautiful art gallery in Oakville if we do say so ourselves.

Since its inception in 2017, the At Home in Bronte Muskoka Chair Project has helped create public spaces that people feel a personal connection to. The 130-plus brightly coloured chairs are scattered throughout the district and showcase community pride, not to mention artistic flair.

Dotting the landscape with vibrant depictions of flowers, animals, nautical designs and more, these lovingly decorated Muskoka chairs play a vital role in making Bronte feel like home. They beckon to passersby: rest your feet, enjoy the view – and stay awhile. Sink into one today!




Avibrant harbourside strip makes for an idyllic patio experience. People flock to Bronte for the scenery, breezes off the lake, the call of gulls – and they stay to drink or dine al fresco.

Patio season is prime for making summer memories. It’s a time to celebrate and indulge. What do you crave after a stroll by the water? Fries and fritters? Tempura, tostados and tikka? Steaks, scallops, sangrias, strawberry sundaes? Bronte’s patio options include coffee shops, upscale bistros, and everything in between.

Come and be a part of it all. Kick back with your favourite people, clink your glasses, and toast the arrival of summer.

Bronte Boathouse

2340 ONTARIO STREET bronteboathouse.ca

Casa Mia Latin Restaurant & Café

2361 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST casa-mia-café.com

Chestnut’s Café

11 BRONTE ROAD cafechestnuts. com Cucci

119 JONES STREET cucci.ca

Denninger’s Foods of the World

2400 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST denningers.com

Duckies Dairy Bar

2340 ONTARIO STREET duckiesdairybar.ca

El Spero Family Restaurant

2420 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST elspero.ca

Farm Boy Bronte

2441 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST farmboy.ca

Goldwyn & Sons Bar

67 BRONTE ROAD goldwynandsons.com

Happy Food Hub

2416 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST happyfoodhub.com

Hero Burger

2447 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST heroburgers.com

Peach Coffee Co.

100 BRONTE ROAD, UNIT 10 peachcoffeeco.com

Plank Restobar

67 BRONTE ROAD plankrestobar.ca

Por Vida Mezcal & Mexican 2330 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST porvida.ca

Pür & Simple

133 BRONTE ROAD pursimple.com

Taste of Colombia

67 BRONTE ROAD tasteofcolumbia.wordpress.com

Sweet! Bakery

100 BRONTE ROAD, UNIT 1 sweetbakery.ca

The Firehall

2390 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST thefirehall.ca

The Marine Tavern

49 BRONTE ROAD marinetavern.ca

The Royal Canadian Legion

79 JONES STREET brontelegion.com

The Wine Bar

2362 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST thewinebaroakville.com

Zara’s BBQ 2347 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST zarasbbq.com

Zara’s On Wheels

79 JONES STREET zarasonwheels.com




Know BEFORE You Go


There are so many ways to get to Bronte: by bike, boat, bus, car, or on foot. Choose your own adventure and make the most of your visit. If you drive, keep reading for tips on where to park. Bronte has hundreds of free and paid parking spots waiting for you.


Bronte has a large municipal lot off Ontario Street with plenty of free spots. There’s no time limit, but parking isn’t allowed overnight. It’s located steps from the beautiful waterfront, but also just three blocks from local stores, cafés and restaurants. Park here and take the scenic route to the commercial district!



Bronte has curbside paid parking throughout the district. These parking spaces help promote turnover and ensure there are spaces for customers of nearby businesses. Look for the pay-by-plate machines or use the HONK mobile app to make it even easier.


Bronte is home to two electric vehicle charging stations. Located on Bronte Road at Marine Drive and on Ontario Street at Nelson Street, two vehicles can charge at the same time at each station.


Many businesses have free parking in their commercial lots. These are privately owned and for customers only of the adjacent stores, restaurants and businesses while on the premises. Look for signage and check with the business you’re visiting to ensure you’ve parked in the right spot. While these lots might be empty, don’t be tempted. The cost of towing isn’t worth it!

