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From The Editor 

From the Editor

Doesn’t time fly! It feels like only yesterday we were at WTCE 2017 and life has been getting busier and busier here at Amenities. As the industry is preparing for WTCE we are delighted to share our April 2018 Issue which will be distributed at the exhibition as a media sponsor. You can also get your hands on a copy at The TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards being held at its new exciting venue; The Bucerius Law School. It seems only fitting that with the on-going debate of gender diversity being the ‘in topic’ at the moment, this issue focuses on ‘Women in Aviation’. We discuss the gender imbalance amongst airline executives and how this could be affecting their amenity offerings, what women want and how the evolution of demographics could be the catalyst of a massive shift in the industry. Also, we ask the question; What responsibility do airlines have when it comes to providing children’s kits that both delight and entertain without making influential choices on gender stereotyping?

Editor in Chief Debra Bradbury-Ward

I’d like to thank all our clients especially those ladies who have helped in shaping this spring’s issue ‘Women in Aviation’. My team and I hope that you all have a successful WTCE and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Editor in Chief


Features Editor Hayley Hartland

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In this issue... IN THE SPOTLIGHT Amenities talks with The Airline Industry’s very own Wonder Woman: Linda Celestino; Vice President of Guest Experience & Delivery at Etihad Airways.

THIS IS A MAN’S WORLD? With predominantly male airline executives, how does this affect both the tender process and the final amenity offering?

WOMEN TO WATCH Amenities celebrates some of the inspirational women forging ahead in the world of Aviation.

WHAT WOMEN WANT! With the demographic of business travellers evolving, it’s time for airlines to start looking at their Business Class offerings and ask themselves; What do Women Want?







When it comes to providing amenity kits that both delight and entertain children on-board, do airlines have a responsibility to do so without making influential choices on gender stereotyping?

WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT OUR STAND Amenities takes a closer look at who will be exhibiting their new amenity concepts and offerings at this year’s 2018 WTCE.

amenity kits. They were inspired by the authentic decoration that can be found in various areas of Austrian life ranging from historic rooms from the imperial area to fabric patterns, gardens and blacksmithing. The special pinch of traditional hospitality, Austrian charm, and royal identity can now be found in three amenity kit varieties.


We get to know SPIRIANT’S General Manager of Amenity Kits, Angie Fung, and her thoughts on the current amenity market.


THE NEWS New Business Class Amenities by Austrian Airlines skysupply and Austrian Airlines proudly present: The launch of the new Business Class kits for outbound and inbound routes. The airline’s promise to its discerning guests is a holistic concept dedicated to an exclusive, imperial-like Business Class experience. Directly linked to the new cabin design, its color standards, and the imperial theme, the orchestration was also extended to the airline’s

The outbound amenity kits come in an elegant material mix and a sophisticated style: The leaner pouch is sleek with a satin velour surface. Matching the cabin’s color, red design elements have been added subtly to the amenity kits. Both pouches are equipped with an eye mask - which is also made of the velour fabric -, socks, ear plugs, a tooth brush and tooth paste, as well as cosmetic items by WienerBlut. A popular brand that creates fragrances and products based on original formulas and fads of 19th century Vienna.

AMENITIES LIBRARY Presents an elegant way to search and compare airline amenity kits.


With over 250 beautifully photographed kits, profiled by cabin class, supplier and designer, it provides a valuable research resource. Check it out at

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The News 

AK-Service introduces new Business Class amenity kits for Uzbekistan Airways Uzbekistan Airways have partnered with AK Service to launch their new luxury amenity kits for business class passengers that aim to be both compact and full of useful stylish items. These kits are the beginning of a collaboration with Uzbekistan Airways and will be followed by a new series in iconic ethnic prints and fabrics. The collection was designed to reach the needs of business class passengers, provide the ultimate combination of comfort, functionality and aesthetic pleasure that can be reused post-flight. On long-haul flights, Business passengers receive a travel zip closured pouch, carefully selected treatments by Caudalie (luxurious lip balm and hand cream), a dental kit, an eye mask, cozy slippers, ear plugs, a shoe horn, a comb and a pen. Available in herringbone designer fabric with blue accents, the kit is inspired by eternal beauty and power of Uzbek cotton boxes symbolizing the wealth of the country.

A Home In The Sky skysupply and Austrian Airlines proudly present: The launch of the Premium Economy Class kits for outbound and inbound flights. The two pouches were created to warmly welcome tourists and native Austrians onboard the national carrier. Guests of Austrian Airlines are not only receiving a useful amenity kit, but also a fun item that reflects a sense of home and direct connection to Austria’s beloved traditions. With a twinkle in the eye, Austria’s hospitality and authenticity is charmingly packed in a red checked pouch, and alternatively in a sport bag made of mesh material. Both pouches primarily use red and white colors, country-specific to Austria, as well as a solid gray. The red check pattern, clutch- styled pouch and the sporty, functional bag both contain an eye mask, a pair of socks, a tooth brush and toothpaste, as well as ear plugs. The travel companions help to keep smaller items, from cosmetic products to technical equipment, neatly organized during the flight. 6


The News 

Parents’ Favorite Products Awarded to Saudia! Saudia Airlines have been recognized with the “Parents’ Favorite Products” Award at the International Tillywig Toy Awards for its onboard children’s kits. The travel kits feature Disney’s Tsum Tsum and their beloved characters, bringing fun and excitement to children inflight. The “Parents’ Favorite Products” award recognizes children’s products that enhance the quality and playfulness of daily life. The review process involves assessing entertainment and educational value, quality, fun factor, creativity, and if the product encourages new ways of thinking or promotes physical development. Saudia’s Disney Tsum Tsum kits are tech focused and packed full of multifunctional products, including tactile activities and keepsake products. The kits include a variety of activities such as a tech stand, stickers, a game board, drawing board, magic sketcher for drawing, and origami sheets for varying skills levels.

Revolutionary Bio-Form plastic created by Matrix degrades 100x faster than traditional plastic! Bio-Form, a pioneering Matrix brand, has launched a range of travel amenities and textile products, powered by a patented additive. The ground-breaking additive speeds up the degradation process in landfill, enabling products to biodegrade in under 5 years, which is 100x faster than traditional plastic. Harry Zalk, Director at Matrix, said “almost 90% of the world’s plastic ends up in landfill, taking between 500 and 1,000 years to degrade. This is a very real and present problem. Our products biodegrade in landfill in under five years and we’re proud to be proactively combating the impact that humans have on our planet. Unlike other solutions, there is no impact on the product’s appearance, functionality or stability”. The Bio-Form products look and behave exactly like untreated plastic and the technology can be incorporated into any plastic polymer. The current range of products includes On-board Meal Service, Amenity Kits and Contents, On-board Textiles and Hotel Non-Rotables. Harry Zalk added “We want to help airlines address their environmental concerns, and are constantly expanding our range of products to meet our client’s needs” The Breakdown Plastic additive has proven its extraordinary properties under robust laboratory testing (ASTM D5511). Independent 3rd party testing has shown up to 24.7% biodegradation within 160 days in optimized conditions. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


The News 

FORMIA and Turkish Airlines release Captain Kangal children’s toy FORMIA and Turkish Airlines aim to educate and entertain young passengers with the Captain Kangal children’s amenity kit. This kit features a sustainable plush toy that is re-imagined from Turkish Airlines’ original iconic children’s character. Outfitted in a traditional pilot jacket and goggle head gear, Captain Kangal represents the guardian dog of protection originating from the Sivas province of Turkey and known for its loyalty and gentleness with small children. The eco-friendly kit is created from sustainable materials and packaged in a reusable canvas bag, designed to deliver an exciting and educational onboard experience while integrating Turkish Airline’s sustainability directive – to leave a cleaner world for future generations.

w w w . t h i s i s m a t r i x . c o m



The News 

Hong Kong Airlines introduce new Business Class collectable kits Designed by local design house Ricebowl Republic the bags feature iconic symbols of Hong Kong: the birdcage, the teapot, the rice bowl and the Hong Kong city skyline, representing different facets of Hong Kong heritage and culture and accompanied by witty captions. Supplied by CLIP, the four bags are made from quality thick cotton canvas with a natural touch while the starkcolored lining creates a surprising contrast. These kits are a token of the airlines commitment to celebrating the specific local culture of Hong Kong. The inner items: socks, eyeshade and earplug pillow pack are all designed along the same lines. The kits come with LâOccitane products.

SWISS partners with Victorinox The new collection for Swiss Business Class is a product of the collaboration between Swiss International Air Lines and Victorinox, and features a range of amenity kits in a multifunctional design. Business Class travellers on SWISS long-haul services can now enjoy a new line of amenity kits. Its designs have been developed in collaboration with Victorinox, the renowned manufacturer of Swiss pocket knives. A total of six different kits have been created in all, which will be offered onboard at differing periods. The collection has been specifically designed so that all the kits are reusable and can partially be combined. The collection includes a practical passport holder, a travel toiletries bag with inner pockets and a longer bag with an inner pocket. On long- haul flights to Switzerland, Business Class travellers will be offered a high-quality metal tin that is modelled on the Victorinox suitcase design. Every kit contains a toothbrush and toothpaste, a lip salve, a sleep mask, socks and earplugs.

Albéa creates unconventional business comfort kits for Air France! Available in the Business cabins of long-haul flights, the new creative and functional Air France comfort kit break the traditional codes! Created by Albéa Travel Designer, this new functional and chic design has unique touches and contains Clarins® comfort products to take home after the trip. With its arabesque pattern, baroque influences and cocktail of bright colours, this new kit is anything but conventional. It comes in four colours: yellow, green, red and blue. In line with Air France’s commitment to sustainability, some accessories are made from corn starch, such as the toothbrush, comb and shoehorn. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


In the Spotlight 

In the Spotlight With this issue focusing on women in aviation, we were delighted to have the opportunity to quiz Linda Celestino, Vice President of Guest Experience & Delivery at Etihad Airways. With over 32 years of experience from cabin crew member to now a lady at the top of the ladder, whilst also being a mother of five, she is without a doubt the airline industry’s very own wonderwoman.



In the Spotlight 

What does your present job entail? As Vice President of Guest Experience & Delivery, I lead and manage the division that is responsible for the entire guest journey and all guest touchpoints from start to finish. From the moment a guest decides to book their tickets online or makes their initial enquiry via the contact centre, to the time they check-in at the airport, the entire inflight experience and all the way through to the moment they land at their final destination and collect their baggage. Throughout this entire journey, we aim to deliver the best experiences for all of our guests, every step of the way.

Where did your aviation journey start & how do you juggle work/life balance? I’ve been in the airline industry for 32 years now, and counting! My first position in the industry was at Ansett Australia as a cabin crew member and that led to a career and adventure of a lifetime! From there I had the opportunity to work my way up through the ranks and become a Senior Manager in guest services and guest experience. Years later, I moved to the Middle-East where I worked at Emirates Airlines and Gulf Air, holding various positions including leading the cabin crew recruitment, training and performance teams. As General Manager of Inflight Services & Product at Oman Air, I took my first steps into product development and service design, and then in 2015, I took on the role



of Vice President of Guest Services at Etihad Airways and recently transitioned from that role to my current one, which is now Vice President of Guest Experience & Delivery. The culmination of my entire career - in one role! Work-life balance? When I work that out I’ll be writing that book! As a mother of five, I strive for balance to ensure the many hats I wear don’t fall off! The reality is many women in executive roles still feel guilty for not achieving it all and continually struggle to work out that perfect work-life balance. That balance isn’t necessarily equal with the two sides achieving equal weight. Some days the balance shifts according to what’s happening in my organization and work life or what’s happening at home. There is a constant ebb and flow and you need to create your own definition of balance.

Only 5% of airline CEO’s are women. What role can airlines play in improving the gender equality gap? It’s true, most other industries have forged ahead in improving the gender equality gap. The good news is that the approach globally is moving forward, and the wider aviation industry has to catch up eventually – even if there has been little change in the past few years. I am optimistic about the slow but sure increase of women in the airlines’ executive ranks, and see this as a measure of success. We have a long way to go, but the future really is brighter than when I started my career.

In the Spotlight 

What are the challenges of working as a female in the industry across the board? We women who take the steps to venture into male dominated industries often face a variety of challenges such as a lack of support, lower income, a misguided perception of incompetence and overall lack of voice.

successes. Our social media platforms have seen a spike in followers given our strong partnerships with popular Emiratis in the community that have a large following and appealing content. Together our messaging is succinct and compelling, encouraging new guests to fly with us and in turn becoming advocates for our brand.

The aviation industry is ever moving, ever changing and competition for roles at the top is fierce. It feels as though the changes are occurring slowly, however I am pleased to see positive steps within my own airline taking place: increased networking options, senior execs being open to dialogue and creating the space to have the right conversations whilst challenging the norm.

With the increased fluidity of movement, how will airlines through innovation tackle the on-demand service that is now expected from the passenger, from cabin interiors and the aircraft, to the amenity kits and in-flight entertainment?

When it comes to amenity kits, the majority of those deciding on amenities are male, how can airlines ensure that their final offering is accessible across genders?

Etihad already offers 1000+ hours of on-demand entertainment across our fleet. On our state of the art IFE platform, guests have the ability to create customized audio and video playlists; as an example, on our flagship 787 Dreamliner and a380 fleet, the Panasonic EX3 platform is customized to enable guests to filter unwanted genres.

Regardless of whether the committee or team that decides on the amenities is comprised mainly of male or female executives, I believe the ultimate aim is to please the guest. Considerable resources are invested into understanding our guests, including the extensive face-to-face time our front-line staff and crew have with guests. It is this in-depth understanding of our brand, our guests and our customer philosophy that drives our decision making.

The roadmap in the near future will see the introduction of a companion app that supports a second screen experience and further personalization. Additionally, the IFE platform will soon extend the experience for the guest beyond entertainment and into self-service channels enabling activities such as inflight ordering, digital publications and access to a variety of partnership-based products & services.

Having worked in the Middle East for some time, what is the biggest development you’ve seen within that market of the industry? That would be the importance of social media influencing marketing to enhance brand advocacy and profitability. The impact of ‘social media influencers’ on driving consumer brand awareness, especially among millennials, has reached record highs in the UAE since I’ve been in the region. At Etihad, we believe that influencer-marketing enables us to tap into the digital community and more effectively reach new audiences, promoting advocacy of our brand. Based on recent learnings, if executed properly with the right ‘social media influencers’ and messaging – can result in a strong return on investment. By continuously evolving and enhancing creative new ways to tell our story in a highly competitive landscape, we are seeing great

The IFE platform, along with the mobile companion app, will be a key data collection tool allowing us to gather greater guest behavior insights. This will allow us to provide more relevant choices, from the types of TV shows and movies guests prefer to the type of ancillary products a guest would be most likely to purchase. The future of this platform is within the wider connected cabin concept that enables further data collection from sensors and facial recognition technologies.