Live a Little

Summer is the time for awesome family adventures! The Halton and Hamilton-Wentworth regions have got you covered with endless fun, whether you’re soaring through the trees at Treetop Trekking or unleashing your competitive spirit over a game of Jenga at Nostalgia Games Cafe. Get ready for a summer of epic memories and non-stop laughter with kids in tow!

Wild Waterworks


Pack your swimsuits, sunscreen and smiles and beat the summer heat at Wild Waterworks in Hamilton. From thrilling water slides for adrenaline junkies to a relaxing lazy river, and Canada’s largest wave pool, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. Little Squirt Works is a cool-down paradise for toddlers and younger kids with a large splash pad with playful features like slides, sprays and fountains.

AGES 3-10 $20.80

GENERAL AGE 11-64 $32.30

New Waterpark at Kelso


Beat the heat at Milton’s new Kelso Cove Waterpark, which opened on Canada Day weekend. The park is a 50’ x 170’ floating island with 26 fun features and obstacles to climb, bounce, jump, and slide on. Activities are fully supervised by certified lifeguards. Swimmers ages 5 and older who meet the minimum height requirement of 48’’ can play on the waterpark after completing a 40 ft swim test, wearing a Kelso Cove lifejacket, and listening to the safety briefing.

In addition to the new water park, Kelso Conservation Area is a place to rent a boat, swim, hike, mountain bike, play disc golf, have a picnic, take on challenge courses, and more.






Trampoline Park


Kids bouncing off the walls? With over 130 trampolines sprawled across this massive 27,000 sq ft facility, there’s no shortage of opportunities to unleash energy at Aerosports.

When they’re done jumping, kids can test their strength and agility on the rock climbing wall, conquer the ninja course, zoom down the huge slide or duck and dive in a game of dodgeball.

Before bouncing into action, you’ll need to grab a specialty pair of Aerosports socks, for purchase at the counter. PRICING VARIES.

Springridge Farm


Springridge is a working farm with an adventure playground providing endless fun for younger kids. Play in the giant sandbox, visit the farm animals, climb on antique tractors, or join in a song with the singing tractor and chickens. Take a family wagon ride around the farm and enjoy a delicious lunch at the barn. Parents will love relaxing on the big red Adirondack chairs while the kids enjoy their play.


Nostalgia Games Cafe


Take family game night out on the town and visit Burlington’s newest game cafe. Nostalgia houses a collection of over 150 games that guarantees hours of laughter and friendly competition. Discover new favourites and re-live your childhood classics while enjoying a delicious variety of treats as well as coffee and bubble tea.


Bronte Creek Provincial Park


Bronte Creek offers fun for all ages. Younger kids can enjoy two playgrounds and a play barn that’s perfect for burning off steam. With five scenic hiking trails, including the Enchanted Fairy Trail (located behind the play barn), it’s a perfect location for adventure seeking with young children in tow. Pack a picnic lunch and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area.


This indoor active gaming facility is all about high-energy entertainment. Move between 11 interactive light-up game rooms that challenge your physical and mental agility as you jump, climb and dodge your way through arcade-style games. An electronic wristband keeps track of your gaming activities and achievements, adding an extra level of fun and competitiveness. While the games are designed with adults in mind, kids aged 10 and up can join in on the action and fun with a paying adult.

Activate recommends having 3 to 5 people per game, so bring your friends along for the fun. Each session lasts 75 minutes, which you can book using their online system.


Treetop Trekking


Embark on an exhilarating outdoor adventure filled with excitement, laughter and Tarzan calls. Located just outside Hamilton, Treetop Trekking offers a unique opportunity to soar through the treetops through obstacle courses, rope swings and ziplines.

For younger adventurers (age 5 and over), the discovery course features a variety of wooden bridges, tightropes and mini ziplines hovering 3 to 5 feet above the forest floor.

Younger children will love Treewalk Village where miniature wooden treehouses, slides and rope courses await exploration.

FIERCE rowers, FIERY dragons

Anyone who craves being part of a team may experience a pang of envy when a sleek boat full of rowers whizzes by in the pink sunrise. Rowing and dragon boating are two popular water sports that grace Lake Ontario all summer long. They’re fun, fantastic for team spirit and morale, and have tremendous fitness benefits. They’re also very different in many ways. Want to know more? Here’s a primer.


Origins: The first representation of a rowing boat, according to the World Rowing Association, was discovered in Finland and dates back to 5800 BC. The earliest rowing regatta was held in the year 1274 in Venice, Italy.

The historical roots of dragon boating can be traced back to China, going back more than 2,000 years. According to legend it commemorates poet and politician Qu Yuan, who was accused of treason and drowned himself in the river. Fishermen raced in an attempt to retrieve his body before he could be eaten by fish.



160 Water Street, Oakville burloakcanoeclub.com


200 Harbour Front Drive, Hamilton lively-dragon.com


25 Front Street North, Mississauga donrowingclub.ca


50 Leander Drive, Hamilton leanderboatclubofhamilton.com

How competitive? Rowers from the Don Rowing Club (Mississauga) and Leander Boat Club (Hamilton) have a long history of competing in the Olympics and other world championships. These longstanding clubs really strive for excellence and have world-class coaches.

Dragon boaters also compete on an international level. Some clubs, however, don’t necessarily require racing at all. Lively Dragon, Hamilton offers programs for both competitive and non-competitive boating. “Dragon boating is for everyone,” says Jackie Taggart, who co-owns the establishment with husband Ramsay Drummond-Young. “It’s for different fitness levels, and for people of all ages. Some choose not to race and just want to be on the water with friends.”

The Boat: In rowing, the boat is called a “shell.” It’s a sleek, lightweight, carbon fibre boat built for speed. The shell has 1, 2, 4 or 8 rowers.

A dragon boat is a long, narrow, wooden or fibreglass canoe that seats up to 20 paddlers in 10 rows. It has a drummer at the front – who beats the drum in competitions – and a steersperson who navigates the back. During competitions, a dragon head at the front of the boat and a dragon tail at the back are on display.

Propulsion: In rowing, you sit facing the back of the boat and pull an oar to move forward. There are two types of rowing. In sculling, each rower holds two oars, one in each hand. In sweep rowing, each rower holds one oar with both hands. Precision and technique are vital. Rowers strive for synchronization and efficient strokes.

In a dragon boat you face forward and operate the paddle as you would in a canoe.

Discover Oakville and experience a place rich in history, natural beauty and adventure. Scan the QR code to explore our events page to stay up to date with upcoming activities, festivals, and the latest happenings around town.

Paddlers use bursts of energy to move the boat. Strokes are synchronized, but each is punctuated by the beat of a drum. Dragon boat strokes are broader and shorter, with emphasis on raw power and endurance.



Full body workout. Rowing and dragon boating both use muscles in every part of the body. Both are a powerful way to build strength, agility, stability, and endurance. Training happens both on land (with weights, rowing machines, circuit training, and exercises for core stability) and on water.

Self awareness. Both water sports require coordination, and the ability to be in sync with teammates. Focus and concentration are key. Teamwork. Rowing and dragon boating are not about being the MVP or scoring the most touchdowns. Individual strength matters, but so does collective harmony. Rowers and paddlers aim to move as one. “The team aspect is so wonderful,” Taggart says. “It makes you accountable and you make lifetime friends.”

A feeling like no other. An invigorating workout on a pristine lake. Playing a key role on a team. Challenging yourself to be your very best. What could be more fulfilling?