More recently, the journey in the cabin as a complete sensorial experience is being explored. How important are onboard amenities and amenity kits to this concept and how will they be realized? Our research shows the high importance guests place on amenity kits in our premium cabins, which complements the cabin sensorial experience. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


In the Spotlight 

Our product and service teams focus on ensuring complete alignment across all touchpoints of the guest journey. Every element of the customer experience is looked at from colors, materials and even up to the notes contained within the air freshener. The team relies heavily on market research and focus groups with our guests. A few of our products have evolved to serve a dual purpose – a great example is our First Class amenity kit that can also be used as a tablet case, extending the experience onboard to the ground and effectively, everyday life.

A common thread in the industry is the discussion of consumerising passenger data to create a far more personalised experience. What are your thoughts on this? Personalisation is really the logical end state of a segmentation strategy which we have pursued for many years. The difference is that technology will allow us to make those segments – ‘tailored offerings based on sensitivities’ - even smaller. That is because the amount of data and the capability of ‘rules engines’ (powered by machine learning) allow us to be more precise about targeting. But tech also drives automation allowing us to deliver many offers on the same plane. Without automation that would be impractical for our front line staff, especially onboard crew.

With increased technology onboard will come increased exposure through social media, advertising etc. How will this enhance the inflight experience? Advancements in inflight technology and advertising engines will help us target ads to our guests based on their tastes and interests and this should be a welcome intrusion. Etihad currently has a 100% connected fleet and in the near future we hope to enhance our onboard Wi-Fi service to not only help guests keep connected throughout their journey, but also drive usage of additional online services beyond social media. Higher bandwidth connectivity inflight will enable Etihad airways to provide improved quality of service, delivery of more live and streamed content and offer improved access to business/workplace platforms for greater productivity inflight. 16


Linda’s Favourites What is your favorite City? So hard to choose! but if I had to – Sydney, my beautiful hometown, followed closely by Amsterdam....oh those canals!

Where is your favorite holiday destination? Aspen - snowboarding with my kids!

Do you have a best onboard tipple? Piper Heidsick, of course, or San Pellegrino, depending on the time of day.

What is your favorite on-board product? It has to be Wi-Fi and live TV, for all the wrong, or right, reasons – so I can work, check emails and stay connected with the world.

What is your best holiday read? Anything non-fiction! Real life is way more interesting. I am an autobiography fan, being invited to walk the steps of someone else’s life experience is the best read ever.

While the focus on technology may seem heavy, the key lies in making the engagement with technology simple and meaningful where it clearly adds value to the guest journey. Debra Bradbury-Ward, Editor

Original + Personal You can have both – that’s the #SpiritOfSPIRIANT

Every amenity kit we produce is designed to take your brand to another level, such as our beautifully-crafted ‘Artisanal Grace’ kit. Whether turning the latest luxury trends into affordable solutions or understanding how to ensure a lasting connection with passengers, we balance performance with inspiration so that you needn’t compromise. That’s the Spirit of SPIRIANT.

Visit us at the LSG Group booth 1E20 (Hall A1)

This is a man's world? 

This is A MAN’S WORLD? Every airline strives for the perfect amenity offering from functionality and content through to design and branding. However, here at Amenities, one question has alluded us for some time. With predominantly male airline executives, how does this affect both the tender process and the final amenity offering?


ndoubtedly, it’s a sticky subject and I can assure you, we have no intention of bringing out our pitchforks and man shackles, however, due to the present climate, we felt it was the opportune time to ask the women of the industry their thoughts.

Let’s state the facts! The airline industry is predominantly masculine; there’s no doubt about it; from Airline CEO’s, Executives and Managers, to the passengers themselves. After all, this is ‘a man’s world,’ but as James Brown would passionately remind us, ‘it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl!” In recent years, there has been a significant shift in demographics, with 47% of women 18


who travel, travelling for business. Surely airlines have a responsibility to reflect this evolving demographic of passengers within their executive team making those vital decisions on functionality, content, design and brands for their amenity offering? When it comes to Business Class, if an airline has primarily male passengers, it makes sense to offer unisex kits. However, said ‘Unisex’ kits are, more often than not, of a more masculine nature.

This is a man's world? 

There’s a lot to benefit by redressing the balance of the gender split in an airline executive team. As Angie Fung, General Manager of Amenity Kits at Spiriant, points out, ‘It’s widely acknowledged that biologically speaking, women are more naturally sensitive to the needs of others, so in my experience, this can only be an advantage when it comes to developing the right kit for an airline.’ In some cases, despite the decision makers being predominantly male, there is an increase in female professionals working in the airline team presenting the bid to leadership. Yelena Obukhova, Director of Inflight Products for Air Astana, states, ‘in our case, the decision making on the amenity kits lies with women mostly, therefore we are driving the whole process, making sure that it satisfies tastes of both genders. Males tend to agree with our choice.’ It’s refreshing to hear, but this cannot be said for all regions and is far from a conclusive solution to the predominance of masculinity driving the industry. As Yelena Obukhova points out, ‘it depends in which area of the airline industry the female works and which part of the world. I work in the area, which is quite friendly to females. However, mainly all the partners who you communicate with are male, so your professionalism should be immaculate.’

Bearing this in mind, we mustn’t forget who chiefly dictates the tender. As Angie Fung admits, ‘From experience, it’s always easy to tell who created the tender. Men tend to focus on the functionality and operational factors of the amenity kits. Likewise this is reflected in the final offering. Even with female kits, without the right consideration, the end result could be a kit which is no different to a unisex kit.’ With women driving 70% to 80% of all consumer purchasing and the power of the female economy reaching a global spend of around $20 trillion a year, airlines are far from reaching their fullest potential. Broadening the gender diversity of the exec team could arguably provide more effective solutions in the amenity industry. As suggested in UN Women, ‘Women’s economic equality is good for business. Companies greatly benefit from increasing leadership and senior management opportunities for women which is shown to increase organizational effectiveness.’ Also, the potential marketing partnerships for certain brands catering for female business travellers could be huge, especially with the ever-developing world of technology. As Yelena Obukhova admits, ‘many brands that never worked with the airlines before, now recognize the advantages they will get by working with us.’



This is a man's world? 

While we’re on the subject of technology, social media marketing has become one of the biggest tools for digital communication strategies within global businesses, with social media ad expenditure accounting for 34.5% of global digital ad spend in 2017. As Angie Fung affirms, ‘It’s exciting times with technology and we should never underestimate the power of social media platforms. So many airlines are offering Wi-Fi onboard, which creates a whole new platform for airlines, brands and advertisers.’ Amongst industry professionals, this has been a given for some time, however understanding your audience on these platforms will be key to telling your brands story. With a shift in gender roles needs to come the shift of representation of women and men in airline advertising. Representing women as the successful business man’s wife is unengaging and, If anything, one dimensional and a little archaic.

So, who is more active on Social Media: Men or Women? It’s no surprise that, when it comes to social media, women are far more active than men, particularly on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Unsurprisingly, men are more active on LinkedIn as there are, at present, more men in business roles. However, when you take a look at brand exposure, among the top 50 brands’ followers on Instagram, 53% are women. As you can see by the infographics, women also show more of an interest in male brands than men do with female brands. As Angie Fung points out, ‘The simple action of a passenger posting on Instagram the bottle of wine they had onboard, can instantly increase sales of the product or bring increased exposure to the brand. The upshot of this, is that brands are changing the way they are visually portrayed on their products to make them more ‘Instagrammable.’ By appealing to their female business passengers, airlines could arguably gain more brand exposure via social media. Undeniably It seems senseless that many industries, including the airline industry, are not catering to the needs of their female customers to their fullest potential, especially at a time where their economic empowerment drives global spending. It’s a profitable market that airlines are missing out on and, regardless of whether they are providing gender specific business class kits or unisex kits, we think it’s time to redress the balance with that feminine touch. Provided by Social Sprout

Don’t forget ‘This is a Man’s world, but It wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl…’ Lily-Fleur Bradbury , Features Editor




Women to Watch With very few women in executive roles within the industry and fewer than 5% female airline CEO’s, Amenities thought a celebration was in order of some of the inspirational women forging ahead within diverse areas of the aviation industry.