Located in the heart of South Oakville, Vistamere Retirement Residence has been o ering independent retirement living to seniors since 1987. Having recently undergone an interior renovation and suite upgrades, Vistamere retirement residence still maintains the charm and history that it is known for but with a fresh, new look. CALL KIM TODAY TO BOOK A TOUR!

905.847.1413 | kim@vistamere.ca vistamere.ca | 380 Sherin Drive, Oakville ON L6L 4J3


3 TO AUG 30

Free Swimming in Burlington

Free summer swimming presented by Access Storage will happen at select times at various indoor and outdoor pools throughout the summer. Recreation swims and lap swims will be walk-in at the outdoor pools. Pre-registration is not an option. All Aquafit, including outdoor, and indoor recreation swimming and lap swimming will continue with walk-in and pre-registration. Various Locations burlington.ca



Festival of India


16 TO AUG 25

Concerts in the Park

Bring your own blanket or lawn chair and enjoy an entertaining evening showcasing a variety of music for all ages. This annual concert series celebrates a diverse collection of ensembles and genres that include Concert Bands, Big Bands, Brass Bands, Jazz, Dixieland, Motown/Soul/R&B, 50s/60s rock, and Folk Bands. 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Central Park Bandshell 2299 New Street, Burlington burlingon.ca

The first-ever Festival of India (Rathyatra) in Oakville, a free event for everyone! Enjoy a free vegetarian feast, Kirtan (spiritual music), dance performances, drama presentations, a magic show, henna art, gopi dots (traditional facial decorations), and traditional attire. This exciting celebration will also feature a charming chariot procession in honour of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra. Everyone is welcome! 3-4 p.m.

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park 2340 Ontario Street, Oakville visitoakville.com

JULY 13 Princess Festival

Duran Place for Kids presents the 6th annual Princess Festival! $25+tax per child gets you a princess meet and greet, plenty of photo opportunities, and an enchanting time in the company of princesses. Reservations required. Kids 12 months and under get in free with a paying sibling. 10:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. To pay and reserve, email info@duranplaceforkids.com or call 905-609-2223.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville 89 Dunn Street, Oakville visitoakville.com

JULY 26-28

Oakville Latino Festival

For the third consecutive year, the Oakville Latino Festival is back this summer! The 3-day event brings the best flavours from Latin America. This giant outdoor party will feature more than 20 vendors of authentic Latin street food, music, DJs, live bands, dance performances, dance lessons, zumba, an outdoor bar, entrepreneurs, exhibitors, and artisans.

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park 2340 Ontario Street, Oakville visitoakville.com

AUGUST 3 Halton Emancipation Freedom Celebration Festival

Celebrating 190 years of Emancipation! Burlington was the first city in the world to proclaim August as Emancipation month. This free festival features multicultural crafts, food trucks, art, fashion, cultural and heritage vendors, youth activities, and great music – R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Salsa, African, and Jazz Fusion. Bring your chairs, umbrellas, dancing shoes and effervescent spirit. 1-11 p.m.

Spencer Smith Park 1400 Lakeshore Road, Burlington hbhas.ca

and Barbara became wonderful friends at LaSalle and have been sharing memories together since 2013.

AUGUST 3-10 Burlington Heritage Week

Burlington’s Heritage Week is a time to celebrate many aspects of the city’s heritage. This year’s theme is “Innovations through the 20th and 21st Centuries.” Events will include walks, talks, tours and children’s activities related to Burlington’s architecture, art buildings, culture, diversity, genealogy, history and preservation. Pre-registration, where applicable, will be open until the date of the event, or until events reach limit capacity. Various locations burlington.ca

AUGUST 4 Art in the Park

Art in the Park started in 1965 and has blossomed into Oakville’s premiere art event with artists and artisans from across the country. This show boasts only original work where artists are chosen for their originality and command of their chosen medium. Every medium is represented, from traditional oil, acrylic, and watercolour paintings, to glass, ceramics, photography, mixed media, sculpture, and fine jewelry. One of the best-run art shows in southern Ontario, Art in the Park features more than 175 booths and attracts thousands of people to the Bronte waterfront every year.