Alexa Maher American Airlines Manager, Customer Experience Product Development

Job description: I’m fortunate enough to lead a team thats pure focus is being customer obsessed. We develop customer experience products across the entire journey from our Cadillac ramp transfer program on the tarmac, to the food and beverage program in all our lounges, as well as all of the onboard bedding and amenities. How long have you worked within the aviation industry?: 6 years! 22


What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: My biggest accomplishment has been the program launch of our Casper bedding line. It actually started out with Casper reaching out to me on LinkedIn (we’ve joked about needing to tell LinkedIn this story). We kicked off the program development with Casper and it turned into something that we knew was going to be an amazing collaboration. We once ran 5 miles around LAX TBIT with the designers at Casper, climbing on and off aircraft, measuring seats, and cutting fabric. We did countless fit checks and tested the product inflight with customers. We launched 9 new products with Casper on Dec 5, 2017 spanning 60 stations both domestic and international. It was a team effort across American, our manufacturer (WESSCO INTL), Casper, and our distributor (MLCo). Since launch, we’ve arranged the donation of tens of thousands of pillows and blankets to homeless shelters and charities across the US and internationally.


Cindy Lam Clip Limited Director

Job description: Multi-tasker. How long have you worked within the aviation industry?: Since 1999 - almost 20 years. What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: That’s a tough one! I’m fortunate that I’ve had many proud moments. But if I have to choose one, then it would be when CLIP won the Best Equipment Onboard for Passengers with Onboard Hospitality in 2017 with the SWISS BENTO BOX! This event was extra special because CLIP was founded only 1.5 years before, SWISS was our first client and it was an Industry Recognition for our Design and Innovation.

Paula Wines Galileo Watermark Creative Design and Implementation Consultant

Grit Peschke SPIRIANT GmbH Product Manager Onboard Comfort

Job description: Interpreting brands to create designs for amenity kits and comfort Items on airlines. How long have you worked within the aviation industry?: 3.5 years. What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: Having designs that I have interpreted for International luxury brands placed with leading airlines worldwide.

Job description: Product Innovations & Strategic Portfolio Management. How long have you worked within the aviation industry?: 17 years. What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: As a Textiles Engineer who previously worked in the fashion industry, I’ve taken up the challenge the aviation industry poses – ensuring that the textiles are not only appealing and pleasing to the customer onboard, but also suitable for industrial laundry processes. Here at SPIRIANT, I’ve incorporated my technical knowhow and expertise into the world of bed linen, blankets, pillows and headphones to set up an extensive Onboard Comfort product portfolio for our customers. AMENITIES MAGAZINE



How long have you worked within the aviation industry?:

Kamilla Russ Air Astana Supervisor of Product and IFE

Job description: Leading different projects such as cabin interior projects, in-flight and ground projects, onboard publications and IFE content and asset management development.

Corinne Brand Albéa Director of Airlines Activity

Job description: I’m Director of the Travel Designer Activity at Albéa Group, the worldwide leader in perfume and cosmetics packaging. Based on our 30 years’ experience and expertise in the GWP for the perfume and cosmetics industries, we understood that a bag has an incredibly powerful impact on the success of a brand. We are fully convinced that an airline is not only a carrier but above all a brand with its own DNA. That’s why our Studio designs attractive collections infused with the identity of each airlines, a clever mix of trends, personality and heritage. 24


I’ve been working in aviation for 12 years, starting my career as a flight attendant in 2006. What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: I have always been compassionate and responsive to passengers to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved. Air Astana has been recognized for 4 Star service excellence, retaining the accolade of ‘Best Airline in Central Asia and India’ in the Skytrax World Airline Awards for the sixth consecutive year! I am proud to have been a part of it and that pride is the source of my energy and commitment to the company value.

How long have you worked within the aviation industry?: Thirteen years ago, while I was in charge of the Promotional Items Activity at Alcan Packaging I took up the challenge to capitalize on our industrial expertise and strong know-how in the design and manufacture of bags and accessories to expand our business model to the aviation industry. What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: My biggest accomplishment has been to enter a very challenged and mature market and to be recognized as part of the major actors able to bring a singular and valuable contribution. One of our biggest challenges is to imagine the perfect kit: the one that fits the overall concept as well as the sharp budget while being trendy, using innovative fabrics and high-quality materials. Thanks to the agility and the flexibility of my team who sees things through customer eyes and goes beyond their needs, I’m proud to have built a long standing relationships with our airlines customers.


Nadia Trofimchuk AK-Service Group of companies Marketing and Development Director

How long have you worked within the aviation industry?: I have celebrated my 6 year anniversary in the company this January 2018. It is my first job since leaving University and I am so happy to be a part of this industry because I am finding it very interesting and so varied. This variety can help open so many doors within the aviation world. What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: It is hard to say one exact thing as every little step was important for me in that particular moment.

Job description: I am responsible for product development and in charge of the Marketing team where we create all our amenity kits. I am also involved in sales and working as the client manager for our main clients, so I can better understand what they need. Plus my job includes building relationships with brands and communication with potential partners. There are so many responsibilities but it is this that makes it so interesting and I guess it is the combination of hard work, traveling and communication that suits me as a work-aholic!

Tamara Vazquez Perez Galileo Watermark Marketing and Brand Partnerships Director

Job description: Building relationships with considered global brands in order to match them with our airline customers.

From my first signed contract with the client to my first license contract with the brand etc. All of these were very significant and will always stay in my memory. I hope that over the last few years our company has become more known in the international market. We’ve received recognition from new clients and other market players, we’ve also started to work with famous fashion and cosmetic brands and we are developing our portfolio every year. AK has gained a few awards (TravelPlus) which we are very proud of and of course we’ve gained new clients and extended relationships with our current ones.

How long have you worked within the aviation industry?: Since Galileo launched. What in your view has been your biggest/ proudest accomplishment within the industry?: Firstly, working with the Galileo Products team to win and deliver our first airline contract with our in-house brand Scaramouche + Fandango for Etihad. It was a huge achievement and really was the start of something truly amazing for us. More recently I am incredibly proud of the work we have done to integrate the teams at Galileo Watermark and introduce the newly merged entity to the market: all this whilst continuing to build our brand portfolio and together, deliver tender winning proposals. AMENITIES MAGAZINE








What Women Want 

What women want! With the evolution of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, never has gender been such a divisive issue. It’s no surprise with the progression of gender roles and female empowerment, that, as Jennifer Green from Wessco International highlights ‘it’s clear more business women are flying and overall demographics are changing.’ Now is the time for airlines to start looking at their Business Class offerings and ask themselves WHAT DO WOMEN WANT?


n Economy Class the kits are nearly always unisex. This makes sense, due to the tight budget constraints placed upon suppliers when it comes to designing these amenities. However, in Business Class there is a divide. Some airlines are choosing to offer gender specific Male and Female Amenity bags, with others sticking to a Unisex offering. However, are either really fulfilling their purpose?

Unfortunately, the unisex kits are often very masculine in design and content, and although the demographic of Business Class travellers is still predominantly male, the number of women in board positions of global companies is on the rise, and so in the long term the unisex kits may end up being unfit for purpose in their current form.

Contents of amenity kits are complicated. This is true whether looking at Economy, Business or First Class kits. There is a careful balancing act for airlines to offer products that the passengers want and use, whilst also promoting their own, and other brands. In the Business Class and First Class kits the brands that are on offer are often high-end and globally recognisable, with an array AMENITIES MAGAZINE


What Women Want 

of skincare, lip balms and fragrances that wouldn’t look out of place on the bathroom shelves of any successful business person’s home. However, there are a couple of problems with the current Business Class offerings, and they are not easily rectified. In gender specific Male and Female kits, men don’t want a razor, and a lot of women will not use lotions and potions on their faces that they do not use regularly, let alone a little plastic comb that is hardly fit for purpose. When it comes to fragrances, they are so personal, with most women carrying small bottles of their own perfumes and face creams when they travel to ensure they arrive at the other end of their long haul flight looking, and feeling their best. It is a risk for anyone to put products on their skin that they don’t know and trust, especially when their

Would men be adverse to including certain creams and hand lotions that women also use? A lot of men in 2018 are more aware of their appearance than ever, so maybe would be grateful for hydrating products rather than razors and shave creams? And there must be more neutral scented deodorants on the market that would appeal to both male and female passengers? As mentioned, this is not an easy problem for the airlines to solve, but with a little passenger research, and thinking outside the box, maybe true unisex contents could mark the future of Business Class Amenities. The design of Business Class amenity kits often feels a little lacklustre, especially the unisex offerings. Much like the contents, the design of the kits feel very masculine, with blacks, greys and navy blues being the colours of choice for most airlines. There have

Not all women like the traditional ‘feminine’ pink skin is dehydrated and sensitive at 38,000 feet. So surely including these products in kits is a waste of energy? And even worse, a waste of precious budget? Lip balms and hand creams are a welcome addition to keep hydrated whilst in the sky, but heavily fragranced face creams may best be left in high end department stores. In Unisex kits, however, the contents are often heavily weighted towards the male passengers, with male scented deodorants, shave creams and razors featuring in a number of the offerings. As previously mentioned, the demographic of Business Class passengers is still more heavily male, so including these items makes sense – but can airlines really say that the kits are truly unisex? 28


been kits that push the boundaries, featuring images or patterns from around the world, or fabric that imitates that of a pinstripe suit, but these kits are few and far between. When it comes to the gender specific kits, Male tend to be grey, and Women either pink or a light blue. Surely there must be a way to design the outside of a kit that appeals just as much to men and women? Unlike kit contents this doesn’t appear as complex an

It is a risk for anyone to put products on their skin that they don’t know and trust, especially when their skin is dehydrated and sensitive at 38,000 feet. So surely including these products in kits is a waste of energy? And even worse, a waste of precious budget? issue to change, and some airlines have already achieved it. Not all women like the traditional ‘feminine’ pink, so by changing the black, stiff fabrics, to something in a lighter colour palette, with softer fabrics the Business Class kits would soon become something enjoyed by male and female passengers alike, with no extra spend to the airline – that feels like a win win scenario. With a couple of small changes, these kits could be taken from old-fashioned, out of date masculine kits to something to be admired, and taken off the airline for all passengers. When flying in either Business or First Class, brand is important. For an airline, the opportunity to align with a globally recognisable, luxury brand allows for ‘value added’ in the offerings that they pass on to their passengers. And for passengers, it is brands that appeal to those who have expendable income, who strive



What Women Want 

Female passengers in First Class want to feel appreciated, special, and a little bit pampered. for and achieve the finer things in life. In Amenity Kits these brands take centre stage, with fragrances and cosmetics from the likes of Bvlgari, L’Occitane, and more. However, when looking at the top end of the market, the same brands appeal to both men and women, and so this surely offers airlines the opportunity to create incredible, luxury unisex kits, filled with high end, gender neutral cosmetics. Also, in an age where gender issues are becoming more complex, with 23 recognised genders at the time of writing, passengers needs are evolving, and with them their brand allegiances. Now would be an ideal time for the airline industry to grab the bull by the horns, and stay ahead of the curve by offering something everyone wants. First Class, however, is a slightly different beast. Amenity kits offered in First Class should be a gift to the passenger, a thank you from the airline to their most discerning passengers. Female passengers in First Class want to feel appreciated, special, and a little bit pampered. The kits that are given should be less about the cosmetics being used on board, and more about offering luxury skincare

and fragrance products that can be used, or decorate bathroom shelves long after the flight is over. For this, brand is incredibly important, and most kits do not disappoint, with female amenity kits featuring full-sized cosmetics from Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lalique and many more. There is no suggestion that First Class should delve deeper into the realms of Unisex kits, though complimenting Male and Female kits do make a nice addition to any airline’s cabin. More and more there is a move towards personalisation of kits, and in an ideal world this would be the future for First Class kits. Personalising the kits to the specific wants and needs of the passenger would, over a period of time, surely lower airline costs as not all passengers would want all amenities offered to them? It could also possibly cut down the allimportant weight onboard, with less product being carried at any one time, and lessening the ever increasing fuel costs. However, the systems that have to be in place to make true personalisation a reality is probably a little way off. When asking the age old question of ‘what do women really want?’ when

Air France gifted this stylish Givenchy co branded kit in 2014

travelling long haul, airlines need to start thinking outside the box. If it was a perfect world, everyone would have a personalised kit, filled with goodies that the passenger really wanted. Certainly this is the way that amenities are starting to move, but the industry as a whole is still a little way off that. So until then, maybe it is time to stop patronising female business class passengers by giving them a pink kit filled with amenities that they most likely don’t want or won’t use. If men don’t want the razor, and women don’t want the face creams then the future should be a truly unisex kit, compact and light for the airlines, but with products that both men and women will enjoy. Surely this is a better use of budget, and cabin space than the current, generic gendered options? A pink kit isn’t going to cut it in 2018 – so come on airlines, give women what they really want! Hayley Hartland, Features Editor AMENITIES MAGAZINE


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A Supplier's Story 

A Supplier’s Story with Angie Fung Amenities gets to know SPIRIANT’s General Manager of Amenity Kits, Angie Fung, and her thoughts on all things amenities. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, with previous experience working for brands such as Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, who better to talk to when it comes to the current market.



A Supplier's Story 

What inspired you to work in the amenity industry? I’ve been in the airline industry for almost 20 years and my journey to amenities has been a natural evolution. It really started before airlines, where my previous focus was in the development of toiletry bags and gifts for the fragrance and skincare industry. I worked with brands like Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein and discovered that I found the full process of product conceptualization, sampling, production, all leading up to the final reveal incredibly rewarding. I took a leap and found my home in the airline industry, where I’ve been involved in all product segments in one form or another; comfort items, meal service, crew & service; you name it, I’ve done it. When the opportunity arose at SPIRIANT for a brand new set-up of a dedicated Amenity Kits Business Unit, I jumped at the opportunity.

What has been the most significant shift in the industry since starting your career? There have been tremendous changes over 20 years. Back then, there was less competition and the airline industry was still a bit of a mystery to most. I remember exhibiting at IFCA, in a tiny exhibition hall with a handful of suppliers. Competition wasn’t as fierce as it is nowadays, but the good thing about competition is that it propels suppliers to strive to be better.

Obviously, tech advancements have had a huge effect on visibility these days, with information easily accessible to everyone, which gives us an amazing platform for product launches, communication and developments.