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park 2340 Ontario Street, Oakville visitoakville.com

AUGUST 4 Oakville Retro Roller Jam

Get ready to roll back in time at the Retro Roller Jam! Skate the day away along Navy Street with awesome beats from a live DJ. Your ticket includes skate rentals and safety gear, so come join the party and let’s make some unforgettable memories! 1-6 p.m.

Navy Street, Oakville visitoakville.com

AUGUST 10 Oakville Historical Society’s Yard Sale

Do you love hunting for treasures and deals? The Oakville Historical Society’s yard sale raises funds for programs such as the digitization project, collection and conservation costs, exhibits, displays, Thomas House upkeep, program equipment and supplies, library purchases and expenses. 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Rain date is Sunday, August 11.

Oakville Historical Society 110 King Street, Oakville oakvillehistory.org

AUGUST 17 Boots in the Square

Grab your cowboy boots and head to Downtown Oakville for Boots In The Square. Start with an introductory line dancing class at 1 p.m., hosted by Fred Astaire Dance Studio, right in the heart of Towne Square. Get ready to kick up your heels and learn some fun moves! Then, stick around as the music turns up with live country tunes from Gareth Bush starting at 2. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a day full of country vibes and good company. 1-6 p.m.

Towne Square 94 George Street, Oakville visitoakville.com



Dundas Cactus Festival

Bring the entire family to Valley Town for the 49th annual Dundas Cactus Festival. With local vendors, plenty of food options, kids’ entertainment, and live music scheduled on various stages throughout the weekend, this street festival has something for everyone. Downtown Dundas dundascactusfestival.ca



Burlington VegFest

The third annual VegFest promotes awareness of the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a vegan lifestyle. All are welcome, from the plantbased-curious to the long-term committed vegans. Join us for a day that celebrates a way of life centered on compassion, health and sustainability, all while supporting local businesses, organizations, and other causes. Noon to 7 p.m.

Burloak Waterfront Park 5420 Lakeshore Road, Burlington burlingtonvegfest.com

AUGUST 31 CRAFT Live AfroCaribbean Canadian Waterfront Fete

Come together to dance, sing and celebrate the vast contributions and influences of African, Caribbean and Black Canadians in shaping our community, culture and economy.

Produced by BLing Events

International, the event promises amazing music (Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Steelpan, R&B, Afro Beats, Disco, Jazz, Blues, and Funk & Soul!), vendors, and a live DJ. Free and fun for all ages, this celebration of culture is not to be missed! 3-11 p.m.

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park 2340 Ontario Street, Oakville visitoakville.com


Look Local invites you to support these businesses which have recently opened in our community!

Check them out and pay them a visit!




Sunday Funday is a female-owned, Canadian-made beverage brand, that aims to shake up the maledominated industry, one sassy mimosa at a time!

After 3 years, Oakville local, Tatiana de Abreu got her product into the LCBO. The mimosa brand aptly named Sunday Funday was made so that mimosa-lovers could spend less time making them and more time enjoying them. With 90 calories, 1g sugar, gluten free and made with real juice, Sunday Funday is going to be the drink of the summer. Cheers to that.


140 Trafalgar Road, Oakville ilbaciospaclub.com

Newly opened in the heart of Downtown Oakville, Il Bacio Spa Club is your premier destination for luxury and relaxation – a sanctuary of serenity where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a journey of rejuvenation. The spa offers a complete range of services and treatments, from invigorating facials to soothing body treatments, as well as their signature Hammam sanctuary massage and spa.


453 Brant Street, Burlington


Inspired by travel and colour, Meg’s Octopus Garden is a curated selection of textiles from around the world, as well as global accessories, curiosities and hand-made pieces of art. The owners hope that, by creating a shop that brings the world’s beauty into one place, it will inspire us to build a life of colour and enhance the modern bohemian home.