What is the biggest challenge the amenity industry faces in the current market? Aligning airlines with the perfect brand is crucial. It’s so important to get it right, finding an offering that ticks all the boxes and has the wow factor. It’s simply not enough to offer visual appeal, it has to be powerful enough to take home into their day-to-day life. That’s when an amenity kit has been truly successful! It’s becoming commonplace for airlines to offer branded kits, so it takes a bundle of expertise, knowledge and creative flair to overcome that challenge. 

What excites you most about the amenity industry at present? For me, it’s always the challenges that excite me. Discovering a new brand, developing the next ‘wow’ kit, embracing new materials and trends; it’s all about jumping over a hurdle to creating something new, inspiring and game changing for the airline. With the world evolving as quickly as it is now, having a clear vision for next steps is vital. You cannot challenge yourself if you’re not stepping into uncharted territory!

What would be your ideal tender? My ideal tender is working jointly together with airlines on developments, perhaps in the form of workshops to design the kit as a team. There’s such immense satisfaction in the airline being an integral part of the creative process, simply because they can experience the excitement of product evolution.

What do you enjoy most about your job? If I’m honest, my job offers a lot of sparkle and bling there’s never a dull moment! I love being able to immerse myself in every aspect of the design process from the beginning to the end, it’s truly fulfilling. 32


A Supplier's Story 

Is there anything you would change or perhaps do differently in the industry? How this industry has evolved over the years is mainly because of the changing business environment, both for the airline and also the suppliers. For example, market forces, the economy and trends in consumer preferences dictate many of the decisions made and ultimately the final product offering. I’ve given in to the fact that it’s impossible to change the inevitable and learned to embrace it to our advantage instead.

Premium economy appears to be a quickly growing market, how will suppliers provide airlines with longlasting solutions to tackle the ondemand service that is now expected from the passenger, from cabin interiors and the aircraft, to the amenity kits and Inflight entertainment? PEY is a growing market and some airlines are still discovering who these passengers actually are. It’s often a consideration of ‘is our PEY offering a downgrade of Business or an upgrade of Economy?’ I truly believe that it’s individual to the airline’s needs. It’s not simply a case of the product offering, you need to look at the whole PEY concept as a whole – especially where the ticket pricing plays such an important part of how the airline tailors the concepts and products around that. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, which is where working with a supplier who understands how to expertly explore the route is a must. It’s about finding a solution that’s perfect for a specific airline or region. For example, our kit for Asiana Airlines included a luxurious pair of slippers that passengers can simply slip into and have instant comfort. This takes into account the significance of slippers to Korean culture.

How do you think the growing trend of Gender neutrality will affect Airline Amenity Offerings? Very simply put, the needs of men and women are different. An amenity kit’s purpose becomes pointless if there’s a random bunch of toiletries and cosmetics that aren’t useful or interesting to the passenger. It just becomes watered down. For example, men might need a shaver and cream, but women desire make-up remover wipes to freshen up. It’s a challenge to accommodate both. Our approach is to focus specifically on the acceptability and functionality of the product. For instance, replacing a facial moisturizer in a tube, which is often considered as a product for women, with a facial spray is a subtle switch to make the kit more gender neutral. Another example would be to change the make-up remover wipes to a facial cleansing cloth; again, very easily changing it to a gender neutral product which would be readily accepted and used by men and women.

How important are onboard amenities and amenity kits when it comes to realizing the journey in the cabin as a complete sensorial experience? It would be my dream come true if all airlines adopted the approach of using onboard amenities and kits for sensorial purposes. Often, they are held back by budget restrictions, as it’s seen as unattainable, but airlines don’t realize that small, cost-effective changes exist and can have a big impact.



A Supplier's Story 

It can be a really simple gesture such as spraying a fragrance in the cabin just before the lights turn off to evoke a restful night’s sleep. This can be easily translated into the kits also, by adding a bottle of the same fragrance. Passengers can then use it in their hotel room and still evoke the same restfulness they enjoyed on their flight.

How will airline amenity offerings adapt to the consumerizing of passenger data to create a more personalized experience? Fundamentally, collecting data is only worth anything if a strategic plan exists to use it. The possibilities of using data to shape what airlines are offering in their amenity kits is huge, but it’s a slow evolution and it needs to be used in the right way. Airlines need to consider, ‘Ok what’s the plan when we have this data? How are we going to use it to enhance our passenger’s experience?’

How will the increased exposure through social media create new

marketing opportunities and influence brand partnerships within airline amenity offerings? It’s exciting times with technology and we should never underestimate the power of social media platforms. So many airlines are offering Wi-Fi onboard, which creates a whole new platform for airlines, brands and advertisers. The simple action of a passenger posting on Instagram the bottle of wine they had onboard can instantly increase sales of the product or bring increased exposure to the brand. The upshot of this is that brands are changing the way they are visually portrayed on their products to make them more ‘Instagrammable’. For example, how will their logo be more visible and most attractive? Everything is so quickly circulated to millions of people and it’s a multi-faceted opportunity that also comes with risks too. Airlines need to make sure they’re considering every aspect of how this level of exposure will affect them. by Debra Bradbury-Ward, Editor in Chief FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Tobia Diebold (former Managing Director, Sales & Products), Angie Fung (General Manager, Amenity Kits) accepting Supplier Of The Year Award on behalf of SPIRIANT at The TravelPlus Awards 2016, Thomas Berti (Managing Director)



Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice 

What are little boys made of? Snips and snails And puppy-dogs’ tails. What are little girls made of?

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice! F

rom birth, you are nurtured according to your gender stereotype and, since the dawn of time, men and women have resoundingly been perceived as interrelated opposites. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus springs to mind! It’s been present within our psyche for thousands of years, displayed in something even as prosaic as a nursery rhyme to the present-day media dictating gender stereotypes, with narrow ideals of what it is to be male or female. 36


However, in today’s modern world, more and more parents are allowing children to make their own choices of likes and dislikes irrespective of gender, which to me sounds refreshing and far more creative. After all, I sure know Barbies were not for me, and I would always be found in the garden building a fortress out of anything I could get my hands on, or, more amusingly, dragging our dogs into our run-down jeep and pretending I was Lara Croft on a mission.

Allow me to reassure you that this isn’t just about limitations placed on girls. Boys may prefer to be a princess rather than a pirate and, I say, why not? As long as you do it fabulously, darling! The question is: When it comes to providing amenity kits that both delight and entertain their younger passengers, do airlines have a responsibility to do so without making influential choices on gender stereotyping?