The store features over 65 local vendors as well as Meg’s products from around the world. Expect to find accessories, bags, home décor, apparel, seasonal items and more.

by the Porridge Mom


297 Dundas Street East, Waterdown


Peach Coffee Co opened their first location in Aldershot in 2021, and since then have expanded to Burlington and Bronte, and recently opened their first location in Waterdown. The Waterdown location is inside Bungalo Beach, a unique boutique that sells home décor, jewellery and accessories for the home. You can pick up a coffee from their walk-up window, or relax on the beautiful patio with a covered gazebo and a fireplace for the cooler months.

Peach Coffee offers specialty coffees, delicious baked goods, and a warm atmosphere perfect for catching up with friends, enjoying a quiet moment, or getting some work done.


2416 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville


Recently opened in the heart of Bronte Village, you will find all your favourite foods under one place at Happy Food Hub! Serving up the best, premium quality, “Smash” burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, Kathi rolls, milkshakes, and more, there is something for everyone. Their menu also includes healthy options and over-the-top desserts such as their cotton candy ice cream burritos and funnel cakes.

Happy Food Hub is the host to 3 premium fast casual food concepts –Cluck’N Boom, Kathiwala, and The Outrageous Ice Cream Company.


361 Brant Street, Burlington aromapastry.ca

Aroma Pastry recently opened for business on Brant Street in Downtown Burlington offering an outstanding selection of pastries and baked goods, all made with a little love and a lot of butter! They use local ingredients whenever they can so that their tasty treats are the freshest and most authentic they can be. Their bakers start work before the sun rises each day so that you can start your morning with warm muffins, buttery bars and hot coffee.

Aroma has a great patio for the summer months and comfortable seating inside as well, with free wifi and lots of outlets.

Exotic Fare

Up your picnic game with inspiration from other cultures

When it comes to picnics and barbecues, Southern Ontarians have a longstanding love affair with classics like potato salad and hot dogs. Our neighbours from other parts of the world, however, remind us that feasting outside in nice weather evokes endless other food possibilities. Different waves of immigration have gradually, undeniably upped the wow factor of feasts in our parks. Exotic fruits, refreshments from other continents, and hot dishes lovingly prepared in time-honoured spices elevate al fresco dining to another stratosphere.

The Halton and Hamilton-Wentworth regions feature outstanding picnic sites such as Lowville Park (Lowville), Hidden Valley Park and LaSalle Park (Burlington), Waterdown Memorial Park (Waterdown), Tannery Park and Gairloch Gardens (Oakville), and Dundas Driving Park and Christie Lake Conservation Area (Dundas). Once you’ve decided on the perfect setting, consider expanding your horizons by embracing new culinary fare.

Look Local asked two families from different cultural traditions what they typically bring to their family picnics. Here are their ideas and recipes to awaken your taste buds!

Margarita Cardona, originally from Colombia, loves taking her family on day long picnics. This requires stamina, which is easily provided by ready-made treats. Margarita packs ripe, fresh fruit (such as nectarines, cherries and watermelon), and savory snacks (popcorn, and tortilla chips and salsa) to get the party started. looklocal.ca

Cooked Plantain

Find very ripe (almost blackened) cooking plantain.

Cut the two ends, make a cut lengthwise but keep it in the skin. Either grill it or bake it in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.

When cooked, remove and discard the skin. Spread butter or mozzarella cheese with guava paste on the plantain, or eat as is.

Something we make sure we pack, always, is a thermos with hot coffee! Colombian coffee, just black.

To keep everyone energized, Margarita shares a pro tip: “Something we make sure we pack, always, is a thermos with hot coffee! Colombian coffee, just black. We are coffee drinkers and we are not always sure we will have access to a coffee shop.”

The main meal is kept simple, such as a protein packed egg or tuna sandwich, or a quinoa salad. For dessert, a delicious homemade cake rounds out the meal! Margarita also adds a taste of Columbia to her picnics by either preparing a tasty plantain snack ahead of time, or barbecuing it on the spot.

Seekh Kebabs

There are many variations of this popular barbecue treat. Ground meat makes it delicate, so use a welloiled, fine grate (available at Asian grocery stores) on your grill if possible. Welloiled aluminum foil also works. Better yet, elevate the skewers so that they’re not touching the grill.


° 1 lb ground beef with 20% fat (lean but not extra-lean)

° ¾ tsp ground cumin

° 1 tsp ground coriander

° 1 tsp salt

° ¼-cup chopped cilantro

° ¼-cup chopped mint

° 1 jalapeno, mashed or finely chopped (seeds removed)


You can also buy pre-blended packets of kebab spices at Indian grocery stores.

° 2 teaspoons ginger and garlic paste

° 1 onion finely chopped and strained to remove moisture

° 2 tbsp melted butter


1 Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

2 Add butter to the mixture. Knead well until the meat no longer sticks to your hands.

3 For each skewer, take a golf ball sized piece of meat and press it onto the skewer in a thin sausage shape. Refrigerate for at least one hour, or overnight. Carefully pack into a cooler for your picnic. Keep it cold until cooking time.

4 Grill, flipping often, for up to 10 minutes or until golden brown.

5 Use tongs to slide the meat off each skewer while hot. Serve with naan, salad, and Greek yogurt pre-mixed with mint sauce.

Bushra Faisal also loves to create healthy food for her family. Bushra’s background is Pakistani and when she picnics she brings a variety of dishes including salads, chicken dishes, and desserts.

“Some of our favourite foods include Chicken Biryani, Chicken Karahi, Qeema (minced meat with green chillies), Kabobs, Naan, Qatlian (Potato slices cooked with spices), and fresh fruits, especially watermelon, cut into pieces,” Bushra says.

This popular Pakistani recipe (see left) is ideal for preparing in advance and cooking on the grill at your picnic site.

Make your next picnic memorable by bringing a few of Margarita and Bushra’s ideas to your table!


We have stocked the shelves and packed our freezers with all things gluten-free at our brand NEW Gluten-Free market in Burlington.

Just like our Gourmet Market next door, you can elevate the everyday meal with gourmet frozen prepared meals, appetizers, pantry items and more – the difference is that everything is 100% gluten-free, and 110% delicious!


This light and summery appetizer is sure to please any dinner party guests this summer. Make it yourself, or head to the award-winning patio at Marine Tavern in Bronte Village!


 500 ml mayonnaise

 100 ml tomato ketchup

 1/4 oz Tabasco

 1/8 oz Worcestershire Sauce

 Juice of half a lemon



 1 lb shrimp with shells removed (21 - 25 shrimp)

 4 tbsp salt

 1 tsp baking soda

 4 L water

 1/2 bunch of celery

 12 oz onion

 6 cloves of garlic

 1/2 bunch of parsley

 6 g peppercorns

 2 bay leaves

 2 lemons


Combine all ingredients in a stainless steel bowl and mix thoroughly


1 In a medium pot, add cold water and salt.

2 IIn a stainless bowl, add the shrimp and baking soda, mix through, and let stand in the fridge covered for 20 mins.

3 Roughly chop the celery, onion, parsley, lemon, and garlic. Add to the pot, bring to a boil, and let simmer for 10 mins.

4 Add the raw shrimp, and cook until opaque in colour, approx 2 to 3 mins.

5 Strain the shrimp immediately, and place into an ice bath to avoid overcooking.



 1 bag Heritage lettuce

 1 pint of grape tomatoes

 2 whole avocados


Cut the grape tomatoes in half, and toss in with the lettuce. Divide the salad onto 4 plates, top with 5 or 6 shrimp tossed liberally in the Marie Rose sauce. Garnish each plate with half of an avocado, fanned out.

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