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice  Aeroflot

Yes, they do. Or they should at least have an awareness when it comes to developing their kid’s amenity offering. As Whitney would say, ‘I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way..’ Admittedly, It’s a tricky balance to achieve and a little mind-boggling when you first think about the complexities involved. After-all, airlines want to keep their passengers happy and entertained, especially with children being prospective brand ambassadors of the future. It’s similar to Unisex kits across the board, where achieving a happy medium between ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ is the key to success. Another thing to consider is the increase of families travelling business on vacation as a result of the shift in demographics of more women working in the business sector, and therefore flying business class. Airlines must acknowledge a child’s amenity kit and its equal importance to the amenities gifted to the parents. It can make or break a customer’s loyalty; especially when children are involved. Looking at the present market, airlines opting for an own-branded bag are able to capture a more gender-

neutral offering more effectively. Most use bright primary colours and fun relatable animal characters, therefore instantly avoiding any stereotyping. There are, however, the odd one or two that represent the pilot as a male and an air hostess as a female which is a little primitive. Arguably, it’s true that it is more representative of the given statistics, with only a mere 3% of pilots globally being female. TAP Portugal

Isn’t it the airline industry’s responsibility to inspire more women into the aviation industry, and why not do so by starting young and recognizing the social influence their amenity offering has? Within non-branded kits, games primarily include card games, word searches, mazes etc. all thoroughly enjoyed by girls and boys. The same can be said for branded kits, yet, things have the potential to get a little more complicated. Take, for example, Barbie and Batman. These brands are so strongly aligned with the opposite ends of the spectrum that no middle ground can be reached; having either one as a main choice would misrepresent those children that cannot relate to that particular license. Having both is, of course, an improvement, however becomes prescriptive of what each gender’s interests should be. However, the entertainment industry has become increasingly aware of this and, with Hollywood leading the way, the airline industry is slowly but surely following suit. Therefore, in the majority of cases, most children’s film licenses AMENITIES MAGAZINE


Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice 

have a happy balance of feminine and masculine characteristics. A great example of this is Singapore Airline’s children’s kit from 2016, featuring the popular children’s movie, Zootopia. The story follows an unexpected friendship between Judy Hopps, an ambitious rabbit who strives to be taken seriously on the police force by solving her first case, and Nick Wilde, a wily fox that dabbles in petty crime, who once had similar ideals to Judy but they were crushed as a child, when he was bullied and muzzled at ranger scouts, as ‘no-one could ever trust a fox’. This choice of license, whether consciously or not, is breaking boundaries. Not only is it serving its primary function to entertain whilst also encouraging children to follow their dreams, but it also subtly addresses topics of gender bias, sexism, racism and xenophobia. Now, of course children don’t read into all of this, unless you’ve raised a genius, nevertheless these decisions are crucial when it comes to an airline’s responsibility in reflecting societal evolution.

Singapore Airlines

Although non-branded kits are more successful at being gender neutral in terms of colour choices and sometimes activities, they lack the moral education that comes with using a relatable film license or brand license. Having said this, with the evolution of technology and In-flight entertainment, there’s no telling what airlines could achieve with their own-branded characters. From a short movie to computer

games, some airlines could develop their own stories to fill that gap in their offering. Either way, it’s certainly time for airlines to start recognizing their influence and responsibility to the evolution of future generations. And so I leave you with a riddle: A father and son are in a car crash and are rushed to the hospital. The father dies. The boy is taken to the operating room and the surgeon says, “I can’t operate on this boy, because he’s my son.” How is this possible? 40-75% of people can’t solve this riddle because they’re unable to imagine the surgeon is a woman. The surgeon is the boy’s mother. Lily-Fleur Bradbury , Features Editor



Why You Should Visit Our Stand 

Why You Should Visit Our Stand Amenities takes a closer look at who will be exhibiting their new amenity concepts and offerings at this year’s 2018 WTCE. BAYART – STAND 4E 100 Bayart Innovations is very excited to introduce its new amenity kit for business cabins. The pouch contains a pair of socks, earplugs, an eyemask, a mirror, a shoe horn, a toothbrush, a pair of earphones, and an earphone holder. It is designed to be kept post-flight and even used as an evening clutch. The bag is made from polyurethane (smooth outside, and grainy inside) and smart as done in one piece of fabric (no sewing) for high quality finishing.

MATRIX – STAND 1A 51 The Matrix team are looking forward to returning to WTCE for the fourth consecutive year, exhibiting on stand 1A51. We’re excited to be showcasing our new ground-breaking Bio-Form travel amenities and textile products. Created using a patented additive that speeds up the degradation process in landfill, Bio-Form products biodegrade 100x faster than traditional plastic. The Bio-Form products look and behave exactly like untreated plastic with no impact on the product’s appearance, functionality or stability. The technology can be incorporated into any plastic polymer, with our range constantly expanding to meet client’s needs and help airlines address their environmental concerns. Alongside Bio-Form, we will also be displaying our award-winning range of amenities and textiles including The White Company amenity offer for British Airways and the range of technical textiles, Hydra Active, for those interested in learning more about this truly innovative range and the science behind it. Based in London, our product development and graphic design teams dream up concepts and bring to life ideas inspired by visiting the world’s forward-thinking shopping districts and cutting-edge trade fairs. With this knowledge, we stay one step ahead of the game and develop relevant, new product ideas and concepts. To make an appointment to speak with our client service team whilst at the expo, please get in touch via email on or simply drop by our stand on the day to discuss how we can bring your ideas to life. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


Why You Should Visit Our Stand 

MILK JNR’S & KIDWORKS - STAND 4D 100, Hall A4 We specialise in creating engaging kids solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands in the airline, travel and leisure sectors. They will once again be exhibiting at this year’s World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo. The agency’s team of creatives and account managers work with clients - including Etihad Airways, TUI and Germania - to create bespoke solutions that include games, puzzles, stories, characters and challenges. Each product is carefully tailored to every client, its specific audience and industry. The focus is always on driving young customer engagement, education and fun. They currently produce over half a million activity packs per month. Representatives from the firm attending this year’s WTCE will be: Neal Edsall, Managing Director; Zoe Telfer, Client Services Director; Aimee Johnstone, Brand Strategy Director; Royston Scott, Head of Procurement & Logistics; Caroline Carroll, Account Director; and Niamh Duffy, Account Manager. They will be available on their stand for walk-on meetings and will also have company credentials and examples of work delivered ready to present to you. They are happy to take time out to discuss your business and how they can work with you to add value to your family audience engagement strategy.

CLIP – STAND 1B 80 CLIP is a young, design-driven start-up player in the aviation industry. With a team combined of inflight equipment experts and industrial designers, our aim is to provide innovative, aesthetical and effective solutions on board. For our third participation in WTCE, we’ll be showcasing our newest products introduced onboard this year, along with innovative concepts. JETBLUE x HAYWARD & HOPPER New custom-designed amenity kits from New York City-based luxury brand Hayward Luxury and Hopper Goods, bringing classic Hollywood sophistication to air travel. SWISS x VICTORINOX Business class amenity kits specially designed by Victorinox for SWISS international airlines. FLYDUBAI BC EQUIPMENT A complete new range of business class equipment – including crockery, glasses and stainless steel flatware, playing with a sophisticated toned-down palette and putting emphasis on comfort of use. The new range will be introduced on board FLYDUBAI in 2018. HONG KONG AIRLINES x JIA A complete range of functional business class service ware for Hong Kong airline’s expanding offer of long-haul flights. HONG KONG AIRLINES EY EQUIPMENT Because Hong Kong airlines believes good design should not be reserved to business class, it is also introducing a brand-new set of equipment in economy class. HONG KONG AIRLINES x RICEBOWL REPUBLIC A range of collectible amenity kits for business class designed by local design house Ricebowl Republic. The bags feature iconic symbols of Hong Kong: the bird cage, the tea kettle, the rice bowl and the Hong Kong city skyline, representing different facets of Hong Kong heritage and culture and accompanied by witty captions. 40


Why You Should Visit Our Stand 

AK SERVICES – STAND 4E 73 AK-Services group of companies is the largest manufacturer and supplier of In-Flight products in Russia and abroad, with more than 20 years of experience. AK-Services provides the full range of onboard service production: amenity kits for passengers of all classes and ages focused on quality, great design, upto-date IT technologies including AR&VR, and closed partnership with worldknown travel-oriented brands. Our team has the unique product expertise with its own design studio, IT specialists, manufacturing and product facilities in Saint Petersburg that are certified to meet all the international requirements, the efficient logistics and own vehicle fleet. We set the highest standards of kids’ travel kits composed of endless varieties of components working with famous recognizable brands unique to the industry and making the kids’ onboard and post flight experience vibrant and valued. We are ready to offer the best solutions, the unique ideas and low prices to meet the most daring wishes of every customer. AK-Services is focused on opportunities provided by virtual and augmented reality, allowing to level up amenity kits for adult passengers and children, and make habitual things even more interesting and exciting. It is our first exhibition and we are definitely ready to present the new wonderful products you can’t find at any other stands. The newest and bravest solutions for your business, old classic products in new styles and the best mobile technologies for amenities! Visit AK-Service at stand No.4E73 (Hall A4) and try it all by yourself!

SPIRIANT – STAND 1E 20 Everyone’s short on time at the WTCE and you’ll be hard pushed to visit every booth. Take the shortcut to SPIRIANT to see creative, efficient and beautifully designed in-flight products that just make sense. We hope you’re ready for summer, because we’ll be revealing 6 brand-new Premium Experience Porcelain series, which are aptly named after idyllic luxury islands. Get ready to wow your passengers with a truly premium dining experience. We believe you can have both fun and functional, so check out our meal boxes for the whole package: highly efficient, easy to handle and cost saving. It can be a challenge to keep passengers entertained, relaxed and comfortable. Our new textile collections combine technical expertise with high-quality, durable materials. Find out what our Onboard Comfort Collections can do for your passengers’ beauty sleep. We’ll never forget about your crew; come and see our easy-to-handle, lightweight and space saving equipment that makes their lives easier. All good things come to an end, as does a passenger’s time onboard but our useful, yet exclusive amenity kits help to create a lasting memory. Choose what best suits your brand from our four collections and differentiate yourself from the competition. Enough talk for now, come and visit us in Hall A1, Booth 1E20! SPIRIANT GmbH Dornhofstr. 40 | 63263 Neu-Isenburg | Germany | T +49 (0)6102-240 609 | F +49 (0)6102-240 667 | Sitz der Gesellschaft/Registered Office: Neu-Isenburg, Germany | Registereintragung/Registration: Amtsgericht/Local Court Offenbach HRB 9829 | USt-IdNr.: DE 811992160 | Geschäftsführung/ Managing Director: Thomas Berti



Why You Should Visit Our Stand 

skysupply – STAND 4D 30 skysupply – is a leading provider of comfort items to the on board services sector. We are an award-winning global company with over 25years experience in developing individual concepts and products with the highest level of functionality and appeal. Our broad portfolio covers all the in cabin requirements such as amenity-kits, overnight-kits, blankets, pyjamas, slippers, toys, headsets, plastic rotables, kids sets and games etc. skysupply is innovative, professional, creative, dynamic and intelligent and offers co-branding opportunities for a number of cosmetic and fashion labels to profile their products to a new global audience above the clouds. At skysupply we listen very carefully and we develop solutions which embrace sustainability and protect our precious environment and present ideas which reflect the vision and mission of your airline brand. Our attention to detail and functionality is also defined by creating and developing kits which can be used long after the flight experience and some go on to become special and sought after collector items and underline the added value of our creative work. Please give us some of your valuable time to tell you more about us and come visit us on Stand 4D30 - and we will do our very best to create tailor-made items for your passengers to cherish and remember you by time after time.

ALBEA – STAND 1A 50 Because Albea are exploding with creativity! We have a unique approach to invent tailormade solutions that reflects the values and the DNA of our customers in line with the latest fashion, lifestyle and beauty trends. We have been serving leading airlines for 13 years. Visit us on booth 1A50!

FORMIA – STAND 1E 50 FORMIA Puts Purpose First at WTCE 2018 86% of business leaders agree that the customer experience is vital for success ( Consumers have moved beyond paying for services, and the quality customer service they already expect, and want something more – the experience. Today’s customers are different due to technology, apps, online purchasing, and how the B2C environment has evolved overall. Time has become a precious commodity and customers are looking for purpose-driven brands that deliver. What this means for businesses is that in order to bring customers into the experience, they have to step into the psychology of creating an experience that creates the devoted customer. The best-of-the-best companies create experiences customers feel are personal, while connecting them to the company’s story. As the market leader in inflight service amenities and comfort items, FORMIA has made the customer experience a top priority, making each innovative product offering more than just an inflight complimentary gift. FORMIA welcomes passengers into an onboard experience, offering products that go beyond traditional amenities, and become treasured functional keepsakes with multiple post-flight uses, embracing the company’s purpose-first mission to indulge passengers. At this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services EXPO held in Hamburg, FORMIA is telling stories of how they redefine the customer experience through their extensive brand portfolio and strategically creative tailor-made designs. With each new innovation, FORMIA combines airline’s distinct story, and infuses it with purpose through its design, style, and functionality; creating takeaway impressions of value. Designing memorable experiences has become a business art which FORMIA fully embraced. 42


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WESSCO – STAND 1B 10 With 35+ years in the industry, WESSCO is the creative partner of choice for the world’s leading airlines, hotels, and cruise lines. Our mission is to create onboard and in-room service programs that enhance the traveller journey and drive increased satisfaction and loyalty for our travel partners. At WTCE 2018, we will be unveiling our new range of products and unique collaborations featuring fashion and lifestyle brands, cutting-edge skincare, luxurious bedding, and premium fragrance brands to match a wide range of onboard programs. Email to schedule a meeting and explore how we can help you create a memorable passenger experience.

KAELIS – STAND 4E 11 Kaelis is the world’s leading independent provider of on-board products, services and solutions, serving 1 billion passengers from more than 100 airlines and railway companies in more than 50 countries, with an experience of more than 20 years contributing to customers’ success. The multinational company specializes in: sourcing, designing, developing, manufacturing and delivering products worldwide as well as providing consulting services for on-board services. Kaelis was founded in 1997. Over the years, Kaelis has enhanced its global footprint by opening several offices around the world. Kaelis has been participating in many amenity tenders in the past three years and it has been recently awarded Air Astana Economy Amenity Kit and Royal Air Maroc Business Amenity Kit. During this period, Kaelis is growing the number of fashion and cosmetic brands partnerships.

GALILEO WATERMARK – STAND 4C 60 Following a successful first year as the newly merged Galileo Watermark, we are excited to have the opportunity to showcase a number of new and exciting product developments on our stand. We will be showcasing OCN, our cosmetic line made with ocean recycled plastic, a first in our industry, as well as a number of exciting new brand partnerships across multiple categories. In addition to this and as part of Galileo Watermark’s drive to invest in innovative, industry-leading initiatives, we’re also excited to offer our guests and partners an opportunity to experience what the future of aviation travel might offer. Our teams have been hard at work to deliver a completely immersive virtual reality experience from the comfort of our stand: by strapping on our VR headset, you’ll be transported to a bespoke cabin experience, where you’ll be able to interact with our product at 35,000 feet, without the hassles of customs, immigration, or baggage weight restrictions. More than just being able to interact with objects, we are excited to delve into the potential of VR as a potent design, marketing and presentation tool for our valued partners. If you’d like to know more about our vision for the future and what it means for your guests, as well as see a whole host of innovation, make sure to come visit us at stand 4C60 for a truly remarkable experience.



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AMENITIES ISSUE 6 (Spring 2018)  

Amenities Magazine is for everyone with a passion for designing and delivering the best onboard passenger amenity kits and sleeper suits. AM...

AMENITIES ISSUE 6 (Spring 2018)  

Amenities Magazine is for everyone with a passion for designing and delivering the best onboard passenger amenity kits and sleeper suits. AM